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Zero FAQ by X

Updated: 01/14/02

                      Mega Man X4 FAQ (Zero Only)
                                 By X

Story: To increase the efforts of the Maverick Hunters, a new army of
reploids has been formed named the Repliforce. Unfortunately, the
Repliforce doesn't seem to be quite as efficient as the Maverick
Hunters and are eventually termed dangerous. Zero begins having dreams
of an old professor that he doesn't recognize, and of his past events
which don't make sense to him.

Zero's controls:

O - Dash
X - Jump
      Wall Jump (Performed by touching a wall and then pressing the
button, and you will climb the wall, able to be done multiple times by
pressing the button again when you touch the wall again)

Dash Jump - Performed by hitting the Dash button and the Jump button
quickly after it. This will let you jump much farther than a regular
jump. Dash jumps are signified by red trails behind Zero.

Square - Z-Saber. Zero can slash at any time, while on a ladder, wall,
on the ground or in the air. While standing on the ground, hit the
button three times quickly for Zero to perform a combo attack with
better range and more damage.

Triangle - Zero will use this to perform his techniques, which will be
explained later.

R2 - Activate Fallen Phoenix Crush. See later.

Start - Opens the Status Screen. Here, the game is paused, and you will
be able to view which abilities you have earned, absorb a Sub-Tank, or
exit the level.

Basic Things for Beginners:
-	Unlike previous X games, Zero lacks a ranged buster attack. He only
has access to his Z-Saber in this game. Fortunately, it does seem to
be more powerful than X's buster, therefore the lack of range is
compensated slightly with power.
-	You can select the Escape feature from the subscreen when you
return to a level in which you have already defeated the Maverick
there. Selecting Escape will cause you to teleport out of the level,
and return you to the Maverick selection screen after being asked to
save the game or not.
- There are five main different power ups you will see on the ground:
White and Yellow Capsules - These will refill X's energy meter. There
are small, medium, and full sizes. Obviously, large ones will refill
more life than small ones.
Blue and Red Capsules - These will refill only the Fallen Phoenix Crush
weapon (see later).
Extra Lives - These look like Zero's helmet, and are glowing. They will
give you an extra chance to play the game. You can have a maximum of
-	Bosses will be invincible temporarily after hitting them. You will
see them flashing white during this period, so any attacks used at
this time will be wasted. Once the white flash dissipates, you may
freely attack the boss again.

SPECIAL NOTE: Unlike X, Zero earns techniques from Mavericks rather
than weapons. All of these can be performed unlimited times, except for
the Fallen Phoenix Crush. These techniques are in Japanese in the game,
however, and I find it difficult to remember which is which, since many
have similar sounds or start with the same letter. Therefore, I have
used translations found on the site Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters,
found at http://mmxz.zophar.net   When I list what Zero earns from
defeating a Maverick, I do list the original name given in the game,
but after that I list the translation and I use that for the rest of
the guide, rather than the given name.

Level 1: Sky Lagoon

Nothing much to say here, just continue through, hitting enemies as
they come. When the Maverick life meter appears to the right, don't
bother fighting it, just destroy the doors blocking your way, and avoid
his claws. After you finish this level, then you will fight it anyway.


Despite its size, this boss is not incredibly hard. Its attacks don't
do very much damage, so just jump up and slash in the air at him. It
won't take long for you to win.

Once you claim victory, you will see the Colonel and learn more story
line. Now you will proceed to the Maverick selection screen. I suggest
you start with Frost Walrus.



(Note that the above X's and * refer to where the boss is located at on
the selection screen.)

Fans of the X series might notice the frozen reploid right there as
Blizzard Buffalo from X3. Anyway, just go through this stage like any
other, up until you reach the ice paths in the air. These don't last
forever, and they are over spikes, so travel over them quickly. When
you are at the section with a lot of ice blocks that can be destroyed
with your saber, which also contain enemies, be sure to destroy them
all, as one of them contains the WEAPON SUB-TANK.

WEAPON SUB-TANK - This Sub-Tank refills any weapon energy that is
missing, but first you must manually fill it up by taking weapon energy
capsules when you don't have any weapon energy to refill. This isn't
really any use for Zero, since only his Fallen Phoenix Crush uses
energy, and that can be refilled three different ways without this
tank, but you may want to use it later on.

Eventually you will run into a mini-boss. Fans of the series will
notice the frozen reploid Chill Penguin in the room you fight it in.
The mini-boss may take a little practice, you can only hit it when the
eye is open. Basically, just slash it when you can, and dodge it when
it hovers or drops icicles. Soon you should reach the boss room.


Frost Walrus is one of the biggest Mavericks ever fought in an X game.
Don't let the size fool you, however, if he truly were hard, I never
would have sent you after him first. His attacks include:

-	Frost Walrus will beat his hands together then slide along the
ground after you. You'll have to climb up the wall he's headed for
then dash jump off it, otherwise he'll knock you off.
-	Frost Walrus will begin blowing cold air, and will cause a huge
icicle to drop down near him. This should be simple to avoid,
however, since it will be in sight before it drops. However, once it
lands, it will shatter sending out spiked icicles. Get in between
them, then destroy them as you walk.

Basically, get close to him, and slash at him in the air. When he claps
his hands together, then dash to the wall he's headed, climb up, and
dash off. When he does the icicle attack, you can use it to your
advantage to get in many hits. He'll go down quickly.


Use this technique by being in the air and pressing Down + Triangle.
Zero will drop towards the ground with an icy saber.

Jet Stingray is actually weak to the Ice Stab, but you will need
another ability first for an easier fight. Therefore, I recommend you
go to Web Spider next.



There's really nothing I can really say out of the ordinary in this
stage. There's nothing you can get yet, and there's no mini-boss
either. So, merely proceed through. If you find the empty wooden room
near the beginning, don't expect anything, it's merely a spot for one
of X's capsules, which Zero can't get in this game. When you reach the
second area, some webs will block your way with electricity. To block
that out, destroy both robots that they deploy. Soon you should reach
the boss door.


Web Spider doesn't actually have a clear weakness in this game, so
you're up to using your Z-Saber to defeat him. His attacks:

-	Web Spider will open the fight by dropping into the room, then
deploying an energy web that traces you. When he initially drops,
jump and slash him. To dodge the web, let it almost hit you, then
jump and move slightly in the opposite direction. It should pass
over you, but if you're having trouble, try using a wall jump to
avoid it. If you're lucky you can get in three hits on Web Spider
before he goes back up.
-	After losing a little over half his health, Web Spider will drop
into the center of the screen and create a huge web that he will
stay on for the rest of the fight. This web cannot harm you, and you
should merely keep attacking him. Be careful though, as he can
easily move into you and hit you. He will still perform the energy
web attack, so dodge it the same way. He will also use a new attack
of dropping out small spiders, but they can easily be destroyed.

My strategies are listed above, so just keep it up and he'll go down.


Use this ability by standing on the ground and simply hitting Triangle.
Zero will pause for a second then slash out his Z-Saber electrified.

Next you should face Split Mushroom.



This will be one of the more difficult levels to complete, but doesn't
call for much of an explanation. There is a mini-boss in this stage, an
enemy that is below the ground you stand on. When it is going back and
forth doing this, use the Ice Stab to hit it from above. When it jumps
up, move onto another platform and then hit it with the combo. You
should defeat it with only two platforms missing.

When you come to the second area, you will see a Heart Tank above you.
When the drills destroy part of the area, wall jump off it on top of
it, then the drill will come down and miss you. Jump up and grab the

HEART TANK - There are eight of these in the game, one per each stage.
When you take one, Zero permanently gets two extra points of life to
his meter.

Finish the stage and face the boss.


This maverick was a little tough at first, but I find him easier now.
His attacks:

-	Split Mushroom will begin the fight by sticking to a wall and
creating energy clones of himself. Climb up the other wall and stay
at the top. Count six clones, then start sliding down to avoid them.
You can't avoid all of them by doing this though, so jump around to
avoid the rest of them.
-	After the energy clone attack, Mushroom will be in the top center of
the room, spinning. Climb up a wall and hit him so that he'll be
flashing. He'll then clone himself, but hopefully you'll have hit
him late enough so that you can see which one was still flashing.
That is the real one. Stand in the middle and hit the real one with
the Thunder God Attack. Turn around and do it again, then again when
they switch places. Then they'll come back together and start over.

These two attacks alternate, so just continue the strategy I said and
it won't take long.


This technique isn't actually a damage inflicting ability. Instead, it
allows Zero to do a double jump, by jumping in the air. Additionally,
from now on when you slash in the air, Zero will do a slice completely
around his sprite, instead of just in front of him.

Now that you have the Sky Waltz, proceed on to Jet Stingray's level.



For this level, you will be on a Land Chaser the entire time, which is
a jet-powered bike. While on the bike, you may still jump, and you may
also fire, or dash to cause damage with a blade. You cannot, however,
stop moving on it. Shoot down any other cyclists in front of you, but
jump and dash over any mines. At some point in the stage, you will see
a HEART TANK below you. To get it, you must drop down from the ledge
before it, instead of jumping. If you miss it the first time, come back
here after beating Jet Stingray or dying to retrieve it.

In the second area, Jet Stingray himself will be attacking, so make
sure you don't lose your bike. Shoot down any enemies he creates and
try to attack him when you can, so long as you don't trap yourself.
When you see a small platform floating in the air with nothing else
around it, jump onto it, jump off, then dash to cut through some walls
and earn the first LIFE SUB-TANK. Again, if you miss, come back after
defeating Jet Stingray or dying.

LIFE SUB-TANK - Like in the previous X games, you can fill this up by
taking life energy when you are at full health, then using it will
refill your life energy. Use it only when necessary as it takes time to

Continue through the stage and at the end you will lose the bike, and
find a full health capsule. Then you will reach the boss.


Jet Stingray is a little more difficult than the previous fights. When
the fight starts, stay to the left, or else he might come down on you.
His attacks:

-	Jet Stingray will hover above the water, and release small
stingrays. Double jump up, then use the Ice Stab to freeze him (be
careful not to actually hit him yourself though). Destroy any
stingrays he let out.
-	Jet Stingray, after being hit once, will then glide down through the
water, then jump back up. Jump over him and try to hit him with the
Ice Stab if you can. He will also do this if you are too close to
him when he comes down into view.
-	Once weaker, he will release red stingrays instead, which come
straight down. Hit him sooner to avoid these, then destroy them like
-	Also once he is weaker, Jet Stingray will yell then leap out of
view. Get all the way to the right and he will miss you when he
comes down. Wait a second or two, then dash to the left and
hopefully he will miss you when he comes back up.

Follow these strategies, and if you got any energy in the sub-tank, use
it if necessary.


This is a non-damaging technique. Instead of a regular attack, this is
an air dash for Zero. It is exactly the same as the one X gets from Dr.
Light's leg capsule in the game. Perform it by jumping then hitting the
dash button in the air. Note that you cannot double jump if you have
air dashed, and vice versa.

After defeating Jet Stingray, Colonel will send you a message telling
you to come to Memorial Hall. Although while playing as X you actually
have to fight him here, Iris will intervene and stop the fight, so
nothing major happens here besides story line.

Next you should go after Slash Beast.



This stage is entirely on trains, meaning a constantly moving
background. There are a lot of enemies, but none of them are too major,
up until when you find the Ridden Robot Walker. Use the walker to get
through the stage at this point. There will be a HEART TANK at some
point in plain sight, nothing is required to get it. There is also a
mini-boss in this stage. When it starts, avoid whatever spike it shoots
out, then go right next to where the other spikes are and just combo
them. The bottom two will be destroyed quickly, and use the Sky Waltz
to destroy the one above you.


Slash Beast is one of the two most difficult mavericks in the game, and
it doesn't help that he doesn't have a weakness from Zero's techniques.
Therefore, you'll have to resort to using the Sky Waltz and combo to
defeat him. His attacks:

-	Slash Beast will jump into the air, then try to come down onto you.
This is easily avoided by dashing, then use the Sky Waltz.
-	Slash Beast will pull back his claw, then release two Twin Slasher
beams. Try to double jump to go through the two, then Sky Waltz him.
-	When Slash Beast pulls out a pink claw, double jump as he'll slash
across the floor, then do it again. Once he stops, use the combo on

Use a sub-tank if you need to, I did my first time through. Try to get
in a hit with the Sky Waltz whenever possible, it does more damage than
a normal strike.


This technique is a little difficult to use. To perform it, start
dashing then hit Triangle. This causes Zero to stop dashing and he
performs a pink slash. However, this doesn't do any special damage to
any maverick, so you won't have to bother using it.

The next maverick to face is Magma Dragoon.


Magma Dragoon's stage is, as you would probably expect, filled with
fire based attacks and lava. When the large fireballs come after you,
double jump to the wall above you and stay up there until they pass.
When you have to start ascending and they do this again, then use a
double jump or an air dash to reach the highest ledge, for up there you
will find a HEART TANK. Naturally, when the balls are passing up and
down the screen, just dash jump to the next platform. Later on, when
you get the Ridden Robot Walker, try not to damage it too much. When it
comes to the part where it looks like you have to abandon it, instead
walk into the lava and destroy the blocks. Continue on and you will be
able to fight Magma Dragoon while using the armor.


Magma Dragoon is quite possibly the most difficult maverick in the
game. Attacks:

-	Magma Dragoon will shoot out small bursts of fire. You'll probably
take a hit from this, but use the Thunder God Attack and he'll stop.
-	Magma Dragoon will jump up into the air and then kick at you while
surrounded with flames. Dash to avoid this, then strike him with the
Thunder God Attack.
-	Magma Dragoon will pause for a second with his mouth open, then
breathe fire all across the ground, causing massive damage. Double
jump over his head then land on the small amount of space you have
right behind him. Hit him with the Thunder God Attack at this time,
it's pretty much a free hit.

While using the armor, just keep hitting him and don't worry about
getting hit, it's pretty much unavoidable. Once he destroys the armor,
hopefully you'll have gotten him down to about half health so you can
have an easier time finishing him off with the Thunder God Attack.


This technique is performed by pressing Up + Triangle while standing on
the ground. Zero will jump up while his saber is surrounded by fire.

Now that you have the Dragon Flame Blade, return to Frost Walrus'
stage. Take the lower path (just stay on the ground) and you should see
a Heart Tank above you, blocked by an ice block. Use the Dragon Flame
Blade to destroy the ice block and get the HEART TANK. Keep going
through the stage and when you reach the part with the ice paths that
shatter, keep going on them until you reach the rightmost wall. Jump up
the wall and you'll see a tank sitting on a ledge. Use your double jump
to get the EX TANK.

EX TANK - This tank is a new factor in the game. Once you have it,
whenever you continue or load up your game, Zero will start with four
extra lives instead of the standard two.

Escape the level and then return to Web Spider's stage. Go through
until you reach the second area with the webs that fire lasers and
enemies. You can destroy the brown blocks in the center of the walkways
using the Dragon Flame Blade. The second one contains a HEART TANK.

Escape out that level and now go to Cyber Peacock's stage.



Cyber Peacock's first half of the stage is unique. You are timed and
must get through faster than acceptable to earn the items of this
stage. Once you see the box around Zero, you are on the clock. Go as
fast as possible. Every time you see the word Hurry Up, and then a
down-pointing arrow, you lose a rank. If that never happens, you get S,
which will give you the item. If you do it once, you don't get the
item, but you get an A allowing you to proceed. If you get lower, you
have to redo the section. The first section is relatively easy, but it
doesn't matter, all it gives you is an extra life. The second section
is harder, avoid the yellow orbs (you can destroy them with the Sky
Waltz), and dash under the blue enemies. Getting an S on the second
section gives you the HEART TANK for this level. The third section is
harder. Utilize your double jump instead of wasting time with the
ladders. Getting an S on this section gives you the second and last

Finish the rest of the stage and you will reach Cyber Peacock.


Although difficult without the Dragon Flame Blade, he becomes one of
the easier mavericks in the game with it. Attacks:

-	Cyber Peacock will disappear. You should dash around at this time,
since he can reappear on top of you. When he does this, if you don't
act fast enough, he will fire out his feathers which cause a lot of
damage. Hitting him with the Dragon Flame Blade causes him to
disappear however.
-	Cyber Peacock will reappear in the air. Hit him quickly here, as in
the air he will lock onto you and fire out missiles.

Every time you hit him with the Dragon Flame Blade, he simply
disappears, so keep it up and it won't take long or much health to
defeat him.


Once Zero has this ability, a second energy meter appears to the right
of his health meter. When you press R2 now (while on the ground), Zero
says, "Get ready," and then slams the ground releasing energy that
shoots out, pretty much hitting anything on screen. You can only fire
this four times with a full meter, but the meter is refilled by taking
weapon energy, life energy (refills both meters), taking hits, or using
the Weapon Sub-Tank.

Now on to the final Maverick, Storm Owl.



This stage is in the air, but there are plenty of places to stay on
ground here anyway. Platforms that shoot at you must be quickly
destroyed. There is an Eagle Robot Walker here, which allows you to
hover forever and has chargeable heat-seeking lasers, but don't take it
with you. Instead, keep going through. When you see the HEART TANK,
dash jump over and take it as fast as you can, otherwise a huge laser
will destroy the platform, as well as your opportunity to take it.
That's why you can't take the Eagle armor here, it won't fit through.
There is also a mini-boss later on here. The red eye at the right is
the weak point. Use the Sky Waltz on it whenever it is open, or try the
Dragon Flame Blade, and destroy the laser robots that drop down
immediately. Soon afterward you will face the final maverick.


Storm Owl is a little more difficult because his weakness is the only
move requiring energy. Attacks:

-	Storm Owl will drop down and try to grab you. When he gets close,
activate the Fallen Phoenix Crush (the closer he is, the more damage
it does).
-	Storm Owl will fire out green energy spheres. You'll have to keep
moving to dodge them, and you can hit him while he's doing this.
-	Storm Owl will stand in a corner and fire out three yellow beams.
Hit him with the Sky Waltz to damage him at this time, because
either he'll be at the top and the Fallen Phoenix Crush will be
practically wasted, or you won't be able to be on the ground to use

He shouldn't take too long to defeat, since if he is as close as
possible, the Fallen Phoenix Crush does as much damage to him as it
takes to fire off the weapon. If you run out, use the Weapon Sub-Tank
to refill it (you really don't need it again), or just resort to the
Sky Waltz.


This technique doesn't actually have anything to do with the air. Once
you have this, the Z-Saber turns purple, and can destroy certain enemy
energy shots (but not all). It also makes the Z-Saber slightly

You should now have everything in the game. Check your save screen to
make sure you have eight Heart Tanks, two Life Sub-Tanks, one Weapon
Sub-Tank, and one EX Tank. If not, go back to the proper stages and
find them. Since all eight mavericks are now gone, the final stages are



Nothing special in this stage really. At the end before the boss door,
however, jump up the left wall and you will find hidden life energy.
Proceed through the door and you will face Colonel.


Colonel is a little difficult to face. When the fight starts, wait a
few seconds, then dash because he will reappear right on top of you.

-	Colonel will disappear. Dash around, then he will reappear. Try to
get in a hit with the Sky Waltz, then jump up a wall when he goes
near a wall, since he will shoot out green energy at you.
-	Colonel will have lightning strike his saber, then will send it out.
Jump when he does this (try to hit him in the process). Look for a
gap in the lighting and stand there on the ground (close to Colonel
if you can), and try to combo him.
-	Colonel will go to a wall, then perform a large pink energy attack.
Like the green energy, merely jump up a wall to avoid it.

Also, if you want, you can try hitting him with the Ice Stab, it's
really his weakness, but only do it when you think you can get in a
clear hit without being hit back. Remember you need to put in a little
distance between yourself and him to do it. After you win, you'll go to
the next stage.


In the middle of this stage is a boss door. Iris is in there, enraged
at you having killed her brother, she will activate a crystal giving
her a suit of armor.


Go over to her and begin using the Sky Waltz on the suit. You can't
actually hurt her now, and you'll notice every time you hit her, mines
come out. Don't worry though, one hit of the Sky Waltz destroy these,
so keep hitting her. Soon the crystal will come out, which is the weak
point. Keep hitting the crystal, and try to avoid her armor, otherwise
more mines just come out. When she goes near the ground, she is about
to fire a large laser beam. Wait until she actually does this (but not
so long that it hits you), then jump up the wall. The crystal will try
to match your position until it is actually fired, so this is to fake
it out and avoid the attack. It shouldn't take very long to defeat
Iris. Once you do so, you will see story line, then you will continue
on with the game (it's still the same stage).

At the end of this stage, you will face General.


Although Frost Walrus may be one of the largest Mavericks, General is
one of the largest bosses. The weak point of General is his head.

-	General will float up, then go across the screen. If he is low
enough, dash under him, then double jump up and use the Sky Waltz on
his head, but don't get too close or else he will hit you. If he is
too low, however, jump up and wall and double jump over his head,
again trying to hit him on the way over.
-	General will float in the air, and fire both his fists at you. Stand
on the top one, and double jump while on it to avoid his energy
blasts. Once you get close enough, hit him with the Sky Waltz
(again, be sure not to get very close)
-	General will again float, but instead will fire out six beams of
energy. You'll have to try to double jump between the two sets.

Once you defeat him, you'll proceed on to the final stage. If your sub-
tanks aren't full, however, then return to Frost Walrus's stage and
take the top path in the beginning to take all the energy capsules to
refill them. Repeat this until both are full.

FINAL WEAPON STAGE 3: Soon after the beginning, you will notice that
you will have to refight every Maverick. Here is the layout of the
capsules containing them:

Web Spider                  Magma Dragoon
  Cyber Peacock           Storm Owl
    Jet Stingray        Frost Walrus
      Split Mushroom  Slash Beast

Start off with someone hard like Magma Dragoon or Slash Beast, then
pick someone easier like Cyber Peacock after that to keep your energy
balanced. You can refill part of your energy with the capsule on the
top platform after every fight. Above all, do not use your sub-tanks.

Once you beat all of them again, take the gold capsule and then you
will find Sigma in a cloak with a scythe. Here you will see story line,
then you will enter the final battles.


This form is the easier as you might expect. Wait in the center of the
screen when it starts. When Sigma appears, activate the Dragon Flame
Blade immediately, otherwise he'll send balls of energy after you.
He'll disappear immediately. Do this again. After the second time of
hitting him, go to one of the walls (either one will do), then stay at
the top. When Sigma slashes across the screen, then jump off screen and
air dash or double jump over him. Then repeat the process of hitting
him twice then wall climbing. He'll go down after cutting across the
screen only four times, and you shouldn't take any damage.


Now he will remove his cloak and face you in a different way. Sigma
will be constantly visible during this fight. His attacks include:

-	Sigma will start off the fight by levitating in the center of the
screen. Use the Sky Waltz right off the bat, then go in the
direction of his back quickly, because he'll send his scythe in the
other direction. Stay near the right wall as it comes back.
-	After that attack, get on one of the walls, then quickly drop off,
as Sigma will throw his scythe at it, causing energy to coat the
wall. Obviously, stay off it. Then, Sigma will jump over near the
other wall. At this time, double jump over his head onto the wall
he's near, as he will fire lasers from his eyes that will cover the
entire floor.
-	If you weren't near the wall on that last attack, Sigma will instead
throw his scythe on the floor, and the energy will run along the
floor. He will also throw our four boomerangs which home in on you,
which you must dodge similar to Split Mushroom's energy clones.
Sigma will still do his eye lasers if he does this.

The two attacks cycle, so just dodge them like I said, try not to let
him throw the scythe to the floor, and hit him with the Sky Waltz when
possible. Unlike other X games, Sigma has a third form in this game, so
try not to use your sub-tanks or lose very much health.


This is a unique fight, as there are five parts to Sigma here, yet only
two can be damaged, and each have their own separate energy bar, and
both must be depleted to win. The five parts include a red head, a blue
head, a yellow head, a huge somewhat uncompleted head in the lower left
corner, and a small headed figure carrying a large gun in the top right
corner. Sigma begins by taunting as usual, then he will let you grab
the energy near him. If you have full or close to it, wait until you
lose enough health that it would refill until you take it (it won't
disappear). The battle cycles from a random red, blue, or yellow head
attack, the head in the lower left corner, another random colored head
attack, and then the large gun figure, and the cycle repeats from
there. The colored heads can be destroyed, but they will come back on
their next turn, so don't go out of your way to do that unless I
otherwise tell you. I will list separate attacks for each:

Red Head - This head is second easiest to dodge. It will appear in the
lower left corner while the yellow and blue are near the right wall.
When it appears, climb up to the top of the other heads, as it will
blow fireballs near you. After the second set comes past you, drop down
and the third and fourth should miss you.

Blue Head - This head is easiest to dodge. It will blow icy air onto
the floor. Simply double jump and land on the head (don't try to attack
it, you'll land on the icy air and take damage). It will disappear with
you on top, unharmed.

Yellow Head - The hardest head to avoid. It shoots energy balls across
the screen which hit the floor and send energy along it, the same kind
Sigma used in his second form. Do your best to stay out of the way of
the balls, use your air dash, whatever it takes, and use the heads in
the left and right lower hand corners to your advantage to avoid the
floor energy.

Gun Sigma - You saw this one when the fight started. It has two
possible attacks. As soon as it appears, double jump up and use the Sky
Waltz on the head. You can pass through the gun, but don't go
underneath the head or you'll take damage. If Sigma says, "The End!",
climb up the two heads to your left, as Sigma will shoot the entire
floor with a laser. (Despite his threat, it's not an instant death, nor
does it do too much damage, but why take any at all?) If he just keeps
shooting, destroy the red head and keep on jumping up to use the Sky

Uncompleted Head - This is the harder of the damage taking portions to
destroy. It also has two possible attacks. When it first appears, it is
immune to any attack. Stand near it nonetheless, constantly using the
combo, because eventually it will open its mouth and take damage from
it. Now it will perform one of two attacks. The easier one consists of
blowing you towards spikes on the right wall. To avoid this,
continually dash, but this means you can't really attack him. You can
try using the Hurricane Fang if you get close enough, but your primary
goal is to avoid hitting the spikes. The other attack will involve him
sucking in air, trapping you and causing a good amount of damage to
you. But, once he lets go, you can perform the combo many times and
quickly get his life bar down. I haven't really found a better way to
get this part's energy down or avoid the attack.

The entire strategy is listed above. All else I can tell you is use a
sub-tank once you take a hit after Zero says, "It's not over yet!"
Although this will be a long fight, none of his attacks do a massive
amount of damage really. A little practice is all that's really needed
to win using Zero.

This FAQ is by me, X. Have any comments, questions, have better
strategies than mine, have something I missed, find a typo? Feel free
to E-mail me zero3052001@yahoo.com    My only limitations to this are I
will not respond to any E-mails that are rude, contain excessive
cussing, or anything like that.

As for those of you that would like to use this FAQ on their site, you
must ask my permission first using the E-mail above. I will most likely
give you my permission, I just need to know where it's headed to send
updates. My only limitation to this is that I insist you not change
anything of my original work.
As with my usual policy, if you wish to know the ending to either path
ahead of time, I will be happy to give it to you if you simply E-mail
me. I do this because often times I have read guides and ended up
accidentally reading story or endings I wanted to find for myself,
despite spoiler warnings because I missed them in the guide.

This FAQ is Copyright 2002 by X. Thank you to all those that took the
time to read it.

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