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L-Rank Guide by EOrizzonte

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/26/2002

                 ______      ________         _   _
                |  ___ )    |  ______|       | | | |
                | |   ) )   | |              | | | |
                | |___) )   | |______        | | | |
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                | |         | |              | | | | 
                | |         | |______        | | | |
                |_|         |________|       |_| |_| 

                   PARASITE EVE II - L RANK GUIDE

                             Version 1.0

                      For the Sony PlayStation

                       Author: Efrem Orizzonte




                       efroriz @ hotmail . com




Version 1.0 [12-10-2001]
First version, pretty much complete.


When you first look at the rank chart for Parasite Eve II, you may 
think that getting L rank should be rather easy: after all, all you 
have to do is to flee all fights and only fight Boss battles, and 
there you are, L Rank. Right?

WRONG!!!!!!! Getting L Rank may be actually HARDER than getting S 
Rank! That's because after you finish the game and take on Bounty 
Mode once or twice, EXP points start piling up, and soon you're just 
drowning in them. On the other hand, getting such a low EXP score AND 
still being able to get to the end of the game with that little BP 
you have in order to achieve L Rank may be a tad bit more puzzling 
than you may think at first. Therefore, getting L Rank is all but 
easy, and yet another fantastic challenge from this great game.

So, why L Rank? Well, getting L Rank is the only way to get your 
hands on the infamous Monk Robe, a fine piece of armor that can 
generate MP and add 100 MP to your current amount, meaning you'll 
rarely need an MP refill. Moreover, L Rank gives you access to the 
Medicine Wheel from the beginning, allowing you to get many extra 
items not available before.

There are actually 2 ways to get L Rank: the first is to get S Rank 
twice in a row - this way, the second time your rank is "upgraded" to 
L Rank AND you can actually afford the Medicine Wheel and the 
Gunblade for the ultimate item-collecting experience in Replay Mode 
(very funny IMO). Anyway, doing this requires a lot of time and a 
couple of trips down the long - and sometimes frustrating - Bounty 
Mode, and it's not that much of a challenge too. Getting L Rank 
through Normal Mode instead, is far more challenging and exciting, 
because you'll find yourself craving for some necessary BP to buy the 
Grenade Pistol and some precious ammo to beat the two final Bosses. 
Although you won't be able to afford the Medicine Wheel in your Next 
Replay, L Rank itself is your real reward. 

This guide is the result of a short but intensive study of the 
fastest and easiest way to get through the game fighting nothing but 
those few strictly compulsory battles you have to fight. Getting L 
Rank was really rewarding, and if you want to get it too, look no 
further than here. This guide will take you from the Akropolis Tower 
to the Pod Bottom, explaining when you have to fight and when you 
have to run away instead. So give it a try, and best of all, have 


I've provided a full walkthrough for getting L Rank, but if you want 
to try to get it on your own, here's a few guidelines to help you 
know what you do.

-To get L Rank, you must score less than 14511 EXP points through the 
whole game.

- You can only achieve L Rank through Normal Mode. Replay Mode would 
give you some bonus EXP at the beginning, and this would ruin every 
attempt at getting the lowest possible EXP score. 

- You don't need to attempt the Shooting Gallery tests to get more 
BP. It's a waste of time since you only have to spend 2680 BP in the 
whole game, and you'll get them all quite easily.

- Run from all battles (except Boss fights of course). You'll lose 
BP, but you will get more than enough to buy everything you need to 
get to the end of the game. Moreover, we don't want to waste time - 
you want to get L Rank as soon as possible, don't you?

- Compulsory battles are very few. Minor bosses such as the Grey 
Stalker in the Underpass in Dryfield can be evaded. There are some 
situations though, when you'll have to fight to have access to some 
items you can't get while there are enemies around. In such cases, 
you can do nothing but killing the enemy.

- The only things you have to buy are the Grenade Pistol and 500x .44 
Magnum bullets. You'll use the Grenade Pistol in one fight only, and 
you'll find enough Grenades on your way, so you don't have to buy 

- Don't waste time looking for Protein Capsules - you have enough 
energy to get to the end of the game.

- Don't bother killing Burner at Dryfield. You don't have enough 
firepower to do it anyway, and what you get if he runs away is very 
valuable. After all, you really have to suck to get L Rank, so you 
don't expect to get a good ending, do you? ;)

- If Flint dies and you can't get a good ending, there's no reason to 
look for Pierce at Dryfield. Furthermore, if you follow Kyle you 
don't need to kill Bowman and you get the ultimate gun for the final 

- You only need two specific Parasite Energies to finish the game, 
and anyway, you wouldn't have enough EXP to revive more than that. 
Since your ammo is very limited, you should guess which PE you need 
very easily. If you know Eve's attack, you'll quickly figure out the 
other PE you should revive.

- Get at least 3 Ringer's Solutions for the final battle, and a 
couple of Recovery 3s for the Ultimate ANMC.


You don't need to try the Shooting Gallery to get more BP. You'll get 
more than enough from the battles you'll fight, so don't bother. When 
the training is over, choose to stop. Get out of the Gallery and head 
for the Armory. Immediately get out and head for Pierce, who's 
waiting for you in the Parking. Speak with him and choose to leave.



After the cut scenes, move to the Square. Head for the telephone and 
answer the call, then enter the East Elevator Hall. Get the Cafeteria 
Key from the SWAT member and go back to the Square. Descend the 
steps, get a 9mm Parabellum refill and get the RECOVERY 2 from the 
dead body. Now, go down the west stairs.

Ignore the first Stranger and enter the Cafeteria. Go ahead, skip the 
scene and enter the first Boss fight.

Aim and shoot 3 Pyrokinesis blasts, then pump in some bullets to end 
the fight. 
EXP: 300

Check the dead(?) monster to get the Metallic Implant. After another 
scene, run back to the Square, ignoring the two Strangers in the 
Patio. Call the MIST, then go down the east steps.

Open the gate and enter the Fountain area. Go round the Fountain and 
open the door on the west side.
Inside, ignore the rats and get the BLUE KEY inside the key box, then 
enter the Control Room. Use the Blue Key in the left keyhole, then go 
back to the Forked Road. You can avoid battle while you make your way 
to the escalator.

In the Observatory, ignore the Strangers and get the Tactical Vest 
from the dead SWAT on the bench, then run away (we want the Vest for 
the Ringer's Solution you get after the Akropolis Tower mission). 
Equip the Vest. At the Promenade, check the box in front of the 
escalator to find 4 GRENADES. Ignore the Fatties and enter the 
Sanctuary. Skip the scene and get out, ignoring the Red Key on the 
floor. Back at the Promenade, get the MP5A5 from the corpse, then 
escape to the Bridge. There, input 561 on the control panel. Cross 
the bridge without mashing all the Fish and head for the Heliport. Go 
round the Tower until you reach the elevator. Check it four times, 
then go back and you'll meet No.9.

As soon as the battle begins, aim and cast Pyrokinesis, then unload a 
full clip on him. Run around the corner, reload, run a little past 
the electric cord and aim at it. When No.9 shoots a grenade, take a 
step ahead, then go back to where you were standing. When he comes 
running at you, shoot the cord to electrocute him, and unload the 
MP5A5 on him. Shoot another Pyrokinesis blast.
Repeat this procedure with all three cords and with the gas outburst 
near the elevator and you'll get an easy victory.
EXP: 500

After the following scenes, get the RECOVERY 3 from the shelf in the 
MIST parking, then leave to Dryfield.



Get a full refill of 9mm Parabellum from the box near the car, then 
ATTACH the Parabellum rounds and a Recovery 1 to your armor. Take the 
Ringer's Solution from the Sedan trunk with you as well.

Move to the Main Street and after the scene, run to the Driveway. 
Enter the Factory, go behind the car and raise the lever to activate 
the power. Go to the control panel opposite the door and press Up and 
Turn. Now go open the other passage in the fence, then go press Turn 
once more on the panel. Now you can unlock and enter the Garage.

Skip the scene with Gary and head for Room 6, escaping all the 
battles (you can avoid battle with the Scorpions in the Main Street 
if you run on the stone pavement). In Room 6, go to the balcony and 
skip the scenes, then descend the ladder.

Go ahead and skip the scene with the Chasers. Lure them out of the 
passage, then run to the panel and open the gate. Avoiding the 
Chasers, run to the opening and enter the cage (you may want to fight 
the Chasers outside the fence if you don't want to risk and get hit - 
it's your choice). Fight the Chasers here, avoiding their charges and 
shooting them while they're down to the ground or when they're not 
looking at you (EXP: 600).

After the battle, climb the ladder, skip the scenes with Kyle, open 
the gate anew, and climb the ladder to the top of the Water Tank. 
Search the corpse for the SALOON KEY (don't bother getting the 
Recovery 1), then go back down, ignore the Scorpions and enter the 
Saloon Storeroom. Ignore the Mind Sucklers and check the fridge for 
the BOTTLECAP MAGNET, then get out the way you came in from.

Go to the Back Alley and kill the Chaser that'll attack you there 
(EXP: 75). Use the intercom, talk to Gary and check the grating. Use 
the Magnet to get the GARAGE KEY and unlock the door. Head for the 
Trailer Coach and have a chitchat with Gary. After the dialogue, get 
out. In the Junkyard, get the WIRE ROPE and escape the battle. Go to 
the Driveway and use the Wire Rope in the well. Go down, escape the 
fight with the Bats and move on to the Underpass. Escape the Grey 
Stalker (it'll probably hit you once) and go to the ladder. Climb it 
to access the General Store. Escape the Blood Sucklers and get to the 
Dilapidated House Street. You can enter House 2 without waking up the 
Chasers, but it's not that easy. In the House, check the bolted 
cupboard 4 times, then head back to the Trailer Coach. In the Garage 
though, stop to kill the Mind Sucklers (EXP: 36), because you can't 
get the next Key Item as long as they're around.

Talk to Gary about the bolted cupboard, then go to the Garage and 
retrieve the MONKEY WRENCH from the shelf. Go to House 2, avoiding 
entering battle if you can, then unbolt the cupboard and enter the 
Dilapidated House. Here, you'll meet No.9 again.

When the battle begins, run to the opposite wall. Shoot him until he 
attacks, then avoid the slash, go behind him and use Pyrokinesis. 
Repeat until you run out of MP and finish him off with bullets.
EXP: 800

After the long series of cut scenes, get out and escape all battles 
from here until the Gas Station. At the Station, you'll have to fight 
a group of Scavengers (EXP: 120) with Kyle's help. After the battle, 
refill your bullets, then go see Gary at the Trailer. You'll receive 
the LOBBY KEY. Now it's time to buy the GRENADE PISTOL, so do it. 
Go to the Lobby, check the cash register and enter #3033TOTAL to get 

Go upstairs, avoid the two Stalkers and enter the Loft. Check the 
safe in the corner and enter the code 4487 to get the HOLY WATER. 
Attach it, then get the JERRY CAN and escape. Make your way to the 
Gas Station, where you'll have to fight a compulsory battle with two 
Stalkers (EXP: 212). You have to fight here because you can't access 
the Key Item menu in Battle Mode. After that, use the Jerry Can to 
get some PETROL and bring it to Gary at the Garage. Now head for Room 
6 via the Back Alley and choose to sleep. After some amazing cinema, 
it's time for another Boss battle.

Go to the corner at the north intersection and start shooting with 
the M93R. Burner's punch can't reach you there, so you're safe from 
that attack. If you see fire coming out of his mouth, run along the 
walkway to the alcove, then go back to the corner. Pay close 
attention to how many times you reload. It takes slightly more than 
14 clips to make Burner run away, so after the 14th clip, move 
towards the alcove near the stairs and end the battle there - this 
way, you'll reach the Main Street faster and you'll lose less BP on 
the way there after the battle.
You must NOT witness the scene with Burner holding his face in pain. 
This shouldn't happen at all due to the poor damage you inflict with 
the Parabellum rounds, but if for some weird reason it happens, 
you'll have to reload your last save and retry. You don't want to 
kill Burner.
EXP: 1000

At the Main Street you'll find out that Flint is dead (sorry guys, I 
hate to do that and you probably hate it too, but this gets you 1000 
EXP points less, and you want the Chicken Plate, not that bulky 
M950). Talk to Gary until he's got no more to say, then go to the 
Junkyard via the underground (you can avoid battling in the General 
Store if you don't run into the Scorpion in the back passage). Be 
careful of the Grey Stalker in the Underpass.

At the Junkyard, check the side of the green Limo to get the very 
important CHICKEN PLATE from the trunk (many Attachments and 
resistance to Impact make this armor the best defense you can get in 
this mission). Now go to the Garage, equip the Chicken Plate, equip 
all the necessary attachments and speak to Kyle to leave. Insert Disc 



Skip the scene and run near Kyle to activate battle mode. Lure the 
first Chaser into the chasm near the fence, then approach Kyle and 
he'll leave. Now you have to fight a group of Chasers. Don't target 
them and lure them into the chasm, one by one. You'll end the battle 
without firing a single bullet (EXP: 825).

Enter the mine and go straight to the Gorge, escaping all the fights 
(that last battle gave you more EXP than you could possibly desire). 
Check the Gorge, then go back to the Forked Tunnel and enter the 
Tunnel. Move the mine cart out of the way and get the OAK BOARD at 
the end of the passage. Go back to the Gorge, use the Board, run away 
from the Bats, and enter the Refuge.

Stock up on ammo, then check the panel on the wall. Take the JUMPER 
PLUG and insert it into the second hole from above. Move the lever to 
activate the gate. Revive Energyshot and upgrade it to Level 2, then 
go outside and enter the Cavern. Inside, you'll find a new Boss.

As soon as the battle begins, cast Energyshot. When he runs away, go 
after him. If you hear him growl, he's about to jump on you from 
above. Go on running, then as soon as he shows up, shoot. Keep moving 
and he'll have very few chances to hit you, even if he runs straight 
at you. When he drops, you'll get the P229 and the second JUMPER 
PLUG, then another fight will start.
EXP: 300

Same as before, but with far more HP and with a bite attack that can 
poison you. If he runs towards you and then starts to turn around to 
look for you, stay behind him so that his attack will miss. In this 
battle, you may want to use the oil barrels to your advantage. Shoot 
a barrel 4 times, then lure the Boss near it and shoot one more time 
to blow up the barrel. This causes 400 HP damage. Repeat this with 
all four barrels, then just shoot the hell out of him until he dies. 
Don't worry if you can't hit him with all the barrels - you have 
enough bullets to win anyway. Just keep Energyshot active all the 
EXP: 500

After the battle, equip the P229 and check the motorbike. Press the 
button and go back to the Refuge. Refill your ammo, then take out the 
first Jumper Plug and insert one plug into the upper hole and the 
other one into the lower hole. Move the switch to unlock the gates. 
Now go back into the Cavern and press the button on the bike to open 
Gate 2. Go through it.

In the Secret Passage, when the Ivory Stalker appears stun it with 
the flashlight of the P229, then run to the elevator and go down to 
the Shelter.



Go to the Storeroom, escaping battles on the way, and get a RINGER'S 
SOLUTION from the shelf near the entry door. Move to the Main 
Corridor and to the Sterilization Room. Get the 8 GRENADES from the 
storage box and take the elevator to B2. Ignore the enemies and enter 
the Breeding Room (you can avoid battling here if you stay close to 
the outer wall). Go to the L-Shaped Corridor, meet Bowman, then go 
back to B1. In the Sterilization Room the sterilization procedure 
will begin, so jump into the Garbage Chute.

Check the garbage to find infinite refills of 9mm Parabellum and 
HYDRA bullets. Equip Hydra bullets and walk ahead to wake Glutton.

Use the M93R for this battle. Cast Energyshot and keep it active all 
the time. When he opens his mouth, shoot it when you get the chance, 
and avoid being sucked in at all costs. After every vacuuming some 
liquid will fall from above, so stay away from the circular shadows. 
If he moves one shoulder, he's about to emit some poisoning green 
gas, so move away. He'll get closer and closer, forcing you to 
retreat towards the exit. If he's got no more room to vacuum, he'll 
try to hit you with his tongue - if he does this, move to one side of 
the room and shoot into his mouth. After a while, he'll go down.
EXP: 500

After the battle, equip Parabellum rounds and move to the next room.

Run down the corridor and step on the pressure pad in the alcove. 
Stay there until the platform has risen completely, then run ahead 
and shoot him in the mouth when you can. After you've dealt some 
damage, he'll move ahead. When he's standing on the platform with its 
whole body, wait until he's completely down, then step on the second 
pressure pad to kill him. After the battle, get out.
EXP: 700

After the scene with Kyle, move along the sewers, avoiding battle if 
possible. At the Water Supply, quickly insert the code 18 on the 
control panel, then get out before Kyle kills the Diver. In the 
Reservoir, ignore the Diver and move to the ladder (you'll receive 
one hit). Go ahead until you reach the elevator, and take it up. Kyle 
will give you the YOSHIDA CARD before he leaves. Go to the corridor 
where you met the Bowman ANMC and unlock the door with the Yoshida 
Card. Get the RINGER'S SOLUTION in the room with the operating table, 
then go to the Laboratory. Check the computer on the table and insert 
the password A3EILM2S2Y to log in. Choose option D and answer 3 
questions to gain access to the info. Skip the scene and answer the 
phone. After that, go to the Pod Service Gantry and meet Kyle. After 
the chitchat, go to the monitors and check camera A, C and E, 
pressing the OPERATE button on each.

Go to B2 and use the first elevator in the Main Corridor to reach Neo 
Ark. Skip the scenes and go down the south stairs. Go to the Shrine 
and check the stone panel. Move the red tablets in the proper way to 
open the gate to the Power Plant. From the lower-left corner in a 
diagonal ascending line to the upper-right corner, this is the order 
of the pictures: Egyptian god - Legs - Blank Eye - Rectangle. First, 
you must align the pictures this way. When you're done, you'll 
probably have a blank space left of the rectangle, while we want it 
in the lower-right corner of the table. To get it there, move it like 
this: right, down, down, left, up, right, up, left, down, down, down, 
right (many thanks to Vincent Merken for this). When the job's done, 
go to the Power Plant.

Destroy the console behind the monster, ignoring the lasers, then use 
Pyrokinesis on the ANMC to kill it (EXP: 290). Now go back to the 
entrance and take the north path. Go to the Pyramid, climb the stairs 
and press the colored plates in the following order:


(Again, thanks to Vincent Merken for this sequence. It's much easier 
to memorize it if the letters are regrouped like that).

This will unlock the other gate to the Power Plant. Now go there via 
the Underwater Tunnel and the Bridge. Climb the stairs and repeat the 
procedure you followed for the first generator (EXP: 490). Go back 
downstairs, stock up on Hydra bullets from the box in the back of the 
room, and leave Neo Ark. 

In the Main Corridor B2, take the second elevator down and escape the 
battle by taking the next elevator down. On level B6, kill the Green 
Fatty with Pyrokinesis (EXP: 204). DON'T TOUCH THE SPEAKERS AT ALL.

Now, before you enter the next room, upgrade Energyshot to Level 3 
and attach one MP Boost 1 to your armor. Equip the Grenade Pistol and 
attach the M93R or the P229 (it's your choice - the M93R shoots 
faster, but the P229 criticals more often) to your armor. Now, open 
the door.

Cast Energyshot and start popping Grenades at him. It's best to stay 
in the corner opposite Eve, just behind the monster, or just in front 
of the Puppet Stinger. DO NOT, and I mean DO NOT, destroy the 
Speakers - they're worth 150 EXP each, and you don't want 300 more 
EXP in your final account. When Energyshot wears out, use the MP 
Boost and cast it again. When you run out of Grenades, switch to the 
M93R or the P229 for the final blows. Ram into the monster if he's 
about to use Combustion, the yellow light balls or the single blue 
laser - this way you'll be invincible while you fall to the floor 
from the impact. Time this well and he'll never get you.
EXP: 1000

In Eve's room, skip the scenes and answer the phone. Speak with Kyle 
and try to get out. After the scenes, check the capsule in front of 
Eve. Now talk to Eve and _walk_ to the elevator so that she can 
follow you. Take the elevator up.

Get out of Neo Ark and return to B1 via the South Elevator Hall (the 
other elevator has been shut down). Escape all battles and go to the 
Underground Parking. Check the control panel, get the CAR KEY and 
press the third and the fourth button, then press CALL to call the 
car. Take it, then use the Yoshida Card in the card reader to open 
the gate. Drive the car to the Vehicular Airlock. Escape all the 
Golems in the next rooms and enter the Guardroom. Press the button, 
then get out and move to the Bulwark. Activate the panel and get out. 



After the scenes, get out of the Tent and meet Rupert outside to 
receive the MONGOOSE and 25 MAEDASP bullets. Buy 500x .44 MAGNUM 
rounds from the soldier near the truck, then equip the Mongoose with 
.44 Magnum bullets. Go back into the Shelter and go to the 
Sterilization Room. Attach 2 Recovery 3s to your armor, and have one 
Recovery 2 with you. Revive Metabolize to Level 1 and save. Go to the 
Pod Service Gantry and skip the scene. After that, use the Recovery 2 
to heal you, then take the elevator down. Escape the final Golem and 
enter the Pod Bottom.

Cast Energyshot, aim at the Head and start shooting. After the Head, 
take out the Neck. If the Neck blinds you with its yellow beam, use 
Metabolize. When the Core is exposed, just shoot and reload 
continuously. The Chicken Plate will prevent you from dying because 
it will leave you with 1 HP after a blow that would usually kill you 
(that's what "Resist IMPACT" means). If you're left with 1 HP, 
immediately use a Recovery 3. Within a minute the battle will be 
EXP: 500

Attach 3 Ringer's Solutions to your armor and load the Mongoose with 
the MaedaSp bullets. Attach the Magnum bullets to your armor. Now 
move to the glowing panel and use the Yoshida Card to activate the 
bridge. The final confrontation is about to begin...

Move to the end of the bridge and cast Energyshot. After that, stay 
at the edge of the bridge and just shoot her. Cast Energyshot every 
time it wears out. If she charges you, let her hit you - damage is 
fair, and you still have the Chicken Plate to help you. When the 
MaedaSp bullets are over, use the Magnum rounds and go on shooting. 
If Eve is about to shoot the colored balls, immediately cast 
It is IMPERATIVE that you don't let Eve create clones of herself. One 
single clone may be enough to give you too much EXP and ruin your 
attempt at the lowest possible EXP score, so beware. If she creates a 
clone you may want to retry from your last save (anyway, if you kill 
JUST ONE clone you MAY get L Rank - check your final rank before 
resetting). Use a Ringer's Solution every time your HP is too low. 
After a while, she'll be defeated.
EXP: 5000


Now, let's sum up the EXP points we got from the battles.

Greater Stranger-------------300
No.9 - First Encounter-------500
Chasers at Cage--------------600
Chaser in Back Alley----------75
Mind Sucklers in Garage-------36
No.9 - Second Encounter------800
Scavengers at Gas Station----120
Stalkers at Gas Station------212
Chasers at Mesa--------------825
Blizzard Chaser--------------300
Zombie Blizzard Chaser-------500
Glutton - Round 2------------700
Proto Generator--------------290
Beta Generator---------------490
Green Fatty------------------204
Puppet Stinger--------------1000
Ultimate ANMC----------------500
Parasite Eve----------------5000

TOTAL                      13952

Since every one of Eve's clones is worth 300 EXP, it may be possible 
that you can defeat 1 and still get L Rank (which, according to 
official charts, is gotten if you score less than 14511 EXP points), 
but this is NOT confirmed.

Congratulations! You've made it! You have achieved L Rank and you'll 
be able to buy the Monk Robe in Replay Mode. By the way, check your 
time - the entire thing should have taken you slightly more than an 
hour if you're playing the PAL version of Parasite Eve II, and 
probably even less if you're playing the NTSC version. Impressive, 

That's it! Thank you for reading and enjoy your Monk Robe!


Thanks to...

Squaresoft for the game. It has higher replay value than any other 
survival horror out there, and possibly a way better plot too. This 
is a game that will keep you playing for a long, long time.

Vincent Merken for his amazing Speed Guide, which provided two big 
timesavers (the colored plates puzzle and the pyramid dance) and 
helped players reduce the stress of trying to put those damn red 
plates in place. He also suggested that an L Rank guide should be 

Jeff "CJayC" Veasey for posting my FAQs on his great site, 

All the people who e-mailed me about my Parasite Eve II FAQ, by far 
my most acclaimed English FAQ so far. Thank you, people - I hope 
you'll appreciate this guide as well.

Me, for taking the time to write this. You know, sometimes you just 
feel too lazy to sit in front of the keyboard... ;)

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