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Bounty Mode Guide by JL Lee

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 01/16/2000

PARASITE EVE II for Playstation
Bounty Mode Guide
by JL Lee <sleeping_psycho@hotmail.com>
Version 1.3
Updated 16-1-2000

**This guide will always be updated at GameFAQs <www.gamefaqs.com> 
  first. Be sure to check it out often! For update list, refer to the 
  end of this document. This document is best viewed using Microsoft 
  Wordpad using the Courier New font, size 10.**


You've cleared the 4th Survivor mode. Escaped using Tofu.
*Claps wildly*

You've let Regina survive the battle with Mr. T without getting eaten 
up once.
*Hoo boy*

You've blasted Tyrant into bits of flesh without taking a single swipe 
from him.
*Stares in amazement*

You've beaten the Merceneries using Nikolai.
*Bows in homage*


I dare you. Take the Bounty Mode in Parasite Eve II..........


This document is the result of someone's hard work. If you wish to post 
it on your site, please contact me. Most of the time I will allow you 
to do so so long as NO alterations are done. This document is also NOT 
allowed for any profit making purposes, and I'm NOT going to allow any 
more of this copyright violations to carry on any longer. Parasite Eve, 
Parasite Eve II, Aya Brea, Eve, and all other characters that appear in
any of the games, and related products are under the Copyright of 
Squaresoft Co. Japan. The game 'Parasite Eve II' is based on the novel 
'Parasite Eve' written by Hieaki Seda. Coca-Cola and all its products 
that appear in the game is trademark of Coca-Cola International. All 
rights reserved. This document is under the sole copyright of Lee Jin 
Lai. All international Copyright Violation rules apply.


Bounty Mode is the mode that you open up after clearing Parasite Eve II 
(PE2) at least once. This mode is definately NOT suitable for beginners 
of Action-Adventure type games as the enemies come in way harder than 
in normal mode. This is the stats of Bounty Mode:

Mission Level: Normal (3 stars out of 5)
Condition: Good (5 stars)
Enemy Level: Strong (4 stars)
Supply Level: Normal (3 stars)

Not only will the enemies take less damage per hit, they also deal more 
damage to Aya. In this particular mode, two to three hits from ANY 
enemy will be enough for you to see the Game Over screen. And see it 
you will......

I recommend that you have at least 1000+ EXP to start off with, BP is 
not really required as you will gain A LOT of them in the due course of 
the game. It is safer to have at least:

a) Metabolism
b) Healing
c) Antibody

opened up as soon as you can. Expert players may wait until you are 
injured seriously enough before reviving these PEs, but it's better to 
be safe than sorry. And try not to use the Medicine that you pick up 
everywhere. You'll need a lot of those late in the game. Do remember 
that you start off with 50% of the total EXP and 100% of the total BP
that you start Replay Mode with.

For those who are reading this guide as a walkthrough for the normal 
game, take note that some things WILL be different but I'll be passing 
up spoilers on the plot as this will just be a guide for clearing 
Bounty Mode. For those who are trying to clear this crazy mode I'll 
note where the enemies are different. I'll try to put in tactics as 
best as I can, but sometimes explaining in words is terribly hard.

Remember: Save often, reload your Ammo VERY often!!


Tonfa Baton
Weight: 68
Range:  1
Rate:   5

Operation: R1 - Strike
           R2 - NIL

Good for close-up attacks, but you don't really want to go up close and 
personal with NMCs do you? Use only when out of ammo, and you don't 
have a reloading point nearby. But most of the time it will remain in 
the trunk of Aya's sedan.

M93R Handgun
Caliber:  9mm
Capacity: 20 rounds
Weight:   117
Range:    50
Rate:     110

Operation: R1 - 9mm Parablem/Hydra/Spaldan 3-bullet Continuous Shot
           R2 - 9mm Parablem/Hydra/Spaldan  Single Shot

Aya's personal favourite, you start off with this. This weapon is a 
semi-automatic handgun fitted with a 3-shot burst ability. It holds 20 
rounds, and can either fire in bursts or single shots, increasing the 
flexibility of shooting. Chances are this will be the most-used weapon 
in the game, until you get the P229.

MP5A5 Submachine Gun
Caliber:  9mm/Flash
Capacity: 30/50 rounds
Weight:   288
Range:    55/5
Rate:     80/2

Operation: R1 - 9mm Parablem/Hydra/Spaldan  Continuous Shot
           R2 - Shine Flashlight

This is a wonderful baby, allowing you to spray a magazine of 30 9mm 
bullets non-stop for some major ass-kicking stopping power. 
Unfortunately this weapon also has the weakest attacking power in the 
game, and uses more bullets that you would have normally wanted to. Its 
usefulness lasts as long as you are in Akropolis Tower, and since it's 
too ammo-unfriendly, try not to use it.

MP5A5 (+1) [with MP5.MClip attachment]
Caliber:  9mm/Flash
Capacity: 60/50 rounds
Weight:   306
Range:    55/5
Rate:     80/2

Operation: R1 - 9mm Parablem/Hydra/Spaldan  Continuous Shot
           R2 - Shine Flashlight

This attachment for the MP5A5 allows the weapon to hold an additional 
magazine. Now you can spray 60 bullets in a flash. Hooray!

MP5A5 (+2) [with two MP5.MClip attachments]
Caliber:  9mm/Flash
Capacity: 90/50 rounds
Weight:   324
Range:    55/5
Rate:     80/2

Operation: R1 - 9mm Parablem/Hydra/Spaldan  Continuous Shot
           R2 - Shine Flashlight

This attachment for the MP5A5 allows the weapon to hold YET another 
magazine. Now you can spray 90 bullets in a flash. Whoopie!!!

P08 Handgun
Caliber:  9mm
Capacity: 7 rounds
Weight:   87
Range:    70
Rate:     80

Operation: R1 - 9mm Parablem/Hydra/Spaldan  Single Shot
           R2 - NIL

Typicially the second weakest weapon in the game, nobody in his right 
mind will buy it, since it's attack is only marginally stronger than 
the M93R, but since you get it from the Purple Golem in Arkopolis, 
might as well use it, especially you have to save up on bullets. One 
thing to remember is that Handguns have a high critical rate, which 
will turn out useful on occasions. I've used it in favour of the M93R, 
and am beginning to appreciate how useful it is, handguns having quick 
reloading speed, and wonderful recovery time.

P229 Handgun
Caliber:  9mm/Flash
Capacity: 12 rounds
Weight:   92
Range:    120/4
Rate:     90/3

Operation: R1 - 9mm Parablem/Hydra/Spaldan  Single Shot
           R2 - Shine Flashlight

The weapon of choice once you enter the Shelter, this weapon criticals 
so easily it's scary. Holds 12 9mm bullets, it has a flashlight 
attachment whose usefulness is in killing Moths. Fast in all areas, 
this one actually lasted me all the way to the final stages of the 
normal game.

M950 Handgun
Caliber:  9mm
Capacity: 100 rounds
Weight:   227
Range:    40
Rate:     90

Operation: R1 - 9mm Parablem/Hydra/Spaldan Continuous shot
           R2 - NIL

There are the wonderful ones like the Magnum, there are the extremely 
weak ones like the P08, and there are ones that stay somewhere in the 
middle of nowhere. This IS a handgun which works like a submachine gun. 
Good point is that you don't have to worrry about reloading as it holds 
100 bullets max. Bad thing is that its range is terribly limited, and 
it's too heavy to be used effectively as a normal handgun, whose 
important point is that you can run past almost anybody without fear of 
getting hit. Plus the fact that SMGs never do much damage. Oh well.....

M4A1 Rifle
Caliber:  5.56mm
Capacity: 30 rounds
Weight:   254
Range:    500
Rate:     85

Operation: R1 - 5.56 Rifle 3-bullet Burst
           R2 - 5.56 Rifle Single Shot

The most versitile weapon of all, it allows up to one attachment 
custumization, and fires 5.56mm bullets. Standard all-round attacking 
fare, it basicially fires in semi-automatic 3-bullet bursts, holding up 
to 30 bullets per magazine. A weapon of choice to deal with the 
irritating Golems.

M4A1 (+1) [with M4A1.MClip attachment]
Caliber:  5.56mm
Capacity: 60 rounds
Weight:   274
Range:    500
Rate:     85

Operation: R1 - 5.56 Rifle 3-bullet Burst
           R2 - 5.56 Rifle Single Shot

This attachment for the M4A1 allows the weapon to hold an additional 
magazine. This will be great for beginners as they will need to spend 
more bullets on enemies, but for advanced players it will only be an 
unecessary waste.

M4A1 (+2) [with two M4A1.MClip attachments]
Caliber:  5.56mm
Capacity: 90 rounds
Weight:   294
Range:    500
Rate:     85

Operation: R1 - 5.56 Rifle 3-bullet Burst
           R2 - 5.56 Rifle Single Shot

This attachment for the M4A1 allows the weapon to hold one more 
additional magazine. This will be great for beginners as they will need 
to spend more bullets on enemies, but for advanced players it will only 
be an unecessary waste. Who needs to put 90 Rifle bullets in order to 
kill them (bosses not included)? 

M4A1 Bayonette [with M9 attachment]
Caliber:  5.56mm
Capacity: 30 rounds
Weight:   284
Range:    500/2
Rate:     85/3

Operation: R1 - 5.56 Rifle 3-bullet Burst
           R2 - Bayonette Slash

This attachment for the M4A1 acts exactly like what it should be - a 
bayonette. Go "YA!! YA!!" with the enemies if you really feel up to 

M4A1 Hammer [with Hammer attachment]
Caliber:  5.56mm/Stun
Capacity: 30/40 rounds
Weight:   339
Range:    500/2
Rate:     85/4

Operation: R1 - 5.56 Rifle 3-bullet Burst
           R2 - Stun Gun Discharge

This attachment for the M4A1 allows the weapon to fire a single burst 
of electricity to not only deal damage, but stun enemies as well, but 
has a very short range. Since it's battery operated it can only last 40 
such bursts before going dead. Recharging is free, and it's very good 
against later enemies. Unfortunately this has no effect on Golems. 
You'll get it upon killing the Purple Golem in Dry Springs. Use it in 
order to breeze through the game.

M4A1 Grenade [with M203 attachment]
Caliber:  5.56mm/40mm
Capacity: 30/1 rounds
Range:    500/350
Rate:     85/1

Operation: R1 - 5.56 Rifle 3-bullet Burst
           R2 - Grenade/Light Round/Air Burst  Single Shot

This attachment for the M4A1 allows the weapon to fire 40mm grenades 
one at a time. Very handy for advanced players who can alternate 
between grenades and bullets. Side effect is of course that Aya has to 
open up the catch and recatch once you insert the grenade, making 
reloading half a second slower than the normal Grenade Pistol. And the 
fact that it kicks harder than the Grenade Pistol.

M4A1 Pike (with Pike attachment]
Caliber:  5.56mm/Flame
Capacity: 30/30 rounds
Weight:   437
Range:    500/6
Rate:     85/2

Operation: R1 - 5.56 Rifle 3-bullet Burst
           R2 - Flame Discharge

This attachment for the M4A1 allows the weapon to flame enemies in a 
wide arc. Great against groups of converging enemies as this weapon 
fires non-stop. But do note that this runs on fuel, so it only allows 
for 40-seconds of fire. Handy weapon for those who think the Hammer's 
range is too short.

M4A1 Javelin [with Javelin Attachment]
Caliber:  5.56mm/Laser
Capacity: 30/60 rounds
Weight:   488
Range:    500/420
Rate:     85/2

Operation: R1 - 5.56 Rifle 3-bullet Burst
           R2 - Laser Shot

This cool-looking attachment for the M4A1 allows the weapon to fire 
bolts of laser (yes, I'm not typoing) at enemies. It has batteries for 
up to 60 shots, and is just too cool to pass up. Not that it's more 
effective than the Pike against Golems......and the fact that it makes 
the Rifle top-heavy, giving Aya a hard time when lifting it up.

Grenade Pistol
Caliber:  40mm
Capacity: 1 round
Weight:   260
Range:    350
Rate:     1

Operation: R1 - Grenade/Light Round/Air Burst  Single Shot
           R2 - NIL

This weapon fires 40mm grenades one at a time, and works wonderfully 
against bosses. Beware that it has a horrible reloading speed (as 
compared to Claire's Grenade Launcher) so much so that you can actually 
hear the grenade go 'thunk' down the chamber, and Aya will actually 
stay still from the recoil for a second after firing.

PA3 Shotgun
Gauge:    12
Capacity: 3 rounds
Weight:   270
Range:    30
Rate:     2

Operation: R1 - Pack Shot/Firefly/R. Shock  Single Shot
           R2 - NIL

The first shotgun that you can buy. It's power is terribly limited, 
kicks very hard, and can hold only 3 12-Gauge Shells. Don't even bother 
buying it unless you have problems dealing with a whole horde of 
converging enemies.

SP12 Shotgun
Gauge:    12
Capacity: 7 rounds
Weight:   420
Range:    40
Rate:     24

Operation: R1 - Pack Shot/Firefly/R. Shock  Single Shot
           R2 - NIL

You get this free of charge, and it's very useful in mid-game. Holds up 
to 7 shells, it kicks just as hard as the PA3, but has more range, thus 
it can hit a big group of enemies. Best used in Shambala, but more 
often than not overshadowed by the great AS12.

AS12 Shotgun
Gauge:    12
Capacity: 20 rounds
Weight:   550
Range:    50
Rate:     36

Operation: R1 - Pack Shot/Firefly/R. Shock  Continuous Shot
           R2 - NIL

Now this is what I would call a super shotgun. It holds up to 20 
shells, and fires in semi-auto fashion and has almost no kick (for a 
shotgun). This comes at a hefty price though. Since in Bounty Mode 
you can buy it once you have a chance to return to Dry Fields, buy it
once you have the necessary resources to make Shambala easier for you. 

Caliber:  .44 Magnum
Capacity: 6 rounds
Weight:   168
Range:    60
Rate:     70

Operation: R1 - 44 Magnum/44 MaedaSP  Single Shot
           R2 - NIL

The ultimate weapon of Action-Adventure games, this is one SWEET baby.
You will only get this in the final parts of the story, but you can 
still toast a few remaining Golems stalking the lower levels of the 
Shelter with this. It holds .44 Magnum bullets, 6 at one go, and hits 
for HEAVY damage at times. Be warned that it kicks almost as hard as a 
Shotgun, and reloading is slow, and you have only 50 Magnum Rounds if 
you wish to see the Good Ending. But really, who cares?

************************BOUNTY MODE************************************

*cue thadam!!! :P*

September 4, 2000, 8.18pm
M.I.S.T. Center, Los Angeles

Earn as much extra BP as you can using the shooting practice. Once you 
feel done go to the Weapon Storage, and get the bonus prize of 50 Hydra 
Bullets from Jodie for shooting at the practice range.

Note: You can skip most events with the Start button. This is of course 
for people who have cleared the game once.

Pick up the Lv 3 Medicine from the first-aid box in the Carpark, then 
move out.

September 4, 2000, 8.56pm
Akropolis Tower, Los Angeles

Pick up a Lv 1 Medicine from the dead SWAT member under the Magnum 
window, Lv 2 Medicine from the SWAT in front of the Ammo box. Answer 
the call, go through the door to get the Cafeteria Key.

Go to the Cafe, fight the boss there. No difference from the normal 
game as of now. Simply hide behind a table, and watch in amusement as 
the boss tries to run through it to get to you. Hole it to death, and 
pick up the Infusion Part.

Skip past the event, and carry on back to the phone to speak with 
Pierce. Now the east side of the Garden gate will be unlocked. Get the
Antidote from the dead SWAT next to the escalator, and go through the 
gate. Do all necessary killings, get and insert the Blue Key, look at 
Rupert and the SWAT guy in the Church garden, get Lv 1 Medicine from 
the dead SWAT in the kitchen of the Cafe and a Stabilizer from the 
refrigerator and leave to top up and save. Remember to unlock the west 
Garden gate.

Pick up the Tactical Vest and the MP5A5 from the dead SWAT members on
your way to the Church. Before you enter, SAVE! And make sure you have
a full bullet cache before entering. Skip past the Rupert & No.9 scene, 
pick up the Red Key, go into the Church Garden, pick up the Black Card.

Now from here, things will be different. Instead of Green Worms, you 
will be accosted by Brown Worms. They take about one and a half clips 
of the MP5A5 each, so try not to spray too much.

Once done, heal if required (Using PE) and head out. NOW run between 
the Church doors and the opposite fence, and in time you'll be picked 
up by the Purple Golem. Struggle wildly to break his hold, and keep 
your back to the fence or door. Ignore the holograms, simply wait until 
the real form comes out (you can hear from the distinct "beaming in" 
sound) then run to the opposite side, and spray. Continue, and he 
should fall in 200 bullets time. You will earn quite a few goodies.

Now before going back to refill, go into the heliport first. Enter 561 
to raise the bridge, crush the flipping Prihanas to death like you do 
to cockroaches (Singaporean joke), and off the half-dead ANMC Humanoid. 

Return to where you started, but this time on top of the escalators you 
will meet 2 Mutated Fat ANMCs instead of just 2 Fat ANMCs. Escape from 
them (losing 10BP in the process, you don't have enough bullets to off 
them right now) and escape from the east Patio as well with the ANMC
Humanoid replaced by a Green Golem (the rats are still there)

Reload, save, and enter the east Patio from the Garden (watch out for 
the west Patio enemies. Spltter them first), and spray the Green Golem 
to death, remembering to avoid his lightsaber-esque slash. 

Reload, and clear off other 'hot' spots (the Mutated Fat ANMCs take 
around 6 clips, ie 180 bullets, before dying) and insert the Red Key.

Enter the Garden from the east Patio, and turn the two Mutated Fat 
ANMCs to puddle. Get the Light Rounds they drop, and the Grenade Pistol 
from the dead SWAT inside the fountain.

Once done, reload, and go fight No.9, remember to use all the High 
Voltage cords and the steaming pipe to hurt him. He takes more damage 
than usual, so those won't be enough. Note that even at full health 
(150HP) his fire sword strike will instantly kill you, so avoid that at 
all costs, or use Antibody (but usually it won't be fast enough, unless 
it's at Lv 2 already). When you are out of moving space, switch to the 
Grenade Pistol, fire away, and pray that he either stops or that he 
dosen't use the Fire Sword Slash on you while you reload.

After that simply go up, and skip everything. Get what you need from 
the Weapon Storage (M4A1 +400 5.56mms highly recommended) and head down 
to the next stop.

September 5, 2000, 12.15pm
Mojave Desert, Nevada

Nothing new as of yet, simply get everything there (Shells, Medicine 
etc.), clear the Blocking Car puzzle, and go meet Gary. Once you get 
the Room 6 key go back to Aya's sedan and load up, save. 

The balcony will have two of the Shooting ANMCs. Use hit and run 
tactics to send them to wherever they came from, and go in to Room 6
and save.

After that it's the fight with loads of NMC horses. Use the normal
tactics of shoot, let them crash into the wall, kill them while they 
are weak on the ground. Then meet Kyle. Skip the scene, get the Bar 
Key and Lv 1 Medicine, kill off the Scorpions, save. 

There will be two Shooting Golems now on the balcony. One of them Red 
shooter, the other Green. These are easy as you have the corridor 
from the stairs to protect you. You can either finish them off slowly 
(using the P08), or waste them with the Rifle quickly. I recommend 
using the Rifle to reduce your chances of getting hit at any time. 
They'll take around 50 rounds each before biting the dust. Save.

There's a Purple Golem right in front of the Lobby. Defeating it will
give you the Hammer part (woo hoo!!) plus some ammo. There's a faster 
but riskier way to kill them. When you hear the "beaming in" sound, aim 
and fire immediately. This will disrupt the decloaking device, and you 
will get in free shots. If you hit him when he's already out you will 
get hit as well as get poisoned. And oh yeah, use the Handgun. Save.

Right in front of the rooms are two Sword Golems, one Red and one 
Green. Hit and Run using the Rifle, and you should be safe. Just don't 
let them even come close. You'll die in 3 slashes. Good thing is that 
you have loads of space to run around.

Now go into the back of the Bar, get the Coke Magnet and Lv 1 Medicine, 
grab the Cola next to the entrance of the bar, get the Workshop Key, 
and go meet Gary at his trailer, speak with him about the Shelter, 
and buy the Grenade Pistol. For now all enemies except the Exploding 
Babies inside the toilet remain the same. The Babies will be replaced 
by Red Slime. Same thing as you would have done, shock them to goo.
Careful if you get Beserked by them.

Now get the Wire Rope beside the junkyard entrance, and use it at the
well. Clear off the bats with the Handgun, and equip your M4A1 Hammer.

In the next screen you will have to fight Spidey. Since you can roughly
see its shape, just turn and shock it. Simple as that. It will not
attack as long as you keep at it, and after a while it will just die.
I killed it without getting hit. 

Turn on the two switches, get the Protein from the crack in the lighted
well, and the Flare from the Cellar. Now go up into the General Store, 
blow the Exploding Babies to bits, grab a can of Coke as well as a Lv 3 
Medicine from the drinks section, go out and save.

The narrow walkway leading to the Screaming Lady now has 2 Green 
Golems: One Sword the other Shooting. Plaster yourself to one side of 
the walkway, change to the Rifle, and aim to start. The trick is to 
wait for a few seconds for the Sword Golem to walk far enough before 
you start shooting. When he starts running towards Aya (ie he shows up 
on the GPS) lock off, and run to the other side of the walkway, reload,
hug that wall/fence to avoid his second thrust, and continue firing
without YOU seeing the Shooting Golem. Once Sword falls on the ground 
aim at Shooter and keep pelting him with rounds. If he locks on, wait 
till he fires before moving to the other side. Once they are both down
you can breathe easier.

Pick up the Second Pouch behind the counter in the first room, and 
check out the bolted dresser in the second. Remember to pick up the
Firefly Rounds in the barrels outside the Screaming Woman room.

Return to Douglas, speak with him about the locked room, and he will 
allow you to use his tools. Get the Monkey Wrench from the northeast 
shelf inside the Garage, reload, save.

No.9 this time round is surprisingly easy to beat. As long as you keep 
running in a circular fashion along the 4 corners of the room, he'll 
never get a chance to stab you. Just remember to move to the next 
corner once he attacks or else the next attack will connect. I tried 
using the P08 to fight him, and he took 370+ shots (3 damage at a time) 
before combusting up.

September 5, night. 
I woke up to the sound of a husky male voice....:P

Now that you have Kyle in your team, start worrying. There's a Shooting 
Golem right outside the room. Finish it off hoping that Kyle does not 
take too much damage.

Clear off the NMC Rabites with the help of Kyle (help him when his HP 
goes below 30), reload. Your top priority now is to save, and the
nearest telephone is in Room 6.

The space in front of the rooms will have 2 shooting ANMCs. Doff them
off, shocking them to disrupt their attacks.

Once you are in Room 6, save.

Fight your way to Gary's Trailer, reload, recharge, save, clear out the
rest of the 'hot' areas.

There's a Purple Golem in the place where you fought Spidey. He will
drop a pair of Hunter Goggles amongst other things.

Return to Gary, get the Lobby Key, save. Go to the Lobby, do the soon-
to-be-classic #3033 on the Cash Register, get the Bronco Master Key, 

Outside the Trailer there will be one Sword and one Shooter Golem. A 
good strategy here wil be to draw Sword's attention to you so that he 
stands between Shooter and Aya. This way Shooter will hit Sword with 
the missles, and save time and bullets for you. 

Go to the Loft, get the Jerry Can as well as the bottle of Holy Water 
inside the safe. Return to Aya's sedan, get the Gasoline from the pumps 
next to the car. Go to where the Truck is, and speak to Gary. Skip 
through the events, and head for the next destination - a save point, 
the nearest being the Lobby.

Outside the Lobby, however, a Red Bishop Golem is waiting for you. The 
enemy you will meet only twice in the entire normal game starts to 
haunt you here. Chances are he will pick you up just as you are 
entering through the gate. Since the corridor is so narrow, the only 
way to beat him is to fire when he is "beaming in". He'll drop a Second 
Pouch, Lipstick plus a Lv 2 Medicine.

At the sedan area there are two Red Golems, one Sword and one Shooter. 
Use the same in-between-the-crossfire trick to deal with the Sword, and 
polish off the Shooter. You should be getting quite adept at dealing 
with Golems now.

Finish up whatever you need to do, buy more Grenades (30+), retire in 
Room 6.

Now guys, you can start drooling. Just remember to keep the saliva off 
the controller. Girls, you had your fun with Serge, now let the guys 
have their chance ^_^;

After being woken up you have to fight Cannon Mouth. Clear away from 
the flames, cast Antibody. Now just simply stay at the corner junction 
between Room 6 and the Loft, and it cannot hit you. All you do need to 
remember is that to run down towards Room 5 once you see it going to 
start flaming (the telltale flames). Sqeeze yourself into the corner to 
avoid its grab. Contimually blast him with Grenades, and try to keep 
out of trouble. Heal only when you are below 80HP (you will be crushed
to bits if you have anything below that) Afrer 3 minutes of flaming it 
will run out of fuel to burn, and it will run away after that. [Is this
a branching point? I'm not so sure......]

After turning it to a puddle of goo/let it run out of fuel, go meet 
Gary in front of the rooms and get the Truck Key. Save at the Lobby.
[Now I'm not so sure here, but it seems that if you watch the whole 
event Gary's dog will die, but if you skip it it will be alive]

That done, head for the Garage, dealing with the other 'hot' areas as 
you deem fit. Skip the scene with Kyle, go to Gary's Trailer, recharge,
replendish your Rifle rounds and Grenades, and get the M950. Save.

Return to the truck, and wipe off the dust from Disc 2.

September 6, 2000, 12.06am
On the outskirts of Mojave Desert, Nevada

Skip through the events, and perpare for another Horse fight. The idea 
here, in order to conserve your ammo, is to let the Horses fall to 
their deaths off the cliff at the bottom of the screen. I'm not sure if 
Aya will fall too, but doing it this way means you don't have to waste 
a single bullet when fighting them. This way may be a bit of a problem 
for beginners, but expert players who have lived through the jaws of 
zombies and dinos alike should have no problems. Remember NOT to lock 
on to the Horses.

Go in, look at the broken rail tracks, return to get the Oak Board, 
place it on the broken tracks, head in, reload, place the Jumper Plug 
in the hole second from top, awitch on the power, save.

Now you have to fight Papa Horse. First order of things will be to
light up the Oil Barrels around the place. A couple of shots will do 
fine, then change to the Grenade Pistol, and look for it. When it gets 
hit it will run off in one direction. FOLLOW it (don't worry, it'll be 
faster than you) and just keep running. In time it will jump on you, 
but if you're moving it'll miss. Fire, reload, repeat. Same thing for
second round. Be careful now as it's even faster, and it poisons you 
when it hits. 4 Grenades will do for the first time, a lot more for the 
second time (18 to be exact)

Search the bike for the Gate 2 switch, and you'll see electricity 
crackling. Return to the Save room, insert the Jumpers into the top and 
bottom holes, switch on the power. Clear out the 'hot' spots, save.

Now that you can open Gate 2, equip your Rifle. Fighting Spidey 2 is 
also very easy. Shock it and it will drop down long enough for 3 
bursts. Shock it again just as it's getting up, 3 more bursts. Shock 
and shoot. Repeat, and it'll die without Aya taking damage.

Your next destination is the Armory. Since the door to the main hall is 
locked, you'll have to take the long way round. Let the security 
lasers take care of the enemies where applicable, and finish them off 
using hit and run.

Two green Golems in the Storeroom, one Sword, one Shooter. Run circles 
around them, taking out whoever is in range in that tight space. You 
get nothing from them for all your hard work :(. 

Two Shooting Golems, one Red, one Green will be waiting for you in the 
main hall. Nothing from them either.

Once you get into the Armory, recharge, buy Grenades and Rifle bullets, 
and use the Black Card on the Card Reader. Now you will have access to 
free Hydra bullets and Pack Shot Shells, plus a free SP12. Unlock the 
door to the Storeroom, and head for the B1 save point. Continue on, 
skipping the next event, head down, fight the Water NMCs, and go to the 
Breeding Room.

Grab the Cola in the shelf next to the entrance, and go on to meet the 
Shooting ANMC. 

Return to the Breeding Room, where a Purple Golem will attack. 
Defeating it will gain you the wonderful Pike attachment and some Rifle 

A Red Shooting Golem will be waiting in the main hall along with two 
security lasers. Get rid of the lasers before concentrating on the 
Golem. No prizes here either.

A Green Sword Golem will be in the Septic Tank room with two more 
lasers. Burn the Golem to death using the Pike (it rocks) and then hit 
and run with the lasers.

Save, and exit the Sterilization Room. Jump down the chute, and prepare 
to fight a fat Audrey 2. Simply feed it Grenades when it starts sucking 
things in, and mode away from the water sprouts it shoots out. 8~10 
will do to put him dowm.

As for the second form, simply stand NEXT to the corner turn on the 
left, and the gas he shoots out will not hit you. Furthermore, you 
don't even have to face the problem of him chasing you to the end. Feed 
it 8~10 more grenades (it's faster this way actually, ablit more 
expensive), and Big Mouth will turn into big globs of blub.

Step on the panel to raise the elevator, return to the Dumping Hole to 
get the Mading Will, and knock on the door twice in 5 minutes. Skip the 
scene with Kyle, save.

There's a Green Sword Golem in the first room when you go down. This 
time use Kyle who has the Pike Rifle to burn him to death.

There's a Red Sword Golem in the next room. Same thing, use Kyle, since 
the Golems only go after Aya.

Run to the Blue Control Panel upon ascendin the ladder, enter 18, and 
let Kyle finish off the flopping Water NMC.

Go through the Water Supply section, and in the Upper Sewer section a 
Red Sword Golem paces there. Simply let Kyle do the dirty work, and 
when it goes down, press 15 on the Red Control Panel to open the gate 
that leads back to Dryfield.

Skip the Kyle leaving event and follow Gary's dog all the way to the 
water tower. Save Pierce, and get his Rover Key. Head to the Trailer, 
and buy whatever you need. In Bounty Mode Gary will have every weapon 
avaliable, so get the AS12 to make life easier for you. You should have 
enough BP to get one. Forget about the MP5A5. It's too costly in terms 
of bullet usage. Save.

Go get the Tactical Vest and Lipstick from Pierce's RV in front of 
the General Store. Give him Ice three times to get the other items as 
well. Save, and clear out all the other 'hot' areas.

Spidey 2 will be in the Underpass. This time just keep burning it to 
ashes. Now return to the Trailer to recharge if you need to, and return 
to the Shelter area.

There's a Red Sword Golem waiting in the narrow corridor area. If Kyle 
is with you then use him, if not try to avoid his first slash, and burn 
him up.

Now go to the Corridor between the Sleeping Quarters and the Storeroom 
to fight the Shooting ANMC you met earlier on. Get the Bowman Card that 
it drops, and head to the Armoury to reload and recharge. From now on 
I'll no longer tell you to reload and recharge. Do it as you see fit as 
I'm not sure how you plan your battles.

Carry on to clear out the rest of the 'hot' areas, with a Green Sword 
Golem and a Red Shooter Golem at the Truck. Take out Sword first, and 
use the Truck as a cover when Shooter fires. They drop a Protein and a
MD player.

Enter B2 using the south lift, and use the Bowman Card on the locked 
door next to the lift. Grab the Medipak from the closet inside the 
Operating Room, and enter the Laboratory.

Dump whatever you don't want into the box, enter the lengthy virus-
screwed-up-password A3EILM2S2Y, choose D and answer the three random 
questions. Here are some of them I found, whether translated correctly 
or incorrectly (the questions):

Who was the first person to discover the syntomns of Neo Mitochrondia?
A) Akeme Nagajima
B) Satome Nagajima
C) Kiyome Nagajima

What organisation is the direct superior of M.I.S.T.?

What was the name of the opera singer who was the first case of Neo 
Mitochrondia in America, and led to the Manhattan Incident?
A) Melissa Pierce
B) Maria Pierce
C) Mary Pierce

What was the codename given to the person who was believed to be the 
first human being found in Africa?
A) Mitochrondia Adam
B) Mitochrondia Eve
C) Mitochrondia First

What is the resultant chemical that is produced between sugar/fats and 
acids when produced by Mitochrondia?

Which of the following living things does Mitochrondia exist in?
A) Bacteria
B) Beetles
C) Plankton

What is the name of the desert in Nevada where this Underground Testing 
Site is located under?
A) Gobi Desert
B) Mojave Desert
C) Arizona Desert

What is the name of the town where this Underground Testing Site is
located under?
A) Drytown
B) Dryvalley
C) Dryfield

Skip past the Q & A section regarding the truth behind the recent ANMC 
happenings, and answer the phone call. Save, as now the whole area is 
'hot' again.

Head to the Pod Service Gantry where Pierce (Kyle if you didn't go 
back to Dryfield when he's with you) is. Pierce will tell you to have 
a look at the Security Cameras, and return you the Infusion Part you 
gave him earlier. Next look at the map of Shambala, and then you will 
be free to move about again. Go back to the Security Cameras, unlock 
the Carpark gate, start the malfunctioning B2 lift, and disengage all
security lasers.

Save, because more 'hot' areas have just opened up. A Red Sword Golem 
will be right outside. A Purple Golem will be in the main hall, and he 
will drop a Magnum (but no bullets ^^;) Another Red Sword Golem at the 
north Elevator Hall on B2. A Purple Golem in the passageway between the 
Control Room and the Carpark. This one drops 50 Magnum Rounds. Get the 
Car Key in the Carpark since you're on the way, and when finished, save 
in the Laboratory, head down to Shambala.

Skip the events following that, and head down to the Shrine, solve the 
Tile puzzle, getting the Lv 2 MP Recovery Medicine at the same time, 
and enter from the unlocked door. Take out the electricity generator 
before shooting the Large ANMC. If you didn't deactivate the security 
lasers be perpared to play hide and seek.

Head to the other side of Shambala, clean out the entire area, and go 
to the Pyramid, and clear the Pyramid puzzle. Careful now, as right
after you step down there will be a Red Sword and a Red Shooter Golem 
walking about. Finish them off and return to the locked door next to
the Garden. There will be two more Red Sword Golems at the bridge next 
to the Island.

Finish off the large ANMC on the second floor, refill your Hydras at 
the back of the staircase, and make your way out of there. Inside the 
Shrine there will be a Purple Golem who will drop the cool Javalin plus 
some 5.56s. 

Save at the Laboratory, and head down to the sealed door. Blast the 
wave machines using the Magnum to reduce the damage to Aya's MP, and do 
the same thing for the next room. In the room where you have to fight 
the Giant Shooting ANMC, destroy the wave machines first before facing 
it. Shoot Grenades at it when you see it charging up. Eve at the back 
will recover its HP, but its only doing nothing but prolonging the 
battle for a little while more.

Skip the next few events, answer the phone. Go to Eve's closet to find 
a MD, the solution stand to get a Medipak. Save. Speak with Kyle twice, 
and when nearing Eve, the event with Golems happen, skip it. Get the
Protein from the Drinks corner, look at the Eve/Aya clones, and talk to 
Eve. Now the gas will start to get thick. Guide Eve to the lift, skip 
the next event.

Skip the event with No. 9, and keep going. Now that the place is 
crawling with Golems, be extra careful. And remember that once you exit 
Shambala you will be unable to return to clean it out. Plus the fact 
that the Golems from now on in Bounty Mode no longer drop ammunition or 

There's a Green Sword Golem in the Forest Zone.
Two more Green Swords in front of the Pyramid.
3 Green Swords await in the North Promenade.
2 Green Shooters in the South Promenade.
1 Green Sword and 1 Green Shooter in the Savanna.
2 Green Swords in the Shrine.

So far so good......main priority now is the Laboratory.

1 Red Sword plus 2 security lasers in the B2 Main Hall

Save. Next stop should be the Armoury.

1 Red Shooter plus 4 security lasers in the B2 South Elevator Hall.
1 Red Sword and 1 Green Shooter in the B1 South Elevator Hall.
1 Green Sword plus 2 security lasers in the corridor to the Storeroom.
1 Green Sword and 1 Green Shooter in the Storeroom.

You should be in the Armoury now. Re-everything, and head off to your 
next destination - the Pod Service Gantry room to switch off the 
irritating security lasers.

1 Red Shooter and 1 Green Shooter in the B1 Main Hall.
1 Red Sword plus 3 security lasers in the B1 North Elevator Hall.

Once inside, switch off the Security Settings again, pick up Pierce's 
Memo, save. Now clear off any other enemies that still remain.

One last Red Sword in the B2 North Elevator Hall.
1 Bishop Golem in the Sleeping Quarters.
1 Red Sword in the corridor between the Main Hall and the Carpark
1 Bishop Golem in the Carpark corridor.
1 Green Sword in the corridor between the Carpark corridor and the
Control Room.

Once done, head to the Carpark, call out the Red Electric Rover, use 
the Bowman Card at the Control Panel, save. Get into the car and move 

In the Airlock you'll have to face another Bishop Golem.
The room after that has a Red Shooter and a Red Sword.

Unlock the next door from inside the Guardroom, and face yet another 
Red Sword and Shooter pair. Once they crackle, heal up to max, since 
you'll regain all your MP. Check the panels twice, and you'll face 

December 6, 2000
On the outskirts of the Mojave desert, Nevada

Skip past the next few events. Get the Airburst Grenades from the Ammo
box and a Medipak from the first-aid box. Exit the tent to meet Gary's 
dog (if it's still alive) who will give you a letter from him and a Lv 
2 MP Recovery Medicine. Jodie will be outside (Rupert if you missed 
Pierce), and you will have access to all the boxes you left behind.

At the Tonner buy the Tactical Armour and max out your Airburst 
Grenades. Since in Bounty Mode they do not sell Magnum Rounds its 
pretty useless now. 

The Ammo boxes outside the tent will allow you to top up all your Rifle 
Bullets and Grenades in addition to the normal handgun and shotgun 
ammo if you meet Jodie instead of Rupert.

Go back in. B1 will be completely clear now. Answer the call, go on to 
the save point in the Sterilization Room. Save, and clean out B2 if you
still want to carry on fighting. Go to the Golem Room to look for 
Pierce. Skip the event, save at the Sterilization Room one last time.

Now before you carry on, make sure of the following things:

1) Currently you should have a minimum of 160HP. Use ALL your Proteins 
   to jack it up to around 200HP. Its a waste I know, but it's Bounty 
   Mode, so don't take any chances.

2) Currently you should have a minimum of 60MP. Use the Lipsticks you 
   find to jack up your MP, and max out your Earth and Water PEs. If 
   you have some EXP left jack up Fire PEs.

3) Bring along ALL your Medipaks. You should have 5 in all if you 
   didn't use any in the course of the game.

4) The only weapon you really need now is the Grenade Pistol or M4A1 
   with M203 attached. The only ammo you need now is the Airburst 

5) For now, attach Lv2 MP Recovery Medicine and Lv3 Medicine to all
   the 8 slots in your armour. 4 of each will do. And bring along one
   Lv1 Medicine.

Go to the Pod Service Gantry, skip the events, recover your HP using 
the Lv1 Medicine and head down to B2. Shake off the final Bishop Golem,
killing it if you wish to (using the Handgun if you brought it along) 
and enter the final room. Skip the event, fight the Ultimate ANMC.

Ultimate ANMC Strategy:

The Ultimate ANMC has a lot of body parts, namely

a) Head
b) Neck
c) Lower body
d) Left Arm
e) Left Arm Gas Shooter
f) Right Arm
g) Right Arm Gas Shooter
h) Left Tail
i) Right Tail
j) Core

Cast Antibody once the heartbeat stops. The ANMC will open its core 
once you finish off two body parts. Fastest way of course is to deal 
with the Head and Neck. Once the Head is gone, cast Metabolism to avoid 
getting abnormal status from the neck attacks. When you are in the 
danger zone cast Life Drain to completely recover all your HP.

Once the Core opens be VERY CAREFUL! One slip-up here and its Game 
Over. The Core Blast is very destructive in Bounty Mode. At max HP with 
the Antibody barrier it will still do around 150 damage. The only 
method that works for me now is - 

1) Aim and shoot. Reload.
2) Get hit by the Core Blast. Cast Life Drain.
3) Shoot.

After that the Core will close. In the lull between the next blast you 
must reload and should either recast Antibody if you feel that it's 
going to end; drink a Lv2 MP Recovery Medicine if you are below 16MP; 
or simply wait. Repeat the entire process until it turns into liquid 

Use a Lv3 Medicine to recover all your HP if your killing blow was Life 
Drain. Now attach all your Medipaks to your armour, leaving a few MP 
and HP Medicines still. Use the Bowman Card to stretch the bridge, and 
skip the next event to fight Eve.

Eve Strategy:

By now you should be able to anticipate Eve's attacks. If not you're 
going to be in trouble. Fire at her once her attack is broken, and 
there is yellow electricity cracking around her body. Heal using Life 
Drain when absolutely needed. Use Medipaks when your HP AND MP is low. 
Otherwise use the other Medicines first. And keep that Antibody shield 
up AT ALL TIMES. Here are all of Eve's moves -

Shiny dots floating up from her :- 
She will rush at Aya's last position. Run down the sides of the bridge 
to avoid it. Return to the head of the bridge. She will teleport 1~4 
more times. Listen for the sound and start running. If you get hit any 
of the times she will appear in the center of the bridge. Fire once, 
run to the end of the bridge, reload.

Flies up (1) :- 
She will crash into the middle of the bridge with explosive impact. You 
must not be standing on the bridge or else you will be hit. Fire 
another round as she is turning right side up, reload.

Files up (2) :- 
She will fly to either side of Aya, and shoot coloured balls. Cast 
Metabolism IMMEDIATELY once you see her appear next to Aya. This way 
you will not be affected. Remember that negative status effects like 
Silence and Berserk is her speciality. Fire, take the damage, reload.

Chants :-
The whole screen will turn wavy. Aya's MP will start to rise. Cool. 
After that you will be incinerated and Silenced, all MP lost. Cooler 
still. Break that attack either by firing two rounds in quick 
succession, or if you're not fast enough, a Life Drain will break it.
Careful when you get hit. Since it takes a while to recover from the 
Silence effect, your Antibody shield may wear off. Avoid any attacks at 
all cost (unless she's about to chant again that is, but luckily the 
chances of her doing it twice after succeeding is slim).

Direct Attack :-
She will float to Aya's position, and kamikaze her. Avoid that attack 
by running in a different direction, and fire when she hits the wall. 

Calls a Shadow :-
A shadow that resembles Eve will appear, and will slash her, causing 
Paralysis. Hit and Run, but don't forget about the real Eve who will 
keep on atacking.

Once you see blood flowing from her body you are nearly there. Her 
attacks will be TWICE as fast, but it's not really going to matter. 
Continously cast Life Drain (300+ damage) and that's it.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You've just completed the second mode of Parasite 
Eve II. What will you get you ask? Well.....the following appears if 
you followed EVERY step I wrote down.

September 7, 2000, 9.05pm
White House, Washington D.C.

..........more of the plot will be revealed. And it's a very dark plot.

There will be a scene of Aya reporting on everybody's movements 1 year 
on from Parasite Eve II. IF you know Japanese, then this makes great 
sense. IF not...wait for the US release (if there is one).


September 1, 2001, 8.16am
****** ******, New York

CG ending lasting about half a minute.

This is the Good Ending. It's a wonderful ending in terms of wrapping 
up the entire game, especially on Aya's part. You just have to read it.


Well, that's it. Bounty Mode done. By now you should have the feeling 
that you have just conquered another hill. But WAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT!!!

What's that!?

More sleepless nights ahead!!

But now that you have done the impossible and survived against all 
odds, you will start to learn a pattern in which all enemies attack.
In Supportless Mode the difference is that you don't have regular 
weapons/armour/items avaliable for sale, and that Aya's MP is reduced 
to 10. Also you will only get 10% of EXP and BP you would normally 
receive for Replay Mode. Enemies remain the same as per Replay Mode, 
but strengthened, luckily not to the extent of Bounty Mode, but not 
that easy either.

And of course there is the ultimate mode for hardcore (read: Crazy) 
players: Deadly Mode, where Aya's HP is reduced to 50 and MP to 10, 
plus the fact that enemies are as strong as in Bounty, and that Aya 
starts out with ZERO EXP and BP. Did I forget to mention that Jodie 
sells impossibly expensive items?

************************GOOD ENDING POINTERS***************************
Here are the Must-Do steps in order to see the good ending:

1) Meet Kyle in the Pub at night in Dry Fields.

2) Defeat Cannon Mouth in under 3 minutes. If it walks away retry.
   Ditto if Gary's dog dies.

3) Return to Dry Fields while Kyle is with Aya (directly after 
   defeating Big Mouth, and before taking the South Elevator)

4) Pick up Pierce's Message at the Telephone in the Pod Service Gantry 
   while running out from the Shelter. READ it and call back.

5) If you did all the above correctly, Gary's dog will greet you 
   outside the tent, and Jodie will be beside the containers. You will 
   be able to get free reloads of 5.56s and Grenades as well.

6) Save Pierce one more time in the Golem Room.

7) Defeat Final Eve.


**That's it for Bounty Mode. Any questions pertaining to the gameplay 
and/or puzzles have been or will be answered at the following location:


As mentioned beforehand, this will only be useful if you have cleared 
the game once. I'm not about to clear the way for you...yet. Once I'm 
done with this I'll start writing a detailed walkthrough for the game 
itself, complete with spoilers. Queries on only the Bounty Mode will be 


1) I'm not sure anymore if there is going to be a US version coming    
   out. The way the game plot goes, placing the highest position in the 
   US in an international conspirecy is not a good way of letting a 
   game fly there.

2) Currently working hard on the walkthrough. I'll try to churn it out 
   by the end of the week. It's not going to be complete though, but 
   I'll add in things as fast as I can.

************************REVISION HISTORY*******************************

Version 1.4 (16-1-2000)
 Changed my e-mail address to the Hotmail one.
 Added a little more info on some of the items that I missed out the 
  last time round. It's just a few letters here and there, not very 
  visable unless you scrutinize every single sentence.

Version 1.3 (6-1-2000)
 Changed some of the information. 
 A glaring mistake due to my bad editing (or was I sleeping?) at the 
  part where you are fighting Cannon Mouth corrected.
 Corrected even more typos I found (DAMN the stupid Typo Manipulation 
 Added in info about Deadly Mode.
 Made sure no more wrapping errors are left.

Version 1.2 (1-1-2000)
 Wrong address for Squaresoft corrected. What a glaring mistake ~_~;
 Revised Weapon List, complete with specifications.

Version 1.1 (30-12-99)
 Changed some information especially on the Good Ending.
 More typos cleared up.
 Removed Unknown on the CG ending part.
 Added in Good Ending Pointers section.

Version 1.0 (29-12-99)
 Cleared Bounty Mode.
 Got to the end of the game.
 Cleared up some typos.
 Changed the name of the Bulletproof Vest to its correct term: Tactical 

Version 0.3 (28-12-99)
 Added the Javelin to the Weapons section.
 Got as far as the Pod Service Gantry while running out.

Version 0.2 (27-12-99)
 Changed the Heal Status PE to the correct term: Metabolism.
 Realized that I missed out on the M9 in the Weapons section.
 Got as far as defeating Cannon Mouth.

Version 0.1 (26-12-99)
 The day I started it. 
 Got as far as the trapped Screaming Lady.


For now....

Squaresoft Japan <www.squaresoft.co.jp>
 for turning Parasite Eve II into an AAVG worthy to rank alongside Bio 
 Hazard, Silent Hill, Dino Crisis......it's not supposed to be scary 

GameFAQs <www.gamefaqs.com>
 for the biggest collection of written work anywhere. Without it people 
 will be groping around looking for answers, and I will have a lot of 
 free time to write fanfics for my S2RPG.

All the friendly members of the GameFAQs message board who have been 
unwittingly helping me write this one out. You know who you are. Thanks 
for all the tips!!

Anyone who has been able to clear Bounty Mode after just a single clear 
game. I salute you!


PE2 is an Action-Adventure game, NOT RPG!
Although short, it's longer than ANY Bio Hazard/Dino Crisis, and it 
definately gives more depth.
And I love it!!!

Enjoy dying lots of times!!!
And remember - There's an even harder mode waiting for you!

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