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Enemy FAQ by Kroeti

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 04/24/2002

~        PARASITE EVE II        ~
~~~~~~~~OPPONENT GUIDE~~~~~~~

written by: Kroeti

copyright 2002 Nicole Kurowsky

version: 0.1

Table of contents
- bestiary list
              NMC's and ANMC's
              GOLEM opponents
              SECURITY SYSTEM shelter

- mode difficulty
              1st MODE
              REPLAY MODE
              BOUNTY MODE
              SCAVENGER MODE
              NIGHTMARE MODE

- What does it mean? 
              PE, HP, MP, BP, EXP

- killing list 
              GREATER STRANGER
              GOLEM No.9 Akropolis Tower
              GOLEM No.9 dilapitated house
              CANNON MOUTH
              BIG MOUTH
              PAPA HORSE
              PUPPET STINGER
              ULITMATE BEING 
              SAVER Final Eve
- credits

/NMC and ANMC list\  
NMC - Neo-Mitochondria Creature 
ANMC - Artificial Neo-Mitochondria Creature (wearing technical device)

|description        |HP   |MP  |BP   |EXP  | inflict / attack   |
|Amoeba, green/blue |80   |8   |86   |12   |silence,pyrokinesis |
|Amoeba, red        |280  |30  |420  |16   |berserk, pyrokinesis|
|Bat                |1    |1   |18   |5    |bite                |
|Bass               |1    |1   |36   |6    |poison              |
|BIG MOUTH          |                      |poison, berserk,spit|
|    1st round      |3000 |100 |200  |500  |acid rain, vomit    |
|    2nd round      |3000 |100 |200  |700  |absorbing           |
|Black Beetle       |280  |1   |53   |15   |dash, fast running  |
|Butterfly          |1    |2   |18   |2    |darkness            |
|Caterpillar, green |80   |1   |28   |6    |falling, jumping    |
|CANNON MOUTH       |4650 |100 |1000 |2000 |ignition,holding,   |
|    runaway        |1550 |/   |/    |1000 |fist throw, sweeping|
|Chaser (horse-like)|200  |4   |50   |75   |dash, headbutt      |
|Chaser,mad laughing|110  |1   |40   |20   |jumping, creeping   |
|Diver, bog         |240  |3   |88   |70   |electroshock        |
|Diver, sea         |2000 |15  |1000 |400  |ligthing bolt       |
|Fatty              |280  |5   |102  |152  |poison, punch, flog |
|Fatty, mossback    |450  |6   |152  |204  |darkness,punch,flog |
|Generator, proto   |500  |100 |100  |200  | /                  |
|Generator, beta    |750  |100 |200  |400  | /                  |
|Maggot             |160  |1   |68   |16   |darkness,fall,jump  |
|PAPA HORSE         |500  |10  |200  |300  |dash,flying,        |
|PAPA HORSE, mutated|2500 |30  |300  |50   |poison, neck throw  |
|Rat                |18   |1   |22   |4    |poison              |
|SAVER, FINAL EVE   |12000|100 |10000|5000 |paralysis,berserk   |
|SHADOW max.10      |400  |/   |1000 |300  |confusion,silence   |
|                   |     |    |     |     |darkness, poison    |
|                   |     |    |     |     |chants,diving bomb  |
|                   |     |    |     |     |teleport, punch     |
|                   |     |    |     |     |flying tackle,shadow|
|Scavenger (bouncer)|85   |2   |62   |10   |snap, kick          |
|Scorpion           |68   |1   |8    |20   |poison, sting       |
|Slouch (lying)     |120  |1   |36   |12   |poison, flog        |
|Stranger, grin     |160  |4   |48   |42   |snap                |
|(white, male)      |     |    |     |     |                    |
|STRANGER, GREATER  |350  |30  |200  |300  |bite, snap          |
|Stranger, odd      |180  |3   |34   |34   |snap                |
|(ginger, male)     |     |    |     |     |                    |
|Stranger, lesser   |180  |4   |82   |42   |snap                |
|(back-horned, fem) |     |    |     |                          |
|Stranger, creeping |250  |1   |48   |15   |berserk, scratch    |
|Stranger, horned   |420  |5   |200  |115  |jump, snap, dash    |
|Stalker, gray      |450  |15  |200  |500  |confusion, slash    |
|Stalker, zebra     |180  |5   |36   |106  |slash               |
|Stalker, ivory     |1000 |15  |300  |600  |paralysis,poison    |
|Stalker, skull     |1    |1   |32   |2    |invisibility        |
|Stinger, brain     |400  |8   |152  |105  |paralysis, darkness |
|(Bowman-typ)       |     |    |     |     |poison, death-touch |
|STINGER, PUPPET    |4000 |100 |500  |1000 |paralysis, darkness |
|                   |     |    |     |     |confusion, Inferno  |
|Suckler, mind      |50   |2   |36   |12   |sting               |
|Suckler, blood     |1    |4   |28   |8    |suck, explosion     |
|Sucklerceph        |70   |3   |12   |6    |explosion           |
|ULTIMATE BEING     |     |    |     |     |poison, paralysis   |
|all body-parts     |13800|200 |20000|4200 |darkness, combustion|
|core (reactor)     |3500 |200 |500  |300  |flash, gas, Hellfire|

/Neoteny - GOLEM opponents - checkmate\


|description        |HP   |MP  |BP   |EXP  | inflict / attack   |
|GOLEM NO 9         |1600 |30  |800  |500  |paralysis, fire, rip|
|Akropolis Tower    |     |    |     |     |slash               |
|GOLEM NO 9         |1100 |50  |300  |800  |strangle hold, slash|
|dilapidated house  |     |    |     |     |rip, stab           |
|pawn golem         |425  |5   |100  |125  |slash, stab         |
|[electro-blade]    |     |    |     |     |                    |
|pawn golem         |425  |5   |100  |125  |darkness, slap with |
|[shooter]          |     |    |     |     |grenade launcher    |
|rook golem         |482  |8   |400  |250  |silence, slash, stab|
|[electro-blade]    |     |    |     |     |                    |
|            shield |250  |/   |     |     |                    |
|rook golem         |482  |8   |400  |250  |paralysis, silence  |
|[shooter]          |     |    |     |     |slash, stab         |
|            shield |250  |    |     |     |                    |
|knight golem       |600  |6   |1000 |300  |poison,strangle hold|
|[purple]           |     |    |     |     |slash,invisibility  |
|                   |     |    |     |     |project clones      |
|bishop golem       |800  |7   |2500 |400  |paralysis, confusion|
|[red]              |     |    |     |     |strangle hold, slash|
|                   |     |    |     |     |invisibility        |
|                   |     |    |     |     |project clones      |

/security system shelter - WATCHER and SPEAKER\


|description        |HP   |MP  |BP   |EXP  | inflict / attack   |
|laser THETA        |70   |/   |/    |15   |paralysis           |
|laser LAMBDA       |70   |/   |/    |15   |confusion           |
|laser GAMMA        |70   |/   |/    |15   |stronger            |
|laser SIGMA        |70   |/   |/    |15   |strongest laser     |
|machine gun        |70   |/   |/    |15   |just pain in the as |
|speaker            |200  |/   |/    |150  |whittle MP down     |

/mode difficulty\

Parasite Eve 2 has got actually 5 modes.
Lets determine those.

~1st Mode~
Available and only available if you start a very new game.
You start with 100 HP and 30 MP, your strenght and damage that
weapons do amount to 100%. 
Opponent strenght count 100%, too.
You start with 0 EXP but 200 BP.
Necessary EXP to revive spells: 100 %.
The bonus factor doesn't matter the end tally will be multiplied
by 1.

~Replay Mode~
Available after you finished 1st Mode, it is the easiest mode you
can buy bonus weapons and spells and your condition is very good.
You start with 100 HP and 30 MP, strenght and weapon-dammage counts
100%. Opponents are 50% weaker than in 1st Mode.
You need only 40% of your EXP to revive spells.
Remaining BP and EXP amount to 1/10, end tally will be multiplied
by 1.

~Bounty Mode~
Available after 1st Mode. Neighter you can buy any bonus weapons, 
nor Medicine Veil. 
Golems are crawling the entire game, you will meet tougher enemies
very early in the game, as Maggots instead of Caterpillars, Brain Stinger
instead of Stranger, red and blue Amoebas instead of Bloodsucklers, and 
an second ivory Stalker lures. (this one that you fought in secret
passage after you killed Papa Horse)
Your beginning status amount to 100 HP and 30 MP, but your strenght and
weapon-damage counts only 75%. Enemies are now 200% tough, and EXP-cost
increases to 80% if you revive a spell. 
Remainung BP and EXP amount to 1/20, but your result will be multiplied
by 3 at the end tally.

~Scavenger Mode~
Available either after 1st Mode it'll be unlocked with 69001 EXP, or
after you finished Bounty Mode.
Shops are messed up, M4A1 is not available until you reach Dryfield the
second time! Normal enemies crawling around.
MM1 and the Medicine Veil are at the beginning available, but only there.
(well, Medicine Veil can be found as usual after defeating Big Mouth, 
but you need it BEFORE you drive to Dryfield, Golem No.9 will drop a
gunblade after you defeat him)
And unfortunately they are very expensive. It is quit impossible to 
purchase them unless you finished one Nightmare Mode! (crazy I know)
These facts are making this mode to the hardest mode in my opinion.
But when you survived your first Scavenger Mode Nightmare won't
be a great problem, honestly, I didn't want believe this fact.
Aya starts with 100 HP and meanly 10 MP, your strenght and weapon damage
amounts to 75%, and enemies are 300% strong! You need 80% of EXP-cost
to revive a spell. Remaining BP and EXP count to 1/100.
And the end tally will be multiplied by 5, thats great of course.

~Nightmare Mode~
Only available after you finished Scavenger Mode.
You get the same enemies as in Bounty Mode, and the shops are messed up
like in Scavenger Mode...MM1 is only available at the beginning and you 
won't never be able to purchase it. (Nightmare is always the same, that 
means you always start with NO remaining BP or EXP!)
Your condition is sick, you'll start with 50 HP and 30 MP.
Aya's strenght and weapon-damage amount to poor 60%, while your 
opponent strenght amount to 300%! You need 80% of EXP-cost to revive a
spell. There are no remaining BP and Exp!
The end tally will be multiplied by 10, great deal!

/What does it mean?\
ParasiteEnergy - Parasite Energy comes from your mutated mitochondria.
You must revive them with EXP to execute a spell use MP.

HitPoints - you lose HP when you get hit by opponent, red HP means get
injured, blue HP means healing (only Brain Stinger, Puppet Stinger can 
heal themselves, and Big Mouth when he munches Mad Chaser), 0HP means
opponent no-effective (eg. Amoeba's with 9.mm)

MitchondriaPoints - yes, NO magic points, they are used when Aya executes
Parasite Energy (PE), PE is coming from your mutated mitochondria, so 
you have to use some MP's to execute spells.
Only applicable in combat-mode, except PE Healing.
Enemies will drop MP after you defeat them.
Or just use MP recovery. But think twice to use some recovery when you 
are in Scavenger or Nightmare because they won't be never sold.

BountyPoints - it explains by itself, doesn't it? They are the currency
in this game. Kill an opponent - earn BP. Thats it.
Make sure to collect special key items ("Mendel" magazine, "Aeris"
computer-magazine for example) their high BP value will increase the end

ExperiencePoints - The more you know/learn the more experience you will
get. Each defeated enemy 'teaches' Aya; you'll get EXP after each
fight, and you need them to revive spells.

/strategies for boss battles \

location: Cafe Parthenon
mode difficulty: easy in all 4 modes

As soon as you get back the control over Aya shoot the Stranger with
triple-shoot from M93R. (But it's not essential.) Immediately after this
run behind a table and keep peppering. Make sure that the creature is
not getting around the table.


location: Akropolis Tower, helicopter airport
mode difficulty: easy in 1st mode and replay, normal difficult in bounty
                and nightmare, more trickier in scavenger

Take notice of the power-hardnesses and pipelines.
1st and replay: just shoot one grenade to each power-hardness when he
is near to it. The last steam pipeline is very powerful (the one near
the elevator) if he is not going down right here keep shooting with
MP5A5 or grenade launcher or last but not least use your pyrokinesis.

Bounty: for an easy victory have M4A1 rifle and grenade launcher by 
your side. (but you'll get 4 riot rounds instead of grenades, not really
worthwhile) A triple shot from M4A1 will destroy cable.
Follow the same procedure as above but be more careful.

Scavenger: I strongly recommend to save the 4 grenades in wisely foresight
of the comming CANNON MOUTH battle, because beating this guy in your
first scavenger mode is very hard, and 4 + energyshot grenades will
help alot. (don't forget the black card it will allow you to keep the
found grenades)
Do your best to win 50 hydra rounds from shooting training. Have 3-4 mace'
attached, and the plain parabellum rounds, if you wish riot rounds, too.
As soon as the battle begins take a step ahead and use without hesitation
a mace. Cast energyshot it makes the fight faster to end. Then reload all
your hydra rounds in No 9 either with M93R or MP5A5, if your clip runs 
dry use the plain parabellum. If No 9 wakes up from paralysis status use
another mace. Do so till your mace' run out. Go on and let him taste
sweet current. (hit the cables either with riot rounds or make them weaker
with parabellum rounds, when you opponent is near destroy the cables)
To avoid reloading in a critical situation have M93R attached, connoted:
this 9.mm weapon that you are not using. If your clip runs dry change the 
weapon and keep shooting. Reload when you are in a saver distance.

Nightmare: Use the same mace-shoot procedure as I described above. But
in this mode it becomes easier than it sounds. Because you'll have spartan
rounds. With eneryshot casted pump them into No 9 if they are exhausted
use hydra rounds. When you are out of mace' run away, weaken the power
cables, let him taste current, and at least set him down with the last 
steam pipeline. Don't risk a hit you are very weak at this point, you'll

[Thanks to Gerard Schiela for exploring the mace-shoot procedure!]


location: Dryfield, dilapidated house
mode difficulty: very easy in replay, easy in 1st mode, bounty, nightmare
tough, but scavenger is more tougher, when you look at your ammo

Have you notice that you can enter the small room which leads
into the dilapidated house? Do so enter the room right after the battle 
begins. It is not necessary to cast energyshot unless you are in scavenger
or nightmare mode, it helps to save ammo. (this point is more important
than a faster victory!) Run to the window turn Aya to south side a wait 
for No 9 to come in. When he is in run immediately around him (it is
better to take a small curve) and re-enter the dilapidated house. His hit
will miss you, if you are fast enough. Run straight ahead behind the small
commode and squeeze Aya to it. As I say if you were fast enough No 9 won't
hit you. Hit him with pyrokinesis (lv.3 is much better) after he swang 
his blade because this is the point where his defensive position is weak.
Take this opportunity, shoot and burn him. When you hit him after sword
swing with pyrokinesis he won't get the idea to go around the commode.
You know what this means? :)

This method is difficult in scavenger because you start with only 10 MP,
and to this point it is not going to increase noteworthy.
Eighter you put a alot of recovery items in your belt pouches, or you 
just kill him by running through the room and keep shooting.

In nightmare mode where you start with 30 MP put some recovery lv.1 in 
your belt pouches, and your ammo of choice should be spartan rounds.
They do good work, well better work then riot rounds. Excellent work
with eneryshot casted. P08 criticals more often than M93R but I dont 
recommend this because its to slow.

Replay: excellent work does energyball lv.3! Inferno is deadly too, but
it is the most expensive spell.


location: Dryfield, balcony
mode difficulty: maybe you become desperate in 1st mode (the first 
                 encounter is hard in my opinion), easy in replay,
                 be patient in bounty, hard in scavenger, nightmare
                 no problem because of the better ammo

The challenge here is to beat this fat flame-thrower creature under
the time limit which is stated to 3 minutes.
What would happend, if [...] ? 
[...] the battle outlasts 3 min, Flint will die. In this case you won't 
get the good or normal ending. Make sure to grab the chicken plate which
is located in the green limosine near the trailer, junkyard.
[...]if cannon mouth runs out of fuel (this happens when he ignites very
often) and if the amount of his health is more than 1/3 after 3 min he
will runaway. In this case Flint will die, too. 
But in one case I had got a runaway and the dog was alive! I think
if one of this conditions isn't done, Flint will stay alive.
Of course it is easier to let Cannon Mouth run out of fuel 
(don't necrotizes him)lure him to burn you; the psycho-vest which has
an opponent HP display is NOT able to show the HP status of bosses!
(and it is only available in replay to this encounter)
[...]he won't runaway if you damage him so hard that he loses more than
2/3 of his HP amount UNDER 3 min time limit.
(if you wonder why he isn't take refuge in the desert this could be 
the cause)

If the weapon shops selling grenade rounds (don't bother about 
riot rounds!) stick up your grenade pistol with them, and pump it
into Cannon Mouth. Make sure to run the entire battle so the most of his
attacks will miss you. To avoid get holding by him squeeze Aya in the 
corner between room No.6 and loft or run into the walkway which leads to
the staircase. Pyrokinesis lv.3 does also decent damage especially when
Aya is near to him. If you use rifle rd. cast energyshot in other case
you'll prolonging the fight and Flint will probably die.

In scavenger mode where your weapon-ammo equipment is very poor and does
only 75% of the damage and the opponents are 300% tougher than in previous
modes, you have to be very careful and quick.
Cast necrosis lv.3 (lv.3 has got the longest reach you can hit him from
a pretty distance) as soon as the battle begins, dodge his attacks or you
are pulp. Everytime when the poison runs out of him re-cast again, and 
keep peppering.
After I had really problems to beat this guy I used up all my belt
pouches to stock up the assault vest with recovery items. I beat him with 
my fool-proofed pyrokinesis tactic. That means, after he held his face
in pain I shot him with pyrokinesis while he is necrotized and of 
course kept shooting with the M93R.
I know that is kind of waste to use the belt pouches and many recoveries,
but what matters? It is better to get frustrated! :)
If you saved up the 4 grenades from Akropolis Tower use them now.
Best use after he held his face in pain, cast energyshot and give them

In nightmare you'll have some airburst rounds (over 10 pieces in the best
case) and the most powerful 9.mm ammo spartan rounds.
Since the damage you could do and weapon-strenght is only 60% (!!)
and opponents are 300% tough too, you are depending on powerful ammo.
It took me around 300 spartan rounds, one airburst, eau de toilette (from
the amoebas in bad room), and some necrosis and pyrokinesis.
I found out it is better to use the M93R because it is much faster in 
reloading time than the grenade pistol.
Make sure to use eau de toilette AFTER Cannon Mouth is necrotized because
if you use some parasite energies the amount of Aya's HP status will
descend INSTEAD of MP status!
It is a short but powerful effect the damage that your weapons do will
increase a lot!

Here is another  -not proofed- hint: when Cannon Mouth is going for
ignition shoot immediately in his mouth, then his flame will shift and
won't hit you! For optimal use take the M4A1 with rifle rounds and 
lead Aya in the walkway which leads to the staircase.
(doing in this way you avoid all his other attacks, nice)


~BIG MOUTH~  a.k.a. Glutton
location: Shelter, B3, garbage dump and incinerator 
mode difficulty: easy in 1st mode, replay, bounty, save up your
                 grenades for scavenger, and nightmare

This NMC which contains several creatures ('talk' to him after the 1st
round) has got different attacks. Maybe you won't see all of them.
To make your life easier AVOID to shoot both shoulders.
The left shoulder spits green poison, be warned when Big Mouth is
going for lift up this shoulder. Only when you hit it in both, or
one shoulder it will spit out Mad Chasers.
Right after this it is going for sucking, if you missed to kill the
few Mad Chasers it'll suck them into its huge mouth, and will be
healed to 100 HP (every chaser = 100 HP)
The head, that means: the mouth is closed, is invulnerable, you get the
biggest damage when the creature is going for suck, and when it's going
for slug with tongue. You will see this tongue attack when Big Mouth
is near to Aya, but this happens not very often. 
For an easy victory loadup you grenade pistol, cast eneryshot, and pump it
into its huge Mouth. A well placed pyrokinesis [lv3] will do also decent 
M950 load up with spartan or hydra rounds should be your weapon of choice
in scavenger. Do so in nightmare, or if you saved some airburst or grenade
round use them wisely. Avoid the acid rain as best as you can! Avoiding 
glue attack in scavenger and nightmare is essential in other case you are
monster provender. 
The creature moves in 3 stages forward, this is not a must, if you use
the hypervelocity you'll know what I mean. :)

The second round is easier. Either you lure it to the lift, and later OF
the lift to smush it automatically, or you take it down near the first
corner. To lure it to the lift, move near to Big Mouth, or do some decent
damage it'll move faster. Right after it is on the stage let Aya stepping
on the panel, thats it. 
If you prefer the corner-fight, run as soon as it turns into orange-jelly
to the lift-stepping panel and step on it.
This will save time and its essential in scavenger and nightmare where
you should beware of the coming fights. (two explosion-hits from 
Sucklerceph's are deadly in nightmare!)

Note: don't forget free hydra and 9.mm rounds in garbage dump, and in 
the second return to grab the medicine veil!


location: hole, mine shaft
mode difficulty: easy in 1st mode, replay, bounty, be more carefully in
                 scavenger, and nightmare

The big chaser has got about 500 HP in the first round. It'll take a well
placed hit by one of the exploding barrels and some hits from grenade
pistol or M93R. The M950 is a little bit to slow for the fast chaser.
In scavenger and nightmare you'll rather get a harmful hit than you could
do serious damage to him! 
In the maintime RUN...Anytime he'll take a little rest, run to his 
position and he'll start running again.
Everytime when you hear the *WOHOO* noise he is going to smash you with 
his body. Just run and the attack will miss you.
This is a good way to shoot him or necrotizes him because after falling 
he's confused for few seconds. Turn Aya to his body and do what ever
you wanna do and right after this RUN.
If you want to save ammo necrotizes him and after a few rounds take him
down with a barrel.
Riot/grenades/airburst will destroy them immediately, make the barrel 
weaker by using M950 or M93R.

The secound round is not as hard, too.
Either use the other barrels, or necrotise-shoot him.
He is more suspectible to necrosis (up to 50 HP damage!), hit him when
he's confused or laying down and then RUN.
The mutated Papa Horse is faster and more aggressive so beware!
If he changes his direction (this happens often!) then move Aya to a wall
(out of his new direction), try to avoid get hit by overwhelm. 


location: shelter B6, training room
mode difficulty: if know HOW it is easy ;)

In my first play-through's I used grenades, one grenade hit will stop the
ugly Stinger in EVERY of his attacks.
Forget about airburst rounds, they do inconsiderable damage. 
Of course you have to destroy the Speakers at first!
But grenades are rare when you play scavenger and nightmare.
Hm...so what doing?

The second idea is, after destroying the Speakers, running to the left
side of the Stinger. (The opposite side where Eve is standing.)
Use your M4A4, excellent work with the Pyke!!, or M950 with the powerful
spartan rounds, or hydra rounds.
Turn the music on, listen when the creature is going for an attack.
BEFORE the attack is ready to use (laser, jelly-balls, inferno) RUN INTO
his antibodyshield! Aya will scream and fall to her knees, but every 
attack will miss her!
The secret here is to listen very carefully. 
Don't hesitate, and don't run impatient in the shield! (Aya stands up
earlier and maybe will get a hit)
Except when the Stinger is execute his inferno he is not very suspectible
to PE. He is most vulnerable few moments after inferno and before he
executes the spell.
It will take a while, just shoot, wait, listen, shoot...

The third and the most brilliant idea is to confuse Eve with Plasma!
Destroy the Speaker at first, run to Eve (beware of the antibodyshield)
cast plasma[lv3]. What happens? His antibodyshield runs out, and the
Stinger is 50% more vulnerable! The other fact: your plasma spell will
stop him from executing any attacks! 
Put some recovery items in your belt pouches, and use your weapon of 
choice (see above), and don't risk a hit.
If you want put some antidote into, because it is hard to deal with 
paralysis (-> laser). It is better to avoid getting a hit, follow this
method it will be easy.
When he performs inferno and you disturb him/Eve cast apobiosis while
he's flopping back and immediately after this cast necrosis.
He'll lost decent HP amount but the effect is short-lived.

In nightmare you can't reload fuel/battery until you saved Ironheart.
If you want a VERY easy fight put the pyke to a save place and save
the charges to burn the Stinger to dead.
Don't worry the pyke isn't a must for the sea-diver! 


~ULTIMATE BEING~  a.k.a. Reactor, Infant
location: shelter B2, pod bottom
mode difficulty: normal in 1st mode, easy in replay, bounty like 1st mode
                 scavenger and nightmare COULD be insane if you don't
                 know how :)

[Thanks again to Mr. Schiela! See opening sequence]
If you don't have revived inferno[lv3] do it know, it is the best time.
These body-parts are really pain: the head -> double-laser causes 
darkness, the neck -> lightning bolts causes darkness, arm carapaces -> 
they spit a green poison cloud, and can sweeping Aya away.
Especially for nightmare it is a MUST to destroy these parts at FIRST!
In other case you have to deal with the mega-blast AND with lightning
bolts, posion clouds, and attacks from other parts.
I should mention that Aya dies very quick when she trapped into poison.
You wanna save you protein caps in nightmare? Then you should NEVER get
Here we go...

As soon as the battle begins cast inferno[lv3] right after this you should
cast combustion[lv3], don't forget energyshot[lv3] and destroy the head.
Best use for M249! When head falls down cast another inferno, or lifedrain
(you will get a hit either by laser beam or lightning bolts, don't worry
unless you are in nightmare), keep shooting. Everytime when you see a
white puff-gas the body part is destroyed. Don't get confuse with harmful
white gas coming from the rear! (it happend to my few times, I was 
shooting and shooting the rear, see some white gas and was lucky, that
I destroyed the part...deadly mistake in nightmare)
After you has taken two bodyparts down the core will turn into megablast.
The Ultimate Being is not able to turn while he executes the FIRST mega-
blast. Take his opportunity and run to the left side, stand there don't
move to the middle! Use some recovery, or ringer solution and cast inferno.
This should destroy the arm carapaces, or the neck. If you feel saver
after some encounters with this creatures then you should be able to hit
the neck with pyrokinesis BEFORE he opens the core.
In some cases I was able to run up left bridge side before the 
core sequence started. If you move very quick you are able to injure the
core while its charging. You will get the highest effect to damage the
open core when using lifedrain[lv3]. But beware! If you're not able to
destroy the arm carapaces or the neck you shouldn't use lifedrain
its not strong enough to take this parts down. (under 50 HP damage)

After that you should take out the belly button. Make sure that 
eneryshot is casted to 1) save ammo and 2) don't get killed by
mega blast while you're taking the belly button out. Move Aya
to the lower platform take some steps backwards and shoot without
hesitation the button. You'll see the Ultimate Being is turning to
you ready for charging another megablast. But don't worry, if
you are fast enough you should be able to destroy the belly button.
This will stop him from executing the megablast, and give you some
time to run away. (after you see the white puff-gas you should really
By the way, the best weapon to destroy harmful parts is a weapon with
a high shooting-frequence like M249, M950 with spartan rounds, AS12 with
r.slug, or fireflies, MM1 with airburst, or grenades, and even the 
javalin laser-attach for M4A4.
As you see load them up with their most powerful ammo and cast eneryshot.
For fast parts like the tentacles use the mongoose load up with magnum
rounds, or maeda's (kind of waste).
Thats your next destination: destroy the tentacles and their socket.
Take out one tentacle, don't be unpatient with peppering! Stop, if you
see no HP's running out. The tentacle will split into two parts.
They are weak don't worry. But you should IMMEDIATELY take out the socket
because a new growned tentacle is kind of waste for your ammo.
It's not easy, you had to run the entire battle to aim the socket or
tentacle and in the lower platform you will get white gas from rear end.
And of course you have to deal with the megablast. While you are busy 
to dogde these attacks, another tentacle maybe grown up.
Grenades are to slow for them, if you are out of direction.
And don't forget to refresh energyshot if its necessary.
After one tentacle and socket are destroyed take out the rear end. 
Its easier because the white gas poison will only hit you in lower 
Then take out the other tentacle and the socket. Now, you don't have to 
hurry, and energyshot is not essential. Just dogde the megablast.

Now its time for a little bit boring thing: take out the megablast.
I found out there is good point to stand and shoot.
Best weapons: MM1 or grenade pistol both load up either with airburst
(good damage! up to 300 HP - but rare in nightmare) or grenades, and
the mongoose with magnum rounds does also decent damage.
Energyshot is not necessary there is no time limit for killing the beast.
You know about the very low platform where you used to stand and took out 
the belly button? Good, that's your starting point.
Walk/run LEFT slant walkway, if you see the camera angle is switching
walk few steps backwards and wait for the core to come and open.
It is very important to aim the core and right after you get the target
to shoot! (push R1 as fast as you can)

Then run as the hell to next higher platform, stand at the edge turn Aya 
to the discharging core and fire again. This is only possible if you're
fast in reloading time. 
The blast won't hit you while entire procedure.
You could wait in the middle of this high-platform and shoot again, but
I don't recommend it for scavenger and nightmare one hit and you're 
toast! Run again to the lower platform and repeat the same procedure as
I described above. It will take a while but you're save and if you are
experienced you won't never get a hit!
It is very annoying to repeat the killing-all-body-parts again and again.
So I come out with this foolproofed method.

Of course, you could only destroy two bodyparts, and after this you take
out the core.
But following this way you'll miss the 20.000 BP bonus.


~SAVER~ a.k.a. Final Eve
location: shelter B2, pod bottom
mode difficulty: easy in 1st mode, replay, bounty (I NEVER died!), 
                 tougher in scavenger, and most harmful in nightmare
As soon as the battle begins turn Aya to the left (or right, what you
want) and run. In other case Eve will hit you with hear both wings that
smashes Aya down and causes paralysis. Right after this Eve is going for
'Dive Bomb', this attack is deadly in nightmare! Run to a saver position
and see what is Eve preparing for. Maybe she will teleport herself through
the whole room, this happens if Aya is runnig, or will do her chants
in the middle  bridge this happens if Aya stands still.
There are at last 3 stages of her condition.
In the first stage you will see her teleporting, doing chants and Dive 
Refill your MP status with Eve's chants. Wait till it raises up to
5-10MP and IMMEDIATELY after this BREAK the attack. (lifedrain good work)
In the second stage she will come near to you ready for close combat.
She will evoke a clone, attack with slap attack (clone can only attack
with wing slap, beware of paralysis!), she will aim at you and smashes
with a high speed at Aya (most dangerous in nightmare especially if you
saved your protein caps!!), she will prepare energyballs.
Red ball causes confusion, yellow ball causes beserker and blue ball 
causes paralysis.
Avoid the smash attack (you can see her aiming at you) and energyballs as
best as you can. Run, make some zick-zack directions, especially if Eve
is going for smash at Aya. She will fly in a straight position, beware
if you move down-or upways.
In the third stage she will be more faster in attacks. 
You won't see an eidolon, she is near to the end. Your victory is near.
If you see hear bleading that means that parts of hear carapace are burst
away, that means you use some exloding/piercing ammo like airburst,r.slug.
That means NOT you has damaged her so much that she is near to dead.
[Thank you for that hint HengkyGuy!]

Eve is very sensitive to energy-based attacks, like lifedrain, apobiosis,
maeda rounds (poison her) and energyballs. All lv.3.
You could break the chants attack by using lifedrain, inferno or shoot 
her twice with strong ammo, like grenades, airburst.
She is suspectible to poison after she rises in the middle bridge.
Shoot her with maeda rounds. If you wait to long she will re-cast her 
antibody shield.
Use apobiosis to run away in critical situation. The paralysis effect is
short living but useful. 
Paralysis her and give her a nice treatment instead of runaway. 
For example: after casting apobiosis cast eneryball. Move Aya near to Eve
and turn her around, this makes sure that you hit her with ALL three 
balls. If she wakes up run away, repeat. 
Eneryball spell is broken by using antibody or energyshot, and I suppose
for other spells, too. It's kind of MP-waste to heal or use metabolism 
after eneryball.

Inferno does also decent damage but is the most expensive spell use it
wisely! It's better to use lifedrain often although you don't need to 
heal you.

Don't forget your antibodyshield and have the Holy Water attached!

Will you spare two belt pouches? Great! The reason is that antidot and
calmative effects the WHOLE battle, not as metabolism.
Swallow these remedies before can take damage or right after you took 
damage. Nice solution I think.
I don't have to deal with some abnorme-status and don't waste MP's and 
TIME to cast metabolism.

Kill all 10 shadows for highest BP bonus. 10 times nothing more.

I prefer to slug the fight on the walkways out, no on the bridge.
It's to dangerous because Eve will go for a Dive Bomb each time you stand
on the bridge.
The only time I had to taken refuge to bridge was when I was running away
from shadow and Eve, and had to deal with low HP.
This will give you short stop to heal/refill ammo.

If your TV screen turns into white you had made it.

Good luck!


Thanks piggyback for making nice stragie guides.
Thanks squaresoft for this great game.
Thanks to Mr. Schiela for this useful nightmare mode guide.
Thanks Naoshi Mizuta for wonderful OST! I love the Great Burners Theme.

~~~~~~~~Sorry for possible grammar errors and misspelling!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~Kroeti is a non-english person.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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