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Guide and Walkthrough by JL Lee

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 04/21/2000

2 years on......
The nightmare begins......
Once more......
Your Mitochrondia is calling......
Calling for more blood......

GameFAQs presents......

A Squaresoft production......

Written by JL Lee......

                          PARASITE EVE 
                           2222  2222
                            22    22
                            22    22 
                            22    22
                            22    22
                           2222  2222
               Sony PlayStation [PlayStation 2 Competible]

Version 1.3
Updated 21-4-2000

**This guide will always be updated at GameFAQs <www.gamefaqs.com> 
  first. Be sure to check it out often! This document is best viewed
  using Microsoft Wordpad using the Courier New font, size 10.**

* Ok, so why am I putting lists up in FRONT of the document instead of 
  at the back? I've noticed a few trends: 

  (a) A person reads walkthrough while playing the game. Something 
      screws up which is not explained inside, so he/she IMMEDIATELY 

  (b) People never read FAQs if they are placed at the back, nor do 
      they read operating instructions on how to move your Gundam. Now 
      all of that is changed in this revolutionary (yeah right...) 
      document where EVERYTHING is in front and the main event is last. 
      *runs from rotten tomatos and eggs*

  (c) In the words of the great FAQ author marshmallow: "They make
      charts on things that people just don't care about. Honestly, who 
      cares what armor X can do when accessory y is attached, and you 
      add a watermelon, divided by the square root of 9?" ^^; Well, if 
      you don't read the weapon charts, you might be wasting some of 
      your limited BP......

* First impressions of Parasite Eve II on the PlayStation 2: Nothing 
  but beauty. The pixellation has all but dissappeared, and what 
  remains are sharp images which pars BioHazard 2 Value Plus and only a 
  few jagged parts remain on the characters, which also means <sarcasm>  
  that you don't have to buy Parasite Eve II Value Plus just to have a 
  PS2 version of the game. </sarcasm>

* Now you know. Square really went hand in hand with Coca~Cola after 
  this venture. Now they are the advertising company for the world's 
  favourite soft drink in Japan. Seen the FF IX + Coke ad yet?


This document is the result of someone's hard work. If you wish to post 
it on your site, please contact me. Most of the time I will allow you 
to do so so long as NO alterations are done. This document is also NOT 
allowed for any profit making purposes, and I'm NOT going to allow any 
more of this copyright violations to carry on any longer.

Parasite Eve, Parasite Eve II, Aya Brea, Eve, and all other characters 
that appear in any or both of the games, related products and property 
are under the Copyright of Squaresoft Co. Japan. All rights reserved.

The game 'Parasite Eve II' is based on the novel 'Parasite Eve' written 
by Hieaki Seda. Any portion of this FAQ/Walkthrough that has been 
unwittingly written with obvious references from his book are purely 
done without breaking any copyright laws.

Coca-Cola and all its products that appear in the game is trademark of 
Coca-Cola International. All rights reserved.

This document is under the sole copyright of Lee Jin Lai under the 
Copyright Law of the Republic of Singapore. All other international 
Copyright Violation rules apply as well. IF for any reason you put it 
up on your site with me knowing it/permission given, be prepared to 
receive a pleasent present from either the N.F.W.O. (New FAQ Writers 
Organisation) or from the author himself.

            b) SPECIAL WEAPONS
            c) ARMOUR
            d) SPECIAL ARMOUR
            e) ITEMS
            f) SPECIAL ITEMS
            g) PARASITE ENERGIES 
14. COPYRIGHT INFORMATION (again I know, but I have to repeat)


I have only two words to say......

                      SHE'S BACK!!!

                                                          and how!! XP*

              2. WHAT'S DONE

Version 1.3 (21-2-2000)
 - Added in the missing information on how to deal with the half-burnt 
   soldier in the Sterilization Room (still can't believe he missed 
 - New section on status aliaments pending (still thinking on how to 
   get the symbols out).
 - And, err...one new entry in the Self-Proclaimation section......^^;

              WHAT'S GONE

 Check out the Revision History at the end of the document for every 
 single past update.

              3. CREDITS AND PLUGS

For now....

Squaresoft Japan <www.squaresoft.co.jp>
 for turning Parasite Eve II into an AAVG worthy to rank alongside Bio 
 Hazard, Silent Hill, Dino Crisis......it's not supposed to be scary 

Through the NIGHT <www.people.or.jp/~honma/index.html>
 for some of the data which makes this FAQ/Walkthrough complete. And 
 for those who wish to go there, please switch to Japanese language 
 before visiting the site.

GameFAQs <www.gamefaqs.com>
 for the biggest collection of written work anywhere. Without it people 
 will be groping around looking for answers, and I will have a lot of 
 free time to write fanfics for my S2RPG.

All the friendly members of the GameFAQs message board who have been 
unwittingly helping me write this one out. You know who you are. Thanks 
for all the tips!!

Jack Loh for being the first to respond to my query on the OK Corral 
Shootout. Kisses from Meg for providing more than I asked for!!

Robert Han for telling me the secret of the Gunblade. You forget the 
specs!! ^^;; so I still can't add it in yet.

Ditto to Ben Neb for telling me that I missed out on the M950, and 
Jerome Lau for its location.

ReGodzill (that guy's EVERYWHERE!!) being the first for the Gunblade 

Locke Cole (from Hotmail that is) for giving me a different point of 
view for defeating the Unknown Man at Akropolis Tower.

Leon Tai for a whole load of information on various weapons and armour. 
Possibly most of your answers are answered in the new sections I put 

YOU for reading this walkthrough......ok ok stop beaming now. Do you 
still want to read on?

              4. CONTROLS

Field Mode (default)

Up    - Makes Aya move forward in whatever direction she's facing
Left  - Makes Aya turn to her left
Right - Makes Aya turn to her right 
Down  - Makes Aya move backwards slowly

Analog Sticks:
Left  - Moves Aya. Refer to D-Pad for movement instructions
Right - N/A

Shoulder Buttons:
L1 - N/A
L2 - N/A
R1 - N/A
R2 - N/A

Face Buttons:
Circle   - Walk up/down stairs, search for things, action button
X        - Press to run/walk (refer to Options under Menu Mode) 
Triangle - Shows avaliable Parasite Energies. You can cast Healing here
Square   - Aim. If enemy is within sight battle will commence.

Useless Trivia......

If you hold Aim when there's no enemy around, and press left or right 
on the D-Pad/Analog Stick, Aya's head actually moves in the direction 
you just pressed. Cool!!


Start  - Opens up/Closes Menu Screen, skip conversations/events
Select - Shows Map of the current area

Battle Mode (default)

Refer Field Mode

Analog Sticks:
Refer Field Mode

Shoulder Buttons:
L1 - N/A
L2 - N/A
R1 - Fires primary weapon
R2 - Fires secondary weapon if there is one. Otherwise fires primary 
     weapon (refer Weapons section)

Face Buttons:
Circle   - Accept Parasite Energy commands
X        - Closes menus, cancels Targeting
Triangle - Opens Parasite Energy menu
Square   - Changes Targets (where applicable)

Start  - Opens Battle Menu
Select - Opens Vibration option Menu

USE      - Looks at Item list
KEY      - Looks at Key Items
P.ENERGY - Looks at Parasite Energies
MAP      - Shows mp of current area
OPTION   - Options Menu
EXIT     - Exits Menu screen 

You can change your equipment here. Use L1 and R1 to scroll up and down 
the Item list respectively. At the end of the Item list there is a Sort 
option where the game will automatically sort the items in the Item 
list. However you have to sort out the items in the Attachments list 


Whenever you are faced with a ? Item, ALWAYS use the Triangle button. 
That's the HELP button in the Menu screen. Normally for items it will 
tell you what exactly is the item. For Key Items, you will be able to 
read through books, letters, and find out the correct discription of 
the Key Item. In the P.Energy Menu it shows the current level of the 
Parasite Energy and the casting cost plus the ATB required to cast it.
In Map it shows the current location you are in and some help if you 
are unsure of the next step.


Shows the Key Item list. Aya starts off with the M.I.S.T. Badge.

Pressing Circle on any Parasite Energy will present you with two 
options - Revive/Strengthen and Stop.

Revive means you revive the particular Parasite Energy.
Strengthen means you increase the Parasite Energy's level.
Stop means you don't do anything.

The Legend says it all. Other things include 

Key sign - door that is locked the LAST TIME you tried to open it.
Box with an X - impassable area
Red area - 'HOT' areas that are infested with NMCs and/or ANMCs
Grey area - areas not visited
Red dot - your next proper destination

Sound               Stereo    Monoreal
BGM level           Loud  Medium  Soft  None
Counter Position    Memory    Starting
Vibration           On        Off
Basic Movement      Walk      Run
Key Config

And inside the Key Config screen:

Type A - 
|          |   Menu      |    Movement      Battle             |
|Square    |   Choose    |   Aim            Change Target      | 
|Circle    |   Choose    |            Check                    |  
|X         |   Cancel    |   Walk/Run       Cancel             |
|Triangle  |   Help      |           PE Menu                   |
|R1        |   Page Down |                  Fire Main Weapon   |
|R2        |             |                  Fire Sub Weapon    |
|L1        |   Page Up   |                                     |

Type B -
|          |   Menu      |    Movement      Battle             |
|Square    |   Choose    |            Check                    | 
|Circle    |   Choose    |   Aim            Change Target      |  
|X         |   Cancel    |   Walk/Run       Cancel             |
|Triangle  |   Help      |           PE Menu                   |
|R1        |   Page Down |                  Fire Main Weapon   |
|R2        |             |                  Fire Sub Weapon    |
|L1        |   Page Up   |                                     |

Type C - 
|          |   Menu      |    Movement      Battle             |
|Square    |   Choose    |   Aim            Fire Main Weapon   | 
|Circle    |   Choose    |            Check                    |  
|X         |   Cancel    |   Walk/Run       Cancel             |
|Triangle  |   Help      |   Aim            Fire Sub Weapon    |
|R1        |   Page Down |   Aim            Change Target      |
|R2        |             |           PE Menu                   |
|L1        |   Page Up   |                                     |


Q. Say JL, there's an FAQ out for PE2 already. I thought you said that 
   you wouldn't do FAQs for games that already have one. What gives?

A. Well, I did say that, and condidering that this is a Squaresoft game 
   means that there will probably be 70 more done for this, but it's a
   good feeling to be a pioneer in terms of (hopefully) complete and 
   GOOD guides for gamers to have a good look. I'm definately not doing 
   this to add in to my pathatic KB amount. Hey, I'm not even signed in 
   for the Contributers List at GameFAQs yet.  CJayC thinks it's 
   strange, but really......^^;


Q. So......?

A. I want to show everybody what it takes to be good enough to conquer 
   any game without fearing that he/she missed out anything, because 
   this piece of work will have EVERYTHING that you need to know about 
   Parasite Eve II (well, maybe except the Items list. There's more 
   than enough extra items to give people headaches, yours sincerely 


Q. But in your walkthrough you said "so and so must follow you". I 
   don't get it...~_~

A. Normally that means that you are not there yet. Or that you missed 
   out the scene by pressing Start one too many times.


Q. Hey, I did something that was different from what you wrote! Are you 
   trying to smoke me?

A. No, I don't smoke, sorry. This game, like Chrono Cross before it, 
   HAS two major branching points, which will determine what happens in 
   the end. Don't worry, things will sort themselves out. Not that 
   there is much difference. But if you saw the Good and Bad Chrono 
   Cross endngs, you know that Squaresoft isn't as good as Capcom in 
   making DIFFERENT endings for the same point. 


Q. But the entire game is all in Japanese! How would YOU know if it's a 
   good or bad ending? On the other hand, how would YOU know what the 
   characters are talking about in the first place?

A. If I didn't know what the characters were doing or talking about 
   would I still be writing this piece of work? What I'm writing is 
   translated by yours truly, so don't blame me if what they are going 
   to say is a tad different from what I write.


Q. You know something JL? PE2 sucks. It's just a Resident Evil rip-off, 
   so why are you speaking as if it's the greatest game ever?

A. If that's the way you're speaking, than you might as well say that 
   Final Fantasy is a Dragon Quest rip-off, Virtura Fighter 3tb is a 
   KOF rip-off, Gameday is a Maddan rip-off, so on and so forth. If you 
   like RE, you'll like PEII, and UNLIKE RE, where all you have to do 
   is to find a way out of hell, in PEII you're actually going deeper 
   in to exterminate the menance.


Q. Are you daft? WTF are you giving cryptic answers to puzzles instead 
   of giving the answers? C'mon, I looked at your FAQ because I'm stuck 
   there, and all I see is just the puzzle in my face. I NEED HELP, NOT 

A. In that case you've not been utilizing your brain cslls all that 
   much. What I have written are clues normal people might have missed 
   out or don't understand what the clues/questions are talking about. 
   I try my best to help, but if you can't understand what it means, go 
   back and beat Resident Evil (any one) WITHOUT looking at any FAQs 
   that are there. If you can do that then when you come back to this 
   you will say "Hey, it's so simple! How did I miss such a big clue 
   right in front of my face!?" Then again, in order NOT to recieve 
   tons of mail crying for help, I'll just include the answers as
   cryptically as I can......*whistles*


Q. Well, actually I bought PEII thinking that it would be the same as 
   the first, so... ^^;

A. That's a popular misconception among many that a sequel will always 
   be the same as the original. Unfortunately you're talking about 
   Squaresoft here, where every new game is a new experiment. This is 
   likely to be bashed as a RE rip-off, but the Osaka team is a rookie 
   one, so give them credit for improving on what made RE so good. Just 
   LOOK at the spectacular lighting effects they gave the game. You 
   will probably be dazzled at the way they made the flames from the 
   burning barrels or from the Pike look on Aya, or the lights foom  
   the electricity crackling from the Hammer reflceting off her skin. 
   FYI I was.


Q. So just WHO is this Aya Brea person that so many people are drooling 

A. Aya Brea is a member of the M.I.S.T., a secret subsection of the 
   FBI. She was recruited by them shortly after she left the NYPD in 
   the aftermath of the Manhattan Incident because she was afraid that 
   the same thing that happened to Melissa Pierce would happen to her.  
   She still is unsure about her role in life now, and just lives by 
   the day, hopeful to end the NMC violence that she and Eve stirred up 
   What more can guys ask for?


Q. M.I.S.T.? What's that??

A. Mitochondria Investigation and Supression Team. A unit started up to 
   combat increasing number of cases of Neo-Mitochondria sightings that 
   have been covered up by the Government of the United States of 
   America and other governments as sightings.


Q. So how is this game played?

A. This time round the game is labelled as The Cinematic Adventure, 
   turning the RPG in the first game into an A-AVG game that is similar 
   to the famous BioHazard/Resident Evil series. Movement controls are 
   basicially like BioHazard, except that battles are different.


Q. Battles are different?

A. When you enter battle, the screen will have the classic black-and-
   white heartbeat, and you'll be fighting NMCs and ANMCs in real time. 
   No longer is ATB included (with the exception of casting Parasite 
   Energies which require ATP), you can fire as and when you like. This 
   time round DIFFERENT bullets are required for different weapons, 
   unlike the first game where most of the weapons (save the Rocket 
   Launcher) use the 'Universal Bullet'.


Q. NMCs? ANMCs? What are all these terms?????

A. NMC stands for Neo-Mitochondria Creatures. It refers to anything 
   whose internal Mitochondira has mutated and taken over the body, a 
   la Melissa Pierce, better known as Eve. ANMCs stand for ARTIFICIAL 
   Neo-Mitochondria Creatures. It refers to anything whose Mitochondria 
   has been awakened due to outside influence. These are easily 
   distinguishable with a very visable metallic Infusion Part on their 


Q. Eh? No levels!?

A. Nope, no levels. Parasite Eve II follows the BioHazard system where 
   the main character just romps through the game without having the 
   benifit of levelling up.


Q. But I earned experience!! What are they used for then?

A. The Experience Points (EXP) are required to revive the Parasite 
   Energies that Aya sealed off for fear of them affecting the mutation 
   rate of her Mitochondria.


Q. Revive Parasite Energies?

A. Yup, you spend the EXP you earn to revive all 12 of them. There are 
   3 levels of power for each Parasite Energy, with lower casting cost 
   and lower casting time as it levels up. Of course the higher the 
   level, the more costly it is in EXP usage.


Q. 12 of them? But there are only 8 in the Parasite Energy Menu!

A. Once you max out the two Parasite Energies in each element, a third 
   one will be avaliable. They're dreadfully expensive, but they are 
   the most powerful in each respective element, so it's a give and 
   take situation.


Q. Okay....so what is this BP thingy?

A. Bounty Points (BP) are the currency in the game. Like what it says, 
   you earn BP when you kill off all the enemies within the battle. You 
   will be able to buy weapons, ammunition, armour and items with the 
   BP you earn. Note that you can only BUY, not sell items in exchange 
   for BP. For the costs of the weapons/armour/items refer to the Lists 
   right after this section. 


Q. Waiting......waiting....hey, how come Aya's MP dosen't increase?

A. Unlike Parasite Eve, Aya's MP (Mitochondria Points) guage will NOT 
   regenerate in the midst of a battle. You can use a MP Recovery 
   Medicine to regain MP while in the battle, and you will regain MP 
   only AFTER a battle. And the MP recovery rate is fixed according to 
   the level of the enemies.


Q. So can we increase Aya's HP and MP since she dosen't have levels?

A. Her max HP and MP are determined by the Armour she wears. They do 
   not give extra protection from damage, but instead increase her max 
   HP and MP. Do note that once you remove the armour (for whatever 
   crazy reason) her HP and MP will revert to its original max. You can 
   also use items like Proteins and Lipsticks to increase the max HP 
   and MP respectively.


Q. Ughhh!! I'm getting creamed!! Can I run away?

A. Yes you can, simply by exiting the room. But it's not advisable 
   because you'll lose BP this way. Of course dying is stupid, but try 
   to fight till your last breath! Or at least until you are really 
   running out of ammo. And of course you can't run away from Boss 


Q. OK. Next question. Why can't I increase her item storage?

A. Aya can only carry up to a maximum of 20 items, equipments included. 
   This way makes it similar to BioHazard, which makes it fun as you 
   have to reorganize your inventory to what you really need. Luckily 
   for you, the item list is only for Weapons/Armour/Items, as other 
   things are listed under Key Items.


Q. Then what's up with the Attachments section?

A. The Attachments are the amount of slots the Armour Aya's equipped 
   with has. You can place bullets, weapons, items which can be 
   exchanged (for weapons only) or used during battle. Note that you 
   won't be able to access the normal menu if you're in battle, and the 
   only way to heal in battle is by either using Parasite Energies or 
   through Medicine you attached to the Armour. Another thing to note 
   is that Weapon attachments (Pike, Hammer, MClips etc.) are NOT 
   allowed as armour Attachments.


Q. Ack! I can't WIN no matter what I do!! Can I have some Gameshark 
   codes like Max HP or Invincibility please?

A. Sorry lad/gal, I don't believe in cheating, neither do I trust 
   Gameshark codes that much as more often than not they screw up your 
   files. The game itself is pertty easy, even the developers think so.  
   Wait till you try any of the harder modes. (evil cackle in the 
   background) However owning a Gameshark to break mod-chip protection 
   codes is another matter altogether......


Q. -deleted-


               6. LISTS
NOTE: The costs of the Weapons/Armour/Items are put after the names of
that particular Weapon/Armour/Item. Those which the words [Replay] 
after them means that it will be found in the regular game, but will 
only be SOLD in Replay games.

               a) WEAPONS

Tonfa Baton ( - BP)
Weight: 68
Range:  1
Rate:   5

Operation: R1 - Strike
           R2 - NIL

Good for close-up attacks, but you don't really want to go up close and 
personal with NMCs do you? Use only when out of ammo, and you don't 
have a reloading point nearby. But most of the time it will remain in 
the trunk of Aya's sedan.

M93R ( - BP)
Caliber:  9mm
Capacity: 20 rounds
Weight:   117
Range:    50
Rate:     110

Operation: R1 - 9mm Parabellum/Hydra/Spaldan 3-bullet Continuous Shot
           R2 - 9mm Parabellum/Hydra/Spaldan  Single Shot

Aya's personal favourite, you start off with this. This weapon is a 
semi-automatic handgun fitted with a 3-shot burst ability. It holds 20 
rounds, and can either fire in bursts or single shots, increasing the 
flexibility of shooting. This will be the your primary weapon for the 
first half of the game, until you get the P229 in Disc 2.

MP5A5 (6980 BP)
Caliber:  9mm/Flash
Capacity: 30/50 rounds
Weight:   288
Range:    55/5
Rate:     80/2

Operation: R1 - 9mm Parabellum/Hydra/Spaldan  Continuous Shot
           R2 - Shine Flashlight

This is a wonderful baby, allowing you to spray a magazine of 30 9mm 
bullets non-stop for some major ass-kicking stopping power. 
Unfortunately this weapon also has the weakest attacking power in the 
game, and uses more bullets that you would have normally wanted to. Its 
usefulness lasts as long as you are in Akropolis Tower, and since you 
won't see it again till the last part of the game, it dosen't matter 

MP5A5 (+1) (MP5.MClip Attachment - 3980 BP)
Caliber:  9mm/Flash
Capacity: 60/50 rounds
Weight:   306
Range:    55/5
Rate:     80/2

Operation: R1 - 9mm Parabellum/Hydra/Spaldan  Continuous Shot
           R2 - Shine Flashlight

This attachment for the MP5A5 allows the weapon to hold an additional 
magazine. Now you can spray 60 bullets in a flash. Hooray!

MP5A5 (+2) (MP5.MClip Attachments - 7960 BP)
Caliber:  9mm/Flash
Capacity: 90/50 rounds
Weight:   324
Range:    55/5
Rate:     80/2

Operation: R1 - 9mm Parabellum/Hydra/Spaldan  Continuous Shot
           R2 - Shine Flashlight

This attachment for the MP5A5 allows the weapon to hold YET another 
magazine. Now you can spray 90 bullets in a flash. Whoopie!!!

P08 (680 BP)
Caliber:  9mm
Capacity: 7 rounds
Weight:   87
Range:    70
Rate:     80

Operation: R1 - 9mm Parabellum/Hydra/Spaldan  Single Shot
           R2 - NIL

Typicially the second weakest weapon in the game, nobody in his right 
mind will buy it, since it's attack is only marginally stronger than 
the M93R, and buying it only wastes BP. One thing to remember is that
Handguns have a high critical rate, which will turn out useful on
occasions. I've used it in favour of the M93R, and am beginning to
appreciate how useful it is, handguns having quick reloading speed, and
wonderful recovery time. DON'T BUY IT for goodness sake.

P229 (1880 BP)
Caliber:  9mm/Flash
Capacity: 12 rounds
Weight:   92
Range:    120/4
Rate:     90/3

Operation: R1 - 9mm Parabellum/Hydra/Spaldan  Single Shot
           R2 - Shine Flashlight

The weapon of choice once you enter the Shelter, this weapon criticals 
so easily it's scary. Holds 12 9mm bullets, it has a flashlight 
attachment whose usefulness is in killing Moths and knocking down 
Horses. Fast in all areas, this one will probably last you all the way 
to the final stages of the game.

M950 (5750 BP [Replay])
Caliber:  9mm
Capacity: 100 rounds
Weight:   227
Range:    40
Rate:     90

Operation: R1 - 9mm Parabellum/Hydra/Spaldan Continuous shot
           R2 - NIL

There are the wonderful ones like the Magnum, there are the extremely 
weak ones like the P08, and there are ones that stay somewhere in the 
middle of nowhere. This IS a handgun which works like a submachine gun. 
Good point is that you don't have to worrry about reloading as it holds 
100 bullets max. Bad thing is that its range is terribly limited, and 
it's too heavy to be used effectively as a normal handgun, whose 
important point is that you can run past almost anybody without fear of 
getting hit. Plus the fact that SMGs never do much damage. Oh well.....
take it, if only for the BP bonus at the end of the game......

Magnum (2850 BP [Replay])
Caliber:  .44 Magnum
Capacity: 6 rounds
Weight:   168
Range:    60
Rate:     70

Operation: R1 - 44 Magnum/44 MaedaSP  Single Shot
           R2 - NIL

The ultimate weapon of Action-Adventure games, this is one SWEET baby.
You will only get this in the final parts of the story, but you can 
still toast a few remaining Golems stalking the lower levels of the 
Shelter with this. It holds .44 Magnum bullets, 6 at one go, and hits 
for HEAVY damage at times. Be warned that it kicks almost as hard as a 
Shotgun, and reloading is slow, but really, who cares? Do note that if 
you are gunning for the Good Ending you will NOT get the Magnum from 

PA3 (1000 BP)
Gauge:    12
Capacity: 3 rounds
Weight:   270
Range:    30
Rate:     2

Operation: R1 - Pack Shot/Firefly/R. Shock  Single Shot
           R2 - NIL

The first shotgun that you can buy. It's power is terribly limited, 
kicks very hard, and can hold only 3 12-Gauge Shells. Don't even bother 
buying it unless you have problems dealing with a whole horde of 
converging enemies early on.

SP12 ( - BP)
Gauge:    12
Capacity: 7 rounds
Weight:   420
Range:    40
Rate:     24

Operation: R1 - Pack Shot/Firefly/R. Shock  Single Shot
           R2 - NIL

You get this free of charge, and it's very useful in mid-game. Holds up 
to 7 shells, it kicks just as hard as the PA3, but has more range, thus 
it can hit a big group of enemies. Best used in Shamala.

AS12 (12500 BP)
Gauge:    12
Capacity: 20 rounds
Weight:   550
Range:    50
Rate:     36

Operation: R1 - Pack Shot/Firefly/R. Shock  Continuous Shot
           R2 - NIL

Now this is what I would call a super shotgun. It holds up to 20 
shells, and fires in semi-auto fashion and has almost no kick (for a 
shotgun). This comes at a hefty price though. Unfortunately you can 
only get this weapon only in the final parts of the game, which makes 
it kinda obselete.

M4A1 Rifle (2450 BP)
Caliber:  5.56mm
Capacity: 30 rounds
Weight:   254
Range:    500
Rate:     85

Operation: R1 - 5.56 Rifle 3-bullet Burst
           R2 - 5.56 Rifle Single Shot

The most versitile weapon of all, it allows up to one attachment 
custumization, and fires 5.56mm bullets. Standard all-round attacking 
fare, it basicially fires in semi-automatic 3-bullet bursts, holding up 
to 30 bullets per magazine. A weapon of choice to deal with the 
irritating Golems in the final parts of the game.

M4A1 Hammer (Hammer Attachment - 3720 BP)
Caliber:  5.56mm/Stun
Capacity: 30/40 rounds
Weight:   339
Range:    500/2
Rate:     85/4

Operation: R1 - 5.56 Rifle 3-bullet Burst
           R2 - Stun Gun Discharge

This attachment for the M4A1 allows the weapon to fire a single burst 
of electricity to not only deal damage, but stun enemies as well, but 
has a very short range. Since it's battery operated it can only last 40 
such bursts before going dead. Recharging is free, and it's very good 
against later enemies. Unfortunately this has no effect on Red Golems. 
Buy it as soon as you have enough BP in order to breeze through the 
latter parts of the game.

M4A1 (+1) (M4A1.MClip Attachment - 1800 BP)
Caliber:  5.56mm
Capacity: 60 rounds
Weight:   274
Range:    500
Rate:     85

Operation: R1 - 5.56 Rifle 3-bullet Burst
           R2 - 5.56 Rifle Single Shot

This attachment for the M4A1 allows the weapon to hold an additional 
magazine. This will be great for beginners as they will need to spend 
more bullets on enemies, but for advanced players it will only be an 
unecessary waste.

M4A1 (+2) (M4A1.MClip Attachments - 3600 BP)
Caliber:  5.56mm
Capacity: 90 rounds
Weight:   294
Range:    500
Rate:     85

Operation: R1 - 5.56 Rifle 3-bullet Burst
           R2 - 5.56 Rifle Single Shot

This attachment for the M4A1 allows the weapon to hold one more 
additional magazine. This will be great for beginners as they will need 
to spend more bullets on enemies, but for advanced players it will only 
be an unecessary waste. Who needs to put 90 Rifle bullets in order to 
kill them (bosses not included)? 

M4A1 Bayonette (M9 Attachment - 980 BP)
Caliber:  5.56mm
Capacity: 30 rounds
Weight:   284
Range:    500/2
Rate:     85/3

Operation: R1 - 5.56 Rifle 3-bullet Burst
           R2 - Bayonette Slash

This attachment for the M4A1 acts exactly like what it should be - a 
bayonette. Go "YA!! YA!!" with the enemies if you really feel up to 

M4A1 Pike (Pike Attachment - 5180 BP)
Caliber:  5.56mm/Flame
Capacity: 30/30 rounds
Weight:   437
Range:    500/6
Rate:     85/2

Operation: R1 - 5.56 Rifle 3-bullet Burst
           R2 - Flame Discharge

This attachment for the M4A1 allows the weapon to flame enemies in a 
wide arc. Great against groups of converging enemies as this weapon 
fires non-stop. But do note that this runs on fuel, so it only allows 
for 30 seconds of fire. Handy weapon for those who think the Hammer's 
range is too short.

M4A1 Grenade (M203 Attachment - 2130 BP)
Caliber:  5.56mm/40mm
Capacity: 30/1 rounds
Range:    500/350
Rate:     85/1

Operation: R1 - 5.56 Rifle 3-bullet Burst
           R2 - Grenade/Light Round/Air Burst  Single Shot

This attachment for the M4A1 allows the weapon to fire 40mm grenades 
one at a time. Very handy for advanced players who can alternate 
between grenades and bullets. Side effect is of course that Aya has to 
open up the catch and recatch once you insert the grenade, making 
reloading half a second slower than the normal Grenade Pistol. And the 
fact that it kicks harder than the Grenade Pistol.

M4A1 Javelin (Javelin Attachment - 7500 BP)

Caliber:  5.56mm/Laser
Capacity: 30/60 rounds
Weight:   488
Range:    500/420
Rate:     85/2

Operation: R1 - 5.56 Rifle 3-bullet Burst
           R2 - Laser Shot

This cool-looking attachment for the M4A1 allows the weapon to fire 
bolts of laser (yes, I'm not typoing) at enemies. It has batteries for 
up to 60 shots, and is just too cool to pass up. Not that it's more 
effective than the conventional weapons......and the fact that it
makes the Rifle top-heavy, giving Aya a hard time when lifting it up.

M249 (15800 BP)
Caliber:  5.56mm
Capacity: 200 rounds
Weight:   685
Range:    400
Rate      100

Operation: R1 - 5.56 Rifle Continous Shot
           R2 - 5.56 Rifle Single Shot

This is it....the ultimate rifle, meant for nothing but pure fun of 
plugging burst after burst of rifle bullets into enemies. It holds a 
whopping 200 5.56s, but gives a little leeway in range. Not that it 
matters though, the Ultimate ANMC will have problems dealing with it, 

Grenade Pistol (1680 BP)
Caliber:  40mm
Capacity: 1 round
Weight:   260
Range:    350
Rate:     1

Operation: R1 - Grenade/Light Round/Air Burst  Single Shot
           R2 - NIL

This weapon fires 40mm grenades one at a time, and works wonderfully 
against bosses. Beware that it has a horrible reloading speed (as 
compared to Claire's Grenade Launcher) so much so that you can actually 
hear the grenade go 'thunk' down the chamber, and Aya will actually 
stay still from the recoil for a second after firing.

MM1 (23500 BP)
Caliber:  40mm
Capacity: 12 rounds
Weight:   900
Range:    350
Rate:     12

Operation: R1 - Grenade/Light Round/Air Burst  Continuous Shot
           R2 - NIL

If the Magnum is the mother of all handguns, the AS12 is the mother of 
all shotguns, then the MM1 is the mother of all Grenade Launchers. It 
actually fires semi-automatically, and can hold up to 12 Grenades in 
its chambers. Unfortunately it's so heavy that it takes a long time for 
Aya to lift it up, but when she does, it's game over for everyone!

               b) SPECIAL WEAPONS
These weapons will not be sold for people who are playing the first 
time. After clearing a game, you will have a random set of 3 things 
(be it Weapons/Armour/Items) that will be avaliable for sale throughout 
the game shops in Replay Mode ONLY. Bounty/Supportless/Deadly Modes 
will not have these extra weapons UNLESS they are sold as regular 
weapons in each respective mode. The following weapons will be 
avaliable starting from Round 2 and above once they are unlocked:

Hypervelocity (20000 BP)
Caliber:  20mm
Capacity: 100 rounds
Weight:   881
Range:    1000
Rate:     7

Operation: R1 - Rail gun fire
           R2 - NIL

This......'weapon' fires a rail gun which will completely decimate ANY 
enemy into bits of flesh. Much like the coveted BFG (insert number 
here), it's purely for novelty's sake, as it is so heavy that it takes 
forever just to aim. It also needs about 3 seconds to charge up the 
cannon before you can fire. And of course there is the tremendous kick
that comes after that. Did you realise that it also glitches Aya up 
because it's too big when she bends her elbows?

Just don't even think of using this ^^;

Gunblade (10000 BP)
Caliber:  Blade/12
Capacity: -/12 rounds
Weight:   579
Range:    2/100
Rate:     2/36

Operation: R1 - Blade Slash
           R2 - Pack Shot/Firefly/R. Shock  Single Shot

You know the Gunblade, don't you? Squall's one and only original weapon 
has been faithfully replicated in this game, giving us Square's newest 
sword-slinging heroine. This weapon basically acts like an SP12 when 
you use the shotgun part, but the BIG draw is that you can pull the 
shotgun trigger when your slash connects (just like in Final Fanstay 
VIII) for ten times as much damage. You'll need very good timing for 
this though, as the blade swing is quite slow. Also the trigger slash 
won't activate if it's out of ammo.

               c) ARMOUR

Laser Jumper ( - BP)
Add HP:      +10
Add MP:      -
Attachments: 3

Special Features: Resist PARALYSIS

Assult Jumper ( - BP)
Add HP:      -
Add MP:      +10
Attachments: 5

Special Features: Resist POISON

Tactical Vest ( - BP)
Add HP:      +50
Add MP:      +10
Attachments: 7

Special Features: Quick Fire
                  HP Recovery

Total Vest (1690 BP)
Add HP:      +5
Add MP:      +20
Attachments: 3

Special Features: MP Recovery
                  Resist PARALYSIS

Combat Armour (3250 BP)
Add HP:      +40
Add MP:      +10
Attachments: 5

Special Features: Motion Detector
                  Resist SILENCE

Shoulder Holster (2580 BP)
Add HP:      -
Add MP:      +20
Attachments: 4

Special Features: Quick Fire

Chicken Plate (1000 BP [Replay])
Add HP:      +60
Add MP:      -
Attachments  5

Special Features: Resist IMPACT
                  HP Recovery

PASGT Vest (2980 BP)
Add HP:      +20
Add MP:      -
Attachments: 6

Special Features: Resist POISON
                  HP Recovery

EOD Suit (4580 BP)
Add HP:      +100
Add MP:      -
Attachments: 5

Special Features: Resist IMPACT
                  Resist PARALYSIS

Radiation Suit (3980 BP)
Add HP:      +20
Add MP:      +20
Attachments: 6

Special Features: Resist POISON
                  Resist PARALYSIS

Psycho Protector (4580 BP)
Add HP:      -
Add MP:      +50
Attachments: 4

Special Features: Medical Inspection
                  Resist CONFUSION

Tactical Armour (12800 BP)
Add HP:      +60
Add MP:      +30
Attachments: 8

Special Features: Motion Detector
                  Medical Inspection

Aya Special (8000 BP)
Add HP:      +30
Add MP:      +50
Attachments: 7

Special Features: Quick Fire
                  MP Recovery

Monk Robe (3000 BP)
Add HP:      -
Add MP:      +100
Attachments: 10

Special Features: MP Generation
                  MP Recovery

Second Pouch (10000 BP [Replay])
Use:        +1 Max Attachments
Attachment: -

               d) SPECIAL ARMOUR
These armour will not be sold for people who are playing the first 
time. After clearing a game, you will have a random set of 3 things 
(be it Weapons/Armour/Items) that will be avaliable for sale throughout 
the game shops in Replay Mode ONLY. Bounty/Supportless/Deadly Modes 
will not have these extra armour UNLESS they are sold as regular armour
in each respective mode. The following armour will be avaliable 
starting from Round 2 and above once they are unlocked:

None yet :p

               e) ITEMS

GPS ( - BP)
Use:        -
Attachment: Motion Detector

Lv 1 Medicine (100 BP)
Use:        Recover 50HP
Attachment: Recover 45HP

Lv 2 Medicine (180 BP)
Use:        Recover 100 HP
Attachment: Recover 90 HP

Lv 3 Medicine (350 BP)
Use:        Recover FULL HP
Attachment: Recover 150 HP

Lv1 MP Recovery Medicine (320 BP)
Use:        Recover 30MP
Attachment: Recover 25MP

Lv2 MP Recovery Medicine (580 BP)
Use:        Recover FULL MP
Attachment: Recover 100MP

Cola ( ? BP [Replay])
Use:        Recover 20HP, 80MP
Attachment: Recover 20HP, 80MP

Medipak ( - BP)
Use:        Recover FULL HP, MP
Attachment: Recover FULL HP, MP

Antidote (80 BP)
Use:        -
Attachment: Cure DARKNESS
            Cure PARALYSIS
            Cure POISON

Stabilizer (80 BP)
Use:        -
Attachment: Cure SILENCE
            Cure BESERKER
            Cure CONFUSION

Combat Light (60 BP)
Use:        -
Attachment: Inflict DARKNESS

Flare (150 BP)
Use:        -
Attachment: Inflict DARKNESS

Mace (100 BP)
Use:        -
Attachment: Inflict PARALYSIS

Autodrawley ( ? BP)
Use:        -
Attachment: Inflict BERSERKER (self)

Lipstick (10000 BP [Replay])
Use:        +1 Max MP
Attachment: Resist SILENCE

Protein (10000 BP [Replay])
Use:        +5 Max HP, FULL HP recovery
Attachment: +5 Max HP, FULL HP recovery

MD ( - BP)
Use:        -
Attachment: Resist CONFUSION
            Resist BERSERKER

Hunter Goggles (1000 BP)
Use:        -
Attachment: Resist DARKNESS

Skull Crystal (5000 BP [Replay])
Use:        ??? (Raises 1 random Parasite Energy level)
Attachment: ??? (Increases attack damage by 25%)

Holy Water ( ? BP [Replay])
Use:        ??? (Raises 1 random Parasite Energy level)
Attachment: ??? (Reduces damage to Aya by 25%)

Medicine Wheel (27800 BP [Replay])
Use:        ??? (Raises i random Parasite Energy level)
Attachment: ??? (Occasionally increases item dropping rate)

Talisman ( ? BP [Replay])
Use:        ??? (Raises 1 random Parasite Energy level)
Attachment: ??? (PE 50% up)

               f) SPECIAL ITEMS
These items will not be sold for people who are playing the first time. 
After clearing a game, you will have a random set of 3 things (be it
Weapons/Armour/Items) that will be avaliable for sale throughout the 
game shops in Replay Mode ONLY. Bounty/Supportless/Deadly Modes will 
not have these extra items UNLESS they are sold as regular items in 
each respective mode. The following items will be avaliable starting 
from Round 2 and above once they are unlocked:



               g) PARASITE ENERGIES


Pyrokinesis: Fires a fireball in a stright line in accordance to the 
             direction Aya is facing at that moment in time. The higher 
             the level, the longer the range.
|       | Casting Cost | ATP Loss | Loss EXP | Bonus MP |
| Lv.1  |   8          | 22       |    -     | -        |
| Lv.2  |   7          | 22       |  500     | 1        |
| Lv.3  |   6          | 22       | 1200     | 2        |

Combustion: Semi-circular ring of fire that expands out from the 
            direction Aya is facing at that moment in time. The higher 
            the level, the bigger the ring.
|       | Casting Cost | ATP Loss | Loss EXP | Bonus MP |
| Lv.1  |   14         | 38       |  300     | 1        |
| Lv.2  |   14         | 30       |  700     | 1        |
| Lv.3  |   14         | 22       | 1600     | 2        |

Inferno: Burns EVERYTHING in the room, which is a wonderful reminder of 
         what Eve did in the opera theatre in the opening scenes of 
         Parasite Eve. The higher the level, the more damage inflicted.
|       | Casting Cost | ATP Loss | Loss EXP | Bonus MP |
| Lv.1  |   30         | 50       | 1200     | 1        |
| Lv.2  |   30         | 40       | 1600     | 2        |
| Lv.3  |   30         | 28       | 2000     | 4        |


Necrosis: Shoots a crackle of electricity in a forward direction 
          according to the direction Aya is facing. The higher the 
          level, the greater the range.
|       | Casting Cost | ATP Loss | Loss EXP | Bonus MP |
| Lv.1  |   7          | 38       |  200     | 1        |
| Lv.2  |   7          | 30       |  500     | 1        |
| Lv.3  |   7          | 22       | 1200     | 2        |

Plasma: Air explosion that knocks down anything within a radial range 
        of Aya. The higher the level, the wider the radius.
|       | Casting Cost | ATP Loss | Loss EXP | Bonus MP |
| Lv.1  |   6          | 18       |  300     | 1        |
| Lv.2  |   5          | 18       |  700     | 1        |
| Lv.3  |   4          | 22       | 1600     | 2        |

Apobiosis: Paralyzes enemies that are nearby within a radial range of 
           Aya. The higher the level, the wider the radius, the longer 
           the enemies are paralyzed.
|       | Casting Cost | ATP Loss | Loss EXP | Bonus MP |
| Lv.1  |   18         | 38       | 1200     | 1        |
| Lv.2  |   18         | 38       | 1600     | 2        |
| Lv.3  |   18         | 38       | 2000     | 4        |


Metabolism: Cures abnormal status effects, as well as protects from 
            status attacks. The higher the level, the longer the 
|       | Casting Cost | ATP Loss | Loss EXP | Bonus MP |
| Lv.1  |   7          | 36       |  200     | 1        |
| Lv.2  |   5          | 28       |  500     | 1        |
| Lv.3  |   3          | 18       | 1200     | 1        |

Healing: Recovers HP. Can be used outside battle, but effects will be 
         weaker than when used in battle. The higher the level, the 
         higher the recovery rate.
|       | Casting Cost | ATP Loss | Loss EXP | Bonus MP |
| Lv.1  |   12         | 42       |  300     | 1        |
| Lv.2  |   12         | 30       |  700     | 1        |
| Lv.3  |   12         | 18       | 1600     | 1        |

Life Drain: Damages the enemy that are within a radial range of Aya and 
            recovers HP by the same amount. The higher the level, the 
            wider the radius.
|       | Casting Cost | ATP Loss | Loss EXP | Bonus MP |
| Lv.1  |   20         | 44       | 1200     | 1        |
| Lv.2  |   18         | 36       | 1600     | 1        |
| Lv.3  |   16         | 28       | 2000     | 2        |


Antibody: Reduces damage taken by around half. The higher the level, 
          the longer the protection.
|       | Casting Cost | ATP Loss | Loss EXP | Bonus MP |
| Lv.1  |   6          | 36       |  200     | 2        |
| Lv.2  |   5          | 28       |  500     | 2        |
| Lv.3  |   4          | 18       | 1200     | 4        |

Energy Shot: Increases the amount of damage inflicted. The higher the 
             level, the higher the increase in damage percentage.
|       | Casting Cost | ATB Loss | Loss EXP | Bonus MP |
| Lv.1  |   10         | 36       |  300     | 2        |
| Lv.2  |   9          | 28       |  700     | 2        |
| Lv.3  |   8          | 18       | 1600     | 4        |

Energy Ball: A glowing ball of light swirls around Aya, damaging 
             anything that touches it. The higher the level, the number 
             of glowing balls increase and the glowing balls last 
|       | Casting Cost | ATB Loss | Loss EXP | Bonus MP |
| Lv.1  |   15         | 36       | 1200     | 2        |
| Lv.2  |   15         | 28       | 1600     | 4        |
| Lv.3  |   15         | 18       | 2000     | 9        |

               7. WALKTHROUGH
BEFORE YOU START READING please note that I will NOT put down when you 
should or should not save, when to increase your Parasite Energy 
levels, or when to refill your ammunition. Do it at your own 
discretion, and try to cut down on item usage, because at the end ALL 
items, usable and Key Items alike (less ammo) will be included into 
your final BP tally for the next game.

  / September 4, 2000, 8.18pm
 / M.I.S.T. Center, Los Angeles

You start off in the shooting gallery. Pierce will ask Aya if she(you) 
are done yet. 


If you choose Continue you will have to choose the BGM. Select your 
desired music and press X, whereby you will be asked to pick the weapon 
(M93R) and the level of difficulty.


This will be a good training for all the fighting ahead for you. I will 
break them down into their respective levels, basics of shooting, and 
the expected score to earn free 200BPs. Perfects give you 300BPs, and 
50% scores earn you 100BPs.

Level 1: Expected score - 9,000
Basic rules of battle. Press Square to aim, R1 to shoot. Pressing the 
Square button with any direction button will make Aya change targets to 
whatever direction she is facing. You can also change targets by simply 
pressing the Square button, but the next target will automaticially be 
the next-nearest opponant. Press Start to access the Battle Menu, and 
learn how to reload by choosing the ammunition that is compliant to 
the current weapon.

Level 2: Expected score - 16,800
Moving targets and stronger targets. Now you have to time the targets 
correctly. Orange targets take 4 bullets to break, Red two bursts. 
Simply keep shooting correctly, especially when dealing with Orange 
targets, and reload only during the lulls.

Level 3: Expected score - 46,000
Basic movement and GPS usage. Move to the 'A' mark in the middle of the 
Gallery and Attach the GPS. Simply look for the targets using the 
GPS. The dots in the radar on top of the screen are the enemies that 
are within a 7-foot radius from Aya's location. BE CAREFUL about the 
Blue female targets! They take only one hit to die, and you will have 
4000 points deducted for killing each of them.

Level 4: Expected score - 60,000
PE usage. Learn to effectively use Parasite Energies Pyrokinesis, 
Combustion and Energy Shot against enemy groups. Same thing as in Level 
3, moving enemies with female targets.

Level 5: Expected score - 55,000
Simulated Battle. The 'enemies' will attack, meaning that Aya will get 
shocked by electricity from the ceiling, simulating attack. Learn how 
to move, shoot, dodge and reload in real-time battles.


Wonder why I put in the expected score? BECAUSE!! When you enter the 
Weapon Room after this, Jodie will give you items if you hit the 
expected target score:

Level 1 - 50 x Hydra Bullets
Level 2 - Medipak
Level 3 - Hunter Goggles
Level 4 - Lipstick
Level 5 - Shoulder Holster

So there!!

Exit the Shooting Gallery once you feel done, and exit the next room. 
There will be a scene where Pierce tells Aya that HAL has ordered MIST 
to checl out strange happenings in the downtown Akropolis Tower. Aya of 
course volunteers.

Go into the Weapon Storage and speak with Jodie, who is manning the 
counter. She will ask whether you wish to claim the items you got for 
the shooting practice.

          Can you keep them for now?

Choose the second for now. You really need the space for the first part 
of the game. After that she will ask you whether you wish to buy 

          See the goods
          What is BP? (refer to FAQs)
          No thanks

Once you are done, head for the Carpark where Pierce is standing. There 
is a Lv3 Medicine in the First-Aid box. Leave it there first. You won't 
be needing it for now as you don't have access to Aya's sedan trunk. 
Speak with him, and he will ask whether you are ready yet.

          Not yet
          Return to the Shooting Gallery

Once you choose yes, you will be brought to Akropolis Tower.

  / September 4, 2000, 8.56pm   
 / Akropolis Tower, Los Angeles

After all the FMVs and the scenes with Aya talking with the Police 
officers, you will officially enter the tower. 

There are a couple of things to do first. Under the window with the 
Magnum sign there is a body of a SWAT member which holds a [Lv1 
Medicine]. The body in front of the statue holds a [Lv2 Medicine]. 
There is an Ammo Box right in front of the statue which gives an 
unlimited refill of [Parabellum bullets]. Use that whenever you feel 
like it.

Now move near the Telephone, and it will ring. After listening to the 
orders, go to the door just beyond the phone, and meet one of the 
surviving members of the SWAT team. He will tell you that there is one 
more person inside the Cafe, and gives you a [CAFETERIA KEY].

Now head to the West Patiom where you will meet the Humanoid ANMC for 
the first time. Kill it, and comfort the poor SWAT member, who dies 
anyway. Go to the door of the Cafeteria, and you will automatically use 
the Cafeteria Key.

Once inside, move towards the woman sitting on the chair, and watch the
gross FMV that follows.


Super ANMC
This is a really, and I do mean REALLY easy boss fight. Place yourself 
behind a table across her, and watch in amusement as she......, no IT, 
tries stupidly to walk into the table to get to you. Once you have your 
fun laughing at its immense stupidity, blow it to pieces.

      300 EXP
      200 BP
Lv2 Medicine

Pick up the [MAGAZINE] on the table, and search the fallen body to find 
an [INFUSION PART]. Rupert will enter and blast the still-alive ANMC to 
slime, and both will split up. Return to the Main Square, and call 
back. Now head to the East Patio, and pick up an [Antidote] from the 
dead SWAT lying next to the locked Escalator.

Go past the gate and into the Fountain area. Unlock the gate to the 
West Patio, and go into the back of the Cafeteria. In the screen where 
you enter there is a yellow Key Press. Check it to get the [BLUE KEY].

Go into the room right across, and check the glowing yellow dot. Insert 
the Blue Key into the 'A' keyhole, and you will open up the Escalator 
doors. Now look at the security moniters. Press on '+' until it is 
bright enough, and click on the middle two buttons to see Rupert and 
another SWAT member.

Before you leave take a good look at the notice board. It has a set of 
three musical notes with the numbers 1, 2 and 3 below them, and another
set with three question marks below them and the word 'bridge' in red 
next to them, and a pinned picture next to it. For those who skip Music 
lessons every week here are the notes:

 Do  Re  Mi
  1   2   3

 So  La  Do
  ?   ?   ?

Simply jot down the answer you have, and move on to clear out the rest 
of the Cafeteria. Inside the kitchen there is a [Stabilizer] ampule in 
the refridgerator and a [Lv1 Medicine] on the body of the SWAT member.

Return to the East Patio, and go up the Escalator. Search the SWAT body 
in the Observatory to 'borrow' a [Tactical Vest], and go down the other 

Finish off the two Fat ANMCs in the Promenade, and you will hear 
something happen in the Sanctuary. Before you enter, go to the 
southern-most part of the Promenade, and 'borrow' the [MP5A5] from the 
dead SWAT.

Enter the Sanctuary to see Rupert struggling with an Unknown Man. After 
the Unknown Man runs off and Rupert is bandaged up, pick up the [RED
KEY] from the floor, and hug the northern wall of the Sanctuary. You 
will hear a conversation after which Aya will automatically enter the 
Roof Garden. Look behind the statue to see a bomb, and you will realize 
that the door is locked. Pick up the [BLACK CARD] that is lying from 
the floor (these people sure love to drop things) and head back to the 
Cafeteria first, clearing out the rest of the 'hot' areas if you wish 

Go to the Security Room inside the Cafeteria, and insert the Red Key in 
the 'B' keyhole. Now head outside to the Fountain, and look inside the 
fountain to see another dead SWAT plus a [Grenade Pistol], which Aya 

Now return to the Promenade, and past the wrecked fence. There is a 
panel to Aya's right that is glowing red. Now does this place look 
familiar? If you read the notice board back in the Cafeteria you will 
realize that this is the bridge that the note mentioned. Enter the 
correct code which are the three ??? (561) to raise the bridge. Crush 
the flipping Pirhanas to death with Aya's boots and enter the recently 
wrecked door.


What happens if you are out of MP, and you don't have MP Recovery 
Medicines on hand? Well, there is another way, provided that you have 
enough EXP. This is what I call the Instant MP Recovery Trick.

When you either revive or level up a Parasite Energy, you will get an 
MP Bonus. ANY MP Bonus (like using Lipsticks) will instantly refill ALL 
your MP to its new max.

How's that for free MP?


There is a half-dead Humanoid ANMC in the corner. Defeat it and carry 
on to the Heliport. Now as you are moving along the sides of the 
Helipad take a good look at your surroundings i.e. High Voltage Cables 
and Steaming Pipe. Check the lift that moved up twice, and return. Near 
the entrance you will be accosted by the Unknown Man who attacked 
Rupert earlier, and now is after Aya's life.


Unknown Man
Another easy fight if you do things correctly. He has several attacks, 
the most irritating being the Paralysing Grenade attack (easily 
avoided), and the very painful Flaming Sword attack (not so easy to 
avoid if out of running space).

Remember the cords and the pipe? Actually all you have to do is to draw 
him near the cords and fire at them so that he will get eletricuted. 
Note that Aya will also be injured if she touches the cords. At the 
pipe, simply wait until he is really close before firing so that he 
takes 500+ damage. If he STILL dosen't fall, change to the Grenade 
Pistol and plug away with the 4 Grenades you earned. He will definately 
lose then.

BUT if you have run out of running space, and CAN'T hit the last cord 
or the pipe, be sure to cast Antibody to reduce the damage inflicted, 
and Healing if your HP is below 80 (out of 150). You could cast 
Metabolism to remove the Paralysis effect if you were unlucky to get 
hit by the Paralysis Grenade if you decided to revive this first.

      500 EXP
      800 BP


Now that the lift is down, go on it, and activate it.

          Go up to the Helipad
          Stay here

Go up, and you will see the scene where the Unknown Man runs off to the 
next building a la Matrix, and then Rupert in his idiocy, blows up the 

  / September 5, 2000  1.44am
 / M.I.S.T. Office, Los Angeles

Baldwin (their immediate superior) will show Aya a recent newspaper 
report on cattle mutiliation, and suspects that NMCs are there. He 
will give Aya 4 [CONFIDENTIAL FILES] (you have to read them all) and 
tells her to go investigate immediately.

After that Aya will stash everything in her trunk (now a Box) and 
Pierce will come to tell her that he will look into the Infusion Part 
she picked up. Go to the Weapon storage to pick up anything else you 
need and tell Jodie to place all items you earned in the Shooting 
Gallery into the trunk of Aya's sedan. This will be the last chance to
return to the Shooting Gallery to earn the BPs and Items. Also pick up 
the [Lv3 Medicine] that is still in the First-aid box.


Remember the three items you 'borrowed' from the dead SWAT members? 
Well, you don't have them anymore. Jodie has taken them away for
safekeeping and that's the last of these free goodies that you will see 
for a long time. BUT if you got all three, you will notice that there 
are some extra things that appear in the trunk of the sedan. They are:

Medipak (for the Tactical Vest)
Protein (for the MP5A5)
Second Pouch (for the Grenade Pistol)

So it's not a bad deal after all, but I would have preferred to keep 
the Tactical Vest.......


Once you are done speak with Pierce twice and an option will come up.

          Not yet
          Still need more practice

Choose yes if you are ready, and then Aya will drive to her new 
destination: Dryfield.

  / September 5, 2000, 12.13pm
 / Mojave Desert, Nevada

Area 272. Dryfield.

Have a good look at the empty town. Once you can move, max out your 
[Parabellums] from the Ammo Box right beside Aya's sedan. Save if you 
wish to. You'll be here for a long, long time. 

Anyway, go past the gates to fight ANMC Horses for the first time. Read 
the Strategies section for more information to fight them. Deal with it 
effeciently, and go have a look-see. There's nothing of intrest in Room 
1, an [Antidote] in the Room 2 locker, as well as a [Lv1 Medicine] in 
the waste-paper basket in the toilet of Room 2. Rooms 3 and 4 are 
locked for now.

Go through the eastern set of gates to enter the Parking area. Most of 
the doors are locked as well, but there are [10 x Pack Shot shells] in 
the black dustbin opposite the toilet. Inside the toilet you will find 
a woman changing into a Humanoid. Finish it off, and look at the 
bloodied wall. There is a broken message which roughly translates into:

"To solve the puzzle, in Dryfield how many telephones are there? Find 
 the next answer to the riddle in where the red words appear in the 

Start scratching your head, as you don't have the answer yet, but do 
remember what this is talking about. Now return to the Main Street, and 
enter the gate next to the Ice Machine to get to the Driveway. Go to 
the very end and search the red box there for a [Lv1 Medicine]. Go 
through the only door there to enter the Factory.

Now you will have to solve the simple-brain-teaser Factory Car Puzzle.
Go to the northeast area of the Factory where you will hear the sound 
of something metallic dropping. Check the red switch and you will be 
presented with a choice with the switch.

Pull it, and go back to the previous screen where there is a yellow 
light flashing. That is the Control Panel. Press UP, TURN, DOWN in 
succession to move the car around. Now exit and search the boot of the 
car for [10 x R.Shock shells], and press the red switch in the newly 
opened path to unlock the shutter.

Next unlock the yellow gate to gain access back to the Control Panel, 
and reverse the process of the car by pressing UP, TURN respectively. 
Go through the yellow gate, and you will be able to go through the 
shutter to meet Gary Douglas for the first time.

After their conversation, he gives Aya the [MOTEL ROOM 6 KEY] and tells 
her to rest. That's your next destination, but you're not going there 
to rest. 

Enter Room 6. There's a Box and a Telephone there. A bed is also there, 
but it's too early to sleep anyway. Head out to the balcony to have a 
look at the Water Tower. Go down the makeshift ladder and prepare for a
mini puzzle-battle.

When you kill the two Horses, you will realize that you are still in 
Battle Mode. Now go to the switchbox in the corner where the two Horses 
were digging in and lift up the switch. Now you have 30 seconds to run 
to the opened gate, avoiding the two Horses that will charge at you 
along the way.

Once you enter the gate the battle continues. You will have to fight 6 
more Horses in quick succession. Since space is limited, it is easier 
to draw the Horses to knock themselves into the fence, after which they 
are easily dealt with.

Once all of the 8 Horses are dead, a ladder will drop down from the top 
of the Water Tower. Go up and meet Kyle Madigan for the first time. 
After their conversation, have a good look at the entire Dryfield area, 
and raise the switch in the grey box to open the gate. Go up the ladder 
right in front of you, and search the decaying body for the [SALOON 
KEY] as well as a [Lv1 Medicine].

Before going off to look for Gary, enter the south door using the 
Saloon Key. Defeat the monsters there, and pick up the [COCA~COLA
MAGNET] from the refriderator and a [Lv1 Medicine] from the locker. 

Head to the Bar and pick up your second (first if you didn't get it in 
exchange for the items in Akropolis Tower) can of [Cola] from the cold 
drinks holder next to the entrance of the Bar. (and sing Always 
Coca~Cola if you wish to. Love that jingle ^_~)

Unlock the entrance of the Bar, and clear off all the 'hot' areas if 
you wish to, and when you are done, go to the west Factory door. The 
eastern one from which you entered earlier on will be locked.

Press on the Intercom Switch to talk to Gary, who will tell you that 
the Key is right in front of her. Look at the metal ventilator grille, 
and you will see a [FACTORY KEY] dangling from a string. Now use the 
Coke Magnet and gently guide the key to the open area to get it. Now 
you can enter the Factory. Now go all the way to the Trailer Coach to 
meet Gary and admire his collection of guns. He also will have items 
for sale.

When speaking to him two choices will open up.

          Look at Weapons
          Ask about the Shelter

Choosing the second one will initiate a lenghty conversation about the 
Shelter. After that Gary will tell you to have a look at the well in 
front of the Factory. He will also ask his dog to guide you to the 

All said and done, go out and pick up the coil of [WIRE ROPE] near the 
entrance to the Garage while still in the Junk Yard. Then follow the
dog to the well, where you will have to use the Wire Rope to open up a 
way down.

When you are in the Underpass raise the north switch first, and return 
to the now-lighted Water Hole and search the crack in the wall for a 
[Protein]. Make check your equipement, because once you head back to 
the Underpass you'll meet Spidey.



Spidey is surprisingly easy to beat if you are properly prepared. Since 
you can see its outline despite the cloaking, you can actually attack.
But in order not to waste bullets, there's a simpler way.

When you see it coming, cast Plasma. This will knock off its attacks
and stop it for a while. Fire a few bursts until it's up on the ceiling 
again. Repeat the Plasma-burst process and you will defeat it without 
breaking much sweat.

      800 EXP
      500 BP
10 x R.Shock shells


Now go to the east wall of the Underpass and switch on the lights in 
the Cellar. Pick up the [Flare] in the crate inside the Cellar, and go 
back to turn off the switch. 

Go back to the darkened Cellar, and read the second broken message just 
to the right of the crate where the Flare is found:

"To solve the puzzle, how many urinals are there in the toilet? Find 
 the next answer to the riddle in the area where no man thrives."

If you looked carefully in the toilet in the first place you will know 
the answer. Anyway for now go up the ladder that is next to the east 
wall switch to enter the General Store.

Pick up a can of [Cola] as well as a [Lv3 Medicine] in the drinks 
section. At the same time go unlock the front door of the General 
Store. Then go through the eastern door. 

In the first room you will find a [Second Pouch] behind the counter if 
you search hard enough. The third room is locked from the inside, and 
you can hear a woman screaming her head off inside. Beyond the door are 
two barrels where you will find [10 x Firefly shells].

Now go inside the second room, and check the bolts beside the dresser. 
Once you see a close-up of the bolts you are on the right track. Since 
you need a wrench, the logical place to find one will be in the Garage.

Return to the Trailer Coach to speak with Gary.

          Look at Weapons
          Ask about other things

Take the second choice, and Gary will allow you to take any tools you 
need after telling him about the Screaming Woman. Return to the Garage, 
and search the northeast shelf to find a [MONKEY WRENCH]. Now that you 
have a way to loosen the bolts go back to the second room and use the 
Monkey Wrench on the dresser to reveal a broken part of the wall that 
leads to the Dilapilated House.

In the next screen, move to the bottom left-hand corner until Aya is
hidden behind the cupboard to find the third broken message:

"To solve the puzzle, how many bulbs make up the light in the darkness? 
 Find the next answer to the riddle where the person died in at 20."

Questions? More riddles to solve?? I've already turned really crypitc 
questions into outright clues!!!One last one to go!! 

Anyway once you have figured out the answer to this note it down next 
to the other two numbers, and enter the next room. Who else should be 
inside other than the Screaming Woman? The Unknown Man you met at 
Arkopolis Tower of course!


Unknown Man

Another easy fight once you figure out his patterns. Basically he takes  
a few steps before thrusting with his knife. In other words if you are
not close enough, he will never be able to hit you once.

Simply place yourself in one corner of the room. He will start in the 
middle of the room so his first attack will miss if you stand at a 
corner. After you see him attack, run to the next corner, and fire. 
Repeat the process while alternatating along the four corners of the 
room in a circular fashion, and just keep shooting until the battle 

      800 EXP
      300 BP


The Unknown Man will combust after speaking about Eve, and Aya will 
start losing control over her Mitochondria for an unknown reason, and 
does what (my favourite Toastyfrog term) a hero *or in this case 
heroine* does best - faint.

You will then be treated to one of Squaresoft's favourite tactics to 
explain stories - A flashback of a little girl in what seems to be an 
operating room...or is it......?

  / September 5, 2000
 / Night......

After the FMV which Kyle nearly combusts as well, he will be with you 
while you return to the sedan as he has found out the location of the 
Shelter. Note that from now on he will also fight, and has HP. Once his 
HP reaches 0 it's still Game Over.

Unlock the front door of the Dilapilated House, and make your way back 
to Aya's sedan, which you find wrecked by the Rabites. Kill them all, 
and Kyle will stay behind while you look for another way to get to the 

Go find Gary in his Trailer, and after a second shotgun meeting, speak 
with him.

          Look at Weapons
          Ask about the Shelter
          Borrow vehicle

Choose the third one, and he will gladly lend you his red truck. 
Unfortunately it's out of gas, so you have to search for a container to 
hold some. Gary will give you the Lobby Key, allowing you access to 
find a container.

Naturally the next step will be to open the Lobby doors. Just head to 
the Parking area, and check the blue double doors opposite the 
staircase to enter the lobby.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the first tough puzzle in the 
game, and it's none other than the Motel Lobby Cash Register Puzzle!

Anyway, you won't know the code to enter the thing at first. Look 
behind the register to find a note that tells you to "Press # to start, 
enter the 4 numeral code and press TOTAL to enter. Look at the 
pictures carefully if you forget the code".

Next to the note is a notice board that says "At Tombstone, Holiday was 
30, Earp was ..". Any person with a sharp mind would know that what we
are going to look for is Earp's missing age.

Now, next to the entrance is a picture of both Doc Holiday and Wyatt 
Earp that says "Tombstone 1881". So now we know that in 1881 Holiday
was 30.

In Room 1 there is a picture of Doc Holiday as well as his living 
years (1851~1887). In Room 2 there is a picture of Wyatt Earp and HIS 
living years (1848~1929). Once you find out Earp's age in 1881, return 
to the Cash Register and imput the correct code (#3033TOTAL) to open 
the register and get the [BRONCO MASTER KEY].


So you got to see the pics of all the famous people in the history of 
Western US. "Just WHO are they?" I asked myself. Guess what? Jack Loh 
provided me with ALL the names you can find in the Bronco. I'll 
definately check out these people in the library, once I get my legs 
moving towards it that is.

Room 1:        Doc Holiday            1851 ~ 1887
Room 2:        Wyatt Earp             1848 ~ 1929
Room 3:        Kit Carson             1809 ~ 1868
Room 4:        Billy the Kid          1859 ~ 1881
Room 5:        Calamity Jane          1852 ~ 1903
Room 6:        Annie Oakley           1868 ~ 1926
General Store: Sitting Bull           1831 ~ 1890
Lobby:         Tombstone              1881

......come to think of it, he missed out the one in the Loft......:p


Now that you have the Master Key, go open the other locked doors to 
find more freebies. 

There's a [Lv2 MP Revovery Medicine] in the closet in Room 3.

In Room 4 the last of the broken messages is found on the mirror inside 
the bathroom:

"To solve the puzzle, locate the number of reflectors inside the 
 Bronco. To find the next answer to the riddle, look in the place where 
 secrets lie."

And there you have it. The last number of the Most-Irritating-
Unimportant-Brain-Cracking-Puzzle in your hands. Put it somewhere 
safe, because you'll be needing this number soon enough.

And in Room 5 there's a [Second Pouch] in the closet.

Head for the Loft, and look for a safe in the southwest corner of the 
room. There you are supposed to enter a 4-digit code to open it. Enter 
the numbers in accordance to the broken messages (4487 [4 Telephones, 
4 Urinals, 8 Lamps, 7 Mirrors]) to open it and get a bottle of [Holy 
Water] as a reward.

Take the empty [JERRY CAN], and bring it all the way back to the petrol 
pumps next to Aya's sedan to fill it with [GASOLINE]. Give it to Gary, 
who will top up the tank of the Truck, and tell Aya to go rest. 

BEFORE you become such a good boy/girl though, make a side trip to the 
Bar to have a conversation with Kyle. And top up whatever you need, 
because the next fight is going to be a BIG one, literally.

Once you are done with everything hop onto the bed and sleep.

You'll then have another one of the pusedo-flashback sequences of the 
little girl being cornered by 4 of the Unknown Mans.

After which will be some really eye-popping FMVs of Aya in the bathroom 
and of Cannon Mouth barging its way to her bath.


Despite all attempts to clear out the believing, there is NO Naked Aya 
code in this game. I'm not sure who started spreading that out, but 
whoever provided the Gameshark codes must be crazy enough to think up 
of something like this. Remember the Nude Lara code that sent screams 
down male throats after it was proven false?

Now that I've made that point clear, the shower scene is just a simple 
scene of Aya getting sprayed by water. NOTHING revealing (save for 
shoulders and legs) is shown, unlike good 'ol Serge.


Oh and girls, you've had your fun with Serge. No need to pull your 
boyfriend's ears for this. let us guys have our fun, even if it's only 
for a few seconds. And guys......stop drooling......



Cannon Mouth
There are two ways of fighting Cannon Mouth, one is the easy but 
expensive Grenade Pistol, the other is the long-winded Rifle battle. 
Although you use different weapons, the basics are still the same.

Place Aya in the corner junction between Room 6 and the Loft, and cast 
Antibody. If you are using Rifle cast Energy Shot, which is essential 
for a 3-minute battle; If you're popping Grenades then it dosen't 
matter much. keep firing until you see flames shooting out from its 
mouth for a second. Unlock and run down the aisle to avoid the flames, 
and run back to ths same spot to continue firing.

After dealing some damage, the battle will stop for a while as Cannon 
Mouth gets angry. Now it has another attack - the Grab. Simply SQEEZE 
Aya into that corner junction, and it cannot get you. IF by some 
unfortunate reason you do get grabbed, mash the D-pad and the Fire 
button as fast as you can (very much like BioHazard) to break the 

Do remember that this is a timed battle of sorts. If you manage to turn 
it into a huge puddle of goo within 3 minutes Gary's dog will live, 
which will affect later events. Another point to note is that if Cannon 
Mouth runs out of fuel, it will still break the corridor into half, but 
instead of dying, it will just walk away. You'll get some experience
but NO BP this way. And Gary's dog still dies.

     2000 EXP
     1000 BP
4 x AirBurst Grenades


After defeating it go down to meet Gary. Depending from where you are 
you might have to take the long way down (if you're by Room 6) or just 
a short walk (if you're by Room 5).

Whatever the case is, Gary will thank you (if his dog is alive) and 
give you the [TRUCK KEY]. Now go back to the Garage (clearing out the 
rest of the 'hot' areas if you wish to) and Kyle will be there to greet 
you. Once the conversation finishes, head to the Trailer Coach to 
refill your depleted Rifle/Grenade ammunition. There's a lot of fights 
coming up. At the same time, check the box right opposite Gary to get
either the [M950] if his dog is alive or the [Chicken Plate] (or 
whatever it's called. I never try hard enough to let it die :p).

Once you are done return to the Garage, and speak with Kyle. He will
ask whether you are ready to move off to the Shelter.

          Not yet

Choose the second one if you feel ready, and dust off the layer of
mites coating disc 2.

                    END     OF     DISC    ONE
               PLEASE       INSERT      DISC     TWO

  / September 6, 2000, 12.06am
 / On the outskirts of the Mojave Desert, Nevada

At the start of Disc two you will find that Kyle has been knocked down 
to 5 HP, effectively ruling him out of battle. Take a good look at 
your inventory for now, as 10 seconds after you end your conversation 
with Kyle the first Horse will attack.

Now this is an interesting spot. Look at the ledge at the bottom of the 
area. Yes, it is bottomless (from this point of view at least). Simply 
stand at the edge and lead the horse to charge at Aya, and if it 
misses, dowwwwwwn it goes. If it hits, down goes Aya......Remember that 
the Horses react to noise, so fire a round or two at them or at empty 
air. and once they charge, MOVE away from your current position to 
avoid seeing the Game Over screen.

Once you have sent the 11 Horses into the abyss of hell, enter the 
gate, and go straight west (past the south door, we'll come back 
later), and look at the broken rail bridge. Now return to the Forked 
Tunnel I told you to give a miss, and release the brakes on the trolley 
that is blocking the way. Go on and pick up the [OAK BOARD], which you 
have to lug all the way to the broken rail bridge.

Now the gate right in front is locked, so simply enter the Refuge next 
to it. There's a Telephone there, as well as another [Parabellum 
Bullet] refill box, which isn't really useful from now on (you should 
be using Hydra bullets from now on). Now look at the panel opposite the 
refill box, and you will be looking at a myrid of lines and Gate 1 and 
Gate 2 at the bottom-right hand corner.

Pick up the [JUMPER PLUG] from the bottom hole, and place it in the 
second one (from top), then press the Power Switch next to the lines. 
Both gates at the bottom will be lighted up, and a sound can be heard.

Now exit the room and you will be able to enter the previously-locked 
Gate 1, and inside it......


Papa Horse

Again the Grenade Pistol/Rifle dabate. Whatever happens, first you 
should fire at the barrels lining the room. Each oil barrel takes 30HP 
of damage before lighting up. Then fight Papa Horse proper. 

To simply stop it, run in the direction it's running. It will 
definately be faster than Aya, and when it is opposite her, it will 
attempt to jump on her. But if you are moving it will miss. Make use of 
the lull to aim and fire. A grenade will knock it down, and chances are 
that you can fire a second one. Rifle shots are trickier though, 
because it will NOT fall.

Whatever way, it goes down pretty fast. 

      300 EXP
      200 BP

..there is a faster way. Proven by yours sincerely. Simply BLOW up the 
Oil Barrels when Papa Horse is next to it, and it will automatically
take 400 damage. Two blasts with correct timing and it's out for the 


You'll get Kyle's [P229] and a [JUMPER PLUG] for what little work 
you've done.

Thought that it was too easy for a boss? Well......


Mutated Papa Horse

This time it takes way more damage before melting down. Basically its 
attacks are exactly the same as before, except that it's very much 
faster, and it's bites poison Aya this time round. Be careful if
fighting with the Rifle since you can't knock it down if it's rushing 
at you. It's quite tough without the Grenade Pistol, but if you want to 
save up......

Continue to do what you did when fighting it, and after a longer period 
of time it will fall.

      500 EXP
      300 BP
Lv2 Medicine
4 x Grenades


Once you wipe off the sweat off your plams and the controller, check 
the bike next to a small crack in the wall. You will find a switch that 
says it will open Gate 2. Unfortunately if you try to press it, the 
door will not open, and the cables to the left of the door crackle 
evilly, somehow or other damaged in your previous two fights.

Simply return to the Refuge, and with your newfound Jumper Plug, put it 
inside the top hole, remove the original Plug, and place it back in its 
original position (the last hole). Now press the Power Switch, and both 
gates will be opened once more.

Go through the gates, and after entering Gate 2, you will find yourself 
in a long L-corridor, with the last of the mini-boss matchups.


Spidey II

It's not supposed to be a boss fight, but since you have to fight it...

Anyway Spidey II is a mutated version of Spidey. It's faster, fully 
cloaked, and wrecks havoc on your systems as it poisons you with EVERY 

Use the normal method by casting Plasma before it has a chance to hit 
you, and then firing a burst or two of your Rifle. Repeat, and recast. 
It might take some time, and if you are already low on MP, it will be a 
long, painful fight.

Of course duking it out is also a preferred method, since it does so 
little damage per swipe......

      600 EXP
      300 BP
50 x Spaldan Bullets
Second Pouch


Carry on down the corridor, until you reach a lift. Search the panel to 
bring up a choice.

          Go down
          Stay here

Choose to go down, and you will officially enter the Shelter area of 
the game.

You are now in the South Elevator Hall. Forget about the set of double 
doors that you will pass. They are locked. Go to the door with E-38 
next to it, and have a first feel of the Security Lasers that you will 
be seeing all over the shop.

The next room is the Storeroom, where there is a useless box (by now) 
of [Parabellum Bullets]. Carry on through the north door (the southwest 
one is locked) and into the Sleeping Quarters. Go out through the main 
door, and you will enter the Main Corridor of B1.

Unlock the gates to the South Elevator Hall, and enter the southeast 
door to go into the Armory. Here there is a BP Station where you can 
refill your Rifle bullets and Grenades plus batteries. Buy the Hammer 
attachment to make life easier for you later on.

Now use the Black Card you found way back in Akropolis Tower at the 
Slot Reader beside the locked gate, and it will give you access to 
unlimited [Parabellum Bullets], [Hydra Bullets] and [Pack Shots]!! 
PLUS!! Go into the back of the Armory and search the innermost open 
slot to find the free [SP12]. At the same time remember to unlock the 
door that leads to the Storeroom. You'll need this to be open for a 
shortcut much later on.

Once you are done, go to the north door and enter the Sterilization 
Room. Check the panel, and go through the left door. There will be a 
Telephone and a Box there for you to use. 

Go through the next set of doors and you will have ANOTHER flashback-
like scene with the little blondie.

Anyway, remember that now you are in the North Elevator Hall. Go down 
the working Elevator, and explore B2. Well...actually there's not much 
to explore either. Most of the doors will be locked, and the only 
openable door is the northeast one, which leads to the Breeding Room.

Pick up a can of [Cola] from the shelf next to the entrance, and carry 
on inside. Another box of [Parabellum Bullets] sit on the floor, but 
you can pretty much avoid that. There is a [Stabilizer] in the waste-
box inside the open C-1 room where the pizza-dispensing machine is in.

Go through the north door, and there will be an event where Aya is hit 
(but strangely enough, not injured) by something. Now that it has gone 
up, your next destination of course is to chase it down. 

Return back to the Sterilization Room, and make sure you are in top
condition. Go inside the {IN} door, and gas will start coming out of
the pipes. BEFORE you take any damage IMMEDIATELY move to the Dust 
Chute located right next from where you entered from.

          It's too dangerous...think of another way
          No choice......

Pick the second choice, and Aya will jump all the way down, into the B3 
Dumping Hole. Search either side of Aya's landing spot for some 
[Parabellum Bullets] and [Hydra Bullets]. Move away for a little bit, 
and the junk mountain will move violently to reveal......


Big Mouth (alias Fat Audrey 2)

Everybody!! Sing after me!! 
"Little shop, little shop of horrers!
 Little shop, little shop of horrers!"  :p

Stand a distance from it in the beginning, as when it opens its BIG 
mouth it will start to suck things in, Aya included. Note that once it 
does suck Aya in it's Game Over, as she is eaten up. If you're using 
Grenades, fire one shot, run till it closes its mouth and reload. Rifle
or Handgun totters have to make sure that they don't fire too close to 
the mouth. Avoid the water blasts that it puts out after every suck, 
and soon it will move.

As you get closer and closer to the door, feed it at will until you can 
defeat it without getting eaten up.

      500 EXP (+ any Laughing ANMC bonus)
      200 BP  (+ any Laughing ANMC bonus)
Lv3 Medicine
80 x 5.56 Rifles
4 x Grenades


Go through the now-opened door, but!!!


Big Mouth (Round 2)
There are two ways to kill it. Either finish it off using bullets, or 
let it die a horrible death. I recommend horribly killing it as you 
need to conserve your ammunition for the later parts.

Run all the way down the corridor. It will not be as fast so it's okay 
for now step on the switch in the little indention in the wall, and 
wait for a few agonizing seconds as it comes up. You can also slow the 
progress of Big Mouth by running back and letting it attack you while 
the lift is still coming up. Once it is up, lead Big Mouth onto the 
lift by shooting its mouth a few times, and step on the switch on the 
opposite side once it falls into the lift, and it will be literally 
crushed to death.

      700 EXP
      200 BP
Lv3 Medicine


Now you have 5 minutes before the entire area starts to burn up. BEFORE 
you rush out of the door, return to the Dumping Hole to find a 
[Medicine Wheel], as well as tons of enemies to fight. DO NOT PANIC!! 
Use the Handgun to clear out both rooms of the enemies, and you should 
have more than a minute or two left before the place is burned up.

Once you are done go back to the door and pound on it twice and it will 
open. It's Kyle! And he's completely recovered!! (don't ask me how he 
did it) Now you have to find a way back to B2.

Start by going down the stairs to B4, making your way around the Lower 
Sewer. Use Kyle to help clear the enemies along the way if you are low 
on ammo, or simply want to conserve them. He uses a M4A1 Pike BTW, so 
it's very cool.

Move foward until you reach a ladder. Climb it, and read the message on 
the panel in the screen where you start. It says (in short):

"The code for the Floodgate is the number of steps from this location 
 to the Control Panel"

So WALK to the blue panel, counting your steps along the way. Once you 
reach it enter the number you counted to (18) and water will be 
released to the Lower Sewer, giving full access to the Upper Sewer, and 
cutting you off from your previous route.

Forget about the eastern gate for now, and carry on moving. The next 
room you enter after going down the ladder has another panel, and 
another hint near the exit. It reads:

"The code for the Full Moon Gate is the day where you can look at it."

So go to the panel and enter the correct date (15) to open up the gate. 
But never mind that for now, and carry on. By the time you go up the 
stairs to B3 you would have realized that you have gone one full round 
around the sewers of the Shelter. Unlock the door that was locked 
earlier on, and save.

BRANCHING POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I overdid it ^^;. But this is the most important branching point in 
the game, and determines whether you are going to get the Good Ending 
or not. In fact if you followed what I told you to do till now, you 
will still have a chance to see the Good Ending.


 Did you meet Kyle in the Bar after giving Douglas the Gasoline?
 Is Flint alive after the fight with Cannon Mouth?

If both answers are YES, go to the Pierce Route (if you want the Good 
Ending. Remember, NO MAGNUM at the end!!)

If not, or you don't want to fight the last boss using a Rifle/Grenades 
just go to the Kyle Route.

I will be explaining the Kyle Route first because it is much, MUCH 
shorter and simpler.


<Kyle Route>
Go up the elevator, and upon reaching B2, Kyle will give you the 
[YOSHIDA CARD], and go off by himself, leaving you at the B2 South 
Elevator Hall. 
</Kyle Route>

That's it. Honest. Refer after Pierce Route for the next stop.

<Pierce Route>
Return to B4, and the locked eastern gate in the Water Supply area. Now 
that you have unlocked the gate, you can go through it to return to 

Kyle will bid goodbye to Aya, who upon climbing out of the well, is met 
by a barking Flint (that's the name of Gary's dog if you still don't 
know by now). Follow it all the way to the Water Tower, and up it to 
find Pierce trapped by a few NMCs.

Save him, and he will give you his [RV KEY] before knocking off to 

Now return to Aya's sedan area. Pierce's RV will be parked there. Open
it up to get a [Lipstick] and a [Tactical Vest]. Now go to the ice 
dispensimg machine (next to Room 4) and get an [ICE BAG].

Return to te snoring idiot on top of the Water Tower with the Ice Bag 
(careful not to take too long. Keep in mind tht ice MELT) and he will 
give you a [Cola] in thanks. Give him another one and he will 
gratefully hand you a [Lv2 MP Recovery Medicine]. The third and last 
time you ice him up he will give you a [Talisman].

Once you are done, return to the Shelter, B2 level.
</Pierce Route>

Take the South Elevator to B1, and the corridor between the Sleeping 
Quarters and the Storeroom where the red dot is supposed to be before 
you got gassed.

Fight the Shooting ANMC there, and get the [BOWMAN CARD].

Now head back down to B2, and open up the locked corridors to the east 
of the area with your card(s). Either way will lead you to the familiar 
looking Operating Room. Pick up a [Medipak] from the northeastern 
shelf, as well as an [Autodrawley] from the white shirts hanging in the 

Open the southwestern door, and you will find yourself in the 
Laboatory, with a Box and a Telephone. The only thing there of interst 
is the lighted laptop that has a MELISSAMAYA background as wallpaper, 
and a green worm crawling on top of the screen. Yup, it's been hit by a 
virus, and you need the changed code to access the laptop. But what is 
the code?

Look at the white board in the room. There will be a notice on how to 
break the code, stating that the September issue of "Aerith", which 
should be on the table, has the answer. However upon closer inspection,
you will see that a person named Yoshida has borrowed it for his own 

Go all the way back to the Sleeping Quarters and search for Yoshida's 
bed (it's just to the right of the main door). On it will be the 
[SEPTEMBER ISSUE OF "AERITH"], where the breaking method for the code 
is found:

"[CBABC] = [AB2C2], where the alphabets are placed in ascending order, 
 plus the number of times the alphabet is repeated."

Now that you know the correct method of breaking virus-screwed-up 
codes, return to the Laboratory to enter the corrected code 
(A3EILM2S2Y) to access the network.

However, that's not all. Choose 'D' and you will be presented with 3 
Multiple-Choice Questions relating to the series. Here are some of the
questions that I have tried to translate (please tell me if i made any 
mistakes here):

Who was the first person to discover the syntomns of Neo Mitochrondia?
A) Akeme Nagajima
B) Satome Nagajima
C) Kiyome Nagajima *

What organisation is the direct superior of M.I.S.T.?
B) FBI *

What was the name of the opera singer who was the first case of Neo 
Mitochrondia in America, and led to the Manhattan Incident?
A) Melissa Pierce *
B) Maria Pierce
C) Mary Pierce

What was the codename given to the person who was believed to be the 
first human being found in Africa?
A) Mitochrondia Adam
B) Mitochrondia Eve *
C) Mitochrondia First

What is the resultant chemical that is produced between sugar/fats and 
acids when produced by Mitochrondia?
A) ATP *

Which of the following living things does Mitochrondia exist in?
A) Bacteria
B) Beetles *
C) Plankton

What is the name of the desert in Nevada where this Underground Testing 
Site is located under?
A) Gobi Desert
B) Mojave Desert *
C) Arizona Desert

What is the name of the town where this Underground Testing Site is
located under?
A) Drytown
B) Dryvalley
C) Dryfield *

Once you answer all 3 questions correctly, you will be able to get all 
the information on the organisation that has been working on all this. 

It seems that they started a 'second Neotany project' using the 
information gathered from the Neo Mitochondria after the 1997 event, in 
an attempt to create a new evolved race of humans. They subjected 
willing participants to experimentation, trying all kinds of 
combinations, creating the ANMCs. The project got a huge boost in 1998 
when they received a proper Mitochondria sample, but the second batch 
of ANMCs started to go out of control, which the organisation let loose 
to allow M.I.S.T. to go clean up the mess, covering up all that they 
had done.

And horrer of horrers, the source of the sample Mitochondria which 
created the second batch of ANMCs came from.......none other than Aya 
herself!!! In other words, what she's been fighting have all originated 
from her!

After reading through the information, the phone behind you will ring. 
Depending on the route you took, either Pierce or Kyle will be on the
other side of the line. Now you will have access to the Pod Service 
Gantry. Go there, and different things will happen depending on the 
route you took.

<Kyle Route>
Kyle will be standing at the gantry, and both of them will converse, 
while admiring the super-duper-large...thing......that is in that room. 
Now go on into the Pod Service Gantry control room, and look at the 
moniter. Press on the first, third and last buttons on the right, at 
the same time pressing on the Operate button at the bottom. You will 
unlock the door to the Underground Parking area, switch off the 
Security Lasers, and start the Lift that leads to Shambala.

With Kyle, head directly to the Lift (he won't let you go anywhere else 
anyway) and go down into Shambala, where his hand will nearly combust 
once more.
</Kyle Route>

<Pierce Route>
Pierce will be inside the Pod Service Gantry control room. He will tell 
you to look at every screen until you see the Shambala one, and after 
that, return you the [INFUSION PART], then after which you will have to 
scroll through the maps till you stop at the 'hot' Shambala. Finish off 
the conversation, and press on the Operate button in the first moniter 
again for the first, third and last screens to unlock the door to the 
Underground Parking area, switch off the Security Lasers, and start the 
lift that leads to Shambala.
</Pierce Route>

Go to B2, and the lift opposite the Breeding Room will be usable from 
now on. There will be lots of scenes once you start your descent into 
the unknown depths of the place known as....Shambala

 / "Welcome to Shambala"

Go down to the South Promenade first. The door to the north will be 
locked anyway. Go into the Shrine, and through it, until you reach the 
locked door. Opposite the door is a stone tablet that shows 3 sets of 4 
symbols ending with a round dot at the end. Simply jot down the order 
of each of the three sets, and go back into the shrine.

The southernmost room of the shrine has a panel, with 15 pieces and a 
dot in the bottom right corner. In other words, when you first look at 
it, it should look like this:
                 Y                 R
          B --| R1 | R2 | R3 | R4 |/- B      where R = Red
            --|____|____|____|____|--              Y = Yellow
              | Y1 | Y2 | Y3 | Y4 |                B = Blue
              |____|____|____|____|               xx = others
              | B1 | B2 | B3 | B4 |                o = dot
              | xx | xx | xx | O  |
            R  /||         

Now all you have to do is to line the requisite blocks in order 
according to the coloured pipings by moving them. 

For Blue (it will open up the coffin right opposite the Shrine Panel 
Puzzle room, with a [Lv2 MP Recovery Medicine] inside}:

                 Y                 R
          B --| B1 | B2 | B3 | B4 |/- B      
              | xx | xx | xx | xx |                
              | xx | xx | xx | xx |               
              | xx | xx | xx | O  |
            R  /||         

For Yellow (it will lock you in along with 3 Beetles):

                 Y                 R
          B --| Y4 | xx | xx | xx |/- B      
              | Y3 | xx | xx | xx |                
              | Y2 | xx | xx | xx |               
              | Y1 | xx | xx | O  |
            R  /||         

For Red (it will open the locked door):

                 Y                 R
          B --| xx | xx | xx | R4 |/- B      
              | xx | xx | R3 | xx |                
              | xx | R2 | xx | xx |               
              | R1 | xx | xx | O  |
            R  /||         

Once you enter......


ANMC Generator
Err...it's not really a boss fight. The ANMC will just sit down there 
and generate the energy that's maikng the area 'hot'. Simply blow the 
Control Panel behind it to pieces before shooting it, or else it will 
simply regain whatever damage you inflicted.

      200 EXP
      100 BP
Lv3 Medicine
Lv2 MP Recovery Medicine (EXTRA)


Once you kill it, the North Promenade door will be opened. Backtack all 
the way to the starting, and go down the north side.

Go down the sweet meadow of the Forest Zone, through the south gate 
into the Woodland Path, and ending up at the Pyramid. Now look at the 
stone tablet, and turn it 4 times to match the entire thing. Look 
carefully at how the symbols are like when reading it in a clockwise 

Unless you are really daft, you will soon realise that one dot is equal 
to 1, one line is equal to 5, all the way until 12, just like a clock 
face. But that of course is not enough. Exit the area, and carry on to 
the Submarine Tunnel, and to the Water ANMC-infested Pavalion. Now on 
the left of the Pavalion is another of the stone tablets. Look at the 
colours and the symbols, and this will be the first of two steppings 
you have to do.

Return to the Pyramid, and do the correct steps (Blue 6, White 2, Red 
3, Yellow 5) to open up access to the Island.


Water ANMCs + XL Water ANMC
First you have to fight several Water ANMCs. Their attacks are exactly 
the same as those you have met, so no problem there, using a Shotgun 
plus Firefly Shells (you should have more than enough). 

Next up, an Extra-Large Water ANMC will appear to join in the party. 
Its attack is also the same: shooting electricity. Execpt that the 
electricity it shoots is like the flames of Cannon Mouth, firing non 
stop for a while. But no problem there, since you've avoided flames 
from Cannon Mouth before. Keep blasting it with Firefly Shells, and 
it's an easy piece of cake.

      750 EXP
     1440 BP
Lv2 MP Recovery Medicine
Protein (EXTRA)


Upon killing the XL Water ANMC, check the pool of blood that spreads 
for a [Skull Crystal].

Now go back to the Pyramid and pull up the lever, and go all the way to 
the Garden and the last of the stone tablets. Note down the colours 
with their respective dots and lines, and U-Turn back to the Pyramid, 
and do the correct clockwise steps (R, Y, B, W, B, W, R, Y, W, B, Y, R) 
to open the locked western door of the Power Plant.

Go up the stairs to the second floor, and dispose of the second ANMC
Generator. Now that the field is gone, you can enter the previously 
sealed door of Shambala by going down the other lift in the Main 
Corridor. But before doing so go to the back of the staircase to find a 
cache of badly-needed [Hydra Bullets].

Return to the Shelter, and go down the other lift to enter the Speaker 
Room of Shambala. Take out the speakers first as they drain 1MP per 
pulse per speaker. Once you blast them to pieces, go down the now-
operational elevator (that was blocked off due to the Generators 
earlier on).

You will now be in the B6 Corridor, with 3 speakers and a Mutated Fat 
ANMC. Kill off the ANMC as fast as possible without taking too much 
damage to your MP, and you will see the little girl Aya has been 
dreaming about (wearing a strange helmet) run off.

Follow her into the next room to find......


XL Shooting ANMC
When was the last time you had to fight such humangous crfeatures? 
Well, this partiuclar creature acts differently, and has a variety of 

Whatever the case, take out the speakers on either side of the room 
first before even thinking about fighting it.

And when fighting it, there is the over-simplistic Grenade way, and the 
hard Bullet way. For Grenades (the Grenade Pistol or the M4A1 Grenade) 
simply plug them into it as it is charging up to break its attack.
Continue on, and you wouldn't be scratched one bit.

For bullets (M4A1 recommended) you have to play hide and see with the 
attacks. It's simple to evade the purple lasers or the fireballs, but 
when it casts its version of Combustion, you HAVE TO ram yourself into 

Why? Because of you run into it, you will automatically be knocked down 
by the Antibody barrier that the little girl controlling it casts. And 
when you're down on the floor you will not take damage. Yay, free 

Did I forget to mention that the girl will heal it at intervals? 
Unfortunately you can't do anything about that ~_~.

Do enough damage to kill off an army of humans, and the girl will run 
off again.

     1300 EXP
      500 BP
Lv2 MP Recovery Medicine
Autodrawly (EXTRA)


After defeating it, the girl will run off yet again, and Kyle appears 
out of nowhere. 

When Aya removes the helmet, it reveals the little girl which has been 
haunting Aya's dreams, and her name: Eve. Born under a cloning project 
that you saw in the Laboratory. By the time you are finished with Kyle, 
the Telephone in the room will ring, but when talking to Pierce on the 
other side (in the Pierce Route that is. In Kyle Route the other side 
will be silent) the line will be cut off.

While in this room, look insie Eve's closet to find a [MD], and a 
[Medipak] can be found by searching the drip stand.

Speak with Kyle once more, and when you move towards Eve, the door will 
open to reveal...A LOT of Unknown Men!! Kyle will break open the window 
to disperse the gas, and Aya and Eve will clamber out to the Breeding 

Before doing anything else, go to the northwest corner of the room to 
pick up a bottle of [Protein]. Then look at the little pods on the east
side of the room to see some of Eve's sisters, or better known as Aya's 
clones. Now speak with Eve, and gently lead her to the lift in the 
south side of the room. The room will now be filled with gas, so be 
fast. Simply WALK to the lift with Eve behind you, a la Sherri Berkin, 
and go up as soon as she steps on it. Do note that once Eve's HP drops 
to 0 it's Game Over.

Once you are out in Shambala again Eve will run off. Follow after her, 
and you will find out that the entire area's ANMCs have been brutally 
injured. Carry on till you reach the Submarine Tunnel, where you will 
find Eve being held hostage by the Unknown Man you met twice earlier 
on, who calls himself No. 9. He will run off with Eve, and call his 
brothers to deal with you.

Now the entire area will be crawling with Unknown Men, better known as 
Golems, and you will be hearing the battle music for a long time. They 
take insane amounts of damage, but the good thing is that they also 
drop a lot of items.


Did you notice that when Golems die, they stay dead? 

What I mean is that when Golems die, they don't simply melt into goo, 
but instead lie dead at the position they died in. This little cool
feature of Parasite Eve II let us know that when enemies die, they 
don't just dissapper for no known reason *cough cough* zombies *cough*


There's a Green Sword Golem in the Forest Zone. 
Two Green Swords at the Pyramid. 
3 Green Swords in the North Promenade.
2 Green Shooters in the South Promneade.
1 Green Sword and Shooter pair in the Savanna. 
2 Green Swords in the Shrine. 

Now that you have cleared off the enemies in Shambala, the next order 
of business (apart from saving) is the Armory to recharge your Hammer.

1 Red Sword in the B2 Main Corridor. 
1 Red Shooter in the B2 South Elevator Hall. 
1 Red Sword and 1 Green Shooter in the B1 South Elevator Hall. 
1 Green Sword in the corridor between the Storeroom and the South Hall.
1 Green Sword + Shooter in the Storeroom.

Good. You should be in the Armory now. Re-everything, and head off to 
your next destination - the Pod Service Gantry room to switch off the 
irritating Security Lasers as well as look for Pierce.

2 Shooters, one Red, the other Green, in the B1 Main Corridor.
1 Red Sword in the B1 North Elevator Hall.

Once inside the Pos Service Gantry control room, switch off the 
Security Settings again, and pick up [PIERCE'S MESSAGE] from the 
Telephone, and read it. It has vital information regarding Baldwin, who 
seems to be in cahoots with the organisation that resided in the 
Shelter. Now call back to M.I.S.T. to tell Jodie about it. 

Clear off any other enemies if you feel like it. I will only list out 
the locations of the Golems.

1 Purple Golem in the Sleeping Quarters.
1 Red Shooter in the corridor between the Quarters and Storeroom.
1 Red Sword in the corridor  leading to the Carpark corridor.
1 Purple Golem in the Underground Parking corridor.
1 Green Sword in the corridor leading to the Control Room.
1 Red Sword in the B2 North Elevator Hall. 

When you are done with the killing, head to the Underground Parking 
room. Search the open panel to the right of the closed garage doors to 
find a [ELECTRIC CAR KEY]. Check the panel again, press the Blue and 
Yellow buttons, and press Call to bring out the Red Jeep. 

Now go to the panel in the northwest part of the Carpark, and use the 
Bowman/Yoshida Card to open the gates.

Climb on the Jeep, and you will be brought to the Parking Garage. The 
big double doors will be unopenable, so enter the Airlock door.

A Purple Golem will be waiting inside the Airlock for you, so be 

Inside the Vehicle Airlock a Green Sword and a Red Shooter will attack. 
After defeating them search the bike to get Eve's [TEDDY BEAR]. Enter 
the Guardroom, and activate the switch at the end of it.

Now open the west double doors, and enter the Bulwark and a battle with 
a Red Sword and Shooter pair. Once done, check the panel to the left of 
the east gates to unlock it, and to freedom......

  / December 6, 2000, 6.37pm
 / White House, Washington D.C.

Mr. Unknown Man-In-a-Suit converses with a Staff member......and we 
finally know that he is the President of............*censored*

  / December 6, 2000, 3.52pm
 / Mojave desert, Nevada

Aya tries to explain the situation to a suspecious 2nd Lieutenant, and 
then gets interrupted. While he converses with another soldier who
comes in with new information, Aya "feels" Eve near the Huge Creature 
in the Pod Service Gantry. She asks if the entire Shelter is cleared, 
and requests to re-enter the Shelter to check things out.

Check the ammo box inside the Tent to find [4 x Airburst] grenades. 
Check the first-aid box next to the ammo box to get a [Medipak].

Now head out the Tent. If Flint is alive it will come up and give you a 
[Lv2 MP Recovery Medicine] and a [LETTER FROM DOUGLAS]. 

<Kyle Route>
Rupert will be waiting beside the boxes from Dryfield. After speaking 
to him, you will receive a [Magnum] plus [25 x MaedaSP] Magnum bullets.

The ammo dump will have [Parabellum Bullets], [Hydra Bullets] and [Pack 
Shot Shells] for free.
</Kyle Route>

<Pierce Route>
Jodie will be waiting beside the boxes from Dryfield. Although she will 
not give you anything, she brought along several things to be sold at 
the army tonner.

The ammo dump will have, along with the other three ammunition, [Rifle 
Bullets] and [Grenades] for free.

The army tonner will sell couple of extra things, but all of them are 
not going to be useful.
</Pierce Route>

At this point of time it is highly recommended that you get the 
Tactical Armour, and for those who followed the Kyle Route, max out the 
Magnum bullets, and dump any other weapons into the boxes, throwing 
away all other ammo except the Magnums and the MaedaSPs. For those who 
followed the Pierce Route, dump every other weapon except the Rifle and 
get a Grenade Pistol or M203 if you haven't gotten it yet.

If Flint is still alive at this point of time, give him the Teddy Bear, 
and he will run inside the Shelter. No worries though, what happens 
later is not detrimental to the ending.

Once you are done it's time to step back into hell.

Check the white panel to the right of the doors to open them, and re-
enter the Shelter. Once you return to the Underground Parking lot the 
phone will ring. After receiving the call you will no longer be able to 
exit the area, as the army tonner will move in.

You will find that the South Elevator has been sealed off, cutting you 
off to only B1, B2 and Shambala areas. If you still want to kill some 
more, feel free to clear the 'hot' areas out before carrying on.

If you are still following the Pierce Route, go to the Golem Freezer 
room first. This is the last point to get the good ending, as Pierce 
will be there for you to save once more.

Go to the Sterilization Room, where there will be a half-burnt soldier 
inside. If Flint came inside the shelter, he will, under Aya's request, 
bring the injured soldier back to his comerades waiting with the 
tonner. At this point of time the tonner will sell some extremely cool 
weapons in gratitude. Carry on, and do whatever you wish to (kill, 
maim, increase MP).

Now before you carry on, make sure of the following things:

1) Currently you should have a minimum of 160HP with the Tactical Armor 
   equipped. It's more than enough, so don't worry.

2) Currently you should have a minimum of 60MP with the Tactical Armor 
   equipped. Max out your Earth and Water PEs. If you have some EXP 
   left jack up Wind PEs.

3) Bring along your Medipaks. You should have a lot if you didn't use 
   any in the course of the game. Two will suffice.

4) The only weapon you really need now (for Pierce Route) is the 
   Grenade Pistol or M4A1 with M203 attached. The only ammo you need 
   now is the Grenades (and 5.56s if you use the M4A1).

   The only weapon you really need now (for Kyle Route) is the Magnum.
   The only ammo you really need now are the .44 Magnums and the 

5) Attach ALL the extra items (Skull Crystal, Medicine Wheel, Holy 
   Water, Talisman) to your armour. Then attach the ammo, leaving at 
   least two slots for the Medipaks.

Once done, head to the Pod Service Gantry, where Aya last "felt" Eve. 
At the door will be the last time you have to make a major choice.

           Too damgerous...think about it first
           Eve is in there!

Once you go in, be prepared for a long conversation between No. 9, Aya 
and Kyle, who will reveal the plot of the organisation, which was 
trying to create a new race to help save the world. Unfortunately, 
somehow or other the entire thing got warped into a study of ANMCs, 
leading to the current situation.

Kyle will shoot Aya, not killing her, and after that will turn around 
and shoot No. 9 as well, knowing that the plan had been changed, and 
that letting Eve combine with the huge Creature will only bring about 
the destruction of the world. What happens in the end is that No.9  
will get eaten up instead of Eve, and Kyle breaks the helmet seal.

Unfortunately the joy is short-lived, as Kyle realises that he has been 
crossed. The people who hired him were destroying the Shelter, erasing 
every shread of evidence. The explosions that follow afterwords hit 
Dryfield and the entire shelter. 

After that Aya leaves the wrecked Gantry, with Kyle's urging, to help 

Now that you have control over Aya once more, you will find that she 
was hit for 50HP damage.(blame it on him. She still likes that guy... )
Don't worry about that flesh wound, and simply go down the elevator to 

Before you can enter the Pod Bottom, you will be picked up by the Final 
Golem, a Bishop. Deal with it, and enter the Pod Bottom.


Ultimate ANMC
The Ultimate ANMC has a lot of body parts, namely

a) Head
b) Neck
c) Lower body
d) Left Arm
e) Left Arm Gas Shooter
f) Right Arm
g) Right Arm Gas Shooter
h) Left Tail
i) Right Tail
j) Core

Cast Antibody once the heartbeat stops. The Ultimate ANMC has some 
starting attacks, most of which are status-effect attacks. The fastest 
way is to keep firing at the head, which will reveal the neck. Once you
finish off two body parts the Core will open.

Once the Core opens BE CAREFUL! One slip-up here and its Game Over. The 
Core Blast is very destructive as it does around 100 damage without the 
Antibody barrier. You can either finish off the Lower Body first so 
that it turns slower, or slug it out with it. I recommend slugging it 
out. The Magnum-less method is: -

1) Aim and shoot. Reload.
2) Get hit by the Core Blast. Cast Life Drain if HP is below 50.
3) Shoot.

After that the Core will close. In the lull between the next blast you 
must reload and should either recast Antibody if you feel that it's 
going to end or simply wait. Repeat the entire process until it turns 
into liquid jelly. It shouldn't take much before falling. 

If tou are using Magnum, it's even easier. Simply fire in all 6 rounds 
when the Core opens, and cast Life Drain after that if you are below 



If, and only IF, you are crazy enough to play around with the Ultimate 
ANMC, try to kill off ALL its parts. Doing so will net you a whopping

5000 EXP and 20000 BP!!


Once you have calmed down. Run around the walkway until you see a red 
glowing panel. Use the Bowman/Yoshida Card there to open up a bridge.
As you try to save Eve, the liquid jelly rises up to cover her!!

What comes out of the merger? Eve of course! Back in full glamour from 
Parasite Eve!!!


Gotta love the starting music ^_^.

Eve is much more beautiful this time round. She also comes with a 
repitore of moves that can do serious damage to you. Just remember to 
keep up that Antibody shield AT ALL TIMES! Before I forget, the 
fighting style is based on popping Grenades. If you are using the 
Magnum you can fire a lot more bullets before you need to reload. Here 
are descriptions of all of Eve's moves -

Shiny dots floating up from her :- 
She will rush at Aya's last position. Run down the sides of the bridge 
to avoid it. Return to the head of the bridge. She will teleport 1~4 
more times. Listen for the sound and start running. If you get hit any 
of the times she will appear in the center of the bridge. Fire once, 
run to the end of the bridge, reload.

Flies up (1) :- 
She will crash into the middle of the bridge with explosive impact. You 
must not be standing on the bridge or else you will be hit. Fire 
another round as she is turning right side up, reload.

Files up (2) :- 
She will fly to either side of Aya, and shoot coloured balls. Cast 
Metabolism IMMEDIATELY once you see her appear next to Aya. This way 
you will not be affected. Remember that negative status effects like 
Silence and Berserk is her speciality. Fire, take the damage, reload.

Chants :-
The whole screen will turn wavy. Aya's MP will start to rise. Cool. 
After that you will be incinerated and Silenced, all MP lost. Cooler 
still. Break that attack either by firing two rounds in quick 
succession, or if you're not fast enough, a Life Drain will break it.
Careful when you get hit. Since it takes a while to recover from the 
Silence effect, your Antibody shield may wear off. Avoid any attacks at 
all cost (unless she's about to chant again that is, but luckily the 
chances of her doing it twice after succeeding is slim).

Direct Attack :-
She will float to Aya's position, and kamikaze her. Avoid that attack 
by running in a different direction, and fire when she hits the wall. 

Calls a Shadow :-
A shadow that resembles Eve will appear, and will slash her, causing 
Paralysis. Hit and Run, but don't forget about the real Eve who will 
keep on atacking.

Once you see blood flowing from her body you are nearly there. Her 
attacks will be TWICE as fast, but it's not really going to matter. 
Continously cast Life Drain (300+ damage) and that's it.


Once all the fighting is done. Eve and Aya will fall down the pod. In 
her delirum she sees Kyle looking at her, but before she can confess 
her feelings to him, she faints again.

After that, several medics find the two females at the bottom......

Kyle Route ends here.

<Pierce Route>
  / September 7, 2000, 9.05pm
 / White House, Washington D.C.

..........more of the plot will be revealed. And it's a very dark plot.

Then Aya will report on everybody's movements 1 year on from Parasite 
Eve II. IF you know Japanese, then this makes great sense. IF not 
...wait for the US release (if there is one).

NOTE: IF you didn't go look for Pierce inside the Golem Freezer the 
game will end here, bringing you to the Credits.


  / September 1, 2001, 8.16am
 / Nature Museum, New York

CG ending lasting about half a minute.
</Pierce Route>

This is the Good Ending. It's a wonderful ending in terms of wrapping 
up the entire game, especially on Aya's part. You just have to read it.   

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

That's it. Parasite Eve II cleared. Now pat yourself on your back for 
reading through this tedious document, and rest your eyes. Consider 
that you have now cleared what is the easiest action-adventure game 
ever. Why? Because there will be harder modes waiting for you.

Check out my Bounty Mode guide for more details on the second level of 
difficulty in the game, where you will be fighting Golems wherever you 
turn ^_^.

               8. ANMC STRATEGIES
This is a free-for-all on how to defeat some of the more problematic 
ANMCs in the game. Some are ridiciously simple, but most need at least 
a simple method to kill them off. BEWARE, this part will not cover 
every single monster that appears in the game. If anyone needs help 
killing Rats, Moths or Scorpions, he/she is definately not suited to 
play this kind of game, harsh as it might sound.

ANMC Humanoid
Simple. When they are about to bite, run around them to attack from the 
back, which is their weak point. You will see purple blasts which means 
you have hit them correctly. Of course the normal way - fire until they 
fall, works just fine, as long as they are quite far away that is.

They have a long reach, but aside from that, they will not attack 
unless provoked. Same goes for the stronger version - the Mutated Fat 
ANMCs, so just snipe from afar, and they probably will be knocked down 
before they can even start attacking.

ANMC Horses
These are troublesome creatures. Basic attacking method is to rush at 
Aya and knock her down, setting up for another attack. Simply put, they 
are annoying. HOWEVER!! A good plan is to fire one burst if you're 
using the Rifle or the M93R, and unlock, turn to one side, and run off 
to avoid the charge. If it knocks itself into the wall it will become 
vulnerable, which you can exploit to the biggest (until they get up 
that is). In the later stages it's easier as the Flashlight attachment 
in the P229 and/or MP5A5 will knock them down, as will the M4A1 Hammer.

They have a cloaking device that renders them invisible at times. 
Luckily hitting them when uncloaked will mean that they are open to 
attacks. Normally a magazine of the M93R or the P229 will be more than 
enought to finish them off.

ANMC Rabites
They DO look like Rabites. Honest. And they attack like Rabites, and 
love to mob you. Hit them while they are jumping at you (need practice 
with the timing) to inflict the most damage to them. BUT remember, be 
careful if you get mobbed.

Water ANMCs
They rise out of the water near to Aya, and spit out electricity. A 
very easy way to disrupt this is by breaking their shooting momentum by 
firing with a shotgun. Chances are you'll be fighting more than 1 every 
time, so be careful of the other shooters while you pellet one of them 
to pieces first. Hint: They are extremely weak to fire!

Shooting ANMCs
You know these irritating ones. They flop slowly about, then charge up 
so slowly while locked on YOU and fire when you run out of space to 
run. The balls hit for quite an amount of damage, and also cause status 
effects. The only easy way out is to shock them using the Hammer and 
putting in lots of Rifle bullets until they charge up again, which 
means SHOCK!!

Humanoid Raptor-like ANMCs
They seriously look like raptors, and attack like raptors. They not 
only bite, but can also do a charge similar to the Horses, and can even 
butt-drop on Aya for tons of damage. Their weak point is just like the 
Humanoids, except that they take more damage, and react faster to back 
attacks. Luckily you'll only meet them in Shambala.

They get special mention as another of the irritating enemies in the 
game. If you have a shotgun, a blast will turn them upside down, 
revealing their weak point - their bottoms. Similarly, the Hammer can 
do this, but the limited range means you have to time it properly. 
Another method is to use Plasma, but they will recover quicker. But 
it's your choice ^_^

Slime (both Green and Red)
These enemies cannot be affected by normal bullets, and must be hit 
using either Parasite Energies or using the Hammer/Pike/Grenades. If 
you use Parasite Energies it will alert ALL the slime in the room to 
come to you, and suck your MP dry. Green Slime will also add in the 
Silence status, while Red ones Berserk you.


               9. GOLEM STRATEGIES
This section is made purely in homage of the irritating and deadly 
Golems in the game. While you will fight a select few, they can cause a 
lot of headaches if not treated properly. In the course of the section 
I recommend using the M4A1 Hammer instead of the Pike as the latter 
costs too much and the P229 to finish off when they fall as well as the 
last two Golems.

Green [Bone] Sword Golem
They are easy meat once you know the exact method. When they rush up to 
you, simply shock them with the Hammer, which will stun them enough to 
pelt in two bursts of 5.56s. Repeat by shocking and firing, until it 
falls. Then switch to a Handgun to finish it off.

Green [Bone] Shooter Golem
Also very easy. Simply evade the six grenades that are fired at you, 
and keep on shooting it. This is the easiest Golem you can meet. BUT 
be careful in the situation where you are in a narrow corridor though. 

Red [Rook] Sword Golem
This is the heavily-armed version of the Bone Golem. It has the ability 
to silence you (you can see it charging up) and is invincible when it 
is charging up for the silence move and when running to swipe you. It 
has a higher defense, and swipes faster than the Bone Golem. Oh yeah, 
the Hammer CANNOT stun it.

Red [Rook] Shooter Golem
Same as the Rook Sword, this is a heavily-armed version of the Bone 
Shooter. This time round it fires two bursts of three grenades each, 
giving you less time to return fire. It also has the silence move, and 
is invincible when charging up for the silence move, and when aiming at 

Purple [Night/Knight] Golem
They are fully cloaked, so it's impossible to aim at them first. 
Chances are that you will be picked up from the back to initiate 
combat. Mash the direction and face buttons to break the grasp before 
it poisons you, and stick your back to a wall. This way it can only do 
the 'beaming in' attack. Now equip the Handgun and wait. It will give 
out holograms of itself, which you MUST NOT touch or attack, or else 
you will be hit by it immediately after dispelling the hologram. Wait 
until you hear it 'beaming in', then instantly aim and fire. This way 
you will break the 'beaming in' process, and allow you to fire free 
shots without the fear of retaliation. Note that if you fire only after 
it has completely decloaked you will still get swiped and poisoned. 

...if your parents or neighbours don't mind turn up the volume in order 
to hear the sound of the Golem decloaking. (arrgh, too much Star Trek)

Crimson [Bishop] Golem
The baddest of the lot of Golems, it attacks just like the Knight 
Golem, except that if it hits, you will get Paralyzed. Take note that 
its 'beaming in' rate is higher and faster than the Knight Golem, so 
take care when casting Metabolism if hit. And remember to keep at least 
1 bullet in the chamber when it 'beams out'. Reload only when you see a 
hologram of it. You'll meet only two of them in the normal game, three 
if you count the Final Golem.

               10. GOOD ENDING POINTERS

Here are the Must-Do steps in order to see the good ending:

1) Meet Kyle in the Pub at night in Dry Field.

2) Defeat Cannon Mouth in under 3 minutes. If it walks away retry.
   Ditto if Gary's dog dies.

3) Return to Dry Fields while Kyle is with Aya (directly after 
   defeating Big Mouth, and before taking the South Elevator)

4) Pick up Pierce's Message at the Telephone in the Pod Service Gantry 
   while running out from the Shelter. READ it and call back.

5) If you did all the above correctly, Gary's dog will greet you 
   outside the tent, and Jodie will be beside the containers. You will 
   be able to get free reloads of 5.56s and Grenades as well.

6) Save Pierce one more time in the Golem Room.

7) Defeat Final Eve.


               11. OPERATION *TOTAL* WIPEOUT
This must have been a question that many players asked themeslves:

"What must I do to get 100% kills?"

Well, the truth is no longer out there, but RIGHT HERE!!! I will list 
out important points in that game after which the areas will be 'hot' 
again. Simply clear ALL areas before the pointers, and you SHOULD get 
100%. Just look out for enemies that appear as you walk past a 
particular area, as these areas MAY not be red on the map.


 / DISC 1

Akropolis Tower
1.  Before entering the first boss fight with the Super ANMC.
2.  After talking to HAL and Pierce, and before opening the 
    Escalator doors.
3.  Before using the Red Key to stop the Fountain.
4.  Before taking down No. 9.

Target total: 7.3%

Dryfield (I)
5.  Before meeting Douglas for the first time.
6.  Before returning to look for Douglas AFTER meeting Kyle for the 
    first time.
7.  Before fighting No. 9.
8.  Before getting the Lobby Key from Douglas.
9.  Before giving Douglas the Gasoline.
10. Before going to sleep.
11. Finish off Cannon mouth. Then finish all before starting Disc 2.

Target total: 33%

/ DISC 2

Shelter (I)
12. Before fighting Papa Horse.
13. Before meeting Bowman-turned-Shooting ANMC in the B2 corridor. 
    Don't forget the Security Lasers in the Speaker Room in Shambala.
14. Before fighting Big Mouth. Kill off those who appear in the Big 
    Mouth Boss Battle as well. (though not really required)
15. Go get the Meding Will, and kill all that appear in the two rooms.
16. All in B3 and B4 before going through the Full Moon Gate.

Dryfield (II)
17. Everything there, meeting Pierce does not change anything.

Shelter (II)
18. Before taking the call from Pierce.
19. Before entering Shambala.

Shambala (I)
*Shambala (I) is a pain in the neck, due to the random numbers of the 
 Humanoid Raptor-like ANMC. They appear with a max of 2 at any one 
 time, so simply walk to and fro in that screen hoping that more will 
 come out. Normally the max will be either 3 or 4. Luckily for you they 
 appear only in two screens......*

20. Before killing the first ANMC Generator Creature. Don't forget the 
    3 Beetles that fall out after getting a Yellow combination at the 
    Shrine Panel Puzzle.
21. Before stepping on the Pyramid Puzzle to access the Island, killing 
    the XL Water ANMC.
22. Before reading the Stone Tablet next to the Western Generator 
    Entrance (DON'T do this together with 21).
23. Before unlocking the second door by solving the Pyramid Puzzle.
24. After killing the other ANMC Generator Creature, firing through the 
    whole of Shambala.

Shelter (III)
25. Before going down to meet Eve.
26. Directly after going down to the Shambala Speaker Room.
27. Kill the Fat ANMC. The Speakers in that room are not essential.
28. Kill the XL Shooting ANMC. You HAVE to destroy the Speakers.

Target total: 77%...?

Shambala (II)

Shelter (IV)
30. Everything before returning to Dryfield.

Dryfield (III)
31. Every single 'hot' area.

Target total: 93.8%!!

Shelter (V)
32. Everything after the Sterilization Room point.

Shambala (III)
33. Everything once again. It's just a whole lot of Golems.

AND THAT'S IT!!!! 100% kill rate. Oh and remember to switch off the
Security Lasers, plus the fact that the Final Bishop Golem is also not 

               12. ROUND 2 AND ABOVE
Here you will find things that will shock you, spoil you and possibly 
give you more nightmares of having to play the game over and over 
again. But that's the replay value in this game (and in all action-

Not really secret, but you will most probably open up two (three if 
you're the serious killing kind) modes when you start off a Clear Game 
data (you save when prompted to after the credits have ended)

a) Replay Mode - Easy difficulty. Exactly like the normal game mode. 
                 Aya will start off with 10% of her average EXP and BP 
                 earned at the end of the games. She also will start 
                 off with 100HP and 30MP, as per normal game. All 
                 special/extra Weapons/Armour/Items you get at the end 
                 of each game will be sold at all shops at any time. 
                 All EXP earned at the end of the game are counted as 
                 normal (x1) for totaling.

b) Bounty Mode - Normal difficulty. Has Golems crawling about like ants 
                 with a disturbed nest, and enemies that will kill you 
                 in one to two hits, this will prove to be more of a 
                 challange than what the normal game presented. Aya 
                 will start off with stats exactly like in Replay mode, 
                 but will have her EXP and BP cut to 5% of the total 
                 average. No extra items will be sold. All EXP earned 
                 at the end of the game are given a 3x bonus. Item 
                 ranking (explained below) will also be increased by 1.

c) Supportless Mode - Hard difficulty. Enemies are exactly like in 
                      Replay mode, but souped up to Bounty mode 
                      level. Aya will start off with her MP reduced to 
                      10, although HP remains the same, and will have 
                      her starting EXP and BP slashed to 1% of her 
                      total average. Items sold in the shops are 
                      completely different, so you'll be facing a 
                      shortage of Weapons/Armour/Items throughout. Good 
                      thinking and planning needed at times. However, 
                      all EXP earned at the end of the game are given a 
                      whopping 5x bonus, and a 2-rank jump in the Item 

d) Deadly Mode - Must I talk about this? For hardcore gamers only, this 
                 expert difficulty really needs good playing skills. 
                 Aya will start off with 50HP and 10MP, and the enemies 
                 are super resiliant to damage, and can chew her to 
                 death in 1 single hit. If that's not enough, you'll 
                 start off with ZERO EXP and BP, and shops....well they 
                 can't really be considered shops anymore. I dunno what 
                 you'll get at the end of the game though, since I 
                 don't have the time (or heart, or patience, you get 
                 the idea) to complete it. But I believe you get a 
                 staggering 7x bonus to your finishing EXP and a jump 
                 of 3 ranks when getting items.

How to open up the modes you ask? Well......

a) Replay Mode      - Clear Normal game once
b) Bounty Mode      - Clear Normal game once
c) Supportless Mode - Clear with at least 69,001 EXP total at the end
d) Deadly Mode      - Clear Supportless mode once (I think...)

You'll get a set of three items every time you clear a game. What you 
get is dependent on the (estimated) total amount of EXP you finish off 
with. All rankings are done by me, so do expect different variations in 
the US release (and I'm NOT going to follow the BioHazard ranking 
system ^^) Once you get the same ranking again, you'll default to the 
next-lowest rank, unless you've hit the lowest already, then you'll 
default to the next-highest one.

|      | Required |               |                |                 |
| Rank | EXP      |    Item 1     |     Item 2     |    Item 3       |
|  1   | 400,001  | Gunblade      | Medipak        | Autodrawly      |
|  2   | 200,001  | Hypervelocity | Hunter Goggles | Lv2 MP Recovery |
|  3   |  75,001  | MM1           | Air Burst      | Lv3 Medicine    |
|  4   |  72,001  | M249          | .44 Maeda SP   | Cola            |
|  5   |  69,001  | Magnum        | .44 Magnum     | Skull Crystal   |
|  6   |  66,001  | AS12          | R. Shock       | Firefly         |
|  7   |  64,001  | Aya Special   | 9mm Spaldan    | Talisman        |
|  8   |  63,001  | Javalin       | MD             | Holy Water      |
|  9   |  62,001  | Pike          | Lipstick       | Tactical Armour |
|  10  |  61,001  | Hammer        | Second Pouch   | Lv1 MP Recovery |
|  11  |  60,001  | M203          | Protein        | 9mm Hydra       |
|  12  |  59,001  | M9            | M4A1.MClip     | Flare           |
|  13  |  58,001  | Monk Robe     | Medicine Wheel | Lv2 Medicine    |


- You can skip most scenes with a press of the Start button. This of 
  course is for pepole replaying, since you'll want to read most of the 
  scenes the first time round.

- You can actually play the night part of Dryfield with Disc 2. Once 
  you leave Kyle at the broken sedan, go and save. From here, you can 
  pop in Disc 2 without any hitches. This is extremely useful for 
  people who are careless to get killed in the first part of Disc 2.

- Double of rare items DON'T count as double!! In other words, 2 Skull 
  Crystals don't give 1.4 times damage, neither does 2 Talismans give 2 
  times PE damage. Use the extras as a free PE jackup, or simply save 
  them for the final counting.

               13. REVISION HISTORY

Version 0.1 (1-1-2000)
 - The day I started it. Not much, but completed Weapon/Armour/Item 
   list to as much as I ammessed.
 - Started the idiotic FAQ section. This is the first time I'm doing 
   this kind of thing, so don't screw me if it sounds silly at times.

Version 0.2 (2-1-2000)
 - Contents and Parastie Energys sections up.
 - Good Ending Pointers section pasted from my Bounty Mode Guide.
 - I'll get started on the Walkthrough as soon as possible. For now the 
   FAQs will suffice.

Version 0.3 (4-1-2000)
 - Started on walkthrough. Got as far as the Shooting Practice.
 - Finished the Controls and Item Lists. Parasite Energies lists still 
   under construction.

Version 0.4 (6-1-2000)
 - More FAQs included, mostly on the gameplay and things that might be 
   confusing to people who have played PE before.

Version 0.5 (7-1-2000)
 - First part of the Walkthrough up. Covers the opening events of the 
   story up till arrival in Dry Field.
 - New section: ANMC Strategies up
 - Completed Parasite Energies subsection.

Version 0.6 (8-1-2000)
 - Covered more events of the story up till the end of Disc 1.
 - Fixed the wrapping problem. To think I'm still making this kind of
   mistakes ~_~

Version 0.7 (13-1-2000)
 - Sorry for being slow. Just tried playing Super Metroid again after 
   reading through marshmallow's superb 1:35 Speed Guide. I really, and 
   I do mean REALLY am a clutz when it comes to speed. Even with the 
   new time-saving tricks all I could do is to cut a measely 10 minutes 
   off my previous best of 2:41 w/o 100% to 2:30 w 100%. My poor SFC 
   controller *sob*
 - Changed my e-mail so as not to create a backlog of returned mails. I
   have too little space......
 - Increased the amount of text up till the point where Aya is about to 
   embark into the world of Branching Points
 - Added in square brackets for items found in the course of the game. 
   Upper-cased all Key Items as well

Version 0.8 (16-1-2000)
 - Finally, FINALLY got my hands on BioHazard 2 Value Plus yesterday. 
   The CODE Veronica demo rocks, but the controls were way too 
   sensitive (IMO) compared to any of the other BioHazards. And guess 
   what? I now am convinced that I SUCK at speed games, hitting 2:01 
   for Claire 1 (that with a lot of time wasted due to a major mistake 
   at the last part - should have thrown the Handgun away upon entering 
   the Factory) in Normal mode. Still, I got S rank (plus Rocket 
   Launcher) though. 0_o And there's HARD mode for the Original game, 
   plus NIGHTMARE mode for Arranged game......*whistle*
 - Written the walkthrough up till entering Shambala
 - Added yet another section: Operation *Total* Wipeout (NOT the Dino 
   Crisis one!)

Version 0.9 (17-1-2000)
 - Reached the end of your first romp through Shambala due to popular 
   demand and requests from many.
 - You can start mailing me now. Since the story is about 80% done, I'm 
   confident enough to start answering queries.

Version 0.95 (18-1-2000)
 - Nearly there.....reached the Tent area. Now for the final stretch!!
 - Corrected the name of the "Meding Will" to "Medicine Wheel".
 - Added a Golem Strategies section as a tribute to the hardest enemies 
   in the game.

Version 1.0 (19-1-2000)
 - Finished up till fighting Eve. Still a little bit more to write up. 
   I've been rushing through this, so sorry if mistakes crop up.

Version 1.1 (20-1-2000)
 - A few changes here and there in the Lists section. Several Weapons 
   and Armour which can be accessed by going through the Pierce Route 
   have been moved up to the normal lists. Why I put them under Special 
   is because I thought that they were sold in Bounty Mode, which was 
   when I started writing up the lists.
 - One new weapon included, the really incredible (and impossibly hard 
   to use) Hypervelocity Railgun.

Version 1.2 (14-2-2000)
 - First off, happy Valentine's Day to all couples out there!
 - One would never think that Gun Survivor and CODE: Veronica can give 
   so many headaches ^~^; Oh...the Rocket Launcher..........but you 
   gotta love the song that Alexia sings in Chris' scenario.
 - Added in a whole lot of information, from Weapons to Armour to...
 - New section: Round 2 and Above up, showing some of the things people 
   replaying the game would get if they start off from a clear game 
 - Demoted the MM1 from Special to Normal as you can get it in the 
   normal game by buying it from the soldier in the Carpark AFTER you 
   save the half-burnt marine.
 - And nope, no ASCII art yet......


The author is a 21-year old gaming freak who has been playing games
from the tender age of 8. He has spent more money on games and Japanese 
manga than anything else. He owns a NES, SFC, Game Boy, Super Game Boy, 
Sony PlayStation, Dreamcast and just three days ago received his Sony
PlayStation 2 to add to the clutter in his room. He also used to own an 
Atari 2600 which gave up on him 8 years ago, and a Saturn which he sold 
to a late friend.

Now as a full working adult, he realises that writing is merely a 
pastime to do at a leisurely pace provided that he dosen't concuss at 
the end of a long working day hollering at and imparting all kinds of 
social behaviour to little children from ages 7~12. And he can still do 
idiotic typos here and there ^^;

Currently his works include:

a) The very FIRST English Genso Suikoden II Walkthrough on the web.
b) The very FIRST English Lunar 2: Eternal Blue [J] (PS) Walkthrough on 
   the web. Still incomplete though X__X.
c) Genso Suikoden II Character List.
d) Genso Suikoden II Character Synopsis.
e) Parasite Eve II Bounty Mode Guide.
f) Parasite Eve II FAQ/Walkthrough.
g) Mobile Suit Gundam - Giren's Ambition: Blood of Zeon  Earth 
   Federation Guide

And his collaborations include:

h) SD Gundam G Generation Zero FAQ with Duo Maxwell.
i) Arc The Lad III FAQ/Walkthrough (incomplete) with rob.

Ok, enough of third-person acknowledgements. I know it's not much, as 
compared to all the other great young writers on the web now, but I 
believe that all my works deserve mention, so you can see the different 
styles that I have adopted for different pieces of work. Hope that you 
would take the time to read through the other pieces of work I have 
done once you get the games.

               15. COPYRIGHT INFORMATION

This document is the result of someone's hard work. If you wish to post 
it on your site, please contact me. Most of the time I will allow you 
to do so so long as NO alterations are done. This document is also NOT 
allowed for any profit making purposes, and I'm NOT going to allow any 
more of this copyright violations to carry on any longer.

Parasite Eve, Parasite Eve II, Aya Brea, Eve, and all other characters 
that appear in any or both of the games, related products and property 
are under the Copyright of Squaresoft Co. Japan. All rights reserved.

The game 'Parasite Eve II' is based on the novel 'Parasite Eve' written 
by Hieaki Seda. Any portion of this FAQ/Walkthrough that has been 
unwittingly written with obvious references from his book are purely 
done without breaking any copyright laws.

Coca-Cola and all its products that appear in the game is trademark of 
Coca-Cola International. All rights reserved.

This document is under the sole copyright of Lee Jin Lai under the 
Copyright Law of the Republic of Singapore. All other international 
Copyright Violation rules apply as well. IF for any reason you put it 
up on your site with me knowing it/permission given, be prepared to 
receive a pleasent present from either the N.F.W.O. (New FAQ Writers 
Organisation) or from the author himself.


I DO know that this is not complete yet. Please give me time to finish 
writing this BEFORE sending me any mail. In fact, you shouldn't be 
having any more problems once this is finished. Do note that any mails 
sent to be now will only be answered if the question relates to the 
parts that I have written up to and to information which is not listed 
in this document as of now.

PE2 is an Action-Adventure game, NOT RPG!
Although short, it's longer than ANY Resident Evil/Dino Crisis, and it 
definately gives more depth.
And I love it!!!


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