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Character FAQ by Dosferra

Version: 0.2 | Updated: 07/29/99

Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 03:51:43 -0800

Metal Gear Solid character faq version 0.2
By Dosferra
email dosferra@fcmail.com

1.   New in this version
2.   The characters

New in this version: Everything is new in this version, because this is the 
first version. If you have Brigandine to the PSX, you can check out my faq to 
it. My home page adress is 

The characters:

The good characters:
Solid Snake:
The hero (you). His IQ is 180 and he speaks 6 languages. A legendery hero that 
has retired from his violent life to a peacefull life in alaska. He use to be a 
member of FOX-HOUND.

Roy Campbell (140.85):
He used to be a commander of FOX-HOUND. He is one of Solid Snakes only friends. 
The commander of this mission.

Naomi Hunter:
A expert in genetic engineering. Is very sad because she does not know who her 
parents are.

Mei Ling (140.96):
A very promising scientist from China. She is the inventor of the Soliton radar. 
Solid Snake can call her if he wants to save.

Master Miller (141.80):
His real name is Macdonell Benedict Miller. He is the trainer and mentor of 
Solid Snake. Has proberly an IQ that is over 200.

Donald Anderson:
He is the head of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). He is 
one of the two hostages that Solid must rescue.

Kenneth Baker:
The president of ArmsTech. He has been tortured by Revolver Ocelot. A hostage 
that Solid must rescue.

Meryl Silverburgh (140.15):
Roy CampbellĀ“s niece. A rookie in combat that has no real life combat 

Nastasha Romanenko (141.52):
A expert in hi-tech wepons and nuclare weapons. She is also a military battle 
analysist. She smokes all of time.

Otacon (141.12):
His name real name is Hal Emmerich. He is the best Arms Tech scientist. The 
creator of Metal Gear Rex. He loves animes and manga.

The bad characters:
Liquid Snake:
He speaks 7 languages and has around the same IQ as Solid Snake. He became the 
leader of FOX-HOUND after the Zanzibar incident. Solid Snake hade already 
retired then and Big Boss was dead.

Revolver Ocelot:
Liquid Snakes right hand man. Loves guns and battle. He is an expert torturer. 
His dream is the uprising of Russia.

Vulcan Raven:
He is shaman that loves and identifies with ravens. He is Indian, Alaskan, and 
Eskimon. He is very big and strong and can deal with extrem cold temperatures. 
He fights with a big Vulcan machine gun.

Sniper Wolf:
A woman sniper that has extrem patience. She loves wolfs and there for the name.

Psycho Mantis:
Super cool ex-KGB agent with psycho-kinesis and mind-reading powers. He wishes 
to kill every thing in the world because he is disgusted by all living.

Decoy Octopus:
A master of disguise. He copys his victim down to to the blood.

Special characters:
Cyborg Ninja:
A cyborg ninja that is neither friend nor foe of Solid. Nobody knows his motive. 
He has a stealth suite. He uses a sword as weapon.

Deep Throat (140.48):
He calles Solid some times. He always gives Solid good advise. You can never 
call him.

Gray Fox:
The only FOX-HOUND member that has ever been given the name Fox. The best agent 
ever. Has an IQ high over 200. He died in the Zanzibar incident. He was Solids 
best friend, but Solid was forced to kill him.

Big Boss:
The former commander of FOX-HOUND. A great mercenary warrior. In the 1990s he 
became assigned as a commander of the hi-tech special force FOX-HOUND. He then 
created a hole nation of warriors. The nation was called Outer Heaven. Solid 
then destroyd the nation. Big Boss then built a gigant military fortress in 
Zanzibar. Solid then destroyd that as well. Big Boss was then killed by Solid.

This faq is copyrighted to Promtech and Michael Tofer.
This faq may not be shanged in any way with out asking me or any other member of 
Promtech inc.

The End...


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