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FAQ/Walkthrough by Saisaishi

Version: 1.05 | Updated: 04/19/2001

Megaman Legends 2
Version 1.05
By Kaji Ryoji (acer0108@aol.com)


1. Introduction
     a. Copyright
     b. Version Information
     c. Information on the Megaman Legends Series
     d. Author’s Comments (PLEASE READ)
     e. What Needs to be Done
2. Walkthrough
    A. Flutter
    B. Calinka Island - Yosyonke City
        I. Abandoned Mines
        II. Calinka - Yosyonke City
    C. Forbidden Island
    D. Sulphur Bottom
    E. Manda Island
        I. Pokte Caverns 
        II. Pokte Village
        III. Manda Sub-Gate
    F. Nino Island
    G. Carlbania
       I. Kito Caverns
       II. Glyde's Base
    H. Nino Island
       I. Nino Sub-Gate
    I. Saul Kada Island
       I.  Class S Ruins
       II.  Kimotoma City
       III.  Saul Kada Sub-Gate
    J. Calinka Island
       I. Yosyonke City
       II. Calinka Sub-Gate
    K. Sulphur Bottom
    L. Elysium
3. Weapons
    A. Machine Gun
    B. Homing Missle
    C. Drill Arm
    D. Buster Cannon
    E. Ground Crawler
    F. Hyper Shell
    G. Blade Arm
    H. Reflect Arm
    I. Shining Laser
    J. Crusher
    K. Vacuum Gun
    L. Spread Arm
    M. Hunter Seeker
    N. Shield Arm
4. Mayor's Quiz
5. The Digger's Test
6. Miscellaneous things
7. Credits

1. Introduction
   Well, this is my first attempt at writing a walkthrough whatsoever, 
so if you find any problems with this, just e-mail me 
(acer0108@aol.com) with whatever is wrong.  The latest version of 
this document can be found at www.gamefaqs.com.  There are also other 
sites that have this walkthrough, and I will be posting their addresses 
as soon as I can collect all of them from my mass of e-mail.

*Please note*, I will not answer any personal questions in my e-mails, so 
don't ask.  Make sure you read the walkthrough for an answer before e-
mailing me.

   a. Copyright

   This document is copyright of the Internet Privacy Act, and 
intellectual property of myself, Kaji Ryoji.  If you wish to distribute 
this document, you must contact me and you must also leave this 
document in an un-edited format.  This document may NOT be used for 
profit in any DIRECT manner.  By direct, that means you may not place 
this document on a package to be sold for profit, nor can you force 
users to click on banners to access this document.  You may have 
banners on the site, but you cannot force them to click on them.  This 
document may not be sold to any magazine, etc.

b. Version Information

V0.5, Dated 10/31/00 - First showing of walkthrough on the internet for 
the sake of the questions in the questions section.  I consider the FAQ 
about a little less than fifty percent complete at this time.

V0.65 Dated 11/9/00 - Added section on digger's tests, added more 
weapons prices, fixed some names of where to find locations, worked 
walkthrough up to ... Finished Pokte Caverns walkthrough.  Added a 
credits section.  Updated some questions in Mayor's Quiz.  Added new 
weapons, finished walkthrough up to Nino Island and the Class S Ruins.
                      *Updated the copyright.*
    Sorry this update took so long to get out.  I've been pretty busy 

V1.0 Dated 2/22/01 - Finished walkthrough.  Added author’s comment section.
Added What needs to be done section. 

V1.05 Dated 4/19/01 - Added Shield Arm.  Changed contact information.  Edited 
introduction (forgot to remove the last part).  Added a theory on the ending at 
the end of the walkthrough.  Fixed some typos and grammatical errors.  Still 
working on the thanks, so don’t send e-mails complaining to me just yet.

   c.  Information on the Megaman Legends Series

   This is basically for anyone that needs to be introduced to the series, 
because some people (myself included) read walkthroughs to find out what games 
to rent/buy.
   Blue... Again...  Familiar or not, Megaman is always blue :p.  
Anyways, the Legends series is based on yet another Megaman, Megaman 
Volnutt (Or Rockman Walnut).  Our hero was found by the digger Barrel 
Caskett and raised as one of his own.  Along with his spotter Roll, and 
Data, a little monkey who has been with Megaman since he was found, 
they search the world for the Mother Lode,  which is believed to grant 
an unlimited source of energy.

   Megaman Legends opens up with Megaman on some dig after acquiring a 
refractor.  After escaping, the Flutter suffers some damage and is 
forced to crash land on Kattelox Island, a small island riddled with 
mysterious ruins, and one called the Main Gate, which has never been 
opened as of yet.  The pirate family known as the Bonnes then attacks 
the islands, looking for the keys to access the subgates on the island.  
However, Megaman thwarts them and defeats Tron and Bon Bonne (who is 
named Bomb Bonne now in ML 2).
  He goes on and investigates the sub-gates until he finally opens the 
Main Gate, where he activates sub-cities, which sprout up around 
Kattelox, and Megaman obtains keys to open doors to reach the internal 
area of the Main Gate.  He gets inside only to find that he has 
activated another being known as Megaman Juno, who identies Volnutt as 
a purifier, but sees that he has no memory, and locks him in stasis.  
The Bonnes hear the plan and free Megaman, who goes off and defeats 
Juno.  However, Juno summoned a monolith type object to Kattelox which 
was to reinitialize the island, but Data appears and stops it in time.

  There is also a prequel to this game known as the Misadventures of 
Tron Bonne.  The game simply opens up with them on a dig, trying to 
obtain Diana's Tear to help pay off his loan, but the plot thickens 
when Glyde, accomplice to Loath, whom Teisel owns the loan to, appears 
and captures him.  Tron takes it upon herself to pay the loan, and 
performs bad deeds to pay it off, and when she does, she finds that she 
owes more money from interest (A LOT of money).  She pays it off, then 
she herself is captured.  However, she left a servbot in charge, and 
that servbot raids the area and rescues all of them.  They head out, 
and find a rather large machine and Glyde.  The machines leaves the 
area, and all the Bonnes were knocked out in some way except for Bon 
(where'd he go?).  The servbots defeat the giant robot and save the 

  The controls of Megaman Legends 2 are VERY similar to MTB actually, 
but they're pretty close to Megaman Legends anyways.  The game is by 
far longer than the original, about twice as long, and the world is 
said to be twice as large, although it seems maybe a bit larger than 
that.  You can know fly around part of the world on the Flutter, earn 
new licenses, and such.  Special weapons in this game appear to be far 
harder to earn in this game, as they appear in far out places, instead 
of chests sitting in your face usually.  The graphics have also been 
dramatically improved upon, and look much nicer (Although, I played both of the 
games on Playstation 2, which I recently purchased, and there was an enormous 
improvement on the graphics in ML, but there was too much improvement in ML2, so 
you can consider that also).  The game's difficultly has been increased several 
notches, which is good for most people (not my brother, heh).

  All the games are great actually, although you should play Megaman 
Legends if you want to grasp some of the basic plot, although there 
really isn't much and ML2 could be a stand-alone.  ML2 ties up some 
loose plot threads from ML, such as the origin of Megaman Volnutt and 
where Roll's parents disappeared.

d.  Author’s Comments

  2/22/01 - Heh…  Sorry it took so long to get this update out, but I’ve been 
really busy lately.  If you’ve been e-mailing me, I probably didn’t look at it, 
sorry about that.  Anyhow, I might have a change of e-mails soon.  There’s still 
quite a bit to be done about the walkthrough.  Also, I probably need to rewrite 
Elysium’s walkthrough, because it looks a little odd.

I’m thinking I should have a website for this, and I could just put the search 
engine to find the questions that you need.  However, I’m pretty lazy and busy 
until the summer,(and still…)if anyone likes the idea and wants to help me out, 
I need a graphics designer, maybe someone who can do HTML, but I can do it 
myself, maybe someone who knows Java to make it look nice, or program the search 
engine (but that’s CGI, and I could just download the code easily from 
cgistorehouse).  One more nice thing would be a host that doesn’t flash a banner 
at your face.  I do have an account at WebProvider, but I don’t use it for much, 
and the only thing I have there is a message board that I somewhat deactivated.
I could get a nice host in a few months, but that’s if I can get a job to pay my 
insurance and everything, so stay tuned.

  4/19/01 - I still need people, bleh.  Anyway, for everyone who has been e-
mailing me the past month, I haven’t been around the past month, sorry.  I 
changed my contact information in order to make it more convenient for myself to 
answer mail.  

Anyway, if anyone is interested, e-mail me at acer0108@aol.com.

e.  What Still Needs to be Done

2/22/01 - Need to finish adding weapon prices.
Need to write all the diary entries in from Roll.
Continuing to add questions from this never ending list for the Mayor’s Quiz.
Need to re-organize sections as well as the questions by number.
Anything else that anyone wants added or re-done, please e-mail me, and I 
promise to read it this time; if it gets to the right address. (sweat drop).

  2.  Walkthough
     Please note, most of this walkthrough was written during the hard 
mode of this game.
   A.  Flutter
    Items: Rapid Fire, 1000 zenny, 5000 zenny, 1000 zenny, Broken Motor
    Weapons at time:  Aqua Blaster  
       Wow, this ship is definately bigger than when I remembered last, 
and a bit less cheery too a guess.  Anyways, the ship was lit on fire 
because of some cooking accident Data had (pizza).  You have to put the 
fires out in the hallway, then head downstairs, then put the fire out 
there.  When you finally get to the kitchen, make sure you concentrate 
on the main fires.  If Data gets lit on fire, hose him, or else he 
might hit you, otherwise there really isn't any consequence for letting 
him fry.  After all this, you finally end up in Calinka Island.
   Also, if you feel like it, check everything on the ship for some 
Zenny lying about.  Megaman's bed drawer has about 1000 zenny. Barrel's 
bed has 5000 zenny, and the drawer with the model flutter has 1000 
zenny. Roll's room has a diary which you can read.  When you have cash, 
you can talk to Roll to repair the living and storage rooms.  This cost 
4000 zenny.  After it is repaired after some time, you can also get a 
refrigerator (gives picnic lunches, restore full hp), a new TV(dunno 
what this does yet), newspaper(self-explanatory).  You can pick up the 
broken motor from the storage room when fixed, which is one part to the 
Vacuum Arm.  If you go down the stairs, all the way down, and into the 
lab, go straight there and you'll get the Rapid Fire buster part
   B.  Calinka Island - Yosyonke City
   Items:  Mechanic Notes 1 (Radar Notes), Broken Vacuum, 1000 zenny

     Landing here after the fire, you should head to the Junk Shop like 
Roll says.  You will meet a mechanic/digger named Joe there, who's off 
to a dig.  Roll goes off to follow him, and you should too.  Go back to 
the landing pad and go to the house with a big R.  Roll will be on the 
stairs, so talk to her.  You go inside and see a drop ship, then a girl 
comes out and yells at you.  Now go to the ruins.

     I.  Abandoned Mines

     You can follow Roll now, but if you want the broken model gun, a 
part for the machine gun, then  take the door in front of you, then 
take the left door, go straight, and take the right door, go straight, 
turn right, and there's the chest.  Now you can go back and follow 
Roll.  You will reach an elevator, and you'll leave Roll there as you 
go down.  When you see a hallway with multiple doors, take the first 
one on the left for 500 zenny.  Now go through all the way to the 
right, and get an old hoverjet.  When you grab that chest, some onion 
bots will drop down.  You don't have to kill them to leave.  Now go to 
the middle door, and you will see a refractor, and Joe.  He tells you 
to go after the giant reaverbot, and then he passes out.  Go through 
the door now to fight the boss.

   (Note:  If Roll gets hurt, her diary entry is a little different.  
If you hurt Roll, her diary entry is even more different)


    Well, first off, his attacks consist of a ground shockwave where he 
will just strike the ground, then a wide swing, where he will shake for 
a second, then swing, and a large shockwave, where he shakes a second, 
then strikes the ground.  The room is riddled with pillars, so 
becareful.  He can smash everything apart.  Ideally, just keep a safe 
distance and run circles around him.  Back off when he does the wide 
swing, and try jumping if you're close to him when he does a shockwave.

  After this, go back to the room with Joe, and Roll will be there.  
Joe tells you to take the refractor, so do so, and then you will arrive 
at a doctor's building in Yosyonke City.

  II.  Calinka - Yosyonke City

    Joe will give you his dropship, so Roll loads it up on the Flutter.  
If you haven't already, buy the Rollerboard.  Also, if you haven't 
looked already, there's a gallery on the otherside on Yosyonke City, 
where you can take the digger's test for better licenses.  You cannot 
take these tests if you are playing on easy mode however.

Shop Items
I'll only go over the new items, and not the stuff like biotic parts, 
Light Chip - 30000
Rollerboard - 1000
Power Raiser (ATK + 2) - 1600
Turbo Charger (ENG + 2) - 800
Range Booster (RNG +2) - 1200
Normal Armor (Knockdown Defense) - 3500  

   C. Forbidden Island

    Before you go, tell Roll to wait, then develop some of your items.  
Now, you can pick move and fly around.  Go to Forbidden Island.

   You can head back to the Flutter via the dropship as Roll tells you.  
Now, as you go ahead, you will find some hoppers.  First there are 3 of 
them.  They fire fireballs, and they're pretty powerful, so keep 
moving.  After that, there are four more up ahead.  As you advance a 
little bit, you will find people encased in ice cubes, and someone 
encased in a dropship, who you'll see a bit later.  Advance a little 
bit more, and you will be in a strait with giant blue bots.  If you 
shoot these things, they'll transform into menacing creatures, but 
they're still killable.  Go past them, and then you get your first boss 
fight in this area.


   This guy will circle around you and charge, and that basically 
covers it's attacks.  If you want to play it safe, just circle him too 
and fire, but that takes awhile.  If you want to do it the quick way, 
stand still and fire and move out of the way when he charges at you.

  After this, you should be at a big clearing with the onion bots.  
(Note, if you backwards, you'll find hoppers instead of the giant 
blues).  Go past them and you'll find some mammoth type reaverbots.  
There are 3 mounds of snow.  When you approach one, it will turn into a 
giant bot.  Circle it and kill them all before you advance, or else the 
fence will still be electrified.

  Long narrow strait.  It looks simple, but as you approach it, giant 
mammoth's start charging at you.  Hopefully you have your dash parts 
ready.  Now, dash to the first clearing.  When you see a mammoth run 
past you, dash to the next one.  You should dash right as it's in your 
hole.  Then repeat, and you'll be all set.

  Data will be waiting for you (How does it do that?), so heal and 
save, because the next boss is pretty hard. Touch the crystal, and the 
boss will appear.


  His attacks consist of snowballs dropping on your head in single 
fire, and a burst.  He also has a big laser shot that he uses after he 
explodes.  He will charges too.  After the first time he explodes, 
he'll fire the laser once.  Jump as you see it glow and he'll miss as 
long as you're moving as you jump.  After the second, it's also a one 
shot.  After that, he'll fire them in bursts of three at his whim.  
When he starts firing the bursts of ice, jump to avoid them.  Make sure 
you keep a safe distance, and you'll be fine.

  After the battle, a naked girl and a man will appear out of the sky.  
Somewhere, watching is Matilda and another man holding a woman who 
appears to be unconscious.  They talk about Mistress Sera being 
activated and how the Purifier, who is designed to eliminate aborrent 
humans, is the most aborrent of all.  They talk a little bit about the 
master and the system and then they leave.

D.  Sulphur Bottom
      Items:  Heavy Duty Gear

  On the Sulphur Bottom, Teisel and Tron have bugged a guard and are 
listening in to the conversation about the keys while talking to the 
"Ancients" who appeared.  As their conversation ends, Barrel notices 
the bug and messes it up.  The Bonnes, Glyde and Klaymoor then talk a 
bit about the keys and go off to obtain them all.  Then Bleucher calls 
for Megaman.

  Just go to the one door at the end of the hallway, and they will ask 
you to obtain the keys for them.  After this, head back to the 
elevator.  Once here, go the right side of the pillar to your left, and 
check the crate for a Heavy Duty Gear, which is a component for the 
Drill Arm.  After this, you can go down the left side to a junk shop 
and buy more stuff there, and there are new items too. 

Shop Items
Long Barrel - 1,000
Bottle Rocket - 1,000

Blaster Unit (A+1, E+2) - 3,000
Buster unit (A+1, R+2) - 4,000
Autofire (E+2, R+1) - 2,500
Padded Armor (Defense 25%) - 15,000

D.  Manda Island - Pokte Village
  When you land here, you can go to the ruins here, or straight to the 
village.  I recommend going to the ruins for a little bit more cash, or 
if you don't want to, just head to the village.

    I.  Pokte Caverns
      Items:  Refractor B, 6500, 2800, 4000, 2500 zenny, Mechanic Notes 
2 (Bomb Schematics)

       First off, you should know that ruins can have different enemies 
every time you enter it.  Now, ideally, for this ruin, you should see a 
treasure chest as you enter, and no other enemies.  This treasure chest 
is a trap.  Anyway, you want this enemy set, because there is an enemy 
in this ruin will this set that will give lots of zenny, and it's very 
easy to kill too.  To get to this enemy, go through the door, go right 
past through the shield reaverbots, through the door. Then take the 
left as you head down and through the door.  The big orange reaverbot 
is your goal.  He only has one attack, which is a dash attack, but 
still hurts.  At normal class B, he gives 6500~, class A gives about 
8000, and I haven't gotten Class S yet.  On easy mode, he gives 26000 
zenny.  Otherwise, we'll start back at the entrance again and continue.

 This time, take the left path and into the door.  Past the door, you 
will notice a door to your right, which will lead you to the elevator 
and the boss, but we don't want to do that now, so we'll turn left for 
now.  You'll immediately find a hole in the wall that has 6500 zenny 
inside it.  Now return to the main path.  The path of the left contains 
2800 zenny and the path on the right has 4000.  Continue forward 
through the door and the first left is a dead end, which usually has a 
fake chest inside it.  The next left however, has mechanic notes 2, 
which are the bomb schematics.  Back on the main path, go through the 
door and grab the chest for 2500 zenny.  If you keep going forward to 
the door, you'll hit a drillable wall, but it leads to the bird bot 
that I mentioned before.

 Now, back to the elevator, just go down it, and then head forward into 
the door to meet the boss.


  It's quite easy to beat, but if you're having trouble, refer to the 
Abandoned Mines.

After all this, head through the door and grab the Refractor B and get 
out of there and head to Pokte Village for the next part...

II. Pokte Village
  Items:  Bowling Ball, Broken Drill

    Guess who's waiting inside the village for you.  It's Tron, and she 
has a voice changer to try to confuse you.  This doesn't really affect 
you though, and you should be able to kill her easily.  


Attacks consist of a ground shock wave, machine gun straight-forward 
shot, machine gun spread fire, spinning gun fire, spinning chase, and 
then body slam.  For spin guns, try to time a jump to miss each layer.  
For spreads, jump too.  When it starts spinning, do your best to avoid.  
It will probably destroy most houses with this however.  My best advice 
is to dash or dive out of the way while staring at it.  For hard mode, 
pelt at it with the machine gun, or else you will have considerable 

Now, you can go on ahead to the sub-gate, but you should check the pots 
next to the house for the Broken Drill.  If you want to, go ahead and 
take the drill into the ruins, but it might get a little hard.  I don't 
recommend taking that if you're in hard mode.

III. Manda Sub-Gate

    All righty, take the left door first, the rest are locked for now.  
Roll comments on how no one has ever been here yet.  First you'll get 
to a pit with worms.  You can dash jump over this.  Then you have the 
bug legion.  Use a left right strafing to get past them.  Repeat that 
at the next pit, then go up the elevator.  You'll encounter several 
series of frogs now, and at the end of the path, a door.


   If you're playing on hard mode, I hope you have a special long range 
weapon that's upgraded in attack.  For myself, I had the Machine Gun.  
As soon as this battle starts, he'll vanish and drop frogs on you.  Not 
a problem right?  Not yet any ways.  If you don't dispatch all of them 
when Bola returns, he will turns the frogs into invincible killing 
machines that will chase you to the ends of the room.  His other 
attacks consist of knife throwing at you.  He can also do a jump slash 
at you, and a slash if you're too close to him.  The knives are thrown 
in sets of three with pauses in between.

  Now wasn't that easy?  I hope so.  If you're hurt, leave and heal and 
come back.  If you leave, take the drill back with you, so as to save 
you the return trip later.  Any ways, go through the door.  There will 
be a weak wall on the right here.  Break it now.  There is a map 
terminal there, as well as 5,000 and 10,000 zenny chests.  Going back, 
there are these evil looking things on the wall.  Ignore them for now, 
they won't bother you now.  Going through the door, you will see a 
giant painful looking spin spike type object.  The floor looks odd, but 
it's fine to walk on now, but it's probably much safer to just take 
your chances with the spike any ways, because crabs are flying under 
there.  Now you've got hurdles with crab bots everywhere.  Just go past 
them.  Wow! Don't jump yet!  There's a control panel to your right.  
Activate it to open the north door.  After that, jump down.  Go to the 
north door after healing if you wish.  Get ready to dodge.  As soon as 
you enter the door, lightning attacks will be in your face.  You're at 
some more hurdles, but just go past them.  In the next room, there are 
two shield bots with worms hiding in the ceiling, so dispatch them.  
Next is a wide room, with a button the left and some shielders on the 
right.  The button is the item data.  Go straight ahead for now.

  He's back, and pissed off.  In actuality, depending on what mode 
you're playing on, this battle could be easier than the last one.  This 
time he has giant spikes, and he can manipulate them into the wall in a 
pattern.  Just strafe out of the way.  He's invincible while doing this 
however.  Aside from this, he has the same attacks as last time.

Leave the room with the key you got, even though I didn't tell you to 
get it, and go the hall with the shielders we passed up.  Go past them 
and activate the panel to open the door next to you.  Now go out the 
door, and we're back at the main area.

Save if you must, then go to the big blue panel, and talk to it.  The 
big green eye in the middle becomes a bridge.  Now take the east door 
ALL the way back to the cliff.  There are notable differences now on 
the way there.  There are no worms in the first pit now, but evil 
legions of bugs.  There is a trap activated, and there are red or fire 
frogs now.  Also, those things I told you to ignore on the walls 
before?  They're active now, and they hurt.  Also, that room with 
painful spike?  The floors paralyze now.  If you fall, make sure you 
have hover shoes equipped.

  Once on the bridge, DO NOT FALL OFF.  Just run across, killing 
anything in the way, reaching the door.  Now, if you didn't notice 
before, there are active blue things on the wall now bombing you.  
There's a drillable wall on the left in this hall which contains 2,000 
zenny, 8,000 zenny, and the thick pipe, a part of the Buster cannon.
There are also two greenies waiting for you at the end of the hallway.
Take the door in.

There are four of those running type bots here.  Then we have a room 
with six fire frogs that drop out of the ceiling as you approach the 
loan shielder in this room.  Go through the room and then take the 
elevator up.

Skip the tunnels here, they're all empty.  The next tunnel is a fake 
chest (left), so avoid it.  Enter the door, and you'll be at another 
paralyzation room.  Avoid the two spikes, as they only go left and 
right.  As you reach the last one, jump for the platform, and run into 
the door.  Now, in this room, the lower left and upper right chests are 
real.  Kill the two shielders first, and claim your prize:  a Normal 
Helmet and Rusted Mine.  Go through the door.

Finally! Data!  It's boss time, so get ready.  Go through the door and 
go to the glowing green thing.  Bola appears and says that he lost the 
key to the giant reaverbot, and if you want the key, go ahead.  He 
leaves, and a giant frog appears.


There are spikes on the side, bugs in the air, and larvae on the 
ground.  The larvae turn into bugs, the frog doesn't attack while 
you're not on a platform, and the frog can heal itself by eating bugs.  
His attacks consist of a left right tongue swipe, an aimed swipe, 
bubble attack, and a crush.  You can only hurt it when it's attacking 
you, with the exception of crush, and when it's tipped over randomly.  
If you have the drill, drill it when it's tipped over, and it'll be 
dead in no time.  Note that the larvae are invincible in this battle.  
At least for me any ways.

Return to Von Bluecher, and he tells you to head to Nino Island, which 
is under attack.

Shop Items
Aqua Chip - 10,000
Hyper Cartridge - 2,000
Light Barrier - 50,000 
Resistor Chip - 200,000

F. Nino Island

  As you arrive, you meet the welcoming party.  Well, close enough.  
Talk to the guild master and Johnny, then you can enter the city.  Roll 
will be inside, and you can change your weapons.  The weapon you use 
here is up to you.  The first time I did it I used the ground crawler 
since I played these missions VERY defensively.  To start the missions, 
take the elevator down, then go to the room that's on the same wall as 
the elevator.  It says Dig Out.  In this room, you can take digger 
tests, and to the right is the Guild Master's room.  Talk to him to 
activate the first attack.  Go back up and go into the red lit door.

Mission 1

  Objective:  Defend the cannon door.  If this door is destroyed, then 
the Guild Master will self-destruct the island.

  You will have about two guns helping, but they don't help much.  The 
enemies here consist of very slow fliers that drop bird bots, who are 
armed with bazookas.  If you have the ground crawler, just toss them at 
the bird bots as they land until Roll tells you the cannon is repaired.  
When she does, she tells you to pull a lever on the right of the door.  
Run there and jump on the lever and the cannon will activate.  Mission 

Mission 2

  Objective:  Defend the door.  If this door is destroyed, then the 
Guild Master will self-destruct the island.

  The only difference is you have more cannons helping you, and the 
ships are MUCH faster and more aggressive this time.  Just keep at the 
same strategy and you will prevail.  You don't need to pull the lever 
this time. 

Mission 3

  Objectives:  Same as last.

  This mission is pretty hard.  The ground crawler is a huge asset for 
this mission though.  There are two ships here, the big green one is 
the enemy.  The red one is Johnny.  When the mission starts, the big 
ship will drop 2 bird bots on the left, then three more, then two.  It 
will move after releasing another five after that.  It'll be right 
behind Johnny, and the bird bots will use his ship as a stepping stone.  
Ideally, go right up to the banister, and fire your ground crawlers 
into it and he should die quickly.

Mission 4

Take the elevator pointing up, then go up the ladder to get to the 
  Objectives:  You're on the roof this time.

 You probably want to have the homing missiles this time.  There are 
four rails, and the ships are dropping bird bots that armed with bombs.  
You CAN pick up the bombs and toss them out, but it's much easier to 
run and fire your homing missiles at each bird bot.  Keep this up, and 
then another ship appears.


 Looks like Dark Wing Duck... Anyway, his attacks consist of gun fire and 
a charge.  The charge is what will kill you if you aren't careful.  
When he comes to a stop, prepare to roll out of the way.  Roll when he 
starts moving, or else he'll hit you.  Just keep up the fire and he'll 
die after some time.

After all this battling, you're probably a little tired, no?  Well, go 
to the Guild Master, and he'll tell you to go to Glyde's base on 
Carlbania Island.  So go there now.

G. Carlbania Island

  Head into the village, not much else to say.  The village seems to 
have been ravaged by something a long time ago, and there are two kids 
here (Eek), and they ask for your help to rescue their sister Shu.  
Agree to their request, and leave the village.  There are two big bots 
on this screen, but you can ignore them and follow the kids to the 
next screen.  In this screen, you can follow the kids, or go to the 
upper right (I think) corner of this screen to a ruin.  I'll do the 
ruins now.

I.  Kito Caverns
  Items found:  3000 zenny, Rusty Bazooka

   As you enter, there are two ways to go.  If you go right, it's a 
dead end, so go left to the door.  If you go to the right door here, 
there is about 3,000 zenny in a hole in the wall.  Now, go to the north 
door, then take the door on the left and take the elevator.  Follow the 
path left to a door into a big room.  The north door is empty.  The 
door on the left has the Rusty Bazooka.  Just go left when you enter 
that room.  The right path is empty.  Back into the big room, take the 
right door, follow the path and take the door there and then...


  These are the reaverbots that appear very often in Megaman Legends, 
and in the final part of Tron Bonne.  Just circle around them.  There's 
attacks consist of charging, and that's about it.  They should easily 

Go past them into the door for Refractor A, which you can sell, then 
you can leave the ruins.

II. Glyde's Base
  Now that we're back, just follow the kids to the path to Glyde's 
base.  When you get there, the kids, who are eager to help you, run 
off into the fire fight.

Mission 1

Objective:  Get both the kids to the gate.  If one of them is badly 
injured, you'll have to carry them there.

The buster cannon is a great gun to have for this part.  Just get up 
on the hill, lock and fire.  There are three tanks, and a few turrets. 
You should eliminate most of the enemies here without the kids taking 
too much damage.  When they both get to the door on the left side of 
the base, go there too.  They will form a hand bridge, which you 
should jump on, and they'll toss you into the base.

Mission 2

Objective:  Destroy all enemies for the key.

  By destroy all enemies, I just mean destroy the fliers, not the wall 
turrets.  If you want, you can leave to the little door behind you to 
visit Data for heal and save, and walk back in.  For this mission, 
most of the airforce is grounded.  There are, I think 6 fliers.  Just 
fire your buster cannon at them and they should be dead.  Take the key 
and go into the next door after your business with Data is done.

Mission 3

Objective:  Destroy the enemy in the tower.

  A good weapon for this part is the ground crawler, because it 
explodes and climbs up walls.  There are some wall turrets here, and 
grounded bird bots.  Your objective is to avoid the bombs from the 
tower, and kill all the bird bots inside.  If you don't have a long 
range weapon, go get one, otherwise, just fire it at the tower until 
they're all gone.  If you're using the buster cannon, there's some 
strategy involved.  You'll have to circle around and wait for them to 
pop their head out, then fire.

After you destroy the tower, go in and check out the locker and the 
refrigerator inside for an accessory pack and fried chicken.

Mission 4

Objective:  Destroy the tanks.

  Just destroy the three tanks while avoiding the bird bots that are 
running around with bazookas.  The buster cannon should prove 

Mission 5

Objective:  Break into the building.

  There are giant robots flying around here, and you can kill them to 
make it easy to get in.  Either way, grab a crate, throw it on one of 
the gray spots, and put another one on top of it.  Jump up on them, 
then up to the banister to get inside.

Once inside, you see Shu, surrounded by three, armed bird bots.  You 
have to destroy them with only your buster, so do so.  You rescue Shu, 
but the bird bots activate a self-destruct mechanism.  Time to run!

Mission 6

Objective:  Escape before the base blows up.

  Shu found the key to the main gate, but the gate is well guarded by 
two tanks.  You can only use your buster here, so you'll have to pick 
Shu up, and jump between the tanks to escape.  That will work 

After all this, you end up in Kito Village.  Shu gives you a pig, and 
you should go back to Nino Island.

H.  Nino Island
    Items found:  Rebreather, Firecrackers  

  Johnny and the Guild Master are here again.  You can give the pig to 
a girl that's in the second floor in a house, but to activate the next 
mission, talk to Johnny.

Final Mission

Objective:  Defend the parabola from Glyde's Missiles until it's 
repaired.  If it gets lit on fire, you can put the fire out with your 
aqua blaster.

 Just a note, you CAN go back to the Flutter to change weapons, 
despite the fact that Roll ran inside.  Anyway, for this part, I had 
the Blaster and Buster Unit.  On hard mode, it took me about two shots 
per missile.  If any missile breaks through and the parabola gets 
ignited, you can put the fire out.

  After the parabola is repaired, Glyde prepares to fire the Ultimate 
Glyde Buster at you, and Roll activates the parabola.  I won't say 
anymore, because the effect is... different.

Now, you can go to the Guild Master to open the ruins for you.  He 
gives you a rebreather.  Talk to Johnny for firecrackers, which is 
another component for the Hyper Shell.  Take whatever weapon you want 
into this dungeon, and delve in.  Keep in mind I left two walls 
undrilled towards the end, because I switched my weapons around for 
some reason.  The sub-gate is the big hole in the floor when you leave 
the Dig Out room.

New Items
 Joint Plug - 100,000

I hope you bought the aqua chip and made them into hydrojets for now, 
or else you're going to have a lot of trouble with this place.  The 
joint plug is useful also.

I.  Nino Sub-gate
   Items found:  Mechanic notes 3, sower

  There aren't any enemies until you go down the elevator.  Once you go 
down, just toast the three crab bots or skip them.  Go into the door.  
My notes are little messy here, so bear with me.  The right turn has 
two suicide bots, so go left, and take the door.  This area is a 

You should end up in a very large room.  Go down, take the door there, 
advance a bit, killing the suicide bot.  If you notice to your right, 
there's a drillable wall there.  Blast that wall apart, if you have the 
drill, and follow this point, otherwise, go into the next part.

Drillable Wall 1
  Go into the door, then go right to the curve to a shielder.  Now go 
left to a door.  If you go right, you'll be trapped.  Inside the door 
are the mechanic notes 3.

Now, back at where we were before, go left and follow the path into a 
door, ignoring the left, where a big red wall sits.  Go up the 
elevator, and activate the panel.   Now is a good time to equip your 

Your hydrojets enable you to dash in water.  With them, you can 
perform extremely long jumps in water if you dash off an edge.  Keep 
that in mind.  Anyways, activate your lifter, and stack the blocks 
next to the red wall and leap up.  There are two shielders under, and 
some suicide bots, but just dash jump to avoid them and follow the 
curve into a door.

There is a spike type reaverbot floating here.  You can go around the 
circle to avoid it, or just go right into the door.  Either way is the 
same.  Go down the elevator to B3.

This floor is flooded also.  Just go straight until you reach the 
room, with fishes everywhere.  Now, note that the fishes will attack 
you only if you destroy one of them.  If you have the hyper shell, you 
can easily destroy most of them with one shot.  Otherwise, becareful.  
If you head left, there's a chest there with 20000 zenny.  Now, 
advance forward a bit, and grab the box, and throw it on the switch.  
Now, this is the deciding point.  Will you be safe?  Or will you be 
lazy?  If you are lazy, go straight through into the door, if you want 
to be safe, go into the door and up the elevator and deactivate the 
water.  Also note there is a drillable wall here that leads to the 
same place.

I prefer to be safe, but if you change your mind during the battle, 
you can run.  Turn off the water and go back into the door.

There are fish flopping everywhere.  When you look inside the door, 
there are giant fish flopping.  Just pass them into the door, then 
take the right door to fight the boss.


  If you felt like taking them on with water, their attacks consist of 
electricity balls, charges, and since you're slower, you will take 
many hits.

If you deactivated the water, they can only shoot electricity, but 
they can't move.  Easy.  Circle around them and blast them with any 
weapons you want to.  They can also be invincible for a short period 
of time.

After this, reactivate the water if you turned it off, make sure you 
took the key, and go through the door.  You should be at a big red 
wall.  Just stack the blocks up again and jump.  Go down and into the 
door.  To the right is a drillable wall.  Just go forward and down to 

There are 4 exploders here.  Go to the door on the left curve.  You 
should be in a very large room again.  Roll will say something about a 
door.  Now, if you dash jump, you can go into the right alcove into a 
door.  The left wall here is drillable, and there are two exploders as 
well as a door.  The door leads into another big room.  Just dash jump 
FAST and avoid the exploders.  You should reach a ledge, and inside 
that door is the sower.  Get back out and fall down and enter the door 
on the ground.

  Roll will tell you that there's a big reaverbot here, then says that 
it doesn't look like it will attack you.  She then says to jump on 
it's back.  Do so.  You will use that as a boost to get onto pillars.  
One of the pillars has 20000 zenny, and another one has water key 2.  
Once you have it, go into the door at the opposite end of the room 
that you entered in and grab the key.  Note that Data is here.

BOSS:  KLAYMOOR (This is how it's spelled in the game)

  He's very easy.  His only attack is firing his machine gun.  Just 
jump and circle around him, because he has a tendency to predict your 
destination if you're on the ground.  He'll retreat after you drain 
him of energy.

Work your way out of the dungeon.  Note that Data is gone when you 
leave the room.  When you are just about out, Klaymoor reappears.


  He's really hard.  He now has more attacks, such as multibombs, a 
quick shot that tracks, and a devastatingly powerful blue laser that 
he fires very rarely.  Just circle around him and hope he doesn't fire 
that laser too much.  Once you defeat him, he goes to grab you, but 
busts his back, and calls for Bola.  Bola appears and mocks him, and 
takes him away.

Head back to the Sulphur Bottom and then they will tell you to go to 
Saul Kada, and that the Bonnes have taken it over.

Link Armor ---- 40000
Game Cart ----- 40000
Padded Helmet - 10000
Painting ------ 60000
Flame Barrier - 150000
Wallpaper ----- 45000

I.  Saul Kada

As you enter, you can see it's a desert.  Anyway, if you look at your 
map, there's a big green dot in one of the corners.  That is a ruin 
for class S diggers only.  It holds the parts for the Hunter Seeker, 
and if you have a class S license, you should go in.  Keep in mind, 
it's hard.

   I. Class S Ruins
   Items found:  Mechanic Notes 6, Sensors
This is a very difficult to navigate ruin for some reason.  Probably 
because of the large amount of water that is flooding this place.  
Anyway, here we go!

  There's a fake chest in front of you as well as three crabgs I that 
room.  The door on the left contains two giant fishies, with a chest 
that contains some zenny.  Going back to the main room, follow the 
right path, keeping aware of the crab there's there.  There's a fake 
chest at the end with a shielder, then a door.  Follow the path here 
to a door on the right, and two fake chests.  Opening one opens both 
of them.

Go past those two chests to a hole in the wall, which contains the 
sensor (And also the only hole in the game that contains an item).  Go 
back into the door that we passed after we passed the chests, although 
I didn't tell you, you did notice, right?  There's a chest with 18000 
zenny inside, as well as 2 crab bots waiting for you.  Now we can go 
back to the other door we passed up.

  There's a fake chest in the middle with a shielder behind.  Go left, 
then into the door.  There's a fake chest here, then take the left 
path.  Now we have a choice (I think it's this room, it might be the 
next, my notes got messy here).  If we go to the right door, we have 
two chests and two crabs.  The left one is a fake, and the right 
contains 15000 zenny. Now, going back, you can take the right door to 
fight the boss.


It's them again, except they have water this time.  The best advice I 
can say is to have a weapon that you can fire while moving, and move 
fast.  They move quite fast and at times they are invincible to your 
buster, so bring a weapon like the ground crawler that you can fire 
while moving, but inflicts massive damage.

Go grab the Refractor S, and go back to the room that you took to get 
into there.  From there, go back two rooms, I think.  The left door 
should have a chest with the mechanical notes 6.  If this seems a bit 
vague for everyone, I'll redo this section.

        II.  Kimotoma City

  Mission:  Save the City!

As you enter the city, Data will greet you.  Do your business, then 
head through the door to fight some of the Bonnes' robots.

Here, there are three gunners and one tank.  Typically, just kill them 
with a really big gun like the buster cannon or ground crawler.  It's 
not too difficult.  If you find yourself taking too much damage, fall 
back to Data and heal.  Once you have defeated them, take the upper 
right door.

Here, the mission specs say you can flank them, but if you would 
rather take them head on, have fun.  There are three little turrets 
and a really big gun.  If you want to flank them, go straight and head 
into the house, and follow the path.  In the path, there are three 
pots.  The first ahas 3000 zenny, the middle is empty, and the last 
has 1800 zenny.  Now, as you get out of the door, you'll find yourself 
next to the big gun, so kill it fast.  After that, jump over the fence 
and smoke the other three guns if you haven't done so already, and 
take the key and head into the room.

While this may not seem important, it makes life easier when you need 
to break through the defensive barriers that the Bonnes have set up.

Head back to the main room and take the lower left door now.  The door 
on your right seems to have some odd floating robots that explode on 
contact, so consider them mines, with lots of servbots throwing bombs 
at you.  Simply gun them all out.

Going forward, we reach the Bonne barricade.  If you didn't help the 
truck driver or you want to scale this by yourself, climb the fence 
when it ISN'T electrified, or you'll be cooked.  Otherwise, go to the 
right and talk to the truck driver to have him bust through and be 
blown away.  After this is all done, run through all the mayhem into 
the door to reach what I'm going to call the town square.

There are two shops set up here and there are servbots looking for a 
key that they've misplaced.  The key is behind the left counter as you 
enter, so grab it and go through the door.

Follow the path, and you'll see Data there.  Go through the door to 
fight the boss.


This thing fights like a joke.  It's pretty important that you bring a 
single fire heavy weapon with you so you don't blow up the statue.  
The sand will slow you down while servbots will mow you down.  If you 
try to jump up on the platform, Teisel will shield himself with the 

His attacks while he has the statue consist of shooting various pieces 
of food and other things at you.  If you hit him once, he'll shield 
himself.  It's pretty useful to bring the ground crawler so you can 
concentrate on avoiding the servbots while you're attacking Teisel.

Now... If you blow up the statue, he becomes much harder.  He'll dive 
into the sand and jump up.  When he jumps up, he lets out a torpedo to 
hit you, and he'll continually dive and such, and it's basically hard.

After you defeat him, Teisel will withdraw, leaving Tron and Bon/Bomb 
in the ruins to find the key.  If you blew the statue up, it costs 
5000 zenny to rebuild, even though it's supposedly "solid gold".  Heh, 
cheap things.  You pay it off in intervals of 1000 at a time until you 
can pay it off.  Anyhow, the ruins are now open, so go into the next 
room and delve on in.

        III.  Saul Kada Sub-Gate

  Take the first right door and avoid the reaverbots inside, because 
they transform into these big things.  Also, avoid running in the 
middle of hallways, because there are reaverbots that are hidden in 
the floor that will sap your energy away.  If you do get trapped by 
one, jump or move out of the way to avoid getting trapped.  Anyway, 
towards the end of this path is a door on the right.  Go inside it and 
you'll see a big room that's empty.  Go into the next room and 
download the item data and activate the elevator power.  When you go 
back, there are about six large, transforming reaverbots.  You must 
kill them all to leave the room, so you probably should circle around 
them and blast them away.

Now, head down the elevator to B2.  If you haven't noticed yet, the 
ground is shaking.  If you look through the window, there's a big 
reaverbot marching around.  If you stand in front of a window too 
long, it'll shove it's head through at you.  Down the hall are two 
exploders and a flamer.

Take the elevator down and you'll find Data.  If you go through the 
door you'll find the boss.

The first you should notice is that there isn't an energy bar for this 
guy.  If you try to kill him, he'll just drink some lava and recharge 
his energy, so don't even bother trying to fight him.  One more thing 
to note is that you probably want to wear your asbestos shoes when 
wading through lava to minimize damage that you sustain from burning 
like that.  Therefore, run straight and take the door to your right to 
get out of here.

Roll will comment about how the door looks funny, and if you try to 
open it, it will say that you need the Security Systems B and C 
activated in order to get in.

Go into the door straight ahead and get ready for some block jumping.  
Just hop across and enter the door.  In this room is even more lava 
with hostile dragons shooting you.  Ignore them and head into the 

Inside, you'll find map data and the Security A lock.  On the way out of the 
room, fire-breathing worms will drop on your head in the next room, and the big 
room has enemies now.  Head back to the big room and take the door on a platform 
to the right, and you'll see flames jetting out.  You need to shoot past those 
flames to get the treasures and hit the big target behind it.  The chests 
contain the AutoFire Omega and Mechanic Notes 5 (Shield Arm).

Head back to the boss room.

Just head straight into the door, then go straight down the hall, into the door 
into another big room with lava, and note, there are enemies here.

Enter the door, then take the left door.  There are three chests here, but only 
two are real.  The middle is fake.  The left chest has 15000 zenny, and the 
right has Mechanic notes 4 (Blade Arm).  Now turn left and continue.
You should be in a big room with three bouncing... bunny reaverbots (Well, you 
saw them at the beginning) with some shielders at the door at the opposite end 
of the door.  Deal with them and enter the door.

The Security lock C is here.  On the way out three more worms drop on your head.  
Head back to the boss.  Now, go forward a little bit, and turn left and go into 
that door.

Now you're in a long winded path with flying worms and dragons everywhere, so be 
careful.  Just follow the left and hop across the stones to reach the door to 
the Security Lock B, then head back to the boss.

Now head back to the locked door, which should have both of the flames lit now 
and go inside.

Tron and Bonne are here, Tron in the Gustaf, pondering how to knock the big 
piece of ice down into the lava.  Agree to help them and...

Mission:  Knock down the ice!

In order to help, you need to shoot the reaverbots in the room, and Tron and 
Bonne will pick them up and throw it at the ice.  To help, you can use your 
lifter to knock it down too.  You can shoot them too and get some comments from 
Tron and Bonne, but you can't blow them away.  After it falls, Tron will say 
that you are their enemy again and they'll run off.  Now head back to the boss.

BOSS:  GIANT REAVERBOT (Uh... I couldn't think of a name?)

Now you can kill it.  Simply aim at the head.  His attacks consist of a forward 
blast shockwave when he slams his head down, tracking energy rings, which are 
fairly slow, fire breathing, fire balls, and finally a paw whap.  Just run 
circles around it and avoid the shockwave by evading left or right.  The rings 
can be a nuisance here.  You should probably bring the buster cannon here, or 
Hyper Shell.

After you destroy it, it'll drop a key.  Head back to the beginning and turn 
right at the entrance to the door that couldn't be opened before.  Note that on 
the way back, there are lots of mini-cerebus' now.  At the locked door, there 
will be two of them.

Now you're in a huge room of lava.  Equip the asbestos shoes and run straight 
for the door and take the three chests while avoiding the missiles that are 
heading towards you right about now.

The left chest contains the soft ball, the middle has 24000 zenny, and the right 
has 3000 zenny.  Leave the room and follow the path now.

Now you will see the key, but Bon snatches it away and runs away, and Roll will 
say you have to beat him up for the key.  Turn left and enter the door and 
follow the path and...


Tron greets you warmly, cutting communication with Roll and then she attacks.  
She's quite simple, so you shouldn't have too much trouble.  She will attack 
with a machine gun, use a flame thrower with the shield, and you need to dodge 
the bombs that the servbots are throwing at you.  She also fires missiles, 
leaves fire on the ground which can limit your movement somewhat.  Typical 
strategy is to circle around her and keep shooting and run like hell when she 
starts shooting flames and missiles.

After you destroy her...  Well, you have to watch and see for yourself, heh.

Now, we need to deal with Bon Bonne.


It's very simple.  You can either gun him down, or use the lifter and knock him 
down and throw him into the lava.  After all this, you'll get the key and you 
can leave.

Head back to Von Bleucher now and give him the key and they will send you to the 
final ruin on Calinka Island.

J.  Calinka Island

Blaster Unit Omega - 10000
Buster Unit Omega -- 10000
Power Blaster ------ 25000
Link Armor Omega --- 60000

      I. Yosyonke City

The island is in a crisis, so visit Joe in the hospital in the city, and he'll 
give you the train key and once you leave, he fills in a plot hole if you 
haven't realized before (Well, he confirms it anyway).

Now, buy anything you need and head to the train at the entrance to the town and 
talk to Roll, and we see a scene.

Unsatisfied with the situation, Klaymoor and Bola decide to leave, and the 
Bonnes and Glyde are preparing to attacking Megaman with the train.

BOSS:  Glyde and Bonne Train

You'll start somewhat behind their train, so you have to shoot the bombs that 
fly towards your train first.  When you get close enough, destroy their bomb 
launcher, then you can destroy the little guns that are firing at the train, or 
the train itself.  The train will wave a blue laser around at you, so jump to 
avoid it.  Once you destroy Glyde's train, we see a scene.

Teisel cuts his losses and ditches Glyde, and they prepare to launch another 

Now they're launching missiles piloted by Servbots.  You could destroy the 
missiles... But the object of the mission is to catch the missiles and throw 
them back at the Bonne's train.  Typically, only catch the ones that are level 
to you, and shoot the rest, otherwise you probably won't be able to catch them.  
Use your own judgement when throwing it back.  Personally, I aimed a bit to the 
left of the train.

Finally, we've caught up with the train.  They'll attempt to fire the main gun 
on the train, and if you've played Megaman Legends, you'll know how to stop it.  
Otherwise, just shoot it until it stops firing in order to hold it.  Blow away 
the train's body, and by 50% damage, the casing will come off and we'll see Bon 
Bonne.  Shoot him.  Also, note that servbots are coming out with bombs to throw 
at you, and you can pick them off while you are taking Bon down.

Finally, with that done, we can go the ruins now, but before that, go past the 
place where the train was and pick up the spike chip and turn it into the 
cleated shoes, because we'll need it for the next ruin.  After this, go and talk 
to the priest at the gallery (Church).

        II.  Calinka Sub-Gate

Go straight and grab 8000 zenny from the chest.  Now shoot the ice below you 
with the buster to break the ice and head into the door.  Now follow the path.  
There is one of those small annoying reaverbots around.  Now, you will arrive a 
spinning kaleidoscope(?).  In order to pass this, you need to shoot a hole 
through it and run through the opening.  At the end of this hallway are two 
flamers that will shoot cold fire.

Now we're in a big ice room with mammoths and invincible (to buster) ice 
dancers.  Jump on the red ice and run to the door.  Keep in mind, that the ice 
will break if you stand on it too long.  Go inside the door and you'll see four 
pumpkin bots frozen, and a chest that contains the laser manual.

Now, leave that room and jump all the way down and head into the door on the 
ground level.  Turn left and you'll see some pumpkin bots.  At the fork, go 
straight and kill the two flamers, shoot the ice in the ceiling and jump up.

Now we're at a narrow path of red ice with the spinning kaleidoscopes.  If you 
fall, you fall into a trench full of pumpkins, so don't fall.  Head into the 
door at the end.

Get the blue barrier key here, and go back to the big room.  On the way back, 
the scopes are gone, but there's a big mammoth on the way back.

Once in the big room, jump onto the right platform to get the item data, then 
jump on the red ice path that we skipped before (you saw it, right?) and follow 
the path into the door.

Turn off the blue barrier now and go back to it and jump down (you saw that too, 
no?).  There will be two flamers guarding the door.  Past it is the elevator to 

Once into B2, past the door goes into a rather long path with the tall, electric 
shock robots.  Head into the door for another ice path with the scopes again.  
At the end, shoot the ground and drop down.  Follow the curve left into the 
door, and you can ignore the purple spawner.

Shoot the ceiling here and jump up and head into the door.  Next, jump down and 
go into the right door for map data.  Then jump on the platform right of there 
for a long with ice barriers.

The second ice wall contains four pumpkins waiting to attack you.  Finally, 
there is a spawner and a door.  The chest to your right contains 10000 zenny, 
but three pumpkins will ambush you.  

Once done, go straight and shoot the ceiling, being wary of the dancer above.
Past the door are three more shock bots then a spawner.  You'll hit a barrier 
eventually, so blast it and kill the spawner and head into the door behind it 
for the red barrier key.

Now, we have a choice.  We can unlock the red barrier, or we can just go 
straight into the next part.  I recommend going back to the barrier, because it 
will bring you to the next part either way, and you'll grab some good treasure 
on the way down.

If you do go to the red barrier, you'll get the shield generator and then 
shooting the floor, you'll fall into the next part.

However, if you didn't go back, go into the door and you'll be in the big room 
again.  Follow the path up.  Jump on the red ice to the pillars to the door, and 
take the elevator to B4.

Roll will comment that there are three reaverbots head.  You can try to kill 
them, but they're invincible.  There are three colored doors in this room also, 
with three floors.  It's a puzzle, but I figured it out in three minutes.

The holes will light you on cold fire, so stay out.  The idea is to lure the 
bots into the holes, so stand in front of it and wait for it to charge, and get 
out of the way before it hits you, and it'll roll in.  For every bot you roll 
in, a door will unlock.

Once you're done, the red door has a chest with 50000 zenny.  The purple has 
some hoppers into it, and the turbo charger omega buster part.

Finally, we have the green door, which holds Data and the elevator to a really 
big room.

There is a very large missile launching reaverbot here, as well as cold fire 
pumpkin ambushes everywhere.  Finally, we have three reaverbots that look like 
keys and are very noticeable.  You probably want to kill the missler first.  It 
can bomb and shoot missiles and charge at you, so just jump circle it.

To get the keys, you can either sneak up on it, or shoot it until it doesn't get 
up.  Once you have all three, you can heal and then head into the door at the 
end of the room.

As you enter, there's a slimy thing here, but it's not hostile, so just go into 
the next room and take the key and go back.


Now it's hostile.  At first, it seems easy.  It only runs at you.  I recommend a 
heavy hitting, while MOVING special weapon, otherwise your buster will have to 
do.  It will chase you for a bit, then go into the middle of the room and do a 
high-rise splat and spread itself to try to hit you.  Then, he'll be invincible 
for a bit, and platforms will appear.  Jump on them before you are lit with cold 
fire and start running them.  Once the floor is active, he'll get up and try to 
knock you down with slime, so circle around, jumping if needed.  The platforms 
will disappear after a little bit.

Roll will say it's readings are fluctuating, so back off, because it will be 
invincible and it will move VERY fast.  After a little bit, it will collapse, so 
you should use this opportunity to kill it.

K.  Sulphur Bottom

Please note, this next section contains spoilers.

   Once done, a scene will start.  Sera will tell Geets to get the keys.  Then 
they talk about the genetic code of the master and controlling the ship.  
Suddenly, the ship is lit on fire and the Bonnes are seen approaching it.  They 
talk about helping the ship and Megaman wakes up and Yuna is there.  Geets and 
Sera's voice is heard talking to her about destroying Trigger.

    Geets gets the keys and tells Sera to head back to Elysium.  Yuna thent ells 
you that the carbon reinitilization program is activating and explains what it 
does, which is basically a carbon purge so the master's people can repopulate 
the planet.

   Geets now threatens Yuna, but Gatts attacks Geets.  Yuna tells Megaman that 
he has a choice of fighting Geets, or giving him the master's genetic sample.  
Gatts cuts in saying that Geets is very angry and is ready to attack.

We see Geets and Gatts fighting, and then Gatts is defeated and falls to the 


The Bonnes actually help a little bit.  Actually, it's just Tron.  Listen to her 
when she says to dodge his attack, because he'll charge leaving explosions.  
Roll out of the way and jump when Tron says to.  He can also fire machine guns.  
After awhile, he'll destroy the Bonnes.

Now, he'll say some stuff when he attacks.
"Take this" - He'll glow red and fire explosions at you.
"Prepare yourself" - high or low dive at you.

After a little while, he'll smoke and hit the deck.  Hit him hard and stay away, 
because he can breath fire at you and use his tail to whip you.

   After you beat him, he says how he needs to protect Sera and charges into 
Megaman, knocking him out.

Now we see Megaman's past revealed.


We see the master, who is the last REAL human.  He shows Megaman the world, the 
betas, or carbons, who are artificially created.  The Master then asks Megaman 
to bring him to Terra.

Now we hear Yuna telling Megaman to wake up.  She explains that Megaman's 
program was badly damaged and he is being rebuilt with Data's memory.

The Master is seen again.  He says he has been around for three thousand years, 
and tells Megaman to carry out his final command:  Destroy the system.  Megaman 
is given a good luck charm to destroy all data, then he dies, because he can't 
survive long outside of Elysium.

Now we see Yuna again, who is learning about this too.  Yuna is in charge of 
Terra System, and Sera is in charge of Elysium.  She says that she understands 
why Megaman tried to destroy the system.  The nature of the Mother units is also 
revealed now.

Yuna explains more and then sends Megaman off, telling him to find her where he 
initially arrived on Terra, and gives him choices about what he can about the 

Roll then gives Megaman some encouragement, telling him that he's the most 
important thing to her, and that he'll do what's best.

Range Booster Omega ----- 600,000
Rapid Fire Omega -------- 500,000
Power Raiser Omega ------- 800,000
Upgrade Pack Omega ------- 35,000
Kevlar Armor ------------- 80,000

Expensive, no?

L.  Elysium

    Head to Calbania Island and talk to Yuna.  She'll see that Roll was really 
worried and to take care of her.  Gatts says to hurry up and go before it is too 
late.  Yuna will spot for you.

Once you're in, go to the right immediately, and get the green eye.  If you 
wish, head back to Terra and make the shining laser, then come back.  You can 
talk to Data and Yuna to find out your past now.  Head into the left door when 
you're ready.

Defense Area B2

Follow the path while listening to Yuna.  There will be a floating bot with four 
floating hands, which I will refer to as boxers.  Just target them and destroy 
them.  The laser works nicely here.

Past the door, Yuna will say you can break the floor here by increasing the 
gravity, but we can't do that here, so go straight for now.

You will see a door with beams coming out.  They will increase the gravity, so 
step in and go back to the room and stand on the floor to break it.  The chest 
there has Energizer Pack Omega and 40000 zenny.  Talk to the panel and lower the 
gravity so you can jump out.

Now, go back to the straight path, and you will encounter spawners that create 
flaming pumpkins past the beams.  Head into the door and there will be crab bots 
everywhere.  Kill them.  The floor around the middle platform is electrified, 
and there are floor traps around, so be careful.  Go into the west door and 
you'll find another gravity control.  I lowered the gravity here.

Head back out and into the east door.  The floor here is energy sapping.  Once 
again, kill all the bots and go into the west door.  Follow the path and you'll 
reach the beams again.  There will be another boxer at the end of this path.

Go through the door and turn left, avoiding the crab.  You'll encounter more 
beams.  Skip the door and go into the next one.  Kill the spider bots here.  If 
the gravity is low, they can use the ceiling and drop bombs on your head.  
Otherwise, they’ll just fire bubbles at you and move around.    After this is 
done, head into the next door and into the gravity control.  Item data can be 
found here.

I recommend keeping gravity low so you don’t have to come back and turn it down 
if you find a door that won’t open due to gravity.  Now, backtrack a little bit 
and find the door that you passed after the beams and go into it.  There will be 
a boxer and a shocker, then the elevator to the next section.

Now, take the right path (or is it door?)  and kill the two spiders and leave 
the room.  Now you should be able to enter the door that is next to you, so turn 
left and follow the path and you’ll pass some more beams.  You should be at a 
median now, but they lead to the same path, and each of them have a pumpkin 
spawner.  Pass them and head into the door.

You’ll find another weak floor here, but you should be all set since you walked 
through the beams.  The chest inside has 36000 zenny.  Once again, turn the 
gravity low and jump out.  Now you have a choice.  You can go north or east.  I 
recommend going east first.

Go past the door, kill the two spiders, and go into the room.  You’ll see white 
boxes, and the chest inside this one has 10000 zenny.  Go into the room ahead 
for map data and more gravity settings.  If the gravity is low, leave it alone 
and head back to the north.  Go past the median and into the beams and go left 
for the chest with the giant refractor.  Now, go back and finish following the 
path and you’ll find a two boxers and an elevator to the Side Area.

Side Area

     There are lots of gates here, so I’ll guide you to the path with the most 
treasure.  First, take the two gates to the right of you, and behind one of the 
dead gates is an accessory pack.  Go back now, then go left then right (You 
should use the map, since it’ll be easier to guide you), and be careful because 
flaming pumpkins are running around.

Now take the straight gate, then right, straight again, then right.  The right 
gate is the end, and the left has a chest with 60000 zenny.

Once on the large island, go to the red dot on your radar (north) to the 
elevator.  If you picked up the giant refractor, you can head back down to the 
shuttle bay and to Terra quickly.  If you don’t need to go down, go into the 
house and you’ll find Data and the elevator to the Mother Area.

Mother Area

     They brought back a Megaman tradition… You get to fight all the bosses 
again!  If you’re actually having trouble with these bosses, simply refer to the 
section that you found them in.  The first boss will be the frog.  After that 
you’ll pick up a chest with 100000 zenny.

The next boss will be the slime, except you don’t need the cleats this time, so 
you can dash on the platforms, so it will be somewhat easier to fight him.

Next are the three coral bots, without water, so they’ll be easy to fight.  
After them is a chest with 150000 zenny.

Finally, you have the giant reaverbot, so kill him, then go up a long path.  
You’ll find the four keys here and Data.

When you try to enter the door, Yuna will tell you that the system is inside, 
and that the library is shielding from external communications and that she 
can’t help you.  Go inside.

There’s no one here, so run to the computer and talk to it and he’ll see that 
the carbon reinitilization program was paused.  Armored Sera will appear and 
says that she wanted to wait for Trigger, because she has to work with the 
system.  She tells him that she was always jealous of him, and that defeating 
him should purge her of those emotions.


  Right at the beginning, she’ll teleport and reappear and let off one of many 
attacks.  She also has some words with them.

“Well, Trigger” - She’ll let off several rounds of explosive shots at you.
“Ready” - She’ll turn red and charge at you.
“Hah” - She’ll fire blue projectiles that will hit the ground and cause flames 
to erupt.
“How’s this?” -  She’ll let out several mines that track you and hit the ground 
causing a wide range shockwave.  The mines can be dealt with easily by targeting 
them and hitting them with your laser.  During this move, she’ll turn the 
gravity extremely high so you probably won’t be able to pump to avoid the 
To beat her, rip your buster (or laser if you have enough energy) and blast her 
as hard as you can, while jumping out of the way of as many attacks as you can, 
aside from the mines.

As soon as you beat her, she’ll short out and say that Gatts is trying to help 
him, so she destroys Gatts and turns into the final boss.


She’s big.  Her attacks consist of a laser shower, teleporting then charging at 
you, a black hole, an EXTREMELY POWERFUL LASER, and she’ll say “Feel my power”, 
sending several shockwaves at you.
If she puts her arms out, a meteor shower is on the way.
Unfortunately, circling doesn’t work here, so we’ll need a new strategy.  When 
she fires the black hole, dash your way away from it, or else she’ll pummel you 
with lasers if you caught inside.

The powerful laser waves around, so try to jump over it if possible.  You 
probably want to avoid it since it does nearly half damage at a full energy 
gauge with Link armor omega.

The laser shower isn’t too much to worry about.  The meteor shower can simply be 
avoided by running or dashing around.

Once you defeat her, her body will be destroyed, and the ending starts.
I won’t spoil it for you, so if you want to see, do it yourself.  The end is 
really funny though, so I recommend watching the entire thing, just like in the 
original Legends.

My theory on how everything occurs is as following:

Data’s not really an organic, so maybe he could fly himself back to Terra 
somehow.  Megaman and the other two are not able to go back to Terra, since 
there aren’t any materials to build another ship to fly back. Nor do they have a 
pilot since Gatts is dead (all ships were probably piloted by the workers, and I 
don’t think the mother units could transfer into those ships).

Finally, I don’t think they’re going to show Roll and Tron flying up to get 
Megaman since that last part was just there to add a little comedy, although it 
does seem possible that another sequel is going to come into play.

3. Weapons and Items
   A.  Machine Gun Arm
        Materials needed:  Broken Model Gun, Bottle Rocket
        Where found: Broken Model Gun:  Abandoned Mines (Calinka)
        Bottle Rocket:  Buy it anywhere after Forbidden Island

     Attack   Energy   Range
     3,000    5,000    1,000
       -        -         -
   100,000      -     10,000
     Rapid    Special
     2,000    N/A

Comments:  Good all-around gun.  Was one of my favorites in the 
original Megaman Legends.  Anyways, this gun fires fast and does 
somewhat low damage, but it's still better than your normal buster for 
a little bit.

   B.  Homing Missile
        Materials needed:  Radar Notes, Long Barrel
        Where found:  Radar Notes:  Trash barrel on Calinka Island
                      Long Barrel:  Buy it anywhere After Forbidden 

     Attack     Energy    Range
     10,000     15,000    5,000
     120,000      --      30,000   
     Rapid     Special
     10,000    10,000
     30,000      --   

Comments:  Very early gun. You can move now while firing this gun too.  
The only thing I don't like about this gun is that it is very expensive 
to upgrade in the beginning of the game, and as you head towards the 
middle, there are so many better weapons to choose from (Buster cannon 
and Ground Crawler).

  C.  Drill Arm
       Material needed:  Broken Drill, Heavy Duty Gear
       Where found:  Broken Drill:  Pokote Village on Manda Island
                     Heavy Duty Gear:  Sulphur Buttom Flying Docks.  
It's in a crate to the right of the pillar that's to the right of the 
door to the crew deck if you're facing it.

    Attack     Energy     Range
    1,000      1,000       --
    2,000      1,500       --
    3,000      2,000       --
    Rapid      Special
     N/A          N/A

Comments:  Cheap to upgrade, vital to find lots of parts.  This one 
drove me nuts to find.  I found the Drill, but I kept on overlooking 
one crate on the Sulphur Bottom and it took me till near the end of the 
game after combing through dungeons and towns to find it.  Now, if 
you're going to use it to fight, it hurts, but it's hard to use.

  D.  Buster Cannon
       Material needed:  Thick pipe, artillery notes
       Where found:  Thick pipe:  Manda Sub-gate
                     Artillery notes: ???

    Attack     Energy      Range
    Rapid      Special

Comments:  Somewhat cheap to upgrade.  This weapon gives a bit of 
recoil and can't be fired while moving.  However, this weapon hits 
extremely hard and extremely far away.  You even get this weapon pretty 
early (Before Calbania Island actually).  To describe, this weapon 
fires a shot that looks like plasma that never misses the target as 
long as there are any physical barriers in the way.

  E.  Ground Crawler
       Material needed:  Rusted mine, bowling ball
       Where found:  Rusted mine:  Inside Manda Sub-Gate
                     Bowling Ball:  Trashcan behind a house in Pokte 

    Attack      Energy     Range
    Rapid       Special

Comments:  Neat weapon.  Crawls up walls and such, but it's not very 
effective against air targets.  It flies in the air BRIEFLY before 
rolling on the ground.  The reason I like this weapon is because it 
does a high amount of damage for low cost.  Made it quite easy to toast 
most of the bosses I otherwise had trouble with.

I’m not sure why everyone likes to overlook this gun since it’s infinitely 
useful on many missions, hits hard and it very cheap.

  F.  Hyper Shell
      Material needed:  Fireworks, Rusted Bazooka
      Where found:  Fireworks:  After Parabolla event on Nino Island
                    Rusted Bazooka:  Calbanina Ruins, second screen, 
before you reach Glyde's base.

    Attack      Energy      Range
    60,000       30,000     25,000
   100,000       60,000     75,000
   200,000      120,000    120,000
    Rapid       Special   
      -          10,000

Comments:  It's an okay weapon.  Personally, I prefer the Buster Arm 
though.  This weapon plays just like the bazooka in ML original, with 
one big exception.  When you destroy any enemy, this weapon makes a 
huge explosion around it, causing some splash damage to any enemy near it.

  G.  Blade Arm
      Material needed:  Zetsabre,  Blade Beam Notes
      Where found:  Zetsabre:  Pay 2 million zenny or answer 100 
questions in row at Manda Island mayor.
                    Blade Beam Notes: Fire Island, name later

    Attack      Energy     Range
    Rapid       Special

Comments:  I love this thing! It makes me feel like Zero.  The backside 
of this weapon is the fact that it drains so quickly and range doesn't 
increase very fast.  This weapon doesn't play anything like in Megaman 
Legends.  When you use it, the weapon can perform a 3-hit combo, which 
is something like backslash, slash, jumping slash.  If you press it twice, it’ll 
do the three hit combo.  My only complaint is that it's useless against most, if 
not all bosses… Although, while doing the jumping slash, you are invincible, so…

  H. Reflect Arm
     Material needed:  Super ball, Bomb Schematic
     Where found:  Super ball: Buy it after before the Saul Kada 
                   Bomb Schematic: ???

    Attack      Energy    Range
    Rapid       Special

Comments:  I hate this weapon :P.  Of course, I really didn't upgrade 
it much yet, but it will reflect off walls according to the range it 
has.  It doesn't do too much damage, and it's annoying to use.  I know I had it 
during Saul Kada, but I just can’t remember where the Bomb Schematic is.

  I.  Shining Laser
      Material needed:  Laser Notes,  Green eye
      Where found:  Laser notes:  Calinka Sub-gate
                    Green eye:  Elysium, right at the beginning.  It's 
at the elevator that Data is NOT behind, and turn right.  I definitely 
overlooked that.

    Attack     Energy    Range
    Rapid      Special

Comments:  Reminds me of a kamehameha.  Hits long range, and kills 
fast.  You can't move while firing though, so that dulls some of it's 
usefulness, but it's still one of the best weapons in the game.  Great 
for the last battle, but read that strategy there.  I'm not spending 
time to upgrade this weapon totally though :P  It would take forever on 
any mode.  If I'm correct in remembering, it costs around 9 million to 
max out it's energy, but I can't find all the costs right now.

J. Crusher
Material needed:  Taser, soft ball
Where found:  Taser: Buy from guy hidden behind pillar in Saul Kada for 
                        Soft ball:  Find in Saul Kada sub-gate

Upgrades:  These are estimated because Roll obtained a tool kit right 
before I got this weapon, which discounted item prices.  These are what 
I think they are.

          Attack       Energy        Range
          100,000     70,000        N/A
         1 million    90,000          -
        3 million    110,000
     Rapid       Special
       N/A          90,000
3 million     

Comments:  It's an okay weapon.  The effect is pretty cool though.  
Megaman throws a ball into the air, and when it hits something, it 
explodes into some void, blasting whatever it feels like.  It sucks up 
energy very fast, but it is very effective at killing multiple enemies 
and keeping them away from you.  It costs a lot for a secret weapon 
though, and there are better weapons that you could use.

K. Vacuum Gun
Material needed:  Broken motor, Broken vacuum
Where found:  Broken motor:  Inside restored Flutter storage room
              Broken Vacuum:  Inside a house in Calinka.

   Attack       Energy     Range
     N/A          TBA       TBA
   Rapid        Special
     N/A          TBA

Comments:  Actually, I do know those values, but I just can't quite 
find them at this moment.  Any how, the higher value the special is, 
the faster it sucks, and that's a good thing.  Very useful for zenny 
earning, especially at Pokte Caverns.

L.  Spread Buster
Material needed:  Sower, spreadfire notes
Where found: They're all found in Nino's sub-gate.


    Attack      Energy     Range
    Rapid       Special

Comments:  No comment.  I have not tried to use this weapon as of yet.  
I just can't bring myself to do it :P.  I have the costs, but I'm a 
scatter brain, so I can't find them.  Sorry.  I’ll have to do this later.

M.  Hunter Seeker
Material needed:  Sensor, Autofire Notes
Where found:  All found in the class S ruins on Saul Kada.


    Attack      Energy      Range
    10,000      10,000        -
    15,000      20,000        -
    30,000      30,000        -

    Rapid       Special
      -         10,000
      -        100,000
      -        500,000

Comments:  (Thanks to Cloud for telling me this existed!)  Awesome 
weapon.  This weapon will drop a small diamond device that will fire at 
any enemy you locked on.  The higher the special, the faster the meter 
refills, and at max, you can have up to three of these babies firing at 
once.  It's cheap to upgrade too!  You need to have the class S license 
to obtain this though. 

N.  Shield Arm
Materials needed:  Shield notes, shield generator
Where found:  Shield notes:  Saul Kada Sub-gate
              Shield generator:  Calinka Sub-gate, in the force fields


Comments:  I keep forgetting to add this weapon in; I hate it.  The weapon 
supposedly protects Megaman from shots, but it doesn’t seem that effective, 
because attacks from a lot of enemies seems to break through, so I feel it is 
fairly useless.  The effects look really neat however; it forms a protective 
sphere around Megaman.

IV.  Mayor's Questions

This list isn't complete by all means.  There are far more than 100 
questions, and I still don't have the answer to some.  If you have a 
question that's not on the list, or want to give an answer that's 
correct, just e-mail me (kajiryogi@hotmail.com).  I left some of the 
basic knowledge out though that should be self-explanatory, but I have 
most of the questions listed.

You're most likely going to have to print this part out however.

What is the compilation of previously unreleased Beatles songs?

What is the measure of the degrees of the interior angles of a 
108 degrees

What mineral is the same base element as graphite?

What is Eric's Clapton's nickname, which he titled an album with?

What is the lake with the highest water level?
Lake Titicaca

When did Lincoln release the Emancipation Proclamation?

What star is in the constellation Lyra?

When did Culture Club release their album "Color by Numbers?"
1983 (Thanks to Jedi Kestrel)

What are the moist plains around La Plata in Latin America called?

When was the Franco-Prussion War?

Which is a reptile?

Which animal can lose it's tail to escape an enemy?

What's an Earthwork's skin like?
Hairy (Could of fooled me... it's a mammal.. heh)

What did Jimi Hendrix do at some festival (forget it's name)?
Burn his guitar

Lincoln was the .... President of the US.

Babylonian counting method.

Crimean War started in...

What are the odds of rolling 2 die and getting a 9?
1 to 9

How many albums (not including compilations?) did the Sex Pistols 

Who was the leader of the Italian Unification Movement?

When did Pink Floyd release "Dark Side of the Moon?"

What inspired Hinkley to try to assassinate President Ronald Reagan?

Which shellfish cultivates pearls?

How many eyes does a whirlgig beetle have?

Name of the war between Maria Theresa & Prussia in 1756

Which album was Sam Hagar's 1st lead singer of Van Halen?

What does Roman numeral M mean?

What element gets it's name from the sun?

Which cat has the lowest chance of being born?
Male tortoise-shell cat

What did they use to cast votes in 6th century Athens?
Pottery shells

Who was the 1st singer in the US to sing "We Are the World?"
Lionel Richie

What instrument did Don Henley play for the Eagles?

Janis Joplin's Posthumous album is named?

A number that is divided by only one and itself is a...?
Prime number

How many years after his last album did George Michael release "Older?"
5 years

B.B King named his guitar..?

Lionel Richie was a member of what group?

Which Beatles album shows their entire bodies?
Abbey Road

Which American President resigned from the Watergate Scandal?

What is the most common element in the Earth's crust?

Loach uses gills and what to breath?

Snake uses what to sense heat?

Which did Leonardo da Vinci create?
The Last Supper

Which country did not fight Egypt in the Second Middle East War?
United States

Which Empire lasted the longest?

What French author was the author of "The Social Contract?"

How did Nero try to destroy Rome?

Where is London?

When was Wilhelm I crowned Emperor of Germany?

Three most well known teas are.....

During the Iranian revolution, which country's embassy was seized?
United States

When did Mussolini's facists gain control of Italy?

Radius of the Earth is?
4000 miles

Who founded the Yellow Hat in Tibet in the 15th century?
Dalai Lama

U2 gets it's name from?
A spy plane

1st song phonographed by Edison was?
Mary Had a Little Lamb

Who invented the light bulb?

Russian Author of "Crime and Punishment?"

What led to the attack on British ships in Boston?
Tea tax

When did the French Revolution begin?

Which Greek philosopher expound the theory of idealism?

Which has a connection with King Louis XVI?
Declaration of Independence

What is the main ingredient of the Thai soup, "Tom Yon Goong?"

Which is insect?
Beetle (did I say this already?)

Maccu Pichu ruins are representative of what culture?
Andes Culture

What plays music?
Cassette deck

Which is not one of Newton's Laws of Motion?
Law of Gravity

How many legs does a spider have?

1st Apollo project to land on moon was?
Apollo 11

Which fish lays most eggs at one time?

What island was Napoleon born on?

When was the first Crusade?

Who was president when most troops were in Vietnam?

Natural enemy of shrimp?

Roll 2 dice, what are the odds it will be even?
1 to 4

Where are the Nobel Prize ceremonies held?

Which composer is considered a Romanticist?

Which didn't go with Columbus?

How old was French King Louis XVI when he was crowned?

What was not included in Britain's 3C policy?

Name of the fusion of Greek and Oriental culture?
Hellenistic Culture

In the War of the Roses, who is the Red Rose?

Which has a large nose?

Which is not a "Belenux" country?

What is a national sport in Japan?

Which is a vehicle?
Bicycle (I was tempted to say missile, since servbots seem to use them 
for that purpose)

How many pencils is in a gross?

US currency is?

Who was not a member of the Quadruple Alliance?

What kind of tree is the sequoia?

Crocodiles swallow small stones for?
Add weight

Confederate Capital was?

Which is a noble gas?

Copabana Beach is in?
Rio de Janeiro

Fe stands for?

Civil War started in?

What is the unique feature on the Scandinavian coast?

Sever a starfish's arm and what happens?
Grows into a new fish

Who is the author of "Utopia?"
Thomas Moore

Which quark is the heaviest?
Top quark

Who sang "Hungry Like the Wolf?
Duran Duran

How many atmospheres can a 30 meter water resistance watch withstand?

2 dice are rolled.  How many add up to eight?
(Thanks to Jedi Kestrel)"I believe the answer is 5, I don't know if 
that is a choice that question hasn't came up for me, but they could 
read like this:" 
dice a dice b 
4        4 
5        3 
3        5 
6        2 
2        6 

Well, it's a rather lengthy calculation I suppose, but I must have 
overlooked one of these combinations, heh.  I suppose the 4 and 4 must 
have messed me up, oh well.

Who ruled Rome at it's zenith?

Which letter is represented by one letter on the Periodic Tables?

What is the tilt of the Earth's axis?
23.5 degrees

Which is not hermaphroditic?
Wood louse

Which part of the spider body are attached without distinct separation?
Dunno, please send answer here.

What is the hardest stone listed?

Who settled in Mesopotamia in 3000 BC?

Name of the War between Maria Theresa and Prussia in 1756?
The Seven Years' War

What are the Iran underground aqueducts called?

What edict issued in 1598 granted freedom to the huguenots?
Edict of Nantes?

When did World War II begin?
How times is 1 used between 10 and 20?

What is one of the three Baltic States?

What adaptation of the pine apple lets it live longer?
Water reservior

Who is the composder of cannon in D minor?

What is the temperature of a lit cigarette?
420 degrees

Which is not a Great Lake?
Chaplin Lake

How long does it take Halley's Comet to orbit the sun?
76 years

What is the oldest in US history?
Revolution of Independence

What country was Hitler born in?

Which insect does not pupate?

When was Rome sacked?
375 AD

What measures electric current?

What measures the frequency of sound waves?

What is the modern name of Constantinople?

What is the capital of Brazil?

Who led the Russian Revolution and founded the Soviet Union?

Which U.S City is furthest north?

What was the Rebellion vs East India company in 1857 called by indian 
Sepoy rebellion

With what made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire?
Edict of Milan

What do you buy in a butcher's shop?

When was the Opium War?

What did Belgium declare independence from in 1831?
The Netherlands

You have 6 beetles and 8 spiders, how many legs do you have?

What Soviet leader made "Perestroika" his slogan?

How many discs did Bruce Springteen have in his live performance 

Wrote the community manifesto..

How many days during Jan 1, 1990-Dec 31,1999

Largest lake in the world?
Caspain Sea

How many states did  America have when it declared independence?

Like a Virgin was Madonna's..?
2nd album

Which igneous Rock was most common?

What on an owl's body is different size left to right?

What is DNA shaped like?
Double helix

Who is the oldest heavy weight champ in the world?
George Forman

Who is the first Roman Emperor?

Who built the Berlin Wall?
East Germany

What monk was the middle Ages most famous Natural Scientist?

Christian movement to reclaim Iberian Peninsula was?
Reconquista Movement?

Divide 29 something among x ppl, 5 left, what is x?

Euro-Disney was built in...?

What is the pillar of flame on the sun's surface?

What was not invented during the Renaissance?
Steam Engines

Who mass produced cars in 1913?

Which is a winter sport?

1st President of the US?

Made from milk?

Wingspan of the Java Bat?

China's capital?

Mistletoe uses what to attach itself to trees?

Largest desert in the world in North Africa is?

Northern wind of the Southern coast of France is?

Not multiple of 12?

Apologized to Pope during Investiture Controversy?
Henry XVI (or something... his son killed the next pope :P)

Huey and Lewis's The News 1983 hit album was named?

Columbus thought he found...?

Popular programming language is...?

Hall & Oates hit album "Private Eyes" was released in...?

300 years ago, the first roller coaster was built in...?

Main ingredient of cake is?

Name of software?

Highest latitude is?

King of Beasts is?

Highest Mt is...?

Who starred in the 1996 Movie Evita?
Madonna (I think).  If she's not a choice, it's the 3rd one, I know 

Truffle Search?

That's what I have so far on the thousands of pieces of paper I had to 
write on.  Have fun.  You get a Zetsabre for answering the questions 

5. The Digger's Test

  As far as I am aware of, the digger's test is only possible when 
playing in normal mode.  If you talk to the secretaries in other modes, 
they will go off on other topics.

In normal mode, you start with a class B license.  This is average 
difficulty and zenny.

Class A is easy to earn, and ups difficulty slightly, but not much, and 
increases zenny input slightly, but noticeable.

Class S makes a significant amount of zenny, and difficulty is upped a 
bit, but this license is horrendously hard to earn.  You start with 
this license in Hard Mode.  You can also enter the exclusive ruin on 
Saul Kada with this license and get the Hunter Seeker weapon.

I'll have a class S walkthrough up in a little bit, but here are some 

Most grounded reaverbot can be thrown at another one.
  At this, shielders destroy the target and themselves when you throw 
  Crab bots injure their target and destroy themselves when thrown at 
another bot.

  When taking on the three purple spawners, jump over one, turn around, 
fire, wait for them to get close, jump over the next one, fire, and 
repeat until they're all gone.

  For the last room, those two things are hard, so keep in the air and 
try to keep them in the center of the room.

Class C is only available in Easy Mode, and gives you an enormous 
amount of zenny, and the game is so easy it's not fun, but it's fast 
and good if you need to navigate areas easily (I didn't do that for 
this walkthrough mind you :P  My brother is just sifting around :P).

The SS class license is pretty nice, but it’s annoying in the difficulty.  Bola 
is extremely hard now with the frogs, but there’s enough money flowing through 
to keep you pumped up.  It is achieved by entering Very Hard mode.

6. Miscellaneous Things

Shades of blue
Megaman can change the shades of blue by becoming bad by beating up 
animals, or trashing cans.
  This allows him to sell the Reaverbot Claw to a man hidden in the 
third island, and also buy his goods.  You have to be TWO shades darker 
in order to deal with him.  Unfortunately, the people dislike him now.  He 
cannot take the mayor’s quiz, and prices are increased by 20% (OUCH!)

  Light Megaman gets discounts, and he's just bright.  Donate lots of 
money to the church to become light.

I have yet to determine if there is any prize for getting 1st place in 
all 3 races.  I have scored 1st place in only the Manda course so far.

Different entries of diaries
There are different entries for certain things, such as when Roll goes 
on the dig with you at the beginning, if she gets hit, it's different, 
if you hit her, it's even more different.

All right, I figured it out.  You get it when you see Roll’s bath scene, and 
that occurs after you buy all the gifts for her.

7. Credits

Thanks go out to the following people:

Jedi Kestrel (jedi_kestrel@hotmail.com) for doing some logical thinking 
and answering some of the unanswered questions on the Mayor's Quiz 

Cloud (cloud_pikachu@hotmail.com) for telling me the existence of the 
Hunter Seeker.  Also reminded me of the spread buster, which is 
mysteriously forgotten….

Um… I know I’m still adding…  Sorry if you’re not here yet, but I still haven’t 
organized myself, nor my e-mails.

This document is property of Kaji Ryoji, copyright 2000.

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