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You are Kongo, the Stone Monkey, born from a meteorite that crashed to earth near Flower Fruit Mountain. You are alone, without family or friends. You're hungry. And if that isn't enough to worry about, you need to save the universe!
Guide Kongo through over 30 levels of mind-warping puzzles and dangerous traps. Along the way, pick up the awesome Power Rod, the flying Jet Cloud, and hopefully Divine Power.
The chaotic Dearth Voyd and the powerful Celestial Gods are at war, with Kongo caught in the middle. Which side will he choose, and how powerful can he become? The answer is in your hands.
- Dazzling martial arts moves
- Lush landscapes, including mountain waterfalls and rugged jungle terrain
- Exotic soundtrack of eastern melodies and rhythms
- Endless enemies, including living slime, vampire bats, spitting fish and hammer-wielding imps

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