Review by CronoX2

Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 12/16/02

This is what the original MGS should have been.

Metal Gear Solid was released last October here in the US, and almost all of the reviews said it was a excellent game. But those same reviews said the same thing: The Game was way too short. Now in Japan, Metal Gear Solid: Integral has released, and if i must say, MGS has been outdone. The New MGS, while retaining everything of the US MGS (including the english subtitles and voices) is still a new game. The VR Disc is worth the price of admission alone. Got a Mod-Chip or Game Enhancer? Import the game, whichever way you want. The VR Disc contains a staggering 300 VR missions, comprised of about 10 diffrent modes, a couple of which have 2 sub modes. All the missions in the original MGS are still there, with 5 new ones added in the mode Sneaking. In weapons mode, you get to try all the weapons in the game with 5 stages for each weapon, comprised of shooting crystal targets. In Advanced Mode, you use all the other weapons again, except this time you shoot enemies and not targets. Don't worry either, if you are seen, the mission is not over. After that comes Special Mode, which is a complete variety of modes, and the best chunk of the VR disc. Trust me, it will take you awhile to beat VR Mode completely. The actual game itself is pretty much unchanged, except now after you beat the game once, you can open the first person mode, a feature that should have been in the original. This is a real import freindly game, since everything can be turned into english, except for the Past Missions option, and that the VR Missions and Weapon and Item descriptions are always japanese. Don't fret about the VR Missions though, they are pretty self explanatory. The Weapon and Item descriptions are fine if you have played MGS Before. All in all, this is what the Original MGS should have been. It's a shame that Konami will only be bringing the VR Disc to america. What's the problem with bringing the whole thing too?

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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