Review by commander_light

Reviewed: 08/23/05

Solid Platinum Snake!

Even with the release of Nintendo Gamecube's Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes this game still remains in top form as a classic worthy to be in every serious gamer's collection. Integral is wonderfully packaged with the VR-Disc that was only available separately once it hit US shores. Most of the original story is the same, but why would you want to fix something that was never broken?

For a Playstation game, the graphics in it are top notch! It more than deserves a 10 in ratings. Never had I ever seen a game on the old Playstation system that had such detail and depth.

Speaking of depth, the story is by far the best for such a short game. Most people can complete the game in 2 hours or less, but with so many hidden scenes and pictures to take it would be worth your time going through it slowly. True as it is, having a mission to stop Metal Gear at all costs is nothing new to the series, but now Snake has a love interest. Can he still take down Metal Gear and still save Meryl before it is too late?

The sound is simply beautiful and breath-taking. Most importantly, the voice acting is done to perfection. The greatest thing about this game is that everything about it including the music will set the mood right for each and every scene. You don't just have to take my word for it, ask millions of Metal Gear fans and try it for yourself.

What about replay value? Solid has so many secrets within the game that I could not help but complete it at least 3 times. It has two different ending to view, and each ending unlocks a special item to help you your next time through. You even get to see Snake in a tux! Also with your camera in hand, you can capture hidden pictures within some pictures that you have taken during your next play.

The VR-Disc gives you more than just a warm up for the mission ahead of you. It offers you even more secrets as well as something to look forward to as you progress through it. Have you ever wanted to play as the Ninja, or take full body pictures of the females that kept Snake company along the way? This disc gives you everything that your gamer's heart could ever ask for.

Does Metal Gear Solid Integral really deserves such praise? In my opinion it certainly does without a doubt! This game alone might be what gives US gamers a reason to go out and buy a Japanese Playstation or Playstation 2 system. It is one of the very few out there that can call themselves a true masterpiece.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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