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General Speed Guide by MKim

Version: A.0.1c | Updated: 04/30/00

                              Metal Gear Solid
                          Tactical Espionage Action
                             General Speed Guide
                  Released by Konami for the Sony PlayStation
                 Compiled by Agent Falcon (real name Mark Kim)
                                Delta A.0.1c
             Date of Completion: April 30, 2000 (No Time Given)
           Date of Public Release: April 30, 2000 (No Time Given)

Copyright Information
Unpublished work trademarked and copyrighted 1999 by Mark Kim.  All
Rights Reserved.

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  * Verasnaship Interactive (http://www.verasnaship.net)
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 In addition, THIS FILE IS NOT TO BE USED for any profitable (even
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 disclaimer may violate all applicable laws resulting in severe civil
 and criminal penalties, which is punishable through prosecution under
 the maximum possible under the law.

 Mark Kim acknowledges and respects all copyrights, patents (pending
 or not), and trademarks whether if it's mentioned or not somewhere
 in either the FAQ Text File and/or site as no copyright infringement
 was intended. If for any reason I MUST USE any copyrighted resource,
 then credit will be given at the Acknowledgements Section for the
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 Proper credit MUST be given if for any reason you MUST use any or all
 of this text document for your own purposes.  If for any reason I MUST
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 the originator commonly at the Acknowledgements section.

 If for any reason you do not agree and/or adhere to all of this legal
 disclaimer, then you should not use the Text Document.


 Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2, Metal Gear Solid, Solid Snake, Liquid Snake,
 Meryl Silverburgh, Roy Campbell, and all other Metal Gear Solid-related
 events, living or dead, are registered trademarks and copyrights of Konami
 and its affiliated companies.  The game is created under the supervision
 of Hideo Kojima.  This document has been carefully tailored by Mark Kim
 in respect to all Konami and Hideo Kojima properties.

remain in one piece, in its original format, untouched, and free of
charge at all times, and THAT'S THE BOTTOM LINE!!!


* History of this document
* Newsflash
* Intentions for writing a "Best Code Name" Document
* Rules of Thumb
* Special Notes that you need to be aware of
* The "Main Stretch"
* Library Reference Center
* The Do's and Dont's
* Rules for suggesting fixes
* Resources and Stuff (OF COURSE!!!)
* Credits and Thanks


February 16, 1999
Annoying Valentine's Day aside and it's time for me to create (for the
least) a best code name guide for Metal Gear Solid.  Remember that I'm
creating this guide to help you get the Hound/Doberman/Fox/Big Boss Code
Name and I'm not writing this as a walkthrough.  You'll have to rely on
Rudy Hendrawan if for any reason a walkthrough is what you are looking
for.  Using this best code name guide as a walkthrough would result in
flame wars on my mailbox, which I WILL NOT PERMIT.  You will know why
I'm doing this at the "Intentions" section of this document.

November 18, 1999
I had personal and public reasons why I had to "upgrade" this document.
Most noticeable is the fact that the legal mumbo-jumbo is overwhelming
to many people.  Notice that I will always give Rudy Hendrawan credit
regardless whether I use his FAQ as a resource ONLY or not since he
has the highest-quality Metal Gear Solid FAQ around the Internet.

Less noticeable is that I have renamed this guide because the first
release of my Metal Gear Solid file was a misunderstood file in need
of some tweaking and bug-busting.  Also, some of the rantings had to
be erased in order to fix up the file's interface a bit.

April 30, 2000
First update in quite a while.  There's some things that Vangeli told
me in regards of your rank status.  More on this later.  Use of the
cyberhandle AGENT FALCON begins due to an overdose of Konami's
Dark Silhouette: Silent Scope 2 just released at the arcades.


Please be warned that I will never give permission to webmasters who
request to have this file mirrored.  The reason why I'm being this way
is because I only want the most current version of this work displayed
throughout the Internet at all costs.

To warn you, this FAQ can only show up at the following locations:

* Verasnaship Interactive (http://www.verasnaship.net)
* GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)
* Secrets of the Game Sages (http://www.gamesages.com)

If for any reason you see this FAQ at _ANY_ site other than these listed
sites, please notify me ASAP.  Thank you.

As always, newest versions of this file can be found at my own website
located at http://www.verasnaship.net.  If you have any fixes, suggestions,
or other tralala you want to throw out, then please use my web-based
mailform at http://www.verasnaship.net/emailme.html.

The desired text to view this document is a Monotype Font like Courier
New.  If for any reason this document isn't aligned correctly, please
do the following:

* On Netscape Communicator 4.5, go to Edit->Preferences
* Go to Appearance->Fonts
* For the Fixed Width Font, select Courier New and select a Size of 10.
* Now check these sampled type to see if your document has been aligned
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the operating system that you are running this file under.  If you wish
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sure that in Windows that if you want to view this document under WordPad,
make sure that the font is set to COURIER NEW and the font size is set
to 10.

Universally, Edit.COM (for Windows and DOS), and SimpleText (for Mac
Users) are the ideal tools to view this file.

There's this one release called Metal Gear Solid VR Missions out now for
the PlayStation, but I actually don't recommend buying it since it's
just made up of only VR Missions where you are tested on your Espionage
Knowledge.  I prefer the original release of MGS instead due to the
interesting plot and the kick-ass voice acting.


Many people have tried to play the game in order to achieve fast times
in this game.  However, this game isn't as easy as you thought it should
be since the game tries so hard to make sure that you earn extra time in
some corners.

Also, every "stuff" that you kill in this game counts against you as
the more kills you commit, the lower your code name becomes.  It becomes
ultimate to know that you need to be careful on who you are shooting at.
Sometimes it's best to KO and dizzy up an Enemy instead.

Rations are pretty harmful as opposed to healing items in Resident Evil
2.  For every ration that you use will hurt your rank even more.  You have
to know when is the best time to use Rations and when it isn't.  Don't
get caught too many times or you might be in the receiving end of some
big hurting.

There are some unnecessary sneak-ins that you should also try to avoid
(i.e. risky areas that have spotlights) in order to save time.  Also,
you should never try to grab the bonus items regardless of the situation
since they will only add extra time, because you have to stay silent
all the time and that you have to stay away from the enemy's sights
at all times.  Please be aware that in Metal Gear Solid, there are a
lot of INTRICATE SECURITY SYSTEMS that may be boobytraps at times.

Trying to complete this mission unscathed and unnoticed isn't easy
as at times the guards' walking pattern may be intricate to understand,
there may be times when your walking can be noticed or heard, and
there are a lot of security systems that you need to bypass.  Also,
if you use your weapons in an unneeded manner, then you might alert
the enemies so it's the utmost importance to stay quiet and try to
clear each area secretly as possible.

I highly recommend that you play the game in the Easy Mode first.  Notice
that in the Hard and Extreme Modes, there is NO RADAR, meaning that you
have no idea on what to expect.  To track down all the mines in the
Hard and Extreme Modes, just use Thermal Vision Goggles.

Not to notice in that in the Extreme Modes, you will have NO RATIONS
QUIET AND UNNOTICED AS POSSIBLE.  Enemies will have insanely accurate
vision so a Espionage boo-boo may be marked for death.

Remember, the higher the difficulty, the more quiet you MUST STAY.
Higher difficulties will force a boo-boo into a fight for your life
so keep that in mind.

This document was intended to assist you in trying to net a fast time
for one of PlayStation's respective Video Games ever created.  I'm
assuming that you have an idea on what to expect and what to do with
every area throughout the game.  This document was not intended as a
walkthrough, as this will result in extreme depression.

You can save as much as you want.  If for any reason you have either
the Stealth Camo or the Bandana, you can use them as much as you want
as they won't hurt your ranking.  Only continues will hurt your ranking
(Thanks, Vangeli).

If a walkthrough is what you are desiring for, please go to GameFAQs
at http://www.gamefaqs.com and look at Rudy Hendrawan's Document (Use of
Rudy Hendrawan's Document is governed by the terms and conditions of use
he imposes on his document, so keep that in mind).  Many months has passed
since Metal Gear Solid has been released, and there's still have been some
scrubs who spend countless minutes trying to destroy Liquid Snake and his
minions, so I'm going to lend you a helping hand.

Enough ranting, enjoy the show.


* Always try to keep quiet at all times.  Since enemies can hear you at
  times, your safe bet is to move and crouch at areas where your steps can
  be heard from the enemies at all times.

* This is NOT RESIDENT EVIL 2!!!  There is no need to find ammo everywhere
  in the game since Solid Snake has massive chances to get ammunition all
  over the field.

* Don't explore all of the areas unless you're playing this game just for
  fun.  A good example is the Heliport, where you are easily tracted by
  the light where Liquid Snake took off with his Hind.

* You will be carrying items depending on how high the difficulty is.
  Note that in the Extreme setting, there are NO RATIONS (You need to
  do away guards with silenced gunfire for the best results) to find,
  and three boss fights (Liquid Snake's Hind, Vulcan Raven under the
  Frozen Room, and Liquid Snake atop the Rex) have increased difficulty.
  Also, the enemies gain more intelligence with higher difficulty

* Don't let the enemy discover you more than four times.  Metal Gear Solid
  is much different than other action games requiring that you sneak in
  without being noticed.

* Don't continue at all.  Since this is the case, you will need to rest
  up your PlayStation for at least 1 hour if you have been playing other
  games before taking on a less than three hour session with Metal Gear

* Don't use any more than One Ration.  You shouldn't need them.  Using
  rations will only hurt your code name status.

* It's best to use Chaff Grenades to bypass the cameras and guncams without
  being noticed.  Trying to destroy cameras and/or guncams may or may not
  count as one enemy being killed.

* Be careful at the Cave where the dogs will track you down.  It's kind of
  tricky to go unnoticed without having to kill the dogs.  Also, you will
  have to be careful at the areas proceeding beyond the area you first meet
  up with Vulcan Raven.

* You are allowed only 25 kills overall (Notice that destroying cameras
  and dogs also count), so make sure that you don't do any unnecessary

* I will be as brief as much as I can judging that you *do* have some
  knowledge on what to expect of this game.

* Avoid any unnecessary CODEC calls at all times since they waste a lot
  of time.

* You can save as many times as you want and you can use a Bandana or
  Stealth Camo (provided that you have it).  These elements are the only
  ones that won't hurt your rank.  The only time your code name rating
  will be hurt is when you oversave (Thanks, Vangeli).

* To skip cinema displays, press the Start Button.  Also, to fast-forward
  CODEC conversations, press the X button and keep on pounding on your
  controller until the CODEC conversation ends.


Here is who I'm going to play the part of whenever certain issues has to

Roy Campbell: Some general rules of thumb regarding about the total travel
of each area and every boss fight.

Nastasha Romanenko: The minimum required items you need for a particular
point and/or a boss fight.

Deepthroat: Any cautionary point you need to be aware of.

So here it is.  Besides, if I have to play the part of a member of Fox-Hound,
I'll let you know through time to time.


You will start at the dock, just like you would with all adventures to
destroy the ultimate secret weapon, Metal Gear Rex.

The Dock

Practice your espionage skills via stealth and silence.

Roy Campbell
"Snake, I highly recommend that you start a new game in lieu of earning
a good code name as written on this guide.  Although this area is pretty
easy, you will have to make sure that no one sees you at all costs.  This
area should prove to be a good training area to test your stealth skills
aloft.  With some careful espionage tactics, this area shouldn't take you
any longer than 9 minutes."

I would like to tell you that the best way to deal with the guards is to
confuse that you are inside their domain.  Be careful that you don't let
any of the guards see you as you may trigger an unnecessary fight which
will lower your ranking down.

You may want to sneak into the top-right area of the Dock since no enemies
will be looking at you and that you can move around just in case somebody
is going to be mocking at you.  This area is the best place to learn how
to get around secretly and quietly.

Nastasha Romanenko
"Use the binoculars to make sure that the path is clear to your knowledge.
Take advantage of the zoom feature of the binoculars and study their
guard paths so that you would be able to go unnoticed."

"Never, ever, ever run through the puddles as a guard may be able to hear
you.  If a guard hears you running through the puddles, be sure to find
a good place to hide.  Also, when the elevator comes down, be aware that
another guard will come down, so be sure to stay on your toes."

Now just step on the elevator unnoticed and proceed to the Heliport.

The Heliport

Enter the Ventilation Shafts without being noticed at all costs!

Roy Campbell
"Snake, exiting to the base may be a little bit harder, but you may be
lucky enough to sneak into a ventillation entrance provided that the
guard yawns and that you don't get in the way of the surveillance
cameras.  Make sure that you use a Chaff if all means of avoiding
video surveillance fails.  There's no need to explore the area in
whole, just rush inside the base as soon as you can."

Nastasha Romanenko
Snake, getting the Socom Pistol will be hard, but it's pretty much easy
to get as long as the guards don't see you.  It's pretty hard to get the
Chaff Grenades without having to be discovered.  Just avoid the watchtowers
and forget the Chaffs for now (You'll get them after the ventilation shafts).
Also, make sure to use the Binoculars to study the guard paths if you're
planning to take the upper path.

Snake, make sure that you don't get in the way of the high-watt lights of
the watchtowers, as being discovered by the watchtowers count as being
discovered, which hurts your code name ranking.  Also, steer clear of the
surveillance cameras.  You can use a chaff to disable them, but you'll have
to be aware that enemies can hear you if you use one of them.  The best way
is to work you way through the camera without being seen by its lens.  Keep
away from the snow as much as you can since guards may be able to catch you
if they discover your area via the footprints.

Note: In the higher difficulty levels, it's really important to race
into the Enemy Base in the quickest and discreet manner possible so assume
that any boo-boo will be marked for death on higher difficulty levels.
Remember going through unnoticed will save you energy and time.

OK, now onto the Ventilation Shaft.  I'm going to skip the Ventillation
Shaft since it's cake all the way.

The Tank Hangar

Roy Campbell
Snake, this area should be easy to clear with the exception of the Genome
Guards, but don't worry: The area is kind of large to allow some room for
error, but remember to take advantage of the binoculars as Nastasha advised
you.  Also, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND taking the Thermal Goggles the earlier the
better.  Trust me on the Goggles Part.  Just proceed to the elevator after
getting the Goggles.  Don't forget the Socom Ammo near the stairs either.
Also, as Nastasha cited on the previous area, take the Chaffs.  Use the
Solitar Radar to your own advantage to run away from the cameras without
being noticed.  Without any major alerts, this area shouldn't be a pain
to clear.

Nastasha Romanenko
Snake, I hope you've taken the Thermal Goggles (as Colonel Campbell cited
on the previous paragraph) right now as failure to grab them will make
the transition of the game hard.  Also, if you have taken the upper path,
make sure that you have taken the Chaff Grenades right away.

I will tell you a tip so you can carry it on for later visits to this area:
running through floors like the tiles that you will be stepping on when
you come out from the upper entrance will generate noise, causing guards
to catch on to you.  It's best to crouch-move a sound tile whenever guards
are near.

OK, enough ranting, time to get inside the elevator, and onto the first
floor cells.

Holding Cells Floor One

Rescue the DARPA Chief and engage in a fight against the guards in this
area with the aid of Meryl Silverburgh disguised as a guard.

Roy Campbell
Finding the DARPA Chief will be easy, but once the DARPA Chief dies of
a heart attack (Why?), you will have to kill a few guards who discovered
you.  Try to kill all the guards without losing any chunks of energy at
all costs.  Eventually, Meryl will help you, so don't fret.  A good way
to reload your gun without seeing any unnecessary reloading animation
would be to deselect the Socom and reselect the Socom.  Your main concern
will be the Grenades, which will kill you instantly.  Beating this area
without any energy loss means that you've learned something.  Don't use
any rations right after the fight (even though you are tempted to do
so).  After the meeting with Meryl, go to the Armory, and rescue the
ArmsTech President Kenneth Baker.

Snake, later in the game, you will be seeing GunCams, meaning that chaffs
are a must!  Be sure to use the radar to connotate the sight of its

GunCams will be more aggressive in higher difficulty levels so be sure
that you scramble a GunCam before proceeding further.  It's better to
lose ammo than to lose a single ration or a life point.

With the DARPA Chief and the Guard Battle with Meryl away, proceed to
the Armory.

The Armory and the rescue of Kenneth Baker

Roy Campbell
Snake, take advantage of opening doors with security clearance of Level 1
as they contain pretty important items.  Also, try to take advantage of
blowing up weak walls with special entrances or secret rooms now as if
you don't do it the sooner the better you may have a hard time later on
the game.  It's easy the first time around, but it gets harder to get
around the room unnoticed later in the game because the guards are
heavily guarding the area.

Nastasha Romanenko
Hope you've got the Thermal Goggles because there are trap doors that will
end your game if you happen to step on one of them.  Be sure to take the
Grenades (if you don't have any yet) and the C4s (for the least).  Take
advantage of the secret rooms as they hold items that you may benefit from
it use.  Also, the Thermal Goggles are great to use to seek out fake walls
but it's kind of noticeable to use a C4 onto it because it's a different
color from the rest of the walls.

If you step on a trap door for too long, YOU WILL DIE!!!  It's good to open
up all the doors (with green bricks) with the C4 right away because using
the C4 while guards are there will trigger an Intruder Alert, which will
also hurt your ranking.  Run over the trap door and you will be safe.  Also,
this is one of the hardest areas to go unnoticed as you progress later in
the game because the guards have an unpredictable pattern, and many laser
sighting signals will persist on rooms with Level 5 Security Clearance and

Blow up the doors and get the Armstech President!  Now fight Revolver Ocelot!

Revolver Ocelot and Beyond

Roy Campbell
Snake, Ocelot is tricky because he often keeps his distance away from you.
Also, his shots will reflect the wall at all costs, so dodge all shots
at all costs!  After 6 shots, counterattack!!  If you are careful enough,
then you don't need any rations.  Find a good spot to hide and try not to
hurt Kenneth more than once.  DO NOT TOUCH THE WIRES!!!!  The game will
end if you touch them.  This fight is of Intermediate Level but your
reward for overcoming Ocelot is increased Item Capacity and a larger
life bar, you can do it.

Now take Kenneth's goods and see him die of FoxDie, a virus that is
transmitted through close contact.  Now return back to the Tank Hangar
with caution and contacting Meryl once you get there.

Nastasha Romanenko
Use the Thermal Goggles to see any infrared sightings that will alert
the enemy of your presence.  Also, be sure to grab the FAMAS before
you head back to the Tank Hangar.  Use the Binoculars to study the
Guard's pattern as you get the Mine Detector, and be sure that you
move without making any noise.  Afterwards, Colonel will recommend
that you contact Meryl via Codec Frequency 140.15, which is the same
frequence that is shown in the back of the CD Case.

Meryl Silverburgh (140.15)
Once I open the door (provided that you have been careful of any guards
that you will encounter throughout your return to the Hangar), you will
need to use the Thermal Goggles to avoid any contact with the Infrared
Sightings.  If you set up the sightings, then you will smell the gas and
the game will be over.  You can use a Cigarette to see the sightings, but
you lose life this way, so the Thermal Goggles will be your best bet.
Now fight Vulcan Raven on the next area.

After you get past through the Gas Room Puzzle, use either the Mine
Detector or the Thermal Goggles as walking through the Claymore Mines
will kill you right away!  Try to do a silenced move to grab these claymores
so that you will grab them without setting up their sensors.  Now engage
in a fight against Vulcan Raven after you grab the maximum amount of
claymores you can have as of after the Revolver Ocelot Battle.

Vulcan Raven inside the Battle Tank

Roy Campbell
Snake, when the fight against the Tank starts, make sure to use your
Chaffs right away!  If not, then you will be wounded by its powerful
blast!  Now while you chaffed the tank, get a good shot with the grenade
and try wounding the guards dead center.  If you are careful, then you
should be able to kill the tank good with only two hits.  With the Tank
done for, go inside the Nuke Building.  It may be a pain to destroy the
tank, but try not to suffer too much damage in this battle.

Nuke Building Base Floor

Roy Campbell
Snake, since you are not allowed to use any weapons in this area, you
are at a big disadvantage.  Make sure nobody sees you because the guards
are capable of setting off Sarin if they see you.  Clear this area with
only stealth, and definitely forget about grabbing any items.  I don't
care if you want the items, just get inside the elevator without being

Always make sure that you stay away from the sight of the lens and the
guards at all costs because if you are noticed even ONCE in this area,
it's more likely that you'll smell the embrace of the gas.  The game
ends if you took too much time smelling the gas.

Even a single boo-boo will hurt in this area so be careful not to get

Nuke Building Level 1

Roy Campbell
Just concentrate on getting the Nikita and nothing else.  This is yet
another good area to brush up on your famed espionage skills.  Your only
concern is the point where you make your entrance inside the locked rooms,
where you can't even use your binoculars to see the future inside.  It's
good to follow them slowly so that you *barely* make it.

Nuke Building Level 2

Roy Campbell
Snake, this is a pretty dangerous area requiring that you make careful
use of the Nikita to blow up a High Voltage supplier in a room filled with
Sarin and all.  Right after you destroy the electric powerage, get the
Gas Mask.  After you meet up with Otacon for the first time, get the Night
Vision Goggles.

Do not step on the electric floor while the electric power supplier is
functional.  You will lose 1/3 of your life bar if you happen to touch it.
A well-used Nikita does the trick.  Be sure to watch your Oxygen meter as
this room is filled with gas!!!  Yes, downing the electrical power supply
isn't a cakewalk.  Also, whenever you want to get the Night Vision Goggles,
use a Chaff to scramble the Guncams, trust me.

Now with the electrical supply blown up, proceed your search for Otacon,
better known as Hal Emmerich.

The Labratory and the fight against the Cyborg Ninja

Roy Campbell
The Ninja will insist you using your fists instead of your gun.  Disarm
and hit him.  Be sure to dodge all of his attacks because they do a good
amount of damage to your life bar.  Equip yourself with the Thermal Goggles
to see where he is heading to while he has the stealth on.  Don't bother
throwing or strangling him as he will only punch you.  Right after all of
the Ninja's life has depleted, dodge his energy bursts because they will
also do damage to your life bar.  Right after you drain away the Ninja's
life, use your Socom and finish him off.  With the Level 4 Security Card,
use the Chaffs (like Deepthroat said to you) to scramble the guncams and
get the NV Goggles.  Now head back to the Nuke Building B1 and find Meryl.

Liaising with Meryl Silverburgh

Roy Campbell
It will be a good idea to kill the soldiers coming into the men's bathroom
so you will have some room for error while in search of Meryl who's
masquerading as a guard.  After the two male guards are down, let Meryl see
you and run to the woman's bathroom for the Level 5 card.  Don't kill all
three Genome Soldiers as if you kill Meryl, the game will be over.  After
Meryl joins in, go to the Commander's room and meet with Psycho Mantis.
Do not spend time getting the items you need as Meryl will complain.

Psycho Mantis and the cave

Roy Campbell
Psycho Mantis may be a pest, but here's a trick to defeat him: First, when
he takes over Meryl, throw her.  DO NOT PUNCH, KICK, OR STRANGLE MERYL!
If Meryl's life bar is all gone, the game will be over.  Throw Meryl and
repeat.  Once Meryl is dizzied, cancel the cinema and let Mantis cancel
the Video Output.  While the VO is off, IMMEDIATELY PLUG THE CONTROLLER
INTO PORT NUMBER TWO!!!!!!!  That is right!!!!  If you leave your joypad
plugged into Port Number 1, then he will read your mind, making the fight
tough!!!!!  Use your Socom to inflict damage to Mantis, and use your Thermal
Goggles to make him and his psycho shots visible.  When he takes control of
Meryl, make sure you disarm yourself and throw Meryl three more times, being
careful of the Psycho Blasts Mantis throws at you.  Now weaken Mantis a few
more times and when Meryl is possessed once again, disarm yourself and throw
her.  Now finish Mantis once again and once his life bar goes down to Zero,
plug the controller back to port number 1 and proceed to the cave.

Proceed to the cave and use your Night Vision Goggles.  Be careful of the
dogs right over there.  Once you get inside the Underground Passage, hug
the right wall and it's time for Sniper Wolf to shoot down Meryl.  Now hug
the right wall once again and exit out of the Underground Passage right
away so you can get your PSG-1.

Getting the PSG-1 and fighting Sniper Wolf

Roy Campbell
Sniper Wolf has shot down Meryl with a PSG-1, and you can't use your SOCOM
to damage Wolf!  You will need to go back to the Armory and get the PSG-1
located at the room requiring Level 5 Security Clearance!  It doesn't
matter how fast you need to rush back to the Underground Passage right
after you get the PSG-1 from the Armory, just work CAREFULLY.  Once you
get the PSG-1, fight Sniper Wolf.  When you equip yourself with the PSG-1,
make sure you use a Diazepam so that your sighting won't shake.  You might
need to use Thermal Goggles to catch Sniper Wolf when she's hiding.  Be sure
to fire at Wolf before she fires at you.  It's a matter of getting Wolf
before Wolf gets you, so keep that in mind.  If you get hit, disarm the
PSG-1, face the direction your facing Wolf, and rearm the PSG-1, making
sure that your hands are not shaking.  After defeating Sniper Wolf, if
you are not yet an expert, save your game.  If you still want the Hound/
Doberman/Fox/Big Boss code name, then don't save.  That's why I highly
recommend you resting up your PlayStation for one hour before playing this

While you are getting the PSG-1, you will need to be VERY CAREFUL as you
will be making a long trip to the Armory and back.  At the field where
you fought Vulcan Raven, there are guncams galore and oodles of Claymore
Mines, so be very careful right over there!!!!  Also, when you sneak in
WAY TOWARDS THE SNIPER RIFLE!!!!!!!!  Now carefully make it back through
the Underground Passage and fight Sniper Wolf!

There are a lot of Security Systems as you get your Sniper Rifle so any
boo-boos on higher difficulty levels could be marked for death.

Ocelot's Torture

Roy Campbell
Snake, how did you get in here?  Well, this is where you can decide Meryl's
fate!!!!  You need to make sure that you do not submit or Meryl will die!!!
If you submit, well, you will get the Otacon Ending.  Just don't submit
to the torture and you'll get the Meryl Ending, which is a much better
ending than the Otacon Ending, trust me.  From this point on, I want you
to listen to Otacon on how to get out of this cell, he will be able to save
your life.

Revolver Ocelot (He's the torturer!)
Solid Snake, it's time to see how fast you can press the button using only
your thumb.  You are advised to save your game (as per Roy Campbell's comments
after you defeated Sniper Wolf) if you are just learning the game but if you
have played the game many times (to get a good idea on what to expect), then
this won't be a problem.  You can't save your game so keep that in mind.  I
don't like cheaters so I decided that for this game, YOU CAN'T USE ANY TURBO
EQUIPPED CONTROLLERS!!!  That's right.  I hate cheaters and you have to play
by the rules so that's why I want to make sure that you are fast enough to
press the Circle Button Rapidly.  You can press the Select Button to submit,
but I don't want you to do this unless you want the Stealth Camo at the end
of the game (and take extra time to get the Cold Medicine to suppress your
cold).  If your life bar reaches zero, the game will be over and you can't
continue, so please use the circle button rapidly (for the Bandanna, which
hurts your ranking) or use the Select Button (for the Stealth, also hurts
your ranking) as Liquid Snake disdains any more accidents like the DARPA
Chief.  You will have to go through a few more torture sessions before Otacon
gives you the Ketchup to fake your death (and kill Sasaki) so I wish you
good luck on this mini-game.

Special Note: Now we have Otacon supporting you.  Whenever I
  have to point out certain areas that you can't pass unless you meet
  and/or satisfy certain conditions, I will be playing the part of Otacon.
  Part of the reason why I played the part of Revolver Ocelot on this one
  is because he's in charge of the mini-game.

Otacon (141.12)
How did you get in here?  Well, your first priority right after you submit
and/or survive the first stage torture would be to call me.  Now survive the
second stage of torture, and when Sasaki goes to the bathroom, I'll give
you the Ketchup.  USE THE KETCHUP BEFORE SASAKI COMES BACK!!!!!!!!  Now once
Sasaki approaches you, you can either dizzy him or kill him but remember
that you are only allowed 25 kills overall before your ranking gets hurt.
Proceed back to the Underground Passage VERY CAREFULLY as exiting out of
the Torture room will give you surprises from many Guncams lying in wait,
so be sure to use Chaffs to scramble them.  Be sure to heed Deepthroat's
warning regarding about the Snowfield when you were forced to get the
PSG-1 during your first Sniper Wolf fight.

If you have submitted to Revolver Ocelot, chances are that you will catch
Sasaki's cold, meaning that you will have to get the Medicine inside
Nuke Building B1, costing you precious time.  If you survived the torture,
then check your Inventory (using the Left Shoulder Buttons), making sure
that you don't have a bomb on your pocket (right after you have your stuff
back, but check anyway in the event Ocelot does this even you have submitted
to his torture).  If you have a Timer, THROW IT OUT IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now proceed back to the Underground Passage, being careful of the Security
Guncam at your right (Use a Chaff).  Now make your way to the Communications
Tower, filled with Booby Traps.

The Communications Tower

Roy Campbell
army of guards requires that you use your Stun Grenades continuously!!!!!
Be sure to get the Rope right after you are discovered, TRUST ME.  Now
throw a Stun Grenade, get the rope right after you are discovered.  When
the effect is about to wear off, throw another Stun Grenade and keep on
climbing.  Keep on stunning and climbing until you reach the ladder.  You
can use Claymores, but it's pretty much a challenge.  The key to complete
this level is to make your way through the ladder WITHOUT KILLING ANY

Right after exiting the 27 Floor-Climb struggle with the massive amount
of guards, you'll have to face Liquid Snake.  Be sure that you have the
Rope right after you were discovered by the guards!  Failure to do this
will only result in lost time.  Now rappel away from the Hind's gunfire
while avoiding the smoke which will result in lost energy.  Be aware that
as you are making your way to the other side of the tower, you will need
to use your Nikita Missile to destroy three guards with long-range rifles!
After you take care of the three guards, dodge Liquid's gunfire and make
your way to safety.

Snake, when you get inside the Second Communications Tower, you'll have
to go up the stairs as the stairs leading down to the second Sniper Wolf
Battle is blocked and I will have to fix the Elevator leading down.  Be
sure that you take advantage of First Person View to see if there are
any Guncams waiting for you so you can use your chaffs against them.
You should have the Stinger Missiles ready once you make your way to
the 27th floor of the second Communications Tower because Liquid is
waiting for you to fight him.

Roy Campbell
Try to find a good hiding spot so that you don't get hit by the Hind's
gunfire.  Appear only when the Hind stops firing, and counterattack with
a well-aimed Stinger Missile.  Repeat this tactic until he's down, and
then proceed back downstairs, using the same tactic Otacon was mentioning.

Before you get inside the Elevator, equip yourself with the Thermal Goggles
because you're forced to fight four guards with Stealth Camoflauges.  Use
the Famas to make short work of them and take the goodies once you destroyed
the Stealth Guards.  Now proceed to the Snowfield for the Sniper Wolf Rematch.

Sniper Wolf Rematch and the final stretch of Disc One

Roy Campbell
You will have to face Sniper Wolf for the final time, so be prepared to
use your PSG-1, Diazepam, and the Thermal Goggles, and find a good spot
so that you don't get hit in any fashion!  While the PSG-1 does the most
damage to Sniper Wolf, you can destroy Wolf with either the Nikita Missiles
or the Stinger Missiles paired with the Night Vision Goggles!  The only
thing I'm asking of you is not to do any crazy firing on her as while
she flashes, she can't take any damage.  Be sure to fire wisely or you
may run out.  Once you do away with Sniper Wolf, skip Wolf's death and
make your way through the Blast Furnace.

The Start of Disc 2

Roy Campbell
Snake, I hope that you have a strong feel of the controller right over
here because you're compelled to cross a narrow passage while dodging a
moving pillar!  You will need to crouch while the weight passes you.  If
the weight touches you or if you fail to hold the controller leftwards
while you cross the fiery pit, the game will be over!!!!  ALWAYS HOLD
LEFT ON THE CONTROLLER, and make sure you don't make any false moves
while dodging the weight.  Now rush through the cargo elevator and face
a horde of guards ambushing you on your way to fight Vulcan Raven.  When
descending to the second cargo lift, be careful of the mines and the
guncam.  Use the Thermal Goggles (since your Solitar Radar is jammed)
to spot any mines.  Be sure to grab the Claymores as you *quietly* pass
them because you'll need them for the fight against Raven, who I think
is the toughest boss in the game.

RAILINGS!!!  Don't let the guards see you or they may force you to a fiery
death!  Right after the battle against the Genome Guards, you'll have to
use the Thermal Goggles in place of the Mine Detector!  Be sure you grab
the Claymores.  When you face Vulcan Raven, DO NOT TAKE TOO LONG FIGHTING
HIM because if you do, then your rations will freeze up!  You shouldn't be
saving your ammo while fighting the guards during the first elevator because
even though you happen to use a good chunk during the ambush fight, you'll
still get some more ammo and some rations (well, those are bad for most of
the time).

Vulcan Raven

Roy Campbell
Snake, you should heed Deepthroat's warning just before you engaged a
one-on-one fight against Raven, as Raven is TOUGH!  When Raven is walking,
hit him with Stingers when YOU ARE NOT FACING TOWARDS RAVEN!!!!  You must
face away from Raven as his 22-inch Gatling Gun has good range!  After
four Stinger Shots, you may need to use Claymore Mines because he will
run around the arena!  While using the Claymore Mines, use either a Mine
Detector or the Thermal Goggles so that you don't accidentially kill
yourself.  You need to defeat Raven the fastest possible as your rations
have a tendency to freeze over here!  Once you defeat Raven, proceed to
deactivate Metal Gear Rex.

The Wrath of Liquid Snake

Roy Campbell
Use Chaffs to scramble the 41-Guncam room with ease.  Make your way to
the Observation Room as soon as you can.  Once Revolver Ocelot forces
you to drop the key right into the Sewer, you'll have to evade a guard
ambush and make your way back to the Sewers and grab the PAL Key the
fastest possible.  Be careful while trying to get the PAL Key because the
sewers can drain as much energy as with a Cigarette.  Master Miller will
notify you if the Mouse has eaten the Pal Key or not.  Use a C4 to make
the Mouse drop the Pal Key and blow it up.  IF YOU PICK UP A TIMER (BOMB)
FORGET ABOUT IT, THE GAME MAY BE OVER SO SOON!!!!!!!!!!  Once you get the
Pal Key, follow Otacon for the following steps.  After using the PAL Key
three times, then Master Miller will reveal that he's Liquid Snake all
along, and that's when it's time to exact your revenge against Liquid.

Right after you get your PAL Key back, go back to the Observation Room
and use the PAL Key on the "Room Temperature" Laptop.  Now run back to
where you fought Vulcan Raven and freeze the Key.  Return to the
Observation Room and use the PAL Key on the "Freezing Temperature"
Laptop.  Now you'll have to return back to the Blast Furnace to warm
up the key.  Return back to the Observation Room and use the PAL Key
for the final time.  You'll know that Liquid has been using you via a
Codec Message.  With yourself locked inside the room with Sarin, first
put on the gas mask!  Now phone me so I can get you out!!  Finally, exact
revenge against Liquid Snake by fighting the Mighty Metal Gear Solid

Snake, use your Binoculars to spot the guard as you enter the Observatory.
Now as you exit the Observatory, try to hide yourself inside a Box (If
you have any fixes, please let me know by mailing Mark Kim using the
convenient web mail form at http://www.verasnaship.net/text/emailme.html).
When you visit the frozen Warehouse after you used the Pal Key twice, you
will need to be aware that there will be guards patrolling the Belfry.
Use your famed Espionage Skills to negotiate their patrol routes.  You
should have your Solitar Radar working so you shouldn't have any problem
passing the patrol guards.  After being duped by Liquid, do what Otacon
told you on the paragraph above and destroy Metal Gear Rex at all costs.

Special Notes
OK, it's time for revenge against Liquid Snake, the man who duped you
all along!  Roy's surprised that you've been used, Naomi has been arrested
because of Liquid's request while he's disguised as Master Miller, and
the detonation cannot be stopped!  From now on until the end, since the
Cyborg Ninja reveals to be Grey Fox ("The name from long ago, it sounds
better than Deepthroat") and helps Snake out for the final time, I'll have
Fox take over Deepthroat's place (since that what he really is, since he's
not using any burst transmission) from the Metal Gear Rex fight until the
end of the game.

Fighting Metal Gear Rex

A Special Note: Since Roy Campbell gets arrested just before you
  fight Liquid hand-to-hand atop the mighty Rex, I'll have Grey Fox (who
  disguised himself as Deepthroat all along) take over for the time being.

Grey Fox
Snake, it's time to exact justice against your hated brother during the
first fight against Metal Gear Rex.  The first stage will be easy as you
can use chaffs to scramble its circuitry.  Now use the Stinger right at
the Radar.  You'll have to patiently fire at the radar as pounding on the
radar won't do you any good.  Chaff the Rex once again when the chaffing
runs out.  Repeat this until you've got the first stage of Rex down cold.

On the second stage, Chaffs won't work, so you'll have to run underneath
the Mech when he shoots down the compact missiles.  Don't let Rex step
on you or the game will be over!  Also, watch out for the light beam as
it does a considerable amount of damage.  Once you get a clear shot, aim
at the Cockpit and quickly run underneath the Mech again.  Dodge the light
beam (It's a confusing pattern, and that's why Mark Kim recommended reading
Rudy Hendrawan's document before reading this document) and pound on the
cockpit again.  Liquid may choose to use the Machine Guns so stay on your
guard.  Keep on using hit-and-run until you've got Rex outcold.

Liquid Snake and the Escape

Grey Fox
Snake, when Liquid finishes up his speech, YOU WILL ONLY HAVE 2 1/2 MINUTES
LEFT and you will need to finish Liquid before the bomb blows up!  Attack
Liquid as fiercely as you can, but in the Extreme level, don't let Liquid
knock you at the edge or he may end your game right away!  Watch out for
his punches and kicks because they do a good amount of damage.  Once you've
drained Liquid, he'll charge at you.  Be sure to dodge the charge (since
it drains your energy like crazy) and counterattack him.  You will need to
knock Liquid off the pit by the time he's out of energy.  If not, then he'll
recover energy as the fight progresses.  Once you defeat Liquid, diffuse the
bomb.  If you submitted to Ocelot's Torture, then you'll have to escape the
base with Otacon aiding your path.  If you heeded Ocelot's button-tapping
advice during his mini-game, then you'll take Meryl with you, a companion
recommended by Mark Kim.  You only have 10 minutes to escape so be sure to
pick up the pace.  Use the barrels to speed up the escape (but your main
concern is the second checkpoint where there is no cheat barrels).  I'll
leave Liquid inside his jeep on your own but knowing that you have a good
knowledge of fighting him during your pre-Rank 1 games, you should have no
problem with him.  Just don't lose too much energy here and try to clear the
tunnel without using any rations and you'll be OK.  I'm counting on your
success Snake, and don't let me down.

Liquid Snake dies of FoxDie, Solid wonders if he's going to die of FoxDie
as well

Roy Campbell
Snake, I've managed to clear myself of a crime that I didn't commit.  Naomi
has also been cleared and acquitted.  Actually, Jim Houseman is responsible
for all of this!  Snake, you've beaten the game!

Hopefully, this document should enable you to clear the game with a
repsectively fast time and with a very honorable code name.  If you don't
exceed in your goal the first time around, make any necessary adjustments
until you accomplish your goal.

For the best possible speed and honor, try the following suggestions:

* No continues and no saves allowed.  That means you cannot lose all energy
  or contact Mei Ling throughout this session.  This is not a cakewalk Snake,
  so be prepared to push yourself to the limit.  That is why Mark Kim was so
  pushy in reading Rudy Hendrawan's document first.

* You were found by the Guncams, Enemies, and Dogs no more than four times.

* You committed no more than 25 kills

* You used no more than One Ration

* You spent no more than 3 hours playing

* You didn't use the Bandanna or the Stealth.  This isn't easy but I'm
  sure you're familiar with the Terrain.

Watch the ending and see your score.  If you have met these prerequisites,
then I'm proud of you Snake.

If you have beaten the game in either under 2 and one-half hours or if you
have met the prerequisites for the ultimate pride, then you are ready for
the next difficulty level.  If not, then try again at the same difficulty



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