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Speed Guide (0:55) by VMerken

Updated: 09/16/2002

--La vie, c'est la guerre des dualites.

._______. ._______. ._______. ._______. ._________.___. ._______._______.
|   ._. !_|   ._. !_|   ._. !_|   ._. !_|   ._.   |___|_! ._.   |   ._. !_
|   |\|   |   |\|   |   |\|   |   |\|   |   |/!___|   |   |/|   |   |/|   |
|   |_|   |   !_!   |   | |   |   !_!   |   !_/___|   |   | |   |   !_!   |
|    _____|   ._.   |   | !___|   ._.   !____.    |   |___! |   |   ._____!
|   |\____|   | |   |   | |\__|   | |   |\___!    |   |__/| |   |   !____/
!___! |   !___! !___|___!_|__.|___!.|___!_______. |___|   | !___!_________|
 \___\|    \___\|\___|   ._. !_|   | |   |   ._.!_!__/    !/___/_________/
                     |   | |   |   | |   |   | |   |
                     |   !_!   |   | |   |   !_!   |
                     |   ._____|   !_!   |   ._____|
                     |   !\____!_.     ._|   !____/
                               |   ._.   |
                               !___! |   |
                               !___!_!   |
                               |   ._____!
                               |   !_____!

                          S p e e d   G u i d e

(c)2001-2002 VMerken.

-_- Update history.

This is the delta version. As you can see, yet another 5 minutes have been cut
from the clock. This is partly due to a better game performance (going through
rooms more efficiently, better Aya and/or monster handling etc) and a coupla
new tricks. Also, that's a neat little ASCII up there, wouldn't you say? :)

The coupla new tricks were kindly provided by Manuel Rodriguez (aka Q Ball) and
Ciarkowski, for which my thanks. Q Ball shared a more efficient way to beat
Bunsen and save time while reaching Gary, whereas mr. Ciarkowski greatly
reduced the number of "clink clanks" prior to the first confrontation with the
Unknown Man at the Akropolis Tower.

Then, if it weren't for Ben Siegfried, aka the Nightwind, with whom I had the
pleasure of brainstorming on how to beat the final battles even faster, you
wouldn't be reading the gamma version. Expect an L ranking guide from this
author somewhere in the future.

Also, thanks remain for Oak and Aya Brea (ykwya!) for enlightening discussions
pertaining the subject and for convincing me to write the beta version.

:) Welcome!

What is there to say? Another survival horror title has hit the shelves, so
here I am to please your hungry minds with a speed guide for it... use the
guide to quickly unlock all the secret replay modes, such as Bounty Mode,
Supportless Mode, etc.

I must say that Parasite Eve 2 has pleasantly surprised me; it's definately a
LOT better than the original Parasite Eve. The graphics and music (which is
awesome, actually) are up to par with Capcom's Resident Evil series, and there
are some nifty atmospheric ones, as well. Gameplay is quite good and fun, and
this time 'round, Aya's Parasite Energies are a lot more balanced (no more
'Liberation'!). And, you get to rush it like any good RE romp, just the way I
like it. Kudos, Square!

Now please keep in mind that this guide is a bit less userfriendly than JL
Lee's excellent FAQ. Only the shortest route and essential pickups are given,
and I'm not telling you when to save (if you follow the guide, you should be
saving only once :), or how to manage your inventory. I'll leave those tasks up
to you. Anyway, let's get going...

^O^ The walkthrough////

Start your Playstation, throw in the first CD of Parasite Eve 2, and select a
New Game to get rockin' in Aya's world... which so happens to be the City of

September 4 2000, 20:18 MIST Center, Los Angeles.

First off, notice how you can skip almost all cutscenes and dialogues pressing
the START button. Do so to eliminate the intro sequences and quickly exit the
talk with Pierce. I won't mention the START button bit much from now on, as it
really would pollute the walkthrough, but do keep in mind to press it whenever
you can.

Of course, if this is your first game, don't press START at all, or you'll miss
out on the story...

Run outside the target range and exit through the double doors in the next
rooms. Turn right and run forwards. Once the screen goes black, hit Start to
shut up Pierce, then go out to the Garage. Enter the nearby Armory and talk to
Jodie. You soon notice that she has nothing important to say or to sell, so
terminate the conversation quickly.

Once back in the Garage, run to Pierce, who stationed himself near Aya's car.
Tell him that you're ready to go, then press START to skip the CG cutscene.

September 4 2000, 20:56 Akropolis Tower, Los Angeles.

After another CG cutscene, we find Aya outside Akropolis tower, and judging
from all the chaos going on, something fishy must be afoot...

In the following *very impressive* sequence, simply walk (running's disabled)
until the computer puts Aya on autopilot. This happens three times, of which
the first and third can be skipped. Once the walk's over, press START an
additional two times. The mission has truly begun...

You should be outside the elevator now. Turn left and head for the central
plaza. Tap START, run straight ahead and tap START a second time upon spotting
your very first NMC (Neo Mitochondria Creature). Continue straight on to enter
the second elevator hall.

Run along until a wounded SWAT officer orders you to *freeze*. He'll give you
the Cafetaria Key as a survivor might be down there. Go back to central plaza
and march down the small flight of stairs. Aya will notice something, but don't
go down yet.

First, run to the front of the large statue, pick up 500 9mm rounds and go down
the left staircase. You'll see a NMC attack a badly hurt SWAT officer. You
decide not to care and head straight for the cafetaria. Unfortunately, a NMC
closes in for battle...


As you can see from the above caps, I'll now demonstrate the core strategy
which makes up 99.5% of the game: RUN. You read it right. Run hard, run fast,
grasshopper because all those battles cost valuable time and deliver only small
quantities of EXP and BP. It turns out that boss battles alone garner enough
goodies to make it through a Normal/Replay game without problems.

So from now on, regular enemies don't exist - the only thing between you and
the next room is the shortest possible path to the exit. Sure, you get a 10BP
penalty for evading a fight, but at least there's a 1MP bonus to make up for
it! ;)


Open the cafetaria door - the dying SWAT officer was doomed anyway. Inside, run
straight ahead. The college girl you bump into is rather silent, and soon you
find out why: she transforms into a larger version of the Walker NMC you fought
outside, and gets ready to feast on Aya.

Boss Fight 1/start

She's incredibly easy to beat, fortunately. Simply stand your ground and use
the Fire PE three consecutive times to beat her down. Don't worry, you'll get a
full MP refill after the fight. If she's still standing after the inferno,
finish the job with the M93R. Once she's on the floor, examine her body to find
the mysterious Infusion Part.

Spoils: 300EXP, 200BP, Level 2 Medicine


Once you've got the part, a very nice cutscene ensues, reminding me of good
ol'Barry and Jill in Resident Evil (there are a lot of RE pointers in this
game. Hopefully, no Capcom executive'll ever play it ;). Let Rupert take care
of business in the cafetaria, you better head for the phone in central plaza to
alert your superiors.

After the phone-in, descend the right staircase and unlock the gate leading
behind the cafetaria. Run around the fountain and enter the back door.

Ignore the horde of rats roaming the floor and open the key box for a Blue Key.
Enter the door to Aya's right. Here, use the Blue Key in the correct slot at
the switch panel. This should unlock the escalator in the east patio, so return
there and go up the escalator (then tap START).

Two Walkers guard the observatory. Evade them and go down the other escalator
(begin tapping START as soon as you go down the escalator).

Go inside the nearby chapel; Rupert's in danger! Just press START to save he
who was attacked by a yet unknown entity. Don't worry about him or the Red Key
lying on the floor, simply run to the west wing of the chapel to start a
cutscene, which ends with Aya going through the side door.

You'll end up in a small garden. Run behind the statuette and check the door
there twice to get a Black Card. We'll need it as an important timesaver later
on, in CD two. Once the Black Card's yours, return to the original exit and
pick up the SP5A5 from the dead SWAT officer. He's easy to spot near the pile
of Rats. Once you've got the SP5A5, equip it.

Go through the broken gate. There's a bridge that needs to be raised, but *you*
need to save time, so be bold and wade through the water to get to the other
side. Of course, the Piranhas might hurt you a little - you'll end up having
about 40HP left when you get to the other side. One small incident later,
you're ready to enter a crushed steel door.

You've heard that beeping noise before, near the statuette outside the chapel:
another timebomb! Better leave quickly to get whoever's been planting these

Go up the stairs, and count the camera changes. One, two, three... that's
enough, stop right there and turn back to trigger a second Boss Fight and your
first meeting with the Unknown Man.

Boss Fight 2: Unknown Man, part 1/start

It is imperative that you avoid the Unknown Man's flaming sword attacks, as
they do lethal amounts of damage. Stay relatively close; if not, the Unknown
Man will fire a Rocket causing Paralysis when it hits.

As long as you keep the above pointers in mind, the fight will be fair. Empty
your SP5A5, step back a little, reload and repeat. Once your near an electrical
wire (Aya will recognise these as a target), run a greater distance and lure
the Unknown Man to charge at you.

Once he's close to the electrical wire, shoot. This not only nets you 180+HP
damage, but it'll also paralyse your foe temporarily, making it an easy target.
Two electrical wires and about 200 bullets later, the Unknown Man's history.

Spoils: 500EXP, 800BP


Head for the now-present elevator and tap START twice to end the Akropolis
mission. Check your watch: 0:05.

September 5 2000, 01:44 MIST Office, Los Angeles

A lot of cut-scenes later, Chief Baldwin'll show Aya 4 confidential files.
Skip-Read them all (CIRCLE-TRIANGLE-DOWN-repeat) and start pushing START until
you're back checking the Sedan trunk in the MIST training center.

You'll notice that the SP5A5 got replaced by a Medipack. Take it, then discard
Aya's useless Baton and GPS attachment. Keep any Lvl. 2 Medicines you've got

Talk twice to Pierce and you're off to the next big mission...

September 5 2000, 12:13 Mojave Desert, Nevada

Pick up 9mm rounds from the ammo box near Aya's car and run through the gate
leading to the central courtyard. This is an important branching point with
three exits; one back to the gas station (where Aya's sedan is), one to the
garage (with a well outside) and one to the residential area.

There's no free sightseeing yet, as a NMC 'Horse' is on the loose, it's soo
scary that you RUN. Head for the garage (look for a small fence next to the ice
box). Enter the door in front of the well to face an unchallenging car puzzle.
Run to the back of the garage until you can hear a tool drop on the floor, then
push the third lever on the flickering panel.

Return to the now-activated console in the earlier parts of the room and press
the UP and TURN buttons (you can skip the car animations with START, btw). This
will enable you to unlock the shutter behind the car and open the small fence
next to it. One last press of the TURN button at the console and you're ready
to exit through the shutter and meet up with Gary Douglas.

When meeting new people, first impressions are important. Gary hasn't quite
grasped the principle, as he likes to wave shotguns at people when saying
hello. Maybe it's local courtesy, or he might a relative to Harry Kendo, don't
know. Anyway, making up for this little mishap, Gary kindly offers Aya the Room
6 Key and advises her to get a little rest.

Since there's nothing left to check out, might as well follow his advice.
Return to the central courtyard and go to the residential area. Two Horses are
here, and it's perfectly possible to fight them one by one, but you're simply
going up the staircase. Ahh, life's so easy...

Enter Room 6. Go to the outside patio, notice the rope ladder and climb down.
Run straight ahead to surprise a couple of Horses digging a hole under the
watertank fence. The battle starts and you'll probably have an easy time
defeating the duo, but you're not in the mood to tackle'em right now.

Boss Fight 3: Lots of Horseas/start

Just run around the hole until you see a control panel. Pull the swich to open
a gateway. You need to reach that gateway in about thirty seconds, but two more
Horses will have entered the premises. They'll most probably clobber you twice
before you make it to the gateway. Don't worry about it, simply wait for the
Horses to follow you inside the fence using the hole their compadres dug

Use the "lure, crash, shoot'em-while-he's-down"-technique (Horsea charges, Aya
evades, Horsea drops like a sack, Aya shoots for big points of damage, Horsea
dies) and you should be fine smashing your foes. In total you'll fight an
additional six Horses, but no more than two at a time. Climb the ladder that's
dropped afterwards and meet Kyle Madigan. Skip cutscenes and pull the nearby
switch to open the gateway permanently.

Spoils: 600EXP, 400BP, Level 2 Medicine


Climb to the top of the watertank and search the dead body for a Saloon Key. I
must say that the soundeffects are extremely appropriate here... was almost
searching my bedroom for horseflies.

Go down to solid ground (ignoring the Scorpions' surprise attack) and unlock
the door leading to the Saloon's supply room and grab the Coca-Cola(tm) magnet
(I would've preferred Pit-Cola from our local brewery in Belgium ;) from the
fridge. You should now have sufficient EXP to level up your Fire PE. Do so.

Exit and head for the small gate at the other side of the fence. After a tight
walkway, you'll meet another Horsea.

Fight 4: Horsea/start

Even though there's not much room, he won't hurt you, because you deck him with
a blast of your Fire PE and shoot his remaining lights out. After the fight,
press the intercom and talk to Gary.

Spoils: 75EXP, 50BP, Level 1 MP drink


You may now use the Coca-Cola(tm) magnet to obtain the garage key, which opens
the locked door. Inside the garage, go to the place you met Gary previously.
Exit through the door and say hello to his dog Flint, a happy little fellar.
Enter Gary's caravan, and talk to shotgun man about the shelter, he'll send out
his dog to guide you to the well, which is closely linked with the shelter.

Gary's dog, Flint, will lead you to some Rope with a few Scorpions on the
ambush as you pick it up. Go out of the way and continue to the garage. Here,
it's a good idea to swat some Butterflies.

Fight 5: Butterflies/start

Pfft... shoot to drop'em all, then take'em out while their miserable remains
slither across the floor. Peanuts.

Spoils: 36EXP, 108BP


Now proceed to the well. Tie the Rope and go down. In the dark hallway, you'll
be bothered by a few bats, but they're no problem at all. Go up the stairs. As
you run along the corridor, a giant NMC 'Spider' will attack. It's got a
partial cloaking device, done with a great-looking special effect. With only
your M93R at the ready, this is a hard fight, so you know what to do : RUN.

Run to the end of the basement corridor and go up the ladder. You'll reach a
small store where little explosive critters are crawling everywhere. A door is
hidden in between the merchandise. If you go in, you'll see a couple of Horseas
snoozing. You can enter the second door on the right without waking them up. Go
to the back of the room and inspect the hinges of the cupboard closely... you
could remove or loosen them if you had the right tool, so you need to head back
for Gary's trailer and ask if he has anything useful.

So, return to the shop, unlock the front door and hey, we're back at the gas
station. Take the usual route via central courtyard to Gary's camper and ask
permission to borrow his hardware. He'll agree.

Head back to the truck room and investigate the racks at the back to find a
monkey wrench.
Take it, then return to the room with the mysterious cupboard and put Aya's
brawn into action. You now have access to the adjacent room, so enter. A few
steps later you'll be hearing familiar laughter...

Boss Fight 6: Unknown Man, part 2/start

Much easier than part 1, all you need is your Fire PE. Just position Aya in any
corner of the room, and wait for the unknown man to lunge at her. Immediately
use the Fire PE for 200+HP damage (don't stall for too long, or the unknown man
will block 90% of your attack), and go to another corner. Repeat. If you run
out of MP, use the Lvl. 1 MP Medicine from the fight against the solitary
Horsea. Six blasts later, he's history.

Spoils: 800EXP, 300BP


A few FMVs later, it's dark all of a sudden...

September 5 2000, Night...

Aya'll team up with Kyle, who has about 100HP (weenie). When he hits ground
zero, the game is over, but it'll never happen (unless you're really, really
clumsy). It's time to blow this popstand and head for the Shelter, so let's
return to Aya's car at the gas station.

But oh me oh my, a bunch of 'Rabbits' totalled the sedan! Aya's beautiful car
(and she hasn't finished the downpayment yet) is history! It's payback time...

Fight 7: 12 Rabbits/start

Run up close and fire at will. Kyle'll install himself somewhere cosy and do
most of the work. Be happy to have him around.

Spoils: 120EXP, 744BP, Level 2 Medicine


After you (and Kyle) finish off the Rabbit horde (sitti- err, jumping ducks),
you realise that you're stuck, unless...

...maybe Gary'll lend his truck? it's worth a shot, so go to Gary's camper.
Outside the camper, you'll be ambushed by two mini Spiders. Negotiate their
claw swipes (because they HURT), and take advantage of their cloaking breaks to
get to the camper.

Talk about the truck and how you need to borrow it [Aya: "Please, Gary! I'll do
*everything* for you..!" Gary: "Hmm, well, it's been mighty lonely since I
mistook the wife for an intruder and grabbed my shotgun..."]. Gary won't
object, but the truck's out of gas, so he gives you a Reception Key.

By the way, you should have just about enough BP to buy yourself the almighty
Grenade Launcher and 12 Explosive Grenades. Do so.

If you're wondering how Gary's key will get us the needed fuel, try the
following. Go to the residential area and enter the Reception -Aya'll unlock
the doors automatically, as she has been doing for the entire game-. Then, prod
the cash register.

At the keys, press -from the top of your head- #3033TOTAL to open the till and
receive the Bronco Master Key. This little gizmo unlocks everything for you, so
exit and climb the stairs. No time for showers yet, just continue to the back
of the walkway and unlock the double doors previously sealing off the Bronco's
storage area.

Yes! At the end of the room is a jerrycan, but unfortunately it's empty. Before
you take it, check the little safe next to where you got the Jerrycan. Dial
4487 to get the Holy Water. It's possibly the best attachment you'll ever have
(25% less damage during combat), so equip it immediately (power players do it
without the Holy Water, btw).

Grab the Jerrycan, evade the three surprise Mini Spiders, move on to the gas
station and prepare yourself for a little surprise.

Fight 8: Mini Spiders/start

Approach slowly, and you should be able to take each of the two spiders on, one
at a time. They're easily beaten: just empty your M93R magazine (20 bullets) to
kill one off.

Spoils: 212EXP, 72BP


Kyle has disappeared, but at least you get to refill the jerrycan. Report back
to Gary, who's installing solar cells on his truck. After a small conversation,
it's really time to get some rest.

Go to motel room 6. Should you meet any opposition, remember our core strategy.
Once in the bedroom, quickly hit the sheets and go to sleep. The following
cutscenes have Aya dreaming about a little girl, so tap START. Then comes the
infamous shower FMV, and some of you might not want to press START at this

((Nothing revealing really, did like the water effects and, guys, these polygon
models just get better and better, it's scary. Still, nothing beats the real
thing, and we have an Aya look-alike to vouch for that.))

Whatever you wish to do, you can't postpone the inevitable.

Boss Fight 9: Bunsen/start

Bunsen is HOT. He's huge, has the cutest mating calls and likes to smash
things. He also has the lowest AI in the game -easily rivalling Rats, Rabbits
and Kyle. This means that beating him is like taking candy from a baby: easy,
but watch out or you might catch an angry bite.

Here's the strategy:

        _____________        Key:  X - shooting point-YOU
       |             |             O - turning point
       |    _________|
       |   |                       6 - Motel Room 6
_______|   |  Bunsen               B - Bed
6 |   C|   |                       S - Shower
   S___|   |  Bunsen               C - Gary's private camera system
B     C|   |                           (oops! never seen this, m'kay? ;)
_______/   |  Bunsen
X          |
_______    |  Bunsen
       |   |
       |   |  Bunsen
       |   |

The above map depicts the outside walkway while fighting Bunsen. Simply run to
the X and position Aya in the corner while your colossal opponent tries to hit
you by smashing the walkway floor, without success. Sometimes, he'll
immediately go over to a flame attack, in which case you'll be hit. Don't worry
about it, that's all the harm he's gonna do tonight. Except for destroying the
landscape and squatting Flint, that is.

Anyway, with Aya having assumed the position (and the camera perspective having
changed accordingly), wait until Bunsen appears to take a deep breath - in
actuality, he's preparing the flamethrower attack. When he does, shoot. Bunsen
will spasm, his attack missing Aya by a few inches. If you keep shooting him
after that, he'll shriek once or twice, depending on whether you had to reload
or not.

Either way, shoot only two bursts of 9mm rounds during his final shriek, and
fire the final burst when his lower jaw is just above the pathway railing. This
almost always nets you critical damage, which speeds the battle. After that
however, stop firing and wait for Bunsen to breathe in. If you don't, he'll
launch his attack immediately, and this time, he won't miss.

Anyhoo... lather, rinse, repeat. Note that the M93R doesn't damage Bunsen fast
enough, so after a while the big galoot'll be bored and call it a day. You
might argue that this wasn't quite fast, but you'll see that we make up for it
big time. Anyway, Bunsen leaves you with a few presents, 'cause it was fun. The
1000EXP is much appreciated, thank you.

Spoils: 1000EXP, 0BP, Level 1 MP drink, Level 2 Medicine


Return to Gary, who's at the central courtyard. You can take the ordinary route
this time, even though Bunsen wrecked the pathway. Go down the stairs, then
through the double gate to find a pretty depressed Gary. Why, you ask?

Well, it's pretty sad, but in the name of speed, we allowed Bunsen to crush
Flint. Console Gary, and get him to hand over his Truck Key. At this point, Aya
might as well have clobbered it out of him ("I saw that camera, you perv'!"),
but she's feeling enough guilt to give the old man a break.

Okay, we're almost dust. Go to the shop at the gas station and use the
underground route to surface at the well outside the garage. In the process
you'll meet a few old friends, but nothing our master tactic can't handle.

Once at the well, it's smooth sailing to the truck, where Kyle'll be waiting.
Skip the dialogue, then go outside. Here, you'll see two Horseas and other
stuff, but they're nothing you can't handle by now. Check the hood of the
wrecked oldtimer twice and the trunk thrice to receive the Chicken Plate. This
armor will prove invaluable later on.

Return to Kyle and tell him you're ready to go. A few scenes later, and with 21
minutes on the clock, it'll be time to swap discs.


September 6 2000, 00:06 On the outskirts of Mojave Desert, Nevada

Aya and Kyle have arrived outside the shelter area. In the ensuing 'battle'
against eleven Horses (again, no more than two at a time), your partner's not
going to be much help, so take a few moments to examine the gaping hole near
the fence at the back of Gary's truck.

You're going to abuse this bottomless resource to the fullest. Simply stand in
front of the chasm, wait for any Horse to charge, then move to let it die a
horrible death (because it wasn't packing bungee cords now, was it?). Once the
'fair fight' is over, head inside the cavern.

Here, continue straight on while evading the Horses, Moths and Rabbits. Soon,
you'll see a crumbled bridge preventing your progress. To pass this obstacle,
return to the only area you haven't searched yet (in the cavern's main
entrance, to the left). Push the trolley to obtain a large wooden board and
place it over the bridge.

A horde of Bats will attack once you cross it, but they're no problem as you
head straight for the door near the fence. Inside is a control panel, open it,
then place the Plug in the second slot (counted from above) and activate the
power. This opens the gate outside.

Use your current EXP to revive a level 2 Energy Shot and equip the Grenade
Launcher. Yes, you only have 12 burst grenades, but it's more than enough for
what you'll be facing next. Save if you're lacking confidence. Exit the little
shack and run through the now-open gate.

Boss Fight 9: Super Horse/start

Fighting Super Horse requires some luck if you want to be fast. His tactics are
easily figured out and always follow the same basic pattern: run - *some
attack* - pause - repeat.

Of course, you hit him hard with the Grenade Launcher when he's in the pause
phase. ALWAYS position yourself at the perspective near the motorcycle, where
you can see almost the entire area. From there, you'll have the easiest time
forecasting *some attack*.

Now, *some attack* is chosen at random and can be:

(a) dash attack :
you get this attack each time Super Horse completes his run. It's easily
evaded, giving you ample time to shoot.

(b) jump attack :
this is always preceded by a moan from Super Horse. Whenever you hear it, run
away until he does the jump, then turn around and open fire.

(c) the ambush  :
here, Super Horse positions himself at one of the extremities of the track and
waits for you to show up. Once you do, he'll go over to a dash attack. Evade
it, and hit hard.

The ambush always sucks, because you will usually mistake it for a dash attack.
You'll lose seconds until you realise he's actually ambushing you, and then you
waste more time luring him back to the attack. Still, our little strategy works
out beneficial, as two out of three times, he'll do (a) or (b).

Following the above, you should have him down after three shots. Once he's down
for the count, get the P229 and a second Jumper Plug, then watch in agony as
Super Horse mutates into... Super Zebra!

Boss fight 10: Super Zebra.

Okay, so Super Zebra's a lot tougher than Super Horse. It's still a Hipparion,
with the same tricks and behaviour, only stronger and more aggressive. So why
change strategy? Work your way down the four oil drums to take away 1600HP, and
waste whatever ammo you have left to finish the job. Keep Energy Shot online
all the time for a quick fight.

Spoils: Level 2 Medicine, 4 Burst Grenades


Now that that's all over, check the motorcycle and the bolts of electricity
protruding from the wall. Go back to the room where you placed the first Jumper
Plug. Place it and the second plug in slots one and four, respectively, and
reinstall the power.

You can now press the switch on the motorcycle and exit through the lit wall,
hereby entering the Shelter. At the end of the corridor is an elevator, but
you'll have to run away from one mean Spider before getting there. Make sure
you have more than 20HP when running through the corridor.

September 6 2000, 00:11 B1 Level, Shelter

Go down the elevator and run straight on to a small clearing. Take the left
door here (marked 'STORAGE'). Inside is a small L-corridor and your first
encounter with the Shelter's security system. Ignore it.

Also don't mind the rats and Walker in the room beyond, you only have to get
across to the sleeping quarters. A similar configuration of enemies pave the
way to the next exit. You're now in the "Spine", lvl. 1. In the Shelter, there
are two hallways like this. You're going to see them a lot, as they give access
to, well, everything.

As your weaponry is looking pretty bleak, better head for the door marked

My kind of room, definately! First, waste all the BP you got on Burst Grenades.
They're expensive but worth all your cash. Now notice the card reader next to
the BP machine; use the Black Card you got at Akropolis Tower to open the gate,
enter, then unlock the door leading to the Storage area. This will serve as a
valuable shortcut later on. Immediately return to the weapons room and stock up
on 9mm Hydra Bullets. After that, return to Spine lvl. 1.

Turn right and run down the walkway to enter some sort of desinfection area.
Run up 'til you see two doors marked 'IN' and 'OUT' and activate the control
panel in the middle. Proceed through the 'IN' door until you get to a telephone
and item box. from which you should pick up the 8 free Burst Grenades. You
should have 25-28 rounds by now.

Take the elevator down in the next corridor and run past the Fatty, the
security cameras are only a small nuisance. Beyond lies the accessway to Spine,
lvl. 2, and here you get to meet a new type of NMC: the Seal. Fortunately,
these NMCs are harmless thanks to our core strategy.

Three more Seals swim around in Spine, lvl. 2, but don't attract their
attention; instead, take the first door on Aya's left, which leads to the
Breeding Room. You can easily avoid battle with the sleeping Caterpillars if
you stick to the outer edge of the corridor.

Now simply run along until some large, black ANMC stops you. Tap START, then
return to the Breeding Room. This time, the fight's unavoidable, so you'll lose
10BP from 0BP, which leaves... 0BP (hehehe). Go back to the desinfection area,
and continue through the 'IN' door. There, you'll be surprised by a gas attack,
but not to worry, exit through the garbage chute behind Aya. Press START a few
times, ending up at the bottom of the waste disposal. Run straight ahead to
awaken one helluva large beastie.

Boss Fight 11: Sir Vac-a-lot, part 1/start

A piece of cake, thanks to the Burst Grenades. Sir Vac-a-lot has a whole range
of attacks, but if you stick to the chant efficiently, he only uses two. The
first is taking a deep breath, which can suck Aya in if she's not careful, and
the second consists of large acid drops being thrown at her.

This is the chant: cast Energy Shot and fire exclusively during the first
attack form. Take some distance from Sir Vac-a-lot, turn around and shoot 2
grenades while being drawn in. Once the attack's over, reload.

Avoid the acid drops during the second attack, and don't bother about hitting
Vac-a-lot(annoyed by the auto-aim? Press the X button to cancel it). After a
while, he'll advance a little and the game starts anew. Keep it up and he
should be down very quickly.

Exit, but you're not out of the woods yet...

Spoils: 4 Burst grenades, Level 3 Medicine, 5.56 rifle ammo

Don't take the rifle ammo.


Boss Fight 12: Sir Vac-a-lot, part 2/start

An even bigger piece of cake. Run away until you reach a small gap, a doorlike
structure to the side. Step on the pressure-sensitive plate to raise a
platform. Meanwhile, Vac-a-lot closes in, but only uses breath attacks and
occasionally emits vapor clouds which are avoided by running to the left side
of the hallway.

Once the platform is up, cross it and lure Vac-a-lot to do the same by shooting
him repetitively (Energy Shot-Burst Grenades). Step on the nearby
pressure-sensitive plate if he's on the platform to engage the crushing machine
and bring him to a rather miserable death. Well, at least it saved you a lot of

Spoils: Level 3 Medicine


Go to the exit and knock twice to escape - thank you, Kyle. After a small
conversation, he agrees to join Aya for a second time. Lead the way and descend
the stairs.

Your immediate goal is to reach the service elevator at the other end of this
sewage area, so spare no effort finding it. The route is straightforward and
pretty much linear. Notice that Kyle's packing a M4A1 with Flamethrower, so let
him deal with Seals and the like, whereas you practice our tried and tested
core strategy on the diverse kinds of sewage mutants thrown at you.

Of these mutants, only one species deserves special attention, the Swipers. I'm
talking about this piece of goo on the floor, which starts swinging a very
elastic claw once you get too close. Their swipes are fast and do plenty of
damage, so don't take any risks; stay outside the swipe radius. Could they be
the first NMC experiments that lead to Fatties? Who knows? Who cares?

Now, at some point you'll be stuck. There's a whole lot of water blocking the
way, and a Seal swimming around. Let Kyle take care of business as you inspect
the area... hey, a control panel! Unfortunately, it requires a pass number, so
try '18' and see if it works (it did? amazing :).

The next tunnel looks very similar to the one beneath the Bronco motel, and
indeed, both areas are connected. However, you're more interested in running
past the Seal (don't wait for Kyle) and going down the ladder behind it.

Run straight ahead and open the door before another lone Seal detects you.
After this, reaching the lift is trivial. Go down and have a few words with
Kyle, who'll hand you the Yoshida card. Great, just what you needed to enter
the operation room previously blocked by that skinny black creature!

The elevator drops you off at B2. Run straight ahead and enter the door coming
up on the right to access Spine, lvl. 2 in which a Fatty2 and a Seal found a
welcoming home. You know the Seal by now, but the Fatty2 is a newcomer. Well,
he's basically a Fatty, same weaknesses and behaviour, but he's a bit tougher
and won't go down after one Fire PE.

Head for the Breeding Room and avoid a fight there by clinging to the outer
walls, as we did earlier on. In the next corridor are some sewage mutants,
including a Swiper or two, but nothing you can't handle.

A similar configuration is found in the Operation room, which you need to cross
for the next stop, the Laboratory (the door directly in front of you is locked
anyway). Here, the only thing of interest is the activated computer. Access it
(using the code 'A3EILM2S2Y') and get ready for a small pop quiz (third

Answer three questions, and tap START afterwards. You should answer them near
automatically for fast times. After that, the phone'll ring. It's Kyle, who's
at the Pod Service Gantry, urging you to find him. Two Fatties later, you and
Kyle finally have that much-awaited rendez-vous.

It's not that romantic, thanks to the Rock Giant in the back, but who cares?
The START button certainly doesn't, so after pressing it, go to the control
room and look at the security monitor. Press the 'OPERATE' button at tags one
(underground Parking area), three (lift) and five (security).

Next stop: Shambala. Exit the Gantry and go to the lift you just unlocked.
IMPORTANT: You'll meet a few opponents underway: Two Fatty2s, a black skinny
ANMC and a Seal. Kyle wields the MM1, an automatic grenade launcher, so let him
take care of business. Only work on the first two Fatty2s, as they deliver phat
amounts of BP and EXP.

Once down the lift, your MM1 wielding ally almost burns to death due to a high
concentration of mitochondria activity, so you'll have to continue alone. Wanna
check the clock? You should be at 38 minutes. So, in accordance to the time
spent until now...

September 6, 0:23 Entering Shambala, Shelter

A male voice welcomes you to Shambala(ssic Park) and after a small cutscene,
Aya's back under your control. Now is a good moment to equip the Chicken Plate.
Attach Holy Water and a few lvl. 2 Medicines.

Steer her to the right and go down stairs and ensuing hallway. You're now at
the west wing of Shambala. On the small, dusty corridor, two Horses are asleep,
but unfortunately, they wake up as you get close.

Run past them, enter the shrine and turn left at the T-junction. If you want to
access the first generator, you'll have to solve the colorful slide puzzle in
front of Aya. Here's the gig:

Place the red tiles in a southwest-northeast diagonal and finish with the hole
(Dot) at southeast. Graphically, begin- and end situation are

    R1 R2 R3 R4               .. .. .. R4
    .. .. .. ..     -->       .. .. R3 ..
    .. .. .. ..     --->      .. R2 .. ..
    .. .. .. Dot              R1 .. .. Dot

I found the 'ultimate way of shifting' after some spadeworking. First, shift R1
through R4 to their respective positions on the diagonal. This is very easy to
do, and your puzzle should ultimately look like this:

    .. .. DotR4
    .. .. R3 ..
    .. R2 .. ..
    R1 .. .. ..

As you can see, the dot is above the diagonal. This is NOT where we want it, we
have to get it below the diagonal and in the southeast corner. Well, here's how
we do it: in sequence, move the Dot RIGHT, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, UP, RIGHT, UP,
LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, RIGHT. With skill, you'll solve this annoying puzzle in
30 seconds.

Once the puzzle is done, you'll hear a click in the distance. Go to the back of
the shrine to enter the door you unlocked. Inside is the first generator ANMC.
To destroy it, you need to take out the control panel at the back first.

Once out of the way, you can easily tackle the generator ANMC (now there's a
sitting duck if I ever saw one :). Since you get 100 MP/HP recovery afterwards,
I advise you to use two Fire PE blasts for a quick finish.

Now quickly proceed to the east wing of Shambala. You'll meet a new (and
annoying) NMC underway: the Scarab. Scarabs attack in packs for lots of damage
(when added up), and it takes quite a beating before even one of'em goes down.
The trick is to use elemental attacks to turn them upside down (temporarily)
and then attack with regular ammo for much greater damage.

But they aren't worth the trouble (measly MP/HP/BP recovery), so ignore them by
any means. If they hit you, they hit you - don't let it get to your nerves.

The same goes for the biped Hunter you meet at the east wing's entrance
walkway. Don't waste any time on them as you make your way to the pyramid.
There, you'll see four colored tiles. Step on them, and an old indian will
chant. The goal is to make him hum the correct song. Well, the code is:

   (RY) (BW) (BW) (RY) (WB) (YR)

with R = Red, Y = Yellow, B = Blue and W = White. As a reminder, here's the
ordering of the tiles on the screen:

           Y    R

           W    B

[Can you see now why I divided the code into brackets? This division makes it
easier to remember the code by heart: start with (RY) (WB), mirror it to (WB)
(RY) and finally reverse each bracket to (BW) (YR)]

With the code in place, you can now proceed to the second ANMC generator
(simply follow the one path you haven't taken yet). There's a Fatty2 and a Seal
on your way, but they're easily ignored. In front of the ANMC generator is a
Fatty2 and a pack of Scarabs. You know how much fun Scarabs are, so instead of
fighting, head straight for the generator.

Go up the stairs, and do the exact same thing as with the first ANMC generator
(control panel first, then Fire PE all the way). Your business in Shambala is
done, so return to Spine, lvl. 2 and use the other elevator (marked

A set of speakers somehow has the ability to drain Aya's MP (with a cool
distortion effect), so head straight for the round elevator. You'll have to sit
through the entire ride down before you can proceed.

Hmm, a familiar-looking girl is using an unfamiliar-looking helmet to steer a
now-familiar Fatty2 and generally keep you out of her way. Whoever the girl is,
she's obviously gifted. Don't worry about the speakers, concentrate on the
Fatty2 to finish the battle (wait for the Fatty 2 to move, then Fire PE him
into oblivion), and the little girl will disappear into the next room.

Unlock level 3 Eneger Shot, attach the M93R (with Hydra bullets) and some MP
restoring item, then follow her in.

Boss Fight 13: Super Giant Black Skinny Man (SGBSM)/start

Didn't expect something this size, huh?

In this gamma version, we change strategy yet again and go for the powerful
Energy Shot-Burst Grenades combo. Your opponent will be down in 'no time'
(relative to regular battles against this one). Shoot about 20 rounds, then
switch to the M93R should your opponent still be alive. When working with the
M93R, use the strategy described in the Trick Box below.

Spoils: Level 2 MP Medicine, Medipack, don't take the Berserker item.

[[Trick Box:

Run up behind the SGBSM and squeeze Aya in the left corner, next to some
computer terminals. We're now extremely close to the mystery girl's force
field. Now, what's the trick? Well, we simply shoot until the SGBSM finishes
preparing one of his attacks (you can hear this through the different kinds of
sound effect used AND tell from the mystery girl's motions).

Once the attack has been prepared, run into the force field. Aya takes no
damage from this, plus, she's invulnerable during the entire 'getting back up'
sequence! This means that with proper timing, you're invincible.

Note: there's one fast attack from the SGBSM, in which he shoots 3-4 lightning
balls to Aya. Here, don't rely on listening to the sound effects, just dive
into the forcefield the second you see on of the balls. Also, there's one giant
charge attack, during which the SGBSM is extremely vulnerable. Concentrate all
your firepower on him when this happens.]]


Start pressing START to skip FMV and cutscenes. Well, I'll be darned.. the
little girl is a near-perfect clone of Aya, and is aptly called Eve!

Anyway, you end up in Eve's bedroom. The phone's ringing and scaring the hell
out of her, but before you answer it, check out the cupboard behind the bed to
get the MD attachment. Pick up the phone, hmm, the line's dead... better talk
to Kyle about this (he popped up a few moments ago) and take a hike... but
what's that? A whole lot of Unknown Men enter the bedroom! Tap START to escape
this precarious situation.

Change of decorum. You're inside some experimental room, gas flooding the area
fast. You need to take Eve with you (maternal instinct, I guess), but somehow,
she's reluctant to follow you. Check the cylindrical container to see why, then
talk to her.

She'll agree to come with you, but only if you walk slowly towards the
elevator. Once she's on the platform, activate the thing. It'll take you up to
Shambala, in front of the second ANMC generator, and Eve strolls off on her
own. Better follow her before she falls into the wrong hands...

...too late! As you enter the underwater tunnel (direction: Shambala central),
Eve is captured by none other than the Unknown Man, who now calls himself No.
9. Before he takes off with her, however, he kindly offers Aya a parting gift -
from now on, the entire Shelter's infested by his Golem buddies. Plus, the
security system's active again! How very nice of him.

Fortunately for them, you're using the core strategy, so they won't get hurt
:). Your final destination is the underground parking, as there's nothing left
to do - for now.

Here are the key points I usually follow to the parking:

Shambala Central - Spine, lvl. 2 - B2 Elevator (near Operation room) to B1 -
Warehouse - Armory (you should have just enough BP for 12 Burst Grenades, with
200-300BP left) - Spine, lvl. 1 - Golem Freezer

You can enter the Parking after beating a cloaker in the Golem Freezer. When
you're in, pick up the Car Key from the left switchboard near the entrance.
Access the switchboard and press the last two buttons, then 'CALL' a red jeep.

Drive the jeep into the Parking and go to the panel at the end of the room. Use
the Yoshida card to open the tunnel and drive in with the jeep. The ride stops
at an airlock, and you're forced to enter the side door. A cloaker will ambush
you in the tight corridor, but that's only mildly annoying.

After that, you'll be attacked by a shooter/sword combo, so quickly enter the
door on the opposite side. Activate the locking mechanism and exit through the
airlock in the previous room...

..but before you get to bask in the light of freedom, another sword/shooter
pair rear their ugly heads. Quickly access the panel to the left of the shutter
to exit the Shelter. Press START a couple of times to initiate the final
battles of the game. You ought to be at 0:50 by now.

December 6 2000, 15:52 Mojave Desert, Nevada.

The job's nearly done. First, skip the conversation between Aya and the army
lieutenant, then check the First Aid kit inside the tent for a free Medipack
(You should have 2-3 of those by now). Exit the tent.

Unlike the previous version of this FAQ, you now NEED the Colt Python and
MaedaSP rounds. Get them at all costs (ditch superfluous items if possible)
from Rupert.

It's time to prepare Aya for the coming battle. Equip the Colt Python and buy
about 100 .44 bullets from the army tonner near the truck (your BP account
should be pretty empty now) and equip'em. Make sure you have the Holy Water and
the MD as an attachment. Fill the remaining slots with the lvl. 3 Medicines you
got from earlier battles but never used.

Revive the following Parasite Energies: Metabolism (Lvl. 1), Antibody (Lvl. 1)
and, if you've got the EXP, Healing (lvl. 1).

Once you're ready, press the control panel at the shutter to enter the Shelter
one last time...

Proceed to the Parking hall and answer the phonecall from the army lieutenant.
There's no turning back now, so continue to the Desinfection area. Hit START to
omit the conversation between Aya and the dying soldier, she'll re-appear
inside the 'IN' corridor.

Go to the telephone and save. This ought to be your first and final save, and
the only verification you have of the total time you achieved. If you want to
show your prowess to a friend, simply show him this save, and add about 3
minutes to the displayed time (which should be 0:51-0:52 for the current
guide). So actually, there's no need to finish the game, for you know your time
already! Congratulations! :)


But of course, you haven't come this far to leave now (and besides, the Bounty
Mode is lurking around the corner). Go to the Pod Service Gantry, and decide to
have a little reunion with Eve.

Two cut-scenes and one FMV later, things aren't looking good. True, No. 9's out
of the way, but the Rock Giant produced offspring, and Kyle's hurt. So are you
(50HP damage), so use a Lvl. 3 Medicine before you take the elevator down to
the Pod Bottom.

Wait a split second to evade the surprise Cloaker (wriggle if you didn't
succeed) and enter the Pod Bottom. It's time to bleed...

Boss Fight 14: The Ultimate ANMC/start

Changing course since the last FAQ, we're ready to fight it out with the core

Here's how you battle the Ultimate ANMC: As soon as Aya's back in action, cast
Energy Shot. Then shoot the head twice with the Colt Python and .44 rounds to
unveil the core. Use Metabolism if your opponent inflicts any status ailment.

Once the core is open, stand your ground and fire away. The core blast eats
away Aya's HP, you say? Don't worry, that's what the Chicken Plate is for. Its
Resist Impact feature restores Aya's health to 1HP when she should have
sustained lethal damage. Once that happens, any other hit is lethal, so use a
lvl. 3 Medicine to add 150HP to Aya's health bar. After that, continue pumping
in .44 rounds.

It shouldn't take long before the Ultimate ANMC becomes waste material (about a
minute, actually).

Spoils: Medipack, Level 2 MP Medicine, discard the Piercing Shells


Now comes the 'hardest' fight of them all. First, make sure Aya's completely
healed (use Level 3 Medicines) and equip the Magnum, loaded with MaedaSPs. This
baby's going to come in real handy. Attach the Grenade Launcher (you should
have more than enough Grenades in there), MD (!), Holy Water and fill up the
remaining slots with Medipacks. You should also have enough EXP to awaken the
Healing PE (level 1).

Final Fight 15: Parasite Eve/start

Eve sure packs a punch. She's got a whole plethora of devastating attacks, and
is incredibly fast. Also, you don't have Life Drain this time. Still, she's
beatable if you follow the tactics below.

As the fight begins, ignore Eve alltogether and run to the left side of the
bridge. This way, you avoid the mid-bridge dive attack. Cast Energy Shot and
Antibody and remember to re-cast it whenever any of those two PEs runs out.
The remainder of the fight is straightforward; stand your ground at the
extremity of the bridge. Fire after bridge dives and whenever she emerges from
the center of the bridge for maximum damage. Btw, did you notice how the
MaedaSPs drain an additional 192HP (poison damage)? Why thank you, Rupert :).
Once the MaedaSPs are gone, switch to the Grenade Launcher and finish her off.
Here are some tips:

When Eve charges up for a sound barrier attack, let her hit you. This causes
for an immediate bridge rise, which speeds the game. Of course, use Healing or
Medipacks at the appropriate time.

You IMMEDIATELY shoot any doppelganger Eves.

If you have trouble shooting Eve while she chants, step on the bridge and fire
from there. This nearly always hits.

And that's it really. Once Eve's body explodes, you're nearly there. Keep doing
the above and you should win. Final advice: don't waste Medipacks. Your
resources are extremely limited. But, you'll get there with practice.

December 6 2000, 16:00 Shelter.

Fin! You cleared the game within 0:55. Now relax and enjoy the little talk with
Kyle and the ending credits. It's been a lot of fun, even though a bit on the
easy side. But no worries, for the Bounty Mode is now available. Why not have a
go at that?

By the way, at the end I got a very low ranking (because of the limited amount
of BP received), in fact the first to last rank, so the above guide is
recommended to those who wish to get the Monk's Robe in Replay mode... this of
course until someone puts an L rank guide online.

;) Miscellaneous

Thanks for reading this FAQ and I hope you've enjoyed it.

I think that the guide's now more or less optimized, because all your resources
are used up by the end of the game. You only do that what is essential when
starting from a New Game. I can imagine that you can do things a little bit
faster when in Replay Mode because of the EXP/BP bonus, but that quite isn't
the same.


Questions? Remarks? --> try vip@padua.org for your reading pleasure. Thoughts
about the Silent Hill series, the Resident Evil saga, Vagrant Story and Devil
May Cry are also more than welcome.

IMPORTANT: I will not answer trash mail anymore. Examples of these would be:

"Hey Where can I find the batteries The game says it needs batteries but where
are they"

"Why did you write guides for Resident Evil on PSX but not for Code Veronica?
Why did you write a guide for Code Veronica for Dreamcast but not for PSX?"

Apart from being hilarious or completely obscure sometimes, those are usually
written by people who didn't bother to read a FAQ, but did manage to copy/paste
the author's e-mail address and use said author as an information stand. Here's
a message from us authors to those people:



I didn't like writing this, but it's the sad truth...

Catch me in upcoming projects, such as a speed guide for Silent Hill 2 (yeah,
that's late, but there were other projects taking precedence), Resident Evil
Gamecube (yeah, late again, so I'll probably do something special such as a
speed guide for Hard or Invisible Modes) and updates on some of the older FAQs
(faster times, tricks etc).

Bye and don't forget the real life,


^_^ Greetings fly out to

Nadine, Frank, Tim, Tam, Stijn, Inge, Koen, Robrecht, Anke, Bart, Tine, Sofie,
Gert, Griet, Geert, Ken, Els, Jo, Frank Michlick, Frank Glaser, Joerg Kraut,
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colleague-students at KUL, my
fraternities Filii Lamberti and Wina, Ron, JR, Aya Brea, Mermaid, Xbow, Deekay,
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