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Nightmare Mode Guide by [Death]Sh@dow

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/21/2001

PARASITE EVE 2 Nightmare mode guide/help
Version 1.0 
created by: [Death]Sh@dow 
Email address: insgnficnt@edsamail.com.ph 
(instant replies not guaranteed though)
Created 1/21/2001

*This faq has been inspired by Daisuke Takeda/Duo Maxwell's   
 Speed/Supportless/Deadly Mode Guide. This Nightmare mode guide/help is 
 probably similar to his guide, so I included him in the Credits 
 section. Also, I do not think I created all the anmc names; I probably  
 copied them from other Faqs. Please read the credits section for more  
 Note: This is NOT a walkthrough, and it contains spoilers.


I.    Disclaimer
II.   Intro
III.  Other things to consider
IV.   Personal advice
V.    Critical hits
VI.	The Underrated P08 Handgun
VII.	How to get the M249 in Deadly mode
VIII. Next Update
IX.   Credits

*Note: This is for the us version of the game.


This FAQ cannot be used for any sort of profitable purpose(s). 
You can put it up on your web site as long as it's not mutilated/altered. 
Violation of these means you are going against the law. If you're going to  
ignore all this and still steal it, you're just too weak to think for 
yourself. Plagiarism is against the law, by the way. Always give proper 
credit where it's due.

This faq is not for those who are playing it for the first time. I recommend 
seeing a walkthrough for reference if you're playing the game for the first 


Nightmare Mode, basically, is a combination of Bounty Mode and Scavenger mode 
(high damage, lots of Golems, shops are weird)

Including more challenges:

1)Now at the first half of the game ONE hit from any enemy will  
  kill you instantly  because default stats are only 50Hp and 10Mp.

2)Your damage to enemies has been reduced also. (I think by 25%)

3)You start with ZERO EXP AND BP.

4)Battery/Fuel recharge is no longer available. 
   -If your M4A1 pyke/javelin/hammer is used up, throw it away, 
    then attach an M9 instead if possible. 
   (The M9 can do over 200 damage if a critical hit occurs)
   -If the flashlight of P229 runs out of batteries, use the P08 instead.

5)Camouflage Golems do around 120 damage per hit, no matter what you do. 2   
  hits from it will kill you instantly, no matter how high your HP is. Not 
  only that, a hit from it gives you paralysis, and its attacks will be 

III. Other things to consider: 
  (Perhaps some of these apply to Scavenger mode as well)

1)Grenades are NEVER for sale. Neither are Airburst/Spartan/firefly/R.Slug  
  ammo. Always conserve them when you get them and use them only when 

2)There is no armor better than the Tactical Vest.  
3)At the first half of the game, you will have nothing more than 9mm P.B.  
  Rounds for ammo, and only the M93R or the P08 as weapons.

4)No HP/MP recovery items are sold; the only ones near to them are protein 
  capsules/lipsticks, worth 10,000 and 5,000 BP respectively.

5)You will be forced to reload ammo at refilling boxes TONS of times, as 
  Golems require tons of 9mm P.B. ammo to go down. This is very
  annoying, especially if you need to get some more ammo while you're in the 
  middle of boring parts of the game, like Neo Ark.

6)When you get a protein capsule, use it as soon as you get it, for the hp  
  bonus (+5 max HP). These are invaluable, but I can't advice you to buy it 
  unless you're already about to fight the last boss and you don't plan to  
  buy anything else; in that case, use up all your BP. If you killed around   
  90% of the enemies you should have around 50,000 BP before the final boss   

7)I think you'll be bored to death from refilling 9mm P.B. ammo if you don't 
  have the black card. (the easiest and earliest way to get free hydra ammo)

8)You'll have to get the good ending if you want to live. Why?

8a)-MOST IMPORTANT- It is the only way to get a reasonable amount of grenades 
   (you can only get around 16 as bonus items before you get to the tent).

8b)-IMPORTANT- It is the only way to get the Tactical Vest, which is the only 
   decent armor in this mode(high hp addition, hp recovery).

8c)The earliest time the M4A1 is available is at the trailer, when Mr. 
   Douglas already has more weapons.

8d)You get the Ofuda (increases PE power by 25%). This is crucial if 
   you don't want golem battles to last too long.

8e)You get a lipstick for free. 
   (refills MP completely, adds max mp+1 but when attached, prevents silence)

IV. Personal Advice:

*If I mention the tall laser shooting boss, it's the one that Eve heals  
 occasionally with 80hp.

-First of all, don't try this mode immediately, make sure you have lived  
 through all the other modes first, to the point that Golems are boring 
 rather than walking nightmares.

-Try your best to win a lipstick from the shooting range. ATTACH IT 
 (prevents silence) then use it if you are desperate for an MP refill.

-It is advisable to fight all the Golems you find, as they usually give very 
 good bonus items after the fight. I found a Mongoose, 50 Magnum bullets and  
 25 Maeda SP bullets from killing all the camo Golems I could find, for  
 example. But remember to attach the Medicine veil as soon as you have it.

-Don't buy any sort of shotgun, the SP12 or Grenade Launcher w/ Riot ammo 
 will suffice(you only need it for the beetle-like NMCs in Neo Ark and the 
 security cameras anyway).

-Always get all the good ending points. (reasons said above)

-Leave the SP12 and buckshot bullets at the laboratory box so you can just  
 pick them up when you get to Neo Ark.

-NEVER use any Ringer's Solution items. Always try to leave them at the 
 Sterilization Room for the last boss.
 (when you get them early in the game, leave them at the boxes in Dryfield so  
 you can get them from the boxes when you're at the tent)

-Never unwisely use/waste BP even though it overflows later on. You'll need a  
 lot of BP to buy protein capsules later on to have a decent amount of HP.

-Always have around 40 riot grenades in stock; always carry them around along 
 with an attached and loaded grenade pistol.

-You have no choice but to use grenades only at these enemies:

-The tall laser-shooting boss (only have maximum of 16 for this boss)
-The final boss – try to use the grenades from the tent on Eve, NOT on the 
 Last ANMC. (if you have to, use the grenades only on the core and the head)

*NOTE: However, when you're at the last stages of the game, you can stalk the  
 regenerated Neo Ark enemies (and get The M249 easily) by wasting all your 
 grenades on them, yet have enough Grenades to use on the final boss! 
 (See section VII for more info)

-Use the M4A1 Pyke for the tall laser-shooting ANMC boss so it dies faster; 
 IMHO this is one of the most boring bosses of the game. 
-Attach ??? items(Holy water etc.)to your armor. Never use them. They are   
 worth it to keep and attach forever as soon as you get them.

-I don't recommend you to bring any hp recovery items when your max
 hp is considerably low. Why? One hit will usually kill you instantly anyway. 
 Instead, I recommend you to have high MP, attach 1 MP recovery item, and end 
 the fight as quick as possible. Use a weapon that doesn't reload too 
 often/reloads quickly so you can evade attacks easier. If you have to, use 
 Energyshot before the fight starts, and use your Necrosis and Pyrokinesis  

-Colas are a very good MP recovery item to attach to your armor. 
 (It's kind of a waste to have to use an MP Boost2). Recovers 20 HP too.

-I've never been able to afford the MM1, so I can't advice you to buy it. It 
 is only available at Jodie's store only at the beginning of the game, and 
 you start the game with zero BP. For now I can only advice you to buy a 
 grenade pistol ASAP.

-Get the medicine wheel and ATTACH it all the time. When you've gotten it, I  
 advice you to escape from all the incinerator room enemies. I don't think 
 it's even possible to  defeat the hordes of enemies(Which is combined with 
 the pressure of not having saved your game yet after a boring boss) in this 
 particular mode(remember: high damage, low HP).

-I recommend you to master these PEs at these times:

- Pyrokinesis as high and soon as you can 
  (but prioritize Healing lv2 first).
- Healing level 2 (3 if your hp is 100 or higher).
- Metabolism level 2 at least.
- Necrosis level 3 before you fight the Fire-breathing boss. 
  (This is Duo Maxwell's idea; it's for making the boss battle easier) 
- Energyshot as high as possible if you don't want battles to last too long.
- Antibody, Energyshot, Metabolism, Healing all at lv3, and Lifedrain as high          
  as you can before you fight the final boss.

- Combustion/Energyball/Inferno/Apobiosis are completely useless/not   
  (unless you want the highest possible MP when you fight the last boss)
* Plasma isn't useless, but not too necessary either. 
  (usually for turning Neo Ark beetles over)
* Prioritize healing lv2 first, after that pyrokinesis lv2, then metabolism  
  lv2  then necrosis lv3 (before you fight the Fire-breathing boss),   
  pyrokinesis lv3 then the others.

-Try to learn Parasite Energy only if your MP is low. These will serve as  
 ways to fully refill MP, therefore you get to save your MP recovery items. 
 -Tip: if you encounter a lot of enemies and you're losing more MP than  
  you're regaining, learn new PE when your MP and Hp is low; use up your Mp
  using PE healing first, then learn new PE.

- When you know a room has blobs/red explosive ANMCs in it, try to fight 
  them last. These enemies give a lot of Mp/Hp after battle, and could be  
  used as recharging rooms, when you're desperate for Mp/Hp.

  Note: Healing PE seems to restore more HP during battle at certain times.
  Usually you recover the usual amount, but sometimes you get a lot more HP 
  recovered than usual, especially if your Hp is very low.

V. Critical Hits
  There are 2 types of Critical hits: (I just invented the names)

1)Regular critical hit: Hit is colored green/purple. Usually does twice the 
  damage. (ex. horse ANMC is lying down, vacuum boss opens its mouth etc)

2)Weapon critical hit: Yellow colored hit. Usually does four times the usual 
  damage. Weapon critical hits happen depending on the critical hit 
  rate of a weapon. Handguns seem to have the highest critical hit rate.

**Weapon Critical hits are VERY IMPORTANT because:

1)MOST IMPORTANT: They stun the green sword Golems, insanely annoying bipeds 
  in Neo Ark, fat long-arm ANMCs and a lot of others I forgot for a 
  considerable moment, saving you from a possible attack, and allowing more 
  time to hit the enemy with (and could result to another critical hit).

2)The enemy dies faster, and you can go on with your game; you lessen PE  

3)You don't need to reload ammo too many times/you save ammo.

VI. The P08 handgun

  Many people have discarded this as a useless weapon (a.k.a. crap), however, 
  I think they did not see something:

  IMPORTANT: This happens ONLY if you have the P08:

  At the Dryfield cellar, check the gun collection repeatedly 
  (if the lights are on) and Aya will get a snail magazine. 
  Snail Magazine: Increases P08 ammo capacity by 25.

  Now you may be saying, "so what? it's still useless!"
  I still don't agree.

  One of the most disappointing factors of the P08 was the low ammo capacity. 
  However, that's gone now, and we can start looking at the good points of 
  the weapon for a change.

  Call me stubborn but I enjoyed using the P08 in nightmare mode.
  It's so effective for killing annoying non-golem enemies, especially when 
  accompanied by Necrosis.

- It's stronger (but fires slower) than m950/mp5 which usually do only 3   
  damage per P.B. bullet - p08 does 4-6 damage per bullet
  (depending on the distance from the enemy), therefore you make the most out   
  of your ammo.
- It's free(from a victory against the very first camouflage golem)!
- It has a VERY HIGH critical hit rate(therefore you use up less ammo, etc.).
- It reloads very fast(like a p229)
- 32 bullet capacity now - you rarely reload this gun during battle 
  (making it better than the P229 except for the flashlight)
- It is very light, allowing OPTIMUM maneuvering/evading ability                 
  (important since 1 hit kills you)
- Very effective for killing SMALL disappearing spiders 
  (kill them while they're disappearing, watch the amazing critical hit rate)
- You'll find yourself refilling ammo 50% less often than usual.

 *Note: When you use Energyshot at a high enough level, it seems the critical 
        hit rate for this weapon increases as well.

  However, the P08 has disadvantages as well. 
  (mainly slow firing rate)

- Don't use it when fighting Gray Golems (immune to critical hits) or       
  shooting Golems of any kind, it takes too long. Use M950 instead  
  (ammo waster, weak, but fires faster) or the M4A1 (great against Golems)
- Don't use it against gremlins, it's just not fast enough for gremlins.
- Don't use it for camouflage Golems either. 
  (I suggest pyrokinesis & M4A1 strategy, more about this next update)
- No good for most bosses either. (I suggest M950/M4A1 as a substitute)

VIII.	How to get the M249 in Deadly Mode

 The M249 cannot be bought from the shops in this mode, but you can get it  
 from a camo Golem in Neo Ark, before you fight the final boss. 
 (I think you  have to equip the medicine veil) The golem is located at the  
 power plant, the side with the Hydra refill. The problem is that the place 
 is overflowing with Golems. The solution here is to use grenades if you 
 don't want to be too bored, but you need the grenades for the final boss. 
 However, there is a way to use grenades on them yet have enough for the 
 final boss.

-When you give Flint the teddy bear, he'll follow you into the Shelter. 
 Follow him into the sterilization room, Flint guards the man there. Go back   
 into the underground parking. A large truck will be there, and the man you  
 helped will thank you. He offers new items to buy. In normal mode, these are 
 the M249 and the MM1, however in Deadly Mode it's only a Mp5 and something 
 else(don't buy either of them). The important thing here is that the grenade 
 refill at the tent has been transferred there too! 

 Now go on and use up your grenades. Kill the Golems, then kill the 
 camouflage Golem and receive your M249. Now go to the Underground Parking, 
 refill your Grenades, and then go on to the final boss. 
 (The M249 is quite fun to use on Eve)

VII. Next Update: 

 (These sections will probably be similar to Duo Maxwell's guide as well)

1.	Stuff concerning what you should buy, as the few things available are 
   usually expensive, but not worth it.

 2. An Enemy help/guide section, especially concerning: 

 the Tall laser shooting boss and its smaller version,
 the Horse ANMCs, 
 the fastest way to kill the gray Golems,
 faster way to kill the camouflage Golems, 
 the big camouflage spiders, 
 faster way to kill the Golems, 
 how to fight lots of swimming ANMCs at the same time, 
 how to kill the very annoying Neo Ark bipeds and beetles
 (they're extremely annoying, but I've found a cheap way to kill them) 
 the small camouflage spiders, 
 the gremlins, 
 the winged exploding ANMCs,

 ESPECIALLY the Dryfield water tower event wherein you get inside the gate  
 before it closes! This part is insane in nightmare mode! 
 (A single ram from a horse anmc will kill you instantly)
 Final advice: NEVER take any chances. When you've got  
               this feeling that you should save because you might die later,   
               you're probably right. Run to the nearest telephone and SAVE.

IX. Credits: 

 This Nightmare Mode Help/Guide, as well as its further updates will be/was  
 created with inspiration from Duo Maxwell's Speed/Supportless/Deadly mode 
 Guide. This probably looks similar to his guide. If that's the case, then I 
 give him proper credit. Also, I got the idea of mastering Necrosis before 
 the Fire-breathing boss from him; see his guide for more details. 
 (his email address is: F_91@yahoo.com) 

 I tried inventing my own names for 
 the enemies (some sound terrible :P) but I probably copied some of the
 names for the ANMCs from other FAQs. If that happens to be true, please tell 
 me and I will give you proper credit, as I have forgotten from whom I copied 
 the names from.
 Well, no one else contributed anything yet.. I'll appreciate contributions,  
 though. The usual thing with the Squaresoft trademarks, Coca-Cola 
 trademarks, etc. I'm not in any way affiliated with Squaresoft 
 or Coca-Cola Corp.

-Again this is NOT a walkthrough, so please don't ask about the puzzle 
 solutions, passwords etc. 
 However, corrections/new secrets/opinions/new info are welcome. 
 (As I previously said, I cannot guarantee an instant reply)

 Copyright 2001 by [Death]Sh@dow
 Updates are available only at GameFAQs.

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