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Guide and Walkthrough by Zemien TDW

Version: 0.7 | Updated: 02/07/2000

Parasite Eve 2 FAQ/Walkthrough Version 0.7
Writen by Zemien TDW (pe_2@usa.net)
Date of this version release: 7-2-00
Best viewed in WordPad or Internet Explorer 4.0 & above

This FAQ can be found in its most updated version at:
GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
Cheat Code Central (www.cheatcc.com)
and others. These are the main targeted sites.
If you get this anywhere else, tell me!

So damn sorry about the one-month break. Very unexpected because I was
all along busy doing the Parasite Eve 2 walkthrough program, so I hope
you don't mind. For those subscribers who already subscribed, I hope you
got your copy of the Demo and tell me what you think of it. For those
who want to be subscribers, sorry, but you'll have to wait till I
upload the file to a server. The URL will be coming soon, very soon...

FAQ Contents:
1. Introduction (please read this first!)
   1a. What this is about and what it isn't
2. Copyright Information
3. Version History
4. Controls
   4a. While exploring/normal mode
   4b. While battling/fighting mode
5. Menu System and Navigation
6. Battle System & Game System
   6a. Characters
   6b. Weapons & Inventory (unfinished)
   6c. Spells (unfinished)
       NEW!!! Translation into common Magic terminolgy
   6d. Learning magic spells
7. Walkthrough (unfinished)
   7a(i). Day 1 - M.I.S.T. Centre
   7a(ii). Day 1 - Acropolis Tower
   7a(iii). Day 1 - Boss Battle: No. 9
   7b(i). Day 2 - M.I.S.T. Centre
   7b(ii). Day 2 - Nevada, Mojave Desert
   7b(iii). Day 2 - Boss Battle: No. 9
   7b(iv). Day 2 - BONUS! Operation Wipeout '-Optional-'
   7b(v). Day 2 - Boss Battle: Canon-Mouth
   7c(i). Day 3 - Outskirts of Nevada
   7c(ii). Day 3 - Gallery (unfinished)
   7c(iii). Day 3 - Shelter (unfinished)
   7c(iv). Day 3 - Sewer (unfinished)
   7c(v). Day 3 - Dryfield (unfinished)
8. Personal Review
9. Hints!! (unfinshed)
10.GameShark Codes (unfinished)
11.My gawd! (What I'm missing that you could fill in for me.)
12.Thanks & Contribution Credits

Introduction (please read this first!)
Hi, my name's Zemien, but that's just an alias. I'm still a student
and I love playing RPGs, which started with Square's Xenogears. OK,
sorry about the overload of useless information in the past few
versions. Parasite Eve 2 is an adventure, although doing battle with
NMCs (Neo Mitochondrian Creatures) remain RPG-like. It involves a girl
named Aya, whose mitochondrias react differently. I won't go into a
lengthy explanation, so here goes nothing!

1a. What this is and what it isn't*
Firstly, this is a walkthrough for beginners and the first-timers. It
does not apply to gamers who want to find out about the stats of
every item and armor, not forgetting the weapons. It isn't a guide to
the harder game modes, like the Bounty Mode. And since I don't read
Japanese, this could prove to be a problem too. I can't give you a
translation of conversations. That is the limit this FAQ can go, until
I get my little dirty hands on the US Version.

Copyright Information
This FAQ is free but you cannot duplicate it or copy any of the info
here to make it your own FAQ. You can post it on any web site you
wish. as long as you credit me and is posted in its unaltered form.
You may print it for personal purposes only and not for business.
Game magazines MAY NOT use my FAQ for their mags unless they properly
credit me. This FAQ  can be found at GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)

Version History
22/12/99 - Version 0.1 : First Edition. Covered only 10% of the game
           so a lot of things are still missing.
2/1/00 - Version 0.2 : Added Day 1 bridge code. Added half of Day 2.
         Lots of credits added. New partner. Whole update. New Game
         Shark codes.
5/1/00 - Version 0.3 : Found way to configure controls. More detailed
         character and weapon info. Corrections etc. etc. Added a
         very tiny bit walkthrough. Added new section, "My Gawd!"
8/1/00 - Version 0.4 : Completed part of Day 2. Added personal review.
         Corrections, etc. Updated character, inventory and controls
         section. Added more credits. More stuff.
12/1/00 - Version 0.5 : Finished Day 2! Corrected stuff. Added NOTE.
14/1/00 - Version 0.6 : Added HP for three bosses. Started Day 3.
13/2/00 - Version 0.7 : Corrected info. Added 1/4 of Day 3. Added one tip
          and some other minor stuff.

For the walkthrough I'll mention the default keys. You can change it if
you want to. Go to Menu --> Options and choose the 6th option. The
description below refer only to the default controls. Anyone who knows
what the Left and Right Analog sticks do tell me at pe_2@usa.net.

4a. While Walking/Running/Out of Battle:*
X - Run (hold X while walking), Cancel
Square - Search for enemy with weapon
Circle - Open doors, take items, walk stairs, advancing in dialogue
Triang - Use Parasite Energy. Self magic can only be used here like
Start  - Open Menu
Select - Show Map of Current Area
L1 \ L2 \ R1 \ R2 - None
Left Stick - Run
Right Stick - None

4b. While in Battle Mode:*
X - Run (hold X while walking), Cancel
Square - Auto-aim weapon at enemy, hold it to get acquire target
Circle - Open doors to escape from battle, Confirming selections anywhere
Triang - Choose Parasite Energy to use.
Start  - Use Attachments (more on this later)
Select - Open GPS Map
L1 \ L2 - None
R1 - Primary Attack with weapon, after or before target acquired
R2 - Secondary Attack button (if any)
Left Stick - Run and Turn Around
Right Stick - None

Menu System and Navigation
I haven't studied the menus in detailed yet and I can't read Jap so
I won't be adding this part yet. Press Start to go in & X to go out.
All I know is that you can choose a few options once you go in. They
are:  (If I miss something email me at pe_2@usa.net. Thanks!)


Use - Change weapons and armor, manage Attachments, use Items
Key - Key Items that you find like keys and cards or newspapers
P. Energy - Learn new or upgrade magic spells. Contains info too.
Map - View the map. Same as pressing Select.
Options - Not much to change here. You can't change controls.
Exit - Go out the menu. Press X as an alternative.

Battle System and Game System
Battle system is changed in the sequel. It cannot be considered RPG-ish
because of its non tactical and strategy planning. All of it is just
plain shooting. No time-bars, but the usual HP and MP remain. You can
now roam anywhere within the battle site, which is good. Escaping normal
battles have a 100% success rate. All you need to do is to exit the
place normally, like going through doors or climbing stairs. Experience
Points still remain, but instead of using it to level up, it is used to
learn and upgrade new and existing spells, respectively. Other than that
everything remains more or less the same without any big differences.
When you run away from battles, 10BP will be deducted. BPs are the
currency for the game. You can't run anymore when you have 0 BPs.

6a. Characters in the Game*
Aya Brea  
Job: Works for the FBI's special force unit M.I.S.T. after 
quiting her job at the NYPD because of the Manhatten incident. She is
constantly tortured by strange dreams and flashbacks from her past.

Pierce D. Carradine
Age: 26
Job: Computer Engineering/ M.I.S.T
Pierce is a major hacker and is always pulling Aya out of sticky 
situations. He is also her personal trainer when it comes to weapons.

Kyle Madigan
Age : 29
Job: Unknown, Kyle somewhat appears towards the middle of the game. 
He teams up with Aya for a while, but is a major burden. He even tried
to kill Aya once, but her powers protected her.

Job: Creator of the NMC. She has remained undercover for the past 3 
years and has now resurfaced with a plan that could bring the 
extinction of the human race.

Age: ??
Job: To get rid of Aya Brea. He seems to be Eve's accomplice, but 
it isn't quite clear throughout the game. Laughs maniacally.

Gary Douglas
Age: ??
Job: Creates weapons. He's the only survivor in the Nevada incident.
Has a dog named Flint.

Bric Baldwin
Age: ??
M.I.S.T. Chief. Gives orders to his members through the phone.

Jodie Bouquet
Age: ??
Is an expert in weapons and equipment remodeling . Sells you items too.

6b. Weapons in the Game*
The list is uncompleted. Contribute!

Combat Shotgun AS12  - Slow but powerful. It's the typical shotgun.

Grenade Launcher MM1 - OK, this is the correct info. This is the Grenade
                       Launcher, but it can load up to 12 at a time and
                       it can fire at a faster rate. Loading is
                       extremely slow, so make sure you're safe when
                       facing bosses. Only available in the first time
                       you play in Replay.

SMG_MPS              - Haven't got this yet

GPS                  - Tracking system. Radar for NMCs. Put it in your
                       Attachments so that you can see where the NMCs
                       are. Purple dots are targeted NMCs.

Tonfa Baton          - Really good for close up fights. You always
                       have it.

Handgun 93 R         - Aya's best friend. The default gun she has.

Assault Rifle M4A1   - Fast but heavy, it covers a bigger range & rate.
                       You can also add parts to it.

M9                   - Knife. Add-on for the M4A1 Assault Rifle.

M950 Machinegun      - Can shoot up to 100 9mm bullets in one shot. Good
                       against slow characters but the Assault Rifle
                       makes a better job. Very slow reloading. Free.

Gunblade             - I think the name is incorrect. This is the sword
                       that Squall from FF8 fame used. This is exactly
                       like it. It uses Shotgun shells. R1 is Swipe and
                       R2 is shoot. To combo for a VERY VERY powerful
                       attack press R1 and upon contact press R2. Even
                       with the first batch of weak shotgun bullets it
                       inflicts over 1000+HP damage! Only available in
                       2nd time in Replay.

6c. Spells in the game*
Can anyone tell me which is which?
Apoblosis - ?
Combustion - ?
Antibody - Ups defense by about 50% against all attacks
Necrosis - ?
Pyrokinesis - ?
Energy Shot - One of the best spells from the original. Anything else?
Plasma - ?

///---Translation into common Magic terminology---\\\
Since I don't know what the spells mean, I can only mention common names
for the Magic like DefenseUP instead of Antibody. Here is what I know
so far. It's mostly complete, but I'd liked contributions!
1st Spell : Fireball
Shoots balls of energy. Level 2 and 3 shoots 2 and 3 balls, respectively
2nd Spell : Fire Sword
Does a swing of flame. Level 2 and 3 cover more range, including air.
Bonus Spell : Flaming Hell
Covers the whole range of the GPS. Average damage. Slow charge.

1st Spell : Status Remover
Prevents and cure status changes like Poison or Blind except after Mute.
2nd Spell : Cure
Regains a bit HP.
Bonus Spell : Drain
This also covers the whole GPS range. Sucks some HP from enemies and
cures herself. Slow. Unless you only have Cure 1, don't use it too much.

1st Spell : Poison
Sends a wave of Poison. It goes through one line. So aim well so that
multiple enemies get inflicted.
2nd Spell : Ki Blast
Very fast but small, it can blow your enemies cornering you a while so
that you can escape to a safer place.
Bonus Spell : Paralysis
Makes your opponent unable to move for a while. No damage.

1st Spell : DefenseUP
Makes your defense go up. Nothing else. Not permaneant.
2nd Spell : Unknown
I don't know what this does, anyone care to tell?
Bonus Spell : Energyball
Charges a projectile that circles Aya. Enemies who touch it will get
hurt. Works for one enmey only. Can charge up to 3 projectiles. Useful
in only some cases like the horses. Higher level last longer and cover a
bigger area. Higher levels saves MP on the long run.

6d. Learning magic spells*
Learning magic spells are pretty hard now. You can learn any spell 
anytime you desire now, provided that you have enough EXPs. You earn
EXPs after battles. Points vary with the enemies levels. You can
upgrade each spell to Level 3. Be careful how you spend your EXPs!

Day 1 - 4 Sept 2000, M.I.S.T. Centre, Los Angeles
NOTE: By the end of Day 1 your recommended time is 45 minutes.
      Longer is OK, but spending too much time here is useless.

      You start of at the shooting gallery. You should learn the
battle controls here. Choose first option, then a BGM and press
cancel. Select the only gun and choose your difficulty, ranging
from 1 to 5. You should start with Level 1 first. It will start.
The pop-up windows tell you what to do, as it is essential in
battles. I don't read Jap, so I can't translate it, so here's
the down-to-earth guide. Whenever the target board comes up and
in view, hold Square and press R1 to shoot. Go through the targets
by pressing either left or right. When out of ammo, just shoot once to
reload. After the practice you can see how you fared. Go out
of the room and also the one after that. Walk forward and a cutscene
will ensue. I don't know what they are talking about but it's not
important so skip it (look under Secrets).
      Go out of the door by your partner and enter the next one you
see. You can buy weapons, ammo, and items here. Talk to Jodie
(in uniform) and she'll present 3 options. The first one is buy
stuff, second is a BP explanation (I think) and the final one is
Thank you and Goodbye. Potions are recommended here but
don't buy any ammo, you'll acquire 500 bullets afterwards. Go out of
the store and run down the path to the Carpark. Go out and turn
to her right. Run to the shelf to get a Lvl.1 Potion. Pierce will be
there. Just talk twice to him and choose the first option to hear him
babble about some sightings of NMCs in Acropolis Tower. Then choose
the second option to go there. (If you need to save, which I don't
recommend yet, you can go to the end of the Carpark. You'll see a
telephone there, which will be your save points.)

4 September 2000, Acropolis Tower, 8.59PM*
      After the FMV sequence just walk towards the officer and
they'll talk. Not important here. Continue walking straight and then
she'll talk again. This time you get access to the Tower and Aya will
automatically go up on the elevator. After that another scene will
show. Useless thing again.
      When you arrive, go into the menu to equip your police stick.
Yes, that's right, the police wooden stick. In many cases, the stick
proved itself to be more useful than the default gun you have.
Of course, that's only for some cases. Go out and run across the
room, past the many dead SWAT members. You'll see a scene of an NMC.
After that to her right is the Tower Map. Copy it down. Once you
reach the other side of the room a cutscene will show a monster by
a ringing phone booth. It will disappear when you get there.
Don't pick up the phone yet, go into the door beside the phone.
Run to the Coca-Cola can dispensing machine and the dying SWAT member
will give you a key item. Keep this. Go out again and save. Go down
the first flight of stairs near the place where you came in. Check
the map if you don't know what I mean. Don't go down the other one
yet. To her left are 500 9mm bullets. Take it. Opposite the bullets
is a dead officer which will have a Lvl.2 Potion with him. Equip your
police stick (this sounds ridiculous but it actually saves you time
and make the battle easier) and go down the other flight of stairs
which is on the left hand side of the map. After you go down,
turn right and run forward to launch into your first battle, after
seeing an NMC attacking a SWAT officer. Kill it. Aya will then
talk to him and he'll die shortly. 
     Opposite the SWAT is an entrance to the cafeteria. Equip your
gun first. Go in and approach the waitress. Watch the FMV & then
the following scene. After killing it, check her body for an item.
Rupert will come help you as needed. After that you'll end up
outside the restaurant. Go up the stairs and and go down the other
flight of identical stairs, to her right. There'll be an elevator
there but it's not accessible so go in the other door which you'll
unlock. Move around the fountain with blood and into the blue door. Go
in and prepare for a battle. The stick will still be your best weapon
here. After that you'll see a yellow box to your left of the first
screen. Take the key from it and enter the door opposite it. Run
forward and there'll be a terminal to put your key in to her right.
Put the key into the left keyhole and you'll be able to go up the
elevator. Don't go there yet. Opposite it is a board with some 
musical notes. If you have some music experience find out the values
of the question mark. Exit the room and there'll be 
another room further down, which is the entrance to the restaurant 
counter, to her right too. You should use your gun here although the
stick will do just as good. Then go to the end of the room and take 
the thing from the fridge. Make sure to check the waiter for a free 
Lvl.1 Potion. Exit and go out. Go in the door on her right and you'll 
end up in the cafeteria again. Pick up the newspaper on the table 
which you saw the waitress change into a monster. Go back and go up 
the elevator. Make sure you have the gun with 500 bullets loaded here.
Put your stick and gun into your attachments list plus a Lvl.2 Potion.
      Proceed up. The next area is easy and staright-forward. Just
follow this strategy: when you go up the elevator, use the gun.
Then check the guy beside the Coke machine to get a new armor. Equip.
After you go down use your gun again and after that use the Baton. 
Hit bats or rats with the stick, cause you can still hit properly
without much aiming when you get Blind or Poison. Keep going until you
hear gunshots. After that is another SWAT so talk to him and get
his rifle. Equip. Go in the double-doors earlier into the
Sanctuary. Inside, you'll see a scene where Rupert will be attacked
by a crazy person wearing SWAT uniform. His name is No. 9. After that
event pick up the key he left on the floor and go to the left side of
the building to hear someone talking. After he disappears go to the
place he escaped to find a hidden time-bomb behind the statue! Head
your way back. Go out the Sanctuary. Head back to the place where you
inserted the key to activate the elevator and this time use the key
with the skeleton keychain on the second keyhole. The water in the
fountain will drain out. Go out and check the dry fountain to get a
grenade launcher-type of weapon with only four grenades. Save this
till I tell you so. Go back to the place where you found the time-bomb
and take the keycard near the door he escaped. Go out of the Sanctuary
and go in the opposite gate to the Bridge. In there is a terminal that
lets you key in a password to drain out the water. The key is the
musical notes in the room in the place where you put in the 2 keys 
which is 561. Go through the now safe bridge. Try to go through the 
door and somebody will slam something against the metal door so hard 
until it makes it, erm, bumpy? Anyway go in the door. 
      After that you'll see an NMC lying on the floor, weak. Heal up
but leave about 20MP left. Put any potions you have into the
Attachents area. Make sure you have at least 3 spells learned. They
are the Fire Spell, which you have at the beginning of the game, and
the two Water spells. One can heal you and the other one can stop
status changes for a limited time. If you don't you're in for some
trouble. Having the AntiBody move is also good. It is the first
spell in the Earth element. I won't explain much but if you don't
have it go back and battle some more to gain EXPs. It's hard if you
forgot to drain the Bridge, but it'll be harder if you don't learn it.
       Turn right and run up the stairs, past the time-bomb. Save here
and go up. Prepare for a boss battle. Equip the Grenade Launcher. Put
on your best armor and heal up to full HP and MP if possible. You'll
arrive on the rooftop, no, the passage to the Heliport. Walk around to
get a good look of your battle arena-to-be. Notice the cables in the
middle of each turn? They'll be your main weapon. After exploring, go
back to the place you came from. As you're about to get turn into the
first side of the building (from where you came), make sure you
have everything I mentioned. Run down and before the exit No. 9 will
appear. They'll have a brief chat but things will be pretty
'heated-up' :) if they talk any longer. With that, they battle.

Boss Battle : No. 9
He Has : A cunning laugh :), smoke bombs that make you tired and a
         sword-like thing that can suddenly fuse up with fire.
His HP : 1620-1625HP        His MP : 0         Weakness : Electric Cables
Aya should have : 120HP or more and 25MP or more. She should have 2
                  Level 1 Water spells. Armed with Grenade Gun.
Attachments should contain : Rifle gun, MP Potions and Normal Potions.
                             spare bullets.
Strategy : This is simple, if you're quick thinking. When it starts
and he laughs pump him with one grenade. That should stop him. Cast
the spell that can stop status changes. Run to next screen and wait
for him to come near. Change to rifle. Stand about 5 feet away from
the cables. When he is next to the cable shoot it and it would
electrify him. Quickly shoot him with your rifle till you run out of
bullets. Do the spell again to repel against his bomb. Change back to
your grenade launcher and run to the next screen, and repeat. Note
that the cables can only stay electrified for a short while and after
that you can't go back again. Also take the chance to shoot it because
you can't go back there to shoot afterwards. When you finally reach
the end and your grenade launcher's used up change to Rifle and keep
pumpimg him with lead. The last cable has another hit target which
will spray smoke, or water at No. 9. At the end of the road make
sure you are always protected with the Status spell and make sure you
pray hard so that he doesn't cast his fire blade hit. Cure often
and use some Fire spells every little while to push him back. He will
be dead. Easy, no? It might take some practice but you'll win. If you
get hit by his bomb you'll die quickly so use a spell after it.
        After he goes away, board the lift and choose the first option
to go up to the heliport. That's it! The day's over. Watch everything.
Then Day 2 will follow. You should finish this under 45 minutes.

Day 2 - 5 September 2000, M.I.S.T. Centre, Los Angeles*
NOTE: The recommended time is less than 2 hours.
Rupert and Aya will be talking to Baldwin. After that you'll end up at
the Carpark, checking your car. Pierce will come in. Game starts now.
Inspect her trunk to store and take items. Take the Potions. Go to the
First Aid kit to get a new item. After that do what you have to do. 
Nothing has changed so just go to the Shooting Arena to earn more BP
points and buy weapons and armor. Don't buy Potions, you'll have
enough. You'll lose all weapons except the Baton and the Hand Gun.
Talk to Pierce twice and choose the first option to hear him babble &
then choose the second option to leave the place. You'll arrive at the
main event, DryField.

Day 2 - 5 September 2000, Dry Field, Mojave Desert, Nevada*
==-Contributed by Nick Thien. Edited by Zemien.-==
   When you reach Nevada, an ammo box resides next to it. You can keep
and retrieve items at the trunk. Make sure you have at least 6 places
free. Further down is a telephone booth, next to a grocery store. The
door is locked, so save and go through the gate at the end. Equip your
Assault Rifle. At the other side of the gate are new monsters that you
will encounter frequently. 
**Hint: When fighting with the monster try to shoot it once or twice
then run to the side. If you don't you will regret it. Each knock
deals about 15-30 damage. If you stand by solid wall or pipes, you can
time your evade. They will hit the wall or pipe and get themselves
hurt. They will lag and you should kill it quickly**
        There are only two rooms accessible here and two gates to 
other areas. Search through all rooms first. One is the first door you 
encounter. Nothing here but check the photo hanging on the wall. 
remember his age. Go out. The other room is the door after the gate, 
which is after the first room. Go in and battle with the monsters. 
Take down the age of the other photo as well, and the check the closet
to the right of the picture twice to get a Lvl.1 Potion. Go out. The
gate I mentioned anyway is not worth exploring yet, so go to the other
one, opposite the first and second rooms. Check the map if you don't 
know. In there you will see a well, so equip your Tonfa Baton. Go to
the garbage can and search through it. And at the end of the area you
can find a potion. Then stand beside the well so that you can see 
Aya's face, and she is facing you. Check the well to fight bats. When 
a batch comes up just hit them with the baton and don't turn anywhere.
They won't be able to scratch you this way (hopefully). Go through the
door near the well to enter the garage. Go to the end of the garage to
find a switch. Choose the first option. Go to the switch at the 
entrance and press Up & Turn. Check the car's trunk to find special
shotgun shells.  Later go to the front end of the car. There is a gate
near the right side of the switch. Choose the first option. Go back to
the switch and press Turn and Down. Go through the gate and press the
switch if you haven't done so. Go through the metal gate. Meet Gary. A
short cut scene. He'll give you a key to Room No. 6. There's nothing 
else here so go back out and go to the second floor of the motel. Go 
to room No.6 at the top. Save game and go out to the balcony. FMV 
scene and shows and unidentified person. Go down the ladder and around 
the fence. Go to the end of the fence. Press the switch with the first
option and go to the entrance. The gate closes suddenly. Now those 
'horses' are on your tail so open the gate again and go in, just in 
time. I suggest you cast Anti-Body here and shoot like you're mad. Use 
your magic spells also. They will come in one by one and make sure you 
kill them all. This is not an optional battle, you cannot run away 
from this. Make use of the fence because it will deal 15 damage to 
them if they hit the fence. After you're done the kind soul at the top
of the Water Tower will lower a ladder for you. Before you go up learn
new spells or upgrade them. Go up and meet Kyle Madigan. After the
scene walk forward to see another FMV. Press the switch to open the 
gate. Near the switch is another ladder leading up. Up there check the
dead man for two items. Make sure you get them and go down twice. Here
you'll encounter large scorpions. Thankfully their AI stinks because 
they just  walk towards you. Stand outside the gate and the whole 
bunch will stay at the other side. For safety precautions go to the 
switch so that none can come out. Kill all of them and collect free 
EXPs and BPs for your flawless victory. The shotgun works VERY well 
here. They blow up with one shot.. Go down and go to the room on the 
South wall. It is to the right of the ladder you climbed down from 
Room No. 6. Get a key item that looks like a bottle opener with a coke
picture in the refrigerator. Go through the door near the entrance and
check the place around the toilet for the DryField map. Copy it down.
Go to the end of the room where there is another door. Beside it is a
Coke bottle for refreshing your MP. Unlock the door and go all the way
back to the Water Tower. Near the gate is another door. Go in and look
out for a horse. Go to the Intercom and choose the first option. Later
check the Intercom again to see a key. Use the bottle opener you got 
earlier. Slowly move the cursor to the top part of the vent and move 
to the right slowly and you will get the key. Now go through the door. 
You return to the garage so go through the metal gate. Gary is not 
there anymore. Now use the door on the North Wall. Follow the dog.
Talk to Gary and choose the second option twice to progress the story.
Or choose the first option to shop. Buy Potions or upgrade armor.
**Hint: Clear all the NMCs to buy the M4A1 and at least 100 bullets or
            After that go out and follow the dog to the rope. Go to
the well and use the rope. Go down the rope.  You'll meet some Bats 
there so take them down with a Shotgun or the Baton. The gate beside 
you is locked so just go the other way to the other gate. Go through 
the gate and on the North wall you will find a switch. Go back through
the gate and check the hole to get an item. Go back through the gate 
and fight a sub boss. 

Sub-Boss Battle : Invisible Spider
He Has : Invisibility, Slash Attack
His HP : ?          His MP: ?          Weakness : M4A1 Flash Grenades
Aya should have : M4AI Rifle with Flash Grenades and some Potions just
                  in case.
Atatchments should contain : Some Potions
Strategy : You can still win without the Flash Grenades, but you'll 
lose more HP and be harder. Use the flash grenades of the M4A1 the 
make the Sub-Boss appear and drop. Go to the end of the West wall and 
press the switch to make the battle a little easier.
       After the boss enter the door near the switch .It's a bit
hidden so you must light up the place first. In there are enemies just
kill them all. You should shoot the flying ones first (just once) so
that they won't be able to fly. Then finish up the mess. The barrels
near the door has a box behind it. Go there and take the item in it.
Exit and go up the ladder and you will enter the grocery store. Go out
of the grocery store through the South Door to save and get ammo.
Later go back in and find the healing items in the place where they
keep the cold drinks. After that go through the East door. Here you
will hear a woman scream. Ignore them and kill the horses. The first
door beside the entrance has some enemies. Kill them. Go out and go
into the second door. The third door is locked. In there is a closet
at the back. Check the side to reveal something locked there. You must
actually see the two hinges there. Now go talk to Gary and then go back
to the place where his red truck is. At the end of the room is a shelf
near a trashbox in the middle. Check it properly to get the Wrench. Go
back to the closet and use the Wrench. The closet will open. Save first
and go in when you're ready for a final No. 9 battle encounter...

Boss Battle : No. 9
He Has : A sword swing
His HP: 1150HP    His MP:0    Weakness: Nothing particular
Aya should have : Over 100HP and the Grenade Launcher. Poison and
Fireball (Level 2 if possible).
Attachments should contain : A few Lvl.1 Potions and Lvl.1 Mana Potion
Sorry to make you feel all tensed up but this battle is the easiest
boss battle ever. All you need to do first is to stay at the corner
of the room and shoot Poison at him. He is always in a a blocking stance
so don't bother to shoot him yet. Go up to him, and wait for him to 
hold up his sword, and shoot. Timing is required, because if you're too
early he'll go back to his Defense stance and if you're too late he'll
hit you. Go back a bit and reload then go back in front and attack.
Once you get the hang of the timing shoot the Fireball. It'll hopefully
inflict more damage. If you're confused and don't want to wait, use
the M4A1 Assault Rifle and shoot from a distance, and frequently use
spells. This is not too recommended. Easy, no?
After the scenes Kyle will join you. Go to where your car is and find
that it has been thrashed. Fight the not so lovingly uncute 
rabbits-cum-frogs. Then go find Gary yourself. Get the key and the item
in the box opposite Gary. Go to the Lobby, which is opposite the stairs.
Go to the Cash Register and press #3033. You'll get a key. Go up the
stairs and into the double-door room. Go to the end of the room and take
the empty bottle. Friends will pay a visit. After that go to the safe,
which is left of the bottle. Enter combo as 4487 and take item. Go back
to Lobby and save. Go to where your car is and fill the bottle up with
petrol at the gas station. Go to Gary's red truck and give him the
bottle. He'll fill it up and he'll ask you to go rest. But don't!
Participate in my own Sub-Quest, called Operation: Wipeout!

Operation : Wipeout
This is a totally optional part 'created' by me. Since you'll be facing
an extremely oversized boss, you should take up this challenge.

Open up the map and you'll see places in red. Those are places with NMCs
in it. Your mission (if you choose to accept it) is to kill ALL NMCs in
Dryfield. Don't let your HP get too low, but don't use Potions just for
keeping up your HP, because you'll need all the stuff that you can.
Note that you can now go in any room in the Motel so don't pass the
chance up.  If you can finish it, you're really good. Save occasionally
if you need to and at the end you'll have enough BP and EXP to learn
these few spell essential in killing the upcoming boss.

After you finish this subquest, learn these spells if possible:
Level 3 Fireball (First Fire Spell)
Level 1 Cure (Second Water Spell)
Level 1 Poison (First Wind Spell)
Level 1 Antibody (First Earth Spell)

Go to Gary and buy these stuff if possible:
Grenade Launcher
20+ Grenades
HP Potions and MP Potions with the rest of your money

That's it!
-----------------------------End SubQuest-------------------------------
Go to G&R Bar to speak to Kyle. He sorts of hesitates. Leave him there.
Store all other stuff in a box and only keep the M4A1 Assault Rifle with
lots of 5.56 Bullets and a Grenade Launcher. If you can't buy this
things play Operation: Wipeout above. Beside the 2 guns and ammo load
the remaining places with Potions for both HP and MP. Include healing
items too. Keep all healing items in Attachments. Equip Grenade Launcher 
Then go to Room 6 and save. Examine the bed and choose second option to
go to sleep. Watch the FMV to get a good picture of Cannon-Mouth.
Hmmm... is that a toothpick in his teeth? Equip all stuff!

Boss Battle : Cannon-Mouth
He Has : Flamethrower, Palm Stomp, Palm Swipe
His HP : 4160HP     His MP : 0     His Weakness : Grenades
Aya should have : 140+HP, M4A1 Rifle with 150+ bullets, Grenade Launcher
                  with 15+ grenades
Attachments should contain : All healing items and a loaded M4A1.
This big boy has a very bad attitude, and very bad breath! He'll start
the parade by trying to slam you. Start running up or down a bit so that
he will miss. Then cast Poison on him. He'll do the Flamethrower
so dodge. Piss him off with a grenade. Always stand in front of the 'T'
junction. When Poison effect depeletes use again. He'll mostly do his
Flame move but if his arms come up go back to the 'T' junction and go in
to the staircase part so that he'll miss. If he gets you make sure you
heal properly and if he misses pump more grenades or do the Fireball
move. Once you run out of bullets manage your spell casting. Switch to
the M4A1 if you have to (Make sure it's in your Attachments loaded).
After you in the junction and he misses make sure to come out and shoot.
If you don't come out he'll get you with his flames. Mid-way he'll get
his own face toasted. He'll get more powerful after that so good luck!
Note that if you take your time, he'll grab you by its arms and deal a
lot of damage, and you don't get to reload and use spells.
Go down to where Gary is. Hopefully you don't end up on the right side,
cause you'll have to do much walking. After talking with him, he'll
give you his truck key. Buy anymore items or ammo then go to the garage
and talk to Kyle. Save if you want (because the next part might make you
die) then talk to him and choose the second option. Off you go.

Day 3 - 6 September 2000, Outskirts of Mojave Desert, Nevada*
This is the last stage, and the longest and most revealing. Upon 
reaching some NMCs will come, don't shoot, let Kyle handle it. After
that Kyle will lose a condirable amount of HP, talk to him the run to
the western side of the scren (left side). Mutant horses will come, blow
them apart the go back to the starting point. Lots of those horses will
come so stand close to the ledge, and when one of them comes at you, run
to the side to let His Majesty fall down :). Repeat as necessary but be
careful not to get knocked down by the horses, or else it's Game Over.
Note that some can still climb up. After collecting the rather genorous
amounts of EXP enter the mine to the West side. From now just keep 
moving forward until you reach a bridge which she, surprisingly, cannot
jump over. Now go back two doors and you'll find a side room. Just
check the map if you don't underrstand. Choose the first option to push
it down, then take the plank next to it. Go back to the bridge and use
the plank to gain access. Exterminate the bats then go in the door on her
right. There's a phone, an ammo box and a terminal. Check the terminal
at the end of the room and take the pin and put it in the second position
and operate the switch on the left. Save now because you'l be facing a
considerably hard boss. Go out and go into the large gate. Watch the
scene, and be prepared...

Boss Battle : Mutant King Horse 1
He Has : Knockdown, Swipedown
His HP : +/-500HP     His MP : 0     His Weakness : Grenades
Aya should have : 160+HP, M4A1 Rifle with 150+ bullets, Grenade Launcher
                  with 15+ grenades or a full M950 machine gun.
Attachments should contain : All healing items and a loaded M4A1 & GL.
You start off with it attacking you. Use the M950 (if you don't have it
scan through Day 2.) and blow off the fuel barrels. There are 2 of them.
Also shoot the electric terminal close to the second barrel. It should be
fully lighted. Switch back to your Grenade Launcher and shoot it a few
times. Make sure you do either 2 things, running in zig-zag fashion, or
shooting it. He'll die in a very short while.
Aya will check the corpse and get some items which you should take. Then
it seems that wasn't the end....

Boss Battle : Mutant King Horse 2
He Has : Knockdown, Swipedown
His HP : 3000+HP     His MP : 0     His Weakness : Grenades
Aya should have : 160+HP, M4A1 Rifle with 150+ bullets, Grenade Launcher
                  with 15+ grenades or a full M950 machine gun.
Attachments should contain : All healing items and a loaded M4A1 & M950.
Same rule applies here. But this time, make sure you're really moving
around! It's faster and meaner. As a precaution use Antibody (as you
always should). The grenades are just too slow so don't bother. Shoot
once and change to the M950. Shoot five bullets, run zig-zag, and repeat.
After a while, it should end. Phew...
OK, now go back to the room where you put the pins. Take out the first
pin and put the two pins into the first and fourth hole. Activate it.
Now reload on ammo if you want to and save. Go into the room again and
go to the end. There will be a bike here. Just check the opening next to
it. Check again and walk a bit. You'll encounter a stronger version of
the spider. This time is for real. Try not too stay put and use the
second Wind spell to blow him off guard. Then teach him a lesson. The
bonus Earth spell works very well here too. Just don't waste MP. Go to
the end and go down the elevator. Run past the first two doors. Go to the
one in the last corner. This is a straight path and go through it. Be
wary of the security guns, they need to be destroyed with guns, not
spells. After that you'll end up in a pecuiliar place. Hmmm...

Sorry but that's it for now. I've been wanting to finish the game first
before I proceed with the walkthrough, hence the delay. Wait a while. 

Personal Review
Square has finally released Parasite Eve II (PE2) for the PSX. Does it
still has its charm of the first, or is Aya's mitochondrias failing?
Actually, it's neither. Curious? Read on...

   Storyline: **
PE2 is one of the few direct sequels, where the main character and the
main storyline for the first and its sequel remain the same. Aya is
a girl haunted by past memories. I won't spoil it, but the story is
falling overboard. Storyline is NOT spectacular here. You just have
to decide it. All you have to do is go one place, shoot NMCs, fight
bosses and solve puzzles. Hmm.. Aya with a vengance?
   Graphics: *****
Same old, same old. Backgrounds have always been the same, except with
more animations. They all look like every Resident Evil game,
extremely beautiful backgrounds and sceneries, but with not so nice
3D sprites. Square has made one step further, but they could've have
put in some facial expressions like FF8. Unless you notice carefully,
the minor clippings won't be much of a matter. The FMVs are of Square
quality. No skippings have been noticed.
   Sound: ***
Ahh, the sound of every game matters. KOF98 for the PSX sounds as if
it has been recorded in a bathroom and some sounds are out of sync.
PE2 does a better job, because they were careful not to include voice
acting. 90% of the voice acting in games suck big time. PE2 was wise
not to put in anything like that, but so did everything else. Only a
few areas are provided with music, which aren't so spine-tingling. The
footsteps are excellent. It responds to the surface you're walking on.
   Presentation: ***
Not too grand. The intro of the first is more engaging. It actually
looks like a promo video instead of a cool intro it could've been.
The menu navigation are pretty okay, but sometimes can be a headache
   Controls: ****
Controls are changed and more precise. Up means going forward and
not going north like the first. Battles are easy to handle by the way.
   Overall: ****
PE2 is good. It's short and sweet, but fans of the original might want
to rent this first. Those who want something beyond RE3, get this!

-After playing through the whole game twice, I've found something very
 interesting. I can pass the game without the Holy Water spell, but
 without upgrading it, I can't get the Bonus spell, which is pretty
 essential. Hmm.. what does it really do?

-To skip FMVs and most cutscenes press Start.

-To get extra spells for each element make all spells in the element
 you want to Level 3.

-To ambush your opponent before they see you or to battle first when
 enemy is in sight press Aim. Battle should start. Kill them before
 they hurt you.

-After you finish the game another mode will open up. They're harder
 and need more skills. More modes will open up once you finish the
 extra modes.

-On the map, it pays to know what color means what. The grey areas are
 areas locked or unaccessed, and the red areas are the areas with
 NMCs. Take this advice to heart and you'll succeed.

GameShark Codes
This is just so strange. The game has been out for so long yet there are
no new codes. This is strange, too strange!

Japanese Version: (some from Phillip)
Max HP   80074888 03E7
         8007488A 03E7
Max MP   8007488C 03E7
         8007488E 03E7

BP       8007487C 423F
         8007487E 000F

MAX EXP. 80074878 967F
         8007487A 0098

1 FIGHT 999 EXP     80114E76 03E7
                    80115690 03E7

1 FIGHT 999 BP      80115694 03E7
                    80114E74 03E7

1 FIGHT 999 MP      80115698 03E7
                    80114E78 03E7

                    8007375A 0505
                    D007375A 0505
                    8007375C 0505

--Caetla only--
MAX LEVEL PE.       B00C0001 00000000
                    300736A0 0003

INFINITE AMMO       B0140008 00000000
                    80073012 03E7

            E005FD62 1001001E
            B01E0004 00000001
            800730C4 0001
            E005FD62 2001001E
            B01E0004 00000001
            800730C4 001F
            E005FD62 4001001E
            B01E0004 00000001
            800730C4 003E
            E005FD62 8001001E
            B01E0004 00000001
            800730C4 005B

(R2+UP/RIGHT/DOWN/LEFT) E005FD62 1002001E
            B01E0004 00000001
            800730C4 0079
            E005FD62 2002001E
            B01E0004 00000001
            800730C4 0097
            E005FD62 4002001E
            B01E0004 00000001
            800730C4 00B5
            E005FD62 8002001E
            B01E0004 00000001
            800730C4 00D3

            E005FD62 100C0002
            B01E0004 00000001
            800730C4 0079
            E005FD62 200C0002
            B01E0004 00000001
            800730C4 0097
            E005FD62 400C0002
            B01E0004 00000001
            800730C4 00B5
            E005FD62 800C0002
            B01E0004 00000001
            800730C4 00D3

            B01E0004 00000000
            800730C6 03E7

            B0140004 00000000
            80073166 03E7

            B01E0004 00000000
            80073002 03E7

My Gawd! (What I'm missing that you could fill in.)
No FAQ can be considered as 'complete'. Anyone who claims to have
written such a 'complete' FAQ that describes everything to how many
pixels have been used for that character is a liar and should get
6 strokes of the 'rotan' (cane). Below is the list of thing that I
really need help at. You can also tell me things that I've missed in
my walkthrough. All mail will be credited. Thanks! Send all to this
address: pe_2@usa.net

Any secrets that I've missed. It could range to how to get the good
but boring ending to what that item is for.
Description of the spells, weapons and characters. This is a very
critical part because I cannot read Japanese.
GameShark codes. They may be cheating the game and spoiling the fun
but an item modifier code now is considered valuable for me at this
time. Just restrain yourself from using Infinite codes, they're the
codes that really mean cheating.
Controls for Analog Stick. Somebody tell me what the two analog sticks
are used for. I'm not rich so somebody please update me.
Pocket Station. Tell me if there are any Pocket Station games in
there. I don't think so but who knows, there might be an Easter Egg.
Subscribers to my new PE2 Walkthrough Program. I need support!
That's mostly what I need. Thanks for e-mailing me! You'll be credited

Thanks and Contribution Credits
SquareSoft, for making the long-awaited sequel,
GameShark Code Creators Club (www.gsccc.com), for the GameShark Cheats
GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com), for posting my FAQ
Friends that had helped me in the game
and last but not least, the kind souls at the PE2 message boards.
Jason, my greatest buddy.

These are all the people who helped me, either by posing questions or
giving tips and submitting their part of help. I've made sure every
one is credited, so if I missed you tell me, OK?
Gray Chan, LeonHeart, Yigbo, revalga, Jim Chou, Sykachu, Mark Hain, 
Bastos Las Star, Godfrey Chu, psx, Phillip, Christian Pratellesi
,luvnbritney15, azlina, Andy Chen, Jack Loh, Tsung-chi Yan, Wei Xiong,
Ken Zhang, enna, Marco Antonio, Tommy I-Chen Lin, Michael D Chau, Jordan
Tan, Nicholas, didi, Nerveva03, Robin Lee, Lee Kai Weng, Kee Wei
Hiong, Jeremy Steimel, Mohannad Ali, Richard Gardner, Ho-Ghan Liu, 
Paris2274, ColtPython DesertEagle, viti lg, serdar star, AntonMoren316,
kenlabs, Eric Yeung, armyofdarkness.

Nick Thien also helped a lot in my FAQ. Thanks everyone!

OK, that's it. I'll constantly update this FAQ so make sure you
check back every fortnight or so. Have a good and scary time playing
it! I can be reached at pe_2@usa.net. Bye!

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