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Guide and Walkthrough by Syonyx

Version: 2.01 | Updated: 03/31/2006
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2004

                        ~~~ ODDWORLD: ABE'S ODDYSEE ~~~

  *being the first installment of the first game of the Oddworld Quintology*

     |                                                                   |
     :   --- Syonyx presents for your gaming pleasure ---                :
     |                                                                   |
     :          *** A Complete FAQ/Walkthrough ***                       :
     |                                                                   |
     :                                             Version the Second    :
     |                                                                   |


  "No menus.

   No inventory bars.

   No scorekeeping.

   Just infinite lives, victims

   to rescue, and inexplicably

   challenging gameplay."

OO_                          /                   \                          _OO
  _=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-={  TABLE OF CONTENTS  }=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=_
OO                           \___________________/                           OO

           1. Welcome                          Walkthrough (cont.)
               -On this guide                    5.7 Scrabania
               -On Oddworld                      5.8 Scrabanian Temple
           2. Species and Characters             5.9 Free-fire Return
           3. Game Basics                        5.10 RuptureFarms Revisited
               -Controls                               5.10.1 Zulag 1
               -Gamespeak                              5.10.2 Zulag 2
               -Tools & Obstacles                      5.10.3 Zulag 3
           4. Mudokon & Secret Index                   5.10.4 Zulag 4
           5. Walkthrough                              5.10.5 Boardroom
               5.1 RuptureFarms             6. Endings
                    5.1.1 Zone 1            7. Messages from the Odd
                    5.1.2 Zone 2                -Movie Poetry
                    5.1.3 Zone 3                -Monsaic Story Stones
               5.2 Stockyard Escape             -RuptureFarms L.E.D. Screens
               5.3 Free-fire Zone           8. In Closing
               5.4 Monsaic Lines                -About the Author
               5.5 Paramonia                    -Legal Disclaimer
               5.6 Paramonian Temple            -Thanks

** Version history **
  2.01 - 31 Mar 06.  Added tip from reader in Free-fire Return section.
  2.0 - 15 Feb 06.  Revised entire walkthrough and updated info on Oddworld
  1.1 - 11 Jun 04.  Added the outline map for Zulag 1 and corrected typos.
  1.0 - 9 Feb 04.  Most of what you see here completed.

::------------------------------- /           \ -----------------------------::
 :-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-{ 1. WELCOME  }-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-:
::--------------------------------\___________/ -----------------------------::

   ~  ON THIS GUIDE  ~

The first thing I'll say is, if you haven't played through the game on your own
yet, what are you waiting for!  Please try to play it through on your own at
least once before reading this guide, because there's a wonderful process of
discovery and surprises that really make the game a joy, like finding abilities
you didn't know you had, but really could have been using all along.

With that said, welcome to my guide for Abe's Oddysee on the Sony Playstation.
My name is Syonyx, and I love Oddworld.  I wrote this guide at a fairly late
date after the release of the game.  Why?  Because gamefaqs.com was still
without a proper full guide to this exquisite game.  I hope that you are able
to make good use of it.  Hopefully I can help a few people find those last few
elusive Mudokons preventing them from achieving a perfect game, or support new
generations of gamers experiencing the Odd for their first time.  If this guide
was able to help, if you need some additional help with a particular puzzle, or
if you just like what you see, please feel free to let me know at [syonyx_faqs
at yahoo dot com].

This version (2.0) was completed February 15, 2006.

   ~  ON ODDWORLD  ~

Oddworld is the setting for a number of games created by Oddworld Inhabitants
(OI).  The plan has been for a Quintology (i.e. five games).  The first
installment is Abe's Oddysee.  The second is Munch's Oddysee (on Xbox).  But it
doesn't stop there.  We also have Abe's Exoddus, which is not a direct part of
the quintology, but rather is considered a bonus game to the first part.  OI
stated at one point that each installment would have at least one bonus game.
Most recently, OI released Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath (on Xbox), which is
neither part of the quintology nor a bonus game to either of the other existing
parts.  Rather, it is a story set in a more distant corner of Oddworld,
expanding our view of the world and its many inhabitants.  Stranger's Wrath is
an incredible game, and I strongly recommend it if you haven't played it yet.

In creating these games, OI has envisioned a unique, complex environment, where
player actions can affect the ecology and history of the planet.  Already, in
Abe's Oddysee, we see how RuptureFarms has put several species on or over the
brink of extinction, and Abe has the chance to start to reverse this trend.  As
a company, OI values creativity and independence, and would rather take the
time to release the game they wanted, versus rushing a product out just to hit
the market at a particular time.  This dedication shows in the fabulous
production design, attention to detail, and philosophical consistency that has
set their games apart.  I, for one, am very excited to see what's in store for
Oddworld in the coming years.

Unfortunately, this wait may be longer than I had originally anticipated.
Shortly after the release of Stranger's Wrath, OI announced that they were
ceasing in-house game production, meaning that as a company they would no
longer program games themselves.  Rather, Lorne Lanning (OI's founder and
president) has stated that the company will focus on developing characters and
storylines for movies and games that others will actually produce.  He also
expressed dissatisfaction with the way games are currently made and financed,
and would be seeking out new business models of game development.  Many
doomsayers see this as the end of Oddworld, but there's no reason to give up
hope yet.  Oddworld is important to Lorne, and if there's a way I'm sure he'll
manage to revive the series.  So keep an eye out for news, which may or may not
involve previously mentioned games such as Fangus, Munch's Exoddus, or Squeek's
Oddysee, and hold true to all that is Odd!

::------------------------- /                        \ ----------------------::
 :-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-={ 2. SPECIES & CHARACTERS  }-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=:
::------------------------- \________________________/ ----------------------::

To start understanding the game, we need to understand the players.

      ~~~~~ MUDOKONS ~~~~~

Once a proud, spiritual people, Mudokons have largely been reduced to slavery.
They are the disposable, abuseable workforce of the Glukkons.  Skinny, green,
tightly muscled little dudes.

   WORKER MUDOKONS: Even years of hard labor hasn't totally broken their
                    spirits.  Give them the chance for freedom and they'll jump
                    at it.  Their sense of humour is intact as well, at least
                    when it comes to farting.
   NATIVE MUDOKONS: Some Mudokons still roam free, trying to preserve the old
                    ways of life.  Prove yourself to them, and the spiritual
                    powers they safeguard might be loaned out to help you in
                    your noble quest.
   BIGFACE: Shaman, mystic, and Abe's guide to discovering his destiny.  Trust
            in his wisdom.
   ABE: Hero or schmuck?  Only you can decide.  His fate is in your hands.

     ~~~~~ GLUKKONS ~~~~~

Cigar-chomping, pug-ugly, zoot suit-wearing, harsh taskmasters and the brains
behind the exploitative meat-packing regime.  Their only concern is for the
bottom line, making them willing to sacrifice even their own workforce to keep
the money rolling in.  Apparently they are not fans of sustainable development.

   MOLLUCK: Director of RuptureFarms and chair of the company board.

     ~~~~~ SLIGS ~~~~~

Squids in mechanical pants, if you can imagive such a thing.  If the Glukkons
are the brains, then Sligs are the brawn behind the slaughterhouse operations.
Trigger-happy and unforgiving, they'll open fire on any Mudokon caught moving
about freely.  Their sharp hearing is offset by their laziness; they can often
be caught sleeping on the job.  Sneak carefully by when they're not looking and
you might make it out alive.

     ~~~~~ SLOGS ~~~~~

A Slig's best friend.  While seemingly dog-like, a closer look reveals nothing
more than a pair of legs and a gaping, razor-toothed maw.  The only thing they
like better than meat on the move (i.e. you), is meat already dead on the

     ~~~~~ SCRABS ~~~~~

These wild russet-colored creatures are swift and deadly.  Standing tall and
proud, they are fiercely territorial.  Any encounter with another Scrab will
result in a ritualistic battle to the death.  If there's only one around,
though, you'd better run!

     ~~~~~ PARAMITES ~~~~~

Little green spider-crab-puppy-like creatures.  Curious on their own, they'll
follow Abe around hoping for a piece of meat to snack on.  Back one into a
corner, however, or meet up with more than one at a time, and watch out or else
you'll be the meat.

     ~~~~~ SHRYKULL ~~~~~

Part Scrab, part Paramite, all trouble.  This ancient demigod has spiritual
ties to the Mudokons.  If Abe can face his destiny, he might learn to call on
the incarnation of this devastating figure.  When this happens, enemies of
freedom beware!

     ~~~~~ ELUM ~~~~~

Elum is a, um, er...  Well, whatever he is, he's Abe's loyal friend, following
him around and letting him ride him, boldly leaping great distances in a single
bound.  He's got a terrible sweet tooth, though, and if he can find some honey,
he won't listen to a thing Abe has to say.

     ~~~~~ BATS ~~~~~

Small and leathery.  They must be vampires, because they can kill Abe with just
one touch.  They flutter about unpredictably, so watch them carefully.

     ~~~~~ BEES ~~~~~

Live in hives (duh).  Most likely of the killer variety, they will wipe Abe out
with prolonged stinging.  Fortunately, they have a short attention span, so if
Abe can pass them off to someone or something else, he may stand a chance of

     ~~~~~ FIREFLIES ~~~~~

Swarming glowbugs that have somehow learned to spell.  Chant near them to
receive their secret messages.  They're just about the only living thing around
that isn't going to kill you.

::----------------------------- /               \ ---------------------------::
 :-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-={ 3. GAME BASICS  }-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-:
::----------------------------- \_______________/ ---------------------------::

   ----------== CONTROLS ==----------

           Walk: Direction pad (L) or (R)
            Run: R1 + (L) or (R)
          Sneak: R2 + (L) or (R)
         Crouch: X
           Roll: (L) or (R) while crouching    **Quick roll: X while running
        Jump up: (U)
            Hop: Triangle
      Long jump: Triangle while running
Enter door/well: (U) while standing in front of it
          Chant: Any 2 shoulder buttons (L1+L2, L1+R1, L1+R2, R1+R2, etc.)
   Pick up item: 1) Crouch over top of it
                 2) Crouch next to it + Square
          Throw: Hold O + (forward)--> far forward
                        + (up)--> high arc
                        + (back)--> sharp high arc
                        + (down)--> downward
                        + (any direction while crouching)--> short toss
       Tap bomb: Square while crouching beside it
       Touch stone/hand panel: (U) while standing in front of it

   ----------== GAMESPEAK ==----------

In addition to moving Abe around, you'll often need to move other folks around
too.  So talk to 'em!

            L1 + Triangle: "Hello"         L2 + Triangle: High Whistle
            L1 + Square: "Follow me"       L2 + Square: "Heh heh heh"
            L1 + X: "Wait"                 L2 + X: Low Whistle
            L1 + O: "Grrr"                 L2 + O: Fart

You may also get the opportunity to take control of a Slig in the game.  They
can talk too!  Other combinations allow them to make other sounds and effects,
but these are all of the most important ones.

            (Sligspeak)  L1 + Triangle: "Hi"
                         L1 + Square: "Here boy"
                         L1 + X: "Get 'im"
                         L2 + Triangle: High grunt
                         L2 + X: Low grunt
                         L2 + O: "Look out!"

   ----------== TOOLS & OBSTACLES ==----------

Abe has to watch out for more than just the living creatures that want to kill
and eat him.  There's plenty of inanimate stuff that can be just as deadly.


    Land Mines: Small, domed, glowing red, these explode on contact.
    Flying Mines: Silver spheres of death.  They fly about in pre-set patterns
                  and will explode upon the lightest touch.
    UXBs: These cylindrical, rotating, blinking objects have two modes: active
          and inactive.  When active, tread carefully.  They can be rendered
          inactive by tapping them when they blink green.
    Order Bombs: These are safe until you tap them, after which you have a
                 couple seconds to get away.


    Electric fences: Don't touch!  Find the switch to deactivate them instead.
    Meat saws: These litter RuptureFarms, and will make sushi out of anything
               they touch.  Some can be controlled, others have to carefully
               negotiated to get by them.
    Chant Droids: Whether it's a multi-armed floating robot, or simply a red
                  orb with a red glowing core, it'll zap you if you try to
                  chant, knocking you over and making you drop any rocks, meat,
                  or bombs that you're carrying.  Did I mention that it will
                  also activate those bombs?
    Motion Detectors: Red beams that sweep across the screen.  Stand still and
                      you'll be safe when they pass you.  Otherwise, they'll
                      trigger an alarm, and who knows what'll happen then?
    Security Doors: Only Sligs can talk to the voice locks, mimicking them to
                    grant passage.


    Levers: Green-knobbed sticks that perform a variety of functions.
    Pull Rings: Jump up underneath to pull them, usually opening a trapdoor.
    Story Stones/Directories: Touch these for valuable game information.
    Rock/Meat sacks: Hit these to knock out a rock or piece of meat.
    Rock/Meat: Throw them strategically to blow up mines or distract your foes.
    Boom Machines: Like a vending machine, only instead of soda you get
    Grenades: Ready one for throwing to activate its timer.  You have six
              bleeps until it explodes.


    Bird portals: Chant to open them.  Some free your friends, others stay open
                  for Abe to jump through.
    Mudokon Statue Indicators: Give you a running tally of your rescues/losses.
    LED Screens: Read the messages for hints and instructions.

::----------------------- /                          \ ----------------------::
 :-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-{ 4. MUDOKON & SECRET INDEX  }=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-:
::----------------------- \__________________________/ ----------------------::

                |      Area        | # of Mudokons  | Running |
                |                  | Open  | Secret |  Total  |
                |RuptureFarms      |       |        |         |
                |  Zone 1          |   2   |        |         |
                |    +Secret 1     |       |   3    |         |
                |    +Secret 2     |       |   2    |         |
                |    +Secret 3     |       |   2    |         |
                |    +Secret 4     |       |   1    |         |
                |  Zone 2          |  12 (2 in shadows)       |
                |    +Secret 5     |       |   3    |         |
                |  Zone 3          |   0   |        |         |
                |    +Secret 6     |       |   3    |     28  |
                |Stockyard Escape  |   1   |        |         |
                |    +Secret 7     |       |   2    |     31  |
                |Free-Fire Zone    |   0   |        |         |
                |    +Secret 8     |       |   2    |         |
                |    +Secret 9     |       |   4    |         |
                |    +Secret 10    |       |   1    |         |
                |    +Secret 11    |       |   1    |         |
                |    +Secret 12    |       |   1    |     40  |
                |Monsaic Lines     |   0   |        |         |
                |Paramonia         |   0   |        |         |
                |Paramonian Temple |   0   |        |         |
                |  +Secret 13      |       |   3    |     43  |
                |Scrabania         |   0   |        |         |
                |Scrabanian Temple |   0   |        |         |
                |  +Secret 14      |       |   2    |         |
                |  +Secret 15      |       |   1    |         |
                |  +Secret 16      |       |   3    |     49  |
                |Stockyard Return  |   0   |        |         |
                |RuptureFarms      |       |        |         |
                | Revisited        |       |        |         |
                |  Zulag 1         |       |        |         |
                |      Zone 3      |   1   |        |         |
                |      Zone 2      |  11   |        |         |
                |      Zone 1      |  13   |        |         |
                |  Zulag 2         |   9   |        |         |
                |  Zulag 3         |  10   |        |         |
                |  Zulag 4         |   5   |        |         |
                |  Boardroom       |   1   |        |    *99* |

::---------------------------- /               \ ----------------------------::
 :-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-={ 5. WALKTHROUGH  }=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-:
::---------------------------- \_______________/ ----------------------------::

          |                   5.1 RUPTUREFARMS                     |

For this walkthrough, I have divided this section into 3 'Zones', though they
aren't labelled as such within the game.  You'll know that you're changing
zones when there's a brief cutscene as the camera swings to a new area.  To
further illustrate, I have included maps of these 3 zones.  On the maps below,
one square represents one screen in the game.

------                                       S = Secret area entrance
Zone 1                                       M = Mudokon
Start           mines    fence
 _|_ ___ ___ ___ _|_ ___ _|_ ___ ___
|   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
|_ _|___|___|___|_ _|M _|_M_|_ _|__ |<--lift
 |S|             |S| |S|     |S||   |
|MM |           |   |   |   |   |___|-------> to Zone 2
|_ _|           |_MM|_ _|   |_ _|
|   |           |   |   |   |   |
|M__|           |___|_MM|   |M__|

Zone 2

 Start          falling                         exit
 here            meat                           door
 _|_ ___ ___ ___ _|_ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ _____|_ ___ ___ ___
|   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
|_M_|_M_|___|_ _|___|___|_M_|_M_|_M_|___|_M_|___|___|_MM|_MM|_MM|--->to Zulag 2
             |S|                              |                      (closed)
            |   |                             |
            |_M_|                             |
            |   |                         To Zone 3

------               ___
Zone 3              |   |
------              |_ _|___ ___
            exit ---|   |   |MMM| electric fence
            Zulag 1 |_ _S_ _ ___|_|_
                    |   |   |   |   |
                      |       |
                    Boom    Start
                 Machine    here

            |  5.1.1---ZONE 1  |

You know this is going to be a great game when there's a secret on the very
first screen!  Walk right until Abe's lower half is obscured by the barrel in
the foreground, then press down to lower yourself to the first of many secret
areas throughout the game.  If this is your first play-through, you might be
better off skipping this part for now until you're more familiar with the
  ----------/*** SECRET AREA 1 ***\-------------------------------------------
 | Hop from the edge of the upper platform to land beside the left meat saw.  |
 | Walk under the saw after it rises and pull the left lever.  Crouch and     |
 | roll back under the meat saw, which is now moving faster.  You'll end up   |
 | hanging from the far edge of the gap in the floor.  Drop down from here to |
 | the next screen.                                                           |
 |                                                                            |
 | Hop across the gap to end up hanging down beside the sleeping Slig.  This  |
 | disturbs his peaceful slumber.  Hoist up as he walks over the edge.  Pull  |
 | the lever up top as he walks over the trapdoor in the floor to drop him    |
 | into oblivion.  Now climb back up to the next screen where you see debris  |
 | falling from above.                                                        |
 |                                                                            |
 | Stand on the left side of the gap (if you're on the right, run across the  |
 | hole and you'll hang from the other side).  Say "Hello" to the first       |
 | Mudokon.  Say "Follow me" when the meat saw in front of him is moving      |
 | downward at about the level of his face.  This way, by the time Abe        |
 | finishes talking and the Mudokon says "Okay" and starts moving, he'll pass |
 | under the saw safely.  He stops at the edge of the gap.  Say "Follow me"   |
 | again to coax him over the edge.  Now run across the gap and hoist up the  |
 | other side, then walk under the first saw.  Pull the right lever, then say |
 | "Hello" to the next Mudokon (if the one below is still answering, tell him |
 | to "Wait", then wait a moment yourself for him to start working and stop   |
 | listening to you).  Tell the second Mudokon to "Follow me", then "Wait"    |
 | once he starts moving.  He's now right beside the meat saw.  Stand over    |
 | the lever and call him under the meat saw the same way you did the last    |
 | one.  Have him "Wait" beside you, pull the lever, then cross left under    |
 | the middle saw and across the gap.  Bring the Mudokon through to the edge  |
 | and have him walk over it.  Drop down to the next screen to join your      |
 | buds.                                                                      |
 |                                                                            |
 | Bring the Mudokons from the upper level to the bottom by having them       |
 | "Follow me" over the edge.  Once everyone is below, chant to open the bird |
 | portal and set them free.  If you scared away the portal, just climb up to |
 | the next screen and back down to make it reappear.  Climb up, go under the |
 | middle meat saw, hoist up to the top and back up to the starting screen    |
 | where the debris is falling.                                               |

Move to the right and climb up to the platform.  Continue right, enter the door
where the sign says 'door' and go right, then through the next door when the
Slig above has departed.  Continue right to the screen with the land mines.
Hop over the first gap, then run and jump across the second.  Walk onto the
next screen.  Possess the sleeping Slig and have him pull the lever on the left
to deactivate the electric fence ahead.  As the Slig, go right all the way to
the end and shoot the sleeping Slig there, then make yourself explode.  As Abe
once more, Go right, down, and do NOT pull the lever on the screen where the
Mudokon is standing on the trapdoor, or he will die!  Go left along the ground
to the Mudokon who is scrubbing the wall, where the first sleeping Slig was.
Hmm, can you hear something funny, like someone snoring?  But there's no one
asleep here!  They must be nearby...  Behind the barrel to the Mudokon's right
there is, you guessed it, another secret area!  Climb down behind the barrel to
access it.
  ----------/*** SECRET AREA 2 ***\-------------------------------------------
 | Jump across the gap to reach the Boom Machine on the upper left.  Press    |
 | the  green button to get a grenade.  Pick it up, then arm it, holding on   |
 | for now.  After the fifth beep, throw it far to the right to take out the  |
 | chant droid.  Possess the 2 Sligs in turn.  With the second in possession, |
 | walk right off the ledge.  Below, quickly turn and shoot the other Slig.   |
 | If he gets you first, then it's up to Abe: get a grenade and stand under   |
 | the left upper ledge.  Throw the grenade far to the right.  It'll bounce   |
 | off the wall, down, and over to the Slig below.  Once you're sure he's     |
 | dead  (you can drop down quickly and check), get another grenade and climb |
 | down to the next screen yourself.                                          |
 |                                                                            |
 | Throw the grenade under the chant droid.  Climb back up and down again to  |
 | regenerate the bird portal, then chant to set your buddies free.  Climb    |
 | back up two screens to exit this area, but grab another grenade first.     |

Now with grenade in hand, go right, jump to the upper level and walk left back
to the screen with the bunch of land mines.  Throw the grenade downward into
the right pit (the widest one).  Make sure to blow up at least the 3 left mines
in this pit.  Jump down and lower yourself down at the left edge of the barrel
in the foreground.  If you look closely, you can see some debris falling here.
  ----------/*** SECRET AREA 3 ***\-------------------------------------------
 | Hop from where you land to end up beside the meat saw.  Leave the Mudokons |
 | for a moment; they could never get past that fast-moving saw.  Go down one |
 | more screen, roll under the meat saw below and pull the lever.  Roll back  |
 | when the saw is rising and climb up to your pals.  One at a time, have them|
 | "Follow me" under the slower saw by saying it as the saw starts to go down.|
 | Coax them over the edge, follow them down and bring them to the lower      |
 | level, then make sure the first one "Waits" while you go back up and get   |
 | the other one.  Once they're both on the ground, roll under the saw and    |
 | pull the lever again, so that the saw down here is now the slower one.     |
 | Walk them under the saw one at a time again.  When they're both on the     |
 | left, make them "Wait" there while you climb up a screen and down again,   |
 | if the bird portal has disappeared.  Chant to free them and go back up.    |
 | You can do a one-step run and jump from the left side to grab the upper    |
 | ledge and climb out of this area.                                          |

Climb back up to the level above the mines, then go right past both Mudokons to
the screen with the pull ring.  Jump up to pull it and immediately run into the
hole it opened up in the floor.  Yet another secret!  Again, you can hear a
Slig snoring on this screen, which is the big tip-off.
  ----------/*** SECRET AREA 4 ***\-------------------------------------------
 | You land beside a Boom Machine.  Press the green button to get a grenade.  |
 | Stand over the green button, and throw it downward to the left so it falls |
 | beside the Slig below.  Once he's toast, get another grenade and climb     |
 | down through the gap under the chant droid, dropping to the next screen.   |
 |                                                                            |
 | You need to get rid of the land mine so that the Mudokon can reach the     |
 | bird portal.  Jump to the ground and move to the far right of the screen.  |
 | Crouch and toss the grenade toward the mine.  Once they both blow, climb   |
 | back up and then down again to make the bird portal return, then chant to  |
 | free the little green guy.  Climb back up.  Chant to open the bird portal  |
 | up top.  You'll take a zap from the chant droid, but it doesn't kill you.  |
 | A word of advice, however: don't be holding onto any grenades when you get |
 | zapped, because you'll drop and activate them, and you may not have time   |
 | to recover and escape before they go off!  Jump through the bird portal to |
 | escape.                                                                    |

Now that you've cleared all of the secrets here, lead the 2 Mudokons, one by
one, all the way to the right.  Have the first one "Wait" on the lift while you
get the other one.  The lever here can also be used to operate the lift, but
you won't be on it then, so just lower the lift manually.  Take both Mudokons
down and chant at the bottom to free them.  Enter the door to the packaging

            |  5.1.2---ZONE 2  |

Lead the Mudokons from this screen and the next to the right to reach the bird
portal.  Chant them free and climb up, continuing right.  Pull the lever when
the Slig is over the trapdoor to drop him down.  Notice that he doesn't yell as
he falls.  Hmm...  Pull the lever again and run into the hole yourself.  It's
another secret!
  ----------/*** SECRET AREA 5 ***\-------------------------------------------
 | Shadows!  Sneak to the left edge of the upper platform.  Sneak off of the  |
 | edge to land below when the Slig's back is turned.  He won't see you, but  |
 | he'll be alerted for a moment by the noise.  Wait for him to start         |
 | patrolling again and sneak right, lowering yourself down at the gap.       |
 |                                                                            |
 | Below, sneak under the meat saw and get a grenade from the Boom Machine.   |
 | It lands under the saw, so pick it up from the side.  Sneak under the saw  |
 | again and hoist back up to the top.  Pull yourself up when the Slig is     |
 | walking away, sneak one step left and hoist to the upper platform.  From   |
 | there, ready your grenade and let it fly on the fifth beep to destroy the  |
 | chant droid.  Now you can possess the Slig and destroy him.  Climb back    |
 | down again.                                                                |
 |                                                                            |
 | Get another grenade and jump across the gap to the upper left platform.    |
 | From the left edge by the wall, prime your grenade and toss it right to    |
 | the chant droid after the fifth beep.  Now you can possess the Slig and    |
 | run him into the land mine on the right below.                             |
 |                                                                            |
 | In control of Abe again, pull the lever on the ground to stop the meat     |
 | saw, then climb back up top to the next screen.  Stand on the right side   |
 | of the gap, opposite the Mudokon, and coax him to walk over the edge.      |
 | Carefully lower yourself down (don't walk off from the right edge, or      |
 | you'll land on the meat saw) and make him drop to the floor to join his    |
 | co-workers.  Chant to save them all, then climb back up and open the bird  |
 | portal there to get yourself out of this area.                             |

Walk right into the 'Grinding area'.  Hop across each gap between falling
carcasses.  Continue right out the other side.  Crouch and roll to the UXB and
tap it to deactivate it (it goes [red-red-red-green-{repeat}]).  Climb up and
walk to the next screen.  Make some noise to wake up the sleeping Sligs.  When
the right Slig walks over the trapdoor, pull the lever where you are to open it
and drop him to his doom.  This sometimes makes the other Slig shoot the poor
Mudokon, so you might want to wait until the other Slig's back is turned.
Either way, once you're down to just one Slig, possess him and blow him up.
Pull the lever on the upper right to deactivate the electric fence on the
previous screen to the left, then lead the Mudokon there and chant to set him
free.  Go right and up to the upper level (where the lever is) to continue.

On the next screen, the idea is to roll behind the pipe where the Slig in the
background can't shoot you.  You can, however, also just possess him from where
you enter this screen and blow him to little pieces.  Have the Mudokon "Follow
me" to the right, and make him "Wait" before you reach the meat saw.  Climb up
top and pull the lever to turn off said saw.  Walk off to the right up top.
Next, you could pull the lever when the Slig walks under the saw to make chop
suey out of him, but this would make getting the next few Mudokons difficult.
Instead, possess him.  Make him walk right all the way to the end.  There are 2
more Sligs for him to shoot.  Just make sure to yell "Look out!" before firing
if there are Mudokons around.  Along the way, you have to get past a pair of
meat saws; time your run under the first one well, as it's moving quickly.  At
the end of the path, blow him up.

As Abe, go right one more screen.  See the shadows there that make Abe
disappear when he walks into them?  Man, anything could be hiding in there.
Now's when a good sound system really helps, because it would let you hear the
MUDOKON HIDDEN IN THE SHADOWS as he scrubs the floor.  Say "Hello" to hear him
answer back, then lead him left 2 screens to that meat saw you deactivated, and
chant to free him and any other Mudokons you left there.  Continue on your
journey rightward.

Go past the screen with the door, carefully walking onto the next screen.  Roll
under both meat saws.  From the right side, have a Mudokon walk to beside the
right meat saw, "Wait" there, and say "Follow me" as the meat saw is coming
down at about head level, so that he'll walk under it safely when it has risen
again.  Bring him all the way to the right.  Repeat for the other worker
between the meat saws.  Get the Mudokon on the second-to-last screen, bring him
right, then go back and get the OTHER MUDOKON ON THIS SCREEN HIDDEN IN THE
SHADOWS beside the lever.  Bring him right then chant to free the whole bunch.
You can pull the lever in front of the round red light, and take the mine car
to Zulag 2, but it will be closed to you... for now.  Go left past the meat
saws and enter the door.

            |  5.1.3---ZONE 3  |

Out the other side of that doorway, run left and keep on running until you
reach a Boom Machine.  Grab a grenade and go up the lift, all the way to the
top.  Stand in the middle of the platform, crouch, and toss the grenade left to
clear the land mines below.  Don't go down here yet, though.  Take the lift
back down and get another grenade.  Run right to the next screen.  Jump and
hang from the ledge with the Slig.  As he walks off the ledge, pull yourself up
onto it.  From there, toss the grenade on the fifth beep to blow up the chant
droid, and possess the Slig.  Take him left to the lift and go up to the top.
Now, run off the right side of the lift and fall onto the small ledge with a
sleeping Slig below.  Once you get up, shoot the other guy and either blow
yourself up or walk off the edge to fall and go splat.  In control of Abe
again, go left and use the lever to call the lift back down to you.  Ride it to
the top and jump off to the right to land on that little ledge.  You can roll
off the screen to the right to reach the final secret of this stage!
  ----------/*** SECRET AREA 6 ***\-------------------------------------------
 | Stand up outside the pipe you rolled through.  Don't bother trying to run  |
 | across the trapdoors in the millisecond that they're closed.  Instead, hop |
 | across when the meat saws are up.  The first hop puts you between the      |
 | first two saws.  Next, do a double-hop after the far right saw goes up but |
 | the middle saw isn't coming down yet.  Be patient for the timing to work   |
 | out if you have to.  At the far end, roll into the pipe through to the     |
 | last trio of Mudokons.  Chant to send them through the bird portal, then   |
 | roll back through the pipe.  Roll into the gap where the right trapdoor is |
 | now open and drop down from there into familiar territory.                 |

Go left, call the lift again, ride it up, and NOW walk off the left side.
Climb down at the edge of the little platform, then roll off to the left from
the platform you land on.  A mildly amusing FMV follows.

**Note: make sure that you do indeed have all 28 Mudokons before leaving this
area (assuming you are going for a perfect game).  The most commonly missed
ones are, of course, the ones in the 6 secret areas, and the two that are
working in the deep shadows in that long horizontal stretch.

          |                 5.2 STOCKYARD ESCAPE                   |

Hop over the mine pit and read the helpful LED message overhead.  On the next
screen, IMMEDIATELY start chanting.  There's a Mudokon in the shadows below who
will soon get gored by the Scrab if you don't act fast.  Patiently walk, one
step at a time, past the Motion Detectors, pausing when the beams touch you.
Once you're across on the next screen, look for the secret door along the
bottom on the right edge.  There's a small orange light above it to
distinguish it from the rest of the shadows.
  ----------/*** SECRET AREA 7 ***\-------------------------------------------
 | The door takes you into the background on the next screen.  Run left and   |
 | chant on the next screen to open a bird portal.  Jump through it.  Now the |
 | real fun begins, where a single misstep spells certain doom.               |
 |                                                                            |
 | First of all, chant to open the permanent bird portal.  You'll need it     |
 | shortly, and you won't get another chance to open it.  Jump to the ground  |
 | and walk right onto the next screen.  This gets a Scrab's attention, so    |
 | run left and jump back up to the platform you started on.  Say "Hello" to  |
 | one of the Mudokons.  While you still have his attention, say "Follow me"  |
 | As the Scrab starts walking left.  When the Scrab approaches the left      |
 | wall, run and jump over him, then keep running for your life to the right. |
 | The Mudokon will follow you on the upper level.                            |
 |                                                                            |
 | The first screen you cross will be full-floored, but the next has a large  |
 | gap.  Jump from the edge while still running to get across, and don't stop |
 | yet!  On the following screen, there are 2 smaller gaps; jump over these   |
 | in rapid succession.  On the final screen, jump and hoist up to the ledge  |
 | on the far side.  Chant to free the Mudokon who followed you.  Now run     |
 | left when the Scrab is beneath you, and repeat your running/jumping frenzy |
 | in reverse order.  On the left, jump back up to the starting ledge.  Get   |
 | another Mudokon's attention and do it all over again.                      |
 |                                                                            |
 | Now that you've freed both Mudokons, on your run back to the left, don't   |
 | jump up to the ledge.  Instead, wait an extra step or two and jump into    |
 | the open bird portal to rescue yourself.  Aren't you glad that you opened  |
 | it earlier?                                                                |

Jump across the pit with the Scrab and continue to the left.  On the next
screen, when the Scrab runs to the right, run off the edge over him and jump up
on the far side, hoisting up immediately.  Jump across the gaps on the next
screen, with the slight added complication of the Motion Detector.  Jump across
the final pit and chant to see a special message from the fireflies swarming
overhead.  Continue on your journey.

          |                  5.3 FREE-FIRE ZONE                    |

Jump over the pit with two mines and continue to the next screen.  Hop over the
mine here and walk into the pit to hang from the far edge.  When the Slig
leaves, hoist up and stand in front of the rock, where you're invisible to
prying eyes.  When the Slig passes you coming back, sneak off to the next
screen and hide behind another rock.  When both the upper and lower Sligs here
leave, run to the ground and crouch behind the rock on the left.  When the
lower Slig passes you going right, stand and sneak to the left.  Hop over the
mine and lower yourself over the edge at this cliff.

Landing below, you'll find an inactive UXB and a chant protector.  Why don't
the bad guys want you to chant here?  There's nothing to possess.  Give it a
try.  You'll take a zap, but you'll also open the secret bird portal below (you
can just see it as the ring of birds rotates outward).  Drop to the ground and
jump through it.
  ----------/*** SECRET AREA 8 ***\-------------------------------------------
 | As soon as you land after coming through the portal, jump!  This way,      |
 | you'll hang from the far edge of the gap, avoiding getting shot.  Wait for |
 | the Slig to leave (it takes a while), then hoist up and run right.  Run    |
 | right to the surprised Slig and jump as soon as you pass him, so that you  |
 | end up hanging from the far edge of the gap in the floor ahead.  When the  |
 | coast is clear, stand up, turn around, and hop across the gap to the other |
 | side again.  Wait for the Sligs to return and leave once more, then pull   |
 | up, say "Hello" to a Mudokon above, and have him "Follow me" to the left,  |
 | away from the inactive UXB above.  Make him "Wait" and jump back across    |
 | the gap to hang before the mean green guys return.  Be patient.  You may   |
 | need to wait a while before both Sligs leave more or less at the same time,|
 | because they need to be away long enough for you to walk a Mudokon over    |
 | and hide yourself again.  If the top Slig sees a Mudokon move, he'll shoot |
 | him.                                                                       |
 |                                                                            |
 | Once both Mudokons are a few steps away from the UXB (they have to be at   |
 | least over the center of the beam supporting the upper level), wait for    |
 | the Sligs to leave again and climb to the upper platform.  Tap the UXB to  |
 | activate it, then roll right to the ground and get yourself hanging from   |
 | the gap again.  The upper Slig will stupidly walk into the bomb on his     |
 | next pass.  Climb up when you can and lead the pair of workers to the      |
 | left.  When the lower Slig is absent, chant to open the portals above and  |
 | below (if he's on the screen, his yelp at your chant will scatter the      |
 | birds before the portal can fully open).  Now all you have to do is get    |
 | yourself out.                                                              |
 |                                                                            |
 | Go back right and down to the ground.  Hop across the gap and wait for the |
 | Slig to leave before pulling yourself up.  Wait on the left edge of the    |
 | screen for him to walk back in.  As soon as he does, run left and jump     |
 | over the gap.  In the Slig's confusion, you'll have time to jump into your |
 | portal before anything unbecoming happens to you.                          |
 |                                                                            |
 | **Note: For some inexplicable reason, the lower Slig will sometimes run    |
 | himself off the edge of the platform and fall to his death.  This might be |
 | in response to the noise of the upper Slig beating the Mudokons, but the   |
 | exact details escape me.  If it happens to you, don't question it, just    |
 | thank the Oddworld deities that your life has just been made that much     |
 | easier.**                                                                  |

Back in non-secret land, activate the UXB and walk to the left.  On the next
screen, step out of the shadows when the Sligs' backs are turned.  As soon as
one spots you, run right and jump over the UXB, hoisting up to the ledge.  The
Slig will pursue you and blow himself up.

Go left again and sneak behind the one remaining Slig.  Please don't die here,
or you'll have to do that last damn secret all over again.  When you reach a
spot just to the right of the moon above, run, jump, and hoist up to the ledge
above immediately, avoiding the Slig's fire.  Advance 2 screens to the left.

When the group of bats have all but disappeared, jump to the cliff across the
gap.  Lower yourself down the ledges on the left side to reach a secret.
  ----------/*** SECRET AREA 9 ***\-------------------------------------------
 | When you land at the bottom, you wake a sleeping Slig.  Take one step to   |
 | the right and hop to hang from the far edge of the gap.  As soon as the    |
 | Slig turns and leaves, hoist up and follow him.  Wait at the right edge of |
 | the screen for him to return.  The moment he does, run past him, and jump  |
 | up to the middle platform on the next screen.  Chant to open the bird      |
 | portal (if the Slig has scared the birds away, wait for him to leave, hop  |
 | down, sneak onto the left screen and back again.  Get onto the ledge       |
 | before the Slig returns.  Now you can chant and open the portal without    |
 | interference).  Jump through when safe to do so.                           |
 |                                                                            |
 | Through the portal, possess the Slig that walks on-screen above you.  Walk |
 | him off the right side of the ledge and down to the ground.  There, shout  |
 | "Look out!" and shoot the 2 Sligs, then explode yourself.  As Abe, lead    |
 | the Mudokon to the LEFT.  Stand at the edge of the platform, face right,   |
 | and say "Follow me" repeatedly until the Mudokon steps off the edge (when  |
 | following, he ultimately ends up one step behind you, so since your back   |
 | is to the ledge, he walks over the edge).  Climb down and lead him to the  |
 | right now, away from the land mine.  Coax him over the edge by jumping     |
 | across the gap, not going to the floor, and saying "Follow me" again.      |
 | Once he's on the ground, have him "Wait" and climb up to get the other     |
 | Mudokon above.  Bring him to the ground in the same way, then chant to     |
 | save all 4 at once.  On the ground, go left and open your own bird portal  |
 | to escape.                                                                 |

Back on top of the cliff, continue to the left.  Cross the top of the next
screen.  Next, when the Slig leaves, drop down to the UXB and activate it.
Quickly climb back up to the top before the Slig returns, then laugh as he
meanders straight into it.  Go right to the Rock Sack and touch it to get some
rocks.  Pick them up.  You can lower yourself down off the right edge beside
the sack to find a bird portal, but it just takes you to secret 9, above,
again, but from a different starting point.

Continue left over the fire.  Watch out for the bats and lower yourself down
the series of ledges.  Below, you can walk off the right side from the upper
level to reach another secret.
  ----------/*** SECRET AREA 10 ***\------------------------------------------
 | Use rocks to blow the mines in front of the bird portal.  You can go back  |
 | left to get another rock whenever you need.  Chant to open the portal and  |
 | jump in.                                                                   |
 |                                                                            |
 | Immediately run right and roll into the pipe.  Stop on the next screen.    |
 | Roll forward once to clear the pipe and stand up.  Whenever the lower Slig |
 | turns away, hop over a pair of land mines.  After the second pair, wait    |
 | for both Sligs to be facing away, then hoist to the upper platform.        |
 | Quickly turn and hop over to the shadows on the upper right ledge.  Crouch |
 | using X (pressing down will lower you into the bottom Slig's line of fire) |
 | and roll right through the pipe.  Stand and chant to possess a Slig.  The  |
 | lower Slig will run into a mine in his excitement, so it'll be the top     |
 | Slig for you.  Move him left, shoot the Slig up top, then drop to the      |
 | ground.  Make sure to shout "Look out!" before taking out the other two    |
 | below.  Blow yourself up.  Have Abe cross the top to the next screen and   |
 | free the Mudokon below.  Go back right, chant to open your own exit        |
 | portal, lower yourself into the space before the last pair of mines, and   |
 | hop over and into the portal.                                              |

Go back to the screen with the fireflies and the rock sack.  Make sure that you
have a rock and roll left along the bottom.  On the next screen, roll ahead one
space and toss a rock to the land mine, taking out the sleeping Slig along with
it.  Sneak off to the left.  On the next screen, use the three rock formations
for cover of shadow as you sneak past the patrolling Slig.  Go over the mound
on the next screen with the fireflies.  Further ahead, get rocks from the sack
if you need them.  Along the bottom, roll to the left under the fireflies and
past the fire to drop to yet another of these oh-so-wonderful secrets!
  ----------/*** SECRET AREA 11 ***\------------------------------------------
 | First things first: chant to open the permanent bird portal below, so you  |
 | can reach the actual hidden area.  Next, throw rocks in a high arc to blow |
 | the mines on the ground (you can climb back up to get more rocks if need   |
 | be).  Now jump over the Slog, run and roll under the rocks on the right    |
 | side.  Keep running and jump to the far ledge on the next screen.  Let the |
 | Slog catch up to you, then go back the same way you came, jumping into the |
 | bird portal at the end.                                                    |
 |                                                                            |
 | Sneak to the right and quietly climb to the platform above you.  Sneak     |
 | left and open the bird portal where you came in.  Go back right and chant  |
 | to free the little guy on the ground.  This also wakes the sleeping Slog,  |
 | unfortunately.  Jump over him, run, and jump to the upper right platform.  |
 | If he neglects to chase you, lower yourself to the ground and immediately  |
 | back up before you become dog food.  Jump over the Slog from here and run  |
 | left, then immediately jump when you reach the next screen to dive into    |
 | your exit portal.                                                          |

Climb up to the mine and hop over it.  A Slog awaits on the next screen.  To
get him to chase you, either fart, toss a rock onto his head, or just take a
couple of steps forward.  Once he starts running, run back to the right and
jump over the mine you left behind.  The Slog will run right into it, just as
the fireflies predicted.  Those crazy fireflies, how do they know this stuff?
Continue past where you found the Slog.  Drop to the ground ahead and double
back to the right, lowering yourself where you see debris falling from the
cliff.  This takes you to the next secret.
  ----------/*** SECRET AREA 12 ***\------------------------------------------
 | Run!  To the right, that is, away from the slobbering Slog on your heels.  |
 | Run past the Mudokon and get ready to jump up to the ledge on the next     |
 | screen.  Enter the door there, and chant your Mudokon colleague free from  |
 | the background.  Go to the left and open your exit bird portal, then go    |
 | back through the door.  Jump down and run left from the Slog, jumping into |
 | the open portal at the end.                                                |

Continue on your merry way to the left.  On the first new screen, a Slog is
just waiting for you to make a move.  Make that move one step to the left, then
a rock throw in a high arc over the Slog to blow up the land mine behind him.
Good fun.  Ahead, another sleeping Slog awaits above.  Walk to the spot just
past his position, but on the lower level, and throw a rock in a sharp arc
(press away from the direction you're facing) to take out some mines and the
Slog along with them.  If you need rocks, climb down from this screen and take
the bird portal to the last sack.  Walk on past the ex-land mines and climb
down on the next screen.  Watch your step indeed!

          |                   5.4 MONSAIC LINES                    |

Walk left.  Hop across the gaps between falling barrels and onto the next
screen.  You meet your first native Mudokon, and he isn't all hugs and kisses.
Get too close and he'll ping you good with his slingshot.  To get past him and
others coming up, you have to play Simon Sez and copy their whistles.  Each
sequence ends in a fart.  So for this guy, repeat after him: [High whistle,
High whistle, fart] to gain passage.  Lower yourself at the edge of this path
to drop below.

Read the story stone.  Now imagine my surprise the first time playing this
game, finding out here that you could possess Sligs!  And then the later joy
of replaying from the beginning using this newfound ability, and actually being
able to save all those Mudokons back in RuptureFarms.  That was a great gaming

So anyhoo, since you're following this guide, you're already an old hat at
possession, so gain control of that Slig and march him left to blow away the
other one, then explode yourself.  Have Abe enter the door.  Follow the signs
to maneuver through the next screens (though again, you should have learned
this stuff long ago).  As for running to the well and pressing up, also known
as the 'Z-slide', definitely practice it here, because it WILL save your life
down the road.  Use the same trick for quickly entering doors, too.  On that
note, enter the door.

Follow the path to the next story stone.  Take the lift up and go left to
encounter another Mudokon guard.  Whistle [high, high, low, low, fart] after
him to get by.  Jump across and climb up on the left side of the screen.  Next
pull the lever to activate the well and jump in.  Another guard waits on the
other side.  Whistle [high, high, low, low, high, low, fart] to get by and
continue onward to a door in a big mound.  Through the other side, go right,
where another rhyme awaits at the story stone.

Jump in the well, then hit the story stone, which is actually a directory for
the practice puzzle ahead.  Go left, chant, and jump through the bird portal to
reach the other side.  Take the lift down and roll left.  Go past the Mudokon
mystic, then past the bees.  They take a liking to you.  Continue left and pass
them off onto the other mystic sitting there.  Jump past him up to the bell
song stone.  Learn the song and retrace your steps.  You pick up some more
bees, but that's what the first mystic was for.  Take the lift all the way up
now.  Go left and do what the sign says to open the door above.  Climb up and
enter it.

Go right and another guard appears.  Mimic him as follows: [high, high, low,
low, high, low, high, low, fart].  Read the sign about flint locks, then pull
the lever here to see what lighting one looks like.  Ahead, the fireflies tell
you to make a "Leap of faith".  Jump or walk blindly off the edge of the path.
Below, jump across the gap and enter the door.

Go right to the gorgeous Scrab and Paramite statues in the background and read
the story stone.  Continue past the wells for Paramonia and Scrabania; they're
currently turned off.  On the next screen, read the stone there.  Man, this is
going to be sweet, at least once you are granted the power.  Pull the lever
here to activate the wells, then go back and jump into one of them.  Scrabania
is tougher and longer, so I'll save it for last.  Jump into the left well to
enter Paramonia, where your learning curve will be slightly gentler.

          |                    5.5 PARAMONIA                       |

Go right and sneak onto the third screen.  Crouch beside the order bomb and tap
it.  Wait a moment, then roll away just before it blows to make sure that it
hits the Slig.  Climb up to the first ledge above you and jump to the rock
sack.  Pick up the rocks and continue to the right on your merry way.  Toss
some rocks until you hit the mine across the gap (try standing one step in from
the edge of the screen, and throwing in a high arc), and pull  the lever while
you're here.  It activates the well on the previous screen, so go back and jump
in.  Pull the ring where you land and walk off the left side.  Elum!  Mount him
and head back right, jumping over the gap and into the tunnel at the end.  Make
sure to jump from the very edge of the gap, because it's a long one.

Head out and say "Hello" to the native Mudokon.  Copy his whistles [low, high,
high, low, fart] then dismount and walk to the lift.  Ride up with Elum.  Have
him "Wait" there and sneak onto the next screen to the right, getting more
rocks first if you need them.  Sneak a couple of steps up behind the Slig until
you're standing on the wooden platform, then toss the rock in a sharp high arc
to blow the mine beside him.  Go back and get Elum, then bring him to the new
lift on this screen.  Ride up.

Elum will eat the honey, so leave him there for now.  Go right until you reach
the UXB, which blinks [red-red-red-green-red-red-green-red-green-repeat].  Tap
it on any green, then go back and get Elum.  Toss a rock to the beehive, then
keep out of Elum's way for a few moments.  When he's clear of bees, mount him
and jump past the UXB.  Run and jump across the next screen and keep running
until you enter the tunnel.

Have Elum hop to the ground, then dismount and have him "Wait" there.  Climb up
the platforms above you.  When you reach the well, jump in.  From your landing
point, possess the Slig.  Walk off the left edge, then down to the other Slig
and shoot him.  Walk off the left edge of this platform too.  Now, drop down
the bombs and blow up the left one.  As Abe, follow the Slig's path down to the
lever.  Pull it, then hop to the lift it summoned.  Go down to get Elum, then
go all the way to the top.  Walk alongside Elum to the beehive, then pass the
bees on to him if they start attacking you, staying to his left.  When he gets
rid of them, mount him and jump the gaps on the way left.  Keep going all the
way to the tunnel.

Go left to the pull ring and leave Elum there as you pull the ring.  When you
land, don't be tempted to just jump up to the right and pull the ring there.
Instead, climb down the edges of the platforms all the way to the ground.  Pull
the lever and jump into the well.  Now you can run and jump over to the upper
right platform and pull the ring.  Climb down to the ground again, hop over the
land mine and learn the password [high, low, low, high, fart].  If you're
reading ahead, then you could have skipped actually going through this yourself
and taken the password to the Mudokon ahead, but that would be cheating, now,
wouldn't it?  Take the well back up the Elum, then bring him left to the lift.
Go down, give the password to the native Mudokon, then take the other lift up.

Go left with Elum and ride the lift at the end down.  Wait here until a Slig
walks in, then possess him.  Walk him left, shoot the top Slig, then continue
left, drop down, go back right and quickly shoot the lower Slig.  Kill
yourself, then have Abe ride Elum left and jump to the tunnel.

From the platform you start on (walk right a little bit to see yourself),
possess the Slig, then bring him right to kill another Slig.  Blow the first
one up, then say your goodbyes to Elum.  Jump in the well, chant to open the
bird portal, then jump in it to enter the Paramonian Temple.

          |                 5.6 PARAMONIAN TEMPLE                  |

Go right, pass the well and go right again.  Get the Slig's attention, then run
back and jump into the well.  From the background, possess him.  The Slig can
take the Slog with him as he rides the lift down then walks down the platforms
at the bottom.  Use the Slog or the Slig to kill the Slig on the ground.  If
you used the Slog, then kill the Slog and then yourself.  As Abe, jump into the
well again and go right, jump to the lever and pull it to bring the lift back
up.  Go down and chant to read the fireflies' message.  It's funny, really.
Keep going down.  If you chose not to bring the Slig this low, you can pull the
lever to squish the Slig on the ground.  Regardless, head right and enter the

              | N |
         ----------------       E = entrance
  _    _           _    _
 /1\  /2\         /3\  /4\      N = nest
-----------    ------------
  _                _    _       s = story stone
 /E\   s          /5\  /6\

Read the story stone, and you'll see that you have to pass 6 trials before
being granted entrance to the Paramite Nesting Grounds.  Good luck!

     TRIAL 1

Climb to the upper platform and head left.  Hop across the gap to hang from the
far side, pull up, turn around and hop across the other way, then drop to the
lever.  Pull it and roll through the tunnel, then back up and over to the lift
you summoned.  Ride up and read the firefly messages.  When you reach the
native Mudokon, you don't know the password yet, so keep going up to the very
top.  Climb up beside the lift and get some meat, then go all the way back down
to the bottom via the same lift.  Toss the meat to the right to get rid of the
Paramite, then walk over to the hand stone to get the password, which is [high,
low, high, low, high, fart].  Take the lift back up to the Mudokon and repeat
this.  With spirit rings in your possession, go down and chant to blow up the
land mines.  Pull the lever here to light the flint lock, then go up and get
more rings.  Go up to the very top, where you got the meat, and blow the mines
up there.  Pull the lever to turn on the well found two screens below.  Go down
and jump into it, then run left and up to the ledge when you land, before the
pair of Paramites get to you.  Exit via the door.

     TRIAL 2

Go left along the ground and get a Slig's attention, then run back and up to
the starting platform.  Immediately start chanting to possess the Slig and use
him to shoot the other to pieces.  Blow the first Slig up, then go left and
jump past the rock sack.  On the next screen, you have to jump past each
swinging rock while it's either swung into or out of the screen, and crouch on
each landing to avoid the bat.  Do each jump one at a time and you'll get
across just fine.  On the next screen, sneak to the order bomb, crouch and tap
it, then roll away.  The Slog will give chase and get blowed up real good.  Get
the song from the stone and light the flint lock, then go back right across the
swinging rocks again.  Pick up the rocks on the next screen (they'll glint in
the shadows) and then roll through the tunnel to the right of the starting
point.  From the left edge of this screen, toss the rock to the land mine, then
go forth, possess and ring the bells, then exit.

     TRIAL 3

There are lots of pressure plates that trigger falling barrels here, and you
have to use these to get rid of the Paramites.  Jump to the ground and go left
to pick up a Paramite, then walk right as he follows you.  On the screen to the
right of the starting point, the Paramite should get squished by the barrel if
you just keep on walking without pause.  Go left again when he's gone all the
way to the end and get the song from the song stone.  Now go right all the way
until you pick up another Paramite.  Go left again, under the rock, and get him
squished on the other side.  Go right again, but don't jump up to the lever
yet.  Instead, wait in the middle of the screen until a Paramite starts coming
down.  Make sure that you run or roll to get to his left before he reaches the
ground, then lead him to the left and squish him in the same manner as the last
one.  Go right again and wait on the ground for one more Paramite (you have to
go far right into the screen to trigger him), then kill him in the same way.
After these three, go up to the lever and pull it to light the flint lock, then
go back left to the screen with the bells, chant to ring them, and exit through
the door on the platform beside them.

     TRIAL 4

First, go right and jump past the swinging rocks one by one as you did
in the second trial, noting that there are two bats to duck under now.  On the
next screen, crouch, wait for the bat to pass, then roll over to the UXB and
disarm it [red-red-green-repeat], then roll back left and wait for the bat to
pass again before jumping to the upper ledges on the right side.  Climb up top
and hop to the trio of UXBs, which all blink [red-green-red-red-green-red-red-
red-green-repeat].  You are able to crouch beside them without lowering
yourself over the edge.  Disarm them all, then pull the lever to light the
flint lock.  You still need to open the exit door, however.  Hop to the left
platform and sneak to the next screen.  Sneak under the pull ring, turn around,
pull it and run to the right.  You can run right off the edge and you'll hang
from the middle platform safely.  Pull up and climb back down on the right
side.  Go back to the start and enter the second door to exit.

     TRIAL 5

Go left and run past the beehive between bursts of bees.  On the next screen, a
Paramite is waiting.  He'll follow you now, so run past the bees again, and
stop so that the Paramite is over the beehive.  He'll get stung to death, the
poor little bastard.  With him gone, go back to the right and climb up where
there is falling debris.  Get a piece of meat and keep climbing up.  At the
top, go right.  Force the Paramite back to the next screen on the right.
There's a second Paramite there, so immediately run back and jump to the upper
platform under the hanging meat sack.  Throw the meat to the left to get them
over on that side and return to the last screen on the right.  There, you'll
see a dark spot on the ground.  That is a pressure plate, and it releases a
rolling shell.  Step there and run left right away, jumping up to the first
upper platform as the shell rolls along.  It'll also wipe out the beehive way
below, as well as any Paramites that get in the way.  But more importantly, it
was also protecting a secret!  Roll into the mound past the pressure plate to
find a secret bird portal, and jump in!
  ----------/*** SECRET 13 ***\-----------------------------------------------
 | This one's kind of tricky.  As soon as you land, run and roll through the  |
 | tunnel on the right.  Out the other end, run and jump to the short         |
 | platform above.  Jump straight up to knock a piece of meat out of the      |
 | sack.  See how long it takes for the Paramites to eat it, even through     |
 | there are 4 of them?  Get a Mudokon's attention and tell him to "Follow    |
 | me".  Knock a fresh piece of meat out of the sack, then run off the ledge, |
 | roll through the tunnel and out the other side.  Tell the Mudokon to       |
 | "Wait" on that screen, then roll back and jump to that platform again.     |
 | Tell another Mudokon to "Follow me" and repeat.   Once you have all 3 over,|
 | chant to free them (you may want to go back and make sure you give the     |
 | Paramites one last piece of meat when all 3 Mudokons are on the left       |
 | screen).  Once you chant, however, a barrage of barrels starts falling     |
 | between you and your exit portal on the left.  Just take a little care and |
 | roll past the barrels, then stand and jump into the portal.  Good job!     |

Back outside, get another piece of meat and go to the left on this top level.
You'll see a lever on the right edge of the screen, and a dark spot on the
ground near the left.  Pull the lever if you're not sure about where that spot
is.  Now toss the meat so that the Paramite runs over that spot to eat it (from
the left side of the lever, throw it in a high arc), and pull the lever to
squish him when he does.  Pick the meat back up and go left.  Get the Paramite
there to follow you, and kill him in the same way.  Pick up that meat one last
time and head back to the bottom of this area.  Above the now defunct beehive,
you can get the song by touching the song stone.  Go left on the ground and
climb down a couple screens to the meat sack.  Jump past it to the left and
over to the next screen.  Drop to the ground, and throw the meat once the
second Paramite comes down.  Quickly pull the lever and get out of there while
they eat (alternately, you can do something involving knocking down the beehive
with some meat, and letting the bees kill at least one of the Paramites).  Go
back up to the very top of this area, on the left, where you can ring the bells
and get the hell out of here.

     TRIAL 6

Go left, chasing the Paramite away, until you can jump to a higher platform,
just past the meat sack.  From there, climb up to the very top, where you see
another Paramite.  Climb to the upper left platform and walk across two
screens.  Be careful approaching the lever; stepping on the spot next to it
releases the rolling boulder.  So step there and immediately run right.  Run
right off the edge and you'll end up hanging safely as the Paramite is crushed.
Go back across the top platform and pull that lever, then take the lower road
here to the song stone.  Go back to the right and jump in the well that the
Paramite you just crushed was protecting, then into the other well in the
background.  Pull the lever to light the flint lock, then return the same way
you came and climb back down to the ground.  Knock some meat to the ground from
the sack (or throw some if you're carrying it), then apprach the Paramite from
the left side as it eats and grab the meat away.  It'll retreat to your right a
short distance.  Walk left to the next Paramite, throw down your meat to
distract it before the other Paramite appears, allowing you to jump past it to
the exit door.  Possess the chimes to open said door and walk through it.


You can jump in the well to see this area from the background, but it just
doesn't give you the same flavor of being hounded at every turn by bloodthirsty
Paramites.  When you're ready, take the lift up.

At the top, run left and jump to the upper level, hoisting up immediately.
Turn and jump right across the gap and run.  On the next screen, watch out for
the trap door; jump over it and keep running.  Jump across to the higher ledge
and climb up where there's debris falling.  Stay hanging down here until the
Paramites jump over you.  Pull up, climb to the left upper platform, then run
and jump to the right one.  Pull up again.

Roll under the rock and jump to the ledge above, and hang there until the
Paramites jump over you before pulling up.  Roll under the upper rock outcrop,
then run off the edge and keep running left.  Jump over the gap then up to the
higher level.  On the next screen, roll and keep rolling all the way across (be
careful not to hold R1 after rolling, or you'll stand back up between the rocks
and die).  If the Paramite that comes down between the rocks gets ahead of you,
it means you were too slow.  Assuming that you weren't, fall to the ground and
chase a Paramite back, then jump over him to the ledge at the end and jump into
the well.

Jump to the meat sack and pick the meat up before jumping into the second well.
Throw the meat down, jump down, and throw the other piece of meat for good
measure before entering the door.  Chant and jump through the bird portal, and
you're done!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Go through the door, go left, jump the gap, go through the door.  Go right all
the way to the lever again, pull it, then go back and jump into the other well.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

          |                    5.7 SCRABANIA                       |

Go left, ignoring the well for now (it doesn't work yet).  Hop over the land
mine on the next screen and grab onto the ledge above.  When the Slig turns
away, hoist up, sneak to the UXB, crouch and activate it, then roll away and
off the edge.  Be sure to step away from the land mine before the Slig blows
himself up, because the blast knocks you over and could cause you to fall onto
the mine.  With the Slig destroyed, continue along the ground to the left.  On
the next screen, sneak out of the shadows and climb up to the lever above.
Pull it when the Slig is walking onto the 'X' traced in the dirt.  If you can't
see it well, pull the lever and see where the barrel lands.  Go to the next
screen.  You want to pull the lever, but see the 'X' on the ground?  Now what
do those indicate again?  You might want to stand on the OTHER side to pull the
lever.  Also, notice the bat fluttering below the ledge on the far side of the
gap, preventing you from jumping across.

The lever you just pulled activated the very first well you passed in this
area, so run back to it and jump in.  Pull the lever in the background and
return.  Now the well on the next screen is activated (it previously shot you
up to the top Slig, and left you defenseless).  Jump in and possess the Slig
from the background.  Walk him right off the edge to get rid of both him and
the land mine below.  Jump back into the well, and pull the ring up top where
the Slig was.  Carefully climb back down the edge.

Back on the ground, Elum has appeared!  Climb onto him by pressing up while
standing over his body.  Ride him left and jump across the gap by the lever,
then into the door at the end.

Out the other side of the tunnel, go right, jumping over the gap, then dismount
at the lift and ride it down (you have to dismount from Elum to operate it),
bringing Elum along with you.  Below, say "Hello" to the native Mudokon, and
copy his whistles [low, high, low, fart] to get chant rings!  Go right along
the ground here and use them to destroy the flying mine on the next screen as
soon as you enter it.  Go back, climb up and pull the lever that was above you.
Now go back, copy the Mudokon again to get more chant rings, and take Elum down
the new lift.  Chant to blow up the land mines and get the password from the
story stone [high, high, low, fart].  Go back up, get one last set of rings,
and take the second lift all the way to the bottom this time.  Say "Hello" to
the Mudokon there and repeat the password.  This starts the flying mines
moving.  When they're both positioned over the edge of the upper right ledge,
chant to destroy them.  Move Elum off of the lift, mount him, and run and jump
across to that ledge.

Head right and you face a ring of flying mines.  One of them is spaced out
slightly further than the others.  Run into that space as it moves into the
bottom of the mines' path and keep on running out the other side.  Don't stop
running anywhere here!  Keep running and jumping over the gaps in the ground
and you'll get past the next couple of screens of flying mines.  At the end,
congratulate yourself and enter the tunnel.

Continue right until you reach a lift.  Dismount and ride the lift up, along
with Elum.  Up top, he'll go for the honey.  Leave him here for now.  Take the
right lift down and go right a couple of screens.  Jump over the gap.  On the
next screen, wait behind the rock with the inactive well for the Slig in the
background to leave.  When he does, roll onto the next screen and stop behind
the low rock by the lever.  Stand and pull the lever when the Slig is gone.
This activates the well.  Run back to it and jump in.  This propels you up to
the rock sack you passed earlier, but was too high to reach.  With rock in hand
(you remembered to pick it up, right?), ride the lift back up and then even
further up past Elum.  Above, climb to the upper level, crouch, and toss your
rock to the land mine.  Roll through the passage you just cleared.  In the
cavern, copy the Mudokon [high, low, low, high, fart] to get chant rings.  Take
the lift back down to Elum and go right.  Stop on the first step into the next
screen and chant to clear the land mines.  Now roll under the cacti and climb
up where you see debris falling.  Pull the lever and quickly climb back down.
Roll over to Elum to pass the bees onto him.  They'll bug him (ha!) for a
while, but he'll scratch them off, and then he'll finally pay attention to you

Take Elum down the right lift and ride him to the right a ways, past the Slig
in the background.  Stop on the screen with the wells and the UXB.  Dismount
and jump into the well to reach the other side.  Crouch and tap the UXB off; it
blinks [red-red-green-repeat].   It's still not time to take Elum across yet,
however, so walk to the right.

Hide behind the rocks, then roll under the mine when it's traveling along it's
high point.  On the next screen, jump into the well by the edge of the path.
You land far above.  Jump to the rock sack, then take the right lift down to
get the rock on the screen below.  Standing the middle of the lift (i.e.
between the two ropes), throw the rock in a high arc to blow up the land mine.
Go back up and take the other lift down to the story stone, which holds a
password [low, high, low, low, fart].  Go back up top and go right to the
Mudokon in the background.  Repeat the password to him and he'll give you chant
rings.  Ride the right lift all the way down, then go left and chant from
behind a rock to blow the flying mine up, preferably when it's far away from
you.  This also destroys the chant protector, so possess and kill both Sligs
while you're here.  Jump into the well between the rocks to return to Elum.
Ride Elum over the gap and right to the lift.  Take him up to the top, mount up
again and go right, jumping over gaps until you reach a tunnel.

Once through the tunnel, go right and dismount when you see a flying mine.
Tell Elum to "Wait" a ways back from the edge of the path. Climb down at the
edge and pull the lever below, climbing back up immediately.  Mount Elum and
jump across the gap as the flying mine, which is now mobile, is moving upwards
on the right edge of its path.  On the next screen, start running and jumping
over the gaps as the next flying mine chases you.  At the end of the screen
after the one with Slig in the background, the chase will end.  Stop on the
screen after that or you'll run right into another mine.  Dismount here and
climb up where the debris is falling on the left.  At the top, possess the Slig
and move him to the right.  Take the lift down, kill the first sleeping Slig,
then continue down to the bottom.  Drop to the ground and take out the other
Slig, then pull the lever.  Sit back and laugh.

The way is now clear for you and Elum to continue to the right, jumping over
the gaps, and stop on the second screen past the 'Boom' lever.  Dismount and
have Elum wait there.  Sneak right past the sleeping Slig.  On the next screen,
hop over each pair of land mines and duck, waiting until the flying mine passes
before standing up and jumping again.  Ahead, repeat after the native Mudokon
[low, high, low, low, high, fart] to get chant rings, then go back to the left
and take out that mass of mines.  Go right again, pull the lever and jump into
the well.

Possess the Slig from the background and march him right until you reach
another Slig.  Shoot him and explode yourself.  Bring Abe back to Elum and ride
him along the same path and beyond.  Just ahead, you have to say your goodbyes,
unfortunately.  Leave Elum there and climb over the rock formation.

Ahead, jump into the first well.  This puts you in an interesting pit with a
flying mine moving all about.  Crouch and roll left, then roll right when the
mine leaves that area.  Go back and forth like this while saying "Hello" to the
Mudokon and repeating his whistles [low, high, high, fart].  Once he activates
the well for you, jump in.  When you land, go right and copy the Mudokon [low,
high, low, low, high, low, fart] and use the chant rings to blow up the land
mines.  Still in the background, make your way across the top to the right.
Jump in the well at the end and go right in the foreground.  Chant to activate
the bird portal.  This also sets off the Slog, so run back left and jump into
the well (via the Z-slide).  This propels you over the Slog's head, letting you
run right again and jump into the bird portal.  You're in!

          |                 5.8 SCRABANIAN TEMPLE                  |

Yes, that's right... another secret on the first screen!  Crouch and roll off-
screen to the left, into the shadows.  You emerge by a bird portal.  Chant
and hop on in.
  ----------/*** SECRET 14 ***\-----------------------------------------------
 | You could possess that Slig, but you need to move him past the UXB, so     |
 | your first job is to turn that thing off.  First, lower yourself at the    |
 | edge of the platform and drop to the ground when the Slig's back is        |
 | turned. When he comes near and then starts walking away, sneak behind him  |
 | to the next shadow.  From there, when the Slig heads right, sneak one step |
 | out of the shadows to the left, crouch, tap the UXB, which blinks [red-    |
 | green-repeat], making it an easy one to do, then quickly stand, turn, and  |
 | sneak back into the shadow.  Sneak right again and hoist to the upper      |
 | platform.  Now you can possess your Slig friend below.                     |
 |                                                                            |
 | Here's the tricky part.  As the Slig, you have to run into the next room,  |
 | stop in the middle (under the smiling Mudokon face on the sign) or as      |
 | close to it as you can get (a step to either side is fine), then fire on   |
 | the Slogs that come at you from both sides.  They start on the left, so    |
 | shoot the first one there, then immediately turn right, fire one shot,     |
 | turn left, fire one shot, and repeat ad nauseam until they stop coming.    |
 | This is the main idea.  If you're feeling tricky, however, you can take    |
 | just one step into this room and start firing from the right edge.  You'll |
 | be behind the right Slog hut, so any coming out of there will have to run  |
 | into the room then turn around before they can come and get you.  Just     |
 | remember not to keep firing continuously, because eventually this makes    |
 | you back up a step, pushing you into the previous screen, and this might   |
 | screw up your killing spree.  If you don't get all of the Slogs by either  |
 | method, just kill Abe and try it all over again.                           |
 |                                                                            |
 | If you do get all the Slogs, blow up your man, then bring Abe over here    |
 | and chant to possess the upper Slig.  Kill him, then leave the screen and  |
 | return to regenerate the bird portal.  Chant to free the two worker        |
 | Mudokons, then go back right and chant to open your own bird portal to     |
 | exit.                                                                      |

Back in the main part of the temple, you have to run across several screens,
using a series of rocks for cover from the many Sligs in the background.  To
complicate things, you also have to jump over land mines at certain points, and
deactivate a UXB.  To do this last task, crouch behind the rock, and when all
of the Sligs in the back are moving away, roll forward once, tap it when safe
[red-red-red-green-repeat] and quickly roll back.  Then, start a couple of
steps back, because you have to run and jump over 3 land mines at once.  Keep
running onto the next screen, because if you stop right after your jump, you'll
slide into open space and might get shot.  If you die, just remember to do the
secret area above over again.  At the end of this gauntlet, enter the door to
reach the hub of the temple.

  _                                 _
 /E\  s                          w /4\
--------                        ---------          E = entrance
 _   _                           _     _
/1\ /2\           .             /5\   /6\          N = nest
---------        / \          -----------
  _              | |            _      _           w = well
 /3\  w          |N|           /7\    /8\
-----------------------------------------          s = story stone

Read the story stone beside the entrance for some basic good advice about
Scrabs.  Essentially, one is bad, two buys you a little time.  The numbers I
have assigned are visually convenient, and also correspond to the order that
the torches light over the door to the Scrabanian Nest.

     TRIAL 1

Run off of the ledge to the right to hit the rock sack, then pick up the rock
below.  Lower yourself to the next screen.  Drop to the Scab's level when he's
walking to the right, and run off the left edge to fall below.  Here, crouch
and roll through the tunnel and then over to the next screen.  Toss a rock onto
the land mine, then roll past it to the song stone and learn the bell song.
Climb up on this screen where you see debris falling, on the left side.  Once
you've hoisted up, chant to possess and ring the bells.  Go left and pull the
lever to light the flint lock.  Now go back down to the bottom level of this
area and cross back to where you first dropped down.  Climb back up and hang
until the Scrab walks all the way to the right, then hoist up, run, jump and
pull up to the top level before you're made into meat.  Run across the top,
jumping over the other Scrab pit, and exit.

     TRIAL 2

This one's tough.  The Scrab below doesn't react too quickly to your presence,
so you have time to do what you need to if you're careful.  When the Scrab is
all the way to the right, run and jump off the left side of your platform, then
step to the lever and pull it.  Immediately run back and up to safety.  Now
that the lower well is active, drop to the ground on the right when the Scrab
is on the left, and jump into the well.  Jump into the series of wells until
you return to the foreground.

Touch the song stone, then jump over the Scrab when he's on the right, and run
left to the next screen.  Either jump into the well there, or jump up to the
ledge on the left and then fall into the well.  Either way, from where you
land, don't pull the lever yet.  Instead, stand over the lever and climb up to
another one, pull that one (in front of the spiral markings on the rock), then
go back down and pull the previous lever while standing on the grey trapdoor.
Make sure that the Scrab below is on the left when you do.  Run right and jump
into the first well, on the left side of that screen.  This takes you to the
flint lock.  Pull the lever to light it and also activate the far left well
below.  Climb down, jump over the Scrab and run to the furthest well on the
left, which now propels you to new heights.  Climb up from your landing point
and chant to ring the bells.  You may now leave.

     TRIAL 3

I find it easiest to run and jump from the starting platform over the flying
mine while it's at it's low-left-most point.  Lower yourself through the gap in
the floor, then jump to the small ledge along the right wall.  Lower yourself
further straight down from there.  Now you have to get rid of the Slig in the
foreground.  Wait for the background Slig to be walking left before you step
out from your cover.  Try to do this as the front Slig is stepping onto the
'X' crack in the ground near the left edge of the screen.  He'll hear you and
stop to say "Wha?".  Pull the lever to drop a barrel on his noggin and quickly
step back behind the wall.  When the background Slig is facing away to the left
again, run left to the next screen.

Stop behind the rock and possess the Slig in the background.  Have him pull the
lever from its right side and shoot the dozen Slogs that come out of the hut.
Still in control of the Slig, walk right and shoot the other Slig, then kill
yourself.  Have Abe then jump into the well, run right to the song stone, press
it, then jump into the next well on the right.  Possess the bells to open the
door and leave this place.

     TRIAL 4

Go left, climb up to the ledge and learn the bell song from the stone.  Run to
the right now, past the starting screen, and quickly climb up to the ledge on
the right side and step away from the edge before the bats get you.  On the
next screen to the right, drop down and jump the gap, then run to the right.
Keep running and jump to the ledge on the far right, hanging from the edge
until the Scrab walks over it.  At that point, pull up.  If he doesn't take the
bait and jump down right away, drop to the ground, then quickly jump straight
up and hoist up as he drops down.  Jump into the well on the ledge to rocket
overhead.  Walk right until you reach a lever.  Pull it when the Scrab is on
the right, run left and roll under the rock in the middle of the next screen.
You'll fall into the gap and hang, so pull up and roll left some more.  Fall
out the other side and you'll land on a familiar ledge.  From it's tip, hop
left when the Scrab is fully to the right, take one step to the middle of the
lift, and immediately ride it up as far as you can.  If this isn't working, you
can alternatively run and jump off the tip of the ledge to land right in the
middle of the lift, giving you one brief moment longer to rise up out of harm's
way.  At the top of the lift, possess the bells and exit.

     TRIAL 5

Jump to the left ledges and climb down to the next screen.  Wait for the Scrab
to drop down to the ground, then run over his head off of the ledge and jump to
the upper right ledge.  Pull the lever to light the flint lock.  Run to the
left over the Scrab and keep running.  Jump over a gap, and on the next screen
pull up to the middle ledge with the song stone.  Learn the bell song.  Get the
Scrab to chase you as you run left and jump over the Scrab on the next screen
to reach the upper left ledge.  Possess the bells as the Scrabs duke it out,
and exit.

     TRIAL 6

Go right two screens and get the Scrab's attention.  Run with him on your tail
back to the left and jump into the well by the entrance.  This shoots you back
over the Scrab, so run right again until you can climb up to the ledge with the
well, on the screen with a lift on the right side.  Drop onto the lift on the
far side and ride it down.  Go one screen to the right and run back with the
Scrab from there chasing you, then climb to the upper platform.  Pull the lever
when the Scrab is standing on the lift to carry him back up top.  Now jump over
the lower well and onto the next screen, where you can now pull the lever.
This activates the well way up top.  Jump into the well by the lever on the
previous screen, then into the well up top while the Scrabs start fighting.
When you land, touch the song stone, go left and pull the lever to light the
flint lock, then go back right and jump into the well by the song stone.  Drop
onto the lift and ride it down when it's safe to do so, then go right and
possess the bells to open the exit door.

     TRIAL 7

Climb down to the ground and run left ahead of the Scrab.  On the next screen,
climb to the upper platform while the Scrabs distract each other, and hoist up
where you see debris falling, on the left edge of the platform.  Above, go left
to the screen with the flint lock, jump across the gap and roll off this screen
to the left to find a secret area!  Chant and jump through the bird portal.
  ----------/*** SECRET 15 ***\-----------------------------------------------
 | Say "Hello" and lead the Mudokon to the left.  You'll scare away the bird  |
 | portal, but make the Mudokon "Wait" on this screen for now.  Go back right |
 | and climb down at the edge of the platform while the Scrab's on the right. |
 | Quickly land, run left and roll into the pipe.  Out the other side, let    |
 | yourself fall, then immediately pull up.  Hoist up where you see debris    |
 | falling.  You now have to climb past the floating mine, which requires     |
 | precise timing.  As soon as the floating mine has moved down on the right  |
 | side and started to move left, pull up and immediately climb up to the top |
 | ledge.  Chant to save your little green dude.  Getting down is easier,     |
 | just lower yourself after the mine has gone down on the right.  Below,     |
 | chant to open your exit, then climb down at the edge of the platform while |
 | the Scrab's on the right, then run and jump into the portal.               |

Go back down the way you came and jump down to the right of the Scrab.  Have
him follow you as you run two screens to the right.  He'll distract the other
Scrab at the end while you climb up to the lever (make sure that the new Scrab
has spotted the one chasing you before you run up to him).  This lever
activates the well, so jump over the Scrab, step in front of the well and jump
in.  Now in the background, go right to pull the lever that lights the flint
lock, then continue right to the song stone, then even further to jump in the
well at the end.  This puts you back on the right side of the main strip in the
foreground.  Jump over top of the Scrab and run all the way to the left.  At
the end, climb to the upper ledge and chant to possess the bells while the
Scrabs duke it out.  When the winner walks off to the right, drop down and run
to the door, exiting this area.

     TRIAL 8

Move right and quickly jump and hang from the ledge.  When the Scrab runs over
the side, pull yourself up (you can grab the ledge from the left side, right
beside the lift, instead of the far right edge).  Take the lift upstairs.  Step
onto the next screen to the left briefly.  A Scrab will appear.  Run right and
roll under the rock beside the lift, then pull the lever when the Scrab is
standing on said lift.  Wait a moment after it reaches the bottom, then pull
the lever again to re-raise the lift sans Scrab.  Go left, and take the next
lift, the one the Scrab came up on, down a screen.  Secret area!  Chant to open
the portal and jump on in.
  ----------/*** SECRET 16 ***\-----------------------------------------------
 | If you've been meticulous about doing the secrets, this level should look  |
 | very familiar.  First of all, chant to open your eventual escape portal.   |
 | Next, say "Hello" to a Mudokon and have him ready to "Follow me".  I       |
 | suggest making sure he walks to the wall beside him before you take off    |
 | running down below; I once got a Mudokon stuck trying to run into the wall |
 | and had to kill myself to restart the puzzle.  Anyway, get the Scrab to    |
 | chase you by lowering yourself over the edge briefly, then jump over him   |
 | and start running.  It's best to just run off the edge of your little      |
 | ledge and then immediately jump the pit after your first step on the       |
 | ground, rather than jumping off your ledge.  Anyway, on the next screen,   |
 | pull up to the far ledge and chant to save your Mudokon colleague.  Now go |
 | back and get the other two via the same method.  After your final rescue,  |
 | run back and jump into the waiting portal.  Jump up to the lift on the     |
 | other side.                                                                |

Take the lift to the top and touch the song stone, then go right to the first
lift and go down.  See the Scrabs making friends now?  Run right over them and
jump up to the lever a couple of screens later.  Pull the lever to bring up
another Scrab, just in case one was chasing you and you want some entertainment
(and it also lights the flint lock), then jump off the right side of your
platform.  On the next screen, possess the bells, ding-dong-dell, and go
through the door.


If you like, you can jump in the well and get a look at the screens ahead from
a safe vantage point.  If not, start running!

Run right and jump over the gap as the Scrab above you gives chase.  Leap over
another gaping hole on the next screen and climb to the upper level.  Ah, a
moment of safety.  It won't last.  Continue to the right.

Jump over the gap and jump again to climb up, then pull up where there's debris
falling.  Pull and then jump and pull up to the lift waiting above.  As soon as
you reach the top, run right and jump to the next lift.  Ride it up.  You
actually have a choice here: you can run right across the bottom and jump up on
the next screen, or go up top here and run across to the next screen, jumping
the gaps.  Get ready to roll under the rock on the next screen (use a running
roll, there's no time to stop), then run across the bottom.  The next screen
has a funky doorway.  Just past it, jump to the upper right ledge.  A Scrab
awaits below, so jump over him and up to the left upper ledge.  Pull the lever
up there when the Scrab is standing on one of the pairs of trapdoors.  Jump
past the falling barrels to the middle, then again to the lever on the right.
Pull it to stop the barrage, then hop to the door in the middle.  Enter it,

At the top of the temple, chant to open the bird portal and jump through it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Enter the door, head left to the next door, and follow the path to the right
past the wells leading to Paramonia and Scrabania.  Armed with the blue rings,
chant on the screen with the Sligs and land mines to blow them all away in a
blaze of Shrykull glory.  Climb over the rock and run off to the right.  Chant
to open the bird portal on the next screen and dive in to begin the final stage
of your quest.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

          |                   5.9 FREE-FIRE RETURN                 |

This area should look familiar, though you won't be covering all of it.  Hmm,
looks like security has been upgraded since the last time you passed through.
Climb up where there's debris falling to see the new additions.  Walk carefully
to the right past the motion detectors.  On the next screen, run as a Slog
starts chasing you, and climb to the upper level ahead.  Jump back over the
Slog and run to the left.  Keep on running and you'll trigger the motion
detectors you just spent so much time and effort to avoid a moment ago.  Climb
to the upper level here and crouch beside the drone, so as to avoid the
floating mine that starts flying around.  Eventually, it'll hit that Slog and
get rid of that particular nuisance.  Sneak past the beams again and head right
once more.

Climb to the upper level again and walk carefully onto the next screen.  You
have to hop over the mine and pull the lever, all without triggering the fast-
moving motion detectors.  Take just one step at a time, and make sure both
beams have just moved away from you before jumping over the mine, because this
move takes a little more time than just stepping forward.  Pull the lever and
then backtrack.  Go below to where you just deactivated the electric fence and
sneak past the single motion detector beam.  Run off the edge to get your rock,
then climb back up.  Sneak past the beam and go up top again, this time
sneaking all the way across.  On the next screen, you have to throw your rocks
to blow up the flying mines.  Stand over the tree and throw in a high arc to
hit them near the far edge of the upper path.  If you're lucky, you can clear
all of them in one shot.  If not, try again.  If you need more rocks, you can
go back through the beams and down below.  Daniel N. sent me this tip: On the
screen with the rock sack, blow up the floating mine by throwing a rock from
the ground.  This way, you can run through the motion detectors without fear of
reprisal, making it much easier to get additional rocks as needed.

Ahead, you encounter a Slog.  Climb up and roll through the tunnel.  Jump over
the Slog and run ahead.  If you need rocks, you can try to jump back over the
Slog as he runs towards you on the next screen, but this is a risky move.  It's
safer to just go on ahead a little further before returning for the rocks.  So
keep running to the right.  When you reach the Slig patrolling on the upper
level, roll through the tunnel on the right to the next screen.  Climb up to
the far upper ledge and walk off to the right before the Slig moves over here.
Wait a moment, then return, run off the edge over the Slog, drop and keep
running left until you return to the screen with the rock sack.  The rocks you
knocked out earlier are on the upper ledge, just inside the tunnel you rolled
through.  With rocks in hand, run to the right ahead of the Slog again and jump
to the upper level again past where the Slig is patrolling.  If you pull up
where you see debris, you can see that bats are blocking your way, so that
isn't an option, so walk right and you'll reach some land mines guarding a bird
portal.  Blow at least the mines closest to the portal.  If you need another
rock, go back, run over the Slog to the ground and roll through the tunnel,
then run all the way back to the upper ledge near the rock sack.  Jump into the
rock sack, then get back up there after dodging the Slog again.  When you've
cleared some space in front of the bird portal (you don't have to get every
mine, just enough to let you jump or hop through the portal), open it and jump

From the edge of the platform you're on, hop so that you land on the safe spot
beside the UXB.  You have to do this while both motion detector beams are
moving outward from that spot.  Without getting caught by the beams, crouch,
and tap the UXB, which blinks [red-green-red-red-green-red-red-red-green-
repeat].  The rest of the noise on the screen can obscure the beeping a bit, so
watch the light on top carefully, and make sure you tap it only when the motion
detector beams aren't approaching you.  Now stand up, and run one step and jump
to the upper ledge on the right, triggering a motion detector as you do.  Hang
there, and pull up when the Slig that comes running in drops off the edge.
Hold still until he blows himself up.  You can now hop back down and pull the
lever.  Jump back up to the right ledge and go to the next screen.  Walk around
above the Slog, and talk to him to enrage him until he chases and jumps up at
you.  Go left again and hop down from the edge of the ledge.  Run left and jump
over the mines to hang on the left side this time, and pull up as the Slog runs
into a mine.  Now hop over the pair of mines on the right and walk right to the
next screen along the bottom.  Drop at the edge and you'll find the portal that
will take you back into the beast's lair: RuptureFarms.

          |              5.10 RUPTUREFARMS REVISITED               |

Say "Hello" to the lone Mudokon and lead him left.  Chant him free to
deactivate the electric fence.  Go left.  See where you are?  Now it's payback
time for the years of slavery you've endured.

You can optionally go left here to get some grenades, or just enter the door to
go back through Zulag 1.  To do the former, run left and jump over the gap
where there used to be a lift.  Touching the Boom Machine sets off some
security features.  Pick up the grenades and jump back across the gap as the
flying mine is rising.  Run across the next screen and jump to hang from the
little ledge.  If the Slig drops down, great, otherwise drop and toss a grenade
(still leaving you with 4) in a sharp high arc to his ledge.  Once he's been
dealt with, climb up and pull the lever to turn the electric fence off.  Now go
ride that elevator up on the next screen.

            |  5.10.1---ZULAG 1  |

Note that I am using my designation of the three main sections of this Zulag
into 'Zones' in the same way as in the first part of this walkthrough.  You've
just left Zone 3 behind, so there are only 2 to go.

     ZONE 2

A Slog will start chasing you in a moment, so run to the left.  Keep running
past the Mudokon, past the sleeping Slig who gets up to chase you, and past
the meat saw before jumping to the ledge just beyond it.  From there, possess
the Slig.  You can either shoot the Slog or say "C'mere boy" to have him do
your dirty work.  If you encounter a Slig while accompanied by the Slog,
command him to "Get 'im" to make him run and eat the Slig.  Just make sure
there's not a Mudokon in the way.  Either way, go back right.  On the next
screen and the second next screen after a that, a Slig will walk out, so kill
them and keep going.  Pass the meat saws (run under them after they rise), and
then shoot the Stream of Slogs as they run out of the hut at the end of the
next screen.  Blow yourself up once they stop coming.

As Abe, go left across the top and chant to save the lone Mudokon.  Go left
again and a native Mudokon in the background will grant you spirit rings.  Also
note the electric fence on the left side of this screen.  Armed with the rings,
go right and blow the mines, then continue to the right until you reach a
Mudokon.  Lead him back to the left, and stop before the meat saw that's
operating on the screen with the bird portal.  Run through it with the Mudokon
behind you once it rises.  Make him "Wait" on the other side, and chant to free
him (leave the screen and return if you scared away the birds).

Go right again until you reach the Mudokon between the meat saws.  To bring him
under the left one, stand just to his left and have him "Follow me" to just
beside the meat saw.  With him right behind you, run past the saw as soon as it
rises and keep running.  Lead the Mudokon all the way left to the bird portal
(running under that one saw again) and free him too, then go all the way to the
right past the pair of meat saws.  Get the last Mudokon at the end, but not
before pulling the lever that opens the door to the mine car.  DON'T GO IN
THERE YET.  Lead the Mudokon left.  At the screen with the two meat saws, stand
by the right one with the Mudokon immediately behind you, and run through as
soon as the saw goes up.  Your friend will run with you and pass under safely,
but be sure to stop before you reach the second saw.  Run past it in the same
way (it's easier because it moves more slowly), and bring the Mudokon all the
way to the bird portal.  Once he's free, go left again, where you'll find that
the electric fence has been deactivated.  It's a good thing you pulled that
lever way back to the right, eh?  Grab one more set of spirit rings and roll

Chant to blow up the stuff on this screen with your spirit rings.  You can see
debris falling through the gap in the floor, so lower yourself down there.  See
the number '2' in the bird portal?  Send that many Mudokons through at the same
time, and you'll get blue Shrykull rings.  So... don't rescue the Mudokon here
yet!  Do go down and pull the lever, though, to close the trapdoor.  Go back
upstairs.  Take the high road and go left.  Possess and destroy the Slig, then
have the Mudokon "Follow me" away from the mine.  Blow it up with either a
grenade (if you got some in Zone 3), or go back and get more spirit rings.
Either way, once the way is clear, lead the Mudokon past where the mine was and
have him drop through that gap in the floor on the next screen (keep saying
"Follow me" from the far side until he steps over the edge).  Walk him down to
meet his buddy, then chant to free them both at once.  Blue rings of power!  Go
back up, and take the high road to the left again.  A brigade of Sligs move in,
but you can take care of them just fine now, can't you?

Continuing to the left, hop across the gap, pull up, crouch, and disarm the
UXB's.  This is a little tricky since they have different rhythms.  The right
one goes [red-red-red-red-green-red-red-red-green-red-red-green-red-greed-
repeat], while the left one goes [red-green-red-red-green-red-red-red-green-
repeat].  Watch the lights rather than listening to the beeps and you'll do
fine.  Hop across the left gap when you're done and continue.

Run on the next screen and jump to the ledge, pulling up as the Slig goes over
the edge.  Possess and blow him up.  Pull the lever and run into the trapdoor
that it opens below.  Quickly sneak left to the shadows before the top Slig
sees and shoots you .  When the lower Slig is moving left, sneak left off the
edge to drop to the shadow below.  When he turns away again, sneak right and
lower yourself through the gap.  Get some grenades below and climb back up.
When the lower Slig walks left, hoist up and sneak to the shadows.  Turn around
and toss the grenade to the high Slig in a sharp high arc.  Crouch before it
blows, or the lower Slig will see you when you fall.  Sneak right and hoist to
the upper ledge, then possess the lower Slig and walk him into the gap in the
floor.  Below, run to the ground (don't walk, or you'll land on the mine),
shout "Look out" and shoot the two Sligs, then blow yourself up.  As Abe, go
down, get another grenade, then drop to the ground and move the middle Mudokon
to the left, then crouch and toss a grenade to the land mine.  When both
explosives blow, go up and back down to restore the bird portal, and chant to
free your friends.  Up top, chant to open your own portal and leave.

Go left and possess the Sligs.  With the second one, go left and tell the
Mudokon washing the wall to "Look out!" before shooting the other Slig there.
Go left one more screen and repeat to take out the other pair of Sligs, then
destroy yourself.  Make Abe lead the wall-washing Mudokon left and save both
Mudokons together.  Enter the door.

     ZONE 1

Go up the lift and run left with a Slog on your heels.  Past the lever, jump to
the upper ledge.  From there, possess the Slig that runs in and shoot the Slog.
Go left and shout "Look out!", then kill the Sligs.  Finally, kill yourself
(Note: if you die and restart here, you have to make the Slig go all the way to
the lift on the right and kill the Slog).  Go left across the bottom to reach
the pair of Mudokons.  Possess the Slig above and move him left.  Shoot the
other Slig that walks in, then blow yourself up.  Lead the pair of Mudokons one
at a time all the way right to the lift, then carry them down and free them.
Go back up.  Now you can deal with the secret areas that you no doubt remember
from the start of the game.

Have Abe go take the lift back up and walk left to the pull ring. (Note: you
may encounter a glitch whereby the pull ring is simply not there!  If this
happens to you, I can only hope that you have a recent save file to reload and
start over from).  Pull the ring and run into the trapdoor it opens.  Below,
chant to possess one of the Sligs and shoot the other after yelling "Look
out!", then have the Slig through the gap in the floor, go down to the ground
and shoot the Sligs below, then kill yourself.  It's almost getting too easy,
isn't it?  Lead the top Mudokon down, then chant to save both.  Climb back up
to the previous screen, chant to open your exit portal and jump in.  Go left.

Back on the screen where the 2 Mudokons were working on the lower level, duck
behind the barrel and drop down.  Possess the Slig and walk him off the edge of
the floor.  Immediately swivel and shoot the other Slig.  Some more will drop
down and blow you away, however.  As Abe, get grenades from the Boom machine
and toss them down from different positions until you've confident that all of
the extra Sligs are dead (you'll likely still be able to hear a Slig walking
around somewhere other than just below you, so sound alone won't let you know),
then go down yourself and chant to free the pair of Mudokons.  Climb back up
topside.  Go left along the upper level (which requires going one screen to the
right and climbing up first).

Now, in the screen with the 2 pits that were filled with land mines on your
first time through RuptureFarms, duck behind the barrel in the right pit to
lower yourself down.  Run left when you land, then turn around when you hit the
floor, run right and jump to grab the upper ledge.  When the Slig walks off of
it, hoist up and possess him.  Walk off the edge and shoot the top Slig below,
then drop to the floor, shout "Look out!", or just walk past the Mudokons, and
shoot the last Slig below.  Blow yourself up, then bring Abe down here and
chant to save both Mudokons.  Go back up again and climb out of the pits.

Almost done.  Back up top, go left and through the doors until you reach the
very first screen from the start of the game.  There's an easy 3 Mudokons right
here, but then there's also the first secret area to deal with.  Free the trio
of workers, then lower yourself down behind the barrel and drop.

Possess the Slig as the Slog runs through the gap in the floor.  Walk the Slig
through that same gap and shoot the Slog, or just command him to eat the other
Slig.  If your Slig gets killed (by going down to the floor and not shooting
the lower Slig first) just bring Abe down and possess, then explode, the last
guy.  Lead both Mudokons up top down to the floor, then chant to save them.
climb back up, go back right and chant to open a portal that stays open,
letting you know that you can jump through it yourself.  Do so.  This lets you
bypass some of the backtracking you would have to do to get back to the mine
car to Zulag 2, which waits all the way at the right end of the path.  Remember
to watch out for meat saws on your way there!

            |  5.10.2---ZULAG 2  |

Did you enjoy your ride?  After exiting the mine car dock, sneak left and climb
to the upper platform.  Do what the sign says: possess the Slig and walk him
left to open the security gate.  At the voice lock, say "Hi" then repeat [low
grunt, high grunt, high grunt, low grunt].  The voice lock will reply "Bleagh"
and another Slig will drop down shooting above.  Wait for him to walk down to
your level then blast him to bits, and finally explode yourself.  Have Abe
check out the directory for a rough map of the area.  The glowing box indicates
your current position, and each dot indicates a Mudokon for you to rescue.  Run
left, hoist up and take the lift up.  You are now in the Zulag 2 hub.  You have
three doors, which I will number left to right, and each contains a lever to
open part of the main door lock.  Once all 3 parts are activated, the door to
Zulag 3 will open.
 ___ ___        ___
 | | | |        | |
 |1| |2|        |3|
---------      ----
 | |
 |*|<-to Zulag 3

     DOOR 1

First, go right all the way and jump up to the lever.  It summons a Slig, so
run to the ground immediately after pulling it.  Jump back to the ledge and
hang from it, pulling up as the Slig walks over.  Possess him.  Walk him left
to the voice lock and copy it [high grunt, low grunt, high grunt] to turn off
the electric wall.  Shoot the other Slig that walks in and blow yourself up.
Have Abe collect all 3 Mudokons in this strip, one from each screen, and gather
them by the bird portal.  Chhant them all free at once to receive the blue
Shrykull chant rings!  Take the lift up and pull the lever to activate the main
door lock.  Go right and chant before the flying mine gets to you.  Wanton
destruction!  Possess the next Slig that runs in as you approach the end of the
ledge and have him go right, shout "Look out!" and shoot the other Slig,
preferably in the back for laughs.  Blow your Slig up, bring Abe here and chant
to save the two lost souls.  Backtrack to the entrance to this area; it's also
the exit.

     DOOR 2

Run right as the Slog above you gives chase.  On the next screen, jump and pull
up to the ledge before the Slig gets you, then possess him.  This time, you
absolutely need that Slog, so don't shoot it yet.  Have him follow you ("Here
boy") and go right.  At the pipe, tell him to "Get 'im" and he'll run through
and chew on the other Slig through there.  Call him back through, and now shoot
him, then kill yourself.  As Abe, continue right along the bottom, rolling
through the pipe.  Get some grenades at the Boom Machine if you feel like it
(you don't need them here) and sneak ahead.  Make some noise to wake the Slig,
then make sure he sees you as you run back to the left.  Run past the boom
machine and through the pipe on the next screen, then climb up top and back
right.  You can possess the Slig from here.  Do so, then walk right with him
under your control.  As you pass under the upper ledge approaching the door
lock, Slogs will start pouring out of the Slog hut, so get ready to start
firing.  Once they stop, walk the rest of the way and pull the lever, then die.
Bring Abe here and call the 2 Mudokons down and to the left, where their bird
portal awaits.  Free them, then go back to the entrance/exit and leave.

     DOOR 3

Walk right, jump over the land mines, and sneak past the sleeping Slig.  On the
next screen, climb up top and go back left.  Get a grenade if you need it, and
stand to the right of the top lever.  Toss a grenade downward from a standing
position; it should land right on the trap door.  Pull the lever to drop it to
the ground.  Now do this again when the Slig walks to that spot if you didn't
kill him the first time.  Go back down and pull the lower lever to summon a
lift over at the right end.  Ensure that you have a grenade, then ride the lift
up.  At the top, toss a grenade to the sleeping Slig and get out of the way,
possibly by riding the lift back down, as he blows up.  Pull the lever here to
open the door lock and go back down.  Restock on grenades if you have to and
return to the land mines.  You may want to toss your grenade to them from the
left side of the screen, so that you won't be caught in the blast.  When
they're gone, go get both Mudokons and lead them here to free them (you'll have
to move the top Mudokon onto the trapdoor, then pull the upper lever to drop
him down), then go left and exit.

Enter the newly-unlocked door marked "To Zulag 3" and ride the mine car to...
you guessed it, Zulag 3.

            |  5.10.3---ZULAG 3  |

Upon exiting the loading dock, sneak away from the sleeping Slog, even though
it would take a lot to wake him up.  Go left and wake up the Slig sleeping
under the electric fence.  Once he sees you,
run right and jump to the ledge over the Slog.  Possess the Slig and bring the
Slog to the right, then make him run through the pipe to get the other Slig by
yelling "Get 'im".  Call the Slog back and shoot him, then commit suicide by
explosion.  Roll Abe through the pipe and pull the lever to deactivate the
electric fence, then go all the way to the left.  Ride the lift from the upper
platform up to reach the hub.
  ___         ___
  | |         | |
  |1|         |2|
------      -----
| |          | |
|*|          |3|
 ^to Zulag 4

     DOOR 1

Jump across the gap and sneak onto the next screen.  Sneak past the Slig and
hoist to the upper platform.  Make some noise to wake the Slig.  When he walks
off-screen, quickly jump down and press the Boom Machine.  Leave the grenades
there for now, and quickly get back up to the safe ledge.  When the Slig leaves
again, hop down and get the grenades, quickly climbing back up again.  Go right
across the top.  On the next screen, ready a grenade and throw it over to the
chant droid on the fifth beep.  Possess the Slig below you, then have him pull
the lever and go left to shoot the other guy.  Kill your guy too, then have Abe
climb down the ledges by the falling carcasses.  Below, you have to run and
jump across to the right between falling carcasses, then back to the left from
the tip of the ledge to end up hanging from the bottom ledge.  Drop down from
there.  Go left along the upper platform and possess and kill the two Sligs
below.  Now go left on the ground, jump across the gap, and pull the lever from
the left side.  As soon as you do, a Slig comes down on the lift, so run, jump
across the gap, and run back to the next screen, climbing to the upper
platform.  Possess the Slig, who chases you, from the safety of the upper
level, and destroy him too.

Now you want to get all 4 Mudokons in this area onto the lift: the three on the
ground level (both lower and upper platforms), and one at the very top on the
right.  Get the bottom 3 onto the lift, then take the lift all the way to the
very top and run right to pick up the fourth Mudokon.  Bring him back, then
take them all down to the level of the bird portal.  Chant them free all at
once to get the Shrykull chant rings!  Pull the door lock lever too, and ride
the lift all the way back to the bottom.  Go right and jump across the gap
between the bouts of plummeting meat and continue to the right.  Chant as soon
as you're on the next screen.  Once it's clear, go right some more and set two
more fellow Mudokons free.  Go back, jump across the meat hazard again and take
the lift to the top.  Exit via the same way you came in.

     DOOR 2

This one's quite tricky.  Once the left flying mine has gone past, lower
yourself at the ledge, and move right on the ground.  Walk left and pull the
lever when it's safe to do so, and then quickly walk right and pull up on the
right side of the middle upper platform.  Step left once to the middle of this
platform.  Wait for the right flying mine to go down, then jump across the gap
and walk off the screen on the upper right.  Sneak past the Mudokon to the edge
of the platform, lower yourself down, and pull the lever and climb back up
before the Slig turns and shoots you.  The lever deactivated the electric wall
on the previous screen.  Walk back to the left screen and the Slig will go back
to sleep.  When the right flying mine goes down, lower yourself over the edge
and sneak to the right along the ground.  Sneak to the edge of the gap and hop
across, pull up and keep sneaking away to the right.  Stand on the right side
of the lever here, pull it, and immediately climb up to safety.  When the Slig
walks off-screen, hop to the lift and ride it up.

Activate the door lock and get some grenades, then ride back down.  Quickly
jump to the upper platform before the Slig wakes and shoots you, then use a
grenade to blow him up (either him or the chant droid, in which case you can
then try to possess the Slig, sending him running into the pit on the next
screen).  Sneak back to the left and hop over the pit.  Climb up and run-jump
to the upper platform when the now-awake Slig is facing away, then blow him up
with a grenade.  I suggest standing to the left of the working Mudokon and
throwing the grenade to the right in a sharp high arc, so it lands on the
ground without falling into the gap.  Once he's gone, go to the left screen and
use grenades to blow the flying mines from a safe spot.  You can either try to
hit them directly, or place a grenade so that it blows close enough to a mine
to wipe it out as well.  Once they're clear, lead the lone Mudokon here and
chant him free, then exit.

     DOOR 3

Sneak all the way to the right and climb to the upper platform, by the pipe.
Possess the lone sleeping Slig and walk him left.  Pull the lever at the left
edge of the screen when a Slig overhead is passing over the trapdoor.  Turn and
shoot him, then repeat twice more until all are dead.  Kill yourself before
rolling Abe through the pipe and left to the Mudokon.  Lead him to the trapdoor
and have him stand over it, as Abe goes below and pulls the lever.  Walk the
Mudokon to the right, now that he's on the ground, and chant him free.  Enter
the door by the bird portal.  You're not done with this section yet.

Walk off the floor on the right.  Below, possess the Sligs, and walk right with
the second one.  Shoot the Slig there, though this brings more down that then
shoot you.  No worries, they then come to Abe and are easily possessed as well.
With another Slig in hand, go right to the voice lock (be careful not to
accidentally walk into the electric fence).  Repeat [high grunt, low grunt,
high grunt] and shoot the Slog.  Go right, shout "Look out!" to the Mudokons,
and shoot the far Slig when they duck and cover.  Blow yourself up, then bring
Abe here to free the two Mudokons.  Remember to pull the door lock lever on
your way out if you didn't as a Slig! Retrace your steps through this area to

Ride the mine car to the final Zulag.

            |  5.10.4---ZULAG 4  |

Exit from the loading dock.  Climb past the Boom Machine, which you can't reach
now anyway, and up to the next screen.  Hang until the lower Slig leaves, then
pull up and run right.  Enter the door there.  You'll be back here shortly.
               | |
               |2|<--To Boardroom
               | |

     DOOR 1

Check out the directory if you like, then go right.  Get a Slig's attention,
then run back and jump to the upper platform.  Possess the Slig from there
(alternately, you could pull the lever and immediately climb up top, then
possess the Slig you just summoned).  Go back right and kill the other Slig by
the lift, then ride it down.  Shoot the Sligs below, go right, shoot the Slig
quickly, then say "Hi" to the pair that drop down, then walk down and shoot
them as well.  Are you starting to see a pattern?  Go left on the ground, shout
"Look out!" and shoot the Slig guarding the Mudokon.  Now you can blow yourself

Have Abe drop down here and chant to free the Mudokon, then go right and even
further right along the ground.  Sneak to the pipe, crouch, then roll to the
order bomb, tap it, and roll back through the pipe before you get shot or blown
up.  With the Slig gone, go up to the Mudokon, pull the lever to turn off the
electric fence, and lead the Mudokon left to the bird portal to free him.  Go
back right.  Sneak to the last screen, after the one with the pipe.  Press the
Boom Machine button, crouch, and pick up a grenade, then immediately roll off
the screen, and run and jump to the upper level beside the chant droid.  Wait
for the Slig to lose interest and return to his own screen, then sneak back in
there.  Toss him a grenade in a high arc to blow him up, then enter the Slog
Kennels through the door on the right.

Start running to the right.  Keep on running, and boy do I ever mean it.  After
you've picked up four Slogs,  jump to the upper platform on the next screen at
the far end, where Mudokons are working.  Jump back over the Slogs and up to
the other ledge.  Get some grenades from the Boom Machine, and toss them down
to the Slogs, at least some of which should still be jumping up under the far
ledge.  Get more grenades and run back to the other ledge if need be, until you
can blow up all of the Slogs.  Now go back down to the ground and to the left.
Possess the upper Slig and move him left across the top.  On the next screen,
Slogs will start pouring out of the hut right away.  Shoot them all.  One last
one runs out when you get half-way to the lever, too.  Blow yourself up, then
have Abe lead the two Mudokons on the right all the way to the left, then go
back and pull the lever to drop the electric fences around the last Mudokon
here, lead him left as well and chant to free them all.  Just one little green
dude left!  Retrace your steps out of this area.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Back in the central hub area, go left and wait for the lower Slig to leave,
then jump across the gap and walk to the shadows on the left edge of the
screen.  When the Slig returns, sneak left to the next screen.  Run across
there and roll into the pipe at the end.  Now wait.  Once both Sligs have left
at roughly the same time, run out, jump to the upper platform, and get to the
shadows on the right edge of the screen up there.  When the top Slig returns,
sneak to the right, then run right all the way to the door.  (The lever you
pass turns off the electric fence guarding the Boom Machine below, but you
really don't need the grenades.  If you must have them, then by now you should
be able to devise the means to get them on your own).  Enter the door.  Almost
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

     DOOR 2

Walk right past all of the order bombs.  When you reach a gap in the floor,
possess the Slig below.  Use him to pull the lever by the electric fence.  This
also wakes the Slogs in the hut on the right, so turn around and shoot them
'til they stop coming.  Don't these things ever learn?  There's a lot of them,
so be patient.  Go left next, and stand by the lever.  This time, Slogs will
come out from alternate sides.  Stand on the right of the lever, fire once only
to shoot the Slog that comes out, then pivot, shoot, pivot, shoot, etc.
Eventually, you'll turn right and shoot, but no Slog comes out.  You'd think
that would mean it was over, but one more comes out of the left again, so keep
your pattern going until you're sure that no more Slogs will emerge.  Run the
Slig to the right until he hits a land mine.

As Abe, go to the ground and run left, rolling into the 'Employee Lounge' at
the end.  There, you'll get some much-needed spirit rings.  Go back out and
bring the pain to all of the Sligs that have gathered above.  Go back into the
lounge, get more rings, go further right and repeat.  Get rings one final time,
then take the upper platform to the right.  Chant from there to blow the land
mine below, then walk down.  Take a couple of steps forward then run left as
the Slog and Slig chase you.  Jump to the upper platform on the next screen and
possess the Slig.  Kill the Slog, then walk right and kill the rest of the
Slogs coming from the Slog hut.  Once they're history, blow yourself apart.
Abe can now go touch the panel that reads 'DO NOT TOUCH'.  After that, go right
and enter the door at the end.

            |  5.10.5---BOARD ROOM  |

Go right and enter the top door.  Watch the oh-so-important FMV, then get
started on the final gauntlet.

Walk off the edge, then down to the next platform, and lower yourself over the
edge to drop to the next screen.  Hop over the UXB to land below, hop over the
left pair of land mines, and continue to the next screen.  Hop over the land
mines, but watch out for the meat saws too; I suggest jumping repeatedly (hold
triangle) after the right saw goes up.  After the third pair of mines, hoist
up, crouch, and roll past the meat saws, preferably when they aren't occupying
the same space as you.  Roll to the next screen and pull the lever, then roll
back past the saws and climb to the ground again.  To hop back across the land
mines, jump over the left pair after the meat saws go up, then hop across the
last two starting at the moment the right saw touches the ground.  Go to the
next screen and hop over the three pairs of land mines and pull the lever.  Now
repeat your jumps all the way left to the lift that you just called.  Ride it

Roll under the pipe and stand up right next to it.  Run one step and jump over
the three mines. On the next screen, repeat this move after rolling through the
pipe.  On the ground, go left.  Crouch beside the UXBs, which all blink [red-
green-red-red-green-red-red-red-green-repeat].  Turn them off one by one, then
say "Hello" and "Follow me" to the Mudokon.  Lead him to the previous screen
and chant him free (99!).  You'll receive the Shrykull chant rings in return.
Jump up to pull the ring above the trapdoor (it's below the left mine) to fall

Chant to rain Shrykull power all over the RuptureFarms executive board,
ensuring a sharp decline in their stock value.  Pull the lever and...

::------------------------------- /           \ -----------------------------::
 :-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-{ 6. ENDINGS  }-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-:
::------------------------------- \___________/ -----------------------------::

I'll keep this simple: the ending you get depends on how good a hero you were.
If you were a schmuck, didn't search hard for secret areas, and left your
fellow Mudokons to fry whenever the going got tough, then why should they help
you in your moment of need?  On the other hand, if you were a hero for the
people, your story might go on.

                  Rescue 1-49 Mudokons --> Bad ending (it's funny, watch it!)
                  Rescue 50-98 Mudokons  --> Good ending
                  Rescue 99 Mudokons --> Good ending + Bonus movie gallery

It's worth getting the movie gallery just to watch the teaser trailer for the
game -- creepy stuff!

::------------------------ /                         \ ----------------------::
 :-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-={ 7. MESSAGES FROM THE ODD  }=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-:
::------------------------ \_________________________/ ----------------------::


 *This is RuptureFarms*
We used to make Meech Munchies,
Until the Meeches were through.
We still made Paramite Pies,
And we made some good Scrab Cakes too.
I thought I had a good job,
But that was before I knew.
How we'd make New and Tasty,
I was still to find.
The truth, it turned out,
Now that would blow my mind.
The Glukkons were scared,
'Cause profits were grim.
Paramites and Scrabs
Had been turning up thin.
But Molluck was cool.
He had a plan.
This new kind of meat - it was us!
I just had to escape,
I just had to be free,
and I didn't even know
I had a destiny.

                        *Abe's moon*
                       I had just got past those Slogs
                       When the strangest thing I saw:
                       A big moon was before me
                       And it's face... was my paw!
                       Then I fell down a cliff
                       And smashed my head,
                       when some Bigface appeared
                       And said I was dead,
                       Said our land was changing,
                       Was imbalanced at best.
                       He told me my fate
                       Was to rescue the rest;
                       For Paramites and Scrabs
                       Were sacred once,
                       But that was before RuptureFarms
                       Turned them into lunch.
                       And they live in the temple,
                       And that's where they still nest.
                       And facing these creatures,
                       That was my test.

I had visions of Paramites living in the wild,
How they were before I was a child.
Then I saw what we did, ignored their cries,
Cut 'em up for Paramite Pies.

                                               *Paramite Scar*
                                              The bigface said I'd learned much
                                              Throughout my quest.
                                              This handscar would help me,
                                              For more dangers await.
                                              I would need it's full power
                                              To complete my fate.

I had visions of Scrabs safe in the wild,
How they were before I was a child.
Now they're cut, ground and mashed into little cakes.
Scrabs destroyed for profit's sake.

                                               *Scrab Scar*
                                              My test was completed,
                                              I expected to rest.
                                              Then the bigface revealed
                                              The intent of my quest.
                                              The two scars together
                                              On the back of each hand,
                                              They could shut down RuptureFarms
                                              And restore the lost land.

                        *Shrykull Revealed*
                       With hand scars complete,
                       The spirits took form.
                       Now my chant had power.
                       RuptureFarms should be warned.

 *The Factory Halts*
I'd found the switch
To kill most of the power,
And there I was
In the final hour...


Grave dangers await those who dare
For Mudokon trials offer despair.
Enduring the nests of creatures' unrest
Is the task for those seeking the test.
Brave beware for the old have told
That only one shall be so bold.

           Few Paramites and Scrabs inhabit these lands
           As millions have died at our own lost hands.
           Sacred they are to us who know
           But face them he must to continue their show.
           Shrykull shall come from their spirits' unrest
           To aid the victor after this quest.

Single blue hands
Shall bear the brands
And unleash the power
To destroy false lands.
Glukkon ministers will fume in alarm
As the Shrykull awakened
Halts the flesh farm.

           Born to those of lost history
           And laborers of flesh.
           Those within the conjured
           Beast of monstrous appetite,
           Of hardened shell and horrid burned breath,
           It's heart of steel and blade.
           The first shall bear witness and come forth:
           He frees his own before finding the others.

With power acquired blue rings will sing.
Chant to release the havoc they bring.


          Run, Abe!  The Sligs have orders to shoot you on sight.
    You are who you eat.
          The profits justify the means.
    Work hard, die young, win valuable prizes!
          Only 1,236 work related accidents this month.  Keep up the good work!
    When a Slig shouts Look Out, the wise Mudokon hits the deck.
          Venerate authority.
    Don't play with your food, unless it plays with you first.

::----------------------------- /              \ ----------------------------::
 :-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-{ 8. IN CLOSING  }=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-:
::----------------------------- \______________/ ----------------------------::


I hope you enjoyed my guide.  I am Syonyx, known to some as Marc Lalonde.  I
have written several other video game guides, including for Abe's Exoddus and
Stranger's Wrath.  Please check out my other work at:

You can also send me e-mails about the game.  Maybe you have further questions
or contributions to make.  My address for such correspondence is:
[syonyx_faqs at yahoo dot com].


This document is copyright (c) Marc Lalonde, a.k.a. Syonyx.  It is provided for
free personal use only.  Any commercial use is strictly prohibited.  Any public
display or publication of this document is absolutely forbidden without prior
written consent from the author.  Any change or removal of the original
indications of authorship would be a dirty, cowardly thing to do, so don't do
it!  You know who you are.

All characters, events, and places in Oddworld are trademark properties of
Oddworld Inhabitants.

   ~  THANKS  ~

-Thanks to Oddworld Inhabitants and Lorne Lanning for creating and sticking to
the vision of Oddworld, despite disheartening recent announcements.  Don't ever
change!  And please make more games someday!
-Thanks to Daniel N. for a tip on making your life slightly easier while
returning to RuptureFarms.
-Thanks to CJayC, creator of gamefaqs.com, the absolute best gaming fan site on
the net.  And thanks especially for recognizing this guide with a "FAQ of the
Month" award in February 2004.
-Thanks to you, the reader, for taking the time to make my work meaningful in
some small way.  I've been blown away by some of the e-mails I've received
since I posted the first version of this guide.  It's great to know that
there's such a strong and widespread Oddworld fan community.

Now go outside for some fresh air.

Syonyx 2004/06.

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