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FAQ/Walkthrough by Glutted

Version: 4th | Updated: 09/02/2006






|                            Final version                            |
|                             By Glutted                              |
|                         FAQ started 09/02/06                        |
|                        Last update: 09/02/06                        |
|                         Game: Lost Vikings 2                        |
|          System: Super Nintendo Entertainment System                |

                       /Table of Contents\
|          Part A-------------------------------Introduction          |
|          Part B----------------------------Version History          |
|          Part C----------------------------Getting Started          |
|          Part D--------------------------------Walkthrough          |
|          Part E------------------------------------Closing          |

Part A - Introduction

About Me

Hi, and welcome to my guide. This is my first FAQ. It has been written 
to help out newbies that are having trouble with this game. If you have 
any questions, feel free to e-mail me at jvdh2006@excite.com or AIM me 
at jvdh374.

Lost Vikings 2

Lost Vikings 2 is a Super Nintendo Game released in the mid '90s. It
was a game with great potential that didn't do as well as it could
have. It is a 2D sidescroller game that takes place in the medieval to
modern times. It is almost like Resident Evil, since it has tons of

Copyright 2006 Glutted. All rights Reserved. You may not
reproduce this guide without seeking my permission first. All
characters and logos are trademarks of Interplay or Blizzard. All
rights reserved.

Please E-mail me at jvdh2006@excite.com, or AIM me at jvdh374 if you
have any questions.

Part B - Version History

Version 1st (April 29, 2006)
FAQ first started. I completed the walkthrough for levels 1-18. Stay
tuned for an update, which will be coming very soon.

Version 2nd ( June 3, 2006)
I put more information in the characters section, as well as adding in
the list of level passwords. Walkthrough is now complete!

Version 3rd (August 1, 2006)
I added in the list of items, and changed the ASCII.

Version 4th (September 2, 2006)
There apparently had been a big bug with the ASCII in version 3rd, so I 
took it out. Also corrected a few typos.

Part C - Getting started

Before we get started with the walkthrough, I need to introduce you to
the story. If you want, you may just completely skip this part and go
directly to the level walkthrough:).

How to play

Your goal in Lost Vikings 2 is to guide three Viking brothers- Erik,
Baleog, and Olaf- to victory against their alien kidnapper Tomantor
(AGAIN!) so that they can return home to their Nordic village. Thanks
to Tomantor's time-travel machine and a mistake on Olaf's part the
swashbuckling trio have been set adrift n time. The only way for these
displaced guys to get home is to find the time-travel machine and hope
it takes them home.

All the Vikings begin each level with no items and three life points
(represented by the red dots below each character's picture at the top
of the screen). If a Viking is injured three times, he will begin the
long trip to Valhalla. (HINT: you can locate food along the way to
restore health points.) Remember: some actions, such as falling into
water and drowning (except for Erik), will result in loosing all of
that characters health points.

Along the way you will see square "buttons" marked with a question
mark. Stand before these buttons and press A to activate them. You will
find them very useful since they give clues and hints on how to play
the game.

Items are picked up automatically when your character touches them. To
use an item, press SELECT, and pick the item and press x on the
controller to use it. Some items, such as keys, will only work in
certain places. Buttons, levers, treasure chests, and anything like
that are activated when you stand a character in front of them and
press A.

Along the way you will find 2 new friends, Scorch the Dragon and Fang
the Werewolf. During parts of the game, these new friends will replace
some of the Vikings. Each character has their own special abilities
which you will need to learn. Regardless of which characters you have
for any specific level, you will need the abilities of all three
available characters to complete a level.

The Vikings depend on each other in other ways too. Keep in mind that
they are honor bound to escape together or not at all. You MUST
complete the level with all three characters alive. If you lose a
character or feel that you've backed yourself into a corner, press
START to quit the game. Freya the Valkyrie will appear before the
Vikings. Press X,Y, or A and she will give you the password for the
level you were on. Press B and an option to "Try Again" will appear.
Choose YES and Freya will restore all the Vikings back to life. Choose
NO and the game will end.

At the beginning of a new level you will receive a password - write the
password down! The next time you pop in the Game Pak and play, you can
return to that level by selecting PASSWORD from the main menu and
entering the password for the level you desire.


-Control Pad-: Guides the movement of the currently selected character, 
including climbing ladders. In addition, use the UP/DOWN on the Control 
Pad to make Olaf shrink and grow. Some of the Vikings can also reach up 
to grab ropes, either to pull themselves up and tightrope-walk across 
or to climb along hand-over-hand. Press the UP button on the Control 
Pad when one of the Vikings is standing directly under a rope to grab 
it. Use the Control Pad to move between inventory items when in 
inventory mode.

-L/R-: Cycles through available characters, even in inventory mode.

-A-: Activates a world item – flip switches, open treasure chests, 
quesry help boxes, etc.

-B-: Primary character function – Erik jumps or swims, Baleog slashes 
with his sword, Olaf raises or lowers his shield, Fang leaps and clings 
to walls, Scorch flaps hs wings. Tap B twice to activate Erik’s rocket 
boots. Bold B while Scorch is in the air to make him glide like a 
majestic Olaf.

-Y-: Secondary character function – Erik charges (if already moving), 
Baleog uses his bionic arm, Olaf farts, Fang slashes with his claws, 
Scorch breaths fire.

-X-: Uses selected item.

-Select-: Enters or exits inventory mode. While in this mode, use the 
control Pad to move between the available items. Any item which is 
highlighted when you exit this mode will be available for use by that 
character by pressing X. To swap an item between characters, select the 
item, press B, and use the L/R buttons to chose who you want to swap 
the item with. The other Viking must be in the vicinity for this to 

-Start-: Pauses the game. While paused, the player is given the option 
to give up on the current level.

Thor's Hints


1. The new group of Vikings is a little on the SLOW side when it comes
to brains. Take your time and think thing out. A rushed Viking usually
means a dead Viking.

2. Bah! Who needs teamwork? Well, I've got to admit; these lads work
BEST as a team, so remember that.

3. I would never even THINK of eating while in the middle of a level,
but these guys look like they are in the same fighting condition I was
in when I was their age. Be sure to stock up on any food before any of
the lads enter battle (if they were damaged at the time). Just in case
they get hit a few times (perish the thought!) they have something to
give them a boost.

4. I don't know about these lads. I could do everything these guys do
and a lot more! But that's beside the point. Try to keep these guys
together. That way, you can use any of their abilities at a moments

5. Now I may seem like the strict Vikings but always remember, you're
doing this to have FUN! If for some reason you get frustrated with
these pitiful puzzles, play around and experiment. Who knows, the boys
might met lucky and find the answer to get past the puzzle.

Story (from booklet)

((( It's not every day that three Viking warriors find themselves
imprisoned aboard an alien spaceship... and it's certainly not every 
that three Viking warriors trounce their alien kidnapper and come
swaggering home in triumph. It was some time before Olaf, Baleog, and
Erik's egos deflated, but eventually life returned to normal in their
small northern village.

Or nearly so- for after their wild extraterrestrial adventures, the
three brothers found themselves disconnected with their former calm
Viking lives...

Dissatisfied with his job as a senior polar bear wrangler, Baleog the
Fierce auditioned for the Nordic Gladiators but stomped out in disgust
when he was barred from bringing his own weaponry. It was then that
Baleog realized his responsibility to pass on his skills to the next
generation of Vikings. He formed Baleog's school of plunder, with a
popular curriculum focusing on Pillaging, Plundering, and setting
things on fire. He became famous throughout Scandinavia for a brilliant
lecture course entitled 'Geat-Crushing in Three Easy Steps'('Step One:
Select a Geat. Step Two: Aim High. Step Three: Crush'). He then went on
a tour promoting his book 'Stalking the Wild Geat' and its wildly
successful sequel 'Just What is a Geat Anyway?'

Olaf the Stout decided to pursue his dream of becoming a sumo wrestler
and set off in search of the Land of Rising Sun. He made it as far as
the Land of Noonish Sun before he turned back- not because the journey
was too tough but because he couldn't find lasagna anywhere beyond the
Mediterranean. Instead, he returned sheepishly home to his family and
devoted himself to instructing his children in the arts swordsmanship,
looting, thundering, and making decent goat cheese. Both of his
daughters now attend the Baleog School of Plunder- Olaf is especially
proud of his eldest, Gerda, who has achieved the rank of Honorary
Valkyrie AND can out eat her dad any day of the week. Olaf has appeared
on "Lifestyles of the Large & Bearded" and is busy working on a Combat
Frisbee, although the neighbors insist that the idea will never fly.

Erik the Swift's experiences in outer space left him bored with village
life. He ended up with the mystic Order of the Leaping Mountain Goat,
where he finally learned peace, enlightenment, and how to eat a tin can
whole. In fact, Erik emptied his mind so thoroughly that he spent
months wandering around dazed and confused, sculpting fjords out of
mashed potatoes and believing he was an iguana. He regained his memory
after several knocks on the head, all self-inflicted whilst attempting
to ram open a can of tuna: <<KANG! KANG!>> "Wait a minute! I'm not an
iguana at all!" <<KANG! KANG!>> "Heeey, I'm Erik the Swift!" He swiped
a ship and hurried home to the village, where he was warmly greeted by
his brothers... especially Olaf, who was thrilled to discover that his
own journey had NOT been the most ridiculous one in the history of the
village, after all.

Early one fine Thor's-Day morning the three brothers set out together
in their ship, the Ragnarok. Baleog wanted to do a little light
plundering; Olaf felt like fishing. The argument was settles peacefully
when Erik wisely sided with Olaf... that is, after Olaf threatened to
pick him up by the braids and throw him overboard. After some good-
natured brawling on the foredeck, the trio settled down to enjoy the
cold, clear morning, and to wait for the sun to rise so that they could
bait the fishing lines without sticking hooks through their fingers in
the darkness.

Little do our heroes know that a specter is stalking them high above.
No, it isn't Master of the Leaping Mountain goat...it's Tomantor, their
alien captor of years before! Though their last encounter was only a
year ago for Olaf, Baleog, and Erik, to the time-traveling Tomantor his
stinging defeat at the brothers' hands occurred only last week...and he
wants revenge.

Fortunately, for an alien evil genius, Tomantor is pretty sloppy. Once
again, his ship malfunctions just as the three Norsemen are in his
grasp...and this time, the Viking brothers are ready. They've grabbed
some of Tomantor's high-tech equipment and they know exactly what they
have to do to get back to their homes and families: find Tomantor and
beat the snot out of him!

Will the Vikings find their way home across time and space? Will Erik
lead his brothers to safety without bonking himself back into thinking
he's an iguana? Will Olaf be reunited with his wife and daughters? Will
Baleog ever get a date with Freya, that Valkyrie babe on the "Resume
Game" screen? Stay tuned... )))


Erik the Swift

AGE: 20


WEIGHT: 160 lbs

*JUMPING: Push B and Erik will jump in the air. If you keep holding B,
Erik will keep jumping for a little bit longer. While in the air, press
B again and Erik wick activate his rocket boots, giving him an extra
boost to hurdle large distances or knock out weak ceilings.

*SWIMMING: Erik is the ONLY character that can swim. While in the
water, press B and Erik will swim in the direction he is facing.

*HEADBUTT: By pressing Y, Erik will begin to charge head first in the
direction he is facing. Use this to ram any enemies who get in his way
and to break any loose walls.

Baleog the Fierce

AGE: 26


WEIGHT: 220 lbs

*ENERGY SABER: Pressing B will make Olaf swing his energy saber with 
great vengeance and furious anger upon any bad guy he happens to hit 
with it.

*BIONIC ARM: Baleog can activate his Bionic arm by pressing Y and the
direction on the control pad you want his arm to go. He can use his
bionic arm to punch out baddies, knock out target buttons, get items,
and grab jewels. He can also use it to grab onto and swing from the
jewels above chasms.

Olaf the Stout

AGE: 23


WEIGHT: 320 lbs

*SHIELD: By pressing B, Olaf can raise his shield above his head or
hold it in front of himself. When held in front of him, it provides
protection to the direction he is facing. When raised above his head,
it can...
a) Provide protection from dangers above
b) Allow other characters to stand on it
c) Let him glide instead of falling down

*FART: Olaf can emit a thunderous from the nether region by pressing Y.
This can destroy unstable floors, give him a lift while gliding, annoy
Baleog, nauseates Fang, and generally disgust all parents watching
over your shoulder.

*DWARFING: By pressing down on the control pad, Olaf uses his Titanium
Dwarfing shield to become very small. This allows him to fit in some of
the most narrow places that none of the other Vikings can fit in. Push
up to return Olaf to his normal size.

Fang the Werewolf

AGE: 24



*JUMPING: Fang can leap into the air by pressing B. If he leaps upon a
wall, he will automatically cling to it. Be careful though, Fang is a
pretty big guy and he tends to slowly slide down walls he has clung to.
By pressing B while being clung to a wall, he will leap into the air
again. HINT: If two walls are close enough, Fang can climb the walls by
jumping back and forth between the two.)

*CLAWS: By pressing Y, Fang will use his razor sharp claws to rip his
opponents apart.

Scorch the Dragon

AGE: 99



*JUMPING: Pressing B will make Scorch leap into the air.

*FLYING: While in the air after a jump, Scorch can majestically flap 
his wings to fly up in the air by pressing B again. Keep pressing B 
again and again to have him fly higher, though he can only flap his 
wings so much before he needs to land and rest. (HINT: Try to master 
how often to press the B button to get Scorch to fly as high as he 

Here are some of the other characters you will come in contact with.


-Bat-: He isn't exactly blind

-Skeleton-: This guy has a bone to pick with the Vikings.

-Vampire-: This creature of the night has found a liking for Viking

-Black Knight-: This armored warrior would like nothing better than to
cut the Vikings in two.

-Evil Dragon-: Distant cousins or scorch who don't have the same

-Wizard-: This bad guy likes to zap Vikings by appearing out of thin
air and throwing lightning bolts.

-Piranha-: This hungry critter would love to sink his teeth into Erik

-Parrot-: This pesky bird likes to swoop down and peck on the Vikings.

-Pirate-: These guys would love to swab the deck with any of the

-Peg leg-: Don't let this one legged, one eyed bad guy fool you. His
gun packs a MEAN punch.

-Jellyfish-: Another aquatic bad guy Erik has to watch out for.

-Vines-: Baleog, Fang, and Scorch are the only ones who can destroy
these mean plants. Be careful, they tend to grow back really fast.

-Gorillas-: This ape would rather throw bananas instead of eating them.

-Head Hunters-: This native likes to chuck spears

-V-1000 Bots-: These mechanized hunters are built to fight in the air
as well as on ground. Once they sight their prey, they absolutely will
not stop until destroyed.

-Urqhartians-: These hideous aliens originated from a star in the north
and do nothing but eat.

Other Characters

-Freya the Valkyrie-:
This bold and beautiful guardian is one of the Viking's greatest
allies. She may revive any of the Vikings who may have fallen or turn
back the wheels of time to give the boys another chance.

Don't let this lady's looks fool you. Her cauldron might brew the right
stuff to take the Vikings home.

This up and coming magician is working on perfecting her teleportation

-Witch Doctor-:
This doctor won't be able to help the bumps on Erik's head, but he
might be able to offer something to the gods to help the Vikings out.

This mystic nomad might be able to foresee a way home for the Vikings.

This infamous rebel leader is in dire need of a time machine to set
things right in his time.


-Jewels-: Baleog can use his bionic arm on this to swing

-Buttons-: These have various effects on each level. Press A to
activate them.

-Switch-: When activated, a new path through the level is usually
activated. Press A to flip it.

-Question mark boxes-: These give you clues.

-Target boxes-: hitting these has various effects on each level as

-Treasure Chest-: Open these to find a surprise

-Keys-: Opens the lock which is the same color as the key.

-Bombs-: Use and RUN AWAY as it will blow up as most bombs do. Bombs 
have various uses like destroying unstable locks and blowing up 
cannons. They make great presents for bad guys too!

-Smart Bombs-: Use this to instantly disintegrate all the enemies on 
the screen.

-Shields-: Use to protect your Viking from his next point of damage. 
This will appear as a blue dot next to the red dots/health of the 

-Torches-: These will let the Vikings see in certain dark and creepy 

-Garlic-: Appropriate in Transylvania, eh?

-Roast-: Nothing like a hearty meal after a battle.

-Root Beer-: A Viking's best friend

-Bananas-: One a day keeps Valhalla away.

-Hamburgers-:Would you like fries with that?

Level Passwords

02 ST3W
03 K3YS
05 SW1M
06 TWO!
07 T1M3
08 K4RN
14 B3SV
15 R3TO
18 OV4L
19 T1NE
20 D4RK
21 H4RD
25 HOM3
28 H3LL
29 4RGH
30 B4DD
31 D4DY

Part D - Walkthrough

This is not a full walkthrough, I just give you general tips for each
level. I hope they help you a bit. GOOD LUCK! You may print out all or
part of this, so you can have it next to you while you play. Just
remember to contact me first if you want this posted at your site.

To avoid confusion, I will describe each character.

                /Character descriptions\
| Baleog = The blond dude with the stretchy arm.       |
|                                                      |
|   Erik = The redhead that runs.                      |
|                                                      |
|   Olaf = The fat guy with the shield.                |
|                                                      |
|   Fang = The werewolf                                |
|                                                      |
| Scorch = The Green Dragon                            |


Stage 1


Simplest level ever. Walk your three medieval friends to the witch to
get to the next level. Test out everyone's moves if you like.


Stage 2


Although Olaf is fat, he still can be a bit helpful. Use his shield to
block the fireballs so that your friends can pass by without getting


Stage 3


Olaf's shield is again helpful here. To get the key, have Erik stand up
on Olaf's shield so that he can jump high enough to reach the key.


Stage 4


You can shrink Olaf by pressing down. That way he can go in places
other characters can't fit in. Use Baleog's stretchy-arm attack to grab
items high up. Keep in mind that you can switch items between two
characters if they're near each other. Press 'SELECT' and switch the
items. You will also be introduced to elevators in this level.


Stage 5


This is the first level that features water in it.  Unless you would
like to see their skeletons, DO NOT LET ANY CHARACTER OTHER THAN ERIK
GO INTO THE WATER! They will drown & die on the spot. Also, Baleog will
need to grab via bionic arm and swing by what looks like gems on the
rooftop in this level, since he can't jump.


Stage 6


You will be getting a new character in this level. His name is fang. He
is like a werewolf or something. While he is a good fighter, he is also
a excellent jumper. If you jump up the walls with him, he will be able
to "grab" onto them, and then jump higher. With that, he can reach
places even Erik can't! However, he soon leaves the game, and is
replaced by Erik...

You will be using Baleog's Stretchy arm to grab a lot of keys in this
level. At one point, have him stand on Olaf's shield to grab a key.
Once you rescue fang, you get to play as him. Just heal yourself if
necessary, and watch out for enemies and fireballs!


Stage 7


Give the key that Erik gets over to Olaf, so that he can shrink and go
and use it. When your three characters are riding the elevators,
position Olaf's shield so that it blocks out the fireballs and no one
gets hurt.

At the end of this level, they go into a time machine. Instead of
arriving home, they end up in the middle ages.


Stage 8


New era these levels take place on. They are now set in the middle
ages. New enemies. Harder puzzles. More challenge. Less healing items.
Are you ready? Brace yourself! Beat this game, without letting it beat
you! Now back to the game.

No big puzzles here. Reposition Olaf's shield using B to put it over
his head. After you unlock an area behind a door, immediately switch to
Baleog so that he can take out the hordes of enemies that await...


Stage 9


Now a new character comes into the game. He is Scorch the Dragon. In my
opinion, he is the strongest all-around character here. He's got a long
range attack. He looks cool. Hell, he even flies!

Use Scorch's fire breath to kill the other dragons.

Stage 10


Wizards are new bad guys. They are hard to kill, and they teleport. Use
Scorch to kill them.


Stage 11


Unlock the first lock by placing your character on top of Olaf's
shield. Have fang and Olaf get rid of the wizard while Erik unlocks the
door. Also, later on, move the rocks out of the way so they can pass


Stage 12


When you get to the rock area, prepare yourself. There is a puzzle

1. Hit the middle button
2. Hit the right button
3. Hit the left button

After the switch is flipped, uses Olaf to ride on the air lifts, and go
into the little cranny to get the Wand.


Stage 13


Another level with the balancing platforms. Get Erik on the platform
first, then clear the path, and collect the goodies.


Stage 14


As Erik, go underwater and collect the bomb. You only get one of these,
and you will have to restart the level if you misuse it. Plant the bomb
by the crates near your starting point, move into the room, and hit the
switch to drop the block down. Go down and push the block to the right
on top the spikes so you can go safely cross. The next dilemma here is
the balancing platforms. In order to successfully use them, you'll have
to hang Baleog over to Erik's platform, and then fart off the platform
with Olaf, go left, down the ladder, and push the block off to the
right so it protects you from the fireballs the fireballs.


Stage 15


Have Erik swim and break the boxes. Use the seesaw to get Olaf to grab
the ladder high up. Get all your characters across the hole nearby. Go
across another hole to the left. Hit the switches, and send down Olaf
to get the key.


Stage 16


In the room with the pressure plate, get Olaf and Erik there. As Olaf,
get the bomb and the key in the place to the right of the hole. Once
you get through the locked doors at the bottom-right of the hole, bring
up the elevator for Erik. Bring Erik to the upper-left part by the
hole, and leave him standing on the pressure plate.

Now as Olaf, shrink down, go to the left, and plant the bomb right in
front of the cannon. Later on, have Olaf go first so he can use his
shield to block the incoming cannon balls.


Stage 17


The big stumper in this level is balancing the platforms. I'll number
them off to make things easy.

1. Put Olaf on the non-mobile platform on the right and Baleog to the
bottom left of the balancing platform.

2. Place Scorch on the left balancing platform to bring it down, move
Baleog onto it, move Scorch up.

3. Use Scorch to fly up to the right balancing platform down.

4. Move Olaf onto the platform with Scorch. Baleog should then be able
to walk over to the left, hit the diving board and land right on top of
the thick chain that Scorch can manipulate to bring him over to the
pressure plate.


Stage 18


You will be using Baleog a lot in this level. First, get him up to the
mast of the ship. Its simple, all you do is change the door switches so
that Fang can go up to the left and bring down the elevator and Olaf
can go up the same way. Put Baleog on Olaf's shield so he can use his
stretchy arm to grab the key.


Stage 19


Yet another level full of puzzles. To get the key, Move Erik to the
Upper-right corner of the level onto the platform, move Scorch up
to the left side  of Erik and stand on the other platform that drops a
stone beneath the key. Then use Baleog to go up the elevator,
walk over onto the stone and reach up to grab the key.


Stage 20


You need to get to the bouncy platform. Take Olaf to the second
platform over from the starting screen and float off and down to the
left. Shrink him down, go into the teleporter, break the stones, and
push the other stone to the right.

Stage 21


This level is filled with a crap load of frustrating moments. If you
make one little mistake, you might have to start this level all over
again. Be patient, it might take you more than 10 tries to finally
master this level. Its OK, It was tough for me also. This level and
most other levels are completely based on trial and error.

The FIRST thing you need to do is have Erik use the thing that blows
air to blow him up to the platform, stand on it and it will make a
stone fall down. Then, bring over Fang to claw the Mayan dude in the
way to death. Use Erik to run into the stones, and place Olaf's shield
on top of him to stop the covering from falling down.


Stage 22


Use Olaf's fart to break the stones, then shrink down and get the bomb.
Place the bomb by the nearby stones to break them. Push the block in
the way so that the green separator can't fall down.


Stage 23


Baleog will be stuck in the same spot for 3/4 of the level. So you'd
better go ahead with the other two characters. Once you have solved all
the puzzles, killed all the enemies, and gotten all the items, you
should return for Baleog. To get Baleog to the top left of the screen,
you must have Erik take the Air blower thing up, then go left and bring
the elevator down to Baleog.


Stage 24


After you've gone down to the fire cave, get Baleog on the left side
and Erik and Olaf on the right. Then use Baleog's stretchy arm to grab
the bomb. Hand the bomb to Olaf. Then go over to Erik and bomb the
blocks- don't worry, the bomb's explosion won't hurt you.


Stage 25


This level is full of pitch black places, and you will need torches to
see. But the problem is that there are three Vikings, and only one
torch... so, I will give you tips for improvising because of that

I recommend that you have Erik get the Torch. Have Fang climb the
walls, and then make him walk to the right. A clicking sound will let
you know that you've done it. Switch to Erik, go for a little
refreshing swim, and then come back out on the other side of the water.
Take care of the gorilla, and bring Scorch in through the space that
Fang opened up.


Stage 26


When Baleog and Erik free Olaf, put Olaf on the right and put Baleog
down on the left. When your in the air, make sure to dodge the


Stage 27


You have seen some pretty hard puzzles so far. But let me warn you,
this level most likely has the hardest puzzle in the whole game. You've
made it this far, so please don't give up now.

Before the tube puzzle, this level isn't too hard. When you need to get
ERIK and OLAF up the tube without getting electrocuted, make sure you
have Fang stay behind and control the electricity.


Stage 28


You have got to get Baleog up the tube. When everyone is down, have
Erik stand on Olaf's shield so he has enough room to run and break the


Stage 29


You need to get Scorch over to the right switch. Then have Erik go and
gather the items and food.


Stage 30


You'll need to have Scorch go into the Portal and battle the boss. Go
to the bottom of the screen and get the bombs from the enemies. Then go
back up to where the boss is, and drop the bomb in his path when he is
chasing you, and he will end up running into the electric squiggly line
and drop the key.


Stage 31


There is a flying alien patrolling the area, and he holds an important
key. Ironically, Olaf does not have any weapon and is not a fighter,
but he still is the one that gets to slay the boss. Get the bomb at the
bottom of the screen, then go back up to him. Watch out for his bombs.
Get in a killer position, and drop the bomb on his head when he is
coming up. That will make him take the path to the right. Hit the
switch so he ends up running into the electric squiggly line, and
dropping the key. That is a lot like the puzzle in the previous level.

Whew! One boss down, one more to go. When Fang and Scorch are caught
under the blocks, have Olaf come and give them the Bomb….

Part E - Closing

You have completed The Lost Vikings 2. You have done it without
cheating(hopefully). You have completed it with as little help and
hints as possible. I enjoyed staying up late and typing this up. And I
hope you enjoyed reading this, and that you found it helpful.

My Review

"Almost exactly the same as Lost Vikings 1"
| 8/10 |
((( Lost Vikings 1 was really a great and unforgettable game. I don't
see why they would need a sequel. Around 3 years after the release of
Lost Vikings, they released Lost Vikings 2. The characters were the
same, pretty much the same moves, and even the same plot! I can tell
Blizzard and Interplay did not put too much thought into this game. It
looks almost as if it was rushed to the stores...but why? I remember
Miyamato saying "A delayed game is eventually good, but a bad game is
bad forever".

Story: 4/10

They used the same exact plot as the one for Lost Vikings 1. The evil
alien Tomantor has captured 3 innocent Vikings, and they must warp
through time to find their way home.

Graphics: 8/10

Lost Vikings 2's graphics are a little bit more than your average 16-
bit game's graphics...but not that much more. You can easily see the
pixels in the graphics, but they are moderately small. You can see
designs on Olaf's shield...as well as Erik's outfit. I do not have too
much to say about the graphics...we'll leave it at that.

Sound/Music: 10/10

I think this is one area where Lost Vikings excels. You can hear
Baleog's sword as it swings through thin air: making a realistic
whistling sound. Heck, even Olaf's fart sounds as realistic as your
fart does! Your characters will yell or scream if they get hit or die.
The music is great too. It's basically a hybrid of medieval music and
modern techno music- which, of course, combines to form some lovely
tunes. The music is encouraging and ideal for a puzzle/fighting game.
You also don't need to worry about getting bored of it- it completely
changes every few levels! The developers did a fine job in the music
department, and it matches perfectly with the game.

Gameplay: 8/10

I also believe that the gameplay matches perfectly with the games genre
and mood. Instead of just jumping around and killing enemies like other
sidescrollers, you also can pick up items, solve puzzles, and work as a
team. Oh yeah. You hear that? Yes, I said teams. You will follow a
buddy system where you switch characters in the middle of the level,
and use each of their unique abilities to complete the level.
You can grab items, like bombs, that help you destroy enemies. One
major flaw is that if you are playing as one character, and you switch
to another character in a different spot, the fist character might get
attacked and die. However, that problem was inevitable because of the
switch-character system, so I forgive Interplay. Great gameplay!

Overall: 8/10

Quite an enjoyable title, built for all ages. It starts out literally
easy enough for a 5 year old, then it gets so complicated that you
might need to check out a walkthrough for it. This game itself is like
a hybrid of a classic 2-D sidescroller and a puzzle game. It makes
perfect use of the fighting and control system, and shows-off the
SNES's true audio powers. From medieval castles to ancient jungles,
this game has got it all. Definitely worth the buy. )))
 ~Posted on May 14, 2006~

Yeah...that's my review of Lost Vikings 2. I love it, but I can still
admit that it's not perfect. ^_^.


I would like to thank...

Blizzard & Interplay- For making such a great game!

CJayC- For this great website.

ALL GameFAQs contributors: They inspired me to get off my butt and
contribute this walkthrough.

Good Bye.

--Glutted, © Copyright 2006. All Rights reserved.            

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