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FAQ/Walkthrough by JBennetch

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/15/2001

             TTTTTTTTT     H    H       EEEEEEEEE
                 T         H    H       E
                 T         HHHHHH       EEEEEEEEE
                 T         H    H       E
                 T         H    H       EEEEEEEEE

        L               O O           SSSSSSSS      TTTTTTTTTT
        L             O      O        SS                T
        L           O         O         SS              T
        L             O     O             SS            T
        LLLLLL          O O          SSSSSSS            T

V       V   II   K       K    II    N      N          G          SSSSSSSSS
 V     V    II   K     K      II    N N    N       G             SS
  V   V     II   K  K         II    N   N  N    G       GGGG       SS
   V V      II   K     K      II    N     NN    GG         G         SS
    V       II   K       K    II    N      N        G G G      SSSSSSSS


                         Norse By Norse West

                         By: Jeremy Bennetch

Contents:                                                                    *
1. Introduction                                                              *
1. Faq History                                                               *
2. Characters                                                                *
3. Detailed walkthrough                                                      *
       World 1 (Graveyard)                                                   *
       World 2 (Dark Ages)                                                   *
       World 3 (Pirate Ship)                                                 *
       World 4 (Amazon Jungle)                                               *
       World 5 (Final World, High Tech World)                                *
4. Credits                                                                   *


I like the Lost Vikings a lot, and that inspired me to write this guide so as
to make it a fun experience for others as well. This will be in time a
combination of both games in this walkthrough, and I will finish the other past
as fast as possible. Pitifully there aren’t any good guides for this game or
the original Lost Vikings even though they are both great games. Sure they are
low-tech to our standards, but who cares when it’s an extremely fun game? So I
decided to make an extremely thorough walkthrough. Hope this guide will help

Some parts don’t have to be done the way I say. This walkthrough is written the
way I do it, which means that though it’s not necessarily the way you have to
do it, but a way that is sure to work but not always the best way to do it.
Take that in mind if you think you have a better way of getting through a
level. I like to have comments/questions/suggestions. I can be contacted at:
bennetch@mediaone.net . I might make a Lost Vikings 1 guide eventually. That
game is very fun, also.

NOTE, in case you don’t know, Erik is the red dude, Fang is the wolf, Scorch is
the dragon, Baleog is the weapon dude, and Olaf is the shield dude.

1.A Faq History

Version 1.0
This faq was finished at the above date. Since I have much time on my hands, I
finished this faq extremely fast. I also did it so fast because I like this
game so much, so I loved to make a faq for it. Hope this faq is useful to you.

2. Characters

Rocket jump: Gives him a boost and can also break bricks and can even hurt enemies.
Ram: Breaks bricks and can hurt enemies.
He can also swim in water.

Sword swipe: Attacks with his lightsaber.
Bionic arm: Used to kill enemies, get impossible to reach items, and grab onto jewels.

Fart: use to reach new heights, and to break bricks.
Shrink: Fit into tight spots.

Fang :
Claw attack: Used to attack enemies.
He can also climb walls.

Scorch :
Flame attack: Shoots fire, he can also hit switches with this.
He can fly for a while too.

In case you are wondering, “Omega” is the yellow item that defeats all enemies
on the screen.

To give an item to someone, bring up the item screen and press the button you’d
use to trash it, then put it in someone else’s inventory (you must be fairly
close to that viking.)


Here is the walkthrough. All passwords are also shown, in case you get too
iritated at a level and want to skip it. But this walkthrough was built so you
wouldn’t want to skip a single stage.


If playing the Super Nintendo version, make sure to have Olaf get as high
ground as he can, then make Erik jump as high as he can then use the rocket
jump and land on the ground. Do this three times to kill him. You will be in
for a very cool treat. (Only works on the snes version! So don’t go asking me
why it doesn’t work. If you must know what happens, go look at the snes version
page and a person who originally found this code tells you. I don’t want to
spoil it :) On the PC version (so far no one has figure out how, if possible to
do it on the PC version, you could try entering some special password probably
that’s how you activate it in this game), just bring everyone over to the right
and the level ends. Note that the snes version seems to be a slight bit
different, so take that in mind (this is a walkthrough for the PC one).

Easy enough. Bring Baleog to the bottom to kill the vampire. Have Olaf block
the fireballs, then bring everyone safely down the ladder. Once again, have
Olaf block the fire by having him put his shield above his head. Then, bring
Erik up the the left area above to get the needed item and get everyone to the

Have Baleog kill the skeleton. Bring Olaf and have him shrink down to fit into
the small area and get the key (press the down arrow to shrink). Use the key to
open the door, and block the skeleton with Olaf. Kill it with Baleog, then
bring Erik to the left, where it seems you are stuck. Two ways to do this.
Either run and super jump (jump and rocket jump) from the highest ground there,
or jump off of Olaf’s shield. Free the other vikings, then kill the skeleton.
Go up the ladder, blocking the fire. Have Erik jump up and get the yellow key,
handing it to Olaf and shrink him to get access to the key hole. Kill the
vampire, and give the ingredients to the witch and finish the stage.

Have Erik bash the right wall. Make Olaf shrink to the right. Have him get all
the items, taking in mind you will have to give one item to someone else (or
trash it, by placing the item in the “trash” in the upper right corner.) Open
the door (duh!) and shrink Olaf and go left. Bring Baleog down the elevator and
hit the switch with his bionic arm to open the door. Bash the ceiling with
Erik, get the key, open the door, and kill the two skeletons. Move Baleog to
the right and have him fire his bionic arm in the upper left corner to get the
mushroom. Carefully jump Erik and bash the ceiling so that he doesn’t land on a
fireball (or bring Olaf as a precaution.) Jump Erik up and bring the elevator
down, and put everyone on it and go up and beat the level.

Have Erik go in the water (don’t worry, he can swim) and grab the eyeball and
resurface to get the switch which frees Baleog and Olaf. have Olaf gas over the
pit, and then gas again on the bricks to break them (making sure to be ready to
deflect the fireballs). Have Baleog get across the little gap by extending the
bionic arm onto the jewel, then go over to the right where Olaf is. Go down the
ladder, and carefully go across the jewels here until you get to the other
side, then hit the switch there (after killing the skeleton.) Get Erik over
here, and swim in and get the items and get out. Make Olaf shrink into the area
to the left, and open up all the doors to the end.

Have Baleog kill the skeleton, Olaf gas on the bricks and shrink into the area,
and once again farting on the blocks to the right. Bring down the elevator for
Baleog, then hit the switch above. Bring Olaf down so that he is just right of
the ladder and his shield up. Land Baleog on Olaf. Grab the key by extending
your arm. Give it to Olaf. Open the door to free Fang as a new partner. Have
him kill the skeleton, then jump up and free Baleog. Get the key, open the
door, then have Fang climb up the walls. Then, go down and hit the switch to
open up the door for everyone else. Make Olaf block the fireballs while Baleog
gets the key. Make Fang climb the walls to get access to the elevator. Open the
door, kill the skeleton, and beat the level.

BR4T :
Have Fang go up, get the Omega (that’s what I call it) and use it, and gather
all the items. Meanwhile, have Erik go underwater and punch the switch, get the
item, and carefully avoid the spikes and bash the blocks. Then, have Fang open
the door. Very experience players will be able to get Erik up to the key. It’s
much easier to get Fang up though. Open the door, block the fireballs, and
bring Erik and Fang up above. Bring Olaf down the ladder, shrink him, and go in
the elevator shaft. Switch to Erik or Fang, bring the elevator down, and bring
Olaf up. Bash the wall, block the fire, and go down the elevator, being careful
about the flame in the shaft. Go down, kill the skeleton, block the flames.
Then, bash the wall and switch to Fang and quickly kill the enemies. Then just
bring everyone up to the time machine, where you will be warped to another



Have Olaf glide around the spikes, then shrink to the right. Get all the items
here, then put in the yellow key into the keyhole. Bring Baleog to the right by
the jewel, then free the sorceress after killing the knight. Get the red key by
having Erik jump around up to the top right corner of the level, bashing the
wall in the way and swimming in the water to get it. Bash the wall to the left,
kill the knight, dodge the fireballs, and open the door. Now, get Olaf to the
left weight thing. Then, jump Erik onto the right one. Shrink Olaf into the
left to get the scroll. Break the blocks, then have Erik break some more blocks
to get to a couple knights which Baleog should defeat. Break yet more blocks
and kill the dragon. Go to the bottom left, and block the fire, and have Baleog
get the wand. Have everyone go up the ladder and use the air blast things to
get up to the ladder and get back to the sorceress to beat the level.

Bash the bricks, then go in the water, carefully avoid the piranha and get the
key. Go back, open the door, then take Erik back in the water and go down.
Switch to Olaf, break the blocks. Now, if you are a Vikings veteran and want to
try something insane, get Erik down below. Impossible right? Nope. If you are
very good, you can slow down Erik with a rocket jump at just the right time. If
you can get him down there, it’ll save a bit of time. Also you can see a funny
glitch. If you manage to get Erik up to Scorch (hard, but not as hard as
getting him here in the first place) and then have Olaf go up the ladder, Erik
will be talking to Scorch, but the game thinks it’s Olaf talking to him. If you
didn’t get Erik over here, bring Olaf up and shrink down and then free Scorch.
Have Scorch hit the switch below and kill the knight and dragon. Break the
bricks, go into the teleporter, kill the dragon. Then, break the bricks here.
Now if you have Erik, you can just bash away the bricks. But if you don’t, Erik
will be in the water below trapped and Olaf should shrink down, go down the
ladder, and hit the switch freeing Erik. Now he can bash the wall from the
other side. Have Scorch hit the switch, and teleport Olaf and have him shrink
to get to the end. Now, have Scorch go in the teleporter above the surface of
the water. Have him fall down and get the bomb. Go back.. Make both Erik and
Scorch go to the left weight and kill the knight, then blow up the bricks
getting access to the end of this level.

Make Scorch glide down, hit the switch, and teleport. Quickly kill the wizard
that appears there. Ram the wall. Go in the water, go right and get the stuff
there. Go back right and bomb the blocks. Get the key, watch out for the
spikes. Then go to the upper right and use the key, then jump up and teleport.
Make Scorch and Baleog go right, and use the see saw to get both of them up.
Make Scorch kill the knight, and fly up to the elevator. Make him kill the
wizard, then bring the elevator down. Get Baleog across by the jewel, go up,
then make Scorch fly up and drop the block over the spikes. Defeat the dragon
and hit the switch. Make Erik bash the wall up there, and quickly bring Scorch
up so that he can roast the wizard.  Make Erik go into the water, hit the
switch, and ram the wall. Get Baleog over to the left most point of the level,
so that he can reach the wand. Now go back to the start, open the door, and
finish the stage.

Bash the ceiling and wall, then make Fang climb up, kill the knight, collect
the stuff (there is a secret omega in a secret ladder up there) , and come back
down. Make Olaf shrink and get the switch. Make him break the bricks. Make Olaf
shrink through the blocks to the left. Have Erik go in the water, get the bomb,
and blow up the bricks. Another way to do this, have Olaf stand right on the
edge of the water, and Erik ram the blocks from there. If you do this, you can
later on use the bomb to blow up the bricks way in the upper left corner of the
level. Not required though. Open the key door, float Olaf down, and make Fang
climb the left wall. Have him go down to the left, and press the button freeing
Olaf. Shrink through the blocks, hit the switch, then press the buttons freeing
Erik, then left him bash the wall. Keep pressing buttons until you see only one
block down above you. Then, to get vikings across, press both the left and
right buttons. Make Erik go into the drink (after he goes past the block part
and breaks the bricks above you. But do not get that switch yet! Get Erik back
out into the drink, and hit all switches along the way and getting all items.
Make sure to keep Erik up right next to the blocks you can’t break now, or you
will regret it! Keep him there for now. Get Fang across by doing what I told
you before. Now make Olaf fart across the drink, and shrink into the left area.
Now that Erik is there, hit the switch (and use the omega on the knight and
dragon!) The bridge will go down. If you had Erik in the drink, he’d have
gotten trapped and you’d have to restart. Now, bash the bricks, and bash all
the other bricks you see too. Make Olaf go down, get the key, and open the door
to the end and bring everyone there to finish the stage.

Break the bricks, shrink at the bottom, float down, teleport, and break more
bricks and fart over to the left and teleport and block the fire. Make Baleog
go down and kill the dragon and get the items. Make Scorch go up and kill the
dragon and the knight, and hit all the switches to fall down into another area.
Make sure to kill the wizard there before doing anything. Once there are two
blocks to the right, get Scorch right next to the left block. Press the
rightmost switch. Then make Scorch go as far as he can again. Now, make Baleog
press the leftmost switch. Open the red key door, then take Baleog to the
teleporter to get the yellow key. Give it to Olaf, and make him shrink under
the blocks and quickly put the key in before you get hit by the wizard. Then
quickly shrink and get the bomb, then place it and quickly be ready to block
the wizard and defeat him. For three secret meats, go into the upper right most
air thing in the next room and you will get several meats. Now take Olaf to the
left and have him shrink into there. Take Scorch and Baleog up the other way
and defeat the knight. Have Baleog get the switch and item. Now switch to Olaf.
Break the blocks, and take everyone into the teleporter to finish the stage.

Go into the upper left corner for a secret meat. Take everyone into the
teleporter. Get Olaf over to the right side where he needs to break the blocks.
Get everyone down, block the knight, and kill him and the wizard. Block the
fire, and hit the switch. Get Baleog across the water by the jewel. Make Erik
jump in the water, and jump out the other side to hit a button that lets the
other vikings get up. Ram the wall. Defeat the knight and wizard, and teleport
everyone. There is a secret ladder right here with an omega. Defeat the dragon,
and ram the wall. Make Erik go first, killing the wizard by ramming him. Then
bring everyone else, and break the blocks in the ground. Get the key and get
out of here. Go back and open the door through the path you rammed a while
back. Go in and finish this world.

These levels when first played are perhaps the most puzzling of all the stages.
I remember when I took nearly an hour to figure out each level. They aren’t all
that difficult really, just hard to figure out. This level is no exception. To
start, have Erik go in the drink and get all the items. Bomb the bricks to the
right, press the button, and put the block on the spikes. Get everyone to the
door, have Olaf glide down and shrink and free the other vikings. Go up, kill
the enemy, and put Olaf to the left to block the flames. Now, the tricky part.
Have Erik jump to the left. Now, just as he’s about to fall to the right,
rocket jump and hope you land on the right platform. If not, you will get hurt.
Now, rapidly make Olaf fart as fast as you can, then quickly fart over to the
left. Now go down, and push the block over the flames. Now have Erik jump up,
killing all enemies and getting the items and breaking the walls. Get Baleog up
the same way, except he has to grab onto the jewel to get up. Have him get up,
hit the switch, and kill the enemy. Get Olaf up again, the same way, and then
get Erik up. Have him jump up, and lower the rope. Hit the switch to activate
the elevator, then go up. Make Baleog go down, kill the enemy, and hit the
switch. Have Olaf shrink after the first elevator stop, and navigate the flame
maze while gliding. Free everyone else, then ram the wall and go up the
elevator to the end of the level.

As usual, a tricky level. Ram the wall. Kill the enemy, then ram the other wall
for Olaf to get in. Have Baleog carefully avoid the flame among the ropes, but
you will most likely get hit by the cannon once. Hit the switch, then go up the
ladder to go up and around the cannon. Make Baleog stay on the right side of
the see saw while Olaf stays on the left. He needs to fart once to get it
started, so he can break the blocks. Meanwhile, Erik goes in the water. Have
him go to the left, and ram all the bricks there. Be sure to get all the
chests. Now go back in the drink, and go up the long water tunnel you saw
before (don’t get hit by that jellyfish!) There is an awesome secret area to
the top left of the level, there are two omegas, and three root beers. Have
Baleog get that switch to the top of him, and Erik break the bricks to the
right of the drink. Bash the next set of bricks to free the other vikings. Have
Olaf fart over to the leftmost area. Make Baleog go across by the jewel, and go
where Olaf is. Now bring the elevator up, and hit the switch from the left.
Make Baleog go all the way down, and get the switch there. Now have Olaf go
where the door opened, shrink, and get the key. Now have him shrink to the left
to escape the little prison. Get everyone up to the door, ram the blocks, and
open it. Get Baleog up by the jewel and go around this area, and get the key.
Have Erik use the see-saw to get Baleog out of here. Now open the yellow door.
Have Olaf shrink, navigate around the fire, and break the bricks there. Now
everyone can get to the gypsy, and finish the level.

Here is yet another, big, hard to figure out level. Start by lowering the rope,
defeat the enemy, then break the bricks with Erik. Then bust the other bricks
with Olaf, and finally put Erik in the drink, get the key in there and open the
door. Bring down another bit of rope, break the bricks to the right and left of
this area. Make Baleog land on Olaf’s shield so he can reach the switch. Get
Baleog up, and get on the moving platform to the right. Get Olaf up to, and
glide down in the spike area and then go as far right as he can, then shrink
him. Then break the bricks and make him land safely on land. Have Erik go into
the water to get a key. Have Erik break all the bricks he can find, then make
Olaf shrink into the right, and open the doors with the keys you have. Make
Olaf block the cannon above while Erik bashes the wall to the left of the
cannon. Then get Erik to stand on the switch, while Olaf quickly goes in and
out before Erik takes much or any damage. Use the key back at the cannon to
free Baleog. Have Baleog hit the switch in the elevator shaft. Make Erik bash
the bricks, and go up there and around to free the other vikings. Ram the
bricks at the bottom and the area below that too. Then put Olaf on the left
weight, and have Erik on the right. Have him fart on the left pair of bricks
(shrink to get in) and glide down to safety. Now defeat the enemy, and finish
the stage.

Start by shrinking Olaf to the right and busting the blocks. Make him bring the
elevator up. Make him also shrink to the right, and quickly getting onto the
ladder so he can bust these bricks. Make Scorch fly up, defeat the enemies, and
go to the right to get the bomb so you can free Baleog. Make Scorch or Baleog
hit the switch directly to the right once down. Now make Olaf go where the door
opened, shrink, hit the switch, break the blocks, then block the pirate. Get
everyone over there (Baleog gets across by the jewels).  Blow up the wall, get
the bomb with Scorch, fly up. Defeat the pirate, and blow up this wall as well.
Bring down the elevator, and get everyone across up above. Block the wall, then
hit the switch so that Olaf will be blocking the cannon. Bring down the rope,
and get everyone up. Get Olaf on the left weight, and Scorch on the right. Grab
the key, open the door. Get Baleog on the left weight, then get Scorch and Olaf
on the right. Make Baleog hit the switch over on the right. Shrink Olaf to the
right, get the treasure, and make him bomb the left wall. Break the bricks on
the ground. Hit the switch, and make Olaf glide down and break the bricks. Get
Scorch down, defeat the bird, and make him carefully fly up to the end where he
can slightly lower the rope. Carefully navigate Baleog up there. Olaf is easy
to get up there, if you get burnt, quickly kill the pirate and go back up in
the elevator. Once you get up there, you have this level finished.

Make Fang bring down the rope. Get Olaf to go up the ladder, and go near the
right edge of this area. Make Baleog land on his shield, where he can reach the
switch. Defeat the pirate. Now, make Baleog go down and get the chests and
defeat the bird. Make Olaf shrink to the left, quickly gas, and fly to the left
to some bricks to break. Break those and the ones below. Don’t press the lever
yet. Get Baleog down to hit the switch, allowing him access above. Kill the
bird, and get that treasure. Now there is a trick you can do here to save a
bunch of time. This only works on the computer version. Have Olaf stand on the
highest ground near where Baleog stands. Make Fang stand on Olaf’s shield. Make
Fang jump up and left as high as he can. He will be hanging onto invisible wall
for a fraction of a second.

Quickly jump up to the right while like this to grab onto the rope. Go up, and
make a large leap to the right, where a necessary item is. This saves you the
trouble later on of getting Baleog here. Shrink Olaf to the bottom left, and
throw the lever. Get the bomb, blow up the wall. Now get Fang over here. Climb
up the large wall, and bring down the lever. After bringing Olaf up, use him to
block the pirate so you can defeat him and get the items. Go up all the way.
Break those bricks. If you were unable/didn’t want to try to get Fang over to
the right, you must now carefully swing Baleog (after bringing him up the
ladder and going up the rope) across the fire to get the card. Make him go
back. He can’t do anything for now. Switch back to your duo of characters. Get
Olaf to the upper right, then jump Fang up there and open the yellow door.
Defeat the pirate, then lower the rope to free Baleog. Now place Olaf as far
right as he can without him getting hurt, so as to block the cannons as well as
you can. Now: this is tricky. Time your moves so that you get everyone across
without them getting hurt. Just watch the pattern the cannons shoot, so you can
figure how to do it. First make Fang go and lower the rope. Then Baleog, and
finally Olaf.

Have Olaf raise his shield under the left rope. Make Fang jump up and lower the
rope. To get Baleog over, make him land on Olaf’s shield. Now, this part hurts,
You need to get the switch to the left, and Fang needs to jump over, hit the
switch, but he will get burnt in the process. He may even get hit again coming
back up. But not to fear: you have lots of root bears by now, or at least you
should. That done, jump Fang up to the top left part of the level. Push the
block over the cliff.  Now you must land Baleog from the jewel onto Olaf’s
shield to reach the switch. Now get Olaf to where the door opened above. Break
the blocks, get the stuff, and break more blocks. Now you got to get back, and
open the door. Now, get Olaf on the right weigh and very quickly, get Fang on
the left before anyone gets hit by the cannon. Make sure Olaf has his shield
faced to the cannon. Make Baleog walk onto the left weight, making Olaf go up.
Bomb the cannon. Now get Baleog up the same way you got Olaf up. Get him on the
rope, then hit the jewel to get to the left. Don’t go up the ladder yet. Now
navigate Olaf back out of the room, go up, and right to block the cannon. Get
Baleog there, and hit the switch. Get everyone here. Now, this is a fairly
tricky part. Everyone needs to land on the moving platform so that they can go
to the left and finish the stage. However, for some odd reason, it’s very
difficult to get Baleog across. I once got hit a total of 6 times, equaling
death. Took 6 hits because I had 3 root beers. So be very careful. Once you
finally get everyone there, finish the stage.

Now you are finally to the last level of the pirate world, a world of huge
expansive and puzzling levels. Bring down the rope. Get Baleog over to the
left. Bash the bricks, and make Scorch fly up to the gray pressure plate and
stay on it. Switch to Erik, make him go left, lower the rope, and navigate the
rope carefully down to where Scorch is. Bash the wall, switch to Baleog, and
get the item. Lower the elevator for Baleog. Take Erik and Scorch up to the
upper right, landing on the platform. Bash the ceiling, and make Erik stand on
the right pressure plate. Now make Scorch stand on the left pressure plate.
Finally, switch to Baleog and grab the silver key above. Give the key to Erik,
and make him go into the drink. Make Erik get all the chests and hit the
button. Get your duo back to the start of the level. Get Baleog on the left
weight, then put Scorch onto the right. Get the bomb, and unfortunately you can
blow yourself up and the blocks (don’t worry, it just hurts.) (another way,
give the bomb to Scorch and have him fly up and to the left of the bomb, and
place it there. Put Baleog on the left weight, Erik and Scorch on the right.
Hit the switch, then get everyone into the new room. Have Erik bash the blocks
above, and cover the fire with the block. Use the bomb to destroy the cannon.
Bounce Baleog up, grab the jewel, and fly to the left of the block. Bounce off
the board and grab onto the rope. Make Erik lower the rope. Make sure you broke
the blocks to the upper right. Ram the wall from the second rope. Hit the
switch, and get Baleog up to the left so he can get the item. Carefully get
everyone to the end, dodging the cannon. This ends the pirate world.


You can kind of cheat here. Get Erik right on the left edge of a moving
platform. Time a ram so that you ram clear into the wall as you are going up.
This saves you from having to use the bomb here. Also, there is a small secret
area above. Climb the pillar you see, and go right to get a banana. Defeat that
enemy. Make Erik go into the drink, dodge the spikes, and get that torch. Go
back and up, and bring everyone up. Defeat the plant, block the fire, and
quickly get the items and get out. Now you could have used this bomb on the
wall, but don’t waste it there (you can, but don’t bother.) Now go to the
right, defeat the plant and monkey. Defeat the plant again, and get everyone to
the right. Make Olaf float down to the left here and shrink to get to the
teleporter. Go in, then break the bricks you land on. Push the block right, to
free the other vikings from below. Bounce up Baleog, bounce him off the air
blast thing, and land on the rotating platform. Grab the ladder from here. Land
on the platform going up and down below. Grab onto the jewel from here. Go
over, and defeat the monkey. Get everyone else up. Get the key, and step on the
plate to open up the path below. Open the door, and get Olaf on the left
weight. Get Erik on the right weight, then place Baleog on the right one as
well. Shrink him into the area, and stay on the plate. Put Baleog on the left
weight and Erik on the right. Get him in, then get Erik in to finish the stage.

Just as the name implies, this is a hard level but not as bad as you might
expect. Start by rocket jumping Erik up to the switch above. Then break the
blocks with Olaf. Now carefully jump over the plant and defeat the monster.
Claw the plant for Erik to get up. Ram the blocks (below, not the left ones)
and give the key to Olaf. Ram the left blocks, and quickly have Olaf block the
column as it’s coming down. Get the bomb, ram the top blocks, and bomb the
rest. Get the items down there and come back up, giving the key to Olaf. Make
sure everyone is out of the pit before you let the column fall. Use the keys,
and shrink Olaf to the lower right. Get the switch with Erik (underwater
switch) and carefully get Olaf down to the bottom, and make him stand where an
air thingy will appear. Just as Erik hits the switch, switch to Olaf and break
the bricks. Get the items, then get out of there and use the key. Ram the wall,
kill the enemy. Get to the left, bash the ceiling, get Fang up. Have him kill
the enemy, and get the stuff up there. Then land on the platforms that collapse
on your weight. The key is to the upper left. Use it when you get back. Block
the coconuts while getting everyone down. Block the column as soon as you bash
the wall. Get Fang and Erik to the left of it. Make Olaf go to the right and
let the column drop. Make him go up the ladder and onto the pressure plate.
Kill the plant, bash the ceiling, and hit the switch to free Olaf.

This is, well, harder than the last. Now this is a hard level even me, the lost
vikings master, admits to. First make Baleog hit the switch above, then Scorch
hit the next switch to the right. Make Olaf break the bricks. Hand the bomb to
Scorch or Baleog. Now, make Olaf push the block as far as he can. Make
Baleog/Scorch bomb the wall, quickly move out of the way, then switch to Olaf
and hold left until the block stops the column from coming down. Shrink to the
right, go into the teleporter (while still shrunk so you won’t get hit). Break
the bricks. Now this is where I have trouble a lot. Get Baleog on the moving
platform (get the switches) , and get everyone else across (Olaf is easy
because he can shrink into the bottom right area). Put Baleog on the right
weight, Scorch on the left. Get the key. Make sure Scorch gets the switches on
both sides of the areas. Put Baleog on the left, Scorch and Olaf on the right.
Now you get to get Baleog back again. Don’t worry, this is the hardest part to
the level. Make Baleog and Scorch go into the teleporter, and Olaf shrink to
the left to get there. Use the key. This is the second hardest part of the
level. First, make Scorch fly up to the kid, and hit the switch. Next, bring
Olaf and make him fall down to the bottom, and raise his shield. This is in
case Baleog falls, then he can land on his shield and not get hurt. Get Baleog
onto the second moving platform. Now switch to Scorch. Burn the plant and very
quickly get Baleog over before the plant recovers.

Now do the same to get Olaf over here. Hit the switch, and fly Scorch up,
watching out for the plant. Shrink Olaf to the right, and break the blocks. Get
the switch to free Baleog. Get Baleog up by the jewel, and grab the rope. Climb
up, hit the switch. Now shrink Olaf to the left, and fly off the air thing to
the right, being very careful of that fire thing. Break those bricks. Do not
try to block the fireballs, you will highly regret it. You are better off
dodging the fireballs while Baleog gets the switches. Get him to get the key by
flying up and using his bionic arm. Now you want to try to block the fire, you
will in most probability get hit once or twice though. I do know a trick
though. Go up with Olaf, gas up to the rope, and when he’s about to fall keep
farting again and again while grabbing the rope and when you see a chance, go
down and block the fire. Defeat the enemy, step on the plate and quickly get
everyone through it. Kill the plant, then get everyone across. Fly up and lower
the elevator to get everyone up then down. Carefully get everyone across the
area, then bring down the next elevator. Get everyone over to the left. Open
the door and finish the stage. You should congratulation yourself, this is one
of the hardest stages in the game (in my opinion.)

These levels are starting to get very hard and hard to figure out, and
generally they won’t be getting easier. Luckily, this level is a bit easier
than the last. To start, jump up, and hit the switch. Have Baleog go up and hit
that switch. Climb up with Fang, then go up and left. Watch out for the fire on
the rope. Go up, kill the monster, and get the key and jump on the crumbly
blocks. Use the key. Get that switch. Go in with Erik, and bash all the blocks.
Make Baleog go down, hit the switch, and teleport. This is one of the two only
really tricky parts. You have to get Baleog across the jewels all the way to
the other side. Luckily, if you fall it doesn’t hurt. It’s a good thing too,
because unless your skills with this is excellent you will be falling down a
lot. But there is a little shortcut. From the second jewel, jump as far left as
you can.

You should just barely make it. Hit that switch. Now get everyone over here,
including Fang. Have him destroy the plant (temporarily of course) and kill the
monkey. Climb up, and bring down the elevator for Baleog. Make Erik jump up to
the area of here. Don’t rush here. Jump over the plant, and claw it from the
other side where Erik is. You cannot kill it from the other side without highly
risking hurting yourself several times. Teleport everyone, and bash the
ceiling. Jump up, and hit the switch to lower the bridge for everyone else.
Teleport, and kill that monster. Have Erik go in the water, hug the bottom to
be safe from the piranha and come out. Go up on the rope. Jump up to the left,
and bash the ceiling here, so that everyone else can get across. Get Baleog on
the platform, and hit the switches so that everyone can get through. Get Baleog
on the right weight, and have Fang and Erik on the left so that Baleog can get
the bomb. Bomb the floor. Get Erik to where you so that green column back at
the beginning. The fire thing will open the floor. Now, this is fairly hard.
Quickly jump Erik onto the column and then out of there before you get burnt.
Now, the last hard part. Get Fang into that little pit to get the key and
quickly climb out before you get hurt. Open the door, and get everyone in and
finish the stage.

Get Baleog across the gaps and quickly defeat the enemy. Now Baleog has to
navigate himself along the jewels, but it is fairly easy since there are two
this time. Get the key. Use it, defeat the enemy down there, and hit the
switches. Now get Erik over here. Bash the ceilings and get the items. Navigate
underwater, dodging spikes and a piranha, and put the yellow key in a resurface
area. Go left underwater now, press the button. If you put Olaf down below,
quickly switch to him. If not, just switch to him and go down gliding around
the spikes. Carefully go up the elevator, dodging the fire. Teleport. Use the
key and get to Baleog. Get Erik out, and get to where everyone else is. Now
carefully get everyone down. Ram the wall, and get everyone to the left.

Ram the left wall from Olaf’s shield, by getting Olaf as far as possible from
the wall and still be able to ram the wall from it. Now have Baleog hanging on
the jewel. Get him onto the left, and have Olaf and Erik on the right, and make
Baleog get the bomb. Get him through the large hole to the left. Bomb the
second wall of blocks you get to. Bring Olaf up, go into the small hole, and
put his shield over his head. Make Baleog walk over this, and hit the switch.
Make Erik jump up to the upper right, then pull the lever. Ram the wall, and
get Olaf over, after pressing the lever and getting Baleog up. Then press it
again, and get Olaf over there.  Have Olaf block the enemy and fireballs, and
Baleog defeat the enemy. Put Olaf right up to the fireballs, and Baleog get the
items. Retrace you steps back. Carefully go past the falling rocks. Get to the
witch doctor, and finish this stage to get to the last level of this world.

H0M3: (HOME)
Start by gliding Scorch to the left, go back up, and give the Torch to Erik.
Get Fang down, and carefully climb up the walls dodging the flames. Once it
gets dark, keep going forward until you hear a “click” then switch back to
Scorch. Defeat the plant, then get Erik into the water. Go around, and bash the
ceiling at the next area. Ram the monkey three times, then get Scorch here. Go
right, bash the wall, and get the switch to get access to the key. Go down and
defeat that monkey. Now, go back left. Shoot the plant, then quickly get Erik
over. Then get Scorch over. Ram the wall and get the switch. Now you got to go
back. Get Erik to the upper right to where the block fell. Get the yellow key
and exit. Now Make Fang fall down to the right, he will most likely get hit
once. Now, get Erik to where the red key was, and stay all the way to the
right, so that Fang will not be in darkness. Carefully take a large leap across
the spikes and fall through the crumbly blocks. Now get everyone to the left,
and down the ladder. Open that door, and have Scorch defeat all the enemies.
Open the final door, and get everyone to the time machine to warp to the final


This can be very difficult at times. Bring Olaf to the lower left, shrink him,
press the button, and get him back to the start. Have Erik bash the wall to the
bottom. Then, make Olaf shrink down and go in there. Afterwards, have Erik go
in the “water” and get the key, and then use it on the yellow panel. Then get
Baleog across the gap. Have him get the switch down below. Put Olaf under the
tunnel, and Erik on the shield, and jump up and break the bricks. Have Olaf
block the fire, and have Baleog get the stuff and open the door. Make Olaf go
to the right, break the blocks, and shrink to the right and make him trap
himself. Get Baleog and Erik to the right, having Baleog hit the switch, Erik
break the wall, and Baleog get the items. Then bring them to the top, hit the
air things and fly to the right for a while, then stop holding right and hold
up to grab on to the blue bar just before you get impaled by the spikes. Bring
both of them to the right onto the elevator, being careful to avoid the fire.

Kill the alien, then free Olaf by hitting the switch. Bring him down to the
left, where the see saw is and have him on the left side. Make Erik bounce him
to the upper left (being careful about that fire spitter!) Shrink, and get the
stuff. Go down to the left, kill the alien. Then bring Baleog down to the
lowest part of the level. From here, you are at a relatively safe place to kill
that killer bomb (they home too!) dropper robot. Then, carefully navigate
Baleog across the platforms, hitting the switches along the way. Now, to get
Erik across, there are two ways. One way keeps you from getting hurt (if you
know how to do it well) but is tricky. The other is quick and hurts, but is
pretty easy.
1. Getting onto the second platform, jump up and get fried while landing on the
2. Carefully jump so that you hit an unelectrified single block then carefully
land on the platform. Then have him ram the wall (after killing the alien of
course.) Then have Olaf glide along the above area, then at the last ladder
climb up and shrink and get the stuff. Now for the quick way out of here. If
everyone has at least 2 health, then I recommend this. Fall into the fields of
electricity (hurts only 1 health) and you’ll fall through it unto the area
below where you can simply walk over to the final door to the end of this

Start by bashing the ceiling. Defeat the robot as quickly as possible. Shrink
Olaf to the left and make him stand on the switch. Now put Fang on the switch,
and get Olaf and Erik up to the left (after having Fang defeat the alien.) Make
Erik stand on the switch, and Olaf go to the right and shrink to the right. Go
right, and step on the switch to open up the path for Fang. Now place Erik in
place of Fang, and have Fang climb the right wall up and around the area to
where Olaf is. Make him go through the little tunnel, and hit that switch
turning on the wall thing. Stand Fang on the switch above so Olaf can get up to
the top, and shrink to the left and push the button.. Now, switch Fang with
Erik again. Get Erik up here, and ram that wall. Make Olaf go up to where the
bricks were busted, and make him gas along the path. Use the omega on the
robot, and stand on the switch to free Erik. Make them all go down the tunnel
to the left. Press the button and make Erik go down into the water to get the
items and ram the right wall there. Now make Olaf go to the right, pressing the
button, getting the items, and breaking the bricks. Shrink to the right and
free Fang. Teleport Fang and Olaf, and get Erik back up the water. Use the key,
and go in the teleporter and finish the stage.

Quickly destroy the robot. Have Olaf block the fireballs from right on the
edge. Get Baleog down to the bottom and on the weigh. Get Erik down and ram the
wall. Now, while still deflecting those fireballs, jump Erik around, right next
to the weight. Now have Olaf shrink to the right, and time it so that you put
both of them on the right weight so that Baleog won’t get hurt. Now get
everyone down to the right, and have Baleog defeat the robot. Make Erik stay on
the switch, Baleog get the switch, and then put Baleog on the switch. Put Erik
on Olaf’s shield above, and ram the wall. Have him go on the bar and fall into
the water and go to the right and punch the button. Defeat the enemy with
Baleog, and go along the jewels to the left. Get Olaf in the teleporter, then
gas over to the left. Use the key to free Erik. Ram that wall, and have Olaf go
down. Switch back to Baleog, make him use the jewel to get across the water.
Use the see saw to get Baleog up to the top, then get Erik up. Make Baleog
stand on the switch, then ram the wall. Teleport everyone. Go down, block the
fire, and defeat the enemy. Bring everyone to the right. Put Olaf on the
switch, and get everyone else down and just avoid the robot, and get to the
end. Move Olaf to the right out of the way of the block that will fall on the
switch. Make Erik hit the switch. Get Olaf down and go up and finish the stage.

One of the hardest stages in the game to figure out, in my opinion. To start.
make Erik get the button, and Baleog go to the right and defeat the alien. Make
Erik swim right, grab the blue bar, and stand on the switch. Switch to Baleog.
and hit the switch to the right. Now get him to the left. Switch to Scorch. get
the switch, being careful to land on the safe platform. Quickly switch to
Baleog and get him down. Land on the bar down below, go left, and teleport him
to where Erik is. Switch places, then get Scorch past the blue wall to the
right. Get Erik up to the blue wall right to the left. Press the button Scorch
is near to, and quickly get Erik through. Bash the bricks, and free Scorch with
Baleog. Now, get Baleog down there and get the item. Get Scorch or Erik to the
right, and hit the button again and free Baleog. Now, free the character up to
the right, and go left and up to open the door. Baleog must stay there for now.
Make Scorch fly way up to the top, and use the right teleporter. Get Erik to
the point where he is right under Scorch. Make Scorch press the button, freeing
him. Get Scorch back to where Baleog is, and make Erik take the right
teleporter. Bash the blocks, and pull the lever. Make Scorch go down, and pull
that lever. Get Baleog all the way to the right, and pull the lever again. Once
Scorch and Baleog are up, press Erik’s lever again. Make him go back into his
teleporter and get Baleog to the right and up. Make him take the left
teleporter. Make Scorch fly to the left, and stand on the switch.

Make sure Baleog has all the hamburgers, this sometimes hurts a lot. Now, you
have to get him across the jewels without falling, or you will get fried.
However, I found a trick you can do just about everywhere. From the second
jewel, fly as far as you can and you should fly all the way to the right
without worrying about getting onto the last jewel. Also, if at anytime a
teleporter doesn’t work, get another character over to where it teleports to,
and teleport. In this case you will probably have to teleport Scorch from the
left one. Then to get him back, he needs to fly across the electricity. Now,
everyone to the left, make Baleog hit the switch to the left by shooting his
arm upper left. Defeat all the monsters with Scorch, and bring everyone down.
First, have Baleog and Erik on the top and bottom switches. Now, have Scorch
fly up, hit the button to temporarily open the door, then have him go down.
Have him hit the switch to the left. Use the teleporter. Now, have Erik and
Scorch go right through the blue wall. Make Erik go on the switch to the bottom
of the right of the blue wall, and then have Scorch go on the switch where the
forcefield was. Now move Baleog through where that forcefield was. Put Baleog
on the switch, then jump Erik up to the button. Fly Scorch out, and push the
button to free Scorch. Now, put Erik and Scorch on the top and bottom switches
here, making the floor near Baleog disappear. Make him go down, and land on the
blue bar. Have him go left, where he can get the switch. Go into the
teleporter. and get everyone to the left. Go down the elevator, and go right
and finish this massive stage.

This has got to be the hardest stage (to figure out) in the game. After all
these years I’ve had this game, I finally looked at a players guide and figured
it out. It’s the end that had baffled me for so long. But now, you can save
yourself all that trouble by checking out this guide or the other one. To
start, have Fang climb up the top and go in the teleporter. At the bottom, kill
the enemies to get an unlimited supply of bombs and burgers. You can only get
one at a time of those items however. Now, use a bomb on Tomator to make him
drop a blue key. Grab it, then use it up above. The bridge will go up, forcing
him to go down. Get another bomb, and go to where Tomator is. Carefully wait
until he is coming up from the lower left corner of the room, then use the bomb
to make him fall down and get fried by the force field, making him spew a
yellow key. Press the button, go through, climb up, and use the key and
teleport out of here. Now, fly Scorch up to the left, then glide down until you
are about to get fried.

Fly up to the left just at the last second, and teleport and get to the second
encounter with Tomator. Go down, get a burger from the enemy. Go up to the
right, hit the button, and go through. Carefully get the lever above you, then
go left being careful to dodge Tomator. Now, get the lever to the left. Push
the block onto the left switch first. Get the key, then place the block onto
the right switch. Use the key, and get a bomb from an alien there. Use it on
Tomator, and watch him fry and then take his key. Use it to the right.
Teleport. Do not do anything just yet. Teleport Olaf to the left by shrinking
him there. Get that item. Now, switch to Fang and Scorch. Make them both stand
on separate switches. Now quickly get either one of them as far left as they
can go. Switch to Olaf, shrink him, and wait. Wait until the blocks next to him
break. Now, while shrunken, go right as far as he can and give the item to
Fang/Scorch. Now make them go into the middle of the time machine, and they
will warp away from danger just before they get squashed. That ends the level.

Fairly hard level. Probably not the hardest, however. This is the final
showdown with Tomator. First, have Olaf go to the right teleporter. Then, wait
around until Tomator is just about to hit you, then fall down and hit the
switch, frying him a bit and making him drop a bomb. Now, go down and right
until you get to the air thing. Glide to the left, hit the switch, then glide
back to the right and go up and around to get the bomb (making sure to avoid
Tomator and his bombs along the way) . Then, go back the same way except this
time don’t get the switch. In that big hole, as soon as you see Tomator appear
there, this is a bit tricky. Quickly drop the bomb, then quickly gas out of the
pit, then go into the air thingy and gas again, making you float at the top.
Wait until he’s about to hit you, then get the switch, defeating the first
Tomator and making him drop the blue key. Get it, then go down and left to a
ladder to open the door and get the yellow key. Teleport, give it to Erik, and
have him go up and teleport up there. Carefully navigate the waters, and wait
until it’s safe before hitting the switch to get out of the water. Then, stand
all the way at the right of the blue bar. Wait until he’s just about to hit
you, then super jump up and hit the switch, being careful to land on the bar as
you fall. Now carefully avoid Tomator until the right time to hit the blocks
overhead, then jump up there and push the block over the edge, freeing Tomator
to the left.

Now, this is one of the trickiest parts. You have to run for it as he is going
up a centimeter or so and wait until there are no bombs in the way. You may get
hit once or twice. Go in the water after getting across, then get the switch.
This is tricky too. While dodging the spike thing, you have to rocket jump just
as Tomator is in the middle of the water, making him fall in and making him
spew a couple of keys. You most likely will get hit after defeating him, so
hope you have at least 2 health when you do this . Now, go and open the blue
door, then go and open the red one. Have everyone teleport. Make Olaf shrink to
the right, Erik jump up onto the other switch, and Baleog go up the ladder and
hit the switch. Now go up to meet Tomator. This and Erik’s boss is probably the

First, hit him with your arm to make him come down. Now hit him with your
lightsaber to make him spew a bomb. Hit him again, then press one of the
switches to fly up to the box. Drop the bomb near the box, then hit Tomator
again with your lightsaber to earn another bomb. Fly up again, bombing the
other blocks. Before hitting the switch, get another bomb from Tomator. Hit the
switch. Now this is the hard part. Hit him with your arm. Now you got to jump
up, drop a bomb as he is precisely in the middle, to electrocute him.
Fortunately, he can’t hit you very easily but if you take too long eventually
he will kill you. Now, that done, get out of there. Bring everyone to the
elevator and go up the ladder. This can be tricky too. Hope you have some kind
of health left by now. Take Erik and Baleog all the way to the left, where they
are safe. Make Baleog hit Tomator with his arm as he is about to go above the
electricity, then ram him with Erik to knock him into the force field, beating
the game. Congratulations! You’ve just beaten a fun and very difficult game!

4. Credits

Thanks to:
Me, Myself, and I. Everything here is my own effort. The askii art is original.
You may find something similar, but not exact. All the content of my faq is
original as well. Anyone who takes anything from my faq without asking will be
turned in to Gamefaqs, and you can get into a lot of trouble so please, ask
before placing anything from this faq into your faq or website.

Copyright (c), 2001 Jeremy Bennetch

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