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Guide and Walkthrough by Tholia

Version: 0.91 | Updated: 08/02/2000

Get ready for a whole new cinematic RPG starring Aya Brea...    


                P     A     R     A     S     I     T     E
                               E     V    E
                                  I     I

******************************VERSION 0.91*********************************
*******************************BY THOLIA***********************************
**************************HELP:DESMOND XIE*********************************   
                  The Sequel Of:

 [   p    a     r     a     s     i     t     e       e      v      e  ]

This FAQ/walkthrough is (c) Tholia 2000 
The ASCII Art is (c) DXie 2000
The PE logo is (c) Squaresoft Co. 1999-2000                                   
Parasite Eve II is (c) Squaresoft Co. 1999-2000                             
Coca Cola is (c)Coca Cola Company 1999-2000                                

I don't know who or what did it, but the 
Previous update was corrupted, 
I'm trying to fix this now
But it could take some time.

Now stand back and watch this incredible ASCII Art
By DXie.

SSSSSSSSS""      "S SSSS#SSSSS      ...,,#,,,oooooSSSSSS

(yes, I know, this is the PE logo, but...
PE2 does NOT have a logo.

Phew, did I sound nasty?
Seriously, don't break any rules...

I worked really hard on this so PLEASE don't break the rules
(I just HAVE to repeat this) or 
do any nonsense. And by the way, remember that I am human and 
do (many) errors.
E-Mail me if you have a question or if you'd like to make an 
improvement to this FAQ
(if you do, I'll give you giant credit! Thanx!)

E-Mail I'll Read Must
-Be either a question , a request, an error notice, 
a rule breaker alert or an ASCII drawing

-Be not too long and not too short

-Be in Times New Roman, Courier New or 
Arial Black(Size 9-14)

-Be About the FAQ, not about me

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E-Mail I'll Toss Must
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-Be in Japanese

Any questions will NOT be answered via response, instead they'll 
be posted in my FAQ section, with your e-mail adress(I'll try to 
answer, but people around the world might be better than  me  
don't you think :-)?)

These go to DXie for his wonderful
PE logo and to CJayC for posting 
:-) Matt also helped with the basics
of FAQ-writing.

This FAQ is based on the NTSC J version of the game. 
It's in Japanese and know that I do NOT know the language.
Still, I can handle it and I DID understand the storyline.
...but the names of locations, items etc. may change when the 
NTSC U/C version comes out(September 15th 2000).

This FAQ should be -- Pages Long If You Print It.

Version 0.5-12 Pages
Version 0.6.-12 Pages
Version 0.7- 15 Pages
Version 0.8- 20 Pages
Version 0.85-25 Pages
Version 0.9-

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~C   O   N   T   E   N   T   S~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

2.Day One                                                                     
3.Day Two                                                                     
4.Day Three[Incomplete]                                                                   
          i. Weapons[Coming Soon]
          ii. Magic                                                                     
9.Game Shark Codes
10.Bonus Games And Sub Quests 

1 . C  O  N  T  R  O  L  S

NOTE: Triangle is A,Circle is O, Cross is X and Square is E.

I know,I know, you know the controls, but just in case you forget(!) or 
can't understand the japanese instruction manual...

Directional Pad(+):
Up-Go Forward

Down-Step Backwards

Left-Turn Left 

Right-Turn Right

Action buttons:
O Button-Check(Opens doors, inserts keys,walks on stairs, 
gets items and talks)

X Button-N/A(see 'combined buttons') or Cancel while in menu

A Button-Use Parasite Power's Energy or Help in menu

E Button-Aims Weapon  or Lock On(Enemy Search) while in battle

Shoulder Buttons:

R1-N/A (See 'combined buttons')


R2-N/A (See 'combined buttons') 

Operation buttons:
START-Menu call or use attachment while in battle


ANALOG-Changes between analog stick mode and D-Pad mode

Analog Sticks(O O):

L3 Press-N/A

L3 Up-Go Forward

L3 Down-Step Backwards

L3 Left-Turn Left 

L3 Right-Turn Right

R3 Press-N/A

R3 Up- N/A

R3 Down- N/A

R3 Left- N/A

R3 Right- N/A

Combined Buttons:
X and D-Pad Up/Down/Left/Right-Run

X and L3 Up/Down/Left/Right

E and L1-Attack I while in battle mode

E and L2-Attack II while in battle mode(not every weapon)

Yes, the beautiful controls of the original PE are 
gone,but that's the only thing that's worse!


2.DAY ONE  A Nightmare's Return        
Semptember 4th 2000   

8.18 p.m.-MIST Building

The game start showing Aya shooting at the targets 
with monsters on them(they are only pictures).
She then shoots an innocent target for mistake.
Pierce will ask her if she wants to continue. You'll now start the game.

Pierce:Would you like to continue the practice?
Answer I:Let's go
Answer II:I better take a rest 

After you have chosen, you'll take control of Aya Brea. 
Go through the door and speak with Pierce. 
He'll tell you about the practice and about 
your next destination:the Akroplis Tower.

Go through the next door and speak to Jodie.

Jodie:Would you like to get your prizes?
(this appears only if you won at the practice)
Answer I:Sure!
Answer II:No

Jodie:Do you want to buy/exchange something?
Answer I:Show me the weaponry!
Answer II:Can you tell me more about BP?
Answer III:Sorry, I'm  in a hurry!

After this go through the  final door to reach 
the car park. Don't speak with Pierce yet, 
check the box to find a Medicine 3.

Pierce:Shall we go?
Answer I:Wait a sec!
Answer II:Fine
Answer III:Can we practice a little more first?

After you choose the second answer, 
Pierce will tell you to go in the car.he'll bring 
you to the Akroplis Tower.

8.56 p.m.-Akropolis Tower

A helicopter will fall on the group of police cars 
and cause an explosion. Pierce will bring you to 
the tower's entrance.Check out the background!It will use a 
FMV-like technique to make the 2-D backgrounds move!Incredible!
The Police Srg. Will tell you that  there  has been an 
accident at the  tower. Go forward and the cop 
won't let you in, but Aya will automatically  show 
him the FBI MIST badge. 
You'll now be able to enter. Go into the hall and check the
 corpses of the SWAT members.One of them will have a 
Medicine 1.Check the statue for some bullets. 
You can check it for an infinite amount of time 
and always get ammo!

Go to your right to reach a door, try to enter 
and the phone will ring
(there'd a monster close to it, but don't worry, it'll escape).
 Answer it and you'll find out that you can save with it after 
the talk. 
Select the first option to save.
Go inside the door.You'll meet a survivor. 
He'll give you the Cafeteria Key so that you can go and
 save the 'other' survivor. Keep this in your inventory.

Go back inside the hall and check the north(upward/^) wall.
There's a map here. Go towards the stairs next to the 
entrance of the hall. Press O to go down and enter the
door. You'll need the Cafeteria Key to enter
(you should already have it). Once inside the cafeteria
 , you'll find the second survivor. Approach her and 
she'll transform into a giant NMC. 
This is your first boss fight.
Boss:Giant NMC                                                                   
Recommended Weapon:Police Stick Tonfa                                              
Just equip the police stick(the Tonfa) and keep pressing R1.                      
 After 5-9 hits he'll fall. He might get up, but its rare and                      
even if it does, you'll just need one/two more strike(s) to kill him.              
Get the Magazine in the table and check the NMC's corpse. 
You'll receive a Fuse and Rupert will save you from 
the Giant NMC(it's still alive!). Go out and into the 
parallel stairs to the ones you just went through first
(you'll need to pass through the Hall, so check the map).
A NMC is eating a SWAT member and will attack you. 
Kill him and check the corpse for an item that can heal various bad 
statuses (let's call it Antidote...).the escalator is locked(???), 
but you should go and check the phone again and get some
ammo from the fountain. When you are back enter the gate.

Enter the door past the fountain(you'll need the Cafeteria Key again).
 Kill the Evil Rats(yep, they are  like the ones from the first game!)
 and check the yellow box. You'll receive a Blue Key.Go in the room 
opposite the box and checkthe monitors.
Press + continously to make the screen lighter and then select
every lower button until you can see a scene with another SWAT survivor. 
When you have finished ,check the shiny spot. You'll have to selct a
 button with a cursor. Select the key hole called A and the second option. 
You'll need to select the item you want to put in. Select the Blue Key 
to put it in.The escalator will be unlocked.

 Go up  to meet two fat monsters(Big NMCs), they are just like 
the Giant NMC boss, but slower. Once they're gone, go inside the door.
 You'll see a scene in which Rupert will fight with a 
mysterious figure(Unknown Man). Aya will point a gun at him and
 so he'll jump out of the window.rupert will tell you that he 
was attacked by him upon entrance in this room. 
Keep walking up and down on the leftmost wall until 
you see many ???s appear. 
Aya will overhear a conversation. It seems like 2 people
 are planning to _sabotage the building(?)_. Go closer and you'll
 see the man running inside a door leaving a Dark Card behind. 
Get it and try the door-it's locked.Check the red beeping thing...
it's a bomb!!!Don't worry, it won't explode...yet.

It's time to use that EXP you have gathered so far.
Learn the first water Spell and the first Earth one.
You'll now be able to Cure yourself and you'll receive 
only half damage.You'll need BOTH for the upcoming boss.
Keep the rest of the EXP-you'll need it later on.

Return inside the place were you found the Blue Key and go 
into the door. Insert the Red Key and get your Police Stck Tonfa 
ready.Go inside the door at the bottom of the screen and 
you'll have to fight a NMC.
He seems slightly faster than the others but he is still easy. 
Check the fridge for an item and then return were you 
encountered the 2 fat guys, check the fountain on your way
 there to receive a Grenade Gun. Also check the body near the 
fat guy's location to get a Tactic Vest. Instead of fat guys 
you'll find bats-run away quickly:they are hard to kill 
and give pratically no EXP and BP. Enter the _broken_ door.
You'll be near a small lake with an underwater bridge. 
Go near the red panel and you'll be asked 3 digits. 
The first one is 5, next is 6 and finally there's 1.
 The bridge will come up and you'll be able to pass. 
As you approach, the door in front of you will _break_.
Go in and kill the NMC. Go near the phone but don't save yet. 
Equip yourself with the Grenade Gun first.
Go up and all the way up until you reach the elevator-
it's not working. Go back and you'll mmet the 
Unknown Man from before.
Boss:Unknown Man  
Recommended Weapon: Grenade Gun  

With over 1000 HP, this boss is going to be deadly. At first use up all 
of your grenades(you should have 4) and get ready to run. 
He might hit you with its Fatigue Shot
(causes Aya to be slower and tired)
while escaping, so try zig-zaging.
Once you reach the first power source(it's an electric circuit) 
use your auto aim to lock on it and shoot as soon as he comes close. 
This should cause him around 200-300 damage. 
There are 3 of these power circuits, along with a broken pipe. 
It can cause up to 500 damage. 
Be careful, when doing so and always look at his blade. 
He hits it on the rail continously. 
After about 4 hits it will start _being_on_fire_. 
This attack can cause up to 100 damage. 
In some cases he uses this attack and your lost HP will not be displayed. 
If this happen then Aya will _lose_to_much_blood_and_die_instantly. 
You might want to use the Tonpha Baton.
It does pretty high damage but puts you in danger. 
You might want to also keep a grenade to use it in case of cornering.
Antibody helps a lot here:You'll only receive half the original damage
You can cure with the Water Cure spell. 
After this battle go on the elevator and select the 1st option to finish D1.

3.DAY TWO   The Trap    
September 5th 2000 

1.44 a.m.-MIST Building

FBI Officer Baldwin will give you 4 files upon entrance.
You'll be in the MIST office again. 
The weapons and items you got from the corpses will be gone for 
In the trunk of the car you'll be able to deposit and pick up items. 
Get everything needed and give the shooting practice a try. 
You'll want to get at least the first item(1000 BPs). 
When you are ready speak to Pierce.

Pierce:Shall we go?
Answer I:Hold on
Answer II:Yeah!
Answer III:Let me practice first

After you choose the second option you'll 
automatically go in Nevada's desert by car.

12.13 p.m.-Bronco Motel

Check the trunk. You can use it again if you like. 
Equip a weapon and go were the phone is.
 Save your game and go into the gate(!)-
it's the only place that isn't locked yet. 
Once inside you'll be attacked by a strange NMC(Horse NMC)monster. 
Keep shooting at it and when he starts running, dodge him 
or he'll knock you out. Keep shooting until he dies and then 
enter the room just ahead there should be a photo 
with a guy's age(1851-1887).
In the next one there will be 2 Naked NMCs 
and another picture(1848-1929)along with a Medicine 1.
Now head in the gate opposite the room with the Naked Monsters.

Go all the way until you reach the well. 
Kill the bats coming out from it with the Tonfa and go inside the door. 
As soon as you enter, check the yellow gate.It's locked,
 but we'll unlock it soon. 
There is a control panel in front of you, 
but there is no running power. 
To turn the power on, go into the second part of 
the room and past the car. 
There is a switch.
 Push it up and return to the panel. 
Press UP and then TURN to move the car. 
Press DOWN to place it back down. 
You can now pass. 
Check the car's trunk first to find 10 S.Bullets. 
Open the yellow gate and press the red button next 
to  it.
Go back to the panel and press UP and TURN once
(remember to press DOWN after this). 
Now go into the second part of the room by using the 
unlocked yellow gate. You'll be able to use the 
shutter and reach the next room.
Inside you'll meet with Gary. 
He wants to shoot you at first, but Aya will tell
him that she's from FBI. Aya then explains about her team
(MIST) and for exchange, Gary gives Aya a room at the motel. 
He'll give you the Motel Room No. 6 Key. 
Go back were you fought with the first 
Horse NMC and use the other gate. 
Go up the stairs and kill the 3 Naked NMCs. 

Your room is No.6,look for it and then go in. 
You cannot rest like  Gary said , but you can still save your game. 
Go towards the balcony to see a Full motion Video showing another man. 
You'll need to reach him. In the balcony there  should be a ladder:
use I to go down. Go all he way round and you'll see some Horse NMCs. 
You'll need to kill them all. 
The first 2 are easy(just keep shooting)while the other 6 aren't. 
Enter the small gate and go were the door operator is. 
Lift the switch and go all around. Enter the big gate and 
kill the remaining Horse NMCs. 
Once this is done, the man on top will lower a ladder. 
Use it to go up and meet with him(his name is Kyle). 
After the talk go slightly left to see another 
scene showing nothing useful. 
Go _up_ the ladder to reach the top of the water tower. 
There wil be a man's corpse. 
Inspect it to receive a Medicine 1 and a Silver Key.

Go down (twice) and use the Silver Key to 
enter the Small Saloon(
it's the wall where you started your last battle). 
Get the Coca Cola Object from the fridge and check the locker. 
You'll find a Medicine 1 but that's not it! 
Check the barrels next to it carefully the trick is in 
locating the darkest empty spots-once you do, 
keep tapping O , but don't stop walking up and down. 
You can get 4 Medicine 1s this way!

Exit the  saloon and go were the ladder that brings to 
Room No.6 is.Make Aya face left and press and hold up.
You'll find a _hidden_ passage. 
Go through it and you'll find a door(it's locked).
Speak with Gary via the `Intercom` and 
he'll tell you that the key is inside the metal grille. 
Unfortunately, Aya doesn't want to ruin her nails 
and so you'll need an item to get it.
Press START and select `Keys`. 
Go onto the Coca Cola Object and press A. 
Press X and then O continously. 
You'll enter a mini-game in which you'll need to get the key.
At the top right there should be a hole. 
Drag the key up, but not too much
(if you do it'll reset)
and then tap right continously(don't hold) 
and you'll get  Gary's Key(used to unlock a Factory door). 
Use it to open the door and check out the dog. 
You have to follow him.

When you reach a door the dog will stop and bark. 
He wants you to open the door. Do so and speak with Gary. 
You can buy items and weapons if you want. 
Gary will tell his dog to bring you to the well
(NOTE: Follow the dog, don't go directly to the well).
Get the rope(the dog'll bring you there) and go where the well is.
Use the rope and go down to reach a new location(the Well). 

You should upgrade the Fire Ball Fire Spell if you have enough EXP.
If you don't, just learn the second Fire spell, Flame Combustion.
Boss:Spider NMC    
Recommended Weapon:M4AI Rifle Gun     

This boss battle isn't tough at all. 
Use the M4AI to blast him to the 
floor and then use your Second Fire Spell(Lv.2 recommended). 
This should take away a whole lot of HP. 
He's pratically helpless when on the floor, 
so if you finish your MP, just use the Police Stick Tonfa 
to damage him. Use the Antibody spell before 
entering battle and you should be ok.
His strongest attack is the head grab which causes around 
50-100 damage, but he only uses it when nearly dead. 
Don't worry about its invisibility move: 
Press START and turn the brghtness of your TV higher
(+Bright)and spot him, 
then return to normla and attack. 
Even if you don't use this nasty trick, 
you'll be still be able to spot him if you look carefully.
After the battle, turn the switch ON and enter the hidden room on the left. 
You'll manage to get a free Flare Light
(it's optional-so don't worry if you don't get it).
Now go up the stairs to reach the grocery shop. 
Get ready for some Coke madness!
Check every fridge(on the left)
and you'll either find a Coca Cola or an Antidote. 
You should end up with at least 5 items(mostly Cokes)
at the end of this room. 
On the side there's the exit that leads to 
your car and the first phone. 
Organize your items and save your game. 
Go through the other door to reach an outside coridor. 

The first door leads to a nearly empty room with a photo(1831-1890). 
The second one has a surpise(turn up the volume)
and don't forget to check the closet at the back. 
The third one is locked. 
Get the 10 S.Bullets from the back and leave.
Go where Gary is and speak to him
(choose the second option to continue). 
He'll give you permission to use its equipment-but only if 
you use it to save the woman screaming.

You should learn the upgrade(LVL 2) of the 
second Fire Spell(Flame Combustion)and the first 
Wind Spell. 

Go where you first met Gary(garage) and check the red truck. 
It's empty. 
Check the north-east corner to get the Wrench. 
Use it to get through the 3rd door. 
Get ready because(of course)the woman wasn't alone.
Boss:Unknown Man(Re-Match) 
Recommended Weapon:Grenade Gun(from Gary) 

First off, cast a Wind Spell
(you should have it by now) 
to make him slow down. 
Next, cast the second Fire Attack(Flame Combustion)-
it should be at least LV 2. 
Keep using the Fire attack and when he starts going fast again, 
use the Paralysing item you got at the start 
of this day and also check out that Flare Light.
When he's about to die, equip the Grenade Gun
(buy it from Gary) and blast his torso off!

22.00 p.m.-In The night...

After the battle , you'll re-meet with Kyle. He'll join you
(a la Final Fantasy)And he'll partecipate in battles with you!
The only problem is that he only has
100 HP. This means that he can die easily. If this happens, it's GameOver!
Head were your yellow car and you'll see something terrible:It has been
Destroyed by some stupid Rabbit NMCs!Kill them all!
Action: Rabbit NMC Shooting Frenzy
Recommended Wapon:Anything fast
No. Of Enemies:12

Use every fast weapon in your inventory.
Use the Fire Ball when they jump
(because it'll stop the action)
and you should be okay.
If they grab you they'll use their team atttack!
Kyle will have a brillaint idea:
`Why don't _YOU_  go and ask Gary if he can lend us his car?` 
Head were gary is and speak to him.

Gary:What now?
Answer I:Can I buy moe stuff?
Answer II:Let's talk about something that has nothing to do 
with the game :-)
Answer III:Can I use your truck?Please?

Select the 3rd option and he'll give you the Lobby Bronco Key.
Go where you're the stairs that lead to your room's floor is but-
don't go up. 
Head to the double doors instead.this is the Lobby. 
Use the key and go where the cash register is and press O.
Press # and then enter 3033 and press Total.
You'll receive the Bronco Motel Key and go up.
Go across your room and  into the locked double doors.
Use the Bronco Motel Key and enter,
get the Empty Petrol Can. On your left there is a safe.
The code is 4487. You'll get a special item.
Go where your car is and press O  on the Petrol Distributor.
You'll now have a Full Petrol Can.
Go in the Garage and Gary will be waiting for you.
Speak to him and he'll tell you to get some rest first.

Go where your room is. You can rest by checking the bed.
Aya will dream again and will see 4 Unknown Men looking for her.
he'll then wake up because of a monster-like noise, but she'll 
figure out it's only the TV.Right, the TV. 

Boss: Cannon-Mouth(The Big Boy)
Recommended Weapon:Grenade Gun, M4A1 Rifle Gun.

Just use everything you have against him. Evade its grab and try to stay 
away from its Fire Breath.
After a ehile, he'll get angry and use its Fire Breath continously.
He'll use it so much that he'll burn himsef,too!
When this happens RUN AWAY AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE or he'll grab you and
smash you for massive damage. After a while he'll die and you'll 
win this hard battle.

After this battle one of the following will happen:

-Gary's dog dies-he'll be killed by the `break` and by CM's flames.
-Gary's dog lives.
-Gary's dog gets lost(???) when the ground splits.

Gary will give you the Red Truck Key.
Go where the truck is to find Kyle.
There's an item  in the box here(but it's random).
Speak with Kyle to go on. The second choice is the one you should choose.


4.DAY THREE  The End?

12.06 a.m.-The middle of nowhere

At first you'll need to deal with a horse NMC.
This should be easy but it's not.
Check Kyle's satus-he's down to 5 HP!
Remember this: If _HE_ gets killed _you_ go down too.
Try to shoot were the giant fall is.
The horse will dash there and eventually fall down.
Now, Kyle will leave(phew!)and another battle will start.
Action: Horse NMC Shooting Frenzy
Recommended Weapon:Most Useless Weapon
No.Of Enemies:11

This time you'll need to face *MORE THAN TEN* horses at once!
Try to throw them all down but be careful-you can too!!!
Use  your `most useless` weapon and try to distract them.
If the thing gets hard...Use your Wind Spells!
After this long battle cure yourself and go into the gate.
When you reach the (rail)road- splitting go straight.
Check the (broken)bridge there nad return. Go left.
Push the  trolley and check the Board.
Aya will get it.

When I first came here I went left first.
If you do, Aya will NOT get the Board.
This happens because she doesn't know what to 
use it for!

Bring the Board were the bridge was and you'll make a 
You can now pass without danger. Well, kind of...
Prepare the Tonfa... 

Enter the door on your right and refill with 
ammo and save, save , save, save.
Next, check the control panel at the end of the room.
Check the holes.

They should be like this:

      O<----Place the Plug here.
      O<----There should be a Plug here.Take it.
|__|<----Press This When Finished

When done, go where the gate was and enter.
Be sure to be well equipped......

Boss:The Mother Of All NMC Horses
Recommended Weapon:Grenade Gun, M4A1 Rifle Gun.

This isn't a tough fight. Be sure to have full HP and MP and you'll be OK.
At first wait for her(?) to charge and then quickly escape. 
You'll have a free chance for firing. Pop one granade.
She'll fall and you'll be able to blast another one.
Keep doing so and you'll easily receive the prize.

But we all now good things come along with the bad ones.
Don't we?

Boss:The Mother Of All Combusted NMC Horses
Recommended Weapon:Grenade Gun, M4A1 Rifle Gun.

She is just like the original Horse Mother, but WAY stronger.
Her attacks are the same but they cause higher damage.
Her HP are in more, too.
Try to use the same Grenade trick you were using before and you... 
_should_ be safe.
The M4A1 helps a lot if you have finished your grenades.
As a prize you'll receive another Plug for winning.
And a strange gun( the P229 ).

Check the motorbike on the wall and press the switch.
It won't work.
Go back to the panel and put the plugs here:

     O<---Place a Plug here and...
  __   O<----...the other one here.
 |__|<----Push this when finished.

Go back were the switch was and you'll enter a door.
Boss:NMC Evolved Spider
Recommended Weapon: Anything Goes

Huh?Boss?Just use whatever you have and eliminate him.
He shouldn't be hard AT ALL.
If he was hard...well, you better do some training...
I killed him by using my Fire 2(LVL 3)thrice.
Once you have defeated the spider, go forward and enter the door.
You can take the elevator to the next level.

You'll need some training...
...So head were the Red Truck...
...or should I say WAS?
Action: Revenge Of The Rabbit NMC Shooting Frenzy
Recommended Weapon: Fast Weapon or...Grenades?
No. Of Enemies:14(+/-)

They really like eating vehicles, right?
Use the same strategy that you used at first,
but don't waste MP-If you get stuck, use Grenades.
Remember that you can still fall,though!
If they grab you, keep pressing the X Button.
If the situation gets really bad, use spells.
After the battle use your EXP to learn the Third Fire Spell(Total Inferno).
Believe me: You'll need it.

The end of my Version Walkthrough 0.9
But don't worry...it's just that I have to go on holiday.
I don't have a computer over there, but I can bring my PSX.
And my cell phone connects on WAP, so I can easily check my mail. 
I'll write my walkthrough on paper and then type it down when 
I come back.Sorry but I really need a break.
If I can, I'll try bringing my dad's PC over there with me. 
Oh, but wait-the FAQ isn't over yet! Keep reading!


5 .  C H A R A C T E R S

Here are the main characters and villains
With their story.

Aya Brea

Aya was attacked in 1997(Xmas eve) by an evil monster called Eve. 
Eve killed many people and transformed them in monsters by 
altering their mitochondria. 
Aya wasn't affected by this, 
In fact she can control its mitochondria to 
command the illness(Parasite EVE)
and concentrate it into a poerful attack called Parasite Energy.
She is now a member of FBI's MIST group.

Kyle Madigan

Kyle is an american cop that will help the FBI MIST agent,
Aya Brea during her small journey.

Eric Baldwin

He is the founder of MIST and gives orders to the group.
He _saved_ Aya a lot(laugh).

Rupert Broderick

He is , like Aya , another MIST agent.
He was sent with Aya and other members in the
Akroplis Tower.

Pierce Carradine

Another MIST agent. 
He is Aya's personal trainer in weapons and shooting.
He organizes the  Weapon Training at the 
MIST Department.

Melissa Pearce

She was a famous opera singer that always carried some 
Sort of medicine around.
She was possessed and kiled by Eve in Christmas Day 1997.


She's not a full human being, she's an evil
creature that wants to cause the extinction of humans 
by using her own type of parasite to kill.
She was THOUGHT dead in 1998, but she is now coming back...

Daniel Dollis

He was aya's assistant in NYC during
Eve's first attack.We don't know what happened 
to him after that...

Unknown Man

This man was used by Eve to kill 
Aya, but he failed and was 
Combusted with Eve's powers.


6 . E N E M I E S

Humanoid NMC  
Attacks:Hit Clash, Runaway
First Encounter:Akroplis Tower

These guys are the first enemies you encounter.
They don't have much HP and their attacks are pretty bad. 
You should use the Tonfa Baton for these.

First Encounter:Akroplis Tower

Use the Tonfa Baton and you should be able to kill 
each on with just one strike.

First Encounter:Akroplis Tower

These are the weakest enemies in the game.
They will die with 1 hit from anything(Tonfa included).
They can still cause some damage if there are 3 or more.

Attacks:Punch,Hit Clash
First Encounter:Akroplis Tower

They can barely move and when they do, they'll usually attack.
Their attacks are even slower and easy to evade.
When their attack connects, it'll cause average damage.

Giant NMC
Attacks:Hit Clash
First Encounter:Akroplis Tower

This one is your first boss but he
isn't strong at all.
He behaves exactly like a Humanoid NMC.

Piranha NMC
Attacks:Low Bite 
First Encounter:Akroplis Tower

When dealing with these guys you don't
even need a weapon.Just _walk/run_
over them to kill them!

Horse NMC
Attacks:Hit Clash, Rush
First Encounter:Bronco Motel

These are the first challeging beasts.
They cause average damage with their Hit Clash
but the Rush does heavy and will knock you down
for a while. Dodge it and _he_'ll receive 
the damge!

Winged Moth NMC
HP:40+10 or 50
Attacks:Fly Bash
First Encounter:Bronco Motel

This one is just like a bat,
but stronger.
If you cause 49 or less damage
to it , it'll land and move 
like a Rat NMC and you'll need 
to take 10 more HP off it.
If you cause 50 or more,you'll 
Be able to kill it in one go.

Butterfly NMC
HP:50 or less
Attacks:Fly Bash
First Encounter:Bronco Motel

They are just like the Winged Moth NMCs but 
weaker. Yes, _weaker_, not stronger.
Use the same tactics.

Scorpion NMC
Attacks:Poison Sting
First Encounter:Bronco Motel

These guys are like armoured rats.
They have tons of HP and can poison you
with ease. When they die they'll leave a green 
puddle. Touch it and you'll receive damage.

Spider NMC
Attacks:Head Grab, Upward Stab, Crawl, Invisible Ambush
First Encounter:Underground The Bronco Hotel

This one is pretty hard to beat because he is 
invisible. Try using the trick in the Walkthrough 
to find him and ambush him before he 
ambushes you. If you make him fall,
use the Rifle to finish it off.

Leoparded Spider NMC
Attacks:Head Grab, Upward Stab, Craw, Invisible Ambush
First Encounter:Bronco Motel

This is just a weaker version of the Spider NMC.
Still, he usually attacks in groups and so they might 
ambush you together which is(not only 
frightening but even)dangerous.
Follow the Spider NMC strategies to beat him. 

Rabbit NMC
Attacks:Jump Bite, Rab-Bite
First Encounter:Bronco Motel Gas Station

Watch out for these ones because they can cause 
heavy damage if they hit you while they are in
the air. Still _you_ can hit him 
in the air, too.

Rolled Rabbit NMC
First Encounter:Underground The Bronco Motel 

These guys can't attack and don't have much
HP. Treat them like the Rats.

Cannon-Mouth NMC
Attacks:Flame Breath,Grab,Punch,Pushover
First Encounter:Bronco Motel 

One of the strongest bosses in the entire game.
His attacks do massive damage and push you away.
Cure a lot when against this guy.

The Mother Of All NMC Horses/Combusted Horses
Attacks:Tackle, Jump Attack
First Encounter:Desert Of Nevada

This fight is pretty easy for a disc two boss fight.
Use the same tactics you used for the Horse NMC.

Evolved NMC Spider
Attacks: Head Grab, Upward Stab, Craw, Invisible Ambush

You seriously will be able to kill him
without getting hit once.
He's just too easy!Use the same techniques
you used for the NMC Spider.

These should be all the monsters you have encountered so far.



7 . A T T A C K I N G 


Sorry but I'm still working on this section.
I'll update soon and will show you the weapon's stats.^_^.Sorry.

There are many Mgic Spells in PEII. These are:

Oh, before we start this is how this 
section is layed out:
Description Of Type

Name Of Spell
LVL /MP Cost/EXP To Gain
Target Type


*I don't know the official move names yet* 

Here we go:

Fire is an attack type used to demolish
the enemies' HP.

Fire Ball
LVL 1/8/-none-(have at start)
LVL 2/7/500
LVL 3/6/1200
Straight Tunnel Target

Aya fires one (or more) fireball(s)to hit the enemy.
This attack works wonderfully when stuck in a corner.
This spell is also pretty fast to cast.

Flame Combustion
LVL 1/14/300
LVL 2/14/700
LVL 3/14/1600
Barrier-Like Target

Aya tries to combust the enemy by combusting
every target in the half sphere's target.
Use this spell when many enemies attack together.
Good against annoying enemies(e.g.Bats).
It lacks of speed ,tough.

Total Inferno 
LVL 1/30/1200
LVL 2/30/1600
LVL 3/30/2000
All Room

Total destruction of room may occur.
Aya burns _everything_ and _anything_
that moves in the current room.
Actually I always use this in boss fights
to massacre the enemy...and
have a laugh .

Wind is used to slow down
your enemy...or simply stop
it's movements completely(Hah!)

LVL 1/7/200
LVL 2/7/500
LVL 3/7/1200
Straight Tunnel Target

Aya shoots a bolt from her hand.
This is similair to the Thunder move in FFVIII.
Use it to hit annoying targets.

Aerial Knockdown
LVL 1/6/300
LVL 2/5/700
LVL 3/4/1200
Barrier Like Target

This is useless. It just knocks down the enemies.
still you might want to use it against fast enemies
to slightly slow their run.

Electro Rave
LVL 1/18/1200
LVL 2/18/1600
LVL 3/18/2000
All Room

Aya attempts to paralyze all enemies on screen.
It is super effective against quick enemies.
Apart from that it will also cause some
considerable damage. 

Water is basicalyy the opposite of
Fire:It's used to RESTORE Ata's HP.

LVL 1/7/200
LVL 2/5/500
LVL 3/3/1200
Self Target

Aya becomes immune to Bad status Effects.
This is a very valuable spell, especially at LVL 3.
Use it at start of battles.

LVL 1/12/300
LVL 2/12/700
LVL 3/12/1600
Self Target

Aya cures her Hp partially.
The higher the LVL, the higher the regeneration.
This is incredibly valuable, too.
Use ita t LVL 3 and you'll pretty much restore ALL HP.

Giga Drain
LVL 1/20/1200
LVL 2/18/1600
LVL 3/16/2000
Spherical Target

Hits enemy for medium damage and RESTORES Aya's Hp 
Exactly after the attack.
This makes the water Class the most important in the game.
Use it aginst every boss you encounter.

Earth is basically used for protection.
Read each spell's definition for more info.

LVL 1/6/200
LVL 2/5/500
LVL 3/4/1200
Self Target

Makes Aya's resistance double effective.
In other words:
Damage is HALVED!Woah!
Learn this at the start of the game and fights
will be a breeze.

Concentrated Shot
LVL 1/10/300
LVL 2/9/700
LVL 3/8/1600
Self Target 

Cause double damage from now on.
Enough said.

Spherical Light
LVL 1/15/1200
LVL 2/15/1600
LVL 3/15/2000
Self Target

ANYTHING that touches Aya gets damaged.
Kyle, too.
This is not as good as the other Earth Spells.


8 . I T E M S  

This is how this area is layed out:

Name Of Item
Use Out Of battle
Use In Battle

Here we go:

HP Healers

Medicine 1
Restores 50 HP
Restores 45 HP

Medicine 2
Restores 100 HP
Restores 90 HP

Medicine 3
Restores 999 HP
Restores 150 HP

MP Healers

MP Potion 1
Restores 30 MP
Restores 25 MP

MP Potion 2
Restores 999 MP
Restores 100 MP

HP + MP Healers

Coca Cola Can
Restores 20 MP + 80 HP
Restores 20 MP + 80 HP

First Aid Pak
Restores 999 HP + 999 MP
Restores 999 HP + 999 MP

Status Healers

Status Heal(aka Stabilizer in PE1)
No Use
Heals Silence + Berserker + Confused
No Use
Heals Poson + Paralysis + Darkness

Status Casters

Torch Light
No Use
Casts Darkness On Target

Flare Light
No Use
Casts Darkness On Target

No Use
Casts Paralyze On Target

Mad Caster?
No Use
Casts Berserker On Aya

Status Resisters

No Use
Can't be Confused + Berserked

No Use
Resist Darkness


9 . G A M E   S H A R K   C O D E S 

If you want any GS codes then go to [http://gmsccc.com]
and select PlayStation `P` and look for
Prasite Eve 2 import.
I have no time to try various combinations of 
hexadecimal codes-sorry.
I MIGHT post them here later on.


1 0 . B O N U S    G A M E S   &   S U B - Q U E S T S 

First off, let  me clear some things.
There is only ONE Mini-Game and that's the shooting frenzy.
There are many bonus modes but they can only be accessed once 
Normal mode is completed at least once.
There isn't any PocketStation game avaiable.
And finally there are NO Sub-Quests. 
But keep reading...

The Mini-Game: Shooting Frenzy

This Mini-Game can be accesed by speaking to Pierce while in the MIST BLDNG

-Shoot enemy targets
-Don't shoot women

It's as simple as that.
There are 5 LVLS(1 to 5) and the higher the level,
the more realistic the battle.
(e.g.LVL 1-Shoot targets)
(e.g.LVL 5-Real battle)

By getting a high score in each LVL you'll get an item(s).
Here they are:

LVL 1:Stone Demon Hydra Ammo (x50)
LVL 2:First Aid Pak
LVL 3:Googles  
LVL 4:Lipstick?
LVL 5:Shoulder Equipment

The Bonus Modes

These Modes will be blocked after you save 
your game at the end of the game:

-Bounty mode
-Supportless mode 
-Deadly mode

I didn't try all of these yet, so please...
be Patient.

Finally, let's talk about Sub Quests......

There are NO Sub Quests in the game.
Still, many people invented them.
These `invented` sub-quests are usually called 
WIPEOUT something.
The rules of these quests are simple-just go kill
kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill...
But why don't we...create OUR Sub Quest!
[This  is not directed to no-one]

As an e.g. use my 1st Sub Quest:

Bronco GOTTA FIND'EM ALL-Part 1.
by [tholia@tiscalinet.it]

Your Mission should be to use items (that are supposed 
to be used somewhere) somewhere ELSE.
This might be hard to understand at first 
but it's actually quite simple.
Let's take the Bronco Motel Key
(labelled MASTER)
and use it in other places.
Because it is the MASTER key of a Motel, 
it should be able to open every door 
at the Motel and guess what?
IT DOES!!!!!!!
In these unexplored areas you'll find 
various valuable items that 
you surely don't want to miss!
I won't spoil the fun for you and won't reveal 
the hidden items so have fun 
Finding 'Em All!

If you want to `submit`(I'm serious)
_your_ own(not somebody else's)Sub Quest, 
then e-mail me the rules and the mission at
it will be posted here with your
E-mail adress,

Can't understand yet?
Take my Second Quest as a IIary e.g.

Bronco RUNAWAY HIDE-Part 1

This mission/
Sub quest takes place in Bronco ,too.
Still, you can use it in the Akroplis
Tower, too if you want.
Your objective is to RUN AWAY
From every enemy after the event at the Water tower.
This might sound stupid because you'll lose your BP
And won't be able to run fter
Your BP has reached 0.
To complete this mission you'll need to 
Fake an enemy and run.
The more enemies you manage to fake
Before getting hit or before
Finishing your BP,
The better. Try this and record your score
(1 point per enemy) and then
make a friend play and see who wins.
To fake an enemy you'll need to enter battle,
Dash towards it and as soon as he approaches,
R U N ! ! ! ! !My record was 60+.

Please send in your invented Side Quests!
You'll get Credit!  
1 1 . T H A N K S

I just wanted to remind you that I made 
this FAQ by using Words 2000 on my PC.
I made the FAQ.I wrote the FAQ.
DXie made the incredibly cool Ascii art !!!!
:-) Matt helped me a lot by telling
me the basics of FAQ-making.
We ALL worked hard.
So don't rip off, copy, sell or
mess up this file.

Contact US:

Tholia TF: [tholia@tiscalinet.it]
DXie     : [gamesempire@hotmail.com]
:-) Matt : [happy_matt@msn.com]

 1 2 . O T H E R 

This FAQ was created during my holidays.
And I usually have LOADS to do in holidays.
I started this FAQ just for fun and now it's becoming serious.
Still, if it takes more than one week to update, it's because
I have other things to do, and I'll update later.
As soon as I finish everything(Disc 2 and Weapons)I probably
Won't update anymore unless I get more info. 

I have read and used the 2 walkthroughs already 
Posted at GameFAQs.com to complete the game
For the first time.
They are just as useful as mine.
If you are stuck and my guide can't help you,
Then probably the other FAQs will.
So don't hesitate to use ALL
The FAQs you need for a game.

And remember:
This FAQ is (c) Tholia 2000
Parasite Eve II is (c)SQUARE 1999-2000
Coca Cola is (c) Coca Cola Company 2000



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