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REVOLUTIONARY 5-ON-5 GAMEPLAY: Arcade-style gameplay means the most intense, "in-your-face" NFL action with no rules or penalties. Everyone is eligible and there is no out of bounds. A wide-open field means tons of brutal tackles and big scoring plays. An addicting and wildly entertaining video game!

UNBELIEVABLE GRAPHICS: A state of the art player model recreates the real NFL player in unprecedented, 3-dimensional detail. Players like Mike Alstott and Junior Seau have huge muscle toned legs and arms, while Napoleon Kaufman and Deion Sanders are slender and lightning quick. All 30 NFL teams, stadiums and players are reproduced with the most advanced NFL video game graphics ever to grace a television!

ADRENALINE PUMPING EXPERIENCE: Heart stopping animations include flying "clothes line" and helmet popping sticks. Perform jump-flips to avoid tackles, spin out and drag tacklers into the endzone, high step down the sideline and bull over defenders. See ball carriers reach for the first down while being tackled and players struggle to stand upright after huge hits.

TD DANCES, LATE HITS AND TAUNTING: Trash talk your opponent after a "pancake" hit, flex to the fans after a huge QB sack, late hit your opponent and celebrate with 50+ "in your face" celebrations. See sack master Neil Smith's "Home Run Swing", Derrick Thomas "Raise the Roof" and Shannon Sharpe's "Hulk Flex".

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