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Reaverbot? ...What Reaverbot? 11/16/09 Arcreium
Mega Man blasts into the 3-D world! 11/24/04 Bluffnix
MegaMan is now back in a cool 3D environment game! 01/22/00 CChan
Besides Metal Gear Solid, this is the best action adventure title I've seen on the PS. 07/04/00 crazygamer
The new 3D view, option of weapons, character personalities all add up for a great game. Mega Man never looked so good! 11/01/99 DAmby
Megaman Legends is awesome! 01/20/04 DARKCLOUDSTRIFE55
Yay! 11/01/99 DJellybean
The only MegaMan I have played, and the only one that looked cool 09/27/02 Duel007
Mega Mans first step into 3-D is a good one 10/07/01 Ender
I still think it was meant for N64, but it works quite well... 02/07/00 EPoetker
A legend of a game 02/10/09 foreverfatal1
The legend of Megaman 03/22/04 i like rpgz
Can't stop the blue boy! 04/19/01 Joe the Destroyer
A good game, but the controls are terrible. 03/07/05 Megaman1981
One of the best Mega Man games I've played 06/20/08 PentiumMMX
Contrary to what the magazines say, Mega Man Legends is a highly above average game. 11/01/99 Ranma
An incredibly underrated game! 01/24/00 Sarge
The best Megaman to date! 06/20/03 Siege1331
Capcom delivers another winner 07/30/01 weltalldx
One of the greatest 3-D Action/Adventure/RPG hybrids on Playstation to date, despite its break-out from the classic, side-scrolling MegaMan. 03/31/00 Wildfire_
Mega Man waited for his own RPG and got this? 05/11/18 Wonderboy
Aye, Tron Bonne! 06/06/17 YINever
The jump to 3D is quite a pleasure... for a change. 11/01/99 ZackMan

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