• Misc. Cheats

    Beach Ball ModeBefore the ref throws the ball for the tip-off press Pass, Pass, Turbo, Extreme, Turbo, Pass, Pass
    Max 3 Pointer StatsBefore the ref throws the ball for the tip-off press Pass, Pass, Pass, Pass, Pass, Pass, Pass, Pass
    Max Out Dunks and 3 PointersTurbo - Turbo - Turbo - Turbo - Turbo - Pass - Extreme - Turbo - Turbo - Turbo - Turbo - Turbo - Turbo
    No CPU AssistanceBefore the ref throws the ball for the tip-off press Extreme, Turbo, Pass, Pass
    Soccer ModeBefore the ref throws the ball for the tip-off press Pass, Pass, Turbo, Turbo, Turbo, Extreme, Extreme, Extreme
    Super Push ModeBefore the ref throws the ball for the tip-off press Turbo, Turbo, Pass, Pass, Turbo, Turbo, Pass, Pass, Trubo, Turbo, Pass, Pass, Turbo, Turbo

    Contributed By: Mike Truitt.

  • Shootout

    To go directly to SHOOTOUT mode with 45 seconds left, input "SH OO TO OT" on the Keep Records screen,

    Contributed By: freakunique.

  • Tiny Players

    Tiny PlayersAt the Big Head? screen press Up, Down, Left, Left, Down, Up, then choose yes.

    Contributed By: Retro.


  • Secret Players

    Hold L1 + R1 then enter the following as your names and initials:

    Air DogSAM 1/21
    Air NickARN 5/18
    Bob DavidsonRAD 10/18
    Bob LanierLAN 9/10
    BrainedBCS 1/7
    Carol BlazejowskiBLZ 3/1
    Cheryl SwoopsSWO 1/1
    Chris SlateJCS 12/8
    Daren SmithDRS 4/10
    Dave RossDJR 6/8
    Dean MorellDSM 5/9
    Diamond DaveDJP 6/29
    Dufus the ClownGRR 6/19
    Dwain SkinnerDAS 2/21
    Frank ThomasBIG 12/6
    FumongousGUN 1/11
    Geoff HigginsGCH 4/13
    George GervinICE 4/27
    HowieBCE 7/10
    HuhCBR 6/25
    Ice PrincessMDK 12/24
    James HebdonJPH 4/26
    Jane BradleyJLB 5/23
    Jason GreenbergJAY 4/18
    Jeff PetersJBP 5/17
    Jim JungJKJ 12/13
    Jnathan DansieJWD 8/2
    John ElwayWAY 9/30
    Junior SeauJR 6/1
    Lee PhungLEE 1/1
    Magic HairSET 12/8
    Mark JanusMMG 9/16
    Mark ShaferXTL 5/2
    Marv AlbertMRV 12/31
    Melissa PardikeMAP 3/26
    Mike CallahanMWC 5/1
    Mike PerryMJP 5/26
    Monkey BoyPJP 11/2
    Mr. HappyMJT 3/22
    Mr. UnhappyGEM 11/3
    Newt GingrichNEW 8/12
    OoohhJLH 1/26
    PistolWAN 6/10
    Private BillSAL 2/2
    Rebecca LoboLOB 7/4
    Richard SzetoRTS 2/25
    Rob DautelRAD 3/19
    Roy WilkinsRNW 9/45
    SamoaTVH 6/6
    SequioaSDR 4/10
    ShamrockJHG 8/26
    StingerMSS 10/26
    The Tin ManTIM 1/24
    Three Feet UnderTOD 4/17
    Todd MowattTVC 10/3
    WeaselDAN 2/1
    WhoWHO 1/1

    Contributed By: Mike Truitt.


  • Big Feet

    When asked to keep a record, choose Yes and after entering the initials and dates, you will be asked if you want to turn on the Big Head Mode. Hold Right on the pad when choosing your answer to get big feet!

    Contributed By: YSF.

  • Hidden Mini-Game

    When exiting the select screen in a four player game, hold Up + Extreme on all four D-Pads.

    Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre.

  • Random Selection

    For a random team select, go to the character selection screen and press Up and the Turbo button at the same time. To get a random player, press Up and Turbo again after the random team select is done.

    Contributed By: YSF.

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