PlayStation DexDrive Save (North America)

Save Game File07/26/17GeorgeGX64131K
100% Complete. At Main Gate as Dark Mega Man Volnutt; All Special Parts, All Buster Items, and All Special Weapons.
Save Game File04/16/01RHall131K
All weapons at max, normal,hard and easy mode unlocked, buster part BUSTER MAX, all normal items, at the first sub gate on easy mode.
Save Game File04/11/06Sizux131K
Completed final boss on normal mode, very strong.
Save Game File12/22/00wdg8131K
Easy, Normal, and Hard mode available.
Save Game File11/17/00MVPillman131K
New game started on HARD difficulty, after beating the game once.
Save Game File07/26/04XoVoLcom28182131K
Perfect File-Max Everything Weapons, Items, and All Areas Explored plus all difficulties and Dark Armor
Save Game File06/04/00MTsuboi131K
The save is near the ending, with every weapon at max

PlayStation DexDrive Save (Japan)

Save Game File09/08/02Darsel131K
Build Up save of Gokou L4, every attack super strong except KameHame...
Save Game File09/08/02Darsel131K
Saved at main gate, nice guns

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