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    Mei-Ling Photography FAQ (JP) by JNgo

    Updated: 08/24/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Mei-Ling Photography FAQ by John "Big Boss" Ngo
    copyright 08.24.1999
    (so don't be plagiarizing, although I'm not sure why you'd want to)
    Ahhhhh. After all the blood, sweat, tears, and cheating to win, I've 
    obtained the near impossible Big Boss rank in Metal Gear Solid Integral(Jap 
    Version). Why would I waste that much time you say? Well the first reason is 
    for the Ninja mode in the VR disc, and the second(and best!) reason was to 
    get the closest to Mei-Ling in Photography mode. If you don't know how to 
    get Mei-Ling, please see the other FAQs. However, here are a few tips for 
    each requirement.
    Finish in under 3 hours: although you can finish the game in less than 2 and 
    a half hours, don't be wasting time finding items you probably won't need 
    for Extreme mode. Like why would you need a mine detector when you don't 
    even have radar?
    No Continue: nothing I can do about this. Just save often, and reset if ya 
    Use 1 ration or none: as Mei-Ling said, avoid conflicts. Also, the genomes 
    are harder than the bosses themselves. At least you get your life refilled 
    after beating the bosses.
    Get caught 4 times or less: getting caught is when you enter emergency mode. 
    Just to let you know, you are going to get caught 4 times just for the plot 
    to continue. So that means you cannot-and I mean cannot-get caught anytime 
    by any normal genome.
    Kill 25 or less genomes: This isn't too hard, unless you act postal and get 
    medieval on all of them genomes. Use stun grenades to knock 'em out and run 
    like hell. Also, during the gun battle after the DARPA chief is dead, you're 
    gonna have to kill the first three genomes, but you can let Meryl finish the 
    others after the quick scene where Meryl starts killing(stall them genomes 
    by punching them).
    Save 79 times or less: well this is pretty much gonna be the buffer for the 
    other requirements. If you're having trouble or you think you're gonna have 
    trouble, SAVE! But don't get too crazy. You don't wanna miss Big Boss 
    ranking because you just saved 80 times.
    (Also, you can use your special items i.e. The Stealth Device and Bandanna 
    with no penalty. The Stealth will be a godsend, while the bandanna will be 
    useful against bosses.)
    ---MY OWN OPINION---
    Now where was I? Ah yes. Now about Mei-Ling. Let me just say Konami did a 
    bang-up job. She looks incredible. She blinks, smiles, and flirts like she's 
    real. The polygon count on her is impressive. I have only two problems. 
    1)The textures on her just don't look right, and 2) her arms don't look 
    right when she poses with them over her head. Anyway, this is really nice. 
    Although it could have been cooler with more characters ie. a better version 
    of Meryl, Solid Snake taking a smoke, or the Foxhound gang.
    Now here's the nitty gritty. Although the time for Mei-Ling's photo op is a 
    while(especially in Big Boss ranking), she is pretty hard to take pics when 
    she's posing. Also she turns a lot. So here's a basic schedule of her poses. 
    Note that this is based if you got the Big Boss ranking and have the full 9 
    minutes. Also, any other pose other than mentioned will either be her 
    turning about, posing with her hands behind her back, or just plain walking. 
    Let's begin the session.
    (Time is based on the countdown.)
    (These times are approximate, so don't be mad if it's a bit late)
    8:25. Looks around from left to right
    8:08. Seems to be having a headache
    7:47. Looks around in a complete circle
    7:25. Poses with one hand on hip
    7:00. "Thinker" pose
    6:40. Gives peace sign gesture(Peace!)
    6:08. Seems to be a Chinese dance(since she's Chinese)
    5:53. Fixes her hair
    5:30. Does a cute "fierce" pose(GRRR)
    5:13. Stewardess pose (Douzo!)
    5:03. A Prayer pose ^.~
    4:48. A bend-over pose with her hands on her knees
    4:36. Another bend-over pose to the side
    4:16. Big Boss pose (hands on hips)
    3:47. Poses with one hand on hip, the other on her head ^.~
    3:39. Poses with arms crossed
    2:50. Looks around again from left to right
    2:36. Stretches arms overhead
    2:24. Stretches arms behind back
    1:43. Acts like a bird soaring, but fails!
    1:27. Brushes the floor with her foot
    1:15. Runs around with arms out like a plane
    0:40. James Bond pose (Bang! Foof.)
    0:16. Puts arms behind back and then blows kisses
    ---THE END---
    Well that was fun. Anyway, the American version will probably be only the VR 
    disc, so either there will be another way to take Photo mode, or there won't 
    be any. Oh well. I got my Mei-Ling. I'm sure Konami is working on the sequel 
    right now and will probably be for the PSX2. Oh yeah. Too good to be true. 
    Well, I hope you praise Mei-Ling like I have. Although there's that FOB 
    accent, thank god she doesn't talk in the Photo mode.
    (Final Note: I doubt that this will be out for American version, since it 
    will only be just the VR disc. If that's the case, there might be no 
    available Ninja mode. Unless they change the requirements for it...)

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