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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Spiff48194

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 12/11/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    				Megaman Legends Faq version 1.1
    (1)about this faq
    (2)faq data
    (4)different things between normal, hard, and easy mode
    (7)kattleox island
    (8)underground area 1
    (9)Downtown and City hall
    (10)battle in downtown
    (11)battle at city hall
    (12)Yass plains
    (13)Underground 3("what happened to 2" you might ask)
    (14)Yass Plains
    (15)underground 2(there it is!)
    (19)going digging
    (20)the clubhouse and other things
    (21)Water battle
    (22)sub-gate 2
    (23)the flutter and digging
    (25)sub-gate 3
    (26)air battle
    (29)the museum and last special weapon
    (31)credits and thanks
    (32)item and buster part explanations
    (1) about this faq
    This is my very first faq ever and i have chosen megaman legends to do 
    it on because it is such a great game and because it is a bit difficult.  
    First since this is my first faq you may not be able to understand so if 
    you have any questions feel free to e-mail (Spiff48194@aol.com) Second 
    this faq goes in order from when things are available so you can get the 
    special weapons and items sooner.Also be sure to visit my website at 
    http://members.aol.com/Spiff48194/games/index.html!!!Note:IF ANY PART 
    me)And last please do not use my faq without asking me i don't want to 
    be ripped off.This faq shows how to get past the game without buying 
    buster parts just look in the faq.Just to let everbody know the a thing 
    is alpha and the horseshoe thing is omega.
    (2)faq data
    faq 1.0:
    created:Sunday, November 15th, 1998
    modified:Tuesday, December 8th, 1998
    contains original walkthrough.
    created:Same as faq 1.0
    modified:Friday, december 11th, 1998
    contains item explanations
    some things changed around also
    megaman voulnutt-hero of the game.  was found by barrel in a dig site 
    and was raised to be a digger.
    Roll casket-megaman's lifelong  friend. loves to repair broken 
    machinery.  Her parents disappeared while exploring a dig site.  (she 
    doesn't like the look of most things.)
    Barrel casket- roll's grandfather.  was once a very well known and 
    successful digger.
    Data-a mechanical monkey who was found aside megaman.
    Teasel Bonne- the leader of the bonnes.
    Tron Bonne- sister of teasel bonne.  Constructs the bonnes machines.
    Bomb Bonne-The youngest member of the bonnes.  Only use for the bonnes 
    is that he fights.
    Sevebots-little robots made by the bonnes to fight.(what voices!!)
    (are more but cannot think of them now)
    (4)different things between normal, hard, and easy mode.
    Here are the changes I noticed between normal,hard,and easy mode:
    The changes i noticed are on hard mode ALL enemies have more life more 
    attacks(maybe)and attack more.Another thing is in easy mode you get more 
    life for the energy cubes.
    The currency on the island of Kattelox is refractors,diamonds dropped 
    after defeating most enemies.numbers with nothing around them mean the 
    amount you get on normal mode parentheses( ) are the amount you get on 
    easy mode and brackets[ ] are the amount you get on hard mode.
    Small purple-50(200)[50]
    a little larger green-100(400)[100]
    larger puple-250(1000)[250]
    biggest blue-500(2000)[500]
    I think there are about 1 or 2 more
    here are things i found online.
    When you finish beating the big robot in the Old City go to the airship 
    and press CIRCLE on the Television. go to downtown and blow up the red 
    car. pick up the suitcase and go out the door. It will ask you if you 
    want to steal the money. say Yes and you will get 200,000 instead of 
    To change color to dark navy/black you must be a bad boy! Start by 
    kicking all vending machines (many times), kicking animals, kicking the 
    can in Apple Market into the bakery for 1,000 Zenny, not repairing 
    damaged buildings in the City Hall battle, let the bombs explode in the 
    "Bombs in the City" subquest, and by shooting the police car and keeping 
    the "trunk of cash" in the sub-quest when the Pirates rob the bank (you 
    get the bank robbery sub-quest by watching TV in the Flutter after 
    defeating Bruno, the Pirates last robot). When you finally change color 
    (it doesn't take to long) it looks really cool!!! (note:you can not turn 
    totally black.)
    You start out in a dig site.run forward until the reaverbots jump out of 
    the wall when they do blast them and get the zenny.  Try to kill all the 
    enemies keep going the way roll says when you get to the second barrier 
    kick(or shoot) the two things on both side run inside and get the zenny 
    and power raiser.  Now run back to where the first barrier was and enter 
    the door.  
    Boss 1 (spike-bot)
    Make sure you have the power raiser equiped and and fire till he gets 
    ort of close run to the opposite side of the room.  Shoot him and 
    repeat.keep doing this and he should die if not try a different 
    strategy.After he dies watch the two cut scenes.
    (7)kattelox island
    After a third cut scene gramps wantsYou to go and look for a town or 
    city.  Now go to the "to town" sign(if you went through a cave you went 
    the wrong direction)
    after passing it a police car speeds past you. Walk over to the flutter 
    and talk to gramps after kind of a cut scene you can go north (past the 
    sign) and to the city gates.Enter.Now for a secret see that soda can if 
    you can kick it behind the counter of the Jetlag bakery than you get 
    1000 zenny keep doing it enough and you cange color.Now, walk into the 
    Junk Shop and talk to the woman there tell her yes you will go look for 
    her husband.Now go look in the boxes and garbage pails for zenny and the 
    broken cleaner. Now go past the S door and on your left you will see a 
    little hut type thing go in it.
    (8)underground area 1
    now if you need money go north(through the orange door)next go to the 
    right through yet another door in this room is a leg bot if you are 
    quick enough you can kill it before it attacks you get the zenny(Big 
    refractors)next see that beacon thing up there jump and shoot it and at 
    least 1 refractor should fall.now go back to the beginning(not to the 
    surface)now go to the left and up on the ledge are two reaverbots shoot 
    them 3 times not very fast and they should start spinning and come down 
    shoot them again and now you can get the refractors keep going straight 
    and you should see a hole it has 2600z(zenny) now keep going until you 
    reach a lot of little worm bots and a guy on the ledge shoot the worms 
    and talk to the guy.  Next go through the door in it are a lot of 
    exploding bots be careful when fighting them they will blow up on you 
    next go through the litttle maze things in it are two reaverbots now 
    after that stay in the exit of the little tunnel and shoot the beacon no 
    the leg bot to the right will not move next go to the right and kill the 
    beacon and leg bot look in the chest its a rapid fire equip it .Now go 
    back to the town and talk to the lady there you got the mines kit next 
    go outside and talk to roll she makes the mines kit into the splash 
    mine, an okay weapon.
    (9)downtown and city-hall
    now go back into the apple market go into the junk shop choose to buy 
    items buy a energy canteen and all the life guages and extra packs(buy 
    the life guages first then use the extra money to buy the extra 
    things.)And do not buy any buster parts unless you are not going to 
    follow that part of this faq.Next exit the junk shop and go through the 
    N door after watching the cut scene look into the garbage pails for 
    zenny and a broken motor.Now go through the N door in that part of the 
    city.Now go to the building with the two police men in the front and 
    talk to one of them.  After the cut scene exit the city hall and go all 
    the way back to roll(through 3 S doors)talk to roll.
    (10)battle in doowntown
    after roll runs away go into the apple market then through the N door 
    after watching the cut scene your first "real" battle starts.
    Start by shooting the blue one after you kill it it should have the key 
    if not keep shooting them until you get the key thats about all i can 
    say exept if you take a lot of damage press start and choose special 
    items and the thing in the very top left corner will fill up your 
    life.(if you bought the life canteen and extra packs.)
    After defeating them and getting the key watch a cut scene now for 
    another boss.
    Boss:octo bot
    This one is also pretty easy just when it shoots the bullets(not 
    bombs)be sure to jump alot so they will not hit you. Fire at the legs or 
    head until it dies after talk to data go to what should i do when he 
    asks you to say yes or no say no he will give you the range booster 
    alpha when he asks you if he is a good boy or not if you say no he takes 
    the rnage booster back.  Equip it in the place of the rapid fire later 
    go back to the junk shop and sell only the rapid fire. Right now though 
    go through the N door.
    (11)battle at city-hall
    This next place isn't too hard when the battle starts the flying robots 
    first it should take a while but eventually they will die.  After all 
    the flying robots are dead go after the tanks they don't really attack 
    you just use a couple of mines and they will die.After that you get to 
    fight another boss
    Boss:Bomb bonne's bot
    all you have to do to kill this is shoot just watch the pole that comes 
    out of its mouth from time to time and run away when he shoots the 
    missles.Most of the time running under and past him when he shoots the 
    missles helps me.
    (12)yass plains
    Run forward shooting the tanks when you come forward to a house turn to 
    the right. At one point here there is a hill that is tilted down towards 
    that cliff use that hill to jump on the cliff now jump over the little 
    ditch walk over to the house(that is on top of the cliff)on your right 
    next to it are a garbage can and box. look in the box.now go back to the 
    city hall and then downtown if you check the pails downtown you will 
    find the blumebear parts use them and the safety helmet with roll to do 
    that go back to city hall in front of the city hall is a car enter it 
    from the back after she is done talking to you choose item development 
    after she gives you the stuff go to the downtown by choosing support car 
    then downtown. Once you are there go through the S door enter the junk 
    shop and buy a flask jacket and if you have enough money buy a kelvin 
    jacket and now buy as many extra packs as you can if there are still any 
    life guages buy them.Now press start and go to special items choose 
    special items and now equip you armor and helmet.Next go to the downtown 
    choose special items and use the walkie talkie choose support car and go 
    to the cardon forest now.Now go through the maze type thing in the 
    mountain to your right. Now after the mountain ends go to your left and 
    enter the hut.
    (13)underground 3
    Go straight through the two doors and shoot the legbots next go to the 
    door on the left in the next room there are a lot of pengun and 
    exploding eye bots.Shoot them collect the zenny and go to the door to 
    the door. now go straight through the door and go through the curving 
    tunnel now run past the dradels and go in the door.Next in this room go 
    to the very left next go down the tunnel and shoot the two boxes, get 
    the zenny, and keep going until you hear a crashing sound now run back 
    to the middle of the wide tunnel and the giant spike bot will shoot his 
    arms,when he stops in the middle keep running around him and shooting 
    him till he dies and go through the door that you didn't come through 
    (the door you need to go through is in a corner not in the middle of a 
    wall.)next (after the door) keep shooting the onion bots and  running 
    past the dradels and enter the very long tunnel with a few onion bots. 
    At the end you can either shoot the leg bots from the tunnel entrance or 
    keep running around them and shooting them.Next go shoot the beacons and 
    open the chest for zenny and go through a door again.in this room are 
    lots of exploding eye bots and on the right wall is a hole search for it 
    and get the old shield next go through the door on the right side and 
    shoot the bots and go through another door. go to the left and shoot the 
    beacon and get the buster unit and put it in the place of the range 
    booster alpha.next shoot the boxes and go through the door. shoot both 
    bots in here and go through the door on the ground. go through another 
    door on the left and go straight and go up the green ladder.Next go to 
    the right enter the apple market and go in the junk shop and sell your 
    range booster and rapid fire buy a flask jacket and buy any left over 
    life guages and extra packs.Next go to the downtown and if you have it 
    use the walkie talkie in the special item screen if not go to the city 
    hall and go in the car and enter the car in front of the city hall.save 
    with data.
    (14)yass plains
    Now exit the car and go through the N door(make sure the helmet and 
    armor are equiped.)Go forwards shooting the tanks and getting the 
    zenny.Once you get to the cave(with the two tanks blocking it)enter it 
    now go forward and through the two parts of the mountain and there is a 
    little part of tall grass sticking out at the end is a flower get it and 
    then go to the hut
    (15)underground 2
    go up and past the door to the left is a chest with zenny.then go 
    through the door and past the next chest is a hole with zenny get the 
    zenny ooh yeah the chest is trapped.then go to the door and in th next 
    room is a tunnel leading to the top once you are up there get the cannon 
    kit in the chest and leave the whole tunnel you are in.
    now go back and stay close to the right side there is data next to the 
    tunnel save and heal.now go in the tunnel and shoot the tanks and then 
    you see a cut scene of teasel bonne. There are two ways to dodge the 
    thing he shoots at you:
    1: roll so they don't hurt you or
    2:run like mad.
    After that keep shooting his wheels till they start smoking then climb 
    up on rocks and shoot at the hatch(the little door thing on the top) and 
    thats about it:don't get frustrated if you die at first just keep 
    trying.Now go up the hill that you came down on and roll calls you on 
    your walkie-talkie.
    Next after the mayor is done taking to you go to downtown then enter the 
    W door.
    You are now in uptown kattelox.Go in the building right smack in front 
    of you inside talk to the woman behind the desk, choose a game, and get 
    ready to play.Here is a summary of both games:
    Beast hunter:I thought it would be better than this all you have to do 
    is kick a ball at a bunch of stinkin' dogs that are chasing a fake 
    person.If you win on an A ranking you get the zetsabre which is LATER 
    used to get a special weapon.
    Balloon fantasy: I think this is the hardest one. You have to shoot at a 
    bunch of balloons bouncing around the room.  Just don't shoot the blue 
    ones of your time goes down by 1(i think) second.If you win on an a 
    ranking you get the mystic orb which is also later used to make a 
    special weapon.just keep trying even with the buster parts you have 
    right now you can win it, i did(barely lol)
    Now exit the building and check the garbage pails(who has ever heard of 
    a garbage pail or used that word)for the broken propellar and 10 zenny. 
    The broken propellar is behind the hospital.then call roll and choose 
    item development and you get the vacuum arm(finally)
    choose Special weapons and then choose change weapon and change it to 
    the vacuum arm then choose enhance wepon and enhance energy for the 
    vacuum arm only once and presto you have infinite energy for one 
    weapon(so far)then enhance everything else to the max.Now exit the 
    support car and look around the part of the city you are in for the 
    woman in front of the painting talk to her and tell her it needs more 
    red.Next go to the apple market and go to the women's clothing store and 
    talk to the cahsier and she will give you lipstick.  Now go back to the 
    painter give her the lipstick and then go to the museum(the building in 
    the middle of the uptown area with a row of trees in front of it. now go 
    up to the second floor and talk to her then talk to her again and give 
    her the old shield.if you want to see what it looks like go to the first 
    floor and then go to the second floor and look for it till you see 
    it.Now exit the museum use the walkie-talkie and go to the city hall and 
    talk to the mayor fix the police station and bank(if they are wrecked 
    and then fix any other buildings. Now exit the city hall and choose 
    support car(in teh support car) then go to the cardon forest.Now save 
    with data.Now go through the mountain and then go to the tunnel with the 
    woman in front of it and go in the tunnel.Now run forward and shoot 
    everything and use the vacuum arm to suck up the zenny and life.make 
    sure especially to shoot the tanks.  Then roll rams the gate and your 
    first sub-gate is ready for you to explore.Save with data first in the 
    support car.
    (18)sub-gate 1
    Enter the sub-gate and then once inside go forward and look at your very 
    first refractor(that you had to earn) what!!! you have to find some 
    starter keys first!!! ooh well go through the door and go forward to 
    that thing that is a ctually a nest shoot it till it explodes then get 
    the zenny(you're rich!!!)then shoot the little helicopter things. then 
    keep going straight to the door at ground level. then turn around and 
    there is a hole with zenny. next go around the wall and kill the 2 
    jumper bots.now go up the ramp and shoot down the bridge then shoot the 
    second nest now go to the ledge where it was and get the key a starter 
    key. now jump back to the ledge and go to the ledge you haven't been on 
    yet shoot down the bridge then shoot the 3rd and final nest. collect the 
    zenny and go in the door. in this room are a buch of sun bots kill em 
    and get the old doll in the hole now go down the tunnel on the left the 
    wall opens kill all the sun bots get the zenny in the hole on the wall 
    and then pull the button next to the compactor now go back to the 
    previous room and go to the tunnel to the left and get the gernade kit 
    in the corner in the chest.then go to the next room and break the ice 
    holding up the chest now open the wall so it can go all the way to the 
    compactor and open to reveal the 2nd starter key.(if the ice can hold up 
    a chest why can't it hold you up?) now go back to the room with the ice 
    floors and go to the other side and enter the door and open the chest to 
    the right to get the spring set(hooray) next look in the hole(you can't 
    miss it) before the door to get the old bone. Now go in the door and in 
    this next room are 3 switches on the floor.press them really quick and 
    then run past where the barrier used to be and get the 3rd and last 
    starter key go in the door and commit suicide by jumping off the 
    side(just kidding) go back to the room with the yellow refractor, use 
    the starter keys to lower the shield, and claim your hard earned 
    prize.Now exit the sub-gate and go talk to roll and choose item 
    development and then save and heal with data then exit the support car 
    and equip the jump springs under the special items screen and enter the 
    sub-gate again.
    now go up the wall on the side of the room and enter the door.  in the 
    next room are tons of penguin bots. kill em and go in the tunnel and get 
    the rollerboard now go back to the last room and go up the ramp kill 
    more penguin bots and look in both holes for zenny.  shoot the 
    box,beacons,and leg bots. next go to the spike bot boss thing. use the 
    same tactics as before. now go through the same door as before and go 
    through the big maze.  At the end you do something different!!! at the 
    end jump up to the part at the left. look in the chest for some zenny.  
    then go through the door past the dradels and before you enter the 
    tunnel on bothe sides are holes with zenny in them.  now shoot the boxes 
    go past the dradels and shoot the one jumper bot. then go through the 
    door and on the left wall is a tunnel and in it is a chest with the 
    rapidfire barrel.Go back to the room where the giant maze ends.Once in 
    the room go forward and shoot the leg bots and beacons then go through 
    the door.  In the next room go forward and jump up to the ledge you 
    couldn't reach before and look in the chest for zenny then run down the 
    tunnel and go in the door.  In this next room are tons of crab bots you 
    can kill them by shooting them till they flip over then keep shooting 
    them they flip back the right way then shoot them till they flip over 
    again then shoot them a little more till they die.After the first crab 
    bot look in the hole for the shiny object.  Then run past the dradels 
    and either run past all the crab bots or kill them keep going till you 
    get to the door enter that door then go to the door to the left and in 
    that room is a tunnel go in the tunnel enter the tunnel and you get the 
    pen-light.Now go all the way back to the room with the exploding eye 
    bots and go out the way you went out before.Outside call roll and choose 
    item development to get some new things now go to the apple market and 
    buy a kevlar jacket if you have enough then go to the uptown and give 
    the 3 artifacts you found to the painter in the museum.
    (20)the clubhouse and other things
    Now go to the city-hall then run past it to the N door.  Look for a 
    house(in this section, not after the cave) Then talk to the kid in the 
    middle,once you are inside of it, he needs a pick. now go to the city-
    hall in front of the bank is a person wearing a hard-hat talk to him and 
    get a pick. Now go back and give it to jim(the kid) Now go past the 
    cave(the way you went earlier to kill the marlwolf) and go to the 
    underground 2. In it go to the room with the door i told you to avoid 
    earlier. Now go in that room and get the zenny in the chest. In the next 
    room kill all the flame onion bots, get the zenny, and search the 4 
    chests for the triple access.now go to the police station and talk to 
    the inspector twice(if the police station is not fixed go talk to the 
    mayor and pay for it then kill some time till it is fixed.). Now go to 
    the downtown. the first bomb is on top of a green roof(the house is not 
    green only the roof!) once you find it pick it up it is the 
    plastique.Now the second one is next to a green house(the house is green 
    not the roof.) pick it up to get the bomb now call roll and get the bomb 
    and plastique changed into the power blaster R and L.equip the power 
    blaster R in the place of the power raiser.now go back to the clubhouse.
    Now talk to Jim and he needs a saw. So go back to the person in front of 
    the bank wearing the hardhat.  He left it downtown. So go downtown look 
    for it in a garbage pail. Now go give it to jim and give him the 
    saw.After you are done with that go to the uptown area.
    Next go up to the top part of this town(around where you saw the 
    painter) and enter the building. now go forward checking one of the 
    boxes for some zenny and go in the door now inside go to the door to the 
    left of you and when you try to go out someone talks to you. Now go out 
    the door and talk to one of the construction workers then choose to call 
    roll.  now watch the cut scene.  After thats all over save with data and 
    enter the boat to go to a fight.(this fight is extremely hard in hard 
    mode so i suggest bringing a special weapon like the powered buster.)
    (21)water battle
    At this part all you have to do is shoot the red subs' torpedos and the 
    yellow subs' air missles.  If you need to you can shoot them and kill 
    them but they keep coming back just keep killing them and shooting their 
    bullets.And after a while you get to fight a boss.
    Boss: frog bot
    At first you just keep going around him just keep shooting the missles 
    and after a while you will get a choice of weather to run away of stay 
    and fight run away them come back and you have all your life! then you 
    go down a canal and then you are in another part just shoot the arms of 
    this guy first the shoot the guns on the back then on the back is 
    another type gun shoot that then thats it. next you arrive in front of 
    the second sub-gate.save with data and enter.
    (22)sub-gate 2
    Go forward through the door then go to the left then go straight and in 
    the next room are two holes with zenny.now keep going and shooting the 
    flame onion bots. when you get to the big room go to the right fot the 
    old hover jets. then go back to the giant room and jump up to the door 
    and enter in the next room are tons of crab bots kill then then go to 
    the passage on the left.  keep going till you get to another crab bot 
    then go behind him and get the gatling part in the hole.  then go back 
    and look in the chest for the first starter key!!!  then go back and go 
    in the passage on the left then go forward and go through the twisting 
    passage.  and when you can go to the right and look in the hole for the 
    ring.  the kill the crab-bot and keep going till you get the door. after 
    the door go in the waterfall for the second starter key.  Now go in the 
    middle of the room for the adaptor plug(hurray) now go through the 
    middle of the room where the waterfall is and go to the right of the 
    door and go through the twisting tunnel and jump to the ledge.  then 
    jump to the left and get the third and last starter key and also get the 
    zenny in the hole.now go back and once you are in the huge room go 
    through the waterfall to your left.  now in this next room you can shoot 
    th egator bots and probably take some damage or run forward.  Whatever 
    you do go through the waterfall on the left and once inside follow the 
    passage and get the rapid striker.  now run back out and go to the 
    left(if you go straight you go to a dead end) and when you go through 
    the door you are in a giant room.  Go straight through the door and you 
    get your second refractor(wow, that one is big.) now run back into the 
    last room and get ready for a boss.
    Boss:spike-bot 3(don't know what else to call him)
    whenever this guy slides toward you be sure to jump and when he jumps 
    away be sure to jump just befor he lands.  His weakness is his head.  I 
    found it easy to run around him to the back and stay behind him and 
    shoot his head.  after you kill him run to the door and keep tracing the 
    way you got into here until you are out then save with data and go back 
    to the town and then call roll and then talk to roll and you go and fix 
    the flutter.
    (23)the flutter and digging
    go outside of roll's room and go to the left and talk to gramps now go 
    back and go in gramps room and look in the chest in gramps room for the 
    bomb Schemtic.Now go back in roll's room talk to roll and choose to go 
    to the R&D room(roll and data) then choose item development. now choose 
    enhance weapon under special weapons and enhance the grand gernade as 
    much as you can.(make sure to enhance the energy as much as you can.)  
    now go outside of the flutter(if you don't have a hyper cartridge then 
    go and buy one.)now go to the uptown area and go to the tv studio and 
    talk to the guy in the corner play all 3 mini-games and when you get the 
    omni-unit equip it in the new space you have and then go to the hospital 
    talk to the girl in the lobby then talk to the nurse behind the desk 
    then go in her room talk to the nurse in her room now go to the city-
    hall give money for the hospital by talking to the mayor and then go 
    back to the hospital go in the girl's room and you get the flower pearl 
    now call roll choose item development and equip the gatling gun in the 
    place of the omni-unit. now go to the flutter.go to the underground 
    2(past the mountain) and once in it go through the first door and in the 
    next room jump up to the higher part and go through the door then shoot 
    the exploding eye bots.  then go through the door and jump up to the 
    right and go through the passage and through the door.  Now run through 
    the dradels and past all the crab-bots and when you get to the door go 
    through the door and then go to the right then throw a gernade at the 
    wall.now go forward shoot the shadow bot.(do not use your special weapon 
    you need to use the ammo for the walls)then go straight and get the old 
    launcher.  then go back and to the right and then shoot another wall 
    then go forward then to the right(do not shoot theat wall it just brings 
    you to the 2nd sub-gate) now run opposite of the wall till you get to a 
    chest filled room take only the middle the other two are trapped(unless 
    you want the zenny) then go back till you get to the two doors and go 
    through the one you went before to get the pen-light.  and in this room 
    are 3 rows of walls the left middle and right.  to save you ammo i will 
    tell you the ones you need to take out.  first take out the right set 
    and get the zenny in the hole the next take out the left set and get the 
    zenny in the hole.  then take out the left set and get the main core 
    shard.  now run back to the two doors and ooh yeah if you ran out of 
    ammo then you could have used the hyper cartridge.  now go through the 
    door and i think you should be able to get out when you do go to the 
    city-hall area.
    Now go talk to the inspector then leave the office then go back in and 
    talk to him.  then go out in the lobby and talk to the man.  he says he 
    last had it at the electronics shop.  so go to the electronics shop in 
    the apple market and talk to the cashier. then go to the jetlag bakery 
    and talk to the person behind the counter then go to the library and 
    talk to the librarian and then go to the drink machine to the north and 
    talk to the girl in the green dress. then talk to the boy in red next to 
    the green house 3 times and then look in the garbage pail next to 
    him.now go back to the police station and talk to the inspector. 
    After you get the arm supporter go to the clubhouse and talk to jim you 
    get the marlwolf shell.  Now go to the junk shop right outside of the 
    clubhouse and look behind it for the comic book. now go through the cave 
    towards the underground 2 and in front os it is a tree look under the 
    tree and get the stage beetle.Now go to the city-hall call roll and go 
    to the cardon ruins area and look for a girl on a hill if you look 
    around a tree you will find the beetle now go to the clubhouse and give 
    all 3 items to jim and get the broken circuits, old heater, and X-
    buster(too bad it isin't a buster part or a special weapon that lets you 
    charge your gun)no go to the uptown area and give the person in the 
    museum on the 2nd floor the old heater and any other things you have. 
    Now tie up any loose ends you have(get buster parts, buy new armor, buy 
    more extra packs, etc.) and go into the flutter and go into roll's room 
    and save with Data and then go talk to roll and tell her you want to go 
    to the sub-gate in Clozer woods.
    (25)sub-gate 3
    go in the door then drop in the hole now go in the door behind you after 
    the sort of cut scene go back in the door then go to the left, shooting 
    the jumper bots, kill the jumper bot inside get the zenny and tele-
    lens.now go back and go in the door opposite of the one you came out of 
    and drop down the hole.then keep going till you get in a giant room get 
    the chests on both sides in them are the guidance unit and card-key.then 
    on the things you climbed to get up to the chests on each of them are 
    holes get all the zenny and the antique bell.then you see that wall in 
    the middle?  on it is a door go in it and then go to the left and get 
    the target sensor.next go back and then go to the left and go in the 
    door and go to the right and get the antique book.now go back through 
    the door then go forward shooting all the shadow bots.  then go through 
    the door and then go to the left and get the second card-key. Now go tko 
    that giant thing in that last room and talk to it and activate it.Now go 
    back to that giant room where you found your first card-key and go 
    through the door you didn't go through before. Equip your special weapon 
    and kill the spider bots. then shoot the part of the ceiling that looks 
    different from the other ones.  then jump up there and go through the 
    door then ride the elevator down.
    Boss:dog Bots
    At first you can shoot the one straight ahead and kill it then after 
    they get close you have to run away an easy way to kill then is to run 
    and while you are running shoot them from the side.  just don't stop 
    running or get caught in front of them.
    After that's over run over to the door then run on the plank thing to 
    your last card key and then go to "that control room" and put all your 
    card-keys in it and open the main gate then leave the sub-gate and go in 
    the flutter. Talk to roll and go to the R&D room and choose item 
    development.  Get a special weapon with good range and attack and equip 
    the sniper scope where the buster unit. Now save with data(trust me 
    you'll regret it if you don't) and go back and talk to roll and go back 
    to the cardon forest.  Once again boss time.
    (26)air battle(note: this is also really hard on hard mode so bring a 
    special weapon)
    First shoot the little plane things with your special weapon before they 
    start moving all over the place.  Pretty much all you have to do is 
    shoot them till they die. then you get to fight this huge green ship 
    known as the gesselshaft. just shoot the wings and the underside till 
    they explode.  Then shoot the skull. New boss, all you have to do is 
    shoot this just watch out for the missles after it dies you are in your 
    room in the flutter.now go outside of the flutter and go in the support 
    car then choose support car and go to the main-gate.now go outside of 
    the support car and enter the main-gate.
    Go in and go down the spiral till you get to a door on your right go in 
    it kill 2 shadow bots and get the buster unit omega. Equip it in the 
    place of the power blaster R.Now keep going down the spiral till you get 
    to another door on your right and enter it.Keep going till you get to a 
    thing that you can use to open the sub-cities.then go through the door 
    and fight a dog-bot. kill it and go through the passage without the door 
    then go to the right when you get to choose whether to go left or right 
    and look in a hole on the right wall for zenny.then when you get to 
    choose where to go again go to the right and then on the wall is a 
    hole(be sure to get this one) look in the hole for the shiny red stone. 
    then go past the corner and kill this guy before he can get to you 
    because you are behind him now after killing him go back to where you 
    had your choice of whether to go right or left now go the way you didn't 
    go before kill the dog-bot along the way and get the autofire barrel in 
    the hole and the blunted drill in the chest now go back to that big room 
    where you fought the first dog-bot and go to the left door.keep going 
    till you get to a chest where you can get the Generator part.Now go back 
    to th egiant room and go in the door you haven't gone in yet. and go 
    through the door and go up the ladder.Next enter the door next to 
    you.Now watch a cut scene.Boss time:
    see those two black things hide behind them whenever this boss shoots 
    those two big green fireballs. and whenever he turns around shoot that 
    long thing in the middle of this bot after he dies you get to watch 
    another cut scene.
    first in this part of the city(old city) where the factory was that the 
    boss was in is a black thing with a door. go in it and you are now in 
    the1st sub-city.kill every thing you see there are tank-bots, beacons, 
    and leg bots.after you kill all of them go in that big tower thing and 
    look in the chest for a key(don't know what it is called.)now leave the 
    sub-city and go to the downtown area the sub-city here is near the N 
    door and enter it.in this sub-city are red tank-bots, normal tank-bots, 
    and giant red jumper- bots(very deadly watchout for these.)after head 
    for the big tower and get the 2nd key.now exit the 2nd sub-city and go 
    to the W door and right after it is the last sub-city.inside is a boss 
    that you have to go behind him andshoot where all the guys come out of. 
    shoot there till he dies and then go to the tower and get the last key.
    (29)the museum and last special weapon
    go to the museum and give the last thing to the painter. now go to the 
    1st floor then the 2nd again.look for a girl with a green dress and talk 
    to her and get the prism crystal.if she is not there look at the things 
    you have given to her if you do not have the following there then go get 
    old shield-underground 3
    giant horn-uptown
    old doll-sub-gate 1
    old bone-sub-gate 1
    shiny object-underground 3
    old heater-clubhouse
    antique bell-sub-gate 3
    shiny red stone-main-gate
    (before you leave the upwown area call roll and choose item development 
    and change your special weapon to the drill arm.)now go to the 
    underground 2(past the clubhouse) and enter it now go forward through 
    the door and then to your right is a wall drill it and then go to the 
    right and look in the chest for the blaster unit R then look in the hole 
    past it for the weapons plans.now go back to the city-hall call roll 
    item development and you get the shining laser.Now choose to go to the 
    main-gate and save.
    enter the main gate and run all the way to the bottom and enter the door 
    use all 3 keys on the doors and run forward.after the cut scene kill the 
    tank-bot and run forward and open the chest for the power stream.  equip 
    it in the place of the buster unit omega.now run forward till you get to 
    a door and look at that big refactor... too bad you can't take it.now 
    run in the door till you get to another door and then save with data and 
    enter the door.boss time:
    Boss:megaman juno(you say it like you say june except with an o at the 
    all you have to do is shoot keep a good distance between you and him and 
    just shoot alot.watch out for his many attacks and then watch a cut 
    scene when he dies.
    now he is harder just like before keep a good distance between you and 
    him you will have to use a different tactic because he has new 
    attacks.Just remember that you need to heal when your life gets 
    low.after he dies interact with the ending and watch wait after the 
    credits for a suprise on the title screen.
    (31)credits and thanks
    Antookis@columbus.rr.com-for him making his faq which i got a lot of my 
    information from and i borrowed a few of his enemy names.
    gamefaqs-for making this site and for accepting this faq.
    my parents-for letting me go on the computer so much to make this.
    and you-for reading this faq.
    (32)item explanations
    items+ where you put them:
    old shield+giant horn+old doll+old bone+shiny object+old heater+Antique 
    bell+shiny red stone=museum
    flower+music box+ring=roll
    saw+pick+beetle+stag beetle+comic book=jim(in clubhouse)
    bag=police station(give to inspector)
    items and what they make:
    Blunted drill:drill arm
    broken motor+broken cleaner+broken propellar=vacuum arm
    safety helmet:helmet
    Blumebear parts=machine buster
    cannon kit=powered buster
    zetsabre+pen-light=blade arm
    marlwolf shell+mystic orb=shield arm
    gernade kit=gernade arm
    spring set=jump springs
    rollerboard+old hover jets=jet skates
    rapidfire barrel=machine gun
    plastique=power blaster R
    bomb=power blaster L
    gatling part+flower pearl=gatling gun
    joint plug=adaptor plug
    arm supporter+old launcher+ancient book=spread buster
    main core shard+broken circuits+sun-light=omni-unit omega
    X-buster+prism crystal+weapons plans=shining laser
    tele-lens+target sensor=sniper scope
    guidance unit=active buster
    autofire barrel+Generator part=auto battery
    mine parts kit=splash mines
    bomb schemtic=grand gernade
    other items:
    shield repair-repairs life shield
    life guage-adds 1 point to life guage
    energy canteen-hold life in
    extra pack-adds 1 point to energy canteen
    flask jacket-reduces damage by 1/4
    kevlar jacket-reduces damage by 1/2
    chameleon net-disguises user
    hyper cartridge-fills up special weapon energy
    kevlar jacket omega-reduces damage by 3/4
    defense shield-makes you invincible for a short time
    special items:
    energy canteen-holds life
    helmet-protects head
    jet skates-increases speed
    jump springs-increases jumping power
    armor-protects body
    adaptor plug-allows you to equip 1 more buster part
    blue refractor-no use
    yellow refractor-use on boat at lake jyun
    red refractor-use on flutter
    citizen's card-use to open city gates
    class A license-allows you to dig at the sub-gates
    class B license-allows you to dig in undergrounds
    walkie-talkie-use to call roll
    bonne family key-use to open lock
    cardon forest sub-gate key-used to get yellow refractor
    lake jyun sub-gate key-used to get red refractor
    clozer woods sub-gate key-used to open main-gate
    sub-city keys-used to open door to get to megaman juno

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