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FAQ/Walkthrough by WZafran

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 12/31/98

         _     __   _____   _______       
        |  \  /  | |_____| |__   __|   /¯¯\     |¯|
        |   \/   |  _____     | |      ¯¯¯¯     | |
        | |\  /| | |  ___|    | |    /¯¯¯¯¯¯\   | |
        | | \/ | | | |___     | |   / /¯¯¯¯\ \  | |_____
        | |    |_| |_____|    |_|  / /      \ \ |_______|
        | |                        ¯¯        ¯¯
            ______   _____                _____ 
           /  ____| |_____|     /¯¯\     |___  \      A Hideo Kojima Game
          /  / ___   _____      ¯¯¯¯         | | 
          \  \|_  | |  ___|   /¯¯¯¯¯¯\   |¯¯¯  /      Metal Gear Solid
           \  \_| | | |___   / /¯¯¯¯\ \  | |¯\ \      was made by Konami
            \_____| |_____| / /      \ \ |_|  \ \     of America/Japan
                            ¯¯                 \ \
                 S     O     L     I     D      \_\   www.konami.com

           |    Zafran's Work Copyright 1998-1999 Wan Zafran    |
           |                                                    |
           |                wan_zafran@yahoo.com                |
           | http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Chamber/8592/ |

This FAQ was made by me, Wan Zafran. Please don't rip off my work. This FAQ
can only be reproduced electronically, only in it's original ASCII text
format. It cannot be published on any website without my sole permission.
And again, it also cannot be used for any purpose of money-making, such as
magazines, books, or anything like it without my permission. And never
change it into another format, because the text won't be spaced or
rearranged properly. If you want it published somewhere, I'll give you
permission, but please inform me first and give me credit. Just my name,
that's more than enough. If you wish to contact me, feel free to at
<wan_zafran@yahoo.com>. If you use any info from THIS FAQ in YOUR FAQ,
please give me credit. Thank you for reading this FAQ and happy gaming!

Hey, thanks for reading my FAQ. I hope you enjoy this, as it spent me
hours to finish it. Please don't rip any info off this FAQ and use it in 
yours. This is my second FAQ, the first being a Tenchu Walkthrough. I love
feedback, so just e-mail me and I will respond. If there are tactics given
by e-mail from people, I will write their name beside it. Thank you anyway 
for reading this, and I hope you will use it to the fullest.


 2.0 = This current version has included mail from people who contributed
       some stuff here. Thanx everybody! Check out your name if you gave
       one in the Acknowledgements section at the end of the FAQ. And I
       have put in the Weapons and Items section also.
 1.0 = Only the walkthrough is available. Hey, it's the first update, 
       right? I think I'll put the Weapons and Items section, next.


D-Pad          = To move Snake.
D-Pad on wall  = Lean onto wall
Pressing Circle 
while leaning 
onto wall      = Snake will tap on the wall, attracting guards.
X              = Crouch or crawl if pressing the D-Pad.
Circle         = Do a combo; Punch, punch, kick, or use to detonate C4 
                 explosives after placing them.
Triangle       = To first person view mode, you see from Snake's view. 
                 (note: You can't move while in first person mode)
Square         = If a weapon is equipped, press/hold this button to use 
                 weapon. Or if there is nothing equipped, use it to break 
                 a guard's neck.
R1             = Equip item; press left or right to scroll between items
R2             = Equip weapon; press left or right to scroll between 
L1             = Unequip last item used, or press again to re-equip the 
L2             = Unequip last weapon used, or press again to re-equip the 

    For those of you who don't know how my directions are, look at this:

                            East  __|__  West


To break a guard's neck, go behind a guard, but don't touch him a bit. 
Press the Square button, and when Snake gets a hold of the guard, press 
Square rapidly ten times. Sometimes, when a guard is killed by breaking 
their neck, they will drop an item. Usually Rations, but sometimes ammo for 
your weapons.

If you are in the middle of a hurry, just in case that a guard sees you, 
and there's an elevator near you, press the Action Button twice on the 
button beside the elevator. The door will automatically open the second 
time you press it, and you don't have to wait for it to come down.


Ration - Things that restores your life.

Scope - These are things that can zoom in and out of things from far away.
This a pretty cool item that you get in the beginning.

Cigarettes - These are used to see lasers if you don't have the Thermal
Goggles. But they take your life slowly.

Thermal Goggles - These make anything that has heat red in color, so
it's easy to track them. Mines, soldiers, etc.

Suppressor/Silencer - The silencer is used to make the noise of the Socom's
gunshot low so that guards won't be able to hear it.

Cardboard Box A - To use this, go into a truck and use it. The truck will
move to the place where the cargo is stated. Can be used for hiding too,
but in unlogical places, the guard will flip the box and shoot you.

Mine detector - The Mine Detector let's you see mines on the map. The mines
are yellow in color. Crawl to pick the mines.

Cardboard Box B - This has the same use as CDBX (Cardboard Box) A. and C.

Medicine - If you see yourself sneezing, use this and it'll slowly heal
you of your flue. 

Diazepam - These make your heartbeat slower, so when using the PSG-1, you
have a more accurate shot.

Night Vision Goggles - These goggles are used to see in the darkness, where
everything become green EXCEPT living things and heat objects.

Gas Mask - The gas mask is used to slower the process of Co2, so your
LIFE (oxygen) meter will deplete slower than usual.

Camera - Pictures of ghosts, or the makers of MGS can be found by taking
pictures at various locations.

Rope - Use this to go down the building when Liquid chases you in his

Cardboard Box C - Same as CDBX A. and B.

Ketchup - In the cell, crawl and break the Ketchup. Tomato will come out
and look like "blood".

Sniper Wolf's Handkerchief - When you're going through the cave with 
wolves, equip it and the wolves won't attack you.

Bandana - Equip it with a gun and you have an infinite number of bullets
to waste.

Stealth - Makes you invisible to everything, except bosses, and wolves
which can smell you.


Your normal day-to-day gun. Killing with this is efficient, but hard to
without the Suppressor. Hold Square before releasing to aim with the built
-in laser.

These are the C4 used to destroy buildings in Red Alert. Here, attach them
to the bluish cracked walls, and explode to reveal a hidden way.

Machine Gun. Aim at the enemy, and shoot. Hold to Autofire. Very useful
when you need to run away from lots of guards blocking your way.

Chaff Grenades
Use these to jam the security camera's or anything electronically based.

These are mines. Whenever they are stepped on, BOOM!!! Put this in a 
guard's way and see them fly away!

Stun Grenades
These just make an explosion, and the enemies will fall down unconscious
for a few secs. Hide in another place in the meantime.

The "pull-the-trigger-and-throw thing". Throw it, and KABOOM!

Remote controlled missile launcher. Control it wherever you want, and you
can see from it's view by pressing Triangle after launching it.

Cool, laser sighting rifle. You'll probably notice Snake's heartbeat while
using this, so use Diazepam to make his heartbeat slower for more accuracy.

Stinger Missile Launcher
Use this to bring down the Helicopter in the game later.

CD 1 Walkthrough

Area 1: The Docks

You start behind a small building. Go into the water, and pickup the ration
behind the barrel to the left. Go up back, and crouch underneath the metal
pipe. Wait behind the wall, until the guard goes back to where he came 
from, and go straight up near the elevator. You should get a call from 
Campbell about the elevator, and after that, wander around, kill some 
guards, pick the Ration on the south-west corner of this place, or do 
anything to kill time while waiting for the elevator to arrive.

Once the elevator arrives, wait beside it leaning onto the wall to the 
left, as there's a guard on the elevator, and you can choose either to or 
not to kill him. Once you've made your choice and finished, go onto the 
elevator and be prepared for the next area.

Area 2: Heliport

After the cutscene, you appear behind the building you were behind in the 
cutscene. Go up, but be aware of the spotlights. The trick here is to move
quickly to the fence on the right and stay to it when the spotlight moves 
up. Then move up again, onto the small exit to the right. Wait for the
spotlights to move, making a far distance between each other, and run past
the spotlights, picking up the chaff grenade while you're at it.

Once you're on the other side, move up, and you should notice a lorry. 
Climb into it, and go behind the cargo. There's a SOCOM (Special Operations
Command Pistol) there, and it's needed for most of the fights, so it's a
must. After you've taken the SOCOM, move left, and look at the radar. Be 
aware of any guards here, and then throw the CHAFF grenade to the security
camera. Once it's jammed (the color of the light on the camera should have 
turned yellow), go to the vent straight under the camera in front of you,
and move forward to proceed to the next area.

Another good tactic is to go to the far right side, and go up near the 
second last crate to find a ration. When camera moves, go up the stairs and
kill the guard. Go to the second thing that goes up and down (which should 
be a vent) and go through the vent and your upstairs. Thanks to
NIKE165600@aol.com for telling me about this!

Area 3: Tank Garage

Move straight, until you reach an entrance, and wait. There's a guard here, 
that shifts position clockwise. If he's near you, wait until he's walking
to another place. When he does, go out of the vent, and up the stairs. 
There's a security camera here, as shown on your radar (the yellow cone),
so throw a Chaff Grenade before progressing. 

Go down the bridge, then right, then up. Be aware, as there's a guard and 
security camera (from now on, I'll call a security camera as SC). Take care
of the guard first, as he'll disturb you. Then, throw the Chaff Grenade
to jam the SC, and move straight up, and look right, and find a double door
which has a button that you can press with the Action Button (Circle).
Go through the door, and go to the left side of it. There will be a few 
buttons to choose from to press. Choose B1.

Area 4: B1 of 1st House

When you step into this place, Mei Ling will inform you about the DARPA 
Chief on the radar. This place has no guards, so just move as carelessly 
as you please. Go down, then right. There's a ladder there, and you can 
climb it using the Action Button (Circle). Go straight up, and if there's 
a vent, hold Triangle and look down to see a few short cutscenes. Soon, 
you'll reach the DARPA Chief's cell.

After the cutscene, equip your Level 1 Keycard and go down to the door. You
can't open it yet, but Meryl will, soon. When she opens it, go through the
door, and you will fight a few soldiers. There are three ammo boxes here, 
each containing 12 ammo, so take it if you're nearly out of ammo. Also 
check out the person at the back, he's nude! But Konami decided to censor 
this part. Randomly, Meryl will shoot with her FA-MAS (more on that later),
but she rarely shoots. When there are three grenades thrown at you, don't
run to the back: instead, run upwards so that you won't be hit by the 
grenade's explosion. And don't sweat, Meryl can't die even though she's 
badly hurt.

After you've killed everybody, you and Meryl will go through the door, and
Psycho Mantis will possess Meryl. You now have a choice, if you need more
ammo, go back from where you came from (through the door that you and Meryl
exited) and pick up the ammo, or you can go back to the elevator, and go
to 1, for the Mine Detector, or go to B2, to quickly fight the boss.

Area 5: B2 of 1st House

Now, equip your Level 1 Keycard (if you equipped the Rations while fighting
just now) and you can go through any door in this place that has a "1" logo
on them. After you've picked all of the weapons here (including the C4),
equip the C4. Remember, the soldiers cemented the walls but didn't have 
enough time to paint them, right? So, find a blue cracked wall (there's a 
total of 4 here) place a C4, and explode it. Here's in which order to do it:

Upper-left corner, beside elevator
Upper-right corner, beside elevator
Down-Right corner, not on Southern wall, but on Western wall.
Down-Left corner, where first boss is

Now, explode the walls in this order, and you should be able to have enough
ammo for now. I think there's more "explodable walls", but I think these
are the only ones required to be exploded. Anyway, go down-left, to where 
there's a blown up wall there, and enter it. Go down, and it's another blue 
cracked wall on the right. You know what to do right? After that, progress
in,  and you'll see two blue walls. Crack the first one and enter. You'll
face the first boss.

"Revolver" Ocelot

This boss keeps running around and shooting at you. Be careful of his 
bullets, as they can bounce of the wall and hit you, if it didn't hit you
before. The bullet meter on the top is the amount of ammo left in Ocelot's
gun. He'll stop to reload if it finishes, so attack him when he's 
reloading. You CAN shoot him while he's trying to shoot you, but it's too 
risky and could make you die quickly. Continue this pattern repeatedly, and
you'll soon win.


After the LOOOOONG cutscene with Baker, you've got the Level 2 Keycard. Go
back to the weapons storage room, equip the Thermal Goggles (if you haven't
got it yet, go back to B1, equip the Level 2 Keycard and search all the 
doors (I can't remember which one) for it. It's the one with a security 
camera near it) and move carefully through the lasers, and take the WEAPON
first, the ammo second. Now, go out back. Remember that Campbell said
something about finding Meryl's frequency on the back of the CD case? Well,
just in case you can't find it, the frequency is 140.15 . 

Area 3: Tank Garage

Go back to the Tank Garage, and Meryl will open the door for you. Go down 
the stairs with caution to not get being detected by the security camera, 
and go through the door. You'll get a call, either from Meryl or Nastasha. 
If Meryl calls, call Nastasha. Vice versa. Use the cigarette to see the 
laser. Actually, the laser the is not going left & right, but it's going UP 
& DOWN! Crawl when the laser goes up, and go crawling straight through to 
the other side. It might take a few attempts before you succesfully 
overcome this place, but you gain experience by that, don't you?

Once you're on the other side, equip the Level 2 keycard, and the door will

Area 6: The Tank Yard

You should have a Mine Detector, so equip it. To pick up a mine (Claymore),
you need to crawl. Then can you pick it up. There's a boss here, if you 
move up, you'll meet him. But before that, Deepthroat warns you about him.

Vulcan Raven In Tank

His fire can launch to up to 3000m, and that means he can shoot you 
anywhere in the place. Throw a Chaff Grenade to jam the tank, and then run
towards the tank. Run to the tank, but be careful running around the first
place if you didn't pick up the mines. When you're near him, throw grenades
onto the top of the tank. The tank cannot be harmed by any other normal 
weapons. After he dies, there'll be a cutscene between the boss and the 
Vulcan Raven of the tank, and then you'll automatically progress to the 2nd

There's a cool thing to do here, if you're a great gamer, try throwing the
grenade INTO the hole of the tank. If it goes in, BOOM! Instant death! No
kidding! I've done it before.


Area 7: 1 of 2nd House

There's two ways: one leading left and one leading right. Choose the left
path, there's a ration there, and you can take a sneak at what's in the 
factory by looking into the window. After taking the ration, go back down,
and take the right path. Crawl underneath the wall, and be careful here.
If a guard is alerted by your presence, gas will be released. The gas won't
stop until the alert stops.

Anyway, go take the right stairs, if you want a quicker way, or the left 
stairs, if you want more items. If you pick left, go up the stairs, and be 
careful of the guard up there. Hide beside the elevator's wall, and when 
the guard passes by, push the Call button by pressing the Action Button 
(Circle) on the elevator. If you pick the right stairs, go up the stairs, 
left but beware of the SC. Throw a Chaff Grenade to jam it, and then wait 
for the guard to pass by, and hide behind the large box. When he moves 
away, quickly go to the elevator and press the Call button using the 
Action Button (Circle) Next stop: B2

Area 8: B2 of 2nd House

Equip your level 3 keycard, and go through the door. After the cutscene,
go back to the elevator, and press the B1 button.

Area 9: B1 of 2nd House

There's something funny here, if you see a guard in a toilet on the radar,
enter the toilet, and you'll see the guard pissing. Konami censored this 
part again, as usual. Anyway, in front of the elevator, there's a door 
here. Equip the LV3 keycard (from now on, all keycards will be written as
LV-- keycard) and go through the door. Beware, there are a few guards here.

Go to the right side of the room, and open the door (it'll automatically 
open). Take the Nikita Missile Launcher (uuuuu!!!) and the ammo (ahhh!)
and go back to the elevator. Then go back to B2. 

Area 8: B2 of 2nd House

Okay, once you get in with the LV3 keycard equipped, and fire downwards. 
This is a remote-controlled missile, which means you can control where it 
goes. Press Triangle to look from the missiles view.

Once it (the missile) goes down enough, move it left, and up. Go further up, 
through the door, and go through the door to the right in that room. Then 
move the missile up to the electric box up on the wall. Or if you're 
confused, just remember this illustration.

Nikita Missile Directions:

   _______ _____
  |       | XXX |
  |       |  ^  | Follow the route, but be aware of the gunner cameras
  |       |  |  | (referred to as GC from now on). Though you can hit them,
  |____   ---/  | but it'll take you longer to destroy the electric box.
       | / |____| Sorry about the map, but it's the best I could do with
       | | |____  Editpad. Anyway, ASCII Art is pretty cool, isn't it?
    |    |_     | Lot's of cool pictures and shapes can be made.
    |      |    |
    |      |    |      | | |
    |      |    |      | | |
    |      |    |      | | |
    |      |    |      | | |__________
    |      |    |______| | |          |
    |      \_____________/            |
    |________________________         |

There will be another cutscene, and after that, go up, exit through the 
door, and wait until your Life Bar is full enough, then go back inside. Go 
through every door you see and can enter, and if the Life Bar is nearly 
empty, quickly wear the Gas Mask or exit through the upper door.

Once you're finished, exit through the right door (south-west). Destroy the
GC before proceeding,  and enter the door. In this door, you can hear a few
"dying" cries of the soldiers, then move right to the door, and move up in
the next room. Watch the gross scene, and move up, and then left. After 
that, enter the door. You don't need to have your keycard equipped, as the
Cybord Ninja has destroyed the keycard reader at the door already. Then,
unequip any weapons you have now (huh?), because the next battle will have
you not using any weapons until nearly the end of the fight. Enter the door.

Cyborg Ninja (Gray Fox)

Remember why I told you unequip your weapon? That's because this guy can
deflect your bullets. You can only harm him by normal means, which is:
punch, punch, kick. Yes, it may seem hard to kill him like this, but it's
the only way. Run away, when he does the double flip kick, and attack back.
When he jumps, and then stops, still floating in the air, don't sit at the 
same place: he's going to stomp you! And sometimes, if you are a bit far
away from him, he'll use the sword to cut you. Beware, this one takes up a
lot of life. When his Life Bar reaches half, he'll turn on his stealth 
camouflage. Throw a Chaff Grenade now, that should jam his body, allowing 
you to find him and punch, punch, kick him (haha!).  After he has only 1/4 
of his bar left, he will make an electric energy field that will take a lot 
of your Life Bar, so be prepared. Now, equip your Socom (ah, at last!), and
shoot him. Shoot him three times, and you have defeated the second boss.


Go out back through the door, and go to B1 by the elevator. Meryl should
have contacted you through by the Codec, and she's actually in disguise as
a soldier. Go through the door in front of the elevator, and Meryl should
be somewhere there. Try choking everybody once, and if you hear a woman's
voice, that's Meryl. Let her see you, and then run to the ladies toilet on
the right side of the elevator.

Note that if you run to the ladies toilet under 5 seconds, she won't have
enough time to change into her clothes and she'll only wear her top and her
underwear. After the cutscene, go back down to the door in front of the 
elevator, equip your LV5 keycard, and take all the items that you can in 
every room. You can have fun with Meryl here, you can shoot her, punch her,
strangle her, or even strap a C4 on her! And then... KABOOM!!! But beware,
after you do any of these "stunts", she'll slap you really hard until you
turn around (your life even goes down when she slaps you!).

Once you're ready, go back out of the door, up north to the Commander's
Room. After the cutscene of Psycho Mantis, go up into the room, and throw 
the Stun Grenade to make Meryl come out of it. Then, when she wakes up to 
shoot you again, throw another Stun Grenade. Then, you'll fight Psycho 

Psycho Mantis

To make this fight easy, pause the game and plug the controller into Port 
2, so that he won't be able to read your mind. When he says that he's 
reading your mind, he's actually reading your controller. So, it's best for
you to put it in the 2nd Port so that he won't be able to read your
controls. If you still put it in Port 1, every move you do will be read by
Psycho Mantis. Example, if you try to shoot him, he'll run away before you
can even shoot him. Anyway, if P. Mantis awakens Meryl, and uses her to 
blow her brains out, quickly throw another Stun Grenade. When he starts to
teleport, use your Thermal Goggles to track wherever he goes (if you don't 
have them; they can be found at the 1st Floor of the 1st House). After you
kill him, he'll open the secret door behind the bookcase.


Enter through the secret door on the right, but before you go through that
door, go beside the stairs, and pick up the stuff there. Then go through
the door.

After Meryl talks with you, go right, up, then left. Crawl into the next
entrance, and if you have the Night Vision Goggles, equip it. Your vision 
will become better, as everything is daaaarrrrkkkk in here. Each wolf takes 
4 bullets to kill, and I recommend you to kill them, so they won't disturb 
you. Go south-west and crawl under. Go through it. Pick up the Ration on 
the left, and move up through the door.

After the cutscene of Meryl walking past the mines, follow her trail. The
trail of her feet will quickly dissappear, so follow it quickly but 
carefully. After that, move to Meryl and another cutscene will occur.

After Sniper Wolf shoots Meryl, exit through the door you came from by 
moving carefully on the wall, this way:
  ____      ______
 |               ||
 |               ||
 |               ||
 |        _______||
 |        |       |
 |______ \|/______|

Be careful of Wolf's laser, it can hit you. And don't care about Meryl at
all, once you exit the door, she'll dissapear. Go back to the B2 of the 1st
House (it's a looong way back, isn't it?) and equip your keycard. Find a 
room with a PSG-1 written on it. After you've gotten that, go back to where
you fought Sniper Wolf (tired yet?). Now you can fight Sniper Wolf.

Sniper Wolf

You should have some Diazepam here, equip your PSG-1 and eat it as you 
would with a normal Ration. Sniper Wolf is on the second floor of the 
building, so shoot there. She'll hide behind a wall, shoot her when she's
hiding there. When she tries to shoot you, shoot her before can shoot you,
and soon you'll win. She's not as hard as you think she is, and you can
defeat her easily even on the second time you meet her later.


After killing her, move in front and you have two choices: if you want to
get more items/ammo, find for them under the stairs and above the stairs.
Once you're finished, go to the right door, and you will be captured by
Sniper Wolf (hubba hubba!). Be ready to tap the Circle button a lot, since
the torture scene's next. And don't forget to save before you enter the
torture chamber.

Area 11: Torture Chamber

Ocelot will torture you here, and if you die, you can't continue so save
before you enter here. Press the Circle button to regain your life when
you are tortured. Your ending depends on your results here. If you submit,
you will leave with Otacon at the end. If you don't, you'll leave with
Meryl and get the Bandana. The maximum number of times you are tortured by
Ocelot is three times.

Area 12: Cell

The guard has a cold, and wait until the guard goes to the toilet. Then go
under the bed, and wait until Otacon arrives. He'll give you the Ketchup,
and Sniper Wolf's handkerchief. The Ketchup has a use, it makes you look 
like your dead if you break it and tomato comes out and looks like blood.  
Sniper Wolf's hankerchief will prove useful if you are passing by the place
where there are wolves. They'll recognise the smell of Sniper Wolf and 
won't attack you. Go under the bed and wait until the guard says "He's 
gone!". Then wait until he goes in your cell, and kill him. Then go out, 
equip your keycard, go into the door at the top, and pick up the red box. 
It contains all the items and weapons you have, so pick it up. Then go up 
north-west, and then go south to the elevator. If my directions are wrong, 
then just find the elevator and go to B2.

Area 5: B2 of 1st House

The weapon storage room again. Anyway, if you want the camera, go back down
to where you fought Ocelot but don't enter the room. Outside the room where
you fought Ocelot, there's a bluish cracked wall. This part is not needed 
to proceed, but if you want to, you can find the Camera here, which you can
use to take pictures. There are ghost pictures that can be taken, actually
they're the programmers of MGS. After finished, go back to where you fought
Sniper Wolf (through the laser filled wall, throught the mined filled place,
through the warhead building, and on and on). Then enter the door to the 

Area 13: Communications Tower 1

Go up, then right. A security camera will see you, Stealth or not. Run up
the stairs, killing all the people you see on the way, and when you reach 
the door halfway to the top, just ignore it. Just run to the top. When the
music stops, you've reached the top. Take all the items you see, and go up
the ladder.

Then go out through the door. Liquid Snake will be waiting for you there,
in his Hind. Wait until he destroys the building, then equip your rope and
go to the edge of the place. You will then go down using the rope. Press X 
to jump, and D-Pad down to go down while you're at it. Left or Right to 
jump left and right while you're jumping. Once you've reached the bottom,
Liquid will stop chasing you.

Then equip your Nikita Missile Launcher, and control it to go across the 
bridge to three soldiers on the other side. Repeat it another two times.
Then go across the bridge, and into the building. Don't care a thing about
Liquid, just ignore him and run into the building. Pick up the Stinger, and
run down to the stairs underneath. Go right, until you find the broken 
stairs, and then go back to where you came from and go down (south, to be
precise) to the elevator.

You will meet Otacon here and have a little chat with him. When you're
ready, go up by the stairs to your right, and proceed up. The number of
GC's you face will increase as you're going up the stairs once up, take 
all the ammo and rations you can get as you will be facing Liquid Snake in
his Hind after this. Once you're ready, go up the stairs. Exit throught the
door, and you will fight the Hind which shot down TWO F-16s.

Liquid Snake in Hind

This guy can be very devastating, especially if you're playing hard or 
extreme. Equip the Stinger, aim at the Square (lock on) on him, and then
shoot. Run away when she shoots at you, and when he cries "Eat this!", 
don't get near the building at the south. When he hides, just follow the 
radar to wherever he goes, and shoot him when he comes out. That's the only 
tactic that I know to defeat this boss. If you know another great tactic 
that I can include, be sure to mail me about it! (More details about it at 
the end of the FAQ)


Once you've defeated him, Otacon will contact you, and will say that the
elevator's alright already, even though he didn't fix it. Go back the way
you came from, and go down to the elevator. Press the button on the 
elevator, and once it reaches you, equip a weapon before entering. You'll
be facing a few "invisible man" later.

Go down to 1, and after Otacon contacts you, telling that the four people
who stole his stealth camouflage are there with you, quickly kill them. 
They are tougher than the normal soldiers, and can endure more shots. A 
good tactic to use here is to put claymore mines in all directions of the
place before hitting the 1 button on the elevator. So when they gain 
control of themselves, kaboom! Thanks Mark for the info! After you've 
killed them all, you'll arrive at 1. Go out, and to the south-west door.

Area 14: Outside the Molten Metal Room

You'll face Sniper Wolf again here, just run a bit in front and she'll 
shoot you. After that, Otacon will talk to you on the Codec, and you'll 
have to fight her again.

Sniper Wolf

This time, you can kill her easily because you can use the Nikita, Stinger
and PSG-1. But you can't move in front, of course because the moment you 
step out of your range of shooting, you'll be shot down. Aim the Stinger
at her, as it does the most damage. Sorry, but there's nothing to write
here because she's too easy to beat!


Area 15: Going to Disc 2

Once she's dead, go north-west, equip your LV6 keycard and enter. There's
two GC's here, so enter and quickly throw a Chaff Grenade. Then run through
the open space and down the stairs. 

CD 2 Walkthrough

Area 16: Molten Metal Room

Go straight down, and up to the room. There's a guard here, finish him off
so that he won't disturb you. There are two bridges, the upper-left one and
the lower left one. Choose the lower-left one, then stick onto the wall. Go
right, and when the metal thing comes at you, duck. Wait for it to move, 
then stand back and go right. Never let go of the Up button, if you fall,
you'll die of the heat of the molten metal.

Once you reach the other side, go down the stairs, but beware of the guard.
Then equip your LV6 keycard and go through the north door. If you go 
through the south door, you can pick up some ammo and a few items. Anyway,
once you progress through the northern door, go to the elevator's Control 
Panel and press the Action Button (Circle). After you reach down, go right
and to the other elevator. Beware: there's a GC here and the place is 
mined. When you ride the elevator, a few guards will come by to stop you.

Area 17: Cargo (Freezer) Room

When you reach the cargo room, it's time to face Vulcan Raven. Equip your 
keycard and progress through the door.

Vulcan Raven

He has some strong attacks. And he's always aware of what weapon you're 
aiming at him. You can use the Nikita, but they rarely hit as the moment
it's near him, he'll turn back (if the missile was going to him when he was
facing the opposite direction) and shoot it before it connects. Use the 
Stinger. For first, the Stinger is fast and won't be shot down by Raven. 
Secondly the Stinger does more damage than the Nikita does. That's the good
news. The bad news is, there are only two crates of Stinger ammo's in this
place. So use it wisely. When he's dead, you'll get the LV7 keycard.


Progress through the door upwards with your LV7 keycard, and you should 
reach a room with LOTS of GC's (gun camera's). If you have Stealth, use it
here or just in case you want to save some points, throw a Chaff Grenade to
jam the GC's. Pick up the Ration BEFORE you throw a Chaff Grenade, so that
you have enough time to run to the upper-left exit. Run straight, beware of
the two trap doors, then right, then up, then left to the exit with your
LV7 keycard equipped. 

Area 18: Metal Gear Rex Base

Yahoo! You're near the end of the game! Go right, and up the ladder. Once 
up, go left, and go up the ladder again. When you reach up, take the ladder
to the left, move left and go down by the ladder. Confused yet? Then move 
up, left, and down. Beware: there's a guard here. After he's gone (if you
killed or ignored him), move down, right and up the short stairs. This is
the computer room where you need to insert the PAL keycard. After the 
cutscene, find your PAL keycard by going DOOOOWN into the water, and just 
run left and right while moving down, and if you find an item named "Bomb",
it's actually a time-bomb. Quickly use it as you would with a ration, and
then run away and wait for it to explode. 

After you've found the keycard, go back to the control room (up) and insert 
the first PAL keycard. To insert it, just equip your PAL keycard, and just 
move up to the 1st computer.

To make the PAL keycard turn blue, go to the freezer room, and run around,
kill some guards, or just wait, and check at the inventory if the keycard 
has turned BLUE in color. Then go to the second computer and insert it.

Red PAL keycard? Go to the Molten Metal Room, and run around, kill some 
guards, or wait patiently (haha! I've never before!) until it turns red.
Then go back to the control room and insert it in the third computer.

Ooops, you activated the nuke device. Master will reveal his real self to 
you (uuuu!), and he's actually Liquid Snake in disguise! He'll tell what he
really was doing, and after the talking stuff, go outside, and you should 
see Liquid Snake run. Then go down the stairs, and go right. After the 
cutscene, it's time to battle Metal Gear Rex.

Metal Gear Rex

Now this guy can be said as Medium, or totally HARD in Extreme Mode. He 
will shoot missiles if you go far from him, so use the Chaff Grenades to 
jam this. He still has a weapon, though, his Gatling Gun. Aim the Stinger 
at the round thing or "Radome" on the right side of Metal Gear Rex. There 
are no other vulnerable points, so just keep aiming and shooting there.

After MGR (Metal Gear Rex) exploded, and the cutscene (that Ninja was 
totally cool! His gun is absolutely powerful! It's like a powerful BIG 
laser gun! Man, I wish I had that gun!), just aim at the Ninja, and hear 
all the stuff he says, just wait after the cutscene, then you'll fight 
Metal Gear Rex AGAIN.

This time, Liquid Snake opens his window, leaving himself vulnerable to be
shot by you. So just shoot at him, the "Radome" on the right side has been
destroyed by the Ninja. Once he's defeated, you'll be thrown back from the
explosion. Then there's another talking scene, an unskippable one but 
movable (yes, you can move left and right), and after that, it's a one-on
-one battle with Liquid Snake.


One-on-one with Liquid Snake

The fight is fairly easy, but this guy has some strong moves. If you fall
down, press any button to get up back. Don't even try to break this guy's 
neck, he'll throw you if you do. If you don't finish him after the time
finishes, BOOM!!! He has a head butt, a shoulder run, and can duck and 
punch-punch-kick back. 

Remember about the Torture Scene which will depend which ending you get? 
Now it takes place. If you submitted, Otacon will come and help you. If 
not, you will save Meryl and she will drive the jeep.

Pick up the ration by the stairs, and on the south-west corner of the jeep
before you ride it so that you have enough to heal yourself should you get
wounded. On the jeep, press the Square Button to shoot the people. On the 
first checkpoint, there's a few barrels to be shot. Shoot the barrels, the
guards will automatically die of the explosion, and at the second 
checkpoint, you have to shoot each person 4 times to kill them. After that,
it's another battle with Liquid Snake.

Shooting on a Jeep with Liquid Snake

Shoot him at the back, and when he ducks, wait until he is available to be
shot again, and shoot. Soon after, when you fight a left to right shooting,
just try to aim, and shoot the same place without stopping when you hit 
him. When he's trying to hit your car, just shoot him, and soon when 
Meryl/Otacon says "Look Snake! Daylight!", you'll exit the underground 
base, and you've won the game.


After the cutscene (man, doesn't this guy EVER give up?), just wait after
the credits section for a "surprise" talking scene of Ocelot with the 
President. Then you'll get your score, codename and stuff and then you'll 
get the option to save your game. If you do, just load your game back and
you'll play from the start, but this time with a secret item. 

If you left with Meryl, she'll give you the Bandana which if is equipped 
with, gives you unlimited ammo with your weapon. If you left with Otacon, 
he'll give you the Stealth. You know, the Stealth Camouflage thing which 
gives you complete invisibility except to bosses and certain places. But 
there is still a disadvantage to use these items as they deduct points from 
your final score. So use them only when needed, or don't use them. Anyway,
thanks for reading and using my FAQ!


Help is needed for this Metal Gear Solid FAQ. If you know a good tactic to
defeat a boss, a secret, or anything, be sure to mail about it to me at 
wan_zafran@yahoo.com . Please write the subject as "MGS FAQ" or "Help On
MGS". All help will be appreciated and will be written in the 
acknowledgements section.


GameFAQs, for keeping my FAQ, and providing me faqs/walkthroughs/cheats/ 
for most of the games that I had trouble with. Go GameFAQs! Visit it at 


Hideo Kojima, for creating this great game. 
Kao Megura, for giving me examples on how to write a good FAQ, and being a 
helpful master, as well as teaching me the ways of the FAQ World. Mail to 
him at <kmegura@yahoo.com>. He has written nearly 70 FAQs!
Lionel Soon, for giving me advice on the game, thanks for helping me. 
Contact him at: <soonlg@pc.jaring.my>
NIKE165600@aol.com for helping me at the Area 2 place.
Good idea on the shortcut!
Mark "The Spark" Alvarez for the great idea on putting Claymore Mines 
everywhere in the elevator. Thank you! Mail to him at 
Thanks to Ether Schoem for the info on how to use the ketchup as blood.
His mail is <esther.schoem@gte.net>.


Konami, for creating this excellent espionage game, and really making me
feel tense in the game. Visit them at http://www.konami.com

Copyright (c) 1998 by Wan Zafran. All rights reserved.
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