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Digger License Exam Guide by Kalas

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/03/2000

|\    /| |--- /---\   /\   |\    /|   /\   |\   :
| \  / | |    |      /  \  | \  / |  /  \  | \  :
|  \/  | |--  |  -- |----| |  \/  | |----| |  \ :
|      | |    |   | |    | |      | |    | |   \:
|      | |--- \___/ |    | |      | |    | |    :

:     |--- /---\ :--- |\   : :---\ /---   --------
:     |    |     :    | \  : :   : :       |    |
:     |--  |  -- :--  |  \ : :   : :--\    |    |
:     |    |   : :    |   \: :   :    :    |    |
:---- |--- \___/ :--- |    : :---/ ---/   --------


Current Version:
1.1, 11/03/00 (fixed minor errors, added thank you's)

by Kalas (drwily@bellsouth.net)


I. Test Locations, Class Descriptions
   A. Yosyonke City
   B. Ruminoa City

II. Class Descriptions
    A. Class B
    B. Class A
    C. Class S

III. Exam Guides
     A. Class B
     B. Class A
     C. Class S

IV. Contributing

V. Closing Credits


----I. Test Locations----


The tests can be taken at two locations:

=-----A. YOSYONKE CITY-----=

Yosyonke is the city on the icy island of Calinca, and the
first city you visit in the game. The test is given in the
large cathedral at the far end of town, past the graveyard.
Enter and talk to the girl standing to the left of the altar
to learn about and begin your tests.

=-----B. RUMINOA CITY-----=

Ruminoa is the multi level city on the island of Nino. The
test is given in the Digger's Guild office on the shopping
floor of the city. The office door is labelled 'DIGOUT'.
Talk to the girl at the counter to take your tests.

----II. Class Descriptions----

=-----A. Class B-----=

You begin as a Class B digger. Enemies are moderately weak,
and do not yield very much zenny per kill. If you've played
MegaMan Legends 1 before, you should upgrade to Class A
as soon as you get to Yosyonke City.

=-----B. Class A-----=

Class A is what most gamers will likely play at. The reaverbots
are not overly difficult, yet yield decent sums of zenny. If
you're particularly good at the game, seriously consider passing
the Class S test, as the game will last longer and be more of
a challenge.

=-----C. Class S-----=

Class S is what experienced MegaMan veterans should be playing
at on their first time through the game. The difficulty takes
quite a large step up, and the money yield increases considerably.
There is a dungeon in the desert of Saul Kuda that can only be explored
by a Class S digger. There are numerous components inside for Roll
to build special weapons, and quite a few hoards of zenny. The
dungeon however is entirely submerged in water and can be quite
annoying at times.

----III. Exam Guides----

=-----A. Class B-----=

You begin the game as a Class B digger. There is no exam.

=-----B. Class A-----=

The test begins as soon as you open the first yellow door.
You have 3 minutes for the test. Good luck!

Room 1:
 This is where the test begins. The clock is stopped as long as
you remain in this room. Walk to the Yellow door and open it.

Room 2:
 As you enter, target one of the reaverbots and begin blasting,
stepping forward as neccesary to get in the hits. A green worm
should fall once you step close enough... simply keep firing on
the targetted reaverbot while holding down the targetting key and 
MegaMan will destroy all three reaverbots. Turn the corner, run
toward the raised area and leap over it. Target the shielded
reaverbot and blast him as he peeks out from behind his shield.
Stay targetted on him and continue blasting, and he should not
be able to pull his shield back into use. Keep blasting until he
dies and pass through the door.

Room 3:
Target the rightmost green worm and destroy it, then hold down the
targetting key and take out the rest of them, making sure to stay
as far away as possible, as their touch will make MegaMan unable
to fire for a short while. After they are all destroyed, proceed
through the door.

Room 4:
 Target the shielded reaverbot as soon as you enter, jump on his
platform, and proceed to destroy him exactly as you did the shielded
reaverbot in Room 1. Jump down and turn the corner, then repeat on the
shielded reaverbot blocking the doorway. Pass through the door.
You should have 1:45 or so remaining on the clock at this point.

Room 5:
 Target the yellow reaverbot right in front of you and destroy it
as quickly as you can. If you do not move the floating reaverbots
will not come toward you. As soon as the first yellow reaverbot dies, begin
targetting and destroying the floating reaverbots. Beware of their
blast radius on death, however. When you are down to one floating
reaverbot remaining, the yellow reaverbot should be in target range.
Destroy it and then the last floating reaverbot, then pass throug the door.

Room 6:
 Target and destroy the green worms as quickly as you can, and be 
sure they don't touch you. After they are defeated try to target the
large purple reaverbot and keep firing at it. You'll find that the
smaller offshoots of it tend to get in the way of your fire and are
destroyed in the process. When those are all gone proceed into the
next room. you should have over a minute remaining.

Room 7: 
 Target the large green reaverbot and fire at it while running in a circle.
Jump over it when it charges you. You may take a hit or two
but you should have most of your life bar remaining anyway. After
it is destroyed go through the green door and you are back in Room 1.
Congratulations, you are now an A Class Digger!

=-----C. Class S-----=

The test begins as soon as you open the first yellow door.
You have 5 minutes for the test. Good luck!

Room 1:
 This is where the test begins. The clock is stopped as long as
you remain in this room. Walk to the Yellow door and open it.

Room 2:
 Fire a quick shot at the left yellow reaverbot, then tap your
targetting button twice to select the floating reaverbot on the right,
and destroy it. The yellow reaverbot you fired at should be advancing
toward you now. (Sometimes both will advance.. you're screwed if this
happens. Hit select and retry it...) Pick up the reaverbot and throw him
at the other yellow one. This will hopefully destroy one reaverbot and leave
the other on his back. Target and destroy the other two floating reaverbots,
then quickly pick up the yellow one lying on his back. Now comes the
hardest part of the test. Quickly round the corner and chuck the yellow
reaverbot at the leftmost shielded reaverbot, then immediately pick up
that same shielded reaverbot while he is recovering from being hit.
Throw him at the other shielded reaverbot before he can fire on you.
If you get hit and turn green, restart the test. If you did this correctly,
the three floating reaverbots should be all that remain. Target and destroy
them, then proceed to the door. You should have over 4:30 remaining on the clock.

Room 3:
 Target and destroy the green worms as quickly as possible, being careful
to avoid their touch. Retreating to the back right corner to attack them
is a good plan. As soon as they are destroyed (or down to just one that
isn't near you), begin attacking the large purple reaverbot in the same
manner as in Room 6 of the A Class test. When the room is clear pass through
the door. You should have roughly 3:55 to 4:00 remaining.

Room 4:
 Target the shielded reaverbot and destroy it the slow way from the lower
level. Catch it coming out from its shield and blast it until it dies.
Jump on the raised section and destroy the floating reaverbot, then begin
blasting the yellow reaverbot while still standing on the raised section.
This takes awhile, but the time you saved in Room 1 allows you to do this.
Jump down and barely turn the corner, then blast the second yellow reaverbot in
the same manner as the first. After he dies target the two floating
reaverbots on the walls and destroy them (they go down in a few hits).
You should have 3:00 or so remaining.

Room 5:
 Target and begin firing on the purple reaverbot directly in front of you,
as it is the easiest to destroy. Beware the multiple smaller purple reaverbots
after you, but don't waste your time trying to destroy them.. concentrate
on the large ones. When the first large purple reaverbot dies, pick one of
the side ones and begin firing on it. You may want to manually target it
instead of using the targetting system, as it often distracts your fire onto
a smaller reaverbot which really should wait until last to be destroyed.
You should be able to clear the room and have around 1:55-2:00 remaining.

Room 6:
 As soon as you enter hold down your targetting button and destroy the two
floating reaverbots to MegaMan's left, then walk forward on the left side
to get in range to destroy the last on that side. Turn around quickly and
destroy the one coming up close to you (and likely take the hit from its
death...), then target and destroy the remaining floating reaverbots.
Begin firing on the shielded reaverbots while advancing toward them, but do not
target them. Pick up the left shielded reaverbot and throw him at the right
one immediately, without getting hit. They will both die. Pass through the
door immediately. You should have over 1:30 remaining.

Room 7:
 This is just like Room 6 on the Class A test, except there are now two
green reaverbots instead of just the one. target one and blast away, using
the same strategies as before. You WILL take hits as long as both reaverbots are
alive, but hopefully you still have most of your life bar remaining. You have
plenty of time to defeat them, so don't worry about rushing. Stay focussed
on one of the reaverbots, and defeat it as soon as you can. Once the first
reaverbot is gone you should be fairly save, as the other can simply be run
around and jumped when neccesary. Defeat the second bot and pass through the
green door and you are back in Room 1.
Congratulations, you are now an S Class Digger!

----III. Contributing----

I believe this FAQ is more or less complete, but if you have any alternate
strategies feel free to let me know and I'll consider adding them.
I've heard rumors of a Class SS, but have been unable to find anything
to validate them. If you know anything do tell.
Also, if anyone has a better ASCII logo I'd certainly like to replace the
quick one I made.

----IV. Closing Credits----

This FAQ 100% written by Kalas, who would like to take this time to say
that if you don't play Class S you're no friend of mine.
Thanks to my main man Jewey for the FAQ layout, forgot to add this last time.

Please visit these sites of interest:




MegaMan Legends 2 was made by Capcom in the year 2000.
Expect another FAQ from me when Rockman X5 comes out soon.
Note to Capcom: Where my MM9 at?

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