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    FAQ/Move List by SWai

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 01/28/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix
    by: Seng Wai
    Version 1.3                                                     28/1/98
    1. Version History
    2. Introduction (My opinion)
    3. Buttons n' stuff
    4. Characters n' moves n' endings n' strategies n' lots of stuff
    5. General Tips
    6. Backgrounds
    7. Acknowledgements
    1.Version History
    Version 1.3:Added stuff about Akuma, Zangief, Morrigan and Felicia.
    Added a backgrounds section (which is super-incomplete)
    Version 1.2:Made major changes (I just went to gather more info, see?)
    Version 1.1:Corrected some errors and typos, and added more useful info.
    Version 1.0:First try at this gamefaq (Or any faq for that matter)Hope
    Things help.
    What can I say? This game is a blast. I actually wonder how they made up
    such a cool idea. It's surprising that this game was not widely advertised 
    here in Singapore. Not many people like to play it (Most actually want to,
    because it's so cute!). The thing is so cute it attracts you, but when any 
    ordinary person finds that the computer can change costumes and you can't 
    seem to, or when they realise that specials & supers cause no block damage 
    (Yes, that's right and No, you didn't read wrongly) and when the characters 
    have pathetic range due to short arms and legs, the ordinary arcade player 
    will give this game nothing more than a glance. Especially those who hate 
    Super-Deformed and Otaku stuff from Japan. I'm not going to elaborate, but 
    read the rest of this faq to learn more.
    3. Buttons n' stuff
    This ain't your typical capcom game. There's only 3 buttons. Punch (P),
    Kick (K)and Special (S). That means no Fierce, Strong or Jab, just one 
    punch. Same for kicks. The punch button, well, causes you to throw a punch 
    (common sense). Same for kicks.
    The special button is interesting. Pressing it causes your character to
    turn into something or hold a particularly unfriendly object and charge it
    up. When the charging is complete, the character, like Ken for example, will
    perform a Guard Crush (remember this term!!!). In Ken's case, He will use a 
    big hammer the size of himself on the opponents. Guard Crushes CANNOT BE 
    BLOCKED! They also allow you to steal gems from the opponents. (Which I will 
    elaborate later) In addition to that, holding down the S button allows you 
    to charge it up, so that it can cause more damage and steal more gems. Guard 
    Crushes have infinite priority.
    There are gems in this game, much like that of puzzle fighter. Small
    gems slowly raise your power bar, medium gems raise it a little more, and 
    large gems instantly raise a level on the power bar. There are 3 colours. 
    Red, Yellow, and Blue for each individual special move. Collecting gems also 
    help to raise your super meter. There are also diamonds in the game that 
    raise all your special meters as well as the super meter.
    Each character in the game has only 3 special moves, nothing more. Each
    move can be seen at the bottom of the screen along with its power gauge. The
    power gauge increases as you collect gems. Each special starts off at level 
    one. As you collect gems, the bar levels up, so specials will have more 
    hits, further range (very useful) and cause more damage. There is a max of 
    level 3 for each bar.
    Example: Sakura's hadoken is at level one. It causes around 3% damage,
    is the size of Sakura's fist and only travels half screen. As red gems are
    collected, the fireball levels up. At level 2, the fireball is 2 hits (This 
    means that it will go dissipate and go through a Ryu's level one hadoken), a 
    little bigger, as well as travel 75% screen. At max level, The fireball is 3 
    hits, around Sakura's height and goes full screen.
    What's a capcom game without supers? Super's can be used by pressing a
    Simple motion (e.g. QCF) along with the special button. So, to do a Shinku
    Hadoken, Ryu players must do QCF+S . (Settles many problems of doing 2 
    fireball motions or pressing 3 punches together, right?)
    Costume changes are the most integral and fun and annoying part of the
    game, especially when you're losing to a computer Felicia who particularly
    likes to turn into a mega-man and blow your brains away. To do a costume 
    combo, or Flash combo, you must deliver a punch on the opponent. The punch 
    can be blocked.
    Following the punch, press a combination of 3 buttons (e.g. P+P+P+P or
    This allows your character to go into a combo or punches and wacky
    costumes to trounce the opponents. Attacks also include overheads and well,
    Flash combos also cause no block damage. However, Certain flash combos
    have their final attack as a guard crush (e.g. Felicia will turn into
    mega-man and charge up her (his?) cannon. God bless your character if he/she 
    gets hit by it.
    Prevent this by counterattacking or performing a super (like Ibuki's
    Weapon X) in the middle of a flash combo, if you dare....
    Items like bombs and bananas can be collected and used on the enemies.
    Use your imagination. Just press K+S. Different items include the bomb, a 
    banana, an ice-ball, a lightning ball, and a evil looking purple ball. All 
    items, except the ice-ball when thrown on the floor, will stay there. The 
    bomb will gradually blow up, the banana will trip anyone who steps on it, 
    the lightning ball will suddenly shoot lightning from it, and the purple 
    ball will shoot a beam that turns the target into stone. When turned into 
    stone, the target is petrified for 3 seconds. At this moment of time, any 
    singe hit attack will cause twice as much damage. When the thrown item lands 
    on an opponent who is not blocking, they perform their effect instantly. The 
    ice-ball also immobilizes the target.
    Did I forget to mention where the super meter was? It is just below the
    life bar, use your eyes. It does not seem to have a limit, so store up as
    much level as you want.
    Occasionally, there will be treasure chests (like the one in the
    starting of a fight). Hit these and gems, items or life refilling food will 
    appear. These can also be released by hitting the Son Gokuh (the monkey) on 
    the cloud that occasionally flies across the screen.
    Life refilling food comes in many types, like small ice-cream and drinks
    to large pot roasts. The size of the food directly affects the amount of
    life recovered, so get as many as possible.
    It seems like there is a lightning cloud with a green man on it floating
    in the sky. Touching it will cause you to be shocked. It drains life.
    This is a threat as you can easily lose a round this way. The cloud also
    drops objects that electrify you, so be very careful.
    You can super jump by pressing down-up.
    Just in case you don't know, Guard crushes can be changed. Just pressing
    the S will give you one type of GC. Down+S gets another type (overhead).
    Holding Back then +S gets another (mega-far range). GC counters can be done 
    by pressing Back+S. This causes your character to flash a bit. They are 
    however, extremely vulnerable to normal attacks that way. Different types of 
    GCs steal Different colour gems.
    Pressing all 3 buttons while on the floor will result in your character
    having a green energy shield around him that damages opponents. However, you 
    will release any available gems that you have. Not advisable unless you have 
    little gems.
    While falling in the air, press all 3 buttons to get a energy protected
    fall.  You do not lose any gems this way. However, since you can control 
    your motion, the opponent can perform a shinku hadoken on you as you 
    For all characters, (P+P+P+P) flash combos do not end with a guard
    crush. Also since the people have so little range, one must keep pushing 
    forward to actually connect. This makes it hard for Ryu and Morrigan to do 
    flash combos when you are a little distance away.
    One more point, I may seem to know a lot, but these are just the basics
    of the game. I also do not know everything about every character, so forgive 
    me if I don't have the info. Only Dan and Tessa can be thoroughly explained
    since I luv these 2 people.
    4. Characters and Stuff
    If you haven't read the stuff above, read them NOW!!!
    Note: When I say this move's range is variant, it's range increases with
    it's level. Flash GCs are GCs that occur only at end of a flash combo.
    Story:Ryu wants to improve his power and looks for Tessa, a legendary
    witch. Who can help to strengthen him.
    End boss: Tessa
    The cheapest character around, he's one of the strongest people around.
    Pity that he does not have any costume changes. He can do flash combos, but
    don't expect him to become a lorry driver or something. Ryu's sweeps are
    rather far-range in this game though. Unfortunately for him, Sakura seems to 
    be a better Ryu in this game than Ryu himself!!! Ryu seems to lose less life 
    per blow, and causes quite hefty damage.
    Hadoken: QCF + P
    This move is always full screen. At max lvl, it is bigger and causes 3
    hits. There seems to be a paralysing effect to this move on the opponent.
    Hurricane Kick: QCB + K
    This move's range is variant. One hit and you fly. At max lvl, it has
    electricity flowing it, turning you into a flying light bulb. Can be
    done in the air.
    Shoryuken: DP+ P
    This move's height is variant, and IMHO should be kept at level one.
    You're less open that way. One hit and you fly. At max level it is electric 
    and goes up quite high.
    Flash combos: Goes into a flurry of punches and kicks. Flash GCs include
    boxing the victim in the stomach 20 times or stepping on the victim
    with spiked clogs. All his Flash GCs have pathetic range, but are
    painful. Master how to make the opponents eat his Guard Crushes if
    you want to be a master of Ryu.
    Guard Crushes:  Either uses a street sign, a hammer or a pair of spiked
    clogs to pulverise opponents. Go ahead and abuse his hammer.
    Shinku hadoken: QCF+ S
    A humongous 5 hit fireball that causes damage not worthy for its name.
    Shinku Hurricane kick: QCB + S
    Rain falls around Ryu and victim is sucked in for massive damage. Has
    more range than you think. The damage is massive, so are the gems.
    Shin-Shoryuken: DP+S
    What do you mean you never expected this super in this game? This is not
    what you think it is. Ryu actually goes into a flurry of punches before
    ending it with an electric Shin-Shoryuken. Ouch! BTW, there is no way to 
    counter attack Ryu this even at the end of the super. If blocked, Ryu will 
    complete his punch flurry with a simple uppercut. You will end up being too 
    far away. Only Fast, long range specials/supers can hope of connecting.
    Ending: I don't know
    Story:Ken has the seven-year itch and is looking for a pretty girl to go
    for tea with.
    End Boss: Morrigan
    IMHO, he is better than Ryu in this game. However, his supers leave much
    to be desired. He is still flashier and surprisingly, more dangerous than 
    Ryu. Plus he has costume changes. Definitely the ultimate character!
    Hadoken: QCF+P
    Has full screen range. At max lvl, it is 3 hit, bigger, and torches
    opponents! The burning effect doesn't seem to cause more damage, though.
    Hurricane kick: QCB+K
    Range is variant. It has clouds of fire trailing it at level 3.
    The burning effect doesn't seem to cause more damage, though.
    Shoryuken: DP+P
    The ultimate Shoryuken. At level 1, it causes 10% damage. Painful! At
    level 2, it has flames and goes higher. At max lvl, it is 3 hits and Ken is
    basically untouchable. Good for Ken, not good for others. As usual, a good
    anti-air special. Execute the shoryuken in the middle of an opponent's FC 
    for best results.
    FC:     Goes into a flurry of punch and kicks. Can turn into a football
    player and kick you around. Humiliating.
    GCs:    Uses a Hammer or changes into a cowboy or uses a rod with a spiked
    ball at the end. Abuse his hammer.
    Shoryu-reppa: DP+S
    In this game, Shoryu-reppas seem to cause the most damage. They have
    Unequalled priority and cause nearly as much damage as Akuma's Raging 
    Daemon. However they leave you quite open. All that I have said applies to 
    every shoryureppa in this game, not only Ken's. Note that Ken's shoryureppa 
    is the best of them all, so don't be surprised if other's shoryureppas don't 
    have as much priority and damage.
    Shinryuken: Backwards DP+S
    A super with hopeless range and damage. Just plain flashy. Ram the
    buttons to create up to 25 hits. Ken does the Shinryuken and has 2 flaming 
    dragons beside him. On the way down, he is actually burnt by them. 
    Hilarious. Execute as an anti-air technique.
    Jinppu-Ryu-Kyaku: HCF+S
    This super has incredible range, as if Ken has turned into Dhalsim and
    can extend his legs. However, the lag time is seriously out of order. After
    the first hit, it is possible to block the second hit. Plus, Ken is left
    extra-open. Not a good choice.
    See, Ken does have pathetic supers, (but not the Shoryureppa)
    Ending:Ken gets to go for tea with Morrigan, but is discovered by Eliza,
            his wife. He tries to make up excuses but gets beaten up instead.
    Story:Sakura goes to look for Ryu to train with during her Summer
    End Boss: Ryu
    Sakura is cuter than ever before. Watch her scream and entertain as she
    turns into a bunnygirl, motorcyclist, fast-food restaurant attendant, 
    swimmer and Japanese warrior. Her fireballs seriously outdo Ryu's making 
    Ryu's existence seemingly pointless. A great beginner's character.
    Hadoken: QCF+P
    Do not underestimate it. At level 1, it may be small, weak and only 1/2
    screen.  At level 2, it starts to mean business. At max lvl, it is the size 
    of Sakura herself and is 3 hits and full-screen. Not a pretty sight.
    Sho-o-ken: DP+P
    Hilarious. The damage caused is okayish. Sakura uses an umbrella as a
    weapon while charging and opens it up as a parachute while falling. What
    innovation on the part of Capcom.
    Mad-dash: HCF+ K
    A not so useless move. It causes decent damage even on level 3, but
    leaves you wide-open if blocked, and has low priority. A well-timed punch 
    can disable it. It just looks plain silly. Sakura screams and does a mad
    dash across the screen. Range is variant. It chips off damage and trips
    the opponent. If it connects, the gems it liberates are many.
    FCs:    Sakura can turn into a Japanese woman wielding a rod for her
    blockable combo, or a swimmer with a underhead towel attack, and the list 
    goes on.
    GCs:    Sakura's most effective GC is the Back+S. She turns into a
    bunnygirl with a far-range watergun. The watergun has incredible range and 
    can connect even when it may not seem to. Powerful.
    Shinku-Hadoken: QCF+S
    Best used against fireballers or in the middle of a flash combo. The
    damage is same as Ryu's.
    Cherry-Blossom: DP+S
    A shoryu-reppa. Note that this shoryureppa is one of the weakest, and
    cannot be executed as a FC counter, unless you like trading hits.
    Bunny Massage: HCB+S
    You must be a spastic if you don't block this. It can be seen coming a
    mile away. Sakura turns into a bunny girl and summons many pumped up men to
    try to carry you off the screen and beat you up. Liberates many gems. Can be
    Effectively only on computer and players that have their block function
    disabled. Hitting Sakura while she is summoning the men can cause the
    men to have no effect on you.
    Ending:  Sakura gets Ryu to train her and finally understands hado-power.
    She becomes so engrossed that she trains past her summer holidays.
    Story:Chun Li is a cop who uses violence to get the job done. One day
    she finds out that the local zoo has lost a lion and goes in search for
    End Boss: Felicia
    Chun-Li is another great starting character. She is the best choice to
    go for when you want to engage in fireball fights, as well as look cute. She 
    is more mature than Sakura. When she jumps, she goes higher and further than
    other characters, so be ready for that.
    Kikoken: QCF+P
    Another fireball that seriously outdoes Ryu's. It is full screen, and can 
    become as big as Chun-Li on max lvl. It also has the ability to freeze
    opponents and stuns them if it connects once above level 2.
    Hurricane Kick: QCF+K
    Let me get this clear. This super is not one that can be increased in
    power. It is the same as that of Chun Li's hurricane kick in the original 
    Rising Hurricane: DP+K
    I'm not very sure about this, but it's horizontal and vertical range and
    no. of hits increases with its level. This special seems to have very high
    priority and should be used as an anti-air.
    Multi-Kick: Tap K repeatedly.
    The only difference with level change is that it becomes more rapidly.
    Execute in the middle of the opponent's FC.
    FCs:    The P+P+P+P combo turns her into a policewoman with infinite
    firepower range and a blockable bazooka attack. Other combos turn her into a
    schoolgirl who writes heart-wrenching love letters, as well as others...
    GCs:    She turns into a hockey player or a policewoman with a menacing
    Kikosho: QCF+S
    Imagine the MSH vs SF kikosho. Now imagine that any energy behind her
    hands are gone. The kikosho is a 10 hits, anti-air powerhouse. Has loads of 
    lag time after the super is done though. Use it to counter a FC.
    Super Rising Hurricane: DP+S
    Has incredible damage, but not so incredible range. Good as a FC
    counter. The damage it causes is quite a lot.
    Bike Raid: HCB+S
    Chun-Li blows a whistle, turns into a policewoman and stands on a
    platform that magically appeared. She then summons tons of cyclist from her 
    SF Alpha2 background to run the victim over. It is possible to hit her while 
    she is on the platform.
    Ending:Chun Li finds Felicia and mistakens her for the lion. She puts the
            cat into a cage and ships her off to the zoo. The next day, she
            finds out that the musical star Felicia has disappeared, and without
            realising her mistake goes in search for the star.
    Story:Morrigan is always praising her own beauty, and fells that others
            should know about it. She goes in search of people to 'convince'
            them of her beauty.
    End Boss: Chun Li
    Morrigan is best meant for characters who have grasped the basics of the
    game. She has one of the strongest fireballs, and is IMHO an Evil Ryu clone.
    Fireball: QCF+P (air)
    Her fireball is always full screen and is relatively big. It causes 10+%
    damage on level 3 and is as big as herself. (The super fireball in
    Darkstalkers) Use on characters with poor fireball defense. In the air, the 
    fireball goes 45 degrees downwards. Use the air version on computer 
    opponents (They always fall for it.)
    Bat Wing: DP+P
    A effective dragon punch. It's height and power increases with level. A
    lot like Ken's just not as powerful. Still has high priority.
    Dashing Spin:
    Picture a hurricane kick that has little range and goes up while going
    forward. It has a vacuum effect. Overall, the original hurricane by Ryu/Ken 
    is better. It however, otdoes Ryu/Ken's in terms of speed. Use as a counter 
    when opponent sets up a FC Guard Crush.
    FCs:    She turns into a housewife, a nurse, or a Japanese woman. Her
    frying pan guard crush must not be underestimated.
    GCs:    Her most effective guard crush resembles Sakura's. She uses a
    injection needle for King Kong on the opposition.
    Morrigan X: HCF+S
    A dashing weapon X. This super causes reasonable damage, instead of
    having a clone, Lilith is called to help her during the super. They act like
    Spiderman in MSH with Power Gem and trounce the opponent on both sides. This 
    super can, however, be stopped with a simple punch.
    Multi-Wing: DP+S
    Her Bat wing glows blue and she does a shoryu-reppa. This shoryureppa
    most closely resembles Ken's in terms of damage and priority.
    Vacuum Hurricane: QCB+S
    A Ryu-type vacuum hurricane super with considerably less range. It does
    cause a lot of damage though. Many gems liberated.
    Ending: Upon defeating Chun-Li, Morrigan proclaims herself to be the
    strongest and most beautiful woman in the world. " All men shall knell
    before me!" However, all the men starts chasing Lilith instead. Morrigan
    knows that Lilith is cuter than her, just not as beautiful. Angry but
    exhausted, she desides to take care of Lilith on another day.
    Story:  Ibuki is a young ninja who wants to go to the city. She enters the
            city and prays that no one would know she is a ninja. However, she
            walks around in her ninja suit, so everyone can recognise her.  She
            has to defeat those who notice her in order to silence them.
    End Boss: Sakura
    Ibuki is meant for players who have grasped the game. Her powers are not
    to be underestimated and overall, she is one of the more powerful 
    Knife Throw: QCF+P
    Jumps into the air and throws a simple knife. At lvl 2, she throws 2
    shurikens and at max lvl, a 3 hit teddy bear. Sounds silly. But the damage 
    ain't. Good on fireballers.
    Penguin Attack: Backwards DP+K
    Sounds silly. Is silly. She jumps into the air, wears a penguin suit and
    kicks you in the face. Number of kicks depends greatly on level. Ibuki then
    jumps away onto the floor. She is left very open at the end of the special. 
    It is tough to time the attack right. In other words, don't use this.
    Rising kick: DP+K
    She does a rising kick for a Dragon Punch. Has incredible damage to make
    up for its virtual no-range. Great as an anti-air technique.
    FCs:    She can turn into anything! A housewife, a Japanese man, a dancer,
    a samurai, a calligrapher. You name it, she's got it. Particularly
    irritating is her calligrapher, where she splatters you with ink.  Her 
    Japanese man GC turns you into a doll, and is equally humiliating, because 
    it has virtually no range.
    GCs:    Like Sakura, the only GC worth using is her Back+S. She uses a
    bamboo pole with incredible range.
    Multi-Knife: QCF+S
    Morphs into Cammy and throws knifes, shurikens, bombs and teddy bears.
    Damage of the Super depends on the power meter of her knife special. Painful 
    and easily catches the human players off-guard.
    Frog Flare: QCB+S
    Ibuki summons a gigantic frog, sits on it and points at you. The frog
    then blows a 5 hit Yoga Flame in your face. Counter attack at the end of 
    this move.
    Ibuki X: DP+S
    The most effective super in the game. This super is exactly like the
    weapon X.  It is fast, high priority and causes 30% damage. It's only 
    drawback is that it can't pass through fireballs. It looks real cool. Ibuki 
    wears a swordsman suit and charges at the opponent. If she connects, the 
    screen goes red, there are 4 sword slashes, across the screen, and you seen 
    Ibuki put her sword back into its sheath while the target is cut into a 
    hundred pieces.
    Ending: Ibuki meets up with Guy and challenges him. Guy says something and
            gives her a baked potato. Ibuki cannot resist and immediately
            gobbles it down, giving Guy sufficient time to escape.
    Story:  Felicia has accomplished many things by becoming a singer. She wants
              to achieve more and wants to star in a movie. She then goes in
              search for Ken, whom she believes has a connection with the movie
    End Boss: Ken
    Felicia is a character that I hardly experiment with, so I don't really
    know much. She makes all sorts of noises every time she does anything. She
    somersaults as she jumps, making it hard to judge distance.
    Cat roll: QCF+P
    Rolls forward and then goes in a flurry of rising punches. Power and
    range increases with lvl. Hit the buttons for more hits. Don't hit too early
    or Felicia will rise up and hit thin air.
    Delta Kick: DP+K
    Felicia does a dragon punch with her feet, then arcs down onto the
    ground. It causes massive damage.
    Leg Sweep: QCF+K
    Felicia kicks across and causes energy to rise from the ground. Range
    and damage is variant. This energy can neutralise fireballs, as well as
    cause massive damage.
    FCs:    Turns into various Darkstalkers characters and Mega-man. Note that 
    her FC's are very variant and you do not usually know what will come out
    next. Good on humans.
    GCs:    Turns into various Darkstalkers characters and Mega-man.
    Help Me!:HCF+S
    Summons fellow cats to save her. Looks a little silly.
    Felicia X: DP+S
    A strong Weapon X that has low priority. Can be countered if timed right
    even by a simple punch. However, it only affects those in front of her. A
    good FC counter.
    The Cloning: HCB+S
    Summons Fellow Felicias to stand in a line. Felicia does a kick. The
    others follow suit like a mexican wave. Pushes opponents to end of screen.
    Ending: ???
    Story:  Tessa is reading her book on magic spells when she finds that a
            magic stick descended from the family of Shou can change the form of
            a girl. She immediately wants to  obtain it, and goes in search for
            Hsein-ko who is a descendant of the Shou family.
    End Boss: Hsien-ko
    Tessa is my favourite character because she is weak and strong at the
    same time.  Like Akuma in MSH vs SF, she can dish out loads of punishment 
    but can't take it herself. She loses TWICE as much life per hit, and has 
    very low priority. She does however have massive range in everything she 
    does. When she blocks, she holds out objects like a little girl or a star 
    instead of using her arms. In fact, you must be really good in order to 
    master her. (Something which I'm working on)
    Dragon Head: QCF+P
    The dragon head is best at level 3. It is Tessa's only high priority
    useful special. Tessa will stick out her arm, which will turn into a dragon
    hhead. At level 1, you get a baby dragon head, and her punch has furthur 
    range than this.
    At level 2, it gets dangerous. At max lvl, Tessa can cause 10% at 1 go
    with this 1/3 screen special. It's no joke. This move has managed to trade 
    hits with Felicia's X before. Best used in combos.
    Dragon Roll: QCF+K
    To counter the powers of the Dragon Head, the dragon roll was invented.
    Never before have I seen such a useless special in my entire life. Even
    Sakura's mad dash can override this. It's priority is that low. This is 
    IMHO, a special that shows the balance Capcom had in mind for its 
    characters. The Dragon roll, turns Tessa into a ball that seems to be that 
    of a rubber dragon. The damage it causes is little by little chipped off. 
    Best used only if you want to make a fool of the opposition. If you don't 
    believe me, use it and find out.
    Rising Chainsaw: DP+P
    A Dragon punch that is too horizontal and only affects targets in front
    of Tessa in the air. The chainsaw increases its range, but who in the world 
    can be caught by it?
    FCs:    Tessa has virtually no imagination. She can only turn into an
    Arabian girl that uses a large genie, or a scientist that uses robots. Her 
    speed in charging up FC Guard Crushes, however, seems faster than normal.
    GCs:    Another boring detail on Tessa's part. Tessa can only turn into a
    Arabian girl and the genie can only go in 3 different directions. Incredible
    range though.
    Proton Cannon: QCF+S
    I think this is the reason why Tessa is so weak. This super causes 20%
    damage, has full screen length, is near instant and liberates many gems for
    Tessa. Best used on a blocked Shoryureppa. Surprisingly it is not 
    recommended for fireball fights, because it can't neutralise fireballs. 
    Since Tessa loses twice as much life, she might end up suffering more damage 
    than she inflicted. Tessa also has great lag time after the super is cast.
    Robot Charge: QCB+S
    If you think that the Proton Cannon Super is not good enough a reason to
    make Tessa so weak, here's another reason. This super is unblockable and
    causes 30% damage. Tessa turns into a charging robot. This move has less 
    range than you think. In fact, the target must be in the robot to cause 
    damage. Time it right to nail the opposition.
    Dragon Morph: DP+S
    Like Felicia's X, this move affects targets directly in front of Tessa.
    Tessa turns into the Dragon ball, in the Dragon Roll. This ball keeps
    expanding, causing damage while it grinds the enemy. Finally the dragon head
    emerges, and the full purple colour dragon that looks like a rubber ducky 
    can be seen. Looks very silly, and guarantees a few laughs from the 
    Ending:Tessa defeats Hsien-ko and acquires the stick. She uses it on herself
            and turns into a penguin (oops!) Infuriated, she has to wait 30 days
            to change back to her original form.
    Story:Hsienko and Lin-Lin are looking for the vampires but have ran out of
            money, hungry, they read the newspapers to look for a job, and find
            that Zangief is offering one. They go in search of him.
    End Boss: Zangief
    Hsien-ko is a character which I hardly try, same as Felicia and Zangief, so 
    I don't know much. Sorry again. A rather ordinary character.
    Weapon Toss: QCF+P
    Hsien-ko throws a weapon, it can be a claw, or a knife, or a shuriken,
    or an idol. Whatever. It goes over conventional fireballs and has to be 
    timed right to hit. More items are thrown as lvl rises. Don't use in 
    fireball fights. There is a start-up delay.
    Reflect Gong: HCB+P
    Hsien-ko hits a gong that creates sound waves. The wave range is
    variant. This can reflect fireballs, not super fireballs. The waves also 
    cause massive damage. The only drawback is that it is relatively slow.
    Sword Attack: HCF+K
    Hsien-ko causes a large blade to rise up from the ground. At lvl 1, the
    blade goes above her. At lvl 2, the blades start to go further in range. At
    max lvl, well, what do you think?

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