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Pierce's Scenario Guide by iamnothing

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/17/2007

Author: David Blake
Revision: 1.0
E-Mail Contact: db.gamefaqs@gmail.com

This document is Copyright © David Blake, 2000. This document may not be
redistributed or modified from its original format without the author's 
express permission. For more information or to use this document, contact 
David Blake at db.gamefaqs@gmail.com.

This is a No-Spoiler Guide for Pierce's Scenario in Parasite Eve II. If you 
get stuck and need more explicit directions, check out Nemesis and JL Lee's 
guides. I have to give strong kudos to Elranzer for turning me on to this 
style of guide.

  - Wait to use your Belt Pouches until you have your final and favorite 
    armor. I like the PsySuit and the EUD.
  - Never underestimate the power of the Bayonette Attachement. It's saved my
    life more than once when I have run out of ammo and PE.
  - ALWAYS make sure that your ammo is full.
  - Equip any anti-status effect items that you find, as soon as you find 
    them. They're usually there for a reason. Check the ATTACH qualifier under
    the description to see what they do.


                             === MIST HQ ===
  - Train.
  - Talk to Pierce.
  - Talk to Jodie in Firearms Control.
  - Get the Medicine Bottle from the shelves near the car and talk to Pierce 
    to go downtown.

                          === AKROPOLIS TOWER ===
TOWER ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  - Talk to the Police Sgt.
  - Talk to the officer.
  - Enter the Square and answer the phone.
  - Exit the double-doors opposite where you came in from the elevator and 
    talk to the SWAT officer to get the Cafeteria Key.
  - Go down the left stairs from the Square. Kill the NMC and talk to the 
  - Unlock and enter the cafeteria. Kill the NMC. Search the body for the
    Metal Implant.
  - Head back to the phone in the Square.
  - Go back to the cafe and get the Scientific Journal from the table.
  - Get the Blue Key from the Key box in the small hallway.
  - Get the Recovery1 from the SWAT member in the kitchen. Also get the 
    ampoule from the refridgerator.
  - Read the bulletin board to find the bridge code (561). Use the Blue Key 
    on the left keyhole on the power panel. Look at the third and fourth 
    camera on the security console.
  - Remove the bar and unlock the doors near the fountain.
  - Go up the escalator at the Forked Road.
  - Get the Armor from the SWAT member.
  - Go down the other escalator, get the Submachine Gun from the SWAT 
    member, and enter the church.
  - Get the Red Key from the floor.
  - Go through the side door and listen to No. 9. Check the bomb and get the 
    black keycard. Exit the Church.
  - Go back to the security area and use the Red key on the Right keyhole.
  - Go to the fountain and get the Grenade Launcher from the SWAT member.
  - Enter the door across from the church and raise the bridge (561).
  - Enter the door across the bridge and head up to the Heliport.

NO.9 -------------------------------------------------------------------------
  - To kill the boss, use your submachine gun. Target the electrical cables
    and shoot them when he's near. While he's incapacitated, shoot him with
    the submachine gun. Avoid his rockets by moving towards him as he shoots
    them. Target the steam valve and the last cord to take him out.
  - Take the lift.

MIST HQ ----------------------------------------------------------------------
  - Talk to Jodie and upgrade as necessary.
  - Talk to Pierce and head off to the desert.

                             === DRYFIELD, NEVADA ===
DRYFIELD ---------------------------------------------------------------------
  - Enter Main street.
  - Get the Penecillin and Recover1 from Room 2.
  - Take the northeast exit from mainstreet and get the Recover1 and search 
    the well. Enter the rear entrance to the scrapyard.
  - Turn on the power (in by the front of the car). Then raise and turn the 
    car. Unlock the gate and return the car to it's starting position. Enter 
    the large metal shutter.
  - Get Key No.6 from Douglas.
  - Go back to main street, through the middle gate, up the stairs and into 
    Room No.6.
  - Head out to the balcony and climb down the ladder.
  - Activate the gate and run into the enclosure. Kill all the Chasers.
  - Climb up the ladder and run around the side of the tower. Raise the 
  - Climb up the ladder and get the Store Key and Recovery1 from the corpse.
  - Go back down to the Parking area and enter the far western door.
  - Enter the map data from the bathroom into your GPS and get the Cola from
    the soda cooler.
  - Enter the next room and get the Magnet from the refrigerator. Get the 
    Recovery1 from the locker. Exit to the water tower and enter the 
    northeastern gate.
  - Use the intercom and then look at the grating. Use the magnet to get the 
    key up to the hole. Unlock the door and enter the factory.
  - Follow the dog and enter Douglas' trailer. Ask him about the Shelter.
  - Follow Flint to the Rope and get it. Head to the well with Flint in tow.
  - Use the Rope on the well.
  - Enter the far door and turn on the switch. 

STALKER ----------------------------------------------------------------------
  - Kill the stalker by using Plasma to knock it from the ceiling. Then just 
    shoot it.

DRYFIELD, CONTINUED ----------------------------------------------------------
  - Flip the other switch.
  - Enter the Cellar and get the flare from the crate. Exit and climb up the 
  - Get the Cola and the Recovery3 from the soda case. Exit the side door.
  - Get the pouch from the first shop. Look at the warbrobe, scratch makrs
    and bolts in the second shop.
  - Head back to Douglas and ask to use his tools.
  - Get the Monkey Wrench from the garage.
  - Remove the bolts from the dresser and enter the room.

NO.9 -------------------------------------------------------------------------
  - Run around No.9, just shooting him. Hit him with Pyrokinesis from behind.

DRYFIELD, NIGHTIME -----------------------------------------------------------
  - Take Kyle back to the car and kill the Scavengers.
  - Go and ask Douglas if you can use his truck and get the Lobby Key.
  - Go to the hotel lobby. Punch in "#3033" on the keypad and take the Master.
  - Go to the motel Loft on the second floor and get the Gas Can. Enter 4487
    to open the safe and get the Holy Water.
  - Get the Gas from the pumps near Aya's car.
  - Go to the garage and give it to Douglas.
  - Head ti the bar and talk to Kyle.
  - Go to your room and rest.

FLAMETHROWER -----------------------------------------------------------------
  - Stand in the hallway between room 5 and 6 (left side) and just keep 
    shooting the beast. He may change the side he aims for most after getting
    hit a few times. Just move to the other side and continue shooting.

DRYFIELD, CONTINUED ----------------------------------------------------------
  - Go to Main Street and talk to Douglas to get the Truck Key. If you saved 
    Flint, then head to the trailer to get the Modified 9mm.
  - Tell Kyle when you're ready to go.

                              === THE SHELTER ===
EAST MINE --------------------------------------------------------------------
  - Kill all the Chaser (make them jump off the cliff to save ammo and PE).
  - Enter the mine and head down the tunnel until you can look at the break in 
    the tracks. Run back to the door in the Tunnel Entrance and activate the 
    mine cart. Take the Board back and cover the hole.
  - Cross the board and enter the Emergency Shelter. Move the plug from the 
    lower hole to the second hole from the top.
  - Enter Gate 1 and fight the Adult Chaser. Get the Plug and Kyle's Gun. 
    Fight the Mutated Adult Chaser. Use the barrels.
  - Check the motorcycle.
  - Go back to the Emergency Shelter and place the Plugs in the top and bottom 
    holes and turn on the power.
  - Unlock Gate 2 with the remote control on the motorcycle.
  - Kill the stalker and activate the elevator.

B1 SHELTER -------------------------------------------------------------------
  - Enter E-38 and then the storeroom. Get the Ringer's Solution. Enter E-43.
  - Enter the Sleeping Quarters and head through it to the central hall. Enter
    the control room (middle left door) and search the lockers and the glass.
  - Enter the Armory (middle right door) and use your Black Keycard on the 
    door. Stock up from the BP Machine.
  - Enter the Sterilization room (top) and continue to the next room. Take the
    lift down.

B2 SHELTER -------------------------------------------------------------------
  - Enter the Septic Tank and into the Main Corridor. Enter the Breeding Room
    (top right).
  - Get the Cola. Read the journal. Get the Stim from one of the chambers. 
    Exit the room.
  - Check the door and head back up to B1.

B1 SHELTER -------------------------------------------------------------------
  - Enter the chamber. Use the intercom and then jump down the dust chute.

B3 SHELTER -------------------------------------------------------------------
  - Get the 9mm Parabellum and 9mm Hydra shells from both sides of the room.
    Kill the Vaccum by shooting it in the mouth with the grenade pistol.
  - Enter the next room.
  - Run down the hall past the first small alcove and over the elevator. When
    the Vaccum is on it, step on the plate in the second alcove to kill it.
  - Walk down the hall.
  - Go down the stairs and through the door. Climb the ladder.
  - Read the memo near the ladder. Put in 18 to lower the flood gate.
  - Go down the stairs and get the MP Boost 2 from the corner. Go through the 

B4 SHELTER -------------------------------------------------------------------
  - Run around the corner, up the stairs, and climb down the ladder.
  - Read the memo near the door and check the lever in the corner and input 

PIERCE SCENARIO --------------------------------------------------------------
  - Climb back up the ladder and enter the Full Moon Gate.

DRYFIELD ---------------------------------------------------------------------
  - Follow Flint to the water tower, kill the bugs, and get the SUV Key.
  - Get the Ice Bag from the ice machine on Main Street.
  - Take it to Pierce.
  - Head back to the Shelter through the Moon Gate.

B4 / B1 SHELTER --------------------------------------------------------------
  - Head up to B1 in the elevator and kill the thing in the hallway between 
    the Storeroom and the Sleeping Quarters to get the card.
  - Head down to B2.

B2 SHELTER -------------------------------------------------------------------
  - Swipe Bowman's Card at the door near the elevator and enter. Continue to 
    the operating room.
  - Exit the southwestern door and read the bulletin board.
  - Go to B1 in the Sleeping Quarters and get the Aeris Magazine. Read it.
  - Head back down to the computer in the Laboratory and use it. Type in: 
  - Answer the phone.
  - Head up to B1, beyond the stelization room ,to the pointer on the GPS.

B1 - SHELTER -----------------------------------------------------------------
  - Turn on the Lift, unlock the Parking Garage, and turn security off.
  - Go to the Parking Garage and get the Car Key.
  - Head to the upper lift on B2 and take it down.

NEO ARK ----------------------------------------------------------------------
  - Exit the hallway and access the help platform. Take the southern exit.
  - Search the wall near the door and set the puzzle accordingly. The Circle
    has to be showing.

    R  Pharoh, legs, lips, room (DIAGONALLY FROM BOTTOM LEFT TO UPPER RIGHT)
    Y  Fish, eye, X, crown (FAR LEFT COLUMN)
    B  Leaf, knife, compass, acorn (TOP ROW)

    Open Blue and get the MP Boost 2 from the Carcophogas.
    Open the Yellow and Worms will fall from the roof.
    Open the Reds and the door will unlock.

  - Shoot the computer and then take out the lasers and the NMC.
  - Take the north exit from the observatory.
  - Go through the submarine tunnel and head south. Check the relief near the
  - Go south from the Forest Zone. Check the relief and turn it so that it 
  - Step on Blue 6 times, Green 2 times, Red 3 times, and Yellow 5 Times.
  - Lower the lever.
  - Cross the bridge, and go down the ladder. Kill the water NMC's and the
    huge water NMC. Get the Crystal Skull from the water.
  - Move the bridge back and step on the stones again. R1, Y1, B1, G1, B1, G1, 
    R1, Y1, G1, B1, Y1, R1.
  - Head to the Powerstation and enter it.
  - Climb the stairs and blast the computer and the small power relays. Then
    kill the NMC.
  - Head back to the Shelter and into the elevator flashing on your map.
  - Blow out the speakers. Go down the elevator.

B6 SHELTER -------------------------------------------------------------------
  - Blow out the speakers and follow the little girl.
  - Blow out the speakers first and then just keep blasting the NMC.
  - Answer the phone.
  - Get the MD Player from the closet and the Ringer's Solution from the IV 
  - Look at the pod that Eve is staring at and then talk to her. When she is
    near the elevator, activate it.

NEO ARK ----------------------------------------------------------------------
  - Head up to the shelter.

B2 SHELTER -------------------------------------------------------------------
  - Head up to B1, go through the storerooms, sleeping quarters, and to the 
    Pod Service Gentry. Check the phone to get Pierce's note.
  - Use the phone until you talk to Jodie (you don't have to save). 
  - Go to the Underground Parking lot. Search the console for the Car Key. 
    Search it again.
  - Activate all but the third one to get a Belt Pouch.
  - Activate the last two near Call. Then push Call.
  - Use Bowman's card on the slot.
  - Use the car and exit the garage. 
  - Search the Bike to get the Teddy Bear.
  - Enter the guard room and unlock the main door.
  - Exit the Shelter.

TENT -------------------------------------------------------------------------
  - Stock up.
  - Give Flint the Teddy Bear.
  - Utilize the car.
  - Answer the phone.
  - Head through the sterilization room and to the Golem storage to save 
  - Go to the Pod Service Gentry.
  - Go down the elevator and enter the room next to the elevator.

INFANT NMC -------------------------------------------------------------------
  - Shoot it repeatedly with your Grenade Launcher in the head and chest.
  - Shoot the hole in its chest with the Grenade Launcher and avoid the core

EVE --------------------------------------------------------------------------
  - Use grenades or the Magnum to take her down.
  - Attack her repeatedly after she attacks for the most damage.
  - Use all the status blocker items you have on your armor.
  - Avoid her as she dives towards you by running across the bridge.

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