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Walkthrough by iamnothing

Version: Final | Updated: 07/17/07

Revision: Final (10-07-2000)
Author: David Blake
E-Mail: db.gamefaqs@gmail.com

This document is Copyright © David Blake, 2000. This document may not be
redistributed or modified from its original format without the authors express
permission. For more information or to use this document, contact David Blake
at idb.gamefaqs@gmail.com.

This is a speed guide to Parasite Eve and is designed to work without any
spoilers. It is not intended to be used a comprehensive guide (there are
already several available at www.gamefaqs.com). I have to give strong kudos to
Elranzer for turning me on to speed guides. Check out his FFIX and Chrono
Cross guides. They rock. This one is not as "clean cut" as his, but it's also
my first attempt at such a guide.

This is a complete guide and no further additions will be made to it other
than minute fixes.

--------------------------------+ WALKTHROUGH +-------------------------------
                              Day One - Evolution
    - Run into the opera house and through the double doors.
    - Run up to fight Eve on stage.
    - Follow Eve off stage and jump down.
    - Follow the girl to the hallway and fight the rat.
    - Get the Medicine from the lockers in dressing room 1(second door on the
    - Get the ammo from the lockers in dressing room 2 (third door on the
    - Enter the last door on the left and get the Theatre Key from the corpse
      and the medicine from the chest.
    - Move the clothes to activate the parrot.
    - Enter the second to last door on the left and read Melissa's diary to
      get the Rehearse Key. Also get the ammo from the closet.
    - Enter the room across the hall and get the ammo from the closet. Take
      out the parrot.
    - Enter the second door on the right and kill the enemies. Get the ammo
      from the chest. Exit the lower door.
    - Enter the first door on the left. Get the P22 from the closet. Get the
      Defense+1 from the chest.
    - Break the wall and crawl inside. Get the N Protector from the chest.
    - Enter the room at the far end of the hall to face Eve again.
    - Jump into the hole behind the piano.

=== SEWERS ===
    - Items: M1911A1, Revive (x2) from rats in the first upper
      section, Ammo (+6)
    - Follow the girl.
    - Press the switch and enter the room.
    - Run up to Eve and kill the alligator.

                                Day 2 - Fusion
=== N.Y.P.D. #17 ===
    - Head down to the equipment room and give Torres the Mod Permit to get
      the M16A1. Get the Tool and the ammo from the boxes.
    - Get the Cure-P, CM Vest 1 from the lockers near the main office.
    - Talk to Daniel's son, Ben.
    - Go back and talk to the chief.
    - Exit the station and head to the museum.

=== MUSEUM ===
    - Walk up to the door.
    - Sign in, go upstairs, and follow Daniel.
    - Head back to the precinct.

=== N.Y.P.D. #17 ===
    - Go to the emergency meeting in the conference room to get the mod
    - Exit the station and go to Central Park.

    - Enter the park and head into the zoo.
    - Go to the left door and open it. Get the SP Vest from the cupboard. Get
      the Zoo Key from the drawer near the cupboard. Push the table out of the
      way and get the M203 from the cabinet.
    - Go to the middle door and unlock it. Get the Cure-P and the Defense+1
      from the boxes in the glass cage.
    - Go to the right arch. Follow the path to the zoo door.
    - Items in this area:
    - Go into the amphitheater.
    - Exit and go backstage by heading right.
    - Follow Eve.
    - Just follow the girl (or get items and find your own way out).
    - Items in this area: Tool, Defenses+1, SV Vest, Lots of ammo
    - Head through the arches and continue down the path.
    - Kill the worms and continue.
    - Get in the buggy and fight Eve.

                               Day 3 - Selection
=== SOHO ===
    - Get the ammo from the chest and exit the apartment.
    - Go right to the convenience store.
    - Get the Medicine 3, CR Evade +1, Tool, Medicine 2, Revive, PE+1,
    - Head down the street to the gun shop and open the doors.
    - Go left down the street to the gun store and use the door.
    - Get the Range+1, Club 2, ammo, G19, CD Vest 1, Tool, Bullet Cap+1
    - Head back to the car and get in the passenger door.

=== DRIVING ===
    - Go to the museum.
    - Go to the Police Station.

=== N.Y.P.D. #17 ===
    - Get the Hamaya from Maeda.
    - Get the ammo from the cop in the hall.
    - Get the ammo from the cop in the locker room.
    - Get the ammo from Warner outside the Chief's office.
    - Go down to the weapons area. Get the M92F. Get the ammo and the Medicine
    - Go to the Kennel. Get the Ammo from Cindy.
    - Head up to the first floor and talk to Nix. Continue up to the second
    - Get the ammo from the guard and continue.
    - Enter the door and kill the mutated dogs. Get the Medicine 3. Get the
      Storage Key.
    - Go into the commissioner's office. Get the CR Evade +1.
    - Get the Locker Key from the cop.
    - Get the Trading Card from the locker.
    - Follow Ben's path up the stairs.
    - Get the Defense +1 from the box in the investigation office. Enter the
      small grating behind and get the N Jacket.
    - Get the MP5K, Offense+1, and Tool from the weapons storage.
    - Give Wayne the card to upgrade your weapon.
    - Head back upstairs.
    - Enter the first room. Get treated.
    - Head down the hall and up the hallway.
    - Fight Sheeva and get the M92.
    - Talk to the captain.

                                Day 4 : Conception
=== M.Y.P.D. #17
    - Head up to the nurse's station on the third floor to talk to Maeda. Get
      the ammo from the captain.

=== HOSPITAL ===
    - Get the Mayoke from Maeda and enter the hospital.
    - Get the Tool in the closet near the front desk and the ammo in the
      seating area.
    - Enter the elevator and activate it.
    - Enter the far right door in the main hall and get fuse 1, the M97, and
    - Exit the door to the left and follow Maya.
    - Enter the office and get the Medicine 3 and the autopsy key (from the
    - Enter the room at the end of the main hall (Morgue). Get the Defense +1.
    - Head back down to the first door in the main hall and unlock it to
      enter. Get the Offense +1, Tool, and enter the room at the end.
    - Search the body for a blue Keycard. Get the B Vest 1. Get Fuse 2 from on
      top of the medical cabinet.
    - Head to the door Maya faded through and unlock it with the Blue Keycard.
    - Head away from Maya and get the Offense +1 from near the broken
    - Get the Micro UZ from the chest and enter the office.
    - Get the Tool and the Medicine 2. Get Fuse 3 from the corner.
    - Go to where Maya was standing and put the fuses in the box.
    - Repair the wires and turn the power on.
    - Go up the elevator.
    - Follow the girls into the other lobby room.
    - Get the PE+1 from behind the curtain and enter the next room.
    - Get the GReen Keycard from the nurse.
    - Get the SP Jacket from the chest.
    - Use the Green Keycard on the doors near the elevator.
    - Get the Range+1 from the box and enter the door near the stairs.
    - Kill the Blob, get the ammo, and turn off the valve.
    - Take the elevator to the 13th floor.
    - Enter the left door (not the elevator).
    - Push the stove out of the way and push the button. Get the Tool from the
      cabinet and the G3A3 from the box. Enter the upper room.
    - Get the CR Evade+2 from the box. Enter the office and get the ammo, Junk
      from the floor, and Cure-M. Get Melissa Pearce's file and the Elevator
    - Go up the elevator.
    - Get the empty container and activate the elevator.
    - Kill the spider and get the G23.
    - Run and jump onto the painter's platform.
    - Kill stuff and activate the brake.

    - Enter the main office and then go to the captain's office.

                                Day 5 : Evolution
    - Head to Chinatown.

    - Items: Medicine 3, PE+2, Tool (in shop near phone), M79-2.
    - Talk to Maeda and get the Narita. Get the ammo from the box. Head down.

=== SEWERS ===
    - Go through the sewers according to the following map:

  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  1 - Entrance      E - Offense +1
  X  |   D   |   |   |  X  2 - Exit          F - M870
  XC-+-B-+---A-1-+---+--X  X - Walls         G - Range +1
  X  I   |   G   |   |  X                    H - M203-3
  X--+-H-+---+---F---+-EX  A - Ammo + 15     I - CR Protector
  X  |   J   |   |   L  X  B - Cure-D        J - Medicine 3
  X--+-2-+---+-X-+-K-+--X  C - Medicine 4    K - Defense +2

    - Get the Club 3 from the box and head down.
    - Go down the ladder and fight the alligators. Get the Tool.
    - Climb the stairs and enter the doorway.
    - Get the ammo.
    - Turn on the power. Activate Pump 2. Activate Pump 1. Turn off the power.
    - Enter the upper doorway and cross the sewer to exit to the subway.

=== SUBWAY ===
	- Items in boxes: Range+1, Medicine 3, Ammo, CR Evade+1, B Protector
	  (subway car), Tool (x2 in subway Car)
	- Head up and kill the Centipede to get an M79-3.
	- Continue up to the bridge and check the dead cop for the Gate Key.
	- Insert Disc 2.
	- Open the gate (opposite the phone) and exit.
	- Head to the Warehouse.

	- Get the PPK, CM Protector, M203-2, from the boxes. Get the Warehouse Key
      near the barrels.
	- Get the Rocket, Offense +2, and the Sp Protector from the boxes and
	  cross the scaffolding.
	- Get the Offense +2, Defense+2, and Tool from the boxes. Jump in the
      elevator shaft and climb down.
	- Kill the Crab and get the AT 4. Get the Tool when the steam is not
	- Leave the warehouse and head to the museum.

=== MUSEUM ===
	- Enter the museum and follow the doctor. Get the Medicine 4 (bottom left
      corner of compass room). Get the Medicine 3.
	- Kill the raptors and get the Tool and G22 from the boxes.
	- Head back to the lobby and down the upper happ.
	- Activate the puzzle box (answer: 9) and continue.
	- Kill the scorpion and activate the puzzle box (answer: Nitrogen Oxides
      from Volcanos).
	- Get the M203-4 from the box. Go up the stairs.
	- Activate the puzzle box (answer: 200,000 V per cubic cm). Get the
      Offense+1 from the box. Head up and through the door.
	- Go down to the first floor and get the Offense +1 from the box. Search
      behind the statue for a Tool.
	- Go up to the 3rd floor and get the Rocket.. Enter the door.
	- Activate the puzzle box (answer: Aging). Exit the room.
	- Activate the puzzle box (answer: An African Female) and continue.
	- Stay upstairs and fight the Pterodactyl. Get the Medicine 4 from the box.
      Keep going until the door lock behind you. Get the Sv Protector.
	- Climb through the window.
	- Climb down and into the next window down. Exit the room and follow the
	- Get the Defense+1 from the museum shop and continue. Enter the security
	- Turn off the alarm and check the monitors. Get the MP5PDW from the box.
	- Head to the right near where you turned off the alarm. Now head back to
      the elevator (in the same room). Go to the 4th floor.
	- Get the Tool, B Jacket 1, Cure-D, and the M500 from the box. Exit.
	- Head left and get the Revive from the chest. Go up the stairs and to the
      main stairs. Climb up them and get the Full Recover from the box. Go
      down two flights and enter the doctor's office to get Maeda's Gun and
      Klamp's Key.
    - Go down the stairs and go to the door above the one you entered from the
      main room). Get the Ammo and the Medicine 4.
    - Take the elevator to the 3rd floor and lead left all the way until you
      unlock a (lower) door. Then go upstairs.
    - Kill the Triceratops and go up. Go back in the room.
    - Fight the T-Rex and get the M8000.
    - Go to the security office and look at the monitors.
    - Head back to the elevators and up to 3. Go to the far lower left and get
      the tool and M9-3 from the broken display case. Go up the stairs.
    - Go through the door to confront Eve.

    - Fight Eve.

                                Day 6 - Liberation
    - Go inside, talk to Wayne, and get any items you need from the soldier.
    - Go back outside and kill the mitochondria child. In all its forms.
    - Head inside and go to the Engine Room and activate the boiler.
    - Take the lower left ladder and run like the wind.
    - Watch the ending, save and use your bonus points on Aya.


This mode is only available after the first time you complete the game. The
floor layouts and the items are random. I'm only going to list the bosses and
their respective floors. It's an exercise in drudgery...

    [Floor 10]  Big Spider    Chrysler Key1
    [Floor 20]  2 Alligators  Chrysler Key2
    [Floor 30]  Centipede     Chrysler Key3
    [Floor 40]  Triceratops   Chrysler Key4
    [Floor 50]  Cockroach     Chrysler Key5
    [Floor 60]  Crab          Chrysler Key6
    [Floor 70]  Queen Bee     Chrysler Key7
    [Floor 77]  Maya          Good Ending

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