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"Cinematic RPG" =A passable B-movie on rails 04/26/01 Bugs72740
Your body hates you and wants to kill you. 02/04/08 Combat Crustacean
The game that made me love my PSX 07/04/03 Cyril
"Cinematic RPG"? Not sure what that is, but I am sure this is a fantastic game 06/05/06 Daredevil3181
It'd make a better movie than a game... 06/23/01 Heartless Angel
What Square taught me about saving the world. 01/20/04 honestgamer
You know, I would love this game a lot more if it didn't hate me so much. 01/23/14 Iyamtebist
An otherwise outstanding game hopelessly marred by poor design. 11/02/05 JuliusBelmont
Parasite Eve. Like Sex and the City, only much scarier. 02/22/18 Kashell Triumph
A great game that everyone who is remotely interested in RPGs should try out. 04/29/04 muska121
An Imperfect, but Nonetheless Excellent Cinematic RPG 08/14/06 NojEsco
The complete review to 07/16/01 Psycho Penguin
An awesome mix of action and RPG 09/22/02 Samurai Girl
A unique RPG by the master of RPGs 08/17/00 SCCAN85
Almost as boring as sitting through an hour of church. Almost... 05/31/04 shneepshnop
As if I needed another reason to never go to an Opera... 06/24/10 SolidFantasy
Parasite Eve starring Aya Brea: A hauntingly beautiful masterpiece! 02/10/03 Sun-Tze
Science Homework: Play Parasite Eve and write a 1500 word review essay. 03/23/03 Tokyo Fusion
A chilling new adventure that could only come from the creators of Final Fantasy VII!!! 12/16/02 YSF
The Cinematic RPG...Unfortunately, it's more cinema than RPG 06/09/03 YusakuG

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