PlayStation DexDrive Save (North America)

  1. From SuperSynMusashi (12/28/2004; 43KB) Female Leader. First save: On the world map, all good characters/items. Second: Mid-battle, easy access to all dialogues with Gares and Rashidi
  2. From SailorCallie (08/26/2002; 27KB) Game save contains hero's high reputation, the recently-acquired Brunhild sword, the Mercury Zodiac stone, and max number of expendibles (i.e., Cure Ankh, 7 League Boots, etc.)
  3. From Jnpacblo (06/08/2000; 131KB) Last Stage, All good Characters and Deneb, Ready to get the best ending.(to see other endings, just erase some main characters and delete some items).

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