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Guide and Walkthrough by ChandooG

Version: 0.0 | Updated: 07/24/2005



          T A C T I C A L     E S P I O N A G E       A C T I O N           
                 __             ___       ____                             
 /'\_/`\        /\ \__         /\_ \     /\  _`\                           
/\      \     __\ \ ,_\    __  \//\ \    \ \ \L\_\     __     __     _ __  
\ \ \__\ \  /'__`\ \ \/  /'__`\  \ \ \    \ \ \L_L   /'__`\ /'__`\  /\`'__\
 \ \ \_/\ \/\  __/\ \ \_/\ \L\.\_ \_\ \_   \ \ \/, \/\  __//\ \L\.\_\ \ \/ 
  \ \_\\ \_\ \____\\ \__\ \__/.\_\/\____\   \ \____/\ \____\ \__/.\_\\ \_\ 
   \/_/ \/_/\/____/ \/__/\/__/\/_/\/____/    \/___/  \/____/\/__/\/_/ \/_/ 
                       ____            ___            __     
                      /\  _`\         /\_ \    __    /\ \    
                      \ \,\L\_\    ___\//\ \  /\_\   \_\ \   
                       \/_\__ \   / __`\\ \ \ \/\ \  /'_` \  
                         /\ \L\ \/\ \L\ \\_\ \_\ \ \/\ \L\ \ 
                         \ `\____\ \____//\____\\ \_\ \___,_\
                          \/_____/\/___/ \/____/ \/_/\/__,_ /
                                     A Hideo Kojima masterpiece...

Welcome to my walkthrough of Metal Gear Solid for the Sony PlayStation
console. This walkthrough will be useable with the original version of
MGS, as well as the Integral version, and the PC version of the game.

This walkthrough is brought to you by Adnan Javed,  better  known  as 
ChandooG on the GameFAQ's message boards and as A-J among his friends 
and many many forums.

This walkthrough is complete in all means and unless i feel like doing
some more work to it or some one tells me something important that i
forgot to mention then this is probably going to be the first and the
final version of this walkthrough.



Overview  :

                              Metal Gear Solid
                            F.A.Q / Walkthrough
                               By Adnan Javed
                                  Alias AJ
                   ChandooG on gamefaqs.com message boards
                          Original ver Jul/18/2005

                    /)  /)          /)                              
           _/_ _   (/_ //  _    ___//   _  _____  _/_  _ __  _/_ _  
           (__(_(_/_) (/__(/_  (_)/(_  (__(_) / (_(___(/_/ (_(__/_)_
      If you haven't already figured it out, the code is a sort of  quick
      jump from section to section rather then skimming through the whole 
      thing, just hold CTRL+F and enter the code of the section you  want
      to go to in the box, and presto. Your there.

      ____ ________________ ____________________________________________
     |    |                |                                     |      |
     |S no|  TITLE         | DESCRIPTION                         |CODE  |
     |___ |________________|_____________________________________|_____ |
     |   |                 |                                     |      |
     |0. | VERSION HIST.   | History of the walkthrough.         |mgs000|
     |   |                 |includes list of people i gotta thank|      |
     |   |                 |                                     |      |
     |1. | INFORMATION     | The most basic information anyone   |mgs001|
     |   |                 | would wanna know before playing.    |      |
     |   |                 |                                     |      |
     |2. | INTRODUCTION    | An introduction to Metal Gear Solid |mgs002|
     |   |                 | for those not aware with its history|      |
     |   |                 |                                     |      |
     |3. | STORY           | A small look at the events leading  |mgs003|
     |   |                 | up to Metal Gear Solid.             |      |
     |   |                 |                                     |      |
     |4. | CONTROLS        | The controls of the game,           |mgs004|
     |   |                 | and the advanced control features.  |      |
     |   |                 |                                     |      |  
     |5. | GAMEPLAY        | A brief look at the gameplay of MGS |mgs005|  
     |   |                 |                                     |      | 
     |   |                 |                                     |      |
     |6 .| WALKTHROUGH     | The heart of the mass, complete     |mgs006|
     |   |                 | start to finish walkthrough.        |      |
     |   |                 |                                     |      |
     |7. | ITEM LIST       | All the items in the game listed.   |mgs007|
     |   |                 |                                     |      |
     |   |                 |                                     |      |
     |8. | CHARACTERS      | A look at the charactrs you'll see  |mgs008|
     |   |                 | in the game.                        |      |
     |   |                 |                                     |      |
     |9. | WEAPONS         | A look at the weapons you'll have   |mgs009|
     |   |                 |                                     |      |
     |   |                 |                                     |      |
     |10.| MGS EXTRAS      | Contains following MGS extra's.     |mgs010|     
     |   |                 |         - Metal Gear Solid Trivia   |mgs110|
     |   |                 |         - Metal Gear Solid Glossary |mgs210|
     |   |                 |         - Previous Game summaries   |mgs310| 
     |   |                 |         - Briefing transcript       |mgs410|
     |   |                 |         - Ghost pictures in MGS     |mgs510|
     |   |                 |         - Ranking guide             |mgs610|
     |   |                 |                                     |      |
     |   |                 |                                     |      |
     |11.| CHEATS          | Various IN game cheats and a few    |mgs011|
     |   |                 | gameshark codes and tips            |      |
     |   |                 |                                     |      |
     |   |                 |                                     |      |
     |12.| REVIEW          | Read what I thought of MGS          |mgs012|
     |   |                 |                                     |      |
     |   |                 |                                     |      |
     |13.| LEGAL INFO.     | All the lagal/contacting mumbo jumbo|mgs013|

To ask me any question about this walkthrough or the game,  or just 
for your general feedback, which is always appreciated.  just  send 
me a mail at the following addresses


!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*******
                       _            _    _    _                
       __ _____ _ _ __(_)___ _ _   | |_ (_)__| |_ ___ _ _ _  _ 
       \ V / -_) '_(_-< / _ \ ' \  | ' \| (_-<  _/ _ \ '_| || |
        \_/\___|_| /__/_\___/_||_| |_||_|_/__/\__\___/_|  \_, |

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*******

This is the first and most argueably the final version of  this  guide
so im just going to list what i did in what date, just so this section
has a little meaning to it. You know, all guide guys add this heheh

VERSION 1.0                                                            

I completed the entire walkthrough, it took me like two days, after
that i did all the other sections in  the  next  day, still being
lazy i did what should have taken 2 days in 5 days :p

                        THANK YOU FOLLOWING PEOPLE

Also, from the top of my head I would like to thank the following people
for all sorts of reasons from letting me use something from their guides
on my guide or just for baring with me lol..

For baring me over MSN messenger, and also for letting me use the ASCII
for the PlayStation controlled in the controls section.
The author of the HUGE text dump FAQ for Metal Gear Solid for letting
me use the briefing text dump from his walkthrough. Kudo's man.
For letting me use his proper transcript of the Briefing text via his
game script FAQ. Thanks a lot dude.


!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*******
                _       __                    _   _          
               (_)_ _  / _|___ _ _ _ __  __ _| |_(_)___ _ _  
               | | ' \|  _/ _ \ '_| '  \/ _` |  _| / _ \ ' \ 
               |_|_||_|_| \___/_| |_|_|_\__,_|\__|_\___/_||_|
!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*******

Game : Metal Gear Solid / Metal Gear Solid Intregral version
Platform : Sony PlayStation
           PC {Dos/Windows}
Release dates :  (NA) 09/30/98
                 (EU) 02/26/99
                 (JP) 09/03/98
Developer :  KCEJ , Konami Tokyo
Publisher : KCEJ, Konami.
Director : Hideo Kojima
Producer : Motoyuki Yoshioka / Hideo Kojima
Game Genre : Third person tactical espionage action.
ESRB Rating : Mature, 18+
Playable characters : One, excluding VR missions.
Scenario's : 2, main game and VR missions.
Number of Endings : Two possible outcomes
Boss Fights : 10 or something like that.


Personal Information

Author name : Adnan Javed

Alias : A-J , ChandooG

Author age : 18

Contact : Returnofthemaniac(AT)hotmail.com
          Or Adnanj(AT)gmail.com

Comments : Metal Gear Solid is without a doubt one of the best,
           if not the best ever, game created and every one who
           owns a video game system should go out and get this
           game. Its just that damn good. Cinematic representation
           at its very best.


!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*******
              _     _               _         _   _          
             (_)_ _| |_ _ _ ___  __| |_  _ __| |_(_)___ _ _  
             | | ' \  _| '_/ _ \/ _` | || / _|  _| / _ \ ' \ 
             |_|_||_\__|_| \___/\__,_|\_,_\__|\__|_\___/_||_|
!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*******

This is it. Argueably one of the greatest games ever made by any company.
Metal Gear Solid had been heard of by press and video game people  alike
since the early days of the PlayStation.  Hideo  Kojima  had  reportedly 
been working on this game for around three years,  they would often tell
a little bit about how the game is progressing and thats about it. 

GamePro magazine was the first one to receive a full  japanese  trial
edition of the game and they previewed it  in their 1998  edition.  I
still have that magazine with me. They said that  the  game  is great
at its core and if done right it could be one of the best  games ever
and thats exactly what Konami did. They released Metal  Gear Solid in
the same year and boy was it a gem of a game. 

Metal Gear Solid quickly became the 'it' game and just about everyone
had heard of it or played it. That was because the game was different
from the other games at that time in a sense that the game doesn't 
involve you blasting enemies or mindless zombies. The game was a good
smart adventure in which you must sneak around and avoid confliction
more then firing your guns around and killing people.

The game had an excellent storyline and the best graphics seen on the
playstation at that time. Also, it was one of the earliest games to
do all the cinematics in real time which meant that no heavy CG's were
used in the game. Thanks to this konami was able to add a crap load of
scenes in the game, which is why it feels more like a movie.

Besides that the game had the best voice acting of its time. The voice
actor for Solid Snake, David Hayter, then went on to write scripts for
movies such as The X men, its sequel and the Scorpion king. 

After its original release, the game was re released around the world
in a new package titled Metal Gear Solid : Intergral, this version of
the game came along with another disc in which you could play Virtual
Reality like missions, controlling Snake through artificial area's.
This is just meant to be for practice's sake though and adds nothing
more to the already so elaborate plot of the game.

The game was also released on the PC after two  years, but sadly the
PC version added nothing more and was just a direct  port of the MGS
Integral version, including the VR missions. There were  rumors that
Konami were planning to use higher rez character models  for  the PC 
version of the game, but they decided not to go through with that to
release the game as early as possible.

Having multiple endings and a crap load of extra's to unlock or find
Metal Gear Solid is one of those games that you'll want to keep on
playing over and over again, raising the difficulty each time to get
more of a kick out of your gaming experience.


!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*******
                           __| |_ ___ _ _ _  _ 
                          (_-<  _/ _ \ '_| || |
                          /__/\__\___/_|  \_, |

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*******

                     OUTER HEAVEN REVOLT {1995}
A small, but powerfully armed nation called "Outer Heaven" emerges from
deep within South Africa. NATO learns that they are designing a nuclear
equipped walking battle tank called "Metal Gear", and they send in  one
of their best agents, "Grey Fox". But, he is taken hostage and they are
forced to send in the newest agent of Fox Hound, Solid Snake. He  rescues
Grey Fox and forces the surrender of Outer heaven. As Solid Snake escapes
he is confronted by one man, its Fox Hound's commander Big  Boss!!. It
seems that Outer Heaven was mercenary company and Big Boss  was the master
mind behind it. Big Boss had intentionally chosen his  most  inexperienced 
agent, Solid Snake, thinking he would fail, but he seriously miscalculated.
After a fierce battle Snake defeats Big Boss as Outer Heaven burns around

                     ZANZIBAR RIOT {1999}
In 1999, Dr. Kio Marv, inventor of the oil  refining microbe OILIX, was
taken hostage by Zanzibar, a heavily armed nation in central Asia ruled
by a minority Ethnic group. Zanzibar was planning  to get political and
military hegemony over a world  suffering  under  the cruel weight of a
world wide energy crisis. Roy Campbell,  commander of Fox Hound, called
Solid Snake, now in retirement, back  to  active duty to infiltrate the
Zanzibar land and rescue Dr. Marv.

Solid Snake made it past the impressive Zanzibar steel wall and penetrated
deep into its  interior.  Once  i nside he destroyed Metal Gear, which had
been completed after being transported  from  Outer  Heaven,  and defeated
Grey Fox, former member of Fox hound and now the leader  of  the merc corp
in Zanzibar. He was also successful in  retreiving the OILIX manufacturing
process. Finally, he would  meet  his  destiny once again with the man who
was  pulling  the  strings  in  Zanzibar, Big Boss!. He had survived Outer
Heaven  and  made Zanzibar in order to make a world rife with conflict and
war, a world where  soldiers  such  as  himself  will  always have a place.
After defeating Big  Boss second  and  final  time,  Snake  gave up on war
and retired to the peaceful Alaskan wilderness.

                     THE TURN OF THE CENTURY
The story starts off a couple of years after the events of the first two
Metal Gear games, the year is 2005. Solid Snake is living a productive
life in Alaska but one day he is chased by armed guards and captured. He
is brought back to the base and briefed on the current situation by his
long friend, Colonel Roy Campbell. 

The Nuclear weapons disposal facility on Shadow moses Island, an island
in the Alaska's Fox archipelago was recently attacked and  captured  by
some next generation special forces. The shocking part is that they are
being led by members of unit FOX HOUND. Solid Snake's  former unit, and
the one that Roy Campbell was incharge of before this.

The terrorists have secured the entire high tech facility and they have
taken  over the nuclear warheads in it as well. They are demanding that
the government turn up the remains of Big Boss, an alite soldier of the
past century  and  also the father of Solid Snake. If their demands are
not met, the terrorists are threatning to launch Nuke's at the world.

Solid  Snake has been called back to infiltrate the Alaskan base using
a special  Submarine system and gather information. First he must find
two important people on the island and he must determine wether or not
the terrorists  have  the ability to launch a nuclear warhead. If they
do then he has to stop them single handedly.

During  the  briefing Snake is introduced to a civilian doctor working
on this mission. Dr.Naomi Hunter informs Snake about his sneaking suit
and the shots they  gave  him to make his body dureable. Snake is also
briefed about the members of Fox Hound. One of them looks surprisingly
like Solid Snake, Snake is shocked  to  see  him  too but no one knows
wether he is Snake's  real  life brother  or not. His name  is  Liquid
snake and he is the leader of Fox hound.

After being briefed about the mission, snake preps for insertion  and
infiltration of the heavily guarded Alaskan base. Snake will have two
mission objectives on the island. First, he  is  to  rescue the DARPA
chief and the president  of  ArmsTech,  Kenneth Baker, both are being
held hostage on  the island. Secondly, he's to investigate wether the
terrorists have the ability to launch a Nuclear weapon, and stop them
if they do. 


!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*******
                                _           _    
                     __ ___ _ _| |_ _ _ ___| |___
                    / _/ _ \ ' \  _| '_/ _ \ (_-<
                    \__\___/_||_\__|_| \___/_/__/

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*******

Here is a basic layout of what each button does on the controller.
This is, hopefully, what your standard dual shock PS controller is
going to look like. If not, that aint my fault :p.

                        _____                 ______                     
                       | L1,2|               | R1,2 |                    
                       -------               --------                    
                      /   _    \____________/        \                   
                     |  _| |_    ___    ___     /\  _ |                  
                     | |_   _|  |sel|  |str| []    (_)|                  
                     |   |_|    __   __   __          |                  
                     |         /  \ |  | /  \   ><    |                  
                      \       | AL |----| AR |       /                   
                       \     / \__/      \__/ \     /                    
                        \___/                  \___/                     

    ______________________    ____________________________________________
   /                      \  /                                            \
   |       BUTTON          ||                    FUNCTION                  |
   \______________________/  \____________________________________________/
   |                       ||                                             || 
   |                       ||                                             ||
   |      START            ||      Pauses the game.                       ||
   |                       ||                                             ||
   |                       ||                                             ||
   |      SELECT           ||      Brings up the codec menu.              ||
   |                       ||      Used to receive Codec calls            ||
   |                       ||                                             ||
   |      TRIANGLE         ||      Enters First person view mode          ||
   |                       ||                                             ||
   |      CIRCLE           ||      Normal : Punch, kick or action         ||
   |                       ||      Back against wall : Tap on wall        ||
   |                       ||                                             ||
   |      SQUARE           ||      Equipped with a weapon : Fire weapon   ||
   |                       ||      Bare hand : Throw enemy down           ||
   |                       ||      From behind : Choke enemy              ||
   |                       ||                                             ||
   |      CROSS {X}        ||      Press once to enter crawl mode         ||
   |                       ||      Cancels out of menu's or options       ||
   |                       ||                                             ||
   |      L2               ||      Bring up the item inventory            ||
   |                       ||                                             ||
   |      R2               ||      Bring up the weapon inventory          ||
   |                       ||                                             ||
   |      L1               ||      Equip/Unequip current item             ||
   |                       ||                                             ||
   |      R1               ||      Equip/Unequip current weapon           ||
   |                       ||                                             ||
   |      LEFT STICK       ||      Normal view : Run                      ||
   |                       ||      First person view : Change camera      ||
   |                       ||                                             ||
   |                       ||                                             ||
   | _____________________ || ____________________________________________||

                          ADVANCED CONTROL FEATURES

When you run up to an enemy and press the square button with any direction
button when you don't have any weapon equipped, Snake will throw the enemy
down to the ground. Two throws like this will knock a soldier out cold. Do
not attemp this on bosses and only try to do this with the enemies back on
you, since you'll get shot from the front.

This only applies for when you are unequipped with any weapon at that time.
Run right up to an enemy but stop just before pressing  the  square button
since you'll throw the enemy down if you have  the  directional button and
the square button pressed at  the  same  time.  While choking you can drag
the enemy around with you, or you  can  repeatedly  tap  the square button
quickly to snap the enemies neck for a quick and effective kill.

This does not work on bosses though.

Once you have equipped a weapon or an item from the inventory buttons, you
can choose to quickly remove those items and re equip them by pressing the
L1 and R1 keys, this comes in handy when you have a  Stinger  Launcher  in
your hands and you want  to  run  away  without  having to change weaponry.
Just tap R1 and the stinger will be unequipped. Tap it again and its back.

This can only be done with the FA MAS or Socom so dont attempt to shoot
missiles while running. While you have the square  key  pressed,  press
the X key along it and start  running  in  directions and you'll notice
Snake  runs  while  shooting.  For reloading just  let go of the square 
button temporarily and  keep  the X  button  tapped.  Snake will reload
while running now.

When your in the middle of a battle and your gun is about to run out of
ammo, then rather then waiting for it to run out and watching Snake 
reload his gun, quickly tap the R1 key twice to unequip then re equip
the gun, it will be full now.

When next to a wall, tap the direction button in the direction of the
wall and Snake will stand with his back to the wall, and  the  camera
will pan around showing you the area behind him. This is really
helpful when your in a corner and want to know whats ahead.

You'll notice that most of the guards in MGS have a set partol area
and they will keep patrolling it on the same path. But if you want to
go past them you can lure the enemies to you by making some noise, to
do that stick to the wall and press the action button once or twice,
Snake wil tap his hand on the wall to make a sound.  This feature also
comes in handy to find hollow walls as they make a different sound
then normal walls.


!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*******
                 __ _ __ _ _ __  ___ _ __| |__ _ _  _ 
                / _` / _` | '  \/ -_) '_ \ / _` | || |
                \__, \__,_|_|_|_\___| .__/_\__,_|\_, |
                |___/               |_|          |__/ 

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*******

Metal Gear Solid is a very complex game when taken down to its basics
and it has a very interesting gameplay, here are some of  the  common
gameplay elements that you should be aware of at all times.

                         THE CODEC SYSTEM 

The codec system is something used in the previous Metal Gear games
as well, the purpose of the Codec is basically  to  give the player
support and tips by the game itself. You will have a team of allies
who will tell you what to do and where to go  next on the coded, or
if you just want a break and listen to some friendly talking.

When you receive a call from some one, a bright red CALL button
will start to flash on top of the screen, and you have to press
the select button to take the call.

Where  as  the  previous  Metal Gear games had text only, Metal Gear
Solid nas a full voice cast  andthe  text in coded messages has been
replaced by  Audio.  The  biggest  advantage of the Codec however is
that its the only  method  in  which you can save your game. Each of
your individual codec buddies is  useful  for  something.  Here's  a 
brief look at who's good for what.

Colonel Roy Campbell   : Provides info on mission
Dr Naomi Hunter        : Provides info on members of Fox hound
Mei Ling               : saves your game
Nastasha Romanenko     : Provides info on weapons
Meryl Silverburgh      : Provides info on base operations
Master Miller          : Provides info on Alaskan lands.
Otacon                 : Provides base info, useful in times.
Deep Throat            : Often pops up to help you

To use the Codec, press the select key, select the frequency you
want to transmit to and press the action key. Almost all of your
Codec buddies will contact you yourself but some are a exception
Once you call some one, their name and frequency is saved.

                         THE RADAR SYSTEM

Thankfully the crew back at HQ provided Snake with an awesome radar
system which tells him everything around him. The radar can be used
to track enemy movememnts and their field of visions and plot  your
move from there on. On the radar you'll see several different dots.

The  green dot in the middle are you, the red dots are your enemies
and the blue cone in front of them represents their field of vision
which means  you'll be safe as long as your away from it. You'll be
able to see any  big  objects in the radar as well, so you can plan
ahead where your going to hide next.

The radar is very sensitive though and easily gets jammed, if your
spotted  the  sirens of the base come alive, these sirens distract
your radar signal and you won't be able to see anything as long as
you've got enemies  searching  for you. Also, the radar won't work 
in area's with strong harmonic resistance. 

Note that the radar is disabled in hard and extreme difficulties.

                         THE ALERT MODES

First of all, when ever your in an alert mode your radar will go
off and you won't be able to use that. That being said here are
the different 'modes' of alertness.

           This means that all is well and no one is looking for
you, your free to do whatever you want, but just dont  get  seen
by any enemies or camera's. Hide yourself as required.

            As soon as you are spotted by an enemy, the game goes
into Alart mode, the radar is distracted and a red bar forms over
it. As long as your in the field of vision of the enemy or camera
the alert mode counter will not budge. As soon as  your out of it,
the counter will start to count down until it becomes  zero. Then
it will enter into Evasion mode. Note that if your spotted   once  
the counter starts to go down, it will fill up again and you will
have to dodge enemies all over again. The quickest  method to get
rid of Alart mode is to exit the area and enter it again. 

              Once the alert mode counter becomes zero, it  turns
Yellow and enters Evasion mode counter, the radar is still jammed
and the guards are still twitchy. Although they will stop chasing
after you furiously, they will roam the area where you  were last
seen more cautiously then normal and if your accidenatlly spotted
during this mode, the game goes back into Alert mode. Exit an area
to finish Evasion mode. When it goes zero,  the  game  returns to 
normal mode.

                    You will run into some area's where the game
shows electronic jamming  on the radar, your  radar  and  nikita 
missile launcher is unuseable in this area.

                         ENEMY BEHAVIOUR

The enemies in Metal Gear Solid are a bit complex then most games
of its time, and they dont just stand there while you pump bullet
after bullet in them. These enemies have specific patrolling area's
to partol, they have their viewpoint and if you get in it they'll
spot you and alert every one.

In normal mode, the enemies will continue walking around on the
fixed patrol path. Some enemies will be napping. If an enemy in
normal mode spots a footprint or hears a noise then he'll inves-
tigate it but no alert will go off until Snake is spotted.

In Alert mode, the guards will run right in your direction and
shoot the hell out of you, they dont care how far you are, as
long as the game is in alert mode they'll keep chasing you where
ever you lead them. Except for inside vents and into new area's.

In Evasion mode, the guards will walk around searching for you
in the area you were last seen. They'll ignore their patrol
routes even now. But atleast in this mode you can lure the
guards by footprints or noises.

                         ON SCREEN DISPLAYS

During the game, you'll see several gauges and displays on the
screen, here's a brief description of what each represents.

LIFE bar : The life bar is in the top left hand corner, it shows
Snake's current health, it increases after every boss battle.
Item display : Bottom left hand, shows the item thats currently
in your hands, for immediate useage.
Weapon display : Bottom right hand, shows the currently equipped
weapon, amount of ammo you have for it and total ammo with it.
O2 gauge : Appears only when your underwater, shows the amount
of oxygen Snake has left, once this finishes your health starts
go do down.
Boss life bar : Appears below Snake's life bar during battles
with members of Fox hound, represents their health.
Hostage life bar : Appears only when you have a third person
with you like Meryl or Kenneth Baker in Ocelot fight. You can
not let them die or its game over.
Ocelot ammo : Appears only during the fight with Revolver Ocelot
it represents the ammount of ammo in his six shooter.

                         CAMERA MODES

Metal Gear Solid takes advantage of its full 3D graphics using
the camera like no game before it. The default camera mode is
a top down one but depending on the situation at hand, it can
be changed by the game, or you can change it yourself.

The first person key brings the camera into Snake's  view,  ie
a first person view. At this time you can look around  to  get
a better look at things, your field of vision  can  be seen in
the radar as a green cone. 

If  you  stick to certain walls or corners the camera will go
around and  reveal  a movie style around the corner shot with
which you'll be able to  determine  whats  coming  around the
corner. This looks good too.

When your  in  air  vents or ducts the camera goes into first
person view mode again for the duration your in the duct.

                         SPECIAL EVENTS

At certain points in the game, you will run into special events
in which you will have to use special techniques for escaping
or surviving. Here's a brief look at what you'll encounter.

Torture stage : At one point in the game, Snake will get  caught
and he will have to endure some  sadistic  torture  by  Revolver
Ocelot, in order to survive this  torture,  you must rapidly tap
the Action button repeatedly, the faster  you  tap  the  quicker
your health will rise back up. If you are unable to tap  it fast
enough then Snake will die. If you want to  submit  to  Ocelot's 
torture then press the Select key. Keep in mind  that this could
have dire effects on your game outcome.

Rapelling stage : At another point in the game, you will use an
item, a rope, to travel down the side of a building while dodging
gun fire from a chopper and trying not to land on jets of steam
being let out by pipes. You will have to press the X button to
jump away from the building, and at that same time press the down
button to make Snake go down the harness. Its that simple.


!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*******
                        _ _   _   _                      _    
           __ __ ____ _| | |_| |_| |_  _ _ ___ _  _ __ _| |_  
           \ V  V / _` | | / /  _| ' \| '_/ _ \ || / _` | ' \ 
            \_/\_/\__,_|_|_\_\\__|_||_|_| \___/\_,_\__, |_||_|

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*******

This is it, this is the start of Solid Snake's mission. So lets get on with
it now. Start the game, select any difficulty level and watch the opening.

                                  THE DOCKS

You will start the game by seeing a small scene of snake emerging out of 
the water and taking some of his scuba gear off. You will immediately be
contacted by the Colonel after the scene is over, listen to the  lengthy
conversation in which he will actually explain to you some of the  basic
functions of the game like how to operate the codec and what not. Listen
to him and when he's done, get ready.

From the start, immediately head down back into the water via the stairs
going down and find the ration underwater, now surprisingly Snake   runs 
underwater as well. After taking this head back up and crouch under that
pipe blocking your way. You will be in an area with containers and  just
two guards patroling. For now we dont want to kill or alert anything  as
we have a very small health bar.

So, ignore those two guards, and sneak past them and head to  the  right
hand side of this area. Avoid those water puddles as the noise you  make
on them will attract the guards attention. After reaching the right hand
side head all the way up and take the ration behind the fork lift. After
that go near the elevator shaft and you'll be contacted by  the  Colonel
who tells you to wait for the elevator.

Now, go and hide behind the fork lift again to avoid the guards and wait
for the elevator to arrive. The elevator will arrive shortly but dont go
to it yet as a guard will come out of it. Wait for this new guard to  go
away from the elevator then quickly head inside to trigger the next scene.

Now you will watch snake take the rest of his scuba gear off, and finally
the title of the game will appear on the screen. "METAL GEAR SOLID"

                                  THE HELIPORT

Now begins a series of lengthy scenes, in which Snake will first  see  a
Hind D flying off, afterwards your contacted by the Colonel, and you also
meet Mei Ling for the first time, if you want to save the game she's the
person to call. Her frequency is 140.96. Dont forget it.

Afterwards, Snake will look for possible ways to enter the facility, the
main gate is out of question but there are two ducts which he can use to
enter the area. You'll also be briefed on how your radar system works. 
Also, snake tells Naomi that he managed to smuggle out his Cig's, how it
will help him is yet unknown.

  --------------------|  NIFTY TRICK WITH MEI LING |------------------
| Here's a neat trick, if you want to see a funny scene and piss off Mei|
| Ling then continue to call her without saving the game, she'll tell   |
| you to stop it but if you call her about a dozen or so times then she |
| will stick her tongue out at you. There's nothing more to it but its  |
| just fun to watch this.                                               |

After the series of scenes is finished and your finally back in  control
of Snake. If you want another ration {you can only carry 2 for now} then
run to the left and check the area to find another ration. Afterwards go
right on the snowy area, there's a guard patrolling here, avoid him  and 
go around the air conditioning unit. There's a set of stairs going up to
the second floor on the top right hand corner but there's a surveillance
camera here. If you want to go past it then stick to the wall right udner
it and sneak past quietly.

Before that, head to the area right above the heli pad and you'll find a
truck parked here. Head in the back and check in the back of this  truck 
to find your first fire arm. The Socom pistol. Equip it. Afterwards  get
out of the truck and choose which floor your going to enter the facility
from. Here's your options...

 ------------------| ENTERING AREA 1 : FIRST FLOOR |-------------------
| The first floor area is easy and a takes less time to complete since  |
| you'll have a shorter time in the vents. From the main gate head left |
| and Snake will find a guard napping with a Camera over his head, kill |
| the guard quickly by either using the gun or choking him, or just get | 
| rid of him by throwing him quickly, then enter the duct that was just |
| behind the guard. Enter the duct quickly since you most likely have   |
| been spotted by now. After entering the duct, move forward, the duct  |
| is linear so there's no chance of you getting lost. After a litte     |
| while you will get a Codec call from one of Snake's friends, Master   |
| Miller. He will tell you to follow the rats you see in the duct as    |
| they will lead you to the exit. Do that and you'll emerge out of the  |
| ducts in the first floor of the Tank Hanger. Your in now.             |

NOTE : The master's frequency is 141.80

If you'd rather go by the second floor and watch one extra scene for the
sake of story, then here's what you do.

 ------------------| ENTERING AREA 2 : SECOND FLOOR |------------------
| The second floor area isnt that hard either, from the truck or the    |
| main gate go right to the stairs where we saw the first camera. Avoid |
| the camera by sneaking on the wall right under it. After passing the  |
| camera zone take the stairs up to the second floor balcony area. A    |
| guard is roaming the area so you might want to be careful. Or if your | 
| just in a hurry, pop one in the guards ass and head left afterwards.  |
| You will spot a duct in one of the pillary area's soon. Enter it as   |
| you've probably already been seen by the guards. The duct itself is   |
| straight forward so you can't get lost. Move straight on and shortly  |
| little while you'll come to a grating under you and another scene     | 
| begins. Snake will over hear some guards talking about the DARPA chief|
| and some one who's already killed a couple of guards. Not snake. Once |
| the rather long scene is over, head to the end of the duct where you  |
| will see an open area at the bottom. You will get a call from the     |
| Colonel who'll tell you to press the action button to go down. Do it  |
| and we're in the Tank Hanger, second floor balcony area now.          |
|                                                                       |
| Oh, and you'll also be contacted by the Master, Snake's old buddy.    |

NOTE : The master's frequency is 141.80

                                  THE TANK HANGER

You'll enter the Tank Hanger either from the first or second floor, I will
prefer the second floor since it will bring you  easier  to  an  important 
item that we will take before proceeding. Shortly after  entering from any
floor you will get a call from the Colonel who will  tell  you  about  the 
elevator. The elevator is on the first floor, but ignore that for now. If
your on the first floor then avoid the guards by hiding around the tank in
the center and make your way to the left hand side. Take the stairs you'll
see here to the second floor balcony. There's a camera right on the top of
the stairs, wait for it to move the other way, then run and stick  to  the
wall right under it. Wait for it to clear the area ahead the run past  its
field of vision.

Afterwards, proceed across the catwalk which for some reason makes  a  lot
of noise, keep heading right until the path heads up north, dont go up yet
but enter the room on the right wall, careful here as there is a camera on
the far right wall of this room. Avoid the camera and take the  item  from
the far corner of this room, its the very  important  Thermal Goggles.  We 
can live without them but they will make the coming area's very easy.

After taking the Thermal Goggles, proceed back across the catwalk, go back
down to the main floor once again, and this time head for the elevator, be
careful as the two guards are still here, press the call button next to the
elevator and wait for it to come up. Once its up, enter the elevator and 
choose the floor B1.

  -----------------|  NIFTY TRICK FOR THE ELEVATOR |-----------------
| Here's a neat trick, if your tired of waiting for the elevator to come|
| up then quickly press the elevator call button two times, quickly tap |
| the action key and the elevator door will open at once. This is useful|
| for saving time and especially if guards are close by.                | 

                                  HANGER FLOOR B1 : CELL BLOCK

As soon as you arrive at this floor, you will get a call from  Mei  Ling
who informs you that the DARPA chief is really close to you and  showing
up on your radar, check it and you'll see his dot on it. If you want  to 
take a sneak peak at him then cling to the right side wall,  the  camera
will pan further showing him sitting in his cell.

After the talking is done, head south in this linear hall,  a  door will
be on the right wall but we  can't  enter  it since   its electronically 
locked off and we'll need a Level 1 card or higher. Ignore it  and  keep
heading south, turn right at the turn and head to the end to see a ladder
going up, the Colonel will call you and tell you how to climb up. Do so.

You'll enter another duct, move forward, at the first right intersection
you'll find Socom bullets, take them, if you look down  via  the grating
you'll see a guard sitting on the toilet talking about some 'well built'
woman. Head back to the main duct area and proceed  down.  Its  straight 
forward so you can't get lost. At the final parts of the duct you'll see
two gratings. Look down the first one to spot a woman working out in her
cell, ignore that and proceed to the second  grating. Before  you  reach
it you'll be called by the Colonel who tells you how to look down into a
grating. As if we didn't know already.

Look down and you'll find the DARPA Chief and another long set of scenes
will begin. How interesting.

  -----------------|  MERYL WORKING OUT IN HER UNDIES |-----------------
| This is one for all you preverted video gamers out there hehe, when   |
| you see Meryl working out in her cell, go back out of the duct and    |
| climb back up into it, see Meryl again and she'll be doing different  |
| exercises each time, do this six times and you'll see her working out |
| with her pants off. Ohh my ..                                         | 

Once you check the DARPA chief's cell, Snake drops down into his cell and
a long series of scenes begins. The DARPA chief acts sort  of  weird  and
asks Snake a couple of questions. Then tells Snake of the secret  project
being worked on, on this island. A prototype Nuclear walking battle  tank
code named Metal Gear Rex. Snake immediately recognizes that name.  After
a series of scenes , and giving Snake his level 1 security card the DARPA 
chief suddenly has a heart attack and dies in front of Snake in a matter 
of seconds. The woman in  the  cell,  who  was listening to this conversa
-tion from her cell the whole time, starts to shout out to the guard. 

After the series of scenes and the following Codec talking is over you'll
be in the DARPA chief's locked cell with his body. Check under the bed to
find another ration. Then all you have to do is wait.

You'll hear noises from outside and if you see the radar you'll see  that
the girl got out of her cell, and knocked out the guard. After a few more
seconds the DARPA chief cell will open. Walk outside  and  Snake  noticed 
the knocked out guard, the girl points her gun at Snake, dressed  in  the
guards uniform. Some more talking later you'll be ambushed by soldiers in
this room and its fighting time.

In the first round of fights, you should take your socom out and shoot the
three guards, after the first wave goes out Snake orders the girl to shoot
as well, if you didn't take the Socom early on in the truck then you  will
find it next to you as soon as the guards attack. 

Once the initial wave of guards is out head on to the top right corner of
the screen, to the right of the door the guards are coming from and  wait
for the next wave of guards to arrive, shoot them quickly, the girl  will
help you in shooting from now on as well. Keep shooting waves after waves
of guards. At one point three grenades will be thrown into the room, you
should quickly head to the top of the screen if your not already there to
avoid getting killed. After that the final wave of guards will enter the
room, take them out quickly and its over.

Afterwards, another set of scenes begins, Snake tries to stop  the  girl, 
she runs off and tries to shoot at snake, and in some further away place
you see the members of FOX HOUND talking  among  themselves.  Afterwards, 
the girl escapes in the elevator, and snake catches a glimpse of one of 
the members of FOX HOUND, Psycho Mantis, as told by Naomi on the codec.

Afterwards. you'll be back in control of Snake.

  -----------------|  HOW TO USE THE PAN KEYCARDS |-------------------
| If you want to enter the doors locked by the cardkey system, then put |
| the card on you from the item menu and walk right up to the door, it  |
| will open as soon as you come near it automatically.                  |

Control Snake back into the room we just came out of, inside you can see
the guard still out, head for the south part of this room and  near  the 
door to the bathroom you'll find a pack of Socom ammo, take it. Now exit
back to the hallway and head for the elevator. We're done with this part.
Take the elevator and choose to go to floor B2, the armory.

                                  HANGER FLOOR B2 : ARMORY

You will come out in the armory, this area is a large area which has small
sub rooms containing various ammo and weapons in them, unfortunately  we
only have a level one card right now. You can only open two of these sub
rooms, one in the middle row which contains two packs of C4 Explosives.
The other is in the bottom row which contains more Socom ammo. Take both
of these doors. Now its time for you to look hard.

  -----------------|  ADVANTAGES OF THERMAL GOGGLE |-------------------
| Equip the Thermal Goggles that we picked up in the hanger after you   |
| enter this area, you'll see some trap doors on the floor which you    |
| should avoid since falling in them gives you an instant game over.    |

Dont forget, there's a couple of guards roaming around here as well, so
watch out for them too. Once you've taken all available items, look  on
some of the corner walls and you'll find dried paint chips on them. The
C4 we just found will be used to get rid of these. Over all there are 3
walls you can blow, one on the right side of the elevator, one  on  the
left side of the elevator and one at the bottom left hand corner of the
area. The first two contain ammo and more C4, the bottom one is the one
that we need to proceed on to.

Remember to get a good distance away from the planted C4 before you  go
ahead and detonate it since the damage radius is high. Also,  you   can  
plant multiple C4's and detonate them at once using the action button.

Enter the south side area once you've detonated the bomb there. In this
new area just proceed south and check the right side wall and plant the
explosive where the wall is dry to make another hole. Enter  this  hole 
and go right. You'll see two more dried walls. One on the north and one
on the right side. Ignore the right wall for now and plant the bomb  on
the upper wall. Detonate it and enter this new area.

In this new area you will meet Kenneth Baker, the other guy we were  to
rescue, but he's all tied up. You'll also meet Revolver Ocelot, the gun
slinger of the group. The scene will end up with your first boss fight.
A true fight of the pistols among two good gun slingers.

  -----------------|  BOSS BATTLE : REVOLVER OCELOT |-----------------
| This is the first boss battle in the game, this boss fight can be     | 
| really easy or really difficult depending on how good your gunning    |
| is so far in the game. As soon as the battle starts, you'll notice    |
| a couple of extra meter's on the screen. First is Ocelot's health     |
| meter which is WAY bigger then yours, then Kenneth's health meter     |
| and you'll also see Ocelot's ammo count, he's got a six shooter.      |
|                                                                       |
| Here's the basic DONT's of this boss battle.                          |  
|                                                                       |
| 1/ DON'T shoot Kenneth                                                | 
| 2/ DON't run into the wires near Kenneth as they'll detonate          |
|    the entire area and bye bye Kenneth.                               | 
| 3/ Also, DON't die heh.                                               |
|                                                                       |
| This boss fight is easy and all you have to do for the most part      |
| is dodge Ocelot's bullets, and shoot him with your own. If you        |
| are out of ammo there's a pack or two that you can find in the        |
| corners of this very room. Basically you have to run around and       |
| follow Ocelot and avoid his bullets, when you have a clear shot       |
| fire him once and wait, you can not hit him multiple times in a       |
| row so dont bother wasting ammo.                                      |
|                                                                       |
| Also, dont bother trying to hide behind the pillars as Ocelot is      |
| able to ricochette his bullet's on walls and hit you. When he is      | 
| out of ammo he will take a long time to reload his gun completely     |
| and will be very vulnerable to you so thats the prime time to hunt    |
| him down and put a bullet or two in his ass. You'll have to shoot     |
| him a good amount of time before his health runs out and the boss     |
| fight finally ends.                                                   |

After the boss fight is over Ocelot will continue to taunt Snake but  a
weird ninja type person comes in and chops off his gun hand and also he
cuts the wires around Baker letting him out. After that Ocelot  escapes,
soon the ninja escapes too. Snake and Kenneth are left.  Another series 
of long scenes begins in which Kenneth tells Snake some  more about the
Metal Gear and dies with a similar heart attack to the DARPA chief.

Fortunately you got his Level 2 card before he died. After he's died a
long codec conversation begins. Once it ends you'll be back in control.

Some more  ammo packs would have regenerated in this room, take them as
your about to leave, the lv 5 locked door at the top of this area isn't
our concern for  now  so head back the way we originally came into this
place and go back into the main armory area.

Now that we have  a  new  card, we can open a couple more of new doors. 
But before that head back to the same rooms that we opened with our Lv
1 card and all the items in them will have regenerated,  take  all  of
them. Especially the C4 since we're going to need them shortly.

Also, check the middle room in the bottom row to find some hand grenade
which we'll need in the next boss fight. After that  enter  the  bottom
right door and you'll find a box with two laser wires blocking it.  You
will not be able to see these wires unless you have the Thermal Goggles 
equipped. To find out more about stuff like this you can contact an ally
of yours named Nastasha and her frequency is 141.52 .

Anyway, you can just crouch down to avoid the lasers and take whats on
the other side, its a FAMAS and some ammo for it. The FAMAs is an auto
rifle which shoots bullets at a very fast rate.

While we're here lets contact the girl that kenneth talked about  when
we were talking to him. He asked you to check the back of your  CD  to 
find the frequency of her radio. Also, you can find it in the official
game manual as well. But I'll just tell you. Her frequency is 140.15

Contact Meryl right now and sit back to listen to the very long  codec
conversation. After the banter Meryl will inform you on the ware about
of the scientist Hal Emmerich and tell you that she has the key to get
to his building. So Snake has to work with her. 

After the talking is done head to the elevator and take it to the  1st 
floor of the hanger. As soon as your on  the first  floor  Meryl  will 
contact you again and open the big gate at the north of the tank hanger.

                                  THE TANK HANGER

We're back in the Tankk Hanger now, you can go directly to the big gate
tha Meryl just opened up for you but we'll take a little time to get  a 
couple of necessery items.

From the elevator go straight to the right, you'll run past the gate we
just saw opening. But ignore that and enter the big door on  the  right
wall. Inside you'll find a single guard sleeping, kill him and take the
box behind him. Inside it is the Socom Supressor which is just  a fancy 
word for Silencer. Take it and head back to the main hanger area.

Now proceed to the right while avoiding the guards, test out  your  new
silenced Socom and take one or two out. Take the stairs up to the second
floor. Avoid the camera here like before and enter the door near it  on
the right wall. In this room take the item which is BOX A.

Afterwards, go across the catwalk as if we were going to the room  with
the thermal goggles. But run north past that door. Avoid the camera here
and enter the door next to the camera, its a level 2 door. Inside it you
will see a guard, kill him and take the Mine Detector item. Another one
that we'll need in a little while. Take it. Head back all  the  way  to 
the main hanger floor. NOW enter the big door Meryl just unlocked.

Once your in Meryl will contact you again and tell you that  there's  a
bunch of laser beams in this area and if you touch one the entire  area
will be gassed and you'll die. So equip the Thermal Goggles to be  able
to see those laser wires. Now carefully dodge the wires and cross  this
area, remember if your touched by a wire then its game over for you.

If for some freakish reason you didn't have the thermal goggle with you
then equip the cig's from Snake's inventory, now stand next to a  laser
and the smoke from the cig will make the laser visible. Keep in mind if
you equip the cig's Snake's health will slowly begin to fall down.

Sheehs, what kind of cig's are these.

One way or another you should make it to the north end of this room, so
equip the card key to pass through and out of the Tank Hanger completely.

  -----------------|  FOR THOSE PLAYING SECOND GAMES |----------------
| First timers won't know what I'm talking about in this area, if you   |
| finished the game with the Otacon ending then you would've gotten the |
| Optic camoflauge device from him. In the new game from the save made  |
| at the end, you should start with it. Equip the device and just pass  |
| this area as the laser's won't be able to detect you at all. This     |
| applies to all the laser's in the game. Not just these one's.         |

                                  OPEN CANYON AREA

In this area, run a few steps forward and you'll be contacted by a new
person on the Codec, some one calling himself Deep Throat. This person
is weird in the sense that you cannot contact him, he's the one calling
you to inform you about various threats approaching. He'll tell you to
watch out for the mines in the area.

Equip either the Thermal goggles or the mine detector we found a little
while ago, with the thermal goggles you'll be able to see exactly where
the mines are but you won't know which side they're facing so its a bit
dangerous. With the mine detector you'll know which sides the mines are
facing and where to pass them by. But only on the radar. So equip either
one and pass the area. A good tip is to pass from the very left or right
side of the canyon.

  ---------------------|  DONT WASTE THE MINES |----------------------
| Although they are almost completely useless and you'll probably not   | 
| use them ever in the game, you can still take those mines laying on   |
| the ground, just crouch down and crawl over them, when you pass over  |
| a mine Snake will take it. Thats stealing.                            |

After the mine area, proceed further into the canyon and another scene
starts, you'll be introduced to another member of the Fox hound group,
this is the Shaman of the group. Vulcan Raven. Its boss fight time and
your up against a huge cannon firing Tank.

  -----------------|  BOSS BATTLE : VULCAN RAVEN TANK |---------------
| This is the second boss fight in the game, though its an easy fight   |
| but if you didn't pick up any chaff grenades from your trips in the   |
| armory then you'll be very annoyed with the Tank cannon which can     |
| kill you very quickly. So I hope to god you didn't forget the chaff's |
|                                                                       |
| Here are the basic dont's of this battle.                             |
|                                                                       |
| 1/ Don't forget to bring some Chaff grenades                          |
| 2/ Don't get too far from the Tank as it'll fire the cannon if you    |
|    get a little too away from him.                                    |
| 3/ Don't stand still when your close to it either since the machine   |
|    gun on the cannon can shoot you reguardless of your distance.      |
| 4/ Don't get in the tank's path, it can run you over for a very       |
|    annoyingly long time wasted and health wasted.                     |
|                                                                       |
| Okey, so as soon as the battle begins, quickly throw a Chaff gren.    |
| to distract the senosrs of the tank so you can run right up to it     |
| without the hell blown out of you. After your a little close to it    |
| equip the hand grenade's. Now you'll notice a guard on the top of     |
| the tank firing at you with the machine gun. You can easily outrun    |
| the machine gun fire by running left or right so do that to avoid     |
| the getting hurt part. Once you see a clear shot and the tank is      | 
| not moving that fast, throw a grenade right at the machine gunner.    |
| If your lucky enough the grenade can some times go right into the     |
| tank and kill the guard in a single blow. This will immediately       |
| take half of the Tank's energy bar. If the guard doesn't die in a     |
| single grenade then throw another one.                                |
|                                                                       |
| Once the first guard is dead, another will take his place, and if     |
| your close to the tank at this time, the tank will try to run you     |
| over a lot, so stay a bit away from the tank from now on. Like the    |
| first guard, throw a couple of hand grenades to take out this one     |
| as well and ths boss fight will be over. We didn't get to face        |
| Vulcan raven at all.                                                  |

After this boss fight is over, Snake will automaticaly take the Level 3
PAN card from one of the dead guard and enter the  Nuke  building.  But
Vulcan Raven is still alive and well. He talks to Liquid Snake  on  his
radio and tells him about Snake. Ocelot also joins in the  conversation
but he's still angry at loosing his hand.

                                  NUKE BUILDING

As soon as your back in control of Snake after entering this  building, 
go back outside. To where we just had the boss fight. Now explore this
open area and you'll find a ration on the right hand side of the canyon
and some ammo and grenades on the left hand side. Take all of them and
enter the building once again.

You'll see a catwalk heading up the left, run right up to it and  take
the ration at the end of it. Head back to the main  area  and  proceed
north and crawl under the slightly open door.

As soon as you enter here you'll be contacted by the Colonel and  told
not to use guns in there since thats the place where  they  store  the
dismantled Nuclear Warheads. Contact Nastasha for more information  on
this subject. Anyway, you can't use guns in this area even if you want
to since you won't be able to select weaponry from your inventory.  So
we'll just have to be sneaky in this area. You'll notice the guards in
here are wearing gas masks. That is because if your spotted  then  the
alarm goes off and gas is released in this area, meaning  your  almost
certainly killed if your spotted.

So avoid being spotted at all. From the entrance  of this  area,  head
left past the containers, there's a guard partolling this side  of the 
floor so watch out for him, there's a set of stairs at the  very  left
side wall, take it up to the above balcony area. Sometimes  there's  a
guard right in front of the stairs on the 2F, if that happens then wait
at the center of the stairs for the guard to go back. Once the area is
cleared, go to the balcony area and enter the elevator. Quickly  press
the call button twice to open the gate at once.

Take the elevator down to floor B1.

  ------------------|  NEAT TRICK FOR THE PC VERSION|----------------
| If your playing the PC version of Metal Gear solid then there is a    |
| way to use weaponry even on the forbidden floor. You will notice      |
| that in the PC version you can change weaponry also by pressing the   |
| numeric keys on the keyboard. So, keep the numeric key of the weapon  |
| you want pressed, you'll see the display going on and off but the gun | 
| will remain in your hands as long as you hold the key. Be advised as  |
| any noise which attracts anyone will cause gas to be released in the  |
| area and you'll get killed. So its better NOT to use weaponry at all. |

                                  NUKE BUILDING B1 : THE OFFICES

Our stay in this part of the building is very small as we're here only 
to take a certain item. So, as soon as you get off  the  elevator  run
straight forward and enter the door right in front of you. Ignore  all
other directions and paths for now. You'll enter a square room with  a
couple of doors on either side and one guard roaming the area. I'd ask
you to kill the guard to make roaming this place easier. 

Once free, check the top right corner of this area and you'll find  a
box with stun grenades. Then back to the center area, check the middle
room in the right hand side and inside you'll find a box with the uber
cool Nikita missile launcher in it and a couple of ammo for it.

The Nikita is a remote controlled missile system and  we're  going  to
need it in a little while. With this in hand, go back outside and take
the elevator again. This time go to the floor B2.

                                  NUKE BUILDING B2 : THE LABS

Once outside, for a little sneak peak at where we're about to go,  go
to the left wall and lean against it. The camera will pan to the right
and you'll see a guy in  a white coat on the other side. Could that be
Hal Emmerich. Anyway, now proceed down the only door here and another
scene will begin.

Snake noticed  that the floor ahead of him is electrified, the camera
will then move and show you where the electricity box is, now we have
to get rid of it somehow. You'll get a call  from Deep  Throat  again 
who tells you that you'll need a remote controlled missile to get rid
of the box. Luckily for us, we just found one. Also, the area is full
of gas so your slowly loosing Oxygen.

Equip the Nikita launcher and fire a round straight down, you'll see
that the game puts you in control of the launcher and you'll  decide
where it goes. You can control the missile in first  person as  well
by pressing the look button, but i find its easier to  control it in
third person since you just have to press left or  right  to  change
its direction. 

So anyway, control the missile down, then turn left  at  the  bottom, 
then turn up as soon as possible since there are automated  guns  in
the next area which will shoot the missile down. Go straight up  and
turn left again, go up through the door, turn right and  crash  into 
the electricity control box. It'll blow into bits and the  floor  in
front of you will become safe.

But i'd advice you to go back near the elevator and regain some  air
then go back in and pass the now safe floor. Run  down. You'll  pass
three doors on the right wall, enter the first door to find a ration
you can't enter the second one yet, enter the third one  to  find  a
very helpful item, the gas mask. This will slow down the oxygen depl
-etion level. After taking all the items,  head all the way down and
turn right. Head all the way right and enter  the door at the end of
the hall while avoiding the camera.

In this new area, run forward and  you'll  hear  some screaming  and 
slashing sounds. Run forward, enter the next room and enter the door
directly north of you to see a very gruesome scene.

Dozens of guards bodies have been layed out in this long hallway and
they  have huge gashes on their chets. When your in control of Snake
run fo rward, you'll run into one living guard but he's not going to
make it a long time.  Run to the end of the hall and turn the corner.
You'll see a pretty awesome scene.

Something,  partially invisible is holding a guard  up  in mid  air, 
suddenly, the   thing decloks, its the ninja who took Ocelot's hand.
He's holding a guard  up by his sword. He throws the guard down and
enters through the door leading  to Hal Emmerich's personal lab. We
gotta save him.

Enter  after  the Ninja, another series of scenes will now begin in
which Snake confronts  the ninja and Hal Emmerich, the ninja offers
to fight Snake one on one while  Hal goes and  hides  in  a  locker 
after peeing his pants. Now, one of  the  most exciting boss fights
in all of video game history begins.

  ---------------------|  BOSS BATTLE : NINJA |-----------------------
| I really love this boss fight since this is one of the purest bosses  | 
| in the entire game, he will offer you to throw down your guns and be  |
| a man, use your fists to battle with him. That's exactly what we're   |
| going to do since thats the only way we can fight this ninja. Contact |
| Nastasha to hear a little rambling about the ninja's skeleton.        |
|                                                                       |
| Here are the basic don't of this battle.                              |
|                                                                       | 
| 1/ Don't bother to use weapons in this battle, since if you try to    | 
|    he'll just dodge all your attacks with his sword.                  |
| 2/ Dont stand in one place at all since it has a very damaging        | 
|    stomp from air attack.                                             |
| 3/ Dont waste your Chaff grenades.                                    |
|                                                                       |
| As soon as the battle begins, run right up to the boss and smack a    |
| good combination of punches in him. He'll be using his sword for the  |
| first bit of the fight so right after you hit him run away to avoid   |
| being sliced. Once you've landed a couple of combo's he'll land in    |
| the middle of the room and start talking again. He'll throw down the  | 
| sword and battle you hand to hand.                                    |
|                                                                       |
| Use the same strategies as before, run up to him and smack a combo    |
| of punches and kicks into him, making sure to get away after one      |
| combo since bosses are invulnerable to repetetive attacks. Once you   |
| have hit him a couple of times and drained his health bar a good d    |
| deal then he'll land in the middle again and start talking. Now he    | 
| will ask you to hurry up and find him.                                |
|                                                                       |
| In this phase of the fight he will use his cloaking device and go     |
| in one of the corner's of the area and ask you to find him. For       |
| this part equip the thermal goggles since he'll appear on them. But   |
| also note that if you fail to hit him in a little time then he'll     |
| run right up to you and hit you really hard. After every time you     |
| hit him he'll jump to a different place to hide. Hit him a couple     |
| of times and he'll land in the middle and start talking again. The    |
| fight should be nearing its conclusion now.                           |
|                                                                       |
| In this phase, he'll walk right up to you but quickly teleport to     |
| your side and SMACK you really hard. His punches in this phase take   |
| out a lot of your health so avoid them. The best way is to wait for   |
| the ninja to come up to you and when he teleports quickly run ahead   |
| to dodge him and hit him with your own combo of punches. After you    |
| hit him a couple of times and his health bar reaches zero he will     |
| start glowing and form a large circle of electricity around him.      |
|                                                                       |   
| Now take out any gun and shoot him once, he'll teleport to the mid    | 
| area of the room, shoot him once more and the fight is over.          |

  ---------------|  TIP TO MAKE NINJA FIGHT EASIER |-----------------
| Though it can be done regularly, but this trick comes into action at  |
| the fullest if you have he Bandana from completing the game once with |
| the Meryl ending. Take out the Chaff grenades and throw one, they     | 
| will distract the Ninja and he'll be defenceless, go kick his ass     |
| throw another chaff, kick some more ass, repeat the process until     |
| his health bar is empty.                                              |

Now begins, argueably, the longest series of scenes in the game. This is
boring. To summarize. Snake meets Hal Emmerich, Hal asks Snake  to  call 
him Otacon. Otacon knows where Meryl is. Snake contacts Meryl but she is
found by some guards and her radio breaks up. Otacaon mentions he heard
some music in the background. Otacon claims he didn't join the team  to 
make weapons of mass descruction. Also, Otacon hands you the level 4 key
card which we'll loose very quickly, then Otacon reveals he has another
cloaking device like the ninja and runs off using it.

Now, back in control of Snake. Take the various items like the box  of
chaff grenades, Socom ammo and a ration from this room and  head  back
out the way we came. Make your way back all the way to  the   elevator 
and take the elevator to floor B1.

                                  NUKE BUILDING B1 : THE OFFICES

Now that we're back here, head in the door across the elevator door one
more time, in here you'll notice a single soldier walking on  the  left
hand side who makes a squishing sound while walking.  Don't  kill  this
guard as its actually Meryl and you'll get a game over very quickly for
doing so. Let her see you, she'll run off into the women's toilet. 

Follow her and check the corner cabin to trigger another  scene.  Snake
will finally meet Meryl in all her feminine glory. Meryl seems to  know
how to handle guns pretty easily and she despises weak women. After the
scene is over head outside the bathroom. Meryl  will comment  that  the
guards have disappeared and Snake will comment on the  mysterious music
that was playing here before. That has stopped too.

  ---------------|  SEE MERYL IN HER UNDIES PART II|-----------------
| If your one of those preverted gamers who were willing to see Meryl   | 
| in her panties the last time, you'll want to read this part as well.  |
| As soon as Meryl spots you, quickly go after her and make sure that   | 
| you trigger the scene within Five seconds after entering the female   |
| toilet. Then through out the first half of the next scene Meryl will  |
| be without her pants. Thast what I call caught with your pants down.  |

Now since there are no more guards in this area your free to roam around
this floor and check all the doors to find various items that we couldn't
get before, also since Meryl gave you a level 5 card you can open various
new doors as well. So head back into the door  across  the one  from  the 
elevator. There are a total of 6 rooms left and right combined, check all
of them. You should be able to open all of them. You'll find various ammo
and a box B in one room, also I think you won't be able to open the door
at the bottom right hand corner right now since its locked with Level 6.

One of the room contains the Night vision goggles, they're useless in my
opinion as you'll only really need them in one area in a little while.

  ---------------|  MAKE MERYL BLUSH ON SCREEN |----------------------
| Once Meryl is with you stand right in front of her and start looking  |
| at her directly in first person mode, after a little while Meryl will |
| turn slightly red and ask Snake what he's looking at. Continue that   |  
| and after a little while she'll get more red and ask snake to stop    |
| looking her. Continue looking at her and she'll keep getting redder   |
| and redder making comments at Snake.                                  |

Once you've taken all the items from the various rooms its time for us 
to proceed. From the elevator door proceed left and you'll see a  hall
going north on the screen. Go there and pass through the door  at  the
end of the hall to reach the next area.

                                  THE BASE COMMANDER's ROOM

In this new area, proceed forward and Meryl will run ahead of you  and
stand next to the big door leading into the Commandor's room. When you
get near her a scene will begin and Meryl will begin to feel a terrible
head ache. Suddenly she gets all fine but her voice becomes mono  tone
and she starts acting weird.

  -------------------|  MERYL'S POINT OF VIEW|----------------------
| After this scene happens if you press the first person view button    |
| you'll notice that you'll be seeing from Meryl's eyes rather then     |
| snake. So stand right up to Meryl and press the FPS view button to    |
| see Snake's ugly face close by.                                       |

Afterwards, head into the room ahead and you'll notice that its empty and
the base commandor is no where to be seen. But Meryl is still being weird
and following you around. After a little while in this room Meryl will go
to the center of the screen and raise her gun at Snake. Cue another scene.

Meryl will start asking Snake weird questions and waving  her gun  at him, 
but Snake notices some distortion behind Meryl and realizes that some one
is doing this to her. Suddenly Meryl gets ready to shoot at Snake and its
back to Snake. You will be contacted by the Colonel who will beg you  not
to shoot Meryl and that she's being controlled by some one via the music.

At this time, you must quickly knock Meryl out by punching her, DON'T you
shoot her at all. Just keep punching her until she falls unconscious. Now
finally the person controlling Meryl reveals himself. Its Psycho  Mantis,
the psychic of the Fox hound group.

He challanged Snake to a battle and warns him that he can read every one
of his moves. He also demonstrates by reading a part of  Snake's  memory
and scanning through your memory card to see if you have any other saves
from a Konami game. If you do then he'll comment on those games too.

After some more talking its boss fight time.

  -----------------|  BOSS BATTLE : PSYCHO MANTIS |-------------------
| This is one helluva interesting boss fights. Its one of those fights  |
| where if you don't know EXACTLY what to do then you won't have a god  |
| damn chance in the world of surviving. Right from the start  of  the  |
| fight if your playing the PSX version of the game then take  out the  |
| control pad from the player 1 slot and plug it into the player 2 slot |
|                                                                       |
| Here are the Dont's of this fight..                                   |
|                                                                       |
| 1/ DON't forget to switch the controller slots.                       |
| 2/ DON't forget to equip the thermal goggles at all times.            |
| 3/ DON't bother trying to shoot Mantis when he swings the items       |
|    around the room like a hurricane, wait for it subside.             |
| 4/ DON't let Meryl die                                                |
|                                                                       |
| As soon as the boss battle begins you should take out the controller  |
| from the first player  slot  and put it in the second player slot if  |
| you  haven't  done that already, after that a second or two into the  |
| boss battle the  screen  will  go black and the word HIDEO will come  |
| on the screen for a brief while. Then it will disappear. If the word  |
| appears that means  your  doing  it just right. Now you will be able  |
| to face the boss without him avoiding your every move.                |
|                                                                       |
| Otherwise if you fight him normally then he will dodge your every     |
| single  move and you'll become frustrated very quickly. With this     | 
| trick though, you'll have an easier time. Also you should equip the   | 
| thermal goggles  for  this boss fight since you will be able to see   | 
| Mantis even when he becomes invisible. Now onto the fighting.         |
|                                                                       |
| Basically,  I use the Socom for this battle, fire a round into him    |
| a nd wait until  he stops blinking and fire another round into him.   |
| You should keep track of him thanks to the thermal goggles. But if    |
| for some reason you dont have them then you can still track him if    |
| he goes invisible.  Just  press the first person view mode and you    |  
| will switch over to Mantis's vision, which should help you to some    | 
| extent in finding out where's he at. Then aim and fire at him.        | 
|                                                                       |
| During  the  fight he will often hurl objects at you using his mind   | 
| power, which shouldn't  be too hard to avoid. It gets a little more   |
| annoying when he calls too  little things and makes them attack you   |
| repeatedly, in that case all you can do is run away from them. Make   |
| sure you pop one into Mantis every other time causing his health bar  |
| to go down rapidly.                                                   |
|                                                                       |
| When you've caused him a substancial amount of damage Mantis will     |
| wonder why he couldn't read your mind, but then  he realizes what     |
| Snake's weakness is and summons Meryl. He then forces Meryl to try    |
| and shoot herself. At this time you must quickly  punch  Meryl to     |
| knock her out like before. If you dont do that  she will blow her     |
| brains out and its game over. Once you've knocked   her out again     |
| Mantis will damn near lose his mind and quickens the attacks.         |
|                                                                       |  
| Now continue like before and Mantis should be dead pretty soon.       |
|                                                                       |
| If your playing the PC version of the game and also have a gamepad    |
| connected then the game will detect that and will do the same thing   |
| as the PSX version and you will have to switch to the keyboard in     |
| order to make the Mantis fight easier. But on the other hand if you   |
| don't have any gamepads installed and are playing the game using      |
| just the keyboard then the battle will be easy to begin with and the  |
| game will not require any sort of control changes.                    |

After the fight is over you will see another lengthy scene in which Mantis
shows his better side and ends up helping Snake and Meryl by telling  them
what they have to do after this part of the game, and he also reveals  the
hidden exit out of the Commander's room.

Once the talking is done take the secret exit that Mantis revealed for you
and head in it. Climb down the little stairs but before heading through the
door check the area on the side of the stairs for some more ammo  and  one
ration. Take all these and exit through the door on the north.

You will come out to the open.

                                  THE CANYONS

Once you reach the new area Snake and Meryl will comment on the wolf dog
voices they're hearing in this area. Then Meryl runs off and you have to
continue yourself. From the start of this area go up and crawl under the
grating. You'll come to an open area with wolves in it. These wolves are
going to attack you so you have to avoid them or throw a stun grenade to
momentarily stun them giving you the time to get out of the area.  Since 
its a dark place you might want to equip either the Thermal  goggles  or
the Night vision goggles to see better.

After crawling under the ledge, run up north and stick to the right side,
and go right when you can, after that go down when you can. Throw a stun
grenade or two to distract the dogs. Once you've reached the south  part
of this side you'll see two further crawling spaces, one  in  the  south
corner and one heading off to the right. The south one has a  couple  of 
stun grenades in it. Ignore that one and take the one to the right.  You
will come to an open area.

Run a bit forward and you will meet up with Meryl again who  is  waiting 
for you by the gate leading to the next area. She'll comment on  Snake's
attitute towards the dogs. When your in control take the ration next  to 
the gate heading further and head through it when your ready.

  -----------------|  MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE WOLVES |-----------------
| This following trick can come in really handy for you at times. If    |
| your a bastard then go ahead and punch Meryl, she will blow a whistle |
| and the wolves will attack you draining a small part of your health,  | 
| but we being sneaky and all figured a way around it. Punch Meryl once |
| then quickly hide inside either one of the boxes from your item menu. |
| She will blow the whistle but the dog won't be able to attack you,    | 
| instead it will take a piss on your box. From now on when ever your   |
| in this area equip the pissed on box and the wolves will consider you |
| as one of their own and not attack.                                   | 

                                  UNDERGROUND PASSAGE

Now you will come out in another big wide open area. But before you can go
any further Meryl will stop you and tell you that the place is mined. When
Psycho Mantis tapped into her mind she was able to see where the mines are
placed. Meryl will then walk across the area leaving behind footsteps  for
Snake to follow. She will clear the field successfully.

But its much easier to just crawl across the area to avoid the mines. Once
you reach Meryl another scene begins. Some one is aiming at her with  what
looks like a sniper rifle and suddenly Meryl is shot three times  by  this
unseen sniper. But none of the shots is critical and hits her in her  legs
and arms. This person is an excellent sniper. Snake realizes that he can't
face the sniper unless he has a rifle himself so he has to leave a  bloody
and injured Meryl and escape the area to find a Sniper rifle. Luckily Otacon
tells him that there is a sniper rifle in the Armory way back in the hanger.

                                  RETURN TRIP 

Now we have to go back all the way to the Armory way back in the Hanger. At
the wolves area equip the box that they pissed on to avoid being attacked 
by them. In the Nuke Building B1 area quickly rush to the elevator  since 
you'll be able to make it without any one noticing you. In the 1st  floor 
of the Nuke Building avoid the guard and run down the left side, down the
stairs and head to the big gate.

In the open mine field, stick to the left or right side of the field, equip
the Thermal goggles or the mine detector for easier navigation and enter
the tank hanger again. Luckily no more wires here for now so quickly  go
over to the elevator and take it to B2, the armory of the hanger.

In the armory, check your radar, you will notice one guar patrolling out
near the door of the small room in the top left row. That is the room in
which the sniper rifle is. Quietly kill the guard using the Socom and go
inside the room. The sniper rifle is in the back but there are a  couple
of lasers here as well. So crouch down and take the sniper rifle without
alerting the guards or tripping the wires. Afterwards proceed  back  all 
the way to where Meryl was shot at.

There shouldn't be any significant changes on your trip back either but
once you return back to the place you'll notice that Meryl is no longer
there, but her blood is still there. The sniper is also still there and
you have to duel with her. Sniper Wolf.

  -----------------|  BOSS BATTLE : SNIPER WOLF |-------------------
| This is a very unique sniper vs sniper fight. Not an easy one if your | 
| not good with aiming and especially not good if you don't have any of |
| those Diazepan items. You should have found some Diazepan in  one  of |
| the rooms in the Office area of the nuke building. Anyway, before you |
| start the fight face the front side so you dont waste half an hour in |
| turning the sniper rifle and use a Diazepan on yourself and equip the |
| PSG 1 Sniper rifle.                                                   | 
|                                                                       |
| Here are the DONT's of this fight.                                    |
|                                                                       |
| 1/ Don't shoot unless you have a clear shot.                          |
| 2/ Don't waste your Diazepan too quickly.                             |
| 3/ Don't take a long time in aiming since Sniper Wolf doesn't.        |
| 4/ Don't try to shoot her multiple times. You can only shoot her      |
|    once at a time and wait for her to stop blinking before you can    | 
|    shoot her again.                                                   | 
|                                                                       |
| If your low on sniper rifle ammo then there's a pack on the left and  |
| right of the screen, and if you run out of ammo during the battle the |
| pack on the left keeps regenerating. So you can breath a sigh for now |
|                                                                       |
| As soon as the battle starts, use a Diazepan and aim steadily at her, |
| you should see her aiming at you or running and hiding behind pillars |
| the best time to shoot her is when she's aiming at you but don't take |
| a long time since she has pretty accruate shooting skills and she is  |
| not going to miss you.                                                |
|                                                                       |
| You can also get a shot in her if you catch her running. That is      |
| very hard to do since the sniper scope doesn't move that fast to      | 
| catch up to a person.                                                 |
|                                                                       |
| Overall this is one of the easier boss fights and you really should   |
| not have any problems with it. The only concern is that a shot from   |
| Sniper wolf takes a good chunk of your health out and it also moves   |
| your sniper scope so you have to re adjust your aiming again. Which   |
| totally sucks.                                                        |

Even though she screams as if she's dead, believe me Sniper  wolf  is  not
even after this boss fight. So as soon as the fight is over, start running
to the north of this huge area. Once you reach the tower where Sniper wolf
was go to the second floor taking note of the blood spots and take the box
of PSG 1 ammo from there. Also check under the tower to find a ration. And
some more ammo on the area to the left of the tower.

To the right of the small tower is a door, run towards it but  before  you
can enter it a scene begins and Snake is ambushed by some  guards.  Sniper 
Wolf also makes an appearance and she leaves the mark of death on  Snake's
face before one of the guards knocks him out with his gun. Snake see's  in
a subconscious state that he's being dragged away from that area.

  -------------------|  PISS OFF THE COLONEL |-----------------------
| This is a very funny thing to do. When you've beaten Sniper Wolf stay | 
| there and aim at the tower where she was with the Sniper rifle, on    |
| the metal pipes of the tower you'll notice some rats going back and   |
| forth. Shoot the rats with the sniper rifle and after a couple of     |
| them the colonel will call you in and angrily tell you to stop doing  |
| that and proceed on with the mission.                                 |

                                  SNAKE'S IN TROUBLE

Now begins another lengthy series of scenes. Snake will wake up on a bed, 
a torture bed actually and he will over hear some  of  the  conversation 
between Ocelot and Liquid Snake before they finally realize that he is up.
After that his bed is straightened and Snake finally comes face to  face
with Liquid Snake for the first time. He looks remarkably like the  hero
Snake besides the blonde hair.

Pretty soon Sniper wolf will enter the area too, and after some chatting
Liquid Snake and Sniper wolf will leave you with Ocelot and its time for
his interogation.  Which means a fun little mini game called Survive the
brutal torture. He will tell you a couple of the details, like press the
action button to survive, and if you die there is no continue. Its  game
over for you. He also warns you not to use a turbo controller  since  he
will know about it.

  -------------------|  SURVIVING THE TORTURE |-----------------------
| This is without a doubt the most important location in the game as    |
| what you do in this sequence will determine what ending you get at    |
| the end of the game. Surviving the torture succesfully will   give    | 
| you the good ending and giving up and submitting to Ocelot will be    |
| rewarded by the bad ending.                                           |
|                                                                       |
| Surviving the torture is simple enough, you just mash the action key  |
| as fast as you can to make sure your health bar doesn't finsish       | 
| before the time runs out. If you press the Select key then you will   |
| give up and Ocelot wins.                                              |
|                                                                       |
| Although Ocelot says he'll know if you use the turbo controller for   |
| cheating, i've read on many places that it doesn't do anything and    | 
| you can use a auto controller to cheat through this area easily.      |
|                                                                       |
| The torture will have three parts. Each time the time bar will be     |
| increased slightly and you'll have to press the buttons harder to     |
| keep Snake alive through it. After three shocks Ocelot will think     |
| its enough for now and you'll be sent to your cell.                   |

When you reach the cell another scene begins, Snake will notice that there
is a corpse in his sell. Its the DARPA chief's  body  and  its decomposing 
already. Snake receives a call from the Colonel and a lengthy talk  begins
in which Snake talks about his past with Naomi.

Also, call Otacon and inform him of your situation, he'll  say  that  he's 
heading for your area now. But he won't be there quickly engouh as in some
time you will be called back for a second torture. Since  we're  hopefully
going for the good ending we'll have to endure this one as well.  Do  what
we did the last time and all should be fine.

Now its time to escape.

When you come  back  from  the  torture a second time, keep an eye on the 
guard patrolling outside your cell. Pretty soon he'll feel some  pain  in 
his stomach and will run off to the toilet. Soon after that  Otacon  will
arrive, still cloaked and decloak next to the cell door and call you. Run
towards the cell door to trigger the scene. Otacon can't free you bue  he
will give you a Level 6 card, some  ketchup  and  Sniper  wolf's  scented 
scarf to hold by. Then before the guard comes he bails off.

Now you can do one of the two things in order to  escape  the  cell.  The 
guard is coming back from the cell and you don't have much time to decide.
The first trick is simple, lay down on the ground and use the Ketchup that
Otacon just brought for you, Snake will squirt it around himself, when the
guard enter's he think Snake's dead and enter's the cell to check on him.
Quickly get up and kill him.

Note that if you move even a little bit during this time the guard will 
see you and you'll be busted.

The second method is a bit simpler, hide under the bed in the cell before
the guard arrives. He'll come and not find Snake in the  cell.  He  opens 
the cell door to check inside, quickly get out and kill the  guard before 
he gets out and closes the cell again. Either way you should be free now.

Exit the door which takes you back to the torture device room. Take the
box floating here to receive all of your items back. If you survived all
of Ocelot's tortures then check your item menu right now. There should be
a bomb in there placed by Ocelot, get rid of it by pressing the  action
button on it. Afterwards the colonel will contact you and Snake will vow
revenge on Ocelot.

  -------------------|  HIDDEN ESCAPING METHOD |----------------------
| Most people don't know about this method since they dont want to go   |
| through the torture sequence this many number of times. For this you  |
| will have to pass the torture sequence five times. Yes FIVE times.    |
| After you pass it the fifth time the ninja will come in and kill the  |
| guard and open the cell for you to escape.                            |
|                                                                       |  
| The plus side of this method is that once you take your items back    |
| all your ammo will be restored on full capacity. Cool.                |

After collecting all your items again head outside via the  door  on  the 
right wall, watch out for the camera there as some times people don't see
it. Once out the door you'll realize that your in a familiar place.  This
is the hallway outside the elevator in floor B1 of the Tank Hanger.

Our Objective now is to make it all the way back to the  place  where  we 
fought Sniper wolf. Although there have been no  significant  changes  in
the path there are still two side trips that we can make to get two items
which we will benefit from a lot. 

  ------------------|  SECRET ITEM : THE CAMERA  |------------------
| Now that we have the level 6 card courtey of Otacon, we can open all  |
| the doors in this base and the Nuke Building. This is  one  of those  |
| fun to have in your inventory items. To get the camera, go  back  to  |
| the armory of the Tank Hanger, and go through the wall hole as if we  |
| were going to the place where we fought Revolver Ocelot. But remember |
| there was an additional place to put the C4 in on the right wall, it  |
| was right next to the place where we put the bomb to reveal the area  | 
| where Kenneth Baker was held. Blow that area up now with the C4.  If  |
| you don't have any then take it from the rooms in the armory itself.  |
|                                                                       |
| Now you will come out in a little hallway, there are two gun cams in  | 
| this place, one at the north end and one at the south end, and  also  | 
| two doors, both locked with level 6. Open those doors after using  a  | 
| chaff grenade to disrput the gun camera's. Each of the two doors has  |
| a gun camera inside it as well so you'll need to be quick. One  door  |
| woill have a bunch of stun and chaff grenades, and the other one has  |
| the Camera in it. Take it.                                            |
|                                                                       |
| NOTE : You can take pictures of anything from the camera using it as  | 
| if you were viewing through the Scope you have. Remember  that  each  | 
| picture takes one block on your memory card so dont waste it.         |
|                                                                       |
| NOTE FOR PC VERSION : All of you who have the PC version, dont  hold  |
| back on using the camera since it takes very little space on your PC  |
| hard drive and the pictures are neatly stacked. So get on.            |
|                                                                       |
| Also, the camera will be in your inventory in the next game too  but  |
| only if you found it once in the main game.                           |

  -----------------|  SECRET ITEM : THE BODY ARMOR  |------------------
| This isn't really a secret item and you can find a body armor later   |
| in the game too but that is very late in the game and here you  are   |
| able to find one pretty early on. So, when your in the NUKE building  |
| take the elevator to floor B2 and go down the gassy hallway as if we  |
| were going to Otacon's lab. But turn left at the intersection to the  |
| hall where we moved as the Nikita Missile.                            |
|                                                                       |
| Go left till you reach an open area with a couple of gun cameras and  |
| a bunch of doors above you. One of the doors here will be locked  by  |
| a Level 6 pad. Go in it to find the Body armor. When equipped,  this  |
| baby will reduce the amount of damage that Snake sustains. Really is  |
| handy during boss fights.                                             |
|                                                                       |
| Also, check around the rest of this area as well to find the various  |
| ammo for different weaponry of yours.                                 |

Oh and just let me add one more thing. When your passing through the wolf
area equip Sniper Wolf's scarf and the wolves will go soft  on you,  they
wont hurt you even if you kill them or punch them. That's  because Sniper 
Wolf is the only person in FOX hound who takes  care of the  wolves,  and
they like her too.

                                  UNDERGROUND PASSAGE

After you've taken the items and are ready to proceed on with the story.
Head back to where we fought Sniper Wolf. Once you reach the passageway
Snake will stop and have a flashback of Meryl, where she was shot. Also
your contacted by your Codec team and they try to make Snake feel good.

Once your ready, proceed on to the other side of this large area andg go
to the door we were trying to enter before we were caught. Now that  you
have the right card, enter that door. Now you'll enter another  straight
hallway. Go ahead and turn left. Run down the end of the hallway and  go
through the door. You will be spotted by a Camera's and Snake will  note
that there are guards coming from behind him.

Quickly take out the FA MAS and kill these first two guards  right  here
afterward, pick up the Rope item and the pack of stun grenades near  you
and run forward. This is one helluva sequence as you will now run up all
the stairs of this huge tower chased by guards who come from  ahead  and
behind of you.

Here's a few tips that you should find helpful.

1/ You should never stop and keep running at all times since the guards
   will close in from behind you and start shooting.
2/ Keep an eye out in front of you as well since there are guards   who
   will shoot at you from your front as well.
3/ A tip to make the run easier to remove all weaponry and run bare hand
   and when you come up to a solder in front of  you  press the fire key
   to make Snake throw that guy behind  you,  hopefully knocking out any
   approaching guards as well.
4/ If your one of those people who have finished the game once and are
   equipped with the Bandana, you can make this trip very easy, either
   just keep on throwing stun grenades to get yourself a clear path or
   equip the FAMAS and keep firing while running to mow down anyone in
   front of you.

Continue to run upwards in the tower with these tips, when  you  reach 
the middle part you will see a door, but it won't open from your side,
Otacon will call in and tell you that it gets jammed due to the ice so
you have to go all the way up to the tower. So go all the way up.

Once you reach  the final floor of the tower, the camera will go to  a
different  angel and you'll see the ladder you can take to the roof of
the  tower. But ignore that for now and run to the opposite end of the
top floor of the tower. Here you can find some missiles and a ration.

Now quickly run to the ladder and take it to the top, the guards  on
your tail are probably on your ass by now.

                                  COMMUNICATION TOWERS

Once your up the ladder, go up and through the only door in this small
room, Snake will notice that he is on the roof  of  the  communication
tower A and we need to go to the tower B, the two towers  are  luckily
joined by a bridge and you need to cross it to reach the other side.

So when your back in control head for the bridge but before you can go
over it a barrage of missiles comes in and blows the bridge, and a big
antena dish into bits. Its Liquid Snake, in a chopper and he's out  to
get rid of our hero Snake once and for all. Snake realizes that he  is
trapped and needs to find a way to get out of this area quickly.

As soon as your back in control take out the rope item from your  item
inventory and head straight up, to the corner of the roof of the tower.
Snake will harness the rope quickly and now you have to repel down the
side of the tower with it. When your back in control the Colonel  will
call you and give you a quick briefing on how to repel downards and go
sideways etc etc.

The important thing here is that Liquid will be shooting  at you  with
the hind D at times and there will be dangerous steam  coming  out  of 
some of the pipes, you have to avoid both of them and make it all  the
way down before your health runs out. In order to avoid  the gun  fire 
just simply repel further down, and make sure that there is  no  steam
where your about to land. If there is a steam  of gas  below you  then 
wait a second or two for the gas to subside then quickly jump to  that
area and jump further down before the gas starts up again.

You should be able to make it all the way down using this method.  You
will come on a narrow bridge, which is actually just on the other side
of the door we crossed when in the middle of our run to to top of  the
communication tower a little while earlier.

If you want to go back through the door then take out a C4 and put  it
on the door, get back a little and detonate it. This should un jam the
door and you will be able to pass through it at will now.

Now, to go ahead. First check where you landed and you will  find  one
ration and some missiles or ammo. Before you  think or  crossing  this
narrow bridge in front of you, you should know there are guards on the
other side who can shoot you from there, but you can't.  Meaning  that
you cannot pass ahead until you get rid of them.

So take out the Sniper rifle, and take some medicine to calm Snake and
kill those three guards from where you are. Each should take two  hits
from the rifle. Otherwise use the Nikita missile to get rid of them.

Once they're dead, run forward to where they were, but before you  get 
to the end of the bridge Liquid pops up again and shoots at you, avoid
him completely and turn left. Go to the end of the bridge and enter the
door at the end. In this small room do NOT forget to take the  STINGER
MISSILE LAUNCHER and some ammo for it.

Pass through the small door here to reach a new area.

Your in the middle  of communication tower B now. Before anything,  you
must turn right and go down  all the floors of  the tower  as  possible. 
But you will see that the stairs are broken in the middle  of a   floor
so this is out of the question.

Go back to the  floor  we started in this tower from, and go down  the
screen this time, you'll  notice  an elevator here but it  won't  work 
either. So now we have to go to the roof  of  this tower to finish the
battle with Liquid once and for all. By the way, did I forget to  tell
you that you'll run into Otacon here too :P .

From the elevator  go right and you'll see stairs leading up, but this
time there's no guards  following you. You will see some gun  camera's
mounted on the walls every few  floors and they increase in number  on
each location. In order to get past  them throw a chaff  grenade  just 
as your about to reach the gun's so they  are distracted and  you  can 
go past them safely.

Once you  reach the top of the stairs take the ladder up like tower  A
and enter the  door up top to reach the roof of this tower. Snake  and
Liquid come face to  face now, or rather face to chopper. After a chat
scene its time for the boss fight.

  --------------|  BOSS BATTLE : LIQUID iN HIND D  |----------------
| This, in my opinion is one of the easier fights if your a good hider  |
| and can quickly aim and fire at the chopper with the Stinger missile .|
| A little note that you can not fight this battle with anything other  |
| then the stinger missile. So you know exactly what to equip.          |
|                                                                       |
| Here are the basic DONT's of this battle.                             |
|                                                                       |
| 1/ DON't attempt to fight without the stinger, you'll fail.           |
| 2/ DON't stay in the open too long since he'll chop you up.           |
| 3/ DON't stay on the lower end of the roof, its better to             |
|    stay in the top area with the big block structure to hide behind.  |
| 4/ DON't fire the stinger unless the target box gets red. Fire any    |
|    other time and your missile is wasted.                             |
|                                                                       |
| Right from the start of the battle, if you picked up the body armor   |
| earlier then equip it. See that block like structure in the middle    |
| of the top part of the roof, thats what we're going to hide behind    |
| for the most part of this fight. The radar is very important in the   |
| battle since you'll be able to find out exactly where the chopper is. |
|                                                                       |
| When your ready to fire, get out of the covering, make sure your not  |
| too close to anything as your missile can damage you pretty badly if  |
| it miss fires. Then aim at the chopper until the target box gets red  |
| and fire the missile. Then quickly hide behind the box again since    |
| Liquid will most definetly start shooting at you once he's hit.       |
|                                                                       |
| The Hind has a couple of hit zones, so you shouldn't have a hard time |
| aiming at the chopper itself. The hard thing about this battle is the |
| gun on the chopper as it causes really quick multiple damage. If your |
| aiming at the hind and he starts shooting at you, forget the shot for |
| now and concentrate on hiding.                                        |
|                                                                       |
| If your short on missiles, then you can find another pack in the area |
| where the broken bridge should have joined this tower, lower right    | 
| hand corner of the area. There's a ration on the roof too.            |
|                                                                       |
| Once you hit him enough he will get back and you will see a little    |
| scene of Liqiud firing a missile from his chopper. When he does that  |
| you should definetly stay behind the box structure to be safe, the    |
| missile will hit the lower parts of the roof and it can cause quiet   |
| a lot of damage if your hit. After this scene continue like before.   |
|                                                                       |
| When the hind is almost finished Liquid will start hiding his hind in |
| the lower corners of the roof, you will be able to see it but you can |
| not do anything about it if its below you. You will know this part as |
| the boss music will also fade out. Then the chopper will suddenly     |
| emerge from the shadows and start shooting. At this time quickly hide |
| or shoot the chopper with your missile.                               |
|                                                                       |
| When the chopper health finishes, liquid will go back and fire one    |
| more missile at the roof, but this one can't damage you so stand      |
| where ever you like. After the missile is fired, the chopper starts   |
| to malfunction and falls down with Liquid in it. This battle is done. |

Once the battle is finished you will get a call from Otacon who tells you
that the elevator in the tower has mysteriously started working again and
that Snake should use it now.

From the roof, if you didnt take it before, take the ration and make your
way back down to the floor with the elevator on it. Use Chaff grenades on
the turrets to make your path easier and once you get down to  the  floor
with the elevator use it.

Once in the elevator, first the weight limit bell will go off, then Snake
will get a call from Otacon who tells him that some one  stole  his  four
stealth prototype devices and those some one are in the elevator with our
hero at this time. Now a frantic battle begins. There are  four  soldiers 
in the elevator with you using the stealth device that Otacon uses and we
have to kill them.

Equip the thermal goggles to see them easier, but you'll be able to  spot
them easily enough without it since they move a lot. The  best method  to
take on them is the FA MAS. But you can also choke and break their  necks
for quicker more efficient kills.

Either way, once you kill the four soliders the elevator will come to the
bottom floor and you can proceed on with the story. Once off the elevator
head left and behind the stairs area to find some more ammo. Once taken go
back to the elevator area and enter the small door on the south wall  to
the right of the elevator. There are gun cams in this area so you  might 
want to throw a chaff grenade just in case.

In this room, run south and enter the door to the left, continue on this
path and enter the door at the very end of the passage to exit to a snow
field where the next boss battle awaits.

In the snow field, run forward and you'll see via the sniper scope  that
Sniper Wolf is aiming at Snake, now we have to finish her one more  time
in order to proceed. You will have a long codec chat with Otacon  during
which Wolf butts in as well. After the chat is finished the battle begins.

  ----------------|  BOSS BATTLE : SNIPER WOLF II  |------------------
| You have to fight Sniper wolf again, but this time the battle is much |
| harder as your in a big snow field and she can attack you from diff   |
| erent directions to make your life miserable. First off you can do    |
| this battle with either the PSG 1 Sniper rifle or the Nikita missiles |
| for some efficient fighting.                                          |
|                                                                       |
| Here are the basic DONT's of this battle.                             |
|                                                                       |
| 1/ DON't stay in the open, get to the corner ASAP.                    |
| 2/ DON't waste your Diazepan unless you know exactly where she is.    |
| 3/ DON't hesitate in using the nikita missiles.                       |
|                                                                       |
| Once the battle begins, you can either stand where you are and start  |
| aiming for her with the Sniper rifle or if you have a bunch of Nikita |
| missile's left then you can follow a very sneakier method.  From the  |
| start quickly go right and hide behind the elevator ledge in that end |
| of the room. You should find some ammo there as well.                 |
|                                                                       |
| Now, from there, Wolf will not be able to hit you as long as you are  |
| behind the elevated ledge. So, equip the Nikita missile and fire one  |
| shot, switch into first person view mode so you can see exactly where |
| Wolf is hiding, the detector on the missile will show Wolf as a box   |
| even if she's in the dark area {I-E too far to see normally} so you   |
| can easily steer the missile right into her.                          |
|                                                                       |
| Keep in mind that the missile cant magically go over elevated ledges  |
| so you need to find paths for the missile to go up. Also, dont hit    |
| anything else in the way and concetrate on hitting wolf directly.     |
| The missile also has its own fuel limit so be quick in your shooting. |
|                                                                       |
| With this method it really shouldn't take a long time to beat her and |
| you won't be loosing much of your health either. But if you want to   |
| save the missiles or you just dont have any, then you have no other   |
| choice but to fight her sniper on sniper. In that scenario, take a    |
| Diazepan and aim quickly, first spot where she is, then run away a    |
| little bit from where you were since she's probably aiming at you     |
| as well. Then re aim and fire at her. Note that even though you can   |
| see her arms and legs when she's hiding behind a tree, you will not   |
| be able to hit her unless she aims at you herself, or is running to   |
| a different location. Pretty soon she'll be dead and its over.        |

After the fight is over you'll see probably the most emotional scene in the
entire game, Otacon arrives just in time to see Snake setting the  love  of
his life, Sniper Wolf, 'free'. Otacon asks Snake why we all fight and Snake
replies that he'll tell him later.

After the scene is over and your back in control, check the area around you
and you'll realize your in a snow field with a lot of doors around you,  on
the left and right and on the north end also.

First check the rooms in the left and right corners to find various  ammo
grenades missiles and such, then check the north doors. The one   on  the
right side is locked with a level 7 lock. We can't go in there  right now.
But the other one is accessible. So go through the only other door in the
northern side. Inside you will see two gun cams and a set of stairs going
down on the far side of the room. Throw a chaff grenade to  distract  the
gun cams and quickly dash down the stairs to end disc 1.

  -------------------|  USING THOSE BOX ITEMS |----------------------
| The reason why im telling you guys how to use the box so late is that |
| in the snowfield area you should have found the final box, and now you|
| can fully utilize the boxes. The boxes do have other uses rather then |
| being pissed on by wolves ya know lol. See those trucks, there's three|
| trucks in total. One in the initial heliport area, one in the storage |
| area for the dismantled warheads, and one in the snowfield here. Equip|
| the respective area box you want to return to and sit in the truck. In|
| a little while a soldier walks by, spots the box and drives you to the|
| specific area. Box A represents the heliport area, box B represents   |
| the Nuke storage Building and box C represents this snowfield. Now you|
| can return to previous area's to regain ammo.                         |

                            ____  _  ____  ____    ____ 
                           /  _ \/ \/ ___\/   _\  /_   \
                           | | \|| ||    \|  /     /   /
                           | |_/|| |\___ ||  \_   /   /_
                           \____/\_/\____/\____/  \____/

                                  BLAST FURNACE

Now, at the end of the stairs you will come out in the blast  furnace of
the facility. Before anything, kill the single guard here and check  the
far left area. you'll notice a narrow ledge going to the other  side  of
the area but there is a crane moving in between which will cause problems.

After you've killed the guard, equip either the stinger  or  the  nikita
missiles and fire two shots at the crane, that should make the crane fall
down clearing the path. There is an elevator to cross over to the other
side as well but thats not working right now. How predictable.

After making the crane fall down, go over to the left side of the area you
are in and stick to the wall, now cross over the narrow catwalk, since the
crane is now destroyed there is nothing blocking your path ahead. Cross to
the other side and reach the other area.

Once here, go north of the screen and you'll see some stairs leading down
to the main floor of the furnace, be cautious as there  is sometimes  one
guard walking on the stairs. Kill the guard and go down  the stairs,  you
will see a big door on the north wall right after the stairs and a  small
opening in the south wall.

  -----------------|  SECRET ITEM : THE BODY ARMOR  |------------------
| This time getting the body armor will apply only if you didn't take it|
| the first time when possible. In the main floor of  the blast  furnace|
| go through the little opening at the south of the stairs. You will  be|
| in a very high temperature room as the screen starts to get heated up.|
| In this small room, watch out for steam jets coming out of walls, they|
| can hurt you as well. Proceed south then turn  left and  at  the  very|
| left crouch down and cross over the pipes into the new area.          |
|                                                                       |
| Now you will come out in the main furnace floor again, in a different |
| area, there are two gun cam's here, throw a chaff to distract them    |
| then quickly take the various ammo here and also take the body armor  |
| from the center of the floor. Head back afterwards.                   |

Head through the big north door to enter the new area.

In this new area run forward and you'll see that the big cargo elevator is
coming up to your floor, so take the time to collect the ammo packs around
this area before the elevator arrives at your floor. Once the elevator is
stopped go to the control panel in the right hand corner and press on it
with the action key. Snake will start the elevator.

But before the elevator can go wrong, a couple of guards spot Snake and 
jump onto the elevator as well. Now we have to kill them quickly. Equip
the FA MAS to kill them quicker or if your good enough you  can  either
throw them off the railing of the elevator or punch combo them over it.
This battle is sort of hard as these soldiers take a lot of bullets.

Once you've killed them the elevator will reach its destination. At this
time throw a chaff grenade and quickly head for the right  side  of  the 
screen where you'll see another similar elevator, we threw  the  grenade
because there's a gun cam right in  our  way. Start this second elevator
now and prepare to go down.

On your way down you will get a long and interesting codec call.  Listen
to it well. Once the elevator ride ends you will  come  out in  a frozen 
like area with a bunch of crows flying around in it. There is a big door
at the north end but dont go in it straight away. Check the area  behind
the containers to find some missiles and a ration. Once your ready enter
the big door.

Inside, Snake meets Vulcan Raven again, only this time he's on his  feet
and you have to fight him mano e mano.

  --------------|  BOSS BATTLE : VULCAN RAVEN   |----------------
| This is your final encounter with this behemoth of a man and its a    |
| fight to death this time. Raven will be equipped  with  a  mammoth    |
| mini gun and he won't hesitate in stomping holes in Snake with  it.   |
| Also, raven has a huge field of vision so he will be able  to  spot   |
| you from any corner of the ware house, so you should take cover.      |
|                                                                       |
| Here are the basic dont's of this fight.                              |
|                                                                       |
|  1/ DON't get in front of Raven, stay behind him or hidden.           | 
|  2/ DON't try to finish him using hand to hand moves. Won't work.     |
|  3/ DON't use small arms like FAMAS or Socom on him, won't work.      |
|  4/ DON't stay around after firing a missile at him since he'll       |
|     immediately look at you after that.                               |
|                                                                       |
| Okey, in this fight your going to use only the missiles, either the   |
| Stinger missiles or the Nikita missiles. You shouldn't have a lot of  |
| Stingers on you by this time so use them wisely and carefully.        |
|                                                                       |
| Raven will be patrolling around the warehouse in all directions and   |
| he'll often turn around quickly to check his rear side. What you do   |
| is not get in front of him or he'll mow you down. The best method of  |
| taking on him is by hiding behind the containers and firing when he's |
| got his back turned to your side, so you can shoot from behind.       | 
|                                                                       |
| With the Stinger missile, wait for Vulcan to run ahead of where ever  |
| your standing so his back will be at you, then quickly come out of    |
| hiding and fire a missile at him, quickly un equip the stinger and    |
| get back behind a container. Hopefully the missile will make contact. |
|                                                                       |
| With the Nikita missile, like before make sure his back is turned at  |
| you but since you can control the Nikita missile, you can navigate    |
| around corners as well if you accidentally miss him. But dont forget  |
| to keep an eye on the radar, you don't want Raven to spot Snake while |
| your out controlling the missile, cause that'll be really bad for you.|
|                                                                       |
| One more thing you should remember using the nikita, try not to make  |
| the missile move much since it slows down if you change its direction |
| and vulcan raven can shoot your missiles down with his machine gun.   |
| Which is also another reason we don't attack him up front, since you  |
| will just end up wasting your missiles. Remember, if Vulcan is right  |
| in front of you, let the nikita go straight, it will detect if the    |
| missile is near it and turn around, but get hit with it any way.      |
|                                                                       |
| You can also play sneaky in this fight and use C4 or mines to set     |
| traps in the path he walks on. The C4 does a good deal of damage to   |
| him and you might want to use this method slightly more often.        |
|                                                                       |
| When his health bar gets smaller he starts to get more annoyed and he |
| moves around quicker and turns around more often to look behind. You  |
| should continue the above given methods and soon he'll be finished.   |

Once this fight is over, Raven will reveal some very important story plots
to you and before he dies he will hand over a level 7 card to you as well.
Well, atleast he did something good once. After his scenes  are over  you
will immediately get another codec call from the Master.

Once the talking is done you'll have the level 7 card and now we  can  go 
anywhere we like. So proceed through the big door at the north end of the
warehouse and go through. You will come out in a new area. Here equip the
thermal goggles to see two trap doors on the floor in front of you. Don't
forget to take the Chaff grenade from your left and proceed a little more
into the room. When you come to an open  area you'll notice  hundreds  of 
gun camera's everywhere. So quickly throw a chaff grenade and make a  run
for the door in the other corner of the room. Ignore the part to the right
of the door with the stairs unless you want some extra missiles.

  ---------------|  GETTING THE MINE DETECTOR AGAIN  |---------------
| If for some reason you forgot to take the mine detector very  early on|
| in the game then you can find another mine launcher on the area to the|
| right of the door that you have to go through,there are some stairs on|
| that side and if you climb up those you will find a mine detector and |
| a couple of more missiles for the taking.                             |

In the new area, run straight forward and Snake will finally come face to
face with the Metal Gear. Looking pretty much completed. After the  scene
go straight then turn right and go to the upper right portion of the area
to find a ladder leading up towards the Metal Gear. There are some stairs
leading down into some sewer water here as well but ignore that  for  now,
When your about to climb the ladder you'll get a call from Otacon. Take it
then climb up the ladder.

Here, either go around the catwalk to find some items, or go up north the
screen to find the next ladder. in the third area go around the cat  walk
again to find some ammo or take the ladder which takes you to the roof of
the Metal Gear. Cross over it and drop on the other side of the cat walk.
Now just run across this catwalk, there's a guard here so watch out  for
him. At the end of the catwalk you'll see a control room. Enter it.

Now you'll see a scene in which Snake realizes that Liquid is still alive
and well, even after that hind D crash. Otacon explains to Snake how to
use the PAL keycard during this scene and it ends with Ocelot knocking
the card out of Snake's hand and into the water down below.

After the scene is over, the guards would have been alerted and there is
nothing you can do about liquid and ocelot for the time being so ignore
them and quickly head back to where the ladder were. Take out any guard
that blocks your way and make it to the ladders.

Take the ladders all the way to the first floor of the Metal Gear room
and take the stairs down into the muddy water, we need to find the PAL
key card quickly. Note that you will loose your health very  slowly if
you stay in the water for too long.

Now, you won't be able to see any thing in the water so equip the mine
detector which doubles as a metal detector and you should see a couple
of red blimps on your radar. Note that you can accidentally pick  up a
bomb in these waters as well, so if that happens throw it out of  your
inventory ASAP. You may also find some other items in here  but  we're
here just for the card.

If you don't find the card using the metal detector quickly then that
means that a rat must have swallowed it, you will  get  a  call  from 
Master if that happens and he'll tell you  what  to  do  in that case. 
Keep your eye on the radar and you will spot  a  moving  red blimp in
the piping system, keep track of it and you'll notice its a rat, wait
for it to come out into open then shoot its ass to get the card back.

How a rat is able to eat a card is beyond me.

Once you hopefully have your card back go back all the way up to  the
control room where you spotted Liquid and Ocelot, they won't be  here
now but we dont care about them. Throw a chaff grenade before  you go
inside this room as there are two security  camera's in there  and if
your spotted they'll lock the room down and gas it. 

Once inside the room, check the first of the three computers with the
PAL card equipped.  You will see a scene now. Now we need to cool the
key down. How do we do that ? We do it in the warehouse.

                                  COOLING THE KEY

If you dont know what to do then you can always ask your  Codec team,
they'll tell you where you have to go as well. Anyway, we  now  have
to cool the card down and the closest we can do that is  in the ware
house we just killed Vulcan Raven in. So get out of the control room
and get back all the way down to the first floor of the Metal Gear.

From here, go back to the room with the hundreds of gun camera's. Use
a chaff  to clear your path and watch out for the pits while entering
the raven warehouse.

Something i forgot to mention before was that you can find more ration
and missiles on the sides of the warehouse so while your here take all
of those  things.  Now,  un equip the PAL card if you've got it on you
and just stand in one corner of the place for a little while. Check on
your inventory from time to time. You'll know when the card is cool.

When the card becomes blue and the logo on it changes, quickly go to
the  gun  camera room, then back to the metal gear room and head for
the control  room  quickly  since if you waste time with the card it
will go back to its original state  and you will have to cool it all
over again. Once in the control room,  use the card on the middle PC.
Now just one more thing to do.

                                  HEATING THE KEY

After using the cold key, we now have to warm the key up, and  since
we're in Alaska, there's only one place i can think of. The  big bad
Blast furnace. So start making your way all the way back through the
area's to the Blast furnace.

Note though that  the Vulcan Raven warehouse will now be patrolled by
guards and on your way back you will receive another call from Master
on your Codec. Watch  out for the gun camera when switching Elevators 
and  when  your up to the  Blast furnace its best that you go in that
little steam room directly to the south of the cargo elevator entrace.

In the steam room, find a corner, equip the card and sit tight. Check
on  the  card every little while, first it will go back to the normal
temperature  mode  then after a little while it will turn Red and its
logo will change again. Now that the card is heated up, we need to be
really quick since the cold weather can change it quickly.

Keep the card equipped and close to your body at all times so that it
doesn't go cold quickly and make your way back to the Metal Gear area.
Along the way, you'll get a very long and emotional Codec session and
things start to add up.

Once your near the Metal Gear Control room don't forget to save your
game and enter the control panel and use the final card on the final
computer. Its all over now.

Or is it ?

                                  THE CONCLUSION

Snake doesn't know what he's done as he finds out  that he's a part of
a very elaborate scheme and he accidentally helped  Liquid and  Ocelot
by starting up the Metal Gear for them. Master Miller   calls  you and 
you finally learn how the terrorists knew everything, since Miller IS
liquid snake in disguide.

After the scenes are over, you will be trapped in the control room and
it  will start filling up with gas. Quickly call Otacon from the codec
and he will shut the gas down in a little while, equip the gas mask as
Otacon does his work and when the gas is out and the door opens back up
you'll see a glimpse of Liquid running in the distance. Follow him.

Another series  of scenes starts in which Liquid reveals to Snake that
he and Snake are infact  twin  brothers and that they're both the sons 
of Big Boss. After some more talking Liquid suddenly makes a break for
the Metal Gear and enters it. The entire area begins to rise and Snake
and Liquid are taken to a huge empty ware house like area. Now its you
against a huge Metal Gear.

  -----------------|  BOSS BATTLE : METAL GEAR REX |-----------------
|                              PART I                                   |
|                              ------                                   |
|                                                                       |
| The first part of this boss fight is not that difficult, neither is   |
| the second part for that matter, but here we go. For this stage of    | 
| the fight your main target is the radome plate on Rex's shoulder.     |
| His left shoulder to be a bit more specific. You can not hurt Rex     |
| at any other place at this time in the battle.                        |
|                                                                       | 
| Here are the basic DONT's of this battle.                             |
|                                                                       |
|  1/ DON't stand still as he'll hit missiles at you.                   |
|  2/ DON't get too close to him, he'll try to stomp on you.            |
|  3/ DON't use any other weaponry besides the Stinger missiles,        |
|     since nothing else is powerful enough to hurt him.                |
|  4/ DON't fire off missiles rapidly, wait for the red target          |
|     box to appear again before firing the second missile.             |
|                                                                       |
| This battle can be very easy if you have a couple of chaff grenades   |
| on you before the fight, as soon as the fight starts REX roars and    |
| charges at you. Throw a chaff grenade to confuse it momentarily and   |
| hit the radome on his shoulder at least 2 times. When REX is back in  |
| order it will launch missiles at you, to avoid the missiles just run  |
| right towards rex and you'll be safe from them.                       |
|                                                                       |
| If you get too close to him, he'll attack with a machine gun, to      |
| avoid that run away from REX. Also, dont get too close since he's     |
| just all that much happy to stomp on you.                             |
|                                                                       |
| If you have the body armor with you then equip it ASAP, and this      |
| fight will be a tad bit easier. Overall this isnt a hard fight and    |
| will quickly be over. After you've damaged it enough a scene begins.  | 
|                                                                       |
| Grey Fox comes in to rescue Snake just as he's about to be pounded    |
| and manages to knock off the radome dish completely opening up the    |
| mouth of REX revealing Liquid inside it. But unfortunately even Fox   |
| isnt strong enough to survive REX and gets seriously injured.         |
|                                                                       |
| When FOX is talking and you are back in aiming mode, Snake will not   |
| be able to fire at either FOX or REX because he doesn't want to hit   |
| Fox accidentally. But unfortunately Liquid is not that kind and he    |
| crushes Fox with REX, killing him.                                    |
|                                                                       | 
|                                                                       |
|                             PART II                                   |
|                             -------                                   |
|                                                                       |
| Now its personal. Liquid has gone too far. Fortunately Grey fox did   |
| what he said he would, the rex mouth is now open and you have a new   |
| target to fire at, liquid himself. Also the metal gear will not move  |
| during this stage of the fight.                                       |
|                                                                       |
| The basic DONT's of this battle are the same as part I.               |
|                                                                       |
| In this stage of the fight, like before the rex will shoot out guns   |
| missiles and if your a little close to it, it will use the same blue  |
| laser it used to cut fox's legs in the previous scene. If you want to |
| buy yourself some time throw a Stun grenade to distract Liquid for a  |
| small time, take that time to hit him in the cockpit of the rex two   |
| times. This battle will be similar to the first one and you should be |
| able to finish Liquid quickly enough.                                 |

After the big boss fight is finally over, you'll see another series of some
great scenes in which Snake gets caught by Liquid who surprisingly  escaped
the Metal gear blasts without taking serious injuries. Liquid reveals a lot
of gene related  information to Solid Snake. He also reveals that Meryl may
or may not be alive.

After all the chatting and a disappointing conversation on the Codec,  its
time for the final fight. Liquid unties Snake's hands and wants to do  one
on one battle with him. Liquid has tied a bomb near Meryl and the timer is
set for three minutes. If Snake wins he might still be able to save her.

  -----------------|  BOSS BATTLE : LIQUID SNAKE |-------------------
|                                                                       |
| This is it. The battle of fates. Its brother against brother. Both the|
| brothers will be on the roof of the destroyed Metal Gear Solid, a tied|
| up Meryl is there too but we dont know if she's alive or dead and the |
| worst part is that you only have a three minute time in which you must|
| beat Liquid.                                                          |
|                                                                       |
| Here are the basic don't of this battle.                              |
|                                                                       |
|  1/ DON't stand near Liquid after hitting a punch punch kick combo.   |
|  2/ DON't stand near the corners when fighting since you'll slip.     |
|  3/ DON't waste time since you have very little.                      |
|  4/ DON't try to knock Liquid off the side unless his health is       |
|     completely finished since he takes a lot of time to get back      |
|     up, and here, time is money.                                      |
|                                                                       |
| So, in this battle you will have no guns, no rations, and a rapidly   |  
| fininshing time in which you must beat Liquid. The easiest strategy   | 
| here is to just hit liquid with a punch punch kick combo then wait    |
| for him to get up, then hit him with another combo and repeat the     |
| process until his health finihes.                                     |
|                                                                       |
| Note that when his health bar is almost over he will start doing      |
| running charges which are very dangerous since they take a big part   |
| out of Snake's health. Try to avoid those. Also, when ever you are    |
| able to knock him down, he flips to get up, stay away from him at     |
| this point since he'll knock you down with his flipping action too.   |
|                                                                       |
| Also, do try and not get hit by him since his punches are much more   |
| damaging then yours are to him. There is a sneaky method to get rid   | 
| of him quickly though, if your a master of this, try to hit him with  |
| just two punches, then wait for half a second and quickly tap the     |
| punch button two times, if your timing is right then Snake will not   |
| do the kick and hit Liquid two more times with the punches.           |
|                                                                       | 
| If your good at this, you can completely finish his health without    | 
| even knocking him down once. But this requires a lot of practice.     |
| You can make this tip easier on yourself by pressing the pause key    |
| after hitting the first two punches, un pausing and pressing the key  |
| two more times to hit two more punches. Sneaky.                       |
|                                                                       |
| When his health bar finishes, wait for him to be near a corner and    |
| then do a full combo to knock him over and down the side of rex.      |
| Remember, this battle will not finish until you knock him down the    |
| side after his health bar finishes completely.                        | 

Now you will get the biggest spoiler in the entire game, if you submitted to
Ocelot's torture then Snake will discover that Meryl is dead and Otacon will
arrive in the area to help Snake in getting out and he'll be with you in the
ending stages of the game.

If you managed to survive through the torture sequence the Meryl will be all
alive and well. She and Snake will be together for the final  stretch of the
game and Otacon will help them from back in the facility.

After the scenes are over and Snake is in prep again you'll see a  9  minute
timer on your head, once your back in control of Snake your  partner will go
ahead, dont follow him/her just yet, turn back  around  and  enter the small
door behind you, you will find another ration there.  Since  you've lost all
items this is the only one you'll have. Now run  after  your  partner and he
or she will get caught by a camera and some guards will rush in.

You need  to fight the guards until your partner can start up the jeep, the
best method  is  to choke out the guards quickly, once your partner manages
to start the jeep ignore  them  and  run for the jeep, once your in it blow
up the barrles next to the blocked path to make the jeep go ahead.

  -------------|  SURVIVING THE JEEP SEQUENCE FINALE  |--------------
| This is it. The final stretch of the game, your in the back seat of a |
| gun mounted jeep and Meryl or Otacon will be driving the jeep. You've |
| got to take out any enemies that pop up. Well technically speaking you|
| won't be facing enemies randomly. The jeep will stop at two checkposts|
| and you will have to kill three guards on each post. After killing the|  
| guards blow the barrels next to the posts to clear the path so that   |
| your partner can move the jeep further.                               |
|                                                                       | 
| If your having a hard time aiming them press the first person key to  | 
| see directly with the gun, this makes aiminig a lot easier.           |
|                                                                       |
| When you pass both the check points, a brief scene happens in which   |
| we see that Liquid is STILL alive and he's following you in another   |
| jeep. He's got a machine gun in his hand and he'll be shooting at you |
| too so you return the favor. The quicker you shoot Liquid in this     |
| sequence the faster the chase scene will end. There is no specific    |
| health bar for him during this stage but you should keep on hitting   |
| him. Dont hesitate to use the ration if your health goes down since   |
| you won't be needing any after this sequence.                         |
|                                                                       |
| Once the chase scene is about to end your partner character will see  |
| some light at the end of the tunnel but Liquid crashes his jeep into  | 
| yours and its game over. Now sit back and watch the finale.           |

Now sit back and watch the long and well deserved ending sequence of the game
but dont be quick to shut the game down, watch the entire ending credits and
once the credits are over you'll be able to save your game.

If you load this game then you will start from the beginning docks and have
either the camo device Otacon gave you or the limitless bandana Meryl  gave
you in the final sequences. Along with the Camera if you took it this  time.


!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*******
                     _ _               _ _    _   
                    (_) |_ ___ _ __   | (_)__| |_ 
                    | |  _/ -_) '  \  | | (_-<  _|
                    |_|\__\___|_|_|_| |_|_/__/\__|

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*******

Here is a list of all the key items that you find during the game in
alphabetical order {from A to Z}

BODY ARMOR                                                             
Found : B1 of Nuke building, gassed area, also found in Blast Furnace room.
Body armor is just what it sounds like, it reduces the amount of damage 
Snake receives by any kind of attack. A handy tool.

Found : In your inventory from the start if you finished with the good ending.
The words limitless are written on it. When you have the Bandana equipped 
from the inventory, you will have unlimited ammo to spend.

CARDBOARD BOX A                                                         
Found : The first cardboard box is found in 1F of Tank Hanger, Lv1 door.
Cardboard boxes can be used to deceive the enemy and to travel in trucks.

CARDBOARD BOX B                                                         
Found : The next cardboard box is found in B1 of Nuke Building, Lv5 door.
Cardboard boxes can be used to deceive the enemy and to travel in trucks.

CARDBOARD BOX C                                                         
Found : The final cardboard box is found in the snow field with sniper wolf II.
Cardboard boxes can be used to deceive the enemy and to travel in trucks.

Found : The camera is found in plastered area in B2 of Tank Hanger. Armory.
The camera can be used to take pictures of anything in the game and store
them on to the memory card.

Found : Snake has them from the start of the game, check your inventory.
Cigarette's can be used to reveal hidden trap wires if you dont have the
thermal goggles on you, smoking is hazardous to your health though.

Found : Found anywhere near where you are going to be fighting Sniper Wolf.
Diazepem is the capsule Sniper Wolf uses through out the game, its a 
muscle relaxant and calms you down when aiming with a sniper rifle.

GAS MASK                                                               
Found : One of the many small rooms in B2 Nuke building, the gassed area.
It is what its name says it is. Equip the gas mask when ever you are in
an area with gas and your oxygen depletion will be slowed down rapidly.

Found : Otacon gives it to you when he comes to see you in the cell.
It seems to have no use, but when equipped in the canyons area where
you encounter the wolves, they will not hurt you at all and let you pass.

Found : Otacon gives it to you when he visits you in the cell your in.
Goes well with Rations, but in this game equip it when your captured
and the guard is away to make as if Snake's killed himself. Used for
escaping from the cell.

Found : Found in lv 6 locked door on B1 Nuke Building central office area.
This is only useable in a rare case, if you stick too close to the guard
in the cell, who has a cold, for too long then Snake will also catch a
cold, and he will occassianally sneeze alerting the guards around you.

MINE DETECTOR                                                           
Found : 1F of the Tank Hanger, office up the stairs, also found in room
        right before finding Metal Gear, the one with all the camera's.
This is a standard issue mine detector, the mines and their directions
will appear on your map, it also doubles as a Metal detector as required.

MO DISC                                                                
Found : Kenneth Baker will give it to you after the Revolver Ocelot fight.
Has no apparent use in the game but is an important item plot wise since
all the test data of the base is stored on ths one single Mo disc.

NIGHT VISION GOGGLES                                                   
Found : One of the small rooms in B1 Nuke building, central office area.
It amplifies ten folds and makes any dark area look bright, this item is
useful only in the cavern area where you encountere wolves, even then if
you have the thermal goggles they're good enough too. Mostly useless.

PAL KEYCARD                                                              
Found : Given to you by Meryl when you meet her in Nuke Building B1 area.
This is the single most important item in the main game, you will need to
use the PAL keycard to turn off the Metal Gear launch system. It has the
ability to change shapes at different temperatures.

PAN KEYCARD                                                              
Found : The standard keycards you use, level increases after each boss.
PAN {Personal Area Network} is the system that your standard keycards
are based on, when you have them equipped and walk near a door, the
electronic door reads the card level and if your level is the same or
above the door level, the door opens up for you automatically.

Found : These are standard issue Military rations, found everywhere.
Rations are what restore Snake's health when he is feeling down. He
can find rations spread through out the base, most killed guards also
drop these. Keep in mind that long exposure to cold weather may cause
the rations to freeze. Then you'll have to thaw them before eating.

Found : You find it in a room below the stairwell of Comm. Tower A.
This is just a one time use item only. You will use it automatically
when Snake is cornered on the roof of Comm. Tower A to repel down the
side of the tower. Contact Colonel Roy for more info on how to use it.

Found : Snake starts off with this standard scope in his inventory.
This is a standard military scope, you can use it to see area's a good
distance away from you, it has zoom in and zoom out features as well.

SOCOM SUPRESSOR                                                         
Found : Giant room in the right hand corner of 1F tank hanger near exit.
This is a silencer accessory for your standard Socom pistol. Once you
have this, just equip the Socom and Snake will automatically put the
supressor on the Socom, afterwards it becomes a perfect Stealth weapon.

STEALTH CAMOUFLAGE                                                      
Found :In your inventory at the start if you finished with the bad ending.
This is the same technology that the ninja uses for stealth. When equipped
you will be completely invisible to the enemies, except bosses, and you 
will even be invisible to camera's and laser beams. Use it for fun.

THERMAL GOGGLES                                                         
Found : Big room in 1F Tank hanger, take the stairs up to the catwalk above.
This is one of the most useful items in the game, with it you will be able
to see laser wires, mines in a snowfield, and even invisibble objects or
people like the ninja, psycho mantis or the three guards you run into in
the elevator after facing the hind D chopper.


!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*******
                  _                     _              
               __| |_  __ _ _ _ __ _ __| |_ ___ _ _ ___
              / _| ' \/ _` | '_/ _` / _|  _/ -_) '_(_-< 
              \__|_||_\__,_|_| \__,_\__|\__\___|_| /__/

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*******

             The main protagonist of the game, Solid Snake is an ex
member of FOX HOUND but be retired after the incidents of  Zanzibar
some years ago. Snake is an expert in stealth  and  infiltration or
rescue missions and he is well trained to  look after himself armed
or unarmed. Snake is also good  friends  with the Colonel in charge
of this  operation,  Roy  Campbell, which is the only reason why he
agree's to  take  part in this mission in the first place. Snake is
a real ladies man and his  cool  and calm attitude is what attracts
every one towards him, even though he's a professional killer.

                           THE CODEC CREW

                                       The colonel is the man incharge
of this operation so you should contact him when ever you need to find
some information on your mission and your current wareabouts, even  if
you dont know what to do next. Naomi Hunter is with the Colonel, she's
not military though. She is a civilian Dr who knows more about the Fox
hound members and the genome soldiers then anyone else.  Ask  her  for
info on how to deal with the members of Fox  Hound when  your  in boss
battle with them. Naomi Hunter is also the person incharge of  Snake's
health during this mission so if at any time you  feel woozy  or  find
yourself seeing halucinations, give her a call.

MEI LING {140.96} :
                   Mei Ling is the person in charge of communications
for this mission, she is the person who you talk to when you want  to
save your game, she'll often also give you vital information on  your
surrounding area thanks to satellite imaging on her part. She's  also
fond of telling Snake old Chinese sayings. Mei Ling seem to  be  very
excited working on this mission, especially on the  fact  that  she's
working with Solid Snake. Who she claims is a 'Living Legend'.

                             Nastasha is the weapon and nuclear info
analyst provided to you, when ever you find a new  weapon,  call her 
and she will provide you with  all  the  information  you need on it.
She's also an expert at Nuclear studies  and  gets very emotional on
that subject since she lost her parents that way. The Colonel highly
recommends Nastasha to Snake as well so its best that you  keep  her
in your contact list for information on how to use complex weaponry.

MASTER MILLER {141.80} :
                        Master Miller was a former Survival expert 
in aera's such as Alaska and a close friend of Snake, he  can give
you all the vital information on how to survive in the Alaskan cold
and keep your mind focused on your mission. He's an expert  in the
subject of Alaskan flaura and fauna too. Give him a call when your
looking for some information on the surrouding lands. Master often
provides you moral lessons as well as he occassionally pops up if
Snake is feeling a bit down due to his mission and responsabilities.

                            Meryl is the niece of Roy Campbell,  a
soldier, she was called on to the island just days before all this
happened. Now Snake was make sure that she lives through this  for
the sake of his old friend Roy Campbell. Meryl is no rookie though
and can easily take care of herself, armed or unarmed. She provides
you with useful information on the base and its operations.  Snake
doesn't want Meryl to get involved in all the action seeing as how
she's just a rookie, or has he developed a soft spot in his  heart
for her ?.

Dr. HAL EMMERICH {141.12} :
                           When you first meet him, he  asks you to
call him Otacon. He's a big fan of Japan animation and wanted to be
a scientist just for the sake of making the  world  a  better place, 
unfortunately his employers were not  of  that kind. Now Otacon has
vowed to help Snake in his mission  any  way  possible. Contact him
for information on the military base, metal gear and  whatever.  He
seems to have developed a liking to some  one  on the mission as he
asks Snake if love can bloom on a battlefield. 

            Sharing the same name as the informant in the watergate
scandal. Deep throat is some one who transmits to Snake from within
the Alaskan base, his agenda is unknown but it seems  he's  out  to 
help Snake as he contacts Snake when ever  Snake  is  in a hopeless
or dangerous situation to tell him  exactly what to do. You can not
contact him and talk to him yourself.

       In the Japanese version of Metal Gear Solid Integral, if you
use the codec to call 140.07 then you get a person named "Staff" on
your calling list, upon calling some japanese text  flashes  before
he screen, and since i don't read japanese i dont know what it says.
Also, I think it can only be done once.

                           UNIT FOX HOUND

LIQUID SNAKE :                                                    
              Liquid Snake is the current leader of the  unit  FOX 
HOUND and is the master mind behind this terrorist  attack. He has
the same face as Solid Snake for some reason, wether he is Snake's
twin brother or its just a coincidence is  yet  unknown. He served 
the military and spent several years in a POW  camp. He also speak
many languages fluently making it easier for him to get around and
get in contact with all kinds of people. A true mastermind. Liquid
is also qualified enough to use equipment like military Choppers.

REVOLVER OCELOT :                                                 
                 Revolver Ocelot is the gun slinger in the current
FOX HOUND group, he is a Russian by nature and Liquid's close ally
during this operation. He has gun abilities second to almost  none
and claims that he can kill anything with six shots of his gun. He
is also a sadistic torturer and has his fun with the person he has
to torture before killing them. 

PSYCHO MANTIS :                                                  
               Psycho Mantis is the Psychic of the FOX HOUNd unit.
He is a former member of the KGB Psychic studies department. With
a sadistic child hood, he grew to be a sad man.  His  telekinetic
skills are superb and he can read any person's mind. He is strong
enough to make telekinetic projectiles to strike at peopla or use
objects from surrounding area's to hit them  without even lifting
his finger. He kills for fun, is what he claims.

VULCAN RAVEN :                                                   
              Giant and a Shamen, Vulcan  Raven is a very strong
man blessed with spiritual powers and control over some forms of
life as it seems. Vulcan Raven is the biggest  person in the FOX
HOUND unit mass wise. His tough body makes  him naturally strong
against the Alaskan cold and he is able  to  walk around with no
protective clothing over his body.

SNIPER WOLF :                                                     
             Argueable one of the best snipers in  the  world, her
tragic childhood is what led to her  current state. Sniper Wolf is
able to wait patiently for  hours  without revealing herself for a
target. Her aim never  misses and she often falls in love with her
pray before she finally decides  to  kill  them.  She has a liking 
for the wolves in the alaskan base  area  and  didn't let them die
when the soldiers wanted to kill them.

DECOY OCTOPUS :                                                 
               Decoy Octopus is the ultimate master of disguise.
He  goes as far as taking some one's blood into his own body to
pass off  as that person. Decoy Octopus is an old peron but his
skills never  get  old.  A  very useful member of FOX HOUND for
getting into restricted area's and finding out information.

                           MISC. CHARACTERS

CYBORG NINJA :                                                     
              Not much is known about  this  mysterious  character.
He seems to have some unfinished agenda with Snake, his wareabouts
are as mysterious as his metal exoskeleton. He also seems  to have 
some super human abilities as he moves faster then normal men.

DONALD ANDERSON :                                                  
                 Donald Anderson is the current director of DARPA.
He was on the islands for inspections when the terrorists took over
and as a result he's been taken hostage. One of the two men who
Snake has to rescue as his primary objective.

KENNETH BAKER :                                                   
               Kenneth Baker is the president of a huge arms corp.
named ArmsTech. He was along with the DARPA chief on the island
during the time of the revolt and was also taken hostage. The other
person snake has to rescue as his primary mission objective.

JIM HOUSEMAN :                                                     
              Jim Houseman is the current Secretary of Defence for
the United States of America. He is in complete control of this
entire mission and he gives the orders from his AWACS {Airborne
Warning And Control System} plane. He also seems to be a good old
friend of Kenneth Baker.


!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*******
                 __ __ _____ __ _ _ __  ___ _ _  ___
                 \ V  V / -_) _` | '_ \/ _ \ ' \(_-<
                  \_/\_/\___\__,_| .__/\___/_||_/__/

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*******

Note : The ammo chart below each weapon's description shows the maximum
amount of ammo you can carry for that weapon after boss  fights,  since 
after every boss fight your health and ammo limit increases slightly.

SOCOM PISTOL                                                              
SOCOM is a Semi automatic pistol that Snake finds earlier on during the
mission, its the only weapon in the game which has an attachment.  This
weapon can be used by pressing the attack key once, then letting  go of
it to fire off. If you keep the attack key pressed Snake will  keep the
weapon ready, at that time you can carefully take aim and  fire at your
opponent. It is one of the few weapons that you can  use  while running.
To do that press the X button while holding the  gun  for firing. Snake
will run and fire simultaneously.

Ammo for this weapon is abundant and almost every killed guard will be
carrying these. Equipped with the supressor, the Socom becomes  a true
stealth weapon and it can be used till the very end of the game. 

Ammo chart :

                   Initianl max ammo count : 25
                   ammo count after boss 1 : 49
                   ammo count after boss 2 : 73
                   ammo count after boss 3 : 97
                   ammo count after boss 4 : 121
                   ammo count after boss 5 : 145
                   ammo count after boss 6 : 168
                   ammo count after boss 7 : 192
                   ammo count after boss 8 : 217

FA MAS ASSAULT RIFLE                                                     
The FA MAS is a full auto assault rifle, it should be your primary gun
through out the later stages of the game since the high rate  of  fire
will stop an enemy in their tracks and keep it that  way.  Ammo for it
is not so abundant in the early stages of the  game,  but as you go on
you start finding ammo for this gun more commonly. 

This weapon can also be fired while running, but since the ammo for it
runs out so quickly, its wise to use it  as less as possible. Also the
gun makes  quiet  some  noise  when  fired, alerting guards nearby. No 
extra parts for this gun unfortunately.

Ammo chart :

                   Initianl max ammo count : 101
                   ammo count after boss 1 : Not available at time.
                   ammo count after boss 2 : 151
                   ammo count after boss 3 : 201
                   ammo count after boss 4 : 251
                   ammo count after boss 5 : 301
                   ammo count after boss 6 : 351
                   ammo count after boss 7 : 401
                   ammo count after boss 8 : 451

C4 EXPLOSIVES                                                            
These are your standard issue plastic explosives, used mostly for the
purpose of blasting holes in a wall or on the floor. C4 here is meant
for the same purpose. To use a C4 equip it and stick to a  wall,  you
will notice that that rather then sticking his back to a  wall, Snake
will stand face front to it and place the  C4  on  the  wall, at that 
time press the attack key to make Snake place it on the wall. You can
place C4 on the floors similary. To detonate a C4 press the action key
after placing the C4. Be sure to clear the area as  the damage radius
can be pretty high.

This  weapon  is best used to lay traps for enemies, most soldiers in
the game follow  set patrol paths, lay one down on the floor and hide
somewhere, detonate  it just as the solder is walking over it. It can
also be used effectively in the ware house fight with Vulcan Raven as
it does quiet some damage to him. Its also useful against the tank. It
does not damage it, but it slows the tank down almost completely.

Ammo chart :

                   Initianl max ammo count : 4
                   ammo count after boss 1 : 6
                   ammo count after boss 2 : 8
                   ammo count after boss 3 : 10
                   ammo count after boss 4 : 12
                   ammo count after boss 5 : 14
                   ammo count after boss 6 : 16
                   ammo count after boss 7 : same as above
                   ammo count after boss 8 : same as above

CHAFF GRENADE                                                          
Chaff grenades is the most effective non killing weapon in the game,
that being said there are not that many non killing weapons in  the
game either, but this baby rules any way, to use it just press  the
attack button to make Snake pull the pin out, then release the  key
to make Snake throw the grenade, caution though, dont hold  it  too
long as the grenade explodes after five seconds and can  hurt Snake
quiet a bit. When the grenade explodes it scatters  some weird sort
of electronic jammers which jam all things  electronic. Wether that
be security camera's, wall mounted  guns  or  even your own soliton
radar system. Always keep these handy.

On a side note, these things distract the cyborg ninja in your big
battle  with him, so if he's getting a little hard for you to take
care of, throw one out to distract him and kick his ass.

Ammo chart :

                   Initianl max ammo count : 3
                   ammo count after boss 1 : 6
                   ammo count after boss 2 : 9
                   ammo count after boss 3 : 12
                   ammo count after boss 4 : 15
                   ammo count after boss 5 : 18
                   ammo count after boss 6 : 21
                   ammo count after boss 7 : 24
                   ammo count after boss 8 : 27

STUN GRENADES                                                          
Although these grenades have a very good purpose, you just dont use
them that much in the game which makes them slightly useless.  When
the pin is pulled it explodes after five seconds releasing a  flash
of light and a loud noise which stuns all targes in  its  range for
the time being making them fall down and taking cover. For some odd
reason they dont seem to effect Snake at all but  the  screen  goes
all white. Like the chaff's, if you keep them in your hand for long
they can damage you as well.

The part  where  this baby shines the most is in the big stairwell 
run to the top of the  communications tower, throw one and it will
give you a clear area to run for a little while, they also come in
handy during the second part of the Metal Gear fight as Liquid can
be distracted by them.

Ammo chart :

                   Initianl max ammo count : 3
                   ammo count after boss 1 : 6
                   ammo count after boss 2 : 9
                   ammo count after boss 3 : 12
                   ammo count after boss 4 : 15
                   ammo count after boss 5 : 18
                   ammo count after boss 6 : 21
                   ammo count after boss 7 : 24
                   ammo count after boss 8 : 27

NIKITA MISSILE LAUNCHER                                             
These are remote controlled missiles, probably the most sophisticated
technology you'll get to use during the game. When you fire   one  of 
these you'll take control of where the missile flies, you can control
it in either first person or third person view mode. But the downside
is that you won't be able to use these in area's withstrong  harmonic
resistance as the electronic controls won't work.  This weapon is one
of the best weapons in the game as you can be  half a mile away where
you decide to crash the weapon and no one will know.

The  weapon best comes into play during the boss fight with vulcan in
the ware house, the smart one's can also make good use of this in the
snow field  fight  with Sniper Wolf. Remember that the weapon has its
own fuel and it will explode if you keep it flying in a while. See it
in the first person view mode to see its fuel gauge.

Ammo chart :

                   Initianl max ammo count : 12
                   ammo count after boss 1 : Not available at time.
                   ammo count after boss 2 : Not available at time.
                   ammo count after boss 3 : No increase.
                   ammo count after boss 4 : 16
                   ammo count after boss 5 : 20
                   ammo count after boss 6 : 24
                   ammo count after boss 7 : 28
                   ammo count after boss 8 : 32

PSG 1 SNIPER RIFLE                                                   
This is your sniper rifle for the duration of the  game,  when  you 
equip it you will automatically enter first person mode,  or rather
the scope of this rifle. It can kill all normal enemies in one shot
each. The purpose of this rifle is mostly for fight  Sniper Wolf as
she's also a sniper, and for some hellish reason it  makes sense to
fight one on one with a sniper.

Besides the battles with Sniper Wolf you will hardly get to use the
gun as its ammo is pretty scarse and its aiming system is very slow.
You'll get seen even before you can aim the rifle properly.

Ammo chart :

                   Initianl max ammo count : 20
                   ammo count after boss 1 : Not available at time
                   ammo count after boss 2 : Not available at time
                   ammo count after boss 3 : Not available at time
                   ammo count after boss 4 : Not available at time
                   ammo count after boss 5 : 24
                   ammo count after boss 6 : 28
                   ammo count after boss 7 : 32
                   ammo count after boss 8 : 36

STINGER MISSILE LAUNCHER                                              
This is the most powerful weapon Snake can find in the entire  game,
like Nikita this is a missile launcher, but unlike it this  can  be
fired in all area's of the game, and it can be fired in  any height
and direction as required. When you equip it you will go into first
person view mode and you can home in your target.  The  weapon is a
radar based guided missile system and it can lock onto all targets.

The missiles  for  this baby are not that common and you would only
want to use it during  boss battles. This is a necessity in most of
the boss battles. Its compulsary  as you can't finish the game with
out this weapon. Dont try to fire rapid shots at an enemy since the
second missiles will be wasted. Wait  for  the target box to appear
again before firing again.

Ammo chart :

                   Initianl max ammo count : 20
                   ammo count after boss 1 : Not available at time.
                   ammo count after boss 2 : Not available at time.
                   ammo count after boss 3 : Not available at time.
                   ammo count after boss 4 : Not available at time.
                   ammo count after boss 5 : Not available at time.
                   ammo count after boss 6 : 25
                   ammo count after boss 7 : 30
                   ammo count after boss 8 : 35

HAND GRENADES                                                        
These are your standard, pull the pin then throw then wait for them
to explode grenades. They would have been so much more useful if it
didn't have a huge 5 second wait. The 5 second wait is okey for the
other  kinds of grenades but these are primarily meant to kill some
one and that much time is just too much. 

The best bit of grenades though is  that  they  are really powerful and
you can take down a group of enemies  chasing  after you by timing your
throw just right. Here's a  tip, when  in  alert  mode  the  guards are
chasing after you like crazy, keep running forward and throw a  grenade
AHEAD of you, you will pass over it before tis five second  timer is up
and it will explode just as those following you are over it. Hopefully.

Ammo chart :

                   Initianl max ammo count : 8
                   ammo count after boss 1 : 12
                   ammo count after boss 2 : 16
                   ammo count after boss 3 : 20
                   ammo count after boss 4 : 24
                   ammo count after boss 5 : 28
                   ammo count after boss 6 : 32
                   ammo count after boss 7 : 36
                   ammo count after boss 8 : Same as above.

CLAYMORE MINES                                                       
You dont find claymore mines in a box during the game, you have  to
take them from snowfields where they are placed, to retrieve a mine
crawl over it and Snake will take it. To place  a  mine  press  the
attack button and keep it pressed, Snake will crouch down to set the
mine, at that time you can use the directional button to set the
direction of the mine. 

The mine is detonated when some enemy or Snake himself walks in the
field  of  vision of the mine. Its almost completely useless in the
main game, the  only real place where you can use it effectively is
the vulcan raven boss fight in the warehouse, place them on raven's
path and when he walks over them he'll get damaged.

Ammo chart :

                   Initianl max ammo count : 6
                   ammo count after boss 1 : Not available at time.
                   ammo count after boss 2 : 8
                   ammo count after boss 3 : 10
                   ammo count after boss 4 : 12
                   ammo count after boss 5 : 14
                   ammo count after boss 6 : 16
                   ammo count after boss 7 : Same as above.
                   ammo count after boss 8 : Same as above.

Although its not really a weapon, and i've already listed it in the
items section too, but using it is like a weapon so it  should come
here as well. When you equip the camera you can zoom  in and out by
using the keys and take pictures with the action  buttons. Captured
pictures are stored in the memory card and each takes one block.

Once a picture is taken, a new option appears on the main menu and
its  titled "Photo Album". Its cool to take a picture of a boss or
of a guard just as he spots you.


!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*******
                 __  __  ___ ___           _               
                |  \/  |/ __/ __|  _____ _| |_ _ _ __ _ ___
                | |\/| | (_ \__ \ / -_) \ /  _| '_/ _` (_-<
                |_|  |_|\___|___/ \___/_\_\\__|_| \__,_/__/
!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*******

     _____     _       _    _____                _____     _ _   _ 
    |     |___| |_ ___| |  |   __|___ ___ ___   |   __|___| |_|_| |
    | | | | -_|  _| .'| |  |  |  | -_| .'|  _|  |__   | . | | | . |
    |_|_|_|___|_| |__,|_|  |_____|___|__,|_|    |_____|___|_|_|___| 
                          _____     _     _     
                         |_   _|___|_|_ _|_|___ 
                           | | |  _| | | | | .'|
mgs110                     |_| |_| |_|\_/|_|__,|

Here is a list of trivia you may or may not have known about Metal Gear Solid
before. Information  on  this  section courtsey of websites like IMDB.com and

1/ Before you fight Psycho Mantis, if you have a save of an old Konami game
   on the same Memory card then Psycho Mantis will comment on  those  games
   as well. This includes games like Policenauts, Suikoden, Castlevania etc.

2/ The Metal Gear game released on the Gameboy color was also named Metal
   Gear Solid but it had no relation with this game, originally that game
   was titled " Metal Gear Solid : Ghost Babel " but that was changed just
   to Metal Gear Solid before the game was released.

3/ The voice behind Solid Snake, David Hayter, is also a successful movie
   script writer and he has written scripts for such successful movies as
   The X men, X men 2 and the Scorpion King. He also appeared in the first
   X men movie, a brief cameo at that. As one of the guards on the Elis 
   Island area who gets killed by that lizard guy.

4/ The game was so graphically heavy for the PlayStation hardware that the
   Konami guys had to limit the number of enemies on screen at a time, you
   will notice you don't face more then two or three guards at one time.

5/ Metal Gear Solid was voted as the number 17th best game of all time in
   the Game Informer best games of all time issue, august 2001.

6/ The back of the US version of the game's box contains the frequency of
   Meryl's radio so don't lose it, for those who got the game without any
   box or manual, they had to search the frequency bar one by one until
   they found Meryl's frequency.

7/ The production staff of Konami have hidden pictures of themselves at
   certain points in the game, they can only be seen by using the Camera
   item. There's even a picture of Hideo Kojima.

8/ Konami had made plans to use higher rez character models especially for
   the PC release of the game, but Konami cancelled that idea and ported
   the game directly from the PS version due to time issues.

9/ The PC version of Metal Gear Solid includes all the extra VR missions of 
   the PlayStation version as well.

10/ At the main title screen of the game, press the left or right direction
    buttons to change the background colors.

11/ In the original Japanese version when Meryl knocks out the soldier at
    the start of the game you can see his underwear, but in the US version
    his ass was blurred out for some unusual reason. Its visible clearly in
    the PC version as well.

12/ Otacon's real first name is Hal, and Snake's real first name is David, 
    these are also the names of the main characters in 2001: A Space Odyssey .

13/ Meryl Silverbourgh appears in both Metal Gear Solid and Policenauts, 
    another game by Hideo Kojima, although the two games are in no way related.

14/ Reportedly, the production team made lego models of each area in the
    game before they actually designed them in game, to make sure they
    look authentic enough. Same tactics were used by EA during the making
    of the Medal of Honor games.

15/ Last known sales figures suggest that the PSX version of Metal Gear
    Solid has sold over 6 million copies world wide.

16/ Hideo Kojima revealed in an interview that when making Solid Snake's
    face, they went with Christopher Walkin's face and Jean Claude Van
    Damme's body. Interesting.

17/ Also, in an interview Hideo Kojima revealed that the Solid in the 
    Metal Gear Solid title was supposed to be a joke towards Squaresoft
    but no one picked up the joke.

     _____     _       _    _____                _____     _ _   _ 
    |     |___| |_ ___| |  |   __|___ ___ ___   |   __|___| |_|_| |
    | | | | -_|  _| .'| |  |  |  | -_| .'|  _|  |__   | . | | | . |
    |_|_|_|___|_| |__,|_|  |_____|___|__,|_|    |_____|___|_|_|___| 
                      _____ _                         
                     |   __| |___ ___ ___ ___ ___ _ _ 
                     |  |  | | . |_ -|_ -| .'|  _| | |
mgs210               |_____|_|___|___|___|__,|_| |_  |

Ever wondered what all those fancy terms used in Metal Gear Solid stand
for ? Or what they really mean, based on real life or game's history.
Well look no further, here's a glossay just for you.

A special forces unit, formed to deal with local insurgencies,  regional
conflics and counter terrorism. They're a shadow unit employeed secretly
in politically sensitive  operations  where  the  overt  introduction of
military assets would be  otherwise impossible. All members of this unit
are masters of airborne, underwater  and  survival operations as well as
experts in infiltration  missions.  The  first commander of the unit was
the legendary soldier Big Boss.  Already  aware of the importance of the
standard  soldiers  in  guerilla  warfare,  he  decided to form an elite 
group of high tech soldiers after  viewing  the  power and efficiency of
high tech weaponry in the Gulf war. After the "Outer Heaven Revolt", Roy
Campbell, who had been second in command,  became  the  commander of the 
unit and did away with  the  codename system.  He  began  to put his own
personal stamp on unit FOX HOUND, adopting even more high tech equipment
such as spy satellites and the like.

Reserve members of Unit FOX HOUND, selected after undergoing genetic map
testing. They were originally members of  a  counter  terrorist  special 
forces group, but after the death of Big Boss, the mercenaries employeed
by "Outer Heaven" were purchased by the government and added to the group
to form the Next Generation Special Forces. Although most of the soldiers
have no real battle  experience,  they  were trained with FORCE XXI. The
army's 21st century soldiers,  after going extensive gene therapy. These
wargames were designed  to  simulate conflicts that were likely to occur
in the next millenium. All  of  these  soldiers  are  highly capable and 
carry the nick name "Space SEALS".

A Nuclear equipped walking battle tank. Its main selling point was its
ability to launch a variety of  nuclear warheads  towards  anywhere on
earth from any location. It had the ability to move  independently and
instead of using standard Nuclear launch module, it  was equipped with
a weapon which allowed it to launch a nuclear weapon without any external
support. Since it could operate from regions, which at that point, were
not on the world's nuclear strategy map, it was a weapon that destroyed
the sensitive balance of nuclear deterrence and represented an enormous
threat to the entire world.

A heavily fortified nation formed deep in South Africa in the late 1980's
It was actually a large scale mercenary dispatching company created by
Big Boss, although it nearly achieved military supremecy  through  the
developement of Metal Gear TX 55, the nuclear equipped  walking battle
tank, Outer Heaven was destroyed along with Big Boss by Solid Snake.

A fortified nation in Central  Asia ruled by a minority Ethnic group.
Although the super powers from the East and West got involved in its
1997 war for independence, it was the activity by Zanzibar's mercenaries
collected from all over the world, which  played the largest role in
its victory. For that reason the war became known as "The Mercenaries
war" and it gave rise to a whole new generation of professional who
made a business out of war.

An extraordinary man who worked as a mercenary for numerous countries
during the 1963's. He achieved near mythic status during his lifetime
as the famous Legendary Soldier. In the  1990's  he  secretly created
Outer Heaven while officially  serving  as the Commander of FOX HOUND
but he was later defeated by Solid Snake. Later, he formed the nation
of Zanzibar, but his plans were once again foiled by Solid Snake. His
remains were preserved by the military as a genetic sample of the
"Greatest Soldier who ever lived".

His real name, Frank Jaeger. The only man with the  honor of receiving
FOX HOUND's highest codename "FOX". During the Outer Heaven revolt, he
was the first member of FOX HOUND sent to  infiltrate Outer Heaven. He
was captured while gathering  information  about Metal Gear TX 55. But
was rescued by Solid Snake. After Big Boss left the military, Gray Fox
mysteriously vanished as well. Later in Zanzibar he fought against FOX
HOUND, alongside Big Boss, as he declared war on the entire world.
Acting on order, Solid Snake was forced to defeat him.

Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency, a government agency formed
to research various technologies to use in military application.

A military weapons manufacturing company with its main office in Seattle
Washington. It achieved rapid growth during the cold war, in what was a
boom time for the arms industry,  and  became  the  second largest arms 
developer in  the  world. It was involved in the development of SDI and
the Rail gun, but  when  those projects were cancelled they suffered an
enormous financial loss. Although  they lead the world in the formation
of  stealth  technology,   they  have recently  experienced  tremendous  
economic difficulties as a result of failure in their bid to manufacture
the USAF's next line of high tech fighter planes.

A leading company in the field of bioengineering, ATGC is an acronyme for
Adenine, thymine gaunine and cytosine. The next generation special forces
gene therapy was a joint project between the department of defence and the

Tiny machines created by means of MEMS { Micro Electrical Mechanical System}
technology, used in ultra small transmitters and  medical DDS's. Although
the size is in micrometer scale, they are  referred  to  as  Nanomachines 
beacuse their single electronic  transister and synergy ceramics employee
nano technology. Snake begins this operation after receiving an injection
of nano machines which include a transmitter, a radar and anti NBC defence

The process by which a  person's genomic information is analyzed and a
copy of the useful genes are  inserted into a subject cell. Using this
process advantageous genes were inserted into soldiers to create Genome
soldiers with strong battle skills. These became the Next Generation
Special Forces unit.

After years of refining Stealth technology, Armstech created this new
type of camouflage. It makes the object  blend into the background by
performing real time optic  refraction  processing in order to render
the object as invisible as possible.

Essentially an artificially externally equipped  skeleton   designed to 
raise the wearer's fighting ability as high as  possible.  By inserting
a cybernetic module into the body at skeletal level, it became possible
to create a cybernetic organism capable of incredible feats of strength
and skills. Physical and mental problems which had  hitherto  prevented
advances in this technology such as stress, concentration and rejection
reactions were overcome through the process of gene therapy.

Permissive Action Link. A safety control system built into all Nuclear
missiles and warheads. It is impossible  to  launch  or lock a Nuclear
missile without using the PAL.

A Strategic Nuclear missile reduction  treaty.  To  date, START I and 
START II have been ratified and the strategic nuclear arsenel of both
the US and Russia have been reduced to  between  3000 - 3500 warheads.
Heavy ICBM's and MIRV ICBM's  {Multiple  Independent  REentry Vehicle}
have been completely abolished. The START III Treaty  is scheduled to
be signed in the near future.

Theater Missile Defence. Defensive technology, developed  after  the
termination of the SDI project,  designed to deal with the spread of
missiles and other weapons of mass destruction. While SDI was intended
to be used against long range strategic missiles, TMD are designed to
intercept short range tactical missiles.

Comprehensive Test Ban  Treaty. A Treaty  negociated  in  the Geneva
conference on disarmament by the United nations and the arms control
and disarmament Agency. It  abolishes  all  forms of Nuclear testint
including underground nuclear tests.


Non Proliferation Treaty. A treaty theoretically designed to prevent
the spead of Nuclear weapons to countries other then the Big 5.
United States, Russia, Great Britain, China and France. In practice
it had little to no effect.

          ___ ___ ___ _ _|_|___ _ _ ___    ___ ___ _____ ___ 
         | . |  _| -_| | | | . | | |_ -|  | . | .'|     | -_|
         |  _|_| |___|\_/|_|___|___|___|  |_  |__,|_|_|_|___|
         |_|                              |___|              
                   ___ _ _ _____ _____ ___ ___|_|___ ___ 
                  |_ -| | |     |     | .'|  _| | -_|_ -|
mgs310            |___|___|_|_|_|_|_|_|__,|_| |_|___|___|



The first ever game in the Metal Gear was actually released quiet some
years  ago  on  the  8 bit Nintendo  Entertainment System, or just NES.
That game was a gem of a game for its time  and was one of the bese on
the NES system. It had one of the best gaming  experiences of its time
and introduced an exotic arsenel of weaponry, which was  not common in
those days like the baretta and shotguns etc. It  was  also one of the
first games in which you had a support  team  helping you out from the
HQ and providing you with useful tips as you progressed through it.

Here is a brief summary of the game as given in the Previous Operations
option in the extra's menu of the Metal Gear Solid main menu.


""""" The Year is 1995. Deep in South Africa, 200km north of Garzburg, 
Outer Heaven, an armed fortress nation, established by the  legendary  
mercenary. He was feared in combat by both his friends and  foes as a 
hero and a lunatic. The "Western" nations have found that a weapon of 
mass destruction capable of rewritting war history is  under development 
at Outer Heaven. They have called upon the high-tech special forces unit 
FOX-HOUND to take care of the situation.  Inresponse  to this order, Big 
Boss, the commander-in-chief  of  FOX-HOUND, sent Gray Fox, the man with 
the code name  "Fox"  which  is given to the best member of the unit 
                     "Operation intrude N313"

After a few days, his last messafe being "Metal Gear..." Gray Fox was
missing in action. Taking the situation seriously, the top men of the 
"West" again called for FOX-HOUND. Big Boss selected Solid Snake, who 
had  recently joined FOX-HOUND, as the agent and entrusted everything 
to him.

Successfully making a solo infiltration to Outer Heaven, Snake got in 
touch with  local  resistance  members  Schneider, Diane and Jennifer. 
With their co-operation, Snake suceeded in  rescueing  Gray Fox. Gray 
Fox laid out the terrifying facts about "Metal  Gear"  Metal Gear was 
the development name of a nuclear warhead-equiped  twi-legged walking 
tank. It can walk through over the toughtest terrains that would stop 
normal tanks.  It  can  conduct  local  warfare by itself with unique 
weapons like its vulcan-cannon and  anti-tank missiles. It was indeed 
a new type of weapon  that  can  conduct a nuclear attack against any 
place on the face of the Earth from any l and surface...
With Metal  Gear,  Outer  Heaven was trying to establish its military 
superiority over the entire  world.  In  order  to destroy Metal Gear, 
Snake rescued  Metal  Gear's  chief  engineer Dr.  Pettrovich and his 
daughter, Elen, who was taken hostage to force her father to continue 
with his development. Snake hears from Dr. Pettrovich how to destroy 
Metal Gear.

However, as Snake approached  the heart of Outer Heaven and Metal 
Gear, well designed traps are set  all  around  Snake-  as if his 
actions are being leaked to the enemy...

In the midst of the escalating battle, the leader of the resistance,
Schneider, fell  into the hands of the enemy, and Snake himself was 
injured  through  the  deadly  battles  with  Outer  Heaven's  best 
mercenaries. But Snakes indomitable  spirit  lead  him to the 100th 
floor basement of the secret base  where  Metal  Gear was developed. 
Evading the  powerful  defense  system that wipes out all intruders, 
Snake ultimately succeeded in destroying Metal Gear.

Snake tried  to  escape from Outer Heaven upon completing the mission. 
However, during the  escape he was comfronted by one man- FOX-HOUND's
commander-in-chief Big  Boss. Big Boss laughed at the astounded Snake 
and told him the truth behind his mission. While serving as commander
-in-chief of FOX-HOUND Big Boss also ran a mercenary dispatch company 
utilizing his connections  and  capitals from his own years as a merc. 
He was planning on to build this company a larger military establishment, 
and he built Outer Heaven as its base.  His  purpose  for sending the 
rookie Snake was to  cause  information  confusion  amongst  the west. 
However, Big Boss miscalculated.  He  never thought Solid Snake would 
make it this far...

Having lost Metal  Gear,  Big Boss activated the self-destruct system 
of the underground base. While the countdown to destruction continued, 
his screamed echoed in the emptiness

                      "YOU HAVE GONE TO FAR. TOO FAR!!!"

On  the  100th floor basement, the battle between the 2 men commenced
free of idealogy and politics. The armed fortress nation Outer Heaven 
collapsed. The impenetrabe  fortress  made  from  the   best military 
technology and occupied by the toughest mercenaries  burned in flames. 
Behind him, the flames reached skyward, as Outer  Heaven fell leaving 
Solid Snake all alone... """""


Although most people dont know this properly, but Metal Gear 2 Solid 
Snake was the direct sequel to the first Metal Gear Solid, maybe its
because the game was not released on the NES or SNES like the first
one was, this game came out on the MSX game comptuer system. This one
was released in mid 1990, and again Hideo Kojima was on the directors
chair. Besides that he designed the game as well.

Here is a brief summary of the game as given in the Previous Operations
option in the extra's menu of the Metal Gear Solid main menu.


"""""""	1999, the world was facing an energy crisis. It was obvious that 
the petroleum would run out faster than what was expected. However,  the 
development of an alternative energy resource  is  far  from  completion. 
The price of petroleum has  skyrocketed  and  the world economy in confu
-sion. The 21st century was expected  to  be  one  of  chaos.  One  mans 
invention changed the entire situation. A  Czech  genius  and  biologist, 
Dr. Kio Marv, invented OILIX, a  microorganism that refines petroleum to 
product a highly  purified  form  of petroleum. The world wasfilled with 
hope upon the discovery  of  this  messiah  to  solve  the energy crisis,
but at the same time the world entered a time of  tension regarding this 

Just when the whole worlds attention was drawn to OILIX and Dr.  Marv,  he  
was  abducted  by  someone  and  disapeared.  Nations begun investigations  
immediatly  and a name soon appeared...'Zanzibar  Land'  Zanzibar Land was 
a democratic military regime that suddently  appeared   in central Asia in 
1997. When their uprising took place, the CIS  Army,  formed around Russia,
sent in a suppressive unit immediatly.  Zanzibar Land resisted by gathering 
a band of Mercenaries from nations around the world and fortifying most of 
its land. As a result,  the  CIS Army was repeatedly defeated, and Zanzibar 
Land declared  its independence. Due to the active role mercenaries played, 
this war was called  the 'mercenaries war' and  Zanzibar Land was referred 
to as  an  armed  fortress  nation.  A  military nation with  a  group  of 
strong mercenaries, surrounded by a tough fortress.

According to the latest information, Zanzibar suppoedly  was  armed  with 
Nuclear Weapons. The whole scenario was crystal clear. By obtaining OILIX
in addition to nuclear weapons, Zanzibar Land was  trying to establishits
economoic and military superiority over the entire world. Concerned about 
the situation, the United States of America ordered Roy Campbell, Commander
in-Chief of high tech special forces unit FOX-HOUND,  to rescue Dr. Marv. 
Campbell was a former member of FOX-HOUND.  He  brought back Solid Snake, 
the man who single handedly brought down the armed  fortress  nation  of 
Outer Heaven 4 years ago, and asked Snake to bring back Dr. Marv and OILIX.

Successfully infiltrating Zanzibar Land and with help from CIA angent Horry 
and others, Snake was able to go deep into the fortress and meet again with 
Dr. Pettrovich,  the chief engineer of Metal Gear from Outer Heaven. He too 
was abducted to Zanzibar  Land and forced to develop another Metal Gear. He 
told to surprised Snake an even more shocking fact. Big Boss, the man Snake 
had defeated at Outer Heaven,  turned  out  to  be the General Commander of
Zanzibar Land.

Snake rescued Dr. Pettrovich in co-operation with Natasha, Dr. Marv's guard
and former Czech International Secret Police agent, and then headed for the
confinement facility deep in the fortress to save Dr. Marv. When Pettrovich 
and  Natasha  crossed  the narrow suspension bridge over the deep valley, a 
missile blew the bridge away.  Natasha  flew  into  the  air because of the 
explosion. While unable to  do  anything  to  save  Natasha,  Snake started 
hearing a well-known voice "Hey Snake, were  good buddies. I can let you go. 
Just leave this place at once!"  Gray  Fox.  Snake saw Gray Fox controlling 
Metal Gear. The best  soldier   in  FOX-HOUND  who, after the fall of Outer 
Heaven, disapeared as if  he  followed  Big Boss. Losing Natasha infront of 
his eyes and letting Pettrovich get taken away, Snake screamed 

"Fox! I will not give up!"

After a series of deadly battles with mercenaries, Snake finally made it 
to Dr. Marv's confinement facility. However, he arrived to late. He  saw 
Dr. Marv's corpse and Pettrovich, who could do  nothing  but  just stand 
there. Pettrovich  told  Snake  that  Dr.  Marv  could not withstand the 
repeated  tortures   because  of  heart problems. Snake then recieved an 
emergency call from Horry. The information she supplied was very shocking. 
Pettrovich had been voluntarily  visiting Zanzibar Land to develop Metal 
Gear. The abduction of Dr. Marv was  conducted  under the the directions 
of Pettrovich himself. After  the  truth  came  out, Pettrovich attacked 
Snake, but Snake easily put  an  end  to  him and obtained the structual 
plan of OILIX.

While trying to escape, Snake was confronted by Metal Gear again, controlled
by Gray Fox. The tremendous battle took place in the underground base. Snake
finally succeeded in destroying Metal Gear. However, Gray Fox did not submit
and challened Snake to the final battle. In the midst of a minefield,  Snake 
and Fox fought without any weapons. A fist-to-fist duel involving no  hatred 
or murderous intent. During that moment of purity the 2 were bound by forces
transcending words and emotions. Snake won the tough but pure battle against
Gray Fox. However, there was still someone else. Snake had to fight Big Boss.
Just like 4 years ago at Outer Heaven Big Boss was waiting for Snake. 	

"One who has experienced the tension of battle can never leave the battlefield. 
I'am the one giving you something to live for, and that is war" 

Snake was infuriated at the arrogant Big Boss 

"There is only one battle I have to fight. To free myself from you, to 
shatter the nightmare...Big Boss, I will kill you!"

With the structual plan of Oilix, Snake and Horry escaped from Zanzibar 
Land on a rescue helicopter.  Snake once again saved the world. However, 
there was no smile on his face.  Big  Boss's last words kept ringing in 
his head "Whoever wins, out battle does  not  end. There loser is freed 
from the battlefield, the winner must remain ther eand the survivor must 
live his life as the warrior until he dies" Snake then  disapeared  into 
the whitelands of Alaska...alone...

 _       _     ___ _            _                           _     _   
| |_ ___|_|___|  _|_|___ ___   | |_ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___|_|___| |_ 
| . |  _| | -_|  _| |   | . |  |  _|  _| .'|   |_ -|  _|  _| | . |  _|
|___|_| |_|___|_| |_|_|_|_  |  |_| |_| |__,|_|_|___|___|_| |_|  _|_|  
                        |___|                                |_|      

Here is a text dump of the briefing part in Metal Gear Solid, this is
taken with permission from AUrbina's huge and impressive Text dump guide.
UPDATE : Thanks to Purple Haze/ElGreco from the Metal Gear Solid GameFAQS
Forums I have added a proper organized version of the Briefing transcript
from his full Game Sciprt guide. Thanks dude.


Campbell : It's been a long time Snake.

Snake    : I should've known you were behind this, Colonel.

Campbell : That's no way to greet an old war buddy Snake.

Snake    : What do you want from me?

Campbell : I just invited you here so we could have a talk.

Snake    : Invited!? That's what you call sending armed soldiers after me?

Campbell : Sorry if they were a little rough with you. But we've got a serious
           situation here. Only you can get us out of it.

Snake    : I'm retired from FOX-HOUND. You're not my commander anymore, and I
           don't have to take orders from you or anyone else.

Campbell : You will take these orders. I know it.

Naomi    : Excuse me.

Snake    : Who's this?

Campbell : Dr. Naomi Hunter. She's chief of FOX-HOUND's medical staff and an
           expert in gene therapy.

Snake    : Are you military?

Naomi    : No, civilian. I've been sent here from ATGC. Pleasure to meet you

Naomi    :  Don't worry this injection won't hurt a bit.

Snake    : What's the shot for?

Naomi    : What's wrong? You don't like shots?

Campbell : Snake listen up. It all went down five hours ago. Heavily armed
           soliders occupied Shadow Moses Island, a remote island off the
           coast of Alaska.

Snake    : What soldiers?

Campbell : Next-Generation Special Forces led by members of unit FOX-HOUND.
           They've presented Washington with a single demand, and they say
           that if it isn't met, they'll launch a nuclear weapon.

Snake    : A nuclear weapon?

Campbell : I'm afraid so. You see, the island is the site of a secret nuclear
           weapons disposal facility.

Snake    : FOX-HOUND hijacking a nuclear weapon?

Campbell : Now you understand how serious the situation is. You'll have two
           mission objectives. First, you're to rescue the DARPA (Defense
           Advanced Research Projects Agency) Chief, Donald Anderson, and the
           president of ArmsTech, Kenneth Baker. They're both being held as

Snake    : Those are some heavy duty hostages.

Campbell : Secondly, you're to investigate whether or not the terrorists have
           the ability to launch a nuclear strike, and stop them if they do.
           Any questions, Snake?

Snake    : Questions? I haven't even said whether I'd accept this mission.

Campbell : Well you can make up your mind after you hear more about the

Snake    : Tell me about the nuclear weapons disposal facility.

Campbell : The disposal facility includes a hardened underground base. Even
           with our most advanced intelligence gathering equipment, we can't
           tell what's happening inside.

Snake    : So someone needs to penetrate, gather intelligence, and report
           back... Sounds like a spy movie. What's the insertion method?

Campbell : Well an air insertion is impossible.

Snake    : Not with this storm going on.

Campbell : We'll approach the disposal facility by sub.

Snake    : Approach?

Campbell : Yes, within a few miles of it. The facility is equipped with sonar
           detection capability. They'd be able to hear our engine or
           propeller noise.

Snake    : And then?

Campbell : We'll launch a one-man SDV (swimmer delivery vehicle).

Snake    : Launch?

Campbell : Same as a torpedo. Only this has no propulsion device of its own.
           After the SDV gets as close as it can, dispose of it. From there
           on you'll have to swim.

Snake    : You want me to swim in sub-zero Alaskan water?

Campbell : Don't worry. That suit represents the latest advances in poly-
           thermal technology. The nuclear weapons disposal facility covers
           the whole island. I'll contact you by Codec after you reach your

Snake    : Anyone going with me?

Campbell : As usual, this is a one-man inflitration mission.

Snake    : Weapons and equipment OSP (on-site procurement)?

Campbell : Yes. This a top-secret black op. Don't expect any official support.

Snake    : The Chief of DARPA and the president of an arms manufacturing
           company... what business did they have at a nuclear weapons
           disposal facility?

Campbell : The truth is that secret exercises were being conducted at the time
           the terrorist group attacked.

Snake    : Must be extremely important exercises if those two were directly
           involved. Were they testing some kind of new advanced weapon?

Campbell : I'm not privy to that information.

Snake    : Do we know exactly where they're being held?

Naomi    : The DARPA chief has also been injected with a mini-transmitter. As
           you get closer you should be able to pick up his location on your

Snake    : Do they really have the ability to launch a nuclear missile?

Campbell : They say they do. They even gave us the serial number of the
           warhead they plan to use.

Snake    : Was the number confirmed?

Campbell : I'm afraid so. At the very least, they've got their hands on a real
           nuclear warhead.

Snake    : Isn't there some kind of safety device to prevent this kind of

Campbell : Yes. Every missile and warhead in our arsenal is equipped with a
           PAL, which uses a discreet detonation code.

Snake    : PAL?

Campbell : Permissive Action Link. A safety control system built into all
           nuclear weapons systems. But even so, we can't rest easy.

Snake    : Why not?

Campbell : Because the DARPA Chief knows the detonation code.

Snake    : But even if they have a nuclear warhead, it must've been removed
           from its missile. All the missiles on these disposal sites are
           supposed to be dismantled. It's not that easy to get your hands on
           an ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missle).

Campbell : That used to be true, but since the end of the Cold War you can get
           anything if you have enough money and the right connections.

Snake    : So what exactly are they demanding?

Campbell : A person's remains.

Snake    : Remains?

Campbell : That's right. To be more accurate, cell specimens which contain the
           individual's genomic information.

Snake    : Cell specimens? Why would they want that?

Campbell : The terrorists need them. You see these Next-Generation Special
           Forces have been strengthened through gene therapy.

Snake    : Strengthened?

Campbell : You've heard of the Human Genome Project. They've been mapping the
           human genome, and they're nearly finished. Following up on this
           research, the military has been working towards identifiying those
           genes which are responsible for making effective soldiers.

Snake    : There are genes that do that?

Campbell : Yes, and using gene therapy they're able to transplant those genes
           into regular soldiers.

Snake    : Gene therapy?

Naomi    : I'll explain this part. With gene therapy, we can remove those
           genes which we know may lead to sickness or disease, and that the
           same time, splice in genes with beneficial effects such as
           resistance to cancer for example.

Campbell : In other words, we can overcome all sorts of genetic diseases and
           at the same time add genetic characteristics as desired.

Snake    : Okay, and so if you knew what genes were responsible for making
           the perfect soldier, you could implant them in the same way, right?

Naomi    : Yes we could.

Campbell : But it all depends on being able to isolate and identify those
           "soldier genes".

Naomi    : And in order to do that, it's helpful to study the genomic
           information of one of the greatest soldiers ever.

Snake    : One of the greatest soldiers ever?

Naomi    : The man they call the greatest warrior of the twentieth century.

Snake    : You don't mean Big Boss?!

Naomi    : That's right. We've been working feverishly to identify the genes
           responsible for his incredible combat skill. So far we've
           discovered about sixty of the so-called "soldier genes."

Snake    : So his body was recovered after all.

Campbell : Yes, and his cells have remained frozen in cryo-chamber. His
           genomic information is a priceless treasure to mankind.

Snake    : Priceless to the military perhaps.

Naomi    : His body was burned severely, but it was possible to restore his
           DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) profile from just a single strand of
           his hair.

Snake    : You people are amazing. And then you're going to transplant those
           genes into soldiers?

Naomi    : Yes. We'll use a process that I discovered called gene targeting.
           The strongest soldiers don't become what they are by acquiring
           their skills through training or experience, we now know that
           hereditary factors are far more crucial for creating superior

Campbell : Snake, we can't give them his body. It's potentially more dangerous
           than all the warheads on that island put together.

Naomi    : I hear the terrorists are calling themselves the "Sons of Big

Snake    : The Sons of Big Boss.

Snake    : What's the time limit?

Campbell : 24 hours. They say they'll launch after 24 hours.

Snake    : Did they say what the target will be?

Campbell : So far they haven't mentioned a target.

Snake    : When did the countdown start?

Campbell : 5 hours ago.

Snake    : Colonel, who are you speaking for?

Campbell : Naturally, I'm representing the US government.

Snake    : So who's in supervisory control of this operation?

Campbell : The President of the United States.

Snake    : Which means that the President must be meeting with his top aides
           in the map room about now, huh?

Campbell : No at this point they're still video conferencing with each other.

Snake    : If that's a real nuclear warhead, shouldn't they issue a COG
           (Continuity of Government)?

Campbell : Not yet. The Secretary of Defense has operational control and is
           fully aware of the situation. After you infiltrate, if you
           determine they possess nuclear launch capabilities a COG will be

Snake    : Well if they haven't relocated to nuclear shelter under Mount
           Washingtion, I suppose there isn't that much reason to worry yet.
           Is the National Security Agency in on this?

Campbell : Yes. So is the DIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Snake    : The DIA? I'm starting to get a bad feeling about this.

Campbell : They'll be sending us some support.

Snake    : We don't need desk jockies. We need a nuclear weapons specialist.

Campbell : Of course. A nuclear weapons specialist has already been assigned
           to us.

Snake    : We need backup from a specialist. I'm just an amateur when it comes
           to nuclear weapons.

Campbell : I know. That's why I've requested the assistance of a military
           analyst named Nastasha Romanenko. She'll be providing you backup
           by Codec.

Snake    : A female analyst?

Campbell : She's built up an impressive record as an advisor to the Nuclear
           Emergency Search Team. Contact her if you have any questions.
           She's also an expert on hi-tech weapons.

Snake    : Where's she working from?

Campbell : At her home in Los Angeles.

Snake    : California. Seems like a million miles away.

Snake    : How well-armed are these terrorists? I know there was an exercise
           going on at the time they revolted.

Campbell : They're heavily armed I'm afraid.

Snake    : What about they're battle experience.

Campbell : The six members of FOX-HOUND in charge are all hardened veterans.
           They're tough enough to eat nails and ask for seconds.

Snake    : I wouldn't expect anything less from FOX-HOUND.

Campbell : The others are Next-Generation Special Forces. They're not your
           average grunts either.

Snake    : Tell me about these Next-Generation Special Forces.

Campbell : They started out as an anti-terrorist special-ops unit made up of
           members from former biochem units, technical escort units, and the
           Nuclear Emergency Search Team. Their purpose was to respond to
           threats involving next-generation weapons of mass destruction,
           including NBC (nuclear/biological/chemica) weapons.

Naomi    : Until "they" were added that is.

Snake    : Who's "they"?

Campbell : These guys didn't start out as regular army.

Snake    : Looks like a pretty international group. Mercenaries?

Campbell : Yeah. And it gets worse. Most of them were from a merc agency that I
           think you're familiar with. They were part of Big Boss' private
           guard. And after Big Boss went down, the military just bought out
           all their contracts.

Snake    : Outer Heaven.

Campbell : After that they were merged with our own VR unit, Force 21, and
           re-trained. If you ask me, these so-called "Next-Generation Special
           Forces" should to be called "simulated soldiers." They have no
           real battle experience.

Snake    : Video game players, huh?

Naomi    : Don't forget they've all been strengthened with gene therapy. They
           carry genes which make them excellent soldiers. Don't get careless
           just because they don't have much experience.

Snake    : I thought using genetically modified soldiers was prohibited by
           international law.

Naomi    : Yes, but those are just declarations not actual treaties.

Campbell : The interesting thing is that nearly every member of the unit
           conspired in this attack.

Snake    : How could an entire unit be subverted to rebellion?

Naomi    : They're calling it a revolution.

Campbell : Since they all went through the same gene therapy, they probably
           felt closer than brothers. They see the unit as their only family.

Snake    : The Sons of Big Boss. But if they were regular army, they must've
           been interviewed periodically by army counsellers.

Campbell : According to their files, they all got straight A's on their
           psychological tests. They all seemed like fine, upstanding
           patriotic soldiers.

Snake    : But they all took part in the uprising?

Campbell : No. Several people didn't show up on the day of the exercise.
           That's why there was a resupply of troops.

Snake    : Was there any sign recently that something might be wrong?

Campbell : There was a report a month ago that they were acting strangely.

Naomi    : Apparently they consulted classified information about the soldier
           genes and performed their own gene therapy experiments.

Snake    : They can do that even without you?

Naomi    : Well our gene therapy process is almost completely automated. And
           besides that they're all geniuses with IQs over 180.

Campbell : Even the existence of this genome army is a national secret of the
           highest order. We'd been hoping to investigate this quietly and
           deal with it behind closed doors.

Campbell : Hi-Tech special forces unit FOX-HOUND. Your former unit, and
           one that I was a commander of. An elite group combining firepower
           and expertise. They're every bit as good as when I was commanding

Snake    : So they're still around.

Campbell : There are six members of FOX-HOUND involved in this terrorist
           activity. Psycho Mantis, with his powerful psychic abilities. Sniper
           Wolf, the beautiful and deadly sharpshooter. Decoy Octopus, master
           of disguise. Vulcan Raven, giant and shaman. And Revolver Ocelot,
           specialist in interrogation and a formidable gunfighter.

Snake    : Looks like a lovely bunch of folks. Too bad we'll be meeting under
           these circumstances.

Campbell : And finally, in charge of them, FOX-HOUND's squad leader Liquid

Snake    : Liquid Snake?!

Campbell : Yes and you're the only person who can stand against him.

Snake    : Liquid Snake.

Campbell : Liquid Snake. The man with the same codename as you.

Snake    : Tell me what you know.

Campbell : He fought in the Gulf War as a teenager, the youngest person in the
           SAS (British Special Air Service).  His job was to track down and
           destroy mobile SCUD missile launching platforms. You were there too
           I believe. Didn't you infiltrate western Iraq with a platoon of
           Green Berets?

Snake    : I was just a kid myself back then.

Campbell : The details are classified, but it seems that originally he
           penetrated the the Middle East as a sleeper for the SIS.

Snake    : He was a spy for the British Secret Intelligence Service?

Campbell : But he never once showed his face in Century House. He was taken
           prisoner in Iraq, and after that there was no trace of him for
           several years. After you retired, he was rescued and became a member
           of FOX-HOUND.

Snake    : I thought that by the time I left they were no longer using

Campbell : I don't know his real name. That information is so highly classified
           that even I can't look at it. Here's a photo of him.  Pretty
           shocking, huh?  His skin tone is a little different but otherwise
           you two are exact duplicates.

Snake    : I have a twin?

Campbell : I don't know the details, but it seems so. That's why we really need
           you for this mission.

Naomi    : You're the only one who can beat him. Now that I've met you, I know.
           You've got something he doesn't. I can see it in your eyes.

Snake    : Why don't I find that thought more comforting?

Snake    : Colonel, I don't work for the government anymore. Let me go back to
           Twin Lakes.

Campbell : Why Snake? Is your life in Alaska all that great?

Snake    : There's a dogsled race this week. Next Saturday I have to be in

Campbell : The Iditarod? The longest sled race in the world? When did you
           become a dog musher?

Snake    : Right now my fifty huskies are my only family. I've got to take care
           of them.

Campbell : Don't worry about your dogs.

Snake    : What do you mean?

Campbell : I'm sorry Snake but this vessel is headed for the Bering Sea.
           There's no room for debate.

Snake    : I told you, even if I do owe you I don't anything to this army or
           this country!

Campbell : You will accept this assignment!

Snake    : Why should I be stupid enough to do that? I'm no patriot.

Campbell : Snake, there's enough dirt in your file from your days as an agent
           to keep you in the stockade until you're a very old man.

Snake    : Oh I see. Blackmail.

Campbell : No Snake. I prefer to look at it as helping you to come to a
           decision more easily. But anyway, I know you better than that. You'd
           take this assignment even without the threat.

Snake    : Why do you say that?

Campbell : You're a natural born soldier. You're not the grow old gracefully
           type. Same for all of us who've seen real action. The only place we
           can feel truly alive is on the battlefield. I'm a solider too. I
           know those feelings of powerlessness, frustration that you feel
           everyday. You've tried to play the boy scout out there in Alaska,
           but you can't race dogs in the snow forever.  Why don't you come
           back to us and be a soldier again.

Snake    : You think my life is some kind of joke?

Campbell : Snake, I just want to give you back your purpose in life.

Snake    : Colonel, you're retired. Why are you involved in this?

Campbell : Becaue there aren't many people who know FOX-HOUND as well as I do.

Snake    : Is that really the only reason?

Campbell : I've been soldiering for a long time, I don't know anything else. I
           guess even though I'm getting a little old, I still love to be in
           the field.

Snake    : Colonel, you're a lousy liar. Tell me the real reason.

Campbell : Okay Snake. Sorry. I'll be frank. A person very dear to me is being
           held hostage.

Snake    : Who is it?

Campbell : My neice. Meryl.

Snake    : What was your niece doing here?

Campbell : Several soldiers were reported missing the day of the revolt. And
           my niece was one of those called in as an emergency replacement.

Snake    : She looks like you.

Campbell : She's my little brother's girl. He died in the Gulf War. Since then
           I've been watching after her.

Snake    : A personal motive, Colonel. That's not very soldierly.

Campbell : I'm retired. I'm just an old man now. And I'm your friend.

Snake    : Since when are we friends?

Campbell : I've thought of us as friends since the fall of Zanzibar.

Snake    : With my personality I don't have too many friends.

Campbell : That's what I trust about you. It's what makes you human. Please
           Snake. Save my niece Meryl.

Snake    : All right, but I have two conditions.

Campbell : Name them.

Snake    : One, no more secrets between us. I want complete disclosure at all
           times and two, I'll only accept orders from you, Colonel. No cutoffs
           involved okay?

Campbell : Agreed. That's why I was called. But one thing.

Snake    : What?

Campbell : I'm not a colonel anymore. Just a retired old warhorse.

Snake    : I understand, Colonel.

Snake    : That doctor. Is she part of this operation too?

Campbell : She was in charge of FOX-HOUND's gene therapy. She knows more about
           those men than anyone else.

Snake    : You mean you've seen them naked?

Naomi    : Make no mistake. I'm not a nurse. I'm a scientist.

Snake    : By the way, what was that injection for?

Naomi    : It's a combination of and nanomachines and an anti-freezing peptide
           so that your blood and other bodily fluids don't freeze, even at
           sub-arctic temperatures.

Snake    : Nanomachines?

Naomi    : Not just one kind either. There are different types which will
           replenish the supply of adrenaline, nutrition and sugar in your

Snake    : Now I don't have to worry about food.

Naomi    : I also put some nootropics in there.

Snake    : Say what?

Naomi    : Nootropics. It's a class of drugs which wil help improve your
           mental functioning.

Snake    : It'll make smarter huh? Anything else?

Naomi    : Benzedrine. It's a type of stimulant. It'll keep you alert and
           responsive for twelve straight hours.

Snake    : That was quite a cocktail. Anything else in there?

Naomi    : Those nanomachines will also keep your Codec's batteries charged up.

Snake    : I guess I can call you when I'm ready to go on a diet.

Naomi    : You're welcome.

Snake    : I need to borrow your scissors.

Naomi    : What are you going to do?

Snake    : Don't worry. Just going to clean myself up a little.

Naomi    : Huh?

Snake    : I don't want to be mistaken for the leader of the terrorists.


                _           _          _     _                   
            ___| |_ ___ ___| |_    ___|_|___| |_ _ _ ___ ___ ___ 
           | . |   | . |_ -|  _|  | . | |  _|  _| | |  _| -_|_ -|
           |_  |_|_|___|___|_|    |  _|_|___|_| |___|_| |___|___|
           |___|                  |_|                            



Metal Gear Solid contains a whole bunch of hidden pictures of Konami
staff which worked on the game, these pictures can only be seen by
taking pictures with the Camera item at certain points in the game.
Here is a list of the person and the place to take their picture.

    ___________________  _________________________________________________
   |                   ||                                                 |
   |   GHOST NAME      ||          PICTURE LOCATION                       |
   |                   ||                                                 |
1/ |    MIZUTANI       || Take the picture of Metal Gear REX during your  |
   |                   || fight with it.                                  |
   |                   ||                                                 |
2/ |    KOREKADO       || Take picture in the men's bathroom on floor B1  |
   |                   || of Nuke Storage building.                       |
   |                   ||                                                 |
3/ |    SATO           || On top of communications tower A, where you     |
   |                   || have you use the rope to rapel down             |
   |                   ||                                                 |
4/ |    NAKAMURA       || Take  the picture on the puddle of blood where  |
   |                   || Sniper wolf shot Meryl repeatedly               |
   |                   ||                                                 |
5/ |    SHINKAWA       || The small tower where the first fight with Wolf |
   |                   || takes place, behind one of the pillars          |
   |                   ||                                                 |
6/ |    KOZYOU         || In the open area of the canyon parts where the  |
   |                   || open snowfield is                               |
   |                   ||                                                 |
7/ |    NEGISHI        || Check the area below where Metal Gear Rex is    |
   |                   || stored, the area with the waterfall type thing  |
   |                   ||                                                 |
8/ |    HIDEO          || After the boss fight with the Ninja, take the   |
   |                   || picture on the Policenauts poster in the lab    |
   |                   ||                                                 |
9/ |    MATSUHANA      || Take the picture of the corpses outside Otacon's|
   |                   || lab. The bloody hallway.                        |
   |                   ||                                                 |
10/|    SASAKI         || Take the picture of the framed pictures behind  |
   |                   || the desk in the commander's room.               |
   |                   ||                                                 |
11/|    KOBAYSHI       || Take a picture of the rocks in the canyon       |
   |                   || area.                                           |
   |                   ||                                                 |
12/|    SHIKAMA        || Take the picture of the electrified floor in    |
   |                   || Nuke storage building floor B2                  |
   |                   ||                                                 |
13/|    UEHARA         || Take a picture of the elevator in the tank      |
   |                   || hanger main building floor.                     |
   |                   ||                                                 |
14/|    SHIMIZU        || Take a picture of the cave area after Mantis's  |
   |                   || boss fight, where you meet the wolve dogs.      |
   |                   ||                                                 |
15/|    KANEDA         || Take a picture of the mirror in the women's     |
   |                   || rest room in Nuke storage building, floor B1    |
   |                   ||                                                 |
16/|    OKAJIMA        || Take the picture of the maggots on the body     |
   |                   || of the DARPA chief when Snake is caught         |
   |                   ||                                                 |
17/|    TAKABE         || Take a picture of the glass part at the right   |
   |                   || of Otacon's laboratory.                         |
   |                   ||                                                 |
18/|    FUJIMURA       || Take a picture inside the elevator in Comm.     |
   |                   || tower B, where you fight the invisible guards   |
   |                   ||                                                 |
19/|    TOYOTA         || Take a picture of one of the containers in      |
   |                   || the warehouse where the raven fight happens.    |
   |                   ||                                                 |
20/|    KIMURA         || Before Metal Gear REX becomes activated, take   |
   |                   || a picture of its rail cannon.                   |
   |                   ||                                                 |
21/|    SONOYAMA       || Take a picture of Ocelot's torture machine.     |
   |                   ||                                                 |
   |                   ||                                                 |
22/|    FUKUSHIMA      || Take a picture on the heliport at the start,    |
   |                   || the area south of the screen                    |
   |                   ||                                                 |
23/|    NISHIMURA      || Take a picture of the empty area next to the    |
   |                   || dead body of Kenneth Baker.                     |
   |                   ||                                                 |
24/|    MUKAIDE        || Take a picture of the water puddle inside the   |
   |                   || cave where you meet the wolf dogs.              |
   |                   ||                                                 |
25/|    ONODA          || Take a picture of the tied up Kenneth Baker     |
   |                   || during the Revolver Ocelot boss fight.          |
   |                   ||                                                 |
26/|    DOLPH          || Take a picture on the walkway which is in       |
   |                   || between the two communications towers.          |
   |                   ||                                                 |
27/|    YOSHIMURA      || Take a picture inside the first vent shaft.     |
   |                   ||                                                 |
   |                   ||                                                 |
28/|    TOUGA          || Take a picture in the steam room of the         |
   |                   || Blast Furnace                                   |
   |                   ||                                                 |
29/|    MURAOKA        || Take a picture in the starting docks, at the    |
   |                   || puddle of water.                                |
   |                   ||                                                 |
30/|    ISHIYAMA       || Take a picture of the heliport after the docks. |
   |                   ||                                                 |
   |                   ||                                                 |
31/|    KUTOME         || Take a picture inside the observation room.     |
   |                   ||                                                 |
   |                   ||                                                 |
32/|    MORI           || Take the picture at the bottom of the elevator  |
   |                   || in Communication tower B.                       |
   |                   ||                                                 |
33/|    YOSHIOKA       || Take a picture of the small bridge in the       |
   |                   || Blast Furnace.                                  |
   |                   ||                                                 |
34/|    BLAUSTEIN      || Take a picture over the dead Sniper Wolf        |
   |                   ||                                                 |
   |                   ||                                                 |
35/|    KOBAYASHI      || Take a picture of the guard around your cell,   |
   |                   || when Snake gets caught                          |
   |                   ||                                                 |
36/|    HIRANO         || Take a picture of the elevator in comm tower B  |
   |                   ||                                                 |
   |                   ||                                                 |
37/|    MAKIMURA       || Take a picture in one of the hidden rooms in    |
   |                   || the armory area.                                |
   |                   ||                                                 |
38/|    ITO            || Take a picture on the tank hanger elevator.     |
   |                   ||                                                 |
   |                   ||                                                 |
39/|    TANAKKA        || Take a picture of the sleeping guard to the left|
   |                   || of the heliport.                                |
   |                   ||                                                 |
40/|    SHIGENO        || Take a picture of the security camera on the    |
   |                   || heliport.                                       |
   |                   ||                                                 |
41/|    YAMASHITA      || Take a picture of the dismantled warheads in    |
   |                   || the nuke storage building.                      |
   |                   ||                                                 |
42/|    KINBARA        || Take a picture of the stairs on the heliport.   |
   |                   ||                                                 |
   |                   ||                                                 |
43/|    KITAO          || Take the picture of the fake DARPA chief's body |


               _____         _   _                    _   _     
              | __  |___ ___| |_|_|___ ___    ___ _ _|_|_| |___ 
              |    -| .'|   | '_| |   | . |  | . | | | | . | -_|
              |__|__|__,|_|_|_,_|_|_|_|_  |  |_  |___|_|___|___|
mgs6120                               |___|  |___|              

Once you finish Metal Gear Solid, you will be ranked after the credits are
done, your ranking will depend on how you performed in the game, and each
rank in the game has a SUB rank in it as well. Meaning you will be ranked
within a rank. The SUB rank mostly depends on the difficulty your playing
the game in though.

All rank names are given in the form of animals, FOX being the highest. 
There is a BIG BOSS rank in there as well but that can only be gotten
in EXTREME mode, check the BIG BOSS FAQ in the FAQ's section on gamefaqs
for more infomation on that.

Here is your basic ranking chart and how things work in it....

 ________________  _________________________________________________  
|                ||                                                 | 
|    RANK I      ||      BIG BOSS, FOX, HOUND, DOBERMAN             | 
| To get the rank I, you must finish the game within three hours,   | 
| kill no more then 25 guards, use only 1 ration and do no continues| 
 ________________  _________________________________________________  
|                ||                                                 | 
|     RANK II    ||      EAGLE, HAWK, FALCON, PIGEON                | 
| To get the rank II, the requirements can be like rank I, but you  | 
| can use more rations and stuff, finish the game with in 2:30 hours| 
 ________________  _________________________________________________  
|                ||                                                 | 
|     RANK III   ||      ORCA, JAWS, SHARK, PIRANHA                 | 
| To get the rank III, you must have killed over 250 guards. The    | 
| rest of the requirements won't matter afterwards.                 | 
 ________________  _________________________________________________  
|                ||                                                 | 
|     RANK IV    ||      WHALE, MAMMOTH, ELEPHANT, PIG              | 
| To get rank IV, you must use at least 130 rations, minus all the  | 
| above given level requirements.                                   | 
 ________________  _________________________________________________  
|                ||                                                 | 
|     RANK V     ||      HIPPOPOTAMUS, ZEBRA, DEER, CAT             | 
| To get this rank, you must save your game atleast 80 times, minus | 
| all the above level requirements.                                 | 
 ________________  _________________________________________________  
|                ||                                                 | 
|     RANK VI    ||      GIANT PANDA, CAPIBARA, SLOTH, KOALA        | 
| To get this rank, you must finish the game after 18 hours of      | 
| gameplay. Which was the standard time for Snake's nanomachines    | 
 ________________  _________________________________________________  
|                ||                                                 | 
|     RANK VII   ||      OSTRICH, RABBIT, MOUSE, CHICKEN            | 
| To get this rank, you must finish the game with any one combo of  | 
| conditions from rank IV, V and VI                                 | 
 ________________  _________________________________________________  
|                ||                                                 | 
|     RANK VIII  ||      JAGUAR, LEOPARD, PANTHER, PUMA             | 
 ________________  _________________________________________________  
|                ||                                                 | 
 ________________  _________________________________________________  
|                ||                                                 | 
 ________________  _________________________________________________  
|                ||                                                 | 
 ________________  _________________________________________________  
|                ||                                                 | 


!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*******
                           _             _      
                        __| |_  ___ __ _| |_ ___
                       / _| ' \/ -_) _` |  _(_-<
!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*******

                              UNLOCKABLE CHEATS

During the Ocelot torture sequence submit to his torture, now proceed on
with the game normally, when Snake releases  Meryl he  finds  that she's
already dead. At that time Otacon comes in and calms  Snake down. Finish
the game with the Otacon ending and when you start  the  next  game from
the saved file you will start with  his  Stealth  camouflage kit in your

During the Ocelot torture sequence, do NOT submit to his torture, after
the liquid find Snake finds Meryl pretty  much  alive  and well. Finish
the game with the Meryl ending and in the next new  game you start with
the saved data you will have the bandana in your inventory. Equip it to
receive infinite ammo on all weapons.

To get this, finish the game with one ending, then use the next game save
to finish the game with the other ending. Now when you start the game in
the third save, in the docks elevator when Snake takes off his underwater
suit he will have a Tuxedo underneath it. Pretty Bond.

Like above, when your doing a Tuxedo run, when you reach Grey Fox he will
be in a different bright red and blue exoskeleton now. Looks sort of like
Spider man to me.

You find the Camera in a hidden room in the armory B2 of Tank Hanger, the
door is locked with a level 6 card. The good point is that if you get the
camera once in the main game, you will have it with you from the start at
the start of the next game.

Like above, finish the game with the Tuxedo and during the ending credits
you will have the main Metal Gear Solid theme play in the background.

In the VR missions, finish the Practice mode to unlock the Time Trial mode,
finish the Time Trial mode to unlock the Gun Shooting mode, finish the Gun
Shooting mode to unlock the Survival mode. Finish THAT and you will unlock
a special feature called "Technical Demonstration" in which the computer
shows you how to finish the levels with the best times.

Finish the game with either ending to unlock its respective DEMO THEATER
mode in the main menu, this mode allows you to see all the scenes in the
game one by one. Finish both endings to unlock it completely.

Finish the game once in any difficulty modes, then check the main menu
and you will find an Extreme difficulty mode there, radar is completely
disabled in this mode of gameplay.

                         GAMESHARK CODES FOR US VERSION

Have Socom Pistol                     800B7532 03E7
                                      800B7546 03E7 

Have Famas                            800B7534 03E7
                                      800B7548 03E7 

Have Grenades                         800B7536 03E7
                                      800B754A 03E7 

Have Nikita                           800B7538 03E7
                                      800B754C 03E7 

Have Stinger                          800B753A 03E7
                                      800B754E 03E7 

Have Claymore Mines                   800B753C 03E7
                                      800B7550 03E7 

Have C4                               800B753E 03E7
                                      800B7552 03E7 

Have Stun Grenades                    800B7540 03E7
                                      800B7554 03E7 

Have Chaff Grenades                   800B7542 03E7
                                      800B7556 03E7 

Have Sniper Rifle                     800B7544 03E7
                                      800B7558 03E7 

Have Cigs                             800B755A 0001 

Have Scope                            800B755C 0001 

Have C.Box A                          800B755E 0001 

Have C.Box B                          800B7560 0001 

Have C.Box C                          800B7562 0001 

Have N.V.G.                           800B7564 0001 

Have Therm.G                          800B7566 0001 

Have Gas Mask                         800B7568 0001 

Have B.Armor                          800B756A 0001 

Have Ketchup                          800B756C 0001 

Have Stealth                          800B756E 0001 

Have Bandana                          800B7570 0001 

Have Camera                           800B7572 0001 

Have 255 Rations                      800B7574 03E7

Have Level 100 Key Card               800B757C 0064 

Have Suppressor Active                800B7588 0000 

Infinite Life                         800B7526 0600 

Max Life                              800B7528 0600 

Invulnerability                       800AE1CA 0080 

Infinite Air                          800AE1AC 0400 
Radar Not Jammed When Spotted         800AE178 0000 

Walk Thru Walls                       80027250 9CC4
                                      80027252 0800 

Infinite 3:00 Fight Time              800E72BC 1475 

Infinite Time-Jeep Chase              800E1258 FFFF 

Press R1 For Normal PAL Key           D00B2D58 0008
                                      800B7592 0000 

Press R2 For Hot PAL Key              D00B2D58 0002
                                      800B7592 0001 

Press L1 For Cold PAL Key             D00B2D58 0004
                                      800B7592 0002 

Press L2+R2 For First Person Mode     D00AE0C8 0013
                                      300AE1C8 0000 


!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*******
                        _ _ _____ _(_)_____ __ __
                       | '_/ -_) V / / -_) V  V /
                       |_| \___|\_/|_\___|\_/\_/ 

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*******

Metal Gear Solid, argueable one of the best games ever created,  is
or rather was, one hell of an ambition by Konami, more specifically
Hideo Kojima, who claims that Metal Gear Solid is his brain child.
This game provided me many hours of superb high quality cinematic
entertainment and here's how i rate this gem of a game.


At its time, Metal Gear Solid was what you might call the best graphical
experience people could have, for a game based on the meager 32 hit hard
ware of the Sony PlayStation,  the  game  shined  like a gem with superb
high rez full 3D graphics.  Combine that with superb cinema style camera
angels and presentation and Metal  Gear  Solid was the closest thing any
one could get to looking for a true cinematic style experience. One more
thing which made MGS unique was its use  of  the game engine to make the
in game scenes. At a time when game developes  were beginning to utilize
CG movies, Konami opted to render all  scenes  in  the game in real time
which gave them room to put  a  lot  of  scenes in the game as real time 
scenes take very less space compared to CG movies. Also, for  that  time,
Metal Gear Solid had nice graphical touches  like  footprints  and smoke
coming out of your character's mouth which made it beautiful to look at.

SOUND 9/10

This does not include the voice acting in the game, sound was one thing
which helped the PSX in outselling the N64 since a cartridge had a very
small space limitation, developes were free to use high quality stereo
sound on the PSX. MGS is no exception, the game has awesome background
tunes, which feel like watching a spy movie. If your ever spotted then
the music picks up and it keeps at the high tempo until things start to
cool down at which time the music also fades to normal.


There was nothing special about the controls of the game, the movement
was analog which made moving Snake around much more easier and simple
moves like choking, punching and pressing switches could be done at the
tap of a button which made moving around a snap and made the overall
game experience easy for newcomers as well. The inventory system was
also managed in real time by the shoulder buttons which meant that you
didn't have to pause the game or go to a completely separate menu in
order to change equipment.


Metal Gear Solid still has one of the best voice acting ever heard in
a video game, every voice actor from Snake to Grey fox was perfect for
his or her respective character. Especially Snake who had a very cool
movie hero style voice. Liquid's voice actor was your typical british
villain guy :P and so on and on. Every thing worked out well.

STORY 10/10

Even with all the above mentioned traits, a game is  not  enjoyable 
unless it has a good story going on with it. Fortunately Metal Gear
Solid does not disappoint in that sense either. Though its a sequel
to two other games, you wouldn't miss out  anything  if you haven't
played any of the earlier  Metal  Gear  games since this game has a 
mostly original story and there's  only  slight mention of the past
events here and there. Besides  that  Metal  Gear  Solid has a very
believeable story which can be very  well  true  some day. A action
filled plot filled with many twists  and  double  crosses make this
game's story one for the ages.


If reading all the above didn't get you to the point, then here it
is, you have to get this gem of a classic just for the experience
this game provides. Even though a newer remake of the game has been
made on the Nintendo Gamecube, most hardcore fans still prefer the
oringinal game over the remake.


!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*******
                         _                  _ 
                        | |   ___ __ _ __ _| |
                        | |__/ -_) _` / _` | |
                        |____\___\__, \__,_|_|

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*******
This guide was made only for the purpose of helping other people, 
and i dont intend to use it for profit, and i would really really 
appreciate it if no one else does it too. This guide is as free 
as everyone of us is. Use it nicely. The following sites have are 
the special sites who this guide belongs too in full right...  (
( PS ... this doesnt mean that other sites cant use the guide, any 
site which i want this guide to go to and any site which tells me 
before using it shall be allowed )))
And any other site which take my permit first...
Any other site can also use this guide as long as they keep it to 
themselves and inform me about my guide being used, and i really 
wouldnt like it if anyone uses it for money  PLEASE TELL ME BEFORE 
This guide was made by Adnan Javed , better known as ChandooG on the
Gamefaqs message boards, i made this guide just for the people for 
free to be used as a source of making your game easy and enjoyable... 
METAL GEAR SOLID is a trademark of Konami Co. Ltd. Konami is a registered
trademark of Konami Co. Litd. PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are
registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment.

* God of course for making the whole world like it is today
  and a special thanks for making me lol ;-)

* My hands, i can say without a doubt that i may be one of
  the fastest typers alive, since i wrote this enter thing
  out in about less then 2 days. I RULE !

* GameFaqs.com , for allowing people such as me to show off
  their writing skills, or even learn that common men can
  also make walkthrough's for games, i mean three years ago
  i didnt know what a FAQ was.

* All the people who use this walkthrough for making their
  game easy, not for their profitable gains, a special
  thanks to the websites who use it by asking my permission
  first , and keeping it in its original unedited .txt format.

* Muchso incrediblos credit goes to Psycho penguin for baring
  me over MSN. hehe

* Muchso incrediblos credit goes to Purple Haze / El Greco for
  letting me use the proper briefing text.
* Equally Muchos incrediblos credit goes to AUrbina for letting
  me use his text dump thingy from the Briefing part in here.
  Even though I dont use it, he was the first one to let me.

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