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    Walkthrough by GResurrection

    Version: 3 | Updated: 08/05/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Date: Wed, 05 Aug 1998 14:19:43 +0700
    Short Walktrough ver. 3rd
    by. Grandchester Resurrection & Urameshi Yusuke
            Hi, welcome to our Rockman Dash Short Walktrough. This is just a
    short walktrouh, not the complete walktrough. So we suggest you to
    explore harder. Feel free to distribute, however in its current form.
    Well, lets starts !!!
    D-Pad   - Move Rockman
    Circle  - Talk, Search, Roll (push the D-Pad for direction) etc
    Square  - Shoot (L-Arm)
    Triangle- Use Special Weapon (R-Arm)
    X       - Jump
    R1      - Rotate Right
    R2      - Move Camera
    L1      - Rotate Left
    L2      - None
    Start   - Menu Screen
    Select  - Map
    Item            - Weapon part list
    Special Item    - Key Item (armors, crystals, etc)
    L-Arm Status    - Status for your L-Arm weapon
    R-Arm Status    - Status for your R-Arm weapon
    Option          - Option
    - You'll start your game in a big dungeon... This dungeon is very easy,
    because it is your first mission, and you have to learn the basic moves
    - After you finished the first dungeon, there will be a long scane...
    Introducing the other characters. Anyway, you'll be in your plane.
    - After your plane crashed, go to the north, where you can find a city.
    Go trough the N door.
    - Inside, talk with the people in the weapon shop. It located in the
    top-right of the town.
    - Then, go out of the city. Find a round building. Go trough it...
    - Save the guy who kidnapped by some robots.
    - Go back to the weapon shop. Talk with the people there, and they'll
    give you an item.
    - Go out of the city and talk to a Roll-Chan (Rockman friend) near a
    - Then, a police-man will come and give you a C key.
    - Go back to the city, find a group of kids. go to them and hold the
    circle button. Then they will let you go to N door.
    - Go to the north, through the other N door. Find the biggest house in
    the middle of the city. Talk to the police-man in front of the house.
    - Inside the big house, talk to the old man there. Then go out to the
    south, trough the S door.
    - You'll see a funny scane. Then talk to the woman, and kick the dog.
    - Go out of the city. Talk to Roll-Chan near the car.
    - Go back to the middle of the town... Trough N door twice.
    - After a scane, you'll face a series of battle. Your first battle is
    against three robot, you'll receive a key after the battle. The next
    battle is against a woman that you saved from a dog. After that, save
    your game before you trough the locked door.
    - Inside the locked door, you'll fight a lot of robots... We suggest you
    to kill the flying robot first.
    - After you beat them all, a big robot will come. Beware, he is very
    - After you win, you'll get the B key. Go trough the N door (guarded by
    a police-man).
    - Go stright, go inside a cave, then cross the bridge, finally go to the
    right to find another cave.
    - Save your game, then go inside the cave. You'll fight a boss there.
    - To beat that boss, climb the highest place. Wait until the driver go
    out of his robot, then shoot him... Don't forget to equip Rockman with a
    long range weapon.
    - Here's a tip from KazK MM (kazk@hotmail.com) After you get youself to
    the highest place, instead of shooting it from a distance, you can
    actually jump on the boss (where the little robot comes out and throw
    bombs at you) when it get very close to you. While you are on the boss,
    move away when the little robot comes out then keep shooting at the
    opened door when the little robot is walking back inside.  Sometimes the
    robot arms will try to knock you off, and you can get away from it by
    moving left and right, and the funny part is that the arms will
    sometimes hit the head of the robot and causing
    damages to itself.
    - After you win, go to the southest building in the map. You have to
    find three items here
    - After win in this mission, go back to the city. Then go trough the W
    - Go to Willy's boat. Talk with the man behind the cashier.
    - Go out of Willy's boat. Use your Handphone. Roll-Chan will come. Talk
    to her.
    - Back to Willy's boat. Talk to a man near the sub-marine.
    - After a scane, you'll fight a boss.
    - After you win, go inside a buiding in the middle of the lake. In this
    building, you have to find three item.
    - Back to Willy's boat. Then talk to Roll-Chan outside the Willy's boat.
    - OK... maybe we was wrong in our last FAQ. We said "Go trough the E
    door, then enter the N door. Go stright to pass the other N door. As
    soon as you pass the second N door, go back for a scane". Thanks to KazK
    MM who correct us:
    - I found that to get the scene, you actually have to go to the mayor (i
    think) inside the building where it was being by lots of robots earlier
    in the game. Talk to her and pay her money to rebuild different parts of
    the city. (I was not sure which ones are necessary so I rebuilt them
    - Then you can go to the 'second N door', which is right behind the
    mayor's building. (I hope you state this out because I had a hard time
    finding it, so for the sake of people like me, who is having problem
    with directions, please state this.). Then talk to the man outside, come
    back etc...
    Finally you can get back on track with your FAQ, ie going to the police
    station (i think this is one of the building you rebuilt) and so on...
    - Go to the Police Station. Talk to the man in the yellow jacket twice.
    - Go out of the Police Station, and enter the S door.
    - After a scane, you have to find two bombs. The first one is located in
    the roof of a building. And the other is located in the ground near the
    firt bomb.
    - Go back to your plane, talk to Roll-Chan. Choose the third answer.
    - Rool-Chan will take you to a tower. In there, you have to use the
    Powered Buster to break the roof.
    - Inside, find three items to open the final dungeon.
    - Go out from the tower. Save your game, and talk to Roll-Chan. Choose
    the thrid answer.
    - After that, you fill fight a series of battle (again!)
    - After you win that battle, go to the final dungeon.
    - Inside, you have to find a room with two huge door in the left and
    right. Enter the left door. You'll see a hanger. Enter that hanger, then
    you'll fight a very tough and very big... The biggest boss.
    - After you win (we hope) go inside a black building (this building
    appear after you beat the boss). Find a key in that building.
    - After you get the first key, go out of the final dungeon. Go to the
    middle of the city. You'll find a black building too. Like the first
    building, you have to find a key here.
    - After that, you have to find the last key. It located in the western
    city (near the Willy's boat). In this building, you have to beat a boss.
    - After obtained three keys, go back to the final dungeon... Put these
    keys in a locked door. There will be a scane with the final boss.
    - After that scane, you have to find the final boss there. After that,
    you'll face him... Good luck !
    TIPS :
    In a dungeon, if you see a hole in the wall, check it. Usually it
    contains Zennys or Weapon Parts.
            Well, I hope you enjoyed our guide. And, if anyone has any
    or want to add something please mail us. Your contributions will be
    We're Not Prefect...
            So what do you guys think... This is our walktrouh... Our
    section... We
    know, we are not perfect... This walktrough isn't perfect yet... So we
    want all of you to make it as perfect as possible... Send us your tips,
    tricks, weapon list, enemy list, or anything else about this game...
    It's fun to help someone...
    Thanks for reading !!!
    Special thanks to :
    - KazK MM (kazk@hotmail.com)... Thanks for the tips... It's really
    helpful. Thanks again for the correction.
    - Root-D and DEL... Thanks for your help finishing this game
    Grandchester Resurrection & Urameshi Yusuke
    E-Mail : grandc@indosat.net.id

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