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FAQ/Walkthrough by MAHARITO

Version: 2 | Updated: 07/08/2002



Just About Everything Worth Writing About The Game, Minus Quizzes and Cheats

By:  MAHARITO "From Milon's Secret Kinky Castle"

Made November 17, 2000
Tried it again July 8, 2002

version 2 (no dot)

O.  Stuff and How to Get to It

I use Roman numerals for headlines.  If you want to go to Notes, just Ctrl-F
to the Roman numeral "I" followed by a period.  So, Ctrl-F'ing "X." would
take you to the tenth section of the guide, assuming you know not to type
the quotes as well.  Unfortunately, I'm not long-winded enough to make ten
sections about a single one-player game not made by Squaresoft.

I.    Notes (because you can't see it just a few lines down already)
II.   The Good Stuff (cast info)
III.  It Starts... (blow-by-blow "How to Not Screw Up" guide)
IV.   Stats for... (technical junk that's actually useful)
V.    ZENNY (I guess Capcom just likes that currency name)
VI.   Fun Stuff (things to try and do with the game, fun info, and STORY!)
VII.  Questions to Answer (bordering on redundant)
VIII. Final Word (as if!)

I.  Notes

Hopefully, I'll only have to make one of these, no revisions, no bull, no 
second chances.  If it isn't, this is version 1.   (How befitting!)

Unfortunately, I was tempted into renting this game again after not having
played it in so long.  So this is actually version *2*.

I beat this game in over half a dozen ways--hopefully, it won't take you so
long if you have this here guide.  My primary purpose is to give a run-down
of the game and to clarify the things that catch so many "game experts."
(Heh, yah right, all the good gamers are still on their Dungeon Siege matches
right now...)

Version History:

2 -- 07/08/2002 -- Ate some sandwiches.  Weather's real hot here.  Wish I had
                   some ice cream.  Did you know that I'm a perfectionist at
                   heart?  I also found some cool art of Roll at
                   www.explicia.com.  I'd rather just take a screenshot with my
                   TV Tuner at the end of the game, where Tron and Roll are
                   both yelling at -- oh, that's a *SPOLIER* isn't it?
1 -- 11/17/2000 -- Why the hell do people post version histories?  I never
                   read that crap.  It only matters to people who'd want to
                   steal my guide or alter it to their own tastes, and neither
                   of these things do I encourage.

II.  The Good Stuff

Well, they changed Barrell's voice...Megaman's voice is a girl...but here are 
some stats on all those characters that the book didn't give justice.


About 15 years old.  How'm I supposed to know?  Regardless, this guy has some 
real spunk, and I don't care how much Megaman merchandise I was wearing, I 
think metal spiders and laser balls would be plenty to take me out...  In case 
you're wondering, this is not the blue boy from the future...  In fact, it is 
a conceptual loop.  Megaman (Rock Walnut, Megaman Volnutt, or whatever) is a 
video game made more than 10 years ago...that MML's Roll (both named and 
dressed like thus from the game) really liked to play.  So when Old Man 
Barrell decides to pick him up and call him Sonnie, Roll gives him the 
name...  (read about this in Barrell's bedroom)  But this is neither the 
world nor the time where Nintendo's Megaman should exist!!!  So he just 
LOOKS blue.  His body is human, but his origins might not be so...

CONSIDER THIS: <<Warning: may contain things you didn't want to know already>>
Since X, from the second series, constructs "Elysium" as a possible ending to
the fifth game of that saga, it is quite possible that remains of the Blue
Bomber may be floating around the universe before or at the time this could
be taking place (in the future, an indeterminate number of years >100).  With
the upcoming Megaman Zero series, more may be clarified (and its timeline, in
22XX, suggests that THIS series actually takes place FURTHER in the future).
After Master said something about living under the same conditions for 3000
years, I am led to believe that this could take place somewhere around 60XX.
(There isn't really enough to confirm this, but there never really is enough
stuff to confirm some things about Megaman, is there?)

Roll Casket

Perhaps also about 15, but she is actually Gramps' granddaughter.  She seems 
like she has complex feelings, but no, she doesn't, she's a dumb blonde...not 
that Megaman doesn't deserve a girl like that.  Well okay, perhaps she can 
operate complex machinery and repair large yellow gadgets she's never seen
before while being fired at with barrages of missiles, but so what?  I per-
sonally think she needs to lock the bathroom door sometimes, as a side note.
A real commanding figure at times, although not in the direct manner.  If you
look at the pic in the intro, it's pretty obvious she takes after her father,
wouldn't you say?

Data (he dances!  he plays drums!)

Well, he doesn't dance so much anymore, but he's still annoooyyying.  Perhaps 
he'd dance a little more if I poured some hot coffee in his kettle...  But 
seriously, if you played thru MML you'd know that HE knows a lot more than 
you do.  In fact, he knows what you SHOULD know already, but you'll find out 
why you don't know it.

Cracker Barrell Casket

This guy is DEFINITELY pretty cheesy.  This game doesn't need a father figure, 
and neither did the last one, but it fits into the plot...doesn't it?  In the 
last game, at least he helped you a bit in finding people.  Now he just sits 
in Von Bleucher's office...  Oh well, he's old, and he's cool.  (I still want
the original voice back!)

Tiesel Bonne <--Would be spelled correctly thus if the name were German

Typical bad guy.  No real developed attitude, but he's good at being mad......
I'm serious guys.  Not much to say about him.  In this game, he's STILL trying
to hunt down the Mother Lode, but this time he's trying to make up for his
debts which he somehow built up in allying with Glyde.  (Odd...I thought he
cashed out pretty good in the last game!)

Tron Bonne

The only real bad guy for the first half of the game or so!  She's the Yin to 
Roll's Yang, has her skills but not her sense.  She also is pretty complex.  
But you wouldn't know that if you didn't play the first game...Well, she is 
faithful, I'll give her that.  A bad guy you might actually feel bad for!

Servbots (Serbots in the credits)

I have no idea how there can be 40, because by now Megaman has already toasted 
about 300.  Unique characteristics my Democrat!  If a Servbot needs "unique 
characteristics" to go kamikaze on you on a missile or throw a bomb, then I 
guess I have some learning to do.  (Yes, I know, Servbots are invincible...
This does little to explain why our man gets more and more opportunities
to toast them!)

Bomb Bonne

Never plays much of a role.  Kind of like Goofy in most good old Disney 
cartoons.  Dig the turban.


He does not have a bad luck.  He just has some identity crises due to the 
fact he thinks he's a leader but lacks the ability to make any good 
decisions.  A rogue version of Tiesel and his former(?) creditor.  Did you
notice something else?  Yup, there's also a Glyde(.EXE) within the Megaman
Battle Network series.  No telling when the heck that storyline takes place,
so I'm betting it's no relation other than a puzzling comical one.


They're harder than Servbots, but just like styrofoam is harder than silk.  
About as unique too.  And they fly the coolest ship in the game, the Quack 
Launcher, it's just like the one from Darkwing Duck...

Von Something? (Misspellings are always intentional, folks)

Like Dr. Grant from Jurassic Park, except he does nothing to advance his own 
mission except get in trouble (and, uh, build a kajillion-zenny ship).  It 
seems like Megaman is the only real Digger in this game, ya know!


Sword-and-scissor man.  He reminds me just a little of Sigma in the X series.  
He could've played a bigger role in the game...he's a cool guy, bounty hunter 
dude, only he's cocky.


He reminds me of King from Rockman & Forte...  Big pointy-shoulder guy.  
Definitely needed some character development, otherwise he seems like an old
guy in a trenchcoat.  Definitely the smarter of the two bounty hunters, but
noone said anything about them being very clever in the first place.

Barrell's daughter-in-law/Evil Mastermind Lady

The book calls her Matilda, yet the name is not used again for most of the 
game.  Obviously, it IS Roll's mom, but why the dancing around machine guns? 
Oh well, if Barrell supported the marriage...I guess happiness is all that 
matters sometimes.  She also gains an important role in Megaman's life, 
though.  (By the way, she's not really that evil...is she?)

Appo and Dah

One's a guy, one's a girl...if you can tell them apart, tell me which is 
which!  (Oh, wait, they're both guys!?  Arg...)  Kids you'll find hanging 
out 1000 feet from a pirate base...what smart fellas!!



A measly Purifier, but lacks the will of the system.  The things that are 
learned by Trigger better help serve...


Dorky girly-man, wears a toga, omnipotent, is he...hm, I don't know......SATAN?


Follows Master's orders to the T, without the ability to recognize the danger 
to humanity. She just might pose a problem for...


Follows Master's orders to the heart, without the ability to recognize the 
danger to the system.  She does not actually hold the keys, though.

There are also two guys, Gats and Geets.  Gats helps out Yuna and turns into a
cool silver dragon thing.  Geets is Sera's helper, seen with her in the same
room.  He also transforms into a dragon (a gold one!) and is a bit more

At first, I thought the goal of the game was to find the Mother Lode...
(again?)  But actually, your goal is to make sense of this secondary storyline 
without tearing your head apart.  (I'll give you a hint...there are no angels 
in this game.)

SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN:  Near the end of the guide here, I included my own
interpretation of the storyline thus far.  PUH-LEEASE do not read it before
you beat the game.  I have included it because I've had to play this darn
thing through nearly a dozen times now to figger out what it all means...
Hopefully, you won't be disappointed.


Honorable Mentions:


Well, he tried hard to be a digger, but I guess purple butted metal gorillas
proved to be too much for this valiant slot machine of a man.  Although Maria,
his current wife, was more than eager to aid him and love him in his amnesia,
it is apparent that still has strong connections to his past life, which is
almost certainly that of Matilda's assistant and husband, Banner.  (The plans
for the dropship at the beginning of the game and Roll's deja vu senses are
some early indicators of this.)  Roll not figuring this out quicker is further
proof that she does not actually have to dye her hair.

The Mayor of Pokte Village

If I could run a village by trivia, why would I be sitting here typing this!?
I'm guessing she takes some lessons from the Riddler or something.  Too bad he
never owned a city or such a fantastic bod...<cough> I mean, abode!

Guildmaster G

Whoa, this is where they get the term 'loose cannon' from.  Fits this guy to a
T.  I mean, he's one wrench short of a toolbox--really.  One bit short of a
byte...one taco short of a combo platter, one energy unit short of an E-Barrel.
Tack on suicidal tendencies and constant paranoia, and you have one uncommon

The Pink Chick (in Nino Island)


The Guy Whose Ship Gets Almost Invariably Rammed by the Duckbot Transport Ship


Defending Unknowingly against Machines (DUMDUMs), BE SURE TO SEND A SELF-AD-


AAAHHH!  She's going to kill me with her hair!!

The Preacher

(Oh wait, never mind...  He belongs in "Dishonorable Mentions," but I won't
make an entire section just for one little moneygrubber...)

This game seems to teach some odd moral values.  (After some thought, I chose
to agree with the majority and say Roll and Tron do plenty in this game!!)
When you do bad things in the game you turn dark, and good things make 
you bright, and yes, I'll clarify this later.  So does that mean that "darker" 
people are worse than "brighter" people?  I have another issue with that 
greedy preacher--you can e-mail me if you're interested in what I have to 
say.  Not bad for Japanese guys--they really understand how America works.  
(Except for that stupid-looking truck in Saul Kada)

III.  It starts.....


THE INTRO:  Tiesel is "just a little in the red..."  Evil Mastermind Lady 
breaks a window, Roll won't eat her Green Eggs and Ham.  Could you make that 
into a poem?

Okay, I'm not gonna give an exact rundown of every detail in the game, but 
hints for things people won't necessarily do by instinct will be given.

FIRE!!!:  Spray Dungbrain before he hits you, because there's no reason to get 
hurt...he's just "makin'a pizza!"

Stay in the ship--grab the zenny in your shoebox, under Gramps' bed, and the 
Rapid Fire by the box in one of the engine-mechanic rooms.  Grab some zenny in 
a control panel in the control room too.  Use this cash to pay for the damage!

TOWN:  Get an Unsturdy Kirby in the china case--I think it's in Mrs. Claus's 
house.  (You know what I mean...)  Check the garbage; you probably did in the 
last game too.  Buy a rollerboard if you're so inclined, and soon you'll have 
it made into Jet Skates!  Yay! So early in the game!!

Leave town after visiting where Joe should be, then go for the railroad cave 
(not the side cave).  Don't shoot Roll, as it will cause her to say unpleasant
things about you in her diary AND possibly remove the chance of her
constructing an important item for you later in the game.  I'd consider
carrying her through, but when you try to grab her, she slaps or drop-kicks ya.
HA!  (Hey, I never knew any better...)

RUINS:  If you have trubble with Clunk-Man, hit the purple spike in his butt 
(the one he sits and spins on in his "happy time") and he will have a case of
hemorrhoids.  He's really not hard...practice strafing or locking while 
running around.  Don't forget the box a few doors away on B1...You get the 
Old Model Gun.  Pick up Hoverjets on B2, and there you have it!  Jet Skates!!  
(NOTE:  Unlike old MML, no item requires more than two components to create.)  
By the way, whenever you encounter tower freaks, just get within 10 feet of 
them and shoot--they will do nothing!!

FORBIDDEN ISLAND:  Nothing special, but if you're not very good, avoid those 
rabbit dudes at all costs.  Sprocket the Wonder Dog should be targeted, then 
just keep firing so you won't have to worry if you're in range or not.  When 
he's 20 feet away, MOVE or he will bite hard.  HE LEAPS VERY FAST IN HARDER 
MODES.  Inch your way past the elephant-men, and don't mess with the blue 
pole-things in the second room...they have a lot of HP.  The boss dude!  
MOHAMMED THE ELEPHANT will shoot lasers from his tum--strafe+jump right before 
the shot fires to avoid.  Jump when he hits the ground hard, strafe to avoid 
ice chunkies.  Watch out, he charges, and as you weaken him his chunkies 
spread out due to a shorter trunk.  Maybe you'll feel more comfy with an 
Energy Canteen before you take him on in harder modes.  If you get hit by ice
too much, also consider using long-range attacks.

Then...nakey-girl!  This reminds me of some dumb scene from an anime flick.  
They try to make this suspenseful, but if you think about what must be going 
through pubescent Megaman's head, you'll burst out laughing guaranteed.

BLUBBER-BOTTOM:  Search the plants in each room for zenny.  When in the 
loading bay, exit the door, turn around, and strafe right to find the box 
that contains the HEAVY-DUTY GEAR, very important for getting some upgrades.

CHURCH:  Go to the gal, you should be ready for the Class A test  (This is 
for first-time players--other difficulties have the license level set!).  You 
have 3 minutes to beat 6 rooms of nasties.  Toss the flipped ground munchy 
dudes at stuff to kill them!  Shielded Dudes--shoot them at close range as 
soon as they flinch from moving the shield...wait, and shoot again the 
millisecond he jerks his hand again.  Throw them if you dare!  Kill snakes 
first in a room; they do the nasty ENERGY LEAK attack, but it's better defined 
as a poison.  Purple antibodies should be taken out...let the homing jellyfish 
spawn swarm together (i.e. chase them around) then shoot around them at the 
antibody thing.  The game will only let so many jellyfish be in a room, so if 
you don't shoot them, it's easier to tell where they will be since they'll
swarm together.  Use the left-right button (L1-R1 if you prefer control method
B like me) and shoot-strafe at the green dude at the end...don't lock on or
you risk getting rammed.  Oh, and jump sometimes too.  The gains:  harder
enemies, but more zenny from them!  And oh will you need it!!

Maybe you should kill some baddies.  Make sure you can afford the bottle 
rocket--this will allow you to make the Homing Missile, your first weapon!  
(Perhaps your last--this is a nice all-around weapon with potential for
infinite ammo!)  The Machine Gun Arm is also possible at this stage of 
the game--determine for yourself how valuable it is...(Actually, very for the 
next boss.)  Talk to Roll...that living room should be okay...so go ahead and 
pick up your Broken Motor and make the Vacuum Arm!!

POKTE VILLAGE:  Forget what I said, go to that little ruins on the side 
first.  Nah, too hard, first I'll fight the...  Well, this is interesting.  
Have you ever sat down and had a conversation with a 30-FOOT MECHANICAL CRAB 
WITH 25 MACHINE GUNS??  It's clear to me that Tron is a Cancer.  She does make 
a good point--I mean come on, scroll down and look at the cost for the Shining 
Laser upgrades!  In Hard or Very Hard, you will need to upgrade your Machine 
Gun Arm to have much of a chance of winning.  Maybe you will want to go for 
zenny in the

RUINS: but I'd hold off if I could til I get the broken drill in town to make 
the Drill Arm--it is helpful here in order to find goodies.  Well, okay, maybe 
it isn't, but there is a drillable wall that leads to nowhere...  Sell the 
Refractor B for 30K Zenny and upgrade the Machine Gun if you haven't taken on 
the boss already.  Make sure you checked for zenny in the wall holes.  Now 
back to

POKTE VILLAGE:  Do some quick work on the Crab.  Rotate while targeting to 
whittle down on her health.  Just run around her front shot, and jump when 
she lets off the back shot.  When she lets 'er rip, jump around so her 
targeting will be thrown off and you have much less chance of falling into 
"the ring of fire."  Finally, she'll just go nuts, and by then you'll probably 
want to leave--hold in there!  If you bought Roll a fridge, you could've had a 
Picnic Lunch, but NOOOO....  This might be the hardest boss in the game when
you consider your expected power levels at this point.

BIG RUINS:  Ah, you finally made it...But now u have to face Bola, and if you 
aren't good at shooting frogs you will have a problem.  It's no problem to 
fight HIM...just strafe n' jump to avoid his daggers.  But if you don't kill 
the frogs he drops, he will turn them into Super-Frogs (use Homing Missile on 
them).  Now, leave--if you're in hard mode, you're probably aching anyway--and 
change to Drill Arm (preferably maxed out in attack--it's only 6000 zenny!)  
Drill the two holes in the rooms with Venus Mantraps.  Get the zenny and an 
Old Pipe.  Now, you don't have to go back and change to Homing Missile--trust 
me.  Drill works great on frogs, especially when they're jumping toward you.  
Be careful not to take on too many at once tho, or you're done for.  You'll 
eventually meet Bola again, but he's really not hard.  If he holds his arms 
close for a while, he's about to do dagger throws--zip back and forth to 
avoid.  If he appears and his arms are down, shoot him for a couple seconds, 
then get out of the way.  When he gets in the middle, stay on the ground and 
move counterclockwise to the center to avoid the crunchies.  He's toast.  
Progress, grab a hat (and avoid the floor, unless you got the Hover Shoes), 
and there's MegaToda!  Toda will do all sorts of stuff, don't get confused.  
Always aim for his mouth when open, and get off the platform if a tongue comes 
out.  (He'll stop attacking if you're NOT on a platform.)  Now, sometimes he 
will jump to other platforms, and SOMETIMES he will miscalculate--this is your 
chance!  Get around to his tum and drill him!  HE WILL DIE IN 2 SECONDS!!!  

POKTE VILLAGE--I wouldn't be surprised if you had 50,000 zenny at this point.  
Pay the donation girl (the only girl) until she says no...shouldn't be more 
than 25 times.  Try the quiz in the mayor's house...There are ten items 
available, and you want the 3 writing materials each one gives the first time, 
and the mayor's prized Zetsabre.  This quiz is a combination of stuff all 
Americans should know "What is America's currency?" and Double Jeopardy 
material "Byzantine is the longest lasting empire"...I don't feel like posting 
all the answers--besides, jewey already did!  It's safe to say the average 
person will intentionally get about 25% of the little girl's questions, 20% of 
the "first student's" questions, and 10% of the mayor's questions right on the 
first try; of course, intelligent guessing would raise this percentage.
Upgrade the Homing Missile if you have money left, then plan on returning the 
key to Stinky Bottom.  Check for money in the rebuilt town--I found about 6000 
zenny!  If you get the first student's questions right three times, you get a 
Mug--I don't know what it does but it sells for 12500 zenny, which is not too 
bad.  (Did you find the hidden raccoon?)

When you beat the ruins AND return the key to the Bumble Bottom, things 
change.  New items and junk become available for sale.  Also, in this case, 
the ruins will change.  The enemies will revert to as if you had never 
activated the blue pedestal...this allows you to find a Zenny Pen!

NINO ISLAND--Do you have the Buster Cannon and the Ground Crawler?  Cool.  
Upgrade one of them (I prefer the cheaper Ground Crawler) and take it with 
you here.  Geisha Glyde is waiting for you, with his army of Birdbrains.  

If, after talking with the Guildmaster, you find you're still not ready to 
face Glyde, you can play around in his ruins for a while.  It's not real hard, 
and you can earn over 25,000 zenny per round.  Also, consider taking the Class 
S License.  You should before you go to Sada Kaul, or else you can't access 
the mini-ruins there.  Buy out the junk shop and maximize your Ground Crawler 
if you're really in a pinch.  Oh, and while you're in the ruins, check out the 
awesome maneuvering abilities of the Ground Crawler--you can even kill the 

Dealing with the dux...the ships will drop off dux; ground crawler the dux 
while shooting the ships.  When you can activate the cannon, just do it by 
jumping up on the switch to the right of the door.

The second time, wait for the ships to touch the ground, then you can bomb 
them too.  With any skill, you can avoid the door taking any damage at all!

The third time is harder if you're not used to the concept of bombing 
bridges.  Apparently, these dux cannot fly at all!!  When you bomb a bridge, 
Duckwing will move--this is when you should pound on it.  If in hard mode, 
just shoo the dux when the ship is in "location 1," bomb the platform in 
"location 2," and bomb the ship itself in "location 3."  The splash damage 
will kill most of the dux trying to get off!  If you're good, the door will 
yet again not take any damage!

The fourth time, just bomb the dux, simple as that.  When Duckwing seeks 
revenge, shoot him, avoid his shots however you can, and roll (tap jump and 
rotate) when he pauses and rams you. Not tough, but a little time-taking.  Oh, 
and...KIKIKIKIKIKIKIKIKIKI!!!  (Go ahead and use the Machine Gun if problems
arise in survival.)

Now, talk to Guildmaster G and you can leave to

CARLBANIA:  CALBANIA:  Whatever pronunciation you use, it won't take you much 
time to realize that you don't have to do what Appo and Dah want you to...dumb 
kids...bring the Drill Arm with you, and explore the ruins in the second 
country area.  The first country area also functions as a Zenny Pen!  Don't 
forget to look for holes in the walls...some are pretty well hidden!  Oh...by 
the way, you don't need the drill for finding secrets in this ruins, but it 
sure makes quick work of the purple Roverbots (Jumpbots in the ancient tongue)
at the end!

Now, when you get around to wiping up the Duckbot mess, use the Ground 
Crawler...Oh, you may whine that the ships in the air are too hard, but 
everything else is hard to take out any other way.  Use manual aim to pick out 
the ships (L2 and direction) since Megaman is no good on his own at shooting 
moving objects.

Once in the second part, you'll realize why you have the Ground Crawler--there 
really is no other way in the world to reach the duckbots in the tower.  Take 
no prisoners (except for Shu of course, and maybe some Fried Chicken and an 
Accessory Pack--get it now because you can't get it later!)  Oh, and by the 
way, the only thing you have to do in a room is kill the machines WITH 
DUCKBOTS in them.  You can ignore the others if you wish--they'll just 
disappear!  Oh, and when stacking boxes, try Roller Mining a box up close--
it's WACKY!  The rest is cake.  If you're smart, you'll wind up back at

NINO ISLAND:  Switch to the Machine Gun or Homing Missile, whichever you feel 
more comfortable with.  Take out some nasty Duck-o-tron Missiles of Mayhem, 
and don't let Roll get hit!  (I don't know what the Aqua Blaster thing is 
about...apparently, I can't equip two arms at once, and she won't help me get 
it on-site either)  Just shoot the missiles, and hopefully not too many
will come through--they don't take too many hits.  SEE THE PARABOLA IN ACTION!! 
MWA HA HA HA!!!! Well, at least the KIKIKI's are over.

BIG RUINS:  Go down, down, way down, by talking to the Guild Master.  (Talk to 
his pal too, he's got something.)  This is the biggest, most annoying Mega Man 
level you will ever play.  It is just soooo slooow because of the water!  But 
DON'T REMOVE THE WATER!!!  Make sure to explore every nook and cranny--you did 
bring your Drill Arm, right?--and you just might find enough zenny to purchase 
the Resistor Chip you'll need later.  Find the Sower, too--it's on B4; when 
you enter the room where Roll sez the door's way too high, just rocket off 
with your Hydrojets.  Before you get there, however, you'll need to beat the 
Big Bad Men-O-War on B2.  Drain the water from this level, if you like--the 
jellyfish will stand still for you if they don't have water.  All other 
puzzles in this level, though, should be solved underwater.  If you can think 
of any other reason to drain the water, it would probably be to rack up zenny 
faster (the giant flopping fish make good sources).  Oh, by the way, don't 
shoot the little fishies--they won't try to harm you.  The big fish near the 
end can help you reach the two pillars to get zenny and the necessary key.  
When you finally get to the Key, Klaymoor shows up.  He would be pretty tough 
if he had any sense in him.  He WILL shoot where you will be, unlike most 
enemies.  So, the best way to shoot him is to strafe back and forth.  Consider
another stragety as well: He'll miss badly on the first shot most likely, so
just jump over the last two shots (he won't try and pick you off in the air!)
He doesn't do too much else that you aren't trained to avoid by now.  When he 
says "Wait," don't...I mean, come on, what are you, Mega-Chicken?  Slodge your 
way back to the top, then fight him again.  He's a little faster, a little 
stronger, he shoots homing donuts, and he has this little blue laser thing 
that is just ADORABLE!!  (Oh, and it'll knock out almost half your health.)  
Kill him, and he reveals his TRUE FORM!!!  (Not kidding)  His true form is a 
little pansy wuss that will never bother you again.  <k-k-krak>

CLASS S LICENSE:  Did you take it already?  It's not very easy, but there's a 
simple way to do everything in this game.  Try throwing baddies at each other 
in Room 1.  The shield guys are easiest to pick up right after you've shot 
one.  Make 'em go kamikaze on one another!  Room 2--exterminate snakes first.  
Room 3--more throwing--jump to shoot the first shield guy, then grab him while 
he's recovering.  Be careful though--the shield guys don't throw very far.  
Room 4--let the jellyfish swarm in one spot while strafing and locking on the 
big antibodies.  Room 5--Blue Bombets are good targets for throwable guys, but 
most of them should just be shot down before they become a threat to you.  
Room 6--strafe and shoot, don't lock on or you'll be toast.  Jump often.  Run 
to the door.  Voila!  I did it a little faster than before--1'30"76 left this
time!  Any challengers??

SAUL KADA:  Cool, I'm back in the secret level from Super Mario 64.  I must've 
forgotten a star...  May I also mention that you won't be needing the Drill 
Arm anymore?  Run for the

RUINS:  The Class S Ruins are fun, rewarding, and a little hard.  Get the two 
parts for the Hunter Seeker, zenny, kill baddies, more zenny, kill the 
jellyfish (I think they shoot more often now), much more zenny (like 100000 
from the big Refractor), and get out!  After this level, you won't need to 
check for holes in the wall anymore.  No more water either--yay!!  The zenny 
you get should allow you to buy all the special items from the junk store, 
including (hopefully) all the Bionic Upgrades, 10 slots in the Energy Canteen, 
the Asbestos Shoes, the Flame Thing, and the Joint Plug.  By the way...  If 
you buy all three things to give to Roll (and all the stuff you lost in the 
fire), she will give you a 10% discount on weapon upgrades.  This is, of 
course, also your chance to see her in the bath...bad Megaman!  (But then, why 
does he hold up his arm afterward like he "got something"??)

Even you--yes, you!--might have trouble once you enter the city tho.  As we 
all know, Tieeiesel's finally back.  Kill his comrades...not too tough.  Grab 
the aid of the truck dude who is in a side passage near the beginning, if I 
remember right.  He won't help you til you get to the part with the big tough 
fence (and the land mines--kewl!)  Blow through there, then take on the 
greatest challenge of all...finding the Key!  (It's behind the back shop on 
the left from the entrance.)  Nothing left, you say?  Of course there's 
something left!  Continue on, and Teisel will use is typical bad guy scheme to 
threaten you.  He's not too swift.  Just don't get on the platform with him, 
and shoot in short bursts.  His snake-thing will take damage, and the 20-ton 
gold statue won't.  (Seems to me that it would take less than 10 hits, since 
gold melts pretty easy, but you get some leeway.)  Saving the gold statue 
allows you to go on to the races.  Destroy it, and you'll be owing BIG BUCKS.
(Since when was 5000 zenny a lot??)  I do *NOT* recommend using an explosive
weapon in this bout, as the lasting effects of the blasts will smash the
statue as well.  Those Homing Missile upgrades you spent too much getting will
end up biting you back if you try it!

RACES:  There is no reason to race unless you seriously think this is the best 
way to get zenny or beat your friends.  Mad Mossa's scores are tough to 
beat...but not too tough.  (Friends just call him Mad--Mossa is a slur for the 
first half of the other word they call him.)  But if you really think you can 
beat Shaft, keep it cool.  If you busted the statue, you'll have to buy that
back first...  ("It's not like we ask you for money or anything...")

On Manda course, you might do this one on your own.  Remember that the B 
controls will probably be the easiest way to control Jet-skating Megaman.
Also, hold UP to get going faster, if you didn't know already, reel important!  
Skate through a very thin corner of goop-floor to avoid going the long way 
(it saves milliseconds).  Use the ramp to get the first timer, and turn right, 
then rotate AND strafe sharp left to get the timer behind the rock.  The rest 
is cake.  Don't hit any trees.

hidden copyright of maharito 2002 all rights reserved to maharito exclusively
On Clinky-Dink...  At the very start, aim just left of the tree by the wall.  
This saves some time.  Don't cut too close to the wall, or your next turn left 
will end u up in another tree.  Stay left, and hit the rock.  Stupid, you say?
Well, if you go too fast, you'll jump over the clock that's just to the 
left and below.  Just loosely turn left in the next part--you'll want to be 
out a little bit so you can grab the clock behind the rock without slowing 
down too much AND turning right again without a hitch.  Stay left again, and 
you'll jump twice, getting the next timer in the process.  While in this 
second jump, turn a little left, and aim yourself between the two trees at the 
next turn.  Go uphill, cut in to grab the timer, and pray you don't hit the 
next tree coming out.  (You can stay between the trees and the wall, but I 
don't recommend it.)  Turn left loosely, and the last timer will just fall 
into your hands.  Go straight to the goal.

Sada Kaul... oh, dang, that's not how you say it.  I had to revise my strategy 
for this level many times before I got it.  Cut left at the start to grab the 
timer.  Hang between the left tree and the goo-floor; cut left as soon as it's 
safe.  Here, you have two options--going left and crossing a small patch of 
goo-floor, or being a daredevil, cutting far right, then left, so you go 
BETWEEN the goo-floor and the sand pit.  Try to end up before 10'75 by the 
time you grab the next timer.  Now, next, rather than going the long way and 
passing between another goo-floor and pit, cut through an itty-bitty corner of 
goo-floor.  Aim yourself at the rock in the middle coming up, then hopscotch 
to the rock about 55 degrees to the right.  Hop left a bit from there, nabbing 
the timer behind the palm tree, then turn hard left to avoid the invisible 
goo-floor on the downhill.  Cut right at the last minute (or fly off the edge 
of the hill to the left of the goo-floor) to get the timer above the rock.  
Don't go straight for it if you fly for it--curve a bit or else you will fly 
over it.  You should try to beat 19 seconds by this timer.  Hang on the 
outside for this straightaway, then turn left early to grab the sneaky little 
timer here.  Deal with the tree somehow, then see how fast you can make the 
uphill turns.  Make sure you're turning sharp right at the end, or the sand 
pit will get you.  Skate just at the edge of the pit until you're facing 
between two palm trees over a hill.  Straight-jump for it, grab the timer, and 
hit left a bit.  Don't worry about the downhill goo-floor--you'll fly over it.
Slick the annoying palm tree on either side, but don't hit the wall.  The last 
goo-floor is different though--aim your body to the right about 20 feet from 
the wall and pointing almost toward 90 degrees right from the finish line.  
(Well, maybe less is alright.)  Then turn left sharp, and you'll magically fly 
over the goo-floor and land on the final timer.  Head straight for the goal.  
My best time is 30'74.  Your prize--nothing!

Head back to Calbania now and kick some pigs.  Keep on kicking until the shade 
of Megaman's Armor darkens twice.  (If the pig turns darker, you've done it
too much!!)  Head by the Saul Kada ruins, use lock-on, and talk to the shady
businessman.  Hey, did you get the Reaverbot Claw from behind the junk shop in
Calinca?  Go ahead and do it.  He'll buy it for 50,000 zenny.  Buy the taser,
which is critical for making the devastating Crusher.  The Reaverbot Eye he
has (if you can afford it) can be sold to the Calinca shop owner (again,
behind shop) for 3 times what you put in...300,000 zenny!!  Not that it
matters...  You'll have to use this money to "buy repentance" from the church
owner and turn good again.  If you don't, places will charge 20% more, and
some people just won't cooperate with you.  (But you do get some odd reactions
from the not-so-smart townspeople in the game.)  At least you can get the
Crusher.  Don't worry about paying him TOO much--once will do.  IF you choose
to pay the full million to the preacher more than once (twice, or three times
is necessary if you kicked the pigs more than necessary), then you'll get a
20% discount in stores and a cool glow! But it's not worth it for most
folks...  Honestly, though, there's nothing stopping "Negaman" from beating
the game by any technical means.  Now on to the

AAAAHH!  Well, be very afraid.  Always have your thumb on the X button because 
several "floor munchers" will get you, and jumping is the only way to escape.  
Running along the walls seems to help a bit too.  If one does get munched, 
wiggle around to get out quickly.  If you're low in health, be ready to jump 
any second, because the one-hit-point-left policy doesn't work with this guy.  
Then on to B3...Data?  Am I fighting the boss already?  Well, kinda, but you 
can't beat him yet.  Run through his room to a set of other tricks and treats, 
and activate Code A.  Open the Code B door...if you make it to a room with two 
flames protecting goodies, use a weapon with good range to destroy the control 
panel on the other side.  Get Mechanic Notes 4 and 5, plenty of zenny, and a
couple buster parts.  Code C will be tough to deactivate without Asbestos
Shoes.  Without them, the lava (laah-va, not lah-va) will roast you in
seconds.  Now it's only minutes.  Open the two-flame door, and LO AND BEHOLD!
You get to help some "visitors."  Shoot every roly-poly dude you see, but only
pick up one at a time.  Kill the stone!  Now the boss is beatable.  If you
think he's too hard, you probably haven't shot him yet--his hit points really
aren't that high.  (In hard mode it may still take 20 minutes)  Shoot the blue
donuts, jump from his swing and his horn thomp, and run behind him if he gets
fire-happy.  He doesn't do much else, but his attacks are second in strength
only to the boss of the game, so don't slack off!  Take his key up to the top
floor.  Your friend Sprocket and his twin will chomp you--they aren't hard at
all at this point in the game.  Enter the door, and waste the salamanders with
the most powerful weapons you have.  If the salamander spits bombs, run to the
side; if missiles, stand still and you can shoot both the missile and the
freak.  He has a million hit points--be patient.  Killing both will allow you
to safely partake in the donations of zenny from the sky by a mysterious
disappearing blimp dude.  Grab the treasures in the room on the right, then
head left.  Two doors later, you take on Tron.  She's actually kinda hard
since there is no safe time to drop your guard.  If she drops hers (i.e. stop
shooting at her for a little while) make your move!  About 10 or 20 rounds of
avoiding flames, bullets, and bombs will bring her down.  Or something like
that. Now that Megaman has enough material to make his own hentai dojinshi
mag, perhaps he should concentrate on that yellow dude with the turban
outside.  He takes few hits, but he will ram you, and he's overly annoying.
You don't have to throw him in the lava; in fact, shooting him is just fine.
Get the Key, and you're home free!!  (I love unexpected boss fights, don't
you?  <whimper>)  There is an alternative to dealing with the Yellow Fellow.
If you let him get away, he'll drop the Key in the laah-va and run off.  But
screwed you are not!!  You can just hunt the Key down as it bobs in and out
of different places in the room.  As long as you're wearing good shoes, you
should prevail.  You can't lose by waiting too long, I don't think.  Time
to cool off now...

CALINCA:  Now you can buy some very cool upgrades, and the only weapons you 
can't make yet are the Shield Arm and the Shining Laser.  If you don't have a 
weapon, go back and get the parts--only a few of them are very well hidden, 
and only two or three that I know of are gotten outside of the ruins or 
shops.  You'll get the second half to the pointless Shield Arm and the first 
half to the better Shining Laser in here...but don't you want to get rid of 
those pirates once and for all?  Talk to the priest, then to Joe in the 
hotel.  He'll give you the key you need to take a train ride.


Now here's a boss who deserves an entire section.  I really wish Klaymoor 
would've taken part...but he didn't.  Just the Dumdum Duo, Teysel and Glyde.  
Glyde will take you out with a three-bomb gun--aim for the turret on the 
right, and you will destroy the bombs that come from the other two guns as 
well, saving your train some hits.  When that's gone, you'll want to run back 
and forth while locking on one of the two Gatlings.  But what's this coming 
from the side?  Mr. Blue Laser wants to play too?  No problem--just try and 
jump while strafing back and forth.  This setup will not guarantee that you 
don't get hit, but you did remember to fill your Energy Canteen right?  When 
this is gone, you'll be left with ol' Teisel.  He will deploy BoneheadBots as 
missile tracksmen, and they do a fine job!  If the missile comes straight at 
you, grab it, lock on, and toss it back.  If the missile goes high, back up, 
then run forward and/or jump when it's about to hit.  (It won't.)  When at 
half health, you'll find that the main weapon that Teisel was talking about is 
a lot like the one he used on you in MML as the Marlwolf.  This one is equally 
menacing.  Shoot at it to disable it, and shoot down the Bots pitching bombs.  
Then, when it's clear, don't lock on, just SHOOT THE TRAIN!  It took me 
forever to figure this one out.  Soon, you will see the train's reactor core.  
Shoot it.  Watch it die.  (Poor Bomb Boy...)  Remember that tapping R2 will 
allow you to switch targets quickly.


Re-enter the place where the train was to collect the Spike Chip.  (Do you use 
that in fruit punch at college parties?)  The shoes it makes will help 
immensely against the many enemies awaiting in

THE CHURCH RUINS:  Make sure you've bought out the store--if not, rack up some 
zenny.  The items in this level are also not too hard to find, except one--
you'll find it in B3.  The heck?  How do you get to B3?  The elevator don't 
stop there!  Well...  At the start, shoot the floor to break the ice hiding 
the door passage.  (Or you can forget about it, say you beat the game anyway...
make a fourth Key out of ice and call it a day.)  Open that door.  Shoot ice 
blocks both above and below you to progress through this dungeon, and, if you 
haven't encountered them already, avoid the red dress Reaverbots.  They're 
annoying, they will steal zenny off the floor, and they're a pain in the neck 
to kill.  All other 'Bots are easy to exterminate, and most yield good zenny.  
Perhaps you'll notice what happens when you stand on red floor blocks too 
long--perhaps you won't.  In B2, it's easy to get confused--remember that part 
of the level is a one-way loop, and you need to go through one end of it to 
get to the top.  When you find the Red Barrier Key on that floor, use it on 
the computer back at B1 (and remember to shoot ceilings to backtrack).  The 
barrier that dissolves at the computer will drop you right to B2...but why 
stop there???  Drop again to B3!!!  Shoot the floor there once you've gotten 
the Shield Generator.  B4 awaits...you'll have to get between an invincible 
elephant guy and a hole, then jump back and to the side.  (Run to the side, 
and the elephant will follow you.  Jump back, and you'll probably fall in the 
hole, which has a very damaging floor.)  Toro the other two, and you can 
access some zenny and B5.  To catch a living key, all you have to do is be 
walking (press O)  and get real close to one.  The key can even be running 
into you--you just have to be walking when it does so.  Of course, freeze-bots 
will probably mandate you to return to Data on B4 once or twice.  The giant 
salamander will probably stop you a couple times too.  He has at least 10 
million hit points, and not nearly that many zenny.  Fight him like a small 
one.  When that's said and done, take out the blob dude in the next room.  BUT 
HE'S SO CUTE!!!  Do it, and you'll find the hidden Teddy Bear powerup.  Of 
course, since the game doesn't allow you to do anything that's good for you, 
you'll have to get the Key first, then the blob turns into...the BLOB!!  
(Hey, at least no pirates followed you down.)  He has 4 phases.  Shoot him in 
phase 1, where he chases you.  Then he does a phase 2--jump to avoid his 
malicious puddle move.  Phase 1 again, then some platforms appear.  You have 
10 seconds to get up there or you will die from the freeeeezing floor.  No 
problem right?  Well, he will start spitting himself at you.  These blobs are 
very hard to strafe past, jump over, or anything, and when you fall back down, 
the floor will disperse its energy (after you get frozen).  Should you shoot 
him enough times in phase 3, or you fall, he reverts to phase 1.  He will 
continue 1-2-1-3 until he takes some real hits.  When his health gets low, he 
chases you again, only now you can't hurt him.  Let him run a bit, then he 
tuckers out.  Shoot his head.  Repeat if you need to...now where's my Teddy 

Don't return to the Scummy Bottom until you are ready.  If you don't 
understand the secondary storyline yet, there is a boss there who will 
undoubtedly school you if you aren't prepared.  It's a dragon-salamander 
dude--a gold version of the guy you saw at the very beginning.  I think its 
name is Geets.  However, it's much prettier than the OTHER omnipotent, 
self-absorbed overlord Gates.  It will shoot stuff (roll or jump, depending on
the stuff), ram (roll or maybe jump), and attempt to make fun of you in his
lame Japanese way.  It sounds easy, but it's amazing how much you will get hit
in the process.  Then, after half-way, the pirates are eliminated from the
peanut gallery, and that's the last we hear from them.  If you shoot this dude
enough times, it will come down to give a close-up dose of pain.  The missile-
like things now are even harder to avoid.  If you get hit by Gates itself, you
will be totally screwed.  But it DOES die, and you can win.  If you really 
can't win, rent a different game.  The final boss is two-variable differential
calculus compared to this little multiplication problem.  So, then all is said
and done, and you get to watch the storyline that should fill you in on 
everything you didn't understand in this game and the last.  But it's not over
yet--Mistress Sera wants to carry her orders out!

Buy out the store again, and buy up to 30 total Canteen holders.  The Kevlar 
Suit is nice too.  Then you must go back to Calbania and Evil Mastermind Lady 
will take you to.....

THE MOON:  Well, it has a name, but it might as well be the moon because they 
obviously stole this part of the storyline from FFVIII.  Destroy the moon?  
'Twould be easy if the planet had any astronomical technology...which brings 
to light another question...  If only 1000 years exist between each "Carbon 
Reinitialization," how would they know that Resident Evil existed?  So we'll
have to do things the hard way.  Go up in the Defense Area.  The girl talks
about that gravity adjustment is needed to open certain doors.  Well, what
gravity adjustments?  Walk through the first set of pink vertical bars you
see, and you'll find out what she means.  With this INCREASED GRAVITY, you 
can sit through any floors made up of big, grayish, square tiles.  In each 
one you find, you'll find a treasure as well, and a Gravity Change-O!!  
DECREASE GRAVITY to help climb back out.  In fact, try to DECREASE GRAVITY 
whenever you can, since it will help to open certain doors like she said, 
and you can INCREASE GRAVITY whenever you need to.  DECREASING GRAVITY, for 
example, will help you get to the place with green cages; then you can jump in 
one to take its treasure.  Advance to the next floor.  Simple huh?  Well, 
exploring even one floor of this place will get you to meet two new baddies: a 
four-armed door monster, which you should approach with caution, then target 
and destroy its launcher arms; and guardian Bots, which pair up, spit bubbles, 
and sometimes climb the ceiling and drop bombs in lower gravity.  These latter 
guys require some complex strategy--you will need to practice jumping when 
they drop bombs, strafing and shooting to avoid red bubbles, and separating 
the two guys as much as possible so you can pick one off to simplify the 
battle.  You'll have to face these guys every time you enter a room with 
them.  This can really suck sometimes.  If you can't figure out how to open a 
door, remember to kill all enemies present.  Progress to the Side Area (with 
the Giant Refractor from B2) and walk through bright-colored portals.  
Identify the bottom-most and right-most islands with the map, go there, and 
collect zenny and a very nice Plasma Gun powerup.  You will have to go 
clockwise to get to the east side, where you can access the center island.  
Put the refractor in the panel outside, and you can return to the Shuttle Bay 
(where Data is and where to find the Green Eye, which is necessary to gain the 
Shining Laser.)

Buy Kevlar Suit Omega, as many Energy Canteens as possible, and maximize your 
weapon if you can.  As it is, you'll probably have to retry once or twice to 
beat Sera.  The Shining Laser is a recommended weapon, but so is a silver 
bullet for a werewolf--it gets the job done, and it's fabled to be the only 
way to do it, but there are alternatives if you really feel like pursuing 
them.  Bottom line: use what you're used to, because it's gonna be hard

THE END?  Go back to Center Island and go in that big building.  On the way 
down, you'll have a rematch with all four of the nasty Reaverbots, which have 
opted for a cool new paint job.  They all seem to attack with just a little 
more brunt--the jellyfish can turn invincible at will, and the T-Rex shoots 
donuts at every move.  OK, now you're at the Libary.  Use the Zenny Heaven spot
(posted below) to upgrade your favorite weapon, such as the Homing Missile or 
the Shining Laser.  Whichever you're best with, because force doesn't do much 
if you can't use it right.  This boss is hard in any mode!  In MODE 1, Mother 
Sera will use yellow spread shots (jump and run to the side continuously when 
it gets close), blue crystals (jump left), and the evil gravity crunch (don't 
forget to dispose of the mines and jump about half a second after she hits the 
ground, from a distance).  Roll past her charge.  Take her out however you can.


Duh, duh, duh, duuuuuuuuuhhh...

You find yourself mysteriously transported into the Mother Area.  The world 
around you is alike to a sunset smothered by the clouds of nuclear waste.  
The ground beneath you feels like it's made entirely of pixels.  (Perhaps it 
is...how can you tell what is real anymore?  Ever since Matilda revealed her 
current persona...)

Sera looms above you.  She seems to breathe the devastation she had wreaked 
upon Terra so many times before.  Her very form is of an explosion:  Her 
mushroom-like body is shielded by freakish fanblades of destruction large
enough to uplift forests.

She says that she has no boundaries of thought or action outside that of the 
System.  You say that she had better learn.

Her subsequent scowl is followed by a massive charge of her form.  You roll to 
avoid, but even so you barely clear her large bottom.  Sera's arm raises now 
to launch an unrecognizable shape.  As it comes toward you, light itself seems 
to become lost within.  Dodging the sphere seems impossible as you notice that 
it follows you...then, when it inevitably engulfs you, you realize that only 
your motion is slowed somewhat, and then the sphere dissipates.  You look up...

"What is that noise?"

And you're slammed in the face by ten giant meteors.  Realizing the true 
intent of Sera--to protect the System, not its followers--you begin to fire
your nastiest weapon.  Sera barely flinches.  You persevere, but not before
she brings out her latest move...

Apparently, Mistress Sera has powers unlike you've ever seen.  When you try 
to look up her unseemingly long dress, she shines 20 blue lasers in your 
eye.  "If Klaymoor only knew..."

Instantly, your health becomes a concern.  You pull out your Energy Canteen, 
which conveniently has 99 available units of healing.  "It's time to take out 
the trash."

She uses her meteoric blaze of doom yet again.  This time you're ready.  You 
roll left past the first one, then jump forward while strafing right.  Upon 
landing on the ground, you roll again, and repeat this procedure until the 
meteors cease.  Even so, you know it could be very easy to get hit and have to 
draw from your limited reserves again.

And so you and Sera, the two prevalent forces of good and evil in the eyes of 
the Master and of all humanity, exchange projectiles of cosmic artillery 
powerful enough to level mountains, erupt the oceans into tragic tidal towers, 
and cause the sun to immolate itself and thus all life in the solar system.

But you won.  Nobody will call you subordinate.   HAHAHAAA!


Fight her from as far away as you can.  All but one of her attacks come
straight from her, so you should have no problems handling things if you can
see them coming, right?

MODE 0:  "Weeeeee!"
WHAT YOU SEE:  Her getting closer.  And closer.  And closer.

MODE 1/2:  "Whoosh!"
WHAT YOU SEE:  Her--just barely.  All around the edge of the level.
WHAT YOU DO:  Wait til it's over!  Lock-on again if desired.  That's probably
why she does this--to disrupt the circle-strafers.

MODE 1:  "I'm gonna slam my flappers for hands on the ground!"
WHAT YOU SEE:  Hands in air, coming down, leaving big purple waves, big hurt.
Only performed near the edge of the level.
WHAT YOU DO:  Get real far away and hope that you can jump between the crests
of the waves.  If not, don't blame me.  I hate this move with a passion.
The Shield Arm can completely dissipate this one, by the way.

MODE 2:  "I feel like laser-fried chicken tonight!"
WHAT YOU SEE:  She backs up to the far edge and launches a creamy yellow laser
from her tum.  It sweeps back and forth until it either makes contact or goes
over your head.
WHAT YOU DO:  Um, run?  If you're a ways back, try moving forward as soon as
there's an opening.  Unfortunately, this one isn't handled too well from afar.
It does take a sec for her to do this move, so move forward a bit and move
erratically from side to side until you think you can jump under her assault
before the laser sweeps back and smacks ya (does more damage to the head than
the feet, by the way).  If you are all the way back in the level, just wait
for the laser to get back there, then jump.  Hopefully the laser move will
terminate before it gets to ya.  Second most devastating move, I think.

MODE 3:  "Black Magic Woman!"
WHAT YOU SEE:  Big black-purpley ball forming in her hands, which is sub-
sequently launched straight at you.  It does no damage, nor does it amplify
damage done to you, but it does cripple some of your attacks and your aiming
(because it's real hard to see in there!), not to mention make it hard to get
around.  Often followed by more attacks.  It dissipates in about 12 seconds
after contacting the ground.
WHAT YOU DO:  Just don't get caught in the middle of it.  It doesn't really
follow you around much or anything.  Remember its position while you dodge
the next one or two attacks.

MODE 4:  "Destruction from the heavens!"
WHAT YOU SEE:  NOT a bunch of needles, but rather just some yellow smears on
the ground.  They'll be replaced by explosions pretty soon.  Not good for your
health.  They track your position and hit about 2.5 seconds after you see the
first trace.
WHAT YOU DO:  Run around, run anywhere, but don't fall back on your tracks.
The traditional thing to do is to run around the border of the level.  If you
are the Crusher type, like I am, this is the best time to throw it!  This
attack was a lot harder to dodge in MML, but then again, all the other
attacks then were pretty easy to dodge.

MODE 5:  "Blue Laser Buttslam!"
WHAT YOU SEE:  Blue lasers, if you look up from the wrong spot.  A rather
odd-looking boss spinning around you, if you look out from the right spot.
WHAT YOU DO:  Wait til she starts, observe her trajectory, and get to about
twelve to fifteen feet away from her, standing perpendicular to her movement.
Her turning radius is 25-30 feet, so she'll just run circles around you while
you try target practice.

In case you didn't look at my weapon chart below, the three weapons that truly
hold their own in the final fight along with S.L. are the Crusher, Hyper Shell,
and Homing Missile. 

SO WHAT IS THE MOTHER LODE ANYWAY?  Well, nobody actually won anything.  The 
pirates are gone, and they didn't get any humungo refractors.  If you REALLY 
want to know what the Mother Lode is, just ask Roll or Tron.  I'm sure they'd 
tell you...heh heh...perhaps it should be called the "Father Lode."


IV.  Stats for Weapons, Items, and Stuff You Don't Know Already

When you beat the game, new difficulties can open up---

Normal--Well, duh
Hard--For beating the game with a Class A or better license.  You start with a
Class S license, but also no chance to improve your zenny potential.
Easy--for beating the game with a Class B or better license.  Start with a 
unique Class C License, full Buster Power, full health meter, and enemies that 
take two or three hits.  Let your little brother try the Megaman Experience!!
If you can't beat this, you probably can't read much of this guide either, so 
moot point there.  Gems appear from baddies like they would if you had the 
Class B license, but they are worth 4 TIMES NORMAL!!
Very Hard--for beating the Class S game (has nothing to do with time...I beat 
the game in 32 hours, that sucked!)  Like hard, but you start with the CLASS 
SS LICENSE--it is soooo cool to have it.  Unfortunately, all enemies have 
twice the hits (and half the zenny of Normal), bosses like Super Elephant Dude 
in the Forbidden Island take ten minutes to beat--if you're good--and of 
course they're faster and more cleverer.


(In order of appearance)


Have you ever played Mega Man before?  I think it's like, plasma, like, and 
it's in a ball, so like, bad guys get, like, TORCHED!  Maaannn...  There are 
different upgrades, and in three different classes...Normal, Alpha, and 
Omega.  Omega is best.  Sell lower class stuff if you have the higher class 
equivalent already--same goes with armor!

ATK: Affects damage (Duh) and changes the color of the shot...starts 
strawberry red, runs through an odd spectrum, best is azure blue.
EGY: Affects # of shots allowed on the screen.  Also makes shots brighter.  
If you have a low RAPID and RANGE, then obviously you can't get many shots on 
the screen anyway...but when these values increase, and you notice painstaking 
breaks in the time between bursts...then you may want to energize.
RNG: How far out can your shot go?  This is often my lowest priority except 
for bosses, when it becomes a higher priority.  Consider whether you like to 
fight baddies from a distance too...it may be a matter of preference.  Starts 
out about 30 ft. distance, increases in about 15 ft. increments, but I haven't 
found the max. distance for a max range shot yet!!!  They go a LONG ways...
RPD: Time between shots, assuming you don't have the max. number of allowed 
shots on screen.  Starts out about one per .4 seconds, goes down to one per .1 
or so.
SPC: This affects Megaman's ability to pick up objects, punch computer keys, 
and grab ledges with a giant clunky cylindrical metal hose-end for a hand.  At 
the beginning of the game, this value is already ridiculously high.

Don't make those really expensive upgrades until you buy some presents and
repairs for Roll, upon which she will offer you the toolkit after becoming a
Voyeur-for-a-Day again.  (Interesting bug... Buy her the stuff, then quickly
go to the Development department.  You'll get the toolkit, and when you leave,
she disappears!  Just spy on her to make her come back.)  This little dealie
should give 10% discounts on upgrades, saving you millions in the long run.

(Note about reserves: the number applies to your blue "reserves" gauge, and not
combined with the green "load" gauge.  If your weapon's all loaded up, you'll
get an extra load gauge's worth of shots too!  Example:  If a weapon has a
reserve of 20 and you can fire 5 in a row (single load gauge), then you can
actually hold up to 25 shots!)


It puts out fires--just once, in the beginning of the game.  You can't even put
yourself out!  It might be a smart and strategic weapon if not for that all-
important fact that it royally sucks.

ATK: n/a
EGY: n/a (infinite)
RNG: n/a
RPD: n/a
SPC: 5K-50K-9000K (April Fools!)
RELOAD: pritty fast (10sec to use, 2.5sec to reload)
RAPID: more-or-less solid
RANGE: sux
MOVE WHILE FIRING? No (can rotate)
PROS: detrimental in the intro--CONS: does nothing else


Town favorite.  Pretty powerful, though not quite as much as it was in the 
last game as the Active Buster.  Back then, it did more damage, but you could
not fire on the move either, so weigh everything out before you diss this
weapon.  The name tells what it's for...the "SPECIAL" quality affects the
homing ability of the missiles.

Costs for upgrades are as follows--

ATK: 10K-120K-1000K
EGY: 15K- 30K- 500K (infinite)
RNG:  5K- 30K-  60K
RPD: 10K- 30K- 100K
SPC: 10K- 30K-1000K
DAMAGE: pitiful to somewhat harmful
RELOAD: atrocious (8 @ ~20sec/load)
RESERVES: already pretty good (~70) to infinite
RAPID: not too great to considerably speedy
RANGE: borderline to far
PROS: makes targets easier to hit--CONS: ATK is not cost-effective, slow reload


Also a reliable gun, though not for fighting against much other than bosses 
and really patient enemies.  If you get enough RAPID for your buster, this gun 
will become obsolete (insert explicit emoticon here).  Nice 'n cheap!  Reminds
me of Al Capone bustin' out a violin case.

ATK:  3K-30K-100K
EGY:  5K-15K- 25K
RNG:  1K- 5K- 10K
RPD:  2K-20K- 50K
DAMAGE: subpar to par
RELOAD: did you see that? (8 @ ~1.5sec/load)
RESERVES: handy (70) to huge (283)
RAPID: speedy to blinding
RANGE: decent to expansive
PROS: pure mayhem in early game--CONS: must be fired carefully to be effective


It will become a part of your life if you want to upgrade expensive weapons.  
It itself does not cost too much to upgrade, so why not?  I believe this arm's
SPECIAL affects how fast the zenny will fly toward you when you try and suck 
it (But I'd never notice...I always upgrade it completely, so you get the 
zenny instantly anyway.)

EGY:  1K-10K-100K (infinite)
RNG:  1K- 2K-  4K
SPC:  1K- 2K-  5K
DAMAGE: um...
RELOAD: radical to nonexistent
RESERVES: okay (~60sec) to infinite
RAPID: solid speed
RANGE: good to ridiculous
MOVE WHILE FIRING? No (can rotate)
PROS: useful in Zenny Pens and large profitable areas--CONS: no fx on baddies


Awesomely awesome weapon; not much for even average battles, but a good way to 
remove some Reaverbot fillings.  But it's awesome because it can drill into 
secret hideouts for special items...

ATK:  1K-  2K-  3K
EGY:  1K-1.5K-2.5K
DAMAGE: really high to really really really really high
RELOAD: delightful (12sec to use, 2.5sec to reload)
RESERVES: ho-hum (~25sec) to huzzah! (~100sec)
RAPID: solid
RANGE: unbearably short
MOVE WHILE FIRING? Nope (can rotate)
PROS: devastating, high damage to all enemies--CONS: have to get reel close


I don't really use this one.  But it's there, it's fun to play with, and with 
a couple upgrades, boy is it um, wimpy?  The Bubble-Gun of Megaman's reper-
toire--and the only weapon I know of with a recoil in this game.  I'm only
puzzled why it's called the Buster Cannon...maybe Capcom doesn't know Megaman
already has a weapon called that.  

ATK: 30K-50K-500K
EGY: 30K-60K-120K
RNG: 30K-50K- 60K
DAMAGE: pathetic to moderate
RELOAD: average (4 @ 5sec/load)
RESERVES: not good (10) to still not too good (40)
RAPID: not good at all
RANGE: hopeful
MOVE WHILE FIRING? No (paralyzed while you get knocked back!)
PROS: it looks powerful--CONS: it isn't, let alone is it worth the costs


The underdog of weapons.  In MML, the Land Mine sucked, but this one is cool.  
It fires into the air, lands on the ground with a thump, and homes in toward 
the closest or targeted enemy.  It is pretty wicked, and very powerful til 
about halfway through the game.  (Maybe even more, if you wish!) To digress
on its usefulness: If you're on the ground, firing it will hit anything on
the ground.  If there are walls around, it can climb them to attack both stuf
on the walls and to jump off the walls and clobber anything remotely close to
said walls.  In areas lacking walls, just jump and fire.  The shot should hit
anything below you, and it will also bounce when shot from heights to allow
hitting stuff that's close to the ground but too far away to approach.  For
nearly any enemy, but it can't handle certain bosses right.  Advanced folks
could probably clear the entire game with this weapon!!  The SPECIAL affects
homing ability.

ATK:   2K-  4K-  6K
EGY:   3K-  5K-  7K
RNG:   1K-1.5K-  2K
RPD: 1.5K-2.5K-3.5K
SPC:   5K-7.5K- 18K
DAMAGE: not good to very good
RELOAD: laughable (8 @ ~15sec/load)
RESERVES: despicable (20) to handy (80)
RAPID: okay to delightful
RANGE: not quite bearable to just about great
PROS: deadly in corridor battles--CONS: tricky to use, rather slow reload


Can you say, "Battletanx"?  Think of this as a sort of mortar, though it is 
not ballistically aligned.  It just travels straight, that's all.  It has 
random-sphere blast damage, kind of like a bomb.  This is easily the third 
most directly brutal and powerful weapon in the game next to the two Big
Boys, the Crusher and the Shining Laser.  It's a slight menace to pay for
to power up, but what are you expecting?  This ain't no pop gun.  Not
recommended for evasive or remotely unmasochistic players.  SPECIAL affects
how the shot will home toward the enemy, but it really does not home very
well at all.

ATK: 60K-100K-200K
EGY: 30K- 60K-120K
RNG: 25K- 75K-120K
SPC: 10K- 50K-100K
DAMAGE: kinda high to havoc-wreaking
RELOAD: great (1 @ 1sec/load)
RESERVES: awful (10) to mildly unpleasant (40)
RAPID: pretty slow
RANGE: so-so to so-far-so-good
MOVE WHILE FIRING? No (vulnerable for a couple seconds)
PROS: HAMMER TIME!!--CONS: a tad low on ammo


Ah yes, the Spread Buster, the classic.  Think back to the days of "1943" and 
the smile on your face when you got that 3-way fire powerup.  Heh heh heh, 
watch them drop.  Well, now you can have it all, and clear a room of annoying 
toads or snakes.  I wish it didn't fire quite so slow, but it's not horribly 
priced.  If you upgrade the SPECIAL, you fire more shots in one burst--think 

ATK:  10K- 20K-30K
EGY:  10K- 15K-18K
RNG: 6.5K-  8K-10K
RPD:   5K-7.5K- 9K
SPC: 100K (just one) (goes from 3 to 5 shots)
DAMAGE: low to high (but it just doesn't fire fast enough to do much...)
RELOAD: hyper (3 @ .75sec/load)
RESERVES: semi-nice (32) to way cool (128)
RAPID: minor-league to serious
RANGE: bad to worthwhile
MOVE WHILE FIRING? But of course!
PROS: crowd controlling without being explosive--CONS: weak


I cannot believe someone in the Game Department let this one through.  It 
bounces off walls--otherwise, it is a gray version of your Arm Buster.  And if 
you really want your Arm Buster shots to bounce, hammer away at the Shield 
Guys for a while.  If it wasn't fairly cheap to upgrade, I'd say this weapon 
is more likely to distract you from the better weapons than to help you get 
anywhere.  The only benefit is the potential for higher damage, really.

ATK:  5K-  7K-35K
EGY:  4K-5.5K- 7K
RNG:  2K-  3K- 5K
RPD:  3K-4.5K- 6K
SPC:  N/A  (There is nothing special about it anyway!)
DAMAGE: piddly to rather high
RELOAD: fast (8 @ ~2.5sec/load)
RESERVES: sucky (58) to great (232)
RAPID: good to migraine-delivering
RANGE: pathetic to average
PROS: cheap power for mid-game--CONS: you'd think it'd have better range...


There's another cool thing in shooter games--options.  The Hunter Seeker 
provides you with a self-aiming, homing, explosive probe (SPECIAL increases 
the potential lifespan of the satellites).  This feature certainly isn't new to
corridor games, but it adds a nice touch to the Megaman style.  If you're a 
first-time gamer and can't figure out why you don't have this, it's probably 
because you gave up on the Class S License test...Take it, then go off to the 
side in the Saul Kada desert.  The underwater place has it all...  Some
situations may call for playing it safe, so perhaps locking on and running away
might work best then.  The explosions of the satellites themselves are not to
be underestimated either!  However, the best approach for taking enemies down
quickly is to use your Seeker(s) in tandem with your lil' pea-shooter.
Intelligent weapons for intelligent players.

ATK: 10K- 15K- 30K
EGY: 10K- 20K- 30K
SPC: 10K-100K-500K (higher allows you to effectively fire more at once)
DAMAGE: GUNS do low to still kinda low; EXPLOSIONS do kinda low to high
RELOAD: rotten (1 @ ~10sec/load)
RESERVES: bad (10) to meaningful (40)
RAPID: can launch one to three; satellites fire okay to speedy but move slow
RANGE: unique attribute: they only fire during lock-on, so hit-n-run if desired
RANGE 2: satellites stay active for duration no matter how far away you are
RANGE 3: satellites' guns shoot decent range
PROS: lets you attack while you concentrate on other things--CONS: hard to use


Unless you have patience to gain zenny, you probably earned this one on the 
books.  It's pretty cool--Go after bad guys like you're Prince of Persia-Luke 
Skywalker or something.  You can pull off a three-hit combo with it too 
(tap,tap)...and I've met few bad guys that can withstand its full power.  
Of course, due to its obviously short range, you may have to withstand some 
damage yourself.  The sequel to the Drill Arm, maybe.  Too bad it doesn't use 
as little energy as the Drill Arm.  Try it at full energy, though, and it
never powers down!

ATK: 100K-300K-500K
EGY:  10K- 50K-200K (I wish it was infinite...and IT IS!)
RNG:  50K-200K-600K
DAMAGE: quite high to really high (Drill Arm does ~25% more dam, notice in VH)
RELOAD: bad (3 per load @ ~7sec/load) to nonexistent
RESERVES: pathetic (~10) to infinite
RAPID: combos allow for reasonable speed, otherwise rather slow
RANGE: awful to kinda bad
MOVE WHILE FIRING? Not voluntarily (attacks move you forward)
PROS: looks cool, and it can really deliver--CONS: co$tly and kamikaze-range


This weapon is not often found because it requires a high level of 
understanding of the gameplay (and, possibly, tithes).  You'll need to go to 
Saul Kada and get the Taser from the travelin' man after kicking pigs til you 
turn dark.  (Don't kick the pigs too much or you will have to pay a lot to the 
church man to return to normal!)  And, since the weapon was obtained through 
shady methods, the weapon itself has a sneaky attack method:  You throw an 
electric black-hole thing that sucks enemies in and doesn't let them out 
again.  It doesn't work well on all bosses, but just fine on enemy groups.  I 
believe that the SPECIAL affects the radius of the electric crush.

ATK: 100K-1000K-3000K
EGY:  75K-  95K- 115K
SPC: 100K- 800K-3000K
DAMAGE: moderate to devastatin'
RELOAD: not too great (1 per load @ ~10sec/load)
RESERVES: low (5) to not-so-low (20)
RAPID: not at all!  (but, the bomb does solid damage for 2.5sec to 9sec)
RANGE: about as far as you can throw (the bomb itself has sucky to poor range)
MOVE WHILE FIRING? No (must stop to throw)
PROS: incredible, piercing, lasting damage--CONS: bad for moving targets, $$$


I guess it's okay, but then again, that other arm is supposed to be for 
pummeling the enemy, isn't it?  This shield will block you in a pretty little 
sphere from any projectiles (not most actual enemies, and not big stuf) while 
allowing freedom of movement.  The usefulness of the weapon becomes evident 
when you realize that every other bad guy in the game will try and ram you at 
some point or another.  (It's not.)  There are some warranted, albeit novelty,
applications for this bugger: as you absorb more projectile shots, you will
develop a coating of swirlies on your shield, which can then be released for
any level of devastation.  And you thought it couldn't hurt anything...

EGY:  12K-15K-18K
DAMAGE: minute to ghastly
RELOAD: barely noticeable to nonexistent
RESERVES: large to infinite
RAPID: solid (burst is quite fast)
RANGE: horrible to short
MOVE WHILE FIRING? You bet (improvement from MML1)
PROS: handy if you can't dodge lots of shots--CONS: limited useful situations


You finally did it--you got the super-cool weapon.  And, unlike in MML, you 
can target up and down too!  But oh my gosh...does laser technology even exist 
in this world?  Maybe Roll doesn't realize that there are better ways to 
finance photon magnetization and magnification. Whatever the case, if you can 
in some ungodly way afford to power it up all the way, you will be a MAN!  
(Let's face it, Megaman isn't a girl!)  Don't you wish all non-explosive,
environmentally friendly things were this good?

ATK:  50K- 500K-  5000K
EGY: 100K-1000K-9999995 (yes, I got it, and yes, it's infinite)
RNG: 100K- 500K-  1000K
DAMAGE: high to insane
RELOAD: moderate to nonexistent
RESERVES: decent (35-40 seconds) to infinite
RAPID: solid
RANGE: real good to metastellar
MOVE WHILE FIRING? Sorry (can rotate)
PROS: all you really need--CONS: please look up 8-10 lines


How well do these peashooters hold up against the big boys and girls?  This
is a letter grade report for the efficacy of weapons against the Sinister
Six--that is, the four Ruins guardians and the two forms of Mistress Sera
as the final boss.  If you have questions about other bosses, I'll give you
suggestions for them:

Spike-Butt: Seriously...  Why do I call him that?  He has an obvious weakness!
They even show MegaHombre shooting him there in the demo!!
Mohammed the Elephant: Forget it.  There's not very good Zenny potential yet.
Slaughter him slowly with that left arm of yours.  No weapons around anyway!
Crab o' Tron: Either Machine Gun Arm or Homing Missile will do.  Machine Gun
is cheap and easy to use, but Homing Missile will get the fight over quicker.
Bola: Homing Missile will humiliate the guy and the Super Froags.
Duckbrat Invasion 1-3: Rolling Mines or Homing Missiles.  Basically, anything
with splash damage to take out multiple Duckbots quickly.  Too bad you won't
have the Spread Buster yet!
Duckbrat Invasion 4: Machine Gun will handle the relatively minor problem of
the duck bombers.  But, you may want heavier artillery for the boss instead.
Duckbrat Fortress: Rolling Mine.  Period.
Duckbrat's Revenge: Machine Gun takes care of missiles.  Aqua Blaster takes
care of fires.  Take your pick.  (Obviously, preventing a problem is better
than having to clean it up, right?  oz.o'prevention, #o'cure.)  Just don't
hold down the fire button--use the Machine Gun in bursts.
Klaymoor: Any weapon that lets you maintain mobility.  Generally, Homing
Missiles will work well, but more skilled soldiers might try the Hyper Shell
or the Rolling Mine.  The most daring of all will Drill him to kingdom come!
Blitzkrieg (the snake thing): Anything non-explosive. This might be a good
place to try out the Reflector Arm.
Gustaff (The Naked Gunner): This could easily be a tough battle if you don't
have a weapon you're not comfortable with.  Homing Missile is a reasonable
candidate.  Rolling Mine, Hyper Shell, and Reflector Arm might do well.  Even
the Machine Gun could help if that's your style.  I've managed to slice her
to bits with the Blade Arm, but that's your call.
Bomb Boy: Nobody really cares.  Beat him up with whatever you used on Gustaff,
throw that freak in the laah-va, let him get away...the power is YOURS!!  Oh,
sorry, childhood repressed memories there...
Train: I just used my normal Buster.  The Lifter is necessary to toss those
missile-guided Serbots back.  A truly cruel guy might try the Crusher.  But,
you could get by without anything, or just the Homing Missile to take care of
the various fronts of assault.  Unfortunately, you're not close enough to use
the Blade Arm.
Ghyttis:  Hey, I get artistic license, right?  This dude is major pain because
he uses more than one fighting style.  If you can get used to handling the
guy in the air, wait til he comes down and end the battle quickly with your
choice of close-range poison--Drill Arm, Blade Arm, or Crusher.  If you can't
wait that long, better go Hyper Shell, Homing Missile, or Machine Gun.


OFFENSIVE refers to pure damage and, occasionally, potential to exploit
DEFENSIVE considers how well you'll be able to not get hurt yourself when using
this weapon effectively.
EASE OF USE is all about whether you can figure out how to win with this weapon
the first time or the hundredth.
COST EFFECTIVE is how I rate the cost of upgrading the weapon compared to its
capabilities and where you get it in the game.  I'm also throwing in the notion
that you probably don't have millions of zenny earlier in the game.
OVERALL is not an average, but really a consideration of which weapon you'd
wanna use in the given situation.  Asterisk indicates that you can't have the
weapon by the time you encounter the boss the first time.

Aqua Blaster       MegaToda    JellyFishx3 TyrannoDude The BLOB    Sera (both) 

OFFENSIVE          F           F           F           F           F
DEFENSIVE          F           F           F           F           F
EASE OF USE        F           F           F           F           F
COST EFFECTIVE     A+          A+          A+          A+          A+
OVERALL            F-          F-          F-          F-          F--

Homing Missile     MegaToda    JellyFishx3 TyrannoDude The BLOB    Sera (both) 

OFFENSIVE          B+          B           D           B+          C+
DEFENSIVE          B+          A-          C           A           B+
EASE OF USE        B           A-          B           A           B
COST EFFECTIVE     B-          B           B           B+          A-
OVERALL            B           A-          D+          A-          B-

Machine Gun Arm    MegaToda    JellyFishx3 TyrannoDude The BLOB    Sera (both) 

OFFENSIVE          C-          C-          C-          C           C+
DEFENSIVE          B+          D           D+          C           D+
EASE OF USE        B           C           B-          D           C
COST EFFECTIVE     A-          A           A           A           A
OVERALL            C           C-          D+          C-          C

Vacuum Arm         MegaToda    JellyFishx3 TyrannoDude The BLOB    Sera (both) 

OFFENSIVE          F           F           F           F           F
DEFENSIVE          C           F           F           F           F
EASE OF USE        D-          D-          F           F           F
COST EFFECTIVE     B+          A-          F           F           F
OVERALL            D-          F           F-          F-          F--

Drill Arm          MegaToda    JellyFishx3 TyrannoDude The BLOB    Sera (both) 

OFFENSIVE          A           A+          B+          A-          B
DEFENSIVE          C           D-          D           F           F
EASE OF USE        B           B-          F           D           D
COST EFFECTIVE     A           A           A           A           A
OVERALL            A           B-          D-          D+          D

Buster Cannon      MegaToda    JellyFishx3 TyrannoDude The BLOB    Sera (both) 

OFFENSIVE          D+          C           D           D-          D
DEFENSIVE          C           F           C-          D           D
EASE OF USE        C-          D           B           C           D
COST EFFECTIVE     D           D           D+          C-          C-
OVERALL            D           D           D+          D           D

Ground Crawler     MegaToda    JellyFishx3 TyrannoDude The BLOB    Sera (both) 

OFFENSIVE          A-          B           B           B+          B-
DEFENSIVE          B+          B           C           A           C-
EASE OF USE        A           B+          C-          A-          D
COST EFFECTIVE     F           A           A           A           A
OVERALL            A-*         B+          B-          A           C

Hyper Shell        MegaToda    JellyFishx3 TyrannoDude The BLOB    Sera (both) 

OFFENSIVE          A+          C           C+          A           B
DEFENSIVE          B+          D           A-          B+          D+
EASE OF USE        A           B           B           A-          B-
COST EFFECTIVE     F           B           B+          A-          A
OVERALL            A-*         C-          B           A           B-

Spread Buster      MegaToda    JellyFishx3 TyrannoDude The BLOB    Sera (both) 

OFFENSIVE          B-          B-          D           B-          D-
DEFENSIVE          B-          B-          A-          B           C
EASE OF USE        A           B+          B-          B-          B+
COST EFFECTIVE     F           B+          A-          A-          A
OVERALL            B*          C+          D+          B           D

Reflector Arm      MegaToda    JellyFishx3 TyrannoDude The BLOB    Sera (both) 

OFFENSIVE          D           C-          D           D           D
DEFENSIVE          B-          D           C           C           C
EASE OF USE        B+          C           B           B+          B
COST EFFECTIVE     F           F           A           A           A
OVERALL            C-*         D+*         D+          C-          C-

Hunter Seeker      MegaToda    JellyFishx3 TyrannoDude The BLOB    Sera (both) 

OFFENSIVE          B           B+          B           B           C+
DEFENSIVE          C-          C           A-          A-          D+
EASE OF USE        C-          D           C+          B-          C
COST EFFECTIVE     F           F           B+          B+          A-
OVERALL            C*          C+*         B+          B           C

Crusher            MegaToda    JellyFishx3 TyrannoDude The BLOB    Sera (both) 

OFFENSIVE          A+          A           A-          A-          A-
DEFENSIVE          C           B           B           C-          C-
EASE OF USE        B           A           C           C+          C-
COST EFFECTIVE     F           F           D           D           C-
OVERALL            B+*         A*          B-          B-          B-

Shield Arm         MegaToda    JellyFishx3 TyrannoDude The BLOB    Sera (both) 

OFFENSIVE          A-          C-          C-          F           D
DEFENSIVE          B           A+          C+          F           B-
EASE OF USE        C-          A           B+          F           D
COST EFFECTIVE     F           F           F           F           A
OVERALL            B*          A-*         B-*         F-          C-

Shining Laser      MegaToda    JellyFishx3 TyrannoDude The BLOB    Sera (both) 

OFFENSIVE          A           A+          A           A           A
DEFENSIVE          A-          C-          B           A+          C
EASE OF USE        A           A-          A-          A           A
COST EFFECTIVE     F           F           F           F           D+
OVERALL            A*          A-*         A*          A*          A





Throughout the game, you'll wish you had more zenny.  It's not much different 
from wishing you had more experience to fight that Evil Gremlin in an RPG.  
You don't need to buy everything, but it's nice for us lazy Americans 
(non-Americans need not take offense) to find ways to build money quick, 
right?  WARNING:  Other places may post ridiculous figures for rates of zenny
a few "Zenny Pens" for real and practical gains without cheating or lying:

1)  Kick the cans!  This will ring a bell for Oldskool gamers.  First, you'll 
find one can, in the first town.  (I always forget the name of that place--
starts with a Y)  If you play the Forbidden Island, then another can appears.  
They both appear next to a trash can.  The first can is worth 200 zenny, the 
second 1000.  Kick them into the OTHER trash can (the ones they're not closer 
to) and you get 5 times the amount!  1000 and 5000, that is.  This may help in 
upgrading the Machine Gun Arm.  You can get about the same rate of zenny 
development, or just a little better, by replaying the Pokte Mini-Ruins, if ya 

2)  Pokte Big Ruins.  Return the first key to Von Bleucher, then come back 
here...guess what's waiting for ol' Megaman?  I don't know why, but the bad 
guys get easy again.  You figure "Doesn't that mean LESS zenny?"  But there's 
a technicality.  There are two rooms where you can find Venus Man Traps.  When 
the blue thing was activated they came alive and spat fire, but now they're 
dormant again.  Anyway, you can still kill them with a Homing Missile or two.  
(Lockon doesn't work though, because the game does not consider them enemies, 
just like evil money chests when they're just chests.)  Just leave the room, 
and they're back again, good as new.  Do this for a while, and you'll find a 
quick way to upgrade the Ground Crawler!

3)  Calbania freaks of nature.  What are those spinning two-armed guys with 
pistons for legs?  Anyway, they're fun to kill and yield a good amount of 
zenny.  There's only two, you say? Just kill 'em, leave, and come back!  Too 
hard?  Use the homing missile or drill on 'em while they're charging you.  
They tip over and can't do jack...  If you're low on health, the enemies in 
the other section (or the fairly close Data) will provide nourishment.  If you 
have a powerful Plasma Gun, just attach the Vacuum Arm to make work even 
quicker.  There's another option nearby too...  Sometimes, you may find the 
Calbania Mini-Ruins has five blue floaters right in front--with a Class S 
License, they yield beaucoup zenny, and you can just go in and out for easy 

4)  Zenny Heaven!!  In Floor B2 of the Defense Area, you can find a room with 
four blimp guys in it.  They spit out flaming Reaverbots.  You won't believe 
how fast I got every single weapon in the game maxed out!  (Actually, about 
fourteen hours, but still very fast!)  This WAS the fastest way to get zenny
in any mode.  But I wasn't satisfied with doing this all day upon discovering
that Very Hard mode rewards half normal Zenny, so the time required also

5)  Recent goofing off and messing with different game combinations has per-
mitted me to reveal......ZENNY ZEN!!!!!  This is equal to if not better than
Zenny Heaven, takes little or no effort, and can be gotten to quite early in
the game!!  You don't need good equipment or anything special to partake of
this ridiculously awesome secret.  Head to Pokte Mini-Ruins.  Keep exiting
and re-entering until the enemy in the first room is a Treasure Hoax.  (The
Lock-on will work for all enemy configurations except this one, so you'll
know right away.)  Blast your way in.  My usual approach: kill the Box;
enter; throw one Shield Dude at another on both sides of the room; dispatch
of Blue Bombets; head right; avoid frogs and throw at one another; kill the
Box after shooting the last frog; head right; turn left at the next 2 forks.
Now, you'll encounter a Golden Bird dude with a lot of hits.  He drops more
Zenny in the game than any other except the vanishing Blimp in Easy mode.
Anyways, take him out, from a good distance preferably, and then get rid of
the Walk-in-the-Box up ahead.  Now head back the way you came.  GO BACK IN
AGAIN! Gold Bird Dude is back!  He takes too many hits, you say?  Well,
switch to the Lifter arm.  Can you believe it?  This guy can be picked up
and thrown!  Well, when you throw him, he goes down to one hit.  Just shoot
the dude til he falls down, pick him up before he rights himself, and throw
'im!  Bam! Lather, rinse, and repeat as desired.  You won't find a better
way to get Zenny in Very Hard mode, I guar-on-tee!!

I did some experimentation to get zenny quicker or more easily using method
#4.  I ran across some very interesting and valuable info to aid those
gotta-have-everthin' folks out there who don't want to have to spend 20some
hours doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over again
to get weapon upgrade fundz.  So, I present two new "lazy" methods for you:

Lazy Man's Zenny Heaven: a) Switch to Vacuous Arm.  (W/max energy at least)
b) Head to the four-Blimp room in Eurasia.  c) Go to the middle of the room
or just about anywhere you like near a Blimp or two.  d) Dig out a nice and
thick rubber band, and double-lace it over the Triangle button to try and
hold it down.  e) Turn off TV.  f) Go back to playing Dungeon Siege.

Problem with this is, every once in a while, two of these flaming dudes (the
outer realms refer to them as Zakobons) will hit you at once and send you
reeling.  Health won't be an issue (you do have knockdown protection and
Flame Barrier, right?) but if you end up in one of the two doorways, the
Blimps won't see you and your cash flow will dry up.  So check on things
every 20 minutes or so.....  But, you'll suck up zenny from dying baddies!
You see, when the Zaks ram into ya, they do damage to themselves... So, a
guy like you who's unfazed by their onslaught will get to reap big rewards
over time.  Unfortunately, this isn't as fast at getting zenny as the usual
fire-and-pick-up method.

TRUE Lazy Man's Zenny Heaven: a) Enter the Defense Area through the Shuttle
Bay (the original way).  b) Go in a couple rooms and stop at the first Blimp
you see.  c) You see how the end of the passage hooks downward?  Get your
bad self in that hook, hugging kinda close to the first inner corner.  d) Dig
out a nice and thick rubber band, and double-lace it over... fine, you read
the other one already. e) Turn off TV. f) Go to school/college/pagan ritual/
sleep/Timbuktu/real-life Megaman event in Japan.

Interesting fact I learned to make this a true fire-and-forget experience:
The Zakobons here behave differently!!  On B2 of the Defense Area, they will
not just sit there for a couple seconds and ram you.  Instead, they'll just
cruise around and try and burn/trip you.  They're also careful about not
knocking you over.  Don't ask me why.  The spot described will have the Zaks
reeling back and forth in front of you, pummeling themselves on you like
mindless rodents.  This is a GOOD thing.  It's even slower at getting zenny
than the previous two methods, but not too much slower.  In Very Hard mode,
you still rake in a million in about 70-75 minutes, which is nearly the speed
of the fabulous Zenny Zen!  So, this might actually be the best method of

There might be better ways, but I doubt it.  I combed this game over pretty
heavily this time around.  Basically, your goal is to maximize your kbps
(killed 'bots per second) while minimizing your return times and finding a good
steady flow of big zenny.  Unlike the first game, the enemies always drop the
same refractors given the same difficulty and license.  Strangely enough, the
energy cubes (health cubes and the fabulous introduction of weapon octahedrons)
are still quite random in appearance, though some bots drop more than others.

VI.  Fun Stuff


Did you:


FIND THE SECRET RACCOON?  (Explanation: If you aren't Dark Megaman, there's
one on top of the Pokte Mini-Ruins.  But if you're bright...  There's MORE

to identify but it's possibly the girl from Megaman 4!  Buy the other one--
looks like Megaman is mega-self-centered!)


GIVE 1,000,000 ZENNY TO THE PREACHER?  (You ARE dumb--but it's the only way
to "lighten up" and save 20% at shops)

GET ALL THE UPGRADES FOR THE SHINING LASER?  (takes a good weekend in Very

TRY THE CRUSHER? (The only thing that'd hurt more is a Big Black Guy Named


KNOW ABOUT THE FIRING EXPLOIT?  (Just tap forward quickly and rhythmically
while holding fire to unleash more firepower than normally possible early on!)

(Now, there's my kind of woman!!)


(Lunar Lounge Quest)
(The Life of a Serbot)
(Space Race 2)
(Mindless Bandying About in Water-Filled Ruins starring Roll--in a bathing
suit!  With guest appearances by The Pink Chick!)
(The Adventures of Master in... PLANET OF THE HOMOPHOBES!!)


Earned Class A License in---1:38.77
Earned Class S License in---3:29.24
Land Speed Records: Manda-------0'24"72
                    Saul Kada---0'30"74
Fastest Clearing of Nino Ruins---53 mins. (17 mins. to just beat it)
Fastest Million Zenny gained in Easy mode-----8 mins. (Golden Bird shooting)
                             in Normal mode---25 mins. (Elysium 4-Blimp room)
                             in V.Hard mode---55 mins. (Golden Bird throwing)
Shortest Time to Beat Game---03:00:26 (Easy, no saving, no special weapons)
                                      (blame my watching the post-Geetz scenes!
                                       otherwise, I would've got 2:45 no prob)
Longest Time to Beat Game----89:47:39 (Very Hard, bought absolutely everything)
                                      (redid almost all the guide with this
                                       game.  Sorry, don't get anything special
                                       for beating Very Hard mode!)

**//**//**//**// BIG HUGE SPOILER ALERT //**//**//**//**


There are several disagreements on exactly how this series even fits into the
rest of things.  I've played and beaten this game more times than I can count,
and I learn new things just about every time I do.  This is a game about paying
attention to the little things.  The storyline is quite linear, but the path
to understanding how it goes is not, or at least relative to your average 3D
adventure game.  I've made this trite explanation of things in order to prevent
you from bashing your head on the wall because you missed something, don't get
something, or just don't want to beat the game for the umpteenth time for it to
fit together.  Believe me, you'll be thankful if you're one of the three types
listed above, and even if not, perhaps my opinions don't jive with yours.  You
can always e-mail me...now, where did I put that address?

This is the least fictional interpretation of MML and its timeline that I can
come up with that has any degree of completeness to it.  Assumptions and things
that are merely likely are usually noted as such.  Enjoy!


1.  Getting to Our Roots

"Into the arms of Light, the true Mother..." 
                            --Master's dying words

...So, you may be wondering how this entire storyline fits into the Megaman
world.  If you read the cast section, you'll know I mentioned that this story
probably fits best far into the future, beyond any other game released or ever
intended to be released as of 2002.  You know by now that the space colony,
Elysium, was built to sort of regulate humans' activities on Terra (Megaman's
"earth"*).  Mistress Sera, at the end of the game, is about to annihilate the
current population with the Carbon Reinitialization program.  It would cream
every living Carbon, or Beta, and replace them with copies of those on Elysium.
(The confirmed message of this is that humans, at this point in time, have been
created or cloned from Elysium and are no longer the result of evolution or
Holy Creation or whatever, if they ever were made in any other way on Megaman's
world.  They're just...Carbon copies! <groan>)

Why the hell would anyone want to do that!?

Well, perhaps it was to make a "perfect race," or to wipe out all the hardships
people had to endure in times past.  But it was obvious to the genetic source
of all this, the Master, that this was not the proper end of things.  People
were not meant to exist in perfect harmony and ever-enduring luxury all the
time.  Life would become boring and uneventful then.  (I don't think this
would be the first time in OUR history the thought has been conveyed...)
It could also be to clean up some horrific mess made after the X series.  This
event is very rarely referred to by the outer realms as "The Second Cataclysm,"
with the first being whatever causes Megaman to not be in the X series, which
was most definitely set in the future.  This Second Cataclysm may have wiped X
and Zero and everyone else off the face of the planet; it may have obliterated
all life therein; but one thing's for sure.  Elysium was there when it was

The word "elysium" refers to a heavenly state, but more specifically, a place
where perfection is all-pervasive.  Now that you know what's there, perhaps the
term used for it makes sense--but do we have any clues as to how it got there??

At the end of the game Megaman X5, try to beat the game by letting Zero go
Maverick and then winning as X.  Zero, having been obliterated by X in a pen-
ultimate battle, loses everything--X don't get the sword, boys.  This is a
rather bizarre ending in my opinion, and it wouldn't fit at all with the way
Megaman X6 goes (X getting the saber and fighting on, believing that Zero is
kaput when he actually...BUT I DIGRESS!) OK, well, there's X, yay, he won.
Well, what's a guy to do with a world free of the Sigma virus?  (Misleading
name--virus was created by Wily; imbued within Zero; and very deeply infected
and manifested itself as Dr. Cain's Sigma, originally a fighter of this virus
as a "Maverick Hunter," and who had many of the baldie's personal traits and,
later, evil comebacks.  Later called the Zero virus when it attacks him and
draws from his personality...  Nightmare?  What's that?)

If you wonder why I go off like this, it's to collaborate information to help
folks derive new theories about this stuff...

Well, X is a man of emotions, even being a robot and all.  I guess emotions
lead guys to do some pretty crazy things.  But this one takes the cake! He has
a whole bunch of those Reploid dudes help him create a wonderful place...
a land without disease, hunger, or war...and he calls this place "Elysium."

(This will probably be the only link to MML because the rest of the X series is
likely going to continue on an alternate event timeline.  I'm basically going
to run with this theory because even though there's no proof connecting X5 with
MML/2, the purpose of Elysium in both games IS INDEED THE SAME.)

<GASP!>  The plot thickens...  So we know that X had a major hand in this.
But can it lead all the way back to the first series..?  Well, sure.  It's not
really a gamble or anything to say that X knew who the heck Dr. Light was--
he got enough of those capsule upgrades, fo' sho'.  So now you know...let's
take it from the beginning of this Megaman's known life--well before the first
MML game took place.  Let's take my previous guess of 60XX.

2. How Our Man Got Here

"Why did the Master entrust that Purifier Unit with
 his genetic code?  It was his job to hunt down and
 eliminate all Aberrant Units, so why did he become
 the greatest Aberrant of all?"  

It was a dark and stormy night, and the Master, in all his gender-bending
glory, was looking down upon the world of his, the world of Elysium.  It had
grown "cold and sterile" in his opinion, and it had been this way for 3000
years.  All the while, the System that the Master erected and the Mistresses
maintained was wiping out and restarting Terra every thousand years.  So, folks
lived perfect lives on Elysium and lived normal lives (with short family
histories) on Terra.  And all was well.

But the Master did wish to see Terra in all its glory...he wanted to witness
the hardships and other things that bound everyday Terran people to their
planet.  But, he couldn't survive there long.  So, it was his dying wish to
destroy the System...he saw it as worthless considering how noone actually had
a life up there.  He also wanted the humans to be "reinitialized" one last
time after he and all the people living there had passed.  (Why everyone else
would just croak is a mystery to me even now.)

Well, Sera, Mistress of the Sky, was all over this task!  In fact, she went a
little overboard and went about reinitializing the Carbons right after he
died, not considering that there's still people there (!!)  This
misinterpretation would label Mistress Sera, a Mother Unit, as an Aberrant.
Who cleans up the acts of Aberrant Units?  That's right, Purifier Units do!




The Blue Boy, probably actually an adult, rushed on valiantly to protect the
wishes of the man who brought him to existence, spent most of his life with,
and entrusted him with his own genetic code.  Megaman Trigger is indeed the
successor of Master, who may have been created or developed by X, who was
designed as a final project by Dr. Light!  Now, do you understand that quote
at the beginning of the first section???

3. Places, Everybody!

"...Banner has designed a ship that he thinks can land on the island safely...
 We'll leave Roll at the neighbor's while we're gone...  If something should
 happen to us...please take care of Roll...  I'll tell you all about Forbidden
 Island when we get back!

The rest can be pieced together by the story events within the second game,
without much margin for error:

Megaman Trigger arrived on Calbania Island with Master, to help him carry out
this odd little wish.  This is when Mistress Yuna, the other Mother Unit, has
the royal bugger-off and tries to get rid of the Blue Boy.  She was in the
same body that can be seen in the mystery dropship the first time you head to
the Forbidden Island...  (Dig them ponytails!)  Yuna was resisting him because
she was, after all, one of the maintainers of the System, and destroying it
was beyond what her parameters would allow.  Now it was high time to make some
Megaman chop suey!

I guess Megaman, having the humanity of the Master yet presumably the
positronic brains of a machine, was capable of slowly wearing down on Yuna's
nerve.  After all, she'd been inhabiting Terra for so long, guarding the keys
to human destruction until they were necessary...watching generation after
generation of exciting, fallible, mortal humans in their paltry lives...  But
she couldn't act out of her programmed character, either!  So, she decided to
do nothing in the end.  She would not stop Megaman from destroying the System,
but he was on his own.

Well, let's not forget about the less sympathetic Sera upstairs!  She found out
in a flash and went to kill the blue twerp just as quick.  Thank goodness she
couldn't bring her full wrath with her from Elysium...  Regardless, they were
evenly matched.  So they duked it out and proved one another the equal, but
only after nearly killing one another.  Yuna took this opportunity to make a
good, neutral decision: she would lock them both away!

Sera got the boot.  She got shipped out to Pacoima, where she was then
accidentally redirected to what is now called the Forbidden Island.  She would
remain there for a long time, trapped in eternal storm clouds...  Obviously,
Yuna was kind of weighting the deck in favor of Megaman, so the decision may
not have been entirely neutral.

Megaman's out somewhere else now--as it turns out, he was put on Nino Island.
But his fate was not so uneventful.  Mistress Yuna took this occasion to
entrust the aid of a little monkey friend who can fly through outer space but
considers kitchen fires "burning up."  This lil' walking teapot would become
Megaman Trigger's data storage unit while the real guy gets, er, reset.  In
short, he's a baby again with a total case of amnesia.  It was Yuna's hope
that the "reset" Megaman would be able to recover his senses and strength this
way, and the monkey, Data, would be able to hold onto his memories and the
Master's genetic code info until he was ready for a rematch.

So who would be the lucky soul to uncover the hero of the free world?  We have
in this corner, standing at 160-something, about 5-foot-nothing, traditional
free-wheeling Digger Barrell Caskett!!  In the other corner, filling the space
at 190-something, the Six Feet of Scientific Exploration that no-o-o Reaverbot
would want to tangle with...  Werner Von Bluecher!!  No one really knows who
was the Spotter between them...chances are that they took turns.  Secret
diaries?  Scant-spoken love stories?  Cast them aside (I HOPE!) cuz these guys
are pure ruins-conquering fools.

After building up their courage and skills, these two went to Forbidden Island
to solve its mysteries and find the Mother Lode.  I guess EVERYONE knew that
there must be some Mother Lode out there but noone even had a clue what it was
or why they'd want to find it.  It was THERE.  Just like in the 1840's, only
that did lead to something--promiscuity, gambling problems, and more bad
movies and sitcoms than you can shake a stick at!  And it was an equally bad
idea for anyone to try and find THIS Mother Lode...  Figures that they didn't
find it.  They just got knocked out by the cold and good ole Yuna had to put
them back in Calinca thereafter.  Their greatest invention for exploring such
rough terrain, the dropship, was never to be touched again.  Or so they

Well, this expedition happened about 30 years before the current time.
Fifteen years later, Barrell, who had become a little chummy with the G-Man
(yes, that harebrained guy actually played an important part!), went to
explore his Underwater Ruins.  (I still think that's the most pointless piece
of scrap in the whole game!)  But it was indeed the effective birthplace of
our current incarnation of Megaman...  Barrell found the babe when he snuck
in, along with Data!  He raised him, taught him, enslaved him to Roll, blah
blah blah, you know the rest, since he couldn't very well show his findings
to the Guildmaster when he wasn't supposed to be there in the first place.

Let's go forward another five years.  It's been twenty now since Gramps tried
Digging, and he's probably a bit old for it now...but not for his daughter!
After seeing her Roll for the last time and giving her up to Gramps, she and
her then-husband Banner went exploricating against Dad's wishes.  Of course,
this was her idea--you think Roll's mom wouldn't be the slave-driver type?
Banner got dragged along and did the dirty work, with Matilda doing the Spot
work.  (This is the most likely situation, not a known fact.  If Roll does
indeed take after her dad, maybe it's the other way around...)  When Banner
passed out, Matilda set out to get him and nearly lost her own life.

When Yuna, the new protector of Earth as the guardian of destruction-bound
Sera, found this guy, she was able to restore him and set him back in Calinca.
However, his mind was not where it should have been, and in fact he was lost.
Since he didn't have any established friends or family to remind him of who he
was, he had to go on with his life without his previous memories.  His body
would also never be the same again.  Good thing that barmaid Maria was so
willing to help him!  (Don't say FFVII, don't say it please...)

Matilda suffered a wildly different fate.  In attempting to heal Matilda, Yuna
gave up a little bit too much of herself--apparently, she used nanotechnology
to basically give herself to the altruistic cause.  But indeed, she did what
many philanthropists have done throughout history and gave too much.  Matilda
became the new incarnation of Mistress Yuna, with her original green pony-
tailed form not having enough of herself to even move.  I guess it would've
been too much work for her to reinhabit her old body because she kept the
latter!  This sort of body snatching leads to explain why earlier folks recall
getting trapped by old Yuna (the girl), and later ones by Matilda (the woman).

4. Megaman Goes Legendary

"It appears I have made an error..."
                  --Megaman Juno after getting whupped

We carry this story all the way to the first game now, with Roll having
crafted our possible descendant of the Blue Bomber into more of a subordinate
role...  (Perhaps it's fair, after all.  She played so small a role in the
original games...I'm guessing this gal took it all into consideration while
playing them**!)

Megaman, Roll, and the gang get stranded on Kattelox Island via a sputter in
the Flutter.  This is where they encounter the Bonne family, having just paid
off their debts from the despicable Loathe.  They're ready to terrorize the
whole island now, and they're not going to leave anything behind!  (Except,
perhaps, pickles and toilet paper??)  They're searching for the Mother Lode
just like every Digger, only they've chosen a much more aggressive method than
that of the Casketts.  I think 'piratical' applies best.  And what better
place to find the Mother Lode than the site of a hidden device capable of
triggering spaceborne destruction of all its own life??

Megaman tackles the task of getting the Flutter back out, while Gramps heads
off to do paperwork and schmooze with the mayor.  The next thing we know,
Tron and Megaman bump into one another, with a traditional heroic touche.  Of
course, the island is subsequently trashed, crushed, excavated, cut off from
the outside, and trashed again; it's only fate that a certain blue somebody
had just the tools to handle the situations at just the right time and place
to win.  Don't forget the at least 40*** Servbots that got sacrificed in the

The crew finally journey all the way to the supposed location of the Mother
Lode, which was actually not that hidden but took a while to just get into.

And so, Megaman uncovers the gray-eyed, pink-haired Bureaucratic Unit of the
Third Class...  (Megaman) Juno!!  (Having chosen the name of a Roman GODDESS
may not have helped his masculine image.)  Juno having the identifier Megaman
may clarify that this is indeed a part of the Master's system, the Master
himself being a descendant of Light <chuckle>.  His having called the station
from which the destructive Carbon Reinitialization originates "Eden" was by
no means a foresight, but well, let's just say Capcom avoids using terminology
of a religious nature.  (Squaresoft uses it nearly all the time so I doubt it's
illegal or anything...but they have some reserve as well.  *Safer* Sephiroth?
<gag>  Sephiroth is already a translated Hebrew word of significance, I think.)
So it's called Elysium now.  Yup.  They just replaced a Christian word with a
Greek mythological one, but it means more-or-less the same thing.

Juno is apparently capable of playing God with all the folks on Kattelox
Island, killing, committing genocide, and restarting the population at will--
but only when activated with that intent.  Since Megaman doesn't really HAVE an
intent, I guess that's the default--lucky him!  This is where Megaman picks up
on the notion that he's supposed to know a lot more about himself than he
actually does, and he gets trapped before he can react.  Tron and Teisel get
him out of the fix, with Teisel cheering for his victory and Tron even getting
a bit teary-eyed...  Of course, since this Bureaucratic model is so predictable
and cowardly, Megaman brings his killing spree to a halt just before it begins.
Or rather, he just kills Juno, and DATA does the rest.  Hoo-boy...  You want an
explanation?  Gotta wait a year for the next game to come out!

(Side note:  Don't try and figure out which "Mother" they're talking about.
The way Megaman is described as a long-time assistant of Mother indicates that
it is actually the Master that they're talking about.  Now I want to know:
Is the Master's Japanese voice in MML2 by a guy or a gal??)

5. Time For Me to Fly!!

"That child must not be awakened--there's no telling what
 might happen if she does!"
                -- Matilda/Yuna

(Oh wait, that was more than a year ago.)  Dear sweet Megaman, quickly becoming
the crucial point of an imminent triangle of hidden love interests...  And now
he's fifteen, getting ever closer to the age of consent--<smack>  Back to the

Kattelox Island is no longer our concern.  Wily will just have to stay behind
and become a world-class shrimp boat captain.  Ain't that right, Bubba?  (It's
evident that Roll isn't the only one who likes those old games!**)  Roll and
Megaman head to another part of the world, watching Gramps meet up with his old
drinking and Digging buddy in the news.  The Bonnes just happen to be stowing
along; they're not stopped from doing this because they've apparently cleaned
up their acts, set up a legitimate store, and are predictably failing at making
a buck.  Now they're in cahoots with none other than the icky, unbearable Glyde
in order to pull it off.  Now it's become apparent that they might try their
old tricks in order to turn a profit...

Gramps and Von Bluecher may have found a way to journey to the Mother Lode!!
What better time for the Bonnes to plot a hijack?  Or for Roll to lose all hope
of finding her parents and put an end to herself?  Or for Megaman to retire??
Or--  we can have Yuna intervene!  When she tears up the Blubber-Bottom, it's
all in the hopes of stopping them from finding Sera, who would effortlessly rip
them all a new one, followed with the annihilation of all human life on the
entire planet!

Roll, of course, is totally bummed out about the whole idea that the Mother
Lode's gonna end up in anyone's hands but hers.  It's really a rather childish
way to act, since her grandfather is heading half the mission, so what's the
big deal?  Her parents, that's what.  That would be the greatest thing she
could want--to see her old folks...  Would've been a preposterous thing to
think the Mother Lode had anything to do with her parents in the FIRST game.
Now they have practically everything to do with it!

What they forget to mention is that each Mother Unit has an assistant, called a
Servitor Unit.  Well, then, I remember Megaman was the Master's sort of side
guy, too...  One apprentice and one master...wise you are, young Padawan!
(Yeah, Vile/Vava, and Sigma and Zero with the swords...it just gets better and
better, doesn't it?)  I'm sorry.  I'm writing this guide for people of all
tastes, not just the Megaman-impaired.  Anyways, the assistant for Yuna is
Gats, while Sera's helper is Geets****.  You won't believe it until you see it,
but these guys are real Transformers too!  Unlike Bureaucratic Units, they
don't need battle armor or anything--they just go medieval on you in flying
lizard-gunner form!  Apparently, they also have some human characteristics,
such as lying through their teeth to manipulate ol' Bluecher into getting them
a guest bedroom on the Sullied Bottom.  And you know what?  Even though Megaman
takes up the quest to find the Keys, a certain few other currently unemployed
pirates and bounty hunters (not counting Teisel's...<snicker> DEPARTMENT
STORE!?) have listened in on their next job as well.

Aright, this game isn't really that plot-heavy in the middle, although it's a
great chance to get acquainted with giant elephants, burning frogs, tiki men
possessed by jellyfish, tyrannosauruses, the Gustaff, and all of Roll's 2000
parts.  (Yes, there's actually several ways to take that one.)  All the while,
Sera's camping out in the Sultry-Bottom, waiting for you to do the job Von
Bluecher asked you to do--get all the Keys, that is.  She bides her time by
secretly wiring into the ship using her own nanotechnology.  (She looks so
peaceful when she's sleeping...)  They are not afraid to at least disclose
that uncovering the Mother Lode may not exactly result in anything good.  We
know well by now that it's just gonna be the end of the world as we know it!

Let's say Megaman actually prevails against both the Reaverbots and the Bonnes.
Nobody knows why the heck the Reaverbots attack everything that moves--they
just do.  It's presumed that they're protecting things (refractors and keys),
but it could've been a very similar case to say that someone like Yuna just
placed the keys in Ruins that happened to be really dangerous.  No telling
where the refractors came from, though...  The Bonnes just want the Mother Lode
to pay off whatever debts they built against Glyde...  But as they both find
themselves at Megaman's mercy, he finds the Keys!  (No telling where the
Dyslexic Duo, Bola and Klaymoor, could've shown up from..."Unified front"...
I have to agree with Teisel on how stupid that comes off as.)

But do you really think that's the end of the tale?  We've got Mega-Trouble on
our hands in the form of a sabotaged ship and one seriously ticked off
assistant.  Of course, you'd think Yuna would be able to reason with the girl,
right?  Having left her "destroyed" former frame, she is no longer bound to
the will and parameters of the System, which in this incident really just means
she won't do anything "It" tells her to do automatically.  Free will, you dig?
Too bad it places her in the "Aberrant abomination" category in Sera's book.
Not to mention, the System doesn't even recognize her as a Mother Unit without
actually wearing the outfit--in this case, being her old self.  No cooperation

With Sera's only partially anticipated uprisal and takeover, it takes some
Mega-Manpower to prevail (OK, I'd better not run the term into the ground...)
and three guesses where that comes from...  While Geets bites the big one, Sera
has already managed to run off with the keys and prime the genocide pump.  The
final blow landed by Geets apparently did a number on our Blue Bomber, and so
he's out of commission until someone like Yuna can help restore him to fighting
condition.  Yuna, instead of tagging along and bringing Megaman to the site to
stop her before she can even start, she decides to help bring his memory back
in what is probably the longest, most bewildering acid trip I've ever seen.

This is not only where much of the story is strung together, but it's also
where we learn why the heck they needed a dancing monkey to play Memory Jogger.
I guess that vital Master's code and other info of his life had to be kept
somewhere whilst he wait to be found...and Yuna really didn't want someone like
Sera just using a program or two to locate Baby Trig and destroy any hopes of
fulfilling the Master's wishes.  Data's just a form of protection for that, um,
data, since I guess even Sera has the good sense not to get involved with that
insane little jumping bean.

When he wakes up, he SHOULD be just getting up just in time to witness the
obliteration of everyone else he's ever known.  Instead, Sera decides to push
"pause" and wait for Megaman to come over there and give her the what-for.
Why?  The darn code, that's why!  He's the only remnant of the Master's actual
genes, so if he goes, we won't have any more Megaman games!  The genetic
code... er, am I getting this right?  Megaman was a robot.  X was a robot.
But Master's got some organs in him, huh?  "The only true human left?"  And so
does Megaman Trigger--defender of the free world.  He wouldn't fare so well in
a genocide of the human race, I don't think.

And so it came to pass that Megaman would finally get to travel in space!  I've
been waiting for this moment for too long...  (Oh geez, he's already gone to
space like, 4 times already...)  Roll gives her sweet goodbyes, and no, Data
isn't gonna bail him out this time.  So now they...oh geez, how'd that monkey
get up here now!?  It's clear by now that Yuna wants the humans to be pre-
served, even if they do have an unstable population pattern and end up
polluting the joint.  Let them eat cake!

Sera isn't really the eye-to-eye type, however.  It's not that she's totally
without emotion or consideration so much that it is that she really can't see
things from the same perspective.  She has, after all, been floating up in
space pretty much the whole time, and hasn't gotten the chance to see the
humans as subjectively as our repossessed blondie can.  Alrighty, well, she's
just achin' for a rematch for the right to launch Armageddon.

Well, I'm afraid 20 seconds is a little ridiculous for this fight.  Even
30 seconds won't be terribly easy to pull off.  But less than a minute, for

So you learned her.  The System is shutting down, and Sera's playing possum,
probably in hopes of pulling off her final stunt anyway.  (Besides...don't
you know people always have to explode before they truly die?)  With Yuna's
mysterious appearance, she brings her old bod and salutations to the fallen
queen.  And so they ramble on, with old Yuna's shell as the new Sera, about
why they're stuck up there and how humanity's still doomed without them!
<canned laughter>  I guess they can't get back because, with Elysium powering
down, the shuttle pod bay doors probably don't work anymore.  (But you'd think
they'd try...)

And so Data, that miraculous lil' simian, finds a way down (probably took that
pod...) and greets the gang IN PLAIN ENGLISH with tidings of "ancient
technology" and the folks trapped in space.  And so, nearly every bit of plot
is about to be wrapped up with the cooperation of the two families.
Supposedly.  You forgot that Tron and Roll don't like each other, didn't you?


All-in-all, those folks who play through the game non-stop like I did in hopes
of finding connections to the days of old will find little.  However, I do like
Roll's red/white take on old Roll's blue/white/red deal, with a similar-feeling
costume design.  Also, the increase of Capcomian self-references are a bit
amusing...  But, if you put your heart into this one, you'll feel senselessly
lost from the old world.

I do terribly appreciate the voice acting in the Legends games.  It may be
what drew me into MML in the first place!  For a game that was both made in
Japan and by a company that's notorious for messing up its own lyrics and
words in transit (even BEFORE X6), you'd think a series on such a wild tangent
as this would get minimal attention.  Not by a long shot--they have an entire
Voice Management staff!  And just listen to them...  The Bonnes' attitude is
not muffled in the least by the vocal interpretation of the speakers.  The good
ol' Rock and Roll duo converse together just like you'd expect two teammates of
opposite gender to!  Even the relatively alien tones of the Ancients are
consistent and kind of "Transformers"-y.  The humor worked into much of the
script is pulled off marvelously.  You can almost feel those real actors,
behind the polygons, enjoying their work!  If you had no former knowledge of
the Blue Bomber, I'm sure you'd think this game was ahead of its time in terms
of polish, especially considering the awful graphics limitations of the PSX.
(The PC port of MML1 does leave some to be desired, however.) But however you
slice it, MML's voice is CHOICE.  Roll almost convinced me to have some
apricot pie once! <blecch>

There are a few incomplete spots in the storyline here that I've noticed.  To
be honest, I don't think that there are many, nor are they insurmountable:

1)  ROLL!  Oh good Ganesha, why haven't you tried talking to Banner again?  If
you remember, she suspected he was related to her father from the beginning,
and she even suspected him of being her father, having asked him if he
recognized the Caskett family name or herself.  "He's the one, Roll..."  Does
he know already!?

2)  Similarly, Matilda's kinda in a sticky situation herself.  She says that,
upon getting back, she'll give Matilda back to, um, herself, and that would
mean she'd have to go somewhere else...but where?  Sera's already taking up
residence in her old bod, having been evicted from her own.  She might have
to head out to a graveyard or something and get into someone else's dead
corpse or something gruesome like that.  And what if she screws it up?
Oh yeah, that might make a good setting for Resident Evil 44!!

3)  What the heck's the Elder system?  We don't have a second clue to this or
what the Reaverbots are doing in protecting these weird ancient relics and
stuff.  Was this also a remnant of past series?  Can it be brought under the
control of the space maroons?

4)  A similar set of questions for the now-defunct Elysian system...  Do we
ever get to find out more about the Master's origins or why he gets to be the
central figure for the whole thing?  Is or was it connected to the system of
the Elders?  Finally, if it is indeed the future of the Megaman world, what
happened to all other life on the planet??

Ultimately, I fear the worst considering the revelation of these plot con-
trivances or any continuing adventures for Trigger.  It's been a little
while already without a sign of a new game.  (Hey, guys, it doesn't even have
to be a 3D third-person shooter at this point!)  But, I do remember waiting a
while for Megaman 7, so all hope be not lost!  It is a pretty widespread idea
that MML is the least successful of the Megaman genre plotwise, since folks
don't feel like it's even the real Megaman.  I, on the other hand, just want
to see where these guys get to go, what there is to explore in the world, and
how the heck some of these things happened.  So, it may be necessary to play
more of the strong-running X series to learn the rest!  Aside from the jokes
above, any adventures further into the future of the series would probably
have to root from the still-mysterious Elder system and in putting it to an
end.  There may be more alliances with the shady Bonnes.  We might even have
some involvement from other members of the family (Matilda and Banner may
still have some Digging blood in their bones...)  And what if Loathe decides
to rear his ugly head again, hm?  It wouldn't be right to end things at 2...
That's such a low number in terms of Megaman sequels!  I still believe there
could be a lot more action and comedy awaiting us!

* --Terra is the name that I believe has been chosen for Megaman's "earth"
    throughout the entire thing.  Play Megaman V for the Gameboy, and you'll
    see a boss with this name as well...  Although the Japanese name does
    translate to Earth, and the game has all the other eight planets with
    proper translation, this may be another of Capcom's regulatory measures to
    separate Megaman's world from our own.
**--The Roll and Wily from days of old have an extremely low chance of making
    it to this series, and they're most certainly not the characters seen in
    this incarnation.  For instance, we knew Roll was once a child in this
    timeline, which is quite unlikely for a robot like the old Roll to ever
    be.  Don't forget that Wily was a pretty short feller in the old game--
    here he's pushing 6 feet.  And no eyepatch either, last I recall...
    As for the concern of the video games, it wouldn't make much sense
    NORMALLY for a video game series to inspire characters within its own
    world.  However, folks may have made games to commemorate fallen heroes
    of the past.  (C'mon, if they can make games about the Harlem Freaking
    Globetrotters, I think a robot killing other robots and stopping mad
    scientists might eventually make its way into game plot development.)
    How these games or their inspiration could survive over 3000 years is
    another story.
**--Check out the incredibly psychamodelical "Marvel vs. Capcom 2" and you'll
*   eventually find the characters Tron and Servbot available for play.  Tron
    has a certain little move called the "Lunch Rush" that delivers some
    real pain, with up to 41 hits in a single attack.  Also, I don't believe
    that the mail that that one Servbot gives you could be asking you to be
    Servbot #42 if there were not also a Servbot #41.  Take it how you may,
    but I've never actually encountered this fella...
**--There is a boss in Megaman X6 whose name is Gate.  I've half a notion that
**  the Japanese name for the guy is Geetz, judging from what I've seen of
    that game.  This does nothing to explain whether he's a part of the
    storyline beyond the X series.  I'd deny it all the way since it's quite
    likely that the only timeline that could contain MML ended in X5.  But
    who knows?  Perhaps the entire X series may end in a similar fashion to
    the "bad" ending of X5.

**//**//**//**//  END OF SPOILER ALERT  //**//**//**//**


Maybe you'll play "Where's Waldo?" with this game when you've beaten it to the
ground to the extent I have.  I just adore this game, possibly more than any
other game I've never bought.  Oh well.  Maybe you'll get a chuckle.  Maybe
you'll just have to go "Hmm..."

I try to minimize spoilers, but it is inevitable that stuff will be given away.


- When jumping forward, rolling, or starting to run, Megaman will lead with his
  right foot.  However, in this game, he can only kick with his left foot.
  MML1 playas know he could kick with both feet then.  All this suggests that
  Megaman is in fact equally skilled with both feet, and could probably make a
  star soccer athlete.  (Also suggested by the first weapon in Megaman 8,
  though that's a different walnut shell altogether)
- Megaman starts out with the ability to jump as high as in the first game,
  after acquiring an enhancement called the Jump Springs.  This puzzles me,
  considering how everything else was sold off by Roll including his armor,
  helmet, and rocket shoes.
- Megaman seems to have a different palette in this game, with a more metallic
  gray thing going on.  His whole model is a bit more mature-feeling too, which
  I think is a positive modification.  And then there's the backpack, which
  looks more like an orange hard drive with the cover removed.  It might even
  be a futuristic portable jukebox.  (There used to be just a blue panel.)
  His model might actually be a little taller, to reflect the passage of one
  year (the approximate time gap from the last game, as indicated in one of
  Roll's diary entries).
- The Shield Dudes have two eyes in this game, where in the first game they
  seem to have only one.  Also, the shields can be knocked off by a couple
  different explosives, whereas they could withstand nearly anything before.
- The nasty turtle guys make a comeback, though they seem to take less hits.
  Also, shots always register; hitting the guys to flip them over used to cause
  the shots to make a ricochet noise, but no more!
- The concern of increasing ENERGY for your normal arm is a different matter in
  MML2.  In the old game, it determined how many shots you could fire in a row;
  here, it determines how many shots can be fired on the screen.  (This is not
  counting the tap-forward-rapidly-while-holding-fire bug exploited in these
- In case you didn't know, Capcom has been using the term Zenny to express
  currency for gajillions of centuries now.  The first known usage of "zenny"
  in a Megaman game at least is in the little-known Monopoly spinoff, released
  in Japan as the true last NES Megaman game and the first one that didn't have
  you running, jumping, and shooting.  Good luck finding it...  I'd get "Board"
  playing it myself, especially since I don't know Japanese.  (It's funny to
  see, I must admit.  Hey, at least they aren't playing for P-Chips.  Or is
  that short for Poker Chips???  Oh well, don't get confused now.  Our friends
  at xtranslations.freeservers.com are working on a translation as we speak!)
- While we're on the zenny topic, why does Zero's insignia look almost exactly
  like the zenny symbol!?
- It's probably too minor to add, but it stands out to me whenever I switch
  from game to game...The refractors in this game are very translucent, crystal
  things instead of the fuzzy diamonds in the last game.  Collecting zenny will
  be an even heavier priority in this game, considering that stuff costs more,
  bad guys can potentially drop more, and you'll need to use that seventh place
  holder (millions) now...
- As mentioned before, Megaman's voice is done by a girl.  (Before it was a guy
  with a bit of a Canadian accent, but it wasn't so bad that you couldn't tell
  what he was talking aboot.)  He reminds me much of the voice of Rudolph from
  that old X-mas special.  (At least it isn't the same voice of X from the MMX4
  cutscenes...he sounded like a baby!)  The voice of Barrell Caskett is changed
  from previously.  I liked the old one better...  PERSONALLY, being of an
  oldskool brand, I'd like to see Megaman's voice changed to the one from
  "Captain N the Game Master," where it was arguably a variant of Popeye.
- The energy bar is altered a little.  First off, you don't have an "energy
  shield," nor can such a thing be damaged.  Second, your health deteriorates
  in one-pixel units, straight down from the top, unlike the "whole or half
  unit only" policy in MML1.  This may actually make things a little harder.
  Third, there are the unpleasant fire and ice effects that slowly drain your
  health.  Now to the other side: you have a "clip load" bar to accompany your
  reserves.  This prevents you from abusing your weapon, unless the energy for
  certain weapons is infinite, not counting the Homing Missile.  Also, the
  length of the bar containing your weapon energy is fixed and remains present,
  even if the energy for a weapon is infinite.
- Nearly all the music in this game is changed.  Music that stayed:
  - Flutter music from MML1--now it's the title menu jingle.
  - The current Flutter music is a chamber music revamp of the last game's
    Flutter music.  The fire scene is another alteration.
  - Mini-Ruins music.
  - Fight with Gustaff (but not from MML1--guess where?)
  - Sub-Cities music from MML1--now here in the Guild Ruins!
  - "Oops, the Bonnes screwed up again" music--or at least the end-of-game one.
  - Vivaldi's "Four Seasons: Spring" was never in the first game, but it is
    the only other tune in the game (not counting the ending riffs) that
    doesn't hold to a centralized theme.
  There was no centralized theme in the old game.  If you don't know what I
  mean, just pay attention to the sound for a few moments as you travel.
  Calbania's music is the most different from the rest of the world, but it
  does relate somewhat; the boss attacks from the Bonnes and Glyde are even
  harder to relate.  They've almost got a "Peter and the Wolf" effect on the
  music of the area, with Bonnes being the booming baritone and Glyde on some
  annoying brass.
- There's more music in general.  MML1 had a lot more ambient sound effects
  and silent places where music would've otherwise been.  Also, some of the
  music in the old MML was actually reinstrumentation of classical tunes!!
- Voices during battles!  Considering that there actually are quite a few
  voices to listen to where applicable, this makes some of those battles
  absolutely entertaining, and may even increase the replay value.  I still
  enjoy fighting the Crab Bot, for instance.
- Megaman controls more tightly in this game.  The lock-on system not only
  gives the game attitude, but makes it easier to pick your battles.  Turning
  seems to be more precise in this game, and tilting left and right on the
  Jet Skates is much more rigid.
- There isn't very much indication in this game as to what the weapon or its
  upgrades actually do.  Perhaps Roll's feeling a bit less talkative in this
  one...  Also, upgrading weapons can always be done to the rightmost point for
  each statistic that can be upgraded.  This makes it tougher to compare the
  strengths and weaknesses of weapons, but it's not a big deal now that I'm
  here, right?  It does suck, though, that it doesn't even show how many shots
  your weapon has in the Select Menu.
- As a bonus feature, kicking can be aimed now, even though it could not be in
  the old game.  This works for throwing as well--just aim as high or as low
  as you please to make far or near shots.
- On an off-note, you can use the jump button to skip text now, which feels
  more natural than the special weapon button in the old game.
- In this game, EVERY ruin room has an annoying double-door sequence, where in
  the first game it only happened between certain rooms.
- They didn't make a PC port of this one...please beg and plead to your local
  Capcom representative to get this changed TODAY!!

MEGAMAN VS. ROLL (I need more hateful fanmail, you know...)

- In the intro, Megaman is up and ready, having made breakfast for Roll.
- In the intro, Roll is curled over in a couch in her PJs.
- As shown in the Flutter, one of Megaman's primary duties is to keep the
  toilet clean.  "Everybody likes a fresh bowl!"
- As shown in the Flutter, Megaman has to buy toilet cleaner with his own
  money, and Roll doesn't say a thing when you do!
- As is mentioned in books, Megaman wasn't given a role upon birth, but was
  uncontrollably molded into his current persona by the Caskett family.
- As is mentioned in books, Roll picked a name for Megaman from a video game,
  which she obviously has enough time to play while Spotting (you can't even
  see her from the ruins, you know...)
- As seen in the beginning, Megaman has to put out fires all by himself, with
  the help of Roll in the form of an otherwise useless attachment (which she
  obviously didn't turn to scrap metal like the useful stuff).
- As seen in the beginning, Roll only helps Megaman with the sprinklers when
  he gets just about toasted (less than 2 units of health).  Shouldn't she
  have been spending some time getting the sprinklers working when she was
  revamping the Flutter with Megaman's weapon money?
- Concerning Forbidden Island, Megaman gets stuck waiting for Roll to round
  up a dropship to get there, when he could've just played on a little bit,
  got the Rebreather, and swum over there..?  Would've been much safer than
  using someone else's dropship to try and enter a maelstrom.
- Concerning Forbidden Island, Roll just FOUND a dropship from someone else
  who she claims to know as someone who knows her father, before she even
  puts a second thought to making one herself!  Fact is that she's more
  concerned about family than saving the world, and she's gonna drag
  Mega-Whipped Man wherever she wants!
- As is seen in the Ruins, Megaman gets zapped, slapped, chopped, lopped,
  and everything else trying to find those darn keys to unlock the doors to
  the bosses.
- As is seen in the Ruins, Roll only tells Megaman where a key is when it's
  either practically sitting in front of him or actually running away from
- At the end of the game, Megaman gets himself stranded in the middle of
  Nowhere, Arkansas.  He spent the entire game blowing up stuff, paying for
  Roll's upgrades and damage to the Flutter with his own hard-earned cash,
  and not even getting to watch the TV for which he shelled out an extra-
  ordinary amount.  The price he pays for blindly following Roll's (and Von
  Bluecher's and, unknowingly, the corrupted Mistress Sera's) commands is
  getting stranded beyond anything he can get out of on his own.
- At the end of the game, Roll is given "ancient technology" via Data, who
  just flew down there in his magic teacup I suppose (certainly none of her
  doing...)  She, however, chooses to yell at him and Tron when trying to
  build something that might be able to rescue him and his rather mischevious
  matrons.  This is because she's actually a spoiled brat whose mechanical
  know-how can't save herself from squat unless someone else can use or protect
  it.  She'll lose the tentative love of her life up there because she wasted
  too much of the rest of her life relying on him!
- A fitting ending to the game, I say!  (This is all a joke, y'know.)


- Megaman can buy a comic book for himself, and it has his mug on the cover.
  When you go to buy it, it says that they're making a movie out of this comic
  in the summer.  Perhaps the future isn't all that bad!
- When Megaman buys the video game cartridge, it's described as "Resident Evil
  43," which is a sequel to what is possibly Capcom's greatest remotely recent
  game idea: the zombie-killer.  When you try and play it in his room, he
  describes it as a flight simulator.  Um, shooting zombies...from a plane?
- What's that painting in his room?  I could just swear it was Wily's Fortress
  but I don't really have much to go on.  It could be Robotnik Mountain from
  all the graphical detail given.
- You can ride the Flutter model in Roll's room.  Just jump on!  Kick yourself
  forward with UP or drop DOWN to get off.
- I could honestly SWEAR I've seen the picture in Roll's room...is it famous??
  (It's still ugly.)
- The mural by Barrell's desk is much like that of a Mercator projection of
  the world, except the continents are in odd places and such.
- The drawing above where Matilda's revealing letter can be found is none
  other than what I call the Blue Bombet (the proximity-explosive blue ragdoll
  with lots of zenny)
- The whiteboard details a nice sketch of the Reflector Arm.
- That bookcase describes several different things, including both that Roll
  named our hero MegaMan and that Barrell had at first resisted this name.
- Yup, Megaman and Roll are indeed coffee drinkers!  Filthy habit for 15-year
  olds to have, I tell ya.
- When Roll has to fix something up in the Development Room, you'll be
  whooshed along to the tool room, two floors below.  Just noticed that one.
- Yes, the Flutter is a lot different now.  And yes, it's still way bigger
  inside than it appears outside.


- The junk shop guy has an interesting poster in the back.  It looks like
  the infamous Gesellschaft from the first game!
- There's a box with gears on it that says, "Screw."  Wow, I need to get
  me some of that!
- Some boxes outside have a cross and circle insignia and the initials
  "ONPSE."  Any clues, folks?
- Oh, there's Roll's comic in the item shop!  "No time to stop and read it
  now, though!"  Naw, hold on, that ain't Roll.  Remember Megaman 4?  There's a
  certain little female, the daughter of the revered Russian Dr. Cossack, who
  bears resemblance.  Her name...is Kalinka.  <blink blink>
- Atop the shelves, you can apparently purchase such oddities as "Oil Soil,"
  "Putz Potato," and the famous "FamilyStation" by Mammy.  Its slogan is
- Zero's in a poster--donning his Special Edition Black Armor no less.
  "Hero of a comic book story"..?  Perhaps!
- Don't forget to kick the snowman and throw his bucket around.  It bounces
  off people too!  This wintry pal has his own poster in the post office
  labeled "SNOWMAN MAIL" and "YourMSSEAGE".  Apparently, Capcom of America
  wasn't going to let this game get off too easily in translation!
- An Iceman comic shows up twice in town--in the hotel and in Bluecher's
  supposed childhood residence.
- As the game folds to a close, Joe eventually leaves the hotel and goes
  "somewhere warm" to heal his old wounds.  Could be Saul Kada, but you'll
  never know......
- The sign on the bar clearly says "DRUNKEN".  Have these men no shame!?
- Megaman has no idea that the gold-screen in the bar might be a shot of
  an old cartoon of his, featuring Guts Man and Proto Man (Blues) for all
  to see.
- When you look at the lit fireplace, Megaman says, "Boy, it sure gets cold
  here!"  (Clearly, he's talking about everywhere BUT the fireplace, but
  then again, he may be one of those deep-tan types.)
- If you get on top of the hotel, climb on the eastern exhaust pipe, and
  rocket north in the direction of other pipes on buildings, you should
  make a neat little triple jump and land at the north end of the town.
- Megaman notes of the bar table: "There are a lot of beer bottles lined
  up...Looks like they're empty, though."  The boy knows what he came for!
- You can jump on top of the duck outside!  While doing so, you may kick it
  and glide along in whatever direction you choose while it makes this
  bizarre quack noise.
- The "gallery" contains two nearly identical pictures that probably
  portray the two goddesses.  They are the only two pieces of art or any
  object of interest within the so-called "gallery," along with their
  mugshots in front and back.  It doesn't even pass for a very
  well-decorated church!  (You should know by now why it's not called a
  church--Capcom doesn't care to utilize religious terms in their games)
- After the train chase, the place where the dog used to hang out will be
  obliterated, but the dog will still be there, along with the Evil
  Bunnies.  If you show up before you fight the train, that daughter of
  Maria's will complain that Kon is gone (probably the dog's name).  There
  will also be some boxes taken from the other side of the tracks.
- When Joe leaves, so will Maria...  This will permit you to enter the
  bar from the back, seeing as she forgot to lock it.
- You can attempt to "grab" Roll when you take her to the Wimpy Ruins, but
  she'll slap you one!  (I'm quite certain that this is the most pathetic
  way to die in the game.)
- The responses to things from the post office folks are altered quite a
  bit by whether you're dark or light.  "You got a letter from those
  pirates...Can't you make any decent friends?"
- There's a couple blue barrels by where the train was...they're labeled
  "ENERGY".  <chuckles>
- Hey, check out that first Servbot letter...it asks Megaman if he wants
  to join the Servbots as Servbot #42.  This confirms my suspicions that
  either there was another Servbot hidden somewhere in the game, or that
  Tron counts herself as a Servbot.  Otherwise, the standing total of
  Serbots would be 40 instead of 41.  Either way, in the game "Marvel vs.
  Capcom 2" there's a move involving those mystical yellow men that does
  41 hits...
- Hey, hey, now the second letter has something too?  Look at this!  Poor
  ole Servbot #32 says that you met up with him a few years ago.  A *few*
  years ago?  Where's this coming from?  Did the Servbots and Megaman see
  each other far before Tron ever met the Blue Wonder?  (Remember, this
  is stemming from the idea that one year has elapsed, which not only
  makes more sense but is what Roll says in her diary.)
- What's that in Joe's house?  I could swear it was a picture of "SNOW
  ISLAND."  Where's that?  It's got a UFO blimp thing on it, too.
- When fighting the train (what's it called? "Gomoncha"?), look on the
  faces of the suicide missile men.  They're all a little different!  I
  guess they don't all react the same to impending doom.
- Why do most of the parts of the train appear as "grabbable" on the
  Lifter targeting?
- When you pass by the Blob (before it becomes the BLOB) Roll says she
  doesn't get a hostile reading from it.  However, the caption above says
  that she doesn't get a strong reading from it.  There are many text
  errors throughout the game, but this might be one of the only "last
  minute changes" that didn't go smoothly.
- It's not terribly obvious to most folks, but the keys that run around
  near the end of Calinca Ruins are not for getting to the fourth Key but
  are instead needed to open the three doors on B8 of Elysium that lead to
  where Data is and the final chamber of Doom.


- If you come back and explore the place after beating it, the weather will
  be calm, the music very ambient (but still a variation of the original),
  and you'll get to hear Roll pronounce Yosyonke (yo-sh(y)aun" 'kuh).
- Roll will also tell you to go back to the dropship when you make it to
  where the diamond-thing was...  However, you'll be heading back to the
  Flutter, considering the weather's cleared up now.


- In the Prologue scene, it appears that Evil Mastermind Lady stole some
  equipment to look like a reporter...  Well, look who comes busting thru--
  none other than the main anchor for KTOX from the first game!  Not very
  ladylike to stuff people in lockers!!  (What can ya say?  You can't keep
  a good reporter from the news.)  The KTOX insignia is also on Von
  Bluecher's soapbox and even the KTOX ship makes an appearance in the
  very first clip of the intro.
- Right after Yuna cripples the ship when it's about to enter the Danger
  Zone, you hear a certain annoying little alarm--the exact same one used
  by the Bonnes in the first game!
- There's Servbots scattered all about taking up residence...  Every time
  you return a Key, check out what they say.  I think some of it's kinda
  cute.  "I'm hungry...  I want a hamburger."  "I really hate working--
  I'd rather be playing video games."  "Well, we're not worried, no matter
  what happens!  After all, we're used to it--we got blown up a lot in Miss
  Tron's machines!"
- "This box is full of...white powder!?  Whew!  It's only flour!"  Perhaps
  a new twist on the secret mission of "Rock" Man...I think he didn't want
  anyone else selling in his district, if you know what I mean.
- Go and fight Geets already.  Take your time...the pirates say some pretty
  valuable stuff!  They also can really crack you up if you take too long.
  "Come on Megaman!  If you win, I'll buy you dinner!"


- As it turns out, there's some raccoons here.  If you're bright and shiny
  Megaman, there'll be a whole bunch of 'em!  If you're dark, they're gone!
- One poor lil' Servbot gets stuck here until after you beat Glyde.
- Even in Easy mode, you'd have to get real lucky to beat Tron without
  doing some damage to the town...  If you do, the donation girl will
  instead say some peculiar words of admiration.  ("I like strong men like
- "Check it out, Megaman?"  I'll take Bad Punctuation for 200 zenny, Alex?
- For a boy who knows that kitchens used to be called sculleries, you'd
  think he could read a little better...


- There's a switch near where the Flutter stays after the Duckbots' battle.
  Grab it, and a big platform moves up and down..!?  If you do this in
  battle, you'll get some barrels.  While this may sound dumb, they can be
  thrown in order to do damage to the ship...they also block the ship's way
  so it can't cruise on through.  Remember, if it gets past that platform,
  you lose INSTANTLY courtesy of Guildmaster G.
- The ship that Johnny "borrows" to try and stop the Duckbot carrier
  will be gone after the battle, even if you saved it.  You can shoot him
  or the cannons he's trying to protect if you feel so inclined.  You can
  even toast the Flutter!
- The pack Johnny wears that he uses to put out fires and stuff has a big
  flame symbol on it.  I suppose even fire extinguishers can be flammable...
- There's a WANTED poster in the Junk Shop with outlines of Teisel, Tron,
  and Bomb Bonne on it.
- Above the inside of the door to the pub, it says, "FI EG SHAKE".  Another
  unsolved mystery, perhaps?
- The blimp in the pub says, "Kyain" on it.  Err...  If I didn't know better,
  I'd say this was the Japanese pronunciation of our good friend, Dr. Cain,
  from the X series.  (Can I, uh, get a Waily Beer over here??)
- As you conquer parts of Glyde's assault, Pink Chick's opinion of MegaMan and
  Roll will sway toward you, then her, then you, then finally her again.
  (C'mon, I'm the only one for you!)
- If you jump forward into the ruins, you will drift forward on an invisible
  floor as the mini-cutscene unfolds.


- The picture in the remaining house has a sketch of the Reaverbots just
  outside of town.
- The swinging lamplight and the windmill might be some of the only
  non-interactive objects in the game that move.


- Nearly every town has places that become sealed off when you beat the pirates
  there.  Here, however, nearly half the city becomes "dangerous" and "under
  reconstruction."  Nobody wants a brick falling on your head, anyway.  Even
  if it could render you with amnesia, and then you'd be like Ban- er, Joe.
  (Is this his vacation spot??)
- When heading right the first time you go in (to where the big gun is and
  where the hostages are held), you'll see a lady up in a window, right by the
  gun!  (She's rooting for ya!)
- There's a picture of a supposedly famous Beatles-style rock group on the way
  through.  "Roll likes this group too."  Just another reminder of who Megaman
  is that just doesn't seem to connect in his mind...
- A list of things the folks need for the "town festival": TAKOYAKI, TAKURA,
  KINGYO SUKUI, and YAKI MOROKOSI.  Huh?  Any clues, folks?  Well, anyway, it's
  for the "Queen of Sand" festival, and the parts must have to do with "Stall."
- There's one of those royalty hand-drawn coaches there too.  It must be to
  carry the Queen of Sand.
- There's also a poster here that says, "Sand Island." It's got a strange look
  to it, and it's got a UFO blimp thing on it, just like the Calinca one.
- On the table are plans for both the hand-drawn coach and the outfit for the
  Queen of Sand.  (So where's the party??)
- On the locker things, you can see "QUEEN DRESS," a crown, "Knight," and
  "maid" drawn on there.
- On the boxes, there's a scarab insignia.  Aren't we pushing the Near Eastern
  stereotype far enough as it is?
- The raccoon up high in the first room of the left passage (on the way to the
  truck) says some weird things...
- Here's an instance of music instrument changing--as you go from hostile
  areas to non-hostile ones, in the town when the Bonnes are attacking.
- If you didn't know already, you can make it through the left passage without
  the truck guy.  But, if you beat all the enemies and go to the next room,
  the truck guy and his truck will disappear!  Too bad the electric fences
- The Lego Men will never ever find that key.  You can even throw one of the
  dudes at the key, but he'll never see it.
- In that Red Key room, you'll also encounter a squashed box display that says
- Different things that the Blitzkrieg will toss at you are: tomatoes,
  2 kinds of pottery, something that's either cauliflower or a squash,
  something that looks like a long radish, and a magazine with a girl sitting
  on a bench (front) and some green and red creature (back).
- If you destroy the statue and pay the 5000 zenny to bring it back, the squat
  dude will announce that HE was the famous racer "Mad Mossa."  Roll will also
  make a diary entry about the statue being restored...  I guess she was
  worried that it was irreplaceable or something.  (Oh c'mon, I got solid gold
  statues lying around in my back yard!)
- Even if you don't destroy the statue, poor Teisel acts as if you did.  One
  more incomplete last-minute change, perhaps?
- There's some odd and occasionally familiar hieroglyphics on the wall
  surrounding the statue area.
- If you shoot the Gustaff or Bon Bonne enough times, they will, instead of
  throwing round dudes at the rock, throw them at YOU.
- Bonnes don't like pickles!


- Matilda makes a pretty poor Spotter.  I don't even think she says anything
  important or completely accurate until after you make it to the Side
  (Residential) Area.
- When you start the end-fight sequence, you hit a button with your right arm
  (the one with your special weapon).  No matter what weapon you use to do it,
  it doesn't look quite right!
- When going between the Shuttle Bay and the Side Area, the music does NOT
  fade out, but some instruments are added to the tune when in the Side Area:
  a rough rattle with cymbals, a kettle drum, and a loud bass drum.

VII.  Questions to Answer


Q:  Where's item X?

A:  TASER:  Find it in Saul Kada by turning dark and buying it from the 
travelin' dude for 10000 zenny.  Kick pigs to turn dark.
ACCESSORY PACK OMEGA:  Start the game in EASY (by beating the game with at 
least class A, I believe--nope, just beat the game) and you start with it.
ROLL'S NEW TOOLZ:  There has been much dispute about this, but I *believe* 
that you need to buy Roll three items for her, and buy all the items to 
replace those lost in the fire.  Also, at the beginning, do not shoot her to
the point where she collapses on her knees.
SHIELD GENERATOR:  Go down the hole in B2 of the Ice Ruins after deactivating 
the Red Barrier.
CLASS SS LICENSE:  Beat the game with Class S License, and you start the game 
with it in Very Hard mode.
SOWER:  Hoverjet off the west-facing entrance in B4 of the Nino Soaked Ruins.
HEAVY DUTY GEAR:  Check those boxes again in the loading room of the 

Q:  What's the orange thing on Mega Man's back for?

A:  It holds all of the items Mega Man picks up.  For some reason, Mega Man 
was supposed to HOLD all the items that took up an entire room in a museum in 
that last game...this is an attempt to correct that spatial error.

Q:  How do you make Weapon X?  How do you get Body Upgrade Y?

A:  Hmm...  I thought about it, and I decided that including this info would
not be such a bad idee-er.  This is important info if you want to beat the
game as quickly as possible, and want to consider the weapons you'll want to
work with (i.e. upgrade) as you go.  Obviously, you can't upgrade a weapon ya
don't have, nor can you whup enemies with it!  So, here is a sort of Megaman
timeline containing important events and when they make important weapons
available, along with other goodies:

+ required missions and some items I consider quite important
- less important items (in *MY* opinion)
* optional quests and their rewards

+ Go to Calinca and re-enter the junk shop after encountering One Armed Bandit
  - Buy Light Chip (Make No-Zappy Shoes)
  + Buy Rollerboard (Rocketboots Part)
  + Find Mechanic Notes 1 'round back in a trash bin (Homing Missile Part)
  + Find Broken Vacuum in Mrs. Claus' house (Vacuum Arm Part)
  + Find Broken Model Gun in B1 of Wimpy Ruins (Machine Gun Part)
  + Find Old Hoverjets in B2 of Wimpy Ruins (Make Rocketboots)
  + Pay 2000-6000 zenny to repair Flutter (Help get Broken Motor)
+ Beat Wimpy Ruins; Beat Forbidden Island
  + Find Heavy Duty Gear in an inconspicuous crate in S Bottom (Drill Arm Part)
  + Find Broken Motor in Flutter's repaired storage room (Make Vacuum Arm)
  + Buy Bottle Rocket (Make Homing Missile)
  + Buy Long Barrel (Make Machine Gun)
+ Beat the Crab of Two Voices
  + Find Broken Drill by the Mystery House (Make Drill Arm)
  + Find Bowling Ball back in what's left of town (Ground Crawler Part)
* Explore lil' Ruins here
  * Find Mechanic Notes 2 in B1 of the lil' ruins here (Buster Cannon Part)
  * Find Bomb Schematic somewhere round there too (Reflector Arm Part)
  * Get the 30K Zenny refractor if you're feeling lucky
* Come out right after going in the Big Ruins
  * Win Zero's Sabre in quiz, not the toy one from MML1 (Blade Arm Part)
* Explore Big Ruins with Drill Arm (optional)
  * Find Thick Pipe in B2 crevice (Make Buster Cannon)
+ In Big Manda Ruins, any Arm
  + Find Rusted Mine in B1 out in open (Make Ground Crawler)
  + Find Normal Helmet there too (supa fighting robot...<guitar riff> MegaWho?)
+ Beat Manda Big Ruins, return Key Un
  - Buy Aqua Chip (Make Hydro Jets)
  + Buy Light Barrier (Helpful later in Calinca Ruins)
  + Buy Resistor Chip (Make Asbestos Shoes)
+ Quickly Quench the Quackbots, Paralyzed by the Parabola
  + Buy Joint Plug (Make Adapter Plug)
  - Find Firecracker from Guildmaster G's pal Johnny (Hyper Shell Part)
* Head in the lil' ruins out there in Calbania
  * Find Rusty Bazooka in B1 of Calbania's Class-A Ruins (Make Hyper Shell)
  * Get the 50K Zenny refractor if you want
* Explore SLOOOW Ruins with Drill Arm (optional)
  * Find Mechanic Notes 3 in B2 of SLOOOW Ruins (Spread Buster Part)
  * If you're doing this, exchange Arms now if you want to save time
  * Find Sower in B4 of SLOOOW Ruins via Hydrojets (Make Spread Buster)
+ Beat SLOOOW Ruins, return Key Deux
  - Buy Super Ball (Make Reflector Arm)
  + Buy Flame Barrier (Actually kinda important)
  - Buy Padded Helmet if desired (I don't like it when fighting the BLOB)
* Go in the also-slow lil' ruins in Saul Kada
  * Find Mechanic Notes 6 in Sada Kaul's Class-S Ruins, B1 (Hunter Seeker Part)
  * Find Sensor there too, but in a wall (Make Hunter Seeker)
  * Get a quick 100K Zenny refractor in those Class-S Ruins too...
+ Flush the Bonnes from Kada Saul (um, er...)
  - Buy Taser, after kicking pigs in Carlbania, from Dark Dude (Crusher Part)
  - Find Mechanic Notes 4 in Kaul Sada Big Ruins, B3 (Make Blade Arm)
  - Find Mechanic Notes 5 somewhere round there (Shield Arm Notes)
+ Help out the Bonnes underground
  - Find Soft Ball back in B1 of the Big Ruins (Make Crusher)
+ Clean out ... whatever place it's called, return Key Trois, beat Train
  - Find Spike Chip past where the train was (Make Cleated Shoes)
  + Find Laser Manual in Colonel Klink's Big Ruins, B1 (Shining Laser Part)
* Deactivate the Red Barrier with the card from B2 of Clinical Ruins (optional)
  * Find Shield Generator in B3 of Klendathu Ruins (Make Shield Arm)
+ Defeat the BLOB and attempt to return Key Quatre; beat Geets; head to Elysium
  + Find Green Eye by the empty end of the Shuttle Bay (Make Shining Laser)
  + Buy Kevlar Armor Omega (only appears after travelling to Elysium)
+ Beat the game

Q:  What's the Buster Arm "Energy" supposed to do?

A:  It affects the number of shots you can have on screen.  It only really 
matters when you up your RAPID and RANGE.  Interesting thing:  If your RANGE
is not upgraded at all, ENERGY does nothing.  But, if you increase RANGE,
then RAPID can also come into play in how much ENERGY it takes to shoot
nice and steady.

Q:  Where're the quiz answers??

A:  I personally think it's more fun to play the quizzes over and over until
you internalize the answers (or at least, where they are on the multiple
choices).  But, if you have less patience, use jewey's Quiz Answers guide
at GameFAQs.  That *IS* where you're reading this from, isn't it..?  I
debated making that guide within this FAQ, but that would be plagiaristic
and unnecessary.  There's no better way to give credit to a guy with a good
guide than to let him keep his guide.  I'd say that it is the only missing
section in my guide except for cheating (which I will probably never cover
in any guide!) but I don't feel like trying to find all those answers
myself...there are over 200.  (Just consider yourself lucky...back in Japan,
the 100-question quiz was in a different character set altogether!)  It'd be
hard to improve on the guy's design anyway.


VIII.  Final Word


Please thank the people who made this game however you can...it is totally 
weird at some points, but you know how many other weird games there are out 

Also consider visiting www.bobandgeorge.com, if someone in a message board
hasn't told you to already.  If there weren't people like these to make Light
of the Megaman world and all its fallacies, holes, and odd contrivances,
where would people like myself get their inspiration?

Finally, www.mmhp.net provides some nice info on games in one little site.
(Actually, there must be a ton of work that goes into this thing, and there's
only one guy behind it all!)  Don't complain if a few things are missing or
out of date, as this place has what many team-created sites don't, and that's
cohesiveness.  No self-contradictory info to be found here!!

Oh yeah, that CJayC guy probably helped a little bit too, considering I don't
even know how to make a good webpage on my own and I'm not just gonna mail my
guide to everyone.

My role on this planet is not to make game guides, no matter what you say.
However, I believe that since I played too many of the darn things when I was
younger, I'll always be at least somewhat drawn back to being maharito,
Original Gamer and Mocker of the Unmocked.  Hopefully, I can assist you if
you have questions.  Hate mail will be redirected to your personal deity/ies
of good.  Flames will be used for grilling hot dogs and marshmallows.  Hackers
will be shot upon sight.  If you have no clue what to do, you're halfway
there, or if you want to bring up something intellectual or technical, I'll be
glad to converse with you, wherever you manage to find me.  I'm the only
maharito around, you know...  Veezard@hotmail.com is the typical e-mail method
for getting ahold of me 24-7.  Just don't contact me more than once, ever.

Actually, I might do more guides in the future.  It depends heavily, however,
on whether a better guide is actually needed.  In this case, there were a few
already but none had all the facts you'd want.  Furthermore, I added the story
for everyone's amusement and to hopefully give a solid base for Legends playas
to understand everything from.  After all, questions are probably asked more
frequently about this one's plot than anything else!!  Maybe even the great
CoA is watching.  I just love this game!  Megaman, Sonic, Cloud, Parappa, and
Arle, they're all grand.  Hell, if JC Denton ever gets off his nano-aug'd
duff, I'd make a guide for his new games as well!

If anyone tries to copy this info for their own publications, they will burn 
in hell with the consent of myself and every other Megaman lover that has ever 
lived.  I won't try to legally protect this document because if you're low 
enough or sick enough to copy my stuff, I can't stop you anyway.

Pretty good for never actually buying the thing, wouldn't you say?


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