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Boss Guide by Dark Knight Bahamut

Version: 1 | Updated: 12/20/2002

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  Parasite Eve 2 Boss Faq written by Larry Linford AKA The Dark Knight Bahamut
                                   Version 1
           Started 13 December 2002 (Yep, it was Friday the thirteenth)

__________________Important! Read, or face the consequences.__________________ 
I wrote this FAQ. I will not take kindly to people copying it, and then just 
slapping their own name on this. If you want it in legal speak, here you go.
This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any website or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission, or used for financial 
purposes. The only website that may display this guide at this time is 
GameFaqs. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

There. I've given you sufficient warning about copyright theft, so don't go 
crying if my lawyers come knocking at your door.


Part Zero: Introduction

Part One: The bosses

I- The Greater Stranger

II- No. 9: First encounter

III- Super Spidey

IV- No. 9: Second encounter 

V- Flamer 

VI- Grandpa Chaser

VII- Hyper Spidey

VIII- Big Mouth

IX- Tlaloc the Hydra Guardian

X- Puppet Stinger and Master

XI- The Ultimate Being

XII- Parasite Eve

Part Two: Frequently Asked Questions

Part Three: Credits and 'dem things.

0. Introduction

Before we get started, I'd like to point some things out. My strategies are for 
your first round of play, or repeats in Replay mode. Not all of them will work 
in Bounty, Scavenger or Nightmare mode. I believe that if your tackling these 
three; you should be sufficiently skilled to take them on.

Loudmouth in the front row: "Hah, you probably haven't even beaten them!"

Author: *Eye twitch* "What was that?"

Loudmouth in the front row: "You heard me. Deal with it!"

Author: "Alright, I will." *Pulls lever and Loudmouth falls screaming into a 
bottomless pit*

Anyways, If you have your own strategy to beat a boss then send it to me. I 
want alternative strategies, not just mine remixed with another weapon. There 
are some spoilers ahead, so watch it. Well, let's get cracking.

1: The bosses

I- The Greater Stranger

Location: Akropolis Tower Cafeteria
Recommended Weapons/Armour: M93R/Leather Jacket
Attacks: Bite- The Stranger just lifts her head and tries to chomp you.

Strategy: Your first boss of the game, so don't expect to be losing any sleep 
over this fight. The Stranger will just stomp around the place, trying to bite 
you. Position yourself behind one of the tables in the cafeteria. Now point and 
laugh as she tries to walk through it.

After some amusement, just keep hitting her with the burst mode of your M93R. 
Just make sure to find another spot to snipe from when she finally gets around 
the table. Feel free to use her for PE practice if you want.

II- No. 9: First Encounter

Location: Akropolis Heliport Walkway
Recommended Weapons/Armour: M93R and Grenade Pistol/Tactical Vest
Attacks: Grenades- He launches these when you get too far from him. They can 
cause Paralysis, which is not helpful at this point in time.

Sword Slash- Get too close to No. 9 and he'll slash at you with his blade. You 
shouldn't see this, as we won't be getting that close to him.

Flaming Sword Leap- This is his most damaging move. He ignites his sword and 
then performs a jumping slash. If he gets you with this and you have low HP, 
better say goodnight. This move has a very long range, so put a lot of distance 
between you and him.

Strategy: While Monkeyman is still laughing psychotically, turn and run away. 
Arm yourself with the Grenade Pistol and fire off one shot at him. Now, head 
around the corner to the first electrical wire. Aim at it, and wait for No. 9 
to get next to it. While you're waiting for him, he might send a few grenades 
your way. Just run slightly forwards or back until it hits. When he gets next 
to the wire, fire and hope that it hits him. If it does, he'll get damaged and 
incapacitated for a few moments. Take this time to hit him with another 

Repeat this until you get to the final wire. It's also got a steam pipe next to 
it. Aim at the wire first, before targeting the pipe. This, and two more 
grenades should finish him.

III- Super Spidey
Location: Dryfield Underpass
Recommended Weapons/Armour: M4A1/Combat Armour 
Attacks: Paw swing- The spider hangs from the roof and bats you around with his 
legs. Not too easy to avoid, but you should only take a maximum of two hits.

Strategy: Get away from Spidey and run up the corridor. See that doorway on the 
left? Squeeze in there and let a rip with your M4A1. He won't be able to reach 
you and you'll be able to give him his daily lead supplement without too much 
hassle. He'll go invisible, so you'll have to draw him into appearing. Failing 
that, just blast it out with him, making sure you have some Recovery 1s or your 
Heal PE.

IV- No. 9: Second Encounter
Location: Dilapidated House, Dryfield
Recommended Weapons/Armour: M4A1/Combat Armour
Attacks: Stab- No. 9 will take aim for a moment before laughing and stabbing at 
your last location with his Gunblade. This is easy to avoid as long as you stay 
on the move and don't get stuck to the various chairs and dressers in this 

Slash- He also aims, but slashes in a horizontal fashion. This move is more 
difficult to avoid, as it covers a wider area than the stab. Your best bet is 
to keep running and hope you get out of range.

Choke- Deciding to get his hands dirty, No. 9 picks you up by the neck and 
proceeds to strangle you. The longer he has you, the more damage he does, so 
start mashing buttons and get loose. He'll only use it if you stay close to him 
for a moderately long time

Strategy: You can shoot it out with this guy if you want, but there is a 
quicker way. With luck, you should have Pyrokinesis at Level two. Problem is 
that when you use it, he blocks it while swearing and cuts down the damage. 

The trick is to get behind him when he's finished attacking, since his recovery 
time is kinda long. When you do, lock on and barbecue his ass. Make sure that 
you get out of the way after that. Lather, rinse, repeat.

_______________________Important note. Branching point_________________________

The next fight determines which one of the two possible endings you will get. 
I'm going down the good ending path. If you take the bad ending, then just 
replace my recommended Armour with the Chicken Plate for every boss fight after 

Boss V- Flamer
Location: Motel walkway, Dryfield
Recommended Weapons/Armour: Grenade Pistol/Combat Armour
Attacks: Fist crush- Flamer brings his fist crashing down onto you. You won't 
get hit by this attack if you follow my strategy.

Arm Sweep- He swings his arm and knocks you into the wall of the motel. Follow 
my strategy, and no hits.

The Squeeze- Flamer Grabs Aya in his fist and lifts her into the air while 
looking at her. If you get stuck here, start mashing the buttons to free Aya's 
arms. You can then aim and fire at his face. After a while, he'll toss you into 
the motel wall. If you're too slow, he'll barbecue Aya from close range AND 
toss her into the motel wall.

Flame-thrower- Flamer blows a stream of flames at Aya. If she dodges, the 
flames will follow her for a while. This is the only attack you should be 
worried about.

Strategy: As soon as the battle starts, run to Aya's left and squeeze into the 
corner between Room 6 and the Loft. All of Flamer's physical attacks will miss 
you here, so barrel in and blow the assmuck out of him with your Grenade 
Pistol. You need to beat him within three minutes to save Flint and get the 
good ending.

When you see some flames spouting from his mouth, he's preparing his Flame-
thrower move. Turn and start running towards room six. Don't stop, or the 
flames will catch up with you. When they stop, head back to the corner. Repeat 
to fade.

VI- Grandpa Chaser 
Location: Mines
Recommended Weapons/Armour: M4A1 and Grenade Pistol/Combat Armour
Attacks: Knockdown- He simply rushes you and knocks you to the floor with his 
neck before running off. You might get hit while lighting the barrels, but not 
after that.

Neck bite- The Chaser rushes you again, but instead of knocking you down, he 
grabs you by the neck before throwing you down. See my notes on Knockdown

Butt Stomp- Chaser leaps into the air before landing right on top of you. This 
move is easiest to avoid since you'll hear a "Huunh" sound before he lands.

Strategy:  As soon as the fight starts, target the fuel barrels and start 
firing at them with your M4A1. They only have 30 HP. Once you can see what 
you're doing, keep running away from the Chaser until you hear the "Huunh" 
sound that signals the butt stomp. Keep running until he lands, then target and 
fire a shot with your Grenade Pistol. If it hits, he'll fall to the ground. 
Quickly reload your pistol. If he's still slightly on the ground, fire another 
shot. If he's already up, don't bother, Repeat and he should peg after four to 
five hits.

Unfortunately, this guy is a glutton for punishment and gets up for a second 
round. Follow the same strategy as before, but it will take more grenades this 
time. One last thing, just watch out for his neck bite attack as it now poisons 

VII- Hyper Spidey
Location: Secret Passageway
Recommended Weapons/Armour: Grenade Pistol/Combat Armour
Attacks: Swipe- He swipes at you. Just like the normal spider, but it hits 

Face Hug- The spider grabs onto you and starts biting. This move is the same as 
the regular spider's hug, but it's more damaging. Mash the buttons to get him 

Strategy: I hope you have Plasma powered up to level two. Wait for Spidey to 
come within range and then use Plasma. You should knock him off the roof. While 
he's taking a nap on the floor, blast him with your Grenade Pistol. Plasma, 
Reload, Blast, Plasma.. I think you get the idea.

VIII- Big Mouth 
Location: Garbage Incinerator
Recommended Weapons/Armour: Grenade Pistol/Combat Armour 
Attacks: Suction Power- Big Mouth opens his mouth and starts sucking everything 
(Including Aya) closer. Get too close and he'll swallow you, which equals 
instant death

Acid Shot- Big Mouth shoots acid from his back and it covers the area. Just 
watch the shadows to see where it will land. 

Acid Spit- He spits acid at you. He'll only use this if you get too far from 

Flypaper Spit- Instead of spitting acid, he'll fire out some orange liquid that 
will stick you to the floor for a short time. It does no damage, but it does 
leave you open to the other attacks. Punch the buttons to get free.   

Poison Gas- He slams his paw down on the ground and green gas comes from the 
holes in his arms. Naturally, it poisons you and you should avoid it.

Tongue Slam- If he runs out of space to use his Acid Shot move, Big Mouth will 
give you a tongue lashing in more ways than one. He lifts his head and then 
brings his tongue down on you. You'll beat him before he gets a chance to use 

Strategy: As soon as the fight starts, he'll use his Suction Power move. Aim 
and fire a grenade down his throat. Keep running away from him and only reload 
when he stops sucking. He'll use either Acid Shot or Poison Gas. Dodge them and 
then wait for him to begin sucking. He'll move forward after some damage. 
Repeat the tactics until he moves forward for a last time. One more grenade 
should finish this phase of the fight. If you want some extra EXP, shoot at his 
shoulders. He'll moan and slam down his hand, making two laughing NMCs fall 
out. Kill them before he uses Suction Power, because he'll be healed when he 
swallows them.

Enter the doors, and guess what? Yep, he's back for a rematch. You can either 
shoot it out with him like the last encounter, following the same tactics. Or, 
crush him in the trash compactor. I'll take it that you're using the second 
option. Run away from him until you come to a gap in the floor. Walk into the 
alcove on the left side. Aya will mention that she felt the floor sink. The 
lift is now rising. Big Mouth will now be right next to you. Just keep running 
into the gap to avoid being sucked in and to avoid the poison gas. When the 
lift rises, run over to the other side and blast him with grenades when he 
opens his mouth. Eventually, he'll step onto the lift and it will go down. Now, 
step onto the second floor switch and let the compactor do the rest. 

IX- Tlaloc the Hydra Guardian
Location: Island, Neo Ark
Recommended Weapons/Armour: Grenade Pistol/Tactical Vest
Attacks: Electrical Discharge- He charges up and then blasts a stream of 
electricity at you. He'll track you while firing it, so just keep running.

Strategy: You should have Energy Shot at level two, so cast it to shorten the 
fight. If Tlaloc appears to be charging up, (There's electricity flowing around 
him) start running to avoid the Discharge attack. When it stops, shoot a 
grenade at him. Reload and repeat. He never goes underwater, so as long as he's 
not attacking, keep blasting. Easy, N'est pas? And make sure that you check the 
water after beating him.

X- Puppet Stinger and Master
Location: EVE access tunnel
Recommended Weapons/Armour: M4A1 and Grenade Pistol/Tactical Vest
Attacks: Laser- He forms some beams in his hand and then sends a laser out at 
you. He can send out a single, double or triple laser out at you. This won't 
hit you with my strategy.

Energy Spheres- He forms three balls in his hands and sends them out at you. 
This won't hit you with my strategy.

Combustion- He charges for a long time before the entire area explodes into 
flames. This won't hit you with my strategy.

Antibody- The master casts this on the Stinger, cutting down the damage from 
your attacks. The shield stays on until the Stinger uses Combustion.

Heal- The master heals the stinger for about one hundred HP. Nothing you can do 
about it, it simply makes the fight longer.

Strategy: Pull out your rifle and start blasting one of the speakers before it 
can reduce your MP. The explosion will also interrupt the Stinger's first 
attack. Do the same for the second speaker. Now, hopefully you have Plasma at 
level three. Place yourself next to the Master, cast Energyshot and start 
attacking the Stinger. When the Stinger raises his arms to attack, cast Plasma. 
You'll break the link between the Master and the Stinger. When he starts 
charging to cast Combustion, don't cast Plasma. This is the only time the 
Antibody shield goes down, so hit him with a Grenade for double damage. 
Obviously, you'll need some MP Boosts. Keep it up, and he'll soon drop.

Alternate Strategy by Sir Garland: Have Necrosis powered up to level three and 
simply use it on the boss. The poison should interrupt his attacks and allow 
you to finish him off.

__________________________Note for the final bosses____________________________
If you're on the Bad ending route, you'll receive the Mongoose and the Maeda SP 
rounds from Rupert. In this case, stock up on Mongoose rounds and use it 
against the Ultimate Being. Make sure to save the SP rounds for Parasite Eve.

XI- Ultimate Being
Location: Pod Bottom
Recommended Weapons/Armour: Grenade Pistol with M4A1 as a backup/Tactical Vest 
Attacks: Pimp slap from hell- The Ultimate Being winds up and slaps you across 
the walkway. Run to the lower sections of the gantries to avoid it.

Head Beam- He charges up a yellow light from his head and blasts you with it. 
The beam inflicts Darkness sometimes. Just run and it should miss you.

Poison Gas- After a while, it releases Poison from his arms. Could be slightly 
hard to avoid, since you have start running pretty early.

Tail Acid- If you're going for the Kamikaze method (See below), then you'll 
have to go after the tail type things. They'll shower you with acid, and it 
comes out rapidly, so you could get hit three times before you know it.

Core Blast- The most damaging move it has. The flap on its stomach opens and it 
charges for about four seconds before letting off a giant shot from the core. 
To avoid it, head to the lower part of the gantries to see it go right over 
your head.

Normal Strategy: You'd better have Antibody, Energyshot, Healing and Metabolism 
maxed out for this fight. When the fight starts, cast Energyshot and Antibody. 
Now, target the head and start firing. After a while, it should fall off. While 
all this is going on, he's still going to be hitting you with the Pimp slap, 
Poison gas and Head Beam. When the head goes, aim at the wound left behind. 
After a few clean hits, he'll writhe in pain and then charge up the Core Blast. 
Fire one grenade and start running to the lower part of the walkway. The blast 
should miss, so head back up and start again. After six or seven grenades, he 
should die and then dissolve.

Kamikaze Strategy: Okay, we're going for the EXP and BP jackpot. This requires 
you to take out every single body part of the Ultimate Being. Level Three 
Inferno will make this a breeze, but it can be down without it. The downside is 
that you could run out of Grenades before you face the final boss. Now, onto 
the fight.

THUMP-THUMP! Cast Energyshot and Antibody from the start and head down to the 
lower level of the gantry. You should be able to target his torso now, so keep 
firing until you lose the target lock and a red wound appears. His turning 
speed should be slower, so catch up with the tails. Shoot them until they 
split, and then blow them off completely. You now need to shoot the wound that 
the tail was attached to, otherwise it will grow back.

Torso and tails down, onto the arms. They will swell up after taking some 
damage, so finish them. If your shots do 0 HP of damage to the arms, blast them 
with any Fire PE. After taking down the arms, run around it once while pressing 
Square. This will make sure that you didn't miss any parts. Once that is done, 
follow the steps in the normal strategy.

XII- Parasite Eve
Location: Pod Bottom
Recommended Weapons/Armour: Grenade Pistol and M4A1/Tactical Vest
Attacks: Wing slash- Exactly what it says, Eve swings her wings at you. Keep on 
the move to avoid this.

Torpedo Eve- Eve starts emitting coloured dust and rushes at your last 
position. If she misses, she'll keep reappearing at different points in the 
room in the hope of nailing you. If you get hit, she'll reappear on the bridge.

Head Bash- She will sometimes fly into the air, before crashing into the bridge 
in the middle. If you're on the bridge, you'll get hit, so stay off.

Energyball- Eve creates three balls that home in on you. I've never been able 
to avoid them, so just cast Metabolism to prevent the Paralysis and take the 

Chanting- Eve puts her hands together and the screen goes wavy. Your MP will 
also increase. Don't be too mesmerised, because she'll set you on fire after 
that, draining all your MP and silencing you. Shoot her with the Grenade pistol 
to stop it, or cast Lifedrain if you have it.

Shadow Eve- Eve creates a shadow clone of herself that follows you around, 
using Wing Slash. Take them out before concentrating on the real Eve.

Strategy: This is what the whole game's been building up to. At the start of 
the battle, cast Antibody and Energyshot. Start hitting her with your Grenades. 
If she's preparing for Torpedo Eve, dodge it and then stay on the move until 
she reappears on the bridge. Keep it up, dodging all her attacks. She'll start 
bleeding, which is when she cracks out the chant. If you're first Grenade fails 
to halt it, don't reload. It's too slow. Instead, hit her with Pyrokinesis. 
Eventually, the screen will go white. Congrats, and enjoy the ending and your 
bonus items.

Part two: Frequently Asked Questions

This is the first version, how can I have questions?

Part three: Credits and 'dem things

If you need any help beyond what I've listed here, feel free to visit the PE2 
message board. 

A. Contact Details

E-mail me at: Dark_Knight_Bahamut@Hotmail.com

What I do need:

Alternate Strategies
HP values of the bosses
Criticism or Thanks
Anything you feel could add to this guide's value

What I don't need:

Advertisements (Spam me and I'll block you)
Any kinds of viruses or Trojans


+ CJayC: For running the best free videogames site on the web +
+ Sir Garland: For giving me the alternate Stinger strategy +
+ Squaresoft: For creating PE2 and the most kick ass RPGs in the world +   
+ Everybody on the PE2 board for making sure that I still play this game +

End Of Faq

Copyright Larry Linford 2002-2003
Also known as DKB on the GameFaqs Message Boards   

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