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Nightmare Mode FAQ by GSchiela

Version: 1.0c | Updated: 06/19/2001

                    Parasite Eve II

             Nightmare Mode Strategy Guide

                      ver l.Oc
           Copyright 2001 Gerard Schiela.

"Know your enemy and know yourself and you will win 314 battles."
--Sun Tzu (slightly modified)

"What is best in life?  To necrotize the Bowmen, see them flip-
flop before you, and hear the lamentation of the Fatties."
--What Genghis Khan would have said, with Arnold Schwarzenegger's 
voice, had he stayed at home and played Parasite Eve II.

This document is the intellectual property of Gerard Schiela. 
Unauthorized duplication in whole or in part is illegal. Posting 
to any but authorized web sites (see below) is not permissible. 
If you would like to post this FAQ please write 
Gerardvv@yahoo.com for permission. Violators will be prosecuted.  
Copyright 2001. "Parasite Eve" and related names are the property 
of Squaresoft and are considered to be used in accordance with 
"fair usage" laws. "Playstation" is a SONY trademark. DEXDrive is 
a trademark of Interact.

If you have downloaded this document from anywhere but 
www.gamefaqs.com you are reading an unauthorized version.

Disclaimer: This document is intended as a strategy guide for 
Nightmare Mode in Parasite Eve II. It assumes that you are 
already familiar with the game and have played it at least once. 
It is not intended as a walk-through or an in-depth FAQ (there 
are several excellent ones already available at www.gamefaqs.com, 
so if you are having trouble with puzzles, item locations, etc. 
please see one of those FAQs). It is recommended that you play 
Bounty Mode and Scavenger Mode before attempting Nightmare Mode. 
Some of the advice in this document, although it works fine in 
all the modes, would be ludicrous to employ in other modes 
because there are much better options available. This document, 
IMHO, contains the best solutions to difficult spots in Nightmare 
Mode from a holistic standpoint. That means that although there 
may be better solutions for individual battles I have kept in 
mind what battles are yet to come and what items will be needed 
for them. If you believe you know a better way, or have any 
comments or suggestions for this FAQ, please e-mail me at 
Gerardvv@Yahoo.com with "PE Guide" in the subject line. Full 
credit will be given in the "Thanks" section to those who write 
in suggestions.

To Stewart Moore for donating his time to copyedit this document.

SECTION 1: What is Nightmare Mode?

SECTION 2: General Tips and Comments

  (2.A) In-Game Hints
     (2.A.i)   Items
     (2.A.ii)  Visuals
     (2.A.iii) Sound
  (2.B) Armory
  (2.C) Bonus Points
  (2.D) Breaking Attacks
  (2.E) Escaping vs. Battling
  (2.F) Good Ending
     (2.F.i)   Flint
     (2.F.ii)  Dryfield/Pierce
     (2.F.iii) Pierce
     (2.F.iv)  Flint (w/ the military)
     (2.F.v)   Pierce (again)
  (2.G) Parasite Energy
     (2.G.i)   Apobiosis
     (2.G.ii)  Energyball
     (2.G.iii) Inferno
     (2.G.iv)  Lifedrain
     (2.G.v)   Necrosis
     (2.G.vi)  Plasma
  (2.H) Range
  (2.I) Recharging/Refueling
  (2.J) Restarting
  (2.L) Training
  (2.M) Trigger Points

SECTION 3: Item Specifics

  (3.A) Belt Pouches
  (3.B) Combat Lights
  (3.C) Flares
  (3.D) Lipstick
  (3.E) MP Boost Items
  (3.F) Pepper Spray
  (3.G) Protein Capsules
  (3.H) Recovery Items

SECTION 4: Armor

  (4.A) Assault Suit
  (4.B) Belt Pouches
  (4.B) Chicken Armor
  (4.C) Combat Armor
  (4.D) PASGT Vest
  (4.E) Shoulder Holster
  (4.F) Tactical Vest
  (4.G) Turtle Vest
  (4.H) Special Armor Attachments
    (4.H.i)    GPS
    (4.H.ii)   Holy Water
    (4.H.iii)  Hunter Goggles
    (4.H.iv)   Lipstick
    (4.H.v)    MD Player
    (4.H.vi)   Medicine Wheel
    (4.H.vii)  Ofuda
    (4.H.viii) Skull Crystal

SECTION 5: Weapons

  (5.A) Tonfa Baton
  (5.B) M93R
  (5.C) MP5A5
  (5.D) P08
  (5.E) PA3
  (5.F) Grenade Pistol
  (5.G) M950
  (5.H) P229
  (5.I) SP12
  (5.J) M4A1
    (5.J.i)   Hammer
    (5.J.ii)  Javelin
    (5.J.iii) M9
    (5.J.iv)  Pyke
  (5.K) Mongoose
  (5.L) M249

SECTION 6:  Ammunition

  (6.A) 9mm
  (6.B) Hydra
  (6.C) Spartan
  (6.D) Riot Grenades
  (6.E) Airburst Grenades
  (6.F) Grenade rounds
  (6.G) Buckshot
  (6.H) Fireflies
  (6.I) Slugs
  (6.J) 5.56 Rifle rounds
  (6.K) .44 Magnum rounds
  (5.L) .44 Maeda SP

SECTION 7: General Battle Strategies

  (7.A) General Tips
  (7.B) Stick and Move
  (7.C) Rope a Dope
  (7.D) Shake It, Don't Take It

SECTION 8: ANMCs and NMCs (and Security Turrets)

  (8.A) Bats
  (8.B) Bonesucklers
  (8.C) Bowman Types
  (8.D) Mindsucklers
  (8.E) Butterflies
  (8.F) Chasers
  (8.G) Divers
  (8.H) Fatties
  (8.I) Golems
    (8.I.i)      Shooters
    (8.I.ii)     Unarmored Slashers
    (8.I.iii)    Armored Slashers
    (8.I.iv)     Ghosts
  (8.J) Grubs
  (8.K) Jelly Blobs
  (8.L) Rats
  (8.M) Scavengers
  (8.N) Scorpions
  (8.O) Security Turrets
  (8.P) Stalkers
    (8.P.i)      Giant Stalkers
  (8.Q) Strangers
    (8.Q.i)      3rd stage Strangers
  (8.R) Trilobites
  (8.S) Leftover Critters

SECTION 9: Walkthrough of Tight Spots and Boss Battles

  (9.A) Akropolis Tower

    (9.A.i)      Stranger (Pseudo-Boss)
    (9.A.ii)     Stranger (terrain illustration)
    (9.A.iii)    Grubs (tight spot)
    (9.A.iv)     Ghost (first Ghost)
    (9.A.v)      Fatties (tight spot)
    (9.A.vi)     Unarmored Slasher and Rats (tight spot)
    (9.A.vii)    Fatties (tight spot)
    (9.A.viii)   No. 9 (BOSS)

  (9.B) Dryfield

    (9.B.i)      Twin Chasers (terrain illustration)
    (9.B.ii)     Cage Match (tight spot)
    (9.B.iii)    Chaser (tight spot)
    (9.B.iv)     Giant Stalker (BOSS?)
    (9.B.v)      Unarmored Slasher, Unarmored Shooter (tight 
    (9.B.vi)     No. 9 (BOSS)
    (9.B.vii)    Armored Shooter (tight spot)
    (9.B.viii)   A Rock and a Hard Place
      (9.B.viii.a) The Hard Place--A Ghost
      (9.B.viii.b) The Rock: Two Bowmen
    (9.B.ix)     Armored Slasher, Unarmored Shooter (tight spot)
    (9.B.x)      Ghost (tight spot)
    (9.B.xi)     FireBreather (BOSS)

  (9.C) Shelter

    (9.C.i)      Leader of the Pack (Boss) 
    (9.C.ii)     SuckMeister (Boss) 
    (9.C.iii)    Mad Dash
    (9.C.iv)     Strangers (3rd Stage)
    (9.C.v)      Tlaloc (Boss)
    (9.C.vi)     Giant Bowman (Boss)
    (9.C.v)      FINAL BATTLE
      (9.C.v.a)    Ultimate Being
        (9.C.v.a.i)  FULL SCROOGE MODE:
      (9.C.v.b)    Eve

APPENDIX A: End Game Bonus Values
APPENDIX B: Medicine Wheel Usage
APPENDIX C: PE Reviving--Recommended Order for SCROOGE MODE
APPENDIX D: Slug Usage

SECTION 1: What is Nightmare Mode?

In order to play Nightmare Mode you must have beaten Scavenger 
Mode, or downloaded a DEXDrive save with Nightmare Mode unlocked. 
I have uploaded one to www.gamefaqs.com. If you download it, you 
can start Replay Mode with over 400,000 BP, and with all items 

Nightmare Mode is a cross between Bounty Mode and Scavenger Mode: 
it combines the worst of both worlds into one. You will encounter 
virtually the same opponents as Bounty Mode and have nearly the 
same limited supplies at your disposal as Scavenger Mode. The 
enemies are tougher than they were in Bounty Mode, and you are 
weaker than you were in Scavenger Mode, but you start off with 
more MP. You begin with 50 HP, 30 MP, O EXP and O BP. Enemy 
attacks do more damage and your attacks do less. Also, the normal 
enemies you encounter will no longer drop the same goodies they 
did in the other modes, so don't count on getting a ton of belt 
pouches, for example. To add injury to insult, the Bosses are a 
lot tougher than they were previously.

So why play? Parasite Eve II has a great engine, a good story 
line, and some excellent graphics. Unfortunately it is far too 
easy to be challenging. Nightmare Mode is the only real challenge 
in the game.

SECTION 2: General Tips and Comments

(2.A) In-Game Hints

Pay attention to everything that happens in the game. The game 
designers have built in many clues to help you win the mode. 
There are things you might not have noticed the first time you 
played (basically because you didn't need to use them) that make 
this mode a lot easier. They come in the form of items you 
receive at certain points, the visual layout of certain areas, 
and the sound at certain stages. The game is incredibly well 
designed and all the design teams seem to have worked together.  
Kudos to the design teams.

(2.A.i) Items

When you get an item after killing an enemy, think before you use 
it. Remember the shops will be bare so you must make the best use 
of everything you get. You will be given all the items you need 
to beat the Bosses, but if you waste them before you get to where 
they are most useful you will have a lot of trouble.  It is 
recommended that you read through the entire Boss battles and 
tight spots section before using the items you obtain.  SEE 
SECTION 3 for more detailed information on the items themselves.

(2.A.ii) Visuals

Pay attention to the layout of certain areas and also the way the 
enemy appears before it attacks. In certain areas--the battles 
with No. 9 for instance--the scene layout is vital to winning. 
Fortunately at such scenes the graphics designers have built in 
clues to help you (see SEE SECTION 9.B.v). The layout of some 
hallways and areas will also define how you enter those areas 
because you can gain a tactical advantage by entering through one 
side, and put yourself in jeopardy by entering through the other. 
Learn to use obstacles, such as tables and beds, that appear in 
the scenes to your advantage (SEE SECTION 9.A.i, for example).

(2.A.iii) Sound

TURN OFF THE MUSIC. It is not essential to the entire game to 
have the music off, but it is nearly impossible to beat the 
Special Op Golems you encounter in the first scenarios without 
being able to hear them. There are certain moments in the music 
that can confuse you during these battles and cause you to fire 
at the wrong time--and if you fire at the wrong time you die. If 
anyone knows a reliable way to beat these first guys without 
close attention to sound please let me know by writing to the e-
mail address below. Other sounds are important as well. The Giant 
Bowman Boss, for example, gives aural as well as visual clues as 
to what attack he is about to employ.

(2.B) Armory

DO NOT forget the Armory Cardkey. Weapons are at a minimum. For 
the first part of the game you will have only your M93R. Once you 
get to Douglas Trailer, the only other weapon available you don't 
already have is the Grenade Pistol. You want to get the SP12 and 
have access to all the free ammo. Winning will be very difficult 
without it. The Armory Cardkey is located at the Akropolis 
Garden, behind the statue, in between the bomb and the exit door.

(2.C) Bonus Points

Don't worry about hoarding your BP. Spend them. You will use your 
BP to buy Pepper Spray, Flares, the Grenade Pistol, Riot 
Grenades, Rifle rounds, possibly Lipstick, and Protein Capsules. 
You will get a huge BP bonus for beating Nightmare Mode, so you 
want to spend them, but spend them wisely. When you have 
accumulated a respectable amount, around 12,000, then you might 
wish to buy Protein Capsule, or you can hold onto them for an 
even bigger bonus.  You will receive 1,000,000 BP towards the 
next restart for every 100,000 in your Complete Bonus total at 
the end of the game. 

There are 152,562 BP available if you kill 100% of the enemies, 
and kill ten of Eve's Shadow Clones, that means you need to make 
up the rest by saving items and getting the valuable Key Items if 
you want to restart with the highest possible BP. If you wish to 
maximize your Complete Bonus see Section 2.K, introducing SCROOGE 

(2.D) Breaking Attacks

It is possible to halt the attack of many of the opponents while 
it is in progress. There are various methods of accomplishing 
this. Please see the specific descriptions listed in SECTION 8 
for the opponent you are interested in or SECTION 9 for the 
various Bosses.

(2.E) Escaping vs. Battling

Aya is a bounty hunter. What kind of a bounty hunter escapes from 
the enemy? This is not survival horror--the point is not to live 
but to exterminate. Check under SECTION 9 if you are having 
difficulty in a certain area.

If the appeal to principle above doesn't work, I will give you a 
TO GET ALL OF THE ITEMS AND BONUS ITEMS--you will need to employ 
many of them to win, and they contribute to your final BP tally.

(2.F) Good Ending

In order to get the good ending you must do five things at set 
points. You want to build up to the good ending so that you can 
get all the possible items, and it is a lot easier to play the 
last round through the Shelter if you can recharge your 
batteries. This will only be an option if you keep Flint alive.

(2.F.i) Flint

You must save Flint so that later on in the game he can guide 
Ironheart out of the Shelter. To save Flint you must kill the 

(2.F.ii) Dryfield/Pierce

To return to Dryfield, you must open the Full Moon Gate.  The 
code is 15. When you encounter Pierce in Dryfield, bring him 3 
bags of ice. You must go in a straight path from the Ice Machine 
to Pierce or you will end up with a bag of water. He will give 
you Ofuda on your 3rd trip.

(2.F.iii) Pierce

After you whack the Giant Bowman Boss, head back to the Pod 
Service Gantry and check the phone for the coded message, then 
call the office.

(2.F.iv) Flint (w/ the military)

Stand in front of Flint and use the Teddy Bear Key Item.

(2.F.v) Pierce (again)

After you have encountered the military, you will find Pierce in 
the Golem Freezer. After you find him, be sure you call the 

(2.G) Parasite Energy

Different people will have different favorites, but for my money 
the most important spells are Energyshot, Plasma, Necrosis, 
Apobiosis, and Inferno. I like to have Energyshot at full 
strength ASAP, and Apobiosis not long thereafter. Getting there 
can take a while. This is not wasteful because Plasma is very 
useful. Antibody is a decent spell, but quite frankly, until you 
make it out of Dryfield, it is only minimally helpful because if 
you take hits you are probably going to die: LEARN TO PLAY 
work on in the interim is Heal. Energyball is actually my 
favorite spell for dealing with various enemies, but that is only 
because I like the way it looks--you don't ever need it to win a 
battle. If I am playing SCROOGE MODE, I will revive it because of 
the amount of MP it gives you. Also, you don't need Inferno at 
all until the end of the game so it is not a priority.
It is not wise to revive a spell just because you have the EXP 
for it. Keep your EXP in reserve and when you are low on MP you 
can revive a spell to recover your MP. It is especially important 
to keep at least one revive in reserve in between the last Ghost 
and the final Boss fight. I also keep one revive in reserve for 
just before the battle with the Giant Bowman Boss. Those Speakers 
can really whittle your MP down.

By the end of the game you will have revived most of your 
energies, but the order of revival is important in this mode. A 
suggested order would be as follows, Energyshot l, Energyshot 2 
(having Energyshot 2 in the first battle with No. 9 can be very 
helpful), Healing 1, Necrosis l and then build up to Necrosis 3 
(you'll want that at full strength for the FireBreather). You 
will not be able to revive all of your most powerful spells, so I 
recommend that you not worry about Lifedrain. A few specific 
notes on spells follow.

NB: See APPENDIX C if you are going to play SCROOGE MODE.

(2.G.i) Apobiosis

This spell and Plasma can save you a lot of headaches over 
keeping Flares and Pepper Spray attached. In addition, it will 
stop a charging Ghost or Unarmored Golem in its tracks. The 
Unarmored Golem will be stunned for a while; the Ghost will only 
have its current attack broken. Both will take minimal damage as 
well. In addition to those benefits, Apobiosis will cause major 
seizures or death in most other creatures. It is particularly 
useful against Trilobites and other pack ANMCs. I recommend 
getting this spell at full strength ASAP. You can finish the game 
without reviving this spell or Plasma at all, but you will have 
to worry about stocking Flares and Pepper Spray even after you 
are out of Dryfield. Apobiosis will also destroy all nuisance 
creatures such as Butterflies, Bats, Rats, and Sucklers.

(2.G.ii) Energyball

This spell can do a number on Unarmored Golems and Ghosts. If a 
Ghost is charging, however, he could slip through the balls and 
still hit you. However, once the battle is engaged, they can make 
short work of Ghosts. They are very useful against groups of 
Unarmored Slashers. They are also bizarrely effective in the 
Final Battle with Eve. One Energyball in that battle frequently 
does damage from around 580-788 HP. I have seen Eve take 3 of 
them all hitting at 788 HP. If you luck out with 3 hits like that 
you are doing 2000+ HP damage which means a bad hair day for Eve. 
That much damage from one spell makes it the most powerful hit in 
the game. Also, if you are fighting one of Eve's Shadow Clones, 
just one Energy Ball can hit at 999 HP damage.

NB: If you are going to cast Energyshot (or Antibody) and 
Energyball then cast Energyshot FIRST. If you cast Energyshot 
after Energyball it will cancel the balls.

(2.G.iii) Inferno

If you want to kill every single part of the Ultimate Being, 
Inferno 3 is vital for the Final Battle. With Ofuda attached, it 
turns what could be a difficult battle into a snap. With Inferno 
3, all you need is timing for a quick and near painless battle. 
Keep this in mind when you are reviving your energies. I 
generally save Inferno 3 as the second to last spell I revive, 
and revive it in between the last Ghost and the Ultimate Being.

(2.G.iv) Lifedrain

If you want an entirely effortless battle with Eve, then revive 
Lifedrain 3 at the expense of one of the other spells. Eve, 
however, is a great big pushover as it is, so it really isn't 
necessary. It can also be used with good effect, in conjunction 
with Inferno, for the battle with the Ultimate Being. It can be 
used with great effect elsewhere, but it really shines in the 
Final Battle. SEE SECTION 9.C.v.b for more details.

(2.G.v) Necrosis

This spell is extremely important. You will use it for the Giant 
Stalker, FlameBreather Boss (it isn't essential, but makes it a 
lot easier to kill), the Bowman types, the Jelly Blobs, the 
Leader of the Pack, and Tlaloc. There are other uses for it as 
well: to save ammo by using it against the Divers in the Ark, for 
example. You can line up multiple targets, cast Necrosis, and 
then sit back and wait for them to die.

(2.G.vi) Plasma

Plasma is very important in SCROOGE MODE, and can be used with 
good effect even if you don't care about saving BP. Plasma will 
stun most critters, breaking their attacks, and will destroy 
nuisance critters. It is especially important in battles with 
groups of ANMCs, such as Scavengers, before you have Apobiosis or 
the P229.

(2.H) Range

Your weapons will do more damage and have a higher incidence of 
critical hits the closer you are to an enemy. Get as close as 
possible in combat while maintaining a safe distance.

(2.I) Recharging/Refueling

You will not be able to recharge items until the very end, and 
only if you save Ironheart. That means you should use your 
batteries and fuel wisely. DO NOT run around using the Pyke after 
you get it just to see the flame. You will need all the charges 
for very specific things so save them. Once you have saved 
Ironheart, then knock yourself out.

(2.J) Restarting

You can get back to the Start/Option screen if you are 
disappointed at any point in your game (maybe you let the 
SuckMeister turn the corner in the hallway and you want to start 
again at your last save) by holding Ll+L2+Rl+R2 then pressing the 
Select and Start Buttons at the same time.


SCROOGE MODE is something that I created to make Parasite Eve II 
more challenging. If you are playing in SCROOGE MODE, you cannot 
spend any BP, except for purchasing the M4A1 (but don't buy ammo 
for it, we want it to make use of the attachments we will 
receive), or use any items that you receive aside from weapons. 
Why did I do this?  Although Nightmare Mode is challenging the 
first time you play it, after that it is not much of a problem. 
If you play SCROOGE MODE the game can actually be exciting and 
not just cool. Why should you do this? It is the best way of 
setting BP high scores. If you play Nightmare Mode in SCROOGE 
MODE, then restart with that save data and play SCROOGE MODE 
again in Bounty Mode, you can score over 600,000 BP. I have 
uploaded a save with a high score, 630,000+ that I think is 
within a few thousand of what is possible. Please e-mail me and 
let me know if you beat it and how you did.

SCROOGE doesn't use Belt Pouches or swallow Protein Capsules: 
they are worth 5,000 BP each in the Complete Bonus tally. SCROOGE 

The only exception he makes to using items he finds is with 
regard to the Final Battle. He thinks it is preferable to invest 
a couple of hundred BP in order to earn several thousand. I have 
provided a FULL SCROOGE Method for the Final Battle if you want 
to be a purist. SEE SECTION 9.C.v.

Keep these things in mind when reading this document. If, for 
example, you are reading Section 3.C on Flares, and you read "I 
just about always keep one Flare equipped, and several others in 
my inventory," that obviously does not apply to SCROOGE MODE.
If you want to do what I call a "Full SCROOGE" then you can't buy 
anything, not even the M4A1. If you are doing this, you will 
simply use the M950 on anything for you would have used the M4A1 
and its attachments.

(2.L) Training

It is very important that you do the training levels before 
heading out. You only have the M93R, but you should be able to 
get the first two bonus items. You want the Hydra rounds so you 
can save the Spartans for Dryfield--don't sweat it if you don't 
get them, but they will make your life easier. More importantly 
you want the BP that you can earn in training. Remember that you 
are starting off with no BP. It would be nice to have some BP to 
buy several Pepper Sprays before you leave your base. If you 
aren't good enough to get at least 300 BP in training, then you 
probably aren't good enough to play Nightmare Mode. I recommend 
playing Level 1 before the Akropolis to get the Hydras, and 
playing the other levels after you return. This way you probably 
aren't clogging up your inventory. You can probably get the 
fourth bonus item as well, but beating the Level 3 is difficult 
with the M93R. The trick to Level 3 is learning when the red 
targets are coming so you aren't pointing an empty gun at them, 
or engaged with targets of lesser value. Getting the Hunter 
Goggles would be great because the Golems flashy-thing you so 
much, but don't sweat it if you don't; one of the Golems is going 
to drop them for you. Beating the Level 5 is almost impossible in 
Nightmare Mode. You should leave your base with at least 2 Pepper 
Sprays, but preferably 3. 

SCROOGE says to forget about buying anything. You want to do the 
best you can in Training because there are 1,700 BP available if 
you beat all the levels perfectly. 

SCROOGE also says that you will need all the room in 
inventory at the Akropolis to hold onto everything available 

(2.M) Trigger Points

There are certain actions (e.g., giving the full Jerry Can to 
Douglas) that are going to trigger enemy regeneration in sections 
of the level. Wait until you have eliminated ALL of the enemies 
in those sections before hitting these regeneration trigger 
points or you will not get a 100% kill rating.

SECTION 3: Item Specifics

Stores are bare in Nightmare Mode, so learn to make the best of 
the items you get from winning battles and the items that are 
available for sale.

(3.A) Belt Pouches

DO NOT go through the game flippantly using the belt pouches as 
soon as you get them. Save them so that you have enough for the 
Tactical Vest once you get it. You will get fewer belt pouches in 
Nightmare Mode because creatures that dropped them in the other 
modes no longer will. You are able to buy them, but that is 
10,000 BP better saved or spent on a Protein Capsule.

(3.B) Combat Lights

These are quite useful in Nightmare Mode. I never bothered using 
them in the other modes until Nightmare. They can be attached to 
a weapon or an individual light (don't bother buying the 
individual ones). Not as useful as the Pepper Spray, but very 
helpful against the first Strangers you encounter, and the 

(3.C) Flares

Flares are truly the panacea of Nightmare Mode, especially when 
you don't have Plasma or Apobiosis. It is possible to go through 
the mode without using a single one, but in that case you will 
probably end up using some of your Recovery items. Flares make 
good economic sense from the standpoint of BP. Instead of using 
Riot Grenades on Stalkers, for example, you can use a Flare to 
stun them, and then pick them off with the M93R or the P08. 9mm 
ammo is free, Riot Grenades are expensive. Flares have the 
advantage of stunning all of the Stalkers in a given area, and 
not just the 1 or 2 that would be caught in the limited blast 
radius of a Riot Grenade. It will take 5-6 Riot Grenades to kill 
a Stalker. If you are in an area with 3 Stalkers and use a Flare, 
then finish them off with the M93R, you have saved several 
hundred BP. It is true that you are not looking to hoard BP 
unless you are in SCROOGE mode, but why waste BP that could be 
saved? The Grenade Pistol is also rather slow to reload, so using 
a Flare instead can save you some unnecessary damage. Flares 
affect most creatures, and are downright devastating to some. I 
just about always keep one Flare equipped, and several others in 
my inventory.  Flares will burn up nuisance critters such as 
Bats, Bonesucklers, Butterflies, and Rats. Flares will also 
interrupt, and give slight pause, to the charge of a Ghost. If 
you are not reviving Plasma and Apobiosis, you should stock 
Flares the way someone who lived through the Great Depression 
stocks toilet paper.

(3.D) Lipstick

Keep one Lipstick attached to your armor and use or save the 
rest. If you didn't win a Lipstick in Training, and you are not 
going to revive Apobiosis, then you may wish to purchase an 
additional Lipstick during the game. This is because if you are 
going into the final Boss fight with Inferno, Lifedrain, and 
Energyball it is preferable to fight that battle with 106 MP 
(enough for 3 Infernos and 1 Lifedrain). This isn't necessary, it 
will just make your life a little easier.

(3.E) MP Boost Items

I never keep these attached to my armor except for Boss fights.  
I will keep one in my personal inventory. I usually reserve Colas 
for lesser Boss fights, such as the FireBreather and the Giant 
Bowman. The MP Boost 1s can be used whenever you want. Try to 
plan your battles so that you will recover your MP without using 
your Boosts. Cast Heal right before the end of a battle so that 
you don't waste MP points earned from battles, or better yet, 
save areas with high recharge potential until you are through 
fighting the other battles. Jelly Blobs and Bonesucklers reward 
the best recharges.

(3.F) Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray is useful in the battle against the first Slasher 
Golem you encounter and can be used in the first occurrence of 
the Giant Stalker creature under Dryfield. It is also useful, and 
EXTREMELY helpful, in your first battle with No. 9, and at least 
one of the Chasers before you get the Grenade Pistol.

(3.G) Protein Capsules

You may choose either to hoard these for BP, or use them to 
increase your health. You are going to get a huge BP bonus for 
beating Nightmare Mode, so you don't have to worry about using 
them to boost your score. Use the Protein Capsules when you get 
them, or attach them and use them for healing. SCROOGE says BAH 
HUMBUG to this. Using the Protein Capsules is the same as 
throwing away almost 50,000 BP.

(3.H) Recovery Items

You will not be able to buy Recovery Items, so save your strong 
Recovery Items for the big fights. Put away all Ringer's 
Solutions until the Final Battle. I learn Heal early--that way I 
can heal myself right before a battle ends and not use up these 
items. I usually keep one Recovery 2 attached for good measure 
before the Bowman Boss, but I try not to use it unless it is an 
emergency. After the Bowman Boss I will attach a Recovery 3. 
Until you are through Dryfield you probably won't have the HP to 
warrant using anything stronger than a Recovery 2. Try not to 
take damage at all. Recovery 1 items are negotiable and you can 
use them as you see fit.

SECTION 4: Armor

There are no choices involved until Dryfield, so I will not 
discuss the Armor available at the Akropolis Tower.

(4.A) Assault Suit

This is the armor that Aya will go to Dryfield with. Very weak. 
The only advantage it has is that it features Resist Poison.  
Trade it in for the PASGT Vest the first chance you have.

(4.B) Belt Pouches

I tend to save all of these and then use 3 to bring the Tactical 
Vest up to 10 attachments. You can hoard them all if you like, 
but 10 attachments really make a difference in the Final Battle. 
In any case, you are going to get enough, so I don't recommend 
buying any.

(4.B) Chicken Armor

You can only get this if you let Flint die. You aren't going to 
do that. Are you? It is located in the green junker outside of 
the Douglas' trailer. It has good IMPACT resistance. Big deal.

(4.C) Combat Armor

Available for sale in the Armory or from the military. Not bad 
armor because its built-in features (High-sensitivity Motion 
Detector and Resist SILENCE) allow you to unattach your GPS and 
your Lipstick. I could see an argument for using this armor for 
most of the game. The deciding factor for me, however, is the 
fact that it doesn't have HP Recovery. Buy it if you like, but 
you are better off holding onto your BP.

(4.D) PASGT Vest

Available for sale from Douglas. With Resist POISON and HP 
Recovery this is not terrible armor. I trade in my Assault Suit 
for this at the first opportunity. This is the preferred armor 
for Dryfield and the first part of the Shelter.

(4.E) Shoulder Holster

Don't bother. The only advantage this has is Quick Draw. It 
offers nothing else appealing. You can win it in Training or buy 
it from Douglas or the military.

(4.F) Tactical Vest

Your armor of choice in Nightmare Mode. You get this from Pierce. 
It is the best overall armor available to you in Nightmare Mode. 
I leave 3 Belt Pouches in my Sedan: this way as soon as I get it 
I can upgrade it to hold 10 attachments.  It has Quick Fire and 
HP Recovery.

(4.G) Turtle Vest

Available for sale from the military. By the time it is available 
it is entirely unworthwhile--don't bother.

(4.H) Special Armor Attachments

With the exception of most of the Lipsticks, I don't recommend 
using special items. You should attach them to your armor. If I 
want to make room on my armor for various reasons, I will detach 
the Medicine Wheel, MD Player, and Hunter Goggles, in that order, 
but I recommend leaving most attached at all times after you get 
them except for the Medicine Wheel. In SCROOGE MODE, I don't 
bother using the MD Player until the battle with Eve.

(4.H.i) GPS

Aya starts with this. It lets you know the location of nearby 
critters. Mostly useless once you are in Nightmare Mode. You 
already know critter locations. It can still be helpful, though, 
when fighting Trilobites, Divers, and other opponents that appear 
in groups. I generally detach this as soon as I get to the 
Shelter to make room for other items.

(4.H.ii) Holy Water

Available from the safe in Dryfield. Decreases damage taken when 
hit by an enemy. I keep this attached at all times after I get 

(4.H.iii) Hunter Goggles

You get this from a Golem you kill, or you can win one in 
Training Level 3. It provides Resist DARKNESS. Attach it once you 
get it and leave it there until the Final Battle. Its main use is 
to prevent the Golems from flashy-thinging you.

(4.H.iv) Lipstick

You get these all over the place. You can win one in Training 
Level 4, 2 Golems will drop them, Pierce will bring you one, or 
you can buy them. They provide Resist SILENCE, or can be used to 
fully recover MP and add one point to Max MP. Keep one attached 
and use the others if you wish. If you don't win one in training, 
and you are going to use Inferno 3 and Lifedrain 3 in the Final 
Battle, you should buy one in addition to the ones you receive so 
that your Max MP is 106 before the battle with the Ultimate 
Being. I remove this item when fighting round one of the Final 

(4.H.v) MD Player

A Golem will drop one for you and there will be one available in 
the Nursery. Provides Resist CONFUSION and Resist BERSERKER. You 
only need one, but you can put the other one away for extra BP in 
the final tally. Very few things can actually inflict either of 
these to your status. Red Ghosts, Security Turrets, and Eve can 
cause CONFUSION; Red Jelly Blobs and Eve can cause BERSERKER. 
Keep it on if you want or detach it. If I am playing SCROOGE 
MODE, I only have it attached for the final Ghost battle and the 
battle with Eve. The final Ghost is much faster than the previous 
Ghosts, and you don't want to catch BERSERKER in SCROOGE MODE.

(4.H.vi) Medicine Wheel

The graphic of this makes it look like a dream catcher and I 
think that is what it is supposed to be because it catches items 
for you. You get this in the Dumping Hole after killing the 
SuckMeister. It allows you to win bonus items. See APPENDIX B for 
when you should have it attached.

(4.H.vii) Ofuda

Pierce will give you this after you bring him 3 Ice Bags in 
Dryfield. It boosts the effect of your spells. Keep it attached 
at all times after that.

(4.H.viii) Skull Crystal

You get this from the water after killing Tlaloc. It increases 
the damage your weapons do. Keep it attached at all times after 
you get it. If you are going for max BP in the battle with Eve, 
you may detach it to minimize the damage you inflict so you don't 
kill her too early.

SECTION 5: Weapons

(5.A) Tonfa Baton

This weapon is mostly useless in Nightmare Mode. It actually does 
decent damage, but since ammo is free I reserve using it for 
points when I am low on ammo, or for just plain fun. It is quite 
satisfying to beat a downed Golem with the Tonfa. If you tap the 
fire button once you will swing once with a forward slash; tap it 
twice quickly and you will swing once forwards and then once with 
a back slash. The back slash does twice the damage as the forward 
slash. Does anyone else miss the batons from the first Parasite 
Eve? They were great.

(5.B) M93R

This is what you are going to start off with. Uses any 9mm ammo. 
The good news is the 9mm ammo is free, and so are Hydras once you 
unlock the Armory, so use as much of it as you need. 
Unfortunately, it has very little stopping power and needs a lot 
of reloading. It is also your only choice for the beginning of 
the Akropolis Tower and the beginning of Dryfield. Learn to use 
it wisely. SEE SECTION 7.B.

(5.C) MP5A5

You will get this from the dead SWAT member outside of the chapel 
in the Akropolis Tower. Uses any 9mm ammo. It does the least 
damage of all 9mm weapons, but it has a larger clip than the M93R 
and has a Combat Light. It is useful for cleaning up many of the 
enemies at the Akropolis. Use the Combat Light to good effect on 
the Strangers, Butterflies, and Bats.

(5.D) P08

This is a great weapon, but has very limited use. From what I can 
tell it has the highest critical hit rate of any weapon, the 
Mongoose aside, when used against Unarmored fleshy creatures. You 
can also get a +25 round Snail Clip from the weapon cabinet in 
the Dryfield underground. The P229 does more damage when it 
criticals, but the P08 criticals more often and that, plus the 
extended clip, evens things up. The main use for this weapon is 
to eliminate Fatties, especially 4 of the 6 you encounter at the 
Akropolis. SCROOGE could not survive without this to use on the 
Stalkers in Dryfield because when you encounter them in the 
Garage, they are very close to you. Without Riot Grenades, the 
P08 is the only weapon available at this stage can take out a 
Stalker at such close quarters. After you get the P229 you can 
retire the P08 because the Combat Light and Silencer on the P229 
make it a better weapon.

(5.E) PA3

Don't bother with this shotgun.  You will get the SP12 from the 
Armory.  The SP12 holds more rounds and does more damage.

(5.F) Grenade Pistol

This is the only weapon, that you don't already have, that 
Douglas will have to sell you when you first reach Dryfield. It 
can be useful, but it needs reloading after each shot and is very 
slow to reload. You will only be able to purchase Riot Grenades, 
but you will learn to make good use of them. Riot Grenades knock 
Chasers and Strangers to the ground. In addition to knocking down 
Scavengers and Stalkers, it will also inflict PARALYSIS on them 
with a pretty decent blast radius. This equalizes the slow 
reload. Learn to time your shots to affect the greatest number of 
enemies possible. You will also use this weapon in the battle 
with the Giant Stalker, the FireBreather, and the battle with the 
SuckMeister in the Garbage Incinerator. I retire it after the 
SuckMeister, but you may choose to use it against the Giant 
Bowman, or in the Final Battle, if you are not out to maximize 
your BP. If you want to use it against the Giant Bowman, you must 
use the M950 against the SuckMeister.

SCROOGE says this slow monstrosity that takes forever to reload 
is a really waste of money.

(5.G) M950

This item has two main uses: first, use it to fight round one 
against the Leader of the Pack; second, use it against the 
SuckMeister when you are out of Grenades. You can also use it to 
clear up the Mine Shaft. It would be of more use except that you 
get the P229 shortly after you get the M950. I take it to the 
Incinerator to clean up the SuckMeister if necessary, or if you 
want to save your Grenades for the Giant Bowman. It is also 
useful for clearing out Golems after your battle in the 

SCROOGE says this is the best weapons in the game. The ammo is 
free and it has the second fastest rate of fire of any weapon. 
SCROOGE uses this weapon for many things, including most of the 
Golems. It is also the second best weapon for dispatching Ghosts. 
If you cast Energyshot, you never have to worry about reloading 
your clip and can inflict 200HP every time the Ghost appears. He 
only retires this weapon after the ammo for the M4A1 is free.

(5.H) P229

This little handgun is a great item and has many uses. First of 
all it criticals more than most weapons, only the P08 and 
Mongoose critical more often. It is the best gun to use against 
the Security System. Right after you get it you will use it 
against the second Giant Stalker in the entrance to the Shelter. 
You will also use its Combat Light against the Stalkers and 
Scavengers. It is useful against the final Giant Stalker, so you 
should reserve some Combat Light charges for that battle. You can 
use it on all the Unarmored fleshy creatures (Rats, 1st and 2nd 
stage Strangers, Fatties, etc.). You will also use it during your 
Mad Dash through the Incinerator. Use it for both of your returns 
to Dryfield. It has enough Combat Light charges for the Stalkers 
and packs of Scavengers you encounter throughout the entire game 
as long as you use them wisely. It is best when loaded with 
Spartans, but it is still excellent with all the free Hydras in 
the Shelter. The biggest disadvantage is that it only holds 12 

(5.I) SP12

Great item with 3 different ammos. Its main use is against groups 
of Divers because they will not spit at you after they are hit 
with Buckshot. It is also the best weapon against the Trilobites. 
Slugs are hands down the best ammo available for dropping Golems, 
and if two are in a line will often shoot straight through the 
first and hit the second (these must be Sabot Slugs!). You will 
receive precious few Slugs, so reserve them for the points where 
they are used best (See APPENDIX D). Fireflies will break the 
charge of Unarmored Golems. I use this weapon for many other 
things because the ammo is free. There are 2 big drawbacks: 
first, it only holds 7 rounds; second, it has a very slow rate of 
fire and reload. When using Buckshot, aim at the centermost and 
farthest critter. This will get most of the guys in front of it 
as well. This tip is very important when fighting Scorpions and 

(5.J) M4A1

You will be able to buy this from Douglas during your first 
return to Dryfield. You will already have several attachments for 
it. After you get this it becomes your main anti-Shooter Golem 
weapon. There are 4 attachments available in Nightmare Mode.

(5.J.i) Hammer

A stun gun that attaches to the M4A1, you will get this from a 
Ghost in Parking in Dryfield. It can be used effectively on many 
things, but save it for the Forest Paths to the Shrine of Time. 

(5.J.ii) Javelin

Probably my favorite weapon in the entire game. A Ghost will drop 
it for you in the Temple. It is a laser attachment, if you can 
line up 3 the Javelin will shoot through all of them. It is also 
the best weapon against the Security Turrets.  You can destroy 
all of them before they can fire with one squeeze of the Javelin.  
Use it judiciously until you save Ironheart. After saving 
Ironheart it becomes my main weapon, but I switch it off for the 
Pyke for battling Ghosts.

(5.J.iii) M9

A bayonet that is available for sale from Douglas. It hits with 
pretty good damage, but I don't find it useful in this mode.

(5.J.iv) Pyke

A flame throwing attachment that you will get from a Ghost in the 
Breeding Room. It is useful against many things, it is the best 
weapon against Divers, and the second best weapon for dealing 
with Ghosts. Save it, however, for the battle with the Giant 
Bowman Boss. If there are any charges left after that, reserve 
them for the Ghost in the Pedestrian Airlock. If you really want 
to use your charges on other things, then see the Full SCROOGE 
Option for the Giant Bowman Boss included in SECTION 9.C.vi.

(5.K) Mongoose

This is great--unfortunately, you don't get it until late in the 
game. Use 18 Magnum rounds against the Giant Bowman Boss, and 
save the other 32 rounds for the Ultimate Being. After the battle 
with the Giant Bowman Boss, put away any rounds you have left for 
the Final Battle. Use the 25 Maeda SPs against Eve in the Final 

(5.L) M249

This has one use and one use only, to eliminate the Ultimate 
Being's extremities. Well, it has another use too: holding down 
R1 until the clip is empty also gives a very nice hand massage.

SECTION 6:  Ammunition

Ammunition in Nightmare Mode only does about half of the damage 
it did in most other modes. Keep that in mind during battles.

(6.A) 9mm

This is your basic combat round for the Akropolis Tower and 
Dryfield. It is weak, but it is free and it is your only option 
for the beginning of the game. Use it effectively with the Stick 
and Move technique described in SECTION 7.B. You can use 9mm 
rounds with the M93R, MP5A5, P08, M950, and the P229.

(6.B) Hydra

Soft, hollow point 9mm rounds. Free once you reach the shelter 
with the Armory Cardkey, limited supply before that. They work 
well against Unarmored fleshy creatures, e.g., Fatties. Not all 
that powerful, but better than plain 9mm ammo. You can use Hydra 
rounds with the M93R, MP5A5, P08, M950, and the P299. You can win 
50 Hydra rounds in Training Level 1.

(6.C) Spartan

Fragmenting 9mm rounds. You will get a limited supply of these, 
so use them wisely. They are the most powerful 9mm ammo and can 
be devastating on Unarmored fleshy creatures. Due to the limited 
supply, though, you will have to save them for only a few 
encounters. Use them with limited effect in the second battle 
with No. 9 (they are your only option aside from plain 9mm), with 
good effect against the FireBreather Boss, and with excellent 
effect against the Fatties. Due to their limited supply, however, 
you probably won't get to use them on the Fatties at the 
Akropolis, unless you didn't get the Hydras in training. You can 
use Spartan rounds with the M93R, MP5A5, P08, M950, and the P229.
SCROOGE MODE: SCROOGE holds onto his Spartan rounds for a few 
specific creature types and battles. Save your Spartans for the 
Cage Match, Stalkers that are close, the FireBreather, and the 
Mad Dash. You may also employ them against Scavengers and 
Chasers, but keep a close eye on your supply until the Mad Dash. 
I like to use 32 on the FireBreather, and save 100 for the Mad 

(6.D) Riot Grenades

The weakest Grenade round, but it has a good side effect. Upon 
impact it will cause a flash that stuns opponents who are 
susceptible. The flash will affect creatures in the same way a 
Flare does. You have to trade BP for these rounds. They can be 
used with good effect against Chasers, Scavengers, and Stalkers. 
They will be your main ammunition for the second round of the 
battle with the Leader of the Pack.  They can be used with the 
Grenade Pistol.

(6.E) Airburst Grenades

You will only receive 16 of these during the first half of the 
game and be able to get a few more after that. Because of this 
you will only be using them against two opponents: the 
FireBreather, and the SuckMeister. You may also choose to hold 
onto them for the Giant Bowman Boss. They are used with the 
Grenade Pistol.

(6.F) Grenade rounds

These are the most powerful rounds for the Grenade Pistol. There 
will be 8 in the storage box in the Sterilization Room and you 
will get another 8 from the SuckMeister. You will use them 
against the SuckMeister. Discard them, or save them for the Giant 
Bowman Boss if you just can't live without the Grenade Pistol. 
They are free once you encounter the military.

(6.G) Buckshot

Not all that powerful but has the advantage of Scatter: that lets 
you hit multiple targets with the same round. When fighting 
groups, aim for the opponent closest to the center and furthest 
away from you. This way you will hit the maximum number of 
opponents with each shot. Buckshot will break the attacks of 
various creatures, including Divers, Scavengers, and Stalkers. 
They will stun Trilobites.  They can be used with the PA3 and the 
SP12.  They are free once you unlock the Armory.

(6.H) Fireflies

These rounds do added damage from fire, and will ignite fire-
sensitive creatures. They have good power and can break the 
charge of an Unarmored Golem. They can be used with the PA3 and 
the SP12. You can only get these rounds by winning battles. You 
only receive 60 in this mode. Use them as you see fit. They are 
excellent against the Grubs, Fatties, Divers, and many other 
creatures. I sometimes use them against the 3rd Stage Strangers 
so I don't have to make a trip back to the Shelter to restock my 

(6.I) Slugs

Excellent power.  These are the preferred rounds against Golems, 
but you will only receive 40 of them in Nightmare Mode, so you 
must reserve them for when they are necessary.  They can be used 
with the PA3 and the SP12.  You can only get these rounds by 
winning battles. See APPENDIX D.

(6.J) 5.56 Rifle rounds

These are for use in the M4A1 or the M249. After you buy the 
M4A1, during your first return to Dryfield, they become your 
standard Golem ammunition. You must trade BP for them, but they 
are not that expensive. Unfortunately they only do a fraction of 
the damage they did in the other modes, so unless you have a 
Golem at a good distance you won't be able to break his charge 
with these rounds as easily as you could in other modes. They are 
free once you encounter the military.

(6.K) .44 Magnum rounds

You will get 50 of these from a Golem. Put 18 rounds away for the 
Giant Bowman Boss battle and reserve the rest for the Final 
Battle. They are used with the Mongoose.

(5.L) .44 Maeda SP

You won't get these until you fight the second-to-last Ghost. You 
will save them for round 2 of the Final Battle. They are used 
with the Mongoose.

SECTION 7: General Battle Strategies

(7.A) General Tips

EVERY enemy is dangerous in this mode, and most can kill you with 
one or two hits. When you have the opportunity to run away and 
fire at your opponent from a safe distance, take it. Even the 
Rats and Butterflies pose serious threats. They can't kill you 
with one shot, but the slight pause that they inflict on you can 
be enough to cause your demise. Enemy attacks you could shrug off 
in Normal Mode will now kill you. The Bowman enemies, for 
example, can now kill you with one Plasma Blast when you 
encounter them early in the game.

This guide will not tell you to do obvious things like casting 
Antibody and Energyshot in Battle Mode. You should have a sense 
of how to play the game from your first few times through. If you 
reach a point where it is important to cast Energyshot or another 
spell at a specific time I will let you know.

(7.B) Stick and Move

For many of the early battles you will have only the M93R as a 
weapon. This does not allow you to stand in one place and just 
fire away. Learn to shoot as much as you can safely and then move 
out of position right before you opponent attacks. Learning this 
strategy is essential to survival against Strangers, Chasers, 
Scorpions, Scavengers, and the Golems. Generally you want to have 
Energyshot cast whenever possible in Battle Mode to make your 
life easier, but make sure you are in a safe position to cast it.

(7.C) Rope a Dope

There are many obstacles that you can use to your advantage in 
the game, especially when fighting multiple opponents. Your first 
encounter with 2 Slashers in Dryfield provides a good example. 
You can lead one of them behind the columns so that he gets 
trapped there when he charges you. This will allow you to dispose 
of one enemy at a time. Whenever possible, try to lead opponents 
into places where you can attack them, but from which they can't 
attack you. SEE SECTION 9.B.ix for the ultimate example of this 

(7.D) Shake It, Don't Take It

You can minimize the damage you take from certain attacks by 
using the following technique: take your thumb off the joystick 
and put it on the directional pad, then, without lifting your 
thumb roll it over the pad in a very rapid circular motion. For 
these attacks you want to hit EVERY direction on the keypad up to 
6 times from when the attack begins. The enemies you can employ 
this against are: Bats, Bonesucklers, the FireBreather, Ghosts, 
Scavengers, Stalkers, and the SuckMeister.

For the weaker enemies, the number of times you need to hit the 
directions is less. It is most difficult to shake off the Ghosts' 
Vulcan Neck Pinches, but it is worth learning the technique. I 
can generally shake off their attacks about 9 out of 10 times, 
which makes the game much easier.

SECTION 8: ANMCs and NMCs (and Security Turrets)

NB: In Nightmare Mode all of the NMCs start out in their strong 
forms. That means that you start off facing brown Grubs, not 
green ones, etc. You cannot fight some of the situations the way 
you would in Normal/Replay Mode. Wherever possible, I have taken 
the names of opponents from the game itself. There are some 
creatures, including the Bosses, that are not given names. In 
these cases, I have created names that seemed appropriate and 
that people familiar with the game would recognize.

(8.A) Bats

Use Buckshot or Riot Grenades. In most scenes you can time the 
shot just right to take them all out at once. Their bite does 
minimal damage, but it will prevent you from taking any action. 
Use Shake It, Don't Take It to minimize this effect. The problem 
is that they appear in large groups, and if they swarm on you 
they can bring you down, but I don't consider it a serious 
threat. Generally speaking, when you face an appearance of them 
you should locate yourself in the narrowest part of the scene 
facing them. This way you can eliminate them all with one shot. 
Often it is necessary to just run away when they first appear and 
let them line themselves up. This is key when you only have the 
M93R. Get as far away as possible and just pick them off. They 
are a good source of HP and MP recharges. Combat Lights and 
Pepper Spray will knock them back, Flares will burn them up, and 
Plasma will destroy them.

(8.B) Bonesucklers

Killing one of these guys is like taking candy from a baby--and 
then sitting back and watching its head explode. They have two 
attacks. Their main attack is to explode and cause a lot of 
damage. They will explode when hit with just about anything 
except Combat Lights. Also, if they get close, they will grab 
your ankle and hold you in place and then explode. If they do 
this, it will give other enemies time to get near enough to 
damage you. You can break the ankle grab by using Shake It, Don't 
Take It. What is cool is that if you pull it off, the BoneSuckler 
will kind of melt without exploding, and if other ones are close, 
they will explode when the blood puddle hits them. They are not a 
threat unless you are extremely clumsy with the controller. They 
are actually quite useful in combat because they often appear 
with other creatures. Learn to time your shots so that they 
explode when another enemy is near them. Flares will make them 
all pop. Pepper Spray will make any that are hit by it pop as 
well. Plasma will do the number on them as well, but make sure 
they aren't close enough to damage you. They are an excellent 
source of HP and MP recharges.

(8.C) Bowman Types

Be cautious because their Plasma Ball can be fatal with one shot 
in Nightmare Mode. The general principle in fighting these guys 
is to hit them with Necrosis before they can cast their spell and 
then shoot them while they are flip-flopping. They will not be 
able to complete the Plasma Ball while necrotized; if, however, 
they began to charge it before you hit them with Necrosis, they 
will complete it. With three exceptions they travel in pairs 
(Bowman himself, antisocial to the last! and two other 
occurrences) and while you are killing one the other can let 
loose a Plasma Ball. The best thing to do with a pair of them is 
to try and line them up so they get hit with the same Necrosis 
blast. It is sometimes possible to hit one with Necrosis and then 
hit the other before he lets loose, but this is tricky. If you 
are fighting both at once try to use scene layout to your 
advantage. Hide behind an object or around a corner while you 
kill one so the other's blast can't hit you. If you are in a 
narrow space without room to dodge and you see or hear the Plasma 
Blast charging, run straight at the Bowman and try to get behind 
him before it discharges. They have great tracking with their 
shots, but can only cast them in a limited forward arc once they 
are charged. They can also slash you with an arm spike if you get 
close when they aren't Necrotized. One hit like this in the early 
part of the game and you will die. They are not so much of a 
problem once you are in the Shelter because you will be stronger 
and better equipped, but in Nightmare Mode you encounter them in 
Dryfield. The best weapon in Dryfield is the P08; after the P08 
is retired use the P229; but after they are necrotized you can 
drop them with anything. Apobiosis will make them freeze in their 
tracks whatever they are doing, but you will fight a good number 
of them before that is an option, until then, you can use Pepper 
Spray for the same effect.

(8.D) Mindsucklers

No longer simply annoying, they are quite dangerous in Nightmare 
Mode. They often appear in large groups. Riot Grenades will drop 
them out of the air like stones, but in open areas it will be 
tough to situate all of them within a one shot blast radius. The 
M93R is all you have at first so you will learn to use it 
quickly. This is where Training comes in. It will take two 
squeezes to drop each one out of the sky. Once it has dropped, 
ignore it and switch targets to the next one still airborne. 
Stick and Move can work, but these guys move and swoop quickly so 
it is still dangerous. The P08 or P229 with Spartans does an 
excellent job. Once you have the SP12 they are much easier. 
Flares will make them all drop, as will well aimed Combat Lights. 
Plasma can be used, but they need to be dangerously close because 
they tend to hover just above the blast. Any caught in a Pepper 
Spray or Apobiosis will drop as well.

(8.E) Butterflies

Not a problem, but be careful when they appear with another 
enemy. If they hit you without the Hunter Goggles they cause 
blindness and they cause Aya to shudder. This little pause can 
ruin your timing in a fight with Chasers, Grubs, etc. Combat 
Lights are good against them, but common sense is your best 
weapon. Kill them while they are still distant. When they die 
they give out a little powder puff and if you kill them when they 
are close, or move into their area right away, you will get the 
shudder and darkness effect. Flares and Combat Lights will 
destroy them. Plasma will dispatch them, but, as they are often 
high up, it must be timed right. One shot from any weapons will 
take them out.

(8.F) Chasers

Until you get the Grenade Pistol, use the Stick and Move 
technique described above for these critters. You will also 
employ the Rope a Dope technique. Stand in front of a wall or an 
object, dodge at the last moment before impact, and they will hit 
the object, thus taking damage and getting knocked to the ground. 
If you are fighting more than one in a tight situation you can 
also use Necrosis at an opportune time and let them leak out life 
as you stick and move.

Pepper Spray functions well on these guys, but you will probably 
not need to use it once you get the Grenade Pistol, or if you are 
quick on your feet. If they are on the ground from Pepper Spray, 
your attack will do greater damage. Flares and Combat Lights will 
drop them to the ground--they will get right back up, but that 
brief drop can make a big difference, especially when they are 
coupled with Mindsucklers or Butterflies. Plasma can knock them 
down and Apobiosis will put them on the ground in seizures 
leaving little life left.

The Riot Grenades will knock these guys to the ground if it 
impacts on or near them. This equalizes the slow reload time for 
the weapon. It is the recommended weapon against 2 or more of 
them once you have it. Learn to time your shots so that if you 
are facing multiple opponents the grenade impacts while they are 
all in its blast radius. Often this means that when you enter an 
area with multiple Chasers you should run right past the first so 
that he chases you and ends up in proximity with his comrade.
Spartans can do a tremendous amount of damage, especially with 
Energyshot cast.

If you see you are going to take a hit from a Chaser no matter 
what, move straight in front of him before he charges. He will 
then give you a little head bump that does minimum damage.

(8.G) Divers

These are another group of guys who were mere annoyances in the 
other modes, but are dangerous in Nightmare Mode. The good news 
is that you will be pretty strong once you encounter them and all 
it takes is one Pyrokinesis 3 to kill them. The bad news is you 
often encounter them in packs of 3. Your preferred weapon against 
either one of these guys, or a close group, is the SP12. The 
shells are free, it doesn't cost MP to use, and each time you hit 
them with the Buckshot they will be unable to spit. The P229 is 
highly effective against them as well and faster than the SP12, 
but it will only prevent their spitting if it criticals--what I 
use all depends on my mood. (The best weapon against them is the 
M4A1 with the Pyke attachment, but you will want to save the fuel 
in that for their "god", Tlaloc.) Use scene layout to your 
advantage by hiding behind objects or positioning yourself to hit 
more than one with each shot. Plasma will also break their 
attack. I like lining up more than one and letting them have it 
with Necrosis. Then you can either find a safe spot, or run 
around until they are dead.

(8.H) Fatties

These guys have a really long reach. Your preferred weapons are 
the P08 and the P229 with Spartans or Hydras. A critical hit with 
either one of these rounds will make them drop, and any hit, with 
Energyshot cast, will break whatever they were doing and force 
them to start again. If you are unavoidably close when they begin 
a swipe, run straight at and past them. They move slowly and 
cannot help but keep swiping directly in front. Time it right or 
you will get hit by a Poison Puff. Plasma will break their 
attacks as well. I actually feel bad killing these guys. When you 
encounter them they are usually looking down at their huge hands, 
or stretching their huge arms, contemplating their existential 
plight. Sometimes they are playing in the water with their hands. 
Someone did a really good job on the incidental aspects of these 
guys. They actually look angry when you shoot them or they shoot 
the Poison Puff, and they look upset when they are going to die. 
Then, instead of shrieking or something, they make that haunting 
Eeyore-like moan as they dissolve. The weird thing is that they 
were plants in the original Parasite Eve. Major kudos to whoever 
was behind creature design for these guys: they are definitely my 
favorite creature.

Here is a cool Fattie trick--hit the Fatty with Necrosis and then 
Apobiosis. Funny but sad to see the purple fat guys moaning in 
convulsions while leaking life.  Not too sad though, mostly 
funny. Do it on the island for the aerial view.  They look like 
fat purple people eaters trying to make snow angels in the dust.

(8.I) Golems

I am going to ignore the names the game uses for these opponents, 
and instead will discuss them according to characteristics. There 
are basically 3 different types of Golems and 2 subdivisions: 
Shooters; Slashers; and Ghosts. The Slashers and Shooters will 
either be Armored or Unarmored. The Shooters are the easiest and 
don't really pose a threat unless you are trapped in a tight 
situation like the alley in front of the Dilapidated House or you 
are fighting a Shooter and a Slasher at the same time. We will 
deal with individual tight spots as they arise but will give 
general combat principles immediately below. Your preferred 
weapon against all the Golems is the SP12 loaded with Slugs. With 
Energyshot 3 a Slug will shoot straight through one Golem and 
damage the one behind it, but you must save your Slugs for a few 
tricky points, SEE APPENDIX D. The Javelin goes through Golems 
like crap through a goose (if there are multiple Golems in close 
proximity it even gets all of them at once). You will also face a 
good number of Golems with the M93R as your only option.
Armored Golems have a large shield that they hold out in front 
when they are charging the flashy-thing, or attacking. If you can 
do enough damage to this shield to destroy it, then you can 
damage them no matter what they are doing. The M950 with 
Energyshot cast is an excellent way to destroy the shield, as is 
the Javelin.

I love fighting the Golems. They are the most fun in the game, 
probably because they are the biggest challenge. There is just 
something very satisfying about seeing them drop after they have 
absorbed a lot of damage in Nightmare Mode. Especially when you 
see the first 3 Ghosts drop. Remember this is a GAME, and games 
are for fun. So while you are trying to finish Nightmare Mode, 
take some time to stop and kill the Golems on the way.

(8.I.i) Shooters

These guys are not difficult unless they appear in a tight spot 
or as part of a team. They fire bursts of grenades and flashy-
thing you. The flashy-thing can cause Silence and other troubles, 
but will not matter for most of the game because you will be well 
equipped, and it will give you time to cast spells, change 
weapons, etc. The grenades can do a lot of damage but worst of 
all they can inflict PARALYSIS. If you get paralyzed when a 
Slasher and Shooter are working in tandem you are most likely 

The good news is that Shooters are obvious. Don't waste spells on 
them, except for Energyshot. There is also no need to use any 
special ammo against them: stick with either 9mm or best of all 
the M4A1 once you have it. They track you with a highly visible 
laser and you can hear the shots once they are fired. The 
grenades are easy to dodge unless you are in a tight spot or 
already engaged in a battle with a Slasher. The tight situation 
is tough because the Armored Shooters shoot twice with four 
bursts each time, with a slight pause in between each burst as 
they reload--the Unarmored Shooters will shoot their entire 
complement of grenades at once and then reload. The reloading 
pause of the Armored variety is an opportune time for you to do 
damage to them. If you are engaged in a battle against multiple 
Golems then try to keep an obstacle between yourself and the 
Shooter's line of fire. Obstacles can be walls, other Golems, or 
even Kyle. You can also use a Shooter to help you drop either a 
Slasher or another Shooter by positioning yourself so the other 
enemy is in between Aya and the Shooter's line of fire.
The only difference that matters between an Armored Shooter and 
an Unarmored Shooter is that while you can do damage to the 
latter no matter what he is doing, you can only damage the former 
at certain times. You can damage Armored Shooters when they are 
walking around before they spot you; right after they flashy-
thing you; while they are reloading; and when they are in between 
actions (turning around to see where you ran to, etc.). So plug 
away at the Unarmored Shooter, but pick your moments to fire at 
the Armored, unless you have already destroyed his shield.

(8.I.ii) Unarmored Slashers

Until you have the Javelin, your best bet is to stick and move 
until they drop. Unfortunately this is not always an option, as 
before they slash they can charge great distances straight at 
you, and if there are no obstacles to run behind or corners to 
turn they will hit you, because the M93R is just not strong 
enough to stop their charge. In an open situation you can dodge 
before the slash. If you meet an Unarmored Slasher in a tight 
spot--the first encounter with one at the Akropolis, for example-
-then you can use Pepper Spray when it gets close. This stuns him 
and you can drop him, or get to a safer position after chewing 
him up a little. Apobiosis will do some damage, but more 
importantly will cause all of those caught in the spell radius to 
go into a standing seizure similar to Pepper Spray. Energyball is 
devastating on Unarmored Golems, so use it if you don't feel like 
running around or wasting Javelin charges (or if you are facing a 
group of them--at one point you will face three together in close 

You can break the charge of an Unarmored Slasher by either doing 
serious damage to him before he reaches you, using Apobiosis or 
Pepper Spraying him. Strong ammo such as Fireflies or Slugs will 
also break their charge.

(8.I.iii) Armored Slashers

The preferred weapon against these guys is the SP12 loaded with 
Slugs. They are the reason you are holding onto your Slugs. It 
only takes 2-3 Slugs with Energyshot 3 to drop them when they 
aren't protecting themselves. These guys are tough at close 

They are tough because Pepper Spray doesn't work against them and 
Energyballs are only slightly effective. You will need to employ 
fancy stick and move footwork against these guys until they drop. 
Fortunately, the Armored Slashers often pause to flashy-thing 
you. While they are preparing the flashy-thing, get to a safe 
distance. Hold your fire until the flash bursts and then start 
shooting. You can't do practical damage when they are covering 
their bodies unless you have destroyed the shield. Armored 
Slashers also protect their bodies as they charge, so the only 
time you can do real damage against them safely is right before 
or after they charge, and right after they flashy-thing you.
The only way to stop an Armored Golem from charging is to take 
away his credit card. (I just couldn't resist the old rhino 
joke.) You can actually break an Armored Golems charge by doing 
enough damage (around 300 HP) to his shield, but the only option 
in this mode is to waste 2 Slugs doing this, or hit continuously 
(3 to 4 hits) with the Javelin, or with the M950--the Golem must 
be a good distance away when you start this process. You will 
have done minimal damage to the Golem and will have wasted ammo. 
You are better off avoiding the situation.

By far the toughest Golem battle is when you are facing off 
against 2 Armored Slashers at the same time. These are tricky 
battles and will be discussed under Tight Spots.

If you are stuck in a position in which you know a Slasher's 
(Armored or Unarmored) charge would otherwise hit you, then wait 
for the charge to start and run straight at the Golem. You can 
sometimes slip around behind the Golem before he gets his slash 
off. You want to slip past on the unarmed side. This maneuver 
takes a little practice because right before you would collide 
with the Golem you slip around his shoulder at an acute angle 
with a little twist ending up behind him. If you pull it off he 
will be temporarily confused by where you went. It is actually 
kind of neat to see him look around. Use the opportunity to 
either get to a safe distance or let him have it in the back. You 
are better off dodging right before the Slasher starts to move. 
Wait until he hunches his body up, and then run. The Slasher will 
charge to the position you were standing in when it sized you up, 
and you will be safely somewhere else. Never run away in a 
straight line, the Slasher will simply keep running until he 
reaches you.

Often you will fight 1 Slasher and 1 Shooter. This battle sounds 
a lot worse than it is because you can use the Shooter as an 
ally. It is very easy to tell when and in what direction they are 
going to shoot. What you want to do is to position Aya so that 
you end up with the Slasher directly in between Aya and the 
Shooter's line of fire. This can drop the Slasher for you or at 
least weaken him a lot. One full burst of 4 grenades from a 
Shooter is capable of downing an Unarmored Golem that you have 
worked on a little. It will take more than one burst to down an 
Armored one. Always take out the Slasher first.  When you are 
fighting an Armored Slasher and an Armored Shooter in close 
quarters (just down from unlocking the generator door at the 
Temple for example) then you can use Slugs on the Slasher, and 
then switch to the M4A1 to finish the Shooter.

(8.I.iv) Ghosts

When I was younger and played Dungeons & Dragons, there was a 
Dungeon Master who would simply eliminate you with bizarre traps 
when he was angry with you. There was one trap called the death 
pool, and the dialogue for the encounter went something like 
this, "You open a door. You see a pool. You die." I am sure your 
first encounter with a Ghost in Nightmare Mode seemed like this. 
By the time you encountered Ghosts in Normal Mode you were 
already plenty strong enough to handle them. In Nightmare Mode 
you face one as early as the Akropolis Tower and you are 
extremely weak at that point. In fact, until you get out of 
Dryfield, you will be weak enough so that just one slash from a 
Ghost will kill you. When you have Apobiosis and the M950 or the 
Pyke, these guys are easy. When you only have the M93R they are 
extremely tough.

There are actually two different types of Ghosts, Purple (Night 
Operations) and Red (Special Operations). The differences are 
minor as far as fighting them goes. Purple Ghosts can inflict 
POISON, Red Golems can inflict CONFUSION. Also, Red Ghosts are 
much faster with their attacks and appearances.

They have 2 initial attacks. They will either get you from behind 
with the Vulcan Neck Pinch and then drop you, which can cause 
Poison or Confusion, or you will see their targeting laser and 
they will leap and slash you. What you should do when you see the 
laser all depends upon the location. If you are in an area that 
would allow you to dodge, then go for it. You can dodge most of 
their leaps by knowing what entrance to use for a given area. If 
you wait until the last moment to dodge, and the Ghost slashes, 
but misses, it will be disoriented for a while, giving you time 
to reposition yourself.

Dryfield Parking: Enter through G&R's door. When you get the 
laser, turn around and run back behind Rest Room, putting 
yourself in the corner where the Rest Room and the fence join.

Breeding Room: Enter through the Corridor where Bowman was. Run 
straight into the first breeding cage and into the curl of the 
bag of garbage.

Sleeping Quarters: Enter through the hallway closes to Bowman's 
locker. Run into the shower and back yourself up into one of the 
stalls to screen left.

Temple: Run to the puzzle. It is important to keep right against 
the wall to Aya's left. If stay center, you will get the pinch. 
When you reach the far corner, to the left of the puzzle, you 
will get the laser. Cast Apobiosis, and then run along the wall 
and get yourself in the bend near the entrance.

Power Plant: Move out from behind the railing and you will get 
the laser. Turn around and run back to the stairs, so the railing 
prevents the Ghost's jump.

Pedestrian Airlock: As soon as you enter, you should RUN. Run 
straight down the airlock, staying close to a wall. You still 
have a chance to get pinched, but usually you will get the laser. 
Don't stop, don't try to cast a spell, get all the way to the end 
and turn into the niche where the door is. Put your back to the 
door, and you are set.

If you are in a position that you know you wouldn't be able to 
avoid the slash, then as soon as you get the laser you should 
cast Apobiosis or ignite a Flare. That will give you time to get 
into a better position.

You can't always avoid the Neck Pinch, but you can take avoid the 
damage by using the Shake It, Don't Take It technique described 

After either avoiding the Slash or shaking off the pinch, the 
Ghost will begin the disappear, reappear game. He will hit you 
with a slash attack as soon as he appears, if you don't either 
hit him with an attack, or have room to take a few steps back. 
You must react immediately. To make things worse, Ghosts cast 
shadow images of themselves that look just like they have 
appeared in front of you. If you shoot at a shadow image the real 
Ghost will appear almost immediately and slash you--again, you 
die. DON'T SHOOT THE IMAGES. So how do you tell the image from 
the real enemy? You turn off the music and put the sound on your 
TV way up. The real Ghost makes a Phzzzppt sound when it appears. 
The images appear silently. You want to have your back to a wall, 
preferably in a corner or niche. Otherwise the Ghost will 
probably Neck Pinch you again from behind. As soon as you hear 
the Phzzzppt press the Square key and then pull the trigger. This 
will stop the Ghost in his tracks and prevent the slash. You will 
also be able to get several bursts in before he phases out again. 
When you see him start to fade, though, it is time to stop 
shooting. This is because if you keep on shooting he can reappear 
right away and you won't have time to reposition yourself before 
the slash and you die. If you shoot an image, you die. If you 
hesitate to shoot, you die. If you try to run away, you die. If 
the Ghost appears when you are in the middle of casting a spell, 
you die. If you are struggling to reload when the Ghost appears, 
you die. There are lots of ways to die when fighting these guys 
with the M93R or MP5A5, but only one good way to win. Take 
advantage of image appearances to do things like load your clip 
or cast Energyshot. Sometimes the real Ghost appears several 
times in a row. This is dangerous because you can empty your clip 
without time to reload. Keep ammo attached to your armor, and if 
your clip is running low you should reload it immediately after 
you have stopped the slash, or stop firing early and hold the 
rounds in the clip in reserve to prevent the next slash.
Although Pepper Spray is effective for stopping these guys, it is 
not recommended. It does not freeze them, it only stops their 
appearance or their charge. It can be used if you enter a room 
and get the laser, but it is tricky to hit them. 

The best weapon for these guys is the SP12 with Slugs, but we 
will be saving them. I like using the Pyke on these guys once I 
don't have to worry about charges. It does massive damage and the 
graphics look pretty cool. It is very satisfying to burn them up. 
Before you can use the Pyke, use the M950. With Energyshot it 
will take less than the 100 rounds to kill the Ghost. It is also 
satisfying to use the Tonfa on them once they are down.

(8.J) Grubs

To tell you the truth I can't tell what these things are. They 
appear in garbage, so I sometimes think they are maggots. But 
they also drop out of trees on lines so I then think they are 
silkworms. I call them Grubs because that is what they look like. 
These are tough opponents. Keep your distance from them and blast 
away. Getting too close to them is asking to be poisoned, and a 
couple of them leaping at once will do you in. Fortunately they 
are sensitive to fire, and any of the fire spells will make them 
leak life the way Necrosis does. The best rounds to use against 
them are the Fireflies, but you will be saving your Fireflies for 
the Bowman Boss. Use scene layout effectively and they will leap 
into objects or walls. Combustion works great if they are in 
groups and Inferno if they are spread out. Fortunately, they are 
slow and Buckshot blasts set them back. The nice thing about 
igniting one of them is that any of the others that touch it will 
also ignite. This can save both MP and ammunition. If you run 
when one is in front of you it will get pushed along.  You can 
use this technique to ignite any Grub not caught in the original 
flame blast. Just push a flaming Grub at others that are not on 
fire. Use care or you will get a face full of poison. I like to 
ignite them and just run back and forth. Not only can they ignite 
each other, but also do fire damage to other critters. This is 
most fun to watch when they appear in conjunction with Trilobites 
in the Breeding room or the at the Temple. The Trilobites bounce 
up and down as if hit by a combat light, but also take damage. A 
sight cool to behold.

They are too slow to adjust their attacks. Plasma can knock them 
back, and Apobiosis gives them seizures.

(8.K) Jelly Blobs

I don't know what these things are supposed to be either. They 
look like giant amoebas or something. They are one of the only 
monster carry-overs from the first Parasite Eve, but appear and 
act quite differently (Trilobites and Fatties are also much-
changed NMCs). They still have their ball attack but it does far 
more damage. Fortunately you will never get hit by it because 
they will be dead long before they get around to using it. One 
Necrosis blast dissolves them. Try to save your blast until they 
are all lined up together. These guys are no threat, unless you 
are slow to act, and in fact are quite useful. Learn their 
locations and use them when you need to recharge your MP and HP 
because although they are worth very little experience they give 
you phenomenal MP recharges. Bizarrely, they give you a 
disproportionate amount of BP. You will notice 2 distinct types: 
blue/green and red. Since they will be dead before they do 
anything, their differences are irrelevant except that red Jelly 
Blobs yield more MP and HP.

(8.L) Rats

These guys are pushovers, but be careful when they appear with 
other enemies. Their little poison bite gives Aya a slight 
shudder that can spell disaster if there are other opponents 
nearby. Flares and Plasma will burn them up.

(8.M) Scavengers

These guys can be a real pain when you meet them in packs. They 
have two attacks, they will either Pounce on you, or grab your 
leg. Be careful of the pounce, because even if they don't hit you 
directly, but you are running past them, you can take some 
damage. If they grab your leg, they will rub up and down against 
it ("My goodness, Scraps is a boy dog, isn't he?") causing a lot 
of damage, and giving their allies time to advance. You can 
employ The Shake It, Don't Take it technique to free yourself. I 
like using a Riot Grenade or two and then finishing them off with 
Buckshot. Unfortunately, this technique isn't possible until 
after you have reached the Shelter. Use the Grenade Pistol when 
you have it and until then use scene layout and the Stick and 
Move technique if there is room. Riot Grenades knock them down 
and stun them. Also, they don't like light, so if you leave the 
lights on in the basement when they regenerate down there they 
will be drowsy and pose no threat. Flares will knock them on 
their backs and stun them. If you don't have Flares, or are in 
SCROOGE MODE, then use Plasma. Combat Lights make them freeze and 
start rocking back and forth. The graphics for this are cool and 
I recommend viewing them. The best place for it is in the room at 
Dryfield with the Gas Can. Be warned though, if you have stunned 
them with a Combat Light, a critical hit will wake them from the 
trance. If you hit them in the air your shot will do double 
damage. The incidental aspects of these critters are really cool 
and someone did a great job designing them. They are my second 
favorite opponents.

(8.N) Scorpions

Dangerous in packs, especially in tight situations when you only 
have the M93R. The preferred weapon for these guys is the SP12, 
but you won't have that for a while. Use the Stick and Move 
technique on them if there is room to maneuver, otherwise use 
Plasma. The good news is that these critters are lazy. If you run 
a long way away from them, only a couple will chase you while the 
others lose interest and mill around. You can gingerly dispose of 
the chasers, then nail the others from a distance. Learn to use 
scene layout against them. They leave a poison spot after they 
die, so try to kill them at a distance and avoid stepping on that 
area until the poison dissipates. If you are using the SP12 they 
will blow into pieces with the final hit and leave no poison. 
Pepper Spray will give them seizures, as will Apobiosis. 
Apobiosis 3 will kill them instantly.

(8.O) Security Turrets

No longer a mere annoyance, the Security Turrets in Nightmare 
Mode can be deadly. They can hit to cause CONFUSION and
Paralysis. Fortunately you will be able to turn them off 
at 2 different points in the game. There are a few simple rules 
for dealing with them before the first time: use the P229; take 
out the turrets while they are distracted with NMCs; use stick 
and move. The P229 criticals phenomenally and is quite handy 
against the Security System not only because of this, but also 
because it is silenced and attacks only one Turret at a time. The 
M950 with Energyshot and Hydras can take out a Turret before it 
can hit you, but you will wake up any other Turrets in the 
vicinity. If you are shooting at a Turret with any 9mm rounds or 
the 5.56 mm rounds, you will do the most damage by shooting the 
Turret head on. The SP12 is good too, but because of the scatter 
shot you will get multiple turrets tracking you at the same time. 
If you are in a corridor alone with the turrets, use the bends of 
the hallway to hit the turret with a few shots until the 
targeting laser is on you. Pop around the corner before the 
turret discharges and repeat. Keep your distance. If there is an 
enemy in the corridor, let the Security Turrets work on him while 
you work on them. Don't shoot the enemies until after the 
Security System is eliminated. When they are back on the second 
time, the preferred weapon is the Javelin. One shot from the 
Javelin will destroy an individual turret before it can hit you. 
The Pyke also does a fine job on Turrets if you are close. The 
machine gun turrets are the worst because they track you as they 
fire. You turn the turrets off using the Shelter monitoring 
ONCE THEY ARE SHUT OFF. They are only worth EXP, but every little 
bit helps.  In one instance you will use Slugs against some 

(8.P) Stalkers

These guys are dangerous in groups when you are in Nightmare Mode 
and even an individual one who catches you with a face hug is bad 
news. Buckshot does a nice job on them, especially in groups, but 
if they are too close when you use it you are going to take a 
hit. Also, when you first encounter them, you don't have the 
SP12. Fortunately Riot Grenades not only knock them over but 
paralyze them as well. Try to time the shot when they are all in 
the blast radius. You can arrange this by running into a corner 
or a tight spot so they have to converge on your position, so 
even the invisible ones caught in the blast radius will be 
stunned. My favorite weapon for them is the Javelin, if you have 
the charges for it, but chances are you won't. The P229 does a 
good job too. The Combat Light stuns them and you can pop away at 
them until they drop. If they are not right on top of you, the 
SP12 with Buckshot is the best choice. Before you have either the 
P229 or the SP12, the P08 is a good choice and can yield some 
high criticals.  Flares will knock them on their backs, stun 
them, and will also affect invisible ones. Plasma will knock them 

(8.P.i) Giant Stalkers

These guys can be killer. In fact I think that the most difficult 
battle in all of Nightmare Mode is the first Giant Stalker. They 
do not like bright light, they don't like a face full of hot 
pepper, they take a lot of damage from fire, they are susceptible 
to Necrosis, and Riot Grenades, although they won't stun them, do 
give them a slight pause. One slash or head bang in the first 
battle is enough to kill you.  Pepper Spray will stun them, and 
Flares will make them fall to their backs and appear if they are 
invisible, but they will not be stunned.

(8.Q) Strangers

Stick and move and use scene layout. When these guys appear in a 
Bronco room you can often use a bed as a barrier. Their bites do 
real damage in Nightmare Mode, but I do not consider them a 
serious threat. Plasma, Combat Lights, Flares, and Riot Grenades 
knock them down. If you are using the Grenade Pistol and fighting 
a pair of them, wait until they are in close proximity to get 
both in the blast radius. The P08 and the P229 are your best 
options for them, but at the Akropolis you will have the Combat 
Light on the MP5A5, so use that. There are actually 3 different 
stages to these guys, but the 1st and 2nd stages are so close I 
treat them together. The only difference is that 2nd stagers move 
far faster and do more damage than 1st stagers.

(8.Q.i) 3rd stage Strangers

These are deadly if they hit you (one pounce in Nightmare Mode 
and you are probably dead), but fortunately with the right 
equipment extremely easy to kill without taking a single hit. Use 
the M4A1 with the Hammer attached. Stun them, fire 3 or 4 bursts 
at them; stun them, fire 3 or 4 bursts at them, etc. The thing to 
keep in mind is that they will not jump if you are close to them, 
so get close as soon as they pop out of the woods. Outside the 
Temple path you will need to stun them around 3 times. Once you 
are on the path to the Temple you will only need 2 stuns.  When 
they first pop out you should stun them, cast Energyshot (if 
desired), and then fire away standing slightly to screen right 
from the center of the path. They will follow the same pattern.  
Right when they appear they will either leap on you if you don't 
get close enough or they will come straight at you to bite you. 
After you knock them down with the Hammer they will get up and 
walk towards the woods and then jump in. If they are going for 
the woods, just keep shooting (you can position yourself in the 
way and make them take an extra few bursts of ammo). If they are 
going for the bite, then stun them and repeat. If they leap into 
the woods, run back the way you came and they will pop out again. 
Usually they are so weak when they do this that you can just fire 
away. If you run forward you may hit another trigger point and 
now have to fight two at once. Fighting two at once is actually 
kind of economical because you can get them both with the same 
Hammer shot (remember that you can't recharge it until after you 
save Ironheart), but if one gets in front of you and the other 
behind you it can be trouble. If you are out of Hammer charges, 
cast Energyball and get close to them. Because they do an aerial 
leap on top of you they can impact you right over top of the 
Energyballs, so stay close. They don't jump if you are close. The 
MOST fun way of fighting them is with the GunBlade in Replay 
Mode. The graphics look great when they take the sword hack with 
them on their backs and their legs flailing. This has nothing to 
do with Nightmare Mode, but I thought I'd mention it.

(8.R) Trilobites

These are a real pain in Nightmare Mode. They do a lot of damage 
with just one ankle nibble, and after each nibble Aya will be 
disoriented and need to bring her weapon up again. The Grenade 
Pistol with Riot Grenades will stun them, but the reload is very 
slow, so don't use it unless they are in a close pack. Buckshot 
will knock them on their backs and stun them. If you are fighting 
them when they are very spread out, try to run to a point that 
will make them converge so that you can nail as many as possible 
with one shot. Also you can head to a corner or the end of a 
hallway and shoot the closest one, then wait as the others 
approach you. When they are in close proximity to the one on its 
back, shoot it again to knock them all over. Generally aim for 
the centermost and farthest critter (after you have knocked over 
the ones closest to you). This will include the enemies that are 
forward of him in the blast radius. If you have Apobiosis, go 
ahead and use it as soon as you meet a group of them. Flares will 
knock them all on their backs and can be used with good effect in 
conjunction with Buckshot. Combat Lights will make them stand in 
place and pop up and down like a child's cheap wind up toy.

(8.S) Leftover Critters

There are a bunch of different enemies that don't warrant 
separate paragraphs. There are Flesh Puffballs who roll up to you 
and explode; Baby Chasers who hang around and giggle when you 
shoot them--give them the chance and they will also leap onto 
you; Floormat Fatties, who swipe with one long arm and spit 
poison; Disembodied Heads that just sit there; and the Flesh 
Melanges which seems to be composed of the parts of many 
different critters. None of these are problematic individually, 
but when they are teamed up in large numbers, such as in the 
Garbage Incinerator, they can do a number on you. You can use the 
Puffballs to your advantage by making them explode when next to 
another enemy. A critical hit from the P229 will make them pop. 
This is very important in the mad dash through the Garbage 
Incinerator. Enough damage as they are rolling at you will make 
them deflate. Flares will make them stop rolling towards you, so 
you can wait until they are in proximity to other creatures, 
ignite a Flare, and then pop them so they do damage to the 
surrounding critters. Apobiosis can be used with similar effect. 
The best weapon against the Flesh Melanges is the SP12 with 
Buckshot. One shot will kill them. A single critical hit to the 
head from the P229 will kill the head, and the headless body will 
deflate with another hit--it is kind of cool to watch. Other 
weapons just don't do that much damage to them, but if you are 
using one, then target the head first. These guys are slow, but 
if you let them get up close they can ruin you. The Floormat 
Fatties can do a lot of damage with a single swipe so keep your 
distance. Flares will make them stop swiping for a while.

SECTION 9: Walkthrough of Tight Spots and Boss Battles

NB: This is not a walkthrough of all 300+ battles. It contains 
only those battles that are either especially difficult or for 
some reason instructional. It includes all of the Bosses. 
Directions, unless otherwise noted, are given from the viewer's 
perspective of the screen. The methods described are the best 
ways that I know. If you know better ones please e-mail me at 
Gerardvv@yahoo.com, with "PE Guide" in the subject line. Best 
here means most efficient, both for the individual battles and 
for conserving the ammunition you will need later. In other words 
it means best from the perspective of most easily completing the 
ENTIRE mode and not necessarily best for the individual battle. 
This doesn't mean they are the most fun ways.

When in doubt as to what you are about to encounter in an area, 
WALK don't just run into it.

(9.A) Akropolis Tower

Head back to the ammo case after finishing each battle to stock 
up on 9mm rounds and use the phone to save.

(9.A.i) Stranger (Pseudo-Boss)

Location: Diner
Weapon: M93R
Ammo: 9mm

This really isn't a Boss fight. She is a Stranger that is caught 
in between 2nd and 3rd Stages. She is a piece of cake, but if you 
are used to Normal or Replay mode, be warned, you will not be 
able to just shoot her with the M93R and expect her to drop at 
your feet. As soon as you enter Battle Mode, turn around and run 
back towards the door, but get behind the table to the right of 
the door, standing in between the door and the corner close up to 
the table. The Stranger Boss will get stuck at the table and not 
be able to get to you. Just shoot until she drops. If she slips 
around the table, just move out from behind it and go to the 
other side of the room behind the other table.

(9.A.ii) Stranger (terrain illustration)

Location:  Akropolis Diner
Weapon:  Tonfa Baton
Ammo:  N/A

When you go back into the Diner, after calling for backup, there 
will be one Stranger in the kitchen. Don't go into the kitchen to 
fight her. Go right up to the counter in between the two rooms 
and she will come after you. She can't reach you, but you can 
reach her.  Save your bullets, and use the Tonfa to beat her like 
a red-headed stepchild. You can only hit her with the forward 
strike.  You can also use this trick in the Bronco Rooms when you 
have a Stranger trapped on one side of a bed. This example is not 
only quite satisfying, it also saves ammo.

(9.A.iii) Grubs (tight spot)

Location: Garden
Weapon: MP5A5
Ammo: 9mm

The Grubs will appear when you move out from behind the statue 
heading towards the Chapel door. Run back and duck behind the 
statue. Facing the back of the statue, pop out from behind it on 
Aya's left hand side. Cast Pyrokinesis, aiming to include the 
maximum number of Grubs possible in the blast. Fire makes them 
leak out their life. Go back behind the statue and wait while 
they leak life. If one or more slips behind the statue, just run 
down the path and back etc.. This is a little boring, but you 
need to conserve ammo because you will be fighting 2 Golems 
before you have a chance to restock.

(9.A.iv) Ghost (first Ghost)

Location: Chapel Path
Weapon: M93R
Ammo: 9mm

Have your ammo attached to your armor for this battle. You will 
encounter your first Ghost upon exiting the Chapel. As soon as 
you exit, run left, hugging the wall. If you reach the corner, 
turn right and head towards the dead SWAT member. At some point 
during this dash you will get neck pinched. Use Shake It, Don't 
Take It, then position yourself with your back to the niche and 
walk backwards to make sure there is not enough space for the 
Ghost to appear behind you. Follow the procedure described in 

(9.A.v) Fatties (tight spot)

Location: Escalator Mezzanine
Weapon: P08
Ammo: Hydra

Don't move, just start shooting. Take out the near enemy first. 
If you didn't get the Hydras in training, then you have a choice: 
either use the Spartans or use plain 9mm. The Spartans will make 
short work of these guys, plain old 9mm makes a real challenge. 
No matter the ammo, use the P08.

(9.A.vi) Unarmored Slasher and Rats (tight spot)

Location: Escalator Path
Weapon: M5A5
Ammo: 9mm
Attachments: Pepper Spray

When you get off the escalator target the Golem. He will be 
walking away from you. Use this as an opportunity to run straight 
at him, away from the Rats. Run until you reach the opposite 
wall. The Golem will respond as soon as you pass him and try to 
charge; also some of the Rats will chase you. Pepper Spray the 
Golem in the face, thus also catching the pursuing Rats. Fire 
away while he is paralyzed. As soon as he drops out of Paralysis, 
run past him back to the escalator side of the walk and start 
shooting again. He should drop before he can reach you with a 
second charge. If he doesn't, then use another Pepper Spray when 
he gets close. Be careful though, you want to have at least 2 
Pepper Sprays to deal with No. 9 in the coming battle.

(9.A.vii) Fatties (tight spot)

Location: Fountain
Weapon: P08
Ammo: Hydra

Target the Fatty to your left, cast Energyshot, then run straight 
at him and past him. Turn around and drop him. Walk forward and 
drop the other. In Normal Mode you could just stand on the steps 
next to the garbage can, but their arms are just too long now. If 
you don't have the Hydras, then use Spartans or plain 9mm. The 
other Fattie is far enough away not to be a threat at all.

(9.A.viii) No. 9 (BOSS)

Location: Rooftop Walkway
Weapon: M93R
Ammo: 9mm, Spartan (optional)

Attachments: 2-4 Pepper Sprays, Penicillin (just in case)
No. 9 is can be tough in Nightmare Mode. You need to use 
everything in the scene at your disposal to beat him without 
Pepper Sprays and you should be very wary of taking a hit. 

Here is an easy victory:

Have your M93R loaded with Spartans. When the battle begins, cast 
EnergyShot. Then hit No. 9 with a Pepper Spray and keep shooting 
until it runs out. When it runs out, hit him with another Pepper 
Spray and do the same. If you have 3 or 4 keep doing this. When 
you are out of Spartans, switch to 9mm. After you are out of 
Pepper Sprays, run around the corner to the first Power Cable. 
Position yourself so that you are as far away from it as 
possible, but it is still in view and target it. Wait for No. 9's 
approach. If he fires a Grenade, then run 2 steps forward so that 
it passes over your head. When he reaches the Power Cable, shoot 
it. If you had at least 3 Pepper Sprays, he will go down. If he 
doesn't, then hit him with a Pyrokinesis and keep shooting, he 
will drop after a clip or two.

If you want to conserve Spartans or Pepper Spray, or you are 
playing SCROOGE MODE, see below.

Weapon: M93R
Ammo: 9mm

SCROOGE says: before you fight No. 9, you should discard the 
MP5A5 and whichever armor you won't be using. If you discard 
those items, then you have room for all of the possible items 
from the Akropolis, and the Recovery 3 from base.

When the battle begins, cast Energyshot and start firing. Run, 
when it is necessary, to the corner and keep firing. When he 
reaches the corner, run down past the first Power Cable. Stand as 
far away as possible with the Power Cable in view. Keep shooting 
No. 9. If he launches a Grenade, then take two steps forward and 
let it pass over you. When he is approaching the cable, target 
it, and wait for him to be in position to fire. If he is leaping, 
then hit the cable right when he begins. After he takes the 
cable, hit him with a Pyrokinesis. That will knock him back a 
little, do some damage, and let you keep firing. Repeat the above 
procedure with the second Power Cable and then the third. Right 
after you hit him with the final Cable, then blow the Steam Pipe. 
If he doesn't drop, hit him with another Pyrokinesis and keep 
shooting. If you nailed him with all the Cables and the Steam 
Pipe and had been shooting him he probably will drop after the 
Steam. If not, it will only take a few shots.

(9.B) Dryfield

Use the cabinet in Motel Room 6 as a drop point for ammo. This 
saves you from having to return to the Gas Station to reload when 
your ammo is low.

There are many obstacles in Dryfield that you can employ to your 
advantage in battle. You can trap Scorpions on one side of the 
fence while you shoot them safely from the other side; you can 
use the truck as a barrier in the garage, etc.

(9.B.i) Twin Chasers (terrain illustration)

Location: Motel Walkway
Weapon: M93R
Ammo: 9mm

This is not really a tight spot, but it is very typical of what 
you can do in these sorts of encounters. It also illustrates how 
to use layout to your advantage. I will not deal with all of the 
Chaser tag-teams, because the same principle is in effect in all 
of them.

You have 2 options at the start of this battle. I like to walk 
forward until I am almost on top of the 1st Chaser. I cast 
Necrosis, then run straight past him and straight past the 2nd. 
This will wake up the second and have both of them running at you 
in the same direction. In this instance you want to run straight 
down and turn the corner. This should cause either 1 or both of 
them to crash into the wall. If the one that wasn't necrotized 
drops, it is a good opportunity to necrotize him. Then lure the 
two of them into the bend and when they get there, run back out 
into the main alley. Run and stand right next to the Bathroom, 
with the door just slightly forward of you. One Chaser will start 
pacing on the other side of the bend while the other tries to 
charge you. If you stand right against the wall he will keep 
banging his head into the drainage pipe and never get close. You 
can take potshots at him when this happens, then repeat with the 
next chaser. Or you can just wait until he leaks out all his 

The other option is how you will generally proceed in these 
situations once you have the Grenade Pistol and there are no 
bends. Don't bother sneaking up on the Chaser, just run right 
past him and run right up to the next one. They will both wake up 
and charge. Sidestep the charge and they will be in close 
proximity to each other. You can Necrosis them both at once this 
way. If you had the Grenade Pistol you would just lob grenades 
until they were dead.

(9.B.ii) Cage Match (tight spot)

Location: Water Tower
Weapon: M93R
Ammo: 9mm

The bad news: you are trapped in a tight situation with multiple 
Chasers. You are at your weakest and one charge can kill you. The 
only weapon available to you is one of the weakest in the game.
The good news: you can choose how many Chasers you want to fight 
in the cage, from 3 to 6.

After you cap the first 2 Chasers you encounter, you will have 6 
more to fight. The first 2 are easy, use the fence as a barrier 
and just drop them. Here is how you can determine how many to 
fight inside the cage. Pull the gate lever, then run around the 
corner of the cage until you are right behind the next corner. 
There is a Chaser in the middle of the walkway. Stand behind the 
fence and plug away until he drops. Instead of running forward at 
this point, run back to the switch and wait for the gate to 
close. When it closes, pull the switch again and repeat. You can 
do this 3 times. After you have killed the 3rd one you might as 
well head into the cage because no more will be waiting for you 
outside of it. Inside the Cage you should be fast on your feet 
and use the support pole as a barrier to break Chaser charges. 
You may employ Pepper Spray if you are cowardly by nature, but it 
really isn't necessary.

(9.B.iii) Chaser (tight spot)

Location: Garage Alley
Weapon: M93R
Ammo: 9mm
Attachments: Pepper Spray

This fight is tough only because you have very little room to 
maneuver. As soon as the Chaser drops from the cliff, Pepper 
Spray and then finish him off. He is only dangerous because he 
literally has the drop on you when the battle first begins and 
you have nowhere to run.

(9.B.iv) Giant Stalker (BOSS?)

Location: Cellar
Weapon: M93R
Ammo: 9mm
Attachments: Pepper Spray (optional)

This battle is a real piece of cake if you know what to do, and a 
major pain if you don't. You are very weak at this point in the 
game and the Giant Stalker can do you in almost instantly. I 
recommend the same method for normal play and SCROOGE MODE.
Have Plasma 2 revived for this. If you don't, substitute a Pepper 

As soon as the battle is joined, cast Plasma without hesitation. 
Follow this up with Necrosis, and then run as fast as you can. 
Get into the niche in front of the Game Room door. The Stalker 
cannot fit in there and his attacks can't reach you. Now, creep 
forward. You want to be as far forward as possible, without the 
screen point of view changing. The Stalker will titter away, 
running back and forth. When you get to the full forward 
position, he will no longer run, but stay more or less in front 
of Aya. Fire away when he is directly in Aya's line of fire
and as long as he is still Necrotized. If it runs 
out, hit him with it again. This is a waste of MP, but do it
because the damage indicator acts as a flag for Aya to target.

(9.B.v) Unarmored Slasher, Unarmored Shooter (tight spot)

Location: Dilapidated House Alley
Weapon: M93R
Ammo: 9mm
Attachments: N/A

This is not a tight spot, unless you are playing SCROOGE MODE. If 
you aren't you can use a couple of Pepper Sprays to take out the 
Slasher and then finish off the Shooter.

If you are in SCROOGE MODE, here is what you do: walk forward and 
target the Shooter. The Slasher will be in between you and the 
Shooter, so hit Square twice. Then cast Energyshot. Fire your 
weapon, you will hit the Slasher, who will turn to face you. Run 
past him, but not too far past. If you time it right he will go 
for the Slash but miss and be facing the other direction. If he 
turns to face you, cast Plasma. Now, if you don't already have 
the Shooter's attention, fire a burst at him. Then cast Plasma to 
disorient the Slasher and slip back behind him so he takes the 
full burst of 6 grenades from the Shooter. You can finish him off 
with the M93R, or just repeat the process to make him take 
another burst of Grenades. The Shooter is no problem once the 
Slasher is down.

(9.B.vi) No. 9 (BOSS)

Location: Dilapidated House
Weapon: M93R
Ammo: Spartan, 9mm
Attachments: 9mm, a boost, a recovery (just in case)

This encounter is tough. No. 9 is no longer affected by Pepper 
Spray, and he is very quick at protecting himself from Grenades. 
One slash will take away 75% of your life with Antibody cast, and 
one overhead strike will kill you.

Fortunately, the set designers were on your side. Take a good 
look at the layout of the Dilapidated House. The moon is coming 
through the window. The moonlight is shining on 2 spots of the 
floor. One is pretty much dead center, and the other is in front 
of the door from which you entered the room. Across the room, on 
the far wall directly in line with the dresser, there is a big 
hole in the plaster. These are your hints for this scene.
You should have your M93R loaded with the Spartans you have 
because every little bit counts in this battle. (I like to use up 
whatever Spartans I have left at this point, but you may choose 
otherwise. You can put aside 50 for the FireBreather Boss if you 
like. It is fun to kill him with the P08 and Spartans.) Keep the 
other 9mm ammo attached to your armor.

As soon as you enter Battle Mode, cast Energyshot. No. 9 will 
then slash at you, but his slash will fall short. Run straight 
across the room and line yourself up with the hole in the 
plaster, making sure your back is right against the wall. Cast 
Antibody if you wish. Now shoot away. As you shoot him, pay very 
close attention to his position in relation to the moonlight on 
the floor. If he is more than one step away from the moonlight, 
nearer to you, then his attack will hit you. If he is in the 
moonlight, his strike will miss. Right after his strike, run 
straight at him and go to the opposite side of the room.
Make for the doorway, when you get right in front of it, in the 
moonlight, then let yourself turn and face him. You want it to 
look like you are standing right in the doorway, with Aya's right 
shoulder behind the door jam. As long as you can see no more of 
his body than his shoulders down to his hips, you are safe. If 
you can see his hips and the beginning of his thighs, you will 
take a hit. You can avoid this by stepping back into the closet 
and then running back to the hole in the wall after the attack.
The problem is that he steps forwards sometimes to position 
himself. That is why you should start firing immediately when you 
get in position. This can cause him to attack before he gets 
close enough to reach you. What you want to do is get the timing 
down so that he has come very close to you with his attack when 
against the hole. This way when you are at the doorway, he needs 
to advance a pretty good distance to hit you. Keep this up until 
he is dead. Choose your reload times and your spell recasting 
times well or you will take a slash. If you run straight at him 
when it is his turn to attack, he will grab you, choke you, and 
dash you to the floor. Another trick is to wait until he is about 
to launch an attack and then run past him (you run in the widest 
arc you can around him this time). In other words, you are 
running out of turn but before he is positioned to attack. He 
will make a slash at you as you go by and you can get in a few 
extra shots. Although this is possible, I DON'T recommend it.
It is also possible to fight this one out standing in other 
positions, but I find that these two spots give the best timing.
This is a long battle, with many chances to mess up. It will take 
approximately 200-220 Spartan rounds to finish him. That is with 
Energyshot cast the entire time. The P08 will do more damage than 
the M93R, but because it is so slow I don't recommend it. It will 
take about 3 times as long to get through the battle. If you do 
it with just the 9mm and no Spartans, it will empty nearly all 
500 rounds, and you will have an empty weapon for the next 3 
battles--while you can get through that way by hiding behind 
Kyle, it is very tough.


Weapon: M93R, Tonfa Baton
Ammo: 9mm

Waste your Spartans? That's nuts. Besides, you will need at least 
32 for the FireBreather, and it is a lot easier to do the Mad 
Dash with 100 Spartans.

Follow the exact same procedure as above, but use the 9mm. It is 
going to take all of them if you don't do anything else. That is 
going to leave you with an empty clip. You have several options 
to do additional damage. Right after each of his attacks you can 
either hit him with a Pyrokinesis or a Plasma. This costs MP 
though and you won't have much. Plus, if you don't have 
Energyshot for every 9mm round you fire, you will run out of 
rounds before he is dead. What SCROOGE recommends is that during 
No. 9's attack, you switch the M93R off with the Tonfa Baton. 
Then, as soon as his attack is over, run up and give him both a 
slash and a backslash, then keep running to one of the attack 
points. This will save your MP so you can keep Energyshot cast, 
and will leave you with some ammo.

(9.B.vii) Armored Shooter (tight spot)

Location: Dilapidated House Alley
Weapon: M93R
Ammo: 9mm

This encounter can be tough, not because of the enemy, but 
because the scene layout is against you. The alley is very narrow 
and the Golem keeps retreating until he is against the door of 
the Store. What this means is that through most of this fight you 
won't be able to see your opponent, and there is very little room 
to dodge the grenades.

Fortunately you have an ally. Kyle will be fighting on your side 
for a few encounters. Take full advantage of this and use him not 
just for his offensive strength, but his defensive strength as 
well. He will be your shield from the grenades. If you get hit 
with a burst you are going to be paralyzed. If you get hit with 
another while you are paralyzed you are dead. Keep Kyle between 
yourself and the grenades when necessary. He absorbs a lot of 
damage and I have never seen him drop.


You are either out of 9mm rounds, or close to it. Don't bother 
fighting this battle. All you have to do is dodge the first 2 
sets of Grenades, and then get into the curve of the fence, once 
the Golem has passed it. He will continuously target you and 
fire, but the Grenades are blocked by the fence. In the mean 
time, Kyle will take him down for you.

Let him do the fighting until you reach the car and once that 
battle begins you can run up to the ammo case and load up on 9mm.

(9.B.viii) A Rock and a Hard Place

After several tough battles you have made it to your wrecked car. 
Unfortunately the phone is always ruined. You want to get to a 
phone ASAP and save, because if you buy the farm at this point, 
you are looking at the whole No. 9 sequence to the car all over 

Unfortunately you only have 2 possible directions to go towards a 
phone and both are very tough battles.

Choose either the Rock or the Hard Place below for your 
direction.  I strongly recommend the Hard Place first.

(9.B.viii.a) The Hard Place--A Ghost

Location: Cellar
Weapon: M93R
Ammo: 9mm

OK, you have your Ghost-eliminating procedure down, so what makes 
this a hard place?

Once again it is scene layout. You will be coming down the ladder 
into the cellar from the Gas Station. The Ghost is going to grab 
you right after the first few steps you take in any direction. 
For the easiest fight you would head towards the end of the 
hallway and get your back to the switch. Unfortunately, that wall 
is too far away. You will only end up getting neck pinched again 
and again and be dead before you reach that position.
So what do you do? As soon as you enter the hall, RUN in a 
straight line toward the opposite wall. Then, hugging the wall, 
start running down towards the Gameroom door. The point you are 
heading for is a support post that is right before the hallway 
that leads into the Gameroom. You will get the neck pinch right 
before you get there. If you can shake it off, then run to the 
door and turn around for the appear/disappear game.

If you fail to shake it off, you want to get your back against 
the wall next to that post. Once you are in position you will be 
facing the wall that has the ladder you came down, the post will 
be on your left, and your back against the wall. When the Ghost 
appears for the first time (the real Ghost, not an image) hit him 
with one shot and then run and get your back to the door.
This is important because if you just keep a flat wall at your 
back, the Ghost can appear in a 180 degree arc around you. This 
is dangerous: the greater the arc, the longer it takes for you to 
target lock and face that position. Also, if you are firing at 
the Ghost and he is to your extreme right, then disappears and 
reappears to your extreme left, he will have time for another 
neck pinch or quick slash. The post will prevent him from neck 
pinching you, and give you time to lock and fire when he appears.

Follow the procedure in SECTION 8.I.iv for the rest of the 

(9.B.viii.b) The Rock: Two Bowmen

Location: Main Street
Weapon: P08
Ammo: 9mm

If you exit the Gas Station toward the Dryfield Midway you are 
going to encounter twin Bowmen. This is ordinarily not so bad. 
Unfortunately the area is wide open, and the only obstacles to 
use are on the opposite side of your entrance. To make things 
worse, both of your opponents have the drop on you and will begin 
charging their plasma blast as soon as you open the gate.

If you choose this path you have one of two options. Immediately 
target the near Bowman and cast Necrosis. Then, without 
hesitating, run towards Bronco Room 1 and slip around behind the 
support post. This should make the Plasma Blast miss. Then run 
towards the second Bowman and necrotize him. Shoot away at them 
until they are dead. You will probably need to cast another 
Necrosis at some point.

The other option is to enter this battle, but then escape it 
through the Well Alley entrance. In order to escape successfully 
you will need to run right as soon as you enter Battle Mode and 
head straight toward the gate. You should reach it right before 
the Plasma Blasts discharge. You must not hesitate at all. This 
will put you in a good position to reach the phone in Douglas' 
Trailer. This is one of only 2 escapes I could be convinced to 
sanction. I don't recommend it, because the entire rest of the 
game you will have to see that damned escape tally when you save. 
I understand if you choose it though. If you do choose it, you 
can enter the Bowman battle back through that same gate, but this 
time you will have the drop on them, so it is no longer a 
problem. This is also the way you will face them if you chose the 
Hard Place first.

(9.B.ix) Armored Slasher, Unarmored Shooter (tight spot)

Location: Junkyard
Weapon: M93R
Ammo: 9mm
Attachments: N/A

This is only a tight spot if you don't know what you are doing.
You can beat these guys with the ultimate in Rope a Dope, more 
like Rope a Dope squared. As soon as you enter the Junkyard, 
target the Shooter and hit him with a burst to get his attention. 
Then get the Slasher's attention. Either with a quick burst, or 
by running into his line of sight. As soon as you have the 
attention of both of them, run behind the Forklift and stand in 
between the tines. Then just wait. The two of them will walk up 
to the other side of the Forklift and they will either just stand 
there or keep walking into it. What you do now is pop out from 
behind the Forklift to get the Shooter's attention. As soon as 
you get the laser, pop back behind the Forklift. The Shooter will 
just empty his Grenades into the Slasher. It will only take two 
bursts for the Slasher to drop.

If you slip, and allow the Slasher to get around the Forklift, 
then run all the way down the other end of the scene to behind 
the Green Junker. They will both just walk up to the end of the 
Junker and stand there while you shoot them down. The first 
method is far more fun.

(9.B.x) Ghost (tight spot)

Location: Parking
Weapon: M93R
Ammo: 9mm

The only thing tricky about this Ghost is that he will cause 
CONFUSION unless you shake off the pinch. Choose your entrance 
wisely. You want to enter from the G&R door and not through the 
Midway gate.

(9.B.xi) FireBreather (BOSS)

Location: Upper Bronco Walkway
Weapon: Grenade Pistol, P08 (SCROOGE)
Ammo: Airburst Grenades, Riot Grenades, Spartan (SCROOGE)
Attachments: Riot Grenades, Cola (Nothing in SCROOGE)


This guy was a snap in the other modes. Even when he nailed you 
with one of his attacks it hardly did any damage. Unfortunately, 
you are very low on HP, and his attacks do a lot more damage. He 
will also attack more frequently than in the other modes. This is 
probably why the opening graphic for Nightmare Mode shows Aya 
hiding behind a corner and not even fighting this guy. Don't do 
that. Anyone who lets Flint die doesn't deserve to read this 
document.  The good news is that if you know what equipment to 
use the battle is not that difficult.

He has 4 basic attacks:

Forearm Smash;
Pimp Slap;
Fire Breath;
Mamma had a baby grab.

You need to watch out for all of them. The good news is that if 
you hit him with Necrosis right before he begins an attack (he 
has many pre-attack warning signs: a puff of flame before Fire 
Breath, drawing up his arm before the Pimp Slap, etc.) he will 
not carry through on that attack.

Forearm Smash: He will raise his arm up in the air and bring it 
down on the walkway. If you are running under it, it will hit you 
unless you are right against the wall. If you are running from 
one side to the other, and he goes for this attack, duck into the 
path to the stairwell to avoid it.

Pimp Slap: He sweeps with his arm across the path, knocking you 
senseless against the wall. You will see him raise his arm 
slightly off to the side. The good news is he usually goes for 
the Pimp Slap after you have run from the corner to the opposite 
end of the walkway and have hit him with a grenade. If you are 
running back and see him getting ready for the Pimp Slap, duck 
into the stairwell path. If you are closer to the corner, try to 
run around the bend.

Fire Breath: He breathes fire and immolates you. He will give a 
small shift to his head before lowering to breathe fire. Run! Try 
to stay dead center on the walkway because if you veer to either 
side and are running against the wall, it will slow you down and 
the flame will catch up with you. (He also has a small Fire Puff 
that he can catch you with--watch out for it.)

Mama Had a Baby: When I was young, we would pluck dandelions from 
the lawn and sing a terrible little song. Clenching the dandelion 
stem in our hand we would sandwich the flower between our index 
finger and thumb singing "Mama had a baby and its head popped 
off!" When we got to "popped" in the song we would pop the flower 
so that it went flying off of the stem. This is more or less what 
he will do to you. Granted, we didn't breathe fire onto the 
flower but I assure you that was due to a lack of ability and not 
to a lack of desire. He will squeeze you in his hand doing 
damage, breathe fire on you, then throw you smack against the 
wall. Receive this treatment in Nightmare Mode and you will 
almost certainly die. While you are in his grip you can wiggle 
your finger on the arrow keys to make him reposition you and 
minimize damage. If you do this you will have your arms free for 
a moment and be able to fire your weapon. He kind of reaches 
forward with his hand when he is going for this move. Prime time 
for this move is right after the cut-scene in which he grabs his 
injured face in pain. If you can get a Necrosis shot off right 
when he starts you will avert this move, but the timing must be 
perfect. You can also run to Aya's left and go around the bend in 
the walkway.

As a general principle you want to keep running back and forth 
along the long section of the hallway, spending more time in the 
corner before the bend. When you run, make sure you are right 
against the wall. Use the passage to the staircase only to dodge 
attacks, most especially the Pimp Slap. If you stay in it he will 
just keep up his Fire Breath. I avoid the little bend in the 
walkway unless I need it to dodge Fire Breath or Mamma Had a 

The fight can open with different attacks, so what I do all 
depends on what he is about to do. I generally open the fight 
with a Necrosis blast right in his face. Then turn to Aya's left 
and run down to the corner and cast Energyshot and Antibody. Then 
let loose with an Airburst round. Usually you have time for 2, 
but at the first corner you will probably only have time for 1. 
Watch for what attack he is going to use. If he is going for the 
Fire Breath, I run and duck around the bend.

This fight is pretty much you running from side to side, firing 
grenades when you can and hitting him with Necrosis to keep a 
constant leakage on his HP. It is important to let him approach 
your position fully in between running back and forth. This will 
make him take more time in between attacks because he has to 
reposition himself. The corner is the best part to stand and fire 
because his Forearm Smash can't reach you. Make sure you move 
fast if he goes for the Fire Breath.

If he is still kicking and you are out of Airburst Grenades, 
switch to Riot Grenades.

Right before he dies he will smash through the walkway. Try to be 
on the side closest to Bronco Room 6. This way, after the fight 
you can save your game. It will also enable you to make a 
complete loop through Dryfield to take out all the newly 
generated enemies and leave you at the garage, which is where you 
want to be, instead of having to make a broken loop in the 
opposite direction.


Weapon: P08, M93R
Ammo: Spartan, 9mm

SCROOGE says to use only one P08 32 round clip of Spartans, with 
Energyshot cast, on the FireBreather, hit him with 2 Necrosis in 
the first part of the battle. It will take 2 Necrosis, the 32 
Spartans, and about 40 9mm rounds from the M93R. For round 2, hit 
him with 3 Necrosis and just keep peppering with M93R. You can 
also reload the P08 to finish round one if you like, but don't 
waste them in the second round.

(9.C) Shelter

Please read through APPENDIX D on Slug usage for various tight 
spots not included here. If you use the Slugs correctly, they are 
not tight spots.

(9.C.i) Leader of the Pack (Boss) 

Location: Mine Shaft
Weapon: M950, Grenade Pistol
Ammo: 9mm, Riot Grenades
Attachments: Cola

The Leader of the Pack has 3 basic attacks:

Overhead Pounce--He will mount the Mining Equipment and crush you 
by dropping right on top of you.

Head Butt--Similar to your basic Chaser, he will charge you and 
butt you with his head, but this Boss can also swing his head to 
the side, making it more difficult to dodge. You can't simply 
sidestep this attack, you must put more distance between yourself 
and him.

Terrier Shake--He will grab you by the back of your neck with his 
mouth. In addition to doing massive damage, this attack can also 
inflict POISON.

There are two rounds to this battle. In the first round, the Boss 
has about one-fourth the hit points, but his attacks do about 
twice the damage, which means that just about any hit will kill 
you in the 1st round.

A good deal of the time, the Leader of the Pack will run around 
like a 1st grader on a sugar rush at recess. As he runs around 
you will hear his footfalls and his heavy breathing. When the 
footfalls stop you will either hear his breathing or dead 
silence. If you get dead silence, he is probably setting up for 
the Pounce. This is a good way to make him land in a spot you 
want. Right before he drops, you will hear a loud grunt. Move as 
soon as you hear it, or you will take a hit. If you are in Round 
One, then just keep moving and his pounce will never hit you. If 
he stops at one end of the Mining Equipment, you want to approach 
from the opposite way he is facing. If you approach from the side 
he is facing, do so with great caution. He is very fast with his 
charge and attack. Generally, unless I am trying to set him up in 
position, I run in the same direction he did. If he turns around 
at the end of the room, I will turn around and run back in the 
other direction.

Round One:

In this round, you will ignore the four barrels that are in the 4 
corners of the room and leave them for Round Two.
The battle will begin with him in front of you and a barrel to 
screen right. As soon as the battle begins, he will run away from 
you. Run a few steps past the barrel, then turn around and run 
back behind the barrel. He will either have turned around and 
charged you, or have stopped and will face the way he just came. 
If he charges you, dodge it and hit him with a Necrosis, then 
cast Energyshot. If he stops, cast Energyshot, run around to the 
other end, make sure he is facing away from you, then hit him 
with Necrosis. The Necrosis does minimal damage, but since he 
only has about 500 HP in this round, it will help. More 
importantly it will serve as a tag to let you know where he is.
After you hit him with Necrosis, run after him, taking the 
opportunity to shoot him with the M950 as the occasion permits. 
It doesn't take much to put him down in this round.
OR, when the battle begins, cast Apobiosis, and while he is 
having a seizure, take the opportunity to hit him with Necrosis 
and cast Energyshot. If you do this, you will probably want to 
drink an MP Boost item in Round Two.

Round Two:

Switch to the Grenade Pistol for this round. The round will begin 
identically to Round One, but you will be standing at a different 
barrel. You should begin exactly the same, but if he charges you, 
after you sidestep it, definitely cast Apobiosis if he is in 
position for the barrel, cast Energyshot, then hit him with 
Necrosis and target the barrel. If you hit him with 2 Necrosis 
blasts and all 4 barrels, he will be ready to drop, or will drop 
after a couple of Riot Grenades. I like using his Pounce to 
position him in front of a barrel. Stand next to a barrel, close 
to a wall.  When you hear the grunt, slip around the barrel, to 
the other side in roughly a 180-degree arc. Hit the barrel before 
he moves out of position.

If you don't have Apobiosis, don't worry. You can position him at 
the barrels by using the trick above, both on his Pounces and his 


Weapon: M950
Ammo: 9mm

This is probably the toughest battles in the game in SCROOGE MODE, 
because he is so fast and without the Grenade Pistol it is 
difficult to blow the barrels with the right timing. Also, since 
you can't use an MP Boost, you have very limited energy.

Round One:

As soon as the battle begins, position him by a barrel and cast 
Apobiosis. Target the barrel and shoot it until it blows. Then 
target the Boss and fire away. It will only take the Apobiosis 2, 
the one barrel, and about 20 rounds to get to Round Two.

Round Two:

Position him near a barrel, cast Apobiosis, blow the barrel, hit 
him with Necrosis. Then do the same for another barrel. If he is 
still Necrotized, then wait until it runs out to hit him with it 
again if you have the energy. Then use fancy footwork and the 
method described above to pepper him up with 9mm rounds or get 
him near the last barrel. I like to stand by the barrel and 
weaken it a little, then wait for a pounce to blow the barrel. 
Even so, he may still have some HP that you will have to 
take away from him with the M950.

It takes the two Apobiosis, two Necrosis, and two Barrels 
to take him down, if you hit him with a few shots as he runs 
around as well.

(9.C.ii) SuckMeister (Boss)

Location: Dumping Hole
Weapon: Grenade Pistol
Ammo: Airburst, Grenade, Hydra (if necessary)
Attachments: Grenades, M950, Restore item

You should also have the P229 and the SP12 in inventory along 
with 3 or more Flares.

NB: There are ammo cases in the Incinerator. On the side in front 
of the chute there are Hydras, and on the opposite side there are 
9mm rounds. Take the opportunity to load up on ammo.

Also look at the floor. The floor is composed of a grating with 
various joints. You will use these as a marker to force her into 
certain attacks.

The SuckMeister has 6 attacks:

Preceding all of these attacks, she will give a little nod to her 
head. Your distance from her and screen position right after the 
head shift will determine which attack she is going to use.
The Suck--She will raise her head slightly, open her big mouth 
and start sucking. If you get sucked in the game is over. Also, 
if you are too close when she stops sucking she will just slurp 
you up, and once again, game over. Sometimes in other modes, 
prior to the Suck, two Baby Chasers will drop into the room. If 
she sucks in those guys they will heal some of her hit points. I 
have never seen her do this in Nightmare Mode, but I have never 
let her live that long. You want her to go for the Suck as much 
as possible because it is the best time to do damage to her. It 
is not difficult to avoid, just keep the joystick pulled back as 
you fire and make sure you don't get too close. You will try to 
force her to suck as much as possible.

Aerial Drop--Bits of debris will fall from the ceiling and if 
they land on you they can do massive damage. Fortunately you will 
see the shadow of where they are going to hit and you can easily 
avoid them. The best thing to do when she launches this attack is 
to run in the opposite direction from where you are standing, 
then turn and run back, dodging the debris as necessary. The Drop 
tends to follow your location, so you can lead it away from you 
and then reposition yourself safely.

French Kiss--She will look just like she is going to Suck, but 
then will thump out her tongue. If you are too close, you will 
die. The tongue is deadly in this mode. When she tries to slip 
you the tongue, run away, and as soon as you are at a safe 
distance, start firing. It is a great opportunity to inflict 

Super Glue--She will give a slight shift to her body, coming up 
slightly on the left side, and will shoot out a few blobs of 
sticky stuff that will glue you to the floor. Use Shake It, Don't 
Take It (SEE SECTION 7.D) to free yourself if you get hit. All 
you have to do is avoid the hits by running though. Be careful 
where you end up, because she will definitely be following it up 
with a Poison Cloud. The good news is that if you follow the 
method outlined below, you will not see this attack or the Poison 
Cloud in Nightmare Mode.

Poison Cloud--She will tilt her head, thump the floor and shoot a 
Poison Cloud from her left shoulder. The cloud always comes from 
the left: that means that the safest place to be is either too 
far away for it to hit you, or right next to her right foot. If 
you follow the advice below, you will never see the Super Glue or 
Poison Cloud in Round One.

Chaser Spit--In Nightmare Mode, you will only see this attack if 
you take pot shots at the Boss' right shoulder. She will raise 
her foot and thump the floor. Two Baby Chasers will drop from the 
garbage chutes. They will sit there for a moment and the Boss 
will start sucking. If this happens, then immediately start 
shooting the Chasers to kill them. If you let the Boss swallow 
them, each one will heal 100 HP of damage. Then, for the next 
attack, the SuckMeister will tilt its head with a gulping motion, 
almost as if choking on a fur ball, and then spit a masticated 
Baby Chaser in your direction at very high speed. If you take the 
hit you will die and it is too fast to avoid. So, avoid this 
situation by not picking away at her right shoulder. This is 
actually an excellent graphic sequence. It looks especially cool 
in the second round, and I recommend you do it there to see it. I 
had never seen this in about 10 times through Nightmare Mode, but 
I was experimenting with ways to elicit different attacks and 
couldn't stop laughing. It looks really cool in the corridor 
because of the fixed point of view.

You can do minimal damage by shooting her in the right shoulder 
throughout the battle, but don't bother. You can't inflict much 
damage, it is a waste of ammo, and picking at the shoulder might 
make him go for the Chaser Spit.

Tickling the Dragon: Apobiosis will set up a convulsion that 
causes her to open her mouth in pain and giving you the time to 
hit her with more rounds. You can do this in between attacks, and 
break some attacks, but you can't break the Suck once it begins. 
It is a good way of opening a window of damage opportunity. The 
best time to cast Apobiosis is when the SuckMeister is advancing. 
Not only will this give you time to do damage, but it will give 
pause to her forward motion. You can also Tickle the Dragon by 
hitting her with an Airburst Grenade right when her mouth is 
closing after the Suck, if you are standing within 2 steps of 
her. This, however, is a waste of a Grenade. I think that what 
causes the convulsion is receiving a hit to all three weak points 
(Mouth, and both Shoulder Sockets) at the same time.

After the SuckMeister takes a certain amount of damage she will 
advance forward. Use this as an opportunity to reload, or recast 
Energyshot. From the first position, she will advance after 
taking about 1,000 HP of damage; from the second position, after 
about 500. The third position is the most deadly, as the attacks 
are difficult to avoid and there is no more room for her to 
advance. You will use this knowledge to gain a quick and safe 

This battle also has two rounds. Round Two, however is a real 
piece of cake. I have provided a method using the Grenade Pistol, 
because I know people like using that. Also, it seems the game 
designers intended you to use it, as the creatures generally drop 
the ammo you should use against them. However, I recommend using 
the method described for SCROOGE MODE, whether you are playing it 
or not.

Round One: 

As soon as the battle begins, turn around and run about half the 
screen away from her, cast Energyshot, and then hit her with 2 
Airbursts as she Sucks. It is tempting to hit her with another, 
but resist. If you hit her with 3 good hits, you run the risk of 
her advancing right then, which will make for a tougher battle. 
You want to end up about 3-4 steps away from her mouth after you 
have fired and she is done sucking.

After the Suck, she will go for an Aerial Drop. Turn around and 
run away from her, almost to the end of the screen, then run back 
towards her. Look at the floor.  You want to be standing just on 
the far side from the SuckMeister of the joint in the floor that 
has the cable running over it. I like to head back to the point 
where the cable makes an arc, just so I have something to aim at. 
Once you are there, the Aerial Drop should be ended, so take the 
time to switch to the Grenade rounds. If you reach this position, 
or within 2 steps of that joint, she will go for the Suck again.
As soon as she starts the suck, take two steps back, then holding 
the joystick back, hit her with 2 Grenades. You have time for one 
or two more, but don't take it. Use the time to reload and cast 
Energyshot again. Then repeat exactly as above, dodging the 
Aerial Drop, but stick with Grenades. Hit her with 2 more and she 
will advance. It is better if you can hit her with 3, but you 
have to have the timing just right.

The sequence of firing is important because if you hit her with 3 
or 4 Airbursts for the first Suck, she might advance then. If you 
hit her with 3 Grenades after the 2 Airbursts, she will 
definitely advance. This way you have inflicted 2 Airbursts and 4 
Grenades before her advance. That is, instead of between 1,000-
1,200 HP, you have inflicted about 1,500, which means you have 
taken over half her life.

After this she will advance. While she is advancing, cast 
Apobiosis and "Tickle the Dragon". This will give you time to do 
damage, and recast Energyshot if you didn't do it above. Then run 
just about all the way to the far wall. Get some distance so you 
have time for 2 Grenades, but you want to force the Suck. She 
will go for the Suck again. She will advance again after those 2 
Grenades. If you were lucky enough to hit her with 3 Grenades, 
just before her last advance, she will die now. If not, "Tickle 
the Dragon" again and she will die when you hit her with the next 
Grenade. If you messed up at some point, and she makes it to the 
final position, see below.

This time you are in tight quarters, so it is important to make 
sure she goes for the Suck. So after just a brief pause, run all 
the way to the wall, and she will go for the Suck. The good news 
is that she is dead after just one more Grenade. All told, that 
is 2 Airbursts and 7 Grenades, with Energyshot 3 cast. 

If you mess up the timing, or miss with a shot, she may either go 
for the Super Glue, or directly for the Poison. Once she starts 
this in this position, it is difficult to get her to stop, 
because in order to not get hit by the poison, you either have to 
be in the far corner by the door, or right next to her right 
foot. If you are in either location, she will tend to keep going 
for the Poison, or Super Glue/Poison combination. So what you 
want to do is to run away, but make sure that you pause slightly 
before you do.

If she goes for the French Kiss, it is quite dangerous here, but 
also desirable. If you aren't too close, just turn around and run 
to the back wall. The tongue will miss. Now, hit her with the 
last Grenade and she is dead, because while, and after, she goes 
for the French Kiss you can do damage to her. If you are close, 
run immediately to the side, at an oblique angle away from her.
If you missed or wasted any Grenades, don't worry, that is why 
you had the M950 attached. Just switch to it and nail her when 
she goes for a Suck or French Kiss.

Round Two:

This round is a cake walk. Right when the battle begins, turn 
around and run down the corridor to the far wall. DO NOT turn the 
corner. What you want to do is follow the seam in the floor that 
is furthest away, run straight down that to the point where the 
wall bends, and put your back to it. You want to be by the bend 
that is in line with that seam in the floor, so you are just 
slightly off center from the SuckMeister. Cast Energyshot. She 
will walk up and will either Suck or go for the Poison. If she 
goes for the Poison Cloud, then just stand there. It can't hit 
you in that position. Just stand there waiting for her to Suck. 
If you hit her just right in the First Round, you have 5 Grenades 
and 2 Airbursts in inventory. That is enough to take her out, but 
if you get a bad hit, or miss, you can switch to the M950. Just 
repeat the procedure: after each Suck, run back to that spot on 
the wall. The main difference is that you don't want to get as 
close to her in this round.

The danger here is that if you finish standing as close to her as 
you did in Round One, she is going to go for the French Kiss, and 
in this round it reaches all the way to right before the wall. If 
you are in position against the wall, it will miss, anywhere 
else, you will take the hit and die. So don't get as close, and 
run back to the wall immediately. If you slip up, turn the corner 
when you see the tongue coming, then run back before the next 

As soon as she starts her death convulsions, run to the panel and 
step on it, then run back. Every second of the 5 minutes counts 
for the Mad Dash in Nightmare Mode.


Weapon: M950
Ammo: Hydra
Attachment: 9mm rounds

Follow the exact same procedure as above, but use the M950 the 
entire time. If you are playing in SCROOGE MODE, then make sure 
you pick up the plain Jane 9mm rounds as well as the Hydras, 
because you run the risk of running out of Hydras in Round Two.
The only other important difference is that you want to watch the 
damage you do, especially after the first advance. What I like to 
do for the battle opener and the first advance is to fire until I 
see about 500 HP of damage, then reload the M950 so I can empty 
nearly a full clip down her gullet when she goes for the Suck 
again. So keep the Hydra rounds attached to your armor. Also, you 
must time your reloading and Energyshot recasts. I generally like 
doing either right after the "Tickle the Dragon" procedure.
After Round One, I attach the 9mm rounds, so that if I run out of 
Hydras, I can switch to them.

(9.C.iii) Mad Dash

Location: Dumping Hole
Weapon: P229
Ammo: Hydra (Spartans if you have any left)
Attachments: 2 Flares, Restore item

I call this a Mad Dash, but really we are going to keep our 
position for the most part.

After defeating the SuckMeister, head back into the Incinerator 
room (make sure you have already stepped on the panel to raise 
the floor). Move to Aya's right and load up on Hydras if 
necessary. Also load up on 9mm rounds if you choose, so that you 
have plenty of Hydras left for your return to Dryfield. This is 
important if you are playing SCROOGE MODE.

Head to the box in the back of the room and get the Medicine 
Wheel. It is worth a lot of BP (13,900) and will earn you Bonus 
Items after certain battles (SEE APPENDIX B).

Round One:

After getting the Medicine Wheel, you will walk forward and a 
slough of "Leftover" critters will drop into the incinerator. The 
only real problem here are the Flesh Puffballs, as they can do 
you in right away if they explode nearby. So right when things 
start dropping, run straight to the other side of the room, by 
the last floor juncture before the door, and ignite a Flare. This 
will stun the Floormat Fatties and the Flesh Puffballs. The Baby 
Chasers will be momentarily halted, but not paralyzed. Now, run 
back towards the box that you got the Medicine Wheel out of, but 
don't go all the way back. Get to the spot right before the 
screen changes, so you can still see some of the Critters. Cast 
Energyshot and then start taking things out. The important order 
is that nonstunned Flesh Puffballs come first. If you get them 
with a critical hit they will pop and inflict damage on anything 
around them. Next come the Baby Chasers that are advancing on 
you. Their flop attack is no longer an annoyance but can cause 
serious harm in this mode, especially in SCROOGE MODE as you 
still only have 50 HP. None of the Floormat Fatties can reach you 
if you are in that position, so they are your least concern. 

You can tell what you are aiming at by the sound it makes when you 
hit it. Puffballs make a squeaking noise when hit, Baby Chasers 
make a light thud and then they laugh, Floormats make a heavier 
thud, and then growl/grunt.

If you reach a point that there are Flesh Puffballs and Baby 
Chasers advancing on you, and you won't be able to pop them in 
time, then ignite the other Flare. DO NOT run forward again. A 
few steps forward will put you within swiping range of the 

After you have eliminated all the rest of the critters, there 
will be one or two Floormats who are just out of range, advance a 
few steps to put them in range, but don't get close enough for 
their swipe.

Two Flares should be enough. If you run out of Energyshot, use 
one to give yourself time to cast again. If you have Apobiosis 
revived, you can also use that to stun the Floormats and 
Puffballs. Be careful though: if the Puffballs take a good hit 
and they are close, they will pop next to you and do you in. 
Avoid using Plasma, except on the Baby Chasers. Plasma will pop 
the Puffballs, and unless they are right at the edge of the 
blast, you will take damage.

The critters will make different sounds when they hit the floor 
and that will let you know when different things have dropped in, 
even if you can't see them.

Round Two:

This round is more or less the same as the above, but when the 
battle begins, run to screen left and ignite the Flare and cast 
Energyshot. Then you can just stay in that position, or move to 
the center and pop away, paying close attention to the Puffballs. 
You will have to advance to take out the last two Floormats.
The Flares are key here, and turn a difficult battle into a 
tricky one at best. You should have about 2 minutes left to 
escape. If you are not playing SCROOGE MODE, you should have some 
Spartans left as well. They pop the Puffballs a lot easier than 
the Hydras.


Weapon: P229
Ammo: Hydra

This is a very tough battle in SCROOGE MODE, because you can't 
use Flares. I mean come on! They are worth 75BP each in the end 
game tally.

In SCROOGE MODE, you will follow basically the same procedure as 
above, but use Apobiosis instead of Flares. This is trickier 
because you will only have Apobiosis 2 revived, so you have to be 
sure that the things you want to stun are in range, but not close 
enough to nail you. It also means you may run out of PE for 
Energyshot at the end of Round 2.

Also, because you only have 50 HP, it only takes 2 Baby Chaser 
flops to do you in. One Puffball or swipe from a Floormat and you 
are toast.

Follow the same procedure as above, but be extra careful, use 
Apobiosis, and make sure you target the Puffballs as soon as they 

(9.C.iv) Strangers (3rd Stage)


Location: Forest Paths
Weapon: M4A1 Hammer, SP12, M950
Ammo: 5.56mm, Fireflies, Hydra
Attachments: N/A

These battles don't require notes unless you are in SCROOGE MODE. 
Please see SECTION 8.Q.ii, on how to handle them if you are not.

In SCROOGE MODE you can't buy ammo, so you have to deal with 
these guys with various weapons. You will have received 80 5.56 
mm rounds from a previous battle. Use them and your Hammer only 
in the Forest on the outside path, not the path directly before 
the Shrine. You will run out of ammo, but when you do, just keep 
hitting them with the Hammer charges. This means that you should 
reserve your Hammer charges for after you have viewed the Stele, 

On the path to the Shrine you will use Fireflies and Plasma. 
Then, when you are out of Fireflies, you will switch to the M950. 
Remember the Strangers' behavior on the path: they will attack 
once, then jump into the woods. So right when they appear, hit 
them with Plasma. Try to stand to block their walk to the woods. 
All it takes is one Plasma 3 and 7 Fireflies to do one of these 
guys in. If they make the jump, you can either hit them with 
another Plasma or just fire your remaining Fireflies. When you 
are out of Fireflies, repeat this procedure with the M950. If you 
would rather save your Fireflies for other uses, then just use 
the M950 for them, but it takes about 70 rounds, plus the Plasma 
to do them in, which means you will probably have to take a trip 
to load up on Hydras. That isn't so bad, because it will give you 
the opportunity to save your progress, but I like to do the 
entire trip through the Ark in one sweep.

NB: If you are going to use your Pyke charges for Tlaloc and the 
Ghosts, then you must use your M950 and reserve all of your 
Fireflies for the Bowman Boss in SCROOGE MODE. I don't recommend 
this, but it is your choice.

In Full SCROOGE MODE, you won't have the M4A1, so either use the 
Fireflies, or, if you don't mind heading back to the Shelter, 
then just use the M950 and take a trip back to restock your 

(9.C.v) Tlaloc (Boss)

Location: Island (Feeding Area)
Weapon: M950, M4A1 Pyke (optional)
Ammo: Hydra
Attachments: Medicine Wheel

This guy ought to be ashamed to be a Boss, let alone be 
considered a god to the ANMCs.

He only has one attack, an energy spit. It is different than the 
spit of the lesser Divers though, in that he can track you in 
about a 120-degree arc. It also does massive damage. Aya can run 
much faster than Tlaloc can track though, so just stay in the 
center of the path and keep running until the blast stops.
If you want an easy victory, just use the Pyke. As soon as he 
stops spitting, just torch him and hold the trigger down. The 
flame will prevent him from spitting and it will only take about 
18 charges to do him in.

Don't forget to get the Skull Crystal from the water after 
finishing him off.

NB: If you take this route, you will have about 12 Pyke rounds 
for dealing with Ghosts, but you will not have the Pyke for the 
battle with the Giant Bowman Boss. I don't recommend it, I 
recommend following the SCROOGE MODE procedure below, whether you 
are playing it or not.


Dodge the Energy Spit as above, but when he is finished spitting, 
hit him with a Necrosis, then cast Energyshot. Pepper him up with 
the M950, dodging the Spit when he goes for it. When the Necrosis 
runs out, hit him with it again and repeat. It is only going to 
take 2 Necrosis blasts and less than 100 Hydra rounds to finish 

(9.C.vi) Giant Bowman (Boss)

Location: Training Room
Weapon: M4A1 Pyke, Mongoose, M950
Ammo: 5.56 mm rounds (80), Magnum rounds (18), Hydra
Attachments: Medicine Wheel

The techniques described below are the same for both regular 
Nightmare Mode and SCROOGE MODE. If, however, you have used your 
Pyke charges, then you should take both a full inventory of Hydra 
and 9mm rounds, or all of the Magnum rounds, or the Grenade 
rounds you saved by using the M950 on the SuckMeister, and follow 
the second method below.

There is a short sequence leading up to the Bowman Boss that is 
worth reviewing.

Before you go down the Elevator shaft, make sure you have the 
Security Turrets turned off. I like to have enough EXP to revive 
a spell after taking out the first set of Speakers and the 
Security Turrets, and then one for after taking out the next set 
of speakers. If you haven't already revived Antibody, then this 
is the spell to revive. This is in case you mess up when fighting 
the Fatty. If you are not playing SCROOGE MODE, then you can 
simply swallow an MP Boost item right before going into the 
Training Room.

When you go down the elevator, have the M950 attached. When the 
battle joins, cast Energyshot and target a Speaker. Drill it 
until it pops, then target the other speaker and do the same. 
Finish off the Security Turrets. Nothing here can do damage to 
you, but the Speakers will whittle down your MP.
Revive a spell, and go down the elevator, or use an MP Boost if 
you are not in SCROOGE MODE.

As soon as you get off the elevator cast Energyshot and Antibody. 
Your position is very important in this battle. Walk forward, but 
not too far forward. You don't want to cross the line on the 
floor that is in line with the first speaker. If you do, you will 
draw the attention of the Fatty, which may prevent you from 
blowing all the Speakers. You want all the available experience 
from blowing the three Speakers.

Standing as close to it as possible, without crossing the line, 
target the first Speaker and let it have it.

Now, what you want to do is get the Fatty's attention and draw 
him away from his position in front of the final Speaker, because 
if you kill him, the battle ends and you are out 100 EXP. What 
you do is target the second Speaker and then cross the Fatty's 
line to get his attention. Next, run all the way back to the 
corner by the Elevator. The Fatty will come after you; you will 
hear him walking. After he takes 3 steps he will get ready for a 
swipe. Cast Apobiosis, then run past him and run right up to the 
second Speaker and blow it. Repeat this for the third Speaker, 
but don't get too close to Eve or you will get knocked over. Blow 
the speaker, and then turn around and do the Fatty.
After this sequence is over, revive another spell, and then enter 
the Training Room.

This Boss is one tough cookie to make crumble. It took me a while 
to come up with a foolproof battle plan, but after you know what 
to expect you can fight this one without losing a hit point.
Your attacks will do minimal damage most of the time, but there 
are times when he is particularly vulnerable. These are the 
moments in which he is flopping backwards, off balance after 
certain attacks. You can also hit him with a Necrosis when he is 
flopping, but it only lasts a few seconds. It can be used to good 
effect if you mess up with your ammo. The other time you can 
inflict serious damage is when he is charging the Big Bang. It 
will take about 300 HP to get him to break off any of his 
attacks. You don't have to inflict it all at once. You can do a 
little damage to him in between attacks and then inflict the 
remaining damage when he starts the attack. Be warned, however, 
because if Eve heals him, although she will only heal about 88 
HP, you have to rebuild to the 300 HP from scratch, even if you 
had inflicted nearly all 300 HP of damage.

I will describe his individual attacks, but frankly you don't 
need to know all of them with the method we are going to use.

The Giant Bowman Boss has 5 attacks:

Energy Balls--These are very easy to avoid. They will drop to the 
position you were standing when they were released, but they have 
limited tracking ability, so you can't simply sidestep them. You 
need to run a few steps after they are released. The Boss will 
flop backwards after releasing the balls, but you probably won't 
have time to inflict punishment on him then. The sound for this 
attack is unique, and you will see him hold his hands as if he 
were praying with multicolored dots in between.

Big Bang--The Boss will charge a Plasma Blast just like a normal 
sized Bowman. However, this blast will spread through the entire 
room causing massive damage and hitting with IMPACT. If you have 
150+ HP and have Antibody cast, you will survive, but if you are 
in SCROOGE MODE, you are doomed. The good news is that you can 
inflict decent damage on him while he is charging the blast, so 
if you have the right weapons you can break the Big Bang and 
cause him to flop backwards. While he is flopping you can do the 
most damage to him. There are several weapon/ammo combinations 
that can do enough damage to him while he is charging if you have 
Energyshot cast. They are: Grenades, Slugs, Javelin, Pyke, and 
Magnum rounds. The bad news is that, unlike in other modes, one 
Grenade, unless it criticals, is not enough to break the Big 
Bang, and since it is very slow to reload, you don't want to risk 
it. The sound is unique for this attack as well, and his entire 
body will begin to glow red. There will be several separate rings 
of red that appear around him, each growing more intense than the 
next. He will discharge the Big Bang right after his entire body 
is glowing red.

Tracking Laser--The Boss will make a high-pitched noise, and one 
Laser will emanate from him. This Laser has pretty good tracking 
ability, but you can avoid it by running in one direction away 
from the Boss and then switching directions near the end of the 
room and running back towards the him. The Tracking Laser will 
run out, as it can only travel about 1.5 room lengths. If the 
laser hits you it can do about 50 points of damage and inflict 

Zig-Zag Lasers--The Boss will make a high-pitched noise, and dual 
lasers will emanate from him. They will zig-zag across the floor 
heading away from him toward the end of the room. There are 
certain safe points that you will notice, the two most important 
being right next to the speakers on the far side away from the 
Boss. They do the same damage as the Tracking Laser.

Triple Lasers--The Boss will once again make the high-pitched 
noise, and 3 lasers will emanate from him. They will move in 
straight lines from the Boss to the end of the room. The center 
laser will move straight down the center of the room, the left 
and right lasers will move at about a 20 degree angle. If you are 
near the center of the room, the safest thing to do is to run 
away from the Boss in a straight line about one step away from 
the center line of the floor. As soon as you are over half the 
room away from him, you can stop and the lasers will pass over 

You can avoid taking damage from any of these attacks by running 
straight towards the Boss and running straight into him just 
before the attack discharges. You will bounce off him and fall to 
the ground, but will take no damage.

As soon as the battle begins, cast Energyshot and run towards the 
near Speaker. Stand dead center and right in front of it, it 
won't take long to blow it. When you blow the Speaker, it will 
stop whatever attack the Boss was working on, and cause him to 
flop backwards.

Here is a sure-fire method for the safest victory:

After your blow the Speakers, run to the Boss' right, screen 
left, and go right behind his leg. Switch to the Mongoose. Make 
sure Energyshot is cast, and wait for him to finish an attack. If 
the attack was either the Energy Balls or the Tracking Laser, 
then run into his leg and use the bounce technique so you don't 
take damage. You will hear the sound of the Energy Balls. Wait 
until you see him flop backwards, then bounce off of him. If it 
is a laser sound, then wait until you see the tracking laser 
appear and bounce off of him immediately thereafter. Wait for him 
to go for the Big Bang, and let him have enough Magnum rounds to 
break the Big Bang. It will take 3-4 rounds. When he is flopping, 
cast Apobiosis, this will freeze him in his vulnerable position. 
Now switch to the Pyke and pull the trigger until it goes 
"click". You will do over 2,000 HP of damage to him and take away 
most of his life. You may have to let go of R2 if Eve heals him 
while he is launching an attack and bounce off of his leg, but 
otherwise the Pyke will continuously break whatever attack he 

At some point you will need to recast Energyshot.
For the rest of the fight, just stand in that position behind the 
Boss and hit him with the 5.56mm rounds, switching to the 
Mongoose whenever he goes for the Big Bang. It only takes the 30 
Pyke charges, the 80 5.56mm rounds and the 18 Magnum rounds to 
take him down. Use the Magnums only when he is going for the Big 
Bang, and cast Apobiosis to use them up. If you mess up with the 
Mongoose and waste your ammo, you can switch to the M950, or wait 
until he is flopping and hit him with a few blasts of Necrosis or 
Pyrokinesis, if you have it at full strength.

If you have already used your Pyke, or you are playing Full 

You can do this without the Pyke, but it is preferable to do it 
with. If you used your Pyke then you should head down to this 
battle with either a full inventory of 9mm and Hydras, or just go 
down with all your Magnum rounds. Use the plain 9mm on the 
speakers and switch to the Hydras for the Boss. Simply keep 
hitting him with the Hydras and switch to the Mongoose when he 
goes for the Big Bang employing the Apobiosis trick. If you 
prefer, just take out the Speakers with the M950 and use all the 
Magnum rounds to take down the Boss. Under no circumstances 
should you use more than the 18 Magnum rounds in Full SCROOGE 

Or, even if you aren't in SCROOGE MODE, you can battle the 
SuckMeister (SEE SECTION 9.C.ii) with the M950 and have 16 
Grenade rounds for this battle. Use them either in conjunction 
with the M950, or with the Mongoose. You will need to do more 
bouncing if you don't use the Mongoose, because it is difficult 
to break the Big Bang with the Grenade Pistol in Nightmare Mode. 
You have to hit him with the first Grenade AS SOON AS the Big 
Bang begins and then reload and hit him again right before the 

If you want more of a challenge, you can stand in the center of 
the room and dodge the attacks as they come and as you do damage 
to him. This is more fun, but more risky.


Location: Pod Bottom
Weapon: M249, M950 (Full SCROOGE only), M4A1 Javelin (Full 
SCROOGE only), Mongoose, Grenade Pistol (if you used all of your 
Ammo: 5.56mm rounds, Hydras, 9mm (Full SCROOGE only), Magnum 
rounds, Grenades
Attachments: Medicine Wheel, Ofuda, Skull Crystal, Holy Water, 
Ringer's Solution

You should also have the 25 .44 Magnum Maeda rounds, the 
Lipstick, and the MD Player in inventory for the battle with Eve.
Even though you have a 100% kill rating, there is one Ghost left 
when you go down the elevator to the Pod Bottom. I like to have 
the M4A1 Pyke equipped to dispatch him easily, and the Javelin in 
inventory. I also keep the MD Player attached for the Ghost and 
then detach it after the battle. In Full SCROOGE MODE, use the 
plain 9mm rounds on him and then switch to the Hydras before 
entering the Pod Bottom.

After the Ghost I switch to the Javelin, load the M249 with all 
of the 5.56mm rounds, get all my armor attachments ready and 
revive all my spells that aren't yet revived that I plan on 
using. NB: If you are going for Full SCROOGE, then you should 
revive Energyball fully but don't touch Lifedrain. This is 
because you want to have the maximum MP available. That will come 
to 106 MP with all Energies revived but Lifedrain while wearing 
the Tactical Vest. This is enough for what you need. If you are 
not playing Full SCROOGE, you can do whatever you want as long as 
Inferno 3 is available.

There are 2 rounds to this battle.

(9.C.v.a) Ultimate Being

The first round is against the Ultimate Being, a giant baby like 
in the first Parasite Eve. There are 17 points that you need to 
destroy to fully eliminate the Ultimate Being, possibly more if 
you don't move fast enough to eliminate each Tentacle group in 
its entirety on the first try. This is desirable to get the 
maximum BP and EXP available.

These points are:

(1)  Head
     (1a)  Head Socket
(2)  Right Arm Carapace
     (2a)  Right Arm
(3)  Left Arm Carapace
     (3a)  Left Arm
(4)  Belly Button
(5)  Left Tentacle
     (5a) Left Tentacle, Left Split
     (5b) Left Tentacle, Right Split
     (5c) Left Tentacle Socket
(6)  Rear End
(7)  Right Tentacle
     (7a) Right Tentacle, Left Split
     (7b) Right Tentacle, Right Split
     (7c) Right Tentacle Socket
(8) Trunk
The order you remove the points is important. We will deal with 
that under the description of the battle, with some important 
information below.

There are certain things to keep in mind for this battle. The 
Ultimate Being will remain stationary as far as lateral movement 
goes, but will spin on its center axis. Although you are playing 
on a flat screen, you should keep in mind that the battle is 
taking place in 3-dimensional space. This is important because 
the programmers did an excellent job of simulating a 3-D 
environment. This means a few things. First, it means that if the 
Ultimate Being is discharging the Mega Blast, you are safest when 
you are at either a high or low point if you are near the end of 
its arc. The attack is conic, so picture the curvature of a 
circle, its diameter is widest in the center, tapering off 
towards the bottom and top. This is important when you are 
eliminating the Trunk. The other important thing about this is 
that the Ultimate Being rotates faster because of his 
extremities. Every extremity you destroy, with the exception of 
the Tentacles, will slow down his rate of rotation and make for a 
much safer battle. The important points to remove are: the two 
Arms, the Belly Button, and the Rear. The Arms drive the body 
very quickly, so you want to knock them off ASAP. After the arms, 
you want to eliminate the Head entirely (in Full SCROOGE MODE, 
you will eliminate the Head first). It doesn't make the body move 
faster, but it does massive damage on an attack in a very wide 
arc. Then go for the Belly Button to slow the rotation down 
further. Next, eliminate one of the Tentacle Groups, then take 
out the Rear, the final Tentacle Group, and finally the Trunk.
When you destroy any of the Boss' attack points, except the 
Tentacles, this will give pause to the Ultimate Being, whatever 
it is doing. So if you know that the Belly Button, for example, 
is about dead and the Boss is going for the Mega Blast, you can 
keep firing because he won't complete the blast if you take the 
Belly Button out. You will know when any of the attack points, 
except the Tentacles, are dead because the Ultimate Being will 
have a mini-convulsion and there will be a puff of white smoke.

The Ultimate Being has 7 attacks at its disposal:

(1) Psionic Blast--The Head will begin glowing yellow and a wave 
of psionic energy will issue from its head. Because this attack 
comes from the top of the Being in a sort of downward cone, you 
are safest in one of the low points of the walkway as far away 
from its epicenter as possible. The blast covers almost a 180-
degree arc, but you can out pace it if you are running downward 
and start as soon as the Boss is charging the blast. The Psionic 
Blast hits with IMPACT, and can cause BLINDNESS. The blast will 
do 120 HP of damage if you don't have any protection. It will do 
90 HP if you have the Holy Water attached, and 54 HP with the 
Holy Water and Antibody 3 cast. This attack is different 
depending upon whether you are dealing with the Head or Head 
Socket, but the difference is irrelevant, and mostly affects the 
way the blast looks.

(2) Mega Blast--The Boss' trunk will open up and will begin to 
glow red. If you take this blast in Nightmare Mode, whether you 
are playing SCROOGE or not, you are doomed. The Mega Blast takes 
in about a 90-degree arc in a horizontal cone, but the Ultimate 
Being can turn on its axis while blasting. How far he turns 
depends upon how many extremities he has left. If he has all his 
extremities intact he can turn in about a 45 degree arc in the 
direction you are running, but only about 30 degrees if they are 
all gone. It does not, however rotate during his first Mega 
Blast. If he goes for the Mega Blast and still has all of his 
appendages, you can only avoid it by running immediately. 
However, if he goes for the Mega Blast and the Belly Button is 
still intact, there is a safe point in the first valley you come 
to. You must stand at the center of that platform to avoid it. I 
call this the "Eye of the Storm". Otherwise, the safest points 
are either high or low on the walkway as described above. This 
blast hits with massive damage and hits with IMPACT. The basic 
principal to adhere to if it goes for the Mega Blast is RUN. Get 
to the point just out of the blast's range and fire. If you are 
still working on the rest of the body, take the opportunity to 
continue doing so. If not, work on the Trunk itself. If you are 
working on the Trunk, run to the point where the blast is going 
to end and target the trunk. You can begin firing while it is 
issuing the blast. The higher points on the walkway put you in 
the best position to begin firing.

(3) Green Poison--The Boss will give a shrug of his shoulders and 
little jets of Green Poison will exude from his Arm Carapace's. 
If you are playing as described, you will never be hit by this. 
The only time I think you can get hit by it is if you are running 
to avoid either the Psionic Blast or the Mega Blast and you 
haven't yet taken out the Arm Carapaces.

(4) Big Time Pimp Slap--By now you should be getting the idea 
that in the Final Battle you are facing most of the attacks you 
have already seen from other Bosses. The Ultimate Being will 
shift his body and raise his arm, then swipe across the screen. 
The slap does massive damage, about 60 HP if the Holy Water is 
attached, but you can survive it if you are at full strength. It 
is better not to be hit by it, though. If it goes for the Pimp 
Slap, then run quickly away from the arm that is slapping. The 
Pimp Slap has limited range. It is mostly dangerous if he starts 
it when you were in the middle of doing something else and can't 
run immediately.

(5) Poison Jet--A stream of white poison can issue from one of 
four places: Belly Button, Rear End, or the Left or Right 
Tentacle Socket. The Poison does heavy damage, about 50 HP, and 
can inflict Paralysis. Unfortunately, if you get hit by it once, 
the chances are good you are going to keep getting hit by it. The 
safest place to be when the poison is issuing is at a high point 
far away from the Boss. None of the jets can reach you there, and 
you can take the opportunity to drill the Tentacle Sockets.
(6) Poison Drop--Either Tentacle can hit you with this attack 
when they are fully intact. The Poison behaves exactly as the 
Poison Jet above, doing about 50 HP and inflicting Paralysis, but 
due to the fact that it is coming from above your head, you have 
very little chance to escape. The solution is NEVER let a 
Tentacle get directly above your head.

(7) Tentacle Swat--After you have done enough damage to split the 
Tentacle, either side can be use by the Ultimate Being to swat 
you the way a cow would swat a fly with its tail. The Swat 
doesn't do all that much damage, around 30 HP, but any hit is bad 
news in this battle.

NB: SCROOGE says it is OK to employ the method below, but he 
sometimes substitutes 1 Cola for the Ringer's Solutions against 
the Ultimate Being (that saves 140 BP). If you go this route, 
then have the M950 loaded with Hydras attached. SCROOGE prefers 
to live to enjoy his wealth, but see below if you want to play 
out the Full SCROOGE MODE. It is possible to defeat the Ultimate 
Being without swallowing anything in Full SCROOGE MODE, but it is 
very difficult.

Here is an easy way of defeating the Ultimate Being. The only 
danger is if you mess up your location or the timing of your 

NB: The Ultimate Being is very sensitive to fire-based attacks. 

Begin the battle equipped with the M249.

When the battle begins, stand where you are and cast Inferno. 
Then cast Energyshot and target the head. Let the head have it 
until it is dead. At some point you will most probably be hit 
with a Psionic Blast. Don't worry, this is the only hit you are 
going to take. After you take off the Head, without hesitation 
and keeping the Head Socket targeted, cast another Inferno and 
two Combustions. This will knock off the Arm Carapaces and 
prevent another Psionic Blast. If you move quickly, you will have 
time to hit the Head Socket with a Pyrokinesis as well. This will 
destroy the head. If you missed the opportunity, don't worry.
The Ultimate Being will go into convulsions, and immediately 
after the convulsions will start charging the first Mega Blast. 
It will not rotate during this first blast. As soon as the blast 
begins charging, turn to Aya's left and run up the walkway. Get 
to the top platform, but stay on the edge to Aya's right. In 
other words, don't go all the way onto the platform. You want to 
be in this position because if you cross the center of the 
platform, your next Inferno may only hit one Arm. If you missed 
your chance at hitting the Head Socket with the Pyrokinesis, then 
do it now and right afterwards swallow your Ringer's Solution and 
cast Inferno. You will have just enough time to catch the Trunk 
with the Inferno if you move quickly. It is better, however, if 
you had gotten the Pyrokinesis in before the Mega Blast. If you 
did, you can swallow a Ringer's Solution as soon as you reach the 
top platform and definitely catch the Trunk with Inferno. This 
Inferno will take off both Arms.

The Ultimate Being is going to go for another Mega Blast, so run 
down the path to the low platform, and target the Belly Button. 
Stay to the center and as far back as possible. Start firing as 
he discharges the blast. You should have enough rounds left to 
eliminate the Belly Button. If you don't, don't worry, just 
reload. Either the Belly Button will go for a Poison Jet, or the 
Trunk will go for the Mega Blast. It doesn't matter, just start 
firing at the Belly Button. If it is shooting poison, you are out 
of reach, and if he goes for the Mega Blast you will destroy the 
Belly Button and break that attack.

Congratulations, you have just eliminated 3 key appendages and 
have slowed down the Ultimate Being's rotation.

The next attack will be another Mega Blast. Run as soon as the 
either attack charges, and when you get to a safe distance recast 

You should have plenty of MP after the Ringer's Solution so hold 
onto it so you can keep casting Energyshot.

Now you can begin to work on the back portions of the Boss. Run 
until you can target the first Tentacle and let it have it. After 
about 200 HP of damage, the Tentacle will begin to split, and you 
won't be able to shoot it for a few seconds. If you want to waste 
a Maeda SP Round, you can hit the Tentacle with it; they are the 
only portion of the Ultimate Being upon which you can inflict 

In the mean time, the Boss will be periodically discharging Mega 
Blasts, but just keep running ahead of them, while staying close 
enough to the rear of the Boss without getting close enough to 
get hit by poison. Also, if you go too far, the Boss will start 
turning in the other direction and you will have to reverse your 
direction to avoid the rear attacks. If your clip runs dry, don't 
just reload. It takes a long time to reload the M249 and you may 
end up caught in a blast or hit by poison. Wait until a Mega 
Blast is charging, get to a safe distance and then reload as it 

While the Tentacle is splitting, you can't do any damage to it, 
so if you are in a good position, target the Rear End and start 
peppering it. Once the Tentacle splits you want to destroy both 
the left and right halves, and then nail the Tentacle Socket. The 
safest place for this is at one of the top platforms. If you 
stand far back on the platform the Poison Spray can't reach you. 
You must be careful of 2 things: once the Tentacle splits you can 
be hit with a Tentacle Swat, so keep your distance; also, if you 
don't finish off the Tentacle Socket immediately, it will grow 
two new Tentacle halves. You will then have to begin again. This 
isn't so bad as the new Tentacles will be very weak, but it means 
you will be wasting ammo and it can just keep growing them.
After you finish off the first Tentacle group, it is time to 
finish off the Rear End. Follow the same procedure as above, 
taking the chances to nail the Rear End as they arise. The best 
points for hitting the Rear End are on the low platforms and the 
slopes leading away from them. You won't be able to hit it from 
the high points.

After taking out the Rear End you can repeat the procedure on the 
last Tentacle. If you didn't waste any ammo, and had Energyshot 
cast the entire time, you should be left with a few rounds 
(around 60) left in the M249. I like to use them up, but you can 
switch right to the Mongoose. If you were playing limited SCROOGE 
MODE and only swallowed one Cola, or if you messed up and either 
wasted your ammo or let the Tentacle Halves regrow, you will need 
to switch to the M950 at some point in the battle.

Time to take out the Trunk. The Ultimate Being will open up and 
go for the Mega Blast every time your path crosses near his 
center, or within about 15 degrees. Use this to your advantage. 
When the blast begins charging, target the Trunk and run to the 
point just after its range. As soon as you are sure you are safe, 
start firing. You will have time to get off 4 Magnum rounds if 
you are on one of the high points. If you end up on a low point, 
you will probably have to run back a little after the blast 
discharges and retarget the Trunk. In this case you will only 
have time for 2 shots. If you used up all of your Magnum rounds, 
you can substitute the Grenade Pistol at this point. You are 
better off with the Mongoose though. Each Grenade will do massive 
damage, but you will only have time for one or two shots. The 
Magnum rounds don't do as much damage, but they will do about 3/4 
of the damage and with the ability to fire off 4 rounds and the 
faster reload, it makes for an easier battle. In limited SCROOGE 
MODE, you may not have enough Magnum rounds to finish off the 
Trunk, so just switch back to the M950.

After not too long the Ultimate Being will give up the ghost and 
round two, against Eve, will begin.

Before we get there, though, here is how to deal with the 
Ultimate Being in Full SCROOGE MODE.


Location: Pod Bottom
Weapon: M249, M950, Mongoose
Ammo: 5.56mm rounds, Hydras, Magnum rounds, 9mm
Attachments: Medicine Wheel, Ofuda, Skull Crystal, Holy Water, 

NB: You don't gain anything from fighting the Ultimate Being this 
way except personal satisfaction. Why do it? Well, although 
Parasite Eve II is a lot of fun, this Final Battle is a real let-
down. Doing it this way, however, is a major challenge. The 
method above is just too easy. I caution you, however: figuring 
out how to eliminate the Ultimate Being without using anything 
was most of the challenge, so YOU SHOULD STOP READING IF YOU WANT 
TO FIGURE IT OUT YOURSELF. Or, maybe you could come up with a 
different way and e-mail it to me.

The order and speed with which you do things here is vitally 
important. If you alter the order, or hesitate even slightly in 
the first 30 seconds of the battle, you will die. If anyone can 
come up with a better way of doing this, I would like to hear it. 
(Remember you can't buy anything, and you can't use anything you 
receive except ammo.) It is very difficult to pull this off, so 
you really must have the timing down.

In Full SCROOGE MODE it is vital to have as much MP available as 
possible. This means that you should not revive Lifedrain at all, 
but have all of your other spells revived to their maximum 
levels. You will then have 106 MP to use.

Have the M249 equipped. When the battle begins, stand where you 
are and immediately cast Inferno. Then cast Energyshot and target 
the Head. Fire until it drops. Somewhere during this, you will 
almost certainly be hit by a Psionic Blast and be reduced to 10 
HP. After the Head drops, target the Head Socket and start 
casting Combustion. After 3 Combustions you should have destroyed 
the Arm Carapaces. This will forestall the Psionic Blast that the 
Ultimate Being was just about to cast. IF YOU HESITATE AT ALL IN 
are quick, you will have time to destroy the rest of the Head 
before the Mega Blast. If not, see below.

The Ultimate Being will then go for the Mega Blast. Do not switch 
your target from the Head. It is your top priority because you 
cannot heal yourself. Run to the same position as described 
above, but instead of casting Inferno, start firing immediately 
at the Head Socket as the blast discharges. It won't take much to 
destroy the Head Socket, as it has just taken 3 Combustions. 
Remember that you must be somewhat to the right of center on the 
platform, or you will waste about a second of firing time and 
quite possibly die. IMMEDIATELY after destroying the Head Socket, 
target the Right Arm and cast Pyrokinesis. That will take off the 
arm and give you enough time to run and get to the safe spot for 
the coming Mega Blast. You are going for the low platform to 
Aya's left and you are going to stay dead center and back on the 
platform. While the Ultimate Being turns to face you, target the 
Belly Button and begin firing. Keep the trigger squeezed as you 
will run out of ammo right before the blast and you want to be 
reloaded as soon as possible. The blast will blow right around 
you without damaging you. This is what I referred to above as 
"The Eye of the Storm". It seems to only work as long as the 
Belly Button is intact, I think it tilts the Being up a little or 
something. Make sure you are firing at the Belly Button as soon 
as you stand up. The Inferno spell you cast will have weakened it 
just enough so that with Energyshot cast you will have just 
enough time to destroy the Belly Button before it can hit you 
with its Poison Spray.

After you destroy the Belly Button, run to the right and hit the 
Left Arm with Pyrokinesis. Congratulations, you have now removed 
3 of the 4 appendages that hasten the Boss' rotation. 
Unfortunately you now only have enough MP for one more 

Wait until you are in position to destroy the first Tentacle 
before casting your final Energyshot, this way you will have that 
going for you while you eliminate the rear of the Boss.
Follow the procedure outlined above for eliminating the rear 
attack points. You will definitely have to switch to the M950 at 
some point, probably to remove the final Tentacle group. I prefer 
using the M950 to eliminate the final Tentacle itself so that I 
have the M249 to deal with the Socket. Be careful though, as you 
will run out of Magnum rounds and the Trunk will still be alive, 
because without Energyshot cast they only average about 80 HP a 
hit to the Trunk. When you are out of Magnums, switch back to the 
M950 for the finishing touches.

This is a long Trunk battle, so be extra cautious. You will be 
facing about 3 times the number of Mega Blasts you would in the 
previous method, which means you have 3 times the chance of 
messing up.

Now bounce up and down and run around the room shouting joyously-
-you have just SCROOGEd the Ultimate Being in Nightmare Mode. No 
small feat.

(9.C.v.b) Eve

Location: Pod Bottom
Weapon: M4A1 Javelin, Mongoose
Ammo: Maeda SP Magnum rounds
Attachments: Ofuda, Skull Crystal, Holy Water, Lipstick, MD 
Player, Ringer's Solutions (unless you are in Full SCROOGE MODE), 
Maeda SP rounds (Full SCROOGE MODE)

After you destroy the Ultimate Being, it is time to take on Eve. 
If you are in Full SCROOGE MODE, then revive Lifedrain 1; if not, 
revive whatever you have left. You will not be able to revive all 
of your Spells, but you can have Lifedrain 3 with Energyball 1, 
EnergyBall 3 with Lifedrain 1, or Lifedrain 2 and EnergyBall 2. 
If I am not playing SCROOGE MODE, I like to leave both Energyball 
and Lifedrain untouched: this way I have 8,000+ EXP available the 
next time I play Bounty Mode. Even if I am in SCROOGE MODE, but 
not Full SCROOGE MODE, I will do this, because, unfortunately, 
Eve is a pushover, even in Full SCROOGE MODE. The only way to 
make her difficult is if you run around messing up to see what 
damage you can take and still survive.

It is for this reason that I set a different goal for myself, 
whatever Mode I am playing. That goal is to see how many Shadow 
Clones I can destroy. They are worth 1,000 each in the final BP 
tally, and there is a max of ten that you can destroy, which 
means that you can earn a full 20,000 BP in the round. The 
problem is that you do have to do damage to Eve to break off her 
Feedback attacks, and you will eventually end up killing her no 
matter how long you try to prolong the battle. This is why I came 
up with the Apobiosis method set out under the Feedback 
description. Also, the Shadow Clones don't start appearing until 
after you have inflicted a certain amount of damage on her, and 
entered Round 3 of the battle.

Eve is very sensitive to energy-based spells and attacks, such as 
Energyball, Lifedrain, Apobiosis, the Javelin, and the Maeda SP 
rounds. Grenades also do decent damage to her, but the Grenade 
Pistol is so slow I don't recommend using it. Also, because I 
like trying to kill as many Shadow Clones as possible, I don't 
like the Grenade Pistol, as I believe it does too much damage 
when breaking Feedback, which means you won't keep getting your 
PE recharged. I like using Apobiosis against her when she is 
going for Feedback, and the Maeda SP rounds both to inflict 
enough damage to make the Shadow Clones start appearing, and for 
when it is time to do her in. Apobiosis 3 will put Eve into 
convulsions, but not for very long. You can use it to break some 
of her attacks, or use it as an opportunity to inflict POISON on 
her with the Maeda SPs.

It is very important, especially in SCROOGE MODE, to make sure 
you keep your Antibody spell cast. Several of Eve's attacks can 
do all of your 100 HP of damage if you don't have Holy Water or 
Antibody. When you are using the two of them in conjunction, the 
Torpedo still hits with over 50 HP of damage. This means that if 
you take 2 in a row without healing yourself somehow, you will 
die. It is also important to always have Energyshot cast because 
without it you may end up taking a Feedback attack.

By far, the weapon that does the most damage is the Mongoose 
equipped with Maeda SPs. In addition to hitting her with massive 
damage, if you hit her at the right point, she is susceptible to 
POISON. You can inflict POISON on her right after her Antibody 
spell runs out--it will run out every time she reappears through 
the center of the bridge after about a second. The best time to 
inflict Poison on her though is when she is setting up for her 
Torpedo. As soon as she flips into a horizontal position, you can 
hit her right in the head with a Maeda SP, this will not only 
break the attack, but it will inflict Poison on her as well. 
That is one way to break an attack. You can also break, or at 
least nullify, all of her attacks, with the exception of the Dive 
Bomb, with Lifedrain. Lifedrain 3 is good for this, because you 
don't have to be close. Lifedrain will not break off her Torpedo 
attack, but as long as you have enough health to survive it, you 
will be fully healed as soon as it hits. Just cast the spell as 
soon as she starts the maneuver and it will be completed right 
before she hits, but will recharge your life after the impact.
Just about all the attacks can be broken by inflicting about 200 
HP of damage to her during the attack. If you aren't going to use 
Lifedrain, you can cast Inferno 3, or Energyball. Unfortunately, 
Inferno costs nearly twice as much as Lifedrain, and Energyball 
can do too much damage if you are trying to keep her alive. If 
you want to break an attack off with a weapon you have 3 choices: 
Mongoose (with Maeda SP), Javelin, or Grenade Pistol. You will 
need a critical hit with the Mongoose, but, with Energyshot 3 
cast the Mongoose will critical on Eve around 3 out of 4 shots. 
It will take two hits with the Javelin and Energyshot 3 cast. The 
M249 can also pull it off, but if you used the method above for 
destroying the Ultimate Being you won't have any ammo for it 

As far as spells go, Energyball 3 will do the most damage. Each 
ball can do around 788 HP of damage, which means that if all 
three hit she is in trouble. Hitting her with all 3 balls makes 
for the most powerful hit you can inflict in the entire game. 
Because of this, I only use the Energyball spell if I am playing 
Full SCROOGE MODE, and simply want to end the game quickly.
See the specific notes below regarding her attacks for more 

Eve has 6 attacks, with some variation:

Slap Happy--Eve will come in close and slap you around, first 
with her right hand and then with her left. The Slap does decent 
damage, 40 HP against Holy Water and Antibody 3, and can inflict 
PARALYSIS. You need to make her stop slapping right away. This is 
especially important if you are facing both Eve and a Shadow 
Clone. The easiest way to break off this attack is to run away. 
If that is not an option, then see the section above on breaking 

Dive Bomb--Eve will shoot straight up into the air and then come 
down at high speed, head first, on the center of the bridge. This 
attack does massive damage and hits with IMPACT. If you are 
caught in the direct blast, you will be knocked all the way down 
the bridge and hit the railing for damage as well. You will take 
damage from this no matter where you are on the bridge, but you 
will take less damage the further away from the impact you are 
standing. This means that if she goes for this attack you want to 
get off the bridge ASAP. There is no way to break this attack, 
but she will only go for it if you are on the bridge, near the 
center. Immediately after this attack is a good time to hit her 
with the Maeda SP.

Torpedo--You will see energy dots appear from the center of Eve's 
head, then she will flip horizontally and shoot straight at you 
at high speed. This attack does massive damage and hits with 
IMPACT. You can break off this attack by hitting her with a Maeda 
SP round in the head as soon as she flips. The easiest thing to 
do though is to dodge the attack. Run down the walkway, but keep 
running. If she doesn't hit with the attack she will keep 
launching it at your position. If you keep moving you will never 
be hit by it. Once the attacks start, they tend to come in pairs. 
In Nightmare Mode, I have seen her go up to 5 pairs, which means 
10 Torpedos in a row, so it is important to keep moving if you 
are trying to force Shadow Clone appearances. If you just want 
the battle over, then you can just stand there and cast 
Lifedrain. You will take the hit, but will be fully healed 
immediately afterwards. The biggest danger is if you are on the 
walkway and Eve is located on one of the top platforms. This is 
because you will have no way to avoid the attack because she will 
be heading in a straight line along your path of escape.

She also has two variations on this:

A single Torpedo run in which she will head to one of the top 
platforms, and spin to face you. Then she will do the Torpedo. 
This is ludicrously easy to avoid. Just stand there and see which 
direction she is going to turn, and run in the opposite direction. 
This means it is good to be on a platform when she does this. 
If you are not, then you should get as far away as possible.

The other variation is if you are at a low point, she will head 
to a top platform and face you. Then she will shoot straight 
downward in the Torpedo, but it will terminate before it hits you 
and she will give you a nudge with her head. This nudge does less 
damage than a Torpedo, but can still hurt. She will usually go 
for this right after she lets go of the Energy Balls, or produces 
a Shadow Clone.

Feedback--Eve will put her hands together as if she were praying, 
and begin to hum. The screen will begin to waver and your MP will 
start rising. This is less of an attack than a way of helping 
you. At least that is how I use it. Make sure you have Energyshot 
cast. As soon as she starts Feedback, I hit her with one Javelin 
shot, then I wait. Wait until you have received around 20 MP from 
her, then hit her with the second shot. Two shots is enough to 
make her break off the attack. You can also break the attack with 
Maeda SPs or the Grenade Pistol. This, however, I consider a 
waste of the Maeda rounds, and the Grenade Pistol will break her 
attack with just one shot, not letting you recharge your energy. 
Lifedrain or Inferno will also break this attack. If you are 
trying to prolong the battle for maximum BP, then you should 
stand in position and wait. Note the amount of MP you have before 
she begins the attack, and watch it as it rises. As soon as you 
gain 10 MP cast Apobiosis. You will have regained the 18 MP it 
cost, plus an additional 4-8 MP, depending on how quick you were 
with the spell. You can wait for 11 MP if you hit Apobiosis 
immediately, but chances are good she will get off the attack 
first. Even with waiting for the count to reach 10 you will see 
flame start to appear on your back right before the spell is 
completed. If you let her complete the attack, she will cause an 
internal combustion in your mitochondria which will do 99 HP of 
damage and take away all but one MP from you. That is bad news 
and if it happens you should swallow a Ringer's Solution 
immediately. This can happen if you are too far away from her 
when the attack begins, if you don't have Energyshot cast, or you 
get too greedy. She often goes for 2 Feedbacks in a row, so you 
can recharge between 8-40 MP if you play it right.

Energy Balls--You will see energy dots appear from a little above 
the center of Eve's body. Three multi-colored energy balls will 
launch from her directly at your position. The balls don't do all 
that much damage if you have Antibody cast, but if she uses them 
and then goes for the Torpedo, which she does with high 
frequency, you will not live through both attacks in SCROOGE MODE 
unless you heal yourself. They can hit with SILENCE, CONFUSION, 
BERSERKER, and PARALYSIS. They have excellent tracking ability. 
It is possible to dodge them, but difficult. They can turn over 
180 degrees and will pursue you at a faster pace than you can 
run. There is a way of dodging the balls that is difficult to 
pull off, but with practice you can achieve good success. I can 
dodge them about 4 out of 5 times, which lets me maximize killing 
Shadow Clones in SCROOGE MODE. Stand on a high platform, and when 
the balls launch run down the platform weaving left and right. 
"Serpentine, Shell, Serpentine." What you want to do is to get 
close to the railing just before the balls impact, then zag 
towards the inner edge, still running downwards. It is important 
that you continue your downward descent as you make your turns. 
Hopefully, two balls will have impacted on the railing, and the 
third will impact on the next platform that you pass. If they 
keep following you, continue zagging all the way down to the 
bottom platform. Lifedrain 3 will break this attack.

Eidolon--Eve will come close and put her hands together. She will 
then glow yellow and create a Shadow Clone of herself. Eve will 
then proceed to the top platform closest to you, while the Shadow 
Clone approaches your position. The Shadow Clone will always 
approach and attack with Slap Happy. This attack can inflict 
BLINDNESS. Eve will react either with Slap Happy, if you are 
close to her, or Torpedo if you are not. This can be bad news if 
you are on the walkway but not on a platform, because if you are 
on a walkway you have no chance of avoiding the Torpedo and the 
Shadow Clone will have time to get up on you. Try to be on a 
platform when she goes for Eidolon. This way you can destroy the 
Shadow Clone and then either run away from Eve herself, or do 
enough damage to her to make her go away. The Shadow Clone has 
about 999 HP. There are several weapons that can hit her with 
this much damage with one shot. They are: the Javelin, the 
Mongoose with Maeda SP, the Grenade Pistol, and the SP12 with 
Fireflies. The Javelin is the preferred weapon, because it will 
definitely kill the Clone in 2 shots, and usually in one. The 
other weapons will do that most of the time, but not all the 
time. It can take 3 Grenades, and up to 7 Fireflies to do this. 
While you are tied up in this battle, chances are you are going 
to take a lot of damage. Lifedrain or Energyball will both 
destroy the Shadow Clone and get Eve to back off. The Eidolon 
attack is my favorite part of this battle because each Shadow 
Clone you kill will give you an extra 1,000 BP in the final 

There are actually three distinct rounds to this battle, but this 
is only important if you are going for the maximum possible BP 
(20,000). In the first round, Eve will rely only upon Feedback 
and Torpedo on the perimeter walkway, and will use Dive Bomb and 
Slap Happy on the bridge. In the second round, she will add 
Energy Balls and Slap Happy to her attacks on the perimeter 
walkway. In the third round, she will add the Eidolon attack. The 
way to move from round to round is to inflict damage upon her. I 
am not sure of the exact amount. I like to poison her twice to 
get her to the second round and then twice again to get to the 
third. If you are using something like the Grenade Pistol or 
Shotgun, you will actually see the transition because bits of her 
carapace will drop off in between each round. I like using the 
Maeda SP so that I can control the damage I do to her and then 
just run around maximizing my Shadow Clone kill.

As soon as the battle begins, cast Antibody. You are going to 
take a hit from Slap Happy and have PARALYSIS inflicted upon you, 
and you want to take minimal damage. Cast it without hesitation, 
or you will take the first hit without it. Then cast Metabolism 
to cure the PARALYSIS, you will take another hit. Cast Lifedrain 
to make Eve back off and cure yourself. Then run ASAP to one of 
the platforms, because the chances are good she is going to go 
for the Dive Bomb, and if you are on the Bridge at all, you will 
take damage or die. If she doesn't go for Dive Bomb, she will go 
for a Torpedo. If she does this then keep running when you reach 
the platform. Run down and to Aya's right.

Congratulations. If you make it out of the first 5 seconds of 
this battle, then victory is almost assured, unless you really 
mess up.

You can also cast Lifedrain 3, if you have it, as soon as the 
battle begins. That will get Eve to back off and heal you, BUT 
don't want to go this route in SCROOGE MODE. The reason is that 
if you cast Lifedrain first, you will have to run immediately, 
but you will have PARALYSIS to deal with. This means that if she 
goes for the Dive Bomb, you will be stuck on the bridge, not far 
from the center, and you will die in SCROOGE MODE.

You can also hit her with a Maeda SP and hope for a critical, or 
just try to run. The problem is that there isn't much time to do 
any of the above. So I would opt for what I described first no 
matter which mode you are in.

As soon as you get to the platform, cast Energyshot. Then you can 
do whatever you wish. If you just want the battle over with, you 
can start firing with the Mongoose and Maeda SPs. It only takes 
the 25 Maeda rounds, 2 Lifedrains, and one full hit with all 3 
Energyballs to finish her off. Pretty lame, huh?

I like to make the battle last a long time so I can whack as many 
Shadow Clones as possible. Read through her attack section above 
and either break or avoid the attacks as they come. The trick to 
making the battle last a good long time is to avoid being hit by 
the Torpedos and use the Feedback for PE recharges. My longest time
was 50 minutes, but I got bored. I also had not seen a Shadow Clone
for over 30 minutes.

Remember to keep Antibody cast throughout the battle and to keep 
healing yourself if you take hits, either with Heal or with 
Lifedrain. I keep my Ringer's Solutions in reserve for when I am 
entirely out of PE. Keep Energyshot cast once the Shadow Clones 
start appearing.


All you have to do is follow the opening sequence above and just 
not let up with the Maeda SPs and Lifedrain. You can end the 
battle in less than 3 minutes.

SCROOGE, however, thinks you are better off prolonging the battle 
and using a couple of Ringer's Solutions or Colas to do so. 
SCROOGE thinks it is wise to invest a couple of hundred BP in 
order to make ten thousand.

Congratulations! You have just beaten Nightmare Mode.

                     APPENDIX A: End Game Bonus Values

Aeris (Sept. issue)                  5,000
Armory Cardkey                      10,000
Assault Suit                           500
Belt Pouch                           5,000
Bowman's Card                       30,000*
Cola                                    60
Combat Light                            30
Eau de Toilette                         95
Flare                                   75
GPS                                    500
Hammer                               1,860
Holy Water                           2,500
Hunter Goggles                         500
Lipstick                             2,500
M249                                 7,900
M4A1 Javelin                         4,500
M934                                 1,000
M950                                 2,875
MD Player                              500
Medicine Wheel                      13,900
Mendel (Sept. issue)                10,000
Mongoose                             1,425
MP Boost1                              160
MP Boost2                              290
Ofuda                                2,500
P08 (S. Magazine)                      500
P229                                   940
Penicillin                              40
Pepper Spray                            50
Pierce Rescue Bonus                 30,000*
Protein Capsule                      5,000
Pyke                                 2,590
Recovery1                               50
Recovery2                               90
Recovery3                              175
Ringer's Solution                      100
Skull Crystal                        2,500
Soldier Rescue Bonus                30,000*
SP12                                 1,990
Stim                                    40
Tactical Vest                        1,060
Teddy Bear                          10,000*
Tonfa Baton                            500

*Necessary for/Result of "Good Ending".

                 APPENDIX B: Medicine Wheel Usage

(B1) Cellar: Giant Stalker
     w/  10 Slugs; 10 Fireflies
     w/o 10 Slugs

(B2) Mine Entrance: 1 Unarmored Slasher, 1 Armored Shooter
     w/  Protein Capsule; MP Boost1; MD Player
     w/o Protein Capsule; MD Player

(B3) Armory Hallway: Ghost
     w/  Penicillin; Eau de Toilette; Mongoose
     w/o Penicillin; Mongoose

(B4) Underground Parking Hallway: Ghost
     w/  Stim; 9mm Spartan; 44 Magnum (50 rounds)
     w/o Stim; 44 Magnum (50 rounds)

(B5) Island: Tlaloc
     w/  10 Slugs; 10 Fireflies
     w/o 10 Fireflies

(B6) Shrine: Ghost
     w/  Recovery3, Javelin, 5.56 Rifle rounds (80 rounds)
     w/o Javelin,  5.56 Rifle rounds (80 rounds)

(B7) Training Room: Giant Bowman Boss
     w/  Recovery 1; Eau de Toilette
     w/o Recovery 1

(B8) Underground Parking Hallway: Ghost
     w/  Stim; 4 Airbursts
     w/o 4 Airbursts

(B9) Power Plant: Ghost
     w/  Maeda SP (25 rounds); M249; 5.56 Rifle (80 rounds); 
     w/o Maeda SP (25 rounds); M249; 5.56 Rifle (80 rounds)

(B10) Pod Bottom:  Ultimate Being
     w/:  Recovery3; MP Boost2
     w/o: Recovery3

          APPENDIX C: PE Reviving--Recommended Order for SCROOGE MODE

Energyshot 1      (by Fatties at top of Escalator)*
Plasma 1          (by Rats and Slasher Golem) 
Energyshot 2      (by No. 9 roof battle)
Healing 1
Necrosis 1        (by Bowmen outside Room 6)
Plasma 2          (by Giant Stalker)
Necrosis 2        (by Bowmen on Dryfield Main Street)
Plasma 3
Necrosis 3        (by FireBreather)
Apobiosis 1
Apobiosis 2       (by Leader of the Pack)
Energyshot 3      (by SuckMeister)
Apobiosis 3       ASAP

NB: If you are going for Full SCROOGE MODE, under no 
circumstances should you revive Lifedrain, until after the first 
round of the Final Battle.

Then revive whatever you want to revive, keeping EXP in reserve 
for PE recharges when low.  NB: In SCROOGE MODE, I generally 
don't recharge Lifedrain or Energyball at all, preferring to hold 
the EXP for my next start-up in Bounty Mode.

*You may reverse the order of Plasma 1 and Energyshot 1. Either 
way works fine. I prefer Energyshot first, but, because of the 
number of Rats inside the diner you may wish Plasma first. It can 
also make the first Fattie encounter a lot safer.

                   APPENDIX D: Slug Usage

(D1) First trip down by Pod Bay

Enemies: 3 Security Turrets (Machine Guns), 1 Fattie

Enter battle mode, cast Energyshot, take step forward (from Aya's 
perspective) and to screen left. Target last Turret.
Switch to P229, take out Fattie.

Cost: 1-2 Slugs

(D2) Pod Service Gantry Hall

Enemies: 1 Armored Slasher with the drop on you.

Cost: 2-3 Slugs

(D3) Pod Bottom Hall

Enemies: 1 Armored Slasher

Go down the elevator right after the previous encounter so you 
can get the drop on him.

Cost: 2-3 Slugs.

(D4) Pyramid (after dancing to open the Power Plant)

Enemies: 1 Armored Slasher, 1 Armored Shooter

Target the Slasher, cast Energy Shot.  Let him have it in the 
back, then hit him again when he turns.  Run around to the side 
of the stairs, by the plaque of Tlaloc.  Then either switch to 
the M4A1, or let him have it with another slug.  Finish the 
Shooter with the M4A1.

Cost: 2-3 Slugs

(D5) Garden Path (right after doing the dance for the Power 

Enemies: 2 Armored Slashers, one has drop on you.

Enter the gate. Cast Energyshot and Antibody (if he goes for the 
flashy-thing). If he begins the charge, try to slip around him 
and hit him with 2 or 3 Slugs without Energyshot. After he drops, 
target the other guy and give him the treatment.

Cost: 4-6 Slugs

(D6) Pod Bottom Hall

Enemies: 1 Armored Slasher.

You have the drop on this guy, so you can get away with using the 
Javelin if you like.

Cost: 2-3 Slugs (Optional)

(D7) W/E Golem Freezer Hallway (in line with Sleeping Quarters)

Enemies: 1 Armored Slasher, Security Turrets

Enter from West after having turned off Turrets.   Enter Battle 
Mode, cast Energyshot and let him have it in the back.

Cost: 2-3 Slugs

(D8) Bulwark

Enemies: 1 Armored Slasher, 1 Armored Shooter

Cast Energyshot if Slasher goes for flashy-thing, otherwise slip 
behind him and cast. Use Slugs on Slasher, switch to M4A1 and 
take out Shooter.

Cost: 2-3 Slugs

(D9) Shrine of Time

Enemies: 1 Armored Slasher, 1 Armored Shooter

(Armored Shooter has the drop on you.)

Run straight past them both and go into the niche of the Pyramid 
where the plaque is (screen right). Cast Energyshot, target the 
Slasher and let him have it until he drops. Then either switch to 
the M4A1 Javelin or nail the other guy with Slugs.
(It depends on how many you have left: you want to have 6 in your 
inventory for the next encounter.)

Cost: 2-6 Slugs

(D10) Pavilion (right after doing the dance for the Power Plant)

Enemies: 2 Armored Slashers, one has drop on you.

Enter the gate. Cast Energyshot and Antibody (if he goes for the 
flashy-thing): If he begins the charge, try to slip around him 
and hit him with 2 or 3 Slugs without Energyshot. After he drops 
target the other guy and give him the treatment.

Cost: 4-6 Slugs

"Now you know, and knowing is half the battle." 
--G.I. Joe Motto.

              Copyright 2001 by Gerard Schiela.

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subject line with any comments or suggestions.

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