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Guide and Walkthrough by lullacry

Version: Final | Updated: 07/27/2004

              Parasite Even II Walkthrough only
                 By Sean. admin(at)2ql4u.com
                      Created: 7/27/04

Table of content

1. Intro

2. Walkthrough

3. Rankings

4. Extra Modes
Replay mode
Bounty mode
Scavenger mode
Nightmare mode

5. The End/About


Ah hah! I love this game. I like it more than the first Parasite Eve which is
why I decided to finally write one out. I've started many a walkthrough only
to scrap it about halfway through. This one could be written in about 2 days
and I guess it was a good start. I don't include spoilers in the walkthrough.
You will be fully prepared but you won't know any of the story from reading it.
On the same hand though, I will not tell you every little bitty thing. I won't
tell you when and which P.E. to level up, I won't tell you which armor or
weapon you should use on a normal basis except for a few points in the game.
I assume you're a smart enough person to know if a weapon is cutting it or not.
You know the drill with the copyright and whatnot. Don't use it on your site or
whatever without permission, blah blah blah. I'm not gonna be like other people
and talk about how much time and effort was put into it. It's typing. But it
did take time to type out so ask first.

          Day 1

       M.I.S.T. HQ
You start the game in M.I.S.T. HQ doing some monster stomping. After the 
opening, you can continue to practice (I'm ready for more!) or jump right 
into the game. If you're new to PE, then I suggest you at least complete 
level 1 as it will teach you the basics. You also get bonus BP for doing 
well enough. How much you get depends on how well you did. After you win 
the BP prize for each level, 1-5, you can win other prizes. They are:

Level 1: 50 9mm Hydra rounds
Level 2: Ringer's Solution
Level 3: Hunter Goggles
Level 4: Lipstick
Level 5: Shoulder Holster

I always find it easier to wait until later to get the prizes. You can 
use a stronger weapon and you'll be more skilled having fought against 
real NMCs but I do try to get the BP bonus for each level before I go 
on because every little bit helps. If you can't get them all, don't 
make a big deal out of it. It doesn't effect the game in any way. It's 
just there for practice. When you want to get to the game, select I'm 
done and you'll be free to move around. Take some time to get used to 
the controls and then go right and out of the door. Examine the boards 
here for some info if you want and then go through the double doors. 
There's only one path here so head along until you meet Pierce. He'll 
fill you in on what's going down and then you'll be on your own again. 
Go through the door just left of Pierce and on the next screen, go to 
the door on the left wall. This is the Firearms Control room. You can 
spend any BP here to buy ammo or items or weapons. Nothing here you 
can afford is worth buying yet so just pass and go back out. Contine 
down into the garage. Once you see your car, look to the upper left 
of the screen. See those med boxes? Run over and examine the boxes to 
find a Recovery 3. When you get items like ?Bottle, just open the menu 
and select use. Go to the item and press triangle to identify it. As 
long as you're in the menu, equip your M93R by selecting the open box 
under "weapon" and then selecting it. Now that we're ready, talk to 
Pierce and tell him you're ready.

    Akropolis Tower

Once you control Aya, walk along the path and the game will take over. 
Once the first officer fills you in, keep moving along the path and the 
game will take over again. After you control Aya again, continue on and 
the game will take over AGAIN. After all is said and done, you'll be in 
the tower with only yourself to take over!

Go to Aya's left and through the double doors into the Square to find 
those SWAT members. Head along and stop as soon as the screen changes. 
See that sign in the window to the north that says "Magnum"? Check the 
body under the sign for a Recovery 1. From where you are now, look to 
the statue and you should see a nice bright stand. Examine it to get 
the map. Now that you have the map it's time to go over a few things.

Press Select to bring up the map. Every room has a name which makes FAQ 
writing so much easier for the writer and the reader. Once you progress 
in the game, areas with hostile NMCs will be colored red. After certain 
events in each mission (could be solving a puzzle or using the phone) 
places you've already cleared of NMCs will become infested again. These 
are called "Hot Zones". Sometimes it's one room, other times it could be 
every room. It's always wise to clear out Hot Zones. Yes it's annoying 
and yes it takes TONS of backtracking but the extra BP and EXP you get 
is awesome and plus it adds to your rank at the end of the game. I'll 
give you good times throughout the walkthrough to go clear the Hot Zones 
but it's your choice to clear them or not.

ANYWAY, continue across the room towards the Elevator Hall. The Phone 
will ring and you'll see your first NMC. You can't fight it yet though. 
Answer the phone to tell Baldwin what's happened. This is also how you 
save your games so save if you want and then go through the doors and 
into the Elevator Hall. Go along and you'll find a live SWAT member. 
After the scene you'll get the Cafeteria Key and an objective. Look 
at your map to see that the Cafeteria has been marked. Go back out 
into the Square and to the left side. Go down the steps but don't go 
down the second set. Go right and examine the box on the bench to 
find your first ammo box. This thing holds an unlimited ammount of 
ammo so any time you get low, come back here and fill up. Examine 
the body hanging over the rail for a Recovery 2 and then go back 
and down that second set of stairs.

Go down to the cafeteria to find a SWAT member being attacked. Press 
square to target the NMC and start your first battle. Pause the game 
once you enter battle. The thing in the upper right is your GPS. This 
thing is always handy. It shows any enemies in range in yellow. It 
also shows targeted enemies in puple. Unpause and finish off the NMC. 
When the battle is over, talk to the SWAT member and then head into 
the cafeteria. Get yourself pumped and walk forward to find the one 
you're looking for. After a sweet video, you have your first boss fight!

Giant Stanger

This is your typical easy starting boss. It moves in close and bites 
you. That's about it. You can just use bullets or you can fry it with 
Pyrokenesis a few times. Either way, it'll go down quick.

EXP: 300
BP: 200
MP: 30
Item(s): Recovery 2

Examine the body to find a Metallic Implant. The game takes over as 
Aya walks away and you'll be introduced to Rupert. After the scene, 
go back to the square and use the phone from before to call M.I.S.T.
You'll be attacked by some NMCs here but as a rule I won't tell you 
unless you really need to know because you should expect to fight at 
every turn. After you've called, go back to the cafeteria. Remember 
to refill bullets if you need them before going back. Once you're in 
the cafeteria, head to the back and go through the door. Take out all 
the enemies in here and then go through the door on the right wall. 
Kill the NMC here and then examine the body for a Recovery 1 as well 
as checking the fridge in the back for a Stim. Go back out into the 
hallway. Continue along and examine the yellow box to find the Blue 
Key. Turn around and enter the door to the left of the water cooler. 
Go forward in this room and look for a bright yellow light. Examine 
the light, and then push X over the keyhole marked A. Select Item 
and then use the Blue Key. Before leaving, check the video display 
to the left. Use the brightness controls (upper left, marked by + 
and -) to brighten the screen 3 times. At the bottom, push the 3rd 
and 4th buttons from the left to see some things and then leave and 
go through the door on the other side of the water cooler.

Head right and keep going until you're right next to a tree with red 
leaves. Examine the tree twice to find a hidden area. Check the box 
and you'll get a Protein Capsule which raises your Max HP by 5 when 
used so go head and use it. It also fully heals you so if you want 
to wait until you take some damage before using it, that's fine. Go 
back on the main path and continue up and unlock the gate. This puts 
you right near the escalator you unlocked. Kill the NMC, go back and 
reload on bullets if you need and then head up the escalator.

After taking care of the NMCs up here, look for a body on the bench 
and examine it. You'll get the Tactical Vest which you should equip 
right away. Remember to fill the attachment slots! After you're done, 
take the escalator near the body down. Examine the cage looking thing 
in front of you for some Grenade Rounds. The enemies here have long 
reach so it's best to attack from a distance. When they step closer 
to you, step back a bit. Underestimating their reach WILL get you hit.
Once you've taken them out, you'll hear something coming from inside 
the Sanctuary. Before going in, examine the body to get the MP5A5.
You can equip this now if you want and then enter the Sanctuary. 
After the scene, pick up the key on the floor near Rupert. Check 
your map now. See how all these areas are infested with NMCs again? 
This is the perfect example of Hot Zones. Usually you just have to 
backtrack to get them but we have some things to take care of back 
in the cafeteria anyway. Before leaving the Sanctuary, look for the 
door on the right wall. Examine it to start a scene. After it's over, 
go back to where the SWAT man was and examine the door twice to get 
the Black Card. Please, please, please do yourself a favor and get 
this card. You can't begin to imagine how handy it will be later on 
in the game. Leave the Sanctuary and make your way back to the 

Clear out the hallway in the back and the kitchen like you did the 
last time and go back into the video room. Use the Red Key on the 
B keyhole to drain the fountain. Go out to it and examine it from 
where the blood is. You'll get the Grenade Launcher! Go and refill 
your ammo one last time and if you're clearing Hot Zones, make sure 
they've been cleared. When you're ready, head back and go through 
the gates across from the entrance of the Sanctuary.

Examine the red light and then push anything and choose Examine. 
Now press 561 to lift the bridge. Take out the fish on the bridge 
and watch the small scene when you try to go through the door. 
Go through and finish off the NMC. Continue along until you see 
a phone on the left wall. Use it and save and then continue up 
the stairs. Run along the path until you see something yellow 
that's lit up. Examine it and it should say "high voltage cable"
KEEP THIS IN MIND. Go into your attatchments and add the Grenade 
Launcher and Grenades into two of the slots. Continue running 
along all the way until you can't go anymore and examine the lift. 
Start running back the way you came.After you get about half way 
you'll run into your next boss.

No. 9

This battle requires very good timing. Run away to the first yellow 
box and target No. 9. Unload as much as you can into him until he 
gets close and then target the yellow box. As soon as he rushes for 
you, shoot the box and it will lower a cable that will take about 
180 HP off of him. Run away and repeat. When you reach the very end 
where the lift is, you might notice there are two targets on this 
yellow box. The first is the cable but the second is a steam release 
that will do over 500 HP of damage. If he isn't dead, unload clips 
into him until he is. 

EXP: 500
BP: 800
MP: 30
HP: 30

After the battle, use the lift to reach the roof. After a scene and 
a really cool video, the day is over.

          Day 2

       M.I.S.T. HQ

After you find out your new mission, click on each item and then exit 
the menu for another scene. After a few more scenes, you get Aya back. 
You can use the trunk of her car for storage. All the extra items you 
had from day 1 are put in here automatically. Another thing, you don't 
keep any weapons or armor you find during each day which sucks. You 
should have plenty of EXP and BP so use EXP to revive some PE if you 
want and use the BP to buy things. I suggest at least Healing and Energy 
Shot. If you have enough BP (and you should) I highly suggest buying 
the M4A1 Rifle and a couple rounds of ammo. It'll make life a bit easier. 
If you DO buy the Rifle, then you could give training another shot. It 
won't help you on level 1 because it's too slow but it will help on level 
2 and up because it can take out the orange and red targets with one shot. 
When you're ready to head off, talk to Pierce and you'll be on your way.


When you have control of Aya, fill up your ammo with the ammo box right 
next to you. You can still use her trunk for storage so come back here 
if you need to drop something off. The general store is locked and there 
is nowhere else to go so head through the gate left of the store. After 
the scene you're in a fight. The trick with these guys is to stand near 
a wall and then move when they charge at you. They'll hit the wall and 
fall down, giving you time to unload into them. If you bought the M4A1 
I suggest not using it yet as the ammo isn't cheap and it's better used 
on bosses. Check your map to see 4 doors here. These all lead into rooms. 
From the bottom left and going up, it's room 1, 2, 3 and 4. Room 1 has 
nothing of interest so go into room 2. Take care of the NMCs and then 
search the closet twice to get a Penicillin and search the sink in the 
bathroom twice to find a Recovery 1. The other two are locked so head 
through the gates inbetween rooms 1 and 2.

Ignore the stairs for now and head on. Search the dumpster for some 
Buckshot rounds and then enter the green door to the left. Talk to 
the lady and then take care of the aftermath. Read the paper on the 
wall near the corner and leave. Go back to main street (hotel doors) 
and through the small gate next to the ice maker at the north end.

Ignore the door for now and examine the fence at the back twice to 
get a Recovery 1. You can examine the well to fight a load of bats 
that will give you some great BP and EXP. As long as you're sharp 
on reloading you shouldn't even get hit. I suggest you do it but 
it's not needed. Examine the well again after the bats and then go 
through the door.

Run up and examine the white box on the left side of the north wall. 
Go into the cage on the right and follow it around. When you see a 
window near the car, there's a breaker on the left side of the window. 
Examine it and raise the switch. Go back to the box and select Up 
and then Turn. Go back into the cage and pass the car on the north 
end. Examine the box here to unlock the shutter and then examine the 
door on the cage just north of you to unlock it. Go back to the 
box, select Turn and Down and then finally go through the shutter. 

After the scene, you need to find motel room 6. Go back to main 
street and through those gates we went through before. Remember 
to hit room 1 if you're hitting the Hot Zones. To get the NMCs 
in room 1 to appear, you need to go into the bathroom. Stay away 
from these. When you hit them, they explode. But they also hit 
any NMCs near them too. Stop back to top off your ammo and to 
store anything you don't need. Once you've cleared your HZs, 
go up the stairs we passed earlier on.

Take care of the NMCs and then enter room 6 (marked on your map)
Go out into the balcony on your room for a scene. Save your game, 
equip the M4A1 and then climb down the ladder. Walk forward until 
you start a scene and a battle. I HATE this battle. You have to 
beat a load of Chaser NMCs. Start by taking out the two from where 
you start the battle. With the M4A1, it shouldn't take more than 
2 or 3 shots to take them down. Once the first two are down, run 
around the fence and pull the lever in the box. This makes 2 more 
Chasers show up. Run Around until you see the first Chaser and 
take them both out. Wait until the game shows a scene of the gate 
closing and then go back to the box and pull the lever again. This 
time run all the way around and inside before the gate closes. 
Once you're inside, more Chasers will come in through the hole in 
the ground. Be on top of your reloading and they shouldn't give 
you too much trouble. I believe I counted 8 in all. Maybe someone 
could confirm that for me. Once it's all over, a ladder lowers, so 
head on up.

Move on just a bit and a scene will start up. After it's done, climb 
up the ladder just next to you and examine the corpse for a Recovery 
1 and Key. If you check your map and move it to the 1F, you can see 
your destination is the Factory through a small alley near the tower. 
Go to the switch just near the ladder to start a video and then hit 
the switch to open the gate. Before heading to the factory, clear the 
HZs if you're doing so and then head into the alley.

At the end of the alley, you'll be ambushed by a Chaser. Since the 
space is so tight, it isn't a terrible idea to just blast it with 
Pyrokenesis a few times. When it's down, examine the flashing light 
near the door and choose to call. So now that you're stuck without 
the key to get through, go back to the tower area and through the 
door on the left near the Chaser hole.

In the first room, dispose of the NMCs and then check the locker 
on the right for a Recovery 1. Check the fridge in the back to 
find a magnet. Go back and through the door on the left. Take out 
the NMCs in here and then go into the bathroom on the north wall. 
Check the map on the wall to get it into your GPS. Head to the 
front of the shop and check the machine just next to the door for 
a Cola. Now that you're done here, unlock the front door and go 
back to the alley where the key was. Examine the grate to the 
left of the door and select Item>Magnet. Now the key will stick 
to the mouse cursor. Move it as high as you can without taking 
the cursor off of the grate and then slowly move it right to the 
opening. Once you have the key, unlock and go through the door.

Pass through this room into the garage and take out the NMCs you 
find inside. Once they're done, head through the door leading out 
to the junkyard. Run along and follow the dog to the trailer and 
go inside. You can now trade BP for weapons! YAY! I suggest you 
pick up the Grenade Pistol and at least 3-4 rounds of regular ammo, 
as well as 1 round of Riot ammo if you can afford it. It'll help 
you out soon. When you're done buying, talk to him and have him 
tell you about the shelter. Once all is said and done, you'll have 
a new objective. Call Pierce to save on the way out. Follow Flint 
and he'll take you to some rope as well as an ambush by some 
scorpions. The best way to make quick work of them is a Combustion 
spell so use it if ya got it. Take the rope and check your map to 
see where you're off to next. Clear the HZs if you wish, fill up 
your ammo, store any stuff you don't need and then drop down the 
well! Note that for the rope to work, you need to go into your 
menu amd select Key Items, Rope and then use.

Beware of the bats that will ambush you when you turn the first 
corner. After they're done, equip the Grenade Pistol with the 
Riot ammo and heal yourself if you're low on HP. Also make sure 
you have the M4A1 and it's ammo in your attachments. You've got a 
pain in the ass of a boss fight coming up. Continue on until 
you pass through the gate. Here you meet your enemy.


This could be one of the most annoying fights I've ever dealt with 
until I figured out how to do it. The second the fight starts, aim 
and fire off a riot round. Quickly fire again to reload and as soon 
as it's reloaded, switch to the M4A1 and empty as many shots into 
it as you can. When it jumps back up, switch back to the Riot rounds 
and repeat. It went down after 2 times for me. You might take some 
heavy damage but as long as you're quick on the reload and weapon 
switching, you should be fine. 

EXP: 500
BP: 200
MP: 15
Item(s): Protein Capsule, R. Slug

You can stop off in the cellar to take out more NMCs if you want or 
you can head right up into the store. If you flip the switch near 
the ladder, you can find some Flares inside a crate in the cellar. 
Once you're inside the store, go through the door leading out to 
the gas station. Refill ammo, drop off unwanted items and save.

Back inside the store, check the coolers on the wall with cans inside 
to find a Cola and go through the door in the back. Take out the NMCs 
and then enter the first door. Take out the NMCs here and then search 
the cash register from behind the counter to find a Belt Pouch. Hold 
off on using these. It'd be a waste if you used them now. Go out and 
enter the next door. Turn your sound up and listen close. Freaked me 
out playing the first time at night when I heard that. Go and examine 
the space to the right of the dresser and then the right side of the 
dresser. Since we can't get through, head back to the trailer and ask 
Douglas. Tell him you need information and he'll tell you to take some 
tools from his garage. Go into the garage and search the upper area of 
the right wall. Before going into the next room, equip your M4A1 and save 
your game. Now that you have your tool, head back and use it on the 

Examine the hole and step into the next room for a scene and your next 
boss battle.

No. 9 (2)

This could be the second easiest boss fight you've had yet aside from 
the first fight. Stand right where you are, aim and unload. When he 
gets in close, let loose with Pyrokenesis and then run to the other 
side of the room and repeat. It shouldn't be much of a challenge at 
all. ONLY use Pyrokinesis AFTER he lunges at you or it won't do more 
than 20 HP of damage.

EXP: 800
BP: 300
MP: 50

After the battle you get some longish scenes. Once you regain control 
of Aya, you have a partner. Keep in mind that if Kyle's HP reach 0, 
game over. Check your map to see that your next visit should be at the 
Gas Station. You'll also note that close to the entire town is now 
infested again. Like usual, I suggest you clear these out but it's up 
to you. If you are going to clear them, don't forget the second floor 
and the underground. You do have to go to the Gas Station first though 
so head there. After the easy NMC battle, fill your ammo and drop off 
anything you don't need. Your next stop is the trailer but do some HZ 
clearing now if you're going to do it.

When you're clearing out the underground, flip the switch right near 
the entrance of the underpass and go back into the water hole. Check 
the hole in the left wall for a Protein Capsule. Before getting to 
his trailer, you'll be ambushed by two mini invisi-spiders. These are 
a lot easier than their bigger friends but no less annoying. Keep on 
the move and you should have much trouble.

Talk to Douglas and ask him if you can borrow his car. He'll give you 
the Lobby Key and tell you that you need to find some sort of gas can. 
Use your map to locate the lobby and head over. Once inside the lobby 
you can examine the guestbook on the counter several times for some 
interesting story. Go behind the counter and examine the cash register. 
Press anything and choose examine and then press the # key, 3033 and 
then press total. The register will open and you'll get the master key. 

Now is a good time to clear the few HZs that have come up as well as 
checking out room 3 and 4 on the first floor. Note that if you go to 
your car for some bullets, you'll be ambushed by some invisi-spiders. 
Evem if you're not clearing the HZs, let's stop in some of the locked 
rooms before heading to our next destination. In room 3, finish the 
NMCs and then search the dresser twice for a MP Boost 2. There's only 
NMCs in room 4 so take them out if you want and then head up to the 
second floor. Invisi-spiders are there to greet you so be careful. 
You can find a Belt Pouch by checking the dresser in room 5 twice but 
be careful because you'll be attacked right away and there isn't a 
lot of room to move around. Like I said before, I suggest not using 
the Belt Pouches for now. Finally, go into the last unvisited room in 
Dryfeild, the loft.

If you notice the shadow on the floor when you first enter, it's more 
than obvious something is there...but it isn't on the floor. Hmm. Go 
to the back wall and you should see the ugly yellowish-greenish gas 
can. Before picking it up, examine the black safe looking thing near 
it. Select to spin the dial and then pick out the Holy Water. THANK 
THE LORD. Go kiss your screen gamer. This bad boy, when used as an 
attachment, reduces all damage by 25%!!! Put it in and NEVER take it 
out unless you really really need the slot. Get ready for a battle 
with some invisi-spiders and pick up the gas can. Now that you have 
the gas can, go back to your car. Put anything that you don't need 
away BUT keep the Grenade Pistol and its ammo. Stand in front of the 
gas pumps and use the can to fill it up and then head to the garage.

Talk to Douglas in the garage and he'll tell you to rest in your room 
before he finishes the truck. If you check the map, a good portion of 
town is now a HZ. Clear these if you like but be careful because you 
have a boss fight very soon. If you can't get past most battles without 
taking loads of damage, I suggest you save before clearing them or 
just not clearing them at all. Either way, go back to your room when 
you're ready.

Also note that this begins the long, long process of switching your 
items from your car to his truck. You can still access everything in 
your car but not for a good while so you need to transfer everything 
you want access to into his truck. Have fun.

You can also stop into the saloon for a scene with Kyle. Not needed 
but it's fun to see. Once you're in your room, let's do some set up. 
I suggest you take the following with you. Equip the Grenade Pistol 
and in the attachments have: M4A1 and ammo, holy water and fill the 
rest with MP Boosts. Also make sure you have revived Energyshot. 
Save your game at the phone and then check your bed and sleep. After 
a scene and some video, you're ready for your next boss fight.

Flameface (2)

This battle can be tough if you don't know what you're doing. I like 
to take a kamikaze approach to this fight but some people don't. I 
personally find it easier. When the battle starts, run into the corner 
between the loft and your room. Target our friend, cast Energyshot 
and just unload. Each shot should do anywhere from 200 to 300 HP of 
damage. I suggest doing this because if you don't take half of his 
HP off in under 3 minutes, Flint the dog will die and you won't get 
the good ending. Just STAND in that corner. With the holy water on, 
his flame attack won't do much and neither will the rest. Just let 
him hit you while you continue to blast away. It shouldn't happen, 
but if your HP get low (under 50) use your Heal spell. If Energyshot 
runs out, recast it. After you take enough, the Behemoth will pick 
you up. Just mash your buttons and he'll chuck you across the balcony.
I needed to heal for the first time right here. Re-cast ES and just 
blast away. If you run out of MP or Grenade ammo, use a MP Boost and 
switch to the M4A1. I don't move at all during this battle. That's 
what I mean by kamikaze and I win every single time. I had to heal 
only once and recast energyshot only once. Easy fight.

EXP: 2000(1000 if you didn't save Flint)
BP: 1000 (None if you didn't save Flint)
MP: 100 (None if you didn't save Flint)
Item(s): Protein Capsule and Airburst rounds (Recovery 2 and MP Boost 
1 if you didn't save Flint)

Since Flameface destroyed some of the balcony, the only way to get out 
into the main street now is through your room and down the ladder in 
the back, through the G&R saloon and then through the gates. It's a big 
pain in the ass. Also note that much of the town is again a HZ so clear 
those out along the way if you're doing so. When you find Douglas, he'll 
give you the key to the truck. Finish clearing out all the HZ if you're 
doing so and then make a pit stop back at his trailer. If you saved Flint, 
open the silver box for the M950. SAVE THE GAME!!!!!! If you didn't save 
him, check the green car outside and you'll get the Chicken Plate. 
Buy anything you might want and then go back to the garage. Talk to Kyle 
and be on your way. You've just finished Disc 1. Good job!

          Day 3

       East Mine

After the SUPER cool video and some scene, you have an interesting 
battle. Pause the game as soon as you have control. Look below you. 
This is a cliff (duhr) BUT you can lure the Chasers into running off 
of it. This is touchy though because if they hit you and you fall 
off the cliff, game over. You can also just work your way around 
and fight them. I usually go with the cliff thing, but that's just 
me. After the first one, you'll get a scene and you'll deal with 8.

A revised strategy I use is this: when they jump over the fence, 
they'll either be close or far. If they're far, lure them off the the 
cliff and if they're close, level them with a Pyrokinesis and shots. 
It works well for me. This fight is VERY aggrivating either way.

After you win, head into the mines to find Kyle. Follow the tracks in 
the first room and pass up the branch off to the left for now. Go into 
the door at the end. Kill the NMCs in here and continue to the next 
area. Examine the hole in the tracks and then go back to that branch 
off we passed up and through the door. Examine the cart and choose to 
release the brake. Follow the cart through the shaft and you should 
see a board at the end that says "Step". Take this and use it on the 
gap in the tracks. When you cross the plank, you'll be ambushed by a 
LOAD of bats so watch out. Go across and through the door on the right 
at the end.

This is the typical "safe room" with a phone for saving and your ammo 
bucket. Examine the machine across from the bullets. Check the bottom 
of the 4 holes and remove the plug. Insert it in the 2nd from the top 
and check the switch in the bottom left. This will open the other door 
outside. Save, equip your M4A1 and go through the other door right next 
to you. After a scene, you have a boss fight!

Elder Chaser

This fight has two parts to it and it's pretty tough. It's dark and 
you can't see very well. To solve this problem, there are 4 barrels, 
one on each corner that you can shoot to make them explode and light 
the room. The problem with this is that it takes about half a M4A1 
round PER barrel and while you're busy shooting the barrels, you're 
a target for the Chaser. I reccomend you TRY and blow them up because 
it's just so much easier when you can see better.

As for the actual Chaser, NEVER stay still. If you get close, he'll 
give you a headbutt. He will also jump in the air (you can hear a "
wuuuur" noise just before he jumps...kinda like a growl). When you 
hear it, run away and turn around quickly to target it. Unload as 
many bullets as you can into it. It'll start running around. You can 
chase after it, but don't get too close. After awhile it'll go down...
but we aren't through yet. After the fight, you get a Handgun and 
another Jumper Plug. After just a bit of a scene before you see the 
real challenge.

This fight is the same as the last except this one is stronger and 
has a LOT more HP and he's a lot more aggressive. This is why I 
suggested you go for the barrels during the last fight. Never stay 
still and keep an ear out for that growl sound it makes. It shouldn't 
be TOO hard as long as you can avoid most contact with it. Casting 
Necrosis on it isn't a horrible idea either. 


EXP: 300/500
BP: 200/300
MP: 10/30
Item(s): Recovery 2, Grenade round

From where you stand when the battle is over, examine the motorcycle 
right near you. Try and flip the switch but it doesn't work. Go back 
to the safe room. Fill your ammo and save or whatever else and check 
the machine again. Take out the plug and insert one into the top and
one into the bottom. Flip the switch and there ya go! Check the map 
to see that the mines are now infested. Clear the HZs if you wish 
and then go back to the motorcycle. Also, remember the Handgun you 
won after the first chaser fight? This is the P229, Kyle's gun. This 
doesn't fire in bursts like the M93R, but this one has a flashlight 
on it. Push R2 to use it. It can take out giant groups of bats with 
one flash. It reloads MUCH faster but it's weaker and wastes bullets.
Examine the motorcycle and then examine the wall where the crack is.


Be warned before you take one step that you're going to run into one 
of the BIG invisi-spiders here. The one you fought in the underground 
of Dryfield. You can fight it if you want or you can just run by it 
and examine the lift at the end. This one is MUCH easier though thanks 
to the P229. Equip it and use the flash to stun it. Unload with bullets 
and wait until he jumps back to the roof, flash him and repeat. Even 
if he's right next to you, he will NOT attack unless he's on the roof, 
so let him back you into a corner, flash, attack, repeat.

You'll get some handy EXP and BP as well as some Spartan rounds and a 
Belt Pouch if you beat him. Either way, run along the corridor and on 
the lift. Check the panel and go down.

The map will be your life down here. Check it now. The first door along 
the thin corridor is locked. So is the bottom one on the right wall so 
make your next destination the top right door. In this room you'll find 
out all about the technology here. There are mounted attackers near the 
other door. They will aim at you with a beam and then fire. When you see 
the beam on you, move and attack. You can always just ignore them and go 
through the door but you'd lose out on valuable BP. The door here will 
take you into the storeroom.

After taking out the NMCs, check the map. You entered from the bottom 
right. The bottom left is locked so the door to take is the top right. 
There's an ammo box near the door if you go south when you're in front 
of it. Beware in this hall. You'll find NMCs you can only kill with 
P.E. BUT if you touch them, you get silenced which means you're screwed.
Pyrokinesis is the weapon of choice here. You'll get a ton of MP when 
you win though, so don't worry. Take out the attackers at the end of 
the hallway and go through the door.

Kill the NMCs and through the door at the other end. There are attackers 
on the walls here so watch out. After everything is clear, check your map. 
There is the long main hall coming up from the elevator hall and 2 doors 
on each side, plus one at the top. High tail it to the bottom right door 
for the motherload...the armory.

If you're like me, you had about..eh..18k in BP. This is where you should 
spend it. An armor would be nice..as well as the Hammer attachment for the 
M4A1. But don't buy an actual weapon because you're about to be weeping in 
pleasure. After you've bought your goodies, use that black card you found 
way back in Akropolis tower on the gate. Inside you will find the following.

Unlimited ammo boxes of: P.B. 9mm, Buckshot, 9mm Hydra and a SP12 Shotgun.

This is great because you finally have an unlimited source of Hydra and 
Buckshot rounds. I suggest using the Shotgun as a backup weapon from 
here on out and use the M93R with Hydra rounds as a primary. Oh the beauty.
When you're done drooling, go back out into the main hallway and through 
the door at the north end.

Go up and examine the panel then go through the "In" door. Go out the door 
on the other side. There's a phone and a storage box here. I suggest saving. 
The NMCs are tough here and it's always good to be safe. Go through the 
double doors and you'll get a scene. The door at the end is locked so use 
the lift on the left.

Target the attackers and observe the sexy damage it does. You can't enter 
the door right near the lift so follow the hall and enter the other. The 
NMCs here swim in the water an come up on either side. Sometimes they just 
poke their head out and other times they come out real high and shoot 
sparks at you. Kill them and go through the door at the end. More of those 
NMCs here. Finish them and check your map. You can't use either lift on 
the left for now so take the top right door.

Follow the room through another door. After walking a bit through this 
room, a scene occurs. When it's done, check your map and go up a floor. 
You see where you need to go so get there! When you hit the room with 
the phone and the item box, save your game and make sure you have the 
M4A1 with you. Go through the door near the box and try to make your 
exit. Watch the short scene and then examine the panel to the right of 
the door you just came in. Select here goes nothing to escape.

After the scene, take note of where you are. I will refer to this as 
the starting point. Keep that in mind. Equip your M4A1 and walk along 
to start you next boss battle.

Trash Compactor

This fight is pretty easy. Run away from the monster and he'll growl 
and try to suck you in. Target him and fire off as many rounds as you 
can into his mouth. When it closes, run away. Repeat. He also launches 
some liquid missle things at you that you can avoid by watching the 
shadows on the ground. He'll eventually take some steps toward you and 
he'll shoot balls of goo from his shoulder and spray poison gas. He'll 
move forward again. He won't suck you in anymore but he'll use his 
tongue to attack you. Shoot at his mouth again when he does and he'll 
drop eventually.

After the battle, open the door and watch the scene. Turn around and 
run along the hall, around the corner and down this hall. You should 
see a little inset in the wall with an orange light over it. Step in 
the inset and you should get a message saying you stepped on something. 
Quickly run back to meet the monster and do battle with him like you 
did before until you hear the platform stop moving. Run across as 
quick as you can. You should be able to see another inset on the wall 
AND the monster. When the monster steps on that platform, it'll lower. 
Step on the inset and you've tricked the poor thing.

EXP: 500/700
BP: 200/200
MP: 100/100
Item(s): Recovery 3, Grenade round, Rifle round/Recovery 3

When you finish watching the scene, HAUL it back to the starting point. 
Go up the to the very front and you'll see a box. Open it for the ever 
so beautiful Medicine Wheel. When used as an attachment, this gives you 
more items after battles. Another item you should attach and never take 
off. You'll know when you get something because it will say "Bonus Item!!" 
when you do. On your way out of the first room you'll be ambushed. You 
can skip it because there are a lot of NMCs but if you're quick, take 
them out and go back into the other room. You'll be attacked in here 
also but unless you see the timer drop under 1 minute, you have time. 
Check the door in the back twice and you're through.

After the scene, you have your partner back! There's a phone in this 
room if you need it. Go through the hall and down the stairs. If you 
are low on ammo, let Kyle do most of the work. He can do nice damage 
with his new weapon. Just keep a close eye on him and have his back. 
Go through the door at the end and then follow the path to a ladder. 
The gate is blocked so go up the ladder. Take out the water NMC and 
then examine the glowing orange panel. Put in 1 and then 8 to drain 
the water. Go down the steps and through the gate. Follow the path 
to a split and check your map. The right door is locked so head to 
the left, up the stairs and down the ladder. NOW. You need to pick 
a path to take and it all depends on Flint the dog.

If you didn't save Flint, follow the path along and eventually you will 
end up near a door and a lift. Take the lift to B1 and you'll get the 
Yoshida Card from Kyle. Make your way to the hallway that connects the 
Storeroom and the Sleeping Quarters. Now skip down until you see the 
word !!!!!MERGE!!!!!

If you did save Flint, go to the right of the ladder you came down and 
examine the blue glow. Insert the numbers 1 and 5. Go back up the ladder 
and through the gate we passed before. After a scene, Aya notices where 
she is.


Follow Flint to the water tower and head up. Head around and you'll find 
Pierce. After the scene, you need to help him out by going to main street 
and checking the ice machine next to room 4 to get some ice. Rush it to 
him before the ice melts. You have to do this....3 TIMES. That's right. 
Main street, get ice, water tower and repeat. 3 times. You MUST do this 
to get the best ending. You'll get an item for each bag you bring.

1st time: Cola
2nd time: MP Boost 2
3rd time: Ofuda

The Ofuda is the third of 4 special items that have great benefits. The 
other two being the Holy Water and the Medicine Wheel. This one will up 
your P.E. power by 25% when attached. Go to the gas station (clear out 
the HZs first if you want) and check the back of the red SUV to get the 
Tactical Vest and the Lipstick. The Tactical Vest is a good one to use 
all those Belt Pouches on. Store some junk in your car trunk and then 
head to the trailer where Douglas is.

He sells new weapons, armor and ammo so take a peek. Save your game after 
all that running around and head back to the Shelter (down the well, 
through the near gate, across the hall, up the steps and down the ladder)


Go through the door across from the ladder. Follow the linear path until 
you reach a door with a lift right near it. Take the lift to B1. Also you 
can take this time to clear HZs if you like. The NMCs are harder but it's 
good BP. I tend to clear the ones on my way at this point and not do too 
much backtracking. Make your way to the hallway connecting the Storeroom 
and the Sleeping Quarters.


This is where both paths reunite.

When you enter the hallway, you get a scene. The monster will then attack 
you. The best way to handle these is a quick cast of Necrosis and then 
unload. After it's down, continue along the path and through the door. Go 
through the rooms and down into the elevator hall. Go to the bottom right 
lift and use it to go to B2.

Examine the orange glow on the door near the lift you just came in on and 
follow the hall through to the Operating Room. Kill the NMCs and then check 
the upper left hand corner of the room with the table in the middle for a 
valuable Ringer's Solution. Go through the room and in the door on the other 
side. There's a storage box in this room which is great. Look to the left 
side of the room for a phone which you can use to call and get information 
about the Shelter and save your game. Check the glowing screen across from 
the phone. Examine the letters and enter: A3EILM2S2Y. Push login and there 
ya go. The only thing you can access now is the visitor program to select 
that and then answer the questions.

Q. Which organism possess mitochondria?
A. Crustaceans.

Q. What is the name of the desert above this facility?
A. The Mojave Desert.

Q. What do mitochondria produce by combining glucose, lipids, and oxygen?

Q. Which neo-Mitochondria victim caused the N.Y. Blockade incident?
A. Melissa Pierce.

Q. Who was declared responsible for the Manhattan incident?
A. H. Klaup.

Q. Name the town located behind the Nevada Laboratory.
A. Dryfield.

Q. What is the name of the desert above this facility?
A. The Mojave Desert.

Q. What name is given to the theory that humankind's origin lay in one 
   ancestral species in Africa?
A. Mitochondria Eve.

Q. Which of these organelles contains genetic information (DNA)?
A. Mitochondria.

Q. Gene transmission in mitochondria is?
A. Maternal.

Q. Which method alters genes by delivering DNA via an artificial virus?
A. Vector.

Q. Which Agency supervises MIST?

Watch the scene and a lot will be explained to you. You'll get a phone call 
after you find out some heavy info. Save when it's done and check your map 
to see Pierce is in the Pod Service Gantry on B1. So let's get over there. 
Don't forget about the Armory and those unlimited ammo refills if you're 
low. Head through the PSG once you get there and up the stairs at the end 
for a scene.

Once on the screen, examine the word Operate and then push it. Switch to 
the second and then the third camera. Press Operate on the third and then 
switch to the 5th before the 4th. Hit Operate and now you won't have to 
bother with those annoying attackers anymore. Hit the 4th camera this time. 
After a scene you'll be on a different screen. When he asks you to, push 
Next 3 times. After another scene, you control Aya. There's a phone in 
here if you want to save. Check your map and move to B2. Your destination 
is the top left lift on the Main Corridor. Take it down to Neo Ark.

        Neo Ark

After the very very interesting scene, you're treated to a video. When 
you control Aya move up a bit for another scene. When it's done, head 
into the Ark. Another scene will take over. Check your map. There are 
stairs to the north and south. Take the southern ones for now. Follow 
the path out into the wilderness! This whole place is just overflowing 
with NMCs. Expect a fight damn near every screen. You'll fight some of 
the old foes you've met before as well as some new ones. Finish off the 
set here and continue on through the door. Check your map and go to the 
door in the back. Examine the display across from the door. Write down 
the order of the symbols in red and in blue. Check your map and go 
to the path just under the door you entered in. Examine the blocks and 
look carefully. See how there are colored pipes on the edges of the 
map? You need to align the colored blocks with the colored pipes. You 
also need to have the bottom right square uncovered so the circle is 
showing. This can take a good long time. I still can't do it in under 
10 minutes. Only the red one is needed to continue. The blue gets you 
a MP Boost 2 and don't bother with the yellow, it's just enemies. When 
you do the red, the door unlocks and then you do the blue, a coffin 
moves out. Search it twice for a MP Boost 2 and then go through the 
door in the back. Note that you need to move a block in the way of 
the circle again to move the coffin back in.

You COULD call the fight here a boss battle but I won't since you don't 
need to do anything. Start out by tartgeting all the attackers on the 
wall. You should have disabled them but since when does extra BP hurt?
Follow them around the corner and target the computer terminal. Once 
that's busted go back and target the giant monster. Take it out without 
resistance and the fight is over. Now is when you need to equip your M4A1 
with the Hammer attachment. Nothing left to do here so head back to the 
Observatory and down the northern stairs this time. Now is also a good 
time to go back to the armory and refill ammo if you're low.

On the way to the observatory you will encounter one of the most annoying 
enemies in the history of gaming. I have literally put off playing this 
game at points because I knew I'd have to deal with these. They are the 
single one reason you spent almost 2000 BP on the Hammer attachment. You 
find them in the area connecting the Observatory and the Shrine. They are 
the bugs of death from hell. Target one and use the Hammer and UNLOAD AS 
FAST AS YOU CAN. They tend to swarm in groups. They move quick and hit 
hard. If they start to flip back over, shock them again and fire off more 
rounds. Hopefully you won't start to weep like a little girl. I know I did.

Once you're down the northern stairs, follow the path out into the wilderness! 
You'll be ambushed by a new NMC here. It's a giant version of the Stranger NMC 
and for some reason, reminds me of the spitting dinosaurs from Jurassic Park. 
Anyway, take it out and then take the side gate you can see on the path and on 
your map. While walking along this linear path, you'll be ambushed by 3 of the 
new Stranger NMCs at various points through the path. Not all at once though so 
it's no sweat. Go through the gate at the end. Deal with the load of the hell 
bugs and then examine the display near the entrance and spin it until all 
the symbols line up. Go up the steps and step on the panels in this order:

Step on the blue panel 6 times, the white panel twice, the red panel three times
and then yellow panel 5 times. This will reveal a lever in the statue. Lower it 
to move a bridge at the Submarine Tunnel over. 

Leave here and go back to the forest zone and through the left gate into the 
Submarine Tunnel. Walk through the tunnel and up the other side. Kill the 
NMCs and take it across. When you're on the island, finish off the NMCs and 
then examine the panel on the floor. Go down and finish off even more water 
NMCs. After you kill about 6 of them, you get a boss fight!


This is pretty straight forward. Treat it like you do the smallers ones. 
When this one shoots out electricity, it's a heavy flow and it follows 
you. The trick is Pyrokinesis. Every shot with level 3 Pyrokinesis will 
do about 450 HP of damage. Do about 6 shots and he's gone. Easy.

EXP: 750
BP: 1440
MP: 30
HP: 30
Item(s): Protein Capsule, MP Boost 2

Examine the water to find the 4th and final special item, the Skull Crystal. 
This one boosts your attack power by 25%. Awesome. With all 4 special items 
equipped, you're a machine. Now you need to go back to the Pyramid and raise 
the lever to put the bridge back. I was getting low on ammo here so if you 
need it, make a trip back to the armory. It's a long walk but it's better 
than being caught without any ammo.

Once you've raised the lever, step on the panels in this order:

Red, yellow, blue white, blue, white, red, yellow, white, blue, yellow and red. 
Go back through the Submarine Tunnel and the bridge again. Take out the hell 
bugs and then go right to find a map. Check it and then go left into the Power 
Supply building. Go north and up the stairs to find another enemy acting as 
a power supply. Finish this one the same way you finished the last one. Go back 
down the stairs and follow the thin path beside the steps. Follow it along to 
a wooden box that contains unlimited Hydra ammo. You're done with the Ark so 
go back to the Shelter.


In the weird scene you are shown your first glimpse of a new enemy you'll be 
meeting eventually, the Golem. The map shows you your next destination but 
you should stop by the Armory and fill up. Save your game in the Laboratory 
(accessed through the elevator hall) and then take the lift just south of the 
one leading to the Ark.

Once you're down, wipe out the attackers and the giant speakers. I'm not sure 
if these actually do anything or they're just there to annoy you. Either way, 
examine the elevator door and go down. After you beat the speakers and the 
NMC at the bottom, you get a tiny scene. Go through the door ahead of you.

Giant NMC

There is a very easy way and a very hard way to do this fight. The easy 
way is to bring your Grenade Pistol and 20 grenades. Take out the 
speakers, cast Energy Shot and unload with grenades. This will stun 
it every time he tries to attack and will lead you to a victory without 
even being touched. The hard way? Oooo boy.

This is the hardest boss fight up to this point EASY. Quickly take 
out the speakers so you have a clear vision and then focus on the 
big guy. You can cast Necrosis but it seems to be hit or miss. I'm 
pretty sure that when you see beams coming from the little person 
to him that he can't be poisoned so try and quickly cast it when you 
don't see any beams. He has a nasty purple beam attack that can cause 
silence, paralysis, blindness and confusion. The latter 3 being VERY 
annoying. If you see a bunch of orange beams gathering around him, get 
as many shots into him as you can because an "unavoidable" attack is 
coming. There is a way out of it through. Run next to him when you see 
the beams gathering and wait a second. Run into the NMC and it will 
knock you down. If it casts the spell before you get up, no damage. Use 
this well. There is a very good chance you'll die your first few times 
fighting him. I still can't beat him on the first shot sometimes and 
I've been through this game countless times. I've died 4 times just 
while writing this walkthrough. It's a VERY difficult battle. I've 
gone through an entire 500 rounds of Hydra ammo AND half of my M4A1 
ammo and not beaten him before. I'll say it again, this is a VERY 
difficult fight. I suggest a Grenade Pistol with about 30 rounds 
and a weapon of your choice housing the Hydra ammo. Cast ES and 
unload with Grenades. Switch over and finish him off if you can.

EXP: 1300
BP: 500
MP: 100
HP: 100
Item(s): MP Boost 2, Ringers Solution, Eau De Toilette

After the battle, watch the scene, a video and another scene. When the 
phone rings, pick it up and then use it again to save. Go to the left 
of Kyle and check the dresser to get the MD Player. Also check the things 
that look like blood packets to get a Ringers Solution. Talk to Kyle 2 
times and try to leave to start a scene. These are the Golems. You'll 
start running into them. Enjoy!

When you control Aya, quickly move south and check the cabinets on the 
left for a Protein Capsule. Go to where Eve is and look at what she's 
looking at. Talk to her to get her to follow you. She is very slow and 
if you go too far ahead of her, she'll stand there. Try not to let that 
happen. Lure her over to the lift and once she's on it, take it up.

After a short scene, Eve runs off. Since you'll start to encounter the 
Golems now, I suggest using the M4A1 as your primary weapon while keeping 
the grenade pistol handy. Run after Eve. Something has happened to all 
the NMCs here. They're all wounded and hurt so take the time to destroy 
them. Hey, you need the BP and there is NOTHING wrong with killing them. 
You'll catch up to Eve in the Submarine Tunnel along with a friend. Man 
I love that laugh. Not since Kefka has there been such a great laugh.

Continue through the Submarine Tunnel. 


You will fight your first Golem here. It usually takes about 2 grenades 
to floor them. Yes, 2. In the next room, more Golems. Your aim is the 
Pod Service Gantry on B1. Keep in mind that someone has turned ON the 
attackers you turned off before. Save your game in the room before and 
continue on to the PSG. Examine the upper right monitors and select the 
5th tab to turn off all the attackers again. Examine the phone to get 
a message. Go into your items and press triangle on it. Scroll down to 
read the letter. Interesting eh? Use the phone to call and save. Your 
destination now is the Underground Car park. Check your map and make 
your way there now. 

In the hallway to the parking, I was ambushed by a Ghost Golem. I don't 
know if this is random or not so I'll cover it anyway for when you do 
find one. Ghost Golems are much like the invisi-spiders. They appear 
to attack and then dissapear. The only problem here is that they can 
teleport. They might dissapear in front of you and appear behind you. 
They are very fast and can do some hefty damage. Beware.

In the parking area, examine the box on the wall to the left of the phone 
and you'll get a key. Examine it again and press the red, yellow and green 
colored buttons along the bottom and then press call to raise a Belt Pouch 
in the metal box to the left. Go back to the panel and make sure only the 
blue and yellow buttons are lit and then press call again. Examine the car 
and say let's ride. When it's out, check the red box in the upper left 2 
times and then use Bowman's Card on it. Go back to the car and ride again. 

When it stops this time, follow the path and go through the door. I was 
ambushed by a Ghost Golem again in this little hallway. Go through the 
door at the end. Take care of the Golems inside and then examine the bike 
in the upper right corner to get a Teddy Bear. Go through the door across 
from the bike. Examine the door twice and press the switch. Go back out 
and check the giant door near the bike. Kill the Golems in here and then 
Examine the panel on the left twice to open the gate. Watch the killer 
video and thank god you didn't deal with it.

After the video and scenes, use the phone in the back to save if you want. 
Go to the front and check the box with the blue cross on it to get another 
Ringers Solution. You can get some Airbust rounds from the ammo box too. 
Leave the tent and watch the scene. Check the canister for a message from 
Douglas. Check the ammo boxes and then talk to the soldier. Check them 1 
more time and you now have unlimited sources of: P.B., Hydra, Buckshot, 
Grenade and Rifle rounds. SWEET! Talk to Jodie 2 times and she'll tell you 
that if you talk to the soldier near the truck and he'll sell you stuff. 
This is the goods folks. Check the armor. The Tactical Armor is enough to 
make you weep but the Aya Special isn't too shabby either. You should have 
a very healthy ammount of BP unless you've been spending like a madman. I 
had 33,118 at this point. When you're done shopping and drooling, save again 
if you wish and then use the Teddy Bear you found on Flint. Go back into 
the Shelter. Make your way back to the car and "move out" Answer the phone 
and save your game. Check your map and find the Golem Freezer. Head in and 
you'll find Pierce. Talk to him twice and leave.

Your target now is the Sterilization Room. After the scene, continue through 
and SAVE. I suggest keeping the Skull Crystal, Ofuda and Holy Water on as 
attachments. Fill the rest up with Ringers Solutions or MP Boosts. Continue 
on into the PSG to see a wild scene. I love the little scream No. 9 lets off.

After all the scenes and videos, take the lift next to you down. You will 
actually be ambushed by a Ghost Golem HERE if you aren't quick enough to 
the door. Can you believe that? They already take off 50 HP because of the 
gunshot AND they let you deal with the toughest regular enemy in the game 
right before the boss? I think that's a bit stupid. Enter the door and watch 
the scene. When it's over, boss time.

Ultimate Being

This first part is really a gung ho battle Cast Energy Shot and Antibody 
on yourself and start blasting his face with grenades. When his face falls 
off, move down the ramp and target his stomach. Blast away, recasting ES 
and AB when needed. When you finish the stomach, his chest will open up 
and it'll preform an attack. Just run away until it stops and nail him 
in the chest before it closes. Repeat this until it dies. 

Follow along the grates until you find a glowing orange panel. Use Bowman's 
Card on it and watch the scenes.

What? You thought that was a boss battle? Excuse me while I LOL.

This is the real final boss. This is more of a waiting game while trying 
to stay alive over anything. Start by getting off the bridge and never 
going back on. Simply run around in circles. She will start by flying 
across the room. When you see a portion of the screen look like it did 
when you were fighting the speakers, that means she's coming out of that 
area and jetting across the screen. She'll do this several times in a 
row and then rise in the middle of the screen. Use THIS time to unload 
with grenades. Keep ES and AB cast at all times. When she stand in the 
middle and the whole screen shakes, HIT HER. If you don't do a certain 
ammount of damage to het quick, she'll hit you with an attack that will 
really hurt your HP, drain every drop of your MP AND cast Silence. Nice.

When you shoot her and you see a bunch of bloody limbs fly off, she's 
entered phase 2. In phase 2, she does all her attacks from stage one 
plus she shoots energy balls at you. This one is the easiest to get 
through but the next one? Woooo boy.

In stage three, she'll create a shadow of herself that will come after 
you. These shadows will swipe at you can cause a different status effect 
EVERY time they hit you. If you ever get paralyzed while being silenced, 
I seriously suggest you restart because there is a very good chance you 
will not win. It might not kill you directly but the MP and items you'll 
have to use just to stay alive will probably come back to haunt you in the end.

I personally thought the giant NMC with Eve was harder. 

EXP: 5000
BP: 10000
MP: 100

There ya go. Good Job! You beat the game. Watch the ending and stick around to 
find out your bonuses. I had 187K BP and some change.


Depending on various facts throughout the game, you'll get a Rank and a score.
Depending on that score, the game will add 3 items that you can buy anywhere 
you can spend BP. The items are:

Rank S: Gunblade, Ringer's Solution, Eau de Toilette
Rank A: Hyper Velocity, Hunter Goggles, MP Boost 2
Rank B: MM1, Airburst, Recovery 3
Rank C: M249, .44 MaedaSP, Cola
Rank D: Mongoose, .44 Magnum, Skull Crystal
Rank E: AS12, R.Slug, Firefly
Rank F: Aya's Special, 9mm Spartan, Ofuda
Rank G: Javelin, MD Player, Holy Water
Rank H: Pike, Lipstick, Tactical Armour
Rank I: Hammer, Belt Pouch, MP Boost 1
Rank J: M203, Protein Capsule, 9mm Hydra
Rank K: M9, M4A1 Clip, Flare
Rank L: Monk Robe, Medicine Wheel, Recovery 2

Extra Modes

When you beat the game and save over your file and start a new game, you'll be 
given a different mode to choose from. You can bring over some BP and EXP from 
the previous game, some are easy and some are well...a nightmare.

Replay Mode
BP/EXP carried over: 10%
Mission Level: Easy
Condition: Good
Enemy Level: Easy
Supply Level: Rich
How to unlock: Beat the game for the first time

This is exactly the same as plain ole regular mode except for the carried over
BP and EXP.
Bounty Mode
BP/EXP carried over: 5%
Mission Level: Normal
Condition: Good
Enemy Level: Strong
Supply Level: Normal
How to unlock: Beat the game for the first time

This one is tough. You start finding Golems throughout the game IN AKROPOLIS 
TOWER! You do less damage and take more damage. Good luck.
Scavanger Mode
BP/EXP carried over: 1%
Mission Level: Hard
Condition: Exhausted
Enemy Level: Normal
Supply Level: Very Poor
How to unlock: Beat the game with over 69,001 EXP

This one is toughER. The shops are VERY slim and what they do have is very 
expensive. The enemies are easier than in Bounty Mode so it does balance out
just a bit.
Nightmare Mode
BP/EXP carried over: 0%
Mission Level: Very Hard
Condition: Sick
Enemy Level: Strong
Supply Level: Poor
How to unlock: Beat the game on Scavanger Mode

This one is a nightmare. Golems early on, only 50 HP to start the game, you do 
little damage and take tons. I've yet to even attempt this one yet. Good luck. 
You'll need it.

About/The End

My name is Sean (Shawn, not Seen) and I'm a 19 year old Radiography student 
who lives in Orlando FL. This is my first finished walkthrough. I love RPGs 
but I have soft spot for sports games. Some of my favorite games are Metal 
Gear Solid (and SOL), Xenogears, FF3, Chrono Trigger/Cross and Breath of Fire 

Well, that's the end folks. Thanks for checking out my guide. I'm currently 
working on one for BoF III and plan to write more.

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