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Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by Nemesis

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 12/28/2000

                This document Copyright © 2000 Nemesis™. All rights reserved.

                          Parasite Eve II: Spoiler-Free Walkthrough
                                     {Fat-Free™ Version}
                             Written by: Brett "Nemesis" Franklin
                                         Version 1.01

                                      Table of Contents:
                                 01. Spoiler-Free Walkthrough
                                  02. Copyright Information


01. Spoiler-Free Walkthrough


== MIST Center ==============================================================

• Practice your shooting skills at the firing range to earn some extra
  items and Bounty Points
• Talk to Pierce, then head into the [Firearms Control] room and purchase
  any items you need
• Now go into the Garage, and speak to Pierce to head off to Akropolis

== Akropolis Tower ==========================================================

• Exit the elevator, and enter the Square with the statue.
• Search the corpse under the sign near the window to get an item
• Head into the east elevator hall, and speak with the soldier to get
  the Cafeteria Key
• Dash to the Cafeteria
• Fight the easy boss, then grab the Metallic Implant from the corpse of
  the boss
• Go back to the Square, and use the pay phone to call for backup
• Head to the Fountain
• Enter the blue-ish door near the fountain, and enter the rear-entrance
  to the Cafeteria
• Search the yellow container on the wall to get the Blue Key
• Enter the door across from the yellow container, and use the Blue Key on
  the left keyhole with the flashing yellow light, on the control panel
• Head to the now-operating escalator near the Forked Road
• In the Observatory, take the Tactical Vest off of the corpse on the bench,
  then head down the other escalator and go into the Sanctuary
• Grab the Red Key from the ground in here, then enter the hidden door on
  the north side of the room, and enter the Roof Garden
• Head over to the Statue, and take the Black Card from the ground near
  the back of the statue
• Return to the room near the back of the Cafeteria (where you used the Blue
• Use the Red Key on the right keyhole on the conrol panel here
• Return to the area outside of the Santuary, and take the weapon off the
  dead soldier (in the Prominade)
• Go to the Fountain
• Take the Grenade Pistol from the Fountain
• Go through the door across from the Sanctuary, and to the Bridge
• Enter "5-6-1" as the code to access the bridge, then head through the door
  across the other side of the bridge
• Make your way to the rooftop, save your game at the phone along the way,
  and go to the dead-end on the roof
• Attempt to return to the stairs, and fight the boss
• Dodge the grenade shots he launches at you, and shoot the wires on the
  side of the building to do tons of damage
• Follow the boss when it runs away

== MIST Center ==============================================================

• Buy any items you need to from Jodie in the [Firearms Control] area, 
  then speak to Pierce once more to head to Dryfield

== Dryfield =================================================================

• Load up on ammo from the unlimited ammo box
• Head to the Garage
• Raise the circuit breaker on the wall near the car
• Go to the yellow control panel near the door, and press Up, then Turn
• Unlock the gate near the car that is near the main door
• Go back to the yellow control panel, and press Down, then Turn
• Open the shutter near the car
• After getting the Motel Key No. 6, go to the 2F of the Motel to access
  room #6
• Use the ladder inside, then enter the water tower area
• Raise the lever near the hole in the ground
• Kill the beasts, enter the water tower, then kill them again to lower 
  the next ladder. Climb it
• Check the corpse for the G&R Key
• Go back down to the surface, and enter the Saloon with the G&R Key
• Take the Magnet from the refrigerator, then leave the Saloon
• Enter the gate that is across from the entrance to the Water Tower
• Talk into the speaker-thing near the door, then use the magnet to move
  the Key to the upper-right of the grate to the left of the door
• Take the Factory Key, and follow the dog
• Ask Douglass about the Shelter, then follow the dog again to find the
  coil of rope
• Go to the well near the Garage, and use the rope to enter it
• Fight the mini-boss down here, hit the two switches here (one near the
  entrance, one at the end of the path)
• Climb up the next ladder and enter the General Store
• Search the area for items, then enter the next door and into the Dilapidated
• Check the chest in the back of the house, then return to the Trailer
• Ask Douglass to borrow a tool, then go to the Garage and search the 
  north-east shelf for the Monkey Wrench
• Return to the Dilapidated House and use the Monkey Wrench on the chest, 
  and enter the next room
• Fight the boss with your Grenade Pistol
• Check out the gasoline pump near the car, then head off to the Trailer
  to talk with Douglas
• You will take the Lobby Key, so head to the Lobby near the Parking Lot
• Enter "#3033" into the cash register to get the Bronco Masterkey
• Head upstairs to 2F, and enter the Loft
• Check the room to find a Jerry Can
• Check the safe out here and enter "4487" to find the Holy Water
• Return to the Gas Station and fill up the Jerry Can
• Head to the Garage
• Now go to the Bar and speak with Kyle
• Go to your room on 2F of the Motel, and get some rest
• Fight the boss using Grenade Rounds and Parasitic Energies as fast as you
  can (under 3 minutes)
• Return to Main Street, and talk with Douglas to get some items as well as
  the Truck Key
• If you defeated the boss fast enough, go to the Trailer and get a special
  item from Douglas
• Go to the Garage, and talk to Kyle to leave Dryfield, and go to the Mine

== Mine =======================================================================

• Protect Kyle as best as you can to avoid game-over
• Enter the Mine after taking care of the enemies
• Head straight to the Gorge and examine the gap
• Go to the Forked Tunnel and take the board, then return to the Gorge
• Use the board on the gap here, then cross it, and enter the Refuge to the
• Check out the control panel here, and remove the plug from the upper-left
  part of the panel
• Place it into the second hole towards the upper-left, then lift the power
• Leave the Refuge, and enter the next door and fight the boss
• Take the items, weapon, and the Jumper Plug from the boss, then return to
  the Refuge
• Place this Jumper Plug into the first hole on the control panel, and move
  the other plug into the last slot towards the bottom. Hit the power switch,
  then go back to where you fought the boss
• Press the switch behind the motorcycle, then follow the next path to the
  end, and ride the lift at the end

== Shelter ====================================================================

• Head to the Storeroom, then into the Sleeping Quarters, into the main hallway,
  and into the Armory to the south
• Use the Black Card on the locked gate here to find a nice suprise...
• Leave, and then enter the Sterilization Room
• Check the center control panel, and then enter the "In" door
• Head through the next set of doors, and take the lift down to B2
• Exit this next room, then make your way to the Breeding Room
• Search the area for tons of ammo, then return to the Sterilization Room on
• Try to exit the room, and enter the Dust Shoot when the going gets tough...
• Fight the first boss by avoiding it's breath when it tries to suck you   
  in to it's mouth. Blast him until he dies, then head through the next door.
• Avoid the boss again, and hit the switch on the right wall whenever you
  get to it. Do this twice to kill him off.
• Run back to where you first met the boss and take the Woven Ring from the
• Go back to the other end of the area, and enter the door
• Enter "18" on the control panel to lower the flood gates
• Follow the path to the next door, through the next area, head up the stairs
  to Aya's left, then down the ladder. 
• Go left again, and enter "15" as the code for the Full Moon Gate control
  panel (it's blue)
• Go back up the ladder, go through the next gate on the other side to 
  enter the well under Dryfield. Climb the rope to enter Dryfield, and
  follow the dog to the water tower
• Save Pierce and get the SUV key, and run to the SUV near the Gas Station
  and take the bag of ice from there back to him. Do this 3 times to get
  the Ofuda Charm
• Return to the Upper Sewer, and go forward from the ladder and enter the
  red door
• Go to the elevator in the Incinerator Control Room, and take it to floor
  B1 (make sure you have the key card from Kyle)
• Head into the Storeroom, and then into the hallway next to the door you 
  just entered and get Bowman's Keycard from the monster here
• Return to the Elevator Hall and ride it to B2
• Enter the Operating Room, then into the Breeding Room, into the Main Hall,
  unlock the south door that leads to the Elevator Hall, then enter the
• Use the computer on the desk near the phone, and enter "A3EILM2S2Y" as
  the password, then select "Visitor Program", then answer the 3 random 
• Answer the phone, then head to the Pod Service Gantry
• Operate the first, third, and fourth cameras on the security camera area
  in the Pod Service Gantry, and press the Operate button after checking
  each camera
• Use the lift you just activated with the camera systems
• Go to the next lift, and take it to Neo Ark

== Neo Ark ====================================================================

• Head south to the Savanna, and into the Shrine area
• Check the large board on the wall near the entrance to the Power Plant to
  see the solution of the next puzzle, then go south to the inner area of
  the Shrine
• Solve the puzzle (refer to my full Parasite Eve II Guide for the solution
  to this puzzle), then enter the Power Plant
• To beat the next enemy, blow up the power-supplier in the back of the
  room, and then kill the monster
• Go back to the Observatory, and head to the North Prominade, then to the
  Forest Zone and to the Pyramid
• At the top of the Pyramid, step on the colored blocks in this order:

   • Red
   • Yellow
   • Blue
   • White
   • Blue
   • White
   • Red
   • Yellow
   • White
   • Blue
   • Yellow
   • Red

• After doing this, you'll hear a sound in the distance. Now step on them 
  once more, in this order:

   • Blue x 6
   • White x 2
   • Red x 3
   • Yellow x 5

• Lower the lever on the statue, and make your way to the Island (the entrance
  is near the Pavillion)
• Head down the ladder, and fight the enemies, then the boss
• Take the Skull Crystal from the pool where you fought the boss
• Return to the Pyramid, raise the lever, and go back to the Pavillion and
  go to the Garden from there
• Enter the left-hand door in the Garden, go up the stairs, and kill the
  enemy by destroying the control panel in the back, then blasting him
• Return to the Shelter

== Shelter ====================================================================

• Head to the Laboratory, save your game, stock up on ammo, unlock the doors
  that lead to the Elevator Hall to the south in the main hallway, then
  use the lift that is across from the Laboratory
• Blow up the giant speakers, then ride the next elevator to B6 floor
• Follow the girl, and fight the boss in the next room with some Parasitic
  Energies, and some Grenade Rounds
• After the cut-scenes, check the tubes across from the girl, then escape
  with her to the lift
• Take this time to take care of any "hot spots" (red areas on your map)
  in this area, and Dryfield
• Go to the Pod Service Gantry when you are ready, and activate the last
  camera, and turn the security off
• Grab Pierce's Memo from the phone, then call Jodie
• Head to the Underground Parking area, unlock the door to the Golem Freezer,
  then enter the Underground Parking area
• Take the Electric Car key from the wall near the door, and press the yellow,
  blue, and then the call button on the control panel near the large shutter
• Use the Electric Car Key on the car, then drive it into the next area
• Use Bowman's keycard on the control panel, and drive the car into the next
• Check the next area for a Teddy Bear near the motorcycle
• Enter the Guardroom, hit the switch, go to the Bulwark, and open the large
• Check the tent for some items and ammo, then exit the tent. Talk to Rupert
  for a new weapon, and you might get some new items, including Douglas's 
  letter if you killed the Motel Boss in Dryfield fast enough
• Give Flint the dog (if he's here), the Teddy Bear
• Head back into the Underground Parking area, then go to the Golem Freezer,
  and save Pierce if he's here
• Go to the Pod Service Gantry to find a boss
• Kill the first boss with your Magnum or Grenade Pistol, all while running
  around the perimeter to avoid his attacks. Be sure to blast his face
  away, then hit the hole in it's body when it's revealed. Now use either
  Bowman's Card or Yoshida's Card on the red control panel, then enter 
  the next area to fight the last boss
• The last boss uses many different attacks, but most of them are easy to 
  avoid. Use your Grenade Pistol at first, then whip out your AS12 or the
  M249 to finish it off. Try not to use your Magnum, but be sure to use
  plenty of Parasitic Energies to combat some attacks, and to do plenty
  of damage, just be sure your Parasitic Energies are at maximum levels.


02. Copyright Infomation


© Copyright 2000 Brett "Nemesis" Franklin. It may not be stolen, altered,
or used for any type of profit. It may be reproduced electronically, and
printed for PRIVATE, PERSONAL use. It may not be placed on a CD, printed
in a magazine or any type of publication. If you would like to contribute
to this FAQ (you will be credited,) please e-mail me, as well as any questions,
comments, or corrections, to the address above. This document may NOT
                 appear on www.megagames.com. PERIOD.

                                                      Copyright © 2000 Nemesis

   ~End of Document~

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