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Guide and Walkthrough by Bilboboy

Updated: 04/11/2003

Metal Gear Solid 1 FAQ
By Bilboboy
Created 1/4/03


1. Introduction
2. Email Policy
3. Story
4. Cast
5. Snake's Items
6. Snake's Weapons
7. Walkthrough - Disc 1
8. The Dock
9. The Heliport
10.The Tank Hangar
11.Floor B1
12.Floor B2
14.The Nuclear Building
15.The Caves
16.The Underground Path
18.Comms Tower A & B
19.Snow Field
20.Walkthrough - Disc 2
21.Blast Furnace
22.Metal Gear Hangar 
23.PAL Key Input Process
24.Metal Gear and Liquid
25.Escape and final showdown
26.Codec Frequencies
27.VR Training
28.Survival Masterclass!
31.Copyright Notice

1. Introduction

Hi! Welcome to my FAQ for Metal Gear Solid 1. This is my third FAQ 
that I have posted and I hope it proves both useful and beneficial to 

2. Email Policy

Emails - What I want and what I don't want

With any walkthrough, there will be minor errors or different ways of 
doing things. But, there are certain ways of informing the author 
about them, here is a list of things I will accept via email and that 
will be acknowledged and included in the FAQ.

Different ways of doing things i.e. alternative ways to beat a boss
New Gameshark Codes
Polite suggestions of things I could put in when I next update the 
Your own reviews of my FAQ or any others that I've posted
Things that you found didn't work that I said did
New things you found that I missed i.e. secrets, glitches etc

NOTE: Codes must be tested before emailed to me. I have neither the 
time, nor the desire to test every single code that is emailed to me. 
It is also no use sending in cheats or codes that I know for a fact 
don't work i.e. "fly"

Here is a list of things that I don't want:

Rude emails telling me a mission strategy or something is rubbish
No foul worded emails WHATSOEVER
No angry emails that say I have used something from your guide and I 
haven't given you credit for it. If this is the case then a polite 
email informing me of the error will solve the problem.
No emails that put down any other MGS 1 FAQs. I believe that MGS 1 is 
a very hard game to write an FAQ about and everyone who writes one 
puts in a very large amount of effort and care.
No emails that don't explain the problem. E.G. "how do you kill the 
boss?" will not get an answer, as I will have no idea what boss 
you're talking about, or if it's MGS 1 you want advice for.

That is basically it for emails. The general rule is if it's polite 
and the request/problem is clearly stated, I will more often than not 
reply to it.

3. Story 

NOTE: This story was taken right from the MGS 1 instruction manual.

The Nuclear Weapons disposal facility on Shadow Moses Island in 
Alaska's Fox Archipelago was attacked and taken over by Next 
Generation Special Forces, being lead by members of Fox Hound.

They're currently demanding that the government of the United States 
turn over the remains of Big Boss and they say if their demand is not 
met within 24 hours, they'll launch a nuclear weapon.

Solid Snake (you) has two mission objectives. The first is to rescue 
the DARPA's chief, Donald Anderson, and the President of Armstech, 
Kenneth Baker. Both are being held as hostages. Secondly, Snake has 
to investigate whether or not the terrorists have the ability to make 
a nuclear strike, and stop them if they do.

4. Cast

Solid Snake

The main man in this game. A retired member of Fox Hound who has a 
very good reputation for getting things sorted out. He has been 
brought out of retirement for this mission by his old friend Colonel 
Roy Campbell, as he is the only one with enough experience to stop 
the terrorists launching a nuke, if they can.

Colonel Roy Campbell

An army Colonel who spent most of his life working in Fox Hound and 
training new agents. He has been assigned to this mission because of 
the close bond that both him and Snake share.

Mei Ling

A Japanese technological genius. She is the one who you call if you 
need to save your game. She also designed many of your electrical 
arsenal. Including your soliton radar and your codec.

Master Miller

Another old friend of Snake's. In the days when Snake was in Fox 
Hound, Miller was the one who taught Snake everything he knew about 
survival and stealth. He is also an old war veteran himself.


A mysterious bloke who doesn't make himself known to anyone on this 
mission. He calls Snake from a secret location to give him hints 
every now and then.

Meryl Silverburgh

The Colonel's niece who got herself involved in the mission before 
Snake and his team got involved. She is a great admirer of Snake's 
and does anything she can to help him. However, despite her helpful 
and independent nature she still has a lot to learn about real 


The Armstech computer wiz. He designed and helped create Metal Gear 
and all the other electrical devices that Armstech have. He is purely 
on Snake and Fox Hound's side though as he found out what the 
terrorists were planning to use Metal Gear for.

Nastahsa Romanenko 

Natasha is the German/Bulgarian weapons expert who spent most of her 
working life serving in Fox Hound. She has an extensive knowledge of 
almost any weapon that has ever been created so if you have a 
question about a particular enemy's weapon, she's the one to ask. #

Naomi Hunter

Naomi's parents were killed in Zanzibar during the war. Her brother, 
a man called Frank Jaega and Naomi had to basically fend for 
themselves until Big Boss came along and took them under his wing. 
She joined the operation because she has an extensive knowledge of 
genes and how they influence people's behaviour. Not really someone 
who can help you much but useful if you need an interesting 
conversation with someone.

Liquid Snake

The evil brother of Solid Snake. This evil ruler of Fox Hound is 
determined to take over the world and destroy anything in his path. 
Including, Solid Snake, his own brother.

Revolver Ocelot

Gunman extraordinaire. This man can shoot down a target that is high 
up in the air or moving at an incredibly fast rate. He has mastered 
all types of weaponry including his newest invention, the Colt that 
can take out anything that moves in one shot. He's eager to try out 
his new toy so best watch your back.


No one really knows who this guy is or what he wants. He seems to 
know a lot about the operation even though the information is 
classified. The thing that is clear about him though is that he is 
hell bent on taking Solid Snake on in a final hand-to-hand combat 
battle to the death.

Physco Mantis

Fox Hounds Physic. He can read the minds of any human he comes into 
contact with which makes him almost impossible to defeat in battle. 
He is FOX hound best shot at getting the two PAL codes to activate 
the nuke missile.

Sniper Wolf

Beautiful, but very deadly. She is Fox Hound's best shooter and can 
spend weeks, days, months or even years waiting for her prey it 
doesn't matter to her. She is deadly accurate with her rifle so a 
normal handgun or machine gun won't work so you may need something 
with a better focus, should you ever need to take her on, one on one.

Vulcan Raven

Vulcan Raven is Fox Hound's deadliest assassin. He wields a chain gun 
which are normally found on military aircraft, making taking him on 
in a one on one shootout impossible. He has a strange relationship 
with the ravens which haunt where he dwells, maybe that's how he got 
the name Vulcan Raven, who knows.

5. Snake's Items

Before I begin the greatest walkthrough/FAQ you'll ever find on the 
net, let's take a look at what Snake can cram into that tight 
sneaking suit.


Finishing the game without submitting to the torture will result in 
you receiving this handy thing which, when equipped gives you 
unlimited ammo for any of your weapons, cool eh!

Body Armour

When equipped, this halves the damage you receive when something hits 
you. It can be found in the Blast Furnace in the steam room.


Take photos wherever you like!! Has no relevance to the game mind
you. Found in the room next to where you take on Revolver Ocelot in 
the B2 armoury.

Cardboard Box A - To Heliport

Ah! An old classic never dies. When a guard is getting a bit close 
and there aren't any convenient hiding places simply pop this thing 
over your head and wait for him to pass by, then jump out and break 
his neck, heh! Or, if you're too lazy to walk all the way back to the 
heliport, simply hop in any of the three delivery trucks in the game 
and wait for a guard to come and drive you there. A great way to get 

Cardboard Box B - To Nuclear Warhead Storage Building
Ah! An old classic never dies. When a guard is getting a bit close 
and there aren't any convenient hiding places simply pop this thing 
over your head and wait for him to pass by, then jump out and break 
his neck, heh heh! Or, if you're too lazy to walk all the way back to 
the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building, simply hop in any of the three 
delivery trucks in the game and wait for a guard to come and drive 
you there. A great way to get around.
Cardboard Box C - To Snowfield

Ah! An old classic never dies. When a guard is getting a bit close 
and there aren't any convenient hiding places simply pop this thing 
over your head and wait for him to pass by, then jump out an break 
his neck, heh heh! Or, if you're too lazy to walk all the way back to 
the Snowfield, simply hop in any of the three delivery trucks in the 
game and wait for a guard to come and drive you there. A great way to 
get around.


A completely useless item at first. When equipped, they can detect 
infra red beams. However, you're health also goes down whilst they're 
equipped, only use them if you didn't collect the Thermal Goggles.


Very useful item when sniping. Take one and you will calm yourself 
down meaning you won't shake and your aim will be a lot better.

Gas Mask

When equipped, this will make you invulnerable to gas attacks. Found 
on floor B2 of the Nuclear Warhead Storage building.


Used to escape from the cell after you've been tortured. Given to you 
by Otacon.

Magnifying Scope

Allows you to zoom in on a particular area or enemy. Useful or 
getting a good look at what's in there before crashing in all guns 


After the torture, you may have caught a cold from the guard that was 
patrolling around. Taking this will get rid of this cold and stop 
Snake sneezing at inconvenient moments and alerting the guards.

Mine Detector

When equipped, any hidden mines are shown on your radar. Found in the 
office building of floor 1 in the Tank Hangar.

Night Vision Goggles

When in poorly lit areas, like the caves for example these will 
improve your vision allowing you to see things that you previously 

PAL Card Key

You need this to shut down Metal Gear at the end of the game. Given 
to you by Meryl before you meet Physco Mantis.


Standard military food package. Take one of these and your health 
will increase. It's a very good idea to always have a good supply of 


This is given to you whilst in prison. It has a faint smell of Sniper 
Wolf and, when equipped the wolves in the caves won't attack you.

Stealth Suit

Very useful item this one. When equipped, any enemies (not including 
Bosses) won't be able to see you. You get it from Otacon at the end 
of the game if you submit to the torture.

Thermal Goggles

When equipped, you can see any hidden infra red beams. They basically 
do the same job as the cigarettes but they don't make your health 
decrease so I'd use these instead of the cigarettes. Found in the 
small room on floor 1 of the Tank Hangar

6. Snake's Weapons

Although it's generally recommended that you move silently throughout 
this game, there are a few weapons that may come in handy when it 
comes to a spot of, er... killing.


These are small packages of explosives, which can be attached to any 
object and used to blow that object to hell. My favourite thing to do 
is to sneak up behind a guard and plant a C4 on his back. Then, just 
before he sees you, blow his brains out!

Chaff Grenades

These grenades are full of electronic interference which, when 
released into the surrounding area scramble the circuits of anything 
electronic. These are mainly used to take out security cameras, 
however they also scramble your radar so use with caution.


These are proximity mines that are hidden in the ground and will blow 
up as soon as anything, even you comes into contact within their 


This is actually a rapid-fire assault rifle and the nearest thing to 
a machine gun in the game. It comes in very handy when the only 
option is to blast your way out of a surrounding group of enemies.


These are extremely powerful but also very noisy so it's not exactly 
a good choice of weapon in a game of silent espionage.


This is a missile launcher with a difference. After firing the 
missile, pressing the triangle will allow you to look through the eye 
of the missile and make targeting specific targets loads easier. So 
be sure to collect from the B1 office building of the Nuclear Weapon 
Storage building.


This is your classic Sniper Rifle equipped with a laser scope for 
night time combat. It's an essential weapon to have as it's the only 
way to beat Sniper Wolf in the first battle.


This is your first weapon and as such its uses are slightly limited 
but it will do the job until you find a more powerful means of 
protecting yourself. You can also attach a silencer to it, which 
comes in handy when a quieter, less obvious way of killing is needed.


Should you ever need to shoot down any form of aircraft then this is 
your best friend. It's a portable SAM missile launcher, which 
automatically locates and locks onto its target so it's pretty handy 
against the tougher bosses. 

Stun Grenades

These guys do exactly what it says on the label. Stun stuff. Lob one 
into a crowd of enemies and they will be temporarily stunned, leaving 
you to kick ass without too much resistance. So don't worry 'bout the 
government, have a blast!!


At last, I've got to the point where I actually provide some advice 
for the game. This guide is intended to help you as much as I can 
without actually doing the game for you. I have checked and double-
checked it so it shouldn't have many errors; if, however you find one 
or have another way of doing something, then please don't hesitate to 
inform me of it in the usual way. So, without further ado let's get 

Part 1 - The Dock

Here we are in the first area of MGS 1. The Dock. The main point of 
this bit is to get to the Heliport where you can access the enemy 
base from, but you need the elevator for that and the elevator is 
presently above the area you're in now so we'd better do something 
useful while we're waiting.

Firstly, you'll notice two dots with cones attached to them on your 
radar. These two dots are guards that need to be taken out before 
proceeding. So, clamber out of the water and head over to the small 
hole in front of you. As you approach it, you'll get a call on your 
codec that basically tells you how to crawl through small gaps, 
ignore if you wish, it's not that important. 

After the codec call has finished, press X to crawl into the gap. 
Before crawling through however, check that the guard that's 
patrolling the area in front of you has his back to you. When it's 
safe to, crawl out, run up to the guard and press and hold square to 
make Snake grab is neck. Repeatedly tap square to break the guard's 
neck. One down, one to go!

Now, the second guard shouldn't be too far away from you so check 
that he won't see you, sneak up on him and repeatedly tap square to 
break his neck as well. After both guards are dead, this area is now 
free to roam around in.

The next thing to do is to get some rations as you're health bar 
isn't that big at the moment. So, head to the top right hand corner 
to find a ration by a digger. Now go back to where you came out of 
the water at the very start. Now, go down the stairs that lead into 
the water and turn left to find another ration just next to the 

We now need to wait for the lift to come down, so head back to the 
digger where you got the first ration from and crouch behind it and 
wait for the lift to come down. When it does, wait for the third 
guard to come out of it and begin his patrol before running out, from 
your hiding place and into the lift.

Part 2 - The Heliport			

After the cut scenes and conversations have stopped, head to the 
bottom left hand corner and grab the ration if you need it. Now, go 
back to your starting place and head right. 

Sneak along the side of the helipad and use the container to the 
right to hide behind. When you can, jump out behind the guard and 
kill him by breaking his neck. 

Now, head left to the delivery truck and hop inside. Go to the back 
corner and collect the Socom pistol from behind the crates. Now, use 
the triangle button to activate the first person view mode. Use it to 
keep an eye out for any guards that may be near the van, when the 
coast is clear, hop out of the van.
Now, head right and you'll get a cut scene, during which Snake 
notices a surveillance camera. Flatten yourself against the wall and 
strafe across to the stairs to avoid being spotted by the camera. 
Now, head up the stairs and watch out for the guard that is 
patrolling this platform. 

When you arrive he should have is back to you so quickly snap his 
neck before he notices you. After he's gone, continue along this 
platform until you see a hole along the right side. When you do, 
crawl through it to enter the ducts.

Crawl through the ducts and you'll pretty soon get a codec call from 
Master Miller who will give you some advice about following the rats 
through the ducts to avoid getting lost. Anyway, after the call, keep 
going along the same path and you'll eventually come across a 
hatchway that is open. For now, crawl over it and collect the ration 
on the other side if you need it and then drop through the hatchway 
into the enemy base.

Part 3 - The Tank Hangar

Welcome to the Tank Hangar. This place is where all the military 
vehicles are stored, so it is pretty well guarded which is why it's 
advisable to use your radar as much as you can. Anyway, check behind 
the crate to your left for some chaff grenades. Now, go to your right 
and lob a chaff grenade to disable the camera that's on the wall at 
the end, near the stairs. Now, head over to that camera and enter the 
door below it. Quickly, run over to the right corner of this room and 
grab the Thermal Goggles (if the chaff wears off, throw another one). 

Now, exit this room and head down the stairs, being wary of the 
camera. Now, head behind the stairs for some Socom Ammo. We now need 
to go down a couple of floors so head to the north wall to find the 
elevator. Press the circle button to get it to come down (if it 
doesn't come down immediately then press circle again. When it does 
come down, head inside and select floor B1 on the panel.

Part 4 - Floor B1

There really is only one main thing to do on this floor at the moment 
so head past the level 6 door and go to the ladder at the end. When 
you reach here you'll get a codec call from Mei Ling saying that the 
DARPA chief's signal is coming from somewhere nearby and that you 
should hurry and rescuer him. After the call, climb the ladder to 
access some more ducts.

Crawl along the path until you come to a junction. Turn left and 
continue till you reach the air holes. Look down with triangle and 
down to see a guard in the toilet... Ahem, moving on. Now, continue 
crawling through the vents and you'll come across some socom ammo, 
pick that up and then crawl back to the junction. 

This time, go right and carry on until you see a second air hole. 
This time when you look down however you'll see Meryl doing some sit-
ups in her cell. Crawl a bit further along and you'll get buzzed by 
the Colonel who says that the DARPA must be somewhere near where you 
are now, so after he's done talking, drawl a bit further along until 
a cutscene starts.

After the cutscene is finished you'll find yourself in the DARPA 
chief's cell with his corpse lying next to you. Crawl under the bed 
for a ration and then wait for Meryl to come and unlock the door. Now 
exit the cell and watch another cutscene. 

After the cutscene be ready to kick some ass. You'll be attacked by 5 
groups of three guards, each with rifles. As Meryl is a bit of a 
chicken wuss, you'll have to do all the shooting and killing 

The good thing is though that nearly all the groups leave something 
behind like rations or socom ammo, which helps a bit. Near the end of 
the fight, a guard will come in and throw three grenades into the 
room where you and Meryl are. Quickly, get as far into a corner as 
you can to avoid the blast.

After all the guards have been taken out, exit the room and watch yet 
another cutscene. After it's finished, go into the elevator and head 
down to floor B2.

Part 5 - Floor B2

This floor is the armoury where all the weapons are kept. It can be a 
little bit confusing so I've included a little map to help you along 
in finding your way around this area.


There you have it. A map for the B2 armoury. I know it's not that 
good but it will help when you have to find a particular weapon. 
There are also a couple of trapdoors that are positioned around the 
place which are invisible unless you equip your thermal goggles, so 
equip those when you get out of the elevator.

Firstly, head down to room four and collect the grenades. Now head 
back up to room 2 and pick up some C4. Now, head back up to the 
elevator and have a close look at the walls either side of it. Don't 
they look a bit... well, crumbly to you. 

Well, plant a C4 on one of them and detonate it. This will reveal a 
passage. Go down it and collect the items you'll find. Now, do the 
same to the other one and collect the goodies you'll find there. Now, 
head to the bottom of the room (by rooms 4-6) and you'll find some 
more of these walls. 

Blow up the one on the left and go down the passage. You'll soon find 
another wall that you can blow up, so do so and continue. In this new 
area, you'll find two walls that you can blow up. Take out the upper 
one and enter the next area. You'll now face boss number 1, who's a 
real arse so keep your cool and try to stay calm.

                        Revolver Ocelot
                        Difficulty 7/10

For a first boss, Ocelot sure can be a pain in the ass. Strangely 
enough though, it's not him that's the problem. You see, he also has 
President Baker of Armstech tied to some C4 on the central pillar; so 
one wrong move and the whole place will blow up, along with the 

So, how to keep the fight away from the central pillar. Well, 
assuming you still have some, put some of your own C4 in the far 
corners, they must be right in the corners as they will detonate 
Ocelot's C4 if they're too close. Anyway, when Ocelot runs past one o 
them, detonate it then fire some well placed socom bullets at him. 
Keep doing this till you run out of C4 or he is defeated. If you run 
out of C4 then simply keep firing at him or wait till he stops to 
reload and then pop some bullets in his ass, he shouldn't be that 
hard to defeat.

After he's defeated, watch the cutscene during which the Ninja comes 
and chops off his hand. Then watch the next cut scene where Baker 
tells you about his involvement in the Metal Gear project.

After all the cut scenes have finished and the President is dead, 
exit through the door you entered from and go back to the armoury. 
Before you do anything in this area, get out your codec and call 
Meryl on 140.15, I know her code is supposed to be on the back of the 
CD case that Baker gave you but as I have yet to find out how to use 
the case, I thought I'd better put in Meryl's code before I get tons 
of emails asking me what Meryl's code is.

Anyway, call Meryl and she'll tell you that she'll open the big door 
in the Tank Hangar that leads to the canyon. Anyway, after the 
conversation you should notice that there are a few guards in this 
area now so just watch out for them. You'll now want to get yourself 
another gun so head to building 6 in this area. When you go in, equip 
your Thermal Goggles and you'll notice that there are a few infra-red 
beams in front of the Fa-Mas, trip one of these wires and you'll have 
tons of guards on your ass within seconds so crawl under them and 
collect the Fa-Mas.

Now, crawl back under the beams and exit the room. Now, head back to 
the elevator and go back to the Tank Hangar. 

Hey, did you notice that one of the tanks is missing? Go left and 
open the door at the end with your level 2 card. Quickly, sneak 
behind the sleeping guard and break his neck. That was a bit sadistic 
and un-necessary but it serves him right for sleeping on the job, 

Anyway, grab the socom suppressor and combine it with your socom. You 
can now shoot a guard with your socom and no one will be any the 
wiser. Anyway, now exit this room and head up the stairs to the left 
of the elevator. Sneak past the camera and follow the walkway all the 
way round to the opposite side. Open the first level 2 door you come 
to and collect the cardboard box A and chaff grenades. Now, exit this 
room and go back round to the side where you first came up and go 
through that level 2 door and collect the mine detector. At some 
point while you were doing all this, Meryl should have called you 
back saying that she'd opened the big door for you. So, head back 
down and go through this door. Immediately equip your thermal goggles 
to see some more infra red beams, trip one of these and the doors 
will lock and you'll be killed by gas so be careful. Slowly, crawl 
beneath each of the beams as it rises up and unlock the door at the 
end. Oh yeah, did you notice there was a tank missing?

Part 6 - Canyon

As soon as you enter this area, equip your mine detector and all the 
hidden mines will show up on your radar. Crawl left and grab the 
ration from behind the rock. Now, crawl forward until a cut scene 
takes over and you meet boss number 2.

                               The Tank
                             Difficulty 7/10

So that's where the missing tank went! Well, now we have a slight 
problem. Our way is presently being blocked by a bloody great M1 
tank, oh well, looks like we're just gonna have to fight it. No 
problem really, after all, how hard can a massive M1 tank be? The 
hardest bit of this boss is actually getting up to it as its main gun 
is constantly firing explosive shells at you. The solution is simple. 
Stand a good way back and lob two or three chaffs at it. These chaffs 
will completely scramble the tank's main gun, allowing you to get up 
close. Once you can get up close, you need to land two grenades on 
its top so the two gunners will be blown up and allow you to get 
past. When you are up close though, be sure to keep moving as if the 
tank gets close to you, it will run you over. There are re-appearing 
grenades around the canyon so you shouldn't have much trouble with 
this boss. After it's blown up, head through the door behind it.

Part 7 - The Nuclear Building

Head up the ramp to the left and collect the ration. Now, head back 
down the ramp and crawl through the thin gap at the end. While you're 
in this room, you can use no weapons other than the chaff grenades as 
this room contains dismantled nukes that will leak a lethal gas, 
should they be pierced. In this room are a few items. There are some 
chaffs behind the missiles to the left, Fa-Mas ammo behind one of the 
cameras on the right wall and socom bullets on the left part of the 
truck in the centre of the room. Only get these if you have to as 
there too much risk of getting caught and killed. Anyway, equip 
cardboard box A and use it to avoid the guards and get to the 
elevator on the second level of this room, when you get to it take 
the elevator down to floor B1.

This Floor is a bit like the B2 armoury but it actually houses a 
variety of items and weapons, which is why you'll come back here a 
lot before the game is over. At present though, we just need to get 
the nikita launcher so head through the level 3 door, which is to the 
right as you go in. Now, head down to floor B2.

When you've gone through the first two glass doors, you'll get a 
codec call from "Deepthroat" telling you that the floor is 
electrified and the chamber is filled with gas. Well, we first need 
to sort out the electrified floor. So, go back out and then in again 
to get a full O2 gauge. Then take out your newly found Nikita and 
fire a missile. Guide it down the corridor and right. In the next 
room, guide it around the table and into the small room at the end. 
Now, go through the hall into another room and guide the missile 
right into the generator and fix the floor. Now, get another full O2 
gauge and come down the corridor and go into the last doorway before 
the turning. Grab the gas mask from this room and equip it. Now, go 
left at the turning and through the next door. Head down the next 
corridor and through the door at the end to meet... 

                             Difficulty 6/10

When you first start, don't fire any bullets at him. Seriously, it's 
useless because all he'll do is block them all with his sword. You'll 
have to take out this dude mano ? mano.

At this early stage in the fight, he won't try and fight back too 
much so keep doing your combo or give him a few one twos and you 
should be able to inflict some serious damage. After a few minutes, 
he'll put on his stealth suit so equip your thermal goggles and get 
after him. When you see a big, red blob you've got him so punch him 
and he'll take off the suit for a few seconds so keep doing your 
combo until he activates it again.

Next, he'll walk around throwing punches that are extremely powerful. 
The way you can avoid these is that he will appear and then disappear 
a few times. When he appears and then stops for a second or two, 
that's when he's about to punch so get out of the way and when he has 
thrown a punch, run up to him and throw some punches of your own! 
After a bit, he'll activate a field of electricity around him. This 
is when you can use a gun so pull out your Fa-Mas and get blastin'!
After a bit he'll finally be defeated and skip away.

After all the cut scenes have stopped, head back up to the office 
building on floor B1, it's time to find Meryl. We now need to find 
Meryl but she is disguised as one of the enemy soldiers so you'll 
need to be extra careful, right, wrong!! As you walk in, walk up to 
the "guard" on the right and let him see you. He'll sigh and walk 
off. Follow him into the ladies bathroom and go into the end cubicle 
to get a cut scene.

Well what do ya know! The guard was Meryl all along!! She'll give you 
the PAL card which is a very important item in this game so be sure 
to keep it safe. Now, head out of the bathroom and down the corridor 
to the Commander Room.

When you enter, Meryl will go a bit weird (I mean weirder than she is 
normally) and point her gun at you. Throw a stun grenade at her to 
knock her out for a bit and then boss number 4 will make an 

                              Physco Mantis
                             Difficulty 6/10

At first, Physco Mantis proves impossible to even hit as he keeps 
reading your mind and knows exactly when you're going to fire. Well, 
what he's actually doing is reading your controller port so simply 
switch to the other controller and this boss will be a cinch. Keep 
you thermal goggles equipped, as every so often he'll activate his 
stealth suit. He'll also revive Meryl occasionally so keep the stun 
grenades on stand by. When he starts using his telekinesis to throw 
stuff at you simply lay on the floor and let it fly over you. After a 
while of shooting and dodging, he'll finally be dead and you can 
switch back to controller 1. 

After Mantis is defeated, Meryl will return to normal so head out of 
the door in the right corner of the room and go down the stairs. 
Collect the ammo and rations from down the side of the stairs and go 
through the door to finally exit the nuclear building.

Part 8 - The Caves

First off equip your Night Vision Goggles as the caves aren't very 
well lit and can be a bit of a pain to get through in the pitch black 
and the wolves won't make it much easier. Anyway, first off head left 
and continue to a little alcove with some rations in it. Collect them 
and then grab the socom bullets from the south. Now head back to 
where you left Meryl. Take the first path you come to and crawl 
through the hole. 

Continue along this path until you come to an area where there's 
water on the floor. Head left and collect the Fa-Mas ammo then head 
back right. At the next junction, head south and you'll come to an 
area where there are two holes in the wall. Go through the south one 
first and collect the diazepam, Fa-Mas bullets and rations then head 
through the east hole to finally meet up with Meryl. When she says "I 
though you were good with dogs" punch her once and then hide in your 
cardboard box. A cub will then come along and pee on it. Now, the 
other wolves in the caves won't attack you as you smell like a wolf. 
Collect the ration from behind her and then go through the next door.

Part 9 - The Underground Path

When you first enter this area, Meryl will warn you about the 
claymore mines that are laid across your path. After she's shown you 
the safe path across, ignore it and crawl straight across the 
claymore field, collecting mines as you go. A cutscene will then kick 
in where Meryl gets shot by Sniper Wolf, boss number 5.

After all the boo-hooing and stuff has finished, call Otacon on 
141.12. He'll tell you that to defeat Sniper Wolf you'll need a good 
quality sniper rifle and that he saw a PS-G1 in the B2 armoury of the 
Tank Hangar. So, after the conversation has stopped, we've got a bit 
of a trek on our hands. So, make your way all the way back through 
the caves, back through the Nuclear Building, back across the canyon 
(watch out for the claymore mines and cameras) to the Tank Hangar. 

Once back in the Tank Hangar, take the elevator back down to the B2 
armoury. You'll now need to make your way to room 1 and collect the 
PS-G1. When you get in the room, equip your thermal goggles and 
you'll see an infra red trap so carefully crawl through it and 
collect the PS-G1 and ammo. Now, while we're here, we may as well 
pick up an item or two. So, head back to the passage way that lead to 
the room where you fought Ocelot and there should be another bomb-
able wall at the end of the passage so blow it up and go in. Avoid 
the camera gun on the wall above you and go to the end and pick up 
the camera, now exit.

You now need to make the long trek back to the canyon, across the 
canyon, through the nuclear building, back up to floor B1, through 
the level 5 door and back through the caves to where Meryl got shot. 
When you get back there however, you'll find that the enemy have 
taken Meryl, but the Sniper is still there...

                             Sniper Wolf              
                            Difficulty 5/10

First off, equip your newly found PS-G1 and take some diazepam to 
steady your nerves and stop your hand shaking (when I say "your" I 
mean Snake's, obviously!) Equip your rations and get ready for the 
best sniping duel in this game. Zoom into the tower and you should be 
able to see Sniper Wolf either hiding behind a pillar or about to 
fire at you. If she hits you, then it's no problem as your gun does 
more damage to her than hers does to you. Anyway, as soon as you see 
her, shoot her and then hide behind the corner, as she'll fire back 
at you pretty quickly. After she's fired her shot, come out of hiding 
and quickly shoot back at her. If you can't see her immediately then 
zoom out a bit so you can see the whole structure and you should see 
her, hiding behind one of the pillars, when you do, shoot her as many 
times as you can (this may only be once but once is better than not 
at all). Keep up this procedure of shooting, hiding, locating, 
shooting and after a few more hits, she should be defeated.

After she's gone, proceed up to the central tower and check all the 
alcoves along the way to get some more PS-G1 ammo and a ration. Now, 
go beneath the tower and collect the socom bullets from behind the 
barrel then go right and grab the Fa-Mas bullets from beneath the 
stairs. Now, call Mei-Ling on 140.96 and SAVE. Whatever you do now it 
is of paramount importance that you save your game. Why? Well, the 
reason is that the next bit decides what ending you get! After 
saving, head through the door to the right of the central tower.

Part 10 - Torture!!

During the cut scene, you'll see Snake get captured and taken into 
the torture room where Revolver Ocelot is waiting, along with Liquid 
Snake. After all the cut scenes are over, make sure you have your 
strongest finger at the ready cos' you're gonna need it now. You'll 
now get tortured and, to survive you need to tap O as fast as you can 
till the time is over. You need to do this three times, with the time 
getting longer each time. While doing this though, keep and eagle eye 
on your health bar and, if it gets too low press select immediately 
as there is no continuing at this point, you have been warned. 
Anyway, after either three rounds are over or you've submitted, 
Ocelot will send you to the cells.

If you didn't submit and you managed to get through the first bit of 
torture then (a) good for you!! and (b) after a while the guard will 
tell you that Ocelot wants to see you again for some more torture. 
When you're back in there, regardless of whether you can survive it 
or not, submit because the prize you get at the end is a lot more 
useful than the prize you'd get at the end for surviving the torture. 
NOTE: If you already have the stealth suit then survive the torture 
so you can get the bandanna.

Anyway, once you're back in the cells you'll have to wait around and 
eventually, the guard has to go to the toilet as he has a dodgy 
stomach. While he's out, Otacon will come and give you a level 
6 keycard, Sniper Wolf's handkerchief and some tomato ketchup.

NOTE: If you already have the stealth suit then survive the torture 
so you can get the bandanna. 

After he's gone, equip the ketchup and lay on the floor. Now, press O 
to use the ketchup and create a little red puddle on the floor that 
looks a bit like blood. When the guard comes back, he'll see you and 
think you're dead. He'll then come running into the cell and stand 
over you. When he's in the cell and NOT before stand up and either 
flip him over or kill him. While he's on the floor, run out of the 
cell and get out of the cells with the level 6 keycard. You'll now be 
back in the torture room so nip behind the torture machine and get 
all your items back. Now, exit through the door to the right of where 
you are now and you'll find yourself back on floor B1 where you found 
the DARPA chief.

Go right, past the elevator and down the corridor. Enter the office 
on your left and grab some socom bullets, now head back to the 
elevator and make your way back to the place where you fought Ocelot. 
Head down to the other side of the room and then head right. We are 
now able to unlock some doors that we couldn't before. So unlock the 
bottom one and grab the stun grenades and chaff grenades. You'll need 
them shortly so keep em'. Now, head back to floor B1 of the Nuclear 

We just need to nip back here to pick up a few items that were 
inaccessible before. So, when you're on floor B1, grab the medicine 
and use it to cure Snake's cold (if he has one) now trot back to 
floor B2. Head over the used-to-be-electrified floor and go left at 
the junction. Avoid the cameras and search all the rooms here for 
some body armour. Now go back up to floor B1 and get back to the 
place where Meryl got shot.

Go along the passage, past the blood pool and through the level 6 
door where you were captured before. 

AUTHOR'S NOTE: You're about to enter the next stage of the game, 
after which we won't be coming back here or any of the places before 
it so, if you missed anything now's the time to get it.

Part 11 - Comms Tower A and B

Anyway, head down the passage and ensure that your Fa-Mas is 
equipped. Then open the door at the end. When you get into the next 
room, don't be alarmed when the camera goes off and the guards come 
after you, that's supposed to happen. Grab the stun grenades and rope 
then head out the other door.

You now have to run from a ton of guards all the way up to the top of 
Comms Tower A. So, there really is no way that I can tell you how to 
do this bit. The only advice I can give you is keep your Fa-Mas ready 
and every so often give the guards behind you a quick blast. Also, 
about halfway up will be a level 6 door. Ignore it, it's frozen shut 
and won't open. Anyway, once you're at the top, grab the items and 
climb the ladder.

NOTE: If you already played through this game and got the stealth 
suit, it won't work for this bit, you'll still have to fight or run 
from the guards.

Anyway once at the top of the ladder exit through the door and, when 
you're out on the roof, go along and head up the set of steps near 
the big receiver dish. 

After the cut scene, equip the rope you picked up a while back and 
approach the fence. We've got a fair bit of climbing to do now. 
You'll get a codec call from the Colonel, which tells you how to 
rappel. Follow his instructions and get to the bottom of the tower. 
Once at the bottom, grab the items and then go to the start of the 
long passageway. 

Looking down this passageway, you'll spot three guards. Please note 
that if you have the stealth suit, you won't be able to simply walk 
up to them and blow their brains out because they will be able to see 
you so don't try that. Simply send a few well-placed PS-G1 shots in 
their direction. After they're all dead, go down the passageway, 
collect the ration from next to the door and then go through the door 
(ignore the Hind D for now) In this next room you'll collect your 
most useful weapon the Stinger Missile Launcher along with some ammo. 
Now head down the passageway and head through the next door into 
Comms Tower B.

Comms Tower B

Follow the path around to the elevator. Press the button you'd 
normally press and you'll discover that it's not working, damn! Best 
take the stairs then. So, head past the elevator and begin descending 
the stairs. Keep going down them until you find that one floor of 
them has been destroyed. Now, make your way back to the elevator.

When you get back to the elevator, head past it slightly and you 
should hear a shuffling sound. Snake will then draw his gun out and a 
cut scene will kick in. After the cutscene is finished, go left and 
follow the path round till you reach some more stairs. Climb up these 
stairs and lob a chaff grenade. 

The reason for this is tat every fourth turn there is a nest of 
camera guns, which increases in size every fourth turn so be careful. 
Use the time the chaff gives you to get past as many as you can and 
throw another one when the first runs out. 

Anyway, once you're at the top collect all the goodies and head 
through the exit door. It's time to do something about that damn 
Hind D that's been circling around (and it's a bit nippy out!)

                            Hind D
                        Difficulty 6/10

Firstly, equip your rations and go to the edge of the roof. Equip 
your stinger and wait till you can clearly see the Hind D. Lock onto 
it and fire a missile. It will hit him and he will then fire some 
machine gun bullets at you so be sure to keep on the move to avoid 
getting hit by them. After a bit, it will fire a missile at the 
south- east corner so get to where you came in to avoid the 
explosions. When it's almost destroyed, it'll fire another missile. 
This time it's aimed at the central structure that's near the door 
you accessed this area from so get to where he aimed the first 
missile at to avoid the explosions. 

If you need it, there is a ration by the entrance door and some 
missiles in the south-east corner. Keep up the process of firing 
missiles and dodging his attacks until he's down.

After dealing with the Hind D, Otacon calls you and says that he's 
managed to fix the elevator so head back down the ladder and back 
down the circular staircase to it.  When you get there, call the 
elevator and step inside. Ignoring the bell that goes off when you 
step inside, select floor 1. When you're in the elevator, Otacon 
warns you about the four guards that are in there with you wearing 
stealth suits. So, equip both your thermal goggles and Fa-Mas and get 

When the elevator stops, head left and follow the path round to 
collect some PS-G1 bullets from behind the elevator. Now go round to 
the front of the elevator for some chaffs. Now, head to the bottom 
right corner and open the level 6 door. In the next room, grab the 
PS-G1 ammo if you need it as both boxes are guarded by the camera 
gun, otherwise head through the door to the left. Now, follow the 
path round, grab all the goodies and head out into the snowfield. 
When you're out in the snowfield, go forward a bit and Snake will get 
shot, by...

Part 13 - Snowfield

                               Sniper Wolf II
                              Difficulty 2.5/10

Once again, Sniper Wolf wants a duel with you, this time however it's 
real easy. You can either stick to the usual sniping methods, using 
diazepam to steady your nerves, or you can use my method, which 
involves the Nikita. What you need to do is get in the bottom right 
corner of the snowfield so Sniper Wolf can't hit you with her bullets 
and equip you Nikita. Then, fire a missile and press triangle so you 
look through the eye of the missile. Guide the missile round the 
bumps, through the trees and right into the back of Sniper Wolf. 
Repeat this tactic till she's finally defeated. After she's defeated, 
move forward to trigger another, rather moving cutscene. 

After she's dead, you can go into almost any of the rooms that adjoin 
the Snowfield so get exploring. Take care though as almost every room 
has some kind of defence, usually in the form of camera guns or 
claymore mines. After you've got all the items and other stuff, head 
through the middle door, past some cameras, down some stairs and 
through the next door to end disk one.

Walkthrough - Disc 2

Part 14 - Blast Furnace

First off, equip your socom and head through the door into the blast 
Furnace. Go along to the end and look down the ledge to your left. 
Wait till the guard starts coming towards you then crouch down in the 
corner so he won't see you. When he turns his back to you, quickly 
shoot him with the Socom. Grab the goodies he gives you then head 
back to the bridge that leads to where a crane is moving up and down. 
Cross this bridge and when you get to where the crane is, flatten 
yourself against the wall and carefully walk across the platform. If 
the crane comes near you, crouch down so it passes over you because 
if it hits you it will knock you off and cause you mega problems.

Once across the ledge, head down the stairs and either ignore or kill 
the guard that may show his face. Anyway, continue and go through the 
double doors at the end. In this room, take the time to wander round 
and collect all the goodies before the cargo elevator shows up. When 
it does, go onto it and activate the panel. You now have three guards 
to deal with. The most fun way of dealing with them is to throw them 
off the elevator and listen to the "thump" as they hit the floor 
below, this is a bit sadistic I know but hey, who the hell cares!!

Anyway, regardless of whether they're dead or not when the elevator 
stops, hop off it and equip your thermal goggles so you can see the 
claymore mines that are dotted around. Either pick them up or avoid 
them and take the next elevator down to the next area. Look behind 
the crates in this area for some useful items. Once you've got 
everything, head through the door at the end.

                              Vulcan Raven
                             Difficulty 5/10

The first thing you'll notice about Raven is that he has an 
absolutely massive field of vision, but that isn't much of a problem 
given the size of the warehouse you're in. There are three ways of 
defeating him. I'll list them in order of preference:

1) Use Stinger Missiles then run before he has chance to fire at you
2) Fire Nikita missiles up his ass
3) Plant claymore and C4s around the area and detonate them as he 
walks by.

Well, there you have it! The three ways of defeating Raven. The best 
method is to use Stinger Missiles so here's how. Hide in one of the 
corners (preferably one as far from Raven as possible) and lock onto 
him using the stinger, when you see his gun barrel coming out from 
somewhere fire a missile at it. Quickly, de-equip the stinger and 
leggit!! Once he' stopped charging around the warehouse looking for 
you, get to another corner and fire another missile when you see him 
emerging. Keep up this technique of locking on, firing, legging it 
super quick till he's down.

After a mega long cut scene that I usually skip, you get the level 7 
keycard so head through the level 7 door. Grab the chaffs from the 
left and then head across the trapdoors and grab the ration. Lob a 
chaff to confuse the cameras that you'll see and then head up the 
steps and grab the ammo from the left of the door, then go through 
the door and head down the passage to finally enter Metal Gear's 
Underground Base.

Part 15 - Metal Gear Hangar

Welcome to the main hangar of the game. As you go in, you'll see 
Metal Gear in all its glory in front of you. Ignore it for now and go 
right to the ladder. Climb up the ladder and, when you're at the top 
go left and climb another ladder. Now climb the ladder that's in 
front of you and go to the next ladder on the other side of the 
structure you're now on. Now, head along this passage and climb the 
steps at the end to get another cutscene.

NOTE: While travelling along the final passage, you may encounter a 
guard. If he sees you, don't panic, he won't do much as there aren't 
that many more guards around this hangar so just ignore him and head 
for the steps.

Anyway, after the cutscene we have a bit of a crisis on our hands. 
The PAL key that is needed to shut down Metal Gear is now in the 
drainage ditch below you and Liquid and Ocelot have alerted the 
guards to hinder your retrieving of it. So, from where you are, head 
left and ignore any guards you meet. 

Follow this path round and climb up the ladder. Go across the 
structure and climb down the ladder. Now continue climbing down 
ladders till you reach the ground floor. Now, head down the steps to 
the left of the entrance to find the drainage ditches. Have a good 
rummage around in there for the PAL key. 

If you pick up a bomb, equip it and get rid of it the same way you 
would use a ration. If you can't find the PAL key in the ditch, then 
shoot the rats that are about, as one of them will have eaten it. 
When you've retrieved the PAL key make your way back up to the 
control room.

Part 16 - PAL key input process

When you get back to the control room, walk in and use the PAL key on 
the far left terminal (the one nearest to you when you first walk 
in). After you do this, you'll notice that the two other terminals 
each have a different coloured symbol on them. These correspond to 
the temperature of the card. The blue one is when the card is frozen 
and the red one is when the card is boiling hot. You must first 
change the card to blue then red NOT the other way round. So, to 
change it to blue go back to Vulcan Raven's warehouse and jog round a 
bit till it turns blue. Then come back to the control room and use 
the card on the middle terminal. Now go back to the blast furnace and 
wait for it to turn red. Now go back to the control room and use it 
in the far right terminal. After you enter the final PAL card, Snake 
discovers that Metal Gear was de-activated all along and he has 
actually activated it!! Also, the camera spots him and there is an 
awful lot of gas released. Call Otacon on 141.12 and he'll unlock the 
door for you, allowing you to escape the control room Now, head down 
the stairs, right and along the passage to get another (long) 
cutscene involving you and Liquid. After the cutscene is over, you 
have to fight...


Part 17 - Metal Gear and Liquid
                               Metal Gear Rex
                             Difficulty 9/10 (!!)

This is by the hardest and worst boss battle in the game. As you 
can't de-activate Metal Gear Rex, you have now only one choice, which 
is to destroy it. The two weapons you need from now on are the 
stinger and a whole load of chaff grenades. So, on to how to defeat 
this beast. Well, when the Rex screeches and starts moving, lob about 
five chaffs in the air and equip your Stinger. Look up at the right 
dish on top of Rex and, when you can, fire as many missiles at it as 
you can. It will now fire some missiles at you so de-equip your 
missiles and get runnin'!! Once the missiles have stopped coming at 
you, your chaffs will have probably run our so lob some more and 
equip your stinger. Once again, target the satellite dish on top of 
Rex and fire as many missiles at him as you can. Repeat this process 
until a cutscene kicks in. Once this cutscene is over, the battle 
stops temporarily because Grey Fox A.K.A the Ninja is making his 
final death speech. He wants you to finish him off with the Stinger 
but Snake just can't do it damnit!! So simply wait till he finishes 
talking and Liquid kills him instead. Now it's back to you and Rex.
The process is the same but this time you're aiming at the cockpit 
itself. If you need them (and you most probably will!) there is a 
ration in the bottom right hand corner of the hangar and reappearing 
boxes of chaffs and missiles behind the crates in both of the top 

After Metal Gear Rex is down, there is another MEGA long cutscene 
which I would advise you skip when you can (the first part with 
Liquid and Snake you have to watch) after the cutscene is finished, 
it's time for a final battle with Liquid.

                                 Liquid Snake
                        7/10 (depends how good you are 
                              at hand to hand combat)

So it's come to this. A final confrontation with Liquid on top of 
Metal Gear Rex and as you have only two and a half minutes to do the 
business you'd best get stuck in. Try to keep as close as you can so 
you can hit him with your three hit combo. After a bit, he'll start 
using his own combo that does some serious damage and should bee 
dodged at all cost. But, continue using your three hit combo whenever 
you can and you'll soon knock his energy down to zero. When his life 
is gone, you need to knock him off Rex to defeat him. Ensure you 
don't knock him off before this because, like you he waste time 
before getting back up and, as you don't have all that much time to 
begin with it's advisable not to waste it.

After he's dead, the endings change. If you submitted to the torture, 
Snake will try and wake Meryl up but, when he realises she's dead he 
gets a bit emotional to say the least and does this little speech 
which goes a bit like this:

"Meryl, I'm sorry. I gave into my fear, I gave into my pain, I sold 
you life to save my own. I'm not the hero you thought I was. I'm 
nothing. Meryl, please forgive me"  

Otacon the appears and gives this little speech about how he also 
lost Wolf but she and him will be together forever which is very 
touching but a bit boring so I'm not going to put that in as well. 
After his speech he helps Snake recover and he Otacon both escape 

But, if you didn't submit to the torture then not only do you miss 
out on some brilliant acting on David Hayter's part but also Snake 
will wake Meryl up and then she and him will escape together. 
However, regardless of who helps you escape, the final part of this 
epic game is still the same.

Part 18 - Escape and final showdown

Before you follow Meryl/Otacon head back through the door and grab 
the ration. Then head back through the door and grab the ration from 
under the stairs. Now head up them to join Otacon/Meryl. During the 
cutscene, a camera spots Meryl/Otacon and some guards come. As you've 
lost all your weapons now, there's nothing you can do till 
Otacon/Meryl gets the jeep ready so keep out of the firing line and 
try to lose as little health as possible. Once the jeep is started, 
hop onto it and use the gun to dispose of all the guards. 
Meryl/Otacon will start driving the jeep down the exit tunnel. Along 
the way, you'll be stopped at two checkpoints so clear a path with 
your gun and continue. After both checkpoints, you'll get a cutscene 
where Liquid shows up again and you'll have to engage him in a final 
jeep-to-jeep duel. So, keep shooting at him with your gun and be sure 
to have your rations equipped. After you've hit him about 15 times, 
Meryl/Otacon will see light at the end of the tunnel and that's it. 
Metal Gear Solid is all done!

26. Codec Frequencies

Contact        Frequency

Campbell       140.85

Mei Ling       140.96

Master         141.80

Meryl          140.15

Otacon         141.12

Nastasha       141.52

Naomi Hunter   140.85

Deepthroat     140.48

27. VR Training

Here's how to get past all those damn training levels!

Stage 0001

Normal: Simply wait where you are till the guard comes towards you. 
Then. When he starts to walk away again, run up behind him, flip him 
over and get to the goal.

Time Attack: Same strategy as above only this time, do it faster.

Gun Shooting: When the guard walks away from you, instead of flipping 
him over, shoot him instead.

Stage 0002

Normal: Wait for each guard to emerge and then kill them one at a 
time only be sure to do it far away from the others so they won't 
come and investigate. Then head for the goal.

Time Attack: Same as above only this time, only flip the guards, 
don't kill them.

Gun Shooting: Wait for each guard to emerge and then kill them one at 
a time only be sure to do it far away from the others so they won't 
come and investigate. Then head for the goal.

Stage 0003

Normal: Crawl under the block infront of you and crawl out to the 
end. Quickly, take out the guard in front of you and then go right 
and crawl through the hole in the right wall and then head for the 

Time Attack: Same as above only this time, knock out the guards, 
don't kill them.

Gun Shooting: take out the first guard like I said in the normal mode 
strategy then just pump the other full of lead when they aren't 

Stage 0004

Normal: Attract the guards' attention by knocking on the walls, then 
when they come out, snap their necks. Once every guard is dead, head 
for the goal.

Time Attack: Same as above but only kill the guards that you have to 

Gun Shooting: Blast everyone while they're not looking, then head to 
the goal.

Stage 0005

Normal: This one's easy. Simply crawl across the coloured floor 
towards the goal.

Time Attack: Simply crawl across the coloured floor, only this time 
when you're near the end, run to the goal.

Gun Shooting: Simply target one guard and blast his arse off. Then 
target another and blast his arse off. Repeat till they're all dead 
and then head for the goal.

Stage 0006

Normal: In this stage, cameras are introduced so be extra vigilant. 
When one camera is turned away from you, go up to it and press 
yourself against the wall. When it turns the other way, head for the 

Time Attack: Same as above only this time do it faster!

Gun Shooting: Blast everyone while they're not looking, then head to 
the goal. Watch out for the camera though.

Stage 0007

Normal: This one's easy. Crawl north and, when the guards turn to 
you, hide behind one of the pillars. Then, when they're not looking 
run to the goal.

Time Attack: Same strategy as before, only this time do it faster.

Gun Shooting: Take out the guards when their backs are turned. But be 
sure not to alert any other guards.

Stage 0008

Normal: This level has snow in it. Bear in mind that guards can see 
you footprints in the snow so use this to your advantage. Simply wait 
till they follow your footprints and then leggit to the goal!!

Time Attack: Same strategy as before, only this time do it faster and 
be sure not to let any guard spot you.

Gun Shooting: Take out the guards when their backs are turned. But be 
sure not to alert any other guards.

Stage 0009

Normal: Get the guards' attention by knocking on the walls, then snap 
their necks while their backs are turned.

Time Attack: Same as above only this time, knock out the guards, 
don't kill them.

Gun Shooting: Just blast the guards when they're not looking, then 
head to the goal. Make sure you don't alert any guards though. 

Stage 0010

Normal: Ah the final stage. This is a combination of everything 
you've done in the previous training levels with the added bonus of 
spotlights. So, head right and crawl through the hole all the way to 
the end. When the guard walks away from the hole, dash to the goal.

Time Attack: Same as above only this time, do it faster. 

Gun Shooting: Take out the guards when their backs are turned. But be 
sure not to alert any other guards.

28. Survival Masterclass

How to get out of there alive? Don't drink the water. No, just follow 
these handy hints for maximum survivalage!!

1) When fighting a boss, always have your rations equipped. Then, if 
your health goes down to zero a ration will automatically be used.

2) When using the Thermal Goggles to detect mines, watch out as they 
only show where the mines are but the mines themselves have a 
detection zone so be sure to crawl from a distance, particularly if 
it's a claymore mine.  

3) Don't linger in a cold area as your rations will freeze, 
preventing you from using them.

4) If your rations freeze the equip them and they will thaw out even 
if you're in the same place they froze in!

5) To destroy cameras quickly, use your stinger or C4 explosives.

6) Finish the game with Otacon first, then Meryl as the stealth suit 
is more useful than the bandanna.

7) The Stealth Suit is very useful. It can even pass through infra 
red traps. If you equip it and then touch and enemy soldier, he'll 
just stand there looking confused.

8) To avoid any unnecessary reloading, press R1 twice during battle 
and your gun will be reloaded. This method is particularly useful in 
Gun Shooting made in the VR Training.

9) If you need to shoot an enemy or something that out of your field 
of vision, equip your thermal goggles (or anything that has a 
crosshair on it) and aim the cross at your target. Almost like using 
the PS-G1, amazing!

29. Photographs

1) Mizutani: Metal Gear Rex: Boss battle

2) Korekado: Men's bathroom

3) Sato: Comm. Tower A, where you rappelled down the tower: It was 
destroyed  by the Hind.

4) Nakamura: Meryl's blood, where she was shot my Sniper Wolf

5) Shinkawa: Behind the pillars where you fought Sniper Wolf

6) Kozyou: Towards the back of the Canyon

7) Negishi: Towards the end of the game, in the waterfall below Metal    

8) Kojima: In Otacon's Lab, on the Policnauts poster

9) Matsuhana: In the hallway outside of Otacon's Lab

10) Sasaki: Pictures in the room where you fight Psycho Mantis

11) Kobayshi: The rocks in the canyon

12) Shikama: On the electrified floor

13) Uehara: On the elevator in the main building

14) Shimizu: Inside the cave with the dogs

15) Kaneda: In mirror in the Women's bathroom

16) Okajima: The bugs on the dead DARPA Chief in the cell

17) Takabe: Inside Otacon's lab, in the glass to the right of the 

18) Fujimura: Comms Tower B elevator

19) Toyota: One of the boxes where you fight Vulcan Raven

20) Kimura: Towards the end of the game, on the rail gun on Metal 
Gear Rex.

21) Sonoyama: The torture rack

22) Fukushima: Heliport, near the ocean

23) Nishimura: The area next to the dead Baker

24) Mukaide: The water inside the dog-cave, after Psycho Mantis fight

25) Onoda: During the Revolver Ocelot fight, where Baker is tied up

26) Dolph: Inside the area between the two Comms towers

27) Yoshimura: Inside the air shafts, in the dead end

28) Tougo: In the boiler room, near Blast Furnace

29) Muraoka: In the Cargo dock, inside the puddle of water

30) Ishiyama: Heliport, on the roof

31) Kutome: Observation Room

32) Mori: The bottom of the elevator in Comms Tower B

33) Yoshioka: The bridge inside the Blast Furnace

34) Jeremy Blaustein: The dead body of Sniper Wolf

35) Kobayashi: The guard that is guarding you in your cell

36) Hirano: Comms Tower B elevator

37) Makimura: In the hidden room in the Armory

38) Ito: The Tank Hangar elevator

39) Tanaka: Heliport, on the sleeping guard

40) Shigeno: The camera in the heliport

41) Yamashita: The warheads in the storage area

42) Kinbara: The stairs near heliport

43) Kitao: The fake DARPA Chief corpse in the cell on B1.


30. Rankings

After all the credits have rolled you finally get your ranking for 
the game. Are you a pig or hippo? Read on...

Game Time

How many times you saved
How many times you had to continue
How many times you got spotted
How many rations you used
How many enemies you killed
What special items you got
What special items you used


These are divided into three categories:

Normal: Rank you can get if you play normally. The stats above will 
affect your rank:


Code names: These can be achieved by fulfilling certain criteria.:

Jaws: More than 250 enemies killed
Pig: Ate more than 130 rations
Hippo: Save more than 80 times
Turtle: Clear time more than 18:00
Chicken: Pig + Hippo + Turtle

Ultimate group

If you got any of these you either played really well or you used the 
stealth suit.

Big Boss

Found less than 4 times
Less than 25 enemies killed
Rations less than 1 used
Continue = 0
Clear time less than 3:00
No radar


Same as above but with a radar


Clear time less than 2:30

31. Copyright Notice

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

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