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Guide and Walkthrough by NinjaJeff

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/01/2004

"Ogre Battle" strategy guide/FAQ (for PSX and SNES) FAQ version 1.0

By Jeff Egley (feel free to email me at: jregley@students.wisc.edu)

***Ogre Battle Saga, Episode Five: "The March of the Black Queen"***

-Welcome to my FAQ! Listed within are the pointers and tips I can give 
you to getting through this VERY difficult, but yet VERY fun and VERY 
involving RPG/military strategy game. Use my table of contents to find 
a quick way to get to where you want to go if you are looking for 
something in particular. Enjoy!

Table of Contents

Prologue. Background Story
I. Stage Bosses and how to defeat them
II. Key and Definitions of Characteristics
III. Character Class In-Depth Information
IV. Quick Checklist to pursuing the Holy Path
V. Imperial Specific Character Classes (ie, stuff you can't have!)
VI. List of Special Characters (awesome people you can have join you!)
VII. Alignment, Level Up, and Charisma Clarification
VIII. The Encyclopedia of Magic and Special Attacks
IX. Battle Tactics
X. Tarot Card Encyclopedia
XI. Rare Items and how to obtain them
XII. Reputation Meter Clarification
XIII. Hard-to-Find (but buyable) items, and their uses
XIV. "All Star" Rankings (ie, best creatures and unit combos)
XV. Cheats and Easter Eggs
XVI. Ending Information
XVII. Information about the Author
XVIII. Disclaimer Information

Prologue, the Background Story-

-Many years ago, a decisive battle called the Ogre Battle was fought to 
decide who would rule the earth- Man, or Demon. Man received support 
from the Holy Gods and the Three Warriors, and the Demons and the  
Underworld received the support of the Evil Gods. Mankind won, but only 
just. Fierce fighting rampaged, and many a good person lost their life.

The stories of the Ogre Battle became obscured by the mists of time, 
and became legend. Many years went by...

A prosperous Kingdom was established by Prince Gran, the Sage Rashidi, 
the Monk Roshian, and the beastmaster Parcival, the four great 
disciples, who founded the three kingdoms, Horai, Ofays, and Zenobia, 
all humble and at peace. The monk Roshian went by himself and founded 
the Roshian religion, based at temples worldwide, which was a religion 
based on worshipping a good source of higher power, The Three Warriors, 
and the Holy Gods.

Then, 25 years ago, a very fierce war was fought across the entire 
Zenobian continent. This war was caused by the Sage Rashidi, who, 
perhaps driven by madness and insanity, killed his friend, the Kind of 
the Zenobia, King Gran, and sided with Empress Endora, the queen of the 
Northern Highlands, which then invaded and waged warfare on the four 
other kingdoms: Ofays, Horai, Zenobia, and Sharom.

The devastating surprise attack and the supremely overpowering military 
might of the highland warriors from the northern tundra only spent a 
year in total time defeating the four other kingdoms and wiping them 
from the face of the continent. The sole remaining kingdom, the victor, 
the Highlands, claimed entire control of the continent, and the Holy 
Zeteginean Empire, queened by Endora, and with Rashidi at her right 
hand, was born in the aftermath.

The Empire's rule was a sheer reign of terror. Merciless politicians, 
city-state governors, and ruthless tax-collectors caused all of the 
citizens under their rule to suffer. Even freedom of speech and the 
press had been taken away. Many people were killed in the merciless 
corruption, and the people are desperately crying for help.

The Empire has ruled for 24 years. But, yet, a ray of hope still 
glimmers. On the outskirts of Sharom, the last survivors of the Knights 
of Zenobia, the royal army of King Gran, are in hiding, awaiting their 
time to attack, and a new leader. This is where you come in... the 
reign of the Zeteginean Empire shall come to an end at your hand... or 
will it? Your actions will decide the story's outcome...

Stage Bosses-

(Stage Number-Stage Name- Boss's Name)
(Level and character class)
(Amount of health)
(Bodyguards accompanying the boss)
(Which special character you should have confront this boss)

1-CASTLE OF WARREN- Warren (***recruitable!***)
Level 4 Wizard
Bodyguards- None

-Warren the Wizard (nice name) is your very first fight in the game, 
and he should be very easy for you to defeat. Defeat him, and he and 
the rest of the troops that he has been sheltering will join you in 
your quest against the evil Zeteginean Empire.

Level 5 Berzerker
Bodyguards- Two Level 4 Wizards
Use against- Lans

-Usar is an easily defeatable boss. He is fairly strong, but vulnerable 
to magic spells. He is also in the front row, so hitting him with 
physical attacks is just as easy. Moreover he is just practice against 
what is to come later in the game.

3-SHAROM DISTRICT- Gilbert (***recruitable!***)
Level 6 Beast Tamer
Bodyguards- Two Level 6 Wyrms
Use against- Canopus

-Gilbert is the boss of Sharom, and if you defeat him by using Canopus 
(his best friend), he will see the error of his mistake and ask for 
your forgiveness. Forgive him and he will join you.

Level 8 Mage
Bodyguards- Three Level 7 Imps

Kapella is the first disciple of Sage Rashidi and Kapella is a VERY 
powerful magician, and is a challenging enemy commander for so early in 
the game. You will be shown how powerful a Mage is early on, as the 
spell he casts will hit your entire unit. He is very dangerous, so save 
a World card for him. World card yourself, and then Fool card his 
bodyguards. He will fold easily to any physical attack.

Level 7 Lycanthrope/Werewolf
Bodyguards- Four Level 6 Amazons

-Sirius's bodyguards are even his harem of women, but don't let that 
distract you- this guy may appear to be very nice, but he is a savage 
killer, and the rumor of him being a Werewolf is true (as if his name 
and "Lycanthrope" as his class during the daytime didn't tip you off 
earlier). DO NOT attack him during the night, as, of course, he's a 
Werewolf then, and will most likely open a can of whoop-@$$ all over 
you. However, attack him during the daytime and he has a glass jaw. He 
is in the front row, so just beat the crap out of him during the day, 
and ignore his pleas for you to visit him at night. Hit him with a 
white magic weapon (such as the Rune Axe given to you by the monk at 
the temple earlier) to make him howl in pain. Sirius is also as dumb as 
a brick, and magic works well on him, so do what you need to to send 
Sirius to the big kennel in the sky.

6-DENEB'S GARDEN- Deneb (***recruitable!***)
Level 10 Witch
Bodyguards- Four Level 8 Pumpkinheads

-Her Pumpkinheads can deal some hurtful damage if you're not careful, 
but take note that she is in the front row (and thankfully not the 
back, or a Paralyze spell from her could make these fights last an 
ETERNITY!) and hit her with physical attacks. Avoid magic as she's 
quite intelligent and magic spells will most likely miss her. She's 
quite fast, too, so even physical attacks are bound to miss here and 
there. After the fight, she will ask for your forgiveness. However, she 
does heavily affect which ending you get, so think about if taking such 
a malignant woman with you is really worth it. Remember, her beauty and 
innocent appearance hide her true side.

Level 11 General
Bodyguards- Two Level 9 Red Dragons
Use against- Ashe
***Debonair has a special attack set. He will physically attack you 
twice with his sword, and then will use "Sonic Blade" on his third 
attack, which is ranged and can hit any member of your unit.

-Ashe apparently knows this bad dude, and the two of them hit off an 
ugly conversation before the rumble begins. Take note that Debonair is 
a General and as such is a VERY powerful opponent. He is extremely 
agile, strong, AND intelligent (as you will find ALL General bosses to 
be) so throw your best stuff at him. Watch out for his Sonic Blade 
attack, in essence it is a Sonic Strike attack that does not take away 
his own HP, and can deal a MASSIVE amount of damage, up to 80 points on 
one strike if you are not careful. Upon beating him, he will retreat, 
leaving you happy with the fact you have recaptured the former capital 
of the Old Kingdom.

Level 12 Dark Prince
Bodyguards- Two Level 10 Black Dragons
Use against- Aisha
***Gares has a special attack set. He will attack with "Evil Ring" 
first, and then he will smash you twice with his two-handed battle axe.

-Prince Gares (Empress Endora's son), hands down, has to be one of the 
COOLEST looking enemy bosses in the game. Too bad you can't get a guy 
like him in your army. Clad in a suit of jet black armor, Prince Gares 
is really sinister. He is pretty much General Debonair on steroids, so 
look out. Evil Ring will HURT really BAD, especially if you send a high 
Alignment unit to fight him. Equip some holy weapons to fight him, and 
ironically, electrical attacks seem to be very effective as well. I'll 
give you a hint right now- you will see him MANY more times in the 
future, as (spoiler), he has the ability to "clone" himself and possess 
his suits of armor with his spirit.

Level 13 Nixie
Bodyguards-Four Level 11 Mermaids

-Porukyus is really mad that people are using her kind as food, so, you 
gotta teach her a lesson. She is extremely intelligent and her Ice 
Storm attack will HURT when she casts it, hitting your whole unit. 
Thank god she only does it once. Try Fool carding her bodyguards and 
then physically whacking her. Due to the fact she's a water dwelling 
creature, hit her with electrical attacks (via spells or magical 
weapons) and fire also works well.

10-DIASPOLA- Norn (***recruitable!***)
Level 12 Shaman
Bodyguards- Two Level 11 Titans

-Norn is a sad and depressed Shaman, demoted by the Empire, and 
assigned to govern the prison district of Diaspola. She is actually 
General Debonair's fiancee (she's very sad as she thinks you killed 
Debonair), so getting her to join you will help you. She is extremely 
easy to beat, due to the fact she cannot attack (she only heals herself 
or the Titans with her). After the fight, spare her life, and if your 
reputation meter is high enough, she will follow you adamantly, though 
mostly only because of you telling her that Debonair is alive :) She is 
a VERY useful ally, extremely intelligent and fast as well. She starts 
out with low Alignment, though, so just be wary. Have her maul a group 
of undead a little later on and that won't be a problem anymore.

11-KALBIAN PENINSULA- Figaro (***item: "Durandal" sword***)
Level 15 General
Bodyguards: Two Level 12 Black Dragons
Use against- Debonair
***Figaro has a special attack set. He will strike you twice with his 
sword (which is a black attack as he is using his sword "Durandal" on 
you) and his third and final attack is "Down Claws", a very, VERY nasty 
ranged attack that will deal an insane amount of damage to one 
character in your party.

-Approach General Figaro with caution, he is very strong. Use your 
strategy against him like you did against Debonair earlier, primarily, 
get rid of his bodyguards with a Fool card. If you have General 
Debonair (acquired from Shangrila), the two will be astonished to find 
themselves on opposing sides, and after Debonair's attempt to persuade 
Figaro to come with him, Figaro refuses, still having faith in Empress 
Endora, and the two friends will fight each other. General Debonair is 
very sad that he must kill his best friend, but all is not lost. After 
the fight, Figaro will give you his sword, and with his last breath, 
urges Debonair to fight on in his stead, and to stop the Empress before 
it is too late. Note that you will ONLY get the Durandal sword if you 
use Debonair to fight him.

Be sure to use General Figaro's "Durandal" sword, it is a VERY powerful 
magical weapon, giving a high strength bonus, as well as being laced 
with black magic powers.

Level 16 Ravenman
Bodyguards- Two Level 12 Ninjas, two Level 13 Ninjas
Use against- Rauny

-Ares has a TRUCKLOAD of health for a Ravenman, much less someone at 
only level 16!!! Use Rauny to confront the black-feathered bandit, and 
hope for the best. Ares is not that strong of a boss (he only does one 
Firestorm attack, it hurts, but he only does it once, and it only hits 
one person) but he is VERY tough (not only with his huge weight in hit 
points, but he's also really damn resistant to magic attacks!), which 
can make the fight aggrivating as his bodyguards will do the bulk of 
the damage. Try and hit him with white magic weapon attacks, but that 
will be difficult, since he is half bird, half man, and as a result, is 
really agile and will be difficult to hit.

Level 17 Enchanter
Bodyguards- One Level 15 Stone Golem, one Level 14 Black Dragon
Use against- Saradin

-Albeleo is a former student of Sage Rashidi, and he is apparently 
practicing forbidden arts of necromancy and resurrection, and as such 
is why he looks like a young man, whereas Saradin (his former friend) 
is very old, with both being the same age (somewhere over 100). Albeleo 
may have dark intentions, but remember he is an Enchanter, and as such 
ironically has very high Alignment and is resistant to white magic 
attacks. His flaw? Use his own type of magic ("Acid Cloud"- physical) 
against him, he doesn't like physical magic. Send Saradin in and have 
him put the smack down on his former friend. Do be careful, though, as 
he does attack twice with his all-hit Acid Cloud attack, and he's also 
quite intelligent, so he will most likely dodge your magic spells. 
Ironically, for a magic user, he is also really agile, and as such, he 
can dodge physical attacks. But don't worry so much about that- he is a 
wizard, and as such has low strength, so if you connect with a physical 
attack, he will feel it :) Upon defeating Albeleo, his body and the 
remains of him will mysteriously vanish into thin air (makes sense, as 
he's the boss of the SUPER hidden stage, "Dragon's Heaven").

Hidden Stage Alpha-MUSPELM- Slust (***recruitable!***)
Level 17 Dragoon
Bodyguards- Two Level 15 Gold Dragons

-You might as well be trying to fight a tank because in general that's 
how tough a Dragoon really is. After all, he is the warrior servant of 
the Wind Gods, so one would expect he's a walking bad-@$$. Slust will 
only attack you once per combat- with a Sonic Strike, which will deal 
in excess of 100 damage. He's also so fast that he will most likely go 
before everyone else, so make sure everyone's HP is over 100, or he 
could put the smack down on a member of your party, killing them 
instantly. Get rid of his guards and pray that your attacks hit him. 
He's not invincible, but he's just really damn tough. However, on the 
bright side, when you do defeat him, if your Reputation, Alignment, and 
Charisma are high enough, as well as if you have the Star of Heroes, 
you will break Rashidi's control over him, and he will come with you!

Hidden Stage Beta-ORGANA- Fenril (***recruitable!***)
Level 17 Dragoon
Bodyguards- One Level 13 Iron Golem

-Fenril is the female counterpart of Slust (and she wears blue armor 
whereas he wears red), and is another supreme warrior of the Wind Gods. 
She's basically the same as Slust, only with less strength and HP, but 
with more agility and magic resistance. She attacks in the same manner, 
too, with a high-powered Sonic Strike, so use your same tactics against 
her as you did with Slust. She will also join you if your Reputation, 
Charisma, and Alignment are high enough, and if you have the Star of 

Level 18 Vanity
Bodyguards- Two Level 16 Demons
Use against- Tristan or Rauny
***Apros has a special attack set. All of his attacks are black magic 
spells, which he uses three times. He will either cast Meteor, Phantom, 
or Nightmare, choosing whichever at random (hope that he chooses 
Nightmare, it only hits one person!)

-Governor Apros is a shrewd, rude, and crude dude. He has been gifted 
with the powers of black magic, and as such is a powerful opponent. 
Whack him with holy, lightning, or physical magic attacks and physical 
force attacks, and he will go down. Throw a World card and he won't 
even be able to hurt you. He dishes out damage really well, but he 
doesn't take it very well. Have Rauny or Prince Tristan confront him 
and let them get their revenge for all the people he's killed.

15-THE TUNDRA- Mizal
Level 19 Seraphim
Bodyguards- Two Level 16 Ice Giants
Use against- Yushis

-Mizal was once the Chief Angel in heaven, but had fallen to Rashidi's 
temptations, and she was cast out of heaven. I guess God gave her the 
big boot. :) Mizal is a fallen angel, but she still uses her white 
magic attacks, of which is "Jihad", a spell that will hit and heavily 
damage your whole unit. Mizal is a tough opponent, but hit her with 
black attacks and she will take heavy damage. Be sure to have her 
younger sister Yushis confront her.

16-ANTALIA- Omnicron (***item: "Undead Staff"***)
Level 20 Sorcerer
Bodyguards- Two Level 16 Black Knights, two Level 19 Black Knights

-Omnicron is the evil magician working for the Empire, and he created 
the Empire's undead army in the former kingdom of Horai. Omnicron is 
VERY powerful (he's a Sorcerer, so watch out for TWO all-hit magic 
attacks). He is susceptible to the same weaknesses Magi and Wizards 
are, though, so tackle him with physical magic and attacks and he will 
succumb. Revisit the castle of Kander Hall after the battle to receive 
his Undead Staff from a Monk who says "I found this in Omnicron's 
room", which you can use on one of your own Magi and turn him into a 

Hidden Stage Delta-ANTANJYL- Galf (***recruitable!***)
Level 18 Devil
Bodyguards- Two Level 16 Phantoms, two Level 17 Phantoms

-Galf is one of the evil gods that sided with the forces of darkness 
and disorder in the first Ogre Battle, and is now sentenced by the Wind 
Gods to be stuck on earth in this cursed land. Galf is very tough, his 
only real weakness being holy attacks, and his bodyguards are undead, 
so bring along a healer or holy weapon/magic attacks to blow his guards 
away easily. If you use white attacks on Galf he isn't really all that 
tough. After defeating him, he ***IS*** recruitable provided, however, 
that you have a VERY low Reputation Meter, and if you give him the 
Brunhild Sword (REALLY BAD IDEA), as if you're pursuing the good path, 
don't have one of "Satan's Minions" join you in your quest, it's going 
to really tarnish your reputation with the Wind Gods and most any 
mortal on the face of the continent. :)

Level 21 Dark Prince
Bodyguards- Two Level 18 Salamanders
Use against- Tristan
***Gares has a special attack set, however it is the exact same as the 
first time you met him, only just stronger.

-THIS choad again? Well, apparently, this time Gares has some darker 
armor, a purple cape, and a meaner attitude. I don't think he kindly 
took the beating you gave him at Avalon. Gares is just stronger this 
time, so just use the same approach and strike hard, fast, and with 
holy power or lightning if you can. Send in Prince Tristan and let him 
get his revenge against the REAL murderer of the royal family. If you 
have Norn in your army, you will also find General Debonair here, 
locked up in chains and in a cell for "war crimes". Free him and he and 
Norn will kiss and make up, and then General Debonair will join the 

Level 22 Gemini Twin
Bodyguards- None

Level 22 Gemini Twin
Bodyguards- None
***The Gemini Twins have a special attack set. Each battle Castor will 
first attack with Super Nova, then Polkes will attack with with a 
karate kick (physical attack), then Castor will kick, then Polkes will 
attack with Wind Shot, and then finally, the one in the back row will 
throw the one in the front row into one of your units (this is called 
their "Gemini Attack", and it will do INCREDIBLE damage), and then they 
will switch places from back row to front row (and vice versa).

-The two Gemini Twins are two VERY powerful opponents. In my opinion 
Polkes (who strikes me as the younger brother) is the nastier half of 
the two, but both are still insanely tough. Hit them hard with the most 
powerful unit you have, and leave no prisoners.  Their only real 
weaknesses is Castor is weak against fire and Polkes is weak against 
physical and black magic. They are very strong physically, so rely on 
magic to try and kill them. They are fairly intelligent, but not as 
intelligent as previous bosses Omnicron, Gares, or Ares. And on one 
final note, you must kill BOTH of them to win the stage, NOT just the 

Hidden Stage Gamma-SHIGULD- Fogel (***recruitable!***)
Level 21 Dragoon
Bodyguards- One Level 20 Tiamat

-Fogel is the third Mystic Knight, the bad-@$$ in green armor, the only 
one who is "cursed", and is the most powerful of the Dragoons that you 
will run across. He attacks the same way (with a Sonic Strike), and has 
high resistance to attacks. When you beat him, if your Alignment, 
Charisma, and Reputation are high, and you have the Star of Heroes, 
Fogel will join you. The requirements for ALI, CHA, and Reputation to 
get Fogel are not as high as those needed to get Fenril or Slust, I had 
noticed. If you thought Slust and Fenril were walking tanks, get a load 
of Fogel. Fogel not only has probably one of the most BEEFED statlines 
I have ever seen, he makes the other two Dragoons look almost like 
children, and check out the things he can recruit! Salamanders, Gold 
Dragons, and Tiamats, oh my! ***DROOL...*** No doubt the best special 
character in the game, hands down. :)

Level 23 Ninja Master
Bodyguards- Two Level 21 Ninjas, two Level 22 Ninjas

-Prochon is the Black Assassin, who assassinated the former king of the 
Ofays kingdom because Ofays resents the ninja code, and then he joined 
the Empire. Prochon is UNGODLY agile and VERY intelligent (so his all-
hit Ninjutsu attack will REALLY hurt!) so don't expect a lot of attacks 
to hit him (which is really ANNOYING). Well, he is a ninja, so, I would 
imagine (and almost hope) he would have those attributes. Prochon's 
Ninjas need to be disposed of, and Prochon's only weakness is his 
staggering low tolerance to take white magic attacks well, so whack him 
with Jihads, Starlights, Rune Axes, or whatever to bring him to his 
knees. He relies mostly on attacks missing him, so connecting a hit 
should hurt.

20-THE RYHAN SEA- Randals
Level 24 Vanity
Bodyguards- Two Level 20 Black Knights, two Level 21 Black Knights
***Randals has a special attack set, identical to the type of attack 
set that Apros had earlier (whom you fought at Malano). Randals is just 
a more powerful version, as basically "Vanity" is the character class 
of a nobleman imbued with the powers of black magic.

-The crooked "Cardinal" Randals (labeled mistakingly as "Randross" in 
his unit description and "Rudolph" in the prologue) rules the beautiful 
Ryhan Sea. He bought his title of "Cardinal" when he joined the Empire 
and gave them a lot of his riches and secrets from his days as a 
monopolizer merchant in the days before the war. Now he imposes an 
extremely heavy tax and lives like a king in a luxurious castle. Now 
it's your job to storm it and take out this filthy piece of scum. Hit 
him with powerful attacks such as physical magic and white attacks to 
end his days of slouching around doing nothing to earn his luxurious 
living while he lives up "the high life".

21-FORT SHULAMANA- Previa (***item: "Mystic Armband"***)
Level 25 General
Bodyguards- Two Level 21 Ravens, two Level 21 Devils
Use against- Tristan
***Previa has a special attack set. He will strike you twice with his 
sword, and then cast "Meteor" on you as his third and final attack.

-General Previa, the third of the Four Devas, heavily practices the 
black arts, and boy does it show here! Not only is his alignment low 
and his resistance to white attacks really bad, but he casts Meteor as 
his last attack! Ouchies! Just whack him with everything you've got, 
and send Prince Tristan after him, as it is believed he is holding 
Tristan's mother, Queen Floran, captive in prison at Fort Shulamana. 
You will receive the Mystic Armband after the battle if you send 
Tristan to confront and kill General Previa.

22-SHRINE OF KULYN- Luvalon (***items: "Holy Grail", "Bizen" sword***)
Level 26 General
Bodyguards- Four Level 22 Samurais
***General Luvalon has a special attack set. He will attack you twice 
with his Bizen sword (counting as a black attack), and then he will use 
"Extinction" as his third and final attack, a VERY powerful ranged 
attack that will strike one character and deal a massive amount of 
damage, usually more than enough to cause instant death if their HP is 
below 150.

-General Luvalon is the last and most powerful of Empress Endora's Four 
Devas. He was sent by Empress Endora to find the Holy Grail, one of the 
last hopes for her to create an invincible army and unite the continent 
under her iron fist rule again. Luvalon is somewhat weak only against 
fire, he is INSANELY strong against everything else, due to the fact 
that he also killed one of the Great Dragons, and was bathed in its 
blood. You MUST fight Luvalon "honorably" if you wish to get the Grail 
when you return to Kulyn, which means you ***CANNOT RUN AWAY OR USE 
TAROT CARDS AGAINST HIM OR HIS UNIT***. This is easier said than done, 
on account he has a strong bodyguard, and his Extinction attack will 
easily deep-six an ordinary party member if he connects. After the 
battle, if your Reputation is high, he will say that he was at least 
proud to have met and lost to such an honorable warrior such as 
yourself, and he will give you his Bizen sword before dying. He may 
have been fighting for the enemy, but at least he was a good-natured 
person just fighting on the other side.

Level 27 Highlander
Bodyguards- Two Level 22 Muses, two Level 23 Muses
Use against- Rauny
***Overlord Hikashi has a special (and NASTY) attack set. He will first 
attack with Wind Shot, then he will attack three times with his 
broadsword, and finally he will attack with a Sonic Strike, totaling 
for FIVE attacks (**shudder**)

-Overlord Hikashi is not only Rauny's father, but he's also the supreme 
commander of Empress Endora's Imperial Army, and he is also her own 
personal bodyguard, which means you have to come through him first if 
you want to get to the Zeteginean Castle and Empress Endora. He's also 
the BEST knight the Empire has to throw at you, and here he is. He is 
only weak against black magic (on account he is a Highlander, the 
highest ranking form of knight), and is strong against everything else 
(but not as resistant as Luvalon was to magic). Ironically, Luvalon, in 
general, has higher stats, but due to the fact that Overlord Hikashi 
attacks five times (one of which whacks your whole unit and the other 
almost as good as Luvalon's "Extinction"), he's the deadlier opponent. 
He also has the nastiest set of bodyguards in the whole game (FOUR 
Muses! OUCH!) Confront him with Rauny, and a saddening conversation 
will take place, in which Rauny must defeat and kill her own father. 
Upon defeating Hikashi, the city of Xanadu will be yours, and the final 
road to the Empire's capital will be open.

24-ZETEGINEA- Endora
Level 28 Black Queen
Bodyguards- Two Level 24 Black Knights
Use against- Debonair or the Lord (ie, yourself)
***Empress Endora has a special (and particularly NASTY) attack set. 
She will cast X-Magic FIVE times on you, choosing from virtually any 
all-hit magic spell in the book. BEWARE!!!

-FINALLY, you have reached the front door of the Zeteginean Empire's 
capital, and are poised to confront Empress Endora herself and bring 
justice to the female tyrant who has brought much pain, suffering, and 
misery to tens of thousands of people, and who watches children suffer 
in pain with a smile on her face! On a weird note, for being in her 
early 50's or late 40's, I have to say she's quite the looker. The damn 
picture of her looks like a 20-year old woman who takes too much time 
doing her hair and putting on makeup and lipstick. :) DO NOT confront 
her without a World tarot card, or I have to say that with all that 
magic she'll be casting, she will most likely beat the living BEJEEZUS 
out of your ENTIRE unit. So if you don't want to get smeared across the 
wall, throw a World card before the fight even STARTS. Confront her 
with either yourself or General Debonair, and a VERY ugly conversation 
will ensue before the fight begins. Simply throw EVERYTHING powerful 
you have at her, this is a no-holds-barred cage match in which she'll 
be trying to do the same to you. Kill her to finally end the... WHAT?! 
The game's not OVER?! Sage Rashidi and Prince Gares escaped to the 
temple of Shalina?! OH NO! Whatever shall the Rebellion do?! Simple. 
Follow them, knucklehead! And damn, after having to fight those 
practically endless clones of Prince Gares!!! :)

Level 26 Dark Prince
Bodyguards- Four Level 24 Wraiths
Use against- Debonair
***Gares has a special attack set. It is the same as his attack set in 
all your other encounters with him, just stronger.

-FINALLY, you get to kill this mo'-fo'! You have finally found the REAL 
Prince Gares, so beat the crap out of him and send him to hell! Toast 
his undead bodyguard, and then put an end to his evil shinanigans once 
and for all! Send General Debonair after him and kill him to finally 

Level 29 Wiseman
Bodyguards- Two Level 27 Black Knights
Use against- Saradin, Yushis, Tristan, or the Lord (ie, yourself)
***Sage Rashidi has a special (and really NASTY) attack set. He will 
cast all-hit magic FIVE times (very similar to Empress Endora), only 
difference being he can choose from ANY all-hit magic spell in the 
game, be it Meteor, Super Nova, Ice Cloud, Jihad, or whatnot. SCARY.

-OMG, Sage Rashidi is a walking TANK! I bet Rashidi could take on Metal 
Gear with his bare hands. :) Fully doped up with tricked-out magic 
spells and a near eternity of hit points, Sage Rashidi is really a 
PINNACLE challenge. DON'T fight him without a World tarot card, or he 
will utterly ROAST N'TOAST your ENTIRE unit. Throw everything you got 
at this bad guy, and kill the person who enticed Empress Endora to pull 
this whole stunt in the first place. You find out that it was really he 
that was pulling all of the strings, behind Empress Endora. Send his 
former student Saradin, or Yushis (as he enticed her sister to give him 
the Black Diamond), or Prince Tristan (as Rashidi was responsible for 
the death of his parents the King and Queen and the destruction of the 
former kingdom), or yourself, the Lord, as all of these characters have 
some MAJOR bones to pick with Rashidi. Kill Rashidi and he will break 
the Black Diamond, releasing....

Level 30 Diablo
Bodyguards- None (doesn't need any!! He's SATAN for crying out loud!!!)
***Diablo has a special attack set, ranging from a plethora of special 
attacks that you've NEVER seen before in this game, ranging from 
Earthquake (MAJOR damage on your ENTIRE unit), to Death (insta'-kill 
attack on whole party) and whatnot. Don't even BOTHER with a World 
tarot card, NONE of his attacks are considered "magical".

-OMG!!! The Prince of Darkness HIMSELF!!! JEEEZ, the crap has REALLY 
hit the fan this time! At least the background really looks cool, with 
him coming out of the ground and the entire sky is on fire. A stylish 
way for you to die, at the very least... how kind. :) Rashidi, you 
moron, what the hell were you thinking? You don't just release SATAN 
from the Underworld just to accomplish your own needs! Man, what a 
selfish and stupid individual Rashidi was. :) Well, it looks like 
you're going to have to stop Diablo with your own power this time (no 
small task on account this guy is the King of the Black Gods and the 
entire Underworld!) This is the FINAL battle of this game, so don't 
hold ANYTHING back, throw EVERYTHING at this guy. If you want to be 
characterful, have all three Dragoons of the Wind Gods and Yushis and 
another one of her Seraphim buddies (all representing the heavens) 
confront him, that would be a real cool "Good versus Evil" battle. Or 
if not, just pound away with anything. You only have to destroy his 
upper body (chest, head, and arms) to kill him, as the lower two parts 
are just weird looking demon-dragons (or something) attached to him. 
Destroy Diablo to seal him back in the Underworld forever and win the 
game!!! WHOOO!! In one last humble opinion, if you didn't use a World 
card on Sage Rashidi, I considered him to be a much greater challenge 
than Diablo himself! Ain't that just odd, now?! A mere mortal with more 
power than the supreme god of the underworld? Uh... :)

SUPER-DUPER Hidden Stage Omega-DRAGON'S HEAVEN- Albeleo
Level 17 Enchanter

-Find out for yourself and have fun. :)

Key of Characteristics-

-These are the basic statistics of Ogre Battle, many are in most RPGs.

HP- Hit Points. 

The health and endurance of a character. It represents their physical 
integrity and how much damage they can take before dying. Each time 
he/she/it is damaged, they will take damage represented in a white 
numeral. If at any point a character's hit points are reduced to zero 
or less, they die. White numbers are damage points, greenish-blue 
numbers are points recovered (such as from a healing spell or a tarot 
card). Tougher and stronger characters usually have more hit points 
than weaker ones.

STR- Strength. 

A character's strength influences the damage dealt from physical 
attacks, and the ability to absorb damage from physical attacks.

AGI- Agility. 

Agility is how fast a character can move. Agility influences your 
chances to hit with a physical attack, as well as dodging the physical 
attacks of others. A more agile character will also act in combat 
sequence before a slower one.

INT- Intelligence. 

This measures a character's ability to cause damage when using magical 
spells and attacks based on intelligence. Intelligence also influences 
ability to avoid magical attacks, and ability to absorb damage from 
magical attacks.

CHA- Charisma. 

This is a representation of how well this person works with other 
people, and how much they are respected and liked. High charisma is 
important for ALL character clases, good or evil. There is nothing bad 
about high charisma. High charisma makes changing into a better 
character class easier, a low charisma makes it more difficult. 
Charisma rises/falls depending on who a certain character kills in 
battle. Killing people stronger than you (ie, higher levels) earns you 
charisma. Killing people weaker than you will lower it, so avoid 
picking on weaker opponents, unlike nearly all other RPGs, your 
reputation and integrity as a character will plummet should you 
repeatedly beat up weak opponents (as nobody likes a bully!) Charisma 
also affects your chances of "persuading" a neutral encountered 
character to join the Rebellion. A charismatic person will easily 
succeed at it. A loser person will have a very hard time doing it (and 
most likely will anger the neutral character anyway.) Charisma also 
rises faster and better when characters are working with other 
characters that they get along with.

ALI- Alignment. 

This shows how much a person cares for other people, and their 
intentions towards rightousness or evil. A high aligned person is 
lawful, courteous, and "does the right thing"; a low aligned person is 
chaotic, selfish, thinks only of him/herself, and is cruel. Alignment 
varies depending on what classes you wish to turn characters into. Low 
alignment is needed for wizards and berzerkers. A very high alignment 
is needed for paladins and muses. Alignment will rise/fall from battle 
depending on who that character kills. Killing stronger and/or chaotic 
characters will raise your alignment. Killing lawful and/or weaker 
opponents will lower it. Alignement also affects how well you fight at 
certain times of the day. A lawful person will fight much more 
effectively during the daytime and worse at night. A chaotic person 
will fight better during the night and worse during the daytime. 
Neutral characters fight equally well at all points of the clock, and 
fight even better during sunset/sunrise. It can be best represented on 
a scale, to my estimate:

0-10: Evil
11-20: Very Chaotic
21-34: Chaotic
35-49: Neutral-Chaotic
50-60: Neutral
61-70: Neutral-Lawful
71-80: Lawful
81-90: Very Lawful
91-100: Saintly

-As a final note, characters fight better when paired with "likes". IE, 
Knights fight better paired with Samurais, Fighters, and other Knights. 
Female characters fight better with other female characters. Evil 
characters work better with other evil and chaotic characters. Dragons 
fight better with Dragon Tamers and Dragoons, etc. Weigh your choices 
carefully of who you put in a unit, not just for pure combat prowess, 
but for unity. A united (and charismatic) unit will fight much better.

LUK- Luck.

Luck, fate, karma, call it what you want, it pretty much influences 
everything a little bit, dodging, attack strength, powerful hits, etc. 
It also heavily influences the ability to find an item after defeating 
enemies. Luck is always a good skill, having higher luck is always 

Maximum Parameters-

The max for Strength, Agility, and Intelligence is 255.
The max for Alignment, Charisma, and Luck is 100.
The max for Hit Points is 999 or something close to that (and I've 
never ever seen anything stronger than around 450 HP in the whole game. 
If you can get a character beyond 999 HP, show me. I'll either be 
impressed or call you a buffoon for using so many Vitality Potions and 
money on one character.)

Character Classes


(Requirements to get this character)
(Hit Point Bonus at Level Up)
(Strength Bonus at Level Up)
(Agility Bonus at Level Up)
(Intelligence Bonus at Level Up)
(Terrain type and size)
(Attack Types- front and back row)
(Can he/she be a leader?)
(Characters can be recruited- only applicable if they can lead)
(My rating on how effective they are, 10 being best)

-These stats are derived from taking notes down when a character gains 
levels. It isn't that hard to notice how much stats go up per level 
with each character, but for your reference (and to save you time) I 
have put these characteristics down. Thanks go to Mr. Anzulovic et al 
for a couple of these characteristics, mainly those of characters I 
hardly or ever used (ie, Pumpkinhead, Fire Giant, etc.)

1-Fighter Group-

-The Fighter Group is essentially the character classes available to 
all male, human characters.

Fighter (default male character class, available at almost any time) 

-a short, little guy wearing silver armor and toting a small sword and 
a shield.

HP +5
Str +2
Agi +2
Int +1
Plains, Small
Front Row- Slash (x2) -physical Hand-to-hand (ie, HTH) attack
Back Row- Slash (x1) -physical HTH attack
Cannot be a leader
Can't recruit

-Fighters are... well, decent fighters. :) They will be one of your 
bread n' butter characters early on in the game, but make sure these 
guys get stuck in often and early so they can level up and turn into 
more useful classes. Fighters outlive their usefulness by roughly the 
fifth stage. Change their class, too, as their level up bonuses aren't 
that great (especially that low +1 Intelligence, and +2 Strength is 
horrible for a male character.)

Knight (Fighter- Level 5+, Cha 50+, Ali 50+)

-a taller Fighter, wearing full plate armor, and carrying a longsword, 
shield, and wearing a blue cape.

HP +5
Str +3
Agi +2
Int +1
Plains, Small
Front Row- Sword (x2) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Sword (x1) -physical HTH attack
Leadership ability
Recruits- Fighter

-The Knight is your basic "I'm a good guy" unit. He's strong and relies 
on physical attacks. Essentially a Knight is a better version of a 
fighter, and can also lead units. However, once a Knight reaches level 
7, I would recommend switching him to a Samurai, as Samurais get better 
bonuses when leveling up, unless, of course, you like the look of the 

Paladin (Knight- Level 15+, Cha 60+, Ali 70+)

-The same figure of a Knight, only in shimmering gold armor!

HP +6
Str +3
Agi +2
Int +2
Plains, Small
Front Row- Sword (x3) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Healing (x1) -magical healing spell
Leadership ability
Recruits- Knight, Cleric

-Paladins are terrifying holy "ultimate good guy" troopers. They are 
among some of the most powerful hand to hand fighters in your army and 
receive huge bonuses when leveling up (check out the Hit Points!) They 
also strike THREE times in the front row, making him an ideal crusher. 
Paladins are one of my favorite units. They can also be stuck in the 
back row for a cheezy way to kill undead characters. Other than that, 
leave him in the FRONT, unless you have a really good reason to put him 
in the back for the single healing spell he'll cast.

Vampire (Knight plus special item: "Blood Kiss")

-A pale white-skinned Dracula type character, wearing black clothing 
and wearing a sinister navy blue high collar and cape.

HP +4
Str +3
Agi +2
Int +4
Forest, Small
Front Row- Life Suck (x2) -drains target of its HP and gives it to him
Back Row- Charm (x2) -confuses an enemy and makes it attack its allies
Leadership ability
Recruits- Werewolf

***During the day, the Vampire is in his coffin, as coming out without 
his Ray-Ban sunglasses would be extremely hazardous to his health :) 
and his "Sleeping (x1)" attack in the Front or Back does absolutely 
nothing. His only upside to being in his coffin during the day is his 
casket's insane magic resistance.

-The Vampire is a little bit of a mixed bag. He is definitely an 
interesting character and the way you get him is certainly weird. You 
have to get a "Blood Kiss" item to turn a Knight into a Vampire. But 
they are cool, as confusing enemy characters that have attacks that 
attack a whole squad is really fun. :) Plus, he's the only guy in the 
game that can recruit Werewolves, so, I'd get at least one and make a 
dark unit of a Vampire and four Werewolves. Make sure they don't fight 
during the day, though, but during the night these guys will own enemy 
units. :)

Samurai (Fighter- Level 7+, Cha 50+, Ali 50+)

-A purple and gray robed warrior wearing ancient Japanese Samurai 
armor, carrying a katana sword and wearing a samurai-style helmet.

HP +5
Str +3
Agi +3
Int +2
Plains, Small
Front Row- Ianuki (x2) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Sonic Strike (x1) -ranged physical attack. The Samurai 
sacrifices some of his own spiritual strength to unleash a VERY 
powerful attack. The hit will do a lot of damage, but the Samurai will 
also take, in return, a fraction of that damage on himself.
Leadership ability
Recruits- Fighter

-Samurais are probably the best hand-to-hand fighter unit up until 
people start changing into the powerful classes at level 15 or so. 
Samurais are just plain better than Knights, so I turn all my physical 
bruiser types into Samurais when they hit level 7. Their front row 
attack is the same as a Knight's and Fighter's, it just looks cooler 
(as he raises his katana high above his head and then slices directly 
downward!) His Sonic Strike attack in the back is very powerful as 
well, and looks cool, as the katana makes multiple images of itself 
when he raises it up to strike, and then when slashing downwards, he 
sends a large blue shockwave into his target. Beware, though, even 
though this attack is powerful, he only does it once per battle, and he 
will take a fraction of the damage himself that he inflicts with it. If 
you are facing a Dragon or other large monster, a Sonic Strike can do 
some serious damage to it. Samurais and Samurai Masters are very good 
"giant killers".

Samurai Master (Samurai- Level 15+, Cha 60+, Ali 70+)

-The same appearance as his lower counterpart, only wearing 
orange/tan/red clothing and armor.

HP +5
Str +3
Agi +3
Int +2
Plains, Small
Front Row- Ianuki (x3) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Sonic Strike (x1) -same as Samurai's Sonic Strike attack
Leadership ability
Recruits- Samurai, Ninja

-The Samurai Master is pretty much nearly the equivalent of a Paladin. 
Only one less HP and one more Agility per level up, though, but the 
Master's back row attack is certainly a lot more effective. The Samurai 
Master is another ultimate "good guy", who has high alignment and 
charisma, and is good at liberating cities. They are the true masters 
of spiritual inner strength (rather than the "Holy Crusader of God", of 
which is the Paladin), and unlike a ninja assassin, the Samurai Master 
is the honorable fighter, a strict "warrior's code" kind of man. They 
do, however, work well with Ninjas and Ninja Masters, and are a more 
"shock trooper" role compared to the stealth and sneakyness of a Ninja 
or Ninja Master. These guys are insanely powerful in the front row. 
Three attacks is excellent, as I always say, "the more attacks, the 
better". The Samurai/Master would be my character class in any RPG, 
they just match my personality and are downright awesome. Paladins and 
Samurai Masters are hands down the best small character class front-
line fighters, minus the Dragoon or General, of course.

Berzerker (Fighter- Level 6+, Cha 50+, Ali 0-40)

-A short and burly bearded man carrying a shield and a big smacky-
hitty-poundy hammer :)

HP +6
Str +3
Agi +2
Int +1
Plains, Small
Front Row- Smash (x2) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Smash (x1) -physical HTH attack
Leadership ability
Recruits- Fighter

-The Berzerker is your above average Knight. Essentially they are not 
as "good natured" and acquire more HP per level. However, there is a 
price to pay to taking the evil path... a Black Knight is not as 
powerful as high "good guy" counterpart, the Paladin. However, if you 
want an evil knight (and more intelligent and uses magic in the back), 
then pursue the path of darkness. :)

Black Knight (Berzerker- Level 16+, Cha 60+, Ali 0-30)

-A heavy black armored knight with a horned helmet and a sinister dark 
blue cape, and a big axe! Darth Vader in the middle ages, I guess. :)

HP +6
Str +3
Agi +2
Int +2
Plains, Small
Front Row- Smash (x2) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Fireball (x2) -magical fire attack, ranged
Leadership ability
Recruits- Berzerker, Wizard

-Black Knights are just essentially evil Paladins. Screw the holy path, 
they just have fun and pillage cities, rape the ladies, and loot 
people. :) He's not as good as the holy guy in the front row, but he's 
sure better in the back row. Both receive the same stats when leveling 
up, so take your pick. Personally I went with the Paladins on account 
they attack three times in the front, but a magic-using Black Knight in 
the back might not be bad. He recruits Wizards, too, if you're looking 
for spellcasters. A weird and messed up combo would be placing Paladins 
and Black Knights into the same unit... it's Darth Maul and Qui-Gon-Jin 
fighting alongside each other! :)

Beast Tamer (Fighter- Level 5+, Cha 50+, Ali 25-65)

-A burly bearded and balding man wearing little armor or clothing, and 
carrying a large whip.

HP +5
Str +3
Agi +2
Int +1
Plains, Small
Front Row- Whip (x2) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Whip (x2) -physical HTH attack
Leadership ability
Recruits- Fighter, Hellhound

-Beast Tamers are very useful early on due to the fact that they strike 
twice in the back row. A good combo at the start with them is an all 
male unit of three Knights in the front, and two Beast Tamers in the 
back. Beast Tamers don't lead monsters as well, on account monster 
characters (like Hellhounds, Dragons, Giants, etc) are afraid of whips. 
However, their advanced classes are very good, especially if you want 
to shoot for a Dragon Master.

Beast Master (Beast Tamer- Level 12+, Cha 60+, Ali 10-50)

-Same as a Beast Tamer, only darker skinned.

HP +5
Str +4
Agi +3
Int +1
Plains, Small
Front Row- Whip (x2) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Whip (x2) -physical HTH attack
Leadership ability
Recruits- Cerberus, Cockatrice, Wyrm

-The Beast Master is a fairly formidable attacker. He gains the highest 
strength bonus per level that the male human Fighter family class 
offers, but to tell you the truth, the only big reason to get a Beast 
Master in your army is to use a Stone of Dragos on him and turn him 
into a Dragon Tamer! Yowza! Shaiza! :)

Dragon Tamer (Beast Master plus item: "Stone of Dragos")

-A tall, slender man carrying a rapier and wearing blue clothing, and a 
helmet shaped like a dragon's head.

HP +4
Str +3
Agi +2
Int +2
Plains, Small
Front Row- Slash (x2) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Slash (x2) -physical HTH attack
Leadership ability
Recruits- Dragon, Wyvern 

-The Dragon Tamer isn't a phenominal piece of work, but he is good to 
have to turn him into his more advanced form of class, the Dragon 
Master. The Dragon Tamer, essentially, is kind of like a Beast 
Tamer/Master, only with a little less on the strong side and more on 
the intelligent side. His intelligence will come in better use later, 
as the Dragon Master can use magic. Dragon Tamers will also boost the 
stats of any Dragons they lead, making them an ideal leader for Dragons 
(there's a no-brainer).

Dragon Master (Dragon Tamer- Level 20+, Cha 65+, Ali 40-60)

-Same as a Dragon Tamer, only this guy likes to wear green clothing.

HP +3
Str +3
Agi +3
Int +2
Plains, Small
Front Row- Slash (x2) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Ice Field (x2) -cold single target magic attack, ranged
Leadership ability
Recruits- Silver Dragon, Black Dragon, Red Dragon

-The Dragon Master is a the super-trooper leader of your Dragons. They 
aren't phenominal fighters, but look at what they can recruit! They can 
recruit high level 2nd level Dragons, making them ideal for an easy way 
to get that Flare Brass or Platinum Dragon you've been scraping for! 
Even easier, you can recruit a Black Dragon with him at a minimum level 
of 18, and then INSTANTLY turn the Black Dragon to a Tiamat! SCARY! :)

Doll Mage (Fighter- Level 5+, Cha 50+, Ali 30-70)

-A tall "anime style" man, with long, flowing braided blond hair, and 
wearing green robes and carrying a large book. He also has a tiny 
little doll at his feet, which comes to life and runs into people. :)

HP +3
Str +1
Agi +2
Int +3
Plains, Small
Front Row- Puppet (x2) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Acid Cloud (x1) -physical magic attack, hits all enemies
Leadership ability
Recruits- Golem

-The Doll Mage is a sort of "good" mage in a way. I guess they practice 
the art of making inantimate objects real and alive, coupled with the 
study of alchemy and physical magic, rather than the Wizard path of the 
black arts. They are almost absolutely worthless in the front row, so 
put him in the back! Unless of course, you like seeing the ridiculous 
(and humorous) attack of him animating his "anime-style" doll puppet to 
come to life and run into someone, doing a pitiful amount of damage, 
and where most likely it'll probably miss anyway... and the enemy will 
most likely knock the stuffing out of your Doll Mage in the front 
anyway. :) His corrosive acid attack hits an entire unit, the only 
downside is he does it only once, and this can be tough at later 
stages. They are VERY good, however, at taking out small targets like 
Faeries, and they are great at killing Wizards and Magi, who despise 
physical related attacks. Other than that, the Doll Mage ain't that 
good. But... their upgraded class form, the Enchanter, is very useful. 
Doll Magi and Enchanters will also boost the stats of any type of Golem 
they are leading.

Enchanter (Doll Mage- Level 14+, Cha 60+, Ali 50-80)

-Same appearance as a Doll Mage, only wearing gray/red clothing.

HP +3
Str +1
Agi +2
Int +3
Plains, Small
Front Row- Puppet (x2) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Acid Cloud (x2) -phys. magic, hits entire enemy unit
Leadership ability
Recruits- Stone Golem

-The Enchanter is basically a souped-up Doll Mage. Really good with two 
all-hit attacks in the back row this time, and you get to enjoy this 
privledge when the Doll Mage hits level 14. He also recruits Stone 
Golems, which are much better versions of a golem than just the 
standard type. One of my favorite units with these guys is three 
Paladins/Samurai Masters in the front, and two Enchanters in the back. 
Makes for a really effective "good guy" fighting team.

Ninja (Fighter- Level 6+, Ali 0-49)

-A green ninja with a white headband! HAI-YAHH!!! :)

HP +4
Str +3
Agi +3
Int +2
Forest, Small
Front Row- Shuriken (x3) -physical attack. He chucks ninja starz! :)
Back Row- Ninjutsu (x2) -ninja magic, ranged. Comes in three flavors: 
Katon (fireball), Suiton (cold rainstorm), or Ikazuchi (lightning bolt)
Cannot be a leader
Can't recruit

-The Ninja is quite the bad-@$$, and although a "dark" character (well, 
they are assassins), they are one of my favorite units. Their upgraded 
version, the Ninja Master, simply rocks. For such an early point in the 
game, three attacks is pretty nasty. Keep in mind though, that although 
they are really fast and strike three times, their blows usually aren't 
as strong as say a Knight or a Samurai (as Ninjas practice more on 
finesse, speed, and agility, whereas Knights and Samurais hit the areas 
of strength and raw toughness), and they don't fight very well in broad 
daylight. I never expected Shinobi to be that way, either... :) Their 
Ninjutsu magic in the back is quite interesting, gives you some options 
to use if you need magic attacks. Ninjutsu isn't as effective as a 
full-blown dedicated Wizard's attacks are though, but still, it's nice 
to have someone who can cast some limited attack magic, but yet fights 
well in the front row. Ninjas in the front row and Wizards/Magi in the 
back row make for a good "bad guy" unit.

Ninja Master (Ninja- Level 16+, Cha 60+, Ali 0-30)

-Same appearance, only the Masta' wears black attire! HAI-YAHH!! :)

HP +5
Str +3
Agi +4
Int +3
Forest, Small
Front Row- Shurkien (x3) -physical attack with NINJA STARZ!!! :)
Back Row- X-Ninjutsu (x1) -ninja magic, ranged. Same attack types as 
the ninja, but this time it whacks the WHOLE enemy unit.
Leadership ability
Recruits- Ninja

-The Ninja Master just plain RULES. Basicly a tricked-out Ninja with 
leadership qualities. High HP and Agility (FOUR!!!) for each level up, 
they are, in my opinion, the true "evil" Paladin in the game. You gotta 
get the alignment REALLY low to get a Ninja Master, but this guy is 
worth it, and shines best as a mo'-fo' attacker in the middle of the 
night. Being evil is easier than being good in this game (and many 
games) anyway. Just level up a lot and kill characters a few levels 
below you. Or just maul a bunch of Clerics and Angels, and alignment 
goes down the toilet just as fast. Equally good in the front or back 
row (high Intelligence each level, too), the question is, do you want 
three attacks in the front, or do you want him to cast his magic once 
in the back row? The choice is yours, and he works best with other 
Ninjas or "evil" aligned monsters such as Tiamats (ouchies, him in the 
back with two Tiamats? That's scary), Black Dragons, Wyverns, Zombie 
Dragons, and the like.

Wizard (Fighter- Level 4+, Cha 50+, Ali 10-60)

-An old, bearded man in green robes carrying a long, knobbly staff.

HP +2
Str +1
Agi +1
Int +4
Plains, Small
Front Row- Hit (x2) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Magic (x2) -ranged magical attack, strikes one target
Leadership ability 
Recruits- Giant, Hellhound

-The Wizard is your basic bread n' butter magician, casting decent 
attack magic. They can pick from all flavors of magic in the book, 
minus white (holy) magic. Never put them in the front row, their 
attacks at such low strength are utterly worthless, and their low 
strength leaves them susceptible to heavy damage from any form of 
physical striking attack. Wizards are powerful, and their next step up 
is relatively easy to get. The Wizard class is strong in mind, but not 
in body. They move like slugs, so expect them to attack after most of 
your other characters, and if they are physically attacked, they will 
most likely get hit, HARD. Keep them in the back row.

Mage (Wizard- Level 10+, Cha 60+, Ali 10-35)

-Same as Wizard, only wearing tan/brown robes.

HP +2
Str +1
Agi +1
Int +4
Plains, Small
Front Row- Hit (x2) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- X-Magic (x1) -magical attack, hits entire enemy unit
Leadership ablilty
Recruits- Giant, Cerberus, Imp

-The Mage is a good character, casting one all-hit magic spell once per 
battle. It is, however, tricky to get them to turn into Sorcerers, as 
from this point on, special items are needed. These cast powerful all-
hit magic, even if they can only do it once.

Sorcerer (Mage plus item: "Undead Staff")

-Same as the Wizard and Mage, only wearing dark gray/black robes.

HP +3
Str +1
Agi +1
Int +4
Plains, Small
Front Row- Magic (x2) -ranged magic attack, strikes one target
Back Row- X-Magic (x2) -magic attack, hits entire enemy unit
Leadership ability
Recruits- Skeleton, Ghost

-Now you are talkin'! The Sorcerer is a very powerful magician that 
focuses purely on magical attacks. They are very powerful in the back 
row, doing what the Mage can't- attacking TWICE per battle with all-hit 
magic attacks. Upon further pursuing the black arts, the Sorcerer is 
able to conjure up and recruit your basic undead characters, too. You 
think he's strong? Wait and see if you can get ahold of an Undead Ring 
to use on him...

Lich (Sorcerer plus item: "Undead Ring")

-A very frail and pale white-skinned looking man (and I don't mean 
caucasian, I mean BLANCHE WHITE skin, even if you can only see his 
hands and part of his face), appearing to almost look dead. He wears 
all black clothing and wears a shrouded hood over his head, and carries 
a black staff with a skull on it.

HP +2
Str +1
Agi +2
Int +4
Plains, Small
Front Row- Cold Eye (x3) -physical ice attack, strikes one target
Back Row- X-Magic (x3) -magic attack, hits entire enemy unit
Leadership ability
Recruits- Wraith, Phantom

-OUCH! The Lich is HANDS DOWN the NASTIEST magic user in the entire 
game. THREE all-hit magic attacks per battle! Bar white magic, the Lich 
has a wide array of spells to take down virtually any adversary. Pure 
evil at its finest. He alone is almost always more than enough to 
entirely slaughter an enemy unit in one combat! And upon becoming the 
ultimate master of black magic, he himself has started to wither and 
become comsumed by it and can conjure the most powerful of undead 
monsters, the Wraith and the Phantom! If you can get ahold of one of 
these guys, I assure you, you will pee your pants in delight when you 
see what he can and will do to entire enemy units. Protect him well, 
though, as he is intelligent, he will have low hit points, so he does 
not take damage well. Two of the most impervious and nasty "bad guy" 
units in the game is a Lich and two Tiamats (all in the back), or a 
Lich and two Phantoms in the back and two Wraiths in the front. Nasty 
evil power.

(End Fighter group)

2-Amazon Group-

-The Amazon group, contrary to the Fighter group, contains all of the 
female human classes in the game. There aren't as many female classes 
as there are male, but many of them are extremely useful. In this game, 
women tend to be more Agile and Intelligent than men, whereas men tend 
to have more Strength and Hit Points than women.

Amazon (default female human class, available at almost any time)

-A blonde haired woman wearing little clothing, boots, an archer's cap, 
and carrying a bow and arrows. 

HP +4
Str +2
Agi +3
Int +2
Forest, Small
Front Row- Arrow (x1) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Arrow (x2) -physical HTH attack
Cannot be a leader
Can't recruit

-The Amazon is your basic bread n' butter female human class. Contrary 
to Fighters, Amazons are better in the back row than they are in the 
front. Amazons outlive their usefulness around the same time Fighters 
do, as you want to turn the lovely ladies into classes that are more 
useful, such as Valkyries, Witches, Clerics, and the like. On a side 
note, Amazons (and women in general in this game) do not fight as well 
if placed in units that contain male human characters. Their abilities 
will be boosted if placed in an all-female unit.

Cleric (Amazon- Level 4+, Cha 50+, Ali 50+)

-A woman wearing blue "bishop" style church attire, and carrying a 
staff in the shape of a holy cross.

HP +4
Str +2
Agi +1
Int +3
Plains, Small
Front Row- Cross Attack (x2) -physical white magic attack, one target
Back Row- Healing (x2) -heals one ally/can destroy undead units
Leadership ability
Recruits- Amazon

-Clerics are an easy class to get above the Amazon. They can heal your 
allies in the back row, and attack with white magic in the front row. 
An ideal starting all female unit that has decent combat abilities is 
two Clerics in the front and three Amazons in the back. Class changing 
from whatever back into a Cleric or whatnot is very useful to instantly 
destroy undead units and heavily boost the woman's alignment and 
charisma. I noticed that almost all of the really good female classes 
involve very high charisma and alignment.

Shaman (Cleric- Level 10+, Cha 60+, Ali 60+)

-Same attire as a Cleric, only in green clothing.

HP +4
Str +2
Agi +2
Int +4
Plains, Small
Front Row- Cross Attack (x2) -physical white attack
Back Row- Healing (x3) -heals one ally/destroys undead targets
Leadership ability 
Recruits- Cleric, Angel

-Shamans are better healers than Clerics, healing three times. They 
also gain better stats at a level up, and are very useful at killing 
undead units. Their attack abilities are not very good, however.

Monk (Shaman- Level 18+, Cha 60+, Ali 70+)

-Same attire as a Shaman/Cleric, only in brownish-gray clothing.

HP +4
Str +2
Agi +2
Int +4
Plains, Small
Front Row- Cross Attack (x3) -physical white attack
Back Row- X-Healing (x2) -heals ALL allies/destroys undead targets
Leadership ability
Recruits- Knight, Shaman, Cherubim

-While I don't think Clerics and Shamans are that great, Monks, on the 
other hand, are a very different story. They can heal your ENTIRE unit 
TWICE per battle, they recruit good characters (Cherubim! Yowza!) and 
they are actually good fighters in the front row with three attacks. 
Mount up and show those baddies that holy fury is really powerful, yo'! 

Valkyrie (Amazon- Level 5+, Cha 50+, Ali 35+)

-A woman in brass colored armor and wearing a blue cape, and a helmet 
with eagle wings on her head, and carrying a halberd.

HP +4
Str +2
Agi +3
Int +3
Forest, Small
Front Row- Slice (x2) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Lightning (x2) -magical lightning attack on one target
Leadership ability
Recruits- Amazon

-Valkyries are outstanding units, and make up a good bunch of folks to 
back up your Knights. Valkyries, pretty much, are the female class of 
Knight. Not as strong or durable, but they do cast magic, and thus back 
up the Knights and Samurais, etc. in the front line really well. Their 
lightning attacks are very good.

Muse (Valkyrie- Level 15+, Cha 60+, Ali 70+)

-Same appearance as the Valkyrie, only in shiny silver armor, and 
wearing an orange/red cape.

HP +4
Str +3
Agi +3
Int +3
Snow, Small
Front Row- Slice (x2) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Thunder Flare (x2) -magic lightning attack on all enemies
Leadership ablility
Recruits- Valkyrie

-Muses are essentially the female Paladin. They aren't very good in the 
front row, but they are phenominally powerful in the back row, where 
their all-hit lightning storms can make short work of an enemy. Very 
good character, I like to get a good number of them, they work very 
well with Paladins and Samurai Masters.

Witch (Amazon- Level 5+, Cha 50+, Ali 0-65)

-A pretty red-haired woman wearing black clothing, a witch's hat, and 
carrying a rod with a crystal ball atop it.

HP +3
Str +1
Agi +2
Int +4
Plains, Small
Front Row- Crystal Rod (x2) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Stun Cloud (x2) -paralyze effect magic on all enemies
Leadership ability
Recruits- Amazon, Pumpkinhead**

**There is an item you can get in the game called the "Glass Pumpkin", 
which will enable Witches in your army to recruit Pumpkinheads. You can 
only get this item if you forgive Deneb and do a little quest for her.

-Personally, I don't use Witches in my army. They do horrible damage in 
the front row, and they only stun enemies in the back row. It's useful 
if you want to prevent getting hit by enemy attacks (it's nice when you 
paralyze that enemy Sorcerer, Muse, or Paladin, for instance) but each 
enemy character has a chance of waking up when hit by attacks from your 
allies. Witches are a mixed bag, but I use Muses and Valkyries instead, 
they actually hurt people. :) For some reason, though, I dunno why, but 
the Empire seems to use Witches a helluva lot better than I ever could. 

Princess (Amazon plus item: "Dream Crown") 

-A very beautiful "anime-style" woman in a long, flowing full-body 
white dress, a long veil atop her head, and a carrying a white pearl 
staff in her hand.

HP +2
Str +1
Agi +2
Int +4
Plains, Small
Front Row- Stardust Rod (x2) -physical white attack
Back Row- Starlight (x1) -white magic attack, hits entire enemy unit
Leadership ability**
Recruits- Angel, Faerie

**A Princess as a unit leader will give a +1 bonus to ALL of the 
attacks of ALL of your allies in her ENTIRE unit that she is leading, 
INCLUDING herself! This means she can use Starlight twice in the back, 
a Paladin under her command would strike FOUR times in the front row, 
and not three, and a Muse with her leadership would do her Thunder 
Flare in the back row THREE times, and not twice! It's like having a 
permanent "Emperor" tarot card on your unit the whole time before 
battle! Shiaza! Yowza! Awesome! :)

-The Princess is a phenominal piece of work. MAKE SURE SHE IS THE UNIT 
LEADER. Not only does she possess the MOST POWERFUL white magic attack 
in the entire game (evildoers beware!), but all of her companions will 
get a +1 attack bonus for being under her royal command. In my opinion, 
the Princess is by far the best character class in the game, out-doing 
even the mighty but frail Lich, on account of her awesome leadership 
bonus. Unfortunately for you, a Dream Crown is VERY hard to run across. 
But should you get one, turn one of your nastiest female characters 
(like maybe Rauny, Aisha, or whatnot!) into a Princess, and have a 
royal ball! (No pun intended)

(End Amazon group)  

3-Lycanthrope Group-

-The Lycanthrope group consists of men who are half human, half 
monster. Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde in a sense. They are human during the 
day and are their monster during the night. They are, in general, very 
weak during the day, and strong in the night.

Lycanthrope (Werewolf or Tiger Man's form during the daytime)

-Looks like a Fighter in appearance, only more tannish clothing and 
duller silver armor.

HP +6
Str +3 or +4 (+3 if Werewolf, +4 if a Tiger Man)
Agi +3
Int +1
Plains, Small
Front Row- Sword (x1) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Sword (x1) -physical HTH attack
Cannot be a leader
Can't recruit

-Their human form is utterly worthless during the daytime, as they are 
"weak", and can only attack once. Wait until nightfall to see them 
become their nasty "Mr. Hyde" alter-ego... :)

Werewolf (Fighter plus "Werewolf Virus")

-An upright standing on hind legs, very shaggy gray-haired dog with big 
white fangs, carrying a buckler shield and a mace, and wearing a small 
little baseball cap on his head. :) 

HP +6
Str +3
Agi +3
Int +1
Mountains, Small
Front Row- Club (x3) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Club (x3) -physical HTH attack
Cannot be a leader
Can't recruit

-Werewolves, are, well... strange. Their attack just looks funny, 
consisting of repeated bashings with their club and bites with their 
fangs. :) They are, however, very powerful physical "bruiser" type 
melee fighters, and can go toe-to-toe (or fang-to-teeth if you like) 
with Paladins and Samurai Masters. He's equally good in the front or 
back, so toss him anywhere. They get a lot of health per level up, but 
take in mind that they are stupid- ie, HE'S REALLY DUMB. So Rover 
doesn't like being hit by magic too much. :) An ideal leader is a 
Vampire, so there you go, you have a pure "night-owl" unit that is 
really nasty after the sun goes down. But don't fight while the sun's 
up, though, or you will get your butt kicked. :) You can get the 
"Werewolf Virus" by letting the boss Sirius (in Lake Jansennia), in 
Werewolf form, kill one of your Fighters, and the next time you revive 
him, your Fighter will be infected and he'll become a 
Lycanthrope/Werewolf. Rinse and repeat with another Fighter if you 
like. Or, better yet, just do it the easy way- just get a Vampire and 
recruit as many as you want! :)

Tiger Man (item: "Full Moon Stone")

-Ironically, same appearance as the Werewolf, just only with orange and 
white fur. Although with only a color change, they do look cat-like.

HP +6
Str +4
Agi +3
Int +1
Forest, Small
Front Row- Club (x2) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Club (x2) -physical HTH attack
Cannot be a leader
Can't recruit

-The Tiger Man may attack one less time than a Werewolf, but his stats 
are really beefed compared to the canine counterpart, and his magical 
resistance is a helluva lot better than a Werewolf's. Basically the 
Tiger Man is a Werewolf on steroids. You can only get them in two ways: 
the first, by using a "Full Moon Stone" on one of your own units in the 
middle of the night to hopefully conjure up a Tiger Man into a neutral 
encounter battle with your unit, and then attempt to persuade it to 
join you. The other, and easier way, is to use Persuasion Spells on 
Imperial units with them in the Antanjyl stage. Either way, the Tiger 
Man is probably one of the rarest characters to run across. But still, 
this pissed-off kitty-cat is one nasty fighter. Goes to show I guess 
that "the might of the dogs is nothing compared to the might of the 
cats". Meow meow, scritch scratch, I big bad bobcat, so fear me. :)

(End Lycanthrope group)

4-Faerie Group-

-Faeries are very cute little girls and women that are around three 
feet tall (and very small) and flutter around with their butterfly 
wings enchanting things, living with nature, and playing funny tricks 
on people. They are VERY fragile characters (one solid dent from a 
Giant's club could easily send a 79 HP Faerie six feet under), but 
their abilities can help you. Male faerie characters of course exist, 
but note that all Faerie characters in this game are female. 
Personally, I wouldn't want to run into a near butt-naked male faerie. 
But that's just my take on it. I don't know about other people out 
there... :)

Faerie (basic starting class)

-A very cute little red-haired woman wearing almost NO clothing at all, 
and flies around with cute little butterfly wings.

HP +3
Str +2
Agi +4
Int +4
Low Sky, Small
Front Row- Slap (x2) -white magic HTH attack
Back Row- Kiss (x1) -raises attack/defense power of the person/monster 
ally that she kisses
Cannot be a leader 
Can't recruit

-Faeries, although cute, in my opinion, are totally worthless. They are 
extremely fast and very hard to hit (not to mention really intelligent 
little things), but they just have horrible endurance (really LOW HP!) 
and their attacks are pretty sad. Just watch that enemy Giant connect  
a club shot with your Faerie and you'll see her in a big world o' hurt. 
The only reason I've ever taken one with me/recruited one is to later 
turn it into a Sylph... and even then, I usually forget that anyway and 
just use a Persuasion Spell on an Imperial units that has Sylphs in it. 
It's easier. :)

Pixie (Faerie- Level 10+, Ali 30-70)

-Same appearance of the Faerie, only purple/redish in hair color.

HP +3
Str +2
Agi +5
Int +4
Low Sky, Small
Front Row- Slap (x2) -same as the Faerie's
Back Row- Kiss (x2) -same as the Faerie's
Cannot be a leader
Can't recruit

-Same deal as the Faerie, not that great. Really cute tiny women, but 
not great. They kiss twice, but, I haven't seen phenominal results with 
them. They're good at pimp-slapping undead into oblivion, though... :)

Sylph (Pixie- Level 20+, Ali 40-80)

-Same look as the Faerie/Pixie, only with blue anime-style hair.

HP +4
Str +3
Agi +5
Int +4
Low Sky, Small
Front Row- Slap (x2) -same as the Pixie's/Faerie's 
Back Row- Magic Missile (x1) -all-hit white magic attack on enemy unit
Cannot be a leader
Can't recruit

-Sylphs are actually really awesome. Especially with a Princess or 
something (OUCHIES, all that white magic!!) Their Magic Missile attack 
looks really cool (magical white fireballs whacking enemies) and they 
are really fast and intelligent. If you put them in the back row, they 
will serve you well. BLUE tinted hair? You got me... sometimes I wonder 
what dirty little things those animators are thinking. They just HAD to 
make the Faerie class little tiny women wearing basically nothing. :)

(End Faerie group)

5-Dragon Group-

-Dragons are, well... your big nasty-@$$ monsters that you grew up 
fearing as a little kid (except for Puff, he was a good dragon), and 
feared equally if you ever played Dungeons and Dragons, Heroes of Might 
and Magic 3, or any other type of RPG/fantasy medieval military 
strategy game. Dragons are insanely tough and the high level class 
types can cast magic spells that not only can toast entire units, but 
can equal or best those cast by Magi and Muses. Dragons can follow 
three paths- the Lawful path (Silver), the Neutral path (Red), or the 
Chaotic path (Black). Each path of dragon type has specific attacks and 
perks that are unique only to its class, and REMEMBER- once you send a 
dragon down a specific path, he CANNOT GO BACK, so keep that in mind. 
Dragons types are good front-runners that can absorb an insane amount 
of damage, while keeping weaker members in the back row safe.

Dragon (your basic starting class of the group)

-A green skinned (scaled?) dragon with wings, hunched over in a combat 
position, with one mean looking stare and a fearsome array of fangs.

HP +8
Str +4
Agi +2
Int +1
Plains, Large
Front Row- Bite (x2) -dragon bites with his fangs, physical attack
Back Row- Fire Breath (x2) -dragon breathes a fireball attack at the 
enemy. This is NOT considered a magical attack.
Cannot be a leader
Can't recruit

-Green Dragons are your basic starting class of Dragon. I would 
recommend that you change classes with them ASAP, as Green Dragons do 
not gain much intelligence each level.

Red Dragon (Dragon- Level 7+, Ali 35-65)

-Same appearance as the Dragon, only red-skinned.

HP +9
Str +4
Agi +2
Int +2
Mountains, Large
Front Row- Bite (x2) -dragon nibbles on the enemy with his fangs
Back Row- Fire Breath (x2) -dragon breathes a mighty fireball at one 
enemy target. This is based on its intelligence, but is NOT magical.
Can't be a leader
Can't recruit

-The Neutral class of Dragon (Red type) is by far the hardest to stay 
in, because their alignment properties are in the middle, and thus are 
tricky to maintain. However, the high level Flare Brass is REALLY worth 
it! Red Dragons are pretty much just better Green Dragons.

Salamander (Red Dragon- Level 16+, Ali 35-65)

-A tall and fearsome looking bigger version of a Red Dragon, with huge 
wings, and standing up on his hind legs.

HP +10
Str +4
Agi +3
Int +3
Mountains, Large
Front Row- Bite (x2) -nibble, nibble, munch, munch!
Back Row- Fire Breath (x2) -dragon blows out a big fireball
Cannot be a leader
Can't recruit

-Essentially, the Salamander is identical to a Red Dragon in attacks, 
it just gets better stats per level up. Keep going for that Flare 

Flare Brass (mistakingly labeled "Fire Breath" on the class area) 
            (Salamander- Level 23+, Ali 35-65)

-Same appearance as a Salamander, only with orange/brass colored skin, 
instead of red skin. 

HP +11
Str +5
Agi +3
Int +4
Mountains, Large
Front Row- Fire Breath (x2) -blows a fireball at the enemy
Back Row- Super Nova (x2) -Flare Brass breathes out a very large 
fireball making a massive explosion on all enemy characters. This is a 
fire elemental attack and DOES count as a magic attack.
Cannot be a leader
Can't recruit

-The Flare Brass (or Brass Dragon if you are so really inclined) is by 
far the ultimate neutral aligned dragon. The Super Nova attack just 
looks plain awesome, and the Flare Brass is so tough that when you get 
him he will easily have over 350 health and can absorb any and all 
forms of damage without dying. They are tricky to get, but they are 
worth it, by FAR. They excel either in the front or the back, belching 
fireballs or novas wherever they want at any or all targets.
Black Dragon (Dragon- Level 7+, Ali 0-35)

-Same appearance as a Dragon, only with black skin.

HP +9
Str +4
Agi +2
Int +2
Plains, Large
Front Row- Bite (x2) -crunch and crunch the enemy target with a bite.
Back Row- Acid Breath (x2) -dragon vomits corrosive acid on its target. 
This is a physical elemental attack, but is NOT magical.
Cannot be a leader
Can't recruit

-Black Dragons are the easiest class of dragon to follow. Just toss 
them at the enemy and kill a bunch of stuff with them repeatedly and 
watch those levels go up and that alignment go down. I like Black 
Dragons, they're cool.

Tiamat (Black Dragon- Level 15+, Ali 0-35)

-Fearsome black-scaled dragon with spikes all over it, standing up on 
its hind legs, and rearing its arms down on its enemy, while glaring at 
it with evil eyes.

HP +10
Str +4
Agi +3
Int +3
Plains, Large
Front Row- Acid Breath (x2) -same as the Black Dragon
Back Row- Evil Ring (x2) -Tiamat conjures up an evil spell, causing a 
fiery inverted pentagram to appear below the enemy unit, and strike 
them with evil spiritual energy. This hits the entire enemy unit, and 
counts as a black magic attack.
Cannot be a leader
Can't recruit

-Tiamats are FEARSOME opponents, and are the evil version of a Platinum 
Dragon and Flare Brass. They are VERY easy to get (and only level 15 
needed!) and are quite powerful. The only downside is that they are 
nowhere near as powerful as the Platinum Dragon or the Flare Brass. 
Being evil does have its price. You get stronger quicker, but in the 
long run the good and neutral guys will become much better. Liches and 
Tiamats are good combos, and Fogel (the cursed Dragoon) works really 
well with these guys, too.

Zombie Dragon (Tiamat plus item: "Undead Ring")

-Same appearance as the Tiamat, only with pale green and pink colored 
skin, appears to be rotting. It looks like Mr. Zombie Dragon might have 
received a heavy dose of radiation somewhere. :)

HP +11
Str +5
Agi +4
Int +3
Swamp, Large
Front Row- Acid Breath (x2) -identical to Tiamat/Black Dragon
Back Row- Toxic Breath (x2) -belches noxious gas all over the targeted 
character, counting as a black non-magic attack. This thing may only 
hit one person, but it really HURTS the target.
Cannot be a leader
Can't recruit

-You probably won't want to toast an Undead Ring on a Tiamat (as the 
Tiamat then loses it's "all-hit" ability) but Persuasion Spelling a 
couple in Imperial units is not a bad idea. The Zombie Dragon by far is 
the TOUGHEST monster in the entire game, and rely on awesome neat 
attacks- they burp and puke on people. :) They have practically a 
million hit points, and their magic resistance is through the roof, 
faltering only agaisnt white magic (and only a few units use that type, 
so don't worry). I had a Zombie Dragon once with practically over 400 
health or something like that, and he was so strong that most physical 
attacks against him did like only 5-10 damage. :) The Toxic Breath is 
really powerful, but this guy shines in the front row as just a 
gigantic sponge, soaking up a lot of damage without suffering much pain 
in return (and vomiting on his adversaries while going to it!) And 
believe it or not... with him being a "Swamp" dweller, your unit with 
him will actually move quite quickly over shallow seas and rivers! I 
guess Zombie Dragons like water. They are fun to have, but annoying to 
fight against. Watch out for the ones in the back, you don't want one 
to burp on you, causing massive damage. Ewww, stinky, burp-gas doesn't 
smell nice with this one. :)

Silver Dragon (Dragon- Level 7+, Ali 65+)

-Hunched over in appearance like the regular dragon, only he has 
silverish/bluish scaly skin.

HP +9
Str +4
Agi +2
Int +2
Snow, Large
Front Row- Bite (x2) -takes a bite outta the enemy, but not crime :)
Back Row- Ice Breath (x2) -breathes out ice crystals at the enemy 
target, freezing them solid. This counts as a cold attack, and although 
based on intelligence, it is NOT magical.
Cannot be a leader
Can't recruit

-Silver Dragons are the first class on the road to getting a "good 
dragon". They are snow type, and such don't travel well on most types 
of terrain, but they are good to have, especially when you build them 
up into Gold and eventually Platinum Dragons.

Gold Dragon (Silver Dragon- Level 17+, Ali 65+)

-Regal in appearance, large, mighty, and squating on his hind legs. He 
has a silver underbody and flesh, but his thick scales and scale plates 
are colored gold.

HP +10
Str +4
Agi +3
Int +3
Snow, Large
Front Row- Bite (x2) -chomps on a single enemy target
Back Row- Ice Breath (x2) -same as the Silver Dragon
Cannot be a leader
Can't recruit

-Gold Dragons, like the Salamander, are just a more powerful version of 
the lesser type of class they are in. The Gold Dragon is a resourceful 
opponent and takes combat well. I tend to see them performing better 
than the red and black counterparts.

Platinum Dragon (Gold Dragon- Level 24+, Ali 65+)

-Same appearance as the Gold Dragon, only his entire body is a 
shimmering blue and silver mix.

HP +11
Str +5
Agi +3
Int +4
Snow, Large
Front Row- Ice Breath (x2) -just like the Gold and Silver forms
Back Row- Ice Cloud (x2) -breathes out an ice storm that freezes the 
water and bodily fluids inside all of the enemies' bodies. This counts 
as a cold attack, hits the whole enemy unit, and is magical.
Can't be a leader
Can't recruit

-The Platinum Dragon is, pretty much, the mightiest of all the dragons 
in the game. You will really enjoy it if you work hard enough to get 
one. Fenril works well with the Silver (good) variety of dragons, so I 
paired two Gold Dragons up with her, and they eventually became really 
nasty Platinum Dragons. Enjoy its Ice Cloud attack, it is probably the 
most powerful cold attack in the game.

(End Dragon group)

6-Giant Group-

-Giants are fearsome creatures and are essentially extremely huge 
homonids/homo-sapiens. Probably around 12 feet tall and weighing close 
to 1000 pounds or so. They wield massive clubs and wear the hides of 
animals for armor. They are in general very big and strong. Also 
remember that Giants are like dragons- they can't go back from a path 
they already start down (not like it matters, once they "class up", 
it's the highest of the class of Giant they can get to.)

Giant (default member of this character class)

-A big brute of a giant wearing a brown bear fur over his face and body 
for armor, and carrying a massive club with wooden spikes through it.

HP +7
Str +3
Agi +2
Int +2
Plains, Large
Front Row- Club (x3) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Club (x2) -physical HTH attack
Cannot be a leader
Can't recruit

-Giants are essentially large bruiser versions of Knights and other 
human characters. Giants are strong and can soak up damage fairly well. 
I, however, don't have much of a use for them in my army, I get by on 
the ones I get for "free" by recruiting Norn, and she doesn't drag 
along Giants, she drags along two TITANS, by far the best Giant class.

Fire Giant (Giant- Level 8+, Ali 0-40)

-Looks just like a Giant, only is reddish in color.

HP +8
Str +4
Agi +3
Int +2
Mountains, Large
Front Row- Club (x3) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Fire Bolt (x2) -HTH attack with fire element thrown in.
Cannot be a leader 
Can't recruit

-The Fire Giant, essentially, is your "evil" Giant. I've only seldomly 
used one, and they aren't that useful. Fire Bolt isn't that phenominal 
of an attack, all it is is just a physical hand to hand attack with 
fire elements behind it. Not that good.

Ice Giant (Giant- Level 10+, Ali 50-80)

-Looks like a Giant, only blue in color.

HP +8
Str +4
Agi +3
Int +3
Snow, Large
Front Row- Club (x3) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Ice Bolt (x2) -HTH attack with ice element thrown in.
Cannot be a leader
Can't recruit

-The Ice Giant, respectively, is your "good" Giant. I don't put too 
much into these guys as well, they're not that good, either. They are, 
however, better than Fire Giants as you see Mr. Ice Giant, for being a 
good guy, get's an extra +1 Intelligence per level up. :)

Titan (Giant- Level 15+, Ali 70+)

-Same appearance as a Giant, only orange and yellow in color.

HP +8
Str +4
Agi +3
Int +3
Plains, Large
Front Row- Club (x3) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Wind Shot (x2) -the Titan creates a gale-force wind that 
slices up the flesh of enemies. It is a magical spell, physical 
elemental, and strikes the entire enemy unit.
Cannot be a leader
Can't recruit

-Titans are GOOD. REALLY GOOD. By far the KING of the Giants. Look at 
the mess of damage they can make in the back row! Believe it or not, 
Titans are actually quite darn intelligent, and their magic attacks are 
quite powerful. I consider Titans are REALLY good creature in this 
game, an even bigger incentive to get Norn- as she comes with two of 
them! Titans are awesome, you should definitely get a couple in your 

(End Giant group)

7-Canine Group

The doggies of Ogre Battle. There are only two classes in the whole 
game, but they are interesting creatures, even if they are two-headed 
dogs. Usually that means double the food rations at the table for them, 
unfortunately. :) As like Giants and Dragons, the doggies can't change 
class once they level up.

Hellhound (default doggy character class)

-A massive blue and pink haired two-headed nasty dog. Easy, Rover. :)

HP +6
Str +3
Agi +3
Int +3
Mountains, Large
Front Row- Smash (x3) -physical HTH attack, doggy bites the enemy. :)
Back Row- Fire Breath (x2) -identical to a Dragon's attack. Doggy 
belches fire. Shouldn't have fed him that Mexican food last night... :)
Cannot be a leader
Can't recruit

-I like the doggy class. I don't know why, but they are really useful 
early on in the game. Warren drags two along with him, and they're easy 
to get almost anywhere (frequent in early random neutral encounters, 
too.) They are quite competent hand to hand attackers, and are quite 
fast and intelligent. They shine best in the front row. They work well 
with Wizards and Magi. Ideal for another "dark" unit.

Cerberus (Hellhound- Level 13+, Ali 0-60)

-Looks just like a Hellhound, only black in color.

HP +7
Str +4
Agi +4
Int +4
Mountains, Large
Front Row- Smash (x3)
Back Row- Mesmerize (x2)/Fire Breath (x2) -Mesmerize is exactly like 
the Witch's stun cloud attack, except this only hits one person. The 
Cerberus can also belch fire, too, and they tend to do this after 
mesmerizing their target. They only attack twice in the back row, and 
they randomly decide what to use. Sometimes one and one, or two of the 
same type, etc.
Cannot be a leader
Can't recruit

-The Cerberus is a mixed-bag. Obviously a lot better than the 
Hellhound, putting him in the back seems like a bad idea. Leave him in 
the front to do his bashings and bites. They get very good stats each 
level up. They will eventually become really fast, strong, AND smart.

(End Canine group)

8-Birdpeople Group

-Birdmen are essentially a sort of "mutant" species of human people who 
have large bird wings growing from their backs. They are capable of 
flight, and attack with swooping strikes with their clubs. Female 
birdpeople do exist, but keep in mind that all birdpeople characters in 
this game are male. Birdmen in general are very agile. Birdmen cannot 
interchange between class, they are just like Dragons and Giants.

Hawkman (default character class)

-A birdperson with white wings and and blue/red feathers/hair.

HP +5
Str +2
Agi +3
Int +1
Low Sky, Small
Front Row- Club (x2) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Club (x1) -physical HTH attack
Can't be a leader
Can't recruit

-The Hawkman is something I would consider better than a Fighter, at 
the least. He also flies, but you need to turn them into Eaglemen or 
better to be effective. They are almost absolutely worthless in the 
back row. One attack doesn't cut it, especially one hand to hand 

Eagleman (Hawkman- Level 10+, Cha 50+, Ali 45+)

-Same appearance as a Hawkman, only with white/brownish colors.

HP +6
Str +2
Agi +4
Int +2
Low Sky, Small
Front Row- Club (x2) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Thunder Arrow (x1) -electrical magic attack, ranged. Strikes 
one target.
Leadership ability
Recruits- Hawkman, Griffon

-The Eagleman is my preferred bird of choice in the group, but I only 
go for one group of five of them (being lead by Canopus.) They are nice 
to have, and they're really fast! Their back row attack is quite cool. 
Works wonders on water enemies and those that wear a lot of armor!

Ravenman (Eagleman- Level 12+, Cha 50+, Ali 0-55)

-Same appearance as a Hawkman, only with black wings and coloring.

HP +6
Str +2
Agi +4
Int +2
Low Sky, Small
Front Row- Club (x2) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Firestorm (x1) -magical fire attack, ranged. Strikes one 
Leadership ability
Recruits- Hawkman, Griffon

-I've rarely used Ravenmen, but that doesn't mean they're worse than 
Eaglemen. In fact, they're pretty much exactly the same, only Raven's 
evil, and Eagle's good. I just use Eaglemen because I like being a good 
guy, pretty much. Ironically, you have to have him be an Eagleman 
first, before he turns Raven. STRANGE...

(End Birdpeople group)

9-Demon Group

-Demons, Imps, and Devils are those who are the combative forces of 
darkness in Ogre Battle. They are the evil minions of the Underworld, 
but for some reason, some may wish to stop the Empire. I dunno why, 
maybe they wanna redeem themselves. :)

Imp (mistakingly labeled as "Devil" on the status screen) (default 
character class of the Demon group)

-A little devilish dude with dark green skin, carrying a scythe.

HP +5
Str +2
Agi +2
Int +3
Low Sky, Small
Front Row- Scythe (x2) -HTH attack, laced with black magic
Back Row- Nightmare (x1) -one target black magic attack, ranged
Leadership ability
Recruits- Wizard

-Your basic little demon, he comes to the planet in search of 
assimilating the weak willed. His attacks aren't very good, but keep 
him around, as when he turns into a Devil, whoa, they're nasty.

Demon (Imp- Level 10+, Cha 50+, Ali 0-30)

-Same appearance as the Imp, only red skinned.

HP +6
Str +3
Agi +3
Int +3
Low Sky, Small
Front Row- Scythe (x2) -HTH attack w/black power
Back Row- Nightmare (x2) -one target black magic attack, ranged
Leadership ability
Recruits- Imp, Wizard

-A nastier form of demon, the Demon (oxymoron, whoa...) is a better 
fighter than the Imp, and not only makes an ideal leader for an undead 
unit, they also have good black magic attacks. Send these guys to kill 
weak and holy targets. Keep the Charisma decently high, but they don't 
give a damn (no pun intended, hee hee!) about alignment. 

Devil (Demon- Level 20+, Cha 50+, Ali 0-25)

-Same appearance as the Imp and Demon, only dark brown skinned.

HP +6
Str +3
Agi +3
Int +4
Low Sky, Small
Front Row- Scythe (x2) -HTH attack w/black magic power
Back Row- Meteor (x1) -drops gigantic black meteor on whole enemy unit
Leadership ability
Recruits- Demon, Mage

-Pure evil in its true incarnation, Devils possess the nastiest black 
magic attack in the entire game. Dropping a gigantic meteor on the 
entire enemy unit is sure to cause a whole lot of pain, and assuredly 
also kill any dinosaurs nearby. :) Throw this guy in the back row and 
watch the ensuing carnage. Putting an Imp/Demon's alignment into the 
toilet to get this guy is also a lot of fun. :)

10-Angel Group

-Angels are the direct opposite of the Devils and Demon group. These 
are people who work for the good gods and the heavens. Though there are 
of course male angels, all angel characters in this game are female.

Angel (default character class)

-A white robed and white winged woman with a halo on her head.

HP +4
Str +2
Agi +2
Int +3
Low Sky, Small
Front Row- Halo (x1) -HTH attack with white magic power
Back Row- Banish (x1) -one target white magic attack, ranged
Leadership ability
Recruits- Faerie

-As much as I don't like to say it, well, Angels SUCK. The "Good" side 
posesses the worst fighter in the game. Yes, they do, Angels are 
horrible fighters in this game. You put an Angel against an Imp and the 
Imp will open up a Stone Cold can of whoop-@$$ all over the poor little 
Angel. Low stats per level and only ONE attack front or back. NEVER use 
Angels. Wait until you get Yushis and she'll drag along herself and 
Cherubims, who are good and respectable fighters. Only use them if you 
like challenges. But you do have to start somewhere. Angels may suck, 
but Seraphims are dynamite. You can't always get a Princess when you 
need one, right? So, get a character who has the next best white magic 
attack in the game- the Seraphim.

Cherubim (Angel- Level 11+, Cha 55+, Ali 60+)

-Same look as the Angel, only with purple-looking robes and wings.

HP +4
Str +2
Agi +2
Int +4
Low Sky, Small
Front Row- Halo (x2) -HTH attack w/white power
Back Row- Banish (x2) -one target white magic attack, ranged
Leadership ability
Recruits- Angel, Faerie

-The Cherubim is a phenominal improvement over the Angel, because, 
well, the Angel is just plain BAD. :) Twice the attack power, and not 
only cute and good looking, they're also decent fighters.

Seraphim (Cherubim- Level 22+, Cha 60+, Ali 80+)

-Same look as the Cherubim and Angel, only with gold-red robes.

HP +4
Str +2
Agi +3
Int +4
Low Sky, Small
Front Row- Halo (x2) -HTH attack w/white power
Back Row- Jihad (x1) -white magical spell, strikes all enemies
Leadership ability
Recruits- Cherubim, Faerie

-OMG, ninjas out of ten! Holy smiting at its finest. The Seraphim takes 
along a pack of dynamite with her, in the form of the jihad! It's the 
jihad power ten! Jihad is a very good attack, and it also looks awesome 
(though I thought it was an electrical attack the first time I saw it!)

11-Golem Group

-Golems are creatures that are former inantimate objects that have been 
brought to life through magical animation. They are usually made out of 
some suitable hard material and are carved in the shape of humans. They 
are usually extremely strong but lack hit points and magic resistance.


-A creature appearing to be made out of stone, wearing a helmet and 
dragging a ball and chain on his foot.

HP +2
Str +4
Agi +1
Int +2
Plains, Large
Front Row- Punch (x3) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Punch (x2) -physical HTH attack
Can't be a leader
Can't recruit

-I think Golems are practically useless. The only good Golem in the 
class is the Iron Golem, and they're hard to get. Golems are flawed 
against fire and white magic, and take PAIN from them when hit. Their 
low hit points mean they can be easily killed in only a few strikes, 
and match them up against a STRONGER opponent like a Dragon or a Giant, 
and they'll die quickly. I think Golems suck because they also can't 
"class up". They are permanently stuck in their class they start in. 
They also move like slugs, and frequently miss what they attack. His 
fat @$$ also takes up two slots in your unit, and you don't see the 
Empire using them often, so why should you? :)

Stone Golem

-Same appearance as a Golem, only black colored.

HP +2
Str +4
Agi +1
Int +2
Mountains, Large
Front Row- Stone Fist (x3) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Stone Fist (x2) -physical HTH attack
Can't be a leader
Can't recruit

-Well, a Stone Golem sucks donkey balls. Figuratively, you schmuck! 
Golly... :) Anyway, they're at least somewhat better than a regular 
Golem. They still move like slugs and have such low HP they aren't 
worth the trouble. I tossed the ones Saradin brought with him in the 
trash can, and got something better. Turned him into a Lich and bought 
Wraiths and Phantoms. :)

Iron Golem

-Same appearance as a Golem, only dark silver/blackish iron in color.

HP +2
Str +4
Agi +2
Int +2
Plains, Large
Front Row- Iron Fist (x3) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Iron Fist (x2) -physical HTH attack
Can't be a leader
Can't recruit

-The Iron Golem ain't half bad. His attacks hurt a lot and he has 
INSANE magic resistance, except he falters against fire (and even 
there, it still fares better against fire than Ice Giants and the 
regular Golem!) and gains decent agility per level up for him. The one 
that Yushis drags along is definitely worth keeping (and that's the 
only one I use). If you get a Trade Ticket, try blowing some Speed (the 
potion, NOT the drug, silly!) and Vitality Potions on him to make him 
quite the formidable opponent. My Iron Golem had an Agility of 130 and 
240 HP once. :)

(End Golem group)

12-Mermaid Group

-Mermaids are just what you know, half person on the upper half and 
half fish on the lower half. Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" that you 
probably saw as a kid, basically. There are of course male mermaids, 
but all mermaids in this game are female.

Mermaid (default character class)
-A mermaid woman with a purple lower body half.

HP +5
Str +2
Agi +2
Int +3
Sea, Small
Front Row- Trident (x2) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Blizzard (x1) -one target, ranged magical cold attack
Leadership ability
Recruits- Mermaid, Octopus

-Mermaids aren't that good, but keeping them around until they turn 
into Nixies is a good idea. They cast decent water magic, and make for 
a good sea unit in maps that have lots of water.

Nixie (Mermaid- Level 11+, Cha 50+, Ali 50+)

-Same appearance as a Mermaid, but with a yellow/orange lower body.

HP +5
Str +3
Agi +3
Int +4
Sea, Small
Front Row- Trident (x2) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Ice Storm (x1) -strikes enemy unit with magical cold attack
Leadership ability
Recruits- Mermaid, Octopus

-Nixies are quite good characters, and I like using the two Mermaids 
that Aisha drags along with her. Their Ice Storm attack is quite 
powerful, even though they only do it once. They get very good HP, 
Intelligence, and Agility per level up, too.

(End Mermaid group)

13-Wyrm Group

-Wyrms and Wyverns are reptilian creatures that are built like dragons 
but are smaller. Unlike the Dragons in this game, Wyrms and Wyverns 
have the ability to fly.

Wyrm (default character class)

-A green flying lizard with fangs and a really nasty spiked tail.

HP +8
Str +4
Agi +3
Int +1
High Sky, Large
Front Row- Tail (x2) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Tail (x2) -physical HTH attack
Can't be a leader
Can't recruit

-I like Wyrms and Wyverns. They are extremely fast and strong 
creatures. In the hand-to-hand aspect, they are better than dragons. 
They class up into Wyverns very quickly and have a lot of health. And 
the big kicker is they FLY. Mobility ain't an issue with these guys. 
They're dumb and stupid, but who needs to be smart when you can just 
have a bunch of HP to soak up the damage? :)

Wyvern (Wyrm- Level 13+, Ali 0-55)

-Same appearance as the Wyrm, only dark brown in color.

HP +9
Str +4
Agi +3
Int +1
High Sky, Large
Front Row- Tail (x2) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Fire Breath (x2) -identical to a Dragon's attack
Can't be a leader
Can't recruit

-The Wyvern is the badder-@$$er version of the Wyrm, and he gets more 
HP per level. Back row is interesting, he can Fire Breath, but his 
intelligence is likely to be very low, so keeping him in the front is 
usually the best idea. They may only attack twice per combat, but with 
all that strength they'll have, each hit will hurt a LOT.

(End Wyrm group)

14-Undead Group

-The living dead have returned to the earth, to wreak havoc, angry 
because their eternal rest has been disturbed. Undead creatures in this 
game are very interesting and different from many other RPGs (I like 
this game's style), and they are also powerful.

***NOTE- Undead creatures have no HP (they're DEAD! Dead stuff doesn't 
have HP!) and are COMPLETELY invulnerable to any and all forms of 
attack EXCEPT white magic, which will destroy them INSTANTLY.


-A rotting gray skeleton warrior with decaying rags for clothing, 
carring a broken shield and a jagged sword.

Str +3
Agi +2
Int +1
Plains, Small
Front Row- Sword (x2) -physical HTH attack w/black power thrown in
Back Row- Sword (x1) -same as above
Can't be a leader
Can't recruit

-I don't like Skeletons in this game because I'm the patient type and 
go for Wraiths that appear later in the game. The Wraith is by FAR 
better than a Skeleton. Trust me. The thing that sucks about undead is 
they can't class-up, so they are stuck in the class they start in. 
Skeletons and Wraiths are also extremely STUPID creatures, so expect 
them to not dodge a white magic attack directed at them.


-Same appearance as a Skeleton, only brownish-yellow in color- looks 
like he's been in the soil too long :)

Str +4
Agi +2
Int +1
Plains, Small
Front Row- Sword (x3) -physical HTH attack w/black elements
Back Row- Sword (x1) -physical HTH attack w/black
Can't be a leader
Can't recruit

-Wraiths are AWESOME, and are pretty much the dead Paladin and Samurai 
Master. They attack three times in the front row, and are extremely 
strong individuals. They're as dumb as rocks, but they still pack a 
very powerful punch. I like to have two Wraiths in the front and two 
Phantoms and a Lich in the back for a SUPER evil unit.


-A phantasmal creature, pretty much your average halloween ghost- looks 
like a floating white bedsheet with an evil smile and evil eyes.

Str +2
Agi +3
Int +4
Low Sky, Small
Front Row- Curse (x1) -physical HTH attack w/black elements
Back Row- Nightmare (x2) -black magic attack, one target, ranged
Can't be a leader
Can't recruit

-I like Ghosts at least better than Skeletons, but still, you should be 
patient and wait until you can get Phantoms, as they are by far a whole 
helluva lot better. Ghosts and Phantoms make excellent back row 
fighters, casting their evil magic on the unwary. Ghosts and Phantoms 
do have good resistance to white attacks, though, they are fast and 
intelligent, so they're hard to hit. Works both ways, though, as the 
enemy has the same benefit. :)


-Same appearance as the Ghost, only dark yellow in color. Pretty much 
picture that bedsheet, only soiled a whole lot of times. :)

Str +2
Agi +3
Int +4
Low Sky, Small
Front Row- Curse (x2) -physical HTH attack w/black elements
Back Row- Nightmare (x3) -black magic attack, one target, ranged
Can't be a leader
Can't recruit

-Phantoms are PHENOMINAL! :) They are awesome, with three attacks in 
the back row, and high intellegence and agility to boot! They make 
nasty spellcasters, while Wraiths in the front row mix it up with their 
evil dark swords. Phantoms are awesome, and go great for any evil unit.

(End Undead group)

15-Pumpkin Group

-The Pumpkin group consists of either magically animated creatures or 
extremely weird living ones. I have no idea what these creatures are in 
Ogre Battle, they are living pumpkin people. Don't ask me, and I dunno 
about you, but if I had a jack-o-lantern for a head, I'd be really 
pissed-off, too. :)

Pumpkinhead (default character class)

-A humanoid looking-like person in ragged clothes, except it has a 
jack-o-lantern for a head, which it uses to attack people.

HP +3
Str +2
Agi +2
Int +1
Forest, Small
Front Row- Pumpkin (x1) -reduces target's HP by 1/2
Back Row- Pumpkin (x1) -reduces target's HP by 1/2
Can't be a leader
Can't recruit

-These things are STRANGE. Straight out of Friday the 13th or Nightmare 
on Elm Street or something. I have no idea what the hell these things 
are, and thank goody you only encounter them in one Imperial unit in 
the entire game (Deneb uses them.) These things are pretty much like an 
"evil clown" of RPGs. Their attack is really interesting, and they are 
cool to use against a 500 HP Zombie Dragon. It's really funny to see a 
gigantic "250" pop up for damage. :) But still, I've never seen a real 
big use for them, and if you don't have Deneb and/or the Glass Pumpkin, 
these things are RARE to come across.

Halloween (Pumpkinhead plus Item: "Rotten Pumpkin")

-Same appearance as a Pumpkinhead, only with a green/brown head. Looks 
like they let his jack-o-lantern sit out and rot for a few days... :) 

HP +4
Str +3
Agi +3
Int +2
Forest, Small
Front Row- Pumpkin (x2) -reduce enemy target's HP by 1/2
Back Row- Pumpkin (x2) -same as above
Can't be a leader
Can't recruit

-Even more mystifying than the Pumpkinhead, the Halloween character 
smacks the enemy with his gigantic pumpkin head. What's even more 
disturbing is these things have INSANELY high Luck, of all statistics! 
I had a Halloween once that had like Luck 92 or something!!! (Uh...?) I 
still have no idea what purpose these things serve in this game, but if 
you want to use one, go ahead, I'm sure there are creative ways to use 

(End Pumpkin group)

16-Griffon Group

-The Griffon group consists of gigantic flying half eagle/half lion 
creatures. They are large, fast, and agile.

Griffon (default character class)

-A large creature, with white eagle feathers and a brown lion body.

HP +7
Str +2
Agi +4
Int +1
High Sky, Large
Front Row- Tackle (x2) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Wind Storm (x1) -physical magic attack, strikes all enemies
Can't be a leader
Can't recruit

-Griffons are respectable creatures, but I wouldn't recommend using 
more than a couple in your army, and I like to use them in the back 
row, as their all-hit attack is decent. A really good "liberator" good-
guy unit I like to make is Ashe and two of his Knight buddies in the 
front, and a Griffon in the back. Highly mobile and decently powerful, 
and when the Knights become Paladins, it's whoopin' time.

Cockatrice (Griffon- Level 9+, Ali 0-60)

-Same appearance as the Griffon, only a bland gray/cream coloring.

HP +6
Str +3
Agi +4
Int +1 
High Sky, Large
Front Row- Tackle (x2) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Petrify (x2) -physical magic, attempts to petrify one enemy
Can't be a leader
Can't recruit

-Golly, do I think Cockatrices suck. There's a bug in the PSX version 
anyway (the version I own and like best) that prevents them from 
hitting you like 90% of the time or something close to that. Every time 
I see the petrify attack come up, it practically always misses. Either 
because they're so dumb, and/or because of the glitch. These things are 
not worth it, and are one of the only classes in the game I can think 
of where "classing-up" is actually BAD for you. Leave him as a Griffon 
instead. They are much more useful.

(End Griffon group)

17-Octopus Group

-Your friendly neighborhood 8-armed sea-dwelling monsters of Ogre 

Octopus (default character class)

-An octopus, what did you expect? He's red, and has 8 arms. :)

HP +9
Str +3
Agi +2
Int +1
Deep Sea, Large
Front Row- Tentacles (x4) -physical HTH attack
Back Row- Tentacles (x2) -physical HTH attack
Can't be a leader
Can't recruit

-Octopi, in my opinion, are good fighters (four attacks! WOW!) but I 
don't find them that practical because they make your unit move SLOW 
across land, due to the fact they like to dwell in deep water, and as 
such, are slow on land as they have to slither and crawl their way 
around. They also don't fight that well on land surfaces.

Kraken (Octopus- Level 12+, Ali 55+)

-A fearsome brown/tan/gray colored octopus.

HP +10
Str +4
Agi +2
Int +1
Deep Sea, Large
Front Row- Tentacles (x4) -physical HTH attack
Back Row (on water)- Maelstrom (x2) -physical all-hit attack
Back Row (not on water)- Tentacles (x2) -physical HTH attack
Can't be a leader
Can't recruit

-The Kraken is a very strong opponent, and gets a lot of health each 
level up. They still move slow on land, however these things are BEASTS 
when on water! Their Maelstrom attack in the back row does INSANE 
damage to enemy units on water (mostly due to the fact he fights better 
on water, and most other characters SUCK on water), but if your Kraken 
is not on water, he will only do two tentacle attacks in the back row. 
A good water unit is two Krakens and a Nixie, especially on the "big 
water maps" like the Kastolatian Sea, Ryhan Sea, and Shrine of Kulyn, 
these guys will OWN enemies!

(End of Octopus group)

Special Group

-There are basically only three types of creatures you get here that 
don't fit in anywhere else. These characters are generally very strong.

Lord (ie, YOU in this game!)

-Varies in color and appearance, depending on being male or female, and 
your allegiance (Chaotic, Lawful, etc) from the questions you answered 
at the start of the game.

HP, Str, Agi, and Int all VARY

Front Row-

(Chaotic) Death Cloud (x2) -black magic attack, ranged, one target
(Neutral-Chaotic) Sword (x2) -physical HTH attack
(Neutral) Sword (x3) -physical HTH attack
(Lawful) Banish (x2) -identical to Angels and whatnot

Back Row- 

(Chaotic) Phantom (x1) -all-hit black magic attack
(Neutral-Chaotic) Thunder Flare (x1) -all-hit lightning magic	     
(Neutral) Sonic Strike (x1) -identical to that of the Samurai
(Lawful) Ice Cloud (x1) -identical to Platinum Dragon's attack

MUST be the unit leader!
Recruits- Fighter (male), or Amazon (if female)
Rating- Depends on how strong you make yourself!

-I don't have much to say, it's YOU in this game! You make yourself to 
be the way you want, as strong or as weak as you want, you're the one 
playing. :)

General (Debonair and Tristan)

-A VERY long blonde-haired "anime-style" warrior with a round shield 
and carrying a VERY large sword in one hand. Looks kinda like Cloud 
from FF7, in a way (with long flowing hair and not the spikes!) FF7 
must have ripped this look off from Ogre Battle. :) Debonair wears 
black armor, and Prince Tristan wears aqua blue armor.

HP, Str, Agi, and Int vary between both characters.

Front Row (both)- Sword (x3) -physical HTH attack
Back Row (Tristan)- Sonic Strike (x1) -same as Samurai's attack
Back Row (Debonair)- Sonic Blade (x1) -Samurai attack, doesn't lose HP
Leadership ability
Recruits- Vary between Tristan and Debonair. They both recruit REALLY 
good stuff like Magi and Enchanters, though!

-Generals are insanely good fighters. High magic resistance and insane 
stats. They are nastier than Paladins and Samurai Masters. You will 
mostly see Generals as enemy stage bosses (Debonair, Figaro, Previa, 
and Luvalon), but there are two in this game that you can get on your 
side. Heck, you even have to give Debonair a beat-down early on before 
he joins you later in the game!

Dragoon (Slust, Fenril, and Fogel)

-A tall and slender warrior clad in a sinister suit of armor, wearing a 
helmet with wings on the end of it in the shape of dragon wings. Slust 
wears red armor, Fenril blue, and Fogel deep dark forest-green.

HP, Str, Agi, and Int per level vary between the three.

Front Row (all)- Sword (x3) -physical HTH attack 
Back Row (all)- Sonic Strike (x1) -identical to the Samurai's attack
Leadership ability
Recruits- Vary between the three, but all a lot of good stuff, 
especially Fogel!!!

-Dragoons, the three servants of the Wind Gods, are AWESOME, and are 
even MORE powerful than a General. They are by FAR the most powerful 
"warrior" class heroes in this game. They are just so tough and strong, 
and are almost completely untouchable with nearly all magic spells! 
It'll either miss or you'll laugh at how much pitiful damage they take 
from an enemy wizard's spells! There are only three in the game, they 
are VERY hard to obtain (require lots of holy path stuff!) but they are 
by FAR worth it! Fogel is by far in my opinion the best special 
character in this game, and put him in ANY one-on-one fight (except 
Diablo, Rashidi, Hikashi, or Endora) he would beat them. He doesn't 
flaunt and boast about his strength for nothin'! That's why he's 
cursed! :) Try putting one in the back sometime and watch how much 
damage a Sonic Strike from them can do! I got Fogel to dish out about 
200 damage to the enemy one time! :)

(End Special group, and class checklist)

Quick Checklist to Pursuing a Holy Path-

-Note that you do not have to do all of these steps if you wish, but to 
get a really good ending, make sure you obtain most or all of the 
"good" special characters in the game. Obtaining the Mystic Treasures 
and the Zodiac Stones will heavily influence your ending type as well. 
Also consider making your Lord (yourself) character's Alignment, 
Charisma, and Reputation Meter extremely high. This will also really 

1-The Castle of Warren
Recruit Lans the Knight at Zeltenia.
Fight and recruit Warren the Wizard at Volzak, and he'll get the rest 
of the rebel troopers to join you in your quest.

2-Sharom Border
Have Lans confront and fight Usar at Jindark.
Obtain the Star of Heroes at hidden temple north of base.

3-Sharom District
Recruit Canopus the Eagleman at Bah'Wal.
Have Canopus confront Gilbert at Parcival.
Forgive Gilbert the Beast Tamer and allow him to join you.

4-Pogrom Forest
Find the city of Selshippe in the far northwest, obtain the Mercury 
from there.
Return to Selshippe with the Gem of Doun to receive the Olden Orb.

5-Lake Jansennia
Obtain a Rune Axe at the hidden temple in the western mountains by 
speaking to the monk there. Obtain the Opal Zodiac Stone here.

6-Deneb's Garden
Refuse to forgive Deneb. This will give you a big boost in reputation, 
but your Lord character will suffer a -5 Alignment for your decision.

7-The Slums of Zenobia
Recruit Ashe the Knight at Byroit.
Hire the mercenary Beast Tamer, Lyon, for $20000 at Anglem.
Have Ashe confront General Debonair at Zenobia.
Return to Kal Robs and speak with the nanny to get the Key of Destiny.
Receive the Garnet Zodiac Stone at a temple here.

8-Island Avalon
Recruit Aisha the Shaman at central hidden temple. Receive the Emerald 
Zodiac Stone here as well.
Have Aisha confront The Black Prince, Prince Gares, at Amad.

9-Kastolatian Sea
Obtain the Brunhild Sword at the far NW hidden temple at edge of map.

Give Posha (the little girl at Somyul) a Golden Beehive to cure her 
mother, and receive a Sentoul Demon statue from her.
Fight and recruit Norn at Diaspola by sparing her life after the fight 
and then asking her to join you (you will suffer a small reputation 
penalty for this.)
Receive the Aquamarine Zodiac Stone at the city of Ajan.
Give the Ginger Cake (obtained from the crazy monk in Organa) to Posha 
and she will find the Pearl Zodiac Stone in it and gives it to you.

11-Kalbian Peninsula
Locate the Chaos Gate (it is in the northeast, in the grassy areas)
Have Debonair confront his friend, General Figaro, at Kalbia. He will 
give you the Durandal Sword after he is defeated, before dying.

12-Valley of Kastro
Find and recruit Rauny the Muse at a western temple.
Have Rauny confront Ares at Tash Kent.
Locate the Chaos Gate in the southern mountain ranges.

13-Balmorian Ruins
Obtain the Bell of Light at Kalyao.
Use the Bell of Light on the statue of Saradin at the temple near 
Balmoa. Saradin will come back to life, and ask him to join you.
Have Saradin confront his former friend Albeleo at Balmoa.
Locate the Chaos Gate in the far northeast.

Confront and break the spell on Slust the Dragoon, and recruit him.
Find the Chaos Gate on a nearby island.
Obtain the Peridot Zodiac Stone at a temple in this area.

Fight and break the spell on Fenril the Dragoon, and ask her for help.
Find the Chaos Gate on this island.
Obtain the Ginger Cake from the crazy monk at the hidden SE temple.

16-The City of Malano
Recruit Prince Tristan ("General" class) at Bel Chel by having the Key 
of Destiny or a high Reputation, and taking your Lord there.
Have Rauny or Prince Tristan confront Baron Apros at Malano.
Obtain the Ruby Zodiac Stone at the city of Sanbelnia.

17-The Tundra
Have Yushis confront her older sister Mizal at Valhalla.
Receive the Turquoise Zodiac Stone at a temple on central north island.

Recruit Yushis the Cherubim at hidden temple in the central mountains.
Find the Chaos Gate on the far western island.

Confront Galf and destroy him and send him back to the Underworld. Do 
NOT give him the Brunhild Sword and do NOT let him join you. If your 
Reputation and/or Alignment is high anyway, he won't even ask.

Confront Prince Gares with Prince Tristan at Shangrila.
Recruit General Debonair at Shangrila after defeating Gares. You must 
also have Norn in your army for this to happen.
Obtain the Sapphire Zodiac Stone at a temple here. 
Take the Olden Orb, Gem of Doun, and the Gem of Truth to Shangrila to 
speak with the Goddess of Justice, and receive the Tablet of Yaru. The 
Tablet allows you to collect the Zodiac Stones.

21-Fort Alamoot
Find the Chaos Gate in the southwestern island with the blocking walls.

Fight and break the spell on Fogel the Dragoon, and have him join you.
Obtain the Diamond Zodiac Stone in this stage.

23-Dalmuhd Desert
Obtain the Gem of Doun by taking the Mercury to Aliabard, hidden in the 
northeast desert.
Visit a nearby temple here to obtain the Amethyst Zodiac Stone.

24-The Ryhan Sea
Obtain the Gem of Truth by taking the Gem of Doun and the Olden Orb to 
Obtain the Topaz at a nearby temple.

25-Fort Shulamana
Confront General Previa with Prince Tristan, and return to Shulamana 
after the battle to receive the Mystic Armband.

26-Shrine of Kulyn
Confront and defeat General Luvalon honorably to receive the Bizen 
Sword, and return to Kulyn after the fight to obtain the Holy Grail.

27-The City of Xanadu
Have Rauny confront and defeat her father, Overlord Hikashi, at Xanadu.
Avoid liberating temples and cities until after the defeat of Hikashi, 
the people hate you here in the home of the Empire, and you will suffer 
massive reputation penalties for liberating Imperial cities/temples.

Visit Azuzau and speak with Sir Gawain, a Zeteginean Paladin.
Beat the crap out of all of Prince Gares's clones (close to 15 or so!)
Visit the hidden NE temple and speak with the REAL Prince Gares.
Confront Empress Endora with Debonair at the Zeteginean castle.

29-Temple Shalina
Confront the real Prince Gares with Debonair at Shalina.
Confront Sage Rashidi with Saradin, Yushis, or the Lord (yourself) at 
Prepare for an extremely difficult fight with Diablo, the God of the 
Underworld, at Shalina, and destroy him to end and win the game.

30-Dragon's Heaven
This is a special secret stage and is purely meant for fun. Enjoy.

Imperial Specific Character Classes-

-These are character classes that you will NEVER be able to receive, 
and don't even ask me for ways to get them, because you just CAN'T! 
There is absolutely no way to get these characters, and even if by some 
crazy rare chance that you somehow get a neutral Dark Prince (Prince 
Gares) to join you in a neutral encounter--which I have SEEN happen in 
the Zeteginea stage on the SNES version, your game will start to glitch 
up and then will crash. You cannot get them anyway as there are 
probably no reverse angle frames of animation made for them (ie, so 
they move when on your side of the table in the battle screen, and 
that's probably why the game crashes if you get a Dark Prince Gares to 
join you because there are no animated or still frames of him being 
shown from the backside.) Almost all of them are stage bosses or the 
enemy unit encounter (in the case of Gares).

Dark Prince (a huge, nasty evil knight in black armor with a huge axe)
Vanity (a slender blond haired nobleman in expensive clothes n'cloaks)
Gemini Twin (a huge and really buff looking guy wearing little armor)
Highlander (a huge warrior in dark armor with a gigantic broadsword)
Black Queen (a very beautiful and slender blonde woman with light skin)
Wiseman (a big dark-haired man in orange wizard robes and armor)
Diablo (evil demon itself, I can't see an evil god on your side anyway)

List of Special Characters who can join you-

This is a list of the special characters who can join you in this game. 
Getting them is certainly worth it, as their abilities are super 
inflated compared to a normal member of the similar class. They often 
drag along really good bodyguards, who are usually better than their 
own class as well (ie, when you get Fenril to join you, she drags along 
a Gold Dragon that is MUCH stronger than the other average Gold Dragon 
you would recruit or raise from a lower class.) Getting these 
characters not only will enhance your ending, but practically all of 
them can be quite nasty in combat.

1-Warren (Wizard)- The boss of the first stage, the Castle of Warren. 
Defeat him and he will join you. If you cannot beat Warren, then turn 
the game console off RIGHT NOW you complete boob, as you are truly 
beyond help. :)

2-Lans (Knight)- He is in the hidden NE city of Zeltenia at Castle of 
Warren. Simply liberate the town, and he will join you.

3-Canopus (Eagleman)- In the city of Bah'Wahl in Sharom District. 
Recruit him by first liberating Chang'Gah, and then talk to him at 
Bah'Wahl. Answer one of his questions (choosing "for freedom" seemed to 
anger him the least), and then liberate the hidden temple SW of the 
boss's castle. You will receive the Wing of Victory here from his 
younger sister Yulia. Return to Bah'Wahl with the wing and he will join 

4-Gilbert (Beast Tamer)- Stage boss of Sharom District. If you have 
Canopus with you, confront him with his best friend, Canopus. After the 
fight, agree to hear his side of the story, forgive him, and Canopus 
and Gilbert will reconcile their differences, and he will join you.

5-Deneb (Witch)- Stage boss of Deneb's Garden. First off you must 
forgive her, and then she will request you get her a Golden Bough 
(which is bought at Diaspola). Return here with it, and she will give 
you the Glass Pumpkin. If you Reputation is LOW enough, she will join 
you as well after you complete that quest of hers.

6-Ashe (Knight)- He's imprisoned in a walled-in city in the Slums of 
Zenobia. Simply liberate the city and he will request to join you.

7-Lyon (Beast Tamer)- He's a mercenary for hire at one of the towns in 
the Slums of Zenobia. You can purchase his services for $20000, or if 
you can wait until the end of the stage and come back later, you can 
buy his talent for only $5000.

8-Aisha (Shaman)- At a hidden temple in Island Avalon. You must have a 
high Reputation for her to join you. She drags along two Mermaids, who 
aren't too shabby, and are very close to turning into Nixies.

9-Norn (Shaman)- She's the stage boss of Diaspola. You must have a high 
Reputation, and after defeating her, refuse to kill her, and ask her to 
join you. Stating that General Debonair (her fiancee) is alive will 
help as well. Norn also drags along two Titans for the trip! Wowie-

10-Rauny (Muse)- At a temple in the Valley of Kastro. You must have a 
high Reputation for her to join you.

11-Saradin (Mage)- Saradin has been petrified at the Balmorian Ruins, 
and is a statue at the north temple near Balmoa (Albeleo's castle). The 
easiest (but longest) way to get him is you must first liberate all the 
towns and temples (including hidden ones) EXCEPT Balmoa (the boss's 
castle) and Kalyao (a hidden city in the southwest.) Then liberate 
Kalyao, and if you have a high Reputation and the Star of Heroes, they 
will give you the Bell of Light. Return to the northern temple, and use 
the bell on the statue. Saradin will then awaken and request to join 

12-Slust (Dragoon)- The stage boss of Muspelm. Fight him and defeat 
him, and if your Reputation, Alignment, and Charisma are high, and you 
have the Star of Heroes, he will join you.

13-Fenril (Dragoon)- The stage boss of Organa. The same requirements to 
get Slust apply to her as well.

14-Tristan (General)- Prince Tristan is in the city of Bel Chel in the 
City of Malano stage. You must either have the Key of Destiny (obtained 
with a high Reputation at Kal Robs in Slums of Zenobia) or a high 
Reputation, and you must take your Lord personally there for him to 
join your ranks. Tristan is a powerful fighter, and check out the 
things he can recruit!

15-Yushis (Cherubim)- She is at a hidden temple in Antalia. You must 
have a high Reputation, Alignment, and Charisma for her to join you.

16-Debonair (General)- After you defeated him at Zenobia, he questioned 
Empress Endora's actions, and is now being imprisoned at Shangrila. You 
MUST have Norn (his fiancee) in your army, and a high Reputation for 
him to join you. Debonair is a VERY good character, not only is he 
strong, but check out the stuff he can recruit!

17-Galf (Devil)- The stage boss of Antanjyl. You must have an extremely 
LOW Reputation, low Alignment, and you must give him the holy Brunhild 
Sword (UH...) after defeating him for him to join you. Nasty little 
guy, he is... :)

18-Fogel (Dragoon)- The last (and probably the mightiest) special 
character in the game. He is the stage boss of Shiguld, and recruiting 
him meets the same requirements as those to get Slust and Fenril. Not 
only is he a nasty fighter, but check out what he can recruit!

Level Up, Alignment, and Charisma Clarification-

I) Level Up clarification-

Characters gain experience points (XP) by defeating enemies. The amount 
gained/lost varies depending on these factors-

1) Enemy level compared to the level of your character. You will gain 
more if the enemy character is stronger than you, you gain less if the 
enemy is weaker than you.
2) Type of enemy character killed. For instance, killing a Mage is 
worth more than killing a Wizard.
3) Participating in a battle earns you 1 experience point, no matter 
the outcome. Win or lose, you will still get at least 1 XP.
4) If one of your characters is killed in action, their "To next level" 
experience counter is set back to 100 (ie, the very start to a new 
level) the next time they are revived. In effect, you pay a penalty by 
starting over because they were killed in battle.

Experience is gained by ALL members of the unit, not just by the 
character who kills another. Ie, a member of your squad WITNESSING the 
death of an enemy character will gain experience points.

Upon reaching 100 points, your character will advance a level (and will 
gain appropriate statline bonuses depending on their class when they 
leveled up) and then will start over to gain a new level with the 
counter reset at 100.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE-- You CANNOT gain more than one level per battle, 
and any "left-over" XP does **NOT** carry over towards your next level. 
I'll explain this below-

IE, say if you were 30 XP away from level 7, but yet you slaughtered 60 
XP of stuff, you will gain a level and go to level 8, but the 30 "left-
over" points ***DO NOT CARRY OVER*** to your counter to reach level 9. 
You will start again with 100 XP needed to gain another level to level 
9, and **NOT** 70 XP. This is VERY important, and is VERY different 
from almost all other RPGs and strategy games out there, so remember 
this clearly when destroying enemy units. In effect, this is a very 
neat and clever way by the game designers to make this game more 
difficult and challenging for you.

II) Alignment clarification-

You may wonder how Alignment works in this game. Alignment, in 
essensce, is how good or evil a person is. A good-hearted person has a 
very high alignment. An evil-hearted person has a very low alignment. 
Many reasons in the reviews of this game I have seen in some places is 
people become so frustrated with it because their characters Alignments 
are outta whack and they cannot change class. Like you have a Level 15 
Knight who has an Alignment of 17 and a Charisma of 21, and thus, he 
can't turn into a Paladin, because, well, he's evil. :)

Alignment is actually a VERY simple formula, and requires no complex 
knowledge of algorhythms or numbers to figure it out. I figured it out 
myself easily the **SECOND** time I played through the game. Alignment, 
as may be perceived, does NOT just affect your Reputation meter when 
you liberate towns and cities!

Some complain because they say the "Alignment" system is unrealistic 
(in fact, it's NOT!) and they can't figure out why their Knight is so 
evil and can't turn into a Paladin. I can't believe these people 
couldn't figure this out. There are no complex/erronious numbers or 
equations involved, any average basic educated person should be able to 
easily figure this out. I'll explain below. :)

Ogre Battle is one of the very few games that takes this IMPORTANT 
"Karma Characteristic" into account. It is a rare game where you cannot 
just run around slaughtering enemies left and right and expect to 
become the champion of the people simply because you whooped a bunch of 
monsters' @$$es. Not that Final Fantasy or other RPG games like this 
suck, they are good, but not as involving as this game is. Well, enough 
with my brief opinion, here we go-

It is a very realistic system. Here's how it works-

Alignment is a 0-100 measure of how "good" or "evil" you are, and can 
be based roughly (on my estimate) by this scale (you may have seen this 
before earlier in my FAQ)-

0-10: Evil
11-20: Very Chaotic
21-34: Chaotic
35-49: Neutral-Chaotic
50-60: Neutral
61-70: Neutral-Lawful
71-80: Lawful
81-90: Very Lawful
91-100: Saintly

The characters in your armies' alignment is affected by these factors-

1) Starting character class. 

If you recruit a brand-new Fighter (ie, from the "Replenish Character" 
command by the unit leader in a city) his Charisma and Alignment will 
be around 50 because he's Neutral and just starting off to make a name 
for himself. If you recruit an Imp, his Charisma and Alignment will 
start much lower because he's evil, see? If you recruit a Cleric, her 
charisma and alignment will be naturally high to start because she's a 
priest/holy warrior. Got it?


This is the HUGEST part of alignment. Your alignment will rise and fall 
depending on these conditions-

1) Level of your character compared to the level of the enemy character 
that you killed.
2) Alignment of your character compared to the enemy character's 
alignment that you killed.

In essence, it is who is seen as "the good guy" and who is "the bad 
guy". It works this way-

Your character will GAIN alignment if he (or she or it, but "he" refers 
to ALL characters in general) kills an enemy character that is higher 
in levels than he is. In essence, your character is seen as "the 
underdog" and is taking on a person/monster more powerful than he is. 
So, you are seen as "the good guy" here because you are being honorable 
and challenging someone mightier than you to a fight, and besting them.

Your character will also GAIN alignment if he slays an opponent who has 
lesser Alignment points than he has. In effect you are playing the role 
of "good guy" by vanquishing an evil person from the world. So, in 
essence, your Knight gains alignment by ridding the people of that foul 
Imperial Werewolf (such as Sirius...) that plagued the countryside.

Your character will LOSE alignment by killing someone who has HIGHER 
Alignment points than he has. You are "the bad guy" because you are 
killing someone who is generally good-hearted.

Your character will LOSE alignment by picking on someone who is weaker 
than he is. This represents you killing enemies who are LOWER in levels 
than your character is. You are seen as "the bad guy" here because you 
are being a bully and picking on someone who is not a difficult fight.

NOTE- This is not "black and white", and does have some acceptable gray 
areas to it.

IE, for gaining alignment, if you kill someone who is higher in level 
than you, you gain alignment. You will gain MORE alignment for each 
level the enemy is stronger than you. So you gain more points killing 
someone four levels above you than you do 2 levels above you. If you 
kill someone who is equal or a level or two lower than your level, your 
alignment will not change. If you kill someone who's level is three or 
more levels less than you, you will lose alignment. Works the same way 
as gaining- you will lose more Ali depending on HOW MUCH weaker the 
enemy is compared to you.

These effects are COMPOUNDED together, as well, so, if you do it right, 
you can really SOAR your alignment by having high Alignment to begin 
with, and then mauling a Phantom who is two levels higher than you and 
has much less Alignment. You can lose Alignment just as easily by 
sending your low ALI Level 10 Wizard against a high ALI Level 8 Cleric 
and killing her. See? It's not that hard. If you are REALLY clever you 
can manipulate this to your advantage (example- letting your Level 15 
Mages "whittle down" a level 12 Demon to near death, and then letting 
your level 10 Knight finish him off so he can gain Alignment and 
Charisma. If you set your "Battle Tactics" carefully you CAN do it. You 
actually DO control more over your troops in combat than you may THINK 
you do.) 

Note that the changing Alignment applies ONLY to the character that 
killed the enemy character. A person witnessing an enemy dying at the 
hands of an ally does not gain or lose alignment because of it.

III) Charisma clarification-

Charisma works almost the same way as alignment, you gain charisma in 
pretty much the same way. Charisma is defined as your "spunk" and your 
appearances and conduct towards others. A highly charismatic person is 
easily likable, the "toast of the town", the "hit of the party", and 
works well with others. A person with low charisma is seen as a 
"douchebag" or "spaz" to others, and isn't likable.

It's a little more of a relaxed system, though. Pretty much having a 
lower level character of yours kill a higher level enemy character will 
help raise your character's charisma.

And on a final note- HIGH CHARISMA in this game (and most RPGs) is a 
VERY GOOD THING, ***REGARDLESS*** of what path (good, evil, or neutral) 
you are pursuing with a character. It is ALWAYS an advantage to be more 
liked and more charismatic. There is pretty much no bad thing to having 
high charisma. Being a "likable bad guy" does have its good perks. You 
may be chaotic, but at least you're not a douchebag about it. :)

A high charisma will help raise/lower your character's alignment to fit 
his proper class. In essence, charisma helps raise/lower your alignment 
faster and better when you defeat someone. Experiement to see what it 
does, and note that almost all of the VERY POWERFUL character classes 
(good AND evil) in this game require HIGH charisma to obtain.

As a side note, it is CONSIDERABLY more difficult to gain Alignment 
when your own Alignment is very low. If your character EVER hits "0 
Alignment" (rock bottom), than if you ever want to get it back up 
again, you will have to kill some VERY high level characters higher 
than you to remedy it. Consequently, it's also kinda hard (but not as 
difficult) to lose Alignment if your Alignment is really high. In 
general, though, I tend to like to shoot for "light" (ie, High 
Alignment) units and characters because in general "good" character 
classes are better fighters than evil classes. This also applies to 
Charisma, the less liked you are, the harder it is to up it.

But what do you do if your Samurais and Knights (whom you want to be 
good) suddenly see an enemy unit of Angels and Shamans (high Ali) 
coming at them? If you kill them, Mr. Samurai's Alignment goes down, 
and we don't want that, do we? Because he wants to eventually be a 
Samurai Master, right? Well, the answer is simple- don't fight them. :)

Retreat your unit be moving it away/using 7-League-Boots/Dinner Bell, 
etc, and instead, send in your Mage and his two Tiamats and give the 
goody-two-shoe enemy unit a mugging they won't forget. Your Mage and 
his Tiamats won't care about losing alignment one bit. :) This works to 
your advantage- you can send "evil" units to wipe out "good" enemy 
units that you don't want your Neutral or "lesser" (as in "lesser" 
meaning lower Alignment and Charisma) Good units to fight. Or if you 
REALLY have to fight a good unit like this with a "lesser good" or 
"neutral" unit of your own, set your tactics to "Leader" and just try 
and kill the unit leader, and then let the enemy unit run away from you 
back to Imperial base. It is the only real "honorable" way to try and 
do it, as killing just one person in the enemy unit and then having it 
run away from you, and you suffering a small penalty in Alignment is 
MUCH better than you mauling the entire unit stack and having someone's 
Alignment go down the toilet, of who's Alignment you do not WANT to go 
down the toilet.

But don't worry. If you follow the stages in general order (1,2,3,etc) 
then the enemy units in general will be higher in level to start than 
most of your units. If you find that one of your units is more powerful 
than the majority of the enemy units in the stage, and you don't want 
your unit's Alignment or Charisma to drop, than be a good general- 
simply let that unit sit on the sidelines for the current stage. Deploy 
them again when the enemy is stronger (and have them gain even MORE Ali 
and Cha!) Let your weaker units get more action (and killing stronger 
opponents nets more XP, by the way!!!) If you also find that one of 
your units levels up in the field and is at or exceeds the enemy units' 
levels, then it's, in general, a good idea to pull them out of action. 
Dinner-Bell the unit, or whatnot, and have another unit take their 
place. You can do the opposite if you want to LOWER the alignment of a 
specific unit of yours (ie, you want that Mage, but your Level 11 
Wizard is at Alignment 40 and needs to kill a few holy characters or 
weaklings to get it down to turn into a Mage), ie, just keep sending 
him at people, killing left and right, raising the levels and dropping 
his Ali. So just be a smart general and go about what you need to do. 

So there, that's the end of the level/charisma/alignment schpeel. And, 
if in the future you happen to have that Level 17 Knight (whom you are 
trying to turn into a Paladin) and who is at Alignment 10 because he 
killed too many people weaker than him (which you shouldn't have done 
as that's STUPIDITY) than either turn him into a Black Knight (or 
something where he's more USEFUL!) or DITCH him altogether and get a 
replacement. Nobody ever said you couldn't "fire" someone from your 
army. In fact, I do it all the time. I've fired Salamanders before 
who's Alignment fell too low and they couldn't become Flare Brasses, 
etc. If the character isn't working out, just hit the "Erase Character" 
icon and select the offending individual. Ka-put. Gone for good, never 
a worry anymore, that useless Alignment 10, Level 17 Knight is no more. 
Though, amusingly, an Imperial character may show up later with the 
same name. I like to think of that person then as a "disgruntled 
employee" who joined the Empire because I got rid of him. :) There, 
that's the end of that part!

Encyclopedia of Magic and Special Attacks-

-Within this area lies the explanations of all the sorts of special 
attacks in Ogre Battle. 

(Name of the Attack)
(Element/Special Ability)
(What targets it hits)
(Who uses it)

Melee Attacks-

1)Hand to Hand Combat Attack (varies in MANY names)
-Physical, non-magical
-One enemy
-Nearly ALL characters in this game have some form of melee attack
-This can be changed by equipping certain armors and weapons (or by 
using Fire Bolt or Ice Bolt with the appropriate Giant), and the color 
change in the strike indicates what type of element is being added:

Yellow/Orange= Physical
Blue= Cold
Red= Fire
Green= White (Holy)
Dark Gray= Black (Unholy)
Purple= Electrical

-Therefore, for example, a Knight equipped with a Notos sword will 
perform cold attacks. A Fighter equipped with a Rune Axe will perform 
white attacks, and so on.

Black Magic-

1)Fireball (big ball of fire hits target)
-Fire, magical
-One enemy
-Wizard, Black Knight, Sorcerer

2)Tornado (wind storm slashes target's skin)
-Physical, magical
-One enemy
-Wizard, Sorcerer

3)Ice Field (orb of ice engulfs target)
-Cold, magical
-One enemy
-Wizard, Sorcerer, Dragon Master

4)Lightning Bolt (electrical bolt slams enemy)
-Electrical, magical
-One enemy
-Wizard, Sorcerer, Valkyrie

5)Nightmare (evil spirit energy attacks enemy)
-Black, magical
-One enemy
-Wizard, Sorcerer, Imp, Demon, Ghost, Phantom

6)Fire Wall (flaming wall of fire hits enemies)
-Fire, magical
-All enemies
-Mage, Sorcerer, Lich

7)Ice Storm (whirlpool of swirling ice and water slashes enemies)
-Cold, magical
-All enemies
-Mage, Sorcerer, Lich, Nixie

8)Phantom (evil poltergeist spirit energy engulfs enemies)
-Black, magical
-All enemies
-Mage, Sorcerer, Lich, Lord (Chaotic)

9)Thunder Flare (lightning storm smashes enemies)
-Electrical, magical
-All enemies
-Mage, Sorcerer, Lich, Muse, Lord (Neutral-Chaotic)

10)Acid Cloud (strong sulfuric acid gas corrodes tissue and armor)
-Physical, magical
-All enemies
-Mage, Sorcerer, Lich, Doll Mage, Enchanter

11)Meteor (huge meteorite drops from the sky onto enemies)
-Black, magical
-All enemies

12)Wind Storm (waves of fierce wind slash skin)
-Physical, magical
-All enemies

13)Wind Shot (sonic waves/fierce winds cause targets to disintegrate)
-Physical, magical
-All enemies

14)Blizzard (ice crystals and snow hit enemy)
-Cold, magical
-One enemy

15)Thunder Arrow (electrical bolt zaps enemy)
-Electrical, magical
-One enemy

16)Firestorm (explosion of oxygen creates fierce firestorm on target)
-Fire, magical
-One enemy

17)Stun Cloud (paralyzes enemies)
-Non-elemental, magical (does not damage targets)
-All enemies- paralyzes them in place, disabling them from moving and 
attacking. Striking a paralyzed target with magic or physical attacks 
MAY break the hold on them.

18)Mesmerize (paralyzes an enemy)
-Non-elemental, magical (does not damage targets)
-One enemy- works like Stun Cloud, only this hits one target

19)Charm (hypnotizes an enemy to do your bidding)
-Non-elemental, magical (does not damage targets)
-One enemy- confuses the target and makes him attack his friends

20)Life Suck (drains spiritual life force from a target)
-Physical, non-magical
-One enemy- drains health of the target and gives it to you

White Magic- (white magic is less available than Black Magic, but rest 
assured that the all-hit power spells of white magic are indeed much 
more powerful than pretty much all black magic spells. Note that it 
pays to be a good person in this game...)

***NOTE- **ALL** White spells/attacks will INSTANTLY destroy an undead 
character (Skeleton/Wraith/Ghost/Phantom) upon contact. To have your 
characters use "healing" white magic on undead, set your battle tactics 
to anything BESIDES "Strong" before they cast the spell. If it is set 
to "Strong", they will heal your own characters normally instead of 
attacking all the undead characters. Note that a spell such as 
"Healing" that normally heals one ally will attack ALL undead enemies. 
And as a final word, undead can ONLY be destroyed by white attacks. 
They are completely invulnerable against everything else.

1)Banish (rings of pure energy destroy evil will)
-White, magical
-One enemy
-Angel, Cherubim, Lord (Lawful)

2)Halo (ring of holy energy from angel halo strikes target)
-White, non-magical
-One enemy
-Angel, Cherubim, Seraphim

3)Jihad (mystical purity zaps enemies and erases evil spirits)
-White, magical
-All enemy

4)Stardust (phantasmal space energy hits target)
-White, non-magical
-One enemy

5)Starlight (rains radiant energy of stars and the sun on enemies)
-White, magical
-All enemies

6)Healing (restores health to an ally)
-White, magical
-One ally/all undead enemies
-Cleric, Shaman, Paladin

7)X-Healing (restores health to all allies)
-White, magical
-All allies/all undead enemies

8)Magic Missile (white fireballs of mystic energy slam the enemy)
-White, magical
-All enemies

9)Kiss (give a flirting sexy kiss to your ally)
-Non-magical, non-attack (cannot destroy undead)
-One ally- raises his attack and defense for the duration of the battle
-Faerie, Pixie

1)Katon (blows a mystical fireball/lava wave at the enemy's feet)
-Fire, magical
-One enemy/all enemies
-Ninja (one enemy), Ninja Master (all enemies)

2)Suiton (cold rainstorm/tsunami wave hits enemy)
-Cold, magical
-One enemy/all enemies
-Ninja (one enemy), Ninja Master (all enemies)

3)Ikazuchi (thunderbolt/lightning storm hits enemies)
-Electrical, magical
-One enemy/all enemies
-Ninja (one enemy), Ninja Master (all enemies)


1)Sonic Strike (sacrifices your own spiritual power to strike a mortal 
blow upon the enemy)
-Physical, non-magical
-One enemy (heavily damages the target, you take some damage in return)
-Samurai, Samurai Master, Lord (Neutral), Dragoon, General (Tristan)

2)Sonic Blade (inner secret power of the warrior's code unleashed)
-Physical, non-magical
-One enemy (heavily damages enemy target, does NOT take your own HP)
-General (Debonair)

-Stage Boss Attacks- General Luvalon (Extinction), General Figaro (Down 
Claws), and the Gemini Twins' (Gemini Attack) would also fall into this 

Breath/Monster/Special Magic- 

1)Fire Breath (breathes a fireball from the lungs at the enemy)
-Fire, non-magical
-One enemy
-Dragon, Red Dragon, Salamander, Flare Brass, Cerberus, Hellhound, 

2)Ice Breath (breathes cold air from the lungs at enemy)
-Cold, non-magical
-One enemy
-Silver Dragon, Gold Dragon, Platinum Dragon

3)Acid Breath (vomits corrosive stomach acid on enemies)
-Physical, non-magical
-One enemy
-Black Dragon, Tiamat, Zombie Dragon

4)Super Nova (breathes out a concussive and intense explosion)
-Fire, magical
-All enemies
-Flare Brass

5)Ice Cloud (cold air freezes target's blood and bodily fluids)
-Cold, magical
-All enemies
-Platinum Dragon, Lord (Lawful)
6)Toxic Breath (belches noxious stomach gas onto target)
-Black, non-magical
-One enemy
-Zombie Dragon

7)Death Cloud (changes enemy's breathing air into poisonous vapors)
-Black, magical
-One enemy
-Lord (Chaotic)

8)Evil Ring (summons evil spirit energy upon the enemy)
-Black, magical
-All enemies

9)Pumpkin (gigantic jack-o-lantern drops onto an enemy)
-Non-elemental, magical
-One enemy (damage is calculated as halving the target's current HP)
-Pumpkinhead, Halloween

10)Maelstrom (huge whirlpool swallows up enemies)
-Physical, magical
-All enemeies
-Kraken (this attack can ONLY be performed while on water)

11)Petrify (cloud of gas changes character into a stone statue)
-Physical, magical
-One enemy (petrifies them so they cannot attack for rest of battle)

***NOTE- There is apparently a BIG glitch in the PSX version with 
Petrify- this spell will hardly, if ever, hit an enemy.

(That does it for the Encyclopedia of Magic and Special Attacks!)

Battle Tactics/Lord System Subscreen-

-Ogre Battle has a different battle system compared to other games. 
When you are in battle, you are limited in manipulating certain 
commands that influence what your troopers attack. Some complain that 
this is unrealistic and that they cannot completely control their 
troops in battle like Final Fantasy games or whatnot (ie, they complain 
as they say that "I lack the control to tell my Samurai to attack THIS 
specific target.") In fact, this is a VERY realistic system. You are 
the general, commanding your troops from a very long distance. Your 
troops DO NOT possess the "god-like" knowledge that you do, as the 
general, the gamer, who can see the entire world/area map and whatnot. 
They cannot, they are in the field fighting the enemy in the middle of 
battle. Swirling and wild combat seriously impairs people's judgements 
often, so be wary that your troops may not ALWAYS respond correctly to 
your commands or perform EXACTLY what you want them to do. That is 
life, and that is how combat in the real world works. This is also 
medieval combat, so there are no radios or comm-links for you to talk 
to your unit's leaders, so don't expect that ability. There aren't even 
magical devices that enable this. :)

Due to the fact that your troops lack this "god-like" knowledge, they 
will act in general on their own accord, and will decide what is best 
for the combat. You CAN set the tactics to make them in general attack 
certain things, but even then, your control is limited.

Hitting the the X button in battle (forget what it is on SNES) will 
pause the battle AFTER the next creature's attack and bring up a menu 
of options for you, listing:

Tarot Card, Tactics, Retreat, and Animation.

First, you CAN change your Tactics setting and control in general what 
your troops will do. There are four settings:


-Tactics are essential to cause not only raw damage to the enemy unit, 
but to also kill enemy characters. If you do not kill the entire enemy 
unit (and they don't kill you), then the winner of the combat is 
determined by who caused the most damage, and the losing unit retreats. 
Should the combat end in a draw (VERY rare, but I have done it!) BOTH 
sides will retreat away from each other. Winning combats is important, 
as if you are defending a city or fighting on terrain your unit likes, 
you will have added attack and defense bonuses.

1) "BEST"-

"Best" in essence, is assigning your unit the task of attacking 
characters with the most appropriate attacks/targets to CAUSE THE MOST 
DAMAGE POSSIBLE. Spell casters like Magi who can cast multiple element 
spells will therefore pick an elemental spell that will damage the 
enemy as a WHOLE the best. Hand to hand attacks in general will be 
aimed at targets to rack up pure damage points. If there are two 
Imperial Knights in front of your Ninja, and one Knight has 10 HP left 
(and could be slain in the next attack) but the other next to him has 
56 HP left, your Ninja will most likely attack the one with 56 HP, to 
cause more damage (note that when you do enough damage to kill a 
character in this game, it will do the number of HP they have left, IE, 
if you kill that 10 HP Knight in one blow, the attack will do 10 
damage. This is how "Best" tactic works.

2) "STRONG"-

"Strong" defines your tactic of having your characters try and attack 
the target with the MOST HP. I generally have my tactic set to this 
usually for most of my units. If there are multiple characters in the 
enemy unit, and your all-hit Mage is choosing which spell to cast, he 
will cast a spell that will damage the STRONGEST character the most. 
Note that if you are fighting UNDEAD characters, having your tactics 
set to this tactic will cause your healers to NOT attack the undead 
with their magic, and heal your allies instead. Keep this in mind.

3) "LEADER"-

Self-explanatory. Your unit will attempt to strike the enemy unit's 
leader. All magical attacks from your creatures will be purely centered 
on hurting the enemy unit leader the most.

4) "WEAK"-

The opposite of "STRONG". You will attempt to attack the target with 
the LEAST Hit Points in the enemy unit. A decent tactic to use if you 
want to "pick on" somebody in the enemy unit, and kill them quickly.

***NOTE- You CAN change your fighting tactics in the MIDDLE of battle!!

If you are smart, you can use this to your advantage, and adequately 
guide your troops in the fight! Know that you actually DO control more 
power over your troops in combat than you may THINK you do! You just 
have to be smart about it, and all I can say is that you have to get 
experience in doing this yourself.

Magical attacks are pretty much ranged and can strike ANYONE, so if you 
set your tactics right your Wizards and whatnot can pretty much whack 
what you want them to, but the real puzzle is hand to hand attacks. 
Your physical attacks may not always land where you want them to go. 
This is normal. Remember that your characters will always try to attack 
in the way you have your tactics set, but there are certain things that 
can stop your character from damaging what you want him or her to. Here 
are some:

1)The desired target is in the back row and is being blocked by 
creatures in the front row. 

-In order for you to physically attack the back row, you must destroy 
everything in the front row first. This is fundamental battle tactics, 
and the enemy will also use this to their advantage. There could be a 
Zombie Dragon or something in the front to be a big "meat shield" to 
protect a more vulnerable Lich in the back row, for example. There are 
very rare exceptions to being able to hit the back row if there is 
still something left in the front row, however, but they are extremely 
few and VERY far in between, usually involving a small creature in the 
back on the far left, and a small creature in the front row on the 
extreme right, etc. 

2)The desired target is being blocked by a larger creature.

-For instance, say your Samurai Master is on the far side of your left 
front row, and you want him to hit an enemy Muse on the far right of 
the enemy back row, but there is a Zombie Dragon on the left in the 
back row. Your Samurai Master will attack Mr. Zombie Dragon instead, on 
account your Samurai Master cannot reach the Muse because the Zombie 
Dragon is a very large target and takes up two squares (the left and 
the center.) This is a key advantage to using a large target in this 
game, as they can block attackers from reaching other units. This is a 
big upside to large characters on account of the handicap they inflict 
because they take up two spots in the unit.

3)Some of your own allied creatures are blocking you from striking an 
enemy target.

-This happens all the time. Unlike other RPGs and military strategy 
games, your own friends can block your path or line of sight to 
attacking the enemy. In a game like Starcraft (a computer game) and 
Warhammer 40K (a board game) your Space Marines can shoot over the 
heads and even THROUGH your own allies without hitting them, but this 
is not the case in this game. You may want your far left front row 
Paladin to attack the enemy Monk on the far right front row, but he 
can't because you have an allied Paladin in the center front row, and 
one on the right front row. Thus, your own troops are blocking your far 
left Paladin from striking the far right. However, sometimes flying 
creatures can fly over the heads of your friends, and still strike the 
target you want them to. A little advantage for flying creatures like 
Griffons, Ghosts, Imps, Hawkmen, and so on.

***However, do note that all of these range restrictions are moot 
points if there is only one enemy left in the unit, etc. Due to the 
fact that there is only ONE enemy character left in the unit, none of 
your characters will sit around and miss a turn or whatnot, even if 
friends might normally block their movement. You will just have to see 
for yourself what these restrictions can do to you, and just make the 
best of things.

Tarot Card-

This enables your Lord to play a Tarot Card in the battle to give your 
unit a little bit of a "boost" or an "edge" over the Imperial unit by 
attacking the enemy or giving your characters a temporary boost in 
agility, defense, etc. The effects of Tarot Cards will be discussed in 
a lower section. You can only play one Tarot Card at a time with this 
command. If you wish to use another card, you must hit the X button 
again later after resuming combat.


This fight isn't going very well for you? One of your characters is 
about to level up, but is at the verge of dying? Then, don't stay in 
the fight anymore. Retreat and run away to fight again later. Do keep 
this in mind, though- Running away frequently can be bad, as each time 
you run away, ALL of the characters in your unit will lose 1 Charisma 
point. Running away every so often isn't bad, but don't do it 
REPEATEDLY, or you will find your Charisma in the toilet as the people 
will see you as a coward. :)


All this simply does is turn the graphical animations of movement and 
attacks on or off. Personally I like to leave it on, it makes the 
combat more lively and fun to watch.

Effects and Uses of Tarot Cards-

(Name of Tarot Card)
(Bonus Effects when drawn after liberating city or temple)
(Effect when used in battle)

-Tarot Cards are earned by either liberating cities/temples and drawing 
them (where you get their bonus effect immediately, and then the option 
to keep the card for battle use, or discard it and not keep it for 
battle use) or by using the "Joker Tarot" item (where you will randomly 
draw a card and be asked if you want to keep it for battle or not. You 
do NOT get the bonus effects of the card when drawn this way, but you 
may keep it for battle purposes.)

1) Magician

A wizard holding a staff in a flaming background

Characters' Intelligence +1
Causes fire damage on all enemy units (based on Lord's INT)

-The Magician card is a fairly good card to draw after liberating 
cities, and its effects in battle aren't that bad. Almost all of the 
magical7 attacks are based on the Lord's intelligence, just so you 
know, and they also calculate your Lord's alignment as well (ie, if you 
are lawful, your Magician or Hermit cards, etc, will cause more damage 
in the day and less in the night.) The Magician card is an ideal card 
to use against Ice Giants and Nixies, things like that. Magician is 
drawn fairly commonly.

2) Priestess

A woman with a bishop's cap on her head, wearing white robes, sitting 
on a throne and bowing her head down in prayer.

Characters' Alignment +1
Heals 50 HP to all characters in your unit

-The Priestess card, in my opinion, isn't that good of a card. Drawing 
it isn't bad, as boosting the alignment of all the characters in that 
unit by +1 isn't bad, but the combat effect is near worthless after 
your characters reach around level 10 or so and have around 130+ HP. 
Still, though, it can be useful to keep to save someone heavily wounded 
from certain death at the hands of the enemy. The Priestess card is 
drawn fairly common.

3) Empress

A very beautiful queen sitting on a throne with a tiara on her head, 
wearing red robes, and surrounded by a cloak of feathers.

Characters' Charisma +1
Heals all characters in your unit to FULL Hit Points

-The Empress card is a VERY good card to draw, and she shines the best 
when used in battle. If your unit gets heavily damaged, toss this card 
on the table to be brought back to full health! She is rare to draw, 
though, but, it is an outstanding card (and the illustration is VERY 
pretty, too!)

4) Emperor

A shaggy bearded king wearing blue robes, standing upright, with both 
hands resting on a long scepter.

Characters' Charisma +2
Gives all characters in your unit +1 Attack

-The Emperor card, in my opinion, is by FAR the BEST card to use in 
combat! Drawing him is really good too, but the kicker is what he does 
in combat! Playing the Emperor card will give all the members of your 
unit an additional attack!!! And, if you have more than one Emperor 
card, if you really need (or want) to, you can use another and get 
another attack! He's awesome! The Emperor card is rare to draw, so 
definitely take it if you do draw it from the deck!

5) Chariot

It's the Norse God Loki wearing a helmet and carrying a HUGE super 
sledgehammer! Smacky-hitty-poundy hammer! :)

Characters' Strength +2
Summons Loki to attack all the enemies (based on Lord's STR)

-Chariot is a REALLY good card to draw, but he's not that good in 
combat. Enemy characters with high strength will just laugh at the 
damage done to them, and in general the Lord doesn't gain a whole lot 
of strength per level up (unless you are Neutral, in which Chariot can 
dish out a LOT of damage.) Chariot is drawn on an average base, but he 
appears less than common cards.

6) Strength 

A picture of a woman scratching the head and mane of a big lion.

Characters' Strength +1
Ups the defensive power of your allies in battle

-Strength, in my opinion, is a pretty worthless combat card. It doesn't 
really help you a whole lot. The draw bonus isn't phenominal either, 
but better than nothing. If you draw this card, I would suggest not 
keeping it. Strength is VERY common.

7) Death

A picture of the grim reaper skeleton with a huge scythe.

Reputation Meter -2
Casts "Death" spell on enemy unit in battle

-Death is a horrible card!!!! You don't want to draw him, either! Not 
only does this lower your reputation by two (ouch!), but the spell in 
battle will ONLY kill enemies that are reduced to less than 50% of 
their health. Plus, ALL the experience of characters slain this way 
goes to your Lord, and NOT your unit. I personally keep my Lord weak 
(people trust you more when you are weaker than your troops you 
command!) and killing creatures with the Lord or with Tarot Cards will 
cause all the points to go to him/her and cause him/her to level up 
very quickly. I never use the Death card. Discard it if you get it. 
Unfortunately, Death shows up fairly common.

8) Fool

A picture of a hobo in ragged clothes toting a bandana sack on a pole.

Characters' Luck +1
Causes all enemies except the unit leader to flee from the combat.

-The Fool is a great card to draw (besides a Lucky Charm item, it's the 
only way to raise your Luck!) and his ability to cause enemies to run 
away is pretty useful! This is an AWESOME card to use against the stage 
boss, and get rid of his bodyguards! Or, if you feel like you may lose 
an upcoming fight with the enemy, get rid of everyone in the enemy unit 
but the leader, and you will probably easily win the fight! The Fool is 
fairly rare to draw.

9) Moon

A picture of a beautiful woman soaring on a moonbeam through the night.

Changes the time of day to midnight
Inverts the front row and back rows of the enemy unit. Back row 
characters move to the front, and front row characters move to the 

-The Moon card doesn't affect your unit directly at all, it just turns 
the time of the day to 12:00 AM. This is a really interesting card to 
use in combat, you can use it on enemy units to screw over their 
formation and mess them up by bringing Witches, Magi, and Clerics to 
the front, and throwing Ninjas and Paladins (and other good front-
liners) in the back row! Note that the enemy unit characters will still 
attack the same number of times from their STARTING position before the 
Moon card was used, but the TYPE of attack will change (ie, if you move 
a Phantom from the back row to the front, he will attack three times, 
but it will be Curse, and not Nightmare.) The Moon card does have its 
clever uses, and I generally keep one or two handy for just such an 
occasion where I can really SCREW UP the enemy formation and move 
things like Liches and Sorcerers in the front row, and Ninjas to the 
back, making the fight a lot easier. Moon is drawn every so often, on 
an average basis.

10) Sun

A picture of a near-naked muscular man and near-naked athletic-looking 
woman standing back to back (the woman faces towards you) and embracing 
the strength of the sun by reaching their arms toward it.

Changes time of day to high noon
Damages ALL characters on the battlefield, hurts those with low ALI 
heavily, and those with high ALI less. This will also slay undead 
characters instantly.

-Sun is a terrible card to draw. The near naked woman looks really 
cute, but this is a family game, and of course she's just in what looks 
like a really revealing swimsuit. Changing the time to noon doesn't 
affect your units directly, but I hate this card's combat effects on 
account is hurts EVERYONE. I rarely use this card. Sun is drawn fairly 
common, unfortunately. This card is exactly like the "Crusader" esper 
from Final Fantasy 3(6), so make sure your unit has HIGH Alignment when 
you use it, or you will receive a TON of damage!

11) Hermit

A picture of Merlin the wizard with a huge long white beard.

Characters' Intelligence +2
Attacks the enemies with lightning (based on your Lord's INT)

-The Hermit is a decent attack card, and attacks the enemy with an 
electrical blast. He is drawn on a fairly average basis, but 
ironically, a little more frequently than the Magician. The Bonus of 
the draw is better, but Hermit doesn't do as much damage as the 
Magician usually does.

12) Star

A picture of a pretty woman standing on stars and pouring two pitchers 
of water onto the world.

Characters' Agility +1
Increases the Agility of all allies when used in battle.

-Star is a good and useful card, and helps your units hit those 
otherwise hard-to-hit-physically characters like Griffons, Ghosts, and 
Eaglemen. The bonus when drawn is really good, too. Star shows up on an 
average basis.

13) Lovers 

A picture of a naked woman and man standing back to back with their 
intimate spots being covered by an intertwining flowering plant and the 
woman's arms.

Reputation Meter +2
Calls forth Eros to attempt a charm spell on the entire enemy unit, 
causing some/all/or none of them to start fighting each other.

-What is up with all the beautiful near-naked/naked women? It's like 
everyone wants to draw these cards simply to look at them. :) Oh well. 
Lovers is a good card to draw, and the battle effect can turn the tide 
as if you zonk an enemy Mage or Sorcerer, things really turn ugly for 
the enemy fast. :) However, the charming spell hits random targets, so 
you may hit all, some, or NONE of the enemy at all when you use it! 
Lovers is relatively rare to draw.

14) Hanged Man

A picture of an unfortunate man being hanged from a tree limb.

Characters' Strength -1
Lowers the defensive strength of the whole enemy unit.

-The Hanged Man card isn't that bad of a card, and in fact, I find it 
quite useful to throw at the start of a fight, so that enemy characters 
can suffer more damage from magical attacks. It doesn't lower their 
physical resistance a whole lot, but it seems to lower magical 
resistance more for some reason. Hanged Man is a good card, but 
unfortunately has a serious negative penalty for drawing it. Hanged Man 
appears on a fairly average basis.

15) Devil

A picture of an evil demon with his hand on top of a near naked woman. 
She appears to be unconscious and it looks like he's hypnotizing/taking 
control of her.

Reputation Meter -1
Summons the demon Asmodeus to perform a black attack on the enemy unit.

-The Devil card has a very cool graphic effect, one of my favorites in 
the game. It is a very powerful attacking magical card, only faltering 
to those who have high black magic resistance. Devil is a decent card, 
but drawing it lowers your reputation. The Devil card is very common, 
and is easily drawn by low-alignment units that liberate towns.

16) Hierophant

A picture of a shaman priest with his hands on a staff, with holy light 
shining from it.

Characters' Alignment +2
Puts the entire enemy unit to sleep in a shower of flower blossoms.

-Hierophant is a very useful card, and is one of my favorites. Of 
course, the unit can still have a chance to wake up if attacked, but I 
really like to use it to put enemy Clerics and Shamans to sleep so they 
don't heal their comrades (or maul your undead allies if you happen to 
have them in the wrong place at the wrong time!) Also really works to 
turn the tables back on a stupid Witch who would try to Stun Cloud you. 
Put her to sleep before she stuns you! :) The Hierophant card is drawn 
on a fairly average basis.

17) Justice

Shows a knight carrying a sword and the equality-scale of justice.

Characters' max HP +1
Showers the entire enemy unit in an ice storm.

-The Justice card is drawn very often (and the bonus isn't that great), 
and its attack power is relatively average. The Justice card is an 
average attack card, to say the most, and the least about it. Nothing 
super special here.

18) Judgement

Shows a female angel with her feathered wings sitting down on a stone.

Characters' max HP +2
Blasts the enemy unit in an intense blast of holy light. Judgement will 
also instantly pulverize any undead creatures.

-Judgement is the most powerful attack card, even more so than Sun and 
Devil. The Judgement card will REALLY hurt those with poor alignment 
and low white magic resistance. This blast will also fry any undead 
enemies that happen to be standing around, as well. The graphic effect 
is absolutely stunning, also. The exploding white/blue fireball is 
awesome. This is a great card to draw and have, but it is relatively 
rare to run across. Keep it if you draw it.

19) Tower

A picture of an evil looking black tower in a lightning storm.

Characters' Alignment -2
Hits the enemy unit in a screen-shaking earthquake.

-Tower is a horrible (and evil) card, not only to draw, but to use in 
combat. The damage from this card is almost always awful, unless your 
Lord is evil and has high intelligence. Tower is drawn on an average 
basis, but for some reason always shows up at the wrong time! :)

20) Temperance

A picture of a woman in white robes gathering water from a marsh.

Reputation Meter +2
Cures your unit of any status-ailment spells when used in battle.

-The Temperance card is a good card to draw (getting reputation bonuses 
is always a good thing!) but it doesn't have a huge practical use for 
combat purposes, unless you run into a Witch who will Stun Cloud you, a 
Cerberus who will Mesmerize you, Vampires that Charm, etc. The 
Temperance card has to be one of the most commonly drawn cards. This 
thing shows up almost on a regular basis for average to high aligned 

21) Fortune

A picture of a blindfolded woman blindly looking for a twist of fate.

Reputation Meter bonus/penalty from +3 to -3, decided randomly.
Causes the entire enemy unit to flee from battle.

-The Fortune card isn't that great, and it only comes in handy in very 
rare circumstances, like if you want time to regroup or you have 
already lost the battle, and you want the enemy unit to retreat instead 
of you doing so. It does have its rare uses. Fortune is drawn on an 
average basis.

22) World

A picture of a beautiful woman (again) in multiple colored robes 
representing all the points of the compass on the world map.

All allied units are now effected by drawn tarot cards for the rest of 
the stage (ie, if you then draw a Tower, ALL of your units and 
characters that are deployed will lose two alignment. Draw a Chariot, 
and ALL characters and deployed units on your side gain two strength, 
Throws forth a magic shield, protecting your unit from magical attacks.

-The World tarot card is another one of the really good cards to have. 
Not only does it have an aweseome effect for your units (draw a World 
and then draw Hierophants, Chariots, Hermits, and Judgements!!!) but is 
a GREAT card to use when coming under fire from stage bosses, and 
heavily magical enemy units. This also makes a GREAT card to protect 
your undead friends from getting fried by healing magic or a Jihad! :) 
This card is a MUST against Empress Endora, Sage Rashidi, Omnicron the 
Necromancer, Baron Apros, and Cardinal Randals.

The following tarot cards DO NOT WORK on bosses!

-Fortune (boss runs away; then taking the enemy HQ would be CHEEZY!)
-Sun (as many bosses have low ALI in this game)
-Hierophant (bosses are immune to sleep, but their bodyguards aren't)
-Lovers (yeah, like Prince Gares would whack himself with his own axe)
-Death (reducing him to half HP and then insta-kill would be cheap!)
-Moon (does not work on him AND his unit)
-Hanged Man (works on his bodyguards but not him, I believe)

-Bosses are also totally immune to corresponding magic spells like 
Charm, Mesmerize, Stun Cloud, and Petrify, etc.

(End of Tarot Card summary)

Rare Items

-These are extremely hard to find items in this game that can either 
adversely affect the abilities of characters, change their classes, or 
are items that help you get a really good ending. Be wary that these 
items are EXTREMELY hard to come across, and enemy units only drop them 
a small percentage of the time, if at all (again, your characters' Luck 
comes into play!!!)

1.Undead Staff-

The Undead Staff is an extremely powerful piece of work, and it allows 
you to turn a Mage into a Sorcerer. You can get Undead Staffs in these 

First, either by visiting the "Great Wizard" Borginine in the city of 
Anglem in Diaspola, and trading a Sentoul Demon to him by refusing his 
offer for $10000, and then taking the Undead Staff. Sentoul Demons show 
up every now and then from encounters with grateful townspeople. You 
will also get a Sentoul Demon from Posha (the little girl in Diaspola 
who has the sick and dying mother) by giving her a Golden Beehive to 
cure her mom.

Second, is through enemy encounters. Certain enemy characters may drop 
one after battle, but this is all up to really slim chance.

Third, is after killing Omnicron in Antalia, head back to Kander Hall, 
and a monk there will say "I found this in Omnicron's room", and he 
will give you one to use.

2.Full Moon Stone-

VERY rare to get, it allows you to summon a Weretiger to recruit. This 
can be obtained in only two ways that I know of-

First, through enemy encounters. This is rare, of course, though.

Second, by getting a Tome of Myths from a monk in a city in the area of 
Zeteginea (or somewhere very late in the game in one of these nearby 
areas.) You can also buy Tomes for a lot of money in a shop in either 
the City of Xanadu or Zeteginea itself. The monk who is willing to 
trade for your Tome of Myths is somewhere in the Fort Shulamana area.

3.Undead Ring-

The Undead Ring allows you to either turn a Sorcerer into a Lich, or 
mutate a Tiamat into a Zombie Dragon. The former is usually a better 
choice for this hard to come by item. 

First, you can get this item in enemy encounters, although this is of 
course very rare.

Second, the Wizard Badista in Sharom is looking for a "Book of the 
Dead", and in fact, several copies of this book exist in this game. 
Revisit towns after liberating the entire stage and you may receive a 
Book of the Dead. Take it back to Badista for a ring.

4.Dream Crown- 

The Dream Crown is needed to turn an Amazon into the all-powerful 
Princess. You can get this in three ways-

First, of course, through the SUPER RARE chance you find it after 
killing an imperial unit.

Second, after revisiting the far NW city in Muspelm, and if your 
reputation is very high, you can answer a question about elegance and 
beauty. Choose a good answer and the monk will give you the crown.

Third, you can also obtain a Dream Crown in a city in Temple Shalina 
(at the end of the game) if you have a very high reputation.

5.Blood Kiss-

The Blood Kiss turns a Knight into a Vampire. There are two ways to get 
it- through either the lucky random chance you find one after a battle, 
or by having a low reputation and visiting a town in Temple Shalina for 

6.Stone of Dragos-

Obtained through either enemy encounters, or the Great Wizard Borginine 
(by refusing his offer for the Undead Staff, then choose to take the 
Dragos Stone.) The Stone of Dragos allows you to turn a Beastmaster 
into a Dragon Tamer.

7.Trade Ticket-

The Trade Ticket allows you to conjure up the ever-elusive (and super 
expensive!) merchant who calls himself "Anywhere Jack". Jack will sell 
you all the status enhancing potions in the game except for the Soul 
Mirror (raises ALI) and the Heart of Leo (raises CHA). I suggest you 
have a TON of money before using the ticket to buy a lot of stuff from 
him! You can only get a Trade Ticket off of enemy units.

8.Mercury (needed for the Tablet of Yaru) (puzzle item)-

You can get the Mercury from a wizard in Selshippe in the Pogrom Forest 
after completing the stage, if you have a high reputation.

9.Gem of Doun (needed for the Tablet of Yaru) (puzzle item)-

You can get this gem if you have the Mercury, and by revisiting the 
hidden NE town in the middle of the desert in the Dalmuhd Desert stage. 
I believe it is named "Aliabard". The old man there will give you this 
glowing gemstone.

10.Olden Orb (needed for the Tablet of Yaru) (puzzle item)-

Return back to Selshippe in the Pogrom Forest with the Gem of Doun, and 
the wizard will give you this orb.

11.Gem of Truth (needed for the Tablet of Yaru) (puzzle item)- 

In the Ryhan Sea, revisit it, and in one of the towns a witch will talk 
to you, and if you have both the Olden Orb and the Gem of Doun, she 
will give you this gem.

12.Tablet of Yaru (puzzle item)-

Bring the Gem of Doun, Gem of Truth, and Olden Orb to Shangrila to earn 
the right to speak with the Goddess of Justice, Felana. She will then 
give you this tablet. With this tablet in your possession, you can now 
obtain the Zodiac Stones that are hidden in temples throughout the land 
(see the guide to a holy path above to find them.)

13.Brunhild Sword (equippable item) (1st of 3 Mystic Treasures)

Fenril's long-lost mystic holy sword. You can get the Brunhild Sword 
only if you have a high reputation. It is found in the FAR northwest 
temple in the Kastolatian Sea. This sword now allows you to find the 
Chaos Gates that are in different locations on the land. These gates 
will allow you to travel to the floating continents and the cursed land 
of Antanjyl. This sword is also a super-bad-@$$ weapon, equipping it 
gives a +20 Strength bonus (!!!) and also counts as a white magic 
weapon to boot!

14.The Mystic Armband (2nd of 3 Mystic Treasures)

This is the sacred wristband of Queen Floran, the former Zenobian 
Queen. You will get this item by having Prince Tristan confront and 
kill General Previa at Fort Shulamana. He will then find out that the 
rescue mission was in vain as Previa had already murdered Queen Floran, 
and Tristan then gives you the armband as a memento.

15.The Holy Grail (3rd of 3 Mystic Treasures)

The Grail is the chalice King Gran used to unify the land, and this 
sacred goblet can be found at the Shrine of Kulyn. You must defeat 
General Luvalon "honorably" (no tarot cards or running away!) and if 
you have a high reputation, charisma, and alignment, return to Kulyn to 
receive the grail from the ghost of the knight Parcival.

16.Star of Heroes (puzzle item)-

Really easy to get. Just liberate the hidden temple north of your 
starting base camp in the Sharom Border stage, and the monk will give 
you this emblem. This is needed to get many special characters in this 
game, so make sure you don't forget to obtain this!

Reputation Meter Clarification-

There is a meter in the intertwined dragon symbol in this game (above 
this meter shows the 24-hour clock and how much money you have), which 
rises and falls depending on what actions you do. This is your 
reputation. This is what the populace thinks of you, personally. The 
decisions you make in this game and what you have liberate cities will 
reflect what the people think of you. Finishing the game with an 
extremely high reputation meter is very important to getting a good 
ending. The people will not trust you if your reputation with them is 
shady, so, try and get it as high as possible. Your reputation meter 
will be affected by the following factors:

1. What unit you have liberate cities

-Before you liberate a city, you should check its "vital statistics", 
which are labeled below in this order:

NAME (name of the city)
POPULATION (castle) (how many people live in this city)
MORALE (cross) (how spirited/moral the people of this city are)
COMPASSION (heart) (how the people feel about your rebel cause)
TRIBUTE (coin) (how much money they will contribute to you each day)

The MOST important two statistics are the town's Morale and Compassion 
levels. When liberating cities, you should in general send in a high 
charisma, high alignment unit to "spread the good word" of the 
rebellion. Towns with low morale and high compassion are most easily 
persuaded to your cause (and liberating it with a high ALI and CHA unit 
will GAIN you reputation points), and towns with high morale and low 
compassion are the HARDEST to persuade (and sending in a medium to low 
ALI and CHA unit will LOSE you reputation points.)

So, alas, depending on your unit's ALI and CHA levels compared to the 
town's Morale and Compassion levels will affect your reputation. In 
general, though, use "good guy" units to liberate cities. Nobody wants 
to be liberated by a bunch of Demons, Liches, and Undead. :)

2. Liberating Roshian Temples

-Temples give you **NO** bonus or penalty to your reputation when you 
liberate them, as the Roshian Monks welcome all and any in their forms, 
good or evil. So, if you want some tarot card bonuses for your evil 
units without suffering reputation, have evil units liberate the 
Roshian temples. :)

3. Dialogue Options

-Over the course of the game, your Lord character will be involved in 
dialogue where you can choose your response. Depending on what you 
choose can affect your reputation. For instance, as an example, if you 
refuse to forgive Deneb the Witch after beating her, you will gain a 
lot of reputation points. Answering the wrong choice in dialogue 
options or refusing to sell/give something to someone wants it will 
lose you reputation points. I should also point out that if you want a 
good reputation, ***DO NOT*** deal with thieves or Toad the Merchant AT 
ANY TIME, as these are shrewd people, and dealing with them lowers your 
reputation. Toad always rips you off, anyway. :) Also, never torment 
the Old Great Wizard Borginine, as tormenting him regularly (ie, 
refusing to trade your Sentoul Demon to him) can kill your reputation, 
which is very fun to do if you are pursuing an evil path! :)

4. Lord's Level

-This comes into play heavily. You should try and keep yourself OUT of 
combat if possible because the people like and trust a general who is 
weaker than his forces. This is a little easier said than done, as your 
Lord gets any experience exclusively from kills through Tarot Cards, 
and earns DOUBLE the amount of experience points that normal troops do, 
so the Lord character in this game levels-up EXTREMELY FAST. All I do 
is get into a few fights with my Lord early on to get his CHA and ALI 
really high, and then keep him out of action the rest of the game.

So, essentially, if your Lord is a complete bad-@$$ walking tank, the 
people will lose trust in you, and you will lose reputation points. You 
were assigned to free the continent from the rule of the evil Empire, 
and NOT kill everything in your path. :)

5. Tarot Cards

-Yes, this does affect your reputation in a way. Drawing a Temperance 
card will up your reputation, and drawing the Death card will lower it, 
etc. This is fate, in essence, as the draw of the card is random.

6. Tribute 

-Collecting tribute (ie, daily taxes when the tariff bells ring and the 
Income Projection screen pops up at high noon each day) affects your 
reputation. Your reputation will go down if you take longer than the 
expected "leeway" time period in each stage. Sitting around and 
collecting money each day from the people can help your war effort, but 
don't sit around and do it for more than 5 days (in game, not in real 
time, silly) or your reputation will begin to suffer. Also, towns will 
contribute MORE money to your cause the higher your reputation meter 
is. So... a big incentive to having a high reputation, as you get more 
cash each day!

7. Enemy re-captures town or temple/captures Rebel HQ

-This will KILL your reputation a BUNCH, so don't let the Empire re-
take any towns or temples you liberated from their rule, or the people 
will get really angry! If the enemy manages to capture your HQ (the 
castle your Lord's unit starts on at the start of each stage) then your 
forces will retreat and you'll have to restart the ENTIRE stage over 
again from scratch. So DON'T let the Empire re-take things you freed 
from them!

Hard to Find (but yet purchaseable) Items-

-These items are REALLY useful items to take along in your quest. They 
can make your journey a lot easier. 

-Using Rays and Moonbeams to avoid Income Projection until you are done 
with the stage (and set the appropriate time of day for one of your 
units entering combat, ie, best for midnight for evil, high noon for 
good), and the like is great. Take all the time you need, when it gets 
near midnight, just use a Ray and it goes back to high noon (without 
the income projection screen popping up) or vise-versa if the day is 
already past midnight, just use a Moonbeam. Then when you have all the 
enemies wiped out (except for the boss), withdraw all of your units 
back into your HQ, and sit back for a few game days and collect some 
big money from the tributes. After all, you need a lot of money to fund 
a very strong war effort against the Empire!

-A surplus of Joker Tarots is good, so you can draw extra random tarot 
cards for battle when you really need some! Just use a Joker Tarot and 
you will draw a random tarot card, and then be asked to keep it or not. 
Get a truckload of Jokers and you'll never have to worry about not 
having any battlefield outside-enhancements ever again, and you'll get 
to keep using them until you draw what you want!

-Getting some Dowsing Rods and Crystal Balls is good, as then you can 
use a "save/reload" trick to find hidden treasures and hidden cities. 
Use the Dowsing Rod (for example) and remember the location of the 
treasure on the map where it moved to, and then reload, and walk to it 
and get it. This is a little underhanded, but hey, HIDDEN 
cities/temples and BURIED treasure shouldn't be in this game, and this 
game is insanely involving and tough, so go for it. Therefore, you 
don't need to bother searching around for them if you already have a 
Dowsing Rod and Crystal Ball. Makes your search A LOT easier.

-7-League Boots are EXCELLENT for mass-transporting units wherever you 
want them to go. Just liberate a city close to the enemy castle with a 
flying unit, and then teleport any units there that you want to see 
combat and level up/get stronger.

-Persuasion Spell is great to take along some rare characters from the 
Imperial units. Why go through the SUPER HARD trouble to get a Sylph, 
Werewolf, Vampire, or Zombie Dragon (or other like class that usually 
totally sucks until it reaches its highest class level, where it 
becomes a nasty tank) when you could just steal one from the Empire's 
unit instead? To this day I have NEVER obtained a Sylph, Titan (I stole 
two from Norn before I fought her, then she brings two other ones along 
with her when she joins!), Werewolf, Vampire, or Zombie Dragon the 
"normal" way. I have ALWAYS stolen them from Imperial units. It is a 
LOT easier this way. Plus it gets rid of enemies you have to fight. :)

-Cure Ankhs are awesome, as mass-healing everyone in your party 100 HP 
can't be beat. Speeds up your game a lot, too, rather than using 5 Cure 
Stones on people one at a time. These are also a necessity later in the 
game (after stage 16 or so) when most enemy units have Magi and Muses 
and stuff, things with attacks that hit your ENTIRE unit at once.

These are some handy (but not ALL, you can find some of these at 
several spots) of these items' locations:

Cure Ankh- SLUMS OF ZENOBIA- $2000 each
Ray of Sunshine- LAKE JANSENNIA- $4000 each
Moonbeam- KALBIAN PENINSULA- $4000 each
Persuasion Spell- CITY OF MALANO- $50000 each 
7-League Boots- DIASPOLA- $4000 each
Joker Tarot- SLUMS OF ZENOBIA- $2000 each
Dowsing Rod- SHIGGULD- $25000 each
Crystal Ball- ANTANJYL- $50000 each

-Should you wish to look at all of the hidden towns, temples, and 
treasures, I would like to refer you to Mr. Anzulovich's FAQ on 
GameFaqs, as this lists every buried treasure and hidden town in a 
specific section, but once you get some Crystal Balls and Dowsing Rods, 
this isn't necessary. Just use the items to find what you want, and 
then save/reload and walk over them yourself. You can also find more 
detailed "numerical" information on stage bosses and units alike.

Opinions of best units/best characters to use-

-Here's my list of what I think is totally a "hammer" combo of units in 
this game.

Front Row All-Stars (in no real best order)-

1. General- These guys are insanely strong and tough. Tristan and 
Debonair are truly front-line hammers.

2. Dragoon- Fenril, Slust, and Fogel are dynamic opponents for the 
enemy. They are fearsomely strong with three attacks in the front.

3. Paladin- These guys are fantastic, with three attacks.

4. Samurai Master- Again, just like the Paladin, only faster in agility 
(little less HP) and three attacks.

5. Ninja Master- Phenominal agility and good intelligence, they make a 
good "bad guy" front liner.

6. Zombie Dragon- A GIGANTIC sponge who can absorb insane amounts of 
damage, while protecting the rest of your unit. Their combat abilities 
are only average to good, but they are awesome for protective purposes.

Back Row All-Stars (in no real best order)-

1. Princess- A rare treat to get, but the Princess is in my opinion the 
best character class in the game. The most powerful white magic attack 
in the game, plus the +1 Attack bonus to your entire unit (including 
herself!) if she is the unit leader. Can't best that!

2. Lich- Another rare treat, but more common than the Princess, three 
all-hit magic spells in the back usually sends enemies to an early 
grave quickly and efficiently.

3. Titan- Their "Wind Shot" spell is VERY strong for a "monster" class 
character. This causes good damage to any small targets, and utterly 
decimates magician-type characters if it connects.

4. Sorcerer- Well, sometimes you can't get a Lich. Really good, but 
just two all-hit spells instead of three, and he only recruits second-
rate undead creatures.

5. Devil- Evil at its finest, this little dude possesses the most 
powerful black magic attack in the game. He only drops his meteors once 
per combat, but they HURT.

6. Seraphim- If you can't get a Princess, for a white magic super 
attack, she's probably your next best thing.

7. Sylph- Same goes with the Seraphim. Can't get a Princess? She's 
good. The Magic Missile attack does wonders of damage. Sylphs are 
really intelligent and are ungodly agile, so they're really hard to hit 
to boot.

8. Flare Brass/Platinum Dragon/Tiamat- The super-powers of each class 
of dragon, with powerful all-hit back row magic attacks. It takes a LOT 
of work to get a Flare Brass or Platinum Dragon (the evil Tiamats are 
EASY to get but aren't as good of fighters!) but it pays off!

Super-Good Unit Combos- (these are some of my personal favorite units)

1. Front Row- Two or three Paladins/Samurai Masters
Back Row- Two or three (depending on the front) Muses or Enchanters

-This unit is a HAMMER of a good-guy unit. These guys (and gals) can 
liberate cities at will with usual good bonuses to your reputation, and 
they have so many attacks (a good bit of which strike the whole unit) 
that most enemies die very quickly.

2. Front Row- Two Paladins
Back Row- Two Nixies and a Princess (usually Aisha turned into one)

-This unit has a lot of powerful attacking potential. Nixies who can 
cast TWO Ice Storms instead of one become double the trouble. The 
Paladins strike FOUR times as well, but are in the front mostly as an 
insurance policy for safety.

3. Front Row- Nothing
Back Row- Two Titans and a Princess (usually Norn turned into one)

-Titans who can strike THREE Wind Shots per combat become so nasty you 
should see what this does to enemy units. Norn usually dishes out about 
90 damage to each opponent since her INT is around 160 or so! 'Nuff 
said about these guys.

4. Front Row- One Iron Golem
Back Row- Three Cherubims/Seraphims

-This is what I like to do with Yushis and her unit. The Iron Golem in 
the front is a bit of an enigma, but Iron Golems are actually pretty 
good. Especially if you drop a couple speed and vitality potions on 
him. The white magic from the back provides excellent support.

5. Front Row- Two Wraiths
Back Row- Two Phantoms and either a Devil or a Lich

-This is a phenominal "bad guy" dark unit. UNTOUCHABLE to any form of 
attack except white magic, these guys make good for beating up units 
you don't want your good guys to fight. Undead can care less about 
Alignment and Charisma. And if you're looking for Figaro's Durandal 
Sword, most of the units in the Kalbian Peninsula stage will be WELL 
BEHIND your own units by this time, so send out all of your evil guys 
and mop the floor with the enemy! And check out the damage this unit 
can do when the sun goes down!

5. Front Row- Three Ninja Masters
Back Row- One Tiamat

-This is another great "bad guy" unit. You can also swap the a Ninja 
Master or two into the back row if you need some good all-hit ninjutsu 
for the coming fight.

6. Front Row- One Zombie Dragon
Back Row- One Muse and two Sylphs

-A weird combo, but really effective. Your unit will also move quite 
quickly over water as well, due to the presence of the Zombie Dragon! 
And if the Sylphs and Muse can't finish off an enemy, the Zombie Dragon 
puking all over it probably will. :)

7. Front Row- One Dragoon (Fenril, Slust, or Fogel)
Back Row- Two "ultimate dragons" of their matching element (ie, 
Platinum for Fenril, Brass for Slust, and Tiamat for Fogel)

-A very powerful stomper unit. Don't worry about your Dragoon being all 
by him/herself in the front, they will be able to hold their own. The 
Dragoon will also really boost the stats of the dragons of their 
matching element as well.

8. Front Row- Three Werewolves
Back Row- One Vampire and one Werewolf

-A sundown ONLY unit. These guys will be absolutely worthless during 
the day (sarchasm alert- four Lycanthropes and a Coffin=AWESOME!!!!), 
so remember- combat at night-time only! The Werewolves will have so 
many attacks it'll make the enemy's head spin. Plus use your battle 
tactics carefully and zap stuff like enemy Sorcerers and Enchanters and 
the like with the Vampire's "Charm" spell, and laugh at the hilarity 
insuing as the Enchanter or whatnot starts casting Acid Clouds on his 
own allies! :)

-Those are some of my favorite suggestions, but make what units you 
want. After all, true knowledge is best gained through your own 
experience and experimentation.

Cheats and Easter Eggs

-There really aren't any ways to cheat in this game, but there are two 
"codes" that you can use to get some more enjoyment out of this game. 
Both cheats are accomplished by entering these as your name in the New 
Game area where Warren reads your fortune with the tarot.

1) Enter name as "MUSIC/ON" 

-This lets you listen to all of the music tracks in the game (except 
for the ending credits music, you must win the game for that.) Nothing 
really special, except if you just wish to listen to some of the game's 
good music tracks like "Santa's Coming", "Go-Go March" and "Thunder". 

2) Enter name as "FIRESEAL"

-This lets you play the ultra-hidden secret stage of "Dragon's Heaven", 
which is not accessable in the normal story mode. This is a one-time 
play level, where you start with very strong characters (around Level 
15 or so) and $300,000. This is a roughly tough stage, as the enemy is 
strong as well. Enjoy, as once you beat this stage you get a fairly 
cheesy ending description and then the game's credits. What units you 
get to play with in this scenario depend on your answers to the tarot 
card questions.


-There are supposedly 12 or 13 different endings in Ogre Battle, only 
four or five of which I have actually seen. You will know which ending 
you will get depending on what Tarot Card you receive for your rating 
at the end. The endings I have gotten are:

-Tower (the very first time I played through the game, on the SNES 
version, when I was 14. Boy, did I suck at it then. Had 78 chaos pts.)
-Emperor (Lord character ascends the throne, 100 chaos pts.)
-World (theoretically the "very best" ending in this game, 100 pts.)
-Empress (female Lord takes the throne, 100 pts.)
-Priestess (female Lord marries Prince Tristan, became Queen, 100 pts.)

Information About the Author

-Well, some of you will probably skip right over this, but, well, 
here's a little information about me:

-I'm a native Wisconsinite, and I attend college at the University of 
Wisconsin at Madison (aka, "The Badgers")
-I am a rower on the UW-Men's Rowing ("Crew") Team, and have rowed on 
the team for three years, and have one medal at national championships.
-I am studying French and language for my major, and wish to teach 
French someday.
-I played soccer for a good number of years back in the day when I was 
a kid. I have 14 years of experience, but I wasn't that good.
-On September 9th, 2004, I will be 22 years old.
-I've had my fare share of rowing medals, but a fellow teammate of mine 
won gold in the Olympic USA Men's 8+ in rowing at Athens this year, 
2004. Congrats, Beau, you're the finest athlete I've ever known. You 
were one of my biggest sources for inspiration in our sport. :)


-Video Games (hah, that was a no-brainer!) such as: 

Ogre Battle, games in the Resident Evil series (Gamecube version only), 
games in the Metal Gear series, Super Smash Brothers, Driver (smashing 
into police cars is kinda funny, acting like a Blues Brother), Final 
Fantasy series (though I've moved away from playing those, as I took my 
older bro's advice that RPGs are DEADLY to your grades in college), any 
of the Mega-Man games (the X series 1-3 are my favorites) and some 
limited computer games- Heroes of Might and Magic 3 (I'm EXTREMELY good 
at that game; there is a BAD reputation of a player named "Emperor 
Egley" --ie, me-- somewhere on the internet, as this character 
frequently kills EVERYONE he plays, and Conflux OWNZ, yo'!), and 
Starcraft-- I only play BroodWar, as the old edition is heavily 
unbalanced (ie, Protoss are too bad-@$$ and Terran flat out suck!) I am 
very good at Starcraft, but not phenominal, I don't play it all hours 
of the day! :) And I have played Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and 
Battlefield: Desert Combat from time to time on network play.

Some crazy and stupid tough video game accomplishments of mine:
1) Beating Resident Evil as Chris on Hard mode. Beating it as Jill on 
"Real Survival" WITHOUT cheating using the "Grenade Launcher Glitch". 
However, I'm not stupid or insane enough to try "Invisible Enemy".
2) Beating MGS: Twin Snakes on Extreme.
3) Beating MGS2: Substance on Extreme, and completing 93% of the VR 
missions (the last five missions as MGS1 Snake are practically 
IMPOSSIBLE without cheating) and nabbing all the Dog Tags.
4) Beating Ogre Battle and getting the best ending.
5) Beating the Heroes of Might and Magic 3 campaigns without cheating.
6) Beating the Starcraft campaigns (both versions) without cheating.
7) Beating Doom 64 on the "WATCH ME DIE!!!" difficulty setting (I tell 
you, fighting four Cyberdemons on the second to last level, three of 
them at once, is NOT my definition of fun.)
8) Beating Star Wars 64: Shadows of the Empire on Jedi setting, 
collecting all the challenge points.
9) Beating Fallout 2 by liquoring up the final boss, Frank Horrigan. 
Used the Mutated Toe on him, too. Then shot him repeatedly in the 
eyeballs with the Gauss Rifle, and used the Vindicator Minigun. :)
10) Beating Ninja Gaiden 3 on the NES, which was terribly hard because 
there's a glitch in the USA version where you take massive damage when 
11) Beating the original MGS1 on the PSX on "Extreme".
12) Fully beating all the missions on MGS: VR Missions on the PSX.
13) Earning all the cheats on Perfect Dark without using a Gameshark or 
whatnot to get them. Plus I just plain owned the Combat Simulator 
against ANYONE I've ever played. Bond included, too, with great 
abilities for Deathmatch and also got all the cheats.
14) Beating Hexen 64 as all three characters on the hardest difficulty.
15) Beating Final Fantasy V, by far the hardest FF ever made.

There are more, but they slip my mind at the time.

Favorite Video Games:

Resident Evil (Gamecube re-make)
Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake (the one on the MSX)
Super Conflict (a fun old SNES strategy game pitting the former USSR 
and the USA in a fantasy war setting in the middle-east. Fun to play 
against a friend)
Heroes of Might and Magic 3
Starcraft: Brood War
Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance
Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes
International Superstar Soccer 64
Super Smash Brothers 64
Ogre Battle
Megaman X-3
Perfect Dark
Fallout 1 and 2
Driver: You are the Wheelman (PSX)

Hated Video Games (games I despise):

Race Drivin' (play this gem on the SNES, I dare you.)
Final Fantasy V (I HATED Exdeath and everything about him. Game-play is 
GREAT; storyline SUCKS!)
Super Noah's Ark 3D (ran across this SNES game on the internet, god, 
does it suck! What a crazy rip-off of Wolfenstein 3D!)
Final Fantasy 8 (BLAUGHHH!!!!)
Any games that are totally japanimation, such as Xenogears, Phantasy 
Star Online, and whatnot.
Neverwinter Nights (HIGHLY addictive, and you meet some REAL nerds 
there. Plus everyone practically tries the same path- Red Dragon 
Disciple, which has been banned on many servers)
Starcraft (original version on-line) -HIGHLY unbalanced, everyone 
online always plays as Protoss. Little teenagers backstab everywhere. 
Hense why "CaptainJeffrey" (me on Battle.net) refuses to play ANY 
"Melee" type games or ANY maps without the "Blizzard Seal of Approval" 
(meaning it's an untampered map file.) It's "Free-for-All" for me, and 
an official Blizzard map, or I don't play. I've had enough of me 
playing and killing all the enemies only to get backstabbed by my 
immature kiddie allies.
Heroes of Might and Magic 1- the computer CHEATS SO ROYALLY in this 
game it isn't even FUNNY.
Heroes of Might and Magic 3 on-line, before version patch- Castle was 
SERIOUSLY unbalanced (Angels and Archangels costing only MONEY), glad 
to see it fixed. Fortress was also horribly WEAK, and they've since 
suped-up the reptiles' power. I've never lost a game of Heroes 3 where 
you had to eliminate opponents to win, but I was just annoyed at how 
many people played as Castle all the time. Also seen many of the 
kiddies have stopped playing as Castle since that patch fix happened, 
too. :)

There's my stuff about video games.

-Rowing, I got into it after getting into college and just walking on 
the team and making it. Finally found a sport I was good at. There's 
more info about me in the athletic field on the Wisconsin University 
webpage at www.wisc.edu. Just go to athletics, "Men's Rowing", and then 
click on my name in the bios. You also get to see a picture of my 
FABULOUS mug. Creepy, aren't I? :)

-Soccer, swimming, and just working out in general to stay fit and 

-Sleeping late whenever I get the opportunity.

-I also play (or at least used to) a table-top board/strategy wargame 
called "Warhammer 40000", made by GW (Games-Workshop.) I have recently 
stopped playing, but I still have all of my fully-painted figures 
packed away somewhere (I used to love to do artwork, so my paint-jobs 
aren't bad, but not 'Eavy Metal or high experience quality.) 

I have roughly 9000 points of Blood Angels (started them back in 1997), 
2500 points of Eldar (Biel-Tan craftworld), 2000 points of Tyranids 
(Tiamat Brood), and 1000 points of Imperial Guard (UED Earth Defense 
Force.) I have stopped playing because this hobby has become FAR too 
expensive, not to mention in my opinion the niceness of social gaming 
is going down the toilet these days. People I run into to play take 
this game too damn seriously.

-I am a super fanatic of playing "Space Hulk", another GW board game, 
which is basically GW's total and direct rip-off of the movie "Aliens" 
(which is also one of my favorite movies.) My friends and I always love 
playing Space Hulk, a classic "Man vs. Alien" board game. Making your 
own maps and missions (the ones in the book are by far way too easy and 
non-involving for the Marines) with the floor-tiles and whatnot in the 
box. I actually own two copies of the game, for more floor tiles and 

-Well, that's all about me.


-This Ogre Battle FAQ is completely UNofficial and is not 
endorsed/affiliated with Enix, Quest, Atlus, or any of the developing 

-Please do not distribute portions of this FAQ and take credit for any 
work you have not done. Plagurism sucks, man, so NEVER do it. Should 
you wish to use this FAQ on your website, please just e-mail me. I am 
near certain that I would not refuse your offer.

-You may copy this FAQ in its ENTIRITY without ANY alteration for your 
own personal use.

-This FAQ was authored by Jeff Egley (myself), with no co-authors. All 
description and work therein was fully typed and written by me. All of 
the opinions/errata are my experiences with playing through this game 
several times.

-There were several borrowed exerpts I used from Daniel's FAQ (also 
located on GameFaqs) consisting of:

1) Several statistics on several characters in this game.
2) A couple parts on a checklist to pursuing a very good ending.
3) A couple of ways to get special characters (namely a way to get Galf 
and Deneb, some of the "bad" characters in this game.)
4) A couple bodyguard information on stage bosses- namely I had already 
played through the stage and didn't want to check back that far :)

Contact Information-

You can contact me at my student e-mail address listed at the top of 
this FAQ. Feel free to drop me a line, but please remember these 
golden-rule conditions:

1) Do not e-mail me with flame/hate/spam e-mail. Constructive criticism 
is OKAY to a mild part, but anything else I don't like at all. This 
will promptly get you put on my block list.
2) Don't e-mail me if the answer you are looking for can be found in 
this FAQ. Read through this first, and THEN if you are stumped, drop me 
a line. If your question is good and valid, I will respond.
3) Don't ask me stupid questions.
4) Don't ask me anything about my personal life or how rowing is going 
with me or whatnot. It's not your business, and not important to a 
person such as yourself whom I do not know and will most likely never 
ever see.
5) Do not submit my e-mail address to porn sites or whatnot. I get 
enough viagra advertisements as it is, and if I find out you did it, a 
very mean Jeff will come and visit you and knock your lights out. :)
6) I am a senior in college, so there are many priorities I have. I 
will probably get around to your question, though. Have patience.
8) "Don't be stupid." It's a rule we have in rowing, and anything not 
listed above falls under this rule. Use your best judgement. :)

-That should be all. WHEW, what a lot of typing! Enjoy the read, and 
better yet, a very involving and excellent gem of a game! -Jeff.

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