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Speed/Supportless/Deadly Mode FAQ by Duo Maxwell

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/19/2000

Parasite Eve 2 Speed/Supportless/Deadly Guide V1.1

SYSTEM: Sony PS-X Playstation (Japan)
TITLE: Parasite Eve 2
GENRE: Strategy(RPG)
FEATURES:Action/Adventure RPG
KNOWLEDGE LEVEL OF JAPANIESE: Low/High if you read all text.
ESTIMATED TIME TO COMPLETE: 4-8 hours per game
MEMORY CARD: 1-12 Blocks

 Stealing any of the work from this FAQ/Walkthrough will not be tolerated.
If you don't give me any credit for this work you can try to create your
own FAQ/Walkthrough. If for any reason I find any of your FAQ/Walkthrough
material similar to mine and if you don't even post my name on the credits
section of your FAQ/Walkthrough, I will personally make your life like hell
if I ever find you. It's time to stop all of this FAQ/Walkthrough-stealing
injustice as this crap has gone way too far. This FAQ/Walkthrough can be
reproduced, retransmitted, and redistributed as long as the contents of
this FAQ/Walkthrough are untouched, unedited, unmodified, unmutilated,
and unpiratedand. This FAQ/Walkthrough can only be redistributed and
obtained in its entirely original format. You may not edit or update
this FAQ/Walktrough for any reason. Also, please don't make any money out
of my work by selling printouts of the FAQ/Walkthrough or by using any of
the material from this work as part of your magazine articles.

 Parasite Eve, and Square related material and issues are registered
trademarks and is a copyright(I think) of Square.

 If this FAQ/Walkthrough is posted on a webpage, E-mail me and you will be 
added to my E-mail list so you can get the most updated versions first and 
I will know how many people and webpages have this FAQ on their site, it 
really helps. 

A. General Information
B. Speed Guide
C. Supportless Mode/Deadly Mode help
D. Credits and Contact Information

A. General Information

Well, you think you have mastered PE2 have you? Un-uh, soon as you think
you beat it WHAM, 2 new modes appear(if you got a good ending).
Bounty Mode      (Just beat the damn game)
Supportless Mode (Just beat the damn game with a good ending)
Deadly Mode      (Beat it on Supportless mode)

What makes these modes hard?
Bounty - Enemies(Golems all over) + High Dammage
Supportless - Crappy Equipment + High Dammage + Low starting stats
Deadly - Crappy Equipment + Enemies from Bounty Mode + High Dammage +
                Stats you can laugh at. (50 hp and 10 mp)

Deadly is truly deadly, since 1 hit can usually kill you and the first 1/2
of the game you fight golems with ONLY berillium rounds. 

B. Speed Guide

This speed guide is for people who don't have the patience to rummage 
through JL Lee's FAQ.
B6 W2 R3 Y5
Blue + Yellow then call.

C. Supportless Mode/Deadly Mode help 

*Supportless Mode/Deadly Mode comes with the MM1 which is a MUST GET if you
 want to beat the game, get it ASAP.
*If you're playing Supportless mode, BUY THE GOD DAMN MEDICINE VEIL! It
 gets you the GunBlade (see below). If you're playing the deadly mode,
 forget about the medicine veil.
*To save enough points, just only use your M93R (my usage is like 80%). 
*Your main weapon for both modes is pretty much the M93R, get used to it.
*Supportless Mode is MUCH easier because you get the GUNBLADE after you
 beat #9 at Dry field. The GunBlade does around 1000-3000 dammage if you
 time it right. (Kill Final Eve in 3 hits). (Get infinite buckshots). 
 Unfortunately you can't use the gunblade on the XL shooting ANMC.
*Supportless Mode/Deadly Mode doesn't sell Spartan, Airburst, Firefly nor 
 R. Slug rounds, so if you get them, SAVE THEM!
*Grenades can only be refilled at the tent, use only on bosses 
 (XL-shooting ANMC).
*Both modes have no battery/fuel recharge, so if you waste up your 
 pike/hammer, throw it away.
*I got a Magnum in Deadly Mode, but it never game me any bullets.
*You can't/don't want to buy shotguns in both modes.
*Is it just me or the GPS range smaller? (I wouldn't really recommending
 using the GPS in these modes anyway).
*Always remember to EQUIP a hp refilling item EVERY fight becuase life
 drain DOESN'T WORK on all enemies.

Problem Enemies:

All enemies can be killed in 1-3 slices of the Gunblade EXCEPT for the 
XL-Shooting ANMC.

Just run around until they hit a wall, THEN shoot.

Turtle like enemies:
Either kill them all off with PE (Inferno or Apobiosis) or use Buckshot
rounds to flip them over.

Water ANMC:
Use a shot gun/grenade launcher and fire once when it pops its head up. If
you hit it, it will go back down into the water without firing electricity
at you.
Fire when they popup, then when you hear the sound of electricity, run. 

Green Golems(Sword):
Either use the pike (if you have one), use Apobiocious, Energy Ball
(yep, you actually use this), Life Drain, or hammer.
IF you can't/don't want to use any of them, then use the hit-run tactic.
1. Make them run towards you (as they start to run, run away behind them)
2. They swing once
3. Watch if they are going to swing again, if not, shoot.
4. If they are going to swing again, run away then shoot after he misses.

Gray Golems (Sword)
Follow the Green Golem steps but don't use PE, since it does crap (unless
its trying to silence you) dammage to it.

Any Golems who fire rounds at you.
There guys are IDIOTS! They're there so you can abuse them.
They usually pair up with the sword golems so here's the trick.
1. Run around till they start aiming (redline) at you.
2. Run behind the Sword Golem so the redline hits the Sword Golem.
3. Watch them kill off their comrade.


1. Start firing until a redline shows up/you do 0 dammage
2. Run around until they fire all 6 shots.
3. Goto 1.

Golems who camoflauge.
1. Pause the game and turn the volume up.
2. Find a place where they don't beam in into you.
3. If they grapple you from behind, go nuts with the controller, they will
let go of you and then you can fire a couple rounds into it.
4. If they don't grappple you its MUCH easier. Those golems will start
showing holograms of itself.
5. If it makes no sound when it shows it self then its a hologram, wait.
6. If it makes a sound when it shows it self, lock and fire. The golem
will be stunned so you can pump even more rounds in it.

Just use PE when it tries to swing at you. 

Spidey (Underground in Dryfield)
Use Plasma to stun it.

Cannon Mouth
Ok, this is pretty hard to kill when all you got are riot/berillium rounds.
Here is the single trick to beat it under 3 mins.
Before you fight this thing, be sure to pump up your Necrosis.
What this spell does is dammage + POISON! your enemy. 
Use it everytime the poison runs out on Cannon Mouth, so here's the battle.

1. You use Necrosis.
2. While the poison is working you pump [insert ammunition here] into it.
3. Cannon Mouth attempts to put you on fire/pound you to a pulp, but as
right before he does whatever he does, he is dammaged from the poison,
making him flinch and stop whatever he was doing and take 90 or so dammage.
4. Goto 1 if poison runs out.

Yep, the poison will do MORE dammage than any weapon you got. 
(Riot does 45). Sad isn't it?

Mutated/Papa Horse
Try to kill it by using the barrels first.
1. Run around until it lands somwhere
2. Cast Necrosis if its not poisoned, Fire if it is.
3. Repeat.

TO FIGHT THIS THING! I had the problem of running out of ammo. Using the
Grenade Lancher will make your life MUCH easier.)
Cast Energy shot when you can, Antibody is not necesarry.
1. Take out speakers first.
2. Fire until it starts to do something.
 Lots of red/orange balls : Just run around
 Purple Beam : Go to the lower right hand of the screen (with the enemy
 facing you).
        3 Beams: Move a bit to the left
        Trailing laser: run to the left when it gets close enough
        Double Laser : Just keep shooting, it will miss you. 
 Combustion : Cast Life Drain then Necrosis and then keep firing.

Ultimate ANMC
Be sure to equip 1 Ringel Liquid before you fight this thing.
Use JL Lee's method for beating this thing.
Always cast Antibody and Energy Shot.
1. Fire at head (or what's left of it).
2. If dammaged and have around 100 hp, cast Life Drain.
3. Goto 1.
Once the chest opens, do the same thing but, change 2 into.
2. If dammaged, cast Life Drain (the chest blaster can do up to 170 dammage.)

Final Eve (Easier than the Ultimate ANMC)
Be sure to equip 2 Ringel Liquids before you fight.
1. Cast Antibody and Energy Shot.
2. Grenade the hell out of it. 

Weapon Choices
I half dis/agree with what JL said about his weapon choices.
Range doesn't really matter in this game. Weight is not a huge factor
either(unless its an MM1). Kick of a weapon only affects its firing rate.
Flashlights are useless.

Ammoless Close Range Weapons (Gray)

Tonfer Baton - Only if you're crazy like me.

9mm Bullet Weapons (Blue)

P08 (you get after first camo-golem fight) is crap!
P229 (Sig Pistol) -  is crap too (higher critical rate does NOT make up for
 the dammage you can do with the M93R).
M93R (Berreta) - is the primary weapon you will use but crap too but better
than the P08 and the P229.
M950 - yeah this is the handgun you should ever use in Supportless/Deadly
 mode. 100-bullet clip, reasonable firing rate 2nd best out of the 9mm 
MP5A5 (Heckler and Koch) -  A submachine gun that holds 30 bullets but can
 have up to two MP5 Clip attachments. This is better than the M950 because
 of the faster firing rate, NOT because of the flashlight.  
MP5 Clips - Must get if you have an MP5. (You can use it twice to get a 90
 bullet clip)

Shotgun Weapons (Yellow)

PA3 - don't bother buying this piece of shit.
SP12 (SPAS 12? I thought this was an auto-shotgun) - is reasonably good,
use it if you don't have an AS12 or a Gunblade.
AS12 - a little better than the SP12, but beaten by the gunblade

5.56 Full Metal Jacket Weapons(Pink)

M4A1 (Colt Carbine - Should be AUTO W/SCOPE damnit!) - Must get. 
M249 (Para) - A Machine Gun that holds 200 bullets. (In real life it should
 only be 100 rounds!)

M4A1 attachments

Pike - Only if you like burning your enemies. Not really worth it.         
Hammer - Must get.                                                         
M203 (Grenade Launcher) - In real life this is a gun that works by it self.
 Sucks like crap. Buy the Grenade Pistol.                                                         
M9 - If you buy thing thing, its only for killing FAT ANMCs.               
M4A1 Clips - Only if you're drowning in BPs and want something to waste on 
 in the beginning of the game.                                             
Javelin - Same as Pike, shots lasers, not really worth it. 

Grenade Launchers (dark Blue)

Grenade Pistol - better than the M203 attachment because of the faster 
 reloading rate.
MM1 - Heavy, takes a sec to lift it up, but holds 12 rounds, ultraslow
 reloading rate. The Best Grenade Launcher in this game.
What to Buy List(1=Highest Priority 9=Lowest Priority).
1. Medicine Veil if in Supportless
2. Some Kind of Grenade Launcher
3. Grenade Rounds (Forget the Riot unless you're in Support/Deadly Mode)
4. M4A1
5. M4A1 Rounds
6. Hammer (If you have a M4A1)
7. Mp5
8. Mp5 Clips
9. Some kind of armor with HP recovery.

D. Credits and Contact Information

Mark Kim for the opening statements.
JL LEE (sleeping_psycho@hotmail.com) for writing the awsome PE2 Walkthrough
 and I borrowed some of his names.
This FAQ/Walkthrough was created by Daisuke Takeda "Duo Maxwell".
Updates and saves are at:
any additions/questions? E-mail me at F_91@yahoo.com, ICQ me at 13329280, 
AIM me at "GFN2 Duo Maxwell", Yahoo page me at F_91 or with IRC my nick is
Duo_Maxwell (irc.dal.net) at #GundamW.                                         

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