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"No other game can touch NFL Gameday '97 -- it's by far the best football game ever made!" - Ultra Game Players

Most Advanced Gameplay Ever: Players think, react, and perform like they do in the NFL. Artificial intelligence has teams learning your tendencies. If you don't mix up your gameplan, teams will learn how to shut down your attack.

NFL Gameday '97 Play Modes: Preseason, Regular Season, Playoffs and the Super Bowl.

Team Management: Sign free agents, trade players, draft players or create your own player & put yourself in the game!

All 30 NFL Stadiums: New and modeled after the real stadium.

Innovative Passing Interface: Total Control Passing allows you to lead or under-throw receivers.

Comprehensive Stat Tracking: Track team & player stats in every offensive & defensive category through an entire season.

Realistic NFL Action: Real NFL sound effects, over 500 plays, real football techniques like forearm shivers, "diving over the top", one handed catches, "shoulder charge", swim techniques, spins and hurdles.

NFL Gameday '97. Welcome to the NFL.

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