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    Sidequest FAQ by KlownArt

    Version: 2.1 | Updated: 09/15/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ((((((((((((Megaman Legends Sidequests FAQ))))))))))))
    1/ Let's Get Started
    2/ Version History
    3/ Legality
    4/ Special Thanks 
    5/ Controls
    6/ The Sidequests
      6.1- Rebuild the City
      6.2- Items for Roll
      6.3- Police Missions
      6.4- Jim's Gang
      6.5- Game Shows
      6.6- Save Ira
      6.7- Pregnant Woman
      6.8- Roll is Changing
      6.9- Collecting Cats
      6.10- Stop the Servebots
      6.11- Museum
    7/ Money Making Strategies
    8/ Frequently Asked Questions
    9/ Contact Me
    1/ Let's Get Started
    I developed this FAQ for many reasons. The most important is because I have 
    never made one before and I wanted to see if I could. Secondly, I want to 
    create some more interest in this game. Megaman Legends is my favorite game of 
    all time and I know it inside and out. Lastly, there are a couple of 
    sidequests in this game that are too hard to find. You must do them at 
    specific times or you will miss them. This guide will help you not miss 
    anything. Make sure you look in the "Needed" part of a sidequest to make sure 
    a sidequest is available to you.
    2/ Version History
    Version 1.0- All Items added and completely finished. (7/19/08)
    Version 1.1- Museum Added, More Organized (7/21/08)
    Version 1.2- Margins Fixed (7/22/08)
    Version 2- Many Revisions Made, Money Making Strategies Added, etc (7/26/08)
    Version 2.1- Made more revivsions, corrected Pregnant Woman Sidequest (9/14/09)
    3/ Legality
    Honestly, I could care less if you posted this somewhere else. I would be 
    happy for you to put this anywhere you wanted. Just be a man and give me credit
    for writing it. This took me a long time and I deserve credit for it. This
    guide belongs to me, John Whitford, better known as KlownArt.
    4/ Special Thanks
    Capcom- for making this amazing game
    Shaggy Juggalo- helping me with formatting and revising
    My Patience- this guide took some time, I give myself special thanks
    5/ Controls
    D-Pad- Move Megaman
    R1/L1- Adjust Camera
    Square- Shoot Mega Buster
    Circle- Investigate Items
    Circle + D-Pad- Walk
    Hold Circle- Jet Skates
    Triangle- Use Special Weapon, Kick, or speed up text
    R2- Lock On to Nearest Enemy
    Start- Go into Menu
    Select- Go into Map
    6/ The Sidequests
    |6.1 Rebuild the City|
    There is a reason that this is first on our list of sidequests, because you 
    suck as a hero and let a bunch of buildings be damaged or destroyed during the
    initial Pirate Battle. Multiple sidequests require you to have rebuilt certain
    buildings. Talk to the Mayor in the upstairs area of City Hall to donate money
    to the cause. Do the Library, Police Station, and Bank first. Rebuild the
    residential houses next due to it being a key to your success in a future
    sidequest. The cost of each building varies on the amount of damage, or amount
    of buildings destroyed. Residential buildings will cost the most. Make sure
    all the buildings I talked about are finished before doing any more sidequests.
    For moneymaking strategies, refer to Section 7.
    |6.2 Items for Roll|
    Roll loves to get stuff. There are three items in this Game that you can give 
    to Roll. To give these items to Roll just use the Talk action while in the 
    Support Car or R & D room. These items really have no effect on the Game 
    except that you can see her gifts in the Flutter and it could slightly 
    increase Megaman's lighter color.
    Needed- Nothing
    -How to get to it-
    Outside of the Digging Site in the Yass Plain, next to the thick, dark grass 
    you cannot walk in is the small pink flower.
    Needed- Jump Springs
    -How to get to it-
    Go to the Sub-Gate on Lake Jynn. Follow the path to the room with the crab 
    like reaverbots. Take the path on the right and follow it along until you find 
    an indent on the right wall. In this indent will be a hole with the Ring 
    Music Box
    Needed- Jet Skates
    -How to get to it-
    You have to beat the Straight Course on Rank A to get this Item. Go to the 
    Game Shows section to check out tips on how to beat this course.
    |6.3 Police Missions|
    -3 Bombs-
    Needed- Jump Springs, Rebuilt Police Station, Gained Yellow Refractor
    Reward- Plastique (Green House) and Bomb (Roof)
    Enter the Inspectors office in the Police Station to talk to him. He will 
    inform you that a certain yellow-faced individual has lost three items in the 
    downtown area and needs you to retrieve them. Quickly head to the Downtown 
    area. Suddenly a bomb explodes in the street. It looks like all the lost items 
    are bombs. If you talk to people, they will tell you that one is next to a 
    green house and one is on a roof. There is no way to tell where the bombs are 
    going to be as they are in random places each time. The one next to the Green 
    House will be easy to find; just look on the ground next to the green houses. 
    Press circle to disarm it. Now look for a roof that is easy to grab onto and 
    climb up. The thin blue houses are easiest to jump onto. Jump from roof to 
    roof until you find it. Go back to the Inspector to be congratulated.
    -The Man Who Lost His Money-
    Needed- Gained Red Refractor
    Reward- Arm Supporter
    Return to the Inspectors office. He will tell you of a man who has lost a bag 
    of money. Return to the waiting area of the police department and find a man 
    wearing a green apron. Talk to him and he will tell you he might of lost it 
    shopping. Go to the Apple Market and enter Staple Electronics Goods. Talk to 
    the man behind the counter. Leave the store and walk over to the Jetlag 
    Bakery. Talk to the woman. After that, head to the library in Downtown. Talk 
    to the Librarian and she will tell you she saw the man choking. Head over to 
    the soda machine closest to the North Gate in Downtown and ask a girl in green 
    about him. Now go talk to a boy in red that is next to a green building 
    directly in front of North Gate. Talk to him three times and he will tell you 
    he threw the bag in the trashcan behind him. Get the money out of the trashcan 
    and return to the police station.
    |6.4 Jim's Gang|
    -Join the Gang-
    Needed- Gained Yellow Refractor
    Head to the Yass Plains and begin looking for a house. The first house that 
    contained the Inspector and others at one point is now empty. The one on the 
    plateau contains a Junk Shop, the only other one in the game. The third house 
    in the area houses Jim and his gang. They will ask you to join. If you agree, 
    they will ask you to get a Pick Ax for them.
    -Getting the Pick-
    Go back to City Hall Area and talk to a worker who is in front of the Bank. He 
    will let you borrow his Pick. Return to Jim and give him the Pick. They say 
    they will need some time to finish the work. Go do something else for a while 
    and return. Doing other sidequests and advancing in the main storyline are the 
    fastest ways for them to become finished.
    -Getting the Saw-
    Return the Jim's hideout to check if they have finished construction yet. If 
    they have they will tell you to find them a Saw. Go talk to the same worker as 
    before. He will tell you that he discarded his in Downtown recently. Go to 
    Downtown and go to the Green House close to North Gate. There is a trashcan 
    with a Saw in it. Return it to Jim and go do something else while they finish.
    -Finished Product-
    Reward- Marlwolf Shell
    Once you have waited long enough for them to finish, it is time to seek your 
    rewards. Talk to Jim and he will tell you to grab the Marlwolf Shell from the 
    pile of Odds and Ends.
    -It's Not Over-
    Reward- X-Buster, Broken Circuits, Old Heater
    You can do a few more things for the Gang. First, you can find the Comic Book. 
    It is right behind the Junk Shop on the plateau in the Yass Plains. Return it 
    to Jim for a X-Buster. Secondly, you can grab the Stag Beetle on a hill near 
    the Digging Site in the Yass Plains. Return it to Jim in exchange for Broken 
    Circuits. Finally, you can stop by the Cardon Ruins section and find the 
    largest hill that has a tree one it; at the top of that hill will be a Beetle. 
    Return this final item to Jim for an Old Heater.
    |6.5 Game Shows|
    Game shows take place in Uptown in the TV Station. There are two games to 
    choose from the start. Once you get Jet Skates you will be able to choose a 
    third game by talking to the man in the blue shirt at the TV Station.
    -Beast Hunter-
    You have to kick a ball and hit a dog that is chasing a man. This is a simple 
    game because the dog and man just move horizontally back and worth like a 
    carnival game. Look for an extra flashing dog running by and kick the ball (or 
    dog) at it to score extra points. You are able to move left and right, but it 
    is pointless because the ball only stays in the middle. So, stay in the middle 
    and kick the ball when the Dog is in the center. The flashing Dog appears on 
    the 5th and 10th time the normal dog crosses your center. You will also notice 
    a change in the music when the Flashing Dog is coming up.
    Hitting Dog w/ Ball- 1 Point
    Hitting Flashing Dog w/ Ball- 2 Points
    Hitting Dog w/ Dog- 2 Points
    Hitting Flashing Dog w/Dog- 3 Points
    Rank D- 1000 Zenny
    Rank C- 2000 Zenny
    Rank B- 3000 Zenny
    Rank A- Zetsabre
    -Balloon Fantasy-
    You are in a room filled with giant red and blue balloons. You must pop all 
    the red balloons before the time expires. If you pop a blue balloon, you will 
    lose a second, so avoid hitting them at all costs. You want to equip something 
    with a high energy and high rapid. In addition, it helps to have at least a 
    two in range. I used the Buster Unit and Machine Gun. Stay in the very back of 
    the room to make sure you avoid missing any balloons.
    Rank D- 1000 Zenny
    Rank C- 2000 Zenny
    Rank B- 3000 Zenny
    Rank A- Mystic Orb
    -Race Game-
    There is no way for me to make this game easy for you. You just have to get 
    good at it. You have to use your Jet Skates to skate around the city. There 
    will be cones set up that act like checkpoints that you must follow them from 
    one point to another. If you skip a checkpoint then you will be disqualified. 
    Hitting yellow cones will stop time for a second.
    Holding down while skating will make you go slower and control better. Holding 
    up while skating will make you go faster, but control worse. Not holding up or 
    down will keep you at an average on speed and control. Holding R1+right or 
    L1+left will make you do an extremely tight turn. Holding R1+left or L1+right 
    will make you do a very wide turn.
    Rank D- 1000 Zenny
    Rank C- 1100 Zenny
    Rank B- 1200 Zenny
    Rank A-Music Box
    Left Turn
    Rank D- 2000 Zenny
    Rank C- 2100 Zenny
    Rank B- 2200 Zenny
    Rank A- Omni-Unit
    Rank D- 3000 Zenny
    Rank C- 3100 Zenny
    Rank B- 3200 Zenny
    Rank A- Giant Horn
    |6.6 Save Ira|
    Needed- Gained Red Refractor, 15,000 Zenny
    Reward- Flower Pearl
    Head to the hospital in Uptown and look in the waiting area. There will be a 
    girl in a wheelchair. Talk to her and tell her you will visit again. Talk to 
    the receptionist and she will tell you that Ira is through the door on your 
    right. Enter the door and talk to the nurse. She will inform you of the shoddy 
    equipment they use. Leave the hospital and make you are way to City Hall. Talk 
    to the Mayor about the hospital and she will tell you it costs 15,000 Zenny to 
    buy better equipment. Tell her you can pay the money (providing you have the 
    money). Once you have done this, return to the hospital. Speak with the 
    receptionist again, and then enter the door to Ira's room. She will greet you 
    and is now magically walking.
    |6.7 Pregnant Woman|
    Needed- Defeated Pirates in Sky Battle
    Reward- Sun-Light
    After you have defeating the Pirates in the sky battle, you can do this 
    sidequest. Go speak to the vagetable sales man in the Apple Market. He will 
    inform you that his wife is missing. From there we begin our search for his 
    wife. Start in Cardon Forest, next to the Flutter, and head in the opposite
    way of town. You should be heading down a path with cliffs on either 
    side of you. Follow along the cliff wall on the right side. Continue following 
    the ride side of the wall completely around until you see a woman doubled over
    in pain.Talk to her and take her to the hospital. You will see a small cut
    scene. From there, exit and enter the hospital again. Talk to the husband in
    the waiting room to recieve a your reward.
    |6.8 Roll is Changing|
    Needed- Defeated Pirates in Sky Battle
    Reward- None
    After you defeat the Gesellschaft you will begin talking to Grandpa. Enter
    Roll's room immediately after Grandpa quits talking to you. You will be treated
    to a scene where you are looking at the wall in Roll's room and Roll is yelling
    at you to get out. We assume she was changing.
    |6.9 Collecting Cats|
    Needed- Defeated Pirates in Uptown
    Reward- None
    Head over to the Main Gate and investigate each of the cats. One of the cats 
    will allow you to take it home with you. The cat will be at the Flutter and 
    will multiply in and around the Flutter.
    |6.10 Stop the Servebots|
    Needed- Defeated Bruno
    Reward- 20,000 Zenny and new Restaurant or 200,000 Zenny
    Watch the TV at the Flutter after you have defeated Bruno in Old Town. There
    will be a special report of pirates in Downtown. Rush to Downtown. You will
    notice a police car chasing another car. Shoot the car they are chasing. Avoid
    shooting the police car. Once you have destroyed the car, go pick up the
    briefcase. Give the brief case to the Inspector to earn you 20,000 Zenny and a
    new restaurant will open in town. You can also leave, earning you 200,000 Zenny,
    but no new restaurant. If you leave, Megaman will turn an extremely dark shade
    of blue.
    |6.11 Museum|
    -Unlocking the Museum-
    Anytime you travel to Uptown, you will notice a locked Museum. To unlock this 
    Museum you need to speak with the Curator. She is busy painting the hospital 
    from the top of Uptown. Just walk up the ramp and look for her at the edge. 
    Talk to her and tell her she needs more red. Go to the Apple Market and find a 
    Women's clothing store called Hip Bone. Walk inside and talk to the woman 
    behind the counter. Take the red lipstick from her. Return to the Curator and 
    hand her the lipstick. She will soon rush back to the Museum to open it.
    Go to the Museum and talk to her. She will reveal that her collection is 
    lacking and would like you to bring her anything interesting you find. Just 
    talk to her anytime you have an item on this list and she will take it off 
    your hands to display.
    -Museum Items-
    Old Doll
    Museum Name- Human Doll
    Needed- Beaten Marlwolf
    -How to get to it-
    Enter the Carbon Ruins. Continue past the Refractor room and into the next 
    room. Make your way to across the bridges all the way to the second floor 
    door. Enter the door. In there is a hole with the Old Doll inside.
    Old Bone
    Museum Name- Ancient Digging Tool
    Needed- Beaten Marlwolf
    -How to get to it-
    Enter the Cardon Ruins. Continue past the Refractor room and into the next 
    room. Make your way to across the bridges all the way to the second floor 
    door. Enter the door. Continue past the room, up the ramp into the third floor 
    with the ice bridge. Run across the ice and through the door. Keep going
    straight ahead until you see a hole in the wall. Inside is the Old Bone.
    Old Shield
    Museum Name- Reaverbot Shield
    Needed- Jump Springs (Note- You can get this without Jump Springs, this is 
    just faster)
    -How to get to it-
    Enter the Carbon Forest Digging Site. Go through the door and jump up the ledge 
    directly in front of you. Go to the left on the ledge and go in the door. Keep
    following the path until you reach an open room. Follow the wall on the left 
    all the way around until you see a hole in the wall. Guess what? You found it.
    Shiny Object
    Museum Name- Crystal Fossil
    Needed- Jump Springs
    -How to get to it-
    Enter the Cardon Forest Digging Site. Go through the door and jump up the wall 
    directly in front of you. Go to the left and go in the door. Keep following 
    the path until you reach an open room. Jump up the wall on the right of you. 
    Follow the path to your right and enter the door. To your left you will notice 
    a Reaverbot, and behind it is a hole with the Shiny Object in it.
    Old Heater
    Museum Name- Fire Pot
    Needed- Finished Gang Hideout
    -How to get to it-
    Travel to the Cardon Ruins and find the largest hill in the area. There is a 
    tree on top of the hill. At the top of the hill is a Beetle, pick it up and 
    return to the Hideout in the Yass Plains. Give the Beetle to Jim in exchange 
    for the Old Heater. Grab to Old Heater from their pile of odds and ends.
    Giant Horn
    Museum Name- Giant Horn
    Needed- Jet Skates
    -How to get to it-
    Beat the technical course of the Race Games in Uptown. Talk to the man wearing 
    blue at the TV Station to start these games. Refer to section 6.5 for more 
    Antique Bell
    Museum Name- Kattelox Bell
    Needed- Fixed Flutter
    Take the Flutter over to the Clozer Ruins. Continue through doors until you 
    reach the large round room that has Reaverbots who carry shields. There are 
    four pillars in this room. One of the smaller pillars has a hole in it with 
    the Antique Bell.
    Shiny Red Stone
    Museum Name- Reaverbot Eye
    Needed- Unlocked Main Gate, Unlocked Sub-Gates
    Enter the Main Gate once you have opened it. Follow the spiral deep into the 
    ruins. Continue following the spiral until you reach the second door on your 
    right. Enter the door. Follow the path until you reach a room with a Dragon 
    Dog. If you have the subgates are still locked, this room will not be open to 
    you yet. Destroy the Dog and carry on to the opposite side of the room. Take 
    the only path that does not have a door in front of it. Follow the path. Take 
    the first right and then the first right after that. There will be a hole in 
    the wall with the Shiny Red Stone in it.
    -Your Prize-
    It appears that you have finished collecting all the museum items. Finish 
    giving the items to the curator. Now leave the museum. Reenter to the museum 
    and there will be a girl in green on the second floor. Talk to her and she 
    will give you the Prism Crystal. This is one of the parts needed to make the 
    all-powerful Shining Laser Special weapon.
    7/ Money Making Strategies
    Obviously currency, known as Zenny, in this game is detrimental in this game. 
    There are a couple of easy ways to pick up money. Having the Vacuum Arm 
    Special Weapon makes collecting Zenny very easy. If you have any other 
    strategies, visit my section 9 and leave me an e-mail.
    |Downtown Sub-Gate|
    Once you have unlocked the sub-gates via the Main Gate, there will be a sub-
    gate in the Downtown area. Destroying all the reaverbots in this area doesn't 
    take long and will get you around 20,000 Zenny each time if you collect all 
    the Zenny that the enemies drop.
    |Game Shows|
    Playing Game Shows even after you've finished Rank A can still earn you around 
    4,000 Zenny each time. Just play the game that is easiest for you.
    |Mosquito Nests|
    In the Cardon Gate Ruins, there are three Mosquito Nest Reaverbots. Shoot them 
    from a distance and collect their Zenny. Destroying all three along with the 
    two green reaverbots will gain you around 13,000-15,000 Zenny.
    |Crocodile Reaverbots|
    In the Lake Jynn Ruins, there is a section before the Refractor zone with 
    Crocodile Reaverbots. Killing all of them will get or a considerable amount of 
    Zenny. This is difficult to do on Hard Mode and is not suggested.
    8/ Frequently Asked Questions
    Are there any differences between Hard Mode, Easy Mode, and Normal Mode?
    Nope. All items are in the same place and you get the same prize.
    How do I unlock he Main Gate?
    Find all I.D. Cards in Clozer Ruins and activate the control panel.
    How do I get to Clozer Ruins?
    Use the Red Refractor from the Lake Ruins to fix the Flutter. Talk to Roll to 
    fly to the ruins.
    How do I get Jump Springs?
    The parts to them are on the third floor of the Cardon Ruins. They are in the 
    room past the ice bridge.
    How do I get Jet Skates?
    One part is in the Lake Ruins. The other part can be found by entering Cardon 
    Ruins and jumping up the wall behind you. When you enter the door up there,
    just go straight and in the chest is the other part.
    Can you post better directions?
    I tried my best to give directions. If you think something is unclear, e-mail 
    me at klownart88@yahoo.com.
    9/ Contact Me
    If you have any questions or comments, e-mail me at klownart88@yahoo.com.

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