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Game Script by CaptainDrakesGhost

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/15/2007

Game Script for The Lost Vikings II: Norse by Norsewest (SNES)

By CaptainDrakesGhost
Last updated 13th April, 2007

Prev. version 24th May, 2004


1. Table of Contents

1. Table of Contents
2. Script (Transylvania and intro)
3. Script (Dark Age)
4. Script (Smugglers' Cove)
5. Script (Amazon Jungle)
6. Script (Future and game ending)
7. Script (Deaths/Retries)
8. Contact
9. Legal stuff
10. Thanks


2. Script (Transylvania and intro)

Note: In some cases, talking to someone with multiple characters can get the 
same message.In those cases, I put the first letters of the character you're 
talking as (E/B/O/F/S).


Voice   : After their narrow escape from the evil Tomator, Erik the Swift, 
          Olaf the Stout, and Baleog the Fierce lived joyous and fruitful 
          viking lives.
Voice   : Then one day, while returning home from a fishing trip...
Olaf    : Are we there yet? I'm hungry.
Baleog  : You should have thought about that before we left.
Erik    : Yeah, you've eaten three times today, and the sun hasn't even come 
Olaf    : No wonder I'm hungry.
Tomator : So! I've finally caught up with the mighty vikings again! Well I'll 
          show them!
*The Vikings get teleported*
Erik    : Uh, guys...
Baleog  : Let me guess, you've got a bad feeling about this.
Tomator (Voice-over): Welcome back, pathetic losers. This time you will 
                      experience the full wrath of the mighty Tomator.
Tomator (Voice-over): This time there will be no escape! Guard, take them to 
                      the time/space modulation, uh... thingy and transport 
                      them to the arena.
Guard   : Yes, Tomator, but first I must modulate the phase variance in the 
          tachyon fields.
Guard   : Prisoners! You will follow me.
Tomator : At last! The mighty vikings in my clutches!
Tomator : Hahahahahahahaha...
*Tomator slams his fist down on his control panel while laughing*
Tomator : Oh, no! Not another system failure!
*a blackout occurs at the vikings and the guard*
Guard   : Prisoners?
Baleog  : Get him!
*they beat up the guard, after which the light goes back on*
Erik    : Hey, we grabbed some cool stuff from that robot. I wonder what it 
Baleog  : No time to find out now. We need to get outta here.
Olaf    : Oh, look, a big, shiny thing, and there's a sign on it. It says 
          d-uh... do- donuts!
Erik    : Olaf, no! Uh-oh, Baleog, I think Olaf's in some kind of food trance 
          or mania.
Machine : ++Initiating sequence 1166 to Transylvania, 1437 A.D.++
*they get teleported*
Tomator : NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!... I've lost them again!

Stage #1: STRT (Start)
Baleog  : The sign said 'Do not touch,' not 'Donuts'!!!
Olaf    : Oh.
Erik    : Hey, where are we?
Erik    : Hmmmm, this is definitely not our ship. It's time to find a way 

? Block : Press 'A' to talk to people or read hints like this one.

(Talk to witch)
E/B/O   : We're looking for the big shiny metal thing that brought us here.
Witch   : Well, I know a spell that could send you there, but all three of 
          you would have to be here at once.
Witch   : Press 'L' or 'R' to switch characters.

(Level finish)
Erik    : Can you take us to the big shiny metal thing that brought us here?
Witch   : Well, I know a spell that could send you there.
Witch   : The spell has limited range, so if it doesn't take you all the way 
          there, I'll meet you at the nearest cauldron, and we can try again.
Witch   : But I need a cyclops' eyeball, vampire bat wing, and oiramrepus 
          mushroom to cast the spell again.
Erik    : Okay, let's go.

Stage #2: ST3W (Stew)
? Block : Baleog stole the guard's energy saber. Press 'B' to attack with it.

? Block : Olaf grabbed the guard's shield. Press 'B' to block either up or 

? Block : Press 'B' to jump Erik onto ledges or over obstacles.

(Talk to witch)
E/B/O   : Okay, let's go.
Witch   : I need a vampire bat wing, a cyclops' eyeball, an oiramrepus 
          mushroom, and...
Witch   : Everyone who's going to be teleported needs to be here, too.

(Level finish)
Erik    : Well, we brought the ingredients for the potion.
Baleog  : Yeah. Are we going to have to do this every time?
Witch   : Teleporting people ain't like dusting crops, boy, without precise 
Baleog  : Look, we don't need a lecture. Just cast the spell.

Stage #3: K3YS (Keys)
? Block : Press 'Y' to use Baleog's bionic arm to nail monsters from long 

? Block : Olaf can glide like a majestic eagle by holding his shield over
          his head while falling.

? Block : His titanium dwarfing shield allows Olaf to fit through small 
          openings. Push down to activate it.

? Block : If you have the right colored key, you can unlock a keyhole by 
          standing over it and pressing 'X'.

? Block : To jump higher, stand Erik on Olaf's shield. Then use 'B' at the 
          peak of Erik's jump to use his turbo boots.

? Block : To select an item for use, press select, then move the blinking 
          box over the item. Press select again to exit.

? Block : To trade an item, press select, then press 'B' over the item. To 
          give the item to a nearby viking, use the control pad. Press 
          select to exit.

(Talk to witch)
Exact same conversation as in Stage #2.

(Level finish)
Erik    : Okay guys, here we are.
Baleog  : Gee, Erik, being here's a lot like being lost.

Stage #4: TRSH (Trash)
? Block : Press 'Y' while running to give Erik the speed to destroy some 

? Block : Stand on an elevator and push up or down to control it.

? Block : If you have too much unwanted stuff, trash some of it. (Trade the 
          unwanted item to the trash can.)

? Block : Have Baleog punch targets by pressing 'Y' and a direction.

? Block : Use his turbo boots while Erik is jumping up to destroy some 

? Block : Use food to restore lost health. (Press 'X' to use an item.)

? Block : Baleog's bionic arm lets him grab objects the others can't reach. 
          Press 'Y' and a direction.

(Talk to witch)
Once again, the same conversation as Stage #2. From now on, if it's the 
same as a previous conversation, I won't even list it. Just so you know.

(Level finish)
Witch   : I'm starting to become attached to you guys. Maybe we should all 
          stay here  together.
Baleog  : Don't make me sick!
Witch   : What?
Erik    : What Baleog meant was we're really homesick.
Witch   : Oh.

Stage #5: SW1M (Swim)
? Block : Erik's smasho-gill helmet lets him breathe underwater. Press 'B' 
          and a direction to make him swim faster.

? Block : Press 'A' to operate stuff like buttons and switches.

? Block : Baleog can swing by grabbing a jewel with his bionic arm. Press 'Y' 
          to grab or release the jewel.

? Block : Olaf's gas allows him an aerial boost. Press 'Y' while falling.

? Block : The powerful gas of Olaf also enables him to smash some floors.

(Level finish)
Witch   : Hmmm... this smells like the wing of a fruit bat. Are you sure this 
          is a vampire bat wing?
Erik    : Uhhh...
Baleog  : Of course it's a vampire bat wing. What do you think we are, stupid?
Witch   : Have it your way...

Stage #6: TW0! (Two!)
*Olaf and Baleog show up alone*
Olaf    : Erik? Where's Erik? Hey Baleog, I thought...
Baleog  : Quiet, meatball! Like I know the difference between a vampire bat 
          and a fruit bat. Bah!

(Wait with rescuing Fang)
Fang    : Hey, you, hairless ape!

(Approach Fang/Talk to Fang)
Olaf    : Can you help us get home?
Fang    : If you can get me out of here, I will.

(Open lock near Fang)
Fang    : Thanks. Let's go.
Olaf    : Cool! Our very own deer.
Fang    : I'm a wolf, bright boy. My name is Fang.

? Block : Fang's vicious claws are a major threat to monsters. Press 'Y'.

? Block : Fang has the powerful limbs of a wild canine. Press 'B' to make him 

? Block : Fang can jump onto and off of walls by pressing 'B'.

(Level finish)
Baleog  : Okay, take us to Erik.
Witch   : Is the platypus coming too?
Fang    : I'm a wolf, W-O-L-F, wolf! And, yes, I am coming, too.
Baleog  : Let's go already!
Witch   : You need to be taught some manners, jerky.

Stage #7: T1M3 (Time)
Olaf    : Erik! Where have you been?
Erik    : The p-polar ice c-caps.
Olaf    : I guess that's where Baleog is. Well, we've still got Fang, he 
          attacks and jumps.
Erik    : A jumping ferret, eh?
Fang    : Quit badgering me.
Olaf    : I don't think he can bear much more of this.

(Talk to brat)
Brat    : Hey, I heard you nerds are looking for a time machine. Even if you 
          find it, it won't work.
E/O/F   : Oh, yeah? Why not?
Brat    : Because, dummy. It spit out parts all over the place.

(Talk to Baleog)
E/O/F   : Where have you been?
Baleog  : That witch sent me to the pit of despair to teach me a lesson.
E/O/F   : Will you help us put the time machine back together?
Baleog  : After what I've been through... I'm gonna stay right here until we 
Baleog  : I don't want to risk getting stuck here with Ms. Manners.

(Approach time machine)
E/O/F   : Here's that time machine we have been looking for. Now how do we 
          make it work?
Machine : This unit needs a flush capacitor, a nuclear fuel cartridge, and a 
          metal doohickey.

(Level finish)
Olaf    : Okay Mr. thingy, listen. We want to go back to our village, okay?
Erik    : It seems like we've been here in the dark for ages.
Machine : ++Initiating sequence 212 to dark ages 700 A.D.
Machine : Bzzzt! Maximum capacity three. Excess matter retargeted.++

(Meanwhile in Tomator's control room)
Tomator : I can't believe I lost those little dirtbags!
Tomator : Now I've got to chase these idiots through time!
Tomator : I'm going to make them pay for this!


3. Script (Dark Age)

Stage #8: K4RN (Kar-In)
Baleog  : Now where are we? And where's that goat?
Erik    : I don't know. Looks like Fang got sent somewhere else. That 
          machine's not very helpful.

(Talk to Kar-In with Olaf/Approach Kar-In with Olaf)
Kar-In  : I am the sorceress Kar-In. Is there anyway I can repay you for 
          saving me?
Olaf    : Yeah. We're looking for this machine, can you help us?
Kar-In  : I could teleport you to it, but I'd need a dragon's egg, a magic 
          wand and a spell scroll.
Olaf    : Um, okay.

(Talk to Kar-In with Erik or Baleog/Approach Kar-In with Erik or Baleog)
Kar-In  : I am the sorceress Kar-In. Is there anyway I can repay you for 
          saving me?
E/B     : Yeah. We're looking for this machine, can you help us?
Kar-In  : I could teleport you to it, but I'd need a dragon's egg, a magic 
          wand and a spell scroll.
E/B     : We'll find those things and bring them to you.

(Level finish)
Erik    : Before we go I should mention we have a furry friend named Fang.
Erik    : If he's not already at the time machine, could you teleport him 
Kar-In  : I'll try... you see, I've never actually cast a teleport spell 
Baleog  : What!?
Kar-In  : Klatu, veratu... howriyucan!

Stage #9: B0MB (Bomb)
*Erik and Olaf show up alone*
Erik    : I know that spells aren't perfect, but this is ridiculous.
Olaf    : At least you've got me.
Erik    : If I have anything that needs to be eaten, I'll let you know.
Olaf    : Thanks!

(Wait with rescuing Scorch)
Scorch: Hey, help!

(Approach Scorch/Talk to Scorch)
Olaf    : Why, hello there. Have you seen a mean, ugly viking with a big 
          metal arm?
Scorch  : No, but if you can get me out of here, I promise to help you hunt 
          him down.
Scorch  : I am Scorch the dragon, and I always keep my word.
Olaf    : Uh, okay. You can call me Olaf the Fantastic. Everyone else does.
Scorch  : Oh, is that it?

? Block : Press 'Y' and watch as Scorch unleashes hot fury.

? Block : Press 'B' to make Scorch flap his leathery, bat-like wings.

? Block : The rune stone is magical. Press 'A' to activate it... if you dare.

(Talk to Kar-In)
Olaf    : Okay, let's go.
Kar-In  : I need a magic wand, a dragon's egg, and a spell scroll, and...
Kar-In  : Everyone who's going to be teleported needs to be here, too.

(Level finish)
Erik    : Here are the items. Can you take us to Baleog?
Kar-In  : I think I sent him to the cliffs of insanity.
Scorch  : Then, fair lady, we go to the cliffs of insanity.
Kar-In  : Klatu, veratu... inconceivablu!

Stage #10: WZRD (Wizard)
Erik    : Where's Olaf?
Baleog  : I guess it's finally his turn to get sent to some miserable place. 
          Who's the green guy?
Scorch  : I am Scorch, Olaf asked me to help him hunt a mean, ugly viking... 
          you, I presume.
Erik    : Look, Scorch, whatever Olaf said, no one's hunting anyone. Baleog 
          is with us.
Olaf    : Okay, let's find Olaf. I am honor bound to follow his wishes.

? Block : Holding 'B' down while falling allows Scorch to glide like a 
          majestic Olaf.

(Level finish)
Baleog  : Hey, what did you do with Olaf? We need to find him so this green 
          worm will leave me alone.
Kar-In  : I accidentally sent him somewhere over the rainbow. He's there now, 
          feasting, too heavy to teleport.
Baleog  : There is no justice.
Kar-In  : Klatu, veratu... lycanthropu!

Stage #11: BLKS (Blocks)
Fang    : Hello, friends. How did you find me?
Erik    : The sorceress must have messed up and done something right.

(Talk to brat)
E/O/F   : Can I have some of your lollipop?
Brat    : No way. I don't want your cooties.

(Level finish)
Olaf    : Whew! That was tough. Do you have a spell to make lollipops?
Kar-In  : Looks to me like you know that one already.
Kar-In  : Klatu, veratu... torga-nestra-targu-tora!

Stage #12: TLPT (Teleport)
Baleog  : Olaf, tell this reptile that we're friends and he doesn't have 
          to hunt me.
Olaf    : You don't have to hunt him.
Scorch  : Well, alrighty then. I shall be on my way.
Olaf    : No, come back to our ship with us. You'd like the open seas.
Scorch  : Hmmm. Scorch, the magic dragon, living by the sea. I have always 
          wanted to see the sea. Okay... I'll come.
Baleog  : Great.

(Level finish)
Kar-In  : That took you guys long enough. It seems like I've been waiting 
          here forever.
Baleog  : Considering how well your spells work, you're lucky we came at 
Kar-In  : Klatu, veratu... doktirhu!

Stage #13: GYSR (Gyser)
(Level finish)
Erik    : Finally! But what about Fang and Scorch?
Baleog  : What a shame. Looks like we'll have to leave without them.
*Kar-In, Scorch, and Fang teleport in*
Kar-In  : Hey, fellas! I remember now, it was klatu, veratu, niktu!
Baleog  : Look machine! We want to get back to plundering!
Olaf    : Just send us to a ship, any ship!
Machine : ++Ship plus plundering... accessing data banks...
Machine : ++Initiating sequence, 42, smugglers' cove, 1789.
Machine : Bzzzt! Maximum capacity three. Excess matter recharged.++

(Meanwhile in Tomator's control room)
Tomator : Great! Now they're makin' friends everywhere they go!
Tomator : I'm gonna capture each and every one of those pests...
Tomator : ...and lock them up for good!!


4. Script (Smugglers' Cove)

Stage #14: B3SV (???)
Olaf    : Yes! We're home!
Erik    : Fang and Scorch are gone!
Baleog  : Hey guys, this doesn't look like our ship.

? Block : Open treasure chests by pressing 'A'.

(Talk to gypsy)
Gypsy   : You are looking for a machine and you need help. Is that right?
E/B/O   : Yeah. How did you know?
Gypsy   : I can read minds, and I can send you to your machine, but I'll 
          need a few things.
E/B/O   : Of course.
Gypsy   : I can't send you until I have a tarot card, a crystal ball, and 
          a large diamond.

(Walk under brat)
Brat    : Nyah, nyah! You can't get up here!

(Drop ladder)
Brat    : Check out the big brain on you!

(Talk to brat)
E/B/O   : You're really annoying, kid.
Brat    : I know you are, but what am I?

(Level finish)
Erik    : Okay, we've given you everything you said you needed.
Gypsy   : Alright then, I'll send you now.
Gypsy   : If, somehow, something goes wrong, find one of my sisters, and 
          she'll help you.
Baleog  : Groovy.

Stage #15: R3T0 (Retro?)
Baleog  : I've lost all faith in teleporting.
Olaf    : We could swim from ship to ship...
Erik    : But, Olaf, you can't swim.

(Talk to gypsy)
E/B/O   : Okay, let's go.
Gypsy   : I can't send you until I have a tarot card, a crystal ball, 
          and a large diamond.
Gypsy   : Everyone who's going to be teleported needs to be here, too.

(Level finish)
Gypsy   : Hello. My sister told me where to send you.
Gypsy   : If you have any problems just find my twin sister. Okay?
Baleog  : Sister? So, you have a twin sister...

Stage #16: DRNK (Drink/Drunk?)
(Level finish)
Gypsy   : I heard about your problem. Still haven't found your machine, 
Baleog  : Not yet.
Gypsy   : What a shame... was this the biggest diamond you could find?

Stage #17: Y0VR (???)
*Olaf and Baleog appear alone*
*Scorch falls down next to them*
Baleog  : We need to find Erik, the machine or a gypsy, a tarot card, 
          a crystal ball, a diamond...
Baleog  : It's dark, and we're wearing armor.
Scorch  : Hit it.

(Level finish)
Gypsy   : My poor friends, I am so sorry that you have not yet found your 
          machine. Ahh, nice diamond.
Olaf    : So you can use it to cast the spell, right?
Gypsy   : Oh yes, it will do just fine. My sister will be waiting for you.

Stage #18: 0V4L
*Olaf and Baleog appear next to Fang*
Fang    : Hey, guys. It's about time you showed up. I was starting to 
          wonder if you were okay.

(Level finish)
Olaf    : How do you use the diamond? I've never seen you use it.
Gypsy   : Uh, well we, um, you see...
Fang    : Hey! They're just using us to get diamonds for them.
Baleog  : What? Alright, here's what's gonna happen: you're going to send us 
          to our machine or else!

Stage #19: T1N3 (Tiny)
*Scorch and Baleog appear next to Erik*
Baleog  : Olaf's interest in shiny objects finally paid off.
Baleog  : He helped Fang figure out the gypsies were using us to get 
          diamonds for them.
Erik    : The gypsies, really?! Uh... yeah that's what I was thinking, too.
Scorch  : Oh, is that it?

(Talk to Fang)
E/B/S   : Hey, Fang, this place is brutal, Help us out.
Fang    : I'm trying to figure out how to work this machine since the rest 
          of you can't seem to do it.
Fang    : But right now, Olaf is stuck inside... he was 'helping.'

(Level finish)
*Mini-Olaf comes out of machine*
Fang    : It should work now. Unless the pudgy hairless ape says something 
          stupid again.
Baleog  : You need to stop calling us apes, jackal boy.
Olaf    : Yeah, you're the one who looks like he belongs in a jungle, 
          you..you..hairy person, you!
Machine : ++Initiating sequence 11874 Amazon jungle, 200 BC.
Machine : Bzzzt! Maximum capacity three. Excess matter recharged.++

(Meanwhile in Tomator's control room)
Tomator : I can't stand this suspense! When will this be finished?
Tomator : Come on...hurry up...
Tomator : Almost there... almost there...
*a screen lights up, revealing a microwave oven with a turkey inside*
Tomator : Ahh... my turkey's finally ready.


5. Script (Amazon Jungle)

Stage #20: D4RK (Dark)
Baleog  : Arrrgh! Why did you say 'jungle,' Olaf? What is your major 
Erik    : Olaf is as Olaf does. Get used to disappointment.

? Block : It's much easier to see in dark areas if you have a torch.

(Talk to witch doctor (will be shortened to Wtchdctr))
Wtchdctr: I have been waiting for you.
Wtchdctr: The gods told me they would send champions to free my 
          four brothers.
E/B/O   : If we help you, will the gods send us to our machine?
Wtchdctr: Only if an offering of a boar's tusk, a skull, and a 
          voodoo doll is made.

(Level finish)
Erik    : Now before we save anybody else we want to know about 
          Fang and Scorch. Can you help us find them?
Wtchdctr: The gods have told me to send only those needed to finish 
          each quest.

Stage #21: H4RD (Hard)
(Talk to witch doctor)
E/O/F   : Okay, let's go.
Wtchdctr: You have freed me. I can help you...
Wtchdctr: Only if an offering of a boar's tusk, a skull, and a 
          voodoo doll is made.
Wtchdctr: Everyone who's going to be teleported needs to be here 

(Level finish)
Wtchdctr: Thanks for freeing me. I will now send you to my brother, 
Erik    : Hey, can the gods stop Olaf eating so much?
Wtchdctr: Even the power of the gods has it's limits.

Stage #22: HRDR (Harder)
*Baleog and Olaf appear next to Scorch*
Scorch  : Olaf the Fantastic, huh?
Olaf    : I didn't mean to send us here.

(Approach brat)
Brat    : What are you supposed to be? You look like a big, flying 

(Talk to brat)
Scorch  : Oh yeah? You look like lunch, shorty.
Brat    : I'm rubber and you're glue. Whatever you say bounces off me 
          and sticks to you.
Scorch  : Does not!
Brat    : Does too!

(Level finish)
Wtchdctr: You have done well. The gods are more pleased than you can 
Baleog  : I don't know. I can imagine quite a bit.
Wtchdctr: The gods are so pleased they will send you to save my brother, 

Stage #23: L0ST (Lost)
(Level finish)
Wtchdctr: Greetings, heroes. How can I thank you?
Fang    : Do the gods owe you any favors?
Wtchdctr: I'm afraid not. But they will grant me the power to send you 
          to my brother, Kumonankikme.

Stage #24: 0B0Y (Oh boy)
(Level finish)
Wtchdctr: I will send three of you to get the machine. The others will 
          join you after they succeed.
Erik    : Can't you just send all five of us to our machine?

Stage #25: H0M3 (Home)
(Level finish)
Fang    : This time machine appears to be functional now.
*Baleog and Olaf teleport in*
Erik    : Well, now that we're all here, let's try this again.
Baleog  : This time don't say anything, Olaf.
Olaf    : I can't help it if I get excited sometimes. I just want to go 
Machine : ++Bzzzt! Initiating override 317, homing sequence. 3, 2, 1...
Machine : Bzzzt! Maximum capacity three. Excess matter retargeted.++

(Meanwhile in Tomator's control room)
Tomator : I'm on your trail now! It won't be too much longer.
Tomator : That is...if you don't fry yourselves to a crisp first!


6. Script (Future)

Stage #26: SHCK (Shock)
*a hologram of a rebel called Conroy appears (Cnr hlgr)*
Cnr hlgr: This is rebel leader to base. Rebel transport 2001 has been 
          destroyed, and
Cnr hlgr: parts for teleport device have been lost. We need those parts! 
          Conroy out.

(Talk to Conroy)
Conroy  : The teleport device needs a data disc, a circuit board, and a 
          big battery.

(Level finish)
Baleog  : We found the parts for your teleport device. Send us to our 
          time machine, okay?
Conroy  : Sure, thanks for helping me test the device out.

Stage #27: TNNL (Tunnel)
(Talk to Conroy)
E/O/F   : Okay, let's go.
Conroy  : The teleport device needs a data disc, a circuit board, and 
          a big battery.
Conroy  : Everyone who's going to be teleported needs to be here, too.

(Level finish)
Conroy  : Well, boys, a few more tries and I'm sure we'll find your 
          time machine.
Fang    : A few more tries!? Are you guys sure this is safe?

Stage #28: H3LL (Hell)
(Level finish)
Baleog  : Your device still has a few bugs in it.
Olaf    : Hey, maybe that's why it's not working so good.

Stage #29: 4RGH (Argh)
(Level finish)
Conroy  : Thanks to you guys, the teleport device works perfectly now.
Erik    : Then where is our time machine, Conroy?
Conroy  : A big, green guy came and took it. Since you helped me out, 
          I'll teleport you to him so you can get it back.
Scorch  : All six of us working together can defeat anyone! You'll come, 
          won't you, Conroy?
Conroy  : Oh, didn't I tell you? I can only send three of you at a time, 
          so, uh, maybe I'll, um, catch up later.

Stage #30: B4DD (Bad)
Tomator : Long time no see, pitiful worms! You beat me once, but now I 
          shall destroy you with my new thermal detonators! Hahahahaa...
Fang    : I don't even know this guy.
Olaf    : Me and Erik and Baleog had to fight him once. I think he's still 
          mad at us.
Scorch  : Oh, is that it?

(When Fang and Scorch are both at the time machine)
Tomator : Pop quiz, Olaf: There are two blocks ready to crush your 
          friends. What do you do?
*Olaf gives the last object to Fang/Scorch through a hole in a wall*
*Fang and Scorch teleport away with the time machine*
*the two blocks fall down just after they leave*

Stage #31: D4DY (Daddy)
Olaf    : The wombat and the dragon are gone. Tomator is back!
Erik    : Then this must be the last level in the game.

(Talk to Conroy)
Conroy  : The big, green guy is heavily shielded. Only a precise hit with 
          your saber will hurt him.
Conroy  : And that's impossible.
Baleog  : But it's not impossible. I used to bullseye lizards with my 
          sword back at home.

(Talk to Conroy after beating Tomator with Baleog)
Conroy  : The big, green guy is heavily shielded. Only a precise hit with 
          your saber will hurt him.
Conroy  : And that's impossible.
Baleog  : Oh, is that it?

(Level finish)
*after Baleog drives Tomator back and Erik bashes Tomator into 
electricity one more time, he blows apart and the brat falls out. It 
appears Tomator was just a robot/suit*
*the brat cries*
Erik    : It's the brat!
Baleog  : Let's get him!
Brat    : C'mon guys, don't hurt me, please. I just wanted to have 
          some fun.
Erik    : You mean you just kidnapped us to be part of your game?
Brat    : Video games these days are so boring. I wanted to play a 
          game that was a little more interactive.
Baleog  : I'll show you interactive you little-
Tommy's Mom (Voice-over): Tommy, are you playing fast and loose with 
                          the fabric of time and space again, dear?
Tommy's Dad (Voice-over): Answer your mother, Tommy.
Tommy   : Uh, I guess so.
Tommy's Dad (Voice-over): When you get home you're going straight to 
                          bed with no supper!
Baleog  : Hey, what about us?
Erik    : We just want to go home.
Tommy's Mom (Voice-over): We can do that.
Olaf    : Great! We won't even need the time machine.
Erik    : What about our friends, the buffalo and the dragon?
Tommy's Dad (Voice-over): No problem.
*Fang and Scorch teleport in*
Fang    : Easy for you to say.
Baleog  : What happened to you guys?
Scorch  : A lot of stuff, but that's a story for another time.
Tommy's Mom (Voice-over): So you all want to go back to the viking 
Fang    : Yes ma'am.
Tommy's Mom (Voice-over): Done. But first, Tommy, promise to leave 
                          the nice vikings alone.
Tommy   : I promise.
Erik    : Let's go.
*all 5 of them teleport away*

*all 5 of them teleport onto the viking ship*
Scorch  : So, here we are. What now?
Erik    : Let's go west and discover a new continent or something.
Baleog  : I don't know... after beating up Tomator again, sailing 
          seems a little boring.
Fang    : Maybe you'd prefer to swim home.
Baleog  : Laugh it up, fuzzball! Somebody get this walking carpet 
          off my ship.
Erik    : Your ship? You lost her fair and square to me...
Baleog  : Not this ship, brother!
Fang    : Would you guys quit it with the movie quotes!?
Olaf    : You ain't seen nothing yet.

You see a screen from a Transylvania stage, a vampire and skeleton 
walking back and forth.

Blizzard Entertainment

Allen Adham
Alan Pavlish

Feargus Urquhart

Ronald Millar

Ronald Millar
James Phinney

David Berggren
Chris Metzen

Now you see a screen from a Smugglers' Cove stage, a sailor walking 
around and a parrot flying around.

James Phinney

Jesse McReynolds
Frank Pearce
Patrick Wyatt

Allen Adham
Michael Morhaime
Bryan Waters

Jim Sproul

Now you see a screen from a Dark Age stage, a knight walking around 
and a dragon flying around.

Samwise Didier

David Berggren
Nick Carpenter
Samwise Didier
Jason Magness
Ronald Millar

Micky Neilson
Joeyray Hall
Roman Kenney
Chris Metzen
Brian Sousa

Now you see a screen from an Amazon Jungle stage, with a gorilla 
rolling around and a tribesman walking around.

Glenn Stafford

Micky Neilson
James Phinney
Ronald Millar
Frank Pearce

Now you see a screen from a Future stage, a robot flying around.

Jeremy S. Barnes

Chris Parker

Reg Arnedo
Yuki Furumi
Brian McInerny
Jeff Barnhart
Kyle Shubel
Jack Parker

Dave Simon
Chris Keenan
Kihan Pak
Tim Knapp
Aaron Olaiz
Derek Bullard

Now you see the seemingly empty control room, with Tomator's 
seemingly empty chair.


Suddenly, you see Tommy's hand, holding a lollipop, press a 
button, and all monitors go on, one focusing on Erik's head.
Tommy's hand goes back to the chair.
A '?' appears behind 'THE END'.


If you wait about 1 minute, the game goes back to the title 


7. Script (Deaths/Retries)

All of these happen at random amounts of deaths. It doesn't 
matter what team you have or anything. The character names in 
these are just what characters I HAPPENED to get the conversations 
with first. For example, I got (2) with Fang instead of Baleog too.
Note that the messages stop at about 15 deaths. And you can only 
get 4 messages per stage.

Erik    : Some people just aren't cut out for this kind of thing.
Olaf    : You should have to pass some kind of test before they let 
          you use a SNES.

Baleog  : I'm so familiar with the beginning of this level, I could 
           do my part blindfolded.
Erik    : Yeah, it's too bad the player keeps trying to prove the 
          same thing.

Erik    : Do you ever get that feeling of deja vu?
Baleog  : Yeah, but it's only because you asked that in the first 
          Lost Vikings.

Baleog  : I think we should stay here. It's a nice spot.
Erik    : Yeah, we should build a rec room right here. We could 
          relax...rent some videos...
Olaf    : What's a video?
Erik    : Never mind, I'm sure we'd just end up watching the same 
          part over and over again.

Erik    : They'll be done with Lost Vikings III by the time we finish 
          this level.
Fang    : Cool, maybe the new vikings will show up and give us a hand.

Fang    : Hey, this is somewhere new!
Erik    : No, it isn't.
Fang    : Really? Good. I wouldn't know what to do on a new level.

Olaf    : Did we die in the exact same place again?
Erik    : I don't know. After all this time, the failures begin to blur 

Baleog  : Maybe we need to stop and think about this a little more 
          before we try again.
Olaf    : You mean, we should plan out what we're going to do?
Baleog  : No, I mean we should decide whether we really feel like 
          failing again right now.

Baleog  : Wake me up when the level's done.
Erik    : Wait! I think we need you to pass it.
Baleog  : Why? What am I supposed to do on this level?
Erik    : I don't know, but if we figure that out, maybe we can get 
          out of here.

Erik    : You know, for once in my life. I have no fear of the unknown.
Baleog  : That's because we've been here so many times everything is 

Erik    : I give up. I refuse to try again.
Olaf    : Yeah! Sequels are just a cheap way for video game companies 
          to make money when they're out of ideas.
Baleog  : So we should boycott this game on principle. No more trying.
Olaf    : We were trying?


8. Contact

If anything's missing (Probably Death/Retry Scripts), or I made a typo 
(Probably unlikely), contact me at marcelduyn@hotmail.com or

My GameFAQs board name is the same as my contributor name 
(CaptainDrakesGhost), so if you see me on a board, you can ask/tell me 
stuff too.


9. Legal Stuff

This FAQ is © CaptainDrakesGhost, and may not be put on ANY site besides 
GameFAQs unless you ask me.


10. Thanks

Garithas: Corrected 2 typos, added a slightly different new conversation
for Baleog in D4DY, and told me what TLPT's abbreviation meant (How did
I not know that one?)

CjayC: For putting this FAQ up.

Myself: For typing all this over.
Blizzard Entertainment Staff: For making this awesome game (And I hope 
they're making TLV3 sometime, like in Death/Retry Script #5)

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