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    Invention FAQ by KeyBlade999

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    • Games: MegaMan Legends 1 / MegaMan 64
    • Consoles: PlayStation, PC, Nintendo 64
    • File Type: Formatted Inventions FAQ
    • Author: KeyBlade999 (a.k.a. Daniel Chaviers)
    • Version: Final
    • Time of Update: 9:29 PM 3/13/2013
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    Welcome to another redo FAQ. Some years ago, back around 2008, I wrote my first FAQ ever. It was an FAQ/Walkthrough for this game, MegaMan Legends. It was horrible, however; a fact I slowly grew to realize as time went on and my FAQing skills improved - improved so much so that I even began to win FAQ of the Month awards in the latter half of 2012. Of course, this tragic fact was already obvious back in 2011, when I redid my FAQ/Walkthrough.

    And, heck, why not redo what was my second FAQ, my Inventions FAQ for MegaMan Legends? So I did. And even gave it another bit of a formatting overhaul early in 2013. Yeah, I'm never gonna be satisfied with these FAQs.

    Well, babbling aside, I hope you enjoy.



    You can only start making inventions after fighting the Bon Bonne up at City Hall. Afterwards, Roll comes and says the van has been repaired. You can access the van like any other door and talk to her. Ask her to invent something. She'll look at your inventory and see if she can make something. It takes one to three items.



    Ahhh, yes, for those who did look on here out of interest and are just beginning, or something, I have a direct "take-out" from my own FAQ going up to the parts shortly after the Bon Bonne boss. If you already know this stuff, go on to the next section. There isn't much extra here, I think.

    Take-out commence!


    Mystery Ruins

    A map of the first dungeon.

    From where you start, head forward. You'll be given a tutorial on how to use the Mega Buster (press Square). Continue forward and a Revearbot will pop out of the wall. Shoot at it a few times to defeat it, and do so with the other two.

    You see those crystalline objects they dropped? These are refractor shards. They, when picked up, are automatically converted to Zenny, the monetary unit of this game, similar to Gil in Final Fantasy, or Rupees in the Legend of Zelda.

    Continue forward and, at the fork, go right. Continue forward and, at the next fork, go left and destroy a few more Reaverbots.

    Return to the fork and, assuming that you are currently facing the orange/brown square (a door), go left, and then right at the fork. Ignore the message from Roll and continue to the right and down the path. Step on the switch and you'll cause six worm-like Reaverbots to fall from the ceiling. Defeat them and return to the location of the door.

    Face the door and get close to get a tutorial on opening doors (press Circle). Open the door and, in the next room, defeat the two or three Reaverbots here. Go through the door on the other side of the room.

    Here, go up the incline and approach the ledge to get a tutorial on jumping. Press X, get on the ledge, and go into the small hallway. After the three Reaverbots pass by, go into the hallway and go to the right. Turn left when you can, then go into the small room on the right. You'll find some large cube-like object. Shoot at it several times to destroy it, blasting lots of refractors and energy cubes (the red cubes; they heal one cube of the HP bar on the left).

    Anyhow, leave the room and continue down the unseen part of the hall. Turn left at the corner and then right when possible to find an energy barrier. We'll be removing this obstacle in a bit. Continue down the hall for now.

    When you emerge in the small room, you'll find a spider-like Reaverbot above you. Press R2 to lock-on to it, then Square to shoot. Pick up the refractor shards and stuff, then go into the nearby room. There, get to the small towers and kick them (press Triangle). This removes the energy field both here and the other one from earlier. Go into the area blocked by the now-gone energy field to find two chests. One contains 560 Zenny; the other, a Power Raiser. The Power Raiser is a Buster Part that increases its power - be sure to equip it.

    Return to the first energy field's location to find that it has gone. Go forward some to find that you are losing the radio connection with Roll. Continue through the door, and you'll find your first boss.

    • Name: Club Reaverbot.
    • HP Values:
      • Easy Difficulty HP: 1,024.
      • Normal Difficulty HP: 1,024.
      • Hard Difficulty HP: 2,048.
    • Refractor Appraisals:
      • Easy Difficulty Refractors: None.
      • Normal Difficulty Refractors: None.
      • Hard Difficulty Refractors: None.
    • Location: First dungeon.
    • Attacks: Slam its arm into the ground to create an explosion.
    • Recommended Buster Combo: Power Raiser + (nothing).
    • Recommended Special Weapons: None are possible.
    • Strategy: Run around it and fire your buster. Nothing else to it!

    Arrival on Kattlelox

    After the boss, you'll leave the ruins. Outside, you'll admire the blue sky before wondering where Roll went. As you do, the Club Reaverbot from earlier creeps up behind you. You slowly back up, until you almost fall off. An awkward silence and you suicidally jump off - onto the Flutter. The Club Reaverbot has no power over you now, and you fly off into the distance.

    You then climb back into the main cabin, where Roll is piloting the ship. The Flutter encounters some engine problems and you set course for Kattlelox, an island about 100 miles southwest of your location.

    You end up crash-landing on the island. Once you regain control, speak with the monkey-thing and save. Head along the path to the north. As you do, a police car will come. Return to the crash site and speak with the professor.

    After THAT scene, head along the path you were going on earlier. When you reach the door with the "N" on it, press Circle to get into Apple Market.

    There, examine the trash cans near the "S" and "N" doors to find 60 Zenny altogether. Check the box beside the electronics shop for a Broken Cleaner, and the one beside the junk shop for 100 Zenny. Go into the Junk Shop and speak with the woman inside. Select to go check on her husband. He is in the weird dome-shaped building you passed on the way here.


    Portal 1

    A map of all of the in-game dungeons. This one covers Ruins #1.

    When you enter, turn left and go along this hallway. As you pass the ledge on the left, you'll find some enemies atop it. Destroy them if you wish -- you'll be lucky to get the Zenny anyhow -- and continue forward. A Reaverbot may dash out from the side hallway at you. Destroy it and go to the dark hole on the wall. Examine to find 2,600 Zenny.

    Go down the side hallway and down the incline. Destroy the Reaverbot that dashes out at you. Continue into the rather large empty room, then go into the room on the right. Destroy all of the worm-like Reaverbots there. Jump onto the ledge and speak with the man to have him return to the Junk Shop.

    Instead of leaving, go through the doors nearby. Go down the incline and the hallway on the left. There will be four enemies in here. Destroy the standing ones first (they can shoot fireballs) if you want extra Zenny, then destroy the sitting ones. Open the chest in the room to obtain a Rapid Fire, which speeds up your rate of fire.

    Now, go back through the hallway, up the incline, and through the doors. Go right, left, and up the incline. Go left and down the hallway, then go right. Examine the blue-green thing to exit.



    Outside of the ruins, go back into Apple Market and into the junk shop. Speak with the woman for a cutscene, during which you'll get the Mine Parts Kit and permission to use their old Spotter Car.

    Return outside and speak with Roll. She'll take you inside the car and fix up the Mine Parts Kit to get you the Splash Mine. This is a land mine that will explode eventually or upon contact. You only have a limited amount of them, though, and cannot yet upgrade it.

    Once you exit the car, a policeman will come and give you your Citizen's Card, which will let you through the various city gates (the "N/E/S/W" ones). After the cutscene, go north into Apple Market. There, the north gate is blocked by some kids. Hold Circle and walk up to them to have them leave. Then head north again into Downtown for a scene, after which you'll regain control.

    After you regain control, in the eastern block, between some of the buildings, you'll find some trash cans. One yields 10 Zenny; another contains a Broken Vacuum. Go through the north gate here to City Hall. There, go into the large central building, City Hall. Upstairs, you will find Professor Barrel and the mayor, Amelia.

    After the short cutscene with them, exit City Hall and you'll find the girl from earlier, Tron Bonne, being chased by a dog. Leave City Hall through the south gate back into Downtown.

    There, you'll find Tron clinging to a light pole, with the dog nearby. Speak with Tron, and then the dog for a cutscene. After this, go back through the south gate twice to be in the Cardon Forest. There, speak with Roll. During this cutscene, some pirate ships -- this particular variety are called Draches -- will fly overhead. Roll then flees to find Prof. Barrel.

    You should head north into Apple Market. There, stop by the Junk Shop. There, buy a Power Raiser Alpha (the weird circle thing is the Greek letter alpha) and, with all your spare money, buy some Life Gauge (max health increase) and Energy Canteen/Packs. Leave the shop and speak with Data. Recharge your energy and ask him about the Junk Shop to get a Shield Repair. Save and go through the north gate.

    During the cutscene, Roll will be blocked by some policemen, who say that the situation is currently too dangerous for her to go further. The pirates' robots have locked and blocked the gate, and the cops' weapons are too weak. MegaMan then runs off to fight them. After the scene, a boss begins!

    • Names: Blumebear mecs (there are three - red, blue, and yellow); two Draches.
    • HP Values:
      • Easy Difficulty HP: 768 (Blue mec); 896 (Red mec); 1,856 (Yellow mec); 192 (Draches).
      • Normal Difficulty HP: 768 (Blue mec); 896 (Red mec); 1,856 (Yellow mec); 192 (Draches).
      • Hard Difficulty HP: 1,536 (Blue mec); 1,792 (Red mec); 3,712 (Yellow mec); 384 (Draches).
    • Refractor Appraisals:
      • Easy Difficulty Refractors: 0 ~ 10,000 Zenny per enemy (0 ~ 50,000 for all enemies).
      • Normal Difficulty Refractors: 0 ~ 2,500 Zenny per enemy (0 ~ 12,500 for all enemies).
      • Hard Difficulty Refractors: 0 ~ 2,500 Zenny per enemy (0 ~ 12,500 for all enemies).
    • Location: Downtown.
    • Attacks: The mecs can shoot at you and run you over. The Draches can shoot from above.
    • Recommended Buster Combo: Power Raiser Alpha + Power Raiser/Range Booster Alpha.
    • Recommended Special Weapon: Splash Mine.
    • Strategy: Immediately after the fight begins, run up to the nearest Blumebear mec (usually the yellow one) and start pressing Triangle to release mines at it. Excepting Hard difficulty, you'll usually defeat the mec before it can run off. After they do run off, look around for the Draches in the air and shoot them down by locking onto them. As for the remaining mecs, you'll have to hunt them down and chase them. Shoot them as you go and dodge as needed. The blue mec specializes in speed - you'll really want to try cutting corners and taking alleyways with it. Whenever you grab the Bonne Family Key, this battle ends.

    After this battle and a cutscene, you'll fight another robot, commanded by Tron.

    • Name: Feldynaught.
    • HP Values:
      • Easy Difficulty HP: 4,096.
      • Normal Difficulty HP: 4,096.
      • Hard Difficulty HP: 8,192.
    • Refractor Appraisals:
      • Easy Difficulty Refractors: None.
      • Normal Difficulty Refractors: None.
      • Hard Difficulty Refractors: None.
    • Location: Downtown.
    • Attacks: It can fire bombs or embers either directly at you or in a circular motion. It can also put its front legs together to unleash a wave of fire, or generally run at you.
    • Recommended Buster Combo: Power Raiser Alpha + Power Raiser/Range Booster Alpha.
    • Recommended Special Weapon: Splash Mine.
    • Strategy: The strategy itself is simple. Dodge the attacks and shoot at the legs. Whenever it puts it legs together for the fire wave, get near and unleash mines on it.

    After this battle, Tron will flee in a Drache. Head to the skull-marked gate and speak with Data. Recharge your health and weapon ammo, then speak with him. Ask him one of the questions -- not sure which -- and say "no" to his question about having range-boosting Buster Parts. He'll give you the Range Booster Alpha. Tell him "yes", he's a good boy (he'll take it away otherwise), and then save. Go through the gate.

    After the cutscene there, you'll now have to fight some tanks that are destroying the buildings of City Hall.

    • Names: Maiberu Haagen mecs (red/yellow tanks); Horunisse (red/blue/orange carriers).
    • HP Values:
      • Easy Difficulty HP: 768 (yellow tanks); 384 (red tanks); 576 (the Horunisse).
      • Normal Difficulty HP: 768 (yellow tanks); 384 (red tanks); 576 (the Horunisse).
      • Hard Difficulty HP: 1,536 (yellow tanks); 768 (red tanks); 1,152 (the Horunisse).
    • Refractor Appraisals:
      • Easy Difficulty Refractors: 0 ~ 10,000 per enemy.
      • Normal Difficulty Refractors: 0 ~ 2,500 per enemy.
      • Hard Difficulty Refractors: 0 ~ 2,500 per enemy.
    • Location: City Hall.
    • Attacks: The tanks can ram you or the buildings. The yellow ones focus on the nearest object, while the red ones focus solely on City Hall. The carrying bots (red, orange, and blue) can fire bombs at you; otherwise, they are bringing in some more tanks.
    • Recommended Buster Combo: Power Raiser Alpha + Range Booster Alpha.
    • Recommended Special Weapon: Splash Mine (it's the only one you can have).
    • Strategy: Begin by focusing on the flying robots. Lock-on to them and shoot at them. The bombs, although aimed at you, rarely hit, so you'll be fine in that aspect. Your goal is to shoot down all three - otherwise, they'll bring in more and more tanks. After this, go around the area and blow up the tanks. You can shoot them, or use mines. Whenever they are all done, you can proceed.

    After this battle, a scene occurs and another boss fight ensues!

    • Name: Bon Bonne.
    • HP Values:
      • Easy Difficulty HP: 2,496.
      • Normal Difficulty HP: 2,496.
      • Hard Difficulty HP: 4,992.
    • Refractor Appraisals:
      • Easy Difficulty Refractors: None.
      • Normal Difficulty Refractors: None.
      • Hard Difficulty Refractors: None.
    • Location: City Hall.
    • Attacks: He can shoot some homing missiles - run toward him to avoid them. He can also use a party blower or something - just roll to the side. He finally will also try to slap you. Just go away to avoid it.
    • Recommended Buster Combo: Power Raiser Alpha + Power Raiser.
    • Recommended Special Weapon: Splash Mine (though it's useless).
    • Strategy: Simply shoot at him and dodge the attacks.

    See my full guide for rest.


    That there should be enough to figure out how to get the invention process unlocked. If you weren't reading previously, beat Bon Bonne, go to the van, and ask Roll to invent something, okay?

    Now, for the listings...


    Special Items

    These are the items that may be not necessary, such as the Adapter Plug and Flak and Kevlar Jackets. Some are stat boosters, such as speed or jump boosts. Some, such as the Cardon Starter Keys and the Bonne Family Key, are necessary for unlocking or otherwise obtaining something.

    Item NameMade With
    Adapter PlugJoint Plug
    HelmetSafety Helmet
    Jet SkatesOld Hoverjets, Rollerboard
    Jump Springs (necessary)Spring Set

    Special Weapons

    These are more powerful or, in the case of the Vacuum and Shield Arms, helpful versions of the Mega Buster, in a sense. The Buster can still be used, but these are usually optional for usage, except in the case of the Grand Grenade. They have varying stats, but are generally better than the Mega Buster.

    Special WeaponMade With
    Active BusterGuidance Unit
    Blade ArmPen Light, Zetsabre
    Drill ArmBlunted Drill
    Grand GrenadeBomb Schematic
    Grenade ArmGrenade Kit
    Machine BusterBlumebear Parts
    Powered BusterCannon Kit
    Shield ArmMystic Orb, Marlwolf Shell
    Shining LaserX Buster, Prism Crystal, Weapon Plans
    Splash MineMine Parts Kit
    Spread BusterAncient Book, Arm Supporter, Old Launcher
    Vacuum ArmBroken Propeller, Broken Vacuum, Broken Cleaner

    Buster Parts

    These are attached to the Mega Buster to raise its stats. Usually, it'll still not be as powerful as a special weapon, but will be good if the Special Weapon is out of ammo. These, too, raise stats variously and you may equip two. A third can be equipped if you have the Adapter Plug, made with the Joint Plug found in the Lake Jyun Sub-Gate.

    Buster PartMade WithBuster Effects
    Auto BatteryGenerator Part, Autofire BarrelENG +7 (maxed)
    Gatling GunGatling Part, Flower PearlATK/RNG +1, ENG +4
    Machine GunRapidfire BarrelRPD +1, ENG +2
    Omni-Unit OmegaMain Core Shard, Broken Circuits, Sun-LightATK/ENG/RNG +2, RPD +1
    Power Blaster LBombATK +2, RPD +1
    Power Blaster RPlastiqueATK +2, RNG +1
    Sniper ScopeTele-Lens, Target SensorRNG +5, ATK +1

    Invention Item List

    This is simply where you can find the items needed to make the above inventions, as well as what they are used in.

    Item NameLocation Found.Item Used To Make
    Ancient BookPortal 2/Portal 3/Clozer Woods link.Spread Buster
    Arm SupporterPolice sidequest (stolen cash).Spread Buster
    Autofire BarrelMain Gate.Auto Battery
    Blumebear PartsDowntown trashcan (after the Bon Bonne fight).Machine Buster
    Blunted DrillMain Gate.Drill Arm
    BombPolice sidequest (bomb diffusing).Power Blaster R
    Bomb SchematicsFlutter, Gramps's room, old-style chest.Grand Grenade
    Broken CircuitsFinish Jim's Hideout.Omni-Unit Omega
    Broken CleanerApple Market box.Vacuum Arm
    Broken PropellerUptown trashcan.Vacuum Arm
    Broken VacuumDowntown trashcan.Vacuum Arm
    Cannon KitPortal 3.Powered Buster
    Flower PearlHospital sidequestGatling Gun
    Gatling PartLake Jyun Sub-Gate.Machine Gun
    Generator PartMain Gate/Portal 1/Portal 2 link.Auto Battery
    Grenade KitCardon Sub-Gate.Grenade Arm
    Guidance UnitClozer Woods Sub-gate.Active Buster
    Joint PlugLake Jyun Sub-Gate.Adapter Plug
    Main Core ShardPortal 2.Omni-Unit Omega
    Marlwolf ShellTrade for a beetle after finishing Jim's Hideout.Shield Arm
    Mine Parts KitSave the Junk Store owner.Splash Mine
    Mystic OrbWin Balloon Fantasy, Rank A.Shield Arm
    Old HoverjetsLake Jyun Sub-Gate.Jet Skates
    Old LauncherLake Jyun Sub-Gate/Portal 2 link.Spread Buster
    Pen LightPortal 2.Blade Arm
    PlastiquePolice sidequest (bomb diffusing).Power Blaster L
    Prism CrystalMuseum sidequest.Shining Laser
    RapidfireBarrelPortal 2/Portal 3/Clozer Woods link.Machine Gun
    RollerboardPortal 2.Jet Skates
    Safety HelmetYass Plains.Helmet
    Sun-LightPregnant Woman sidequest.Omni-Unit Omega
    Target SensorClozer Woods Sub-gate.Sniper Scope
    Tele-LensClozer Woods Sub-gate.Sniper Scope
    Weapon PlansPortal 2/Portal 3/Clozer Woods link.Shining Laser
    X BusterJim's Hideout, trade for the Comic.Shining Laser
    ZetsabreWin Beast Hunter, Rank A.Blade Arm


    In no particular order...

    • Immortal_Tiger:
      • Pointed out an item for the Spread Buster, the Old Launcher.
    • StarFighters76:
      • All image credits go to this skilled game cartographer!
    • My Prima Games strategy guide:
      • For various enemy names and stats.
    • GameFAQs, Neoseeker, and Supercheats:
      • For being the most amazing FAQ-hosting sites I know.
    • CJayC, SBAllen, and Devin Morgan:
      • General sucking up to the GameFAQs admins. =P
    • Me (KeyBlade999):
      • For making this FAQ. =P
    • You, the reader:
      • For hopefully enjoying this FAQ.

    Version History

    • Final:
      • Done in mere hours. Accepting errors/suggestions.
      • Time: 7:44 PM 11/17/2009
    • Re-Final:
      • Brought to Formatted FAQ format, with major revising.
      • Time: 1:00 AM 8/7/2011

    Post-Final Changes:

    • Update #1:
      • Did a major revamp of the Boss Bestiaries by adding difficulty-specific info in the Mini-Walkthrough. There was also some general, mild editing.
      • Time: 1:12 AM 11/24/2011.
    • Update #2:
      • Added the Old Launcher to the Invention Item List - must have forgot earlier. Like two years earlier... v_v
      • Time: 12:11 AM 11/29/2011.
    • Update #3:
      • A formatting overhaul to accommodate my current style; mostly back-end, but you glean benefits as well. Also re-did the Mini-Walkthrough and went a bit more thorough on some of the items.
      • Time: 9:29 PM 3/13/2013.


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    Additionally, all of the maps in this FAQ are copyrighted by StarFighters76. I have no say in whether they can be distributed. All questions about his maps must be directed to him, and not me.

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    This is the end of KeyBlade999's MegaMan Legends 1 Inventions FAQ.

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