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FAQ/Walkthrough Part 1/2 by IRojas

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 01/29/99

Metal Gear Solid FAQ - Quick Guide, Part One - v.0.10

Written By: Ian Rojas on 1/29/99. 10:24 P.M. PST.

This FAQ Copyright 1999 Ian Rojas.  
It cannot be modified or sold in any way.  
You may copy and post it on your site for free as long as you give 
credit for it to me.  
Metal Gear Solid copyright 1998 KCEI and Konami of America; all rights 

Table Of Contents

I.   Basic Controls
II.  Items
III. Weapons
IV.  Metal Gear Solid Quick Guide, Disc One

I.  Basic Controls

D-pad or Left Analog Stick
- Move Snake
- Scroll through menus
- Aim weapons

Select Button
- Enter Codec
- Submit to Ocelot's Torture

Start Button
- Confirm menu decisions
- Pause

X Button
- Crouch/Stand
- Cancel Decisions
- Hold while holding Square Button to run while shooting

Circle Button
- Action Button (Punch/3-Hit Combo, Activate Control Panels, etc.)
- Accept Decisions
- Press rapidly to regain health during Ocelot's torture

Square Button
- Use weapons (if equipped)
- Press with D-Pad/Anaolg to throw person w/o weapon equipped
- Press by itself while close to an enemy to choke them w/o weapon   

Triangle Button
- Activates "First Person View Mode" (FPVM)
- Can guide Nikitas in this FPVM

R1, L1 Buttons
- Quick equip weapon/ite, respectively
- Can peer to right/left in FPVM, respectively

R2, L2 Buttons
- Select Weapons/Items, respectively

II.  Items

Ration - Restores a portion of Snake's Health
Binoculars - Lets Snake view things from afar
Cigarettes - Deplete Health, but allows Snake to see infrared beams
Thermal Goggles - Can detect infrared beams, heat and mines
N.V.G. - Night Vision Goggles, can see in dark areas
Body Armor - Reduces damage slightly
Box A - hide, when in truck warp to Heliport
Box B - hide, when in truck warp to Nuclear Building
Box C - hide, when in truck warp to Snow Field
Diazepam - Stops shuddering temporarily in Sniper Mode
Medicine - Cures cold if submit to Ocelot's Torture
Mine Detector - Can "see" mine on radar
Handkerchief - Wolf-Huskies won't attack you
2Ketchup - Can fake death to escape Ocelot's Torture
Rope - Need it to rappel down Comms Tower A
MO Disk - contains Metal Gear Data, no other use
Level x Card - Can open doors up to "x" level
PAL Key - used to activate/deactivate Metal Gear
Camera - Used to take pictures.  Each picture uses 2 blocks of memory.

III.  Weapons

Socom - Handgun w/laser aim, can auto-aim enemies near you, noisy, but   
        has a Suppressor
FAMAS - French Machine Gun/Assault Rifle, automatic, last 3 bullets in 
        each "clip" are Tracers that slightly bend in direction to hit   
PSG-1 - Russian Snipe Rifle (You can tell it's Russian by the name!),
        When equipped, Snake goes into Sniper Mode
Grenades - Explosives that injure enemy
Chaff Grenades - temporarily disable electronics (CG)
Stun Grenades - Temporarily stun enemies (SG)
C4 - remote-controlled explosives, Square Button to set, Circle Button 
     to activate, Try on Genome Soldiers!!!
Claymores - Mines, Snake needs to crawl to collect them

Ammo is spread out everywhere and reappears when you come back to those 
areas after two or three areas.

Metal Gear Solid Quick Guide

WARNING: This FAQ is for those who have already played the game and 
have became familiar to the game's environment.  
If you have just started, it is recommended that you look somewhere 
else for more in-depth info.

I.  Part One: Save the DARPA Chief and ArmsTech President
A.  Dock
- Run into the water to retrieve the ration behind the 2 barrels and   
  run all the way up to the forklift.  Wait for the 3rd guard to come 
  and enter the elevator

B.  Heliport
- Go past the spotlights and retrieve the CG.  Go to the left to get SG
- Run into the truck to get the Socom.  Next, run up the steps in the 
  upper-right corner of the area and crawl into the vent.

C.  Tank Hangar Second Floor (TH2)
- To the left are CG.  Run to the right into the open room to get the 
  Thermal Goggles.
- Run down the stairs in the top-left corner to Tank Hangar Level 1.

D.  Tank Hangar First Floor (TH1)
- Go to the elevator near the steps and head down to the Prison Cell

E.  Prison Cell  
- Go to the bottom and climb the ladder to get to DARPA Chief and the     
  Level 1 Card
- SHOOTOUT - Stay in the upper right corner for the best protection
- Go back up to TH1 to get the Socom Suppressor in the room to the 
  right.  Go to the elevator down to the Armory

F.  Armory
- Open any available rooms w/your keycard to get C4.  Put C4 on the 
  discolored top-left and top-right walls for ammo, and bottom-left to 
  find a passage.  Enter the hall.
- Bomb the bottom-left wall and enter it.
- Bomb the wall at the top-right corner (not the right) and enter

G.  *BOSS* Revolver Ocelot
- Only use your Socom and don't shoot/run through the trip wires.  
  Chase Ocelot around in a square and use the run-while-shooting tactic 
  to easily beat him.

II.  Part Two: Find Out If FOX-HOUND Has The Potential To Use Nuclear   
A.  Armory
- After getting the LV 2 Keycard and MO Disk from the ArmsTech 
  President, open more Armory rooms for more ammo and the FAMAS Rifle.  
  Go back to TH2 to get Box A and the Mine Detector.  Then go down to 
  TH1 and contack Meryl at 140.15 (on the back of the MGS CD case!).  
  If you want, you can contack Nastasha at 141.52 for weapon info.
- Once Meryl opens the Door, head outside to the Canyon

B.  Canyon
- Use the Mine Detector to collect the Claymores.  Remember to crawl to 
  get them

C.  *BOSS* Tank
- Use CG to disable its main gun, and throw grenades near the gunner. 
  Avoid the gunner's fire, and avoid being ran over.
- Snake gets the LV 3 Keycard and enters the Nuclear Warhead Storage 
  Building (NB)

D.  Nuclear Warhead Storage Building (NB)
- Snake can't use weapons, but head up the stairs to the left and enter 
  the elevator.  Go down to Basement One (NBB1).
- Head to the room at the bottom and get the Nikita Launcher and Nikita 
  Missiles in one of the rooms to the right.  Go down the elevator to 
  Basement Two (NBB2)
- Head down into the area with poison gas but don't touch the metal  
  floor-it's electrified.  Use the Nikitas and guide them to the source   
  of the floor's electricity.
- Get the Gas Mask in one of the rooms on the right side of the hallway  
- Next, go down into the area at the bottom-right corner of the area 
  and through the other passageways.  Follow the Ninja into the room

E.  *BOSS* Cyber-Ninja Gray Fox (Frank Jaeger)
- Use Snake's 3-Hit Combo and run while the Ninja is flashing.  When he  
  is invisible, use the TG to find him.
- Alternate Method: Use the Chaff Grenades to temporarily stop him to   
  attack him.
- When youdeplete all his health, he'll create an energy field. Stand   
  back and shoot him with your FAMAS or Socom. 
- Snakes meets Otacon (Frequency-141.12) and acquires the LV 4 Keycard.

III.  Part Three: Head For The Comms Tower
A.  Nuclear Warhead Storage Building Basement Two (NBB2)
- Head to NBB1 aand find Meryl in the bottom room (she's the guard with  
  a "jiggle" in her walk)
- Follow Meryl into the women's restroom and head for the last stall 
  ASAP for a surprise :) She will give you the LV 5 Keycard
- Get all the available ammo from the bottom rooms, especially Box B,
  the N.V.G., and Diazepam
- Head down the North hallway and enter the door.  Go into the large 

B.  *BOSS* Psycho Mantis
- Meryl will be hypnotized. Either throw her several times or use SG to
  knock her out.
- Mantis will start to "read" your mind, making it so that he can dodge 
  your attacks easily.  To solve ths, put your controller in port two 
  or call Campbell several times until he tells you to destroy the head
- When he disappears, use the TG to find him.  Also, duck when he
  throws pieces of the room's decorations at you
- Mantis will open a passage when Snake defeats him

C.  The Underground Passageway (UP)
- Go through the new passage to get to the UP
- You must crawl through the passageway to a larger open area where 
  there are wolf-huskies.  Equip the N.V.G. while going through the
  cave, and either punch the wolves, use SG, or use the FAMAS to dodge
  or take them out
- When you get to the southeast portion of the cave, find a passageway
  on the south wall and crawl through it.  Get the diazepam and ammo.
- Crawl through the passageway and crawl through another to the right
  of the south passage
- When you find Meryl, punch her and hide in one of your boxes.  She 
  will call a dog to urinate on the box.  This will prevent the dogs
  from detecting you when it's equipped
- Go through the north door to Comms Tower A (CTA).  When Meryl is
  shot, head back to the Armory and get the PSG-1.  Then, go back
  to CTA to fight Sniper Wolf

D.  *BOSS* Sniper Wolf
- When you fight Wolf, stay back in that area and use the walls to
  hide from her fire.  Use Diazepam to settle your shaking temporarily.
- Use the TG to find her behind the walls
- Always move to make her re-aim
- Once Wolf's defeated, get any available ammo and head towards the 
  North door to automatically get caught

E.  *IMPORTANT* Ocelot's Torture
- This is critical in determining your ending.  If you want the good 
  ending, don't submit to the torture, but if you want the bad ending,
- When you're locked in the cell, call Otacon ASAP.  When the guard
  leaves, Ocelot will come to give you the Handkechief, a Ration, the
  LV 6 Keycard, and Ketchup.  While the guard is gone, lie down and 
  use the Ketchup.  The guard will come back and thnk you're dead.
  When he comes close, snap his neck or knock him out
- Alternatively, while he's gone, hide under the bed.  When he walks
  in the cell to see that you're gone, crawl out from under it and 
  dispose of the guard
- Go into the tortureroom to retrieve your items, but check your items
  for a timer bomb.  If there is one, throw it out before it explodes.
- If you submitted to Torture you may have gotten a cold.  In that
  case, go to NBBS1 and find the medicine in one of the bottom rooms.
- Make your way to NBBS2 and get the Body Armor in the 2nd room to the
  left in the gas-filled area.  Make your way back to CTA.

F.  Comms Tower A
- Go through the door you couldn't go through before and head down the
  halls.  When you go through the second door, you'll automatically get 
- THE CHASE - As soon as you're caught, grab the rope and SG to the 
  right and head down the south hall and through the door.  Snake'll
  then have to run up the stairs while being chased by the guards.  
  To stop them temporarily, use Claymores, SG, and use your FAMAS
  while running to stop the guards ahead of you.  Watch your health
- When you get to the top, climb up the ladder.
- Head outside to the roof of CTA and go to the top-left area of the 
  roof.  A cut scene with Liquid and the Hind should start.  After
  it, run ASAP to the top-right to begin to rappel with the rope
- When you reach the bottom, C4 the South door to open a way to CTA.
- Down the hall are three heavily-armored guards.  To beat them easily,
  lie down at an angle behind the left rails and use the PSG-1 to fire
  at them.  You should be able to beat them w/o any damage.  Now head
  down the hallway and run to the left.  The Hind should start to chase
  down the hall until you enter Comms Tower B (CTB).  Grab the Stinger
  and Stinger Missiles ASAP

G.  Comms Tower B (CTB)
- Go right and down the steps as far as you can go.  Call Otacon and
  head left and up until a cut scene appears.
- Go right and up until you get to the top.  Watch out for the gun
- Climb up the ladder and head outside CTB roof to fight Liquid in the

H.  *BOSS* The Hind D
- Equip the Body Armor.  When the Hind fires, stay behind the boxes 
  that are near the CTB entrance.  After it fires, fire a Stinger and 
  hide again.  Repeat this to avoid being hit.  You can get extra 
  Stinger Missiles on the platform to the bottom-right
- Some time during the battle, Liquid will fire a missile.  He's aiming
  for the platform at the bottom-right, so stay out of that area
- When you deplete most of the Hind's energy, Liquid will go down out
  of view.  Trace his movements with the Stinger's lock on capability
  and fire missiles when he flies up in the air.  Again, dodge the 
  Hind's fire.
- When he's defeated, go back into CTB

I.  Comms Tower B Elevator
- Head back down to the elevator and call Otacon.  Activate the 
  elevator and go down to floor one.
- In the elevator, Otacon will warn you about an ambush.
- SHOOTOUT - Four heavily-armored guards will attack you in the
  elevator.  Use your FAMAS and equip the body armor.
- Once at the bottom head through the door and down the hall to go
  outside to the Snowfield

J.  Snow Field
- Walk North until a cut scene starts.  Now you'll have to fight
  Sniper Wolf again.

K.  *BOSS* Sniper Wolf
- There are three ways to defeat her.  The first is the legitimate
  way by using the PSG-1.  The second way is to use your Stingers, 
  which is most fun.  Thirdy, hide behind the rock outcropping to the
  bottom left corner of the Snow Field and use the Nikitas, which IMO
  is the most fun!
- When Snake defeats her, grab all the items in the rooms on the left
  and right areas of the Snow Field.  When you're finished, head
  towards the door at the top-left and go through the passage down to
  the Blast Furnace.

End of Disc 1

Disc Two will be in the Next FAQ!!!  Stay tuned...

This FAQ Copyright 1999 Ian Rojas.  It cannot be modified or sold in 
any way.  You may copy and post it on your site for free as long as you 
give credit for it to me.  
Metal Gear Solid copyright 1998 KCEI and Konami of America; all rights 

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