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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough 07/06/04 Mysticcat Final 240K
FAQ/Walkthrough 04/15/00 NRokk 1.1 70K
FAQ/Walkthrough 02/08/09 Shotgunnova 135K
FAQ/Walkthrough 02/17/99 taerm 2.0 101K
Walkthrough 04/10/98 Exdeath Mu 59K
Walkthrough 07/17/07 iamnothing Final 13K

In-Depth FAQs

Chrysler Building Guide 01/24/13 Sop-sama 4.0 17K
Chrysler Building Maps 06/28/03 PBowman 5K
Chrysler Building Walkthrough 03/16/03 Suppo 2.0 12K
Debug Room FAQ 09/01/02 Odin 1.0 3K
EX Mode Guide DKusama 27K
EX Mode Guide KWee 1.6 62K
EX Mode Guide 10/04/98 WAvalon 0.05 7K
FMV Guide KWee 1.3 30K
Game Mechanic Guide 09/28/07 PrinceThrakhath 1.1 56K
Inventory List 04/13/98 SIwata 1.0 27K
Last Boss Strategy MRojas 3K
Level 38 Trick FAQ 05/12/05 ENAY 2.0 21K
Story FAQ 02/14/02 Mysticcat 4.5 129K
Text Dump 10/05/15 Moeman_ 1.1 171K
Translation Guide Kain 1.2 19K

Foreign Language FAQs

Secrets FAQs

Secrets FAQ 09/22/98 Marius 4K

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