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FMV Guide by KWee

Version: 1.3 |

By SquareSoft (C)_________________________________________________________
                             [C I N E M A T I C   /   F M V s   G U I D E]

                              ######   ###### 
                             #    #   #   
                            #    #   #          TM
                     [ P A R A S I T E   E V E ]
                         #       #
                        #       ######      
                          L I B E R A T I O N 

       P a r a s i t e   E v e   [F M V]   W a l k t h r o u g h
    E x c l u s i v e l y   F o r   S o n y   P l a y s t a t i o n 
                            V E R   1 . 3 


Ok, here's another PE FAQ I have worked on this holiday. Hope 
you people would appreciate it. Another FAQ I have written about 
PE was the EX-GAME GUIDE which mainly discuss the ways to beat 
the Chrysler Building and much much more. Any errors or mistakes
found in this FAQ's please bear with it....... I will update ASAP.

This FAQ is currently online at www.gamefaqs.com.

This PE FAQ is quite short in the sense that it will be a guide to
all the FMVs in PE. I would say the FMVs were quite fascinating and
blah blah.......... and so on.

W A R N I N G 
Spoilers contents up ahead.....so if you haven't seen the FMVs 
yourself and don't wish to see it in case the suspense is released, 
I suggest you skip this FAQ.

This FAQ file is optimized for reading in wordpad and not notepad.
So please refrain from using notepad to refer to this PE FAQ 
Thank you. A 800x600-screen size is a must.

A B O U T   A U T H O R
Name   : How Kwang Wee                            ####    #### T M
Icq    : 18346565                                #  #    #
E-Mail : howkw@hotmail.com                      ####    ###
         squaresoft_jap@hotmail.com            #       #
         howkw@singnet.com.sg                 #    .  #####  
                                        [PE logos by Kwang Wee (c)] 

D I S C L A I M E R 
This P.E FAQ is meant for personal usage and can only be reproduced
electronically. This FAQ can be altered as long as the disclaimer
remains unchanged and in effect. This FAQ is owned and drafted by me.
Feel free to distribute the FAQ. Do not try to gain credit upon my FAQ 
or else I will sue you. This FAQ must not in anyway be distributed for 
any profitable intentions.

All copyrights and trademarks are self-acknowledged and respected and 
that indirectly includes those that are not specifically mentioned in 
this FAQ by the author.

In addition, this FAQ cannot be used by the publishers, editors of any 
organizations etc, nor can it be used by game sites and so on. It is 
also not deniable that you or anyone are oblivious that it cannot be 
used in known publications that includes magazines, guide books or in 
any other form of printed materials regardless of any description
without any or written permission of the author himself.

Parasite Eve's Cinematic Sequence are Copyrighted (c) 
SquareSoft of Japan and (c) SquareSoft of USA.

R E V I S I O N   H I S T O R Y
Ver 1.0 (12/5/99) - First presence of this FAQ
Ver 1.1 (23/5/99) - Corrected some minor details and added the timeframe
Ver 1.2  (6/1/99) - Removed most typo errors and clarified most FMVs
Ver 1.3 (10/6/99) - Nothing much was updated. Just removed some comments.

Cinematic Sequence
FMV [1]  - Main Introduction of PE                  - Elapsed Time [2:18]
FMV [2]  - Debut of Aya / New York Sights           - Elapsed Time [1:08]

FMV [3]  - Debut of Melissa / Eve Appearance        - Elapsed Time [1:16]

FMV [4]  - Mutation of the rat                      - Elapsed Time [0:37]

FMV [5]  - Eve's Mutation                           - Elapsed Time [0:15]

FMV [6]  - Eve's Escape / Alligator Hunt            - Elapsed Time [0:49]

FMV [7]  - Dispatch of Police / Pursuit             - Elapsed Time [0:13]

FMV [8]  - Melting Audience / Eve's sinister move   - Elapsed Time [0:30]

FMV [9]  - Carriage Disaster I / Confrontation      - Elapsed Time [0:14]

FMV [10] - Carriage Disaster II / Safe Escape       - Elapsed Time [0:18]

FMV [11] - New York Evacuation                      - Elapsed Time [0:33]

FMV [12] - Blood Test Run I                         - Elapsed Time [0:37]

FMV [13] - Blood Test Run II / Aya 's Surprises     - Elapsed Time [0:24]

FMV [14] - Sheeva Mutation / Transformation         - Elapsed Time [0:25]

FMV [15] - Air Interception                         - Elapsed Time [0:28]

FMV [16] - Slimy Pilot                              - Elapsed Time [0:22]

FMV [17] - Plane Crash I                            - Elapsed Time [0:06]

FMV [18] - Plane Crash II                           - Elapsed Time [0:06]

FMV [19] - Slime Presence in Sewer                  - Elapsed Time [0:30]

FMV [20] - Pump the Slime                           - Elapsed Time [0:12]

FMV [21] - Trex Alive !                             - Elapsed Time [0:48]  

FMV [22] - Earthquake !                             - Elapsed Time [0:23]

FMV [23] - Eve's Concealment                        - Elapsed Time [0:37]

FMV [24] - Slime Awakening                          - Elapsed Time [1:14]

FMV [25] - Navy Cruiser Advancement                 - Elapsed Time [0:12]

FMV [26] - Navy Choppers homing on Slime            - Elapsed Time [0:26]

FMV [27] - Navy's Failure on Slime                  - Elapsed Time [0:36]

FMV [28] - Aya's Involvement                        - Elapsed Time [0:02]

FMV [29] - Liftoff !!                               - Elapsed Time [0:38]

FMV [30] - Protect Aya                              - Elapsed Time [0:02]

FMV [31] - Another disappointment                   - Elapsed Time [0:08]

FMV [32] - Another Failure                          - Elapsed Time [0:03]

FMV [33] - Aya alone                                - Elapsed Time [0:10]

FMV [34] - Aya's nuke                               - Elapsed Time [0:44]

FMV [35] - Eve's Appearance                         - Elapsed Time [0:24]

FMV [36] - Parachuting                              - Elapsed Time [0:20]

FMV [37] - Eve's death ?                            - Elapsed Time [0:33]

FMV [38] - Cruiser Search                           - Elapsed Time [0:08]

FMV [39] - New Life                                 - Elapsed Time [0:29]

FMV [40] - Eve's Baby / Ultimate Being              - Elapsed Time [0:19]

FMV [41] - Special Ammunition                       - Elapsed Time [0:30]

FMV [42] - Death ?                                  - Elapsed Time [0:15]

FMV [43] - Cruiser Sinks                            - Elapsed Time [0:17]

FMV [44] - Morning Sunshine                         - Elapsed Time [0:14]

FMV [45] - Another Eve ? / Parasite Eve 2 ^_^       - Mitochondria [0:48]



P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [1]
This actually lets the player have a whole preview of what Parasite 
Eve's gameplay is about. Consider a lengthy FMV, the look of it will 
draw most players into PE's unique and mysterious ambience. Most of 
the FMVs will be briefly shown in this one. And I absolutely like 
the Bg music. It's quite a nice and suspense feeling I must say from 
my heart. 

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [2]
It's snowing in New York and the FMV firstly present you with the 
statue of liberty. Does it look like the statue is crying ? Anyway 
it's the winter season and so it Christmas time ^_^

"Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle All The Way !!" 
Got too carried away ^_^

A train just passes by quickly ignoring the surroundings and you are
having a bird's eye view on the city of new york. You are able to admire
most of the well-known landmarks from here. Then you are being brought 
into a street and a "golden" Christmas tree silently sit at the street.
Next, you will realize it's the year 1997 and it's closing in. Duh

Aya will then appear in front of the Carnegie Hall Opera House with 
her date.

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [3]
Eve/Melissa will make her first appearance on the stage singing in 
a play. Then as suddenly as she sings, Eve will be in some kind of a 
trance and her eyes turn a funny looking green and she bears an evil
looking smile. Aya has been suspecting something's weird going on at
this moment. Then the other casts in the play will mysteriously catch
fire and this will follow other audience watching the play.

The whole opera house will be in chaos with people struggling to put 
out the fire, some are screaming like hell while others are running 
off to the exit as quickly as their legs could carry them.

And one burning guy nearly hit Aya when he is falling off and Aya look
on in terror. She sprint out in time and you will see Eve enjoying
the terrible scene. The whole play end with the burning curtains.

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [4]
Hmm.....interesting transformation I must say. I wonder whether the 
rat is enjoying the moments of becoming mighty mouse !! haha

Cut off the crap and you will see an innocent rat who is obviously in
pain and inside it's eyes you discover that the rat's cells are 
undergoing mutation. They are getting getting and merging to form new
life. Quite creative huh ?

Then the rat will become quite disturbing (to the player) since it will
turn into a half-vampire (bcos of it's teeth) and a half-demon.
The teeth and it's bones will split out of the mouth from the 
rat which suddenly has large bloody eyes. The rat's tail will split 
into three which is absolutely exaggerating.

PS Do you realize the rat now growls ?  Hmm........... a beast 

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [5]
Nothing much actually. Just a short FMV showing Eve mutate into a ??
Lost for words ^_^

You will find Eve tinkering at the piano and she suddenly crushes the
piano as if she is in fury. Then Eve transform into a seemingly 
ugly and unknown shape ^_^ with long hands and hey where did her legs go 
to ? 

Her eerie voice might scare you out of your wits .

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [6]
Eve avoids Aya's chase and is in the sewers......a ball of slime appears
on her hands and somehow Eve is in a hurry to get away and the ball of 
slime swims through the tunnels and then it mutate an alligator ? 
(not sure about that)

Then the mutated alligator will show its whole form and not without its
electrifying mouth lol. Piece of cake for Aya ^_~

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [7]
Another short FMV. The police gate draws up and you can see how Daniel
Dolls performs it's superb car maneuver and in a chase against Eve. 

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [8]
Aw this gotta be one disgusting FMV don't you think ?
Creativity + Imagination = Gross (lol)

In this FMV, Eve appears in the central park and did a thumbs-up 
performance. First, one of the audience begins to have pus or slime 
coming out his right eye......yucks

He looks normal and pleasant at that. Then the slime covers the whole 
head and every audience have this feature on them. All of their bodies
begin to melt into slime and all flows to one point and converge in one 
big meatball of slime. 

This spells trouble.

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [9]
Short FMV about the carriage on fire. I think it's the horse who
caught fire right ? hehe

After that, Eve appears in front of the carriage with Aya preparing
for a confrontation with the deformed and obviously hatred creature
to all mankind.

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [10]
The flame-covered horse can no longer suffer any more burns and 
finally breaks loose of the carriage and runs off to..... rest in 
pieces. Aya holds on tight to the carriage in fear of falling off.

The carriage makes a few stunts and finally come to a complete halt.
Lucky for Aya ^_^

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [11]
The New York Bridge is packed with all kinds of transport all can't
wait to get out of New York to avoid Eve the monster. A traffic 
police nearly gets hit by a taxi while controlling the traffic......
Woooah.....what a job at this time. From a player's point of view, you
could sense that New York has become a ghost town in within a couple of 
hours. Btw, do you think those citizens might have looted the streets ?
duh who knows ?

And hey did you all notice a coach bus had this number "1224" on top ?
heck........ another 4-digit number ^_^

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [12]
Maeda decides to examine Eve's blood cells on it's biological structure 
and he did this by using his own blood and results shows that his own
cells are undergoing mutation by Eve's Mitochondria/Organelle.

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [13]
Maeda runs another test with Eve's blood Cells but this time using
Aya's blood samples. The result is in fact totally different from the 
previous test. 

It shows that Aya's cells nuclei have the ability to repulse the 
so-called Mitochondria from Eve's cells and could release some kind 
of electric ability to deter the Mitochondria from infiltrating. And
somehow Aya's cells seems to be different from Maeda's which looks 
like a shining star ^_^

I wonder if that could deter aids ? 

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [14]
Another creature mutation.....this time Sheeva the dog.
Nothing much to say about it except that it has become a three-headed
creature that Aya have to deal with.

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [15]
You are being presented by yet another superb FMV showing the three
US fighter jets taking off at the Navy Cruiser and their death defying 
maneuvers across New York streets in their bid to stop Eve. 

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [16]
Eve notices the fighter jets presence and looks piss off. Then she 
begin to use her PE power to take out one jet by guess what ? 
Sliming !! The fighter pilot looks on in terror as he eventually 
turns into a bloody glue.

This time you can see that the reddish slime ooze out all into the 
jet cockpit area and result in a crash of another jet.

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [17]
Aya made it just in time before the plane crash on her at the 
roof of the hospital.

Meanwhile Eve is seen levitating into the sky ^_^ or is it so ?

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [18]
Almost the same FMV as the one above. Just that Aya already jumped 
off safely while this FMV still shows Eve getting her butt of the 
explosion lol.

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [19]
Not an inviting sight. Just say the good old slime from the central
park concert returns and finds a resting place in the sewer tunnels. 
And our pretty and cute Aya prepares for a confrontation with it. 

Aya looks on in bewilder state as the slime gather it's way towards 
Aya and as quickly as it comes, the slime just makes it way down into
the waters below at the Aya is standing

I bet Aya must be thinking "Phew, that was close ^_^"

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [20]
Aya force the slime out of city sewer by activating the pump 
system and the slime flows through quietly by the sewer waters. Then 
the slime gathers to destroy part of the roof of the sewer tunnels, 
blocking the access.

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [21]
The slime escapes and finds its way into the fossil of the T-Rex.
Slowly and steadily, the slime crawls and covers the bare bones of the
ancient fossils. Then you will see what the slime will do miracles !!

Swiping its tail, the T-Rex growls and regains its power and alive once
more in this 19th century ^_^

Anyway Aya prepares for a battle with this t-rex monster. 
Wouldn't it be great if the T-Rex could do a pose like the one in
Jurassic Park ? hehehe

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [22]
Erm, nothing much to say about except there's a earthquake going around 
and it happens to cause most of the fossils in the museum to shake its
frail bones and breaks into millions of pieces or maybe a few only.

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [23]
OK guys this FMV you will find Eve getting pregnant and she looks 
fabulous ^_~ 

OK admit it she nude lol 
and she got herself 2 more hands and legs duh.

And her stomach looks unbelievable huge. I wonder what's inside....
I know I know her baby......but doesn't it looks way too big ?
Maybe it's a more than one ^_^

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [24]
Also nothing much, Eve just summons her slime partner out of the
sewers and man, the slime just takes shape into a monster and not
just a meat ball anymore lol. 

The slime barges into the museum where Eve is residing to take 
Eve safely out of Aya's hands or just to take her out for a walk 
in this beautiful evening ? hehe

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [25]
A brief FMV showing a realistic view over from the sea, a couple of 
cruisers moving in towards where Eve is and prepares for a final battle
which they have no confident of winning and all hope that Aya our
heroine can accomplish that.

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [26]
Four choppers taking off towards the slime where Eve is safely 
incubated inside and the strategy is how are they suppose to tackle
the slime moron and how to attack Eve from inside.

The slime now emits a plasma-like shield around itself to prevent
any attacks. Its getting a bit far-fetched isn't it ?

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [27]
The slime monster now gets irritated by the four choppers hovering 
on top of it and decides to do some action to show it mean business.

Three out of four choppers are being eliminated by the laser-like 
energy by the slime. Is it the ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) from 
the Mitochondria that cause the energy beam ?

Fighter jets are being dispatched and from the FMV you can clearly 
see that New York is so so quiet............
After releasing anti-slime (perhaps so ^_^) missiles towards the 
target, is it obvious that they are of not much effect to the monster 
and instead the jets and choppers are being destroyed by the yet again 
our powerful slime buddy.

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [28]
A very brief FMV showing Aya getting into a chopper. I think she is
getting impatient and wants to get rid of Eve once and for all.

My oh my how I love Aya ^_^ Our female commando is just so brave and
determine regardless how disgusting and hard-accomplish this task is. 

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [29]
A few choppers liftoff together with Aya's chopper and fly through 
New York City to their goal. The maneuvers aren't that much and after
squeezing through the skyscrapers,they finally meet up their worse
nightmare. The slime starts to take its form into a large monster 
waiting for Aya and the other company. 

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [30]
A another short FMV showing the choppers changing their course to 
protect Aya. Nothing much to describe ^_^.

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [31]
I couldn't see the FMV that clearly so if I'm wrong please forgive me.
The choppers flies below a bridge and towards the slime creature. But 
within the few hundred meters within the range, one by one explodes 
which is probably due to the ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) that 
generates 200,000 Volt or V ? 

Someone please verify for me.

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [32]
Yet another short FMV that shows the slime monster beside the statue of
liberty. Then another chopper explodes within range of the slime 
without any assault.

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [33]
The last chopper acting as backup for Aya is destroyed and Aya's
chopper barely escape from the slime's hands.

Aya, it's on your own now !

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [34]
You guess it........ Aya releases a nuke bomb towards the slime moron
and cause it to disperse into millions of slime bits and pieces

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [35]
Aya looks on from the chopper to search for any Eve's presence near 
the status of liberty. Then from the slime appears Eve alive and
kicking from the nuke blast.

And she even gives a nice smile ^_^

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [36]
Aya decides to jump off from the choppers to deal with Eve one to one.
How courageous and responsible she is ^_^

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [37]
Not sure about this FMV either. Eve looks like she is attempting to 
fly but she looks a bit different from before and her wings break 
into pieces.

She collapse to the slimy ground and gradually sinks into the slime
remains. Her eyes bare a last glowing green before resting forever ??

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [38]
A brief FMV showing the Navy Cruiser attempts a search for any signs 
of life of the slime creature. 

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [39]
Hell, the Cruiser was right in searching for any lifeform in the 
previous FMV. But with disastrous results. From within the slime 
remains still left the Eve's baby and this baby prove to be unique
as he has the same power as his mum. Smiling evil and bears a alien
face, the cruiser explodes and follows small but serious damage to 
the ship.

Now Aya gotta get rid this small evil quickly.

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [40]
This FMV show clearly what Eve's baby looks like. True to my words,
Here goes ^_^

Devil + Angel + Alien = Eve's Baby
Why I said that ?

He's got a pointed tail, compliment with a pair of wings and lastly,
a big head lol. Wow, that's a one and only baby in the world.

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [41]
Aya confronts the creature and halfway through Daniel comes falling
to deliver the special ammunition for Aya. As you can see, he
is burning and lucky though, he manages to drop safely into the sea
after that.

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [42]
The creature or ultimate being collapse to the ground after suffering
too much damage by Aya.

Not much to say.......... just stop here.

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [43]
The cruiser knows its fate and sinks into the sea after the generator
or boiler explodes and breaks the ship in half causing total destruction.

Aya manages to jump into the sea in yet another close shave from
an explosion.

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [44]
Everybody on the dock feeling lethargic after the whole nightmare 
operation while Aya looks upon the sea in deep thoughts ??

P A R A S I T E   E V E ' S   F M V  [45]
The final FMV. Aya and others are enjoying a concert and Aya
looks strange. Deep in Aya's eyes you can see the Mitochondria
roaming around...... and where's Aya repulsing cells 
(glowing yellow organism) that could deter the Mitochondria ? 

(Anyone please clarify this for me ? I'm not sure abt this scene hehe)

Oh man........this spells trouble ?
The FMV continues with Daniel and Maeda's eyes glowing red and this 
follows by the rest of the audience.

News - Parasite Eve 2 has been confirmed by Square themselves so
I wonder who will be the next Eve ? ^_~


______________  E N D   O F   C I N E M A T I C  /  F M Vs _____________

R A N D O M   Q U O T E S 
Hmm......not exactly quotes I would say.......just some words which
was extracted out from the FMV. Anyway hope you guys might have
some "ideas" or "Self-Thought" derived from it. ^_^

PS. They carry special meanings don't they ?


                  ["The Worst Foe Lies Within the Self"]  

Thanks to the following people for the help in this FAQ file. Without
them I wouldn't finish it so fast.

Thanks to Square for making another great game for us to enjoy.

- Myself for takin such an effort for it.
- Linda for the help in the FMV info.
- Joanne for her help with the order of FMV.
- Jiawei for his help with minor details
- Kao Megura for his way of writing a disclaimer.
- Thanks to everyone for reading my FAQ.

               E N D   O F  [PE]  C I N E M A T I C / F M V

             B E S T   V I E W E D   W I T H   W O R D P A D

          C O P Y R I G H T E D  (c)  W O R K   1 9 9 8 - 1 9 9 9

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