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Guide and Walkthrough by EOrizzonte

Version: Final | Updated: 03/22/2002

    |  ___ )                                   _     _
    | |   ) )  _____   _  ___   _____   ____  |_|  _| |_   _____
    | |___) ) /___  | | |/___| /___  | |  __|  _  |_   _| |  _  |
    |  ____)   ___| | |  /      ___| | | |__  | |   | |   | (_) |
    | |       |  _  | | |      |  _  | |__  | | |   | |   |  ___|
    | |       | (_) | | |      | (_) |  __| | | |   | |_  | |___
    |_|       |_____| |_|      |_____| |____| |_|   |___| |_____|

               |  ________|
               | |           __        __   _____
               | |________   \ \      / /  |  _  |
               |  ________|   \ \    / /   | (_) |
               | |             \ \  / /    |  ___|
               | |________      \ \/ /     | |___
               |__________|      \__/      |_____| 

                                _    _
                               | |  | |
                               | |  | |
                               | |  | |
                               | |  | |
                               | |  | |
                               | |  | |
                               |_|  |_|

                           PARASITE EVE II

                            Final Version

                      For the Sony PlayStation

      Unpublished work by Efrem Orizzonte (efroriz@hotmail.com)




                    A QUICK NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR
This FAQ is based on the Italian version of Parasite Eve II. 
Therefore, descriptions may not be the same as in the U.S. version of 
the game. All translations were made by me.


  4.1 Action screen controls
  4.2 Battle screen controls
  4.3 The main menu
  4.4 The USE menu
  4.5 Parasite Energy menu
  4.6 Map
  4.7 Other subscreens
  7.1 Weapons
  7.2 Ammo
  7.3 Armors
  7.4 Weapon Attachments
 10.1 Akropolis Tower
 10.2 Dryfield
 10.3 The Shelter
 10.4 Neo Ark
 10.5 The Underground and the return to Neo Ark
 10.6 Day Three
11. MAPS
13. FAQS


Version 1.0 [9-2/3/4-2000]
First release. Everything up to End of Disc 1. 14 sections so far.

Version 1.2 [9-7-2000]
2 big mistakes corrected, the Item max capability being the worst. 
Changed some things here and there. Everything up to Neo Ark.

Version 1.3 [9-10-2000]
Changed Medical Wheel into Medicine Wheel. Some corrections. Slightly 
modified the "P" in the title ASCII. Renamed Section 8. Everything up 
to the final battle, Pierce's way excluded. Never released.

Version 1.4 [9-11-2000]
Completed walkthrough (Kyle's way) and started Pierce's way. Added 
Section 14: Final Rankings and updated item lists. 

Version 1.42 [9-12-2000]
Added Aya Special in the Armor section. Slightly modified Neo Ark 
walkthrough. Added some things, went on with Section 14 and created 
Section 15. The game is coming out tomorrow in the U.S.

Version 1.48 [9-14-2000]
Updated Sections 6, 10 and 14. No major changes, due to lack of time 
(school is about to start, you know).

Version 1.6 [9-15-2000]
Updated Sections 6 and 10, redrawn Lists.

Version 1.7 [9-16-2000]
Completed Section 14 and updated many lists thanks to GameSages and 
JL Lee's FAQ. The game descriptions are still missing, because I have 
to actually see those items... IF I will ever see them that is. 
Updated Section 10 and everything up to Pierce's way final battle 
(just have to see the ending). Corrected some things. Completed 
Section 6 and corrected the Use of the four special Attachment Items 
(Skull Crystal, Medicine Wheel, Ofuda, Holy Water).

Version 1.75 [9-18-2000]
Completed walkthrough. Updated Section 15 with Scavenger Mode. 
Finally found the Hunter Goggles and added them to the list. Updated 
Section 13 with the music list for the Shooting Gallery. Corrected 
mistakes and added some little details here and there. The big part 
is over, but I'll be working on Bounty and Scavenger Mode to get all 
info on the missing parts. 

Version 1.8 [10-4-2000]
Rearranged Weapons and Ammo sections. Found and added the Chicken 
Plate, along with its location (check the Dryfield section). Updated 
Newborn Giant ANMC section and added one attack of Parasite Eve. 
Separated Gained Items from Extra Items in Battle Accounts (except 
Shelter I... I forgot it :/ ) and added Kills Percentages. Corrected 
a small mistake. Put in the number of slots for each Storage Box. 
Added something in the Credits.
Any further update will only feature details on very special items. 
Apart from these little details, that's it.

Version 1.9 [4-14-2001]
Check the walkthrough to find the answers to the two most frequently 
asked questions. Just added them to stop you people from sending me 
mails asking the same things over and over again.

Version 2 [4-24-2001]
All right people, you win. I can't believe this FAQ is so popular, 
but it seems to be, so I decided to modify the names of the items so 
that you US people can make full use of this guide. I made some more 
corrections too.
I also want to say thanks to all the people who sent in compliments 
and contributions, you made me want to keep up my work as a FAQ 
writer. Thanks a lot.

Final Version [6-3-2001]
I corrected the second frequently asked question. This will be the 
last update.

Update [3-21-2002]
While working on the Italian version of this FAQ, I decided this one 
deserved a major update. Size difference spoke this out loud. I have 
almost completely revised the FAQ, pointing out items better and 
adding some items I had missed. Thanks to Nemesis' and Ibrahim 
Ghouth's FAQs, I could provide enemies' stats and in-game item 
descriptions (anyway, the latter are far from being complete). I have 
also changed the name of the infamous Section 13 into "FAQs" to make 
things clearer.
Enemy descriptions and strategies have been completely remade to be 
more exhaustive and comprehensive. Boss strategies are now much more 
complete, and so are battle accounts, which now list ALL the extra 
items you can get. Plus, now all enemies have their official names.
Nightmare Mode has been unlocked and described, although I don't have 
the time nor the will to test it.
If there's a way to further improve this FAQ, that would be a 
complete listing of the English in-game descriptions. My translations 
are pretty bad, but I don't have an English version of the game, so 
if anyone can help, you're more than welcome. But remember, I need a 
COMPLETE list, including Parasite Energy descriptions. Basically, 
everything that isn't described as it is in the English version of 
the game needs to be rewritten.

Update [3-22-2002]
- Added a FAQ
- Added missing prices
- Updated "Replay" section
- Corrected a mistake in the walkthrough (in Pierce's route, it's the 
  Tactical Vest that allows you to recover HP after battles)


In the first Parasite Eve, Aya Brea was a New York police agent. In 
December 1997, in Manhattan, she had to fight against creatures whose 
mitochondria had begun to act on their own, causing horrible 
mutations to their hosts and creating havoc in the city. The most 
powerful and terrible of these creatures was Eve. After several days, 
thanks to the special powers that her mitochondria granted her, Aya 
Brea managed to defeat Eve. The creatures eventually escaped, but all 
of them died. Anyway, no one knew for sure if the danger was 
definitely over, so a special FBI division, the MIST (Mitochondrion 
Investigation and Suppression Team), was created. Aya Brea moved to 
Los Angeles and joined the MIST

In September 2000, Aya is sent to the Akropolis Tower, where 
something very strange is going on. She doesn't know for sure what's 
up in L.A., but she'll discover it very soon...

The nightmare isn't over yet.


Age: 27
FBI agent assigned to the MIST division.
Codename: NMC (Neo-Mitochondrion Creature) Hunter

She looks younger than she is due to the peculiar action of her 
mitochondria. Say thanks to those mitochondria and to Squaresoft 
character designers, because this is one of the most gorgeous women 
ever seen in a videogame. She may be not so perfectly suited to a 
monster-killing mission as Jill Valentine is, but she has more than 
enough to cope with the monsters she'll meet. Unfortunately, she 
doesn't have a voice (grrrr... EVERY damn survival horror game has 
live-acting voices nowadays, why should Squaresoft always be an 
exception? I mean, if they talked as much as in FFVIII I could 
understand, but...). Please try not to faint in that CGI scene near 
the end of Disc 1. And, as JL Lee pointed, she's a blonde, and she 
has brains. Wow!

Age: 29
Mysterious man claiming to be a private detective.

I don't like this guy. He comes out of nowhere, does nothing most of 
the time, and sometimes produces a handgun more powerful than Han 
Solo's blaster. And he's stupid, too... he finds a blacked out Aya 
and doesn't take advantage of the situation the way any other man 
would :). You see... stupid.

Age: 31

Aahh, this is a good one. He's got brains and doesn't talk too much. 
Plus, he finds info about everything, and he's very friendly to Aya. 
I'd just like to see him in combat.

Age: 37
NMC Hunter

What would a story like this be without a guy like this? He lost his 
family in the Manhattan accident back in 1997 and now everything he 
wants to do is to destroy NMCs. Too bad he gets his arm injured very 
soon (but not before he saves Aya's life at least once). He's been in 
the FBI for quite a while, but he doesn't recognize a detonator when 
he sees one. Hmmm... 

Age: 50
MIST director and Aya's supervisor

Another good one. He gives you orders and papers and _sometimes_ 
answers the phone when you call. He spends the rest of his time with 
women (well, what else could he do?). I wonder if there's someone in 
MIST doing his own job but Aya and Pierce...

Age: 56
Vietnam veteran. He lost a leg in the war and was decorated.

This guy is awesome. He's got two legs, a caravan packed full of 
firearms, an incredibly intelligent dog named Flint, and he treats 
women very kindly. Just awesome. You'll like it.


___/4.1 Action screen controls\______________________________________

D-PAD: moves Aya onscreen. Press Up to move forward, Down to walk 
backwards, Left to turn left, Right to turn right.

Circle: - run (can't run backwards)
        - cancel selections

Square: - raise weapon
        - cancel selections

Triangle: visualize Parasite Energies

X: - check 
   - talk to people
   - confirm selections
   - open doors
   - climb stairs

SELECT: visualize map

START: opens main menu

___/4.2 Battle screen controls\______________________________________

D-PAD: moves Aya

Circle: - cancel aiming
        - close Attachments menu
        - cancel Parasite Energy

Square: - aim closest target
        - switch target (hold and press Left or Right to switch
          target in the order you like)                                

Triangle: visualize Parasite Energies

X: - check
   - confirm selection

R1: - shoot (main attack)
    - reload

R2: shoot (second attack, if available)

SELECT: vibrations ON/OFF

START: open Attachments menu

___/4.3 The main menu\_______________________________________________

| USE        |                                 AYA BREA|            |
| KEY ITEM   |_________________________________________|  PICTURE   |
| P.ENERGY   | HP    110/110                           |            |
| MAP        | --------------                          |    OF      |
| OPTION     | MP    32/40                             |            |
| EXIT       | ----                                    |    AYA     |
|____________| EXP  980          BP  3427              |            |
| WEAPON                           | ARMOR                          |
|  __                              |  __                            |
| |  | M39R                        | |  | Tactical Vest             |
| |__|                             | |__|                           |
| AMMO                             | HP    +50   MP     +10         |
|  __                              |                                |
| |  | 9mm P.B.                 20 | ATTACHMENTS                    |
| |__|                             |  __   __   __   __   __        |
|__________________________________| |  | |  | |  | |  | |  |       |
| P.ENERGY                         | |__| |__| |__| |__| |__|       |
| FIRE    WIND    WATER    EARTH   |  __   __                       |
| Lv 1    Lv 1    Lv 1     Lv 0    | |  | |  |                      |
| Lv 0    Lv 0    Lv 1     Lv 0    | |__| |__|                      |
| COMMAND EXPLANATION                                               |

The main menu is accessed by pressing Start while in action mode. Use 
the D-Pad to move the cursor and highlight a command, and press X to 
access the sub-menus. This screen shows Aya's current points, her 
current battle equipment, and the levels of the different Parasite 
Energies. The bottom window briefly explains what the highlighted 
command is for.

___/4.4 The USE menu\________________________________________________

| WEAPON                           | ITEM                           |
|  __                              |  __                            |
| |  | M93R                        | |  | PA3                       |
| |__|                             | |__|                           |
|__________________________________|  __                            |
| AMMO                             | |  | Buckshot              132 |
|  __                              | |__|                           |
| |  | 9mm P.B.                20  |  __                            |
| |__|                             | |  | Recovery 1                |
|                                  | |__|                           |
|__________________________________|  __                            |
| ARMOR                            | |  | Recovery 1                |
|  __                              | |__|                           |
| |  | Tactical Vest               |  __                            |
| |__|                             | |  | Recovery 2                |
|__________________________________| |__|                           |
| ATTACHMENTS                      |  __                            |
|  __                              | |  | MP Boost 1                |
| |  | GPS                         | |__|                           |
| |__|                             |  __                            |
|  __                              | |  | Combat Light         |
| |  | 9mm P.B.               420  | |__|                           |
| |__|                             |  __                            |
|  __                              | |  | Flare                     |
| |  | Recovery 1                  | |__|                           |
| |__|                             |________________________________|
|__________________________________| TOTAL                     15/20|

When you select USE on the main menu, the USE subscreen will appear. 
Highlight an item and press X to open other subscreens.

WEAPON: press X and the Weapons subscreen will appear. Select a 
weapon and press X to confirm your selection. The selected weapon 
will now be your current weapon.

AMMO/ARMOR: same as for WEAPON.

ATTACHMENTS: every armor allows you to attach a certain number of 
items to it. In battle, you can't access the main menu, so the only 
items you can use are the Attachments. Select an empty space to move 
an item from the Item list to the Attachments list. 

ITEM: select an item and press X to get three options: Use, Move, 
Waste. Select Use to use the item, Move to change its position in the 
list, and Waste to get rid of it. At the bottom of the list there's 
the Arrange command: if you select it, the items will be arranged in 
this order: Energy restoring items, Healing items, Weapons, Ammo, 
Special Items.

TOTAL: shows you the number of items you're carrying. Aya can carry a 
maximum of 20 items.

***Important note: highlight an item and press Triangle to get a 
detailed description of it. When you find a never-seen-before item, 
its icon will be a question mark. In this case, select it and press 
Triangle to understand what it is and get its real name in the 

___/4.5 Parasite Energy menu\________________________________________

| PE LIST                                  |
|  EXP  2224         MP 42/42              |
| FIRE                            | WATER                           |
|  __                             |  __                             |
| |  | Pyrokinesis           Lv 1 | |  | Metabolize            Lv 1 |
| |__|                            | |__|                            |
|  __                             |  __                             |
| |  | Combustion            Lv 1 | |  | Healing               Lv 1 |
| |__|                            | |__|                            |
|                                 |                                 |
|                                 |                                 |
|                                 |                                 |
| WIND                            | EARTH                           |
|  __                             |  __                             |
| |  | Necrosis              Lv 0 | |  | Antibody              Lv 1 |
| |__|                            | |__|                            |
|  __                             |  __                             |
| |  | Plasma                Lv 1 | |  | Energyshot            Lv 0 |
| |__|                            | |__|                            |
|                                 |                                 |
|                                 |                                 |
|                                 |                                 |
| Description                                  | MP Usage           |
|                                              | 14                 |

Select a Parasite Energy and press X to get two options: 
Recover/Upgrade, Cancel. Recover activates a Parasite Energy, 
upgrading it to Level 1. Upgrade powers up the Energy, leveling it 
up. Cancel closes the options window, allowing you to select another 
Parasite Energy. Press Triangle if you want a detailed description of 
the Energy.

___/4.6 Map\_________________________________________________________

If a location has more than one floor, press Left or Right to see the 
maps of the other floors. 

Press Triangle and Aya will give you a hint about what to do next.

The GPS (Global Positioning System) usually shows you the areas you 
have already visited. If you find a map of the area, Aya will 
transfer data to the GPS and you'll be able to visualize the whole 
area on the map. Dark grey areas are the ones you've never been to. 
An area occupied by enemies is colored in red. If an area is shown in 
white, it means you've killed every enemy in it. However, only open 
spaces will be colored in white. Rooms will always be light grey. 
Plus, some areas may not be red, but that doesn't mean that you won't 
be sneak attacked when you enter them.

You can't access an area marked with a red X.

The arrow represents Aya and the direction she's facing.

Locked doors are marked with a key, but you must try to open them in 
order to make the key appear on the map.

A glowing red dot shows your destination.

a "T" in a green square symbolizes a telephone. Telephones are save 
points. Keep in mind that the presence of a save point doesn't mean 
that the area can't be accessed by enemies.

A "B" in a yellow square symbolizes a storage box, where you can 
store items you don't need at the moment. Remember that these box, 
unlike the ones in Resident Evil, are NOT connected. Each box holds 
the items you put in it, and those items will NOT be found in other 

___/4.7 Other subscreens\____________________________________________

KEY ITEM: shows you your Key Items. These are special items such as 
keys, cards, magazines, etc. They're not counted as regular items, 
and you can carry as many as you want. Highlight one and press X to 
use it, or press Triangle to get a detailed description of it.

OPTION: in this subscreen you can customize the game. You can change 
parameters such as SOUND EFFECTS (Stereo/Mono), MUSIC (3/2/1/OFF), 
CURSOR (Memory/Standard), VIBRATIONS (ON/OFF), MOVEMENTS (Walk/Run), 


Unlike the first episode, Parasite Eve II features real-time battles. 
When you get close enough to an enemy, or aim it from a distance thus 
revealing your will to fight, the screen will briefly flash and 
become black and white for a moment, while you hear a heartbeat. 
Then, the battle will begin.

In the top left corner of the screen you can see Aya's current HP and 
MP. If the GPS is attached to your armor, a motion detector will be 
shown in the top right corner of the screen. Aya is in the center of 
the detector; the top half of the circle is the area she's facing, 
while the bottom half is the area behind her. Enemies are represented 
by yellow dots; if you target an enemy, the dot representing it will 
turn purple. In the bottom right corner you'll see your current ammo.

If you press Square, Aya will target the closest enemy. Tap Square to 
switch between targets, from the closest to the farthest. If you hold 
Square and press Left or Right, the target will move in that 
direction, allowing you to target the enemy of your choice. 
In some screens you'll find some background parts that can be shot, 
such as pipes, electric cords, etc. You can usually shoot them to 
affect the enemy.

Press R1 to shoot the targeted enemy. A number will appear, showing 
the damage received by the enemy. If an enemy is not targeted but it 
gets between you and your target, it will be hit as well. If the 
targeted enemy is hiding behind something, Aya will shoot it anyway 
and waste ammo, so be sure there's nothing between you and the enemy. 
Some weapons have more than one attack. In this case, press R2 to use 
the secondary attack. If this attack uses different ammo than the 
main attack, both ammo will be shown onscreen.

When you run out of ammo, press R1 to reload. If you have any 
attached ammo, you can reload at any moment during the battle. Be 
aware that if you get hit while reloading, your weapon will not be 
reloaded. You need a couple of seconds to reload, so get some 
distance between you and the enemy if you run out of ammo. If you 
want to use different ammo for your current weapon, you need to 
attach them to the armor and select them on the Attachments window.

Each weapon shoots within a specific range. The closer the enemy, the 
greater the damage. The only exceptions to this are long range rifles 
and grenades.

Press Triangle to visualize the available Parasite Energies in the 
bottom right corner of the screen. Press Left and Right to choose 
one. Its action range will be shown in green on the motion detector. 
Press X to use the selected Energy and the ATP bar will appear at the 
bottom of the screen. When it's fully depleted, Aya will use the 
Parasite Energy. She can't move while combining ATP, and if you get 
hit the summoning of the Parasite Energy will be stopped.

Some enemies can immobilize you: should this happen, rapidly press 
the D-Pad to break free.

After the battle you earn a certain amount of EXP, BP, MP and 
sometimes HP. Some Battles will earn you an item, which you can take 
or waste, or exchange with one you already have. If you run away 
during the battle, you will lose 10 BP, but you will also get 1 MP. 
However, there are certain situations when you can get out of the 
location without starting a battle; in this case, you don't lose BP 
even if there are enemies nearby.

Some enemies can inflict you a status ailment. When this happens, the 
status ailment icon will be shown below the HP/MP window in the top 
left corner of the screen. There are 6 different status ailments:
 /     \    SILENCE: Aya can't use Parasite Energy. Can be cured with
| ----- |   a Stim.
 \_  __/

 / ___ \    CONFUSION: controlling Aya's movements becomes difficult. 
| |_/ | |   Can be cured with a Stim, or with Metabolism PE.

  _/\_/\_   BERSERKER: the power of the weapons increases, but you 
 |       |  lose HP while attacking. Only offensive PE can be used,
<         > and their level is increases by one (3 is always the max
 |       |  level). PE uses HP instead of MP. Can be cured with a 
<         > Stim.
 |_  _  _|
   \/ \/

  |-|       POISON: Aya loses HP. If she moves, HP loss is faster. 
  | |       Can be cured with an Penicillin, or with Metabolism PE.

__    __
\ \  / /    PARALYSIS: Aya sometimes stops while moving. Rapidly 
 \ \/ /     press the D-Pad to regain some motion capability. Can
 / /\ \     be cured with an Penicillin, or with Metabolism PE.
/ /  \ \
\ \  / /
 \ \/ /
 / /\ \
/_/  \_\

   _   _
 _/_\ /_\_  DARKNESS: Aya can't target the enemy. Can be cured with 
 -|_|||_|-  an Penicillin, or with Metabolism PE.
  \_/ \_/ 

Using an Penicillin, a Stim or Metabolism will temporarily defend you 
from further status ailments. When the battle ends, every status 
ailment will be cured.


The peculiar action of Aya's mitochondria allows her to use special 
powers called Parasite Energies. These powers belong to the four 
elements: Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. Aya has sealed most of her 
powers inside her, so only one of them, Pyrokinesis, is available at 
the beginning of the adventure. Using the EXP points gained from 
battles, Aya can restore the other PE. Each PE can be upgraded up to 
level 3. There's a total of 12 Parasite Energies, but only 8 are 
available at the beginning. The third PE of each element appears 
after the two other of the element have reached Level 3. 



Lv 1: 
Fire shot. Actives mitochondria in the cells of the hands, causing 
the outburst of a high-temperature shot. Causes burns.
MP used: 8   ATP time: 22   Exp. cost: -   Bonus MP: 1

Lv 2:
Power and range up. Advanced stage, with greater range. Shoots two 
simultaneous shots that incinerate the target.
MP used: 7   ATP time: 22   Exp. cost: 1250   Bonus MP: 1

Lv 3:
Power and range up. Highly advanced stage, with greater range. Emits 
multiple shots that cause the evaporation of the target.
MP used: 6   ATP time: 22   Exp. cost: 3000   Bonus MP: 2



Lv 1: 
Puts the enemy on fire. Actives mitochondria in the enemy's skin, 
causing its combustion. Causes burns and difficulty of cutaneous 
MP used: 14   ATP time: 38   Exp. cost: 750   Bonus MP: 1

Lv 2:
Range up. Advanced stage, with greater range. Puts the enemy's lungs 
on fire, causing internal burns.
MP used: 14   ATP time: 30   Exp. cost: 1750   Bonus MP: 1

Lv 3:
Range up. Highly advanced stage, with greater range. Burns body fat, 
melting the enemy like a candle.
MP used: 14   ATP time: 22   Exp. cost: 4000   Bonus MP: 2



Lv 1:
Small conflagration. Uses radioactive isotopes found inside microbes 
to cause nuclear fission. The explosions cause epidermal burns.
MP used: 30   ATP time: 50   Exp. cost: 3000   Bonus MP: 1

Lv 2:
Medium conflagration. Advanced stage. Uses radioactive isotopes to 
cause a nuclear fission. The explosion reduce the target to ashes.
MP used: 30   ATP time: 40   Exp. cost: 4000   Bonus MP: 2 

Lv 3:
Great conflagration.
Highly advanced stage. Uses radioactive isotopes to cause nuclear 
fission. Destroys the target at molecular level.
MP used: 30   ATP time: 28   Exp. cost: 5000   Bonus MP: 4



Lv 1:
Cures status ailments. Generates antibodies through mitochondrial 
energy and immunizes the target. Acts against bacilli, but isn't 
always effective.
MP used: 7   ATP time: 36   Exp. cost: 500   Bonus MP: 1

Lv 2:
Quickly cures status ailments. Advanced stage. Increases blood white 
cells production against the action of the bacilli, but needs time.
MP used: 5   ATP time: 28   Exp. cost: 1250   Bonus MP: 1

Lv 3:
Instantly cures status ailments. Highly advanced stage. Increases 
corporal metabolism. Locates, neutralizes and eliminates bacilli 
MP used: 3   ATP time: 18   Exp. cost: 3000   Bonus MP: 1



Lv 1:
Recovers some HP. Increases mitochondria, powers up energy production 
and restores strength. As a result, mitochondria become weaker.
MP used: 12   ATP time: 42   Exp. cost: 750   Bonus MP: 1

Lv 2:
Recovers HP. Advanced stage. Regenerates lost cells. As a result, the 
body's mitochondrial energy decreases.
MP used: 12   ATP time: 30   Exp. cost: 1750   Bonus MP: 1

Lv 3:
Recovers many HP. Turns mitochondria into energy, causing fast 
MP used: 12   ATP time: 18   Exp. cost: 4000   Bonus MP: 1



Lv 1:
Absorbs HP from close enemies. Indirectly controls mitochondria of 
nearby organisms, thanks to which it produces energy that increases 
MP used: 20   ATP time: 44   Exp. cost: 3000   Bonus MP: 1 

Lv 2:
Absorbs HP from nearby enemies. Advanced stage. Directly controls 
mitochondria of nearby organisms, producing energy that increases 
MP used: 18   ATP time: 36   Exp. cost: 4000   Bonus MP: 1

Lv 3:
Absorbs HP from enemies around. Highly advanced stage. Fully controls 
mitochondria of nearby enemies, increasing vitality.
MP used: 16   ATP time: 28   Exp. cost: 5000   Bonus MP: 2



Lv 1:
Electric discharge. Conglobates mitochondria in the hands, releasing 
electric discharges. The target's epidermal cells gangrene.
MP used: 7   ATP time: 38   Exp. cost: 500   Bonus MP: 1

Lv 2:
Electric discharge. Range level up. Advanced stage, with greater 
range. Destroys the target's internal organs cells. 
MP used: 7   ATP time: 30   Exp. cost: 1250   Bonus MP: 1

Lv 3:
Electric discharge. Range level up. Highly advanced stage, with 
greater range.  Destroys the bone cells of the target.
MP used: 7   ATP time: 22   Exp. cost: 3000   Bonus MP: 2



Lv 1:
Knocking down explosion. Activates mitochondria, producing discharges 
that generate high-temperature ions. The waves of the explosion knock 
down the enemy.
MP used: 6   ATP time: 18   Exp. cost: 750   Bonus MP: 1

Lv 2:
Knocking flat explosion. Advanced stage. Produces ions that cause a 
powerful detonation. The waves of the explosion knock the enemy flat.
MP used: 5   ATP time: 18   Exp. cost: 1750   Bonus MP: 1

Lv 3:
Cutting down explosion. Highly advanced stage. Generates ions that 
cause a powerful detonation. The waves of the explosion cut down the 
MP used: 4   ATP time: 18   Exp. cost: 4000   Bonus MP: 2 



Lv 1:
Temporary stop. Activates mitochondria, creating an electric 
discharge. Immobilizes nearby enemies, destroying their nervous 
MP used: 18   ATP time: 38   Exp. cost: 3000   Bonus MP: 1

Lv 2:
Temporary spasm. Advanced stage. Programs the accelerate death of the 
nervous cells and causes spasm to the nearby target. 
MP used: 18   ATP time: 38   Exp. cost: 4000   Bonus MP: 2 

Lv 3:
Lasting paralysis. Highly advanced stage. Programs the accelerate 
death of the nervous cells and paralyzes the nearby target.
MP used: 18   ATP time: 38   Exp. cost: 5000   Bonus MP: 4



Lv 1:
Limits physical damage. Uses mitochondria to suck up the Earth's 
magnetism, creating a protective covering against the enemy's 
MP used: 6   ATP time: 36   Exp. cost: 500   Bonus MP: 2

Lv 2:
Prevents physical damage. Advanced stage. Sucks up the Earth's 
magnetism, creating a covering capable of cutting in half the enemy's 
attacking power.
MP used: 5   ATP time: 28   Exp. cost: 1250   Bonus MP: 2

Lv 3:
Nullifies enemy attack. Highly advanced stage. Sucks up the Earth's 
magnetism, creating a covering which neutralizes the enemy's attack.
MP used: 4   ATP time: 18   Exp. cost: 3000   Bonus MP: 4



Lv 1:
Increases ammo speed and effectiveness. Increases ammo speed, thanks 
to the electromagnetic force created by mitochondria.
MP used: 10   ATP time: 36   Exp. cost: 750   Bonus MP: 2

Lv 2: 
Stopping power and bullets speed up. Advanced stage. Increases ammo 
speed and changes their structure to increase their Stopping Power.
MP used: 9   ATP time: 28   Exp. cost: 1750   Bonus MP: 2

Lv 3:
Increases ammo speed and power. Highly advanced stage. Increases ammo 
speed and every shot fires cancerous mitochondria. 
MP used: 8   ATP time: 18   Exp. cost: 4000   Bonus MP: 4



Lv 1:
Spinning protection sphere. Creates a magnetic field in which rotates 
a superconductor, against which the enemy collides.
MP used: 15   ATP time: 36   Exp. cost: 3000   Bonus MP: 2

Lv 2:
2 spinning protection spheres. Advanced stage. Creates a magnetic 
field in which rotate two superconductors, against which the enemy 
MP used: 15   ATP time: 28   Exp. cost: 4000   Bonus MP: 4

Lv 3:
Rotating attack ellipse. Highly advanced stage. Creates three 
superconductors which rotate elliptically in a magnetic field, 
hitting the target.
MP used: 15   ATP time: 18   Exp. cost: 5000   Bonus MP: 9 


___/7.1 Weapons\_____________________________________________________
---------------------------|HAND WEAPONS|----------------------------


Weight: 68
Rate: 5

Based on an Okinawan design. Masters can attack continuously.  




Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 20 rounds
Weight: 117
Range: 50
Rate: 110

Semi-auto 9mm, fires 3-round bursts.

OPERATION: R1: 9mm P.B./Hydr/Sptn (Burst)
           R2: 9mm P.B./Hydr/Sptn (Single)



Caliber: 9mm/Flash
Capacity: 30/50 rounds
Weight: 288
Range: 55/5
Rate: 80/2

9mm submachine gun. Flashlight attached.   

OPERATION: R1: 9mm P.B./Hydr/Sptn (Burst)
           R2: Flash

Price: 6980 BP



Caliber: 9mm/Flash
Capacity: 60/50 rounds
Weight: 306
Range: 55/5
Rate: 80/2

Submachine gun MP5A5. Double magazine, with 30 more bullets.

OPERATION: R1: 9mm P.B./Hydr/Sptn (Burst)
           R2: Flash



Caliber: 9mm/Flash
Capacity: 90/50 rounds
Weight: 324
Range: 55/5
Rate: 80/2

Submachine gun MP5A5. Triple magazine, with 60 more bullets.

OPERATION: R1: 9mm P.B./Hydr/Sptn (Burst)
           R2: Flash



Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 100 rounds
Weight: 227
Range: 40
Rate: 90

Full-auto 9mm w/high ammo capacity.

OPERATION: R1: 9mm P.B./Hydr/Sptn (Burst)



Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 7 rounds
Weight: 87
Range: 70
Rate: 80

Semi-auto 9mm w/ special loader.

OPERATION: R1: 9mm P.B./Hydr/Sptn (Single)

Price: 680 BP


P08 (w/ S magazine)

Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 32 rounds
Weight: 100
Range: 70
Rate: 80

P08 w/ Snail magazine. Increased ammo capacity.

OPERATION: R1: 9mm P.B./Hydr/Sptn (Single)



Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 12/50 rounds
Weight: 92
Range: 120/4
Rate: 90/3

Semi-auto 9mm w/silencer. Flashlight attachment.

OPERATION: R1: 9mm P.B./Hydr/Sptn (Single)
           R2: Flash



Gauge: 12ga
Capacity: 3 rounds
Weight: 270
Range: 30
Rate: 2

Pump-action 12-gauge shotgun.                                             

OPERATION: R1: Buckshot/Firefly/R.Slug (Single)

Price: 1000 BP



Gauge: 12ga
Capacity: 7 rounds
Weight: 420
Range: 40
Rate: 24

12-gauge short-range shotgun. Powerful, but bulky and heavy.

OPERATION: R1: Buckshot/Firefly/R.Slug (Single)



Gauge: 12ga
Capacity: 20 rounds
Weight: 550
Range: 50
Rate: 36

12-gauge smooth-bore shotgun. Repeater.

OPERATION: R1: Buckshot/Firefly/R.Slug (Single)

Price: 12500 BP



Caliber: Blade/12ga.
Capacity: -/12 rounds
Weight: 579
Range: 2/100
Rate: 2/36

Ultra high frequency particle blade. Blade with shotgun attachment.

           R2: Buckshot/Firefly/R.Slug (Single)

Price: 10000 BP (Replay Mode)



Caliber: 5.56mm
Capacity: 30 rounds
Weight: 254
Range: 500
Rate: 85

5.56mm assault rifle. Customizable with attachments.

OPERATION: R1: 5.56 Rifle (Triple)
           R2: 5.56 Rifle (Single)

Price: 2450 BP



Caliber: 5.56mm
Capacity: 60 rounds
Weight: 274
Range: 500
Rate: 85

Assault rifle M4A1. Double magazine, 30 more rounds.

OPERATION: R1: 5.56 Rifle (Triple)
           R2: 5.56 Rifle (Single)



Caliber: 5.56
Capacity: 90 rounds
Weight: 294
Range: 500
Rate: 85

Assault rifle M4A1. Triple magazine, 60 more rounds.

OPERATION: R1: 5.56 Rifle (Triple)
           R2: 5.56 Rifle (Single)



Caliber: 5.56mm
Capacity: 30 rounds
Weight: 284
Range: 500/2
Rate: 85/3

Assault rifle with attached bayonet.

OPERATION: R1: 5.56 Rifle (Triple)
           R2: Cut-bayonet



Caliber: 5.56/40mm
Capacity: 30/1 rounds
Weight: 390
Range: 500/250
Rate: 85/1

Assault rifle with attached 40mm grenade launcher.

OPERATION: R1: 5.56 Rifle (Triple)
           R2: Grenade/Riot/Airburst (Single)



Caliber: 5.56/Stun
Capacity: 30/40 rounds
Weight: 339
Range: 500/2
Rate: 85/4

Assault rifle with attached Stungun.

OPERATION: R1: 5.56 Rifle (Triple)
           R2: Electric discharge



Caliber: 5.56/Laser
Capacity: 30/60 rounds
Weight: 488
Range: 500/420
Rate: 85/2

Assault rifle with attached laser.

OPERATION: R1: 5.56 Rifle (Triple)
           R2: Laser  



Caliber: 5.56/Flame
Capacity: 30/30 rounds
Weight: 437
Range: 500/6
Rate: 85/2

Assault rifle with attached flamethrower.

OPERATION: R1: 5.56 Rifle (Triple)
           R2: Flamethrower



Caliber: 5.56
Capacity: 200 rounds
Weight: 685
Range: 400
Rate: 100

Portable light machine gun. Heavy firepower and a large clip.        

OPERATION: R1: 5.56 Rifle (Burst)
           R2: 5.56 Rifle (Single)

-------------------------|GRENADE LAUNCHERS|-------------------------


Caliber: 40mm
Capacity: 1 round
Weight: 260
Range: 350
Rate: 1

Pistol-sized 40mm grenade launcher.       

OPERATION: R1: Grenade/Riot/Airburst (Single)

Price: 1680 BP



Caliber: 40mm
Capacity: 12 rounds
Weight: 900
Range: 350
Rate: 12

40mm launcher w/revolving magazine.
OPERATION: R1: Grenade/Riot/Airburst (Continuous)

Price: 23500 BP



Caliber: 44Mag.
Capacity: 6 rounds
Weight: 168
Range: 60
Rate: 70

Large .44 caliber revolver. Slow reload, but it's worth it.

OPERATION: R1: 44 Magnum/44 Maeda SP (Single)

Price: 2850 BP (Replay Mode)

--------------------------|SPECIAL WEAPONS|--------------------------


Caliber: 20mm
Capacity: 100 rounds
Weight: 881
Range: 1000
Rate: 7

Electromagnetic Rail Gun. Allows high-acceleration fire.

OPERATION: R1: Rail gun

Price: 20000 BP (Replay Mode)

___/7.2 Ammo\________________________________________________________


9MM P.B.

Caliber: 9mm
Power: 10
Capacity: 500

9mm caliber full metal jacket round. For handguns and submachine 


Price: 50 x 30 BP



Caliber: 9mm
Power: 15
Capacity: 500

9mm hollow-point round. Soft tip increases tissue damage.


Price: 50 x 50 BP



Caliber: 9mm
Power: 20
Capacity: 500

9mm fragmentation round. Fragments rupture vital organs.


Price: 50 x 80 BP



Gauge: 12ga
Power: 40
Capacity: 200
Special: Explosion

12-gauge shotgun scatter shot. Spreads 9 lead shots in a burst.


Price: 10 x 60 BP



Gauge: 12ga
Power: 90
Capacity: 200
Special: Piercing

12-gauge shells for rifles. Stable trajectory (one shot).


Price: 10 x 120 BP



Gauge: 12ga
Power: 70
Capacity: 200
Special: Incendiary

12-gauge shotgun incendiary shot. Ignites flammable target.


Price: 10 x 90 BP



Caliber: 40mm
Power: 270
Capacity: 100
Special: Burst

40mm fragmentation grenade. Shoots fragments over a wide area.

APPLICABLE WEAPONS: Grenade Pistol/M4A1 Grenade 

Price: 4 x 280 BP



Caliber: 40mm
Power: 60
Capacity: 100
Special: Flash

40mm special acoustic round. Emits a glaring flash and loud noise.

APPLICABLE WEAPONS: Grenade Pistol/M4A1 Grenade

Price: 4 x 80 BP



Caliber: 40mm
Power: 220
Capacity: 100
Special: Explosion

40mm aerial burst grenade. Arcs and explodes in the air.

APPLICABLE WEAPONS: Grenade Pistol, M4A1 Grenade

Price: 4 x 450 BP

---------------------------|RIFLE BULLETS|---------------------------

5.56 RIFLE

Caliber: 5.56mm
Power: 22
Capacity: 800

5.56mm full metal jacket round. For rifles and light machine guns.


Price: 80 x 100 BP

--------------------------|MAGNUM BULLETS|---------------------------


Caliber: 44Mag.
Power: 70
Capacity: 500
Special: POISON

Anti-NMC .44 magnum round. Contains toxic mitochondria.


Price: 25 x 800 BP



Caliber: 44Mag
Power: 40
Capacity: 500

44 caliber bullets. High destructive power.


Price: 50 x 100 BP

___/7.3 Armors\______________________________________________________


ADD. HP +10
Attachments: 3
Special features: Resist PARALYSIS

Aya's favourite jacket. With special protective fiber.

Price: 1000 BP



ADD. HP +5
ADD. MP +20
Attachments: 3
Special features: MP Recovery/Resist PARALYSIS
NMC Hunter reinforced vest. Can be worn under regular clothing.

Price: 1680 BP



ADD. HP +40
ADD. MP +10
Attachments: 5
Special features: Motion detector/Resist SILENCE

Heavy police body armor. Helmet amplifier prevents Silence.

Price: 3250 BP



ADD. HP +50
ADD. MP +10
Attachments: 7
Special features: Quick fire/HP recovery

Bullet-proof SWAT vest. Includes an emergency first aid kit.

Price: 2120 BP



ADD. MP +10
Attachments: 6
Special features: Resist POISON

Good desert jacket. Has attactments, but poor protection.

Price: 1000 BP



ADD. HP +60
Attachments: 5
Special features: Resist impact/HP recovery

Old-style pilot vest. Attenuates blows.

Price: 1000 BP



ADD: MP +20
Attachments: 4
Special features: Quick fire

Holster worn over a T-Shirt.

Price: 2580 BP



ADD. HP +20
Attachments: 6
Special features: Resist POISON/HP recovery

Body armor in current military use. Includes an emergency first aid 

Price: 2980 BP



ADD. HP +100
Attachments: 5
Special features: Resist IMPACT/Resist PARALYSIS

Explosive squad body armor. Resistant to explosions and heat.

Price:4580 BP



ADD. HP +20
ADD. MP +20
Attachments: 6
Special features: Resist POISON/Resist PARALYSIS

Environmental NBC protection suit. Suitable for long-term wear.

Price: 3980 BP



ADD. MP +50
Attachments: 4
Special features: Medical inspection/Resist CONFUSION

Neo-mitochondria labsuit. Includes remote ANMC analyzer.

Price: 4580 BP



ADD. HP +60
ADD. MP +30
Attachments: 8
Special features: Motion detector/Medical inspection

New "Land Warrior" system. Display with motion detector.

Price: 12800 BP



ADD. HP +30
ADD. MP +50
Attachments: 7
Special features: Quick fire/MP recovery

Special jumper designed by Jodie. Has many resources against ANMCs.

Price: 8000 BP 



ADD. MP +100
Attachments: 10
Special features: MP generation/MP recovery 

Robe from a mitochondria-worshipping cult. It's impregnated with NMC 

Price: 3000 BP (Replay Mode)

___/7.4 Weapon Attachments\__________________________________________



Use: Add P08 Capacity +25

P08 magazine. Increases ammo capacity.



Use: Add MP5 capacity +30

MP5A5 magazine. Increases bullets by 30 units.

Price: 3980 BP



Use: Add M4A1 Capacity +30

M4A1 magazine clip holder. Increases ammo capacity by 30.

Price: 1800 BP



Use: M4A1 Attachment

1,200,000 V-power shotgun. Attachment for M4A1.

Price: 3270 BP



Use: M4A1 Attachment

40mm Grenade Launcher. Custom M4A1 attachment.

Price: 2130 BP



Use: M4A1 Attachment

Small flamethrower. Attachment for M4A1.

Price: 5180 BP



Use: M4A1 Attachment

Close combat bayonet. Custom M4A1 attachment.

Price: 980 BP



Use: M4A1 Attachment

Laser rifle. Attachment for M4A1.

Price: 7500 BP



Use: Add Attachments +1

A large belt pack. Increases # of armor attachments.

Price: 10000 BP (Replay Mode, Scavenger Mode, Nightmare Mode)



Use, Attachment: Recover 80 MP/Recover 20 HP

Energy drink. Recovers HP and MP.

Price: 120 BP (Replay Mode)



Attachment: Inflict DARKNESS

Disposable defense weapon. Blinds enemies in front of you.

Price: 60 BP



Attachment: Induce BERSERKER

Disposable eau de toilette spray. Scent releases latent powers.

Price: 190 BP (Replay Mode)



Attachment: Inflict DARKNESS

Disposable self-defense weapon. Inflicts darkness to the enemy.

Price: 150 BP



Use: ??? (Increases the least Exp needing Water PE's level by 1)
Attachment: ??? (Reduces damage received by 1/4)

The label says "Holy Water". Attach this and see what happens.

Price: 5000 BP (Replay Mode)



Attachment: Resist DARKNESS

Special-filter goggles. Prevent darkness if attached.

Price: 1000 BP (Replay Mode)



Attachment: Resist SILENCE
Use: Add. Max MP +1

Keeps the lips wet. Cures Silence if attached.

Price: 5000 BP (Replay Mode, Scavenger Mode, Nightmare Mode)



Attachment: Resist CONFUSION/Resist BERSERKER

MD Player w/ "whale songs" disc. Prevents Confusion, Berserker.

Price: 1000 BP (Replay Mode)



Use: ??? (Increases the least Exp needing Wind PE's level by 1)
Attachment: ??? (Sometimes enemies drop extra items)

Indian amulet. Attach this and see what happens.

Price: 27800 BP (Replay Mode, Scavenger Mode, Nightmare Mode)



Use: Recover 30 MP
Attachment: Recover 25 MP

Spring Water. Restores some MP.

Price: 320 BP



Use: Recover FULL MP
Attachment: Recover 100 MP

Sparkling mineral water. Recovers MP.

Price: 580 BP



Use: ??? (Increase the least Exp needing Earth PE's level by 1)
Attachment: ??? (Increases PE power by 1/2)

Japanese amulet. Attach this and see what happens.

Price: 5000 BP (Replay Mode)




Anti-bacterial medikit. Cures Darkness, Paralysis, Poison.

Price: 80 BP



Attachment: Inflict PARALYSIS

Disposable self-defense weapon. Use to stun surrounding enemies.

Price: 100 BP



Use, Attachment: Add. Max HP +5/Recover FULL HP

Protein compound medicine capsule. Full HP recovery. Max HP + 5.

Price: 10000 BP (Replay Mode, Scavenger Mode, Nightmare Mode)



Use: Recover 50 HP
Attachment: Recover 45 HP

Multi-vitamin tablet. Heals some HP.

Price: 100 BP



Use: Recover 100 HP
Attachment: Recover 90 HP

Analgesic capsule. Recovers HP.

Price: 180 BP



Use: Recover FULL HP
Attachment: Recover 150 HP

Nutritious substances. Recover a lot of HP.

Price: 350 BP



Use, Attachment: Recover FULL HP and MP

Blood substitute. Restores HP and MP to the max.

Price: 200 BP (Replay Mode)



Use: ??? (Increases the least Exp needing Fire PE's level by 1)
Attachment: ??? (Increases damage to enemy by 1/4)

Skull shaped S. American Crystal. Attach this and see what happens.

Price: 5000 BP (Replay Mode)




Restores nerve function. Cures Silence, Berserker, Confusion.

Price: 80 BP


This section contains brief info about the enemies, plus the points 
you earn from each enemy when you defeat it. It does NOT tell you how 
many HP the enemies have.



Artificial Neo-Mitochondrion Creature. It's the first enemy you meet 
in the game. Not particularly strong. Their weak point is their back, 
and if you manage to attack them from behind, the amount of bullets 
used for the kill will be significantly lower. Such creature comes in 
4 different flavors, as follows:
1) Lesser Stranger: walks towards you. Stops and lunges at you to 
bite you when close enough.
2) Grin Stranger: side-jumps while approaching. It's hard to target 
because it jumps very quickly.
3) Great Stranger: runs towards you instead of just walking.
4) Odd Stranger: the most common type of Stranger you'll meet after 
the Akropolis Tower mission. Easily recognized by the black circular 
spot on its back. If it gets close enough, it bites and doesn't let 
go for many seconds, allowing other enemies to close in and attack as 
well. Dangerous in close quarters.
To get rid of a Stranger, wait for it to come close, then as soon as 
it tries to bit, move away, get behind it, and shoot away for some 
good damage. If you don't feel confident enough, just shoot the hell 
out of them.

Lesser Stranger: HP 180   EXP 34   BP 34   MP 3
Grin Stranger:   HP 160   EXP 42   BP 48   MP 4
Great Stranger:  HP 180   EXP 44   BP 100  MP 5
Odd Stranger:    HP 180   EXP 42   BP 82   MP 4



One of the lesser creatures, can be potentially dangerous if it comes 
in large groups (which happens quite often). They'll approach you as 
soon as you attack them or fire with a noisy weapon. If they touch 
you, or if you touch the black powder they drop when they're 
destroyed, you'll be inflicted the Blind status and be immobilized 
for a moment, which is more than enough for quicker, stronger enemies 
to hit you.
Butterflies will die to just anything, so try to kill them as fast as 
you can. If the area is swarming with them, use a Flare or Apobiosis 
to kill them all in a single hit.

HP 1   EXP 2   BP 20   MP 1



Another weak, but potentially dangerous enemy. They come in large 
groups, and move pretty fast too. Their bite will Poison you and 
immobilize you for a moment, exposing you to further attacks from 
other enemies. Kill them from afar, or use Plasma for a quick kill.

HP 18   EXP 4   BP 22   MP 1


FATTY (Fat ANMC, aka Brute)

These creatures are big and very resistant. Keep them at a distance, 
because they have an incredibly long arm that can reach several feet 
ahead. Sometimes a critical hit will make them drop to the ground - 
if this happens, subsequent critical hits will keep them on the floor 
if they can't stand up again quickly enough.
They'll come at you if they spot you, but they're incredibly slow, so 
you can easily overrun them. If you're close and tone of them starts 
to stretch its arm, quickly get behind it, but be aware of the 
poisonous green liquid it can shoot from its shoulders.
If Energyshot is in action, every hit will interrupt their current 
Later in the game you'll meet a different kind of Fatty, called Green 
Fatty, or Mossback. Their color is green and their arm is even longer 
than that of regular Fatties. If you get too close, Mossbacks lift 
their shoulders and emit a green gas that inflicts the Blind status. 

Brute:    HP 280   EXP 152   BP 102   MP 5
Mossback: HP 450   EXP 204   BP 152   MP 6



Caterpillars are green in color, while Maggots are white. As you can 
imagine though, color isn't the only difference between the two - in 
fact, Maggots are tougher, more dangerous, are much more easily 
These creatures can be found sleeping on the ground, or they can hang 
down from tree branches and drop to the ground when you get close. 
They crawl around and, as soon as they're close enough, they lunge 
and then jump like springs towards you. Maggots can jump very far, 
and they'll spit a cloud of poisonous gas should you get too close to 
their face.
Fortunately, Pyrokinesis makes things a great deal easier. The 
Caterpillar or Maggot hit by Pyrokinesis will get burned and will 
keep on losing HP until it dies. Moreover, every other Caterpillar or 
Maggot that touches a burned one will get burned as well. So, just 
burn one and lure the others to touch it, then get behind a corner 
and just wait for them to turn to ashes.

Caterpillar: HP 80   EXP 6   BP 28   MP 1
Maggot: HP 160  EXP 16  BP 68   MP 1



Bats love surprise attacks, and come in HUGE groups. If they bite 
you, you'll be immobilized until you manage to break free - this 
leaves you defenseless against other enemies and can be very 
To fight Bats effectively, keep at a distance and use a weapon that 
allows you to kill more than one at a time, such as the M93R or 
Buckshot shells. Combustion also works well. If you can hide into a 
narrow passage, you can take them out one by one before they reach 
you. Combat Lights and Pepper Sprays will stun them, Flare will put 
them on fire, and Plasma will destroy them.
Sometimes you may meet groups of Bats sleeping against a wall - if 
this happens, you can destroy them all before they even notice you're 

HP 1   EXP 5   BP 18   MP 1



You'll meet them only once, in the Akropolis Tower bridge area. If 
you activate the bridge you can kill them by just squashing them 
under your boots, but in the water they're actually invincible - they 
move too fat to be targeted, and they can inflict the Poison status, 
along with dealing a good amount of damage.

HP 1   EXP 6   BP 36   MP 1



Aaaahhhhh! How could they even THINK of such a monster? This one 
almost gave me nightmares. Horse body, but almost human face and RED 
eyes. Very ugly and quite disturbing. 
Battling Chasers can be hell, especially if you're playing Bounty 
Mode or something harder. When they see you, they scratch the ground 
with their hooves, then charge you at full force. If you get hit, 
you'll lose an immense amount of HP and you'll get knocked down to 
the ground for some infinite moments, allowing other Chasers to hit 
you as well. To dodge this attack, wait until the Chasers starts 
running, then move away. If a running Chaser hits an obstacle, it 
will lose 15 HP. If you're too close, the Chaser will head-butt you 
and drop you to the ground.
Chasers may sometimes be found sleeping - in that case, just don't 
get close and you'll be able to leave the area without initiating 
combat. Unfortunately, it's very easy to meet one or more Chasers in 
very tight areas, which makes these monsters a true nightmare to 
fight against. Grenades, plasma and Apobiosis will knock them to the 
ground momentarily.

HP 200   XP 75   BP 50   MP 4



Scorpions are most commonly found in Dryfield, but they can also be 
found in some areas in Neo Ark. They live in large groups, usually in 
open areas, where they hide under the sand until you get close, at 
which time they come out and attack. If there are other enemies in 
the area, scorpions will usually come out as soon as one of the other 
enemies is defeated.
Scorpions will come close to you to sting you, and if this happens, 
you'll be afflicted with the Poison status. When they die they live 
behind a pool of green ooze, which is poisonous as well, but will 
disappear after a while. They' will leave no green pool if they're 
killed with a shotgun. Plasma will stun them for a moment, while 
Apobiosis 3 will instantly kill them all.
An interesting thing to note is that scorpions usually don't follow 
you if you go too far from them, which allows you to take them out on 
smaller groups.

HP 68   EXP 20   BP 8   MP 1



Bone Sucklers are creatures of the night, and you'll first meet them 
in Dryfield. They're unbelievably frail, so much that the slightest 
hit is enough to kill them. Unfortunately, when they die they explode 
with great violence, damaging everything in the blast radius, you 
included. This can be very problematic as this creatures are usually 
found in tight areas.
They also have another attack, consisting in an ankle grab (which 
immobilizes you) followed by self-destruction. If you can get rid of 
the ankle grab the Suckler will deflate without exploding, but any 
other Suckler that touches the blood pool left behind will explode.
These creatures come in two different types: pink ones are called 
Bone Sucklers, while red ones are called Blood Sucklers. Blood 
Sucklers deal much greater damage when they explode, although they're 
just as delicate as their less evoluted form.

Bone Suckler:  HP 1   EXP 6   BP 20   MP 3
Blood Suckler: HP 1   EXP 8   BP 28   MP 4



You won't believe how annoying these creatures can get. They attack 
in groups and can be very dangerous at times, especially in harder 
modes. They look like pink, giant moths with a long nose, and are 
nothing but evoluted Blood Sucklers. You'll meet them at Dryfield at 
Once you wake them up, the entire group will start flying towards 
you. If you can inflict enough damage they'll fall to the ground and 
be totally unable to attack any more, but if you don't do this 
quickly enough they'll get close and start stinging you from above. 
Use items such as Flares, Combat Lights, or Pepper Sprays to make 
them fall and cease to be a threat. Just don't let them get close or 
you'll be in big trouble. 

HP 50   EXP 12   BP 36   MP 2



Extremely annoying and extremely dangerous in any mode other than 
Normal or Replay. These critters are quite tough to beat and keep 
jumping here and there, trying to surround you. If they jump at you 
they'll inflict insane amounts of damage, and to make things worse, 
they live in packs in tight areas. They can also hear very well, and 
if you run instead of walking they'll hear you and immediately turn 
to attack. If they get close they'll grab your ankle and immobilize 
you, along with taking away many HP.
Scavengers are very susceptible to light, so if you use a Combat 
Light or a Flare you'll stun them for several precious moments. If 
you hit one while it's in mid-air you'll inflict a heavy critical hit 
and send it flying backwards. If you dodge a jumping attack, the 
creature will fall to the ground and stay there for a couple of 
seconds before getting up again.
Sometimes you'll find them sleeping, but they'll wake up if you run 
instead of walking. The best situation is when you see them crouching 
and emitting their peculiar sound, as if they were eating or 
something - this happens when there's strong light in the area, which 
prevents them from moving. In this case you can happily shoot them 
all without them even noticing. Combustion works well on large 

HP 85   EXP 10   BP 62   MP 2



A yellow, black-striped spider. They can cloak, thus making 
themselves invisible. When invisible they can't be targeted, but you 
can make them visible if you use a Combat Light, which also stuns 
them for a long time, usually long enough to kill them.
If a Stalker gets close enough, it will swipe at you with its arm, 
dealing great damage. Anyway, it can't move if you keep on shooting 
it. They can sometime walk on the ceiling and drop down on your face, 
immobilizing you and hurting you pretty badly. Be careful when you 
have to fight 2 or 3 at the same time - use a Flare to make things 

HP 180   EXP 106   BP 36   MP 5



There are four different types of lasers. Unless you've deactivated 
the security system in the Pod Service gantry, lasers will pinpoint 
you as soon as you enter their shooting range; if you use a noisy 
firearm, they'll all pinpoint you the moment you shoot. 
The color of the pinpoint laser determines the type and the quickness 
of the attack - Red lasers take the longest to shoot, while White 
(Shooters) will fire almost immediately. Colored lasers inflicts 
different status ailments, specifically Confusion (Yellow), Paralysis 
(Blue) and Silence (Red). If you keep on moving, they'll shoot the 
spot they were pinpointing the moment they stopped moving, so they 
should miss you unless you're clumsy. White lasers are much more 
dangerous, because they will track you and keep shooting until they 
need to reload.
It is possible to use lasers to your advantage, so that they hit the 
enemies instead of you, but they'll deal poor damage and it's not the 
easiest thing to do. The best weapons to deal with lasers are the 
P229 and the AS12.

Red: HP 70   EXP 21   BP 33   MP 1.5
Blue: HP 70   EXP 19   BP 22   MP 1
Yellow: HP 70   EXP 15   BP 0   MP 0
Shooters: HP 70   EXP 15   BP 0   MP 0



Slimes are barely visible until you get close - you can barely make 
out the head, which looks like a bunch of black dots. They're immune 
to all weapons, with the exception of Grenades and M4A1 attachments. 
The absolute best to deal with them is Necrosis, which inflicts an 
amount of damage far superior to that Slimes can withstand; however, 
if you use Parasite Energies ALL the slimes in the area will 
immediately come after you.
If they touch you, Green Slimes inflict Silence, Red Slimes inflict 
Berserker; both drain you of MP. After you've been touched, Slimes 
can shoot energy balls at you from a distance.
Red Slimes are quite tougher than Green ones. The good thing with 
Slimes is that they leave tons of MP when they're defeated.

Blue:   HP 80   EXP 12   BP 86    MP 8
Red: HP 280  EXP 16   BP 420   MP 30


DIVER (Water ANMC, aka Hydra)

Easy to deal with if it's alone, quite a nuisance in group. They 
stick their neck out of the water, then sparkle and spit an 
electricity ball that hurts quite a lot. It's not easy to fight two 
or three at a time, unless there's a lot of room (which doesn't 
happen often). Divers keep on tracking you until they shoot, so wait 
for them to shoot and then move away.
Hitting them with a shotgun will force them to interrupt their 
attack. But most important, Divers are EXTREMELY weak against Fire, 
so much that hitting one with Pyrokinesis 3 means instant kill. 
Necrosis works well, too.

HP 200   EXP 70   BP 88   MP 3



A rather strange, disturbing creature. If you shoot him, it will lay 
on its back and start laughing horribly. If you don't, it will crawl 
towards you and, if close enough, jump at you. They can sometimes 
hang from the ceiling, but a single shot will make them fall to the 

HP 110   EXP 20   BP 40   MP 1


SLOUCH (long-armed ANMC)

This creature lies on the floor and doesn't move, but its arm is long 
at least 4 times its body and can reach you even from great 
distances. Its swipes hurt a lot. If you're too far it spits a green 
drool that will Poison you if you touch it. Just shoot from afar and 
you'll be safe.

HP 120   EXP 15   BP 35   MP 3



This ANMC is made up of two distinct parts, a head and a body. The 
body can't be damaged until the head is alive, but it has only 1 HP. 
The head will pop out immediately if it receives a critical hit, or 
if you shoot it with a shotgun. 
When whole, this monster crawls on the floor and can hit you if you 
get too close. If you run past it very fast, you can clearly hear it 
say "Eh?" and see it turn its head to look for you. Spooky.

HP 250   EXP 19   BP 112   MP 3



AAARRRGH! I HATE these guys! They walk around as if they were drunk, 
then suddenly they stop and prepare a yellow energy ball that once 
shot will follow you with impossible accuracy. The ball can Poison 
you, and it HURTS!!!
Not only that, these enemies are extremely tough too: Parasite 
Energies deal very little damage (Fire doesn't even scratch them), 
and weapons can't do much more. And then, they can HEAL THEMSELVES 
with a blue energy sphere that will restore 100 of their HP every 
It's not over yet: they can also hit you with their long arm if 
you're too close, which will kill you instantly in Scavenger and 
Luckily, there are a few tricks you can use against these nightmarish 
creatures. The first one is the M4A1 Hammer: just stun them with 
electricity and they'll drop like stones, allowing you to pump in 
more bullets. Necrosis will do this every time they're trying to 
shoot or heal, but you'll have to use it a couple of times since it 
wears off fast. 
If there's only one of them around (not likely), you can try to stay 
behind its back when it's about to shoot, so that he'll miss you 
(they can't shoot backwards). STAY ALERT! These are among the most 
dangerous enemies in the game.

HP 400   EXP 105   BP 158   MP 8


SUCKLERCEPH (rolling head)

These creatures can be very, very dangerous if you don't kill them 
fast. They roll towards you and explode if touched or killed. The 
explosion will damage other enemies as well as you, and hurts 
They sometimes turn invisible while rolling, and as such can't be 
targeted. If you're very good at moving, you can slightly touch them 
on their side while running: if you manage to do this well, they'll 
deflate and disappear without exploding. Critical hits will kill them 
instantly. Flares and Apobiosis will paralyze them for a while.

HP 70   EXP 6   BP 12   MP 3


SKULL STALKER (invisibile head)

Very rare, probably found only two or three times in the whole game. 
It's a head that it's invisible until you get close or use a Combat 
Light to turn it visible. It explodes if touched, but it can't hurt 

HP 1   EXP 2   BP 32   MP 1



This easily wins the award for The Most Annoying Enemy in the game. 
These disgusting bugs crawl all over Neo Ark the way maggots crawl on 
dead meat, and just like maggots, they come in huge packs. They're 
absurdly resistant to most weapons, thanks to a rock-hard carapace 
that absorbs damage like a sponge. Stick to hitting them in the back 
and you'll be still there by the time flying cars are affordable. A 
if that weren't enough, it's ridiculously easy for them to hit you - 
many times you'll think there's enough space between you and them to 
shoot, but instead, you'll be hit. Very frustrating, believe me.
Their weak point is their belly, but to hit it you'll have to turn 
them upside-down. This can be done by using Plasma, Apobiosis, the 
M4A1 Hammer or, best of all, a shotgun. Once on their back they'll 
stay motionless for a while, allowing you to tear them to pieces. 
One curious thing about Black Beetles is that, if they don't hit you, 
you can exit the area without initiating combat.
HP 280   EXP 15   BP 53   MP 1



Very similar to the infamous venom-spitter from Jurassic Park, both 
for its looks and its bad attitude. These suckers come out of the 
jungle, sneak attacking you (you can't target them until battle has 
begun). If they're close, they'll give you a powerful, horned 
headbutt. If far from you, they will either charge you like bulls or 
jump and slash like true Velociraptors; if successful, either attack 
will hurt you like hell and send you flying to the ground for several 
Their back is very weak, but it's not easy to hit because they turn 
very quickly (although if you can hit it, killing them will be much 
easier and faster). Doing this against two of them at the same time 
is almost impossible. The best way to deal with them is to use the 
M4A1 Hammer and electrocute them, making they fall backwards and 
allowing you to pump'em full of lead. Moreover, a critical hit will 
stun them for a moment.
While fighting a Horned Stranger, do your best not to go to a point 
where another one is supposed to come out, because fighting two of 
them at a time is hard.

HP 420   EXP 115   BP 200   MP 5



There's only a few of these, but they're painful. When they "attack", 
the screen becomes wavy and you lose 1 MP. The bad thing is that you 
always have to deal with worse things when you find them, so they 
have the time to dry you out of MP. Make them your primary target.

EXP 150   BP 0   MP 0


Here they are! The big badasses. The most powerful non-boss enemies 
in the game. In Normal, Replay, and Scavenger Mode you'll meet them 
only in the later parts of the adventure, but in Bounty and Nightmare 
Mode, they're very common. They come in four varieties: 

-PAWN: Green Golems. They're the weakest (and easiest to kill) Golems 
around. They can be either armed with a light sword or a grenade 
launcher. Sword Pawns come running at you and perform a wide slash 
with their weapon. To dodge this, run past them on the non-armed 
side. If you don't feel confident enough, you can break their attack 
with a powerful attack (Grenades, Javelin, R.Slug, M4A1 Hammer) or 
something that can paralyze them (Pepper Spray, Apobiosis).
Shooting Pawns pinpoint you with a red laser, then shoot a burst of 
small grenades that can inflict the Blind status. They can also hit 
you with their arm if you get too close, but there's absolutely no 
reason to get close. Avoiding their attacks and killing them from a 
safe distance is waaaaay too easy.
A nice trick to perform when you have to fight a Sword and a Shooter 
Golem is this: lure the Shooter to pinpoint you, then get the Sword 
between you and the red laser. The grenades will hit the Sword Golem, 
dealing great damage and making your life a lot easier.

-ROOK: Grey Golems. These hi-tech Golems are a more powerful and 
dangerous version of the Pawn Golems. They're completely wrapped in a 
metal armor, which prevents them from being stunned by weak attacks 
such as Pepper Sprays.
Rook Golems differ from Pawn Golems in two ways. First, they have a 
flash attack which they perform by stopping in their tracks and 
crossing their arms. When released, this attack inflicts you the 
status Silence. Second, Rook Golems have a kind of shield that 
absorbs all damage when they're running, shooting, or using the flash 
attack. This shield can be broken if it takes enough damage, but it's 
not necessary to do this if you're patient and skilled. Anyway, once 
you've broken the shield they're vulnerable at just any moment.
About Rook Shooters, remember two things: first, they shoot two burst 
of grenades instead of one; second, their grenades inflict Paralysis, 
which is much worse that Silence.

-KNIGHT: Purple Golems. When you enter the zone they're invisible, 
and will initiate battle in one of two different ways according to 
how you cross the area. If you walk around in the open, leaving your 
back unguarded, they'll grab you by the neck; if this happens, bash 
the controls to break free or you'll be Poisoned. After the grab the 
Golem will be confused for some time.
The second attack is the double air slap: you'll hear a buzzing sound 
and a red laser pointing at you, then the Golem will run at you, jump 
and slap the point where you were standing when he jumped with both 
his arms. Move away to avoid this attack, which can Poison you as 
well. The Golem will perform this attack if you're in a big open 
space, such as a long corridor, and he's far away from you.
After the first attack, get in a place where you can set your back 
firmly against a wall and the Golem can't attack you with the running 
slap. Now the enemy will start projecting holograms of himself. Turn 
up the volume of your TV and listen carefully. If you hear nothing, 
it's a clone - don't shoot or the real Golem will immediately appear 
and slap you. If you hear a buzzing sound, aim and shoot - this will 
break the Golem's attack and stun it for a while, allowing you to 
hit. Keep an eye on your ammo - you don't want a Knight Golem to 
reappear while you're reloading your weapon.

-BISHOP: Red Golems. They're a tougher and MUCH faster version of the 
Knight Golem, and quite possibly the fastest enemy of the game. Their 
speed makes them very difficult to fight, because reloading with one 
of these guys around requires perfect timing. Furthermore, Bishops 
tend to appear in the flesh instead of creating holograms, because 
they're absolutely evil and like to HURT you! a lot. Their attacks 
inflict Paralysis, so if you're hit, you're probably done for good, 
unless you're either very skilled or very lucky. Anyway, if you kill 
a Bishop Golem you're in for some serious reward. Just be careful.

PAWN:   HP 425   EXP 125   BP 100    MP 5
ROOK:   HP 482   EXP 250   BP 400    MP 8
KNIGHT: HP 600   EXP 300   BP 1000   MP 6
BISHOP: HP 800   EXP 400   BP 2500   MP 7


                           D I S C   O N E 

___/10.1 Akropolis Tower\____________________________________________

September 4, 2000     8.18 PM
M.I.S.T. Center, Los Angeles

After the opening credits, Aya will hit the wrong target. Her current 
training session will end, and Pierce will ask you whether you want 
to continue or not. Refer to The FAQs for details on the Shooting 
Gallery training. When you're done, choose not to continue and leave 
the room. 

You have 100 HP, 30 MP, 200 BP, a M93R, a Tonfa Baton, a GPS, a 
Recovery 2, and Parasite Energy Pyrokinesis as your base stats and 

After another room, you'll meet Pierce. Hal has just called. 
Something's going on at the Akropolis Tower. The SWAT agents are 
already there, but M.I.S.T. intervention is required, and Aya is the 
only Hunter available at the moment.

Go to the Arsenal. If you won something at the Shooting Gallery, your 
prizes will be here. Jodie will ask you whether you want them now or 
not. Leave them here for now. Buy some Recoveries if you want, but 
leave everything else behind, because you're gonna find plenty of 
items at the Tower. Now go to the Parking.

On the shelf in the northeast corner of the room you'll find a 
[RECOVERY 3]. If you take it, another one will be here when you 
return to the M.I.S.T. There's also a telephone in this room. When 
you're done, talk to Pierce and choose to leave, or go back to the 
Shooting Gallery if you want to give it another try.


September 4, 2000     8.56 PM
Akropolis Tower, Los Angeles

After the CGI, walk ahead. You can check the body if you want. Go 
ahead until the game takes over, and read the dialogue between Aya 
and the policeman. Then, go on. Aya will look at the crashed 
helicopter. Walk to the policemen and witness another cut scene.

Now you're in the West Elevator Hall. Just go to the Square (hmmm... 
Square... curious, huh?). After the CGI, check the body below the 
Magnum sign for a [RECOVERY 1]. Check the North side of the circular 
structure to find the map of the Tower. Then, approach the telephone. 
After a brief scene, use the telephone to contact HAL. When you're 
done, open the door to the East Elevator Hall.

Walk ahead until the game takes over (they could have spared that 
"Freeze!"... after that I was almost expecting to hear them talk... 
and all I got was written speech... :( ). After the chitchat, you'll 
receive the [CAFETERIA KEY]. Go back and climb down the steps to the 
South side of the room. There's a box of [9MM PARABELLUM] on the 
bench. This box provides you the max amount of ammo you can carry, 
and you can use it whenever you want. Come back here if you have less 
than 150 bullets. Also check the body opposite the bench for a 
[RECOVERY 2]. Now go to the Patio.

A scene will take over, and then your first fight will begin. Kill 
the Humanoid, and talk to the SWAT member. After the dialogue, unlock 
and enter the Cafeteria.

Walk ahead and you'll witness an incredibly disturbing CGI (after I 
saw it for the first time, I decided I wasn't going to sleep again 
for the rest of my life). Then, the first Boss battle will begin.

-----[BOSS 1]--------------------------------------------------------


This guy is too stupid to be real. You may fight it normally, but why 
take unnecessary risks at this point in the game? Turn around and 
have a table between you and the monster, then just target it and 
shoot it down. You can use Pyrokinesis to make things even easier. 
You'll end the fight unscathed.

HP 350   EXP 300   BP 200   MP 30

ITEMS: Recovery 2
EXTRA: MD Player


Check the dead monster to find the [METALLIC IMPLANT]. Then, try to 
leave the Cafe and a scene will take over. After that, go back to the 
Square and use the telephone. Then, go back to the Cafe once more. 
Take the [SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL] from the table and leave through the 
back door. 

In the Rear Corridor, check the yellow box on the wall to find a 
[BLUE KEY]. Enter the Kitchen. There's a [STIM] in the fridge, and a 
[RECOVERY 1] on the dead body. Go to the Control Room. Read the paper 
with the music notes on the wall, and take note of it. Go to the 
console on the North wall and press the + button twice, then use the 
bottom buttons to have a look around the place. Next, check the East 
wall and use the Blue Key into the left keyhole. Go to the Fountain.

Check the area opposite the statue to find a hidden path that will 
lead you to a box containing a [PROTEIN CAPSULE]. Use it. Unlock the 
two gates of the Fountain (begin with the West one). Now go to the 
Forked Road. Check the body for some [PENICILLIN], then go to the 

After the fight, search the body on the bench for a [TACTICAL VEST], 
then go to the Promenade. Kill the two Fatties, then check the small 
weather station opposite the escalator for some [GRENADES]. Go ahead, 
and a brief scene will occur. Check the body at the end of the hall 
for an [MP5A5]. Equip this new weapon and enter the Sanctuary.

After the scene, pick up the [RED KEY] from the floor, then go to the 
Roof Garden. Watch the scene, then go behind the statue and check the 
door TWICE to get the [BLACK CARD] from the floor. Twice, got it?

Leave and go back to the Control Room. Use the Red Key in the right 
keyhole, then go to the Fountain and look inside it to find a 

Go to the Bridge, and insert the code to raise the bridge. If you 
can't figure it out, look for it in The FAQs. Go on and open the door 
at the other end of the bridge. Save before you climb up the stairs 
to the Heliport.

Follow the path until you reach the elevator. Check it until you 
don't get any new comment, then go back whence you came. After a cool 
dialogue, the second Boss fight will begin.

-----[BOSS 2]--------------------------------------------------------


No.9 has many different attacks. He has two sword attacks - the first 
being a simple sword slash, and the second being a flaming sword 
attack. If announced by laughter, this second attack is even more 
powerful, so much that it can actually kill you in a single swipe if 
you're cornered at the end of the catwalk. On the other hand, if No.9 
lights up his sword, but doesn't laugh, it means he's about to jump 
attack, so move away.
No.9's final attack is a paralyzing grenade. He will only shoot it if 
you're very far from him, but don't worry - when you see it coming, 
just take a couple of steps ahead and it'll soar past your head. Just 
don't breath its smoke or you'll be Paralyzed. 

Start the battle by unloading a full MP5A5 clip on him, and also 
using Pyrokinesis if you're quick enough. Now No.9 will try to attack 
you - so run around the corner, reload, and run slightly past the 
electric cord on the wall. Make this cord your target. No.9 will turn 
the corner as well, and he will shoot one or two grenades. Dodge 
them, then step back, still targeting the cord. Now the enemy will 
come running at you - wait until the very last moment, then shoot the 
cord and No.9 will be electrocuted and lose 180 HP. Now it's time to 
shoot another full clip, and another Pyrokinesis burst maybe.
Time the cord attack perfectly - if you shoot too late, No.9's body 
will prevent you from shooting the cord, and if you shoot too early, 
he will simply jump past the cord.

Repeat the procedure with the next two cords. The third cord comes 
paired with a steam outburst: shoot it as well and you'll inflict 
huge damage. If you did everything correctly, by no means No.9 can 
still be on feet. However, if he's still attacking, shoot very 
quickly, because at this point he'll go for the Flaming Sword, which 
can kill you in one or two swipes.

HP 1600   EXP 500   BP 800   MP 30


Take the elevator up to the helicopter landing pad, and watch the cut 
scene. The mission is over.

*                                                                   *
* AKROPOLIS TOWER BATTLE ACCOUNT                                    *
*                                                                   *
* Total battles: 24                                                 *
*                                                                   *
* Patio: 4                                                          *
* Cafe: 3                                                           *
* Rear Corridor: 2                                                  *
* Forked Road: 3                                                    *
* Observatory: 3                                                    *
* Promenade: 3                                                      *
* Roof garden: 2                                                    *
* Fountain: 1                                                       *
* Bridge: 1                                                         *
* Heliport Corridor: 1                                              *
* Heliport: 1                                                       *
*                                                                   *
* GAINED ITEMS: Pepper Spray, 2x Recovery 1, Recovery 2, MP Boost 1,*
* Penicillin, Grenade, 2x 9mm Hydra                                 *
* EXTRA ITEMS: Recovery 1, MP Boost 1, 9mm Hydra, 3x 9mm Spartan,   *
* Airburst                                                          *
*                                                                   *

___/10.2 Dryfield\___________________________________________________

September 5, 2000     1.44 AM
M.I.S.T. Office, Los Angeles

HAL listens to Aya and Rupert's report, then he shows Aya an article 
about cattle mutilations in Nevada. He suspects NMCs are at work 
there, so he sends Aya to investigate. He'll give you 4 files: [MAP], 
them all - otherwise, HAL won't allow you to continue. Rupert's got a 
broken arm, so he won't be joining you. You'll have to go alone.

After the scene, you'll be in the M.I.S.T. parking. From now on you 
can use Aya's Sedan's trunk as a storage box for items you don't need 
(30 slots). Inside it you'll find three items in exchange for the 
three SWAT combat items you picked up at the Tower: a [RINGER'S 
SOLUTION] for the MP5A5, a [BELT POUCH] for the Tactical Vest, and a 
[PROTEIN CAPSULE] for the Grenade Pistol. Unfortunately, you can no 
longer keep those SWAT items with you, but I think the trade is fair 

Talk to Pierce to have some info on that Metallic Implant you found 
in the ANMC brain. Then, go to the Arsenal and buy everything you 
want. Ask Jodie to store the Shooting Gallery prizes into the car 
trunk. This is your last chance to test your skills at the Gallery, 
so do it now if you feel the need to. I suggest that you buy the M4A1 
since it can come in handy in many situations - and you may use it 
right here, at the Shooting Gallery, to make your life easier. Prizes 
are pretty good, so do your best.

If you picked up the [RECOVERY 3] the first time around, there's 
another on the same shelf. When you're done, talk to Pierce and 
choose to leave.


September 5, 2000     12.13 PM
Mojave Desert, Nevada

Aya parks her Sedan at the Dryfield Gas Station. There's an infinite 
box of [9MM PARABELLUM] just near the car, and a telephone near the 
General Store door. The shop is locked, so all you can do is to go to 
the Main Street.

Take some steps ahead, and prepare for a nasty surprise. After the 
battle, explore the nearby rooms. Room 1 holds no items, but you'll 
find a [PENICILLIN] in the cupboard in Room 2, and a [RECOVERY 1] in 
the waste paper basket in the toilet in the same room. Now go to the 

Search the place for some [BUCKSHOT] shells, then enter the toilet. 
After another gross scene, you'll have another battle. No items here, 
but check the wall with the writing "Hasta manana" to find an 
interesting clue. It sounds like this:

"Solve my riddle before you go. 
 How many phones in Dryfield's streets? 
 Then proceed, go down below. 
 To sunless molehills where red blood sleeps."

You'll easily figure it out as soon as you get to the place the 
writing refers to, so don't worry too much if you think it makes no 

Go back to the Main Street, and open the small gate near the ice 
vending machine to enter the Driveway. Go to the end of the alley and 
look for a [RECOVERY 1] - then check the well for a fight, if you 
want to kill everything. When you're done, enter the Factory.

Check the East wall near the car to find a switch. Move it, then use 
the buttons on the panel in the southwest corner to clear a path to 
the Garage. Check The FAQs for the solution. Don't forget the 
[R.SLUG] shells in the car's trunk. Enter the Garage.

Meet Gary Douglas. He's not happy the FBI sent in such a young girl, 
but he agrees it's better than nothing (either Douglas can't see very 
well, or he's not a man). After the usual chitchat, you'll receive 
the [MOTEL KEY NO.6]. Go to that room.

Room 6 has a telephone, and a storage box (10 slots) with a 
[PENICILLIN], two [STIMS], and 50 [9MM PARABELLUM]. Go to the room 
balcony for another cut scene. Then, go down the ladder.

This is a tricky place. Fight the two horses (no... not those eyes 
AGAIN!). What's up? Well, it seems the battle isn't over yet. Follow 
the path until you find a switch, and activate it. Now you have 30 
seconds to enter the inner area before the gate closes again, so 
don't stop to fight the horses on the way (alternatively, you may 
want to kill the horses outside, then re-open the gate after the way 
is clear). When you're in, 6 horses will attack you, 2 at a time. Let 
them hit the electrified fence, or use Pyrokinesis for easy kills.

After the battle, climb up the ladder. There, you'll meet Kyle 
Madigan, who wants to cooperate with you. When he's gone, have a look 
at Dryfield, then climb the nearby ladder to find ANOTHER dead body, 
but this time you'll have a very close look at it. Search it for the 
[CORPSE KEY] (which opens the Saloon) and a [RECOVERY 1]. Go back 
down, activate the switch and get outta here. 

Open the South door in the Courtyard to enter the Saloon Storeroom. 
Pick up the [BOTTLECAP MAGNET] from the fridge, and look for a 
[RECOVERY 1] near the other door.
Go to the Saloon to find the map of Dryfield and a can of [COLA]. 
When you're done with everything, go to the Back Alley.

Use the intercom and Gary will tell you to take the [FACTORY KEY]. 
Check the nearby grill to find the key, and use the Bottlecap Magnet 
to get it. Open the Factory and reach the Trailer Coach.

Gary will sell you goodies if you need them, and you can use his 
telephone to save the game. Here's what you can buy here:

M4A1 Rifle-------------2450
Rifle Clip Holder------1800
Grenade Pistol---------1680

9mm P.B.---------------30 per 50
Buckshot---------------60 per 10
5.56 Rifle-------------80 per 100
Grenade----------------280 per 4
Riot-------------------80 per 4

Shoulder Holster-------2580
PASGT Vest-------------2980

Recovery 1-------------100
MP Boost 1-------------320
Combat Light-----------60
Pepper Spray-----------100

Choose the second option to go on with the story. After the dialogue, 
leave the Trailer. Get the [WIRE ROPE] in the Junkyard and go to the 
Driveway. Use the Wire Rope in the well and go down.

When you reach the Underground Passage, use the nearby switch and go 
back to the Water Hole, where a [PROTEIN CAPSULE] can be found in the 
hole in the wall. Go back to the Underground Passage and fight the 
next Boss.

-----[BOSS 3]--------------------------------------------------------


A very nasty Boss indeed, and one of the hardest if you're not 
equipped for the battle. If all you have is Parabellum rounds, then 
prepare for a long and hard battle. If you have the Rifle, things 
will be much easier.

The biggest problem with this monster is that he can cloak himself 
and become perfectly invisible, except for the faint blur that can 
help you detect it - but it's just not enough to target it. To turn 
it visible, you'll need a Combat Light, or a Flare - this will stun 
it for a moment and make it drop to the floor like a stone. Necrosis 
will do the same effect, along with a little damage. Plasma can help, 
too, but you'll have to aim very well.

The Boss's attacks are very painful. He can swipe at you with its big 
legs, or it can grab you and slam you on the tunnel ceiling, which 
Confuses you and causes a LOT of damage. The best strategy is to use 
a Combat Light as soon as the battle begins, then run to the small 
passage that leads to the Cellar. As long as you're there, the Grey 
Stalker can't reach you and will keep on going back and forth, 
waiting for you to come out. You can't target it from here, but you 
can just point your weapon ahead and shoot when you see the Boss 
walking on the floor in front of you. If you're using the Rifle, 
however, the battle will be much faster, especially if you have the 
Hammer. But in Bounty, Scavenger, and Nightmare Mode, this battle 
will be your worst nightmare.

HP 450   EXP 800   BP 500   MP 15

ITEMS: Protein Capsule
EXTRA: Firefly


Go to the end of the hall and push the switch, then go to the Cellar. 
If you have the P08, take a look at the small showcase on the wall 
near the table. Examine it twice and you'll find a ["SNAIL" MAGAZINE] 
for the P08.

Now search the box for a [FLARE], then go back to the switch and move 
it again. Go back to the cellar and read the paper on one of the 
casks near the box to find another riddle:

"Now solve my riddle two.
 How many urinals in Dryfield's loo?
 Once you know, to the next place,
 A haunted house where only the sun dares show its face."

Now go back to the Passage and climb the ladder. You'll be in the 
General Store. Look for a [COLA] and a [RECOVERY 3], unlock the front 
door, and go to the Dilapidated House Street.

The first House hides a [BELT POUCH], and there are some [FIREFLY] 
shells near the door of the Dilapidated House. However, the house is 
locked from the inside, so enter the second House. Check the cupboard 
on the East wall and you'll easily find out what you need. 

Go back to the Trailer Coach, talk to Gary, and choose the new 
option. Gary will allow you to use his tools, so go to the Garage and 
pick up the [MONKEY WRENCH]. Go back to House 2 and use the Monkey 
Wrench to open a passage to the Dilapidated House. Check the South 
wall in the small passage to find the third riddle:

"Solve my riddle before you go.
 How many barrels in the mole-dens' center row?
 Once you know, go to the room,
 Where at 21 years a boy met his doom,
 Where you can see yourself."

Go ahead and after a while you'll have to fight a familiar face...

-----[BOSS 4]--------------------------------------------------------


He's back! This time though, the battle will be mush more a matter of 
strategy. No.9 will laugh hysterically if you shoot him, and he's 
capable of performing very wide sword slashes, so he can reach you 
and hit you even in the farthest corners. Furthermore, he will block 
every Parasite Energy that you'll shoot right in his face; for PEs to 
work, you'll have to shoot him in the back.

Basic strategy sees you running from one corner of the room to 
another, shooting like crazy so that No.9 is forced to anticipate his 
attack and miss you with his sword swipe. After he has attacked, run 
behind him, use Pyrokinesis, and then run to the next corner. 

However, you'll be safer if you follow Gerard Schiela's strategy. See 
the big hole in the plaster on the East wall? When No.9 is at the 
other end of the room, stay right in front of that hole and shoot. If 
No.9 makes no more than two steps ahead of the sun ray that shines in 
through the window, he'll surely miss you - otherwise, you'll have to 
move. As for the opposite side of the room, stand in the doorway and 
keep shooting as No.9 comes for you. If at any moment you can see any 
part of his legs, step back or you'll be hit. When you're in the 
small passage behind the doorway, No.9 will come for you. As soon as 
you can see him, quickly run past him and to the opposite wall again. 
Keep doing this until you win. Just never stay too close to No.9 or 
he'll grab you and slam you to the ground.

HP 1100   EXP 800   BP 300   MP 50

EXTRA: Gunblade


Give your fingers some relax while you witness a flashback and a 
stupid man getting punished for his dumbness, and the same man trying 
to apologize.

Now you have to go back to the Gas Station. Kyle will come with you 
and help you against the monsters. He has his own HP bar, and if he 
dies, it's Game Over.

After the scene at the Gas Station, go to the Trailer Coach and 
choose the third option. Gary will give you the [LOBBY KEY]. Go to 
the Lobby if you have some brains.

The Lobby is a save room. Now you have to solve a slightly hard 
puzzle. Check all the papers in the room to find clues, and check 
Room 1 and 2 as well. Then, use the cash register and insert the 
code. As usual, the solution can be found in The FAQs. Get the 
[BRONCO MASTER KEY] and go open the locked doors in the Main Street.

Room 3 hides an [MP BOOST 2]. In Room 4 you'll find the last riddle 
written on the mirror:

"Solve my riddle, if you dare,
 Organs of sense under bristly hair,
 Seen with how many silver plates in the Bronco's lair?
 Once you know, go from there
 To a jet-black door 'neath the moon's cold glare."

Room 5 has another [BELT POUCH].

Go to the Loft and find the safe in the corner. Use the four numbers 
suggested by the four riddles to open it and find some [HOLY WATER]. 
Find the solution in The FAQs. After that, pick up the [JERRY CAN] 
and go to the Gas Station to fill it with [PETROL]. Bring it to Gary, 
who's working in the Garage.

Go to the Saloon to have a chitchat with Madigan (this is important 
if you're going for the best ending), then go to Room 6, save, and 
use the bed. Then you'll be treated to a CGI feast you'll never 
forget. After that, prepare for a BIG fight.

-----[BOSS 5]--------------------------------------------------------


This colossus has four different attacks, all of which are very 
dangerous and life-consuming. 
The first attack, and the most typical, is the Flamethrower, which 
consists in a huge burst of flame from his mouth. This attack is 
preceded by a short outburst - as soon as you see it, start running 
down the balcony and don't stop until it's ceased.

His other attacks both involve his long, long arm. The first one is a 
powerful punch from above, which will pound you to the ground if it 
connects, and the second is a big slap which will send you flying 
towards the wall with unbelievable violence should it hit you. Both 
of these attacks can hurt you pretty badly, and they will almost 
surely hit you if you're standing in the middle of the balcony. 
Fortunately, you can be totally safe from them if you stay in the 
small corridor leading to the stairs, or in the corner between the 
two branches of the Balcony.

In his last atttack, Burner will grab you, lift you up in the air, 
squeeze you like an orange, burn you, AND finally throw you against 
the wall with almost enough violence to send you straight through it. 
This attack can be completely avoided only if you're standing in the 
corridor to the stairs - no other place offers you total safety, as 
Burner can reach you even if you're squeezing yourself into the North 
corner. If he does grab you, quickly press the D-Pad to loosen his 
grip and get a chance to shoot him straight in his mouth - this will 
hurt him a lot, and can sometimes save you from the upcoming flame.

I strongly suggest using the Rifle for this battle. Stay in the 
corner near the door to the Loft, as this is the best place to avoid 
all the attacks - Grab excluded, but you have many chances to avoid 
that as well if you stay there. Use Energyshot to power up your 
bullets, and try using Necrosis to prevent Burner from using the 

This is a time battle. If you can't deal enough damage within 3 
minutes, Burner will retire as soon as he's had enough, and Gary's 
dog, Flint, will die. This is a major branching point. If you can 
hurt Burner enough within the first three minutes of battle, Flint 
will live, but you'll have to bring Burner down. The clue you're 
looking for is the scene where the monster lifts a hand to its 
bloodied face - if you see this scene, then Flint is safe. 

Whatever the outcome of the battle, when he's defeated Burner will 
break the Balcony in two with his powerful punch, isolating Room 5 
and the stairs from the rest of the passage. Keep this in mind when 
you'll come back to check this floor later.

HP: 4650 totally - 3000 to weaken him/make him run away

If you win: EXP 2000   BP 1000   MP 100
ITEMS: Protein Capsule 

If he leaves: EXP 1000   BP 0   MP 0
ITEMS: Recovery 2
       MP Boost 1


Now you must go and see Gary and Flint in the Main Street. When 
you're there, Gary will give you the [TRUCK KEY]. Now go to the 
Garage and have some serious chat with Kyle. Then... 

- If Flint is alive: go to the Trailer. Gary will give you the [M950] 
(it's in the metal box). He will then sell you anything you need.

- If Flint is dead: go to the Junkyard and check the green Limo (the 
car nearest to the Trailer's door) to find the [CHICKEN PLATE].

When you're done, go back to the Garage and speak with Kyle to leave.

*                                                                   *
* DRYFIELD BATTLE ACCOUNT                                           *
*                                                                   *
* Total battles: 90                                                 *
*                                                                   *
* Main Street: 4                                                    *
* Room 1: 4                                                         *
* Room 2: 4                                                         *
* Driveway: 3                                                       *
* Toilet: 4                                                         *
* Parking: 5                                                        *
* Balcony: 5                                                        *
* Water Tower Courtyard: 5                                          *
* R&G Saloon: 3                                                     *
* Saloon Storage Room: 4                                            *
* Back Alley: 4                                                     *
* Garage: 4                                                         *
* Junkyard: 4                                                       *
* Water Hole: 3                                                     *
* Underground Passage: 3                                            *
* Cellar: 3                                                         *
* General Store: 4                                                  *
* Dilapidated House Street: 4                                       *
* House 1: 3                                                        *
* House 2: 2                                                        *
* Dilapidated House: 3                                              *
* Gas Station: 3                                                    *
* Room 3: 2                                                         *
* Room 4: 2                                                         *
* Room 5: 2                                                         *
* Loft: 3                                                           *
*                                                                   *
* GAINED ITEMS: 5x 9mm Hydra, 3x Combat Light, 4x Flare, 2x MP Boost* 
* 1, 5x Recovery 2, Recovery 3, 3x Firefly, MP Boost 2, Riot        *
* EXTRA ITEMS: 5x 9mm Spartan, Penicillin, Recovery 2, Flare, 2x    *
* MP Boost 1, 2x MP Boost 2, 3x R.Slug, Grenade, Lipstick           *
*                                                                   *
                    E N D   O F   D I S C   O N E


                           D I S C   T W O

___/10.3 The Shelter\________________________________________________

September 6, 2000     12.06 AM
Mesa on the outskirts of Dryfield, Mojave Desert

Kyle is SERIOUSLY wounded - but don't worry, he can't die now. Fight 
the first horse and Kyle will leave. Then you'll have to fight 10 
more horses, 2 at a time. Don't waste any bullets or MP here - just 
stay close to the pit near the fence and wait for a horse to charge 
at you. Get out of the way before you get hit and it will fall to its 
doom. Repeat for all horses. DON'T get pushed down the pit by a 

After the battle, use the truck to store your items if you need to 
(20 slots), then enter the mine and go west as far as you can. When 
you find the hole in the bridge, check it, then go back and enter the 
Forked Tunnel. Move the lever of the cart to open a path to the [OAK 
BOARD]. Take it and use it at the Gorge to proceed. Enter the Refuge.

In the Refuge there's an infinite box of [9MM PARABELLUM], and a 
telephone. Check the panel on the east wall and remove the [JUMPER 
PLUG]. Put it in the second hole from above and move the switch to 
open the gate outside. Get out and enter the Cavern.

-----[BOSS 6]--------------------------------------------------------


This big Papa Horse is pretty quick and resistant, but I think his 
minions can give you much more problems at times. The Blizzard Chaser 
will attack just like regular Chasers, but with some differences. For 
instance, its aim is remarkably worse, and second, he prefers to run 
away from you rather than coming after you. So, when he runs away, go 
after him, and one of three things will happen:

a) The monster will charge you as soon as you're in its line of 
sight. Keep running and swivel slighly to one side. It'll go for a 
headbutt, but it'll miss.

b) The monster will stop in the middle of a passage, and it'll wait 
there. If you enter its field of vision, it will attack you, and 
should it miss, it will start turning around, looking for you. If it 
finally finds you, it will bite you. When it's performing this 
attack, stay right behind it so that it'll eventually go for the bite 
- but it will miss. 

c) The monster disappears from view, but suddenly you hear it 
neighing. A moment later, it will drop from above. Keep on moving to 
avoid being pounded. As you can see, moving is the secret for success 
If the Blizzard Chaser doesn't run away, it may try to bite you. 
Watch out for this attack, as it can hurt you plenty.

There are two ways to dispose of this Boss:

1) Use the four barrels you can find at the four corners of the room. 
Each one of them has 30 HP, and they're very resistant, but they'll 
eventually explode if you can damage them enough. If the Boss is near 
a barrel when it explodes, it will receive 400 HP damage. However, I 
suggest that you don't use the barrels just now. 

2) Just shoot it. If you're using the Grenade Pistol, every hit will 
make it fall to the ground. Anyway, every weapon is fine.

HP 500   EXP 300   BP 200   MP 10


After the battle, you'll find the [P229] and another [JUMPER PLUG]. 

-----[BOSS 7]--------------------------------------------------------


Just two differences from the first battle. First, the Boss has far 
more HP; second, its bite can now Poison you.

Now is the time to make good use of those barrels, so to have it 
easier and to spare ammo. However, you'll have to be very precise, 
since the Boss is now somewhat fiercer, and it will move away from 
the barrels fast.

EXP 500   BP 300   MP 30

ITEMS: Recovery 2


Check the motorbike in the southwest corner, and try to push the 
switch. It won't work. Go back to the Refuge and check the panel 
again. Remove the first plug, and put it into the first hole from 
above. Put the other into the last hole from above. Move the switch 
and go back to the Cavern. Now push the switch by the motorbike and 
the door to the Secret Passage will open. Go there.

Walk ahead and you'll meet another nasty monster.

-----[BOSS 8]--------------------------------------------------------


Too many Boss fights in too short a period. Oh well, Square loves 
these things. It seems this is the sequels place: 2 horses and 
another spider... they're running out of ideas.

Have your P229 equipped. As soon as the Boss appears, use the Flash. 
The Boss will turn visible, and it will fall to the ground. It _can_ 
hit you while it's on the ground (the way it can turn around to hit 
you if you're standing behind it is amazing!), so as soon as it 
falls, use Plasma. Now just shoot it until it either tries to hit you 
or return up on the ceiling. If it tries to hit you, use Plasma; if 
it goes up again, use the Flash once more and repeat the process. 
Easy, ain't it? If you have the M4A1 Hammer, it will do the same 
effect as Plasma.

Oh, by the way, the Boss has two attacks - a poisoning swipe, and a 
VERY painful grab that can Paralyze you as an added bonus. Nice guy, 
huh? Too bad it won't have a chance to use them... unless you get 
clumsy and screw things up, of course. 

HP 1000   EXP 600   BP 300   MP 15

ITEMS: Belt Pouch
       9mm Spartan
EXTRA: MP Boost 2


Now go on until you reach the elevator, and use it to go down.

Make your way to the Storeroom through the Southeast Passage B1. The 
Storeroom holds an infinite box of [9MM PARABELLUM], and a [RINGER'S 
SOLUTION] somewhere on the shelves near the door. Take the North exit 
and reach the Sleeping Quarters. Have a close look around, because 
this is an important room. Go to the Main Corridor B1, and to the 

In this room you can buy some good stuff, here's a list:

M4A1 Rifle-------------2450
Rifle Clip Holder------1800
Grenade Pistol---------1680

9mm P.B.---------------30 per 50
Buckshot---------------60 per 10
5.56 Rifle-------------100 per 80
Grenade----------------280 per 4
Riot-------------------80 per 4

Combat Armour----------3250
NBC Suit---------------3980

Recovery 1-------------100
Recovery 2-------------180
MP Boost 1-------------320
Combat Light-----------60
Pepper Spray-----------100

It would be a very wise choice to buy the Hammer. Also, consider 
buying the Grenade Pistol if you didn't before.

When you're done, use the Black Card you found much earlier to open 
up the Armory. In this room you'll find three infinite ammo boxes for 
[9MM PARABELLUM], [9MM HYDRA], and [BUCKSHOT]. Then, look for the 
[SP12] in the back of the room, and unlock the door to the Storeroom. 
After that, go to the Sterilization Room. Here you'll find a 
telephone, and a Storage Box (20 slots) containing 20 [BUCKSHOT 
SHELLS] and 8 [GRENADE]. Go to the North Hall B1, watch the scene and 
take the elevator down.

If you want to kill everything, go down the second elevator and 
destroy the lasers, then go back up. Go to the Breeding Room, and 
have a look around if you don't like to sleep well. In this room 
you'll find ANOTHER [9MM PARABELLUM] infinite box, and a [STIM] in 
the first cell, as well as a [COLA] just right of the entrance door. 
Now proceed through the East door and watch a cool scene, then go 
back to B1 and try to go back to the Main Corridor. The system will 
try to sterilize you. As soon as you regain control of Aya, turn 
around and check the garbage chute. Choose the second option and 
share the fate of Luke Skywalker and company (didn't this happen in 
FFVII too?).

When you land, search the garbage for infinite [9MM PARABELLUM] and 
[9MM HYDRA], then proceed and a scene will occur. Yes, it seems that 
Square programmers really dig Star Wars.

-----[BOSS 9]--------------------------------------------------------


This Boss is quite fun to fight IMO. These are the things he can do:

1) He shrugs, then he opens his mouth and starts vacuuming anything 
   in sight. If he sucks you in, it's Game Over, so stay away from 
2) After the vacuuming, some water jets will drop from above. Keep an 
   eye on their shadows on the floor, and get out of the way.
3) He moves his left leg, then shoots green smoke that can Poison 
4) He moves his right leg, then throws three balls of a sticky 
   substance. If these get you, you'll be unable to move from that 
   spot for a while. Glutton usually uses this attack after the green 
5) He screams, and two Mad Chasers jump out of the garbage. He'll 
   suck them in with the next vacuuming, recovering 100 HP from each. 
   Then, he'll spit their remains at you with tremendous force, 
   hurting you a lot. Kill the Mad Chasers before he can eat them.
6) He sticks his tongue out, then he slams it on the floor. When he's 
   about to do this, move aside to avoid being hit. If the tongue 
   gets you, it'll put you in Berserker status. 

This sucker's weak point is his mouth. His shoulders can also be 
hurt, but damage will be so low, you'd better ignore them. The only 
problem is, the mouth can be hurt only when it's open, which happens 
when Glutton is performing attacks 1, 5, or 6. If he's vacuuming, run 
away from him, then turn around and shoot. If he's about to use the 
tongue attack, get to one side and shoot. After every vacuuming, 
water jets will fall, but the camera angle will adjust so that you 
can see their shadows better.

I suggest that you use Hydra bullets or the Rifle, coupled with 
Energyshot. After you've dealed some damage, Glutton will take some 
steps ahead. If the battle goes on for long, he'll get so close to 
the exit he won't be able to vacuum garbage anymore. At that point, 
he'll be using attacks 3, 5 and 6 a lot. Hit him when he uses the 
tongue attack. If you move around well, you won't get hit even once.

HP 3000   EXP 500   BP 200   MP 100

ITEMS: Recovery 3
       5.56 Rifle
EXTRA: Airburst


Go through the East door, and it's replay time again.

-----[BOSS 10]-------------------------------------------------------


Let's put an end to this, OK? Don't waste bullets and just run to the 
small alcove in the wall. Step on the pressure plate and wait for the 
platform to rise. Meanwhile, hug the wall to avoid trouble.

When the platform is up, run towards the next alcove and aim at his 
mouth. When he starts vacuuming, shoot him. Your goal is to make him 
step completely on the platform. When he's there, step on the 
pressure plate in the second alcove to lower the platform, then step 
on it once more to end the fight with style.

If you prefer, you can also shoot him to death. This will take 
longer, but it will net you a couple more items. It's your choice.

HP 3000   EXP 700   BP 200   MP 100

ITEMS: Recovery 3
       Eau de Toilette (if you don't use the trash compactor)
       Airburst (if you don't use the trash compactor)
EXTRA: MP Boost 2


Now you have 5 minutes to go through the South door. That's a lot of 
time, so go back to the Dumping Hole and check that new metal box for 
the [MEDICINE WHEEL]. Then you'll be attacked by a horde of small, 
stupid monsters. Clean the two rooms and get outta here before it 
gets too hot. Say thanks to Kyle and save if you want, then go to the 

Make your way to the ladder and climb it. Check the panel on the 
south wall and read the clue:

"Check for occupants before opening [Flood Gate].
 Let the rats, roaches, and spiders drown, but first...
 Count their legs, enter the total, and raise the lever."

Understand? Go to the control panel and enter the code. Check The 
FAQs for the solution. After the water has been lowered, search the 
room for an [MP BOOST 2], then get out. Go back to the Upper Sewer 
and check the advice near the door, which is about the Full Moon 
Gate. It says that the code is the age of that moon. Go where the 
previous ladder was and enter the code, which can be found, as usual, 
in The FAQs. Go back to the Incinerator Control Room, and save if you 
want. Now you have to make a choice.

You can continue the adventure with Kyle's or with Pierce's help. If 
you choose Pierce, go through the Full Moon Gate now, but first kill 
all monsters on B3 and B4. If you prefer Kyle, go to the Elevator 
Hall B3 and take the elevator up. I'll describe the two routes 

Take the elevator up. Kyle will give you [YOSHIDA'S CARD] and tell 
you a password, then he'll leave. You're in Elevator Hall B2. Go 
through the Full Moon Gate and return to Dryfield. Kill everything 
there, and pay a visit to Gary, who has some new stuff for you. These 
include the following:


9mm Hydra-------50 per 50
Firefly---------90 per 10

EOD Suit--------4580

Now get back to the Shelter.

Go to the Full Moon Gate and go through it. Kyle will leave you. If 
alive, Flint will be outside the well.

Go to the Water Tank and help Pierce up there. He will give you the 
SUV KEY. Go to the Gas Station and open the land rover for a 

Now go to the ice vending machine, take some ice, and bring it to 
Pierce. Do this three times to receive a [COLA], an [MP BOOST 2], and 
the [OFUDA]. After that, go to the Trailer Coach, where Gary has 
lotsa new stuff for you. The prices are high, but the things are 
cool. You won't find much more later.

Here's a list of the new goodies Gary has for you:


9mm Hydra-------50 per 50
Firefly---------90 per 10

EOD Suit--------4580

When you're done here, return to the Shelter.

*                                                                   *
* DRYFIELD II BATTLE ACCOUNT                                        *
*                                                                   *
* Total battles: 14 (15)                                            *
*                                                                   *
* Underground Passage: 1                                            *
* Cellar: 1                                                         *
* House 1: 1                                                        *
* House 2: 1                                                        *
* Gas Station: 1                                                    *
* Main Street: 1                                                    *
* Room 3: 1                                                         *
* Balcony: 1                                                        *
* Room 5: 1                                                         *
* Toilet: 1                                                         *
* Saloon Storeroom: 1                                               *
* Water Tower Courtyard: 1                                          *
* Loft: 1                                                           *
* Garage: 1                                                         *
* (Water Tank: 1)                                                   *
*                                                                   *
* GAINED ITEMS: Belt Pouch                                          *
* EXTRA ITEMS: Eau de Toilette                                      *
*                                                                   *
* *NOTE: numbers between brackets are for Pierce's way*             *
*                                                                   *

Go to the Northeast Passage B1 and meet Bowman. Kill him. It's just 
like any other Brain Stinger. He will leave [BOWMAN'S CARD] behind.

Go to B2 and use the card you found to open a path to the Operating 
Room. Bowman's card opens the door in the Elevator Hall, while 
Yoshida's card opens the door in the Northeast Passage. 

In the Operating Room you'll find a [RINGER'S SOLUTION] and some [EAU 
DE TOILETTE]. Now go to the Laboratory, which has a telephone and a 
Storage Box (10 slots). Look at the computer on the table. It's been 
infected by a virus, so even if you know the password (it's on the 
background...) it won't work. What to do?

Take a look at the board and you'll have some reminders of FFVII. 
Check it again and you'll learn that Yoshida borrowed the magazine 
"Aeris". Go to the Sleeping Quarters and check his bed for [AERIS 
(SEPTEMBER ISSUE)]. READ it _VERY CAREFULLY_, then go back to the 
Laboratory and write down the new password. You can find it the FAQs.

Choose option D and you'll be asked three questions. You must give 
the correct answer to all of them. The questions will be sorted from 
the following list:

1) What name is given to the theory that humankind's origin lay in 
   one ancestral species in Africa?
 A) Mitochondria Adam
 B) Mitochondria Eve
 C) Mitochondria First

2) What is the name of the desert above this facility?
 A) The Gobi Desert
 B) The Mojave Desert
 C) The Arizona Desert

3) Who was declared responsible for the Manhattan incident?
 A) G. Robert
 B) K. Maeda
 C) H. Klaup

4) Which agency supervises MIST?

5) Which neo-Mitochondritis victim caused the N.Y. Blockade incident?
 A) Melissa Pearce
 B) Mary Pearce
 C) Melanie Pearce

6) Which organism possess mitochondria?
 A) Bacteria
 B) Crustaceans
 C) Cyanobacteria (algae)

7) Which of these organelles contain genetic information (DNA)?
 A) Golgi bodies
 B) Mitochondria
 C) Endoplasmic reticula

8) What do mitochondria produce by combining glucose, lipids, and  

9) Name the town located behind the Nevada Laboratory.
 A) Drytown
 B) Dry Valley
 C) Dryfield

10) Gene transmission in mitochondria is?
 A) Maternal
 B) Paternal
 C) Atavistic 

11) Which method alters genes by delivering DNA via an artificial  
 A) Carrier
 B) Vector
 C) Track

The answers are in The FAQs. Anyway, if you've read the Scientific 
Journal found in the Cafeteria back at the Akropolis Tower, you 
shouldn't have any problems.

Once you have given the answers, prepare for a shocking revelation. 
Then, the phone will ring. The person you decided to have with you is 
at the other end of the line, and tells you to join him at the Pod 
Service Gantry. Go there.

After the chitchat, go where the telephone is and check the monitors. 
One of them has some orange buttons. Check the first, the third and 
the fifth camera angle, and press the Operate button on each. Now go 
to the first elevator in the Main Corridor B2 (Kyle won't let you go 
anywhere else anyway) and take it down. After a scene, you're on your 
own again. Go back up and kill everything, then come back here.

Pierce will have a long talk with you, along with a tutorial on how 
to operate this room. Operate on the first, the third and the fifth 
camera angle to clear the way to Neo Ark. You will also receive the 
[MICRO DEVICE]. Go to B2 and use the north elevator in the Main 
Corridor to enter Neo Ark.

*                                                                   *
* SHELTER BATTLE ACCOUNT                                            *
*                                                                   *
* Total battles: 79 (80)                                            *
*                                                                   *
* Mesa: 3                                                           *
* Tunnel Entrance: 3                                                *
* Tunnel: 3                                                         *
* Forked Tunnel: 2                                                  *
* Gorge: 3                                                          *
* Cavern: 3                                                         *
* Secret Passage: 2                                                 *
* Southeast Corridor B1: 3                                          *
* Storeroom: 3                                                      *
* Northeast Passage B1: 3                                           *
* Sleeping Quarters: 3                                              *
* Main Corridor B1: 3                                               *
* Southwest Corridor B1: 2                                          *
* Golem Control Room: 1                                             *
* North Hall B2: 3                                                  *
* Septic Tank: 4                                                    *
* Main Corridor B2: 3                                               *
* Breeding Room: 4                                                  *
* Dumping Hole: 2                                                   *
* Garbage Incinerator: 2                                            *
* Lower Sewer: 3                                                    *
* Upper Sewer: 4                                                    *
* Water Supply: 1                                                   *
* Reservoir: 1                                                      *
* Elevator Hall B2: 2                                               *
* Northeast Passage B2: 2                                           *
* North Hall B1: 2                                                  *
* Elevator Hall B1: 2                                               *
* Operating Room: 2                                                 *
* Southeast Passage B2: 2                                           *
* Elevator Hall B3: 1 (2)                                           *
* Northwest Passage B1: 1                                           *
* Underground Parking Corridor: 1                                   *
*                                                                   *
* GAINED ITEMS: Recovery 3, 9mm Hydra, 4x 5.56 Rifle, 6x Firefly,   *
* Recovery 2, MP Boost 1, MP Boost 2, Stim, Penicillin, 2x Protein  *
* Capsule, R.Slug, Eau de Toilette, 9mm Spartan                     *
* EXTRA ITEMS: 2x 9mm Spartan, R.Slug, Airburst, Belt Pouch, Firefly*
*                                                                   *
* *NOTE: numbers between brackets are for Pierce's way*             *
*                                                                   *

___/10.4 Neo Ark\____________________________________________________

Welcome to Jurassic Park! Well, you HAVE to admit that the 
Observatory must have been inspired by that film, as well as the 
whole place, apart from the Pyramid and the Shrine. Anyway, let's get 

Take the way South and make it to the West door of the shrine. Check 
the windows on the way to learn something about your enemies. When 
you're there, look at the hieroglyphs just opposite the door, and 
take note of them. They are:
RED: 1) Egyptian god   2) _/\  3) Blank eye   4) |_  _|  + Dot
YELLOW: 1) Fish   2) Eye   3) X in circle   4) Crown   + Dot
BLUE: 1) Leaf   2) Knife   3) Boat   4) Acorn   + Dot

Now go back into the Shrine and enter the chamber opposite the 
coffin. Check the wall and you'll find a panel that has 15 colored 
plates, and a circle in the lower-right corner. At first, the plates 
are placed like this:

R1   R2   R3   R4
Y1   Y2   Y3   Y4
B1   B2   B3   B4
WH   WH   WH   O

Now, take a better look and you'll see three colored bars at the 
edges of the panel. The red one is diagonal, the blue one is 
horizontal, and the yellow one is vertical. That's the way you have 
to place the colored plates, in their right order. You can only align 
one color at a time. Remember that, after the alignment, the dot in 
the lower-right corner MUST be visible. This is kinda hard when you 
have to align the red plates. However, this is what you get:

B1 B2 B3 B4 -> The coffin opens, revealing an [MP BOOST 2].

Y4 -> The alcove is shut and three Black Beetles enter the room from 
Y3    a secret hole in the ceiling.

R1 -> The door to the Power Plant is unlocked.

When you're done, go to the Power Plant.

-----[BOSS 11]-------------------------------------------------------


Ack! These things are getting uglier and uglier, aren't they? 
However, this one's a chinch. You'll notice that no matter how much 
you hurt it, it continuously restores itself. So what to do? Well, 
destroy the lasers, then find and destroy the control panel. After 
that, shoot the big thing and the battle will soon end. You can do it 
even faster if you use Pyrokinesis.

HP 250+250   EXP 200(+90)   BP 100   MP 100

ITEMS: Recovery 3
EXTRA: MP Boost 2


Now go North and reach the Pyramid. Check the column and move the 
stone disc 4 times to align it properly. Then take note of what you 
see, and proceed to the Pavilion via the Submarine Tunnel.

At the Pavilion, check the stone plate and take note of the 
inscriptions. Return to the Pyramid and check the wall on the right 
side of the stairs to find the final clue. Climb the stairs and 
"dance". If you don't know what to do, The FAQs will tell you in 

Move the lever and the bridge will move, giving you access to the 
Island. Go there, open the manhole and climb down the ladder. Fight 
the 5 Divers, then it's Boss time again.

-----[BOSS 12]-------------------------------------------------------


When it comes out of the water, shoot it once or twice, then be 
prepared to run. As soon as you see sparks flying, start running 
around the room to avoid its only attack, which looks a lot like 
Burner's flame, but lasts shorter. Attack when you can and the battle 
will be no sweat. You can really make it out unscathed. Also remember 
that Divers are very weak against fire. Pyrokinesis and the M4A1 Pyke 
can really make a difference against this Boss.

HP 2000   EXP 400   BP 1000   MP 15

ITEMS: Protein Capsule 
EXTRA: MP Boost 2


Check the reddening pool for a [SKULL CRYSTAL]. Go back to the 
Pyramid and move the bridge back. Go to the Garden and look at the 
stone plate. Take note of everything, then go to the Pyramid again 
and "dance" to unlock the Power Plant. Go there via the Garden. Check 
the back of the stairs for an infinite box of [HYDRA BULLETS], then 
climb the stairs.

-----[BOSS 13]-------------------------------------------------------


This one may be even uglier than the first. Dispose of it the same 
way. No problem.

HP 250+500   EXP 400(+90)   BP 200   MP 100

ITEMS: Ringer's Solution
EXTRA: MP Boost 2


After this easy fight, go back to the Shelter.

*                                                                   *
* NEO ARK BATTLE ACCOUNT                                            *
*                                                                   *
* Total battles: 42                                                 *
*                                                                   *
* Speakers Room: 2                                                  *
* Savanna: 3                                                        *
* Shrine: 2                                                         *
* Power Plant: 3                                                    *
* Forest Zone: 7                                                    *
* Woodland Path: 9                                                  *
* Pyramid: 3                                                        *
* Pavilion: 3                                                       *
* Bridge: 3                                                         *
* Garden: 2                                                         *
* Island Bridge: 2                                                  *
* Island: 2                                                         *
* Submarine Tunnel: 1                                               *
*                                                                   *
* GAINED ITEMS: Recovery 2, Recovery 3, Eau de Toilette, Ringer's   *
* Solution                                                          *
* EXTRA ITEMS: 2x MP Boost 2                                        *
*                                                                   *
* *NOTE: the two battles in the Speakers Room are counted here, but *
* you must fight there BEFORE and AFTER the first visit to Neo Ark* *
*                                                                   *
* *NOTE: you may count less battles in the Forest Zone and the      *
* Woodland Path if you fight two Dilophosaurs at a time. I counted  *
* each one of them as a battle*                                     *
*                                                                   *

___/10.5 The Underground and the return to Neo Ark\__________________

Take the other elevator to the Speakers Room, and take the elevator 
you'll find down there. On floor B6 you'll find more Speakers, and 
the little girl you've seen so many times before. Follow her to the 
Training Room.

-----[BOSS 14]-------------------------------------------------------


Wow, this is a HARD training! You really have to be a one man army to 
win this fight. Have with you your best weapons, and be happy if 
you're a Grenade Pistol fan.

First of all, destroy the two speakers. Every time you destroy one, 
the big guy will be stunned and won't attack. This is also what 
happens if you use the Grenades, and it will spare you a tough 

If you don't have the Grenades, take a deep breath and be warned that 
800 5.56mm bullets won't be enough for this thing, unless you 
"dilute" them with Energyshot. Forget any shotgun but the AS12. 
Anyway, if Energyshot is level 3 already, you can use just any kind 
of ammo - all, except for Parabellum, of course.

This Boss has many attacks:

- The purple lasers: one, two or three at a time. You know they're 
coming because the Boss will form a purple sphere between his hands. 
Hug the South wall when you see lasers coming. For the single one, 
wait on one side until it's almost hit you, then run to the other 
side of the wall. For the double laser, stay in the center of the 
screen. For the triple laser, try to position yourself between the 
middle laser and one of the two lateral ones. The single laser can 
cause Paralysis, the double lasers can cause Confusion, and the 
triple lasers will cause Blidness.

- The spheres: he forms a golden sphere, then throws some small 
spheres at you in a parabolic trajectory. Just move out of the way.

- Combustion: this one is VERY painful. The Boss raises his arms 
(when he's doing this, he receives double damage) and starts to form 
a red sphere. Then, suddenly, he releases a huge wave of fire that 
swipes the whole room. This attack can't be avoided, but you can 
interrupt its execution if you manage to deal enough damage to the 
Puppet Stinger before he uses it.

There are many things to know for this battle. First, the little girl 
will periodically recover 80 HP for the Boss. You can't do a thing 
about this, so just accept it and move on. Second, if you stand 
behind him, the Boss can't hit you with double or triple lasers. 
Third, and best of all: if you touch the Boss, the energy field 
surrounding him will make you fall to the ground, also granting you 
invincibility until you're back on your feet. This is the only way 
you have to avoid Combustion - just time it well, and the attack will 
miss you. You can do this to avoid all attacks, but you'd waste time, 
so don't do it too often.

Energyshot helps tremendously during this battle, so make full use of 
it. Stay as close to the Boss as you can - but no so much that you 
can't see what attack is coming. Time every move very well, and he 
shouldn't be so hard to beat. The only thing that can really get to 
your nerves is the fact that the Boss has so many HP. When it finally 
crumbles, feel free to celebrate.

HP 4000   EXP 1000(+300)   BP 500   MP 100

ITEMS: MP Boost 2
       Eau de Toilette 
EXTRA: Ringer's Solution


Go to the Nursery and watch the long scene. Then, the telephone will 

The line goes dead.

Pierce is at the other end of the line and briefly speaks with you. 
Then, suddenly, the line goes dead.

Search the room for an [MD PLAYER] and a [RINGER'S SOLUTION], then 
talk to Kyle until he suggests to leave, and try to move toward the 
exit. Another scene will occur, and you'll be in the Growth Room.

Quick! Search the Northwest corner of the room for a [PROTEIN 
CAPSULE], then check the cylinder opposite Eve. Then, talk to Eve and 
WALK (and I mean WALK) towards the elevator. Make sure Eve is 
following you, and activate the elevator as soon as she's on it. If 
she dies, it's Game Over.

You'll get out of the Elevator in a familiar place. Go to the 
Submarine Tunnel and meet an old enemy, then the Golems will 
officially be there for you to fight. Fortunately, it seems that in 
their blind, mindless fury they have seriously weakened Neo Ark's 

Make your way back to the Shelter. You can now return to Dryfield to 
kill a new batch of monsters. Go to the Pod Service Gantry and switch 
off the Security Lasers again, then go to the Underground Parking.                   

Go to the telephone in the Pod Service Gantry, and check it to find 
[PIERCE'S MESSAGE]. Read the message and use the telephone to call 

Check the panel right of the east door and pick up the [CAR KEY], 
then check the panel. Press the red, green and yellow button, then 
press CALL. This will bring up a box containing a [BELT POUCH]. Now 
return to the panel and press the blue and the yellow button, 
followed by CALL, to bring the jeep to this floor. Check it and 
choose to use it. Use Yoshida's or Bowman's Card in the panel near 
the closed gate to open it. Hop on the car.

Go to the Vehicular Airlock and check the motorbike for the [TEDDY 
BEAR], then go to the Guardroom and use the switch. Go to the Bulwark 
and use the panel to open the gates. Get out and watch the cool CGI.

*                                                                   *
* SHELTER II BATTLE ACCOUNT                                         *
*                                                                   *
* Total battles: 2                                                  *
*                                                                   *
* Corridor: 1                                                       *
* Training Room: 1                                                  *
*                                                                   *
* GAINED ITEMS: MP Boost 2                                          *
* EXTRA ITEMS: Recovery 3                                           *
*                                                                   *
* *NOTE: the battle in the Speakers Room has been counted in the Neo* 
* Ark section*                                                      *
*                                                                   *

*                                                                   *
* NEO ARK II BATTLE ACCOUNT                                         *
*                                                                   *
* Total battles: 12                                                 *
*                                                                   *
* Bridge: 1                                                         *
* Pavilion: 1                                                       *
* Forest Zone: 1                                                    *
* Woodland Path: 1                                                  *
* Pyramid: 1                                                        *
* Island Bridge: 1                                                  *
* Island: 1                                                         *
* North Promenade: 1                                                *
* South Promenade: 1                                                *
* Savanna: 1                                                        *
* Shrine: 1                                                         *
* Power Plant: 1                                                    *
*                                                                   *
* GAINED ITEMS: 4x 9mm Spartan, 2x Riot                             *
* EXTRA ITEMS: 3x 5.56 Rifle, Grenade, 9mm Spartan                  *
*                                                                   *

*                                                                   *
* DRYFIELD III BATTLE ACCOUNT                                       *
*                                                                   *
* Total battles: 11                                                 *
*                                                                   *
* Water hole: 1                                                     *
* Driveway: 1                                                       *
* Back alley: 1                                                     *
* Water Tower Courtyard: 1                                          *
* Parking: 1                                                        *
* Room 1: 1                                                         *
* Room 2: 1                                                         *
* General Store: 1                                                  *
* Dilapidated House Street: 1                                       *
* Dilapidated House: 1                                              *
* Junkyard: 1                                                       *
*                                                                   *
* GAINED ITEMS: Airburst                                            *
*                                                                   *

*                                                                   *
* SHELTER III BATTLE ACCOUNT                                        *
*                                                                   *
* Total battles: 30                                                 *
*                                                                   *
* Main Corridor B2: 1                                               *
* Elevator Hall B2: 1                                               *
* Elevator Hall B3: 1                                               *
* Lower Sewer: 1                                                    *
* Upper Sewer: 1                                                    *
* Water Supply: 1                                                   *
* Reservoir: 1                                                      *
* Southeast Passage B2: 1                                           *
* Operating Room: 1                                                 *
* Northeast Passage B2: 1                                           *
* Breeding Room: 1                                                  *
* Septic Tank: 1                                                    *
* North Hall B2: 1                                                  *
* Elevator Hall B1: 1                                               *
* Southeast passage B1: 1                                           *
* Storeroom: 1                                                      *
* Main Corridor B1: 1                                               *
* Southwest Passage B1: 1                                           *
* Golem Control Room: 1                                             *
* Secret passage: 1                                                 *
* Cavern: 1                                                         *
* Gorge: 1                                                          *
* Sleeping Quarters: 1                                              *
* Northeast Passage B1: 1                                           *
* Northwest Passage B1: 1                                           *
* Underground Parking Corridor: 1                                   *
* North Hall B1: 1                                                  *
* Airlock: 1                                                        *
* Vehicular Airlock: 1                                              *
* Bulwark: 1                                                        *
*                                                                   *
* GAINED ITEMS: 4x 5.56 Rifle, 5x Airburst, 2x Riot, 2x 9mm Spartan,* 
* Penicillin, Belt Pouch, MP Boost 2, R.Slug                        *
* EXTRA ITEMS: Antidote, Riot, 2x 5.56 Rifle, 2x 9mm Spartan, MP    *
* Boost 2, Ringer's Solution                                        *
*                                                                   *

___/10.6 Day Three\__________________________________________________

September 6, 2000     6.37 PM
White House, Washington D.C.

Just a sad scene here, one you've probably seen in many movies. 

September 6, 2000     3.52 PM
Mojave Desert, Nevada

After the scene, explore the Tent. You can find a map of the Shelter, 
4 [AIRBURST] grenades and a [RINGER'S SOLUTION]. Save if you want. 
Get out. If Flint is alive, he'll give you [DOUGLAS' LETTER] in a 

Talk to Rupert to receive the [MONGOOSE] and 25 [MAEDASP] bullets. 
Check the area behind Rupert to gain access to three old Storage 
Boxes: the Sedan trunk, the motel cupboard, and the truck trunk. Talk 
to the soldier just outside the Tent to gain permission to use the 
infinite ammo boxes, which provide [9MM PARABELLUM], [9MM HYDRA], and 

IF, and only IF, you read Pierce's message AND called Jodie 
immediately afterwards, she will be outside the Tent. Talk to her. 
Check the area behind her to gain access to three old Storage Boxes: 
the Sedan trunk, the motel cupboard, and the truck trunk. Talk to the 
soldier just outside the tent to gain permission to use the infinite 
ammo boxes, which provide [9MM PARABELLUM], [9MM HYDRA], [BUCKSHOT], 
[GRENADES], and [5.56 RIFLE].

Go round the truck to find a soldier who'll sell the following items:

SMG Clip Holder---------3980
M4A1 Rifle--------------2450
Rifle Clip Holder-------1800
Grenade Pistol----------1680

9mm Spartan-------------80 per 50
44 Magnum*--------------100 per 50
Firefly-----------------90 per 10
R.Slug------------------120 per 10
5.56 Rifle*-------------100 per 80
Grenade*----------------280 per 4
Airburst----------------450 per 4
Riot--------------------80 per 4

Turtle Vest**-----------1680
PASGT Vest--------------2980
Combat Armour-----------3250
Tactical Armour---------12800

Recovery 1--------------100
Recovery 2--------------180
Recovery 3--------------350
MP Boost 1--------------320
MP Boost 2**------------580
Combat Light------------60
Pepper Spray------------100

*Kyle's route
**Pierce's Route

If you have the Mongoose, stock up on Magnum rounds. Most important, 
buy the Tactical Armour.

Show Flint the Teddy Bear and he'll follow you inside the Shelter.  

Go to the Golem Freezer and speak with Pierce until he's got no more 
to say.

Go inside and reach the Suits Room. After the scene, you can go back 
to the Underground Parking to find the militaries. If you saved 
soldier Ironheart with Flint's help, you'll be able to buy some more 


*Kyle's route
**Pierce's route

After that, you can visit the now-crawling-with-Golems Neo Ark for 
some more EXP and goodies.  

*                                                                   *
* NEO ARK III BATTLE ACCOUNT                                        *
*                                                                   *
* Total battles: 12                                                 *
*                                                                   *
* South Promenade: 1                                                *
* Savanna: 1                                                        *
* Shrine: 1                                                         *
* Power Plant: 2                                                    *
* North Promenade: 1                                                *
* Forest Zone: 1                                                    *
* Pyramid: 1                                                        *
* Pavilion: 1                                                       *
* Island Bridge: 1                                                  *
* Island: 1                                                         *
* Bridge: 1                                                         *
*                                                                   *
* GAINED ITEMS: 5.56 Rifle, 2x Riot, 5x Airburst, Protein Capsule,  *
* 9mm Spartan                                                       *
* EXTRA ITEMS: 2x 9mm Spartan, 2x 5.56 Rifle, Riot                  *
*                                                                   *

Your final destination is the Pod Service Gantry. Save before you go 
there, because you won't be allowed to do so later. When you're 
there, watch the long scene and finally learn what this mess was 
about after all. After that, you'll exit the Service Gantry with a 
deep wound. Heal it, then go to the Pod Bottom for the final showdown 
- but watch out for the final Bishop Golem in the Elevator Hall. 

-----[BOSS 15]-------------------------------------------------------


This one may seem impossible at first, but you can beat it with 
relative ease if you have good timing and know what to do.

This colossus provides you several targets:

1 Head                 EXP 100   BP 500
1 Neck                 EXP 100   BP 500
2 Arm Gas Shooters     EXP 0     BP 0    (each)
2 Arms                 EXP 1000  BP 5000 (each)
1 Belly                EXP 200   BP 500
1 Bottom               EXP 700   BP 2000
2 Tails                EXP 800   BP 3000 (each)
1 Core                 EXP 300   BP 500

The Core is his vital point, and will be uncovered after you destroy 
two of the other parts. This means that you only have to destroy 
three parts to win the battle. Beaing Head and Neck the most 
dangerous, it would be wise to get rid of them, but as you can see, 
the "facultative" body parts are also the ones that will give you 
more points.

Now, let's check out the Boss' many attacks.

a) Head: it periodically shoots a beam of red light that will split 
into two beams. These will converge and diverge until the attacks has 
ceased. Damage is average, and it can be avoided by running away or 
by standing in a low spot, where it can't reach you.

b) Neck: it periodically emits a circle of yellow light that will 
swipe the whole area around the neck. Damage is rather high, and the 
attack can also inflict Darkness. It can be easily avoided if you 
stay in the lower part of the arena. 

c) Arm Gas Shooters: they will sometimes emit some green, poisonous 
smoke. It will hit you if you're standing by the Boss at arm level, 
so stay behind him or in alow spot to avoid being hit. 

d) Arms: if the Boss raises one arm and swings it near his head, he's 
going to slap you. This attacks has a great radius (about 100 
degrees) and can reach you if you're standing in front of the Head. 
To avoid it, you must stay in a low place, or behind the Boss. Damage 
is not to be underestimated. 

e) Belly: you can target it only if you are in a very low place. 
Abyway, if you're close enough to hit it, you're also close enough to 
be hit. Its attack consists of a parabolic squirt of a paralyzing 
liquid. You can avoid it if you're quick.

f) Tails: they'll drop paralyzing liquid too, if you stay too close 
to them. Attack them from higher places. They can also physically hit 
you, but only after you've splitted them in two. When they've been 
destroyed, their base can also shoot paralyzing liquid. 

g) Core: the Core has the most powerful attack in the entire game. 
When it opens - which will happen if you're standing anywhere within 
the 180 degrees in front of the Boss - the Core will charge up a 
light beam that will hit everything in front of it with devastating 
power. Damage can easily amount over 100 HP. With the exception of 
the first one, all such attacks will be executed with the Boss 
rotating towards the place where you're standing Running away is the 
only way to avoid this attack. 

Now, some strategies for the fight.

- Level 3 Antibody and Energyshot will be your best friends in this 
battle. You should cast them as soon as the battle begins, and recast 
them the very moment their effect wears off. This is necessary until 
you're familiar with the enemy's attacks and movements - at that 
point, you might as well forget about Antibody, at least in Normal 
mode. Other PEs that may turn out useful are Fire PEs - actually, the 
Boss is pretty weak against Fire. In fact, once the Arm Gas Shooters 
have been taken down, each Arm can be destroyed with a single Level 3 
Pyrokinesis. Inferno works tremendously well, too. 

- Once the Core is exposed, your biggest concern is to avoid its 
attack. If you've only destroyed Head and Neck, the enemy will rotate 
pretty fast, making it difficult to escape the Core Beam. The only 
way to slow down the Boss' rotation is to destroy his appendixes, and 
especially the Belly. Once the Belly is destroyed, the Boss' turning 
rate will slow down considerably, giving you the speed advantage 
against the Core Beam.

- Once you've taken out the Arm Gas Shooters, the Arms will become 
vulnerable. However, their vulnerability depends on the weapon you're 
using. Unless you're using Grenades or Pyrokinesis, each Arm can be 
damaged for up to 100 HP per attack - after that, an Arm will be 
invincible for some time. If you have the Mongoose, consider using 
something else to destroy the Arms.

- When a tail has received enough damage, it will split into two 
halves. Each half provides a single target, and after they've been 
destroyed, the base of the tail will still be alive. The Ultimate 
ANMC's tails are like the heads of the Hydra - after a while, they'll 
regrow as nothing had happened. The only way to avoid their 
regeneration is to destroy their base before they can respawn. 

Use fast-shooting weaqpons for this battle, like the M249 or the 
Mongoose. Make good use of your Parasite Energies, as their help is 
invaluable here. If you don't feel like taking down the whole 
monster, the best way you can do him in is to stand your ground and 
shoot down Head, Neck and Core as soon as possible. With the Holy 
Water attached and Antibody 3 in use, you should make it using only 
two Recoveries.

HP 9000+

Head, Neck & Core: EXP 500   BP 1500   MP 200
All: EXP 5000   BP 20000   MP 200

ITEMS: Ringer's Solution
EXTRA: 9mm Spartan


After this seemingly impossible fight, find the glowing light and use 
Yoshida's or Bowman's card on the panel to activate the bridge. A 
scene will occur and the final confrontation will begin.

-----[FINAL BOSS]----------------------------------------------------


There she is, once more. But she's not as hard as the two previous 

Eve has the following attacks:

- The Dive: She's not on the bridge, and she flies high where you 
can't see her. In this case (which always occurs at the beginning of 
the battle), don't stay on the bridge. Eve will come down and pound 
the center of the bridge hard, creating a powerful wave. But you must 
NEVER stay on the bridge, so you'll likely see this only once.

- The Spheres: She's in the center of the bridge and flies high, then 
she floats near you. If she does this, she's going to release some 
light spheres that will give you all sorts of status ailments. So, if 
she does this, immediately cast Metabolize. If Antibody is on, the 
spheres will do little damage.

- The Charge: Colored dots appear around Eve. If you see them, you 
know she's going to rush where you're standing and disappear in a 
sort of teleporter, where the screen becomes wavy. Run to avoid the 
first attack, then wait for a while, and start moving again before a 
section of the screen gets wavy again - which is the signal she's 
going to burst out again for a double attack (she bursts out, then 
comes back in). If she hits you with this attack, she'll 
rematerialize in the center of the bridge. She will do that as well 
after a number of attacks, usually never more than four.

- The Chant: Eve is on the center of the bridge, and the screen 
begins to shimmy while your MP raise. When the shimmying stops, a 
powerful energy wave will hit you and deplete all of your MP, as well 
as putting you in Silence. If you hit her for at least 200 HP when 
she's casting the attack, it will be aborted.

- The Clone: She shines for a moment. If she does this, it means 
she's creating a clone of herself. The clone is translucent, and it 
will just come to you and slap you, paralyzing you with its attacks. 
Two grenades are more than enough to destroy a clone. One grenade can 
sometimes hit it for 999 HP damage! Anyway, remember that the real 
Eve attacks you as well while the clone is onscreen, so try to beat 
the clone ASAP.

- The Kamikaze: Eve floats at the end of the bridge nearest to you 
and stops for a moment, then charges one of the slopes that converge 
on the bridge. Stay on the bridge to avoid this attack.

- The Slap: Eve floats to you and slaps you just like her clones. Can 
paralyze you.

The best weapons against Eve are grenade launchers (especially the 
MM1), the Mongoose with MaedaSp bullets, and the M4A1 Javelin. Make 
full use of Level 3 Antibody and Energyshot. If you have Level 3 
Lifedrain, you'll be able to abort many of her attacks.
When the battle begins, there's a 99% chance that Eve will perform 
the Dive, so immediately run to the end of the bridge. After that, 
she will start using all of her attacks randomly. She will usually 
perform the Chant when she reappears on the bridge after a series of 
This battle has 3 distinct phases. You'll know you've passed on to 
the next phase if you're using a grenade launcher, as Eve will start 
to lose pieces of her clothing. She will only use clones in the third 
and final phase. When you can see sparks around Eve's body, she's 
very close to the end.

HP 10000+

EXP 5000   BP 10000   MP 100  

Clones: HP 999   EXP 300   BP 1000   MP 0   (Each)


*                                                                   *
* SHELTER IV BATTLE ACCOUNT                                         *
*                                                                   *
* Total battles: 11                                                 *
*                                                                   *
* North Hall B1: 1                                                  *
* North Hall B2: 2*                                                 *
* Septic Tank: 1                                                    *
* Main Corridor B2: 1                                               *
* Elevator Hall B2: 1                                               *
* Southeast Passage B2: 1                                           *
* Northeast Passage B2: 1                                           *
* Breeding Room: 1                                                  *
* Pod Bottom: 2*                                                    *
*                                                                   *
* GAINED ITEMS: Riot, 2x Airburst, 2x 9mm Spartan, 5.56 Rifle,      *
* Protein Capsule, Ringer's Solution                                *
* EXTRA ITEMS: 5.56 Rifle, Javelin                                  *
*                                                                   *
* *NOTE: these battles are not counted in the Kills Percentage.     *
*                                                                   *

After the battle, there's a scene with Kyle.

The game ends here.

September 7, 2000     9.05 PM
White House, Washington D.C.

One more scene at the White House to know more of the truth, then a 
beautiful epilogue with drawings from the manual. 
If you didn't meet Pierce in the Golem Freezer, that's it. But if you 

September 1, 2001     7.16 AM
Nature Museum, New York
The final CGI, as good as the others and showing the Good+ ending of 
the game.
11. MAPS


  |     |__________
  T                |  __
 _|                | |2 |
|        3         |_|/_|____       _________      ____
|                   ______/  |_____/         \____/    \
|__________________|      |  |                         |
                          |  |     |           1       |
                          |  |  ___|          ____     |
                          |  |/|___\_________/    \____/
                          |__/     |



                       /                 \
                       |                 |
                 _     |                 |     _
               _|_|____|                 T____|_|_
    _         /        |     ______      |        \           _
 __|_|_______/         |    /      \     |         \_________|_|__
|                1     \   |   2    |    \      3                 |
|      ________________|   |        |    |__________________      |
|  ___/                |    \______/     |       |          \___  |
|_/                    |                 |       |              \_|
|                      |                 |    _||||||||           |
|             4         \_______________/    |   |                |
|                          |         |      /    |                |
|______________________    |         | 10  /     |      11        |
|                      |   |         |    /      |                |
|_\____________________|_\_|         |_\_|       |                |
|          |       |   |   |         |   |     __|                |
|          |       |   |   |         |   |    / _||||||___________|
|          |   7   | 8 |\   \       /    |   / /                  |
|    5     |       |   | \   \_____/    /    | |                  |
|          |       |   |  \     9      /     | |      14          |
|          |___\___|_\_|__/ __________/      | |                  |
|__________\____6______\___/                /  |                  |
|    ||||||__16__  |                    _  /   |______\___________| 
|____|           | |___________________| |_|   |                  |
|-               | \____________15_________\12 |                  |
|-               |_|                       |   \      13          |
|-                                         |   |                  |

2 SQUARE                 10 FORKED ROAD
4 PATIO                  12 PROMENADE
7 KITCHEN                15 BRIDGE


|  _______________  |
| |               | |
| |      ____     | |
| |     /    \    | |
| |_   |  H   |   | |
|___|   \____/    | | 
| |               | |
|_|_______________| |


                             |              _______  |
                             |   14        |       | |
       _______              _|______\______|_     _|\|____
      |  ___  \____________|       |         |   |T__15___|
      | |   \   \______10__\       \    13   |    
     _| |___| 9 |    |  23 |   12  |___B_____|         ______
 ___| |__ ______| 22 |__\__|       |    _____|________|      |
|       \/ |    |____\     |_______\11 |   18|  19  | | 20   |
|   7   | 8| 21 |  4 |     \___________|__\__|_\____|______\_|
|       |__|_\_T|____\     |           \_________17__________|  
|____\__|            \  2  |      16   |_____
   |        _ __   __/     |____\______|     |
   |   5   | \ 6| |3 \     \         1       |

1  GAS STATION               13 GARAGE
2  MAIN STREET               14 JUNKYARD
3  ROOM 1                    15 TRAILER COACH
4  ROOM 2                    16 GENERAL STORE
6  TOILET                    18 HOUSE 1
7  G&R SALOON                19 HOUSE 2
10 BACK ALLEY                22 ROOM 3
11 DRIVEWAY                  23 ROOM 4


       _/   \
      |_ 28  |      _____________
        |    |     |             |
        |___/      |    26       |
                   |     |  _____|
                   |T 25 | |
                   |B    \ |
                   |_____| |
                    -|   | |
                    -|27 \ |

24 BALCONY       27 ROOM 5
25 ROOM 6        28 WATER TANK


 _____          _
|___29|________| |
    |__________\ |
 ______________| |
|_____   ______30|
  |___  31 |

29 WATER HOLE     
31 CELLAR   


|T| <-6                               __________
|\|__________________________________|          |
\______5___\______4____\_   _____2___\    1   B |
                         |\|         |__________|
                         | |
                         | |

1 MESA                  4 TUNNEL


/           \
|     7     |
|           |
\_\_________/ -> TO EAST MINE
 | |
 | |
 | |_________________
 |______________   __|


                                |        |
                                |        |
                               _|        |___
                           _  |          |T _|
                       ___| |_|__________| |
                      |  _23__\____24______|
                      | |     |            |
 _____________        | |     |____________|
|             |  _____|\|_____
|             | |T_ __21___ _B|
/      27     | |  \  | |  /  |          
\             | |     | |     |          ____
|    T        | |  20 | | 22  |_________| _12|
|_____   _____| |__ __|_|__ __|          / | | 
      | |       |  \   19  /  |            | |
      |\|_______|_____ \ _____|     13     | |
      |____26_  |_____| |_____|            | |
       _______| \_25\_14 _____\     _______|\|
      |   28  | |     | |     |____|   11     |
      |_______\ |     | |     |    |_ ____ \ _|
       _|__|__|/|_____| |_____|    | \    | |
      |____18___\_17\_   _____\ 15 |  16  | |
                      | |     |    |      | |
                      | |     |____\______| |
                      | |          |    \_10|
                 _____|\|__________|  9 |_

9  ELEVATOR HALL B1               19 SUITS ROOM
11 STOREROOM                      21 STERILIZING ROOM
15 SHOP                           25 NORTHWEST PASSAGE B1
16 ARMORY                         26 UNDERGROUND PARKING CORRIDOR


          /           \
          |           |
     _____|           |
    |29___\    38     |
    | | |||           |
    | |   |           |
   _|\|_  \___________/
  ||30 ||
  | | | |           ______
  | | | |          |  __34|
  | | | |__________| |  | |
  | | | |           / | | |
  |_|\|_|    33       | | |
 _|_| |_|             | | |
|_|_31 _\      _______|_|\|
  | | | |_____|    35      |
 _|_| |_|     |/_________/_|
|_|_   _\   B         | | | 
  | | | |      37     | | |
  |_| |_|___T_________|_| |
    | |       |     \___36|
   _|\|_______| 32  |_

30 SEPTIC TANK               35 OPERATING ROOM
33 BREEDING ROOM             38 POD BOTTOM


|          |__________
|    39     _\_______40\
|__________|         \ |
                     | |
                     | |_
                     |  _|
                     | |
                     | |_
                     |  _|
                     | |
                     | |____
                     |/___41||| -> TO B4
                     |  _|        ______
                     | |_________|42_|||| -> TO B4



   __________________|  _________44\________46 ___/ -> TO DRYFIELD B1
 _||||||       43    / |         | |____    | |   
|____________________|\|_______  | |    |   | |
         |_____________|       | | | |- |   | |
                               | |_| |- |___| |
                               |   \ |45 _\___|



                    _|    |
                   | |    |
                   | | 50 |
            _______| |    |
           |   \_49_T|    |
           |   |     |__  |
           |48 |        |_|
 _ ________|   |



 _______________            _________
|      ______   |          |52_____  |
|     |    B |  |__________| |__ __| |____
|     |  57  |  /  55  / 53 \   |   / 51  |
|     |_T____|  \______\ _______|_________|
|               |      |\54|
|      56       |      |___|

52 AIRLOCK                   56 HELIPORT


    |   12    \_______11_______\_   ___8_____\______  7\
    |   ____  |                  |\|                \  |
     |\|    |\|  __              | |______          |  |
     | |    |15 /  \             |______ 9|         |  |
     |_|__  | |/ 16 \                   | |      ___|  |_
     | 13 | |\|     /                   | |     /        |
     |  __| |   ___/            ________| |    /         |
     | |     \_/               |  ________|   /       ___|
     | |                       |\|           |    2  |   |
     | |                       | |           |       | 1 |
    _|\|                       |  \__________ \      |___|
 __|    |_                      \  10        | \         |
|    14   |_________             \___________|  \___    _|
|_________\   ___   |                               |  |
|__|      |  |   |  |_______                        |  |
          |  | 6 |  |  ___ 5|                       |  |
          |  |___|  | |   | |_______________________/ 3|
          |_________\_|   |  _____\____4_____\_________/
                          | |
                         /   \

2 OBSERVATORY                10 PYRAMID
4 SAVANNA                    12 PAVILION
5 SHRINE                     13 BRIDGE
6 POWER PLANT                14 GARDEN
8 FOREST ZONE                16 ISLAND



Computer magazine. Features a special article about the prevention of 
second-generation viruses. 

Where? Sleeping Quarters, Shelter B1.



Card dropped by the SWAT imitator.

Unlocks the Armory on Shelter B1.

Where? Roof Garden, Akropolis Tower (check the back door twice).



Key with blue haft.

Unlocks escalator in Akropolis Tower.

Where? Rear Corridor, Akropolis Tower.



A promotional item in the shape of a cola bottlecap. There's a magnet 
on the back.

Used to get the Factory Key in the Back Alley in Dryfield.

Where? Saloon Storage Room, Dryfield.



Magnetic card. Belongs to Fred Bowman, chief researcher at Neo Ark. 
The picture shows a nervous-looking middle-aged man.

Used to access the Southeast Passage B2 in the Shelter.

Where? Northeast Passage B1, after killing the talking ANMC.



An aluminum key. It has a Motel Bronco tag, with a label that says 

Opens all rooms in the Motel.

Where? Bronco Motel Lobby, Dryfield.



Cafeteria key from SWAT officer.

Opens the Cafeteria at the Akropolis Tower.

Where? East Elevator Hall, Akropolis Tower.



Key with plastic case. To be inserted in an appropriate slot.

Where? Underground Parking, Shelter.



The small tube that hung around Flint's neck. There's a message 

Where? Flint brings it to you at the Tent.



An iron key. It's covered with rust.

Opens the Factory in Dryfield.

Where? Back Alley, Dryfield.



Attachment: Motion detector
Position control device. Motion detector included.

Where? You have it at the beginning of the game.



A bag of ice. On sale at the automatic vending machine.

Where? Ice vending machine, Main Street, Dryfield.



Metal container used to transport gasoline.

Where? Loft, Dryfield.



A plug for a wiring board.

Used to bring power to the two gates in the East and West Mine.

Where? 1)Refuge



An aluminum key. It has a Motel Bronco tag, with a label that says 

Opens the Bronco Motel lobby.

Where? Gary Douglas gives it to you in the Trailer.



Map of Mojave Desert.

Where? Given to you by Hal after Akropolis Tower Mission.



Object implanted in NMCs skull.

Where? On the dead ANMC in the Parthenon Cafe, Akropolis Tower.
       (Later) In the Pod Service Gantry in the Shelter (Pierce 



MIST ID badge. Looks a lot like a FBI badge.

Where? You have it at the beginning of the game.



MIST civilian disinfirmation manual.

Where? Given to you by HAL after Akropolis Tower mission.



Authorizes any search in Dryfield. Includes private property

Where? Given to you by Hal after Akropolis Tower Mission.



An adjustable wrench that fits any size nut or bolt.

Used to access the Dilapidated House in Dryfield.

Where? Garage, Dryfield.



Key to a guest room in the Bronco Motel. The tag has a big number "6" 
on it.

Opens Room 6 of the Motel.

Where? Gary Douglas gives it to you in the Garage.



An oak board 8' in length. The corners show excessive wear.

Used to create a bridge in the East Mine Gorge.

Where? Forked Tunnel, East Mine.



Gasoline (2 gallons). This should get the truck running.

Used to refill Gary's truck.

Where? Gas Station, Dryfield.



Torn note. Contains a message written in MIST code. It's difficult to 
decipher because it's been written in a hurry.

Where? Pod Service Gantry, Shelter B1.



Key on a skull shaped key chain.

Stops water in Akropolis Tower Fountain.

Where? Sanctuary, Akropolis Tower.



An aluminum key with the engraving "G&R."

Opens the G&R Saloon.

Where? On the corpse on top of the Water Tank, Dryfield.



Mendel -- popular science journal. (This month's feature: 
Mitochondria. A hot topic these days.)

Where? Parthenon Cafe, Akropolis Tower.



Key to the land rover. Has a small German puppet attached to the key 

Where? Water Tank, Dryfield II, from Pierce.  



Well-loved teddy bear. One of it's eyes is missing.

Give to Flint outside the Shelter to save soldier.

Where? Vehicular Airlock, Shelter.



A truck key with a tattered leather key chain. It's been well used.

Where? Gary gives you after the battle with Flamethrower.



Twisted wire rope. It's twisted around a pulley.

Used to go down the well in Dryfield.

Where? Junkyard, Dryfield.



Magnetic card. Belongs to Kazrov Yoshida, computer programmer. The 
picture shows a young man wearing glasses.

Used to access the Operating Room in the Shelter.

Where? Kyle Madigan gives it to you if you take the elevator with 
       him (Kyle Route ONLY).

13. FAQs

Q. Tell me about the M.I.S.T. Shooting Gallery.

A. If you choose to train here, first select a music track between...
| NORMAL MODE: Crazy King, Ambush, Pick Up The Gauntlet         |
| REPLAY MODE: Crazy King, Eager For Blood, Heaven-Sent Killer  |
| BOUNTY MODE: Crazy King, Pick Up The Gauntlet, Crawling Waste |  
|                                                Emperor        |
| SCAVENGER MODE: Crazy King, Quadrumanous Leader, Hunter Moon  |
| NIGHTMARE MODE: Yellow Rain, Rebel Forces, Genic Reactor      |

Then, choose a weapon and a difficulty level. Every level is designed 
to train you to specific combat strategies, from the basics to real 
battle simulation. Here's what you'll find in each level:

- Level 1: static yellow targets. Designed to teach you how to aim 
and shoot.

- Level 2: moving targets with differentiated resistance. Again, all 
you have to do is to aim and shoot.

- Level 3: battle simulation designed to teach you how to use the GPS 
effectively. There's a great variety of targets, including humans. If 
you shoot human targets, you'll lose points.

- Level 4: more sophisticated battle simulation, with Parasite Energy 
use and MP-restoring items. Plenty of targets.

- Level 5: actual combat simulation. Combined use of weapons, PEs, 
and GPS is required. Targets will hurt you with their flash if you 
can't kill them fast enough. Although very sophisticated, this 
simulation can't give you the feeling of a real battle.
These are the targets you'll find in the training session:
Yellow Target: 200 Pts
Brown Target: 400
Red Target: 600
Bacterium: 600
Bear: 1600
Monkey: 900
Rat: 500
Scorpion: 2400
Snake: 500
Spider: 1300
Bee: 3000
Crow: 600
Woman: -3000

According to how well you did in a practice level, you'll be awarded 
100, 200, or 300 BP. If you do well enough to hit the expected score, 
you'll win a prize which you can claim from Jodie at the Arsenal. 
Here's the list of expected scores and prizes for each level:

Level 1
Expected Score:  9800     Prize: 50x Hydra Bullets

Level 2
Expected Score: 16800     Prize: Ringer's Solution

Level 3
Expected Score: 46000     Prize: Hunter Goggles

Level 4
Expected Score: 60000     Prize: Lipstick

Level 5
Expected Score: 55000     Prize: Shoulder Holster


Q. How do I solve (insert puzzle name here)?

A. Here's the list of all the puzzles in the game, and how to beat 



The first three notes are Do (1), Re (2), Mi (3). The unnumbered 
notes are Sol, La, Do. So, the code is 561.



Press Up and Turn on the control panel. Go to the shutter and press 
the red switch. Unlock the gate nearby and go back to the control 
panel. Press Turn and you can now access the Garage.



A note in the room says you must press #, then input 4 numbers and 
press TOTAL. Another note starts with # and says that at Tombstone, 
Holiday was 30 and Earp was... . If you look at the picture in this 
room, it says "Tombstone 1881". Now go to Room 2 and look at the 
picture to find out Earp's birth year (1848). Do a simple calculation 
and you'll find out that at Tombstone, Earp was 33. Now go to the 
cash register and press #3033 TOTAL.



There are 4 telephones in Dryfield.
There are 4 urinals in the Dryfield public toilet.
There are 8 barrels in the middle of the Cellar.
There are 7 mirrors in Dryfield.

So, the code is 4487.



Rat: 4 legs
Spider: 8 legs
Beetle: 6 legs

4+8+6= 18



15 (the full moon can be seen 15 days after the new moon)



The password is MELISSAMAYA. Follow the magazine's instructions to 
find out that the new password is...




1)B   2)B   3)C   4)B   5)A   6)B   7)B   8)A   9)C   10)A   11)B



This is what the stone plate at the Pavilion shows:

6B R3
W2 Y5

So, the correct sequence is: Blue 6, White 2, Red 3, Yellow 5. Step 
on the plates in this order (6 times on Blue, and so on).



This is what the stone plate in the Garden shows:

10B Y2
 5B Y11
 3B Y8
 1R W9
 7R W6
12R W4

So, the correct sequence is: R,Y,B,W,B,W,R,Y,W,B,Y,R. Step on the 
plates in this order.


Q. Where is the Black Card?

A. I've been asked this question so many times I can hardly believe 
   it. Even if I stated this clearly enough in the walkthrough, I'll 
   repeat it: to find the Black Card, you must check the door behind 
   the statue in the Akropolis Tower Roof Garden TWICE. Moreover, you 
   HAVE to see the scene with the man disguised as a SWAT in that 
   room, and this can only be done if you access the Roof Garden 
   immediately after the scene with Rupert in the Sanctuary. If you 
   go there after exiting the Sanctuary, you won't see the scene, AND 
   you won't find the Black Card.


Q. Where is Yoshida's Card?

A. Yoshida's Card can ONLY be found if you decide to follow Kyle. If 
   that's the case, Kyle will give you Yoshida's Card on the elevator 
   after you've explored the sewers. However, if you decided to 
   follow Pierce, you will NEVER find Yoshida's Card.


Q. How do I get the best ending?

A. There are 6 must-do's in order to get the best ending:

   1)Meet Kyle in Dryfield's Saloon at night, BEFORE going to bed.
   2)Kill Burner so that Flint lives.
   3)Go past the Full Moon Gate with Kyle.
   4)Meet Pierce at Dryfield, and give him Ice three times.
   5)Read Pierce's Message in the Pod Service Gantry after Neo Ark I,   
     and call Jodie immediately afterwards.
   6)Meet Pierce in the Golem Freezer when you return into the 


Q. I fought less battles than you listed in the Battle Account. How 
   can I kill 100% of the enemies? 

A. Every time an important event occurs (e.g., you beat a Boss, you 
   meet a new character, you solve a puzzle, etc.), enemies will 
   respawn in certain areas. If you want to kill 100%, you must kill 
   enemies in ALL red areas before you move on to the next important 
   event. If you don't, you won't be able to fight certain battles, 
   and you'll miss 100% kills.

   The following is a list of all key moments after which enemies 
   will respawn, and before wich all red areas must be cleared in 
   order to achieve a total wipeout.

   1)After Beating the Greater Stranger in the Cafeteria 
   2)After speaking with HAL and Pierce on the phone
   3)After saving Rupert in the Sanctuary
   4)After using the Red Key

   1)After meeting Douglas
   2)After meeting Kyle
   3)After the battle with No.9
   4)After receiving the Lobby Key
   5)After getting the Bronco Master Key
   6)After giving the Petrol to Douglas
   7)After the battle with Burner

   1)After beating the Blizzard Chaser
   2)After metting Bowman
   3)After the fight with Glutton
   4)After you've returned to Dryfield
   5)After using the computer in the Laboratory
   6)After the dialogue in the Pod Service Gantry

   1)After beating the Proto Generator
   2)After moving Bridge
   3)After examining the stone tablet in the Garden
   4)After the second Pyramid dance
   5)After beating the Beta Generator

   1)After meeting Eve
   2)After meeting the militaries

   To avoid screwing up the order of these actions, follow my  
   walkthrough step by step.


Q. How is my final BP score determined?

A. Every item you have in your active inventory or in any Storage Box 
   counts in the final BP tally. Every item that has a price in the 
   Item list will add half of its price to your BP total. Moreover, 
   you can get the following BP bonuses:

   GPS------------------------500 BP
   Tonfa Baton----------------500 BP
   M93R----------------------1000 BP
   Mendel (Settember)-------10000 BP
   Black Card---------------10000 BP
   SP12----------------------1990 BP
   Aeris (Settember)---------5000 BP
   Tactical Vest-------------1060 BP
   Bowman's Card------------30000 BP
   Yoshida's Card-----------30000 BP
   Pierce Rescue Bonus------30000 BP
   Teddy Bear---------------10000 BP
   Rescue Ironheart---------30000 BP


Q. What do the armors' Special Features really do?

A. - Resist SILENCE: you can't be inflicted the SILENCE status. 
   - Resist PARALYSIS: you can't be inflicted the PARALYSIS status.
   - Resist POISON: you can't be inflicted the POISON status.
   - Resist CONFUSION: you can't be inflicted the CONFUSION status.
   - Resist IMPACT: if you have less than 5 HP, and you take a hit 
     that deals more than 5 HP damage, you'll be left with 1 HP. 
     However, this doesn't protect you from instant-death attacks. 
   - Motion Detector: same as GPS, but covers twice the area.
   - Quick Fire: the speed at which you can switch targets is 
   - Medical Inspection: shows enemy HP. Doesn't work with all 
   - HP Recovery: after a battle, you receive a number of HP equal to 
     the number of MP received.
   - MP Recovery: after battle, you get 25% more MP.
   - MP Generation: When you're hit, you recover a number of MP equal 
     to damage received/5.


Q. Have I seen that before?

A. Yes, probably. Parasite Eve II is packed full with quotes from 
   movies and games. Here are the ones I could find. Some are just 
   opinions, but some other just can't be denied.

   - The SWAT agents massacre at the Akropolis Tower remembers me of  
     _The Terminator_, and maybe _Die Hard With A Vengeance_.

   - Rupert saving Aya in the Cafeteria is quite surely a quote from 
     the original _Resident Evil_, apart from the fact that Rupert 
     looks much smarter than Barry. 

   - Strangers are similar to the Aliens from the omonimous movie.

   - I don't think there's a magazine with that name, but Mendel was 
     the man who first discovered the principles of genetics.

   - HAL is the name of the AI from Stanley Kubrick's _2001: A Space 

   - The pinball in Dryfield's R&G is called _Einhahder_, just like a 
     shooter from Squaresoft (thanks to Andrea Santoni for this 

   - Scavengers are very similar to Gremlins from the omonimous 
     movie (I'm not so sure that the original title is that, though).

   - No.9 and the other Golems are clearly designed after Darth Vader 
    (first quote from Star Wars) 

   - The garbage chute scene is also from Star Wars, and was also 
     seen in Final Fantasy VII.

   - The monster in the garbage incinerator (third quote from Star 

   - The trash compactor (fourth quote from_Star Wars_)

   - Sword Golems have THE lightsaber (fifth quote from Star Wars)

   - Neo Ark IS Jurassic Park. Denying this is a cardinal sin. 

   - After the shower scene, we see the water in the shower trembling 
     from Burner's steps. This may also be from Jurassic Park.

   - Cloud e Aeris's names from Final Fantasy VII can be read on the 
     board in the Laboratory, Shelter.

   - The Gunblade is Squall Leonheart's weapon in Final Fantasy VIII.

   - The second scene with the President recalls the movie _The Rock_ 

   - The cannon satellite looks a lot like the Zeus Cannon seen in 
     the movie _Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within_


Thanks to GameSages for this chart. At the end of the game, your 
current EXP and your TOTAL BP (including the items you have with you 
and in the boxes) will be shown. In your next game, you will be able 
to buy three items determined by your final EXP score, which consists 
of your current EXP plus the EXP points you used for Parasite 

|    EXP      |              Items                           | RANK |
|   400001+   | Gunblade, Ringer's Solution, Eau de Toilette |  S   |
|200001-400000| Hyper Velocity, Hunter Goggles, MP Boost 2   |  A   |
|75001-200000 | MM1, Airburst, Recovery 3                    |  B   |
| 72001-75000 | M249, .44 MaedaSP, Cola                      |  C   |
| 69001-72000 | Mongoose, .44 Magnum, Skull Crystal          |  D   |
| 66001-69000 | AS12, R.Slug, Firefly                        |  E   |
| 62001-66000 | Aya's Special, 9mm Spartan, Ofuda            |  F   |
| 57001-62000 | Javelin, MD Player, Holy Water               |  G   |
| 51100-57000 | Pike, Lipstick, Tactical Armour              |  H   |
| 44001-51000 | Hammer, Belt Pouch, MP Boost 1               |  I   |
| 16001-44000 | M203, Protein Capsule, 9mm Hydra             |  J   |
| 14511-16000 | M9, M4A1 Clip, Flare                         |  K   |
|    14510-   | Monk Robe, Medicine Wheel, Recovery 2        |  L   |

If you get the same rank twice in a row, you'll be awarded the rank 
that comes immediately before in the chart. If you get S-Rank twice 
in a row, you'll get L-Rank, and for subsequent replays you'll get 
higher ranks, going up the chart from L-Rank up to S again.

If you keep on using the same save file every time you play Replay 
Mode, previous rank you have gotten will accumulate with subsequent 
ones. This means, for example, that if you complete the game with E-
Rank the first time, then play Replay Mode twice on the same save 
file and get A-Rank and S-Rank, the next time you play Replay Mode 
you'll be able to buy the bonus items from Rank S, A and E. So, in 
the end you may be able to buy just anything you want at the 
beginning of the game.


When you finish the game, you will be prompted to save. The saved 
game allows you to play the adventure in different modes the next 
time. These include:



Mission level:   Easy   OO      | HP  100
Condition:       Good   OOOOO   | MP  30
Enemy level:     Easy   OO      | EXP 10% of Next Replay Bonus
Supply level:    Rich   OOOO    | BP  10% of Next Replay Bonus

The same game you've just played, but with some differences:

- You start with 10% of the EXP and BP you had when you finished the 
previous game.

- You can buy the three items determined by your final EXP score in 
the previous game.

- You can buy the Parasite Energies you had when you finished the 
previous game. This time, they will cost an amount of BP equal to the 
amount of EXP used to bring them to the level they were at. So, if 
you had, say, Lv2 Inferno, you can buy it for 5000 BP.

- Parasite Energies require only 40% the regular EXP to be powered 

- Enemies are weaker than before.

- When you use a telephone, you can check the statistics of your 
previous game about Weapons and PE usage, and about the game in 
general. Check the Weapons, and you'll see how much you've used each 
weapon. Same for Parasite Energies. About the Game, you can see how 
many times you completed it, how long it took you to complete, etc.

How to get? Complete the game in any mode.



Mission level:   Normal   OOO     | HP  100
Condition:       Good     OOOOO   | MP  30
Enemy level:     Strong   OOOO    | EXP 5% of Next Replay Bonus
Supply level:    Normal   OOO     | BP  5% of Next Replay Bonus

Bounty Mode is TOUGH. You get no extra items. You start off with 5% 
of the EXP and BP you had at the end of your previous game. Powering 
up Pes requires only 80% of the EXP needed in Normal Mode. Weapons 
are much less effective, and enemies are stronger. Moreover, you'll 
often meet more powerful monsters than those found in Normal Mode, 
and Golems will be pursuing you SINCE THE AKROPOLIS TOWER MISSION!  
Fortunately, you'll find less, but better items.

Bounty Mode requires good, well-polished fighting tactics. You can't 
just stand your ground and hope to take down the enemy before it gets 
to you - two hits may well be enough to kill you. You'll have to 
refill ammo frequently, and to SAVE OFTEN!!! You'll learn how to 
effectively use Parasite Energies to your advantage. Of course, 
Bounty Mode will net you tons of EXP and BP that will soup up your 
Next Replay score. 

If you complete Bounty Mode, your final EXP and BP score will be 
multiplied by 3, and your rank will be upgraded by 1.

How to get? Just complete the game.



Mission level:   Hard        OOOO    | HP  100
Condition:       Exhausted   OOOO    | MP  10
Enemy level:     Normal      OOO     | EXP 1% of Next Replay Bonus
Supply level:    Very poor   O       | BP  1% of Next Replay Bonus

Scavenger Mode is HARD. You start off with only 10 MP, and 1% of the 
total EXP and BP you had at the end of your previous game. Parasite 
Energies require only 80% of the EXP points you'd need in Normal Mode 
to be upgraded. Shops have dramatically changed - as an example, 
here's the list of goodies on sale at the M.I.S.T. Arsenal:


Riot----------------80 per 4

Shoulder Holster----2580 
Belt Pouch----------10000 

Protein Capsule-----10000
Combat Light--------60 
Pepper Spray--------100
Medicine Wheel------27800

As for enemies, they're the same as in Normal Mode, even if slightly 
more resistant to your attacks. Anyway, your main problem - apart 
from an obvious lack of ammo and weaponry - is your extreme weakness. 
One or two hits will do you in, no matter what enemy you're 
confronting. Also, you'll have to stick to Parabellum rounds to fight 
just anything until you get to the Shelter, and you won't be able to 
reload weapons that use batteries or fuel until the final stages of 
the game. You'll have to carefully plan your every move, purchase, 
and battle. If you play Scavenger Mode after beating Bounty Mode two 
or three times in a row, you _may_ be able to afford the Medicine 
Wheel. This would be great, because if you have the Medicine Wheel 
attached when you fight No.9 at Dryfield, after the battle you'll 
receive the Gunblade.

If you complete Scavenger Mode, your final EXP and BP score will be 
multiplied by 5, and your rank will be upgraded by 2.

How to get? Complete the game with 69001 EXP or more.



Mission level:   Very Hard   OOOOO   | HP  50
Condition:       Sick        O       | MP  30
Enemy level:     Very Strong OOOOO   | EXP 0
Supply level:    Poor        O       | BP  0

Nightmare mode is EXTREME. You start off with 50 HP and 30 MP. You 
get NO bonus EXP or BP whatsoever. Shops are exactly like they're in 
Scavenger Mode, and so is your resistance to enemy attacks (if not 
worse). Enemies are the same you can find in Bounty Mode, and their 
attacks are stronger than ever. This translates into instant death if 
anything touches you during the whole first half of the game, and 
into endless ammo refilling - and ultimately, into extreme 
frustration. I'm too lazy to give it a try, but if you need help, 
check out Gerard Schiela's Nightmare Mode Guide at www.gamefaqs.com. 
It will tell you everything you need to know to beat Parasite Eve 
II's hardest challenge.

If you can somehow complete Nightmare Mode, your final EXP and BP 
score will be multiplied by 10, and your rank will be upgraded by 3. 

How to get? Complete Scavenger Mode.


Here's a quick comparison table between game modes.

                 | Normal | Replay | Bounty | Scavenger | Nightmare | 
HP               |  100   |  100   |  100   |    100    |    50     |               
MP               |   30   |   30   |   30   |     10    |    30     |
Your strength    |  100%  |  100%  |  75%   |    75%    |    60%    |
and weapon power |        |        |        |           |           |
ANMCs strenght   |  100%  |   50%  |  200%  |   300%    |   300%    |
EXP needed to    |  100%  |   40%  |   80%  |    80%    |    80%    |
power up PEs     |        |        |        |           |           |
Initial EXP/BP   | 0/200  |   10%  |   5%   |     1%    |    0/0    |
Final EXP/BP     |   1    |   1    |   3    |     5     |    10     |
multiplier       |        |        |        |           |           |


Thanks to...

Squaresoft: they made the game, and quite well too.

JL Lee for providing the most complete FAQ for the Japanese version 
of the game, which spared me some trouble with the translations and 
the locations of the items, as well as with the stats of the most 
hidden weapons. Unfortunately, it seems that the other versions are a 
bit different.

Ibrahim Ghouth for the English names of items and weapons, and for 
enemies' stats.

Snake@AOL.com for telling me the enemies' official names.

Gerard Schiela for his wonderful Nightmare Mode Guide. This excellent 
document was vital in refining battle strategies against each enemy. 

GameSages for providing the Final Rankings chart and the way to get 
Scavenger and Nightmare Mode, and the Bonus Ratings for completing 
the special modes. These saved me a LOT of time.

Authorisedcollection.com for info about armors' Special Features and 
game modes specs.

James and LucasR for telling me about the Snail Magazine for the P08 
in the Cellar, Dryfield.

Nemesis for some in-game descriptions from the U.S. version.

Andrea Santoni for telling me about the Einhander pinball in the 

Jeff "CJayC" Veasey at GameFAQs for posting my FAQs on his site.

Me, for writing this FAQ.

Everyone who e-mailed me for info: thanks a lot for reading, guys. 
It's nice to be writing for you.

You: you read the FAQ.

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