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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MegaBoy

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/09/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Mega Man Legends 2 Walkthought
    By Mega Boy
    Version 1.0 - December 09th 2000
    - Updated the FAQ section.
    This walkthrought can be used for either Rockman Dash 2 or Mega Man Legends 2
    Read all this file before sending me any questions.
    Check also if you have the last version of this walkthrough.
    1- Rescue Gramps
    1.1- Save Data
        Your mission is to put out the fire with the Aqua Blaster and save Data
    (no, I didn't ask you to save your game :) Be careful in the living room, when
    you extenguish the fire near the far left door, it will explode. Finally, get
    to the kitchen and clear the area... and Data, if he gets burned.
    1.2- Build Dropship
        Flutter items: Rapid Fire, Broken Motor, Picnic Lunch, 9000Z
        Yosyonke town items: Broken Vacuum, Mechanic Notes 1, Reaverbot Claw, 1000Z
    1.3- Portal 1
        Goal: Find Joe, beat the boss and get the Refractor A
        Items: Broken Model Gun, Old Hoverjets, Refractor A, 900Z
        You will be on a snowy field with rabbits and Reaverbots: Avoid contact
    with both. Once inside the ruin, explore the rooms before going down one floor.
        Guardian: Spike Giant
            This boss has a weak spot, the pink spike in is butt. If you get close
    enough, he won't have the time to move at all.
    1.4- Enter the Forbidden Area
        Goal: Beat the boss
        Guardian: Giant Mammoth
            Classic battle, run around and shoot. Be careful of its shockwave
    thought, don't jump too fast because it is slow. It is a long, but easy battle
    if you don't get stuck against a pillar while running.
    1.5- Sulphur Bottom
        Items: Heavy Duty Gear, 5300Z
    Note: In each of the four Sealed Key ruins, you will have to find panels that
    will give you the map and items location, unlock doors or help you access to
    other parts of the ruins. Be sure to find them all.
    2- Manda Sub-Gate
    2.1- Portal 2
        Goal: Get the Refractor B
        Weapon suggested: Vacuum Arm
        Items: Mechanic Notes 2, Bomb Schematic, Refractor B, 18800Z
        Guardian: Spike Giant
            Use the same strategy as the previous one.
    2.2- Crabbot's attack!
        Weapon suggested: Homing Missile
        Tron's back, and she is more determined than ever to prove herself to Mega
    Man. It's up to you if you want to preserve the village, you'll just have to
    pay to rebuild it if you don't. Anyway, use your special weapon when you have a
    clear shot, otherwise run around and shoot your buster. When she spins around,
    there's not much you can do, except avoiding her.
        Pokte Village items: Bowling Ball, Broken Drill, 7800Z
    2.3- Manda Sub-Gate
        Goal: Unlock the two doors, get the Card Key, raise the bridge, beat the
    Guardian and get the first key
        Weapon suggested: Drill Arm
        Items: Thick Pipe, Rusted Mine, Normal Helmet, 37000Z
        As you enter, you will see a blue monolith, you need the Card Key to
    activate it and raise the bridge to upper part of the ruin.
        Boss: Bola
            The first time you encounter him, he is quite easy: run and shoot. When
    he throws his knifes, you can jump, but you wouldn't need to if you run fast
        Boss: Bola 2
            A little more different: Five wheeled spikes on the floor prevent you
    from running. Stay in place and shoot, but don't get to close to the wall or
    you won't be able to jump over his knife he's throwing.
            When you see him stop and tap his sword on his shoulder, jump away at
    the last second to avoid his dashing attack. One last thing: when Bola gets
    over the middle wheel and attracks the other one, they won't return at the same
    place but rotate a little.
        Guardian: Bubble Frog
            Always stay on one of the four high columns, but never on the same
            one of the boss, it could poison you. Once in a while, the frog will
            eat the dragonfly to restore some of his energy, so destroy the fly
            when you see it. The attacks you should worry about are its tongue
            and the bubbles it produces, beside that, the battle is quite easy.
    3- Nino Sub-Gate
        Nino Platform items: 4500Z
    3.1- Portal 3
        Goal: Get money
        Weapon suggested: Drill Arm
        Items: 18000Z
        Guardian: 2 Red Mantis
            The mantis are not very hard, just run around.
    3.2- BirdBots' attack!
        Weapon suggested: Homing Missile or Buster Gun
        The Birdbots are here to invade Nino. In each little missions, you'll have
    to protect the fortress from being destroyed while the citizens prepare the
    cannons to counter-attack. Go to each door one after the other and take to
    elevator and ladder to the top.
        Door #1: Shoot the Birdbots approaching the door, blow out the crates in
    front of it and wait for the right switch to pass from red to blue to activate
    it. Then you'll be called to door #2.
        Door #2: Even more easy, just blow out the Birdbots until you are called to
    door #3.
        Door #3: That one's a little tougher, protect the door against the Birdbots
    and take down the battleship.
        Upper platform: Concentrate on the Birdbots until the battle with the plane
    begins. When the plane drops on you, jump away.
    4- Calbania
        Items: 2000Z
        Weapon suggested: Homing Missile
    4.1- Portal 4
        Goal: Get Refractor A
        Items: Sniper Unit, Rusty Bazooka, Refractor A, 57500Z
    4.2- BirdBots Fortress
        Goal: Free the hostage girl
        Items: Fried Chicken, Accessory Pack
        This battle will be separated in six area:
        Front: Take down the cannons and tanks and be careful that none of the two
    kids get knowcked out, or else, you'll have to carry them to the side.
        Fortress side #1: The kids will get you a boost to get inside. Destroy the
    enemies and get the access key. You can get outside the fortress to save, Data
    will be here.
        Fortress side #2: Two cannons and an high tower. Shoot down the birdbots
    throwing bombs at you. Don't forget to search the ruins of this fortress side.
    You can get two items here.
        Fortress side #3: Fight against the planes and get back outside to save,
    you'll need it.
        Fortress side #4: Three big tanks need to be destroyed here, plus the
    Birdbots. After the battle, equip the Lifter instead of your special weapon and
    put the metal crates near the balcony, so you can get up there and enter.
        Inside and front door: After knocking down the Birdbots and saving the
    girl, a Birdbot will lauch the auto-destruct sequence. You'll have to act fast:
    destroy the Birdbots, the tanks and the cannon over the big door. When it's
    done, equip the Lifter and carry the girl over the door. If the countdown gets
    to zero, everything blows up!
    5- Nino again
    5.1- Glyde's attack
        Weapon suggested: Machine Gun Arm
        Roll will activate the ultimate weapon to take down Glyde's ship, but
    you'll have to protect her until the weapon is ready. Equip a weapon with high
    range and blow out the missiles as quickly as you can. When the meter indicates
    100%, Roll will be ready to active this weapon with... unexpected effects ;) Go
    see the Guildmaster for two items: Firecracker, Rebreather
    5.2- Nino Sub-Gate
        Goal: Fill the ruin with water, beat the Guardians and get the second key
        Weapon suggested: Drill Arm
        Items: Mechanic Notes 3, Power Blaster, Range Booster Alpha, Sower, 121500Z
        This ruin is special, because you can fill it with water with a control
    panel. I suggest that you left the water on until you reach the fifth level.
    You will move slower, but you will jump higher and be able to pick up heavy
    blocks. Don't forget to wear your Hydrojets.
        Guardians: Spark Medusas
            Those three jellyfishes are not very dangerous, avoid the sparks and
    you will win without a scratch. They are invincible when they spin. Also,
    concentrate on one and then, lower the energy of the second one as low as
    possible before destroying third one, because the last one is harder when it is
        Boss: Claymore
            Claymore don't like to move around, he'll stay in place and shoot
    around. Just run around and he'll be gone before you know it. Althought, watch
    where he shoots because he can shoot ahead of where you're running, so jump.
        Boss: Claymore 2
            Same battle, even if Claymore has learned some new tricks, the same
    strategy applies here. Watch out for his lasers.
    6- Saul Kada Sub-Gate
    6.1- Portal 5 (Class S Licence)
        Goal: Get the Refractor S
        Weapon suggested: Hyper Shell
        Items: Sensor, Mechanic Notes 6, Refractor S, 40000Z
        Guardian: Spark Medusas
    6.2- Tiesel's Attack!
        Saul Kada Items: 6800Z
        Weapon suggested: Hyper Shell
        When you enter the city, you can choose either the right or left big door.
    Choose the right door, you'll encounter a giant cannon and three turrets.
    Instead of shooting them right away, open the left door and you'll be able to
    attack from the back. You'll get the blue key and access a small room. Talk to
    the big guy, return to the beginning of the city and go throught the big left
    door. You'll arrive to a place with electric fences, but don't attack yet. Go
    to the right, destroy the crates and talk to the big guy again who is waiting
    for you. He'll give you a lift and destroy all the fences and mines. On the
    other side, you'll encounter some citizens. Buy at the junk or gift shop and
    find the red key hidden behind a counter. Finally, save your game with Data and
    meet Tiesel.
        Tiesel's back and he's got a ace up his sleeve: He stole the city statue
    and put it on his mecha. Be careful not to destroy it or you'll have to pay it
    back. Don't bother getting on the middle platform where Tiesel is, he'll
    protect himself with the statue. Get on one of the four corner platform or run
    around the center platform and shoot him slowly with a not too powerful weapon,
    or else the statue will get damaged too. If the statue should be destroyed,
    Tiesel will perform different attacks: he'll dive in the sand and get out to
    	After the battle, there will be a guy hidden behind one of the platforms. He
    will sell you the Taser, but only if you have been a bad guy during the game.
    6.3- Saul Kada Sub-Gate
        Goal: Unlock the security systems A, B and C, beat the Lava Pillar
    sub-boss, beat the Guardian, beat Tron and Bon and get the third key
        Weapon suggested: Hyper Shell
        Items: Autofire Unit Omega, Soft Ball, Mechanic Notes 5, 69000Z
        Strangely, you will meet the guardian almost in the beginning, but you
    cannot beat it yet, continue on your journey. Don't forget to wear your
    Asbestos shoes. They won't protect you completly from lava, but you won't sink
    in it.
        Boss: Lava Pillar
            With the help of the Bonnes, equip the Lifter, grab the Reaverbots and
    throw them at the pillar in the middle of the room. Act quickly, because the
    pillar regenerates itself slowly.
        Guardian: Giant Skeleton
            This boss too is easy: avoid his fire, sparks and shockwave and this
            guy's a goner.
        Boss: Tron's Gustav
            Surprisingly, Tron is not that difficult: run around and shoot. If her
    shield is up, stop shooting and resume as soon as she removes it. Keep your
    distances, she's got a flame-thrower.
        Boss: Bon
            Bon too isn't too hard, just watch out for the lava. When he lauches
    his fists, he is invincible.
    7- Kalinka Sub-Gate
    7.1- Villain's final attack!
        Weapon Suggested: Hyper Shell with maximum range and attack
        Glyde and the Bonnes attack you on a train race. You must protect your
    train and destroy Glyde's and the Bonne's wagons. Choose a long range and
    powerful weapon and you won't have any problem. The thing you should worry
    about are the Servbots throwing bombs at you. But if you use a powerful weapon,
    shoot at the main target and the shockwave will knock them away. Right after
    the battle, get the Spike Chip in the area after the train was.
    7.2- Kalinka Sub-Gate
        Goal: Unlock the doors and the Crystals, trap the elephants, capture the
    Keys, get the fourth key and beat the Guardian
        Weapon suggested: Hyper Shell
        Items: Laser Manual, Shield Generator, Turbo Charger Omega, 88000Z
        While digging the ruin, you will encounter blue and red pyramid-shaped
    crystals which blocks the way to another part of the ruin. You need the Blue
    and Red key to unlock them at their panels. The Red Crystal is not neccessary,
    but it leads to an important item. Wear the Cleated Shoes.
        Guardian: Ice Cell
            Is this the Yellow Devil from the classic Mega Man series? It's a
            head incased into some jelly. Anyway, run around and keep your
            distances. When platforms appears above you, climb them or else
            you'll catch on "cold fire" because of the icy floor. After a while,
            the cell will chase you rapidly, don't bother shooting it and run
            away until it calms down.
    8- Elysium Library
        When the fourth key is returned to Bluecher, an important event will occur.
    Pay attention to everything that will be told and done.
    8.1- Geast's attack!
        There is an aerial battle between the light-skinned guy (Geast) and the
        dark skinned guy (Gast). Geast will win the duel, so you will have to beat
    him. He is not very difficult, shoot him and avoid his dashs. When Geast has
        lost most of his energy, he will not be able to fly anymore and he will
        land. Continue to shoot him from a distance.
        Finally, everything is revealed: Rock's past, why he lost his memory and
    his mission. This can be confusing a little, so listen carefully.
    8.2- Defense Area
        Goal: Get the Giant Refractor
        Weapon suggested: Hyper Shell
        Items: Green Eye, Energizer Pack Omega, Booster Pack Omega, Sniper Unit
    Omega, Giant Refractor, 146000Z
        You land on Elysium for the final showdown! You must travel throught the
        Defense Area to get to the Library. Some Reaverbots are new, some aren't.
    Equip yourself correctly and you shouldn't have any problem. There are some
    control rooms that will allow you to alter gravity and load data from Library's
    system. Always put low-gravity, because some time, you will encounter some pink
    beams that will put you in high gravity. High gravity are needed thought to
    break some floors and access hidden control rooms and chests. Some doors will
    be locked depending on the gravity. As usual, try to find the map and item
    consoles to see if you have missed any items.
    8.3- Side Area
        Items: Accessory Pack Alpha, 60000Z
        Finally outside! This area can be quite confusing at first, but it is
        quite simple. There are little islands at each eight cardinal points and
        you must get to the central island. You start at the South-West island
        and there are four Warp Doors on each island. (Not all of them are
        active) Some islands have a warp door to a far away island. Look at the map
    to understand better. Start by moving counter-clockwise to get to South, there
    is a warp to a chest on extreme South. Then move clockwise until you reach
    East, get a chest on the extreme East and move to the Central island. There,
    you should find an elevator that will lead you to the Shuttle Bay. Go back to
    Terra (Earth) to upgrade and have Roll build the Shining Laser. Back on the
    Central island, enter the building and save with Data.
    8.4- Center Area
        Weapon suggested: Shining Laser
        Items: 250000Z
        There are no Reaverbots or traps here but, you will encounter the four
        guardians again. One by level, plus the final boss at the last one.
        Finally, you get to the Library, save and follow the animation...
        Final Battle!!
            As you touch the Library's computer, Sera will try to "terminate your
    program", as Juno would say. :)
            First form: As usual, run around and jump when the boss attacks.
            When you see her surrounded by many pods, the gravity will be very
            high, so jump as high as you can when she creates a shockwave or run
            Second form: This part is quite difficult, but the trick is to stay
            as far as possible. Anticipating her attacks is the key by watching
            her moves and listening to her. When she does her Black Hole attack,
            dash to the opposite side. This attack doesn't hurt you, but makes
            you an easy target because it attracks you down. Her various attack
            includes: Meteors, Multi-Lasers, Giant Wave and Sweeping Ray.
    Weapons and Items
    - Body Parts
        Normal Helmet
        Padded Helmet
        Normal Armor
        Padded Armor
        Padded Armor Omega
        Link Armor
        Link Armor Omega
        Kevlar Armor
        Kevlar Armor Omega
        Jet Skates
            Used for dashing
        Hover Shoes
            Protects against electrified floors
            Used for dashing underwater
        Asbestos Shoes
            Protects from lava
        Cleated Shoes
            Prevents you from slipping on ice
    - Buster Parts
        Accessory Pack        Atk+1    Eng+1    Rng+1    Rpd+1
        Accessory Pack Alpha  Atk+2    Eng+2    Rng+2    Rpd+1
        Accessory Pack Omega  Atk MAX  Eng MAX  Rng MAX  Rpd Max (In Easy mode
        Autofire Unit         Eng+2    Rpd+1
        Autofire Unit Omega   Eng+3    Rpd+2
        Blaster Unit          Atk+1    Eng+2
        Blaster Unit Omega    Atk+2    Eng+3
        Booster Pack          Atk+1    Eng+1    Rpd+1
        Booster Pack Omega    Atk+3    Eng+3    Rpd+1
        Buster Unit           Atk+1    Rng+2
        Buster Unit Omega     Atk+2    Rng+3
        Energizer Pack        Eng+1    Rng+1    Rpd+1
        Energizer Pack Omega  Eng+3    Rng+1    Rpd+3
        Power Blaster         Atk+2    Rpd+1
        Power Blaster Omega   Atk+3    Rpd+2
        Power Raiser          Atk+2
        Power Raiser Alpha    Atk+4
        Power Raiser Omega    Atk MAX
        Range Booster         Rng+2
        Range Booster Alpha   Rng+4
        Range Booster Omega   Rng MAX
        Rapid Fire            Rpd+2
        Rapid Fire Alpha      Rpd+4
        Rapid Fire Omega      Rpd MAX
        Sniper Unit           Eng+1    Rng+2
        Sniper Unit Omega     Eng+2    Rng+3
        Turbo Charger         Eng+2
        Turbo Charge Alpha    Eng+4
        Turbo Charge Omega    Eng MAX
        Upgrade Pack          Atk+1    Eng+1    Rng+1
        Upgrade Pack Omega    Atk+1    Eng+3    Rng+3
    - Weapons
        When you unequip your special weapon, you can grab items and enemies and
    carry them along.
    Buster Cannon (Thick Pipe + Artillery Note)
        Shoots a energy ball
        Very fast and powerful, but gives a little recoil
    Hyper Shell (Rusty Bazooka + Firecracker)
        Shoots a homing energy ball
        Powerful weapon, but slow to recharge
    Homing Missile (Bottle Rocket + Radar Notes)
        Shoots homing missiles
        Good all-around weapon
    Ground Crawler (Bowling Ball + Rusted Mine)
        Shoots little bug-like bombs. They crawl on the floor and walls until
        they explode
        Hard to predict when they explode
    Vacuum Arm (Broken Motor + Broken Vacuum)
        Sucks refractors and power-ups, no attack potential
        Very cheap to upgrade. Useful when digging for money
    Reflector Arm (Bomb Schematic + Superball)
        Shoots iron balls that rebound on the walls
    Shield Arm (Shield Generator + Shielding Notes)
        Creates an energy field all around you
        Does not protect against powerful attacks
    Blade Arm (Zetsabre + Beam Blade Notes)
        Sword-like attack. Press the button quickly to execute a combo
    Shining Laser (Laser Manual + Green Eye)
        Shoots a powerful continuous ray of light
        Best weapon of the game, but incredibly hard to upgrade
    Machine Gun Arm (Broken Model Gun + Long Barrel)
        Shoots shells at a fast rate
        Not very powerful
    Spread Buster (Sower + Spread Fire Notes)
        Shoots many small energy balls on a wide range
    Aqua Blaster
        Shoots water
        Only used in the Flutter
    Drill Arm (Broken Drill + Heavy Duty Gear)
        A drill is attached to your arm, can broke some weak walls
        Powerful, but low range. Cheap to upgrade
    Crusher (Soft Ball + Taser)
    	Produces a big electric ball that will shock everything around.
    Hunter Seeker (Sensor + Autofire Notes)
    	You shoot small drones that will shoot at enemies at the same time as you.
    After some time, they explode.
    - Junk Shop Items
    Life Pack (5 in total)
        Adds a unit to your life gauge
    Energy Canteen
        Used to refill your energy, can be refilled at the stores
    Extra Pack (99 in total)
        Adds a unit to your Energy Canteen
    Medecine Bottle
        Used to cure your status, can be refilled at the stores
    Medicine Pack (99 in total)
        Adds a unit to your Medecine Bottle
    Hyper Cartridge (1 at a time)
        Refills your Special Weapon energy
    Flame Barrier
        Protects against Fire status
    Light Barrier
        Protects against Numbed status
        Used to make the Jet Skates
    Joint Plug
        Used to make the Adaptor Plug
    Light Chip
        Used to make the Hover Shoes
    Aqua Chip
        Used to make the Hydrojets
    Resist Chip
        Used to make the Asbestos Shoes
    Spike Chip
        Used to make the Cleated Shoes
    Padded Helmet
    Normal Armor
    Padded Armor
    Padded Armor Omega
    Link Armor
    Link Armor Omega
    Kevlar Armor
    Kevlar Armor Omega
    Buster Parts (20 in total)
    Refractor B (Can be sold)
    Refractor A (Can be sold)
    Refractor S (Can be sold)
    - Gifts Shop Items
        Gift to Roll
        Gift to Roll
    Sulphur Bottom Model
        Gift to Roll
    Comic Book
    Game Cartridge
    - Special Items
        Class B Licence
        Class A Licence
        Class S Licence
        Class SS Licence!
        2 letters from Servbots and 3 from the twins
        Lots of keys from the Sub-gates
    - Pokte Village Quiz Items
    	Quiz Notes
    	Candy Apple
    	Pokte Tea
    	Pokte Mug
    	Zetsabre (From the 100-questions quiz)
    - Other Items
        Mechanic Notes 1 -> Radar Notes
        Mechanic Notes 2 -> Artillery Notes
        Mechanic Notes 3 -> Spread Fire Notes
        Mechanic Notes 4 -> Beam Blade Notes
        Mechanic Notes 5 -> Shielding Notes
        Mechanic Notes 6 -> Autofire Notes
        Picnic Lunch (In the fridge of the Flutter)
    - Fire
        You will take on fire and lose slowly your energy
    - Numbed
        Your abilities will be reduced by one half: jumping, running...
    - Frozen
        Same as fire status
    - Jammed
        You will not be able to shoot your Mega Buster and your Special Weapon
    energy will drop drastically
    Sub-Quests and Happenings
    Roll's shower
        This one is just for fun: When you get on the bridge and Roll is not there,
        Go to the Bathroom and you'll surprise Roll taking a bath. Unfortunately,
    you don't see anything. ;)
    Pokte Quiz
    	Outside of Pokte village, there is the house of the mayor. The mayor and two
    of her students will test your knowledge. Pass all the quizzes and you will get
    interesting items.
        As with MML, you have three races and you win money if you complete them
    within the time required.
    	To enter the races, you must talk to the guy guarding the gold statue in Saul
    Licence upgrading
        Upgrading your Digger Licence can allow you access to certain ruins. You
        upgrade at two places:
            - Kalinka, talk to the girl in the church.
            - Nino, talk to the girl in the "Digout" room.
        They will propose you a timed challenge inside a ruin without any upgrades,
        just your normal buster. The higher the Licence, the harder the challenge.
        Getting the Class S Licence is almost impossible, I suggest taking the Hard
        Mode game instead, where you get a Class S Licence automatically.
        Remember: The higher the licence, the tougher the Reaverbots get in the
    game, but you get more money too!
    Once you beat the game, you will have access to other modes:
        - Easy: More money, easier enemies and the Accessory Pack Omega, that maxes
    every stats of your Buster! You get a Class C Licence. You can enter any ruins
    with it thought.
        - Normal: That's the mode that you begin with a Class B Licence.
        - Difficult: Less money, harder enemies, but you got a Class S Licence!
        - Very Hard: Even tougher enemies and a Class SS Licence!!
    Tips & Facts
    Each time you find one of the four keys, you have to return to the Sulphur
    Bottom, new items and upgrades will be available at the Junk Store.
    Learn to attack an enemy while circling it as soon as possible.
    However, when there are a lot of enemies around you, locking-on while circling
    is not a good idea. I recommend another technique: Stay in place and tap
    quickly on R2 as you shoot. You will attack every enemies quickly that way. It
    works great with a powerful and fast weapon or weak enemies.
    Main differences between the first and the second game
    - Except for one (in Saul Kada Portal), all cracks in wall holds money.
    - Roll doesn't develop Buster Parts anymore, you buy them or find them.
    - You now got capsules to refill your weapons (the blue ones).
    - The ruins are not connected together.
    - You can move while locking-up on an enemy.
    References to Mega Man and Mega Man X
    - A black Zero poster in the Gift shop in Kalinka
    - A Mega Man animation on the TV of the bar in Kalinka
    - Comic books with Kalinka or Ice Man in some houses of Kalinka
    - When you buy a Comic Book from a Gift Shop, you'll see it Rock's bedroom,
    with Mega Man on the cover.
    - If you read Barrel's books in his room, you learned that Roll named Mega
    Man... after her favorite videogame.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: What is the difference between a Portal and a Gub-gate?
    A: You don't need to enter the Portals to complete the games. But the Sub-gates
    containing the Sealed Keys need to be completed.
    Q: Where is the "Heavy Duty Gear"?
    A: On the lower deck of the Sulphur Bottom in a crate, hidden behind a column
    next to the elevator.
    Q: I'm in the Nino Sub-gate, I see a very high red wall. How can I jump over
    I try to pick up the blocks around, but I cannot lift them.
    A: You need first to fill the ruin with water, then you will be able to lift
    the blocks and use them to jump over the wall.
    Q: I'm in the Nino Sub-gate, on floor B-4 and there is a very far and high door
    I can't reach.
    A: When you enter the room, dash and press forward on the control pad, you
    should jump high enough to grab the ledge of the door's platform.
    Q: I'm in Saul Kada Sub-gate and the giant Reaverbot boss doesn't seem to
    suffer from my attacks.
    A: Don't waste time on it, continue in the ruins, unlocking gates. After you
    beat the Pillar sub-boss, the giant boss will be vulnerable, not before.
    Q: I'm in Saul Kada Sub-gate and there are two horizontal flames blocking me.
    A: Just shoot through them, you should destroy the panel on the other side
    controlling them.
    Q: I'm on the train fight in Yosyonke village and can't seem to make any damage
    to the first wagon shooting missiles.
    A: You either need to have the Hyper Shell with maximum range or equip the
    Lifter, pick up the missiles and throw them back at the train.
    Q: I'm in the Kalinka Sub-gate, on floor B-4 and I can't open the locked gates.
    A: You need to lure the elephant-like Reaverbots to the pits to unlock the
    Q: I'm in the Kalinka Sub-gate, on floor B-5 and I can't catch the three
    Reaverbots Keys.
    A: You need to sneak behind them by walking slowly. When you are close enough,
    you'll get them automatically.
    Q: Can we win items in the races?
    A: I'm almost 100% sure you can win only money, can anyone confirm this? :)
    Q: What do I do with: Reaverbot Claw, Mug and Pokte Tea?
    A: You can sell the Claw to the guy hidden in the place you fought Tiesel. As
    for the other items, you can sell them.
    Q: Why the guy with glasses in Saul Kada refuses to sell his items to me.
    A: You need to be dark (bad).
    Q: How can I become a bad guy?
    A: Act like one in the game.
    Q: How can I become a bad guy FAST?
    A: Kick the pig in Calbania Island as long as you (and the pig) are black.
    Q: How can I become a good guy?
    A: Make donations to the church in Yosyonke village.
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